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A few statistics relevant to one of Bernie's major campaign issues, free tuition

The New Yorker: Can Bernie Sanders Upset Hillary Clinton in New York?

Balloon bombs touch down near Kalispell

The Donald is talking in Albany right now on CNN why the hell isn't

The New Yorker: Can Bernie Sanders Upset Hillary Clinton in New York?

Mayor de Blasio, Hillary Clinton ripped for racist joke at Inner Circle show

This Is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants

No Charges Against TV's 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan

Carbonara wars: why Italy is right to be mad about a French farfalle travesty

No Charges Against TV's 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan

"Why I'm boycotting TurboTax this year" VOX Policy & Politics

GOP Co-Sponsor Of Proposed TN Anti-Trans Law “Quarantined” As Danger To Female Coworkers

HuffPo:After Winning 7 Straight, Sanders Has the Momentum to Upset Clinton in New York and This Stor

HuffPo:After Winning 7 Straight, Sanders Has the Momentum to Upset Clinton in New York and This Stor

re: the white noise machine - there have been a few

Media Silent as Massive Protest in D.C. Fills Jails Beyond Capacity.

An eye opening stat relevant to Bernie's Medicare for all healthcare proposal

At Jews for Bernie event, anger boils over at Sanders campaign

David Cameron and tax havens: a dodgy day at the office

Bernie again, refuses to release entire tax return, too busy (what to pull it out of a file?)

Someone at Starbucks has an odd sense of humor.

Short fiction for the Third Testament

Jane Sanders is not so good at math. Must be a family thing.

President, Vice President, Governor, Mayor boy is the establishment in a tizzy?

Pledge Delegate details are documented

“Show me a man’s enemies and I will show you whom he fears.”

Ohio coal/nuclear ‘bailout’ plan part of larger debate...

BREAKING - There’s a yuge motion passing through NY Assembly right now!

Jane Sanders interview on MSNBC 4/11/16

28 Pages That Could Implicate Saudi Arabia In 9/11

All this talk about Bernie, Hillary and the pope?

The super funny, super racist Hillary Clinton joke is rising up the front page of Reddit

Here's the MSNBC interview with Jane Sanders

The time Hillary Clinton came to the rabbi’s family seder – and stayed for hours (CLINTON GROUP)

Al Sharpton: Bill Clinton ‘Lecturing’ Black Lives Matter Protesters Was ‘Inappropriate’

Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Over Anti-LGBT Law

Jane Sanders for Bernie Sanders on Chris Hayes Live Full MSNBC 4/11/2016

Trump Way Up In New York

Clinton Highly Unlikely to be Indicted

Should Hillary apologize for participating in the racist skit?

Oklahoma Facing $1.3 Billion Budget Gap

Christian author claims dildos and sex toys are a "portal" to the demonic realm

Democracy Spring

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Bern Baby, Bern!! Uncensored & Live & Mike's Back

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Monday the 11th of April

Clinton Angrily Defends Paid Speeches, Defiant On Releasing Transcripts

*Jackie Robinson special now on PBS.

Goldman Mortgage Settlement Is Much Less Than Meets the Eye (NYTimes)

Brazil impeachment: Vote deals new blow to Rousseff

School officer fired after video showed him body-slamming a 12-year-old girl

Brazil impeachment: Vote deals new blow to Rousseff (x-post)

Thank you hosts for your continued vigilance in keeping GD - P out of GD.

The taxes. Oy!

Fifa corruption: Former executive Alfredo Hawit admits conspiracy

Hillary Clinton and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Racist Skit

Bigelow Aerospace Partners with United Launch Alliance, April 11, 2016

COGAT admits Palestinians subjected to more severe enforcement of planning laws

Bernie at the University of Buffalo!


Why Krugman's Latest Attack on Sanders' Economic Plans Is Wrong

I'll leave this here.

My take on the CP joke ...

Argentina's Fernandez gets hero's welcome before court date

Chinese hackers arrested after US request

Black drivers in California arrested more often for unpaid tickets: study

Is there any race Hillary hasn't had to apologize to?

If I recall correctly, a bunch of my friends here love cartoon super heroes?

The last minutes of the dinosaurs: Scientists say fossil find of charred bones shows something ‘stra

How does Hillary poll against Cruz?

ULA and Bigelow announce partnership for first commercial space stations

"Why Bernie Sanders is the most Christlike."

Hillary Clinton received massive donation from WalMart heiress

Holy Shit! The Marlins are pounding the Mets and no one is in the stands....

Mama Toffee delivered

Sound of silence from Hillary supporters...

Why Capitalism Needs Saving - by - Robert Reich

Ted Cruz Eats Booger at Debate.

Paul Krugman losing credibility over relentless attacks of Bernie Sanders

Tweety's criticism of the "CP Time" joke to deBlasio today.

HRC was speaking about guns today, and KCRW "news" reported on it

brownback is killing Kansas. Schools are having to create ridiculous proposals to meet the gap

Sanders: Goldman settlement shows their business is 'rigged'

So many distractions and diversions.. I'm almost impressed (not really)

made a few calls to ny before left house for work

Hot Off The Press Baruch College New York Poll- Clinton 50% Sanders 37%

Too many two year olds trying to argue against Hillary.

CIA’s Work With Filmmakers Puts All Media Workers at Risk

Anybody watching Leave it to beaver family on CNN

When republicans accuse democrats of

Hello there DU people,

NYU Tells Students to Brace For ‘Thousands of People’ at Bernie Rally

China expresses anger at G7 statement on East, South China Seas

Since I got no answers before I make this an OP

Debate questions

Hillary Clinton Campaign Dispatches Aid to CNN to Lie/Cover Wyoming Caucus Rigging

Tomorrows NYDN Headline $$ReleaseTheTranscripts!

No matter how you measure it, Bernie Sanders isn’t winning the Democratic primary

Jane Sanders was trending again on twitter... As usual, insults about her weight, clothing, looks...

Hillary and Bill and Paul Krugman Race to the Right to Stop the Bern

Bernie gets testy when pressed on his vote to give gun manufacturers blanket immunity from lawsuits

Texas Budget Woes Going To Get Worse

Ballroom for Bernie - #FeelTheBern Union Street NYC

Rogers Expands Low-Cost Internet Program For Low-Income Families In Canada

Report: 'Substantial reason to believe' Alan Grayson broke law

Ben & Jerry in Union Square NYC for Bernie Sanders

More news on GATS Mode Four and TiSA- Big Changes may be coming in Services and Procurement

Is there anybody else in the race on either side that's made as much money giving speeches...

Ben & Jerry in Union Square NYC for Bernie Sanders

Planting Peace just posted this billboard near Hendersonville, North Carolina

The Myth that Obama’s Taking Huge Contributions from Wall Street Was Fine

Buffalo Alumni Arena Jam Packed For Bernie Today!

The bullets stopped: Omaha neighborhood sees 57 gun crimes in 2010-2014, none in 2015. Why?

Detroit man charged for killing Uber driver

Bernie in Albany, NY

ShondaLand for Hillary: DC Clinton Fundraiser

"Bernie Sanders is the Soul of New York”

US Among Countries that pledges to Open up Services Markets to Least Developed Countries's Corporati

Excuse me I'm ignorant - Never heard "CP Time" before - what circles uses that slur

Ron Paul and Rand Paul won almost no votes in the REPUBLICAN primaries...

From March 21: The Long Shadow of Argentina’s Dictatorship

So ummmm, who wants to buy this "baby pool?"

Where is Jon Stewart? He's awfully silent.

Texas News - No birthday cake for Ethan Couch's 19th, 30 articles with no mention of Justin Bieber!

The Clintons are using 5 shell companies to save on taxes in Delaware

Venezuela's High Court Rejects Amnesty Law for Opposition

Corporations Shifted A Half-Trillion Dollars To Offshore Tax Havens In 2012: Panama Papers

Samantha Bee on the Super D "Hit List" guy

Nathan's feeling the bern!

How does Karen Page rate her own private office? And Ben Ulrich's, no less?

Israel releases 12-year-old would-be stabber from jail

Just saw on reddit one guy complaining that

I have a confession to make.

Planned Parenthood Shooter Admired Florida Doctor's Killer

Panama Papers indicate spies used Mossak Fonseca to 'conceal' activities

Panama Papers indicate spies used Mossak Fonseca to 'conceal' activities

Peru seizes documents in Mossack Fonseca office raid

Another wave of bird extinctions in the Americas?


Hundreds arrested at Capital protest on Voting and Campaign Finance

The problem with the Clintons is not the Clintons. But they represent a bad system.

Bernie Rocks Buffalo. He Also Did Something Else. Visiting Local 1122

IT’S HAPPENING: Sarah Palin And Bill Nye To Appear On Panel About Climate Change

We've heard so much about Sanders's weekend plans. Where will Hillary be?

Hillary's Iraq war vote.

Hundreds Arrested at Capital Protest on Voting and Campaign Finance

Firefighters rescue Great Dane from 20-foot (yes, that's right) tree...

Check out amborin's post at GD-P

Trump says Rubio, Kasich, others are possible cabinet material

Democracy Spring Arrives at U.S. Capitol

shit i have to say to the husband

Caller: Bernie Supporters are Young and Won't Vote for Hillary

Thousands Protest on Washington April 11, 2016

Trump, Cruz and Kasich lay the groundwork for crucial California race

People in Blue States live longer! Look at the data. If you love your family, vote BLUE!

"It was clearly a staged show." - de Blasio

The Governor's Agenda in NC

Yuiyoshida gets a letter in the mail from the United States State department

Jane Sanders on releasing tax returns. Good thing TV doesn't have smell-o-vision

Can I trust this guy to run a country?

A sharp decrease in insulin demand for me lately

Wake up New York

Sorry Kids, We Don't Get to See Bill Nye Debate Sarah Palin on Climate Change

I'm married to a woman with blond hair, does that mean I can make 'dumb blond' jokes?

I feel like Bernie Sanders is a mean and angry guy-that fair?

If you have never seen video of a minstrel show, let me tell you about the genre. TRIGGER WARNING

Bernie Sanders Wins Missouri After All

Sanders Campaingn collapsing in NY: - 16, -18, - 12, -14

Former REM singer Michael Stipe introduces Bernie

Bernie speaking to overflow crowd at UB

Survived an alert that would have been 7 zip not too long ago.

Obama Puts His Guarantee On It. Full stop. Period.

Check out Hillary's new 404!

WATCH: Exclusive Interview by Glenn Greenwald with Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva

Hillary Clinton (Group)

I donated to Bernie Sanders for the first time tonight.

Have any of you here heard of a band "In the Valley Below"

Let's have that conversation. Let's make America great.

How many registered Democrats in New York state? 5.26 million?

I've Got Your Clinton Consolidated Tax Returns Right Here

New Fox poll puts Hillary ahead in NY, 53 to 37.

New Mexico News - Carlsbad Caverns to be put on postage stamp

The right baits the left to turn against Hillary Clinton (May 2015)

Bill O'Reilly shows how racist he really is...

O'Reilly: Many African-Americans 'are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads'

Privilege, Feminism and the Class Struggle

The Cuban-American hard-line bravado banishes into thin air

The Cuban-American hard-line bravado banishes into thin air

'DC Madam' attorney teases names of people who called escort service

With Marco out of the picture, David Rivera is looking for safe haven

Oklahoma News - Former dentist accused of potentially exposing patients to HIV

Why some students are ditching America for medical school in Cuba

No shame

‘All the King’s Men,’ Now 70, Has a Touch of 2016.

I sure hope Bernie starts talking about his track record

C'mon in, the water's fine...

Volunteer at the national convention in Philadelphia

Caesar Vargas vis FB. 11,000 people packed in to see Bernie in upstate NY!

from the Jerusalem Post: 'US Senator Bernie Sanders, a presidential frontrunner,

Heads up WA State delegates and alternates


Police arrest FOUR HUNDRED at U.S. Capitol in protest of money in politics

Gettysburg man selling Hillary Clinton's car

Via Newsday, Hillary tells young women to listen to her Republican father.

Ted Cruz's Win in Wisconsin Proves No One Can Unify the GOP

American woman has so far spent nearly 2 months in jail in the UAE for "insulting the state"

Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs Gets Away with $5 Billion 'Non-Punishment'

Bernie Sanders' Focus on Clinton's Iraq War Vote Isn't Harping -It's Necessary

Bill Clinton faces protest again, this time over Hillary's role in Honduras violence

What is Squad X, and how much will it change the U.S. Army?

De Blasio admits that two white folks joshing' about lazy ass colored people was scripted.

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?

Robert Reich vs. Paul Krugman on Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

HRC 4/6 Fundraiser hosted by all-star financial regulators who joined Wall Street

Climate Rally for Bernie Sanders Draws 1,000 Anti-Fracking Activists in Upstate New York

Robert Reich: Bernie and the Big Banks

Keystone Pipeline Leaked Thousands More Gallons of Oil Than Originally Reported

The Battle Against Prisons for Kids

The Nation: Both Clinton and Sanders Are Qualified—but Only Sanders Calls for --

Coffee and canines at California dog cafe

HUFF POST: Lack of Early Voting Could Spell Doom for Clinton in New York Primary

The Pain Gap: Why Doctors Offer Less Relief to Black Patients

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired

Vermont to Target 'Willful Violations' of GMO Labeling Law

Highlights of Luntz Poll of American CEOs Shows Broad Support for Progressive Policies

In India, selling acid to anyone under 18 is banned. These 4 women can explain

Israeli Courts Extend Detention of Five Jewish Terror Suspects

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered

Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered (African-American group)

Israeli Orthodox rabbinical group calls for acceptance of gays and lesbians

Daily Holidays - April 12

Arkansas News - An Arkansas solution (op-ed by Gov. Asa Hutchinson)

Nuland pick for Ukkraine‘Yats’ Is No Longer the Guy--he steps down.

From a Distance..Judy Collins

Democrats have lost their minds over the minimum wage

Brazil VP Accidentally Releases Speech of Rousseff Impeachment Before It Has Happened

Canadian Attawapiskat First Nation suicide emergency

Canada's aboriginal suicide emergency

No matter how you measure it, Bernie Sanders isn’t winning the Democratic primary

TYT's Cenk Uygur ARRESTED At Democracy Spring Protest In Washington D.C.

Bigotry - I denounce it, and I'm allowed to

Clinton Forecast to Win Big Primary States of N.Y, Pa, and MD

Hypocrisy? Is Newt Gingrich JAMing Into Private Equity

Both Clinton and Sanders Are Qualified—but Only Sanders Calls for Political Revolution

The Sky Calls .....1959/2016

These 8 Senate Races Are Shaping Up To Be Barnburners

*Baltimore Mayoral Debate tonight

Hubble photographs The Red Rectangle a proto-planetary nebula.

The Kepler spacecraft has been brought back from the dead

Did you hear the one about the colored people and the cautious politicians?

can Bernie win New York?

Bernie could have HUGE opportunity in New York!!

Louisiana News - Plenty of legislative news...

About Government provided stuff. you know..."socialism"

Porn site xHamster unavailable in North Carolina

Bernie Rocks Buffalo. Took Detour to Visit with Local 1122 of the Communications Workers of America

Bernie's down to his last Hail Mary. And it won't work.

Mike Malloy - Demonic Hillary And Her White Noise Machine

Mike Malloy - Clinton Attacks Sanders As "Unprepared"

Bill O'Reilly says racist thing, claims he can't be racist bc he has black assistant

5 Billion reasons to come clean Hillary - Where are the Goldman Transcripts

Bernie Rocks Buffalo. He Also Did Something Else. Visiting Local 1122

Missouri News - Democrats stall voter ID requirement, bans the box for job applicants

Pope calls on the State to be the agent of justice for the poor and to protect human rights of all

On Good Mornng America Now - hillary and bernie battle for new york

On Good Morning America now - the clinton de blasio joke

Trump is way ahead in NY

1 more th ing on GMA - their talking head political expert

TOMORROW: A Future to Believe In GOTV Rally Concert In Manhattan's Washington Square Park on 4/13

Samantha Bee Learns It's Easier To Buy A Gun Than A NRA Eddie Eagle Costume

Iowa News - Iowa landowners file suit over Bakken pipeline

How many mulligans does Clinton get for racist jokes?

Samantha Bee Learns It's Easier To Buy A Gun Than A NRA Eddie Eagle Costume

Student in pro-Trump hat sets off taunting, dialogue at South Portland High

Moumita Ahmed Feels the Bern!

The many faces of Hillary and Bill in art and caricatures......The love of art.....

If Hillary were going to the Vatican

Humanism Week explores nonreligious belief

The Corp Media and their hacks have jumped the shark.

If I had seen the same level of concern about "low information voters"....."Confederate States".....

African-American Veteran Supports Bernie Sanders.

Bernie & Kasich have same electability argument.

The remarkable consistency of the Democratic primary electorate

African-American Veteran Supports Bernie Sanders

Here's what a gender neutral locker room looks like

I'm the real-life Gordon Gekko. But I support Bernie Sanders Asher Edelman

Certificate proposed for religious objections to vaccines

 Bernie Rocks Buffalo. He Also Did Something Else.

"Fired Up...Ready To Go v 2.0"

Dramatic distortion of the meaning of religious freedom

Closed Primaries are a bad bad idea.

My healthcare plan.

Sanders and the crime bill. The Clintons were "tough on crime" politicians. Sanders was not.

I'm the real-life Gordon Gekko. But I support Bernie Sanders -- Asher Edelman

Celebrities React to the Passage Of All These ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Laws

New Yorkers for Bernie Sanders - Part 1 of 2

Illinois News: Budget woes, Tax drivers by the mile?

New Yorkers for Bernie Sanders - Part 2 of 2

Lemur extinctions 'orphaned' some Madagascar plant species

Professor hails 'world-changing' technology proven to extend shelf life of fruit and veg

Whew! CNN forgets to discuss Hillary's racist skit this morning.

Pink Floyd should sue Trump

Against Interfaith Work

Effective nature conservation requires a focus on species and people

Expert urges caution on Great Lakes water diversion plan

How to measure the quality of life in smart cities?


Who wants a lol? And then to answer a serious question.

#AfricanAmericans in NYC support #BernieSanders for president.

Survey Shows 60% of Brazil’s Congress Would Vote to Impeach - See more at:

BBC Trending: The woman who shows how toxic America’s culture wars have become

Progressivism doesn’t die with Hillary Clinton: Debunking myth that only

Another reason not to shop at Menards.......

All Primaries Should Be Open Primaries Until or Unless...

Thriving B.C. forests outpace pine-beetle CO2 losses by 2020

When Bernie Sanders, Conventional Politician, Called For Still More Mass Incarceration HRC ROOM

Just ask Hillary Clinton how to break up banks

Can Bill de Blasio be recalled or impeached for his horribly racist joke?

Obama explains why there is no public option in Obamacare

CNN: Donald Trump rages against the machine


Another crap state to avoid! Tennessee Passes Anti-LGBT Counseling Bill

Has the Congressional Black Caucus withdrawn its endorsement of Hillary over "Cautious Politician"?

2CELLOS - Whole Lotta Love vs. Beethoven 5th Symphony [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Yet another NY Poll gives HRC a double-digit lead

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ **NOW**10AM: Bernie Sanders in Rochester, New York 4-12-16 =*=

CO GOP hands Cruz all delegates

Former Republican Speaker Hastert raped 4 children

Trump would consider "Little" Marco, Scott Walker & Kasich as his running mate

Indiana delegates say they're getting hate mail from Trump supporters

Could Obama demand that the 2016-election be held exclusively with pen&paper?

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP march of death

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Tax avoidance

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Putting things in perspective - if 100 people lived on Earth

Hillary participated in the racist joke to divert attention from Bill's racist rant.

The Myth that Obama’s Taking Huge Contributions from Wall Street Was Fine

Robert Reich vs. Paul Krugman on Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders is married to a woman

Video/tweet BS on Cuba

Sanders Rochester NY Rally - More than 10,000 for 10 AM Rally LIVE LINK

Meet the most hated man in the Pentagon

Dopamine: Politics, Religion & Power

Thom Hartmann gets Trolled by Hillbots on Twitter!

Don't Believe The Polls....

The weather and LePage

Who does better in swing states? Hillary, by far.

The welcome rebellion in the Democratic Party -- By Katrina vanden Heuvel

So, Little Marco, Scott Walker are two of Trump's possible choices for VP?

Any of yall know about this green worm that seems to be hanging in midair?

The “Panama Papers” Are About Criminals

Neoliberal Economists: Against Bernie Sanders and Common Sense

The Clintons, neoliberalism, and how the “people’s party” lost its way

The Fed needs a revolution: A bold new plan to Take the Fed Public

The Empire Files: Empires Feed on Congo's Treasure

All voting should be open to all in a democracy. AND, the following should be dumped by law!

Girl Being Pushed Aside For Hillary To Enter Subway Car

Incarceration Nation - Peter K. Enns On His New Book

MSNBC reporter embarrasses herself live on air at Rochester rally

Cuba’s Medical Mission

Zika Virus - headline today

New 'Tree of Life' sheds light on the huge diversity of life on Earth

US Commercial Bankruptcies Suddenly Soar

someone help understand Anarchy. How does it work as a government? Is it just libertarianism?

Muslim woman prevented second terror attack on Paris by tipping off police about whereabouts of ISIS

This guy can really use a shot of thorazine...

Is China’s Economy in even Deeper Trouble than We Think?

Hillary: intensify our military actions against ISIS; no fly zone

Fox News Presses Obama on Clinton Emails, Then Criticizes Him For Commenting

Fox News Presses Obama on Clinton Emails, Then Criticizes Him For Commenting

Reports Indicate Bernie Sanders Is a Millionaire With Three Homes..... update

Climate Change Is Literally Causing Earth’s Poles To Shift

For those who dare, please go over to GD-P and rec this up:

Hillary Clinton Abandoning Education Reform

Yikes, Paul Krugman Really Doesn’t Understand Dodd-Frank

Pope Francis' new 'Joy of Love' exhortation won't resolve Catholic tensions on marriage and sex

How to make the Democratic nomination process more democratic

Super delegates How Hillary and the DNC keep Money in Politics

Why Bernie can't (but might) win New York

Latest lying narrative by the HRC campaign

What If You Were Taxed Like a Multinational?

Are undocumented workers a core Democratic value or just the American Way?

Why we must save the EU

Why I'm Feeling the Bern!

Hey, again. This Video/Multimedia OP needs help, too. Cross-post. Please rec.

Deutsche Bank freezes North Carolina expansion over NC law

Why I'm Feeling the Bern!

Watch Joy Reid and Kate Snow (msnbc) talk 2 men out of voting for Bernie live on air.

NOW, MSNBC Coverage of Bernie Rally in Rochester, NY, WOW! and Any thoughts on...

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 12 April 2016

Is Karl Rove helping the Hillary for President campaign?

Why I'm Feeling the Bern!

RI State Sen. Sheehan Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The Guardian: "I'm the real-life Gordon Gekko and I support Bernie Sanders "

Eddie The Eagle

What leads to people being on this group's banned list?

I thought marketing dangerous things to kids was frowned upon . . .

No One in Nation Notices Total Disappearance of Chris Christie—except Andy Borowitz

On this anniversary of FDR's death we should ask:

We dream about drones, said 13-year-old Yemeni before his death in a CIA strike

Some attacks on Hillary will go away if she's the nominee

A closing song for the Democratic Convention:

Trump's clash with Las Vegas Union highlights his unpredictability

Bernie Sanders Is Smart to Keep His Mouth Shut About Israel

Politico: Hillary and Bernie will get 34 delegates each from Missouri

New arguement to vote against Bernie from MSNBC

Denver Post uncovers that Democratic Party told Hillary Clinton's campaign, but not Bernie's

I have a question about the bathroom gender thingy. How is it proposed to enforce such

Has there been any discussion anywhere...

New book coming out - Michelle Obama wanted Biden to run to stop Hillary.

Speaking of "cautious politician time"...

remember those meetings Cheney held about Iraq?

This time, next week, I'll have voted for the next President of the United States

Bolivian President Blames “Twitter Experts” for Referendum Failure

A good politician makes lemonade out of lemons...

Naaa, they're not marketing to kids . . .

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

Great article on Huff Po right now about NY - Bernie vs Hillary

New York 200k call goal was reached on BerniePB

Democracy Spring March Arrive at the Capitol in DC

Bernie's CO Win (59 to 40; 38 to 28 delegates) Could Widen More--"Error" by CO Dem Party

Oh No Hillary! You Did a Parody Of a Racist Joke? You Might As Well Appeared in Blackface

Democracy Spring March Arrive at the Capitol in DC

It's not over 'til the birdie sings

One more Polling Primer. There is a good chance that NY polls are off

World Without Black People

"Shell corporations" - the truth is buried.

"5 things Bernie Suporters will NEVER understand!"

Clinton officially win Missouri

Is there a LBN rule on geographical location in the headline?

2016 National Democratic Primary - Clinton 49% (-2), Sanders 43% (+1) (+3 Sanders Swing)

Trump, Clinton officially win Missouri

What We Talk About When We Talk About Bernie Bros

Hillary’s Vicious Surrogates Continue Assault on Sanders Campaign

APNewsBreak: Ortho to Drop Chemicals Linked to Bee Declines

O'Mallly, My Son and the Environment!!!!!!

Climate Change May Be Causing Earth’s Poles To Shift

How to Not Be an Asshole This Election Season

The way I was raised

Baseball lore, trivia, experience and history

Has Wisconsin's Democratic Party leader flip-flopped on how she'll cast her superdelegate vote?

Breach of Trust: Why Bernie's Foot-Dragging on Tax Returns Raises Serious Concerns

Hillary won't ban fracking. Do New York democrats care?

Sanders website during the 2006 campaign. He touts the crime bill! HRC ROOM

Vatican Envoy Who Invited Kim Davis to Papal Meeting Retires

Four Myths Keeping Clinton Afloat

Stanford student leader steps down after saying Jews control the media

CP Time: Why Some People Are Always Late Paperback – January 1, 2011

Why An American In Sweden LOVES Paying His Taxes...

Why is Hillary performing in "skits" for her supporters anyway?

"Democracy" at work

Image from Democracy Spring action in DC earlier today.

(The Secrets out) Clinton Campaign Accuses Sanders of Trying to Win Nomination

Dear Trump supporters

Image from Democracy Spring action in DC earlier today.

She figures no one will research, and is counting on it... so she lies and lies and lies!

A call to action to help Bernie.

Raleigh visitors bureau says HB2 is affecting Wake economy

Paul Ryan 3:15 et I am NOT Running

Sanders Did Even Better in Colorado Than Reported

Colorado Democrats admit mistake that cost Bernie Sanders key delegate

Side-by-side: Clinton vs. Sanders on authority of Dodd-Frank to break up big banks

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Talks VP Picks With USA Today

Sanders Did Even Better in Colorado Than Reported, But No One Told Him

Clinton: ‘Not accurate, fair or useful’ to primarily blame Israel for peace failures

There is legislation languishing in committee before the NY Senate.

Judge Clears Stairway To Heaven Copyright For Trial

Brain scans show how LSD mimics mind of a baby

Side-by-side: Hillary vs. Bernie talking about the MetLife "Too-Big-to-Fail" case

Another offshore Panamá company tied to Argentine President Mauricio Macri revealed.

"Bernie's rigging the system" says Clinton campaign

Joe: Dem primary system rigged against voters

Germany Turkey: Police protection for satirist Boehmermann over Erdogan poem

New York IS NOT Hillary's home state....that'd be Illinois (Which she barely won, BTW).

Civil defense sirens throughout Henn. Co. are a false alarm

Gov. Shumlin (Vermont), A Clinton Superdelegate, Admitted That Hillary Lied About Bernie and Guns

Gov. Shumlin (Vermont), A Clinton Superdelegate, Admitted That Hillary Lied About Bernie and Guns


Taiwanese 'forced on to plane to China' by police in Kenya

Tax filing extension

When Hillary finally apologizes to me or my unit then I may support her.

California representative reimburses campaign for payments to oral surgeon and kids' school

Clintons: A Hedge Fund in the Family

I'm proud of my state senator Jim Sheehan for endorsing Bernie

The View Berns

Wasserman Schultz Staffer Shoving Camera Away From Canova Campaign

Elected super delegates should follow the will of the state

Human rights groups sound alarm over safe zones for Syrian refugees

Human rights groups sound alarm over safe zones for Syrian refugees

Sanders Is for Schmucks: When will young voters come to their senses?

Bernie not the only socialist visiting the Vatican this week

EU regulators demand greater tax transparency from multinationals

Taxpayers fund Bill Clinton spending

Legislation is languishing in committee that could make NY an open primary state.

The dark side of Guardian comments

I wonder if Chirlane McCray or her kids ever say "CP time" ?

Reuters banner: House Speaker Paul Ryan will make a statement at 3:15 p.m. ruling himself out for...

"Did you know that black people use knives and forks too?" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!

another poll showing Clinton up double digits (Quinnipiac) (4-12-16)

Virginia Tech's Flint team announces water getting better, urges residents more action needed

Caravaggio worth fortune found in French attic

Hillary's Awkward and Scripted "CP Time" Joke Proves One Thing For Certain

Manmade Fracking Earthquakes in OK Cause Citizens to Get Innovative with Law

HRC and Gary Gensler

Want to hear a REAL Foreign Policy speech? SOS Kerry to speak at 10 PDT...

So Is Jane Sanders Lying About Inability To Access Tax Records OR

The Association Between Income and Life Expectancy in the United States, 2001-2014

Hot Off The Press Quinipiac New York Poll- Clinton 53%-Sanders 40%

"How Hillary Clinton Betrayed the Children's Defense Fund for Political Gain"

Hillary Clinton's Six Foreign Policy Disasters

Uber is a nightmare: They’re selling a big lie — and the New York Times keeps buying it

Does anyone have that add that Bernie had for on line advertising interns?

Chuck Grassley whines about how he could lose his job

“Trans-Pacific trade pact benefits San Diego.” ???

Citing HB2, Deutsche Bank freezes plans to add 250 jobs in Cary, NC

Remember When?

Woman Sues Restaurant That Ejected Her From Bathroom for Looking 'Like a Man'

Mean brothers! This is hysterical.

U.S. reviewing Sinai peacekeeper mission, looks at automating jobs

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Buffalo, NY (4-11-16)

Rhetoric and the BS Revolution

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Buffalo, NY (4-11-16)

Big Oil Is a Major Booster for Clinton’s Campaign

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Buffalo, NY (4-11-16)

=*= 4 Livestreams (LIVE NOW) @ 2PM Bernie - Syracuse NY + Rosario Dawson & Kendrick Sampson =*=

Happy birthday, David Cassidy.

Conservative icon Schlafly faces revolt over Trump support

Yes! Just got invited to the debate!

Dylann Roof lawyers want more preparation time, seek delay in state trial

New York teen pleads guilty to non-terrorism charge in Islamic State case

"I Used to Support Bernie, but Then I Changed My Mind"- Tom Hayden

Sanders Did Even Better in Colorado Than Reported, But No One Told Him

Illinois state trooper pleads guilty to DUI while on duty

Boko Haram is forcing more children to carry out suicide bombings

Sanders is the Most Liked Candidate, and His Popularity is Growing: Poll

People packed like sardines into this Monroe Community College hockey arena in Rochester waiting for

Sheriff Palmer intends to sue city of John Day, employees

Cruz Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He 'Denounced' Radical 'Kill-The-Gays' Pastor

Sure, I'll concede HRC's a feminist. HOWEVER.

Michelle Alexander: "I am endorsing the political revolution."

BERNIE ROCKS NEW YORK! HUGE Rallies, Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo. FRACKING BAN Proposal

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-11-16

If toy companies are held accountable for endangering our kids, gun makers should be too. Let's end

8 Lies About GMOs by Steven Novella

Attention Connecticut! You need to be registered as a Democrat by April 21st to vote for Bernie

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-11-16

Not sure how you notify a host with this.

New Quinnipiac Poll of NY: HRC: 53% BS: 40%

Colorado Democrats admit mistake that cost Bernie Sanders key delegate

Love this picture of Bernie and the bird....

Bernie cries "The system is rigged!" So he rigs it..duh

Sanders backers suppressing their own votes

Hey Chuck Grassley, Quit Stalling!

Watching SunEdison’s Collapse, Solar Industry Resets

How to tell when it's time to cut back

Desk-Size Turbine Could Power a Town (Grid storage technology)

Birdie Sanders dress made by a BernieBabe supporter

SHAMEFUL attack on a distinguished veteran candidate

Democracy Spring Day 2 LIVE STREAM

Bernie is wrong about super-delegates: Why his tortured Dem Primary arguments try to have it both wa

Democracy Spring Day 2 LIVE STREAM by Bernie2016TVLive

OMG-I just logged out so I could go take a peek at GD-P

The Race to Save Coral Reefs

The Sanders Campaign, A Social Movement Disguised As a Presidential Bid

The Conservative Argument Against Same-Sex Parenting Just Fell Apart

Are you really telling me the superdelegates in WA and CO should follow what voters in MS

Pittsburgh city bus drivers accused of racing

A Boom, and a Turning Point, for Downtown San Jose

Disability Rights Activists Protest at White House

Navy To Commission New Ship In Portland After Mayor Refuses To Travel To Mississippi

Economic development does mean greater carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions

New Ad Nails Do Nothing Republicans By Asking What It Is That They Do In Washington

Bottom line: Let's elect somebody who won't ignore the problem in favor of corporate profit.

Bernie in Buffalo...

The Video & Multimedia forum is getting lots of posts that I believe should be in GD-P

Presidential Proclamation -- National Equal Pay Day, 2016

As of early April, his tens of thousands of networked volunteers had made 47 million phone calls

PolyUDevelops Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells with the World's Highest Power Conversion Effi…

Germany train crash: Controller 'distracted by computer game'

Good ways to get more involved in local Dem politics

Democracy Now! (April 12): Democracy Spring Fights Corruption in Politics

Auditions for the part of a black cat in 'Tales of Terror', Hollywood, 1961

Some Democrats accuse Sanders supporters of harassing convention delegates

Emerson College Connecticut Democratic Primary: Clinton 49% - Sanders 43%

Donald Trump isn't alone! The World’s Most Expensive Billionaire Homes.

Another not so sweet victory for the Anti-GMO movement

Tweet of the day...

A Golf Story

Paul Ryan’s Presidential Denials Won't Dim Establishment Hopes

Poll: Clinton maintains double-digit lead in NY

Sharpton: No difference between '94 Clinton, Sanders on crime MSNBC~video

Reminder about all these New York Polls coming out

Sounding Like Sanders, Professor Challenges Democratic Party Chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz

I KNEW it! BERNIE is trying to RIG the election!!!

Female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school

Homeless Protest Camp: Berkeley Post Office Occupation Raided This Morning, Dismantled, Hauled Away

Bernie Sanders Won't Be Only Socialist at Vatican Conference

Sending Love to this group in my favorite way

Trump described himself as an Ayn Rand fan

Highly religious people say they’re happier, too, survey finds

So if I can't get Bernie to visit my house

Will the trickle of Bernie supporters suffering Burnout become a flood?

Those Vermont guns - per capita!

Man threatened to ‘retaliate’ against school, teachers over sex-ed lesson, police say

Welcome Back, Bernie!

Hillary Clinton diverts from campaign trail for more fundraisers

Bikers change lives of abused children

Clooneys to attend a VIP fundraiser for Clinton – and Sanders fans are outraged

Flow of Milwaukee teens to troubled Lincoln Hills continues

LePage admin skims welfare dollars as extreme child poverty surges

Transit systems eye Uber, Lyft for savings on the disabled

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 12, 2016

UNC board moves meeting from Asheville because of planned protest

OK, I'll Say It. Yes, Big Wall Street Donations Compromise President Obama

Ken Ham's Ark-replica is damn big... which yields even more questions.

Why should we pay for other peoples’ education?

Cara Jennings stands by calling Rick Scott an asshole — she'd like to call him a few other names too

Paul Ryan to speak about completely ruling himself out from the Presidential nomination. CNN

Interesting comment by my Poli Sci professor today…

Archbishop Christophe Pierre named Apostolic Nuncio to the United States

Why Today Matters for Women's History

Many Top Republicans are not going to the convention. Afraid of being tarred by association. CNN

EU gives Greece 2 weeks to sharpen border control plan

Victim attacked with frozen turkey in SF home robbery

Tennessee delays transgender bathroom bill amid financial questions

Has anyone seen Bernie Sanders Tax Returns?

Equal Protection Under Law. Tax Return For Tax Return. Pony Up. nt

This white nationalist who shoved a Trump protester may be the next David Duke

Samantha Bee Explains Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Wrong About Superdelegates

What's for Dinner, Tues., April 12, 2016

WaPo Gives Hillary "3 Pinocchios" On Claim NY's Crime Guns Come from Vermont

Ryan to speak on 2016 speculation

New Emerson University Poll of CT: HRC: 49% BS: 43%

Poughkeepsie is Feeling Dat Bern!

MSNBC reporter Angela Wright interviews NY Bernie supporters

The Panama Papers: They're all in it together! Jonathan Pie - the shit is going to hit the fan-soon

Donald Trump's Possible VP Picks All Decline

Shanghai Citizens May Soon Have Their Credit Scores Lowered for Not Visiting Their Parents

Abandoned Row Home Near Freddie Gray Arrest turns into Base for Youth Enrichment

JOHN KASICH Refuses to Say Why He Signed a Rape Gag Rule Into Law

How the brain produces consciousness in 'time slices'

NY polls compared : SIX POLLS out of NEW YORK in 3 days, UPDATED

Lawsuit Filed Over White Supremacist Getting Guns

Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose $26.4 Million in speaking fees

More video coverage from Democracy Spring

Bill Clinton Grapples Uncomfortably With The Then And The Now

Are Hillary's supporters here prepared for a Republican White House,

Are there two teams in sports more similar than the Pirates and the Tigers...?

The super delegate system is one key reason why

Poll: Voters Split Between Clinton and Trump in Hypothetical November Matchup

Brazil's Rousseff denounces plot to unseat her, attacks VP Temer

Problems Identified With Texas Jail Where Sandra Bland Died

Jews for Bernie

Dear Mrs Sanders (CLINTON GRIOUP)

"...From President to the Local Dog Catcher"

Marble-rallies. You will enjoy this.

Ever been there?

Six Polls

On Equal Pay Day, Hillary Clinton Details Her Plan To Give Women A Raise

Governor Wants Parts of North Carolina Rights Law Changed (but not the bathroom part)

Fun new shell company game:

Let's Make Some Magic!

Has Bernie Sanders ever paid income taxes to the state of New York?


I ain't gonna work on Maggie Williams farm no more...

Bernie claims he's pro-union and anti-Uber. So why does he use Uber for 100% of his rides?

Syria truce strained on eve of fresh peace talks

North Carolina Governor Issues Executive Order in Response to Anti-LGBT Law Backlash

The Absurd Primacy of the Automobile in American Life

San Antonio cop who body-slammed 12-year-old girl onto concrete floor has been fired.

Ford redevelopment plan in Dearborn estimated at $1.2B

Holy 6 degrees of separation!

In New York, is Bernie finally taking UNION taxis, or is he sticking to his Uber app?

Cat scan in progress

Donald Trump’s hit-squad spews death threats at Colorado GOP chair and Indiana delegates

'Up All Night' Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement

I need a One-Page Download-able "Bernie vs. Hillary on the Issues"

The Great Divide in the Democratic Primary

Tea Party Wave Washes Up ‘Anti-Parks Caucus’ In Congress

Let's make it so..

Wine retailer David Trone becomes "biggest self-funding House candidate ever" ($9.1 million)

Yellowstone Bison to Receive 330,000 Acres of Land to Roam Without Fear of Slaughter

Donald Trump's Tax Plan Would Cost $12 Trillion!

The Albany Armory is at capacity. More than 2,000 couldn't get in...

Here's What I Learned Canvassing Flatbush for Bernie

Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths likely due to oil exposure

Disability Advocates Arrested At White House

"Why were you late with my present?"

Does anyone know if campaign funds will be paying for Bernie's religious experience?

Friday night epitomizes the very stark (and disturbing) differences between Bernie and Hillary

Autism Genes May Be In All Of Us, Researchers Say

Punishing bullies won’t fix the problem of bullying in schools

Bernie Gets Aggressive Against Hillary’s Corporate Campaign

Tad Devine Defends Kerry Iraq WAR vote! Meet the Press 08/22/04

South American Union Concerned about Attempt to Topple Dilma Rousseff

Why are all the candidates HIDING the effect of a long existing trade deal on HEALTH CARE?

Conservation in the Age of Climate Change: Saving the Cows—and Grasslands—of Rural Zimbabwe (PS Mag)

Over half of Brazilian committee that voted for Rousseff's impeachment face corruption charges

Government of Canada wants to revive diplomatic ties with Iran

How are you celebrating Beverly Cleary's 100th Birthday?

Autism Genes May Be In All Of Us, Researchers Say


From Bernie Sanders Campaign: Hillary Clinton's Credibility Gap

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Win in Missouri, Officially

A Few of Your Friends Are Feeling the Bern.

Paul Ryan's ambitious plan...

Go here and vote, HRC is ahead for the first time.

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Ryan to Attend Secret Donor Meeting Next Week in Manhattan

BERNIE, The Heart of The People!!!

Will the flood of Clinton supporters getting Over The Hill become a tsunami?

Fortune: Racial Joke by Hillary Clinton, NY Mayor Leaves People Cringing

Rosario tells ind Sanders supporters in NY: "Make sure you find at least two people to vote for you"

Dec 2012: Tom Hayden for Clinton in 2016

Boko Haram crisis: 'Huge rise' in child suicide bombers

Hillary Clinton’s Backers Want Obama to Grant a Preemptive Pardon

KING: Bernie Sanders’ entire net worth is half of what Hillary Clinton was paid for Goldman Sachs

Sponsor Of Anti-LGBT “Bathroom Bill” Caught

About Bernie's taxes

CONVERSION: With a Powerful Essay, Famous Social Activist Tom Hayden Switches From Bernie To Hillary

Petition: Bernie Sanders Campaign IMMEDIATELY Address Systemic Democratic Primary Election Fraud

How the justifications for closed primaries look to new voters

Hillary Clinton claims Vermont is a huge contributor of the firearms used in crimes in New York.

Welcome back, Bernie!

Hillary has a love-in with tech company executives, steps in it again

What sort of parent takes their child into a situation where there are active snipers?

Jane doubles down on Bernie's Four Pinocchio claim

Sanders wins crucial extra delegate in Colorado after Democratic mistake went unreported

What's your favorite episode of "Married With Children"?

Keeping Up With The State Delegate Count-Before and After the State, County Tiers, and Convention

Anyone have any idea what Bernie is spending on New York?

Four Myths That Are Keeping Hillary Clinton Afloat In The Democratic Race

Climate Change May Be Causing Earth’s Poles To Shift

Ryan says he doesn't want to be president?

Swiss Banker Whistleblower: CIA Behind Panama Papers

NY Primary Can't Come Soon Enough For This Hillary Supporter

Junk Food Is Bad For Plants, Too (Nautilus)

Are Hillary's big speaking fees being used to help fund her campaign?

Obama To Forgive The Student Debt Of Permanently Disabled People

Junk Food Is Bad For Plants, Too (xpost from Good Reads)

Beverly Cleary Is Turning 100, But She Has Always Thought Like A Kid

Argentina's former president greeted by thousands in capital before court date

Campaign 2016: Not Servicing National Debt

Has Anyone Seen Hillary's Bosnian Sniper????

Clinton and Sanders congressional records

New York Hates Ted Cruz; Trump, Clinton Lead Big...April 12, 2016

Children in US scared of Trump rhetoric

New York Hates Ted Cruz; Trump, Clinton Lead Big...April 12, 2016

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bob Graham gets call from White House; word that declassification of secret 9/11 documents underway

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders, Rosario Dawson & Kendrick Sampson Rally in Syracuse, New York (4-12-16)

Bill to return Nebraska to winner-take-all Electoral College method comes up short

Journalists demand justice for 22 colleagues murdered in Honduras

Journalists demand justice for 22 colleagues murdered in Honduras

Marrero couple using ‘sovereign citizens’ claim apologize, now free from jail pending trial (LA)

Poll: Clinton, Trump rolling in New York...04/12/16

Poll: Clinton, Trump rolling in New York...04/12/16

Stephen Hawking and Billionaire Team Up on $100 Million Quest to Find Alien Life

Sovereign citizens sympathizer apologizes to Jefferson judge (LA)

Affluenza teen Ethan Couch received $200,000 worth of tax-payer funded rehab before going on the run

Taking The Bible To The Streets. The Next Step. Repent.

North Carolina Governor Does Damage Control After Criticism Of Anti-LGBT Law

Oh how the mighty are falling...............

=*= 5 LIVE Streams (4 are LIVE NOW) @ 7PM 8PM: Bernie in Poughkeepsie, NY + Michael Stipe R.E.M. =*=

Anti-government activist faces felony harassment

I cannot help but notice Caitlyn Jenner's stone silence regarding anti-LGBT/bathroom laws

They Should Get A Room!

Colombian Legislators Hand over Their Guns PD

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 12th of April (Mostly re. RNC primaries, interesting)

The ongoing squabble between Bernie and Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE

Black Votes Matter For Clinton In New York, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds..April 12, 2016

Large U.S. Delegation to Participate in Cardiology Forum in Havana

How about "Trumplodytes"?

Black Votes Matter For Clinton In New York, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds..April 12, 2016

Why Bernie's Foot-Dragging on Tax Returns Raises Serious Concerns... update

Hillary Clinton has been behind only once since the primaries/caucuses started.

Warren Buffett's right-hand man gave a dark warning about American finance

Chemist who faked criminal drug case results out of prison

Bernie in Syracuse New York

Chuck Grassley Do Your Job Menu.

Joe and Mika --- the world is upside down

NY Daily News, after interviewing both candidates, gives Hillary a STELLAR endorsement.

Obama's Comments On Clinton Email Raises Concerns Of Bias

Making public colleges and universities tuition free is an investment in the future of America

Problems identified with Texas jail where Sandra Bland died

AP: Obama trying to manipulate FBI to protect political ally

Survivor: Kaoh Rong...tai tai tai what did you do?

Huxley's letter to Orwell

Finished my afternoon canvassing today. HRC room.

The Mind of a Stupidparty Disciple!

WHOA! Must Read! CLINTON & GOLDMAN: WHY IT MATTERS! by author of the Clinton System

Take a break and laugh at both of our candidates. Some people are unbelievably creative.

I had a bit of an epiphany the other day

WHOA! Must Read! CLINTON & GOLDMAN: WHY IT MATTERS! by author of the Clinton System (NYR)

Link for live NY primary returns, by Congressional District and delegate allocation math

Parents of suspect in body parts case said they feared him

Warren Buffett's business partner admits Bernie & Elizabeth Warren are right about finance

Link for live results for NY Primary and delegate math

Verizon workers get ready to strike to protest outsourcing of jobs

Koterba toon: Obama & Hillary

The Netherlands Will Ban New Gasoline-Powered Vehicles By 2025

U.S. Sources: Signs Of North Korea Mobile Ballistic Missile Launch

Hillary Clinton Wasted No Time at All Throwing Bill de Blasio Under the Bus for That "C.P.T." Joke

U.S. presidential rivals Clinton, Sanders tied in support among Democrats: poll

Obamacare to launch new payment scheme

Why You Can't Be Pro-Black and Homophobic at the Same Time

Safe Staffing Saves Lives

New PPP Poll of NY: HRC: 51% BS: 40%

Voter Suppression – Ginsburg

Trump, Clinton hold double-digit leads in New York...three new polls show...April 12, 2016

Dear Media, Rape Is A Thing

Sanders seems to be spending particular attention on Brooklyn

Trump, Clinton hold double-digit leads in New York...three new polls show...April 12, 2016

Are Hillary's big speaking fees being used to help fund her campaign?

The Assad Files

Just watched horror film It Follows

Let's pretend SuperDelegates were forced to vote for the candidate who won their state....

"The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read"

Jewish Members of the NYC Council Endorse Hillary for President

'child suicide bombers' are Murdered Children

Jewish Members of the NYC Council Endorse Hillary for President

Times of Israel: Clinton and Trump: friends, foes or frenemies?

Perhaps The Biggest Difference Between Hillary And Bernie...

Your one-stop-shop for tracking delegate math on the night of the NY Primary

A Future to Believe In GOTV Rally Concert In Manhattan's Washington Square Park on 4/13

Soros: European Union In Mortal Danger

So, on one hand we have Massive Wealth/Clinton Foundation/Goldman/SoS Deals/Shell Corporations...

I Used to Support Bernie, but Then I Changed My Mind ~ Tom Hayden of California

Latest 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls (4 polls)...Tuesday, April 12

As Colombian Oil Money Flowed to Clintons, Hillary Renged on Campaign Promise to Oppose Trade Deal

Latest 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls (4 polls)...Tuesday, April 12

We're losing Aljazeera America....the only authentic and good news network

I hate to say it, but I think whoever wins New York will win the nomination.

Did Bernie actually claim the Pope invited him?

Police: Slain Ex-Saint Smith Had Loaded Gun In SUV When Shot

EU Commission buys time to decide on visas for U.S., Canada

*JANE SANDERS* THE PATH TO PHILLY, Chris Hayes MSNBC Full Session April 11

538: 2016 Primary Forecasts...Hillary Clinton has a 99% chance of winning New York primary 4/12/16

Victim's husband sues Missouri gun sellers over Jewish center shootings

538: 2016 Primary Forecasts...Hillary Clinton has a 99% chance of winning New York primary 4/12/16

Everyone has heard about Amelia Earhart. Who has heard of Jerrie Mock?

I agree with Bill de Blasio.

Warnings of Southern California blackouts called misleading

IL Gov. Rauner's interim grade: An epic F

Daily News Endorses Hillary Clinton! HRC ROOM

Hikers rescued after four days stranded on Alaskan glacier

Mississippi Democrat to Introduce Bill to Repeal Broad Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law

Germany To Abandon $1.1 Trillion Wind Power Program By 2019

At a bar with four friends, all Bernie supporters.

NAACP plans to hold sit-ins if House Bill 2 isn’t repealed

Puerto Rico rescue debate postponed in U.S. Congress

Mike Malloy - Hillary Clinton´s Ethics Are Shit

Petition to get Google to remove super delegates from the displayed count.

Mike Malloy - The Clintons Are Two Grifters

Colorado Delegate mix-up: Update

If this would happen within the Bernie Sanders campaign,the media

Daily News Editorial Board endorses Clinton for New York Democratic primary over Bernie Sanders

Not an endorsement, but close; Obama comments hint at support for Clinton

What a Waste, the U.S. Military

People Are Exhausted | Bernie Sanders

Congress sends Obama bill incentivizing Zika drug development

72-Year-Old Woman Survived 9 Days in Arizona Wilderness by Drinking Pond Water, Eating Plants

'Up All Night' Protests Sweep France

Am I the only one who's ever notice how black people are always late to stuff?

The NY Daily News has given Hillary an extremely strong endorsement.

Parts of Bible may have been written earlier than expected, archaeologists say

Candidates for UN top job given public hearing

*Baltimore Mayoral Debate underway now, WMPT.

Is this bribery or not? Someone please explain this to me

So, The Guardian did a study of comments left on its website...

Tad Devine admits that Bernie Sanders was supported by the NRA in his run for Congress in 1990

The NY Daily News didn't just endorse Hillary, they ripped Bernie apart

Is Hillary ACTUALLY claiming her comedic reply of "careful politicians" was spontaneous?

UK homes could be heated by hydrogen under plan to tackle global warming

Pres. Obama: I want future kids "to be astonished" there was a time with no female president

Good luck to us all!

Mike Malloy - Morgan Sachs Had Great Fun Fucking All Over The Rest Of Us

*JANE SANDERS* THE PATH TO PHILLY With Chris Hayes MSNBC, Full Session April 11

Roger Stone goes off the deep end...

Canada's 'Black Widow' charged with breaking release terms

Do you want a "warrior realist" or a "cauldron-tested globalist" for president?!?! No thank you!!

Well, this is just a fantastic New Yorker cartoon I think everyone will love

Wisconsin Bernie supporters: get to your county caucus on April 17

Some Democrats accuse Sanders supporters of harassing convention delegates