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Democracy Now! (April 13): Hillary Clinton's role in the 2009 Honduran coup

Ted Cruz helped defend Texas ban against sale of sex toys in 2007

NOW, Ed Schultz, Verizon Strike Today, Rep. Alan Grayson,Bernie Delegate Issues, Democ. Spring DC

Unbiased fact: A Hillary presidency would cost us control of congress for a decade.

Canadian government 'lied' over $12bn arms sale to Saudi Arabia

North Dakota News - 4/13/2016

Jeff Merkley (Oregon) Endorses Bernie Sanders!

UC Davis spent thousands to scrub pepper spray references from Internet

Bernie Sanders’ Rally in New York City Is Insanely Large

A researcher explains how racial resentment drives opposition to gun control

Pope Francis Signals Softer Catholic Church Stance On Divorce, Rejects Gay Marriage

Cleveland is spending $20 million in federal money on riot and security gear for the GOP convention

Tim Robbins at Bernie rally: Sanders winning demographics like "the people who do the hard work"

Game of Thrones last season finale or Today's Bernie Rally?

Police arrest Democracy Spring protesters on day three

I've already seen Bernie delcare his support... I'd love to see hillary support this too.

Original Song with Accoustic Git by me (old one tho)

Trump campaign manager will not be prosecuted, sources say (Politico)

South Carolina: a case study in how Trump is being driven crazy

Hillary Confirms Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Plan

He's on NOW - just took the stage in NYC nt see Donkees OP

Confirmation that Zika causes microcephaly shifts debate to prevention (CDC)

If the 2016 Democratic Primary Was in 1968

When a long train of abuse and neglect evinces a design to reduce the people

Sorry, Feds: Kids Can Sue Over Climate Negligence, Judge Says

THE MIM has been speaking the Queen's English longer than...

Washington Post: Sanders is still hoping for an audience with Pope Francis on Vatican trip

bernie speaking now. same old thing.

Trump campaign manager will not be prosecuted on battery charge

Updated raw vote count so far

OK--"Ted Cruz" and "dildoes" in the same sentence...

Ted Cruz is US citizen, judge rules

Have any folks here noticed there's a whole new boatload of extremely unpleasant newbies

Renew EU market approval for glyphosate, but only for 7 years

Bernie Sanders taps local musician to perform at campaign rally on his birthday

Mother Jones - The Little-Known Movers Behind North Carolina's Anti-Gay Law: Ted Cruz's Advisers

Hillary wins in the high income brackets. Why?

I already covered Joeybee:

Mystery of Nazca, Peru's Puquios: Purpose of Ancient Holes Finally Solved By Satellites

Mystery of Nazca, Peru's Puquios: Purpose of Ancient Holes Finally Solved By Satellites

Court to spaghetti: You are not a god

Hillary Clinton: "Hard-working Americans, White Americans"

Sanders says having Southern states vote early "distorts reality."

4-4-16 A Day of Mourning in 2:00

bluedigger has been a Boston fan longer than:

"Do you think NY State should recognize gay marriage"? Hillary: "No."

Over the years, significant...

Trump supporters ( including Roger Stone) making direct *death threats* to GOP delegates.

Chris Hayes is tearing Dennis Hastert a new one

Hmm, interesting

I am so tired of the Scobby doo argument by those

This language is not acceptable.

NYPD is estimating Sanders crowd at 48,000 almost twice as big as Obama's in 2008

Has Bernie apologized for his rally calling some Democrats: "Whores"? yet? n/t

Bernie and Hillary supporters are on the same team

Re: "corporate Democratic w****s". Krugman called it. Bernie is now a Bernie Bro.

Galaxy Cluster Gathers Inside a Cosmic 'Furnace' in New Video, Images

Mandatory Wednesday Truthseeker Check In! Live and UnCensored

Why is Rachel going on about Nixon's resignation now?

Galaxy Cluster Gathers Inside a Cosmic 'Furnace' in New Video, Images

So I was smoking a cigarette during the break .. .

Bernie added 2 more rallies before Tues in NY!

UN Meets 'Racist' Guatemalan President Over Indigenous Issues

Holy Shite Edward Cox, New York's ReTHUG party boss

Read this, its about Hillary and transparency and track records

Republican Climate Change Denialism – Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

Cenk Uygur - Bernie's Washington Square Park rally has broken another record! 30,000 are there!

MSNBC is claiming that Clilnton joined the Verizon strikers too. nt

Katy McGinty (PA-Sen) Ad: "Endorsed"

Hillary and Bernie both went out to support Verizon strikers.

If Republicans were using the same math as the DNC to calculate delegates in NY

OMG has hell frozen over - MSNBC is mentioneining Democracy Spring arrests

Sanders' New York supporters showed their true selves today.

Local teachers discourage teaching careers

Your favorite Bernie ads?

msnbc is also mentioneing Bernie raising cash for down-ticket candidates

MSNBC says that the Sanders campaign says that there's 27,000 at the rally nt

Peabody Energy’s Bankruptcy Shows the Limits of “Clean Coal”

4-11-16 Terrorists try to Silence Workers in 2:00

4-11-16 Terrorists try to Silence Workers in 2:00

Paul Krugman: "Obama Could Go Down In History As A Wimp"

4-11-16 Terrorists try to Silence Workers in 2:00

4-11-16 Terrorists try to Silence Workers in 2:00

With a Powerful Essay, Social Activist Tom Hayden Switches From Bernie To Hillary

Place in the news right now

Yet another Hillary SOS/Clinton Foundation scandal

Can Hillary be any more 2 Faced

What's the difference between a biased fact and an unbiased fact?

Who here remembers the great liberal website "Media Whores Online". If it still existed it would

Senator Merkley did not discount Hillary in his endorsement of Bernie, in fact praised her.

Who exactly does Bernie Sanders consider a “Democratic w***e”?

Rachel on the Senators endorsements of BS and HRC...

Malcolm X Interview at UC Berkeley****Posted in the African American Group****

Make room UTB for Samwise Gamgee!

Paul Y. Song apologizes for use of the term whore at Sanders rally.

4-12-16 Finally Enough to Stand Up in 2:00

"Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

4-12-16 Finally Enough to Stand Up in 2:00

4-12-16 Finally Enough to Stand Up in 2:00

So now we oppose the phrase corporate whore more than the fact?

Unsurprisingly, Hillfans are more upset by a colloquialism than the fact that our government is

Appreciation Thread for Donkees for all those links to Bernie's events

New York polls have stabilized: Hillary Clinton has a clear and comfortable lead

The four-letter word free-trade shills never utter: DEBT

Has Hillary Apologized to Pres. Obama For Defying His Order to Ban Sydney Blumenthal frm WH & State?

Take a look at the numbers on You tube on one site.

Did Bill and Hillary Clinton Really Get $153 million in speaking fees?

To debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.

Lots of mansplaining what "whore" really means going on

Jane Sanders On Hillary Clinton's Position On Guns

A one hour interview a inquestition how about a 11 hour congressional hearing

Mike Malloy - Women Are Losing Their Salvation Because They Masturbate

Sharon Stone Cancels Mississippi Movie Shoot Over Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

Bernie on voting for candidates who don't agree with him on all issues

ABC reporters says NYPD puts the attendance at 11,000 not 27,000. HRC ROOM

Obama administration, religious non-profits open to contraceptive mandate compromise

'CORPORATE WHORE' is not about sex...but we ALL know IS about $$$$...

Updated raw vote count in Democratic presidential contests so far:

Is Corporate Lackey an acceptable term? Or is that somehow sexist or impolite?

Updated raw vote count in Democratic presidential contests so far:

DUers calling DEMOCRAT Joe Lieberman a whore. (Horrors!)

A fun look back at the use of 'Corporate Whore' on DU over the years

“This is a tough race for us,” Sanders acknowledged in his closing remarks in Washington Square Park

Hi.. I am back from a long timeout..

If the haters want to focus on ONE sentence from one speaker, which he has apologized for, then

To hell with Kasee Hunt of MSNBC

Bernie Sanders Says Democratic Primary Schedule ‘Distorts Reality’

About the Clintons parking income in Delaware to avoid paying taxes....

Bernie Sanders Says Democratic Primary Schedule ‘Distorts Reality’

Bors: 2016 Subway Performers

South Dakota News - Why SD is a tax haven for the rich and a "Special Link" for my fans

Last meal for Third Class.

If you support a candidate who brought death to look tough, do NOT speak of moral bankruptcy!

Some Democrats ARE corporate whores.

Appeals Court opens way for Argentina to end battle with hedge funds.

Legendary Tango composer and pianist Mariano Mores dies at 98.

Rally photos...

Tax Returns - The Devil is in the details

Legendary Tango composer and pianist Mariano Mores dies at 98.

From 2012: "The Curse of Political Purity" by Garry Wills

What did Hillary do or say to get us OUT of Iraq after her disastrous vote?

Bernie Sanders’ Rally in New York City Is Insanely Large (PHOTOS)

Death Penalty: yea or nay?

There are Sanders people telling unaffiliated voters....

Has anyone seen a helicopter shot of the Washington Square rally?

Greetings, my fellow lazy no-goodniks!

How unusual is this? (Prostate cancer)

Best Washington Square Park Photo Yet...

Has Hillary Apologized for Obstructing the Syrian Peace Plan?

Interesting info about Paul Song

Jane Sanders suggests Bernie’s interview with New York Daily News was too hard

Venezuela: Cutting Bone

Steve Leser's morally bankrupt language... wanted to know if Hitchen's is a media whore. I am shocked by his crude language.

Bernie's introducer went there. He called out Hillary -- and immediately referred to

Just How Competitive Is the New York Primary?

NY State of Politics: Working Families Party Plans Mobilization for Sanders

At the Washington Park Rally even the surrounding buildings were crowded

NY poll: Hillary leads Sanders 60-38 among Jewish voters

Jane Sanders: Bernie and I Will Vote Hillary if We Have To

Wow. Just wow.

NBC NEWS VIDEO OF HUGE NYC RALLY "Sanders Tells Corporate America: You Can't Have It All"

US quadriplegic Ian Burkhart learns to use his hand with aid of computer software

Death Penalty: yea or nay?

What is wrong with you? You did it again tonight.

Jews for Bernie

Thank you to the more than 27,000 New Yorkers who came out tonight

I oppose all "corporate whores"...

In 15 min --- 11:30 EST Bernie is on with Larry Wilmore on the Nightly Show

Recent new members instigating bait threads.

BREAKING: Inmate loses lawsuit to worship Flying Spaghetti Monster

NOW, MSNBC Bernie's NEW YORK GOTV RALLY Tonite, Campaign Mgr. JEFF WEAVER, Chris Hayes

Politics reporter quits newspaper owned by Ivanka Trump’s husband after it endorses Donald Trump

Tennessee lawmakers under fire over transgender bathroom bill.


48,000 has got to be the LARGEST Political Rally in America EVER

God Damn Billions is fun to watch!

John Lennon's "Working Class Hero"

It's never Hilliary's fault

3 Juries about politics in 15 minutes?

I can't listen to Sanders anymore. I have to change the channel.

Clinton statement on Warren tax filing simplification bill

Bernie Sanders up on Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show now.

It's really bad when you can watch the paid media hacks and see the latest manipulations they are

I think that speech tonight was incredible

It's so true...

Bernie wins the endorsement of the NY Transit Workers Union (video)

DEMOCRATS DENOUNCE CLINTON CRIME BILL! Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL): Michelle Alexander, Bernie, +(VIDEOS)



CNN Sucking up to ted Cruz just like Faux news

Wild Chernobyl - Photo Essay

The way I see it.

All about the website mediawhoresonline.

Song says sorry==kinda...

"Hard workers", if code, is code for the "proletariat".


Brain implant helps quadriplegic play Guitar Hero

Moral Bankruptcy???? David Brock called honorable Professor Anita Hill "slutty and nutty"

It you hear the words "hard worker" and immediately assume "white" I suggest you examine your mind.

There Is a Moderate Republican in this Race, but She’s Running as a Democrat

Bernie Sanders, in New York, Presses Fight Against ‘Status Quo’ ( NYT )

To the Hillary supporters complaining about "corporate whores", what about this?

An open letter to the Republican Party

It's ironic that giving super delegates 15% of the vote makes a contested convention more likely

Striking Vzn workers that Clinton visited are Chanting "Hillary"

Dr. Paul Song...

Corporate income taxes in the United States as a share of the economy are significantly less than

Who has lost 20 points in NY in less than a month ??

50% Of 'Retiring' Senators Now Become Lobbyists. A few decades ago it was only 3%

Bernie supporters compared to Nazis! Well at least the ones that were at Washington Park

Check this out. But I will warn you, it's a new low from a Hillary surrogate.

Here's All the Business N.C. Has Lost Because of Anti-LGBT Bill

These people supported Hillary and then threw our LGBT brothers and sisters under the bus.

ISIS threatens Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison with ‘fatal punishment

SEN. JEFF MERKLEY (D-OR) Speaks On His BERNIE Endorsement Today, *MSNBC/TRMS (VIDEO)

How on Earth did Rachel M. screw THIS one up?

After tomorrow's debate, will Bernie Sanders spend time with the Corporate Whores in the audience?

An iconic candidate in an iconic location.

So, Hillary is responsible for de Blasio, but Bernie isn't responsible for Dr. Song, is that right?

So, You Have a Rally in NYC a Week Before The Votes Are Cast

Isn't it about time the public knew more about Hillary's dirty trickster, David Brock?

Nebraska News - 4-13-2016

Senator Warren Remarks Too Big To Fail Scenario is Scary

My favorite picture from tonight's Washington Square Park rally.

ISIS Has Hit List of Western Muslim Leaders

"Democratic Establishment" played key roles in freeing Dr. Song's sister-in-law from N. Korea

Bernie's on fire!

What if Clinton is nominated and then the transcripts get leaked & they are damaging as all hell?


Bernie Sanders Receives Rockstar's Welcome at New York University - Washington Square

Let me get this straight Hillary supporters - Democratic Corporate Whores=bad. Nazis = good?

On CNN Today: Hillary could get big crowds but she chooses not to.

Colorado GOP Aghast At Threats To Its Chair Over Giving Delegates To Cruz.

NEXT, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) Regrets 1994 *CLINTON CRIME BILL On MSNBC (Nina Turner, Howard Dean)

This episode of Sesame Street has been brought to you by the letters G and S,

Idle No More, Black Lives Matter protesters demand action on Attawapiskat suicide crisis

#MuppetBernie the Uncontested Winner of Washington Square Park Rally

The Abortion Map Today by Linda Greenhouse

Kansas News - 4/14/2016

Hillary's Lies About Bernie's Gun Record

Coachella to hold 'Berniechella'

I remember Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump On Fracking

Paul Song is referring to Congressional Corporate Democrats

Man upset over high priced rent-to-own puppies deal

Bernie Sanders Mic Drop - The Nightly Show

Hate Speech Is A Crime: Tom Watson of #HillaryMen Perpetrated Anti-Semitic Hate Speech

Thinking Bing MIGHT have phrased this differently:

Shot of Bernie at his rally in Washington Square Park

You shouldn't do a favor for someone & expect them to forever more support you no matter what you do


Took a walk on the dark side tonight

Katy Perry ~ Dark Horse

Biggest Hillary rally to date?

As a Jew, I find Hillary's Israel support creepy in the evangelical way. Not something to be admired

Tim Robbins speech at Washington Square Park's a good one

Clinton's Brilliant Idea: Wait until the banks are in trouble to break them up.

Nobody in the World, Nobody in History

Bernie voted against.. Don't ask Don't tell... principled integrity

'We Must'

The differences in the 2008 and 2016 primary map are fascinating to me

Skid Row Wins!

Corporate Democrats and Corporate Republicans will get voted out.

Aww man... RIP Doug Banks

NY Times - By Opposing Obama, the Republicans Created Trump

"Are You Experienced?" The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read

MJ - The Time Ted Cruz Defended a Ban on Dildos

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 14, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - George Chakiris

Since we can't call them Corporate Whores anymore, I suggest we use the term

Bernie Sanders Names Anti-occupation Activist as Jewish Outreach Coordinator

43 state House Democrats throw their backing to Hillary Clinton~Pennsylvania! Nice pic

Can Racism be addressed while supporting Class Warfare?

Gore Vidal vs William Buckley Republican Convention 1968 Debate 1

Is porn immoral? That doesn’t matter: It’s a public health crisis.

Gif... Mic Drop by Bernie on Larry Wilmore show...enjoy

Airport sniffer dogs find 'cheese and sausages' but no Class A drugs

Sanders will exit campaign to speak at Vatican conference

Dr. Jane Sanders On Hillary Clinton's Position On Guns

A case for supporting Hillary

Good one! Now I have to go find the episode and watch it.

Do you think Vermont should recognize gay marriage? Bernie "No"

Hillary Clinton Gets Tepid Response at Black Activist Conference

In Release of Journalists, Both Clintons Had Key Roles NYT's - Laura Ling

Nutjob and homophobe Wayne Madsen wonders if Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK

Man accidentally buys a cow off the internet while on sleeping pills

Sen. Marco Rubio's Revenge:

As a scientist, the claim that one has to be affected by something to understand it makes me cringe.

Daily Holidays - April 14

News About Obamacare Has Been Bad Lately. How Bad?

Five Big Banks Flunk Key Test, Proving They're Still "Too Big To Fail"

Watch Barack Obama Joke About Black People Being Late

If Hillary becomes our nominee, does she have any baggage the Republican nominee can use?

Watch Barack Obama Joke About Black People Being Late

Hightower: How Do You Make Change Happen? Show Up

It's Time to Get Cops Out of Schools

A request from your fat friend: what I need when we talk about bodies.

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear

Does Hillary's campaign use astroturf to make it look like she has grassroots support?

IS publishes hit-list of muslim leaders... including radical islamists who are not radical enough

Matt Taibbi: Why the Banks Should Be Broken Up

Indian Oncologist Invents Voice Box For $1

Public Banking Institute: Candidly Assessing Sanders on Banks

Bernie Sanders Is Doing Something More Than Just Running for President

Dr. Jane Sanders - Full Interview With Cenk Uygur

I dont have cable. Anybody know where I can watch the debate online tonight?

Austria Just Announced A 54% Haircut Of Senior Creditors In First "Bail In" Under New European Rules

North Carolina's Bathroom Law Just Keeps on Backfiring on Pat McCrory

First of the March global temperature anomalies reported: yet another record broken

The Most Substantive Political Debate in Recent Political History

Mike Malloy - Bill Maher Urges Republicans To Abandon Hope (includes Real Time w/ Bill Maher video)

Ted Cruz wants to ban masturbation, says sex-toys are like hiring a prostitute

Panama Papers Offer More Evidence That Free Trade Isn’t Really Free

Georgia News - 4/14/2016

Obama video being swarmed by usual suspects. Please K & R if you can.

Mike Malloy - The Clinton Foundation Is Taking Money From Fossil Fuels Sector

Israel’s ‘weapon exports to Rwanda during genocide’ to stay secret, following Supreme Court ruling

Bennett ’16: Pinkwashing is a poor reason to reject the Mock event

Mike Malloy - Republicans Don´t Give A Shit About Zika

Pics of Bernie Sanders' crowd at Washington Square Park.

Israel investing NIS 11 million in LGBT tourism

So I applied to be an At Large Delegate in CA

"The Clinton people rewrote the news" (We saw it right here at DU in real time)

Israel’s Rafael Unveils ‘Drone Dome’, New Defense System Against Aerial Attacks

Hey, Democrats, stop gloating — your party is imploding right before your eyes, too

Watch the New York Debate Stage get Built

Gareth Thomas, Blake's 7 actor, dies aged 71

Watch the New York Debate Stage get Built

That wonderful America ad just ran on ABC in NYC nt

Bernie Sanders Hires Outspoken Critic of Occupation as Jewish Outreach Director

"Breaking News Overnight" on Good Morning America

I want these ladies singing at the rally when Bernie wins the NY primary!!! WOWWWW

The Canadian First Nation suicide epidemic has been generations in the making

Alabama News - 4/14/2016 Thanks to Gov. Bentley for making so many headlines.

GMA: showing rally NOW Sanders Draws Huge Crowd at NYC Rally

GMA now showing 1,200 in the Bronx for Her rally

BREAKING: Hillary announces Massive Event In CA to draw crowd of 325,000!!!

Chef to be sentenced at crown court for hygiene offences after bottle found in kitchen believed ...

Clinton camp demands Sanders disavow surrogate's 'corporate Democratic whore' remarks

Federal health regulators seek to revoke license of Theranos blood-testing lab


I love to be a happy optimist, and I'm confident the best will happen and...

Bernie will be apologizing for the "whore" remark today

CNN MONEY: Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says

Who is the "Center for Individual Freedom" and why do they hate Puerto Rico?

Awkward moment for the Sanders rally?

Would like to hear from some Jewish Democrats.

Congressman Wants A ‘National Day Of Reason’ As Atheist Alternative To Day Of Prayer

When you honk at me I will actually go out of my way to drive more slowly.

Some great pictures of the crowds at Washington Square Rally

If I wanted to release my tax returns, it would take me maybe two hours.

Hey, Democrats, stop gloating — your party is imploding right before your eyes, too

What are the largest religious groups around the world, and where are they?

Verizon CEO Throws Tantrum After Sanders Storms NYC Headquarters With 40,000 Strikers

Institute of Directors weighs in on BP chief executive's pay award

Betcha Can't Watch This Just Once!

Corporate whores for Hillary...

United States Navy Takes Backhanded Swipe At Mississippi Discrimination Law In The Perfect Way

IS 'seizes Syria villages' near Turkish border

Idiot who invited scorn upon himself by calling Hillary a whore

Gonzalez: Hillary Clinton's policy was a Latin American crime story

The Battle of New York.......send it around!

Once a century, a Republican has a good idea. (What ever happened to the "good" republicans?)

What These New Catholic Sisters Wish You Knew About Religious Life

A prayer of thanks for blessings. . .

Now Cryosphere Today info seems to be corrupt

At this point, Trump is running a proxy campaign for Bernie.

Clinton Owns Silicon Valley’s Vote Now That Bloomberg’s Out

The nerve of people insulting politicians who sell out the American people for corporate cash.

Bernie's 'Momentum' Is a Farce

How many innocents died in Iraq & Libya because of last night's "corporate Democratic whore" remark?

Partial explanation why Trump let Colorado get away.

Clinton Owns Silicon Valley’s Vote Now That Bloomberg’s Out

How Bernie Sanders Can Harness the Kind of Momentum Transforming British Politics

How Hillary Helped Ruin Haiti

eeck! I need a shower now

Bernie Sanders Just Scored a Powerful Endorsement in NYC

Paid-off "representatives" who block medicare for all ARE Corporate whores

A non-candidate specific post. I just confirmed that I am the only Dem in the office at my new job

Netanyahu's Office Denies Approving Hundreds of New Settlement Housing Units

Since Bernie Sanders has decided that his best approach is to go after Superdelegates...

Game of Thrones producers: Obama getting advance episodes

Hillary Clinton does a better job than Bernie Sanders of explaining the details of his bank breakup

Before Hillary Clinton, these women tried breaking the ‘highest glass ceiling’

"Media Horse Online"

Perhaps Bernie should disavow his rudest supporters when republicans disavow theirs

Bernie just tweeted that the Corporate Whores remark was inappropriate and not aceptable

Fearless toddler waves a metal PIPE at inspectors in China

Clinton: I intend to have the delegates

Darpa’s Developing Tiny Drones That Swarm to and From Motherships

Sanders Under Fire for Supporters' 'Whores' Remarks

Thursday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Bigotry Backlash

California’s Water Wars Flare Up as SoCal Makes a Land Grab

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Rethugs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Rush Limbaugh hit where it hurts: World’s greatest troll faces steep pay cut

Leadership: Bernie apologizes for speaker's "whore" remark. Hill blames de Blasio for her racism.

College 2016: Safe Spaces, Political Correctness and Trigger Words

US reviews peacekeepers' withdrawal from Egypt's Sinai

Forget It: Almost Impossible for Trump to Run 3rd Party At This Point

Do you think Dr. Song's remarks will help or hurt the Sanders campaign?

Protests in Barinitas, Venezuela for lack of food (and repression by national guard, Spanish)

"If I get my hands on them, they'll never call me a bully again!" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!

Clinton Staff and Volunteers Busted for Astroturfing

How Hillary Helped Ruin Haiti

Trump campaign manager will not be prosecuted, sources say

An observation about public assistance

No immediate reports of casualties or damage after M6.2 quake strikes Japan's Kyushu

Elizabeth Warren Has Basically Had It With Paul Krugman’s Big Bank Nonsense

The More Discrimination a Woman Has Faced the More Likely She Supports Hillary (HRC GROUP)

If you're shocked by Donald Trump, it's probably time to take the bubble quiz (Megan Daum)

Check it out-- ABC has some really positive stories about Bernie

If I call someone an ass hat

Anti-Hunger Groups Make Impassioned Pleas: the United States Should Support, Not Object, to Removing

The word ''Whore'' appears 13 times on the front page of GD-P.

INGRATE: Secretary Hillary Clinton brokered the release of Dr. Paul Song's SIL, Laura Ling, and

MY sources tell me there will be a major protest at Grand Central Terminal tonight...

voter registration problems are so numerous that Election Justice USA will be filing a lawsuit on

I wonder what Paul Song's SIL thinks about his "whore" remark?

Bernie disavows the "whore" remark. Do you?

Hillary Clinton is the flawed, corrupt, weaker corporate...let's say...opportunist, of the two.

CNN: How many of New York's seized guns began in Vermont?

Bernie Sanders apology poll

Who backs an illegal war based on transparent lies?

Obama's alternative to the Bucket List

Powerful earthquake hits southern Japan

Donald Trump asks confused Pittsburgh crowd, ‘How’s Joe Paterno?’

Hillary Announces Ambitious and Unprecedented Plan For Environmental Justice

How to Fix the U.S. Supreme Court Impasse

HUFFPOLLSTER: "Electoral College Estimates Show Hillary Clinton Beating Donald Trump And Ted Cruz"

Warm up for Bernie at Syracuse NY (4-12-16)

Paul Song's niece is named after Bill Clinton

Hillary apology questionnaire

How a Clinton insider used his ties to build a consulting giant.

Jane Sanders on #BernieInNY #NYPrimary #GOTVforBernie #EnoughIsEnough

BABYMETAL reach 50-year high on U.S. Billboard chart

Hey can someone give me a link to that Brit comedian that

So Bernie apologized. Now the outrage will shift to outrage at us supporters? Are you guys for real?

Petition: Hillary Clinton: Release the Transcripts of Your Paid Speeches to Wall Street Banks

The original Lucky the Leprechaun has died...

Fire Burns Tokyo Historic Golden Gai District: Man Arrested

NY, voter registration problems are so numerous that Election Justice USA will be filing a lawsuit

Faux outrage campaigning is so 20th Century, can we break free from that past?

'I have a conscience': the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York

Hillary Clinton Rally at MCC 4 8 16


When Obama drew 24K at NYC rally and then lost NY to Hillary

President Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Silver Spring

Suddenly DU has a problem with 'corporate whores'

An Alleged Hillary Shill Talks About Being Paid To Smear Bernie Sanders

BernieSanders draws 27k in #NYC #BernieintheVillage #NYPrimary #EnoughIsEnough

Hillary's Mistake (WARNING: Contains sensitive subject matter)

Like most of us, I abhor Islamophobia.

Bernie - What We Can Be

so we are seriously going to let this "whore" stuff distract us from issues?

Nagasaki mayor asks Obama to visit A-bombed city

Sex scandal at West Hollywood City Hall sparks calls for less Grindr

Hillary’s 1999 Speech on Modern Slavery Inspired Me to Expose a Trafficking Ring

U.S. jobless claims fall to match lowest level since 1973

Another attempt at deflection by Clinton supporters

Democracy Spring Is Not Being Televised….In the Corporate Media

Polling in New York of black voters: Clinton 65%, Sanders 28%

Sharp’s new humanoid phone handles more than just calls

Dr. Jane Sanders Interview With The Young Turks

"Whore"gate is a distraction from the *substance* of Song's comment

Hastert urged life sentences for repeat child molesters

Argentina wins big victory to end 15 years in default

Parents shocked as priest compares adultery to paedophilia

Yonhap: DPRK may be readying ballistic launch

Cannot believe no one on Hillary's team told her about this

US Virgin Islands AG gives Koch-funded climate deniers a taste of their own medicine

Cue the Video: Bernie doesn't know banking? He was a PROPHET in 1998 and is right today.

Taiwanese Songkran reveller falls from Chiang Rai hotel

Postage stamps went down to 47 cents on Monday?

Where to watch Thursday’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn

Women Under the Gun - Guns are a Women's Issue

McCaskill is right that Sanders should have denounced the whore comment last night. HRC ROOM

Regulators to Goldman: ‘Living Will’ Falls Short of Dodd-Frank Provision

Top 10 most endangered rivers in the US

Whoa! What's going on here this morning? Another feigned outrage I see.

17 of 19 Democratic Pennsylvania State Senators endorse Hillary

I for one am glad 9-11-01 is not an issue in this primary

17 of 19 Democratic Pennsylvania State Senators endorse Hillary

American guy challenges himself to 'survive' in Shanghai on 130 RMB for one day, succeeds

America Still Practicing Human Sacrifice

US reveals rare joint navy patrols with Philippines

Let's call this outrage du jour what is is: A dishonest filibuster of the real issues.

"What if" the US behaved differently politically, instead of interventions, we tried to REALLY be

Court rules warrantless collection of cellphone location data constitutional

American guy challenges himself to 'survive' in Shanghai on 130 RMB for one day, succeeds

Ted Cruz’s former roommate just revealed his self-pleasuring technique — click only

Grassley sends letter to HRC's attorney; asks whether her e-mails were hacked by Guccifer

Accused may have traded secrets for sex

Educated estimate of the "caucus" vote

Low-income Americans spend as much as $400 to get tax refund, report finds

Low-income Americans spend as much as $400 to get tax refund, report finds

if a group, a large group, of people, men and women, are walking down the street...

Closing Panama Tax Haven Will Require Fighting the Most Powerful Lobby In the World ( Vote Bernie)

What is a corporate whore?

Hillary's mega rally in the Bronx

From today's Salon. Made me stop and think

Never, EVER, disturb a tiger at rest. . .

Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Rises To 5.5 Percent In March

Bernie's speech in Washington Square yesterday

Top 5 shopping destinations in Asia

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 14 April 2016

UN could have prevented Haiti cholera epidemic with $2,000 health kit – study

UN could have prevented Haiti cholera epidemic with $2,000 health kit – study

Fake Stevie Nicks and Fake Kevin Sorbo on a motorcyle, and bad synth covers of classic rock songs.

Israel visit, Kevin Costner dismisses BDS champion Roger Waters

Corporate Pimps or prorcurers

The question I want answered at the debate by Clinton

Putin says shares Russians' pain over economic hardship

If "whore" is out as the metaphor for a politician who serves corporations, what's the 2nd choice?

The Berniest Bernie Sanders Video Ever

Anti- BDS bill blooms in California Legislature

OPEN LETTER to BERNIE on turning campaign into a MOVEMENT -- *Please SIGN*

What new ground will be covered at the debate tonight?

If y'all want something to be outraged about, let's get real

Corporate whore was used on this board for years until Hillary ran for president,

I'm not apologizing for shit

The real reason mass incarceration happened (HRC GROUP)

The Corporate Media PUPPETS are in full "rally round the corporate candidate today

Yes, we all know what "corporate whore" means, but

Why the NAACP Cares About Campaign Cash

ACLU asks federal court to block Kansas voter ID law

Vladimir Putin Heaps Praise on Obama, but Dodges on Clinton vs. Trump

The Real And True Consequences Of CAFOs

Across the country, school districts are quietly arming teachers for the next shooting

Ukrainian President's Ally Is Elected as New Prime Minister


How do we inform the moderators of people trolling this forum?

I'm STILL waiting for the transcripts so that I can see what Hillary said to those corporate

Never piss off a sleeping tiger before it's had its morning coffee

Clinton and Corning

U.S. charges Ramapo, New York, officials in first municipal bond fraud case

How are President Obama's supporters going to take the news that Clinton violated their agreement?

State declines appeal, raising ballot hopes for legal pot in Maine

On CNN just now, Robbie Mook, HRC campaign manager...

Congressman Wants A 'National Day Of Reason' As Atheist Alternative To Day Of Prayer

Do we add Curry's 402 three-pointers to the list of improbable-to-be-broken records?

When the Donald Trump Facebook Superweapon Targets You

CBS News: Liberty Counsel Is Behind Anti-LGBT Hate Laws In At Least 20 States

Microsoft adds QR codes to BSODs in new Windows 10 preview build

Nobody should be apologizing for using the word "Whores"

Clinton Foundation IRS Form 990 for 2013 (financial disclosure form required to be filed by all nonp

There is a big diffence between average contribution of $27 and average contribution by each person.

Is funding how you describe MILLIONS in speaking and consulting fees?

I bet one of the moderators of tonite's debate

The First-Ever Brain Scans Of LSD’s Mind-Altering Effects. Drug Creates a More “Unified” Mind.

Vatican, corporate whores...One waits with baited breath for the non-issue to arise from the debate

Las Vegas man pleads guilty to threatening President Obama

Remarkable animation layered on old photos

Prosecutor rebuffs pro-Bundy sheriff’s claims

The M$M and Clinton choose to focus on one word

I'm STILL waiting for Bernie Sanders to release his tax returns

The only person from any "camp" who has made profound bigoted statements recently is Bill Clinton.

I put this question to my state senator Jim Davis, who voted for HB-2

A vote for Hillary is a vote for oligarchy-lite. Is that what you want for your children?

Weird 'cloud' of crabs off Panama baffles scientists (+video)

We're coming for you Mr Moneybag

AP: List of states with proposed legislation decried as discriminatory against LGBT community

How many here would want America run like the Clinton campaign?

Bundy's Right-Wing Crusaders Will Liberate the West or Die Trying

Mississippi's governor Bryant following in the fine tradition of Ross Barnett...

Akai Gurley march on Jay St today

Fox News Has Ruined an Entire Generation With Their Hate and Ignorance

Comparing Bernie Sanders' Down-Ballot Fundraising to That of Hillary Clinton

The O'Tooles -- polar opposites of the Bundys

Bernie Sanders Repudiates ‘Whores’ Comment At His Rally But The Damage Is Done

Bernie Sanders Repudiates ‘Whores’ Comment At His Rally But The Damage Is Done

Swedish prosecutors: 'Assange is still a flight risk'


so here is what I learned this morning - referring to someone as a "whore" is perfectly fine if

Could Banning Drive-Thrus Make A City More Pedestrian Friendly?

If law enforcement is the key to reducing crimes committed with guns

Growing inequality among children in high income countries, UNICEF reports

When climate change destroys the future of your children, cooks the planet, and ...

How playing video games can improve your life during retirement

My Facebook feed reminds me why I left home in the first place.

Seen plastered on the subway walls in NYC today

Bernie insults black voters and lies about the math ...

Here's the thing. Bernie gets a large crowd to an outdoor rally and the outcome

Anonymous - Message to Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders - Washington Square Park Rally

Corrupt politicians who sold out for corporate cash caused great economic distress for Americans.

By Land or by Sea: How Did Early Humans Access Key Brain-Building Nutrients?

Bernie, Hillary, and Bill timeline on gay rights

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders - Washington Square Park Rally

Jane calls closed NY primary "silly."

This whole corporate strumpet discussion is so silly.

The more we argue their distracting points, the faster their posts trend

Robbery suspect flees in vehicle, arrested at police department (IN)

California Latinos gravitating toward Bernie Sanders

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.14.2016

Found during a web search...

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.14.2016

Watch: Huge Bernie Sanders Rally in Greenwich Village Draws Record Crowd

Marion County to relocate Confederate flag by mid-May (FL)

Killer Mike Asked to Explain Himself on The View

Bernie Sanders Tells Corporate America: You Can't Have It All | NBC News

San Mateo landlords jeer recording of sobbing renter

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Gives Cruz and Trump a Lesson in Real 'New York City Values

Bernie Sanders Itinerary in Rome Will Not Include Pope Francis Visit

Skid Row Wins! (xpost from GD)

Bernie Sanders in New York, Pressing fight against status quo

Bernie Sanders on Tax Havens and Aversions

UC Davis spent thousands to scrub pepper-spray references from Internet

4/13 NY Times Top Story: 5 Banks Are Still Too Big to Fail...threaten financial stability of U.S.

No pope meeting, let alone photo op, for Bernie.

2016 Primary Forecasts...UPDATED 11:23 AM EDT | APR 14, 2016

Killer Mike on The View

2016 Primary Forecasts...UPDATED 11:23 AM EDT | APR 14, 2016

Akai Gurley march on Jay St today

Our government and political system have been sold to the highest bidders. Call it what you will.

Anyone here have Google fiber

Clinton Campaign Surrogate: They are handing out armbands at Sander's rally.

Draft of Anti-Encryption Bill officially released

Live Now: Bernie Sanders speaks to National Action Network

Should Hillary evolve on her position regarding Haitian minimum wages before the New York debate?

Bernie's campaign finally took no for an answer from the Pope.

NYC first lady: 'Bernie is getting desperate'

Staying Relevant: Why Anti-Obama Progressives Have Jumped Aboard the Bernie Sanders Bandwagon

Staying Relevant: Why Anti-Obama Progressives Have Jumped Aboard the Bernie Sanders Bandwagon

I am excited for Bernie and Jane as they prepare to travel to the Vatican

What does it cost to procure the services of a corporate whore? I'm doing a research project.

Bernie Sanders holds big rally in Washington Square Park


Democratic Party and Clinton campaign to sue Arizona over voting rights

Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is Coming to the Bay Area This Month (Burlingame, in Fact)

*** Posted To The African-American Group ***

Join Bernie's Phone Bank! Call New York Voters Now! Here's A Link To The Phone Bank Website

What If I say If I NEVER Surrender? and you are not like the others.j?

48 hours. 15,000 volunteers. Two million calls.

Join Bernie's Phone Bank! Call New York Voters Now! Here's A Link To The Phone Bank Website

60-Year-Old Christian Woman Publicly Caned In Indonesia For Breaking Sharia Law

IEA Sees Oil Oversupply Almost Gone in Second Half on Shale Drop

"Whore" poutrage surfaced in Meg Whitman's 2010 campaign. NR pointed out it's TWO MEANINGS!

Ford Mulls New Russia Investment as Quarterly Sales Jump 93%

"Whore" is not an appropriate term for this day and age.

I unreservedly condemn any and all anti-Semitic slurs and "dog-whistles" directed at Bernie,

I wish I'd see as much professed distress and outrage over seniors being unable to buy medicine

The View and Hillary Clinton declare premature victory, discuss Bill's role in her White House

Pic Of The Moment: Child Molester Is Tough On Child Molesters

Fight for New York: Clinton and Sanders gear up for Debate

Clinton wins in large, diverse states w/o caucuses

I'm sure some BS Host will lock my GD post----

Vladimir Putin Slams U.S. 'Imperial Ambitions' On Call-In Show

Just another...

I have a conscience': the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York

I just saw Bernie Sanders

Russia Mocks U.S. Reaction After Jets Buzz Navy Destroyer

I think the two states that went first helped Bernie

Jesus should be more specific

So many of our rudest words relate to women, it seems.

Sanders says Southern primaries ‘distort reality’ ~ Rachel Maddow Blog

Today's faux outrage summed up in 1 tweet

Gotta love this ....

My brother and mother DIED because of healthcare system. Sorry if I don't get offended by a word.

Bernie Sanders Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 1. He Has a Net Worth of About $300,000,

The Real News (April 11): Americans Named in Panama Papers Leak

Absolute power corrupts absolutely - cops arresting more cops etc...

Scratching post

New Bernie Vote.Together Ad "Vote For Me" #VoteForMe

$1,400,000,000,000: Oxfam Exposes the Great Offshore Tax Scam of US Companies

NY Times: In Release of Journalists, Both Clintons Had Key Roles

Dems, Clinton Campaign To Sue Arizona Over Primary Election Mess

This guy is awesome!

Howard Dean and Rahm Emanuel, among others, ARE PISSED!!...

Climate Change And The War On Clouds - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Does it matter if Bernie is worth 300k or 800k most of it because of the value of his house

Awesome new ad by the people

Has anyone else noticed this?

A plea to all Bernie supporters

Democratic Party and Clinton Campaign to File Suit in Arizona

TAKE NY BY PHONE! 48 Hours. 15,000 volunteers. 2 million calls.

Popes, Whores, Tokens and Colored People

So why wouldn't the Clintons stand up for Blacks purged from the voters rolls in FL in 2000?

We should just stop using the word whore.

China to greatly expand GM crops

**looks under the Hillary bus**

These two Muslims put on Islamic State hit list

I welcome their contempt...

Gene-edited mushroom escapes US government regulation

Bernie Sanders to Black Audience: GOP Wants To Bring Back ‘Jim Crow Days’

Neonatal circumcision does not reduce penile sensitivity in men

Errrrr... Google defines "whore" as

So After Hillary Got $13 Million From Health Industry, She Says Single-Payer Will “Never, Ever Come

My grandfather, and two of my uncles have suffered thanks to regime change mentality.

I will use Corporate PUPPETS since I don't want to inadvertently insult prostitutes (both genders)

One of the candidates met with CWA employees before they went on strike (without the media)

ok.. so what word would you use to describe the following...... a Corporate *what*?

"What the f*uck do you think you're doing? I know who that whore is. I know what she's here for."

Mutated mitochondria could hold back stem-cell therapies

Amazing Picture of Bernie from the NY Rally Last Night... You can see the genuine care in his eyes!

Hartmann busts Hill Shills using right wing tactics calling into his show re "whore" remark....

Hillary's strategy reveals she understands that she already won

Hillary for New York: Brooklyn Democratic Debate Visibility

Sander's Stance on Big Banks Endorsed By Warren As She Shuts Down Krugman's Big Bank NONSENSE!

Shut Up About "Party Unity", Dissent Helps Democracy

Disturbing toy gun gif - parents and toddler

Did 42,000 people attended the Bernie rally in Washington Square Park?? WOW!!!


Hillary Clinton Says She Would Create Office on Immigrant Policy If President

It IS ok to call Anita Hill "slutty"

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 14, 2016

They are "corporate whores"

Deadly earthquake strikes Japan, collapsing houses

Hillary Clintons Top Donor List... she's a Corporate something..thats for sure

Yup. Nope.

Will you disavow the people that screwed my family

Food stamp use is falling, and the GOP wants to cut it even more

" NY VALUES" : As Related By Senator Bernie Sanders... (Complete w/ Mic Drop)

Bernie invited himself to the Vatican to speak for 10 minutes and he won't even meet with the Pope?

EPA/USDA Petition re Honeybees and Pesticides - Signing deadline tonight (4/14)

hillary clinton's ties to fracking internationally

Argentina wins WTO appeal in case targeting Panama tax practices

You who are supporting Hillary are supporting the status quot.. the Bush/Clinton legacy below....

A man impersonating Ukraine's president called the NYT

She's actually a corporate pimp.

Can someone please tell me what a "Whore" has to do with Primaries???

Supporting Hillary is supporting the status quot... the Clinton/Bush legacy below...

Argentina wins WTO appeal in case targeting Panama tax practices

To the hosts. Could we unpin a couple of posts?

Coachella Festival will be honoring Bernie Sanders with Berniechella :)

Argentina wins WTO appeal in case targeting Panama tax practices.

The Deflection Campaign has hit a sleazy new low....I just looked up who Paul Song is.

Attn Hillary "Don't give me do goody good bullshit, Grab that cash with both hands & make a stash"

Hillary for New York: Brooklyn Democratic Debate Visibility

Malcolm X Compilation

Global Capitalism: Monthly Econimic Update, April 2016

IS THIS TRUE? Rigging the New York Vote: Majority of Polling Places do not open UNTIL Noon?

DEMOCRATS DENOUNCE CLINTON CRIME BILL, Rep. Bobby Rush | Michelle Alexander, Bernie Economic Plan

Pushing for a new world war

Hillary Clinton Targets Trump, White Privilege in Sweeping Speech

Dilma Rousseff asks Brazil supreme court to delay impeachment process

John Judis: "I'm Voting for Bernie, but on One Condition"

Dr Song's comment (CLINTON GROUP)

People Still Don't Get the Link between Meat Consumption and Climate Change

The Clinton/Bush Corporate agenda and it's results.....

Vote for Silver Dick!

Here is a clear picture why we can't have another Clinton/Bush Corporate Era.....

Anyone know the other side's position on marijuana?

Do you have that feeling that a lot of dirty political tricks are taking place?

Should Bernie have stood strong on Whore-gate? Was it cowardly of him to apologize?

Surreal predictions for tonight's debate

I know I'll catch hell for this

Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party To Sue Arizona For 5-Hour Voting Lines

Cuba’s support for its arts should make us weep with envy

Why Are Voter Registrations Changing? What you need to know:

It's Donation O'Clock! New York State!

A judge just dealt a blow to a big gun-maker being sued over the Sandy Hook massacre

Interesting read

Art of the Steal | Bernie Sanders

How does Bernie woo super delegates after a speaker at his campaign event refers to them as whores?

Art of the Steal | Bernie Sanders

Art of the Steal | Bernie Sanders

The Panama Papers and the Monster Stories of the Future

Do you want to see Bernie go for a home run tonight?

Hillary’s Campaign Is Inventing Their Own Reality

Watch this till the Ending

Verizon and The Greed of Corporate America | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Support March in N.Y.C. on Saturday Apr. 16...INFO!

Tonight's debate will be like the Benghazi hearings.

Why Howard Dean Hates Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Plan

Never saw this before...

Founder of HillaryMen and CauseWired, prof. at Columbia University.

New America - Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Ad

How the Sanders campaign flipped two crucial delegates in a Nevada county

Bernie Sanders LIVE National Action Network FULL SPEECH Hillary Clinton Speaks at NAN before debate

Question: In an election, is it easier to fight against facts or falsehoods?

Church pushes for abortion ban in Poland

New tactic idea..

No gender gap in views on whether abortions should be legal. Pew

Trevor Noah lets Dennis Hastert, Catholic Church have it

America (New York)

Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters need each other to win the election.

Confessions of a Democratic Whore: An Open Letter to Dr. Paul Song

Art of the Steal | Bernie Sanders

chasing birds

Paul Y. Song

Ted Cruz wore a pink boa and underwear according to his eldest girl. I know this is

Paul Song's sister-in-law, Laura Ling, weighs in

Here you go

Democracy Now: Human Rights Activist Re: Hillary Clinton: "She's Baldly Lying"

Shaun King: When some peace-loving hippies from Minnesota make an ad for @BernieSanders!

10 reasons why Europe and America DO NOT need business v state dispute rules - #TTIP

Martin O’Malley Wins The Debate Over The Democratic Debates.

will terror be a topic tonight?

Graphic for Phonebankers signed up for the Sanders Weekend TakeNYByPhoneathon!

Global Warming Has Been on the Oil Industry's Radar Since the 1960s

Global Warming Has Been on the Oil Industry's Radar Since the 1960s Xpost fm EE

For Sale? 2008: Hillary Alleges Obama Sold Access To Big Donors... Now Criticizes Campaign Attacks.

China's economy could be in more trouble than we think

Rosario Dawson: A Struggle of a Lifetime | Bernie Sanders

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 14, 2016

Rosario Dawson: A Struggle of a Lifetime | Bernie Sanders

Rosario Dawson: A Struggle of a Lifetime | Bernie Sanders

What would happen if superdelegates had to vote for the candidate who won their state?

Bernie Is Still Scaring The Hell Out of the Establishment

I have something to say to the Hillary folks about a thread they are posting on and I know my...

BIG TPP news: New balance shoes says obama admin bought silence with military contract

2016 National Democratic Primary - Sanders 49%, Clinton 48% (Ipsos/Reuters (Web) 4/9-4/13)

Trial set for suspect who allegedly hacked Bush family, Sidney Blumenthal

Some activity...

Finger on the Pols - Voter Suppression ala GOP

General suggestion for topics and comments

Protocol for Democratic Primary Polls

Chinese workers look to U.S. demonstrators/strikers as models

President Obama, Joe Biden Nearly Endorse Hillary Clinton

"20 ways Bernie Sanders has stood up for civil and minority rights"

You think MSNBC sucks? Try watching MSNCB "International" online.

What would happen if superdelegates had to vote for the candidate who won their state?

Latest Ipsos/Reuters Poll - National - Sanders 49% Clinton 48% among Democrats

I haven't visited Freeperland in years but did today. Nothing's changed.

"Getting Started" supporters: Karina and Riley

Chinese Workers Look to U.S. Activism as Model

LOL - The Fucking News

Attorneys for Rowan Clerk Kim Davis applaud marriage license bill

Question like which came first, chicken or egg

Hearing from multiple Democratic sources that @LucyFlores raised six figures from Bernie Moneybomb

Whore-gate poutrage is a version of the Emperors New Clothes.Dr Song shocks for stating the obvious.

Ok. I want to hear, from African Americans in Chappaqua ,*specifically*, what kind of .....

New poll says Americans prefer lower prices to items made in the USA

Democratic Wave Building As 13 More House Seats Move Toward The Democratic Party

Don’t panic: Time magazine is wrong about the national debt

I played football and baseball----and pulled my groin a few times. (Yes trumad--continue---)

'I have a conscience': the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York

Bernie Sanders National Action Network FULL Speech (4-14-16)

In 1994,Hillary Clinton admitted Bill Clinton was being prevented from fighting for an actual health

Y'know, my granny taught me that

MidAmerican's $3.6 billion wind investment is 'giant step' toward company's 100 percent renewable en

A lawsuit/emergency injunction will be filed on FRIDAY for New Yorkers that experienced switched

Hillary Clinton has plenty of fodder for attack in Thursday's debate, but will she use it?

Clinton-Sanders Fracking Fracas Heats Up

NEW YORKERS: Affidavit Ballot, if you're denied voting! DO NOT LEAVE!

Bernie Sanders Speech At National Action Network (4-14-16)

No, you're not imagining things...

What kinds of things make you glad that you live in the good ole' U.S of A. ?

Sand Art for Sanders - Madison Square Park, NYC (Berners are just too talented!)

Maryland prosecutor charges two for robocall about openly gay candidate

How will they ever find impartial jurors in the child's murder trial?

Heads up for NY democratic primary voters ...

Microsoft Sues U.S. Government Over Data Requests

MUST READ! Sen Hillary Clinton wooed the outsourcers feared by U.S. workers (2007)

URGENT: Majority of New York Polling Places Don't Open Until Noon! Sanders Supporters Need to Know

Bernie Sanders Takes Greenwich Village

Secretary Clinton approved millions in gun sales for Sandy Hook gun maker Remington

Couldn't be more current New Marist New York Poll- Clinton 57% -Sanders 40%

Texas Deputy Ambushed, Shot 4 Times In Back Near Houston

Starting to Look Like Bernie is Starting to Consistently Poll Ahead Nationally

Corporate Demimonde

Bernie apologized for our sins

What I Learned From My March With Democracy Spring

April 14 is Dolphin Day (a few photos)

Low-Paid Health Care Workers Join Nationwide Protests

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 April 2016


Does cannabis treat cancer? It saved this man’s life.

=*= 4 LIVE streams Sam Seder/CNN/ BernieTV @ 8:30PM - Bernie Sanders Debate, New York =*=

Captured on film. 55 yrs ago on April 9th police used excessive to stop protest in Washington Square


Execs at MSNBC really are demanding hillary fluff at every mention of Bernie Sanders.

Captured on film. 55 yrs ago on April 9th police used excessive to stop protest in Washington Square

It's been a hard day on the planet.

Trevor Noah: Why would you do this Hillary?

Here's an original song supporting church/state separation!

The Plan to Make California Wet By Spreading Beavers Up and Down the State

Trump Campaign: When The Donald asked "How's Joe Paterno?" he was referring to the STATUE

Cross posted from GDP ... Heads up for NY democratic primary voters ...

New Wall St. Journal Poll has Hillary up 57%-40%

Military Generals Emailing Clinton

Cenk Uygur KICKED OFF American Airlines Flight (5 days ago)

FEC asks for an explanation of Bernie's mystery $10 million dollars

I haven't seen this Birdie Sanders GIF posted yet.

Five Things You Should Know on Tax Day

EU Big Five launch tax crackdown

The Real News (April 12): Argentina Represses Telesur and other “Undesirable Media”

RD Wolff, about Bernie Sanders- "Wonderful support for everything I believe".

NEW YORKERS: Affidavit Ballot, if you're denied voting! DO NOT LEAVE!

NYERS are not dazzled by big rallies. We are used to seeing them once or twice a week here. HRC ROOM

Iraqi forces 'recapture IS-held town of Hit'

We Want A Refund

OMG! Sanders Can See Into The Future!

Regarding Millenials

I think all of us should try to vote corporate whores out of Congress.

Hillary Clinton rakes in Verizon cash while Bernie Sanders supports company’s striking workers

Is Obama Planning His Revenge On Netanyahu?

2016 Horse Racing - Does this year's 3yo crop have a case of the slows?

Clinton Administration Accomplishments List

FYI! We done good by Lucy Flores according to Ralston of Nevada

Jane Sanders: ‘We Are Starting A Political Revolution’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Fracking: yea or nay?

It's Bullshit. No one called Hillary a "Whore"...

Look out Paul Krugman: Elizabeth Warren slams “revisionist history”

Still alive.

**IMPORTANT** NY State Senate Special Election April 19!!!! Senate Majority At Stake!

Strawpoll for support for/against a National Fracking Ban...

Paul Song was not even referring to Hillary Clinton when he called out "corporate whores."

Satmar Of Kiryas Yoel Endorsing Hillary In New York Primary Election For President -

House Races Move Towards Democrats

Whole line of Black Men for Bernie vans parked in front of the Dem Debate area

OxFam Exposes Great Offshore Tax Scam of US Corporations: $1.4 trillion untaxed

Sanders disavows surrogate's corporate "whore" remark


No to the status quo - Bernie 2016

Trump and Cruz Both Less Popular Than Romney

Shakespeare nailed Hillary's MO: Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.

Sad that you Bernie supporters are still discussing this!

Sandart for Sanders in Madison Square Park!

Bernie Sanders Repudiates ‘Whores’ Comment At His Rally But The Damage Is Done

The Clintons and "counter-scheduling"

Despicable, sexist, and beyond the pale.

Has "slutty" been androgynized?

Dear Hillary Supporters, keep attacking nurses. I'm sure that'll be a winning strategy for you!

Bernie drops the mic on Larry Wilmore

Cruz: "Marco...terrific person, very, very talented, inspired millions. I think the world of Marco."

Observations from a poll watcher: Day 1 of MD early voting

The Sanders surrogate problem.

Money influences everybody. That includes Hillary Clinton

Noam Chomsky on How the U.S. and British Invasion of Iraq Caused the Syrian Refugee Crisis (Video)

The things Sanders supporters say about other Democrats, including Obama

I Vote the Neil Tysons for President

Has anyone heard from mbperrin?


NBC NY: Hillary 57 (+2), Bernie 40 (-1)

A charity's radical experiment: giving 6,000 Kenyans a guaranteed basic income for a decade

Irish Times: Bernie Sanders youth electrify rally in New York!

Big development here in NY State

Great Barrier Reef risks losing tolerance to bleaching events

Simple question for everybody, two maybe...

We're a welfare country

Satellite images reveal dramatic tropical glacier retreat—Decline of ice sheet in Papua New Guinea…


New NY poll with continued good news for Hillary

Cruzing down LIARS lane - busted - We don't sing together

Why Did Hillary Ditch Good Morning America Today?

Is your whiteness a hindrance?

Wolf Blitzer defends Hillary's racism: It was satire.

Tennessee Governor Vetoes Bible Bill

Ceasefire aimed at ending Yemen's 'forgotten war' disrupted by violence

When Bernie met Hillary Long before challenging Clinton, Sanders reached out to her on health care.

Just curious. Does anyone have any info about this?

Sanders people: Stop engaging on "corporate whores"

Lol moment - have you seen the new Progressive Auto Insurance Commercial

Clinton Campaign Manager Claims Sanders Campaign Lying About Crowd Size

Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay for his revolution

Bernie Sanders Laces Speech With Themes of Race, and Gets Warm Reception From Activists

Dear citizens of the great State of New York:

After the Financial Meltdown of 2008....What Has Happened to the Working Class Globally?

How many times during tonight's debate will be graced with the charming Clinton chuckle?

Board recommends parole for Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten

CNN just reported Clinton internal polling shows tighter race...

In a win for unions, appeals court reverses ruling that threw out teacher tenure in California

That's It! I'm Burning My Big Black Albums

Dems Would Be 'Justified' in Blocking Supreme Court Nominee of GOP President, White House Says


Top Hillary Clinton Campaign Fundraiser Lobbies for Offshore Drilling in Israel

Karl Rove Super PAC Warms to Trump: Privately, Telling Donors He Can Win 2016 General Election

Has anyone heard from mbperrin?

Sanders gets standing ovation after NAN speech, chants of "Bernie! Bernie!"

Bernie Sanders Suspends Jewish Outreach Coordinator After Reports of Her Criticisms of Israel

Another finding: NBC NY/WSJ/Marist poll of NY:Jewish (16% of electorate): Clinton 65% Sanders 32%

Hi my name is Buttons3345!

New NBC New York/WSJ/Marist poll of NY: Clinton 57% +2 Sanders 40% -1

Definition: Corporate Whore

Nationally Trump pulls ahead of Cruz by 18 points. CNN (It was 3 points a few weeks ago). Looks like

The Berniest Bernie Sanders Video Ever

Did anyone catch CNN in regards to Clinton internal polling...

Hokay.... "Smart Mattress Alerts You When It Detects It's Being Used By A Stranger"

WNBA Draft...UCONN goes, 1, 2 and 3...

Here we go hurricane watchers - CSU Projects a Near-Average Atlantic Hurricane Season in 2016

Americans fear a life of 'dead-end crap jobs with crap wages'

OK, I buzzed a Russian Navy "trawler", several times, back in the late 60s. Big deal.

Huff Po: Hillary Clinton Continues to Lie About the Failed State She Helped Create

Clinton asks for $353K to sit with the Clooneys

Hillary's top contributors vs. Bernie's top contributors

And the Grifter Quitter quits again. Surprised? UPDATE: SHE canceled.

Question about WRAL

Why don't the Democratic candidates talk more about the positive aspects of climate change ???

It's almost Mic Drop time again!

CBS News investigation finds Kim Davis’ lawyer behind anti-LGBT bills in 20 states

Why Obama Will Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents of All Time (Barack Obama Group)

New Reuters Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Taking National Lead

2016 National Democratic Primary - Sanders 49%, Clinton 48% (Ipsos/Reuters (Web) 4/9-4/13)

Bernie Sanders Suspends Jewish Outreach Coordinator After Reports of Her Criticisms of Israel

How stupid does Erin Burnett think we are?

Sanders Trails Clinton for Different Reasons Than He Claims