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Gay Republican Challenges Ted Cruz on Anti-LGBT 'Religious Liberty' Laws

Do Clinton supporters CARE about how concentrated Wealth and Power has become?

Worst Republican fears about Obamacare realized: it's helping people

Bernie Sanders and Al Gore on climate change (3/21/2007)

Why Hillary Clinton Thrills the Hell Out of Me

Looking for the "Chuck Toad" photoshop picture of him as a toad

This Woman

Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders in My State's Primary (New York)

Anyone have the details of Hillary's taxes?

Actress Doris Roberts has died...

Man takes sleeping pills, accidentally orders a yak online

Emergency Voter Suppression Lawsuit Filed In New York

Hillary Clinton Is Fixing To Break The Republican South By Turning Georgia Blue

I wrote “ISIS Beer Funds!!!” in a Venmo memo and the feds detained my $42

Yojimbo is one of my favorite films,

Bernie Sanders rallies at LIC's Hunter’s Point South Park; TV on the Radio performs

Doris Roberts has passed.

This thread was approved by jury vote.

My Michelle~

They are all emeshed in a corrupt system

Hillary is on Stephen Colbert's show tonight

Inside the Clooney fundraiser for H.

Mike Malloy - The Best Description Of Bernie Sanders EVER!!!

Philippines presidential contender: Gang rape victim 'so beautiful' he wishes he had 'been first'

This transgendered panic was thought up by the RNC to give them a new wedge issue. Creating panic is

Israel and Palestinians Engage in Rare UN Shouting Match

It's Up To YOU New York!! The eyes of the nation & the world are on you!!

Clinton Surrogate: States Sanders Won Are ‘Not the New America’

Duke University Urges Repeal Of North Carolina’s Anti-Trans Law

What was GDP like right before Michigan?

Police: Philadelphia man 'recklessly' waving gun killed 4-year-old daughter

Hillary Clinton assembled a dream team of women to campaign for her in New York

We know this. Yes. But it's a top notch description of what it means to be transgender. LTE in NC

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

Just curious: if Trump wins the nomination

Hillary Clinton slam dunks Bernie Sanders after he falsely accuses her of fundraising violations

Um..60,000 Brooklyn DEM Votes Vanish

For every invocation of Michigan, I would like remind people of Ohio.

I'm asking here, because this would be the place to know.

Is Bernie The Most Beloved Candidate of All Time?

The Guardian: "Only Sanders can break the power of capitalism in the US

Trump's National Field Director Quits Amid Staff Turmoil

Techies for Bernie: why some best-paid workers are supporting a socialist

More Than 300,000 California Voters Accidentally Registered for Ultra-Conservative Political Party

Hardly Anyone Trusts The Media Anymore

New York Voters Sue The State, Claiming Mass Voter Roll Purges

Trump mistakenly refers to 9/11 as 7-11

Despite Polls, Republicans See Sanders as an Easier Opponent ~ Bloomberg (HRC GP)

A tale from Western New York...

Why America's Schools Have A Money Problem

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Rain Rain Go Away! & Uncensored & Live & a

Dr. Jane Sanders - Full Interview With Cenk Uygur - ( Also: How Jane met Bernie!!! )

Sanders aide: Clinton got 'almost all of the money' from Clooney fundraiser

Russia-Ukraine discuss jailed Ukrainian and Russian 'soldiers'

NY primary vote share predictions thread.

24 hours to go!

A Successful Woman...

NY Party Affiliation Debacle: The Culprit? Hurricane Sandy

Where our candidates stand on McCutcheon v FEC

"Bernie isn't a Democrat"

A reason for Closed Primaries-Does anyone remember Limbaugh's Operation Chaos?

Chris Christie's judicial wedgie

New York Voters Sue The State, Claiming Mass Voter Roll Purges

An Interview With Gustavo Castro, Sole Witness to Assassination of Berta Cáceres

Sanders gains on Clinton, trails by 2 points

Hillary Voted For Selling Cluster Bombs Saudi Arabia (Earlier, She Got $$$$ from Cluster Manufacter)

Hey wait! Isn't this an infield fly rule?

The end meme

Privatizing Social Security, I fear—The Easy Mark is Strong in this One

Why the Left Lost the Presidential Elections in Peru

Michigan governor to drink Flint water in show of safety over lead crisis

Banks Behind Hillary Clinton's Canada Speeches Push for Keystone

My Aunts in the hospital

IF - I said IF - Bernie loses the NY primary tomorrow, I will...........

Anyone know how NYs delegates are apportioned?

OOPS: Bernie Has a Problem with  Lobbyists Unless They Happen to Be Superdelegates

They Came for the Children: Truth Commission Sheds Light on Canada’s Genocide Against Indigenous Peo

When Rubio lost his home state of FL, he dropped out the next day.

Rally report

IF - I said IF - Bernie loses the NY primary tomorrow, I will...........

The usefulness of Superdelegates or What do we do if nobody likes Hillary?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-17-16

Thank you, New York!!!

Advice requested: what do we do on Wednesday?

WAPO: OP-ED: Deceipt and Power Work in Hillary Clinton's Favor

Video of Jane Sanders being interviewed by Cenk Ungyur - INCLUDES How Jane met Bernie!

Hillary Made Huge & Unprecedented Arms Sales to Regimes w/ Human Rts Violations, After Donations

When Bernie did his party switcheroo to run for president, was he aware of closed vs open primaries?

Hillary has Sheldon

Jane Sanders ignores Hillary's primary victories in radio interview rant against her

Sanders opposes Constitution pipeline between Pennsylvania, NY

Ray McGovern on "Hillary Clinton and the Gender Card."

White House: Not in Saudi interest to destabilize global economy over 9/11 bill

Despite polls, Repubs "chomping at the bit" to face Bernie instead of Clinton

Time Is Running Out for Bernie Sanders

How Bernie Sanders Became a Superdelegate

U.S. poised to approve Boeing fighter jet sales to Qatar, Kuwait

I am wondering if Tuesday night is going to be a Crown & cola night or

What would you say is the minimum vote share HRC needs in New York to remain credible?

Who designs the emoticons or whatever they are called for DU?

Rosario Dawson, Linda Sarsour & Nomiki Konst:three hard-working activists who all support


Their leader has fled the field to regroup , his troops are in disarray....


Trading start-up files antitrust lawsuit in New York (against the too big to fail banks)

Democrats practice voter suppression too. Requiring 6 month advance registration to vote?

Oregon defense firm chief pleads guilty to $171 million conspiracy

Hillary Clinton Will Win New York

Clinton Supporter Elijah Cummings Agrees with Sanders On Getting Money Out of Politics

Sanders' alleging Hillary and DNC violating campaign finance laws - true?

Majority of Voters ‘Could Not See’ Supporting Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton

Berning There---Chance the Gardener


Bernie fans stalk, threaten to kill WaPo writer over donation size story.

Rabbi Andy Bachman Bounced From Bernie Sanders Interfaith Roundtable

Bernie Sanders’ Conflicting Policies on Guns, Energy, Defense, Immigration

The DNC is effectively another shell company for her highness

1 more boring entry all about me - but it gets better

Pearl Jam cancelling Raleigh NC show. Just heard live at Hampton Va concert.

Thank you every one on both side for your efforts in NY

Hillary's going to have something on CNN 9 pm tomorrow night called It Takes a Country ...

Melissa Harris-Perry: Former MSNBC Host Joins as Editor-at-Large

60,000 fewer Democrats in Brooklyn and no clear reason why.

hey -chins up- I got a mailing from Her today - on the envelope: "...WE'VE GOT A FIGHT ON OUR HANDS"

60,000 fewer Democrats in Brooklyn and no clear reason why.


Ted Cruz Ignores Gay Republican Concerned That ‘Religious Liberty’ Equals Discrimination

Ambiancé: The world's longest ever film gets a seven hour trailer

I support open primaries partially based on personal experience.

At least 5 dead, hundreds rescued from high water in Houston flooding

Why Upstate New Yorkers Have Turned on Hillary Clinton

From Reddit-NY polling places changed TODAY!

Sanders' alleging Hillary and DNC violating campaign finance laws - true?

Post here if 99% of your charitable contributions went to your family foundation

Why the Republicans Don't Want to Run Against Bernie Sanders


Four Insights From The New Director Of NREL

This is the real Hillary!

A great description of the real Hillary. (also posted in GDP)

Update on the Lawsuit?

911 caller won't be charged in Ohio Wal-Mart police shooting

🐦 FYI: Join Bernie Sanders for a Rally in University Park, Pennsylvania 4/19

NEVER MIND - I checked again - I'm still registered - as of this minute.

Now, MSNBC Nina Turner v. Barney Frank. NINA Talking about about the CBC, Congress. Black

Nevada charges prison guard in inmate's shooting death

Emergency Lawsuit in NY Filed over Massive Voter Suppression


which candidate in the Democratic Primary will properly contend with Saudi Arabia?

Barney Frank embarrassing himself on Lawrence O'Donnell's show.

Gun Industry Immunity Explained to “Hillary Fanatics”

Gun Industry Immunity Explained to “Hillary Fanatics”

Cuba calls Obama visit 'an attack' as Communists defend ideology

Hillary knows how to get things done. She sponsored 3 bills during her 8 years in the Senate! Wow!

Voter Awareness Concert Supporting Bernie Sanders

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founders Arrested During DC Protest

After public anguish, Bronx councilman endorses Sanders on eve of primary

Clinton Surrogate Mocks Man With Disability

Tomorrow is really about Turnout

Wall Street has made Hillary Clinton a millionaire

The question finally asked

N.Y. man charged with bribing police as corruption probe continues

Has anyone figured out how much Bernie's weekend visit to the Vatican cost taxpayers?

The scale of voter suppression and disenfranchisement may be larger than we could have realized.

On the eve of the election...some inspiration

Arizona Election Fraud Was So Bad That The DOJ Is Investigating

Haa..TWEET......Hillary Group

A hotline for reporting voting problems in NY State tomorrow

Wall Street isn't worried about Hillary Clinton's plan

BRONX, NEW YORK Councilman Ritchie Torres Endorses BERNIE For "Progressive Agenda" April 18

Former governor of Puerto Rico endorses Sanders in NYC

Theodore von Kármán

Hundreds of demonstrators arrested at U.S. Capitol

Venezuela Is More Fucked Than Ever

April 2016 Photo Contest

Spoke with a NY voter today

the buffoon watched the trade towers go down at 7-11

The April 2016 Photo Contest

Once Ahead by 60 Points, Clinton National Lead over Sanders Has Dwindled to Zero

60,000 Fewer Democrats in Brooklyn and No Clear Reason Why

On Primary Day in New York, Trump Eyes a Delegate Sweep, While Clinton Aims to Extinguish ‘the Bern’

TWEET from Brian Fallon

Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine

Florida politics blogger ‘The Shark’ let off the hook from attempted murder charge

Modelling shows move to 100% renewable energy would save Australia money

Appreciation thread for Hillary's efforts securing rights for Arab women

Email from Robby Mook

New York Primary voters' rights lawsuit - "They are assigning the case to a judge tonight and will

Benjamin Jealous Rips CNN Spinning Coverage of Bernie Sanders

Do you think New York is intentionally changing the voter registration info of Bernie supporters?

As just seen on The Last Word (MSNBC)

We were all thankful with the Romney "47%" recording

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 18 April 2016

Hillary is on Colbert tonight

(Bernie Sanders Group) Dirty Tricks Tracking 2.0 - Reposting for visibility

Bernie leads Trump by 15 points in Utah!

This is so exciting!

She says "yes" "is it working" sauce.

(A new law proposed in the) Netherlands To Prohibit All Non-Electric Cars By 2025

Bernie Sanders in "Hamilton" Style. This is really good.

Oh look - the 'empty Venezuelan shelves' are in New York

Danny Glover introduces Bernie Sanders at Long Island City South Park New York Rally (4-18-16)

Y'all really need to go see this. This is awesome.

Danny Glover introduces Bernie Sanders at Long Island City South Park New York Rally (4-18-16)

Bernie's impressive fundraising.

Caller: Bernie Needs to Call Out Hillary's Dog Whistle

Kerry should denounce Venezuela’s ‘coup’

Feelin' the Bern on the NYC 7 Train this A.M.

A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

Monday night I-don't-have-to-get-up-for-work-tomorrow wine buzz. Any night owls care to join me?

Colbert just called Hillary the "likely opponent" to Trump.

Hillary on Colbert

Flower Shell Lets You Plant Seeds Using a 12-Gauge Shotgun

Epic Response to "On Becoming Anti-Bernie" blog post

How do I appeal a group ban by the group hierarchy #1?

I thought threads that were posted in our group were for us to have a place to

Pic of Bernie "pressing the flesh" at end of L.I.C. Rally

Brazil’s Rousseff — ex-guerilla in fight for political life

New York Paper's Headline tomorrow!

Argentinian Lawmaker: Impeachment Motion Against Brazilian President ‘Coup’

Mexican Cops Suspended In Connection With Torture Video

Homeopathic GMOs limit pesticide use to infinitesimal levels.

The Democrats need to stop being the “lesser of two evils” party — starting now

The thing I find so strange about the voter deletions & party switching

Mostly True Clooney "The overwhelming amount of the money that we're raising is not going to Hillary

Yup, no better way to convince Superdelegates to support you than by accusing the DNC of crimes

Saw rumor on Sanders reddit that 1 million additional phonebank calls were made today

Poll: Sanders Pulls Closer to Clinton Than Ever

What a GOP campaign against Hillary Clinton might look like: "The Corruption Never Ends!"

So is Florida next on the boycott list

Just gave 100 dollars plus 20% tip now to Bernie, 9:25 pm on 4-18-16 Pacific time

SNL Explains Bernie Sanders' Plan To Break Up Big Banks

Does anyone have information about buying a laser for you own personal use and for pets?

Can Bernie Sanders Win New York? TYT

Hillary Clinton “goysplains” to Bernie Sanders in Passover article, accusing him of betraying his pe

TYT on Clinton's corruption and a recent fundraiser of hers

What Do Bernie Sanders’ Tax Returns Reveal? TYT

Whatever Happened To ZPG. 7 Billion Population Over Planet Capacity. 9 Billion Insane.

Two YUGE endorsements for Senator Sanders today from New Your council members!

CNN Coming Up NOW>NEW NATIONAL POLL: Clinton, Sanders Essentially Tied! with AC

A Future to Believe In University Park Rally Tues, 4/19 - Pennsylvannia

What to be annoyed? Maryland sample ballot repost from Reddit

Biden admits to ‘overwhelming frustration’ with Israeli gov’t

Serious Question:

TYT on Bernie's tax returns, another fake controversy

WTF moment: Sanders Says He Hasn’t Read Classified Pages of 9/11 Report

GA lawmaker(R)arrested—nearly 2x speed limit, 3x alcohol limit, 4 juveniles in car, .45 gun on hip

"Only Bernie Sanders can break the power of capitalism in the US"

Maryland Sample Ballot is not a ballot

Why You Should Remove QuickTime From Your Windows Computer Right Now

27 times BS/campaign stated he would, could or must win NY (group)

Former Governor of Puerto Rico endorses Bernie in NYC

Trust In Corporate Media Is Historically Low TYT

If you were a wagering type, who would you bet will be our opponent in November?

Bernie Fans threaten to drink the blood of kittens. Because someday said

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

POLL: Americans Want To Tax The Rich TYT

They can say whatever they want, but in the final analysis, we all know what's true & real --

Despite Polls, Republicans See Sanders as an Easier Opponent

Double speak

Bernie fans are the most disgusting human beings in the world. DISGUSTING!

Sandy Phillips, Mom of Jessica who was gunned down in the Aurora massacre, on BS @ #DemDebate

GD-P, "NEW YORKERS File Emergency Lawsuit to Give VOTING RIGHTS BACK to 3.2 Million People!!

Invented a new way to phone bank. Gotta love NYC!

"Democrats March Toward Cliff"

Monica Lewinsky Is Ground Zero For Slut Shaming TYT

"Hillary Was Nowhere to Be Seen in the Fight for 15—I Should Know"

Hillary's Negative Ratings Near Record High For Unfavorability Ratings for Politicians Says NBC

Go Bernie!!!!

Bernie Supporters...


Tiny Motor Powers a New Threat to Cycling Races

Utah News - Breaking: Provo man booked on reports of stealing C4 explosive

Nevada News - 4/19/2016

Twitter Explodes after Hollywood Whitewashes Classic Anime Series

Surrogate Smear (a poem)

Arizona News- 4/19/2016

Dear Boston. You Will Run Again and Run They Did.

Feel The Bern (The Bernie Sanders Rap) - #FeelTheBern

CNN Becomes a Laughing Stock as Thousands Demand Bernie Coverage

Is Obama that much better than Hillary?

They're already planning to Operation Chaos the polls tomorrow.

Stay in Line Flow Chart for Tomorrow:

Bitter, partisan 4-4 ruling is on the cards over immigration, showing just how broken the system is

What are some things Hillary has led on?

The bees now control the cabana

The scum at TYT urge independents to commit vote fraud in NY state today!!

Poll: More Than Half Of Voters Wouldn't Back Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton

Colombia to use glyphosate in cocaine fight again

So... let's talk about NY delegate selection rules...

Question submitted by Ptah.

Voter ID and Closed Primaries: two solutions worse than the problems

The fundamental difference between Bernie and Hillary

Do you honestly believe...

Will email scandal leave Hillary 'in handcuffs'? Clinton responds to GOP criticism

You’re crazy if you think Hillary is our only option

Clinton Email Scandal: Hillary’s Documents Flowed Openly Across Web

Washington News - 4/19/2016

TYT:This is a very noteworthy video by Cenk talking about Bernie winning New York. You will love it.

That face you make when you realize asking for the NY #DemDebate was a HUGE Mistake..

Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for President?


Teachers shared how their students feel about the election. The quotes are heartbreaking.

Poverty, Compounded

"American Inspiration -- Wilderness"

Here's a Way to Shut Down Panama Papers-Style Tax Havens - If We Wanted To

Kshama Sawant: Hillary Was Nowhere to Be Seen in the Fight for 15—I Should Know

Bernie Sanders Went to Rome to Discuss the Immorality of Unfettered Capitalism

Anita Hill, Reluctant Hero

Strange giant sphere in Bosnia sparks debate

Juan Cole: The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity

Crunchy Roasted Za’atar Chickpeas

this 3D fractal art

Hillary Clinton

Daily Holidays - April 19

MSNBC: Nina Turner Debates for Bernie Sanders Vs Barney Frank for Hillary Clinton

Bernie from Brooklyn

Registered independents have no business voting in the New York democratic primary

Here;s a piece of information to cheer you up:

Afghanistan violence: Deadly suicide bomb hits Kabul

Monica Lewinsky Is Ground Zero For Slut Shaming

Suicide attack wounds 10 outside northwest Pakistani office

I love how Nina Turner handles Chuck Toad in this video. What a magnificent woman!

Hillary Supporter Says She's Already Won, and Can't Wait to See Her Take Over Bernie Supporters

Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even as Dramatic Miscounting of Delegates by Media Continues

Florida has a closed primary

Does anybody else find it ironic, funny, or strange that Hillary has a "Mook" for a campaign manager

Construction-workers battle each other on the streets of China... with bulldozers.

Charlottesville City Council Holds Public Hearing on Lee Park Statue (VA)

Judge says lawsuit to integrate SC war monument can proceed

Colorado News - 04/19/2016

Our Stubbornness Will Cost the State Many Good Jobs (MS)

This ones for you Hillary!


This is a reply I made to another discussion post (in excerpt highlight):

We are about to witness the largest disenfranchisement of registered voters in any state primary

Future doesn't belong to cities that revere the Confederacy, Landrieu tells WaPo

For those of us without cable, can any one suggest a place to go online to watch live streaming

Lake Oswego machete murder suspect deemed fit for trial (OR)

New York For You Hillary Peace and Love.......Photo also Hillary and Paul McCartney

Guam News - 4/19/2016

Thanks for the memories Senator Sanders but

Thanks to 3D printer, bird has new feet

Justice Dept summary of health care fraud fighting

Conserva-splaining 101:

Alaska News - Judge tosses Alaska Democrats' lawsuit

Voted in NYC! Hillary! HRC Group

The Hillary campaign is a trailblazer, they are circumventing the $2700 donor limit 2 different ways


Tuesday Bernie Group Roundup

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Weekly News Quiz | April 5-11, 2016

Question to all those people who think Hillary is going to "assimilate" Bernie's supporters:

Venezuela oil minister says US helped ruin deal in Doha

Benjamin Netanyahu moving Israel in 'wrong direction,' Joe Biden says

Bernie won the Dem. Presidential primary of the state he represented 86.1% to 13.6%.

POSSIBLE FUTURES -- something to think about

Black women's book club settles lawsuit with California wine train company

The Boston Bombing Anniversary: A Legacy of Unanswered Questions

Hawaii News - 4/19/2016

Ok, New York, as Nina Turner would say....

11 Reasons To Be Glad You’re Not A Republican

Voted in NY

Best of luck to everyone, from the other side of the world

I feel like rebelling.

Josh Hutcherson and Matthew Cooke | Bernie Sanders

Josh Hutcherson and Matthew Cooke | Bernie Sanders

Josh Hutcherson and Matthew Cooke | Bernie Sanders

JUST IN: Reporters Uncover Links Between The Clintons & The Panama Papers

You do know that Bernie could still win more delegates in NY

Looks like Hillary is playing the Great Wurlitzer

Censorship FTW! China bans Paris Hilton, minor Kardashians et al

The polls in NYC have been open for 90 minutes...I just checked Reddit and Twitter

Chinese man sentenced to death for leaking 150,000 classified documents

Just voted! Good times.

Nature Climate Change: MENA, Especially Gulf States, Potentially Uninhabitable In Warming World

Voting was as easy as can be today

Quitting Quiter Of Quit Graces Denier Filmfest On Capitol Hill, 'Cuz It's All A Big Hoax

🐦 Bernie Rally @ Bayfront Convention Center - Erie, PA 4/19 (DOORS OPEN:10:30 a.m.)

April 18th 2016 Rainiest Day Ever Recorded For Houston, Hottest April Day Ever Recorded For Seattle

Lawsuit: Whole Foods delivered cake with gay slur

Two votes for Hillary in Brooklyn.

Techies for Bernie: why some best-paid workers are supporting a socialist

"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime".

Techies for Bernie: why some best-paid workers are supporting a socialist

We'll Always Have Paris, Though Jan-Feb Were Within 0.5C Of Climate Treaty "Goal"

Acculteration vs. Appropriation

Satire: First Shipment Of Thoughts And Prayers Departs NOLA For Earthquake Affected Countries

From BBC: "Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy"

This Modern World: Still More Primary Phenomena

Why Bernie Sanders' movement is much larger than this election

Why Bernie Sanders' movement is much larger than this election

Finally spotted a Hillary lawn sign (only one I've seen yet) in Western New York!

Hillary folks are extremely confident, Bernie folks are talking about delegates, not a win

Isn't praying for people in need a violation of "Thou shalt not tempt God?"

Picture from Bernie's Buffalo rally last week...

Donald Trump Accidentally Invokes '7-11' When Talking About '9-11'

Orlando marijuana ordinance passes first reading

Attn: New York voters voting for Bernie

Women who have lost their children to gun violence or after contact with the police are backing Hil

Monthly check-up

Why the NY Primary Registration Suit Won't Go Anywhere: Rosario V Rockefeller (1973)

If your biggest problem is....

DU bros trying to reduce legendary LGBT activist Torie Osborne to nameless "Hillary shill"

Kicked off Southwest flight for speaking Arabic

30 Years of Speeches. 30 Years fighting for The People.

Mississippi allows guns in churches

Clinton camp: Will Sanders turn into Ralph Nader?

Something for a laugh today. Shakespeare and the 2016 candidates.

Sanders accuses DNC, Clinton campaign of illegal scheme ~ Rachel Maddow Blog (HRC GP)

Frontrunners Poised for Big Wins in the Big Apple

If Bernie wins in NY today I will readily admit that he has a good chance to win the nomination.

New York's election laws are an embarrassment

Queensland Approves $21 Billion Coal Project, But They'll Be Very Careful To Protect Environment

EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report US Emissions Up 1% YOY In 2014

According to homeopathy, under which circumstances does hom. medicine stop working?

Take a break with a message I got back in 2008

About those NY Polls...

Voting Irregularities In Brownsville

I am not a fan of Tyler Perdigo's analyses but I know he has fans here.* His NY Prediction:

** Posted To The African-American Group ***

(Another) One For The Record Books - 11 Straight Months Of Record High Global Temps

Surprise: New York Democrats Like the Democratic Party!

Watch dolphins stampede away from hungry killer whales

The choice for Democrats: Incremental Change vs Stagnation

Hillary was well-liked when she was a Senator and when she was the Secretary of State.

FDR's 1932 Presidential Campaign Speeches & Election | Franklin D. Roosevelt

So then are we all Afghans today?

It's New York Primary day--how do you all feel?

If you were a Republican, which republican politician would you like to be the nominee?

Whether you are for Clinton or Trump, if most of the people view your candidate unfavorably...

Drone images show town of Pedernales devastated by Ecuador quake

Hillary Clinton's pedal-to-the-metal New York finish

Pearls Before Swine on political activism

Italian coastguards make big rescue at sea, but many feared dead in sinking

Texas News - 4/19/2016

Ecuador earthquake: Rescuers race to find survivors as death toll climbs

Obama's Big Damage-Control Tour: Saudi Arabia, Britain, Germany

Samantha Bee Focus Group!

Boston Based New Balance Fights TPP to Keep Jobs in America

Bernie from Brooklyn: A Conversation with Mark Ruffalo

China’s 1st Same-Sex Marriage Case Dismissed

Media now claiming throwing money at Clinton motorcade "Sexist and stupid"

Tulsi Gabbard: Real change happens when the American people are energized and involved

NY voters - to clarify VERY IMPORTANT

Inhofe, Senators to Sec. Kerry: U.S. Law Prohibits Sending U.S. Funds to U.N. Climate Convention

If the GOP stops Trump, could they lose the South?

Clinton Foundation paid Blumenthal $10K per month while he advised on Libya

Why did Hillary lose FOUR Super Delegates?

Unholy Media Malpractice


NY they *are* switching long-time polling stations last minute!!!!

Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194

Campaign-finance lawyer: Victory fund lawsuit "basically sour grapes"

Buddhist monk Setouchi forms group to assist troubled women

Its up to you, New York


Buddhist monk Setouchi forms group to assist troubled women

It’s Far Harder To Change Parties In New York Than In Any Other State

Delegate Count: 1,299 to 1,105

New Yakuza Gang Syndicate to be Legally Regulated

Sanders signed onto the same joint fundraising agreement with the DNC

Are you aware that NYS Primary lawsuit supporters are encouraging perjury?

Let's Be Clear: Hillary's Campaign Is Breaking Campaign Finance LAW.

New York City voters outraged by broken machines, closed polling places for primary

WaPo: These striking numbers show just how fast we’re switching off coal

Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men

All the info you need to understand the NY delegate selection plan

Cheering for Bernie Today!

Maybe it's not them. Maybe it's you...

Dumping Fukushima tritium into ocean 'least costly, fastest' solution: gov't


Do you wonder where upstate New Yorkers be at noon today?

For progressives, would Hillary be the better choice?

New Yorkers- Today is the big day- Don't let anybody take your vote away!

So, if Hillary doesn't win at least 60% of the NY Primary vote,

Beloved mascot Kumamon’s absence since quakes spurs Japan Twitter traffic

Beloved mascot Kumamon’s absence since quakes spurs Japan Twitter traffic

TPM: Kentucky=Kansas

Stop a Douchebag - Wanted!

Kumamoto quake death toll rises to 46

Can someone tell me what this piece of gym equipment is called?

There is no Bernie Sanders Movement (Great article from Slate!)

This Delaware Address Is Home to 200,000 Shell Companies—Including Hillary Clinton’s

CNN 10am Bernie in NYC greeting people on the streets! GOTV

Come to Las Vegas to Hide Your Wealth: Not Panama

In Kansas, lawmakers lose patience with governor's tax cuts

Pssssssssst! Republican strategist files $4m libel suit against Trump and his campaign

92% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 75% Chance Of Winning General Election.

All the info you need to understand the NY delegate selection plan

Chiang Rai Residents Campaign on Twitter as Haze Exceeds Health Levels #prayformaesai

2008 vs 2016 New York Primary

US feels 'overwhelming frustration' with Israeli government, says Biden

Donald Trump remembers the attacks of "7/11"

Dem Ha Fe Get A Beatin'

Eric Boelhlert of Media Matters tweets Dan Glover's reason why BS, lost the south.

China lands first military plane on disputed island

Edward Snowden tweet

2016 National Democratic Primary - Clinton 50%, Sanders 43% (NBC News/SurveyMonkey 4/11-4/17)

Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States.

The Republican Party is self harming, but not suicidal

First movie fan magazine - February 1911

Shame on NECN and parent company, Comcast.

The language and posture of both Robbie Mook and Brian Fallon sound VERY SHAKY

Eddie Vedder discusses Pearl Jam's decision to cancel NC shows over H2B

Myanmar's 'long necked' women hope to turn tourism into homecoming

Hypothetical scenario about voter registration databases

anecdotal observation

Did Hillary break the campaign finance law?

Rachel Maddow Debunks Bernie Sanders’ Claim Of Clinton Campaign Finance Violations

Report from my precinct in New York City

Rachel Maddow Debunks Bernie Sanders’ Claim Of Clinton Campaign Finance Violations

China's Xi tells Party to go online to ease public concerns

Democrats are Unifying Behind Our Candidate

How the hell

Ever since Iowa a win means a loss.

Hillary..."getting things done" regarding minimum wage

Take your pick

Democratic Superdelegates: You are stupid and traitors!

Hillary is Going Broke and the DNC Can’t Help Anymore

Emergency Voter Suppression Lawsuit Filed In New York

8/27/15: DNC Announces Intention to Break Campaign Finance Laws


Billy Joel's got it!

Anyone remember the time Clinton filed a lawsuit to make Washington State a closed primary?

Scripps (Claremont Colleges) Faculty Oppose Albright (Clinton ally) As Commencement Speaker:

Are We Living in The World of Post-Truth Politics?

New York is Hillary's "home state"?

The pledged vs. non-pledged discussion is utterly ridiculous

New entry at the Skeptic's Dictionary...

What was the result of the NY Emergency Lawsuit on primary voting? The hearing took place at 9 am.

While her husband has been President, has Michelle Obama made millions in speaking & consulting fees

Sanders Hits Clinton On Campaign Finance Hours Before New York Votes

Just my "Good Luck Hillary" thread!

All-nighter spray chalking NYC. #nosleeptillbernie (Reddit repost)

Voted for Hillary this morning.

Another piece on Vatican-gate

According to my wife who voted this morning...

Pelosi: "Fabulous" Bernie Sanders "Might Win The Nomination"

=*=Video Link: Bernie Sanders Walk About in New York on Primary Day (4-19-16)=*=

President Obama should speak up for an imprisoned blogger in Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Abu Khdair murder: Israeli ringleader found guilty

=*= LIVE NOW - Bernie Sanders LIVE IN NEW YORK (4-19-16) + Recorded Link =*=

Clinton is against Citizens United

Religious Group Sues San Francisco Over Open-Air Urinal

Hello group I didn't know existed

IT employees at EmblemHealth fight to save jobs

I see the BS bus has claimed another LONG standing Democratic Activist

LIVE NOW - Bernie Sanders LIVE IN NEW YORK (4-19-16) +recorded link

The day I inadvertantly jammed $27 into a very angry hornet’s nest

A MUST SEE Video...Bernie without the Bombast.

De Blasio Demands Explanation, as Decline in Registered Brooklyn Democrats (126k) Doubles

A list of HRC speeches. Dates, locations, renumerations. For the curious.

A fantastic speech at J Street, in a day that started with starting the handicapped Boston Marathon

Hillary Erodes to 2 pts (48/50) and 194-Delegate lead as NY Weighs In

Idaho News, 4/19/2016

As Senator, Hillary Was Under Suspicion for Quid pro Quo Behavior

30 dead, hundreds wounded as Taliban attack rattles Kabul

Hundreds of New York state voters to file suit calling the closed primary 'a threat to Democracy

Just Now on MSNBC: "I'm afraid Hillary is About To Be Dissapointed" -- Bernie

Bernie Sanders: We Choose to go to the Moon!

I thought Hillary Was Tough?!?

Dorothy Day's anarchism is the antidote to disappointing political system

At least one presidential candidate pays a lower tax rate than the average American

Ya know what makes me laugh?

Let's hope it's a great day!! (And thank you...)

Feelin' the Bern -Hillary sweats into NY primary

Still Mourning My Dog

NY emergency lawsuit updates via Twitter

Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu sign interfaith climate statement

Feelin' the Bern -Hillary sweats into NY primary

Doris Roberts (Everyone Loves Raymond star) dies

New world record for fullerene-free polymer solar cells

Hillary Clinton “goysplains” to Bernie Sanders in Passover article, accusing him of betraying his pe

Journalist files FOIA request with Obama for his advance episodes of 'Game of Thrones'

Hillary's first stop on New York primary day

First exit polls out of NYC just out- Bernie up 64% to Hillary 32% right now....

a little Bernie lite...

We can hope the bern will flame out soon!

Hindu girl abducted in Pakistan, police inaction alleged

Please see my post at Good Reads:What a GOP campaign against Hillary Clinton might look like

Doris Roberts (Marie-Everyone Loves Raymond) dead at 90

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.19.2016

If you are voting in NY


Why I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton Today

The Real News Room - Bern Edition - 4.19.2016

New Leak at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site is 'Catastrophic,' Worker Warns

RALPH NADER: Bernie Sanders does not answer my calls

whereas Dinosaurs had no inkling of their imminent extinction...

Are you seeing any political signage?

Mother Jones: No, Bernie's Taxes Don't Show That He's a Hypocrite

People who accidentally dressed like their surroundings

Get Out and Vote! | Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote! | Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders

Get Out and Vote! | Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders

My Inability To Make Eye Contact Does Not Need To Be ‘Fixed’

Jane Sanders: New York, Go Vote | Bernie Sanders

Jane Sanders: New York, Go Vote | Bernie Sanders

Jane Sanders: New York, Go Vote | Bernie Sanders

WAPO article on HRC/DNC fundraising

Sanders Despised Democrats In 1980s, Said A JFK Speech Once Made Him Sick

I voted for Hillary today.

First exit polls out of NYC just out- Hillary up 75% to Bernie 25% right now....

Europe Tried to Rein In Google. It Backfired.

Start spreading the news, he's leaving today

Pic Of The Moment: Still Unsure If Donald Trump Is Serious Or Just Trolling

The Great Slurpee War of 7/11

Local religious group suing city to remove outdoor urinals at Dolores Park (SF)

Liz Cheney raises big money both inside and outside Wyoming

More NY Shenanigans

I still remember 7-11 like it was only yesterday

Mother Jones' Bernie Sanders' Secret Weapon in New York

Wall Street Titan, Asher Edelman: For the Economy, Bernie Is Best:

In conservative Utah, naming road for gay leader stands out

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Erie, PA 4-19-16 =*=

Remember me

Right on cue, we have now achieved peak Greenwald

TYT's Jordan Chariton Tweets Late-Breaking Developments Re: the Emergency Voting LawSuit

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Erie, PA 4-19-16 =*=

$130,000 from Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar’s checking account to the (9-11) hijackers

The Most Pro-Hillary Bernie Sanders Endorsement You’ll Ever Read

In and out in five minutes...

Hillary's $260K Speech to Camping Assoc NOT Benign: ACA Got State Dept J-1 Visa Advocacy

Help me flesh out this theory please, Politics is really Sales.

I hope this is not going on ???

HRC Needs NY to Remain Viable; Bernie Will Win Nomination & the Presidency W/ or W/O New York

Unexpected discovery leads to a better battery—Renewable energy storage possible thanks to chemical…

Democratic Primary is the process of the Democratic Party selecting its candidates

What's wrong with this picture?

The most pro-Hillary Bernie Sanders endorsement video you'll ever see

Can’t We Disagree Respectfully

H.A. Goodman Discusses the Record of H.A. Goodman

Briefing GOP Lawmakers, RNC PR BS Again Rejects 'Rigged' Delegate Charges

Bernie won his adopted home state of VT 86.1% to 13.6%

The U.S. Occupations at Greatest Risk of a Labor Shortage

Rainbow-Colored Nooses Removed From Tree On Tennessee Campus

Please don't fall for early exit poll nonsense

"I'll tell you where the Middle East is. It's on the map!" . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Impeachable offenses Brazil

Will Hillary Clinton Turn Into Ralph Nader ?

Hillary's a Neocon

Any DUers in San Antonio?

NY polling place problems

New York’s Mayor Responds as Brooklyn Voter Purge Doubles to 126,000

For the musical in Lounge: A game of Guess-the-National-Anthem

Will someone please explain the best way to vote for delegates on the ballot?

Elon Poll: Cooper pulls ahead in N.C. gubernatorial race

“Twenty seven bucks or get my ass kicked.” Why we must nominate Bernie.

In 2010 Gillibrand scored an A score from the NRA

Msnbc reporting strong turnout in Harlem and that is great for Clinton! N/t.

New rules allow more civilian casualties in air war against ISIL

Prehistoric Montana stone figures related to others, Blackfoot legend

Remember all the stories when Sanders opened his campaign HQ in Gowanus, Brooklyn?

How the results of NY Democratic primaries could determine Greece's fate

Hillary folks DO REALIZE that Hillary will be found to have deliberately violated the FOIA, RIGHT?

First long-line, high turnout report. From ... Harlem!

Syria conflict: Air strikes on Idlib markets 'kill dozens'

New York Horserace 04/19/2016

A charming story about Hillary being named after Sir Edmund Hillary

NY ers here have said this is par for the course in NY for election problems


Why no voter registration problems among NY Rs?

Democracy Now! (April 19): Amy Goodman reports on restrictive voting laws in New York

NYS Open Primary lawsuit to be heard at Federal Court in Brooklyn at 2 PM...


2016 Pulitzer for fiction: "The Sympathizer" by Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Howard Dean: ['I'm getting all these messages and tweets'] It's not helpful


Earth's Temperature Just Shattered the Thermometer

Surge in babies being born with extra arms, legs after Fukushima “I feel officials know the cause..

Primary voting machines down in Brooklyn NY

The Bar Has Been Set by MSM: Hillary Must Win by DOUBLE DIGITS

Nate Silver: More Democrats Are Feeling The Bern, Probably

When Doctors Refuse to Treat LGBT Patients

The Retreat, And Rebirth, Of Socialism

JUST VOTED for HRC!! Sullivan County! NY

Got my proposal yesterday for a 4.5KW residential solar system...

We should hear something soon about the lawsuit. 2pm EST hearing Will Provisionals be counted?

Why do you mock people for wanting to vote? When did you lose what makes you a democrat?

McCrory campaign fires back at Ringo, Clooney, Springsteen, Pearl Jam and others

Bernie Sanders Walk About Queens New York (4-18-16)

Bernie Sanders Walk About Queens New York (4-18-16)

Let's Hear it for New York! Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of...

Vote on names for the baby bald eagles at the National Arboretum.

HRC GROUP "Hillary... continues to fight for access to the most exclusive men’s club on the planet"

TV on the Radio at Bernie Sanders Rally Long Island NY. (4-18-16)

Let's Hear it for New York! Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of...

TV on the Radio at Bernie Sanders Rally Long Island NY. (4-18-16)

The Saudis and 9/11.P

Planned Parenthood Head: Women Voting for Cruz Like ‘Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders’

Clinton goes to Wall Street in 2007: What a Shill (not)

Trump Says Neg Ads Non-Existent by Pacs/Campaigns Against Kasich/Sanders Honey Moon Over?

Robert Parry's Consortium News on whether Clinton is a Neocon.

Feds flag Bernie Sanders campaign contributions

Utah gov. to sign resolution making pornography a 'public health crisis'

Feds flag Bernie Sanders campaign contributions

HRC GROUP. .To Honor Sec of State Hillary Clinton today,

I belong to a semi-private country club that doesn't allow women or minorities to join.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Chuck Norris' family edition...

OMFG - GEM$NBComcast

Let's try to get out in front of at least one NY Primary conspiracy theory today

MSNBC: Both Camps are expecting single-digit win for Hillary.

New York Primary Lawsuit: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

" Thou I walk thru the Valley of Dogs" - 50 dogs-1 cat

Rafel Cuz, paraphrased: "Da commies iz comin'!"

The way I see it

Breaking: Tennessee Bill Targeting Transgender Students Is Dead – for Now


In case you don't read GDP posts,

"sky high turnout" in Albany's most ethnically diverse ward

"sky high turnout" in Albany's most diverse ward (Hillary group)

The Sanders people are concerned about independent voters, but what about black voters?

If Bernie Sanders only loses by a single digit margin,

The Number was actually 126,000 in Brooklyn

Dems fear their primary has reached danger zone

If you're a member of..the Democratic Party, you get to vote for its candidates. If not, go on home.

Sanders' camp tells reporters no plane-side pics of him boarding to leave NY for PA.

Germany Cracks Down on Far Right With Arrests and Trial

Bernie can't bring the party together,

Bernie says we need 1 million phonebank calls today!

The fundamental problem with fracking other than

2,000 tusks aflame in large burn of poached wildlife goods

My ballet was #108 cast today.

Robert Reich: Why Is Everyone Ignoring One of Sanders' Most Important Proposals?

Didja ever notice...

Here's why a Hillary win in NY ends the race.

Two Proteins to Avoid for Your Pet

U.S. judge dismisses proposed class action over tainted Flint water

I'm supporting Bernie Sanders until he wins the primary or quits

What's that?---all the way UP there??.....

New York is not Hillary's "home state"

HuffPo: Yes, Bernie Sanders Will Become President. Hillary Clinton’s FBI Investigation...

In Brooklyn, Clinton supporters carve out safe space in ‘Bernie bro’ country (HRC GP)

Just got back from voting for Bernie!

LOL Bernie! Def going for the millennials...even this old lady can appreciate this.

Think about this scenario.

MUST SEE! INSPIRATIONAL GIANTS - (Charlie Chaplin voice-over )

Will Hillary Clinton turn into a Richard Nixon?

Douglas County schools to issue semiautomatic rifles to security staff

Nearer My Revolution To Thee

one thing confirmed by this primary season

My husband is mean!!!!

Sad news

Bernie Sanders Fan AD - WE SHALL OVERCOME - Historical Perspective!

What drove me to leave the Republican Party

Don't live in NY, can't vote today...

Actually Life Begins With Creation Of Sperm & Egg. Remember That.

Propaganda as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Why is it fair for taxpayers to fund and the state to run party nominations and exclude Indies?

Entire Block of Clinton Hill Voters Omitted From Rolls, Poll Worker Says

Israelis Rally For Soldier Who Killed Palestinian Attacker

Syrian Elections Prove Again That Washington And Its Presstitutes Lie Through Their Teeth

Does New York ever have lines to vote? Every time I see a polling place

Camp Clinton claimed a single digit loss in New Hampshire would, in reality, be a victory.

George Monbiot: Never-Ending Growth

‘She got caught up in the likes’: Teen accused of live-streaming friend’s rape for attention

Some gave all

The country's largest health-insurance company is almost entirely quitting Obamacare

Had a BSer tell me he would be able to continue attacking Hillary on DU...

Absurdity has reached new Heights: MSNBC Corporate Puppets amazed at how Trump has done

Heading out to hand out more campaign literature.

No luck on the lawsuit

The really big issue that everyone is missing in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard dog story

Sanders Endorsed by Indiana's Carrier Corp Workers Union

From the Bernie campaign re "Hillary Victory Fund"

Question on used floor tiles

WW2 reenactment

What state(Or Country) do you live in and who do you Support?

Georgia Cop enters wrong home without a warrant; attempts to "moralize" goes berserk

Donald Trump’s Jet, a Regular on the Campaign Trail, Is Not Registered to Fly

Get This: Trump's Plane isn't Registered to Fly. 'Whoopsie'!

272 Slaves Were Sold to Save Georgetown. What Does It Owe Their Descendants?

This Dad’s Hysterical Twitter Account Of Life With His Four Kids Is An Absolute Must-Follow

Fidel Castro Gives Rare Speech Saying He Will Soon Die

If Hillary only wins by a single digit margin, she will have blown yet another double digit lead

Iceland’s Water Cure

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

Can someone tell me more about Brooklyn?

CNN’s Sally Kohn Scolds Fellow Bernie Supporters for Booing Her Praise of Hillary

A new friend in Brooklyn. "Secretary Clinton, this is Oprah"

CNN’s Sally Kohn Scolds Fellow Bernie Supporters for Booing Her Praise of Hillary

No Jail Time for Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang After Manslaughter Conviction Reduced...

The Real Reason Millennials Love Bernie Sanders

'An International Disgrace': Jesse Jackson Calls For Chicago To Close Homan Square

Whole Foods taking legal action against cake accuser, releases video

For problems voting in NY...

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power's Motorcade Hits, Kills Boy In Cameroon

Just had to announce......

Giuliani: Trump should get nomination if he is close on delegates Read more:

New Maryland Poll (PPP): Clinton 58% - Sanders 33%

Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat: & that’s a real problem when he needs Democrats for his “revolution

Do not wear underwear to bed. It's dangerous!

Mexico's president says he is open to legalizing medical marijuana

Jim Morin Editorial Cartoons | Feel the Bern


Foil hat time.

Aerial view of Bernie's revolution...

Hey, uh, how did that lawsuit go?

Trump Nudie painting -

Clinton closes the New York primary by campaigning like a mayor

Welp, I decided to wait it out with hydrocodone and valium. Worked ok until I filled up

Obama Administration Publicly Declares Their Opposition to Hillary Clinton's Syria Plan!

I played with some numbers

Official NY Clinton Live Blog - (CLINTON GROUP)

New York City primary voters outraged by broken machines, closed polling places

Perhaps I'm being too sensitive


What does depression feel like? Trust me – you really don’t want to know (Guardian)

#1 searched issue in New York for Clinton is Fracking according to Google Trends

Video: NY voter purge lawsuit update

Sanders endorsed by Carrier Corp. workers union (Indiana)

The BEST Part of calling for Bernie today is calling so many people that have already voted for.....

Hillary Clinton gave Sanders $10k to help him win his senate seat (Goldman Sachs chipped in too)

Watch The Titanic Sink In Real Time In Eerie Animated Recreation

Gov. Paul LePage says 127th Legislature is horrendous

Religious Group Sues Over Open-Air Urinal At San Francisco’s Dolores Park

When Is The New York Times Going to Step Up and Admit This Is Crazy?

Poll: Gay Voters Overwhelmingly Support Hillary Clinton in New York

Given the complaints about New York voting, what will happen starting tomorrow?

"We should be clearing the way for more people to vote

AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex

Harvey Weinstein just on MSNBC Supporting Hillary

TOON: Cruz Gets Creepier

Dagnabbit, please understand political parties.

I agree with Justices Powell, Marshall, Brennan, & Douglas. NY registration laws = disenfranchise.

I'm sensing a big night for Bernie tonight. Please keep calling, GOTV, vote, donate!!!

All is not lost with a defeat this evening

Hillary for New York to Host Primary Night Party on April 19, 2016

The Young Turks - Jordan Chariton talks about Emergency lawsuit

so m$nbc thinks it's a good idea to put the mourning joe show on in the afternoon....?

This may change with evening voting but Williamsburg Brooklyn

Reports of extremely low turnout in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A Trump/Giuliani Ticket

170 Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Reform Wall St. And Rein In Greed

Maybe Bernie Kerik can confirm Trump's rubble claim

Intel's layoffs: 12,000 worldwide, 11 percent all workers

New York Primary Lawsuit Update: In Potential Win For Bernie Sanders Supporters, Judge Declares

Ex-NYPD officer gets no jail time in shooting death

What I learned from Cable News Today:

Sanders endorsed by Carrier Corp. workers union

Just wondering...why did the campaign wait until MONDAY to file suit against NY state election laws?

Samantha Bee does assinine Anti-Bernie segment "Bernie Bros"

NYS Election Laws have been in place for decades and no one complained before

Voter Turnout for Presidential Primary in Erie County (Buffalo) on the Way to a Record

N.Va. debate teams decide to boycott tournament at Liberty University

Alert Stalking Hillary Supporters???

Arabic-speaking passenger ‘humiliated’ when thrown off plane

There's a "satire" site with a story about voting machines switching votes

Remember ACORN?

Why Won't Guantanamo Prison Go Away?

Bernie and his program have never been dismissive of black voters.

Two New MH370 Parts Identified

EU Has Interfered Too Much In People's Lives, Juncker Says Ahead Of Brexit Vote

De Blasio Demands Explanation, as Decline in Registered Brooklyn Democrats Doubles

<*> LIVE stream: New York Primary Results: Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz 4-19-16 <*>

New York City primary voters outraged by broken machines, closed polling places

Why does the DNC have a "War Room"?

So what are the chances Drumpf gets 51 percent Statewide and in every district?

Dates switched to Dec 1969?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 19, 2016

One week from today: New PPP poll of Maryland--58-33 for HRC

Hillary Clinton looks to be headed for a resounding victory, with 58% to 33%...Maryland...4/19/16

Hillary Clinton looks to be headed for a resounding victory, with 58% to 33%...Maryland...4/19/16

Hopes Fade Of Finding Survivors From Ecuador Quake As Death Toll Reaches 443

BREAKING: New York Judge Rules For Voters In Last Minute Primary Case

Hillary Clinton’s Gender Argument

Don't believe the untruths being foisted off . The judge only delayed a decision

A battle for the soul of the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders MASSIVE Rally in Erie, PA (4-19-16) Bayfront Convention Center

The Arctic Turns Ugly (popularresistance)

Who knew that Trump was an acronym for :

Latest from N.Y. primaries: Postcards cause polling location problems upstate

The Warsaw Ghetto: Uprising

Just something we should know as Hillary Supporters if you dont....

When you accidentally Bern your toast

Joe Conason: On Israel, Bernie Sanders is right (and Hillary Clinton knows it)

Hillary Supporters, Do you honestly believe that the protest at the Clooney home was sexist?

Comptroller Will Audit New York City Board of Elections

No Party Changes Allowed (NY 2008)

*BREAKING: NEW YORK JUDGE RULES FOR VOTERS In Last Minute Primary Case, April 19

BREAKING: Judge Denies Request To Immediately Open Up New York Primary To Independent Voters

=*= 4 LIVE streams @ NOW 7PM: University Park, PA Rally & NY Primary WATCH PARTY 4-19-16 =*=

LIVE: Here's Why New York's Primary Is So Important - Bloomberg Politics

New York City Watchdog Decries 'Irregularities' In Primary Voting

Initial exit poll data favors Hillary..

Janet Biehl reports on her trip to Syrian Kurdistan

Preliminary exit poll: black voters INCREASE from 16% (2008) to 21%

Roy Cooper launches 'BlueGrass' site for grassroots volunteering for his campaign...

How many NY voters do we have here who are NOT registered Democratic?

Now that the affadavit ballot ruling has come through, the media needs to do the right thing...

Just heard my first Sanders radio ad here in Indiana today

Trump has slip of tongue discussing 9/11 at Buffalo rally

In New York, you had to have registered as a party member by October 9

Damn! The Caravaggio painting I had wanted to see on this trip to Sicily is being fought


Why is RT off air right now?!

New York’s Mayor Responds as Brooklyn Voter Purge Doubles to 126,000

Do I understand this disenfranchisement thing correctly? It originated with the Dem Party?

what are some of the more notable examples of voting suppression in America?

From preliminary exit poll data, it looks like we're heading for a fairly early call tonight

Dark Money by Jane Mayer is a lot like reading DU

Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen, says bathroom case can go forward

When Sanders returns to the Senate.

Amid Widespread Reports of Voter Disenfranchisement and Polling Problems, Controller Stringer, audit

Flaw Lets Hackers Record Cellular Conversations, Track Location

When Hillary told Russ Feingold his campaign finance reform legislation was a fantasy

MSNBC Exit polls: 13% of Democrats wouldn't vote for Hillary if she was the nominee

Sanders spent 5.6 million in NY and Clinton Spent 2.8 (MSNBC 4:50pm central)

Robert Reich on FB today


Don't forget to...

Bernie is winning this election

Don't forget to...


Anybody watching The Voice? Who do you like on there?

US to sail submarine drones in South China Sea

Washington Post Reporter Doxxed For Writing Critical Article About Bernie Sanders

Tweety Going Off on Sanders and Chuck Toad

Join me in a shout out hello to DU member, UglyGreed...he hasn't been

"Dear Undecided Democratic Primary Voter"

Washington Post Reporter Doxxed For Writing Critical Article About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders LIVE from University Park, PA - A Future to Believe in Rally

Bernie Sanders LIVE from University Park, PA - A Future to Believe in Rally

Trump Staffers Face Threat of Blacklist

Join me in a shout out hello to DU member, UglyGreed...he hasn't been

Attention NY Voters Wrongfully Purged From the Rolls: A Judge Has Ruled in Your Favor!

Rep. Peter King: 'I'll take cyanide' if Ted Cruz wins GOP nomination

Anyone Seen Bill at New York Polls with the Bullhorn Yet? Please Notify. Thanks! :)

Some Exit poll info from ABC Political...

World's 'oldest dog' Maggie dies peacefully, sleeping in her basket

Irregularities overshadow U.S. presidential vote in New York City

Very important indicator suggesting that NY looks good for Sanders

How the GOP Is Losing Its Grip on Working-Class Republicans

Jennifer Granholm Mocks Bernie's Spokesman

sit and spin

If Clinton doesn't win New York by 70 percent, she's toast!

Bernie's goal tonight: 45.6%

Friend Able to Help Save Suicidal Woman Despite Reaching Out To Police Department In Wrong Country

Tracy Morgan Cancels Mississippi Performance over anti-LGBT legislation

Interested? Please watch for sightings..

If there was any doubt, Chuck on Better Call Saul was revealed as a snake as well as a nut case

Hillary or Bust > Bernie or Bust?

HILLARY CLINTON GROUP: Request for some man-splainin'

Indy Steelworkers Union Endorses Sanders

Persian Cuisine, Fragrant and Rich With Symbolism

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 19, 2016 (Big Apple Edition)

Fake Huff Post article: The Fix Is In: Sanders Supporters in New York See Votes Switched to Hillary

If life gives you lemons.....

This is a 'Picky Post'. Donald's ties.

Here is how Bernie wins the nomination

Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration map for North America 2016

Comparing a couple of exit-poll data points. (New York vs Wisconsin)

Here's an example of the sexism that Hillary regularly deals with

Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration map for North America 2016

Turnout nothing to write home about across the city.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-18-16

Unpacking Gun Violence: Advocacy & Action on Gun Control Policy

Hillary Wants Nuclear Power: 1,000s of Gallons Radioactive Waste Leaking at Hanford, WA Reactor

Fish and Chips, Minus the Fryer

Someone's campaign is becoming a dangerous joke.

New York judge sides with Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders on voter registration rules

72% say Clinton Energized the Party, 64% Say Sanders Did

As understandably angry as some are, let's not demonize Bernie. Hillary will be the nominee!

Unpacking Gun Violence: Advocacy & Action on Gun Control Policy

Before the results in NY roll in I wanted to say

Active vote manipulation happening in New York

German automakers who once laughed off Elon Musk are now starting to worry

The incompetent fuckups in charge of NYC elections got BIG pay raise last year after a secret vote!

An Asian woman and a Jewish guy

“The Old New World”

John Kasich Wishes LGBT People Would Just "Get Over" Discrimination

NEW YORK HOTLINE # for Bernie Sanders campaign

Rash of voting problems reported in NYC and beyond as de Blasio calls for audit

Voted for Bernie about half an hour ago...

Do you want a belly laugh?

Will I get a hide for this?

I live in a small town, like 4000 peeps

Question about donations here.

will California suffer from polling place problems?

I have never cast a ballot with such enthusiasm!

Here's the HRC strategy now.

Cong. Peter King: "I'd take cyanide if Ted Cruz won the nomination"

Why is Clinton having so much difficulty winning the nomination?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Panama Papers: US launches criminal inquiry into tax avoidance claims

Q: HRC + FBI: Why doesn't POTUS clear her? Or demand the investigation end?

Will the vote in NY be considered inconclusive (delayed results)?

I just voted for Bernie Sanders and I don't regret it!

Who's this pretty little girl supporting?

Donald Trump's campaign faces unprecedented rift amid delegate panic

Gov Kasich: Gays should get over it; calm down and pray

New ad:

Trump Campaign Paid A Breitbart Editor For Consulting Work

Every election this happens in Rochester, New York...

Government scraps proposed changes to trade union funding

Democratic Voter Turnout In Erie County Trending High - Near Historic Level

Union Representing Laid-Off Carrier Workers Endorses Bernie Sanders

Corporatist carpetbagger versus Brooklyn born and bred?

Optimistic? Pessimistic?

Union Representing Laid-Off Carrier Workers Endorses Bernie Sanders


Union Representing Laid-Off Carrier Workers Endorses Bernie Sanders

Josh Marshall: Early exits signal a good day for Hillary

Surprise! Author of viral ‘Becoming Anti-Bernie’ piece is corporate lawyer who defends hedge funds

New York Election tracker

Anybody know how many at Bernie's Penn State rally right now?

Surprising exit poll data

Beautiful: Look at this MTP exit poll result

Amy Goodman & Ari Berman: Millions of New Yorkers Were Disenfranchised from the Primaries!

A guide to New York Primary By Region

Jeopardy regulars - spoiler

Frustrated Brooklyn Voters Beg Judges "Nonstop" To Let Them Vote

Reason #864 Why We Need Single Payer (which Hillary opposes)

Curt Schilling defends himself after posting anti-transgender meme

Home and my three weeks of campaigning for Hillary is at an end.

No Jail Time for Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang After Manslaughter Conviction Reduced

Temp workers at small Ohio auto supplier plant join UAW: union

Temp workers at small Ohio auto supplier plant join UAW: union

Temp workers at small Ohio auto supplier plant join UAW: union