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Hillary Clinton’s lead in California solidifies over Bernie Sanders

Mike Malloy - The Clintons Never Tell The Truth (Really Funny)

Hillary's judgement: why is she so frequently wrong?

Delaware News - 4/17/2016

Doing laundry with hydraulic press and liquid nitrogen

Puffy AmiYumi ~Sumire (Violet)~ (Original JPOP and BONUS English Language Version)

Two despised frontrunners, two dying parties and a deeply broken system: How did we get here?

Box of Frogs (former Yardbirds members Chris Dreja, Paul Samwell-Smith, Jim McCarty) w/ Jeff Beck

Any public Hillary appearances since the debate?

Two despised frontrunners, two dying parties and a deeply broken system: How did we get here?

Abby Martin on What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

Ferocious battle at Paris migrant camp

Man who shot Maryland firefighters thought he was stopping break-in

Pope Francis Takes 12 Refugees Back to Vatican After Trip to Greece

My sister-in-law and her son in Brooklyn

the transformational forces

Not a surprise but it's okay to call Hillary a "corrupt DINO republican"

'Birdie' Sanders provides teachable moment

How would you handle it?

Something Is Going Seriously Wrong with New York Voter Registrations

RISE UP: A Letter to Hillary

Ferret balls.


Rosario Dawson, Linda Sarsour & Nomiki Konst - Full TYT Interview

WA Caucus

I need a good laugh. What was Hillary's greatest achievement in her many years of public service?

"She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.” The speeches would be disastrous for HRC

"with a stroke of a pen"

dear MEDIA

Thousands rally in Brussels for peace march 'against hate'

So the Saudis own 9 percent of D.C. real estate, I've been told.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar endorses Hillary Clinton

MEME going around FB that the NY voting hours are a new thing - (CLINTON GROUP)

The Rockies had the scheduling gods on their side this weekend.

[SHOCK NY Poll] Clinton: 53% - Sanders: 47%

Nera White, basketball star of 50s and 60s, has died

She thanks NOW President George W. Bush....oh my!

"Were you looking for me?"

The Difference.

Yes. Hillary Is A Neo-Con

I see a drawback to the ignore list

Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be US President (2014)

Hillary Clinton dances on stage with NY officials

1.3 Million calls into New York yesterday!

something we can ALL laugh at!!

I had an RC plane in 1986, and was in an RC plane club

Why Did Congo Offer Clinton $650,000 For Two Pics And A Speech?

Law and order Bernie's solution on crack/cocaine sentencing disparity: INCREASE penalty for COCAINE!

Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

So now some are pushing this "supposed" new New York Poll which has Hillary only ahead

Is this still DU?

Brazilian congress votes to impeach president Dilma Rousseff

TALKING POINTS 101: Epiphany Time!!!

About Those Speaking Fees ~HRC GROUP


Speaking of moving, does someone out there know some blue states or at least

Chile floods: 4 million people without water as world's largest copper mine suspends operations

Days after being called a "whore," Hillary gets money thrown at her by Sanders supporters

Why Hillary Clinton Should Be US President (If She Wins the Democratic Nomination)

Brazil Rousseff: MPs hold knife-edge impeachment vote

Jim Hightower - and others - at Democracy Awakening rally

Just returned from my Washington Legislative District Caucus

My second public service announcement for this week

ICYMI: Ken Burns’ Documentary on Jackie Robinson

Hillary's Friday Campaign Finance Report: Lobbyist Money Pouring In

Why Did 'Doctor Strange' and 'Ghost in the Shell' Whitewash Their Asian Characters?

WOW! UnBelievable!

Coloradans DEMAND Superdelegate Senator Michael Bennet CHANGE HIS VOTE!!

At NO POINT in the foreseeable future will I be clearing out my DU "Ignore List".

New Geico Alligator arms commerical

IT IS OFFICIAL: Volunteers for Bernie Sanders Campaign made 3 million calls this weekend to New York

Brazil's Lower House of Congress votes to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.

Fantastic photos and videos of SpaceX booster landing - including rocketcam

what is the distinction between Wall Street and weapons contractors?

Bead the Bern Grand Opening!

Was I the only one who missed the "public corruption" leak in January?

Funniest lawsuit ever: Nebraska inmate sues prison system

MEET HILLARY'S CAMPAIGN CHAIR: "Moneyman" John Podesta and his Revolving Door

Pennsylvania News - 100 days to the Convention, med marijuana legal, Democratic Senate debate

A little Humor?

Steph Curry skips practice, but says he'll play Game 2 against the Rockets

DeRozan: Raptors aren't drowning, 'We're in a puddle'

Does anyone have a Chevy Spark or know someone who has? If so how do they like it?

We were supposed to spend the weekend out in the woods

The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

Man Eloquently ends 50 year relationship with New York Times due to bias reporting

Staten Island residents flock to Snug Harbor to support Hillary Clinton (LOTS OF PICS)

UK firm 'employed former child soldiers' as mercenaries in Iraq

Here is why Bernie can't win

The campaign in NY

Emerson NY Poll Clinton 55% (-1) Bernie 40% (+2)

2016 New York Democratic Presidential Primary - Hillary 55%, Bernie 40% (4/16-4/17)

How Today’s Bernie Sanders New York Rally Compared to Hillary Clinton’s (PHOTOS)

George Clooney hopes Bernie stays in the race "for the entire election."

A few grew up with these voices...Pepe Le Pew, Yosemite Sam, hundreds of others...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 19: TCM Guest Programmer: Gloria Steinem

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 20: From Caligari to Hitler

A Question On Quantum Entanglement

538: To maintain her current lead, HRC's target is 122 out of 247 NY pledged delegates.

Bernie emailing folks: we don't have to win New York

CNN Commentator Sally Kohn endorsed Bernie Sanders at Prospect Park Rally

If you're wondering what happened to that thread I started...

How racism and sexism shaped the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearing

Despite Tesla's success, Toyota hypes hydrogen cars

New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included

You cannot serve both God and the N.R.A.

There is one easy way to see that Hillary knows she's got NY in the bag

Hillary claims to be a Progressive

Brownsville Public Housing Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

Bernie is taking the High Road -- and it shows.

Bernie once accepted $10,000 from Hillary as she fundraised for Senate candidates


Clinton's Iraq War Vote Still Appalls

Meme of the day recycled: Clinton (again) asks where Sanders was during the health care fight of 90s

Planned Tel Aviv rally for Hebron soldier riles politicians

More racist behavior by an American Airline. Need a Justice Department Investigation?

Revolution? What Revolution?

Screw Congress. We need another Daniel Ellsberg

Hermaphrodite Kitten Looks For New Home

Gallup poll: Democratic voters’ opinion of Hillary Clinton has reached a new low

Marathon bombing victims back on course

Why Single Payer won't happen under a Clinton administration

Bernie Sanders Whiffs Badly on Another Big Foreign Policy Issue

Bernie Sanders Whiffs Badly on Another Big Foreign Policy Issue

New York Sanders Supporters File Suit After Finding their Registrations Were Illegally Altered

MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid Horrified By Sanders Supporters Throwing Dollar Bills At Hillary

Video - Everyday people for Hillary

Opinion: The problem with Hillary Clinton's stance on the death penalty

Jane Sanders Featured In New Heartwarming Campaign

I campaigned for Bobby Kennedy...

Clinton Snags More Solid Endorsements Ahead of Primaries

Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders Cuts Clinton’s Lead To Single Digits In New York

How DARE they throw money to protest! It's sexist!

Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders Cuts Clinton’s Lead To Single Digits In New York - Cross posted from GDP

Bernie is wrong about super-delegates:

Speaker kicked off interfaith Bernie panel for pro Hillary tweet

Fun video of Hillary dancing on stage with NY officials

Our Current President Embraces John Kennedy, A Future President

Swedish cabinet member compared Israel with Nazi-Germany

I am now officially worried about toy drones.

FUN FACT: Bernie Received $10,000 from Hillary’s PAC to Win Senate Seat

Bloggers Shine a Light on Latin America’s Unreported, Underappreciated Scientific Innovations

Brazil Remembers Campesino Massacre Amid 'Political Coup'

Tacoma caucus still going at midnight

Driver Yelled Racial Slurs At 81-Year-Old Man He Then Fatally Ran Over With His Truck: Cops

Are we being silenced?

UK Guardian: Which country has the world's best healthcare system? "US scores poorly..."

Daily Holidays - April 18

Colombian bill aims to make bullfighting bloodless

Mounting International Resistance to U.S. Drug War Strategy

Colombian Communities Reveal Crisis of Paramilitary Violence

Media Deception and Inacurate Perception by the Masses

Kuczynski leads Fujimori ahead of Peru runoff election, opinion poll shows

Maryland News - 4/18/2016

NYC now: 20-block rally for Bernie.


UN rights experts: Chile should establish national body to prevent torture

Human beings laid down their lives so you could vote

Something Is Going Seriously Wrong with New York Voter Registrations

‘Illegal’ Syrian antiquity found on sale for £30,000 in London

New York Democratic Primary

I just cannot believe it.

A Conversation with Residente | Bernie Sanders

Brownsville Public Housing Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders on State of the Union: Full Interview

Class Act

Fight anti-Palestinianism as we would anti-Semitism

Clinton and Trump Poised to Regain Momentum in the Empire State; NY Looks Safe For Dems In General

Clinton and Trump Poised to Regain Momentum in the Empire State; NY Looks Safe For Dems In General

Port Arthur massacre lead to brave decision

Let’s end gun safety hypocrisy

H2Logic launches ‘next generation’ hydrogen dispenser for day-to-day refuelling

Fmr FBI agent: "The White House let them off the hook."

Jehovah's Witnesses finally refute evolution!!! (Well, they tried.)

UK: Tens of thousands demand Cameron’s resignation in London

Church reacts to The Church Protection Act

Brownsville Public Housing Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

Did Phineas and Ferb Foresee a Trump Presidency Ten Years Ago?

Brownsville Public Housing Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

A Conversation with Residente | Bernie Sanders

Dilma Rousseff loses impeachment vote - BBC News

A Conversation with Residente | Bernie Sanders

Get it straight. The thrown money was a symbolic protest of her taking super PAC $$$

Are you an independent voter? You aren't if you checked this box

A Conversation with Residente | Bernie Sanders

Independents may feel the Bern, but they can't vote in New York's closed primary

Who is more loyal - Millenials or African Americans?

Trump: Colorado and Wyoming Delegates

Emerson NY: Hillary 55, Bernie 40

California News - 4/18/2016

Egyptian FM: We are committed to freeing Marwan Barghouti from Israeli prison

California plans to unleash fly to crush ivy invasion

JUST RELEASED NEW YORK POLL-Clinton 55% -Sanders 40%

East Coast should expect active hurricane season, researchers say April 18, 2016 by Tracey Peake

Emerson Poll New York: HRC: 55% BS: 40% (HRC runs best against Trump)

Morning Joe: Millennials will start to like Clinton in the general election.

A HUGE March for Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles California (4-17-16) #MarchforBernie

A HUGE March for Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles California (4-17-16) #MarchforBernie

A HUGE March for Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles California (4-17-16) #MarchforBernie

I acknowledge that Bernie has an excellent chance to win the NY primary.

Hillary Clinton and the Gender Card

An Atheist in the White House: Secularism and the American Presidency

A HUGE March for Not Gore in America (2000) #NotHillary

A HUGE March for Not Gore in America (2000) #NotHillary

Post from WashPO about Independents HIDDEN!!!!??? (HRC GROUP)

Religious Coalition Urges Rejection of Execution Bill

Sanders: Polls understating my support in New York

Legal misstep lets Catholic Church off hook for residential schools compensation

Using BernieBros is sexist misnomer.

POLL: Meme of the Week – April 18th

Rabbi Andy Bachman Bounced From Bernie Sanders Interfaith Roundtable

What causes mental disorders...Brain chemistry? Genetics? or Environment?

POLL: Meme of the Quarter – 1Q2016

Prediction time! Final result in NY will be...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - answer the pastor's fugging question Cruz

Bernie is such a powerful force of change that merely by campaigning he is

Communist China cites Trump as evidence that democracy is a bad idea

Clinton Is Winning The States That Look Like The Democratic Party

How many innocents in Libya, Iraq, & Honduras died from the dollar bills thrown at Hillary?

Who Said It -- Bernie or the Pope?

So who thinks that once Hillary's OWN conduct towards those women is made common knowledge

Regarding Crowd Sizes

George Stephanopoulos Presses Clinton On Elizabeth Warren’s Criticism On Bankruptcy Bill

Holy Shite look at those floods in Houston

Race for Latest Class of Nuclear Arms Threatens to Revive Cold War

how do I post a pic from my

Meanwhile Clinton forces prepping for campaign against the GOP.

The idiot American

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Get Out the Vote Event with Hillary Clinton, Sen. Gillibrand, Giffords and Richards in Manhattan

Jimmy Haslam resisting order to testify in Pilot Flying J case(co-owner Bill Haslam TN R Governor)

If NSA and FBI agents allow enemies of the USA to impersonate them on your phone and computer...

Bernie is what I call a camplaigner.

Courant Primary Endorsement: Hillary Clinton Most Qualified And Effective

Watch out! Repubs working on Obamacare replacement...any day now!

The Absurb Reaction (the Clooneys)

On Becoming Anti-Bernie

More than 400 refugees 'drown in Mediterranean' after boats capsize crossing from Egypt to Italy

Post Hidden... Guess we cant say much about BS alot post are hidden...

Monday Toon Roundup

How come nobody threw dollars bills at Obama when he attended high dollar fundraisers?

America | Bernie Sanders (New York)

I'll say it. I've been very disappointed in Obama.

What is Hillary's plan for combating Climate Change?

You want a complainer? Really?

I was just on a jury for this character.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Fraud: The Peter Paul/Stan Lee Scandal

Vanity Fair: Sanders was granted an audience with the Pope.

It feels good to have the primary event in my state

So do you stand with Alan Dershowitz?

All weekend we heard that Sanders has won 8 of the last nine caucus/primary states. How?

We're about to find out what happens when you give poor people basic income for life


They're not Hillarians or Berniebros.

I think Hillary is headed to a landslide in NY.

Little Brother Montgomery was born on this date.

Game Changer

Another bizarre dream.

Proof that Hillary is influenced by Big Money Not Necessary (Sugar coated version)

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown was born on this date

"Abbie Hoffman and fellow Yippies throw dollar bills at stock traders"

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard's video apology looks like it was made in North Korea, not Australia

🐦 Bernie Sanders Hunter’s Point South Park Rally, Long Island City, NY - Doors open @ 5PM Today

Honesty is hardly ever heard. And mostly what I need from you.

For the Corporate Puppets (Presstitutes) who do their damnedest to support the Corporate 1% Puppet

A sneaky way to suppress voters for Sanders

Latest NY poll just out today

I've had just about enough of your attitude, okay?

Latest NY poll just out today

School District Allows Scholarships from Scientology but not from Atheists

If this election season was a movie script...

Asher Edelman-Wall Street Titan

Wall Street Titan Asher Edelman



Joseph Mercola settles with a big fine...

Affordable Housing in New York and Across America | Bernie 2016

About all this talk of HRC being like Nixon; a Neocon; or moderate Republican.

I Hope Hillary Raises A Ton Of Money From Whoever (HRC Group)

Hillary Campaign Update (Historical Advantages from the Beginning, But A Very Tight Race Now)

There needs to be a mechanism to protest Hides and such

Norfolk Southern gets $2 million from state to help move jobs out of Roanoke

TOM TOMORROW: Still More Primary Phenomena

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Google’s online library

Sanders Details Affordable Housing Plan


Sanders on New York: So what if I lose?

Houston Area Submerged After 16 Inches of Rain in 24 Hours

Yellow Water, Dirty Air, Power Outages: Venezuela Hits a New Low

US to Provide More Troops, Attack Helicopters to Help Iraq Retake Mosul

Can someone please tell Hillary it's "I couldn't care less" and not "I could care less."

Why do Clinton supporters think that the gender card is a winning one?

More troops to Iraq

Reddit: ATTENTION New York voters. DO NOT wear Bernie clothing to the polls.

Bernie sez "so what if I lose New York?"

"Just when I thought I couldn't love George Clooney anymore".. lol

Bernie Sanders bashes New York election law

Affordable Housing in New York and Across America | Bernie Sanders

Affordable Housing in New York and Across America | Bernie Sanders

Writer Says Non-Believers Don’t Have the Kind of Hospitality and Gratitude...

These colours do run! French runners cover themselves in brightly coloured powder

Air pollution activists cover landmark London statues with masks

Hillary Clinton Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (04/18/2016)


New GOP Tactic Against Women/Demanding Health Records From PP/Other Health Clinics.

Does anybody think HRC would overturn citizens United

Bernie Sanders meets BLM activists on his way to the rally in Albany (4/11/16).

Real Life | Hillary Clinton

HuffPo GE Poll Averages: Clinton beats Cruz 47.1 to 46%, Sanders 50.6 to 37.9%

"It's up to you, New York New York!"

Voter Registration Data (New York)

Hillary's Regime Change in Libya Has Strengthened Nigeria's Terrorists, Boko Haram

Hillary leads sanders by 10% That Includes Indys

The sign post up ahead

Have you seen the Democracy Awakening page??? it

Heartbreaking and Beautiful Poem by Little Boy with Autism

Just for us!

Mother Jones/Wikileaks: Torturers Owe Hillary Thank-You Notes; Her State Dep. Worked To Kill Probes

There are lots of people on DU asking about Hillary's positions

Hey gang - anyone heard from Cali lately?

Could YOU recount that story without a sense of guilt or without showing signs of feeling troubled?

Hillary's youth jobs plan is four times bigger than Bernie's

Lastest Hillary defense: It's okay to take huge contributions from gazillionaires because ...

Explosion aboard Jerusalem bus, 20 casualties - Israeli radio

Amazon is starting a video-only subscription service to rival Netflix Inc

We had friends over for food and drinks yesterday, and the boys started showing off naturally

Hillary wanted to bail out the banks. Bernie wanted to audit them.

IMHO This is sick, sick, sick...

"On Becoming Anti-Bernie." A fantastic article on Sanders and his deceptive campaign.

"Bill's Premeditated Assault on BLM Part of Strategy to Woo White Republican Voters"

Is it code?


EARTH: Crippling Heat Stress Projected by Midcentury in Densely Populated Regions

Legal misstep lets Catholic Church off hook for residential schools compensation

Contested Convention doesn't mean what you think it means

Hillary Talks Criminal Justice, Trump ("Donkey of the Decade"), Hot Sauce & More W/Breakfast Club

When Hillary bows out at the contested convention what happens to the down ticket cash

No wonder Bernie is getting clobbered.

Members falling off ignore & showing up to jury

Video: Everyday people for Hillary

Love Trumps Hate | Bernie Sanders

Refresher: Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in FBI’s hands

The Original Bernie Bro: Childhood friend recalls Sanders’ schoolyard prowess, shyness and crushes

Love Trumps Hate | Bernie Sanders

Love Trumps Hate | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton: Fighting for you

Hillary Clinton: For All The Dorothys

Sentencing Commission wanted to equalize penalty for crack & powder cocaine. Bill Clinton said "NO"

Would the Hillary Victory Fund exist without Citizens United?

Hillary Clinton’s fight for health care helped millions of kids. Meet 3 grown ones

We were all one people until--

So a young man was ready

Where are the Transcripts?

Gillibrand's tearful plea to Bernie: Give up your guns

Gillibrand's tearful plea to Bernie: Give up your guns

Sanders: Polls understating my support in New York

I finally got my new raised bed completed.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Hillary has "rare but crucial combination of idealism and pragmatism"

"Sen. Clinton is one of the brightest people in Congress and she would be an excellent choice,"

"Show me your friends...." Was It OK that Hillary Fundraised w/ Racist Pal in 2008?

Hillary has a position on the TPP and existing trade agreements ...

The Trucker's Nightmare That Could Flatten Europe's Economy (Bloomberg)

Alert..WARNING of Clinton Protocol- Cant Lose NY

Politifact backs Clooney on fundraising

~*~Those Who Contributed to the "Welcome Home Bernie" Mural (It's in this Bernie Video) ~*~

Zika Virus Prompts "Homeopaths Without Borders" To Potentiate Ineptitude

538: Why Sanders Does Better With Independents

Why Paul Krugman’s Wrong About Bernie Sanders

$200,000 | Bernie Sanders

Throwing money is such a dead give away of privelege.

$27 | Bernie Sanders

America | Bernie Sanders

Brazil impeachment drive accelerates to Senate

Interesting - a conservative's view of "liberal" Pope Frank:

Know This First: Risk Perception Is Always Irrational.

Carnival May Delay Cuba Cruise Over Discrimination Concerns

"'Days of Rage' is a metaphor for how nice I'm going to be." Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Carnival May Delay Cuba Cruise Over Discrimination Concerns

When backpacks are outlawed only outlaws will have backpacks.

Not sure if this has been posted already.

Colorado goes for Bernie

How much Money does Hillary have left that her campaign can still use in the Primaries?

I was in a dress shop yesterday and the sales lady (no one else in the store) said about these

This may sound totally corny, but I honestly don't care...

NFL's $1 billion concussion settlement upheld by U.S. appeals court

Was this sexist?

Sanders' supporters are lashing out, but here's how they might be hurting his campaign

New NBC/ WSJ poll

I met a new neighbor at the block party Saturday.

Supreme Court appears split over Obama's immigration plan

Guess who works for Phil Gramm at UBS?

Believe Again | Bernie Sanders

Believe Again | Bernie Sanders

My wife is an ER nurse and had a Trump supporter to care for last night

27 Percent of New York’s Registered Voters Won’t Be Able to Vote in the State’s Primary

Believe Again | Bernie Sanders

Excellent Way to Explain the Need for Public Financing of Our Elections

Houston largely shut down amid rain, flooding

Bernie in Brooklyn

Bernie in Brooklyn

I've cast a lot of votes in my lifetime

Bernie in Brooklyn

UK school sends 70 girls home for wearing short skirts; worried boys would "peer up them"

K12 Inc.: California Virtual Academies' operator exploits charter, charity laws for money

Nina Turner is Fired Up in Washington Square, NYC

K12 Inc.: California Virtual Academies' operator exploits charter, charity laws for money (xpost GD)

Kerry to meet Iran foreign minister Tuesday on nuclear deal: official

Nina Turner is Fired Up in Washington Square, NYC

Nina Turner is Fired Up in Washington Square, NYC

Bernie's promise to overturn Citizens United

U.S. to give Philippines eye in sky to track South China Sea activity

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Pretty Sure They'll Think Of Obamacare Alternative Any Day Now

Casualties in Jerusalem bus blast, cause unclear: Israeli police

Coachella post office warns: Don't send your taxes from here

A thousand cash dollars donated and not even a wave?

U.S.-led raids in Iraq kill and capture Islamic State fighters

Hello fellow Berners...polls on Friday vs. today...

Some of Bernie's accomplishments: In the Senate Bernie was known as the Amendment King.

After Public Anguish, Bronx Councilman Endorses Sanders on Eve of NY Primary

Last Oregon occupier still talking on YouTube - from jail

Pro-Clinton Rabbi Booted From Bernie Sanders Event for Being Too pro-Clinton

Pro-Clinton Rabbi Booted From Bernie Sanders Event for Being Too pro-Clinton

Florida man fatally stabs and runs over wife, before shooting their two kids and himself dead

Hillary and her fans have NO Grounds to attack Bernie on his comments re the south

Israeli soldier who shot wounded Palestinian charged with manslaughter

New Hillary Clinton statement on today’s Supreme Court arguments over POTUS’s immigration policies

Selfies caused a huge increase of lip augmentation in 2015

Turn Around, Don't Drown...

This is a sample ballot for the NYS primary.

Support for homeopathy at DU.

Biggest Bernie Rally Ever in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

One Disarming Question Bernie Sanders whiffed in his big debate moment against Hillary Clinton.

Donald Rumsfeld: "At 83-I am close to losing hope that I will live to see a flat tax"

When highly accurate internal polling doesn't match final primary results--should we be concerned?

3 Million Calls!

Virgin Islands GOP Meeting Ends With Shoving, Shouting and Cops

It'll be a cold day in Hell...

To the Undecided New Yorker: Why I’m Supporting Hillary


Democracy Now! (April 18): Rev. William Barber on Democracy Awakening and the NC "bathroom bill"

Brooklyn councilman electrifies Sanders rally: ‘You’re goddamn right’ he’s waging ‘war with reality’

Republican convention for Virgin Islands held at gun range, brawl ensues, cops called

The pain of training your replacement

Jordan becomes latest Arab country to recall envoy from Iran

Regardless of who the Democratic nominee is,

Justin Long and Matthew Cooke: How to Get Great Bodies | Bernie 2016

Scientists make pancreatic cancer susceptible to failed drug

Ted Cruz Tells Married Gay NYC GOP Voter the Only Protection He Needs Is Religious Liberty

Justin Long and Matthew Cooke: How to Get Great Bodies | Bernie 2016

George Clooney: The Clinton campaign has not been very good at explaining, and this is the truth

How does Hillary, who claims she opposed the Vietnam War, support Henry Kissinger?

In Cramped and Costly Bay Area, Cries to Build, Baby, Build

Justin Long and Matthew Cooke: How to Get Great Bodies | Bernie 2016

Israeli army charges soldier for killing wounded Palestinian

I Was A Men's Rights Activist.

A hypothetical about southern primaries

Oh, those Bernie folks are a hoot.

from reddit: to bernie ny ers: do NOT wear bernie clothing to the polls! xpost to bernie group

Hillary's Clearly LIED About Releasing The Transcripts... Wonder What She Said That's SO DAMNING?

ABC News Cites Trump Ally Roger Stone’s Convention Plan In Report On Death Threats To GOP Delegates

Bronx Councilman Richie Torres Supports Bernie Sanders!

All False statements involving Bernie Sanders

This electronic tattoo turns your skin into a screen

Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law? by Ray McGovern April 17, 2016

Has Ms. Clinton Met Pope Francis in Person?

Hillary owns Bernie

In Texas, some local GOPs call for statewide vote on secession

Union Claims Sanders Campaign Staffers Posed As Members To Influence Workers

NY Hillary supporters, time to check in


Hillary on the day before the New York primary

Jordan abandons plan to install cameras on Temple Mount

There's Something Rotten in the State of New York

Houston flood

Texas GOPers Vote To Debate Secession At State Convention

Boots Riley: Bill Clinton isn’t the first person to blame ‘black-on-black crime’ for higher poverty

Obama acknowledged a "carelessness" with how Hillary handled highly classified intelligence

Rachel Dolezal signs publishing deal to write book on race

HILLARY GROUP.."Sanders campaign is making enemies with its attacks"

No you can't have 'Boaty McBoatface'

#PanderingHillary at it again- "I carry hot sauce with me!"

Anyone here is a NY Catholic who switched their vote from HRC to SBS because of the trip to Rome?

Next time someone posts at Facebook or such a "Confederate flag," post this...

Celebrity-laden start-up wants to change world... eventually... somehow... with stuff.

Bernie's Israel Heresy

Tea Party shows there is strength in numbers... (snrrk)

Watch the Eaglets!

Went to the dentist today. Had x-rays taken. Had my iPhone out during the x-rays.

GOP Texas Faction Still Wants To Secede From US/Debate Move At Convention.

First we take Manhattan...

Sanders Welcomed in One of New York's Poorest Neighborhoods

Things that make you go "Hmmm!": NY1 has Sanders with 17% lead among NY Hispanic (Dem) voters

How US covered up Saudi role in 9-11

Some Questions for Hillary Clinton Supporters

Pollsters manipulated NY Polls -- suddenly it all makes sense

Radical Politics in the Age of American Authoritarianism: Connecting the Dots

Why Sanders Does Better With Independents ~538 (HRC GROUP)

So yea. Not voting Republican.

Just another reminder: April 26th is THE deadline to register as a Democrat!

The Clinton Foundation

Just another reminder: Oregonians MUST be registered by April 26th as Democrat!

The Case For Hillary

Pennsylvania is also a closed primary state!

Hacking Your Phone

Drinking water: Carbon pricing revenues could close infrastructure gaps

Has Sanders really "moved" Clinton to the left?

from reddit: to bernie ny ers: do NOT wear bernie clothing to the polls! gdp xpost

I work for the State of Wisconsin... just found out that my insurance no longer covers mental health

NY Board Of Elections: I’ve yet to come across a voter registration that’s been maliciously changed

I've seen a number of these "switched to Hillary" posts.

Bernie Sanders wins even if he loses

"Hillary Clinton is totally beatable in a general election. Just not by Donald Trump or Ted Cruz."

Release of Clinton's Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President

Administration defends new gun law - $1,000 excise tax on pistols (CNMI - Mariana Islands)

Can we please add Securing our Democratic Vote to our Revolution ???

The band Boston cancels upcoming shows in 3 North Carolina cities over new transgender law

Fact: Bernie Sanders Got More Done in the Senate than Hillary Clinton!

Hillary's hot sauce...

Hillary's Purse Bottle of Hot Sauce? Don't Believe Her?

COMMENT thread for the April 2016 Photo Contest.

Why Didn't Hillary Steal the Election From Obama?

Day 8 - Basket 'o pups

Thanks CNN & Hillarians' for enlightening me: "Huge rallies & passionate crowds don't = "votes"

Where do you find good new music?

The world is changing its polio vaccine

2016 National Democratic Primary - Clinton 50% (-3), Sanders 48% (+4) (NBC News 4/10-4/14)

Monica Lewinsky: ‘The shame sticks to you like tar’

Clinton supporters online spreading images of Bernie Sanders head photoshopped on Virgin Mary

Thank you Hillary for supporting down ballot candidates..

Alabama republicans...

Weaver was on MSNBC. Planning to file a lawsuit over the Hillary Victory Fund...

My "WTF?" of the day, Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones edition...

Hillary's many apologies...could this be one reason people don't trust her?

Big cats need love too!

Who is the lesser evil, Hillary or Jill Stein?

Not So Boring: Behind Bernie's Massive Mortgage Deduction (HRC GROUP)

I just got back from spending four days in Texas. It was my first visit to the state.

Two Despised Frontrunners, Two Dying Parties. How Did We Get Here?

Throwing dollar bills at Hillary is insulting! You'll have to do better than that!

Times of Israel: Sanders’s Israel criticism has some US Jews feeling the Bern!

*CALIFORNIA VOTERS For Bernie: Check Your Voter STATUS Now! A Caller & Thom H. today

Stunning attack on Sanders

Wall Street Journal slimes Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore — forgets about George W. Bush’s monumental

The Most Exciting Attack On Partisan Gerrymandering In Over A Decade

US Sending More Troops to Iraq, Apache Helicopters and Cash

Haaretz: Bernie Sanders vs. the Out-of-touch American Jewish Establishment

"Hundreds of Potlucks for Bernie Break Out in Reaction to George Clooney's Fundraiser"

"People are bidding on a 'bag of air' from Kobe Bryant's last game"

Democracy Now! (April 18): AP team investigates slave labor in Indonesian fishing industry

Why a Michigan style upset is highly unlikely. Two words:

This is a sample ballot for the NYS primary.

LIVE NOW - Bernie Sanders Walkabout in NY. (4-18-16)

LIVE NOW - Bernie Sanders Walkabout in NY. (4-18-16)

“Supporters of Bernie love rallies. Supporters of Hillary love to vote.”

With Marijuana Felony Expunged, Oregon Man Has 'Tears Of Joy'

Sexy Rexy is Team Trump


Bernie Sanders' Secret Weapon in New York

Bernie Sanders accuses Clinton, DNC of colluding to violate campaign finance law


MSM Is Desperate for talking points. Accuse Sanders of lying about $27 Avg Contribution.

On Crime Bill and the Clintons, Young Blacks Clash With Parents

Letter from the Sanders Campaign to the DNC in regards to the Hillary Victory Fund

Accused by feds, sun bed-selling doctor Jospeh Mercola settles for up to $5.3 million

I plan to visit some Loire Valley chateaux this fall. Take a look and help me narrow it down some.

Loons are dying due to Avian Malaria for First Time

The Clinton Contingent and Demo Establishment brings to mind a couple of old songs

Study backs pancreas cell transplants for severe diabetes

Bernie Sanders' last word to NY voters: The Democratic candidate for President lays out his agenda


Loons are dying due to Avian Malaria for First Time (Cross-post from GD)

Transcript Leaks Are Coming From Attendees: Not Just Cheerleading; Financial Guidance from Hillary

Nate Silver - Sanders wins those caucus states extremely white and therefore poorly representative

If you have Facebook friends in NY please do not forget to facebank for Bernie!

"I promise to change only that what needs to change in order to keep things the same." Slavoj Zizek



A Simple Solution to the North Carolina Problem

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 18, 2016

Well, at least no white people died

Bernie Sanders has taken money from Hillary's PAC before.

Morning Consult National Poll: Clinton 46% (-3) Sanders 43% (+2) April 15-17

Oldie but goodie: "Electoral Precedent"

Find your NYS polling place.

My phone is charged up, getting ready to call for a couple of hours. Anyone want to join me?

And now Sally Kohn goes under the bus.

Anyone watching? Bernie out walking around the streets in Long Island (I believe) People

Dear White America

2016 New Jersey Dem. Primary - HRC 51% (-4), Sanders 42% (+10) (Rutgers-Eagleton 4/1-4/8)

Japan Starts Commercial Fracking for (a Little) Shale Oil in 2014 and Human Induced Earthquakes

A Transcript has revealed what Clinton REALLY SAID to those Wall St. gatherings

Final Rule: Family and Medical Leave Act; Definition of Spouse


Messages Charles M. Blow got regarding "the Deep South"

Lucy Flores: The Cut-and-Paste Candidate

Try not to tear up with this video,Mark Ruffalo and Bernie.Oh my.

Tanya Stephens - Bernie A Di Realist

So Democrats are going to nominate an abortion-hedging, LGBT-come lately, war-mongering, anti-black?

Battle of New York Newspaper being distributed around New York today.

BREAKING: BS camp is accusing the Clinton camp & DNC of colluding to violate campaign finan (HRC GP)

An Odd Cloud Rolls Toward Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Justice for Kona the Dog, Stolen and Left to Die in Hot Car (PETITION)

Chris Matthews: "I think Sanders is going to overtake Hillary in the national numbers,

Any DUers in La Pointe, Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland?

Delgaudio Elected To Represent 10th Congressional District Republican Party At Cleveland Convention

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Playing In NC As Act Of Defiance Against HB-2

A Clinton plan to globally redistribute wealth is FAR bigger than Bernies, and if you are American-

The Obama Doctrine

The Untold Truth Of Judge Judy

2016 Pulitzer Prize winners announced

Wouldn't you have thought Hillary would have bowed out before NY?

60,000 Fewer Democrats in Brooklyn and No Clear Reason Why

Bernie Sanders New York Housing Briefing (4-18-16)

Bernie Sanders New York Housing Briefing (4-18-16)

60,000 Fewer Democrats in Brooklyn and No Clear Reason Why

Clinton Is Winning The States That Look Like The Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders New York Housing Briefing (4-18-16)

Didn't you love to hear the high regard and respect George Clooney has for Hillary?

Nothing, I thought, Could Top the Stupidity of the Vatican Controversy

Sanders independents are white, male, high earners and have less postive view of Obama

Bernie Sanders Releases Tax Return; Yearly Income LESS Than Hillary's HOURLY Paid Speeches

Does anyone have the email or phone number to contact

How Hillary Clinton Took Up Hot Sauce in 1992 To Benefit Her 2016 Presidential Campaign

Bill Clinton Rallies Hillary Backers in Final N.Y. Primary Push

April Contest Water shots not submitted.

Just a reminder: the Primary tomorrow is a two part process...

(Bernie Group) Did Hillary Clinton Just Admit on LIVE TV That Her Iraq War Vote Was a Bribe?

Bernie Sanders needs superdelegate support to win. There is no sign he'll get it.

Wow! Discovery will also include State Department business

Hillary Was Nowhere to Be Seen in the Fight for 15—I Should Know

The word parsing is getting to be too much.

BMUS Appreciation thread

5 seder supplements to make your Passover relevant this year


...Meanwhile, in Houston.

Investigating Scam Healthcare Centers – Pro Lifers are Pro Death.

Why the US is sending more troops to Iraq

Time to Really Separate Church and State!

New York Primary Ballot : Vote for Bernie AND Bernie Delegates:

March temperature smashes 100-year global record

Jamie Oliver - Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t create knockout treats!

Carole King Is On The Prowl For Hillary Clinton Voters In New York City

"No Men Beyond This Point" - trailer

Teacher charged with soliciting sex from former student, 13

The Jimquisition: Crunch - Interesting rant about working conditions

What does Bernie's race say to you about the Democratic Party?

Southern Fried Sanctimony

Rutgers Poll of NJ: HRC: 51% BS: 42%

"De Blasio Blames Anti-Clinto, Pro-Bernie Fervor For Anger Over "CP Time" Joke"

Love trumps Hate | Bernie Sanders

GOP 'King of Dirty Tricks' on RNC's Plan to Stop Trump

Would Fewer People Get Killed if More Police Officers Were Women?


Police Cite Child Victims in Encryption Plea to Congress

Bernie Sanders Is the First Presidential Candidate to Show Sympathy for Palestinians

After public anguish, Bronx councilman endorses Sanders on eve of primary

Hillary Clinton's Elixir: Can A Hot Pepper A Day Boost Immunity?

A popular video game now randomizes your race and gender — and many white men are furious

CRUELABUELA: Carrying around hot sauce Doesn't Compensate Cruelty: Hillary:"Send the Children Back!"

Tennessee transgender bathroom bill fails when sponsor pulls it after intense criticism

Feds issue first report on Chester Amtrak crash

What a GOP campaign against Bernie Sanders might look like: "When did you stop being a Communist?"

Awake, good North Carolina, from the reign of the zombie kings

New Yorkers File Emergency Lawsuit To Give Voting Rights Back To 3.2 Million People

Bay Area artist’s portraits serve as backdrop to Black Lives Matter movement

Report: Up to 500K Californians may be blocked from voting

=*= 5 LIVE streams @ 7PM, 8PM: (3 LIVE NOW) Bernie in LIC's Hunter’s Point South Park, NY =*=

I meant to do that...

Well, it's floodin' down in Texas...

Revolution never come with a warning ...

Pie Charts from FEC Compares Bernie & Hillary donors

What You Need to Know to Vote in New York On Tuesday If There Are Any Problems

About jury results: do I get a mail message ...

The Hamptons, where Hillary feels at home

No Dildo Sales In Texas. It Is Illegal. Self Stimulation A NO NO Per RW Christians.

Math Question: 5.3 mil Dem voters in the 2012 California primary, out of 7.4m registered Dems, so...

The Good, The Bad and The WA State LD Caucus

I m in at long Island City.

For those of you watching at home: The Secret Word is:

Hillary's Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step

I just saw on my computer screen that I need to talk with a Microsoft technician immediately

Bernie Sanders on How To Break Up The Big Banks (CNN today 4/18/2016)

Trump Sued by Political Strategist for ‘Inciting Virtual Mob’

Sanders supporter Dr. Paul Song resigns from Courage Campaign after ‘corporate whore’ comment

Two Speeches to Banksters equals Bernie's net worth.

Polls open in 12 hours.

I've been busy doing the laundry...

Republican Consultant Cheri Jacobus Files Libel Suit Against Donald Trump

Isn't there a 194 delegate difference now?

In Pennsylvania, it's a fight for the soul of the Democratic party.

OK then...let's do this

The long-standing outrage about closed primaries

More than $65 billion in orders for Argentina's first international bond offer in 15 years.

Media and some HRC supporters went overboard in hounding Dr. Paul Song, imo.

NEW YORK and OREGON, Yuuge 4 Bernie Sanders

NEW YORK and OREGON, Yuuge 4 Bernie Sanders

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Lead

NY Bernie Supporters: Re: What you wear to the polls:

Venezuela’s socialist government, besieged, finds worldwide support

Aw, Who gives a s**t?

More than $65 billion in orders for Argentina's first international bond offer in 15 years.

Clinton committee raised $33 million in first quarter

George Clooney on Bernie: "I Hope He Stays In for the Entire Election"

That Moment When You Realize... #HistoryIsRepeating

Tad Devine comes off as so whiny.

During Andrea Mitchell's interview of Jane Sanders last Thursday....

That Moment When You Realize... #HistoryIsRepeating

Bill Clinton’s Blood Libel of the American People

Stand with strikers in Illinois

Capitol Hill arrests in pro-democracy protest hit 1,240.

Blade runner Patrick Downes finishes race

IN LBN: *NY Voters File Suit Claiming Their Party Affiliation Mysteriously Changed...

More than $65 billion in orders for Argentina's first international bond offer in 15 years.

Despite Polls, Republicans See Sanders as an Easier Opponent

Any lawyers here? Specifically NY lawyers.

Despite unanimously passing, Florida governor vetoes bill aimed at helping poor and rural residents


The arrogrant and clueless Tad Devine

Switzerland to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine

6 Political Scientists: would Sanders have a shot in the GE? Or: how bad could it get? -

One Reason Tax Returns Are So Complicated? Because H&R Block and Other Preparers Like It That Way.

Puerto Rican Officers Suspended for Abusing Man in Wheelchair in Viral Video

Bernie Sanders on How To Break Up The Big Banks (CNN today 4/18/2016)

There Is a Moderate Republican in This Race, But She’s Running as a Democrat

Stand with strikers in Illinois

The other side of Tinseltown: Moving pictures show how 'riverside living' has a different meaning

On Heroes: Advice for Bernie Sanders Supporters

New NY Emerson Poll: Clinton 55, Sanders 40

How Distorted And Fake News In The Age of Click-Bait Makes Life Hard On Citizens

Mike Malloy - $3,53 For Bernie

Two Little Girls – Just 4 and 6 Years Old – Allegedly Beat Dog Nearly to Death With Plastic Bat

Just wondering what history books will say

Boston has more than a feeling about HB2, cancels 3 NC shows

Bernie Sanders Campaign Oddly Accuses Clinton and DNC of Troubling, Perhaps Illegal, Fundraising

I am wondering what would happen if Obama decided to put a hold

I am now on the Democratic Party Executive Committee

Experts downgrade Australia to an island

If they didn't think Bernie supporters voted, they wouldn't work so hard to keep them from voting.

Oh Sh*t! Hillary evidently likes Hot Sauce on her food....

Bernie Sanders’ Team Just Accused Hillary Clinton of Violating Campaign Finance Rules

Democratic Wave Building As 13 More House Seats Move Toward The Democratic Party

Krugman Over the Edge: He Should Apologize for Smearing Bernie Sanders With False Charges

The difference is nothing short of breathtaking.

and oh my gawd......The Good Wife is soooooooooo good.

Krugman Over the Edge: He Should Apologize for Smearing Bernie Sanders With False Charges

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bernie Sanders Makes History in New York City

This is your momma Jillian wondering why you don't pick up the phone and call?

My 14 year old grand-niece is on a fast track to Juvie.

Obama Asks Putin to Help Halt Assad Offensive in Syria

Sanders Adviser: Clinton Fundraising Should Be Probed

How Today’s Bernie Sanders New York Rally Compared to Hillary Clinton’s (PHOTOS)

"Time to really separate church and state."

No Ifs About It...Clinton, Trump Will Make it There in New York (D), New York (R)

U.S. Troops Get Closer to Iraqi Front Lines After Obama Decision

OK, admit it. You'd love to be The Donald, even if just for a day.

These Hillary supporters don't care about her awful record.

Pearl Jam Cancel Raleigh Concert to Oppose 'Bathroom Bill'

Let's ask the Sanders question of DU in a more general way.

Cenk Uygur of TYT is a national treasure

anyone heard of TV on the Radio?

White House Signals Veto On Saudi 9/11 Bill

Mittwit: Trump will win the nomination if Cruz and Kasich stay in the race

Man shoots girl with real gun during water pistol fight at Houston-area barbecue, reports say

I have a feeling tommorrow is going to be ugly.

Israel And Palestinians Engage In Rare UN Shouting Match

Up the Bowman! Down with Moneybags!

On the Eve of the NY Primary......It Ain't Over Yet...Message of the Bird!

Congratulations to Jack Ohman on winning the 2016 Pulitzer in Editorial Cartooning!

The Great Deception of American Democracy

How did get to a place where . . . .

Bernie supporters vs. Hillary supporters. Who seems more informed?

Help! We're getting smoked by what's-her-face on disability issues!

In an Email, Hillary said this of Israel " “They always sound cocky – in the air or on the ground"

If the NY race is closer than they think how will the delegates be split?

Send this to Lyin' Ted Cruz et al

Pretty sure Bernie just unofficially conceded NY...

After public anguish, Bronx councilman endorses Sanders on eve of primary

Are you an independent voter? You aren't if you checked this box

Tomorrow, Clinton holds a party in Times Square. Sanders leaves NY tonight

Three different candidates, three different cartoons. All OC.

Are you an independent voter? You aren't if you checked this box

Poll - Was throwing money at Hillary's motorcade at the fundraisers "SEXIST" or a valid commentary?

Shouldn't OPs supporting homeopathy be sent to the dungeon?

Tempest Sonata

The Most Exciting Attack On Partisan Gerrymandering In Over A Decade

Esquire's Dubious Achievement Awards, 2007. Enjoy.

Court Rejects Bid to Throw out Florida Congressional Map

Bernie Sanders holds a massive 32-point lead over Hillary Clinton with voters under 50

Registered Dem and Teachout/Cuomo map in NYC.

US to Send 200 More Troops to Fight ISIS in Iraq

People Suck.

Rangel: Sanders 'can't get it done'

Bernie's effective tax rate 20%

Colorado marijuana law: uptick in adults lighting up, but not minors

Hillary's Connection to Sandy Hook: (warning Graphic images)

just thought the two couldnt get any more alike

China drops plan to bring law on ‘halal’ food

Justin Trudeau

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook responds to Sanders FALSE Victory Fund allegation.