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Bernie Sanders has 'extraordinary' meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican

A NYC artgallery is showing "Bernie art"

Clinton: 91% chance at NY, 92% chance at nominee, 70% chance at being president

Check these odds: 91% win NY, 92% win nomination, 70% win presidency

Bernie Sanders has 'extraordinary' meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican

Clinton: 91% chance of FBI interview, 40% chance of indictment, 15% chance of conviction.

Revolution Checklist

This is why Trump & Bernie got big: How neoliberalism broke the American working class

DWS hypocrisy shown in interview at the Democratic Debate in Brooklyn.

Letting them die: parents refuse medical help for children in the name of Christ

Bad Optics 101: HRC sur.George Clooney: Bernie Sanders is 'absolutely right' about money in politics

UPDATED: M7.8 Z=19km 23:58 4/16 UTC, 27 km SSE of Muisne, Ecuador

Hillary Clinton isn’t just fighting Bernie and the Republicans. She’s fighting the media too.

When the HRC supporters accuse BS supporters of using right wing tactics

Here are the real voting hours for the New York democratic and republican primaries

Why would any Democrat support hillary after seeing this ....

How the hell do people afford housing?

So Clooney agrees with Bernie but

Hillarycare - was it a cover up of a trade deal that made real affordable health care impossible?

Pope: Sanders Encounter Sign of Good Manners, 'Nothing More'


Hillary Receives Massive Boos for Refusing to Release Goldman Sachs Transcripts

Bernie Sanders March and Rally in Union Square today.

‘I was shocked: most of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef is dead or dying’

I been playing this on line, its takes time, but is fun

Pope: Sanders Encounter Sign of Good Manners, 'Nothing More' - Repost from GDP

Jamaica May Get Rid of Queen Elizabeth and Finally Legalize Marijuana

Bill Clinton's Crime Bill Destroyed Lives: Low Level Drug Users Jailed, Bankers Freed

Bernie Sanders introduces Run the Jewels at Coachella!

Bernie Generation - Mini Mall Man Backs Bernie

Before they are numbers, these people are human beings: pope’s poignant visit to refugees in Lesbos

Before they are numbers, these people are human beings: pope’s poignant visit to refugees in Lesbos

Now, Premier Tonight, "Confirmation", HBO Drama of Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas Senate Hearings 1991

Now, Tonight, Premier HBO Drama, Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas Senate Hearings 1991

Hysterical! Kids on Fallon doing impressions of frump!

At last - a major media outlet gets beyond the Sanders PR.

Hillary Clinton detours from Clooney fundraisers to back minimum wage rise

Some Examples of How Hillary Promised to Be Tough on Wall St, Then Turned Around & Helped Wall St

I agree with this.....

So now Democratic fundraisers must be purged

See what these 3 people think of hillary....

A major news outlet finally gets it right. Cross post from GDP

Media disinfo alert

Pope: Sanders encounter sign of good manners, 'nothing more'

Bernie Sanders stops at an Art Gallery showcasing Bernie Sanders art

This expresses my opinion about "the transcripts."

Here's a thinker.....

Are West Coast fishers no longer 'endangered'?

He is no Jon Stewart but he's pretty good - Clip talking about the Bernie Blackout.

Cornel West just now on Sister Hillary Clinton giving back private prison money:

I just donated to Bernie right now -- $220 and my wife didn't kill me yet!

Reddit is reporting that Sanders campaign made 1.3 million phonebanking calls to NY today!

'BEAM' Aboard: Experimental Inflatable Room Attached to Space Station

I'm going to be honest

Thom Hartmann reminds us we do not have a requirement to beat up the person we disagree with.

On Fracking....

There are apparently a lot of hurt feelings

George Clooney's Neighbor throwing Saturday Fundraiser for Sanders

Police: Man Who Shot Firefighters Released From Custody

Trump will win the white working class areas of NYC

Student Group Wants UC Chancellor to Quit Over PR Spending

The wikipedia article "Bill Clinton sexual misconduct allegations" (Trigger Warning)

New York Primary Results 2008 Thought some might find this interesting.

I hope Jesus Malverde, our DU'er in Kyushu is okay.

Chess' 1st African-American Grandmaster Enters Hall of Fame

Tea Party Patriot James Webb Says He May Vote For Hillary Clinton

NYT: Sanders’s Campaign Past Reveals Willingness to Play Hardball

Real Time with Bill Maher: Labor Secretary Thomas Perez (HBO)

Hinkley Point: French government 'completely committed' to plant

Why I Support Bernie Sanders

The Amazing Carnac Strikes Again

Your post was unsuccessful because the thread you are replying to is hidden.

None of the Republican Candidates Have Given Paid Speeches To Wall Street

New York is feeling the Bern, please keep making phone calls!


Naturopath "disciplined..." (yeah right)

Jane Sanders, Partnership | Bernie Sanders (bring some tissues)

"All Natural?" Yeah right...

Mango season is finally here!!!

Jackie Robinson is on PBS tonight, directed by Ken Burns. An amazing story about an amazing person

Just got back from a Indiana Democratic district fundraiser this evening.

My Bernie Sanders Digest - Abridged

From Sojourners: Full text of Bernie Sanders' speech at the Vatican.


Even if

Monica Lewinsky reflects on Clinton affair aftermath: ‘The shame sticks to you like tar’

Magnitude-7.8 earthquake hits Ecuador; at least 28 dead

A Moral Economy, that's what this is about.

Hundreds of NY voters to file lawsuit Monday about switched registrations/voter suppression

Protesters outside Clooney fundraiser shower Clinton motorcade with 1000 $1 bills!

George Clooney: Completely Agree With Protesters $353K Price Tag For My Clinton Fundraiser “Obscene”

Message: The Idolatry of Money

POLL - Pope - Clinton - Sanders

The primaries have become personal to Bernie and his supporters

Sanders' supporters throw away real money ($1k+) onto the road to protest against Hillary Clinton

Freddie Gray Anniversary 4/16/2016

The Podesta Group is one of the main lobbying firms for SAUDI ARABIA

Back up

Email from George Clooney's neighbor

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) interviews three activists who support Bernie Sanders

Anti Democratic party protesters throw money at likely candidate

Hillary on 12 yr. old rape victim: “I've been informed that complainant is emotionally unstable..."

Non-violent protestets are now considered rat-fu@kers?

Goldman Sachs Fined: A Closer Look

New York has plenty of values that Ted Cruz wasn’t counting on

Yeah, but Bernie would be winning this primary race IF …

How was THIS post hidden???

The system is more at ease with Hillary as President

Racist North Carolina hospital volunteer goes beserck

What if Bernie Sanders were a woman?

How to Fight the Big Banks and Help the Social Security Administration All in One Swoop

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders on Turning His Campaign Into a Movement

Why did Hillary not believe multiple women who said they were raped by her husband?

What if Bernie Sanders were a woman?

Why did Hillary pad her resume with the sniper fire in Bosnia lie?

What do we do now ??

You guys think Bernie is angling for the VP slot by having his followers attack Julian Castro?

Hillary's "No Fly Zone" in Syria is "Wing Attack Plan R"

POSITIVE RELIEF: Video 1985 A different look at Mayor Bernie and the INSPIRING spirit we COULD HAVE

I DO remember and will NEVER, EVER forget.

Funny thing actually missing from MSM talking about NY Primary.

#830 checking in.

" Fearful Older Democrats, When Did You Give Up?"

Jack Lew nears decision to keep Hamilton on front of $10 bill, put a woman on the $20

as I understand the Texas state government...

Here comes the latest anti-Bernie meme.

Remember when Sanders was a one issue candidate?

Coloradans DEMAND Superdelegate Senator Michael Bennet CHANGE HIS VOTE!!

Coloradans DEMAND Superdelegate Senator Michael Bennet CHANGE HIS VOTE!!

POV of Bernie Crowd in Vatican!

Have you heard what Bernie actually said to the Pope? With all the nonsense out there, I didn't.

Attacking Bernie Sanders Over His Visit With The Pope Is Garbage

it’s easier for me to beg forgiveness than to ask permission - aftermath photos added

Sanders Praises Anti-Gay, Anti-Contraception, Anti-Choice World Leader: "He Is a Beautiful Man"

Earth to SNL: Heroin Addiction is NOT a JOKE

A lot of Bernie's supporters have only had Obama as president.

Robert Reich, Clinton Secretary of Labor, on Bernie's effectiveness in Congress

Latest Automotive Safety Recalls


Hillary Clinton responds to "Birdie" Sanders

How would your life improve if Bernie Sanders were elected?

RNC Chair 'More Comfortable' Running Against Hillary Clinton Than Bernie Sanders

Was your $353,000 payment in cash?

I just

I haven't watched nomination yet but why did Marshell step down

"20,000 first-time voters that registered in New York is an “unprecedented surge” of voter interest"

When Hillary was head of the State Department and she met with King Abdullah

Japan earthquake: Powerful new tremor in Kumamoto

White House Science Fair (video)

I thought this was Democratic Underground.

New poll: Female voters flock to Bernie Sanders from Hillary Clinton

Dr. Jane Sanders - Full Interview With Cenk Uygur

Donna Edwards has a long record of taking on the rich and the powerful -- including the NRA.

endless story sung by Yuna Ito (NANA)

endless story sung by Yuna Ito (NANA)

Saw this great post on twitter in regards to #PopeGate or #VaticanGate

Sanders and his supporters claim that he is boosting turnout. (2/10/16)

Interesting in-depth article on primaries , super delegates, etc.

Hillary Clinton: I Could Compromise on Abortion

Murphy's Boogie

5 more Attawapiskat youth attempt suicide, chief says

Kiss Kiss Kiss - Nao Nagasawa

Cop berates child on school bus: "Don't you smile or I'll drag your ass to the fucking police car"

Asking for prayers and support for important medical decision on daughter's behalf.

Keep an eye out for this story to surface

Are there still mods?

Don't deny now, you know what you did...

The Difference Between Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Supporters

Hillary leading in NYC and suburbs with 60%

judy and mary: sobakasu (live) (rurouni kenshin)

rurouni kenshin (judy and mary: sobakasu)

Hundreds of New York…voters to file suit…after claiming their party affiliation mysteriously changed

Daily Holidays - April 17

Simone Zimmerman, the Latest Victim of the U.S. Jewish Right's Witch Hunt

Sanders' Non-conformist Israel Message Casts Him as Boy in Emperor’s New Clothes

Fill me in....

The most likely enabler of Voter-Affiliation-Switching is the integration of new electronic voter

Have any of you watched Confirmation on HBO - the story of Anita Hill's confirmation?

Pope returns with 12 refugees after visit to Greek island

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar endorses Hillary Clinton

Iran Vows To Defend Muslim Nations Against Terrorism, Israel

Protestors shower Clinton motorcade with $1 bills at Clooney event

Five more suicide attempts reported in Canada First Nations community


Roman villa unearthed 'by chance' in Wiltshire garden

AC/DC Confirm Axl Rose Is New Lead Singer, Joining Band on Tour

Super-gonorrhoea's spread (in England) 'causing huge concern'

Doha oil freeze talks face last-minute trouble

Pope/Bernie fixation -- I think I get it.

Cruz wins all 14 Wyoming Republican delegates, promises to roll back 'war on coal'

Metallica – Ride The Lightning (Super Deluxe Edition 7-CD Box Set). Woo HOO.

Hillary for West Virginia opens Charleston office

US ready for woman president, says Indian-origin political activist

Bronin and Philly Mayor Endorse Hillary

Dozens killed as 7.8-magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador

Cruz and his sex toys ban!

=*= 🐦 Bernie LIVE @ WABC-7 9:30AM =*= n/m ENDED

Florida News - Featuring Florida Man!

Possible Massacre Averted in Waldorf

Definitive PROOF emerges that Hillary knowingly lied about Saddam's WMDs to Senate, public

University files countersuit over gun rights on campus

Students pressure Deal to veto guns on campus

=*= Bernie Sanders at "Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” Brooklyn NY. 4-16-16 =*=

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Cole's Law Edition

Bernie Sanders at "Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” Brooklyn NY. (4-16-16)

Bernie Sanders at "Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” Brooklyn NY. (4-16-16)

West Virginia News - 4/17/2016

A couple of images to get us all through the next couple of days.

Bernie Sanders' Old Friends in Brooklyn Say Presidential Candidate Was Quiet in High School

Non Sequitur Today

Another Walker Attack On Workers Shot Down

'Contact' is on Netflix right now.

Film follows social justice work of several nuns

The Church of Perpetual Life: the people who believe they can cheat death forever

Fear the Walking Dead 2.2 "We All Fall Down" (spoiler alert)

You Want to Hear Radical? | Bernie Sanders

You Want to Hear Radical? | Bernie Sanders

You Want to Hear Radical? | Bernie Sanders

South Carolina News - Turkey manure smells

Why would Hillary want to "dispatch" the Sanders campaign

On the Road: Vatican City | Bernie Sanders

Regarding Jury practices.

On the Road: Vatican City | Bernie Sanders

On the Road: Vatican City | Bernie Sanders

Sanders used a TelePopeter!

This place can no longer pretend to be a discussion forum.

Mimi Kennedy Interview: AZ Lawsuit Sander's Community Must Support & Expose Election Fraud

This is what we're losing by voting Status Quo, Establishment Hillary

The Older Americans Act Finally Clears Congress

Ugh, my cat walked in with a dead chipmunk and he and the dog had a tug of war over it.

Question for Hillary supporters:

Some Revolution: Bernie has fewer total votes than Donald Trump!

Bernie’s Moral Economy & Reaganomics...

CNN Graded Sanders a D, Hillary A- for Debate; Debate coach: Bad night for Bernie

Russia denies wrongdoing after jet barrel-rolls over U.S. aircraft

Sunday's Doonesbury: Another Trump Product Line!

update on the earthquake in Ecuador 77 persons killed so far :(

Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard Endorses Hillary Clinton

Women who have experienced gender discrimination are more likely to support @HillaryClinton by 20 pt

Albany (NY) Times Union Endorses Hillary Clinton

Clowns, birders creep us out – and a study found out why

Clowns, birders creep us out – and a study found out why

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-16-16

Philadelphia Inquirer Endorsement: "In a word--Hillary"

North Carolina News - 4/17/2016

Hillary Clinton reaching out to Pa.'s black voters

Hartford (CT) Courant (largest daily newspaper in CT) Endorses Hillary Clinton

Video From 2008. Clinton's Inner Tracy Flick

I spotted trumps security detail on route 51, the Pagans!

Do you think the Clinton Foundation's use of shell companies is part of something

Anyone else

Providence (R.I.) Journal endorses Hillary Clinton

Sunday toon Roundup

A curious German weapon

Sanders supporters shower Clinton motorcade with dollar bills

Exceptional desperation from the Sanders acolytes this morning. What

Exceptional desperation from the $hillarites everyday.

Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections

I predict Tuesday will be another breaking point

Hillary on This Week with George Stephanopolous now (10:00 EDST)

10 Laziest Takes of Election Season 2016

George Clooney on MTP

Virginia News - 4/17/2016

Bernie Coming Up NOW on WABC-7 Stephanopoulos n/m

Hillary Clinton Now Supports $27 Federal Minimum Wage

Thanks to UK & US intervention, al-Qaeda now has a mini-state in Yemen. It's Iraq and Isis again

The Philadelphia Inquirer endorses Hillary Clinton.

Clooney hopes Sanders stays in the race (Has he gone rogue?)

Question for fellow Sanders supporters

Election fraud discovery: electronic machines have fractional vote counts!

The Albany NY Times Union endorses Hillary Clinton.

Psst....Bernie....Listen to this:

It seems Bernie's big adventure was worse than first thought

The Hartford CT Courant endorses Hillary Clinton.

Is it true

Why don't Hillary supporters/enablers like to discuss her position on the issues?

[FULL INTERVIEW] Bernie Sanders Interviwed by George Stephanopoulos On "This Week" (4/17/2016)

The Syracuse NY Post-Standard endorses Hillary Clinton.

Bernie on Face the Nation Now

Face the Nation has BS wall to wall

The best thing I've seen on Nuit Debout

Attacking Bernie Sanders Over His Visit With The Pope Is Garbage

(HILLARY GROUP) Could someone please explain to me about Maureen Dowd?

Hartford Courant, the oldest continuously operated newspaper in the United States - Endorsement:

Why the Contest Between Hillary and Bernie Is Such a Big Deal for the Future of Our Economy

Bernie Sanders Must Defy the Pro-Israel Lobby and Reinstate His Anti-Occupation Jewish Advisor

Newsday (Long Island, NY) endorses Hillary Clinton.

@AlGiordano made my night, even though, it was #NotAMeeting

~*~Birdie Sanders Scene with Music~*~

New New York and California Democratic Primary Polls (April 13-15)

The Post-Star (Glen Falls NY) endorses Hillary Clinton.

Apparently BS doesn't think anyone should poke fun at him (HIllary Group)

Thank you, George Clooney

Poll: Clinton keeps New York edge, leads Sanders in California

Hillary Clinton Stalls on Goldman Sachs Speeches

Who do you think would better represent us ?

How could your life get WORSE under a President Clinton?

Nil Admirari: HRC supports min wage of $27

We are the poltical class

Bernie Sanders Radio Ad - Wall Street Reform

6 Reasons I Just Became “Bernie or Bust”

MUST SEE VIDEO! Bernie Sanders Prepared Remarks At The Vatican Conference

could Hillary Clinton's successful defense of a child rapist come up in debates?

Some surreal paintings to expand the mind

Bernie Responds to George Clooney (video)

Two days to go. On Tuesday at this time,

New Jersey News - 4/17/2016

NYTimes Tries to Bury Bernie with Biased Reporting re; Thursday’s Clinton-Sanders Debate

Black Men For Bernie in New Jersey Informing Everyone!

David Axelrod Slammed Hillary's Stance on Libya:

Toon: Superdelegates explained

How the Eagles predicted Donald Trump

Turmoil in Hillary Land? David Brock ("nutty & slutty") Resigned in Anger from a SuperPac

A question with over 15,000,000 cars & trucks sold every year what fuel should we use today?

Seen this toon yet?

Sanders responds to Clooney's comment on Outrageous sums of money in politics

Toon: DUH!

MUST SEE VIDEO! Spike Lee's "Wake Up" America

Toon: DUH!

Here is what to look at if GD-P gets you down.

Updated 4/18: New York polling has been remarkably stable over past 10 days.


The Chicago Teachers Union says the countdown toward a possible strike has begun after it rejected..

Robert Reich on Bernie's effectiveness.

Robert Reich on Bernie's effectiveness.

The Chicago Teachers Union says the countdown toward a possible strike has begun after it rejected..

The Chicago Teachers Union says the countdown toward a possible strike has begun after it rejected..

NY Times: Hillary Is Not Sorry

I'm not sure how true this is, but NY might be doing the same thing Arizona did

The Providence Rhode Island Journal endorses Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Throws President Obama Under The Bus!

MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid: Sanders Supporters "Throwing Dollar Bills" At Hillary "As If In A Strip Club"

The Nation: A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

For Hillary, it's all about marketing

Currently at Coachella with artist Grimes

Currently at Coachella with artist Grimes

Venn Diagram: People who love Bernie, People who love Welcome Back Kotter

Those states that have open primaries how did they arrive at that?

Stupid gets even sTooPider

That "obscene" amount of money Clooney helped raise?

Clinton Vs. Sanders on Big Banks ( William K Black )

Axelrod: Sanders would need a 'landslide' to beat Clinton

Poll: The Popular 2016 Candidates Aren't the Ones Leading the Pack

Volunteers from Washington sent awesome Bernie pins to NY.

CBS News poll: HRC up by 10 in NY and 12 in California

Partnership | Bernie Sanders

Hey! I'm trying to watch DU here!

Ecuador Earthquake: State of Emergency Declared After at Least 233 Killed

Birdie Sanders: The Canary in the Coalmine of Democracy

Mostly True | HRC and Haitian Wages

Moving Tribute Bernie Sanders

Why do you support Bernie Sanders?

Partnership | Bernie Sanders

There is no excuse for the way the words "pragmatism" and "compromise" have been used this year.

Kissinger in conclave at Vatican's Domus Sanctae Marthae ~30 Apr 2007

Fewer than 100 show up in SF to protest Clooney's downticket Dem fundraiser

Clinton Vs. Sanders on Big Banks ( William K Black )

OP got hid because ONE letter in Hill's name was changed. Was it the letter or the subject?

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

Why I'm not supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton

Looking to the General Election. Bernie needs to stress his experience in the BUDGET COMMITTEE.

MSNBC's Reid Sanders Supporters "Throwing Dollar Bills" At Hillary "As If In a strip club"


Industrial chemical agriculture & food major factor in massively screwing Earth (UN report)

Betting Hillary Talked H1B Visas Friday Nite at Shervin Pisehvar's Fundraiser for Elites, the ONLY News Site Being "Fair" to HIllary

A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

Clinton Defenders Do Insane Mental Gymnastics To Slam Bernie's Verizon Strike Appearance

Why don't you support Bernie Sanders?

A song for Mr.Scorpio from Japan!!

On Israel, Sanders Is Right (And Clinton Knows It)

Hillary on the issues

California: 73% of Independent Party Voters Chose that party by mistake

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.17.2016 - #TakeNYbyPhone

Some Questions for Hillary Clinton Supporters

So Bernie sent out letters for millions of dollars, that must have been on heck of a letter!!!!

Thanks Clooney: Electing more 1% Corporate Democrats just digs the hole deeper.

A cartoon over on Politico....

"Log in" ~ T-ARA (K-pop)

My ignore list broke 100 today eom

=*= 3 LIVE streams @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park NY 4-17-16 =*=

Political Fundraising

Pizza Toppings

WTF! Bernie Says "Thank YOU,George Clooney - obscene amount of money"

Hillary Clinton Comes Out in Support of Chuck Schumer's 9/11 Bill

New CBS poll shows that Clinton has a 10-point lead in NY (not a good sign for Clinton)

Mcclatchy: Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections

Brooklyn Democratic Debate Cold Open - SNL

Legal decision could resonate most in immigration epicenter of Los Angeles

Black Voters and the NY Primary

Bernie Sanders SNUBS the President of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences!!

my department was replaced by H1B visa personnel when I was 58

Everyone Knows Why Hillary Clinton Won't Release Her Goldman Sachs Speeches

Bernie Sanders' Campaign Manager Speaks with FoxNews - in the Lion's Den An ‘Unqualified’ Success at Media Manipulation

Last four surgeons general call on CDC to resume gun violence studies

Bernie supporters currently in stage one and two in the 5 stages of grief

Money From Washington State Is Funding Anti-Trans Attacks In North Carolina

Vast populations of cicadas will come after 17 years of underground living

Sen. Bernie Sanders on State of the Union: Full Interview

Latest New York and California Polls, Hillary double digit lead

This is POWERFUL - this is HOW Bernie Sanders responds to BLM (Video)

#DineWithThe99 - Don't have $2700-353,000 to have a private dinner with Hillary?

Bernie Sanders “tired” of Clinton campaign’s “negativity”

Hey George: Ever wonder what Corporatist Supreme Court Judges will mean for the US and the world?

Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, ...

Do you think the Democratic Party should fight for a "moral economy"?

Brazil is tense ahead of impeachment vote

No surprise Trump isn't having a rally in NYC before the primary...

Hillary campaigned for Alison Grimes who openly opposed the assault weapons ban.

Lynching Clarence Thomas...

Looks like Bernie was pretty rude to Margaret Archer, and snubed her

“Why, in heaven’s name, don’t we tax religion?”: Bill Maher says it’s time all religious groups paid

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #24: How’s That Joe Paterno Thing Going? Edition

Did Hilary seem nervous on This Week when she was asked about her emails ?

I'm posting this here because I enjoyed it so much.

What is Bernie Sanders number one issue.

It Appears That Only One Flavor of Legalization Will Make the CA Ballot This November

HBO's Confirmation last night was a display of Thomas' own self-hatred thru internalized racism

Argentina's Macri backtracks on austerity; announces $2 billion social benefits package.

Argentina's Macri backtracks on austerity; announces $2 billion social benefits package.

My campaign re the Vatican visit

Won't be Long~ Koda Kumi with Exile

More made up shit about the Vatican visit.

Feds, Judicial Watch strike deal on Clinton email depositions

m-flo loves YOSHIKA / let go

My campaign re the Vatican visit (also posted in GDP)

Flipping The Script: Questions For Sanders Supporters

IRS Urges Americans: Come Clean Now, Before We Read Panama Papers

James Levine, Metropolitan Opera music director for 40 years, to retire.

Where the candidates stand on the issues....

Sleazy Sanders fundraising pitch off of clipped Clooney remarks

Last Kiss ~Bonnie Pink (Gantz)

Bonnie Pink~Last Kiss (Gantz)

Clinton's speaking fees to The Big Banks

Election Fraud: Why Are Voter Registrations Changing?

Crystal Kay- Motherland

Election Justice USA leading the charge against election fraud in New York


We DID it.. We moved to Washington state

He was too progressive: "Why is Rick Weiland getting cold shoulder?"

the new meme: bernie has to win big in ny for it to matter

Election Justice USA leads the charge against Election Fraud in New York

New FEC letter ~ BS and Campaign (HRC GROUP)

Democratic Party fundraising effort helps Clinton find new donors, too

Trump Labels HRC "Crooked Hillary"

Election Fraud: WHY Are Voter Registrations Changing?

The momentum is with us!

“CONservatives” It’s all CON all the time

How could, in good conscience, any Progressive vote for hillary after viewing this chart...

4/10/16: Mauna Loa week to week annual data shows the 2nd highest increase in CO2 ever observed...

Can we all agree there is too much money in elections and Hillary is part of the problem?

A female president means diddly-squat! Britain's first female PM wrecked Britain!

46,000 Killed by Heroin Overdose is a LIE

538...2016 Primary Forecasts - UPDATED 11:59 AM EDT | APR 17, 2016

538...2016 Primary Forecasts - UPDATED 11:59 AM EDT | APR 17, 2016

Mobile phone plan/carrier question

Bernie Sanders Faith and Social Justice Roundtable in Brooklyn New York (4-16-16)

Trouble for Hillary? Former FBI Agents from ABSCAM Penned this Letter to Comey:

Exactly how does one misspeak about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia?

Steel Angel Kurumi Opening Theme (Full Version) - Atsuko Enomoto, Rie Tanaka, and Masayo Kurata

Comment: The secret immigration policy they tried to hide

Kimi no Mama de - Emi Motoda (Comic Party)

Liking the election odds right now!

WATCH: New York state senator twirls @HillaryClinton during Washington Heights block party

How Profitable Is SpaceX? How Much More Profitable Will It Become?

Hoshi ni negai wo - Kawabe Chieko

How Hillary Will Help Huge Businesses Save Money and Help Developing Countries At the Same Time

Hip Hop Vegetable -Miyui Sawashiro

What do HRC supporters think they gain by trying to delegitimize the Sanders movement?

In a nutshell this is why the Hillary Camp is going berserk over Bernie's Vatican conference.

"Dare to say the C Word" Talk about sexist!

Oil meeting aiming to cap output ends without agreement

The Hillary/Bernie "debating" is becoming comical. Welcome to the Itchy and Scratchy show

Clinton Caught By ABC on $12 Minimum Wage - Goes from Smiles to Frowns

Does anyone know what a white paper with the letters L & I with a star between them means?

What are you reading this week of April 17, 2016?

Furusato- Morning Musume

Photos: Once Again, Thousands Of Bernie Sanders Supporters March Through Lower Manhattan

Its really stupid to trumpet being banned from the Hillary Group. The future world is at stake here.

PHEW CNN is actually showing the horrific damage caused by that quake in

Bernie Sanders at "Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” Brooklyn NY. (4-16-16)

"But Bernie's plans are pie in the sky 'cause the mean, old Republicans won't ever go along."

Bernie’s Explosive Campaign Has Sent Hillary Off The Deep End

dreamland -bennie k

Has it ever occurred to you that "incrementalism" is really ...

Aki Maeda - Daijoubu (Boys Be... ost)

NY Times - Bernie Sanders' Campaign Past Reveals Willingness to Play Hardball

Drone hits British Airways plane approaching Heathrow Airport

"State’s primary a losing proposition to some Bay Area Republicans"


Path to prosperity: Everyone does better when everyone does better

North Korean, Western scientists join forces to solve bizarre volcano mystery

This would SCREW the GOP: Here’s how Trump could lock up Republican nomination before convention

Independant Onion 6 yrs. ago: U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan

Be My Angel- Atsuko Enomoto (Angelic Layer)

Pennsylvania launches 24th US medical marijuana program

Hare Hare Yukai -Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekiso

What has Hillary Clinton done to help Americans?

Baka song - Hidaka Noriko

Just saying this, put an American in jail for 10 years.

Clinton allies quietly shape general-election map

Bernie Sandersd LIVE from Prospect Park - A Future to Believe in Rally

Resolved: Sanders a much more honest candidate than Hillary and the Republicans

What percentage of Hillary supporters were for Hillary in 2008?

Puerto Rico might CUT its minimum wage

New Yorkers: What were Hillary's main accomplishments in the Senate?

As for One Day-Morning Musume

Bernie Sanders Is LIVE in Prospect Park - Thousands there on a beautiful day!

Bernie in Prospect Park.

We had a neighborhood dilemma, stood up against it, and we lost

Sorry USA

There is no ban on CDC gun violence research...

Two despised frontrunners, two dying parties and a deeply broken system: How did we get here?

Embattled NC Governor Calls Gay Rights Group ‘More Powerful Than The NRA’

#DemocrayAwakens. More than 900 arrested in DC protesting to restore voting rights and get money

Challenges to Slovakia and Poland health policy decisions: use of investment treaties to claim compe


(Creative) Poll: Sanders leads Clinton by 8% in New York

I swear I am staying away until after June.

Looks like Operation "Disqualify, Defeat, and Unify Later" Backfired big time...

Does anyone here know of Foster Care Advocacy groups? (People trying to reform Foster Care)


ACLU leader pledges to shoot the (bird) finger at Trump supporters

LOL! On Your Left! Go Bernie Go!

Tenn. governor rejects Bible as official state book, but veto override looms

Escape rooms are becoming a breakout form of entertainment

Our media is just this dumb: Easily suckered press screws Bernie Sanders again

Important info for NY Bernie voters: "Passive Electioneering"

good idea or bad?

OK, Rug, school me on Augustine!

Artist threatened with lawsuits if she sells nude Donald Trump painting

David Axelrod on Vatican visit and Sanders (Hillary group)

Koterba toon: Super comic book near you

For, of and by the People... President Bernie Sanders.. Bernie Bernie Bernie !!

New York Democratic Primary Poll - Hillary Clinton 53% - Bernie Sanders 47%

Did a single talking head on the Sunday shows mention

Bernie: If you want a campaign that stands for you then stand with us !!!

Comptroller says Illinois lawmakers will have to get in a long line to get paid

Nina Turner on The Breakfast Club

Berning Up Long Island: Canvassing Report from the Trenches

Hillary...the NAFTA & TPP candidate..shipping millions of jobs overseas.. Enough is Enough

What's for Dinner, Sun., April 17, 2016

Former Sen. Bob Graham calls Saudi Arabia’s threat to U.S. Congress ‘reprehensible but also reveali

The Donna Attack Ad - Wasn't Hers!

Danny Glover: He's With Us | Bernie Sanders

Danny Glover: He's With Us | Bernie Sanders

Danny Glover: He's With Us | Bernie Sanders


We already knew this did we not? Hillary Clinton (Group)

Robert Reich saw Bernie this morning at ABC.

'Moral Monday' Leader Removed From American Airlines Flight

The Wookie didn't get a medal for blowing up Starkiller Base either...

Clinton up by double digits in NY, Calif.

'God is a Boob Man - SNL

Do Atheists have a right to oppose war?

Republicans Tremble With Fear As Hillary Clinton Annihilates Trump In Less Than A Minute

Republicans Tremble With Fear As Hillary Clinton Annihilates Trump In Less Than A Minute

$10K reward to identify mail thieves

No consequences, no justice in Goldman Sachs settlement

In Poughkeepsie, Chelsea Clinton praises Hillary, slams her rivals and talks issues

Sexist, racist and Demeaning

Rainbow Outhouse Delivered to NC’s Tallest Mountain with a Letter to Anti-Trans Gov. McCrory

Hurricane forecasting pioneer William Gray dies at 86

Busting the "Ineffective" Claim: Changing Bills and Working Across the Aisle.

Thousands of voters, celebrities, register to wrong party

David Trump


2006 border fence legislation

blast from the past: chuck berry "you never can tell"

This IS spooky

NC governor McCrory blames the "left" for the bathroom bill...

Get a grip

Fire alarm pulled at WA LD44 caucus

Fire alarm pulled at WA LD44 caucus

So lately I've noticed that Zappa song lyrics apply to most life situations

Is it just me

Finally, Science confirms that Politicians are Lyin Liars who Lie


U.N., U.S. condemn Gambian crackdown after death of opposition members

Another story out of the Washington Caucuses

Partnership | Bernie Sanders

New Hope For Don Siegelman

Beware psychiatric dangers of religious indocrination

Currently at Washington's 29th Legislative District Caucus

From the Daily Show--More reasons to dislike Ted Cruz:

so a phone call from a survey

need to stop posting for a bit.

Monica. A rant.

National Park Service to make Jimmy Carter honorary park ranger today

GOP Would Support Turning Interstate Highways Into Toll Road System.

So is Bernie going to visit the projects like Hillary?

Locked in GDP. Senator Bob Graham: Obama is lobbying congress of behalf of Saudis...

When a company hires someone to give a speech, who owns the speech?

Colombia police captain who reported prostitution ring fired

Colombia police captain who reported prostitution ring fired

UK finance ministry to publish 'sober analysis' of Brexit risk

Let Them Eat A $353,000 Dinner

Cat gets locked out and he goes all out ninja on his owner.

Bernie Sanders Courts Black Voters at Church Service in Harlem

Bernie Supporter to George Clooney in California: 'You sucked as Batman!'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 April 2016



Ladies and Gentlemen...Chris Conrad

NC NAACP president removed from flight to RDU

North Korea's fifth nuclear test is imminent, says South Korea

Bernie Sanders at "Faith and Social Justice Roundtable” Brooklyn NY. (4-16-16)

Drone Hits Plane landing at Heathrow Airport

Hillary clarifies her stance on $15 min wage...

Can someone tell me what I want?


I want this a sign by my front door

Student group calls University of New Mexico seal offensive

UK firm 'employed former child soldiers' as mercenaries in Iraq

Bernie supporters: What generation are you?

Supporters, opponents of Rousseff rally in Brazil

Get Out the Vote Event with Hillary Clinton, Sen. Gillibrand, Gabby Giffords and Cecile Richards

Governor Tom Wolf Signs Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Into Law

North Korea's Kim what's his name makes another threat to US

Clinton and the Panama Papers

As Fracking Chemicals Reach A Creek Companies Fight Against A Fracking Waste Ban

Brooklyn Councilman, Jumaane Williams Endorses Bernie Sanders’ ‘Political Revolutionary Moonshot’

My Washington precinct caucus is crazy pants


New York Latino voters prefer Sanders over Clinton 55% to 38% in recent poll

I walked 2,000km to trace my grandfather's escape from a Russian gulag (The Guardian)

Trying to decide on a VPN service.

Why Senator Jeff Merkley's Endorsement of Bernie Sanders is YUGE!

Brandie New Gravis Poll for NY Democratic Primary:

Watching one of those "lost" Bonanza episodes...

Word Cloud: If you had to describe Hillary Clinton in one word.

Bernie releases Affordable Housing plan after touring Public Housing in NY + gets endorsement

Why Conservatives Are Marching for Campaign Finance Reform

Why has the furvor over Sanders releasing his tax returns subsided?? I think this is an important

Clinton donates millions to strapped Democratic Party

Sen. Boxer on Sanders: His brand is being damaged!

America, Land of Low Pay -- The Numbers Will Surprise You

Sanders A Future to Believe In GOTV Rally in Long Island City’s Hunter’s Point South Park on 4/18

Prospect Park Bernie Rally 28,356; 50,000 with overflow included

Man accidentally discovers 'perfectly preserved' Roman villa in his backyard

So I've written a novel

New York drivers might get mandatory 'textalyzer' phone scans

Sanders' supporters are lashing out, but here's how they might be hurting his campaign

Bernie Flip Flops on Sandy Hook

Is it fair to say Hillary is the austerity candidate?

Reddit: According to their tax returns the Clinton Foundation pays women 77 cents on the dollar

Why do so many Americans view Hillary unfavorably?

Wall Street Titan - Asher Edelman | Bernie Sanders

Wall Street Titan - Asher Edelman | Bernie Sanders

Clinton Delegate lead drops below 200... Now at +194

Wall Street Titan - Asher Edelman | Bernie Sanders


Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even as Dramatic Miscounting of Delegates by Media Continues

Sons of New York | Bernie Sanders

The new meme.

Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even as Dramatic Miscounting of Delegates by Media Continues

Awesome Bernie "Lorax" Sanders poster from the Prospect Park rally today

Mike Malloy - US Corporations Have $1.4tn Hidden In Tax Havens

Boston Globe re: Voting in NY primary

Teaching consultant claims grades and punctuality is a form of white supremacy

One lump, or two?

Boston Globe re: Voting in NY primary

Mike Malloy - Hillary Takes Verizon Money While Bernie Backs Striking Workers

Bolder | Bernie Sanders

How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11

Boston Globe re: Voting in NY primary