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Archives: April 13, 2016

Today I overheard an adult ask "how do you spell school?"

Senator Graham: 9/11 Declassification Happening

The most intriguing ideas about how we treat time delve deeply into culture.

Finally! Got a picture of Dolly that captures the complete

CrossTalk on Panama Papers: Corruption PSYOPS--Fascinating Discussion

A Contested Democratic Convention Is Now a Near Statistical Certainty

Bill de Blasio, that fucking racist

12 Jewish NY City Council members endorse Hillary Clinton

Sec Perez at MD Hillary Field Office

What is the HRC response to....

Jewish group releases cannabis-themed Passover Seder Haggadah

Tad Devine's tone has been noticeably less combative this week

Tea Party ‘Christian’ Threatens To Rape A Disabled Child Because Her Parents Are ‘Godless F*gs’

Wonderful Video on ancient/current means to shift consciousness/vibration

Burn Pits ( Harper's-Scott Horton )

Saw 23 patients today. I swear, sometimes I think they're trying to kill me. Hold me...

Rainbow wasps

We’re Speeding Toward a Climate Change Catastrophe...and That Makes 2016 the Most Important Election

Aaaand... The New York Dirty Tricks Start

Bernie's upstate ad

Down with the batteries, I’m flying “fuel cell”!

Trade, Labor, and Politics by Paul Krugman

On the verge of the primary, the NY Daily News has given HRC a very strong endorsement.

Anyone here in House 60B?

The Berners are now threatening to write in BS if he can't have the nomination

The Amount of Our Taxpayer Money the Military Pisses Away Is Just Unbelievable

Who is the real carpetbagger?

Tin Foil crowd is at it again

Zuckerberg unveils 10-year plan to expand Facebook empire

The Walmart heiress can afford to give Clinton $353,400.00 - Taxpayers subsidize their labor costs

Let's take a look at the Clinton Canadian Charity

Hillary caught flat out lying. An Oscar worthy performance.

Is Bernie a fantasist?

The Women Behind Dine With The 99 Dish On Why Feminists Should Back Bernie Sanders

Hillary group shocked by Bernie supporters on FB

Sublime Photos of African Wildlife Roaming Their Lost Habitat

Even if Hillary wins New York, How many delegates do you expect 20?

Venezuela: the land of 500% inflation

"Clinton's Superdelegates won’t switch too soon, for fear of retribution, but it’s coming"

Vin Scully has been calling Dodgers games longer than I have been alive.

Venezuela to Freeze Assets in Panama Leaks Probe

We Bid Adieu to Al Jazeera America and I Have a Sad....

I used to support Sanders. But I've changed...

Goldman Sachs Finally Admits it Defrauded Investors During the Financial Crisis

Under the bus with YOU Tom Hayden

Schlumberger to reduce Venezuela operations

Does anyone know if Sanders uses single or dual-ply toilet paper?

anyone watching rachel? very

DOOM's Not Dead... it's getting better

Taxi drivers block streets in Buenos Aires after Uber launch.

Does DU have an investor/stock picking forum?

Being Transgender in North Carolina: Reaction to HB2

Gawker: Friendly Fire in the American Patriot Death Cult

Did Sanders really only pay 13.4% in taxes last year?

NY NEWS: Westchester 4 BERNIE Invades Chappaqua, NY #InHerBackyard, NEEDS HELPERS

Update on Sanders' Vatican lodging, for those concerned..

Sanders is the Most Liked Candidate, and His Popularity is Growing: Poll

Bernie's allies sweat Vatican trip

Top Republicans may skip GOP convention

Vegetable fat not the route to a healthy heart, study finds

Tad Devine disagrees with Bernie about his victory prediction

OMFG, Rachel on now, giddy

New Poll Results.

Fund Raiser For Hillary... Thoughts?

Wow is this the full "Swift Boating" treatment or what!?

Sanders tours Roosevelt site, says nation can learn from FDR

What Hillary should have said about super-predators

Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Decry ‘Ideological Purity’

BART ordered to pay $1.1 million for contracting out union work

BART ordered to pay $1.1 million for contracting out union work

BART ordered to pay $1.1 million for contracting out union work

Transcript of what Hillary Clinton told the Newsday editorial board

Bill’s Blunder Reveals the Fight for the Democratic Party’s Soul (If It Still Has One)

Meet the Law Professor Who's Running for President to Get Ted Cruz Disqualified

Hillary's core supporters do so not because of what she stands for, but because of who hates her.

Day of Affirmation Speech-Robert F. Kennedy

Reagan and RFK (1967)

Model S gets a makeover: Tesla reveals new-look car featuring a grille-less front

Daily News Editorial Board says Vote Hillary Clinton: Her plans to give working- and middle-class

25 years later the People are finally listening...

Hillary Clinton answers a question about men and women splitting the bill on a date

"Malcolm X: The Real Story"

New York Democratic Primary Analysis April 12, 2016

Shin Lim: Unbelievable Magic

Tonite in NYC There is a Yuuuge "Bernin It Up" Dance Party!

Bernie Sanders & FDR - Second Bill of Rights

Rachel is great but I went "jeez" when she started naming all 32 Campbell soups by WARHOL

Why in the name of God does Lawrence O'Donnell

Ugh! Hugh Hewitt has become a regular on nighttime MSNBC

"Inside Man". Wasn't there a British film that was almost the same plot?

Keep “God” out of your Pennsylvania public schools!

Chirlane McCray (de Blasio's wife) with Tamron Hall

About Bernie, the NYDN editorial board doesn't mince words.

Bernie may pick Elizabeth Warren for Vice-President or appoint her Treasury Secretary

I just realized...

Anyone else having trouble with Firefox 45.0.2 ?

Grassley meets with Supreme Court nominee for morning meal but refuses to break fast on confirmation

U.S. presidential rivals Clinton, Sanders tied in support among Democrats: poll

American Experience Robert F Kennedy

Never mind. I found a solution. nt

Kerry Advocates Pacific Trade Deal

You’re not going to believe this': Firefighters rescue Great Dane stuck high in tree

Hillary flip-flop timeline:

One of Colombia’s most prominent leftist leaders loses US visa

So which polling place in NYC will Bullhorn Bill

'You’re not going to believe this': Firefighters rescue Great Dane stuck high in tree

One of Colombia’s most prominent leftist leaders loses US visa

Jimmy Dore Show: Even Morning Joe Sees Dem System Rigged Against Bernie Sanders

PBS Special

The hypocrisy of this board has reached new lows.

BERNIE ECONOMIC PLAN Much Better for Black America Than Hillary's & Why. *Ball's In NY's Court*

Where to Invade Next? Prepare to Be Shocked.

Looking for a traditional alfredo sauce recipe . . . .

Al Jazeera America signs off for good with newsroom video message

Pro Publica: On: Hillary's Secrecy and Lack of Transparency

Trevor crushes two in Colorado ...

Hillary lied again? OMG!

Ready to Strike for Our Future (Verizon video)

"Kill for Peace" video by the Fugs-

Ready to Strike for Our Future (Verizon video)

Hillary leads 58%-36% in Maryland according to a new Marist poll.

Republican Kasich says Trump, Cruz lead to 'path of darkness'

Special Ed Teacher Accused Of Making Student Masturbate In Front Of Class

Where do you live and what do you think will happen

Clinton stands at 90% chance to win NY, 91% chance to win nomination

HRC's Record On Wall St. Belies Her Tough Talk---Says One Thing, Votes and Lobbies For the Wealthy

For old times' sake, let's do a Democratic Party straw poll

Columinist H.A. Goodman says Clinton Indictment is Coming

Joe Biden: "I would like to see a woman elected." And then: "Hillary is overwhelmingly qualified."

Bridge of Sighs. Robin Trower. Yeaahhhhhhh...........

Slate - "What We Talk About When We Talk About Bernie Bros"

Secular Quotes from our Founding Fathers

Ted Strickland favors taxing wealthy to preserve Social Security

Tell me about the revolution, Daddy

How Does Sanders Only Have 46% of Delegates, But Only 42% of Popular Vote?

Bernie or bust pledge-takers are the 'adults in the room'

NY Daily News owner who ordered editors to endorse Hillary is a proud union buster

NY NEWS: First time Voters Registering in Record Breaking Numbers!

‘Americans not buying democratic mask of US elections anymore’

I just posted some excellent news about New York!! Record Breaking registration of

Did you hear about the jurisprudence fetishist?

Malawi's fearsome chief: a woman on a mission to protect children (who used to be a secretary)

President Obama is searching for 350K permanently disabled Americans to forgive their student loans

You know what is funny about Bernie, the criticism going to the Vatican

Hillary Clinton paid female staff 72 cents for each dollar paid to men when she was a senator

Why should independent voters pay taxes to hold Democratic Party primaries we can't vote in?

Help Wanted

Bill and Hillary Clinton omit ‘shell company’ when filing financial records: report

Macri-nomics: Argentina’s Fast and Furious Return to Neoliberalism

If all things remain unchanged, Barack Obama will complete something that hasn't happened since 1825

More about the Verizon strike

More about the Verizon strike

Some illuminating back and forth with Hillary surrogates on Twitter

Bernie has consistently closed the gap with Hillary, think back a year

2008: Hillary Described Herself As A Pro-Gun Churchgoer..."father taught her how to shoot a gun..."

Movie title fit for Bernie's campaign

Colorado Conventioneering

Great Moments In Presidential Hairstyles

Remember, people. Overlooking corruption in politicians...

Pending Deal Could End "discriminatory" Carve Outs through Globalization to Benefit Least Developed

LOL! Two brothers play a trick on younger sister, this video is funny!

Coming Up On 'The Last Word' MSNBC Laurence O'Donnell: TAVIS SMILEY Talk Show Host/Liberal Commenter

NYT Editorial Board: Why Mrs. Clinton Needs to Say More About the Crime Bill

Hillary supporters - put your money where your mouth is

Tower of Jewels plant

UPDATE: ***URGENT Action Required*** NEW YORK voters

Daily News Bin: Bernie Sanders is speaking at Vatican for 10 minutes during a coffee break


SIMPLY AMAZING: Bernie Sanders FANTASTIC Rally in Binghamton, New York (4-11-16)

Hillary ate my registration!!

FBI paid professional hackers one-time fee to crack San Bernardino iPhone

Marvel's Doctor Strange Trailer Released

Sanders is the Most Liked Candidate, and His Popularity is Growing: Poll

Bill Clinton was already getting briefed about Trump running for president in 1999

Convention delegates now getting harassing phone calls.

I called a hotline and got connected to a random Swede. Here's what I learned.

Attorneys General Come Down on Accreditor of For-Profit Colleges

Paying Women Equally Would Be a Boon for 'Everyone Else,' Too

WOWWWWW Jimmy Carter Just Called Out Hillary Clinton Publicly And It Is Setting The Internet On Fire

The best argument I ever heard for public funded education came from a Republican

Oxfam: Most of World Bank's Private Investments Linked to Tax Havens

Hillary Surrogate Claims Bernie Sanders Going to Vatican for Exorcism

What would it take for a Bernie follower to switch to Hillary?

Libya: Obama Admits Clinton's "Greatest Moment" Was His "Worst Mistake"

"Bill Clinton, Eternal Campaigner. . grabbing political 3rd rail and refusing to let go."

Peres refuses to meet with leader of far-right Austrian Freedom Party

UPDATE: ***URGENT Action Required*** NEW YORK voters

You’re not going to believe this': Firefighters rescue Great Dane stuck high in tree

6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics in 3 Minutes

Pittsburgh P-G endorses Sestak: "toughest challenger to Toomey"

You want to talk about "qualified"?

Let me see if I have this bizarro world straight

Things we CAN afford vs. things we CAN'T afford

Are There Any Down Ticket Races Or Issues In NY That....

NY: Hillary +13 winning voters that in small caucuses voted BS

The problem with the new North Carolina law

Do you suppose attendees to HRC's GS speeches were frisked for recording devices?

Monsanto for breakfast...Lasso herbicide

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 6

US Sen. Merkley Oregon NYT opinion: Why I support Sen Sanders

Daily Holidays - April 13

Nobody who supports the Wall Street/corporate candidate...

Wambach pleads guilty to DUI, enters diversion program

Surprise!!! Chicago police tortured at least 14 people at its off-the-books prison!!!

Stairway To Heaven

Fatal LAPD shooting of homeless man was unjustified, police commission says

Bulgaria announces investigations into several ‘migrant hunters’

Politicians don’t know the price of milk – but they do know how to set up a shell company

Paul Ryan Is Not Running for President - or Passing a Budget

Concert for George

Goya Batman

South Carolina Senators to Hold Hearing on Transgender Bill

Brazil coalition partners 'to vote for Rousseff impeachment'

Peabody, world's top private coal miner, files for bankruptcy

$353k per person fundraiser. Are you really falling for that one?

Link to Senate Finance Committee hearing on protecting taxpayer info

2 months ago I said this about Sanders...

Ted Cruz: New Jersey judge rejects US citizenship challenge

Hillary Clinton's speech at the 2015 Women in the World Summit

Stanford Professor Recommends Anti-Semitic Website to Readers, Then Kind of Takes it Back

Occupy Wall Street rises up for Sanders

South Korean elections: President Park Geun-hye 'loses majority'

Medicinal cannabis legalised in Victoria, child epilepsy patients to be given access from 2017

Sen. Jeff Merkley first member of the Senate, Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders

BuzzFeed cuts projected revenue by half after missing 2015 financial target

"Well, it was fun while it lasted, say many former Sanders supporters

FINALLY they report a narrowing in Her lead

Hillary, Rachel, and WaPo are right: you can't prove $ influences politics because...President Obama

Joe Scar tells the truth. Please rec. in GD-P. "Well, it was fun while it lasted...

Bill Maher gives good advice to the GOP

Isn't this an abusive "hide"?

"Superprepared warrior realist" vs "fantasist who’s at passionate war with reality"

Did Cali just up and quit without a goodbye? (last post Feb. 22nd, 2016)

Bernie didn't blow the Daily News interview

Verizon Workers Go on Strike Amid Contract Dispute

First Member of Senate Endorses Bernie Sanders for POTUS! Thank you, Sen. Jeff Merkley #FeelTheBern

Largest US strike in years just started

Largest US strike in years just started

"GO BERNIE GO"! - Anthem - "Bernie B. Goode"

An Honest Question about November 2016

Now, MSNBC: Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) First Senator to Endorse Bernie for President, 'Morning Joe'!

Ten key questions (and answers) about the attacks on atheist bloggers in Bangladesh

Wednesday Bernie Toon Roundup

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Fear and Loathsome

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Why women are more religious than men

10 myths about Atheism

Jimmy Carter doesn't think much of Hillary's time as SoS

Man holds up Wal-Mart with BB gun he stole from Wal-Mart

The Hardened Hearts of the Catholic Right

The New York Daily News was a strong supporter of the Iraq war...

Now, MSNBC "CP Time" SKIT Film on Morning Joe, Bill de Blasio explains.

What do you notice!?

TurboTax helpfully has sent me my username and ability

Interfaith Disrupted: A Search for Action and Common Ground

It's tragic that some people are fighting to get this party to nominate a status quo candidate

Spain discovers 20,000 new Isis uniforms sent from Saudi Arabia

New hashtag?

Dem Senator Breaks From The Pack To Endorse Bernie Sanders

Clinton’s dismal approval ratings prompt Dem fears

I Used to Support Bernie, but Then I Changed My Mind

I Used to Support Bernie, but Then I Changed My Mind

Fact Checkers: Sanders Struggles With The Truth

"Sanders has disclosed the least of any remaining candidate except Trump"

Bernie lies again about the gun immunity bill he voted for.

Gonzalez: Hillary Clinton's policy was a Latin American crime story

Democratic voters taking their cues from Joe Scarborough in an election?

The Bernie Sanders-General Electric dispute over a plant visit

Vote for Hillary at KOS

Hey! Is "CP time" like "Indian Time"?

Goldman left with long-term greedy as only option

JPMorgan profit hurt by weak investment banking and trading

Bernie's effective tax rate. Stop the dirty political games.

Doctor Strange - The Trailer has arrived

Tighter supply, tougher rules rattle key U.S. funding market

CNN reports on bullied college Trump Supporters

O'Reilly to Trump: How Can Blacks Get Jobs With "Tattoos on Their Foreheads?"

Hillary Clinton Says Honduras Coup Not Illegal

Bernie's real delegate target in NY is...

Hindsight - Foresight - Insight 🔥

Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by Fukushima — 50,000 sq. miles of Japan highly contaminated

What does Clinton's 200+ delegate lead mean? Bernie is hosed in NY

Before defecting, North Korean waitresses shopped for backpacks

'Living wills' for five out of eight big banks fail U.S. regulators' test

NBC/Marist Poll of Maryland: HRC: 58% BS: 36%

When reading anything ALWAYS ask these questions:

Maybe Bernie can do his taxes on the plane.

U.S. presidential rivals Clinton, Sanders tied in support among Democrats: poll

Thank You Bernie Sanders

A lot of truths about the Democratic Party have been exposed this election cycle.

Most American Voters Say ‘Meh’ to 2016 Presidential Candidates in Both Parties, Except to Sanders

So far this morning I've heard radio ads from Trump, Sanders and Clinton

So far this morning I've heard radio ads from Trump, Sanders and Clinton (HRC group)

Jews-only Poll Highlight Israeli Youths' Drift to the Right

Jordanian police shut Muslim Brotherhood headquarters: senior Brotherhood figure

Hillary Clinton on Women's Pay Equity at New York City Roundtable

Saudi king's visit overshadowed by Egyptian islands row

'Panama Papers' dominate PMQs clashes

STUPID POLITICAL LOGIC: Don't break up the big banks

Hillary’s “I’m Not a Crook” Moment

Schlumberger Cutting Venezuela Work Because the Country Has No Cash

Black Keys "regret" inducting Steve Miller..."the most unpleasant part was being around him"

Senator Jeff Merkley Oregon: Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders

We confronted Bill Clinton about race: “In that moment he revealed himself and his true thoughts on

We can't get there from here.

Bernie Supporters -- must see video of GOOD MSM campaign coverage

Confessions of a "Panama Papers" Hit Man--John Perkins (Full Read, Creative Commons)

Has our Media Become Completely Irrelevant?

Bernie Sanders is the Most Liked Candidate, and His Popularity is Growing: Poll

Happy birthday, Thomas Jefferson.

Ron Johnson continues to trail Russ Feingold amid heavy fundraising

Who Do You Think Bernie Should Pick As His Vice-Presidential Candidate?

Has President Obama and Michelle made over 100 Million in "speaking fees" and "consulting fees" and

I was talking to someone from a former Soviet republic the other night

Syria elects parliament, US dismisses poll beforehand

Occupy Wall Street rises up for Sanders

Clinton & Trump: Two Sides of Same Brutal,Racist Coin

OCCUPY - March For Bernie - Saturday April 16

Hillary backers, will you pledge to follow the 2008 Obama precedent?

New York Election Fraud: Is Arizona Happening Again?

Again, for Sanders supporters who avoid visits to GD-P

Anti-vaxx, anti-GMO, invokes Nazis to describe science...

You know how far the party has fallen when the NY Daily News is the democrats' paper of record

New Yorkers are taking notice...

Wealth of the Russian Elite and the Growing Poverty of its People (1/3)

Hillary Clinton Uses Noise Machine to Block Reporters From Hearing Speech

How climate change dries up mountain streams

*NEW YORK TRANSIT AUTHORITY, One More Sanders *Endorsement Today *MSNBC Airs His Press Conf. Soon

Ice streams can be slowed down by gas hydrates

Forests synchronize their growth in response to climate change

When you imply Hillary is corrupt...

Feeding stock with rubber seed proteins April 13, 2016

Jane Sanders repeats Bernie Sanders’s Four Pinocchio claim that they released full tax returns

Hillary Clinton Lies About Bernie Sanders On Gun Control

Greenland’s Melt Season Started Nearly Two Months Early

"Killing people" is NOT "good foreign policy experience"

MARCH FOR BERNIE - Sat. April 16 in NY. INFO

Before we start a conspiracy theory for NY, understand that out of 10.7M voters, 2.9M are ineligible

Pollen becoming bee junk food as CO2 rises

House Republicans' Puerto Rico plan could hurt 'working people': Pelosi

New Balance claims Defense Department strung it along on military sneaker contract

Windows closing for clergy sex abuse victims to sue Catholic church

This Harvard swimmer is one of the first transgender men to compete in a Division I sport

Iraq may dissolve parliament amid political crisis: state TV

Former Attorneys Generals [sic] Urge Pardon for Don Siegelman

Watch: Snowboarder chased by bear and doesn't know it

Per John Nichols - NYC's TWU Local 100 - Transit Workers Endorses Bernie Sanders!

Untrustworthy and uninspiring is a dismal combination

EU sees 'alarming' migrant buildup in Libya, warns Italy

What CBS's 60 Minutes Didn't Tell You About the 9/11 Redacted 28 Pages - with Senator Bob Graham

Earthquake measuring 6.8 in magnitude rocks Myanmar

CNN just carried Bernie speaking at his rally live for several minutes!

Paris attacks: Spain seizes Coulibaly 'gun supplier'

LePage: I’m not done with Angus King

Here comes Mom. Act straight.

Saudi Arabia's religious police ordered to be 'gentle'

Men’s-Only Harvard Club Says Barring Women Protects Them From Inevitable: Getting Raped

New York’s transit workers union endorses Bernie Sanders

Poor innocent little DRUMPF kids, victims of "onerous" Voter Suppression restrictions

Bernie Sanders Announces New York TWU Endorsement, Press Conference 4/13/2016 [FULL SPEECH]

Any statements from Hillary and/or Bernie re. the Verizon strike today?

That's what I like about the south.

Boxed out: man evicted after $400 rented box deemed illegal

HRC's Senate Record = Legislative Failure & Futility

China court refuses to allow gay marriage in landmark case

Capital Gains Distributions from mutual funds. Seems like getting taxed for the

Bernie Sanders Announces New York TWU Endorsement, Press Conference 4/13/2016 [FULL SPEECH]

Bernie will be in Rome, away from NY for "40 hours"

I need to forgive myself again; will I never learn?

Story of Minister and Dominatrix Sparks UK Debate Over Media

Qaddafi apologists have had to refute the stubborn fact that Qaddafi used war planes on his own peop

Bernie Sanders Uses Noise Machines

Bernie Sanders’ climate consistency: Why he, not Hillary Clinton, should be the choice of people who

The War on Savings: The Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, and the Push to Go Cashless

Anchovies and Rosemary - Worth it to live longer?

Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane wins cheers at Farmingdale, Long Island sports bar

No, NY is not sending out misleading registration dates, they're trying to help new voters

Shocking Reversal: Sr Tory UK MP has broken ranks To Oppose TIPP -Issues WARNING

I've seen threads touting term-limits for congresscritters. How about this?

"Supporting Bernie Sanders" is trending on the Twitters! #ByeHillicia

Pope’s skullcap put under the hammer for Israeli charity

HRC's Disastrous Regime Change in Libya Led to Chaos and A Haven for ISIS

Acrostic Beat Poem Generator

More Clinton Corruption: Quid Pro Quo State Dept. Job for Campaign Fundraiser

My Understanding About 'Breaking Up The Big Banks'.......

Hillary Surrogate Claims Bernie Sanders Going to Vatican for Exorcism

For Team Sanders, superdelegates aren’t the principal problem ~Rachel Maddow blog

The Democratic Party

Hillary just gave a disastrous interview to a Philly editorial board

What Republicans Said in Private About Hillary’s Post-9/11 Recovery Work

Watch- Wylie TX hail storm

TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Republican House of Horrors

HRC Tells Tabloid NYDN: Honduras Coup Not Illegal

Sergei & Hozier bring beauty to controversy: activist poetry

Playing for Change has some amazing clips floating around

The lying liar lying......busted

Head of Cruz SuperPAC Pushes Dominionist Seminars To 'Take Control Of Government'

Please thank U.S. Sen. Merkley for being the first U.S. Senator to endorse Bernie.

Kobach's Office Puts Out Spanish Voter Guide With Wrong Registration Deadline

POLL UPDATE 2016 New York Democratic Presidential Primary - Clinton 52%, Sanders 42% (Siena College)

Breach of Trust: Why Bernie's Foot-Dragging on Tax Returns Raises Serious Concerns

Exclusive: Philippines, Vietnam to explore joint patrols in South China Sea - sources

The only different standard Clinton is held to is a preferential standard.

NYT: OpEd: Senator Jeff Merkley: Why I'm Supporting Bernie Sanders

Bernie and truth.

BP Executive Just Gets Probation For Negligence that Killed 11 People

Coming Up, CNN Mentioned NY TRANSIT & Merkley Bernie Endorsements, Wanna bet, lunch?

Sharpton teases de Blasio over "C.P. time" joke

Someone, please open the window! . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's dump: Roger Stone!!!

Consensus on Consensus: Expertise Matters in Agreement Over Human-Caused Climate Change

Oops -Maria Sharapova could be cleared as Wada announces meldonium amnest

Sanders Channeling His Inner Madoff

Schapiro: Bid to name law school for Scalia triggers injudicious debate

Would love these two in the White House!

What is LBN?

Black protesters say Clinton supporters roughed them up after they disrupted Bill’s Philly rally

Can you imagine U.S. Cops doing this?

Russian Warplanes Buzz U.S. Navy Destroyer, Polish Helicopter

After the convention, when the party is united

BREAKING NEWS: While Hillary Courts The 1%, Sanders Joins The Verizon Workers On their Picket Line

Navy ceremony moved over Mississippi anti-gay law objection

Remember when...

''That's what they offered."

NYPD fails to check who actually lives in this appartment, kicks out family anyways

Remember when...

Can someone please explain: How can the FBI be investigating de Blasio and not the Clintons?

The Arab-Israeli conflict: Time to move on

Who's going to Washington Square Park tonight?

Confessions of a Panama Papers hit man

Bernie on the Verizon picket line this morning 4/13/16

Bernie pickets Verizon. Clinton takes their money.

Bill Clinton: I don’t like it when people say Hillary Clinton is 'part of the establishment'

Clinton and the coup in Honduras, Indefensible

More Republican Politicians Have Been Arrested For Sex Acts In Public Restrooms Than Trans People


The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.13.2016 - #WeAreTheNarrative

Frat Brothers Build A Mock ‘Border Wall’ In Honor Of Donald Trump

The Netherlands Will Ban New Gasoline-Powered Vehicles By 2025

WADA to issue meldonium get out of jail free card

MO legislator demands names of women who've had an abortion

xp - MO legislator demands names of women who've had an abortion

*MSNBC, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) Criticizing Clinton Crime Bill! Now.

Sanders rally expected in Washington Square Park

Hear Hillary Clinton Defend Her Role in Honduras Coup When Questioned by Juan González

New Balance confirms what we already knew; The TPP is a terrible trade deal.

Episode 9, Season 2 Better Call Saul. Thoughts?

Hillary Clinton interview with The Inquirer & Philadelphia Daily News Editorial Board

After Hillary Beats Bernie, She’ll Need Him

Dennis Hastert accuser to speak at sentencing, prosecutor says

Hunter S. Thompson's America

Medicaid expansion still lacks votes to overturn looming veto

91% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 74% Chance Of Winning General Election.

Jane Sanders repeats Bernie Sanders’s Four Pinocchio claim that they released full tax returns

This morning one candidate got the endorsement of 42,000 NY Union Members. The other candidate

Bernie Sanders Endorses Three Women House Candidates

People can get really pissed off when they feel like the truth has been withheld from them.

Chicago policing taskforce calls black distrust of department 'justified'

Chicago policing taskforce calls black distrust of department 'justified'

Tips on NY phonebanking for Senator Sanders from YOUR HOME (or from anywhere).

In 2000, Hillary Promised Jobs to New York State, But the Jobs Never Materialized

Lawyers who won Happy Birthday copyright case sue over “We Shall Overcome”

ISIS Names Brussels Attackers, Threatens Clinton Aide

Clinton defends her support for overthrowing democratically elected government...

Everyone says the Libya intervention was a failure. They’re wrong.

People actually believe this "8 out of 9 = Momentum" nonsense?

I'm 55 Yrs Old, Middle-Class White Male, Retired Military...and I'm pi$$ed as hell

Woman Charged With Livestreaming Alleged Rape of 17-Year-Old

Holy crap! Did you see Bernie's new email about Lucy Flores?

Occupy Wall Street rises up for Sanders

Updated: Judge Delays Decision on Texas 'Affluenza' Teen's Jail Time

Siena College Poll: HRC leads by 10

Why most of the Panama Papers have been kept in the dark?

An ‘Unqualified’ Success at Media Manipulation

Hillary used EMILY's list as a Vendetta against Lucy Flores for endorsing Senator Sanders...

South Africa's runaway lion Sylvester given own pride

That "contested convention" thing? Rubbish.

City of San Francisco says it's illegal to live in a box

McCrory’s Executive Order 93: Hoist By His Own Petard

Being against a corrupt system that does not work for the people has NOTHING to do w/a purity test.

A WWII vet’s body lay unclaimed at the morgue. Then neighbors did something beautiful.

My concern was noted.

Paris attacks: Bataclan announces first concerts since November

Senator Jeff Merkley Endorses Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC (youtube)

Daily Show improves Hillary's "Cautious Politicians" joke...

This #EqualPayDay, we celebrate 14 famous women speaking out for equal pay for equal work...

Phone bank for Bernie in Durham!

Honest question here.

Loch Ness monster found!

Love this quote from Jon Stewart..

PSA: What is OK to post on DU about a Dem Candidate for POTUS:

Crosspost from GDP

Pic Of The Moment: Democrats Vs. Republicans: Still No Contest

The Nation magazine just endorsed Rep. Edwards, calling her a "progressive leader,"

You got that right Bernie!!

So will there be a Bernie vs Hillary debate before next Tuesday or not?

Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down pipe to ocean

Science fairs are as flawed as my solar-powered hot dog cooker

It’s On: GOP Chairman Just Declared WAR On Trump With This Tweet

Long-stalled email privacy bill advances in Congress

Long-stalled email privacy bill advances in Congress

10 common mistakes from non-native English speakers that we should learn to appreciate

The Cult of Bernie

Bernie Sanders Gets Roasted at Hilarious 1991 Congressional Dinner

The GOP’s veep problem

Hear Audio of Clinton Defending Hondorus Coup Plus Video of Professor Dana Frank on Democracy Now

BET video: One Reason Why You Should Vote For Bernie Sanders

Cruz’s scheme to sink Trump in California

UAW election by set of Volkswagen Tennessee workers upheld by NLRB

Cruz’s scheme to sink Trump in California (xpost from GD)

April 20th 1914: The Ludow Massacre

'Affluenza' Teen Ethan Couch Set to Stay in Jail for Nearly 2 Years

Trial for accused Charleston church shooter delayed to January

On the topic of Hillary and personal responsibility:

Macedonian president pardons 56 in wiretap scandal, U.S. raps move

Alex jones is slamming Glenn Beck as a "cult leader..."

The Welcome Rebellion in the Democratic Party

'Panama Papers' law office raided as world's tax officials huddle to assess fallout

A most excellent graph/meme Hillary vs Bernie put together by Business Insider.

People Already Lining Up for Sanders Rally in Washington Square Park

Cruz’s former roommate talks about Cruz's self-pleasuring — click only if you’ve already had lunch.

Teen fatally shot by cop as he was scaling fence, say police source, witness

Peabody, world's top private coal miner, files for bankruptcy

Electrical workers in New York City area endorse Clinton, campaign says

'The Biggest Coal Giant Has Fallen': Peabody Files for Bankruptcy

NFL star Will Smith shot in back eight times in New Orleans: report

Closed Primaries, At This Point In A Race, Make The Most Sense

So emily's list is not endorsing a liberal Latina

Bernie supports communication company strikers?

Here is a reality on the Panama Papers THAT leads to plenty of reasonable theories...

Bernie is the only candidate who's supported both since day 1...

Isis ranks have been pared back to lowest level since 2014

Hillary claims she's pro-union and anti-Uber. That's why the owner of Uber is funding her campaign!

Los Angeles considers medical marijuana tax to help homeless

Judge gives ‘affluenza teen’ Couch four 180-day jail sentences

A more fair way to distribute the "super-delegates".

Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders by US Senator Jeff Merkley

First Nations suicide emergency: a symptom of Canada's systemic neglect

What would happen if just for the next 24 hrs, Hillary supporters refused to take the bait

The Democrats Have No Soul: The Clintons, Neoliberalism and How the 'People's Party' Lost Its Way

Data from the Edge of Space & Time Itself

Got $2700? That's what it takes to attend Saturday's HRC Fundraiser

Good News for Hillary: More New York Endorsements!!

If you call yourself a liberal/democrat...

Nicaragua's congress rejects bill to block interoceanic canal project

Still think Trump is more dangerous than Cruz? Allow David Corn to set you straight.

Bernie Sanders Makes 4th Appearance on NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE Tonight

Clinton Foundation Male Execs earn 38% More than Women

EU Referendum: 23.06.16

Trump is sending a strong message to the GOP...

*Bernie's In Person Interview with NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Ed. Board April 1, *FULL AUDIO

Remember the backlash from the other side when Bernie said he would raise taxes?

Bernie's speech today when he joined in solidarity of Verizon workers on strike.

MoveOn director blasts superdelegate harassment

MoveOn director blasts superdelegate harassment

Balfour Beatty and Interserve accused of migrant worker labour abuses in Qatar

Clinton Donor CONFIRMS Use Of White-Noise Machine At Secretive High $$ Colorado Fundraiser!

Akira Kurosawa - Composing Movement

Who Should Bernie Select for His Running Mate?

Samoyed tells hoomin to stop all the racket

Pope Francis: It’s aggressive narcissism to teach kids about safe sex and protection

Cannabis farmers hidden in India's Himalayas

Bernie Sanders vs. the Plutocracy: Why General Electric's CEO Is Lashing out at the Democratic Soci

MSNBC's Pulse poll demonstrates their new direction and reveals their new demographic...

HUD Secretary Julián Castro, Stop Selling Our Neighborhoods to Wall Street!

Laser Threatens DOJ Embarrassment on Goldman Sachs/ Bain Cap. Cover Ups

Rousseff brands vice president Temer “a traitor” and ''coup plotter'' with no respect for democracy

The Banks Are Coming for Your Savings and Digital Money Is Going to Make It Easier

Senator Jeff Merkley Endorses Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Show Me: How Bernie has personally PROFITED from Public Office?

Senator Jeff Merkley Endorses Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC

NEW REPORT: U.S. corporations shifted more than $600 BILLION to 10 tax havens in a *single year*

Kids Can Now Sue Government For Climate Negligence

Clinton: Honduran Government ‘Followed The Law’ In Ousting Its President

DIY question

Clinton earns backing of New York electrical workers union

The Untold Truth Of Swamp People

NY Electrical Workers Union Endorses HRC

Clinton Foundation 2 Billion, Clinton Family 200 million raised from multinational corporations

The Reagan and Clinton Backlash.


New York Daily News Endorses Hillary Clinton Providing A Major Boon To Her Campaign

Carnival cruise to Cuba faces federal lawsuit (Cuban born US immigrants are banned from cruise)

Didn't the NY Daily News Endorse Mitt Romney?

Question about the voter registration conspiracy theory in New York

So, who plays Donald Trump in the movie about this campaign?

Donald Trump’s hit-squad spews death threats at Colorado GOP chair and Indiana delegates

Stop Telling Us Hillary’s Acceptance of Corporate Money Is Okay. It Isn’t.

When is Bernie going to release his tax returns?

Superdelegates Explained for Bernie Supporters

Mothers of Black Victims Emerge as a Force for Hillary Clinton

Mothers of Black Victims Emerge as a Force for Hillary Clinton

Everything Wrong With The Jungle Book In 10 Minutes Or Less

#DemocracySpring: This Is What Irony Looks Like

by Robert Reich 'Retail sales fell in March,

El Supremo has been changing Avatars longer than Obama has been President.

Independents Make Last Ditch Effort To Vote In NY's Primary

Why should I be required to pay for the F-35 boondoggle war machine

I'll tell you what is more WAY disturbing than transgenders using my bathrooms

LAPD killing of unarmed homeless man in Venice was unjustified, Police Commission says

Seriously? Evicting a 99-year-old?

Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Decry ‘Ideological Purity’

Using data to protect coral reefs from climate change

So about that experience thing.....

Frank Gaffney calls Bono an "Islamic terrorist supporter..."

WA Bernie delegates and alternates! Please show up on Sunday.

This primary season has exposed one of the biggest Third Way lies for what it is

New York City's largest public employee union, endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

New York City's largest public employee union, endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

If Bernie can't figure out how to work the nominating process ...

The Rare District That Recognizes Gifted Latino Students

I proudly stand with New York City's Largest Public Employee Union in endorsing Hillary Clinton

Qatar used its donations to Clinton Foundation to skate past it's horrible labor practices

Bernie Sanders falls short on his tax return!

Hillary beating Trump's *ss in Georgia! 50 to 37!!

How The Media Helped Create Mass Incarceration In The US

If you missed Rachel's show last night, here's her slam on Schlafly...

Huckabee Attacks Dems, Ignores the Fact That His Party is Falling Apart

It's all Hillary's fault.

"Goddammit! Who's the victim here?" (comedy-skit)

U.S. gets 236,000 H-1B petitions, a new record

On MSNBC a woman was dismayed at being forced to vote for Kasich, She wants to vote for B. Sanders

I proudly stand with the IBEW #3 in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton does a better job than Bernie Sanders of explaining the details of his bank breakup

Bernie Sanders supports three women for Congress

Hillary Clinton does a better job than Bernie Sanders of explaining the details of his bank breakup

Bernie Sanders Cheered Like a Rock Star at Verizon Picket Line, Rally 4/13/2016

White Noise Removal

Do US presidents have to serve with a VP?

ESPN's Insane Adam LaRoche Puff Piece Features LaRoche Liberating Sex Slaves

Question about the Clinton Foundation and the help it gives. What kind of percentage is going

Trump Family Values pix (graphic)

Is the 1% Really the Problem?

The Hill: Gross Negligence Is Not A Defense (emails)

Free Hugs Project at a Donald Trump rally vs Bernie Sanders rally

trumad has been suspended longer that most DUers have been members.

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 13, 2016

I hate to be a gloom and doom pessimist, but I fear the worst may happen and...

Bundy brothers, 3 others due in Nevada in Bunkerville standoff case

IMF Warns of Possible ‘Spiral’ of Waning Growth, Escalating Debt

Serious question: What were Hillary's chief accomplishments as Sec of State?

Back in 1966, when I turned 21, I was in the

Urgent! A mistake on NY Voter Registration forms misled voters

Confederate emblem ‘un-American,’ judge says in flag hearing

Retail Sales Fall In March As Consumers Pull Back; Americans Buy Fewer Cars


Bernie Sanders visits with striking Verizon Workers in Brooklyn

Beautiful independent paper handed out while we're waiting in line for theBernie rally...

The ugly truth about Confederate memorials

Bring out the violins for Verizon's CEO

Verizon CEO comments

In Case You Didn’t Already Know, Baby Carrots Are A Big Fat Lie

As a Bernie Supporter, Hillary Fans Are Ok In My Book Calling For His Tax Returns

Germany Islam: CSU head Scheuer calls for German in mosques

New Yorkers are seeing the difference...

They seriously need to teach election process in schools -

1873 Colfax Massacre Crippled the Reconstruction Era

Mother faces deportation to Thailand after fiance's death; 11-year-old daughter allowed to stay

Bernie Sanders Nearly Lost A Colorado Delegate Due To An 'Error'

 I Used to Support Bernie, but Then I Changed My Mind --- TOM HAYDEN in The Nation

Question Submitted by Myrina

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Can’t Take Black Voters ‘For Granted’

Koterba toon: North Korea

Poll: Clinton up 14 points over Sanders in the Empire State -

Wonderful small detail in the Ethan "Affluenza" Couch sentencing story today:

Lost In Translation: Study Finds Interpretation Of Emojis Can Vary Widely

Repubs in Ohio want to legalize medical pot???

Someone in Saudi Arabia sent ISIS 20K uniforms

Sanders Defends Decision to Speak at Vatican Amid NY Contest

A Real Grassroots Movement: Bernie staffer and Californian activist Alexandra Rojas

Louisiana governor signs order protecting LGBT rights

Quick car/oil change question

R.I.P. Snootchie Bootchies 2002 - April 13th 2016

Chicago mayor gets his man: Council backs choice to lead police

New scientific study of the brain

I found this tweet

A modest proposal for reforming the superdelegate system.

Hillary, progressive, or is it centrist, was proud of her conservatism and conservative roots

Imagine for a minute Hillary pulling a Vatican stunt like Bernie.

Dear America. The World is Watching:

What it looks like when Russian attack jets fly ‘dangerously close’ to a Navy ship

China accused of Taiwanese deportations from Kenya

Bernie Sanders 2016 - Defy Expectations (Bernie Ad)

Has The Vatican Pretty Much Endorsed Bernie Sanders?

The idea that southern "red" states could decide the Democratic presidential candidate is outrageous

2016 National Dem Primary - HRC 49 (-4), Sanders 41 (+1)(YouGov/Economist 4/8-4/11)

New Hillary Clinton Ad: "Forward"

“Liberal” Economists Cheered the New Democrats’ Deregulation of Finance (William K Black)

Tomorrow, April 14 - NYC City Hall Demo in support of open primaries

Bernie Sanders 2016 - Defy Expectations

Doors still haven't opened but LINES ARE YUGE for Sanders Rally in Washington Sq Park

Tomorrow, April 14 - NYC City Hall Demo in support of open primaries

Bernie Sanders 2016 - Defy Expectations

Stocks Soar To Finish At Highest Levels Of 2016

HRC Group: The New York Daily News interview "was more of an inquisition"

Sen Bernie Sanders Speech Announcing 2016 Presidential Candidacy

Happy Birthday Hitch

Is anybody concerned about favorability rankings?

Triclosan, A Chemical Used in Antibacterial Soaps, is Found to Impair Muscle Function

Sen Bernie Sanders Speech Announcing 2016 Presidential Candidacy

Palestinian author condemns Antisemitism

'I welcome their contempt': Bernie Sanders fires back at Verizon, GE

"She's Baldly Lying": Dana Frank Responds to Hillary Clinton's Defense of Her Role in Honduras Coup

Bernie is not a "real" Democrat

Why the NAACP Cares About Campaign Cash

In line at the Bernie rally at Washington Square Park.

Cher Says She's Now Torn Between Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders

In the NYC rally line. The revolution WILL be televised for once!?

What people (pretend to?) not understand is that Bernie is a means to an end.

Indiana News - 4/13/2016

Inspiring video.

=*= 5 LIVE-streams @ (*NOW*) 7PM (RALLY CONCERT) Bernie Sanders from Washington Square Park, NY =*=

Orlando may decriminalize small amounts of pot

Progressive Leaders Say Why They & Thousands Will Risk Arrest This Week to Restore Democracy

About the Clinton supporters: Don't assume they know everything and are okay with it.

Senators'(Burr, Feinstein) Encryption Measure Adds New Fuel to Apple-FBI Debate

Kansas' Spanish-Language Voting Guide Contains Some Very Suspicious Errors


The hidden: how Chicago police kept thousands isolated at Homan Square

5 Ways Bernie Might Be the Best Choice for the Environment

This Selfie Taking Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You

Squatters found in $900,000 foreclosed home, arrested (AZ)

A Black Man Brought 3 Forms of ID to the Polls in Wisconsin. He Still Couldn’t Vote.

New York has it right when it comes to their primary

The hidden: how Chicago police kept thousands isolated at Homan Square

Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant

"Let's Have the Highest Voter Turnout, in the History of New York State!" - Bernie Sanders

Majority of Americans Believe Sanders Is the Only Compassionate and Likable Candidate

Explaining sovereign citizens' belief in freely using roadways

A question for other Gen X DUers

Damn Bernie looking out only for himself

Clinton gets endorsement from diverse coalition of immigrant groups

New York will let you pay for subway rides with your phone... in 2021

Sheriffs as outlaws

New York - Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"

A Tom Hayden blast from the past!

Tomorrow, April 14 - NYC City Hall Demo in support of open primaries

Oil Drillers Feel the Pain as Banks Slash Their Credit Lines

Momentum (Fan Video) | Bernie Sanders

What songs give you goosebumps?


Momentum (Fan Video) | Bernie Sanders

Twitter Ends Pro-Second Amendment Ad Campaign

Twitter Ends Pro-Second Amendment Ad Campaign

RIMS 2016: Sea Level Rise Will Be Worse and Come Sooner

Bernie Sanders’s false claim that he has released his full federal tax returns - 4 Pinnochios WaPo

From 2006 To 2012, Two-Thirds Of U.S. Corporations Did Not Pay Federal Income Tax

Bernie Sanders Is Doing Something More Than Just Running for President

She thinks she's so great cause she has...

Warren introduces bill to make filing taxes easier

Chicago Police Dept. Plagued by Systemic Racism, Task Force Finds

Cable News Devotes 30 Seconds to Mass Arrests Protesting Political Corruption

Hillary will blow out Cruz or Trump which is why neither will be the GOP nominee.

HRC gets endorsement from diverse coalition of immigrant groups

Finished canvassing in Sheepshead Bay today. HRC ROOM

When Air Quality Improves, So Do Kids' Asthma Symptoms

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bernie's allies sweat Vatican trip

Video: A side of Bernie you've probably never seen.

That CPT joke controversy is not going away -

U.S. Argues Against More Iranian Sanctions After Missile Tests

Wisconsin News - 4/13/2016

Once again, very regretfully. A very special DU Public Service Announcement.

The Impoliteness of Talking About Religion

Pups Day 3

Two-thirds of U.S. corporations did not pay federal income tax. GAO Report

De Niro Says 'Find the Truth' on Vaccines, On NBC's Today Show: But Experts Already Did

March for Bernie in NYC - Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Gets Tepid Response at Black Activist Conference

Latest from Predictwise - NY Primary: Clinton 89% Sanders 11%

Another republican slappy fight...

Hillary Clinton talks about White Privilege

OPEC Warns of Deeper Cuts to Oil Demand Forecast on Slowdown

X-posted Hillary Clinton talks about White Privilege

Most American Voters Say ‘Meh’ to 2016 Presidential Candidates in Both Parties, Except to Sanders

Bravo, Elizabeth Warren. Proposed IRS free tax prep.

Jane, please stop.

Hillary meeting with Verizon workers now according to twitter. N/t.

Worse TPP Ever for Health Issues

Trump Breaks 50% Nationally

Ringo Starr: It don't come easy, and I'm not playing North Carolina because of House Bill 2

Bernie Sanders Outpacing Rivals in Effectiveness of Campaign Ads

Panama Papers: In the Middle East, Mossack Fonseca’s business is lethal

What a Sacrilege: Federal judge rules that Nebraska prisoner may not practice Pastafarianism in jail

The Math

Clinton Defends Herself For Not Having Been Invited to the Vatican After Having Invited Herself.

Another Bernie Action Figure

video: Ice Cube on Hillary Clinton’s ‘Super Predators’ Comment

Two links worth looking into

Voter Fraud is Mathematically Irrelevant

It is interesting the logo Bernie supporters use at DU.

Clinton Angrily Defends Paid Speeches, Defiant On Releasing Transcripts

“We Want Our Freedoms”

Happy Birthday Al Green

Clinton Donor Confirms Presence of Static Noise Machine

This is kind of funny: Sanders wants to help you file your tax returns more easily

Part of the Line Waiting to Get into Washington Square Park to Hear Bernie:

99-year-old SF widow wins eviction reprieve, for now

This is kind of interesting with regard to Paul Krugman's recent dismissal of Bernie

Washington Square Park Bernie Rally Panorama

I wonder if any of the betting sites will start taking bets on when/if bernie releases all tax docs?

Clinton leads Trump and Cruz. In Georgia.

The Root: Hillary Clinton’s NAN Speech Sounds Good, but Does Anybody Really Believe Her?

Clinton gets endorsement from diverse coalition of immigrant groups

Minnesota News - 4/13/2016

Anybody going to the rally in Washington Square Park?

Britain's 'Vote Leave' Named Lead 'Out' Campaign For EU Referendum

Cher Says She's Now Torn Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

When Pigs Fly.......

Looks like we have to move to caucuses in every state

Everyone hates the lying and pandering of candidates. Let's give HRC some credit

Hillary leads by 13. Over Trump. In Georgia.

Obama to decide on declassifying 9/11 documents within 60 days, former Senator Bob Graham says

Hillary's State Department and the Insider Who Used His Ties to Build a Consulting Giant

I'm in!

Obama Has Granted More Commutations Than the Past 6 Presidents Combined

Sanders is the Most Liked Candidate, and His Popularity is Growing: Poll

Republican creeps: The year the GOP war on women reached the subway flasher level

Al Qaeda 'Very Active' In Afghanistan: U.S. Commander

Lawsuit Alleges Voter Suppression in Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election

Jane Sanders Calls 1 Hour Editorial Board Meeting An "Inquistion".

New Zealand: Octopus escapes from aquarium

Elections are about more than winning, they are about deciding who wins AND how the winner

Bill Clinton Had Already Started Means Testing Social Security:

Sanders Over the Edge (when Hill said he apparently didn't do his homework) - Krugman

How about a Kobe thread?

Is Hillary Clinton really assuming that people with college debt are going to get jobs magically!!?

Cornell Lab eNews: Watch Live As A Wild Condor Grows Up & much much more at link

Revolution Calling: Bernie Sanders Heads to Washington Sq. Park

Cornell Lab eNews: Watch Live As A Wild Condor Grows Up & much much more at link

Small moments can be big.

The Job Market of 2045

This Study Shows How Low Corporate America’s Taxes Really Are

"Adoption And The Role Of The Religious Right"+"Big Business In Babies: Adoption, The Child Commodit

Aw! This adorable kid is feeling the bern in NY at Washington Park

The RNC Is Disguising Fundraising Pitches as Overdue Bills

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-12-16

Knife and gun fights EVERYDAY between kids in elementary school..

Fox News Has Ruined An Entire Generation with Their Hate and Ignorance

Newspaper interview is tough for Bernie

On Anniversary of Rwandan Genocide, Bill Clinton’s Words Ring Hollow

BTRTN: Can the Dems Take Back the Senate? A State-By-State Look

The great escape: Inky the octopus legs it to freedom from aquarium

HRC ROOM - I found video of Jeffrey Sachs at last year's PASS event (Plenary Session)

Clinton’s dismal approval ratings prompt Dem fears

Bring back the bacon fat in cooking. Now it's OK.

That surrogate that used "Corporate Whores"

Rally in NY (pics) links to rally

In Flint, Rashes Stir Fears of Showering as Scientists Hunt for Culprit

Elizabeth Warren calls out Krugman!

Erica Garner can't vote in the NY Primary

Speaker at Bernie's Washington Square rally calls to kick out "corporate Democratic whores"

Unbiased fact - A Bernie candidacy could cost Dems retaking Senate and more, nullifying his agenda

Josh Dyck, Director at the Center for Public Opinion at UMass Lowell, opines on NY Reg deadlines

IF we are going to talk about taxes let's also talk about "The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions

Dear Hillary Clinton Supporters--

"Foreign policy amateur" Sanders spoke truth while "foreign policy expert" Clinton aped the Chimp

Ringo Starr cancels N.C. event over LGBT law

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-12-16

Ignore The Smears: Bernie Sanders Is Right About Israel’s Heinous Atrocities In Gaza — He Just Got..

Cool video of the crowds still trying to get into the rally at Washington Park

Bernie rally: calling Hillary a "corporate whore" ... "drag her!!!" (Hillary Group)

RW Media & Talking Points

A Page of Live feeds to Sanders Wash Sq Rally

HRW Laments Israel ‘Beating’ & ‘Threatening’ Palestinian Kids In Detention

Why Won’t Bernie Sander Release His Tax Returns

Lawsuit Alleges Voter Suppression in Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election

Inky pulls a 'Nemo'

The Trump Effect’: Report says 2016 campaign is causing an ‘alarming level of fear and anxiety’ for

Donna Edwards is

Clinton (finally) shows up at a picket line

Bernie Sanders Says Democratic Primary Schedule ‘Distorts Reality" HRC ROOM

Military Historian Agrees with Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is an Unreconstructed Hawk

La governor John Bel Edwards rescinds Jindal's antigay executive order

Cher (an ardent hillary supporter) says she's now torn between Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders