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Trump's Hair farm - Beach in Norway

Here's a blast from the past (if you're over 50 or so)

Meet The People Barred From Voting In New York’s Presidential Primary

Bernie crowd shuts down MSNBC reporter

What all three have in common -- they've endorsed Sanders in the Dem presidential contest

May Bernie have a nice restful flight to Rome

The Clinton Surrogate Problem

The hyper charged atmosphere of the debates is really fucked up. They should do like the local ones

Bernie Sanders and the Democratic party (and hilly) will sue Arizona for voter suppression

Rep Thomas Massie's statement is politician speak for saying the war on terror is a fraud

Muslim Students Report Burglaries and Hate Literature at Idaho State

What all three have in common...not corporate whores...

On the floor at the Debate

"Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion" ...Enough is Enough..let's try something new...Progressives !

Another win for unions in court

Another win for unions in court

Pride flags fly high at Hillsborough church following vandalism (NC)

Where to view the debate tonight

Did anybody catch that racist bomb Chris Cuomo just dropped on CNN?

Bernie & Hillary Go To Verizon Protests, But One Takes Verizon Money

@Carole_King for @HillaryClinton in Brooklyn. Mook Megaphone! Rallying the troops outside tonight's

New NBC/Marist Poll of NY: Clinton 57% (+2) BS: 40% (-1)

Ohio woman accused of live-streaming rape on Periscope

Cable cutters like me can catch the debate here:

Bernie's surrogate Paul Y. Song donated to Nader's and Paul's campaigns

Hey! Are you still asleep, dear?

Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton

Should Bernie revisit Hillary's emails?


Following ‘Whores’ Incident at Sanders Rally, Clinton Supporters Trend #DemocraticWhores

Hillary would have to receive no more than 43.5% of the remaining delegates to lose.

Sanders decides on Dems to raise funds for - two of them seeking to defeat openly gay contenders

Colombia seeks foreign companies for prison privatization effort

some of these bernie supporters love

By Opposing Obama, the Republicans Created Trump

Just watched the Senate primary debate.

Colombian prisoner David Ravelo speaks to North Americans

Obituary for Tim Brown

Ben Carson Says He Has No Memory of Running for President — says Andy Borowitz

Hillary Debate Watch Party

Why would Dr. Song disparage democrats?

Why I Never Have Been — And Never Will Be — “Charlie”

Oliver Stone: "Hillary Has Been for Every War the US Waged"

Meanwhile - outside of the debate.....

Does anybody have suggestions for listening to the debate on-line?

CBS poll: Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump - who would win in November?

Offical Dem Debate Watching Thread for NICE PEOPLE- intros are NOW.

Carnival Cruz Stockpiles Chunky Soup After Honeymoon. No it's not an Onion Article

New Evidence Points to Federal Police Role in the Disappearance of 43 Mexican Students

New Evidence Points to Federal Police Role in the Disappearance of 43 Mexican Students


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Criminals! & Uncensored & Live & a

National Anthem before a Primary Debate

Why Phoenix Goddess Temple Founder Couldn't Employ a Religious-Defense Argument

Two of 3 congressional candidates Sanders backed are running against gay Dems in primaries (HRC GP)

How many current registrations of people (surrogates) does DU have now?

Hillary Is Intimidated By Bernie. He Just Needs To Give Her The Evil Eye

We think it's getting to be our cat's time.

That didn't take long...

Hillary really took it to Sanders

Oh my god. They are both yelling and we are 8 minutes into the debate.

Because Obama! LOL nailed it

Hillary Clinton big progressive agenda! LMFAO!

UC Davis spent thousands to scrub pepper-spray references from Internet

I have a problem with the Democratic Party limiting debates to paying customers.

Too much from the crowd

Bernie doesn't know what broken up banks would look like

At long last! I'm on vacation! I haven't had more than a week off in a row in three years...

God she's smug tonight

The great Clinton Lies continue

Hillary defends POTUS Obama AGAIN!!!

Bernie is a very worthy candidate, but...

What notes is Hillary reading?

The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions (not on her released tax returns!!!)


O'REILLY said maybe he should buy Repuke Hispanic female Susana MARTINEZ "a hammock"

Hillary is tough and smart tonight

How many boos from the audience for each person?

Tough Questions About Haiti for Hillary Clinton

With Hillary, we will have "government cooperating with business." NO THANK YOU.

Just go ahead and lie secretary Clinton.

Hillary Joins Bernie for $15 sn hour!!!!

Tough Questions About Haiti for Hillary Clinton

In Hillary World I guess 12 = 15

Bernie is losing IMO. Too many missed layups.


Seoul says North Korean missile launch apparently fails

more boos?


Why oh why doesn't CNN kill her mic when her time is up like the old days?

CT Judge denies manufacturer motion to dismiss in Sandy Hook case...

Sorry for making super-predators heel?

The Pope, "knows everything".

Kerry: Shooting down Russia jets 'would have been justified'

They are getting their points in but I don't see this moving things in NY. HRC ROOM

Why I love twitter - look at what someone dug up re Bernie on Gun control

GOLDMAN SACHS Chief Exec LLOYD BLANKFEIN Says He is Doing "GOD'S WORK" Nov. 09, 2009


How come Hillary is talking about Bernie's campaign points

If Hillary was a male, she'd be winning over Sanders going away

Environment issues.. Well said Bernie.

That attack on her fracking record left a mark! Did you see that face lol

Predict how many times she will say Obama in this debate...

And the loser is . . .

Can anyone recommend a good place to build a website?

Why are the Democratic debates restricted to pay to view?

Could the moderators be anymore helpful to Clinton?

Right Whales Threatened by Planned Seismic Surveys Along Mid- and Southeastern Atlantic Seaboard, …

Trump Uses Eric Garner’s Dying Words To Mock Mitt Romney; His Supporters Roar With Laughter

Watching the debate and I can't stop thinking of this...

Why is she bringing Obama into discussion?

Recyclable, sugar-derived foam — a renewable alternative to traditional polyurethanes?

Here is what Hillary succeeded in Libya:

The Man Planning To Desecrate A Quran At Armed Anti-Muslim Rally Is A Trump Supporter

POLL: Who will win the fact checks tomorrow?

Hillary wants to stand up to Assad like she did to Gaddafi l

I hope they give the time given to each person

Combined effects of copper, climate change can be deadly for amphibians, research finds

Pittsburgh Police on alert after armed Donald Trump supporters say they will confront protesters

Mostly TRUE: Clinton Says Bernie Sanders "voted for regime change with respect to Libya."

No Fly Zones...?

Obama Obama Obama

Wow great negotiation skills... If NATO doesn't pay their fair share of defense budget...

madinmaryland has been reviewing some of his favourite avatar changes by the Sports Group

Why is Hillary so wrong about gun control?

her voice is SO grating

Well Hillary just went right wing...


How many Wars would a Hillary presidency wage... ??

OOOOOPPPPSSSS! She just took credit for Bill's admin. She gets it both ways?

Clinton/Bush neocon rhetoric ...


Is Hillary Left or Right of Center....

What did the man yell

I have to admit it...I just don't like her

Wolf Blitzer sucks. n/t

Hillary in the debates: I'm joined at the hip to President Obama, except when I'm not.

Thank you Hillary for Standing with the American Mainstream on Foreign Policy

MEDIA BIAS CONFIRMED. Will the moderaters PLEASE let Martin O'Malley speak!!

Did the Hillary Group put up a"Hillary Won the Debate" thread 2 Hour before it started?

US Election 2016: Clinton and Sanders trade blows in feisty debate

You know your candidate is losing if you're complaining about the Moderators

War.. hillary.. yes yes yes... college.. oh hmm.. maybe.. affordable yes...

Boy, does it really bug her that it's called Obamacare and not Hillarycare. n/t

Her father never said that!

Hillary is a Neocon .. plain as day... we need to form a new

I don't give a shit about either of their voices.

Enogh politics for the night.

Hillary is a NO WE CAN'T candidate... unless it's war..then it is OH YES OFCOURSE

Argentina cleared by US court to make debt payments


Welcome on board! I'm glad you're here!

~*~ Meditation Break for the Debate-Stressed ~*~

I thought Hillary had pledged to not raise taxes on anyone under $250Gs

WOOOOT! He is calling out her weasly words!

Here's the difference between Bernie and Hillary

Clinton just said she isn't a member of the establishment!!!!

Did Hillary just say she is not a member of the establishment... freakin

She read that with conviction!

Obamacare under fire Hillary is for it

wow interesting exchange on SS

I'm not watching the debate, but my phone just blew up with texts...

Heather Mizeur endorses Bernie Sanders!

Argentine ex-president denounces political persecution

Bernie is running for President as a Democrat because you can't win running from a 3rd party

Hillary C.O.E. Chairman of the Establishment....

Sanders blows off Sandy Hook victims' families at debate.

Do officials/employees/volunteers

Wow Bernie got his name Chanted

Let's cut the "Deep South" shit.

91% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 75% Chance Of Winning General Election.

All the Way! "PRESIDENT SANDERS, WE THANK YOU" ~ The American People!

Hillary will never unite the 'Democrats". Period.

Hillary brings up reproductive rights--Hillz brings up choice! Women go WILD!

So before the final arguments

Black Men For Bernie at the Debate!

'Let them sell their summer homes': NYC pension dumps hedge funds

Missouri Republican Wants a List of Names of Women Who've Had Abortions

Yet AGAIN, Hillary gets to go last!

You all know the south is full of VERY conservative white democrats as well, right?

Protesters demonstrate against Trump at New York Republican gala

I think this has been Bernie's best debate...hands down!

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

Talking about poll numbers during a debate

And I finish this debate with my charming Hillary smirk - Thank you.

Missouri Republican Wants a List of Names of Women Who've Had Abortions

Who else's fingers are getting itchy?

Hillary's closing statement: "9/11"

Trey Gowdy injects Benghazi into the 2016 campaign

Sanders didn't do it tonight. He really needed to hit it out of the park, instead

If you have to use 9/11 in your closing argument...

So was Hillary for or against lifting payroll tax cap for Social Security?

New Reuters Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Taking National Lead

Hillary talks about the past. Bernie talks about the future. Case closed.

Sanders to Release Tax Returns, Clinton Won't Commit to Releasing Paid Speeches

Bernie Won the Debate BIGTIME

Well, I don't think the debate changed any minds.

Bernie Sanders hits Hillary Clinton for using the racist term "superpredators"

This is what I think of when it comes to Hillary supporters


Bernie Sanders slams Clinton's racist "super predators" comment

**** Who won the debate? ****

wow! the bernie folks are out in force on DU tonight..

How About those 8-1 Chicago Cubs?

Verizon Union members unload on Union leadership for endorsing Hillary

Clinton pressed about releasing speech transcripts

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton battle over big banks it du or die for Hillary on Tuesday????

Senate committee approves authorization for U.S. commodities regulator

This is what comes to mind when I think of Hillary supporters.

Wes Clark Jr.

So, is Hillary for or against a carbon tax to address the greatest threat to the planet ?

Post Hillary Debate Discussion

Why won't Hillary commit to support a carbon tax?

Bernie Sanders on Clinton: 'I do question her judgment'

Winners and losers from the 9th Democratic presidential debate

How many times did Hillary mention 9/11?

I didn't watch the debate


Agree with Van Jones - Bernie took brave position on Palestine / Israel

Hillary will never give more than we have already taken.

Hillary Clinton Debate Word Cloud...

So Spike Lee was there...

She would not answer re: the cap on Social Security and will not show her transcripts..

Hillary arrogance on display

Here are the 3 total bills Clinton successfully passed during her 8 years in Congress...

Works well for the present day North Carolina

You know who else wouldn't answer easy yes or no questions

Bernie Sanders - The Force Awakens

Anderson Cooper asked three or four times why HRC will not release her transcripts.

Tweet from Dr Jill Stein

Hillary Receiving Boos for her Release the Transcripts response

When 6 of Phil Collins' albums were recently remastered, he recreated the covers as well

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result

Hillary Wanted Troops in Libya (Vote For ME & I Will Give You Perpetual War!)

Wishing Bernie a safe flight tonite!

For our listening pleasure...

News.. Hillary has supported $15 min wage since the beginning... ??

Politifact: Clinton says Sanders "has been largely a very reliable supporter of NRA. MOSTLY FALSE

Why Would Sanders Only Now Release His 2014 Income Tax Return-Shouldn't the Last 8 Returns or So

So why is the DNC calling me during the debate? I would not answer the phone.

What is Hillary Going to do In The General Election?

Thank you Bill Press for going after Hillary on CNN again!!!

Martin O'Malley Tonight: @HillaryClinton should release the Wall Street transcripts

Hillary is Annie Oakley.. Mrs Weathervane has shifted again..funny stuff

Sanders: America Cannot Be ‘One-Sided’ in Israel, Palestinians Must Be Given ‘Respect and Dignity’

Well the next 5 days will be canvassing and phone calls here in Brooklyn.

"Why won't she just give us the transcripts of her speeches?"

Politifact: NEW: Clinton says Sanders "has been largely a very reliable supporter of the NRA."

Politifact: Sanders: U.S. provides 75 percent of NATO budget

Demanding this debate may not have been Sanders' brightest idea

So who won the debate???

Which cellular service does the Sanders campaign use?

Secretary Clinton approved millions in gun sales for Sandy Hook gun maker Remington

Ted Cruz: Transgender 'Bathroom Bills' Are 'Perfectly Reasonable'

Solar power is reshaping energy production in the developing world

U.S. defense secretary to visit carrier in disputed South China Sea

Was there a timer on the debate tonight.

Just walked home from the debate...

The wealth gap revisted "Do Your Math"

Hear Bernie Fight for Women's Rights

Sanders Whiffs On Giving Example Of Wall Street Money Influencing Clinton

Policymakers fret as storm clouds gather over world economy

Israelis Split on US Election

What do you think of my new Bernie bead designs?

Professor Juan Cole applauds Bernie Sanders' defense of Palestinian people

Poll: Who won the debate?

This kids' book about a gay prince and his farm boy crush is beyond cute.

Sanders Campaign Suspends Jewish Outreach Head for Colorful Anti-Netanyahu Facebook Rant

"For The Love Of Spock"

Can Restorative Justice Change the Way Schools Handle Sexual Assault?

On "diagnosis", from an MD.

the difference between them is that Sanders is not a gutter fighter.

Anyone waiting for Bernie at the airport?

Bern Force One - wheels up shortly for Rome

If she made your blood boil, like she did mine tonight, please DONATE!

2 winners and 3 losers of Thursday's Democratic primary debate

Hillary sponsored a Senate bill for a $100,000 fine and one year in jail for FLAG BURNING

Clinton tops Sanders on Twitter during debate (But Sanders gained the most Twitter followers....)

Question For Admins

Investigation in NV. Video tells it all. Felony....Lawyer "what ever you can get away with

Bernie crushing it in the online debate polls again

Wolf just said Hillary lied then rated it true (re $15)

Jimmy Carter reflection on Israel-Palestine situation and tonight's debate

Sen. Sanders Closing Remarks (video)

Bill Press bought the "Bernie's $3 Louder" slogan

Republicans hate Hillary Clinton

CNN replaying every time she spoke over him

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 15, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Judy Garland

Did you hear Hillary's answer on fracking, and natural gas development

Hillary's Israel Stance Represents Supermajority of Americans and Democrats (by wide margin)

SBS uses his opening statement to repeat his tired old speech..."I started at 3%, blah, blah, blan"

Bernie Sanders on Palestine, Israel and the Middle East 03-10-1988

Anderson Cooper was of the mind that there could be a contested convention.

So, can surviving families....

If Hillary DID release her transcripts, how would one verify that it's legit?

Hillary "I Still Support A NO FLY ZONE Over Syria!"

Politifact: "...Secretary Clinton said let's raise it to $12."

Hillary Clinton for President - Endorsement

Gotta hand it to her, Hillary definitely succeeded tonight

We have a candidate for President who is being investigated by the FBI.

Sometimes a Straight Line Can Be Beautiful

Who wants to join me in an online phone banking party tomorrow?

Debate really only came down to three minutes

Tikkun Olam & Tzedakah = Bernie Sanders

Guess WHO IS BACK?? Modottekita dareda ka wakarimasu ka?


According to Kissinger, Hillary ran the State Department better than anyone in a long time

Turns out writing "HELP" on the beach actually works (except on Gilligan's Island)

FYI..I worked for the Obama Campaign in '08 and '12..source.. Me

NYPD officer Peter Liang denied new trial in fatal shooting of Akai Gurley

Sanders: if we are ever going to bring peace... we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people

Exclusive: Court holds first hearing against IDF soldiers for killing Palestinian minor

Fact-checking the New York Democratic debate

Fact-checking the New York Democratic debate

Wil Wheaton's thoughts on the Primary:

This was the standing ovation for Bernie after he gave his closing remarks

San Antonio Four: women link 'satanic' child abuse convictions to homophobia

Breakdown of how much time was given and how many interruptions happened during last debate

Paul Y's Sorry Song

Texas lawmaker accused of spending state funds on 'Jesus shot' and rodeo

Sick Berns: The Panama Papers

Secretary Clinton approved millions in gun sales for Sandy Hook gun maker Remington

Kojak's on in 17 minutes

Rhino shot dead by poachers in India hours after royal visit

According to Brandwatch Social Media Results Bernie Won the Debate

Michigan . . the miracle continues.

Confession of a Hillary Shill

What happened to the uplifting Bernie?

One of Bernie's most visible supporters in the campaign is running for re-election

History Sleuths Track Down Leonardo da Vinci's Living Relatives

Maryland State Board of Elections - Early Voting Centers – 2016 Elections

(Missouri) Senators Summon Planned Parenthood CEO Over Subpoena

Brazil Supreme Court upholds Rousseff impeachment vote

UC Davis paid $175,000 to prevent you from seeing this video

The crowd in front of the debate for @BernieSanders is massive #FeelTheBern #demdebate

About that 3 AM phone call.....

Bernie Sanders Suspends Staffer For Being As Tough On Israel As He Is

Life in Texas can be hard, but the music is so fine.

Email from my cousin

Who was the most honest?

Bernie has restraint

PBS - 10 Parks That Changed America

The Only Living Boy in New York ~ Simon and Garfunkel

4/14 Reuters Poll: Bernie Sanders Takes National Lead

when Hillary talks about her count in popular votes..

5 Reasons Bernie Won the Debate

Daily Holidays - April 15

one of the most intense 90 minutes of my life

When CNN let Hillary slide on the transcripts but demanded to see Bernie's Papers

Spanish industry minister resigns after Panama Papers revelations

UW team stores digital images in DNA — and retrieves them perfectly

TYT -- tonight's debate.

Mississippi Jails Are Losing Inmates, And Local Officials Are 'Devastated' By The Loss Of Revenue

Panama agrees to adopt global tax reporting standards

SECOND earthquake destroys homes on Japanese island of Kyushu

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Review: Tiny Computer, Huge Potential

Poachers kill rhino in India shortly after royal couple visit

CNN New York Democratic Debate | The Best Line Was...

I cannot believe that anybody would be so insensitive as to call the Clintons corporate whores

I don't like the term "c*******e w***e", it demeans actual w***es

TYT: Last night's Democratic debate.

Who said it? Bernie Sanders or the Pope?

The Music Meditation Project with Charles Ramsey

The Music Meditation Project with Charles Ramsey (xpost from the lounge)

Ok. *YOU* decide!

Julianne Moore Calls For Stricter Gun Laws

Hillary Clinton uses Daily News transcript to attack Bernie Sanders in contentious New York primary

Letter To NoVa Communities Concerned About Gun Stores

Toupée or not toupée

Hillary Clinton uses Daily News transcript to attack Bernie Sanders in contentious New York primary

Courts rarely notify state of gun permit holder felony convictions

Hillary Clinton uses Daily News transcript to attack Bernie Sanders in contentious New York primary

Bernie Sanders' supporters are fighting back, but they might be hurting his campaign

Bernie Sanders' supporters are fighting back, but they might be hurting his campaign

I think I'm starting to get it: You have be old enough to remember Dukakis and the Carter presidency

Hillary Clinton uses Daily News transcript to attack Bernie Sanders in contentious New York primary

My Lil Bernie doll ordered a couple weeks ago-


Clinton’s lead in New York grows: NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.+ 17

What Bernie's Large NY Rally Turnout Could Mean For The Primary

If madinmaryland continues to refer to himself in 3rd person, should we be concerned about him?

Tennessee governor vetos law to make Bible the official state book

Anybody know Sanders' Schedule at the Vatican?

Clintons popular vote marginin and Florida and Ohio - enough to swamp all of Sanders' wins combined

Did you know Bernie Sanders is

North Korea apparently suffers missile launch failure on founder’s birthday


Great new Bernie Ad on NY TV this morning

Hillary's Speeches To Goldman Sachs, Forget About The $ For A Second

OMG watching Her on ABC news now -

On Good Morning America now - talking head just said

Influential moments from the New York Democratic debate USA TODAY

CNN New York Democratic Debate | The Best Line Was... The Young Turks

They're talkiong about Trump now but - held up the NY Post - headline BERN BELTS HILL nt

DNC Chair Suggests Bernie Supporters’ Tactics ‘Border on Harassment,’ ‘Feel Like Stalking’

Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay for his revolution

Peace Officer - PBS Independent Lens Documentary coming Mar. 9

CNN New York Democratic Debate | The Biggest Winner Was... The Young Turks

Park Avenue: money and power and the American Dream

The Brooklyn Democratic Debate in 90 seconds CNN

Authority: Up to 15,000 Allentown water lines may be lead

Clinton Campaign won't release Speech Transcripts CNN

Amazing Display Of Skill!

Beyond Hil and Bern—for Lefties, It’s the Battle for New York’s Soul

Rolling Stone: 34 Testiest Moments From the Brooklyn Democratic Debate

Today's Non Sequitur

A quote on the cause of poverty from William Easterly's 'The Tyranny of Experts'

Has this one made the rounds yet?

Hillary Clinton Gets Massive Boos for Refusing to Release Goldman Sachs Speech Transcripts

Hillary resorts to republican talking point in debate

Tom Hayden and James Galbraith explain their support for HRC and BS yesterday on Ian Masters...

Dearest Hillary Fans, Many of you are going to need to update your sig lines...

Hillary Clinton is not a Republican

Bernie Sanders whiffed in his big debate moment against Hillary Clinton.

Kasich tries to evangelize hasidic Jews during campaign-stop in NY

The truth is that Windows 10

Merkel accepts Turkish request to prosecute German comedian over ‘insulting poem’

Can the lounge please check my logic?

2 Oregon students arrested for plotting ‘Columbine’ style attack

Well now we know why Hillary was trying to duck this debate...

New York Republicans Ignore Ted Cruz at GOP Gala

Looking for tips on eating when you have a stomach bug.

About Hillary's 2.4 million lead....

The actual difference between Bernie and Hillary

Donald Trump: My Favorite Bible Verse is 'Eye for an Eye'

Why did Sanders wait until we have a black president to cast blame and start his "revolution"?

starting yesterday on the tv's...coordinated meme: HARRASSMENT

Federal police witnessed abduction of 43 missing Mexican students – witness

World's biggest wealth fund excludes 52 coal-related groups

"It's easy to diagnose a problem. It's harder to do something about it"

Ancient volcanoes could be key to predicting the impact of climate change

Canadian assisted death bill would exclude Americans

Libya was Obama's fault...

Society needs to better understand the economics of climate change, researchers say

APNewsBreak: Endangered seals start journey home after rehab April 15, 2016 by By Caleb Jones

Jellyfish become unintended victims of oil spill mitigation

The Atlantic Coast Is Sinking

CDC: Roughly tenfold increase in use of e-cigarettes by teens in just 4 years

The Young Turks: Discussion over Trump using "I can't breathe" as a racist dog whistle.

Cassava in south-east Asia under threat from witches' broom disease

The end result of all those "religious freedom" laws they're passing.

Repubs still trying to kill net neutrality

Media Asking Wrong Questions on North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Law’

The truth about the regressive left

Bananas facing a bleak future as staple African crops decline

Iceland’s government MORE popular after Panama Papers

Math models predict mysterious monarch navigation

New Bill could turn Canada into a "Suicide Tourist" spot.

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Protests Against Money in Politics Hold Little Interest for Beltway’s ‘Political Junkies’

Guns. | Fetterman For Senate

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Going to Hell

Heroin | Fetterman For Senate

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Hatin' is bad for your morals

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Citizens United | Fetterman For Senate

Inky the octopus escapes from aquarium through a drainpipe to the sea

Fracking | Fetterman For Senate

Today is #OneBostonDay...

Twentieth Century Warming Allowed Moose to Colonize the Alaskan Tundra

Community plea{d}s with Loudoun School Board to keep sex ed teachers

$200,000 | Bernie Ad

Spreading Seeds by Human Migration

Rosario Dawson: The Struggle Of A Lifetime | Bernie For President

Unrelenting Winter Warmth Could Herald Alaska’s Future

Vox: Most Bernie Sanders supporters aren't willing to pay for his revolution

I have a dream --- share it with me!

*ALERT* Popular medications linked to higher risk of kidney failure

Does anyone know how many times Hillary was booed last night?

Catholic News Service editor asked to resign

These Sex-Starved Creatures Scavenge New Genes From Other Pondlife

Is Hillary's duplicity on $15 a rife trait ?

These Sex-Starved Creatures Scavenge New Genes From Other Pondlife April 15, 2016 | by Jenny Graves

Last night's debate analysis- Hillary Rocked!

A must read ...... John Kasich talks Jesus to Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

The Latest: Sanders lands in Rome for Vatican conference

The Mystery of the Two Hillarys

Just over half an hour until Bernie gives his

The Latest: Sanders lands in Rome for Vatican conference

Obstructionism: It's not just for republicans anymore!

Happy Birthday, rug!

Bernie, Hillary, and Bill timeline on gay rights

Obama: "She’ll say anything, and change nothing."

DWS, Cuomo, Weaver: Debate Comments

How Do We Bring the Democratic Party Back Together? Kindness...

Gay NC waitress reveals that customers ‘tipped’ her with Bible verse calling for her death

Bill Clinton’s Horrible Policies Destroyed Black Communities

Hillary and Jeb: The only real difference is the marketing strategy

Public Service Message

About those 2am phone calls to superdelegates

$200,000/hr | Bernie TV Ad

$200,000/hr | Bernie TV Ad

Bernie Sanders' supporters are fighting back, but they might be hurting his campaign

$200,000hr/ | Bernie TV Ad

Is Ted Cruz a real-life Chancellor Adam Sutler (in the film V for Vendetta)?

Clinton's Image Among Democrats at New Low - April 14, 2016

Clinton Calls Out Debate Moderators For Ignoring Women’s Health

There she went again: "I tried to have your back and time and time again you had mine"

Demand side economics and banking rules. Why Bernie is the best choice.

Negotiation: Clinton vs Sanders

Have liberal Democratic causes and concerns flourished under Clinton control?

Another form of Activism

Would you let someone hit your kid with a board

A comedian is being prosecuted in Germany over his poem mocking the president of Turkey.

Debate Question & Rebuttal Time Breakdown

Statewide voters' guide by L. Women Voters plus list of Legislative candidates

Investors Warned: Forget Fossil Fuels

Ending New York’s Stop-and-Frisk Did Not Increase Crime

How Mass Incarceration Actually Increases Crime

Bernie Sanders has run more TV ads than Hillary Clinton in EACH of the last 6 months

Venezuela to ration malls, change clocks, to save power

Sanders Whiffs On Giving Example Of Wall Street Money Influencing Clinton

Hillary: We have had 9 debates and NOT ONE Q about women's right to choose. #DemDebate

Bernie Sanders must accept that Pope Francis isn’t a friend to the left

Hillary said she is committed to preserving the SS trust fund Not preserving Benefits

To Protect Hillary Clinton, Democrats Wage War on Their Own Citizens United Argument

Regarding NY: Any thoughts on non-registered people showing up to vote anyway?

Sanders Campaign Makes $300K TV Ad Buy In Connecticut

The funniest thing on the internets - Selfie from heaven - one more snake oil salesman

When was the last time an American Politician has been invited to speak at the Vatican

What If We Just Gave Poor People a Basic Income for Life? That’s What We’re About to Test.

In debate, Hillary Pretended to Be Against Coal---But truth is: She lobbied for Coal

Big Pharma Trips Over the Maxed-out American Consumer

How closely does Hillary Clinton's environmental record mirror Al Gore?

Contrasts Could Hardly Be Sharper as Dems Debate in Brooklyn

Apologies if this has been posted already: Judge Rules that Pastafarianism is not a Religion

The question isn't whether or not I will vote for the Democratic candidate.

Congress & the president should be paid like CEO's. Pay them well or corporations will

Hillary spokesperson is now moving the goalposts on the transcripts

this morning

Paul Krugman accuses Bernie Sanders of "being deliberately misleading"

Here is why TV in the UK never interviews Dennis Skinner, live :

America: No Country for Old People

What bothered me most was the smirk.

Why This Economy Is Now Running Aground

What does it say about our world when the GOP Speaker of the House

American Workers Voted For Crap Jobs W/Crap Wages Since Reagan.

Oh My Gawd!! Hillary must've done worse than we thought at the debate. I turned on the news

Cubans blocked in Panama demand passage to US

Comcast is so fucking stupid.

Liz Warren on Clinton being influenced by Big Corporate Money as a Senator

Why did Hillary duck commenting on Verizon and GE last night?

The Daily 202: Bernie Sanders lost last night’s debate

Live Stream: Bernie Sanders speaks at Vatican conference

40,000-Strong "Workers' Rebellion" at Verizon

debate coach ... bad night for bernie ... hrc group

Bernie's Excellent Adventure

Coming up: Bernie Sanders speaks at Vatican conference

Protesters Counter Hillary Clinton's Message in Syracuse

Venezuela says $1.4 bln Crystallex award 'unfair'

In debate: Hillary again smeared Pres. Obama, to try to defend her huge speaking fees:

Decades Of Failed Promises From Verizon: It Promises Fiber To Get Tax Breaks... Then Never Delivers

TYT on the bullshit "Bernie Bros" meme.....

Live link for Bernie at the Vatican 11AM EST/8 AM PST

I can't believe Clinton turned last night's debate into a Trump style scream-fest.

YUUUUUGE Sanders Rally in Rome!!!

I hope HRC supporters accept this advice in the spirit it is being given….

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay + First Impressions

=*= LIVE @ NOW - Waiting outside Vatican for Bernie Sanders (4-15-16) =*=

Bernie being swarmed by supporters at Vatican. "Bernie Bernie Bernie"


Godzilla LIVES

What I don't get about thongs.

Bernie is amazing.

MSNBC tried to lie that Sanders was losing outside the Deep south, but something happened...

Just sorta makes you smile - 16 Tons Bebop style

Why is fighting back for principles and values and goals always portrayed as bad?

Quote of the day on the debates

So Bernie steps out on the Vatican portico

CNN - Bernie will be out of the country for LESS time than Hillary will be in CA Fundraising.

The unsanitized story of Jackie Robinson

New York Giants Avoid Using The Word "Redskins" In Their Schedule Release

NONE of the Republican candidates have given paid speeches to Wall Street either - just Hillary.

I have two disabled family members and we are near financial desperation.

Mr Fish Toon- What's so screwed up about your party...

I am so PROUD Bernie Sanders is using his bully pulpit publicity so well!

"we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable"


Bad Weld Suspected in Keystone Pipeline Leak, No Place for Oily Dirt to Go

There was this professor of mine who chased me around the department calling Obama

$2700 a plate Hillary "Victory Fund" fundraiser in China today, hosted by Goldman Sachs exec.

The Pastrami Principle

Bernie Sanders News Conference After Vatican LIVE NOW

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Uses Eric Garner's Last Words To Mock Romney's Election Loss

Day After Debate, Clinton Stumps in NYC as Sanders Heads to Vatican

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Won the New York Debate

THE MORAL ECONOMY seems to be Bernie Sanders main point at the Vatican.

Suppose someone recklessy drove the economy into a ditch.

Rachel Maddow Talks Hillary, Hate Mail & More in Our First Non-Nude Issue ~Playboy

Exposing 2016 Democratic Election Fraud through Exit Polls Interview Richard Charnin

Double talk on tax returns vs. speeches

Will there be a "Contested" Democratic Convention?

Campaign money from maxed-out wealthy contributors: Hillary Clinton – 51% Bernie Sanders – 3%

Hot off the wires...more press than supporters show up in Rome. LOL!

was this Hillary's worst debate performance to date?

"its easy to diagnose a problem"

Hillary Clinton - "only candidate being attacked by Wall Street" - Pantsuit on FIRE

Bernie Sanders finds ‘the right candidates’ (to fundraise for) ~Rachel Maddow Blog

Didn't see all the debate did the emails come up?

Bernie Sanders stresses 'common good' in Vatican attack on capitalism

Annie Oakley, indeed.

On his worse day, Bernie is way better than Hilary Clinton

Will there be a "Contested" Democratic Convention?

What can Perry Mason tell us about modern times?

Live from the Vatican

The Latest: Sanders and Morales sit side by side at Vatican

Spain's Political Standoff Roiled by Panama as Soria Quits


The U.S. Still Practice Human Sacrifice...

I knew better than to look at this

Hillary, stop using President Obama as a political weapon!

a thing of beauty last night


We're filing a lawsuit against Arizona. Here's why:

Why Medical Research Is So Important: Bernie Sanders on Protecting Vets W Chemical Exposures 1997

My vision of Bermie Sanders

Only One Candidate Fully Gets The Urgency

During the 2016 NFL off season, Cam Newton has taken up water polo

Criminal Oil Cronies Knew They Were Poisoning the Earth And Did NOTHING

Dr. Paul Y. Song offers a heartfelt apology, and a bit of context: "I Am Sorry"

Will a $15 minimum wage push lower skilled workers out of the market?

The Millennials’ Money is Published

Hillary makes President Obama multi-task:

Report: Tim Tebow considering open Florida House seat, would be ‘shoo-in’

How tree rings sound translated into music

Important Democratic Party Business

How tree rings sound translated into music

Corporations can't thrive in the post-secrecy era

I'm proud of my candidate. Can you honestly say the same?

Do people know about Hillary's $10,000 for a house down payment plan?

Hillary threw Bill under the bus last night. Watch.

"When I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ...

Bernie should make another Simon & Garfunkel ad but

Sanders faces a hard reality in New York: Some of his most ardent backers can't vote for him

Predictwise-Democratic Nomination-HRC 92%/NY Primary 90% /General Election 70%

Let's talk about the New York Primary - I'm sure you realize what a big deal this is.

Sarah's posting corrected -

"This song was written in New York City" --- Thinking of Bernie and Pope

GREAT Bernie/Hillary Primary Cartoon ...

I get that you are proud of your $27 contributions to Bernie

Despite the raucus nature of last night's debate, I think it was good prep for Hillary.

Fortune poll results (Sanders 73%; Clinton 27%)

John Judis (TPM): I am worried about Hillary Clinton again

CNN had another panel this morning debating whether Bernie should have gone to the Vatican

Read The Full Transcript Of The Speech That Sanders Just Made At The Vatican

==*== UPDATED LINK#1- Encore Bernie Sanders *Speaking at Vatican Conference* ==*==

Newsday endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination

Democracy Spring: live coverage from capitol hill

Question: Does an Israeli citizen have a right to live more then a Palestinian?

Disturbing to see Palinesque attempts to delegitimize large groups of voters

St. Timmeh (R-FL)?

are BernieBros the modern super predator?

Trey Gowdy injects Benghazi into the 2016 campaign

Half-truth Hillary finally exposed: This was the debate where Bernie Sanders changed the Democratic

BREAKING: The Pope DEFINITELY won't be meeting with Sanders...

Something seen today in the Corporate Supplicant group

Health Officials Split Over Advice on Pregnancy in Zika Areas

Debate coach: Bad night for Bernie

The question is Howie

At anytime after Super Tuesday in 2008

Climate change denier Sarah Palin: 'Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am'

Study: Worm infection counters inflammatory bowel disease

Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Zero Justification

The best thing about Bernie running against Hillary....

How Hillary Clinton plays dominoes in Harlem

Texas House Votes To Divert HIV Prevention Funds To Pay For Abstinence Only Education

Teen Partially Blinded After Vape Pen Explodes In His Face At Brooklyn Mall

Japan city struck by new earthquake (7.1 Kumamoto, Japan)

Sanders Suspends Staffer Over Netanyahu Comments

John Kasich Dodges Question on 'Conversion Therapy'

How Bernie faired in Blue states

Anti-Gay Indiana Lawmaker Who Signed Religious Freedom Law Resigns After Sex Tape Leak

House Republicans push 'nightmare' abortion bill based on racial stereotypes

House Republicans push 'nightmare' abortion bill based on racial stereotypes

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 15 April 2016

"TED CRUZ" — A Bad Lip Reading

8 times other animals wanted freedom as much as Inky the octopus

AP FACT CHECK: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders on Wall Street

Drunken Driver Republican Arrested with 4 Kids in the Car and Gun on his hip

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems (George Monbiot in The Guardian)


Panama Papers details are correct but do not implicate me, says Putin

You may be about to give $100 of your tax money to Keystone XL executives - are you happy?

Finish this thought: GD-P is like _________.

Sanders Co-Opts The Pope, Slapping His Logo On Pope Francis' Pix

Mississippi Governor Signs Law Allowing Armed Church Members

Democracy Now! (April 15): Coverage of the New York Democratic Debate

Yes or No?

The new Gilded Age: Close to half of all super PAC money comes from 50 donors

Bernie just released his most recent transcripts:

Why would someone WANT to admit to everyone they are/were a terrorist?

About the US/Colombia Free Trade Agreement:

What did Bernie Say at the Vatican? Read it at this link:

"Paul Ryan says he won't run for President, believes he can do more harm to America as a shitty,


Prepared Remarks The Urgency of a Moral Economy: Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of Centesimus

A hypothetical question about UBI...

Brazil Dilma Rousseff impeachment: Lower house debate begins

Tsunami advisory issued for San Francisco

Brazil Dilma Rousseff impeachment: Lower house debate begins

Can We All Agree That The BIG Loser In These Debates Is The Media?

SacBee: California phone decryption bill defeated

China: LGBT people plead not to be forced into marriage to straights

Some statistics regarding the NY Debate

MaryAlice Parks on Twitter: "Even at the gates of the Vatican... @BernieSanders supporters

Wake Up! New Bernie Ad produced by Spike Lee

"Panama Papers" Offer More Evidence That Free Trade Isn’t Really Free

Arriving at the Vatican!

New York Elections Schedule

Wealthy Americans created the conditions that gave rise to 2016’s rage-filled campaigns

Why is a Clinton surrogate fund-raising in China?

Debate Coach says: Bad night for Bernie

Brooklyn Democratic Debate | Bernie Sanders

Insulting Erdogan: Merkel Falls Flat over a Satirical Poem

MSNBC: Breaking News--Pope Writes Handwritten Note to Bernie Sanders

Brooklyn Democratic Debate | Bernie Sanders

Chief Inspector Murphy on the alert

Brooklyn Democratic Debate | Bernie Sanders

Did Hillary release the transcripts from her three $225,000 speeches?

Bernie Sanders Takes Message of Economic Equality to Vatican

RNC Chair on CNN just now: "I'd rather run against Hillary Clinton"

Hillary... "superpredator" & "bring them to heel" ...I see your true colors shining through

Getting the Single-payer/Medicare-for-all message across to an opponent (VIDEO)

About that note from Pope was addressed to the Conference as a whole...

Hillary - Marriage Between a Man & Woman is a Bedrock Principle.. I see your true colors shining

Next debate Bernie should just stand there, look at her and wait for Hillary to stop talking

Sanders' Closing Statements - CNN Debate 4/14

A frank conversation with co-founder of the 'Bernie or Bust' movement (VIDEO)

What I don't get about the saying, "God will never give you more than you can handle."

Senator Gillibrand: Clinton Will Release Her Speech Transcripts

Bernie Sanders has time to fly to Rome, but no time to stop in Vermont and find his tax returns?

Serving the National Interest

Pope Francis writes personal note to Vatican Conference

The Urgency of a Moral Economy: Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of Centesimus Annus

Has Sanders Released His 2014 Tax Return Today As Promised Last Night?

Bernie's presentation at the Vatican

It's NOT a laughing matter

Does Bernie Sanders’ Single-payer/Medicare-for-all sound good now? (VIDEO)

RNC chair - " Much more comfortable running against Clinton than Sanders"

The Real News: Sharmini Peries interviews Liza Featherstone about Hillay Clinton's feminism

So it is now 2:10 pm EST. WHERE ARE BERNIE's taxes????????

Transparency Pages - I don't mind mine being visible.

Finish the sentence... " I can't STAND politicians because..."

Worth reshow'n President Jimmy Carter Politics

Early voting just started in Maryland.

Sanders Political Revolution (Please Forward)

Based on the Debate:

Hillary Hires Criminal Attorney David Kendall...

Where are the transcripts???

Bernie Sanders ‘Enormously Impressed’ by Pope Francis ABC News

Shallow praise for Bernie at the Debate

Early voting just started in Maryland.

"I found myself more like the donors I met" - Obama

Shameful CNN debate performance overshadows Hillary Clinton’s clear victory

Bernie Sanders discusses climate change on Vatican visit

This person wants to get somewhere really badly

Caption this pic ... Sanders' Vatican Vacation

Sanders at Vatican: time to create 'moral economy' Reuters

Two Democrats at the Vatican

"The Delusions of (anti-Muslim) Sam Harris"

Bernie Sanders Vatican Press Conference After Vatican Visit 4/15/2016 [FULL SPEECH HD]

Storm is coming ...

$200,000 | Bernie Sanders

Breaking news, handwritten Pope message to conference spun as it was addressed to Bernie directly.

Bernie Sanders speaks at the Vatican (ROME REPORTS NEWS-CLIP)

$27 | Bernie Sanders

About the closed primary issue:

I just got back from talking with 7 apartment managers ..

Brooklyn Democratic Debate | Bernie Sanders

Here's a question for you.

$27 | Bernie Sanders

In Half of the United States, Daycare Is More Expensive Than College

$27 | Bernie Sanders

About that note from Pope was addressed to the Conference as a whole...

Gallery of Pics from the Marches for Low-Wage Workers in Kansas City

Disaster capitalism's Coming Use of the "Lead Water Pipe Crisis" (Attack on urban neighborhoods)

A moral economy isn't something that should be sneered at.

"Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Sarah Palin: "Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am."

Debate coach: Bad night for Bernie

Bernie Sanders Vatican Press Conference After Vatican Visit 4/15/2016

blaming far left liberals for the gentrification in Portland

hillary got a note from the pope also

So- I take it Hillary and Bernie don't have each other on their short list for VP?

Twenty Seven Dollas!

The New York Primaries Will Decide The Fate of the Election

Economists Bill Black and Michael Hudson respond to Krugman's latest attack, "Sanders Over the Edge"

Cirque du Soleil cancels multiple shows in 3 North Carolina cities

Autism Wandering Bill Gains Momentum In Congress

No more Clintons or Bushes.. we can't afford it...

Person injured inside tiger area at Palm Beach Zoo

House GOPers Pushing Nightmare Abortion Bill ...

Can Hillary supporters please explain why you are so fixated on the Vatican and the Pope?

So did the Pope write a letter directly to Bernie or did he write a letter to the conference?

Infuriating update on my voter registration drama...

Hillary's reaction

Release of Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President

Great Twitter feed to follow Bernie at the Vatican:

This is what happens when the media isn't controlled by CEOs that hold fundraisers for Hillary.

Wish you were here!

Bernie's Team might be playing Hillarys Team like a fiddle


Newsday endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic nomination

Tick Tock Tick Tock ------

the trip to rome - total bust

Clinton camp lobbys reporters to cover Sander's "Deep South states" debate comment

At Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction

Bernie has Susan; HRC has Jane ... Fonda, that is

Apparently if you can't get a photo with the Pope...get a photo OF the Pope

Hillary Clinton doesn't believe in a moral economy.

Barack Obama Never Said Money Wasn't Corrupting, In Fact, He Said the Opposite

Why are Clinton supporters so bitter

Seen any polls on who won last night's debate?

Man jailed for 1957 Illinois murder to be freed, conviction annulled

Economist Michael Hudson: the Financial Sector and Real Estate Speculators as Parasites

"...very good chance Bernie Sanders WILL meet Pope Francis this evening despite denials..."

Bernie's response to Cruz's "New York Values" comment.

Sanders raising funds against gay congressional candidates

Hillary Clinton is a Warmonger... detailed video (graphic)

The Vatican Didn't Invite Senator Sanders To Meet With the Pope ~plus more info

With half the voting population (I think more :)

Hearing Tuesday on African-American monument at NC Capitol

Sanders Addresses Vatican Conference

Forrest Hall Task Force will reconvene Tuesday (TN)

Why is going to the Vatican any big deal?

Final chance to submit new name for Robert E. Lee Elementary (TX)

We really need some better drug treatment in this country- Crack head Puts Possum On A Leash

Watch CNN Reporter Feed Bernie Sanders Attack Lines Against Hillary

Hillary Clinton tours run-down Harlem NYCHA building, vows to fight for low-income housing residents

Library website collects Silent Sam’s history (NC)

ABC: Bernie Sanders’ Vatican Trip Before NY Primary Could Help Him

Question for those of you who currently teach at the University level.

Ted Cruz Manages to Fall Into 4th place in 3-way Race in New York

Tie vote stalls bill to protect Confederate monuments (LA)

Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC claim that the Pope sent a hand written note to Bernie...


Is the Hemming Park confederate statue being removed? (FL)

Clinton tightens grip on New York

SOOOO, it is now:

Black Lives Don’t Matter, Black Votes Do: the Racial Hypocrisy of Hillary and Bill Clinton

UNLV Student Newspaper Says Its Own Name Is Racist (NV)

Where's Bernie?

Clemson sit-in at Sikes begins Day 3

FULL TEXT: Bernie Sanders speech at the Vatican

Could use some actual positive discussion on this:

Cottage rental questions.

Why the Internet isn’t making us smarter – and how to fight back

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 15, 2016

White supremacist from Whitehall admits gun charge (NY)

Pope Francis Writes Personal Note To Vatican Conference | MSNBC

Exposing 2016 Democratic Election Fraud through exit polls - interview with Richard Charnin.

$2M bond for man who lost hands in chemical blast (OH)

Thom Hartmann's Analysis of the NY Democratic Debate

It's much easier to defend against lies than the truth.

Number of times Hillary Clinton said Obama in the Brooklyn Debate


What if there were no speeches?

Eagle County traffic stop leads to arrest in Arapahoe child assault case (CO)

The Vatican is anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion

FolkStar: Loud and Clear - Worth A Listen

Oooh! Bernie said rich people buying elections is oligarchy/not democracy!

Bernie Sanders: Pope Playing 'Historical' Role In World Economy | MSNBC

Democratic callers using Rethuglican tactics on Thom Hartmann

Hillary Clinton is a bona-fide badass!

Bernie Sanders takes a private flight to Rome to speak at the Vatican conference - burning gallons o

Stop pointing your finger at me.

THIS shows how messed up and desperate the GOP is these days:


Prepare to be seranaded NE states-the Cicadas are coming

Thom Hartmann's Analysis of the NY Democratic Debate

Occupy Reunites to Fight Against Clinton Machine in New York

50 images from Rome News of Bernie's visit to the Vatican!

Please do not reply to the latest race baiting. It's so ugly. Let it sink.


A Heated Debate on Sanders vs. Clinton with Two Longtime Progressives: Robert Scheer v. Torie Osborn

It's nice that HRC is proposing more low-income housing NOW...

Got gout?

The new Gilded Age: Close to half of all super-PAC money comes from 50 donors

Why Is This Matzo Different From All Other Matzos?

Why Is This Matzo Different From All Other Matzos?

Colorado and Wyoming DUers - Heavy Spring Snow heading your way

Hilldawgs.. are you all trying to manufacture something with the Pope's letter ??

Just when you thought that you'd heard everything... Dog's poop along

Since when did it become the job of the State Dept to lobby for slave wages in foreign countries?

Donna Edwards got an editorial against her from WaPo for her attack ad.

In honor of Bernie's speech at the Vatican conference.

Extinguish the Bern! Blowout the Blowhard!

re-learned a valuable lesson on this most-recent trip to Colorado

Did I hear that Hillary is going to release the transcripts of Wall street speeches?

Your porchlight is causing moths to evolve

Give em hell Bernie! Sanders on affordable housing

Exclusive: Army Approves First 22 Female Officers For Ground Combat Jobs

Hillary Clinton is Taking Money From Fracking Companies & Fossil Fuel Industry

Debate coach: Bad night for Bernie

Islamist separatists set date to behead Canadians in Philippines

Bernie Sanders has Changed the Democratic Party for a Generation

Senator Portman still won't do his job

Well, looks like Operation Panderfex Maximus was a massive dud.

Bernie Releases TWO items of interest today. His speech behind closed doors at the Vatican AND

Mike Malloy - Democracy Spring: Thousands Descend on US Capitol, Over 400 Arrested

Iraq, Libya and maybe Syria, too?

The NRA Spent Thousands to Get Bernie Elected — Then He Voted With Them (it's called Quid pro Quo)

Bernie released his 2014 taxes.

suggestions for places to stay in the Jackson area?

"Corporate Democratic Whores..."

Well so now we are Hilldawgs. Well there is a good chance this Hilldawg

What's for Dinner, Fri., Apr. 15, 2016

Mike Malloy - The Clinton Foundation Received Blackmail Money For Arms Deals

Did Hillary release her $225,000 transcripts ?

Our Johnny's presidential campaign is costing us big bucks

It's almost 5:00 EDT...

I just got word a few hours ago that I got a new job.

Hillary Clinton Praises Ruling Allowing Sandy Hook Families To Sue Gunmaker; Sanders remains mute

My guess is that there are probably more than 1340 people in Vermont who wish Bernie would shut up.

Article from Blue Mass Group, "Warren Takes Down Krugman"

One of my favorite videos of Sanders tearing Greenspan a new one:

Deadly 7.3 quake in Southern Japan

Sanders Ad to Run Opposite Clinton Fundraiser

Clinton gets more negative press than Trump

Joe Conason: On Israel, Bernie Sanders Is Right (And Hillary Clinton Knows It)

My employer just increased new parental paid leave

Mike Malloy - Disqualify Sanders. Defeat Sanders. Unify The Party.

What Reince Priebus told Trump, holds for Sanders and his Sanderistas

50+ photos of Bernie's trip to the Vatican in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera

Luckovich - Congressional Repubs

I do believe fraudulent polling outfit Overtime Politics is deceased

50+ photos of Bernie's trip to the Vatican in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera

Sanders’s dull policy thinking is once again obvious

The transcripts are a false target. She's chumming with them.

🐦 SUNDAY | Bernie Sanders Rally in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, New York (4-17-16)

Japan Earthquake: Tens Of Thousands Flee In Fear Of Aftershocks And Volcanoes

When Will The MSM Call Sanders What He Is: A Bumbler?

Why isn't it racist to dismiss or discount the importance of Democratic votes from the "deep south,"

Bernie Sanders: "The Urgency of a Moral Economy"

Here's your chance to see Bill on Saturday on an upstate NY swing

Watch for motorcycles. But if you're not going to, at least use your damn blinkers.

TONIGHT, Bill Maher, HBO: Amy Goodman of the Democracy Now! news program will be on the show.

The Media Never Suggests Sanders Needs To "Shake Up His Campaign"

Another inside-the-Vatican account of the history of the Sanders "invitation"

Big Money Influences Hillary Clinton, a huge beneficiary of the Citizens United court decision

Politician Leading Charge to Impeach Dilma Rousseff Has His Own Legal Tangles

LA Times: Bernie Sanders interrupts campaign for trip to Vatican but doesn't meet Pope Francis

RNC Tool: The Parties Choose the Candidate, Not the Voters

Cirque du Soleil cancels multiple shows in N.C.

LA Times: Bernie Sanders interrupts campaign for trip to Vatican but doesn't meet Pope Francis

Bill Clinton Mocks Berniecrats: 'Shoot Every Third Person on Wall Street'

Bernie Releases His First Ad in California


Hillary to release speeches to Wall Street !

Bernie Sanders Giving The Establishment A Headache

Study: Dyson hand dryers spread more germs than paper towels, other dryers

What Does Donald Trump Think of You? Get your personalized Free Trump Score

Hillary Intrrpts Campaign, Flies to CA Fundraisrer: $353K for spot the table w/ HRC, Elites Only!

Honduras foreign minister resigns over police murder scandal

Honduras foreign minister resigns over police murder scandal

Zika Mutates Extremely Quickly, Which Is Why It’s So Scary

WA Dem party CHEATING, making contradictory "new interpretation" mid-election to keep Hillary above

Mexican Officers Caught On Camera Beating Vendors During Subway Operation

Bill Clinton Swipes at Bernie Sanders Supporters

Thinking about changing my sig line.

The Universe is expanding faster than the laws of physics can explain

Hillary Is Being Misleading About Her Role in the Honduras Coup

One of my favorite movies

Sanders supporters will protest at human rights advocate, Amal Clooney's event

Genetically modified foods being imported into US?

Hillary Is Being Misleading About Her Role in the Honduras Coup

So what if we didn't say anything about the transcripts until a few months ago?

Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade, says new study

Milne Accuses Leahy of Flip-Flopping on Superdelegate Stance

John Heilemann (Bloomberg Politics) on Bernie Sanders' Vatican trip...

Three new primate species discovered in Madagascar

Mexican Soldiers and a Federal Agent Caught on Tape Torturing a Woman

Here's How Bernie Sanders' Supporters Say He Makes Them Feel - TheBlaze

Mexican soldiers held as woman’s torture revealed

Osprey update

While SBS spends hundreds of thousands of $$$ to fly to Rome to give a 10 mibute speech

Russian Forces Remain Heavily Involved in Syria, Despite Appearances

UC Davis defends paying to remove pepper-spray references from Internet

US government workers barred from visiting Acapulco over homicide fears

US government workers barred from visiting Acapulco over homicide fears

Sanders rages against the dying of the light

Hillary Clinton advocates for a $12 Federal Minimum wage

DNC reacts to 'fiery' debate between Clinton, Sanders (new poll numbers)

U.S. Researchers See More Signs North Korea Is Producing Plutonium

In political comeback, Cristina Kirchner calls for 'citizen front' to fight for 'lost rights'.

Gato Barbieri, Latin Jazz great and 'Last Tango in Paris' composer, dead at 83.

Why must Hillary supporters feign outrage over Bernie

Gato Barbieri, Latin Jazz great and 'Last Tango in Paris' composer, dead at 83.

Bernie would be the first Progressive President since......????

Pennsylvania Set to OK Medical Marijuana; Ohio Could Follow

Pennsylvania Is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Atheists Fight to Offer College Scholarships

O'Malley scores big with debate-night tweet.

For both of our candidates, all I can say is

Bernie Has Now Released His Tax Returns... Hey, Hillary: WHERE ARE THE TRANSCRIPTS???

Virginia County Blocks Mosque. Where Are Religious Liberty Advocates?

Migrating humans may have killed off Neanderthals by accident

Justin Trudeau Seeks to Legalize Assisted Suicide in Canada

Landmark Vatican conference rejects just war theory, asks for encyclical on nonviolence

Sanders voted YES for Iraq liberation Act -removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq


"There is no 'just war'"

"Laundering by th Millions" DNC funneled $$$ into the Hillary Victory Fund Before A Single Vote Cast

Clinton Is Winning The States That Look Like The Democratic Party

Sanders voted for the 2001 Authorization Unilateral Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF).

Senator Nina Tuner Interview at The Breakfast Club 4/15/16

VEEP: 'I doubt’ Pope Francis embraces Sanders’s ideas

Study: Dyson hand dryers spread more germs than paper towels, other dryers

Interfaith leaders urge political parties to reject Islamophobia

538: Clinton Is Winning The States That Look Like The Democratic Party

When and how is Hillary Clinton going to pivot...

Macri halts construction of Argentina's 4th nuclear power plant, laying off 2,400 and irking China.

Pope is a BernieBro! Pope Francis called Bernie Sanders, ''Brother.''

People Fed Up With Big Money In Politics Hold Protests In 30 Cities

Panama Papers: Corporations Shifted A Half-Trillion Dollars To Offshore Tax Havens In 2012

Pelosi on Chris Matthews and dissing Sanders

Bill Clinton Mocks Berniecrats: 'Shoot Every Third Person on Wall Street'

Hour 22 of Bernie Sanders' Income Tax Return Hostage Crisis

'Major victory' for kids suing Obama

John Kasich Tries to Teach the Bible to Talmudic Scholars

Bill Maher lineup of guests tonight. HBO 10 EST repeat at midnight EST


Sorry Bernie supporters, but it's irrelevent what the new Reuter's Ipsos Poll shows since the

Giants told hotels to refuse room service for Panda


$21 Mill in Speaking Fees: "Hillary's Pay-to-Play Fees Disqualify Her As a Presidential Candidate"

Bernie Sanders fans in debate audience thought they were at the Jerry Springer show

#IStandWithTheSenate (not what it sounds like)

Oh noes!

One of my favorite exchanges from last night's debate...

I am only posting interview to the Sanders group

New Trump University Ad: How to Run for President like the Donald

Malaysia deports Taiwanese to Taiwan 'despite China request'

Hillary says no free stuff in life, Why then did the corporations pay her $150,000,000

Family of dead drug informant asks for federal investigation

New poll: Democrats view immigrants as a strength. republicans see them as a burden.

Friday Night Grooves.

Intel plans to cut thousands of jobs - report

White House defends Garland from Sanders

Stuck in the Ukrainian Conundrum: U.S. and Europe Need to Drop Sanctions and Negotiate a Way Out

NBA to begin selling jersey sponsorships in 2017-18

Well Nina Turner and Weaver have come out that Sanders supporters

Longtime Clinton Attorney Now Representing Hillary in FBI’s Criminal Probe (repost of locked LBN OP)

I am not for Bernie, here is why.

The Vatican: A whoooole city where women aren't qualified.

'Bernie campaigning as if Republicans don't exist.'

Bernie releases full 2014 tax forms with schedules A,C, and SE

Robert Scheer v. Torie Osborn: A Heated Debate on Sanders vs. Clinton with Two Longtime Progressives

Are there any contemporaneous reports of Hillary calling out the banks re: their mortgage practices?

There are no transcripts because there were no speeches. Just meet-n-greets.

Cultural Divide in the South Between Liberal Cities and Their States

Here it is!! A picture of our future president meeting the Pope!!

Bernie Sanders Just Released His Tax Returns. Read Them In Full.

THE most complicated, time consuming, recipe for tomato paste you'll ever see.

It has been 1,702 hours since Hillary said she would look into releasing her Transcripts....

Your Friday Puppy Fix is Late but here!


Bernie Sanders Just Released His Tax Returns. Read Them In Full.

BTRTN Dem Debate #9: Were Bridges Berned in Brooklyn?

Had a conversation with someone who claims solar cells are killing plants

Cultural Divide in the South Between Liberal Cities and Their States - Where Sanders is wrong

Anyone else having trouble logging onto facebook?,,,,,,