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Sikh US Army captain wins right to wear religious beard and turban in uniform

Hard Line on Immigration Resonates Less With Young Republicans, Survey Shows

Oh, Miss

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Brings Down The House With Hilarious Surprise Colbert Appearance

I wasn't sure after the first showing

Fundamentalists Are Serious About Eradicating Homosexuality & Transexuals.

Virginia Flaggers face mixed reviews in Farmville

Maybe it’s time for the ‘Grassley Rule’

Clinton Campaign Bemoans 'Personal Attacks' From Sanders

The Hail Mary of Bernie Sanders:


Just in:Donald Trump saying not ruling out a third party run to, Fox News

On the PBS newshour....

Mike Malloy - Trump Is A One Man Demolition Derby...And A Psychopath

Was extending VAWA worth accepting mass incaceration and more executions?

Second Briton dies in round-the-world yacht race

Oh My Gosh! Obama Largest Recpient of Big Oil Industry Campaign Donations in 2008

Theory on Donald hating on Megyn Kelly

Stop. Rachel Maddow is Not "Basically Fox News," and Dozens of Good Democrats Aren't Corrupt Shills

Has Hillary Clinton apologized to Eva Resnick-Day for going off on her when she

How did it come to this?

Hillary, can we have our 6 Billion Back? I'm sure we could use it to fund schools, veterans, etc

CNN's Anderson Cooper and panel speculating that Donald Trump is higly suggestable. As a dyslexic

Everyone But the Media Saw Trumpism Coming

Politico: Four Clinton Aides Using same lawyer--suggesting they will use same story

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Donald Trump sued over campaign violence

Tim Tebow is the answer at quarterback for the Broncos

Hillary talks of Women in the Military by addressing sexual assault & family. Sanders NOPE. Milwau

Hillary’s Complicity in Colombia’s War on Unions

Obama: Trump Doesn't Know Much About Nuclear Weapons, or the World

Hillary’s Complicity in Colombia’s War on Unions

Yes, it was actually Bernie People (college kids) who heckled Hillary Clinton. There is zero doubt.

HILLARY GROUP: Why Hasn’t Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns? (Or Cruz Or Kasich, Either…)

Is Hillary going to apologize for losing it with that young woman from Greenpeace?

Dan savage reminds us of Sarandon's idiocy of 2000

Wo! Who knew about Wisconsin???

Bernie Sanders’ Bronx Rally Proves the Power of Live Campaigning

Friday Talking Points (385) -- Utter Foolishness

Sanders asks Clinton for an apology as sparring continues over fossil-fuel donations

Itzak Perlman is partially paralyzed from polio.

‘Bernie or Bust’ Is Bonkers

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Throwbacks! Uncensored & Live &

Fossil fuel donations. Hillary 15 100ths of 1% - Sanders 4 100ths of 1% nt

A couple of things that have come front and center.

This is how the Victory Fund money is divided. It does no go to buy delegates.

"The 'Bern' is turning to arson for progressives"

Full Palmieri statement on Sanders' demand for an apology from Clinton: & 3

Check your voter registration!

Michelle Alexander is at it again (now on Chris Hayes): "I never heard of Bernie Sanders."

Top Arkansas Lawyer Helped Hillary Clinton Turn Big Profit (NY Times 1994)

I confessed that I use a fork when eating pizza--I have one more confession.

DC Madam lawyer says if he does nothing for 72 hours

Minnesota's own Steve Sack.

flashback: online Sanders supporters swarm FB page of Dolores Huerta's charity, force

People Power: How Montana Stopped the Biggest Coal Mine in North America

Compton for Bernie

noise level ratcheting up, what do you think will happen at DEFCON 5?

Rick Astley performs tomorrow night (April 2) at Nottingham UK Royal Concert Hall

The Clinton scream.

OMG! Nebraska!

Going apoplectic over Sarandon and trying to hang it around Bernie's neck is a new level of fail

Update on lawsuit petition in Mass. against "Bullhorn Bill"

Anybody heard from Fawke Em?

Snowden says whistleblower exile shouldn't stop others: 'I'm not an unhappy ending'

Native American tribes mobilize against proposed North Dakota oil pipeline

Another 125 Foreign Nationals Illegally Giving to U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Mississippi lawmakers approve religion bill amid gay-rights protests

Politifact: Hillary Did Get Money From the Fossil Fuel Industry

Just for Lounge: A totally gourmet treat

C for Cat

U.S. plans third patrol near disputed South China Sea islands: source

Woman Sends Nude Photo Of Married Mississippi Mayor To City Officials

No, New York City Is Not Hillary Clinton's "Hometown"

U.S. weighs ramping up deployment of special forces to Syria

Bill Clinton's True Legacy: Outsourcer-in-Chief

In celebration of April Fool's Day: Cows with Guns

My iPad has stopped giving notifications.

US drone strike kills key al-Shabab leader in Somalia

Bernie Sanders Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton for Accusing Him of Lying

Obama says 'no doubt' civilians have been killed in drone strikes

Since Hillary supposedly lives in New York, does she know anything abouther "hometown" of Chappaqua?

Ok let's move on from PizzaGate - now here's Christie's M&MGate:

Chicago board halts naming police chief candidates

Bernie raised more than $44M vs $23.5M for Hillary in March.

Before Bernie Sanders, There Was Zeidler, a Religious Socialist

Slate: Sanders campaign is telling the truth about Hillary's fossil fuel money

U.S. task force to look at massive California natural gas leak

Sanders campaign: Clinton owes us an apology for 'lying' remark

U.S. 'concerned' about Israel destroying Palestinian homes: spokeswoman

Greece, a crisis born of neo-liberal madness- Gérard Duménil: Cutting wages and social spending will

Obama: troubled by trends in Turkey against free press, democracy

Murkowski asks AG to review gun rules for marijuana users

The tangled web Hillary has weaved. Big oil & The US-Colombia Trade Pact.

Trump calls abortion "murder..."

"Dilbert's" creator is a total horse's ass.

India furious as China blocks U.N. blacklisting of militant chief

Here’s What Greek Austerity Would Look Like in America

Friday night wine/Not Your Father's Root Beer buzz. Not buzzed enough to solicit risque comments.

Saudi Arabia plans to sell state oil assets to create $2tn wealth fund

LA/Hollywood DUers: is the El Capitan worth the trip.

#BernieSignedIt, Greenpeace & Hillary hasn't signed it

Would you let your toddler represent herself in court?

Former New York deputy secretary of state accused of perjury

It's a Revolution | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders jabs Hillary Clinton on donors

Poll: Clinton Leads Trump in Red State Missouri 42%-40%

“By the time Bill and I left the White House, welfare rolls had dropped 60 percent”

Great Acronym for New School Name.

The latest picture of Rosetta’s comet is truly breathtaking

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 state Democratic Parties.

A Dark Turn For Bernie Sanders's Campaign

Saw this April Fools prank on another message board...

Catcher in performance-enhancing drug report suspended

A Dark Turn for the Sanders Campaign

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

Venezuela’s Right Wing Confesses to 17 years of Political Delinquency: The Amnesty Bill

Potential Vikings site in North America spotted from space

"it's rigged" Morning Joe..

North Carolina Law May Risk Federal Aid.

D.C. Madam's Attorney Says Election Bombshell Already Online

Hamas finally acknowledges holding 4 Israelis, including bodies of 2 soldiers

How long until we see a massive explosion in the "narcissist", "staying relevant" meme?

Wisonsin Voter ID accepted

Justin Vernon to introduce Bernie Sanders at Wisconsin presidential rally

Obama schools Trump on foreign policy without once naming him at press conference

John Bentel, who managed IT security issues for the secretary’s office, may end up being subpoenaed

It's happening again in NY. Hundreds have been deleted or dropped out of vote roll

I'm a Bernie Donor and i want to help with down ticket races. Suggestions?

Clinton once hit Obama for oil, gas donations

Jason Linkins via HuffPo on Superdelegates: "Sanders & his supporters were right in the first place"

Republicans legalize nationwide concealed carry of machine guns

The Koch brothers have put out a web video praising Bernie Sanders

Jane Sanders doll at

"To those who say Bernie Sanders can't're just wrong."

Failure To Get Into Private College To Be Most Financially Responsible Act Of 17-Year-Old’s Life

Boston ordered to revise regulations on taxis, ride-hailing services

Hillary Clinton’s Greek Test

Terence Mckenna - Modern Society

Hillary Clinton Ad Against Hillary Clinton?

Have any of you read this? How to Hack an Election.

and am NOT liking Stephen Colbert.....

Hayes interview with Michelle Alexander - She is national treasure

Will the Arizona Election Fraud be repeated in New York

Another reason Bernie is a mensch - My experience at Bernie's Rally in the Bronx

This Land is Your Land: A Tribute to Bernie Sanders

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, Senator Bernie Sanders & James Madison High School!!

Is Our System of "Democracy" Worth Asking Our Soldiers To Die For?

GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN. "It takes teamwork to make the dream work, and WE are the team." -Nina Turner

Pothole campaigner sprays Surrey street with phallic paintings

Can we just have the season finale of The Walking Dead already?

Sanders suspends campaign!!!

Is Hillary Running Away From Political Reality?

2A: Group or individual right?

Suppress Votes? I’d Rather Lose My Job. J. Sensenbrenner

"Corporate Media Tries to Bury Sanders Before He's Dead" (The Real

NYTimes headline: Trump Zombie candidate: damaged but unstoppable

Things that should not be done in absentia

Ways to reform the caucus process:

Hillary Clinton follows campaign finance law. Bernie Sanders breaks it

Harvard Research Study Declares a Kasich Presidency Only 13% Likely to Usher in the Apocalypse

What is neoliberalism? Several good attempts by various writers to define it.

One more amazing Birdie Sander piece of Art...

For MY health and sanity:

Appeals Court: No stingrays without a warrant, explanation to judge

Michelle Alexander speaking about Bernie....

Why Is Bernie Staying In To The Bitter End No Matter What?

What would it take to reform the democratic party nominating rules?

Sensitivity Training:

Things that should not be done in absinthe

Father accused of fatally shooting son because he was gay

@HowardDean: BS took 50k from oil and gas folks

I have a stupid question

Bernie Sanders Economic Plan - Demand Side Stimulus Leads to 5.3% GDP Growth?

Rosario Dawson Starts #ToneDownForWhat Dance Party!

No, the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton isn't close

Ways to reform presidential primaries

Just checking in Tab ...

Bernie Sanders on the sad state of the republicans

Paul Krugman has Bernie’s back: Denmark has amazing benefits, high tax rates and a thriving economy

I got to thinking about the old military strategy of divide and conquer.

Should Loser BS Get To Speak at the D Convention?

It's not climate change, it's climate catastrophe that is the most important issue of the campaign.

Florida Just Made It Harder For Police To Take People’s Stuff

It's not climate change, it's climate catastrophe that is the most important issue of the campaign.

Clinton aides unite on FBI legal strategy

"People in the fossil fuel industry have contributed $203,885 to Sanders’s campaign,

Berta Caceres Family Highlight Top Prosecutor's Corporate Ties

Hillary Clinton's Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists-- HuffPo

Fossil Fuel Investors Are Pumping Millions of Dollars Into Hillary Clinton's Campaign - Vice News

half-term quitting failin' palin latest word salad speech gets laughed at

Is a Silent Coup in Democratic Disguise Taking Place in Brazil?

WaPo - "The Democrats’ Adult Campaign" - Discussion of *yawn* Tax Policy

BERNIE BACKLASH: I’ve Never Seen Hillary’s Supporters This Fired Up

Sorry but more Word Salad from Palin..yesterday 4-1-2016

OAS chief suggests Peru's elections not fully democratic

Bill Clinton's premeditated voter suppression stunt in MA documented

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 2, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Wyoming Westerns

Is there any way to check daily totals for Bernie's donations?

Trump makes HUGE campaign announcement on Jimmy Kimmel

BlueNationReview = Baghdad Bob's new gig

I ate French Fries with a fork today

Ex-Salvadoran colonel fights extradition in Jesuit killings

Ex-Salvadoran colonel fights extradition in Jesuit killings

A quick primer on US campaign finance law as it stands now

Trump's HUGE campaign announcement on Jimmy Kimmel

Deleted by poster

Here's what happens when women are punished for having abortions

Here's what happens when women are punished for having abortions

Whoopi Goldberg Joins Marijuana Industry With Products for Women

"Cartoon Trump" visits Stephen Colbert

Armenia: Heavy fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh, helicopter hit

Trump's HUGE announcement on Jimmy Kimmel

Nebraska halts production of widely mocked license plate (LOL!!)

Jury: Montana lawmaker coordinated with dark-money groups

You say you want a revolution? Come to Philly on Saturday!

Daily Holidays - April 2

Just got back from an incredibly diverse country... Sweden.

Person of Interest

Bernie Sanders Surprises Stephen Colbert During New York City Campaign Stop

Trade Shapes Wisconsin Primary

Indian appetites are changing the U.S. crop mix

Euphoria And A Hero's Welcome for #BernieInThe Bronx, Mostly Passionate--

Jimmy Kimmel Live' Quizzes People on Fake Donald Trump Quotes

Sanders is winning the battle of ideas

Venezuelan Socialist Mayor Shot Dead in Drive-By Shooting

We regret to inform you that Donald Trump's presidential candidacy is not a hoax!

It’s Been Twenty-Five Years Since Restaurant Workers Got a Raise

Alaska cancels standardized testing after Internet problems

People Get Ready -- for a Robot Economy (w/ John Nichols)

Meet the fossil-fuel loving hedge fund billionaire behind Hillary's surge

Lots of Americans can’t afford diapers, but the White House has a fascinating solution.

El Quemazon ( "The Bern" Corrido for Bernie Sanders) Grupo la Meta

Half of the Abortion Clinics in Ohio Have Closed. And Kasich Is a ‘Moderate’?

Hillary Clinton Just Delivered the Strongest Speech of Her Campaign—and the Media Barely Noticed

Is Hillary Clinton Running Away From Political Reality?

Indonesia threatens to bar DiCaprio over rainforest comments

Panel weighs closing all VA health care — vets' groups raise conflict of interest

Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, London Mayoral, Local Government and PCC elections

The Blue State Model: How the Democrats Created a "Liberalism of the Rich"

Video shows white cops performing roadside cavity search of black man

People here Detroit eat pizzas with forks all of the time and no one thinks twice about it...

Feel the Broken Record

There is a reason why many are still angry at Hillary Clinton.We are not "Bernie Bros"

Nothing's better than making new friends...

I would like to thank Hillary Clinton supporters for setting the bar so high in terms of tone.

Greek gov't reacts to WikiLeaks claims about IMF conversation on Greek bailout

Take a break from all the hate and discontent and watch the Eagles!

Some Differences Between Governor Walker and Myself | Bernie Sanders

Some Differences Between Governor Walker and Myself | Bernie Sanders

Krugman: Sanders campaign needs to stop feeding the right-wing disinformation machine

Sovereign Citizen Freeman Tries Usual BS on Judge. Judge Hysterically Spews it Back

Fatal Kentucky mine accident caused by lack of proper procedures, federal agency says

Clinton camp moving the goalposts again

First Sign of Life in Alaska was a Bumper Sticker...

Three Pinnochios for Bernie

🐦 Justin Vernon to Introduce Bernie Sanders at Eau Claire, Wisconsin Rally - Zorn Arena -April 2

Heavy fighting erupts over separatist Nagorno-Karabakh

Pending, Mississippi law: no sex outside of marriage, women can be forced to wear make up by boss,

Obama Nixed CIA Plan That Could Have Stopped ISIS: Officials

Brazil VP Targeted by Impeachment Petition

Donald Clarke: This atheist dogma is beyond belief

I can't recall being this disinterested in the Final Four

French Minister Disregards Right to Religious Expression

Weekly Address: Securing the World from Nuclear Terrorism

Hillary Supporters: Is Your Candidate Infallible?

<<<*>>> Democracy Spring LIVE ~NOW~ Day 1- April 2 Bernie2016tv <<<*>>>

"Anti-abortion groups grit teeth and brace for Trump" (and embrace him)

Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Leaders Encouraged After Meeting the Pope

Bernie Sanders did not create Hillary's integrity questions

Protesters interrupt Sanders rally

Animal Rights Activists Disrupt Bernie Sanders at Wisconsin Rally

🐦 Caravan to March for Bernie in Waupaca, WI - Decorate your Car - April 2

Should Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley all speak at the Democratic Convention?

So Axl Rose has shaved, taken off the shades, and cut off most of his hair.

Cruz, Walker Embrace As Wisconsin Crowd Goes Silent for Palin

WP gives Sanders three Pinocchios for Fossil Fuel Statements.

Is a Winning Scenario For Sanders Even Possible?

I'll just leave these meme's I found here

Paul LePage locks self in room, refuses to swear in new state senator

Bill Clinton Says His Superdelegate Vote Will Go To Sanders If He Wins Nom

A dark turn for the Sanders campaign--Indeed, Sanders flip-flops on his word & goes

I really miss Melissa Harris-Perry

Next time Hillary wants to jab her finger in someone's face...

Sarah Palin: immigrants ‘seduced’ with ‘teddy bears and soccer balls’

Mexicans are rapists and criminals in search of soccer balls and gift baskets.

Make America Grate

So... What's an "unbound" repub delegate worth on the open market?

Dems mock Trump, GOP with April Fools transcript of secret meeting:

Does anyone still doubt that the integrity of our elections has been compromised?

It is NOT dirty fossil fuel money.

Bernie has also received oil money, he is also a millionaire with 2 homes and Wall Street portfolios

Hilarious review of "God's Not Dead 2"

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Florida Derby Free Brisnet PP's

Computers down for hours for people in line for early voting......

Names of Foreign Nationals Illegally Funding Bernie 2016 Posted on April 2, 2016

As Sanders supporters, do you find the Supreme Court appointment rhetoric compelling?

You're miserable & your life sucks.....

Police general becomes Vietnam's new president

The American Middle Class is the Backbone of America

Childhood home of Jeffrey Dahmer available for rent during Republican Convention @ $10,000/mo

Madison Wisconsin Badgers for Hillary organizing event with Cecile Richards

De Blasio: Bernie’s Attacks on Hillary’s Climate Change Record Are ‘Flat-Out False’

Bernie’s Insular Campaign

A Warning to the Establishment

1 million Americans will stop receiving food stamps

Bernie Sanders just confirmed every negative thing I’ve ever written about him

Dillan’s Path Autism Acceptance Month

Will the "sexist" charge lose as much sting as the "socialist" one? (In the political realm.)

Hillary's super delegate number is not going to go up....

I should know better then to poke

Hillary will come out of the primary stronger by a long drawn out primary.

Hillary Group working overtime

My 85 year old mother is no longer...........

Kolkata flyover disaster: building firm staff face charges as death toll rises

Bull breaks loose in NYC, rescued by Jon Stewart

U.S. plans third patrol near disputed South China Sea islands: source

Countdown to the Cruz Implosion

Calling Out Chuck Todd: Hillary spent more in New Hampshire than Bernie

Trump will have to come up with a different design for his border wall


The GOP rigged the House: Even a massive Donald Trump defeat wouldn’t give Democrats control

good news! my neurologist is giving me a referral for laser treatment of my pain...

RNC official: Republican voters should be aware that it's Republican policy to steal elections

Contested Democratic Convention of 1932

=*= #DemocracySpring Live Stream #Philadelphia =*=

South China Sea Arsenal: These are the Chinese weapons deployed on disputed islands (Pop. Sci.)

The FBI asked the US State Department to stop investigating Hillary Clinton's emails

Thread for Chicago Bulls fans to express thanks to Boston Celtics fans!

Palmyra: 'Mass grave' in recaptured Syrian city

506 superdelegates have made their support for

Why Do the Voters Rage?

Brussels attacks: Belgium charges third man over Paris plot

Question about "maple syrup"

We got a dandy in GD...

Lecture du jour: Fellow Berners could we please not

Planet with triple-star system found

Growth is Useless Without Equal Economic Distribution

The defenders of our "clean" election system are contradicting Clinton's own words

Rebecca Bradley ad + can we get rid of the rightwinger election ads

"And it's rude, if it's crude"

WaPo is a corporate propaganda mill...

U.S. Officially Locked Into Another Middle East War

"And it's rude, if it's crude"

Record low unemployment rates in Eastern Oregon

Quilted Northern Rustic Weave | Artisanal Toilet Paper

"We Need to Electrify As Much Transportation As We Can"

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi sends signed Argentina shirts to Barack Obama's daughters

There is something I really don't understand about pornography.

John Kasich to seniors who want to keep their Social Security: “get over it”

April Fools’ Day Is ‘Inconsistent with Core Socialist Values,’ Chinese News Agency Says

Incidents reported at 13 other refuges during Oregon occupation

Does anyone know....

the Bernie mural will be painted in Brooklyn

“FBI investigating Hillary Clinton” is the biggest yellow journalism lie since Spanish-American War

Hillary Clinton didn’t break the law

A Quick Dip Into the Deep, Well-funded Dark Money of Hillary's SuperPACs

Court upholds order to relocate UT Confederate statue (TX)

Robert Reich: Here’s why mainstream media marginalizes Bernie Sanders

Looking for book suggestions about Muslim culture

End Political Corruption

Mississippi state senator tries to revive bill to alter flag

End Political Corruption

Hillary Clinton Thinks $150,000 from Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Is "Not Very Much"

The Disappearance of Hillary Clinton's Healthcare Platform

Trump and the white supremacists

Trump Is Now Facing Criminal Charges For Bribing Carson For Endorsement

Hillary Clinton rakes in money from fossil fuel interests

Bolstered by Polls, Fundraising Haul, Sanders Surges Forward into Wis. Primary

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi sends signed Argentina shirts to Barack Obama's daughters

Protesters sue Trump for inciting violence at Louisville rally

Let's talk about privilege - being actively investigated by the FBI...

Can't U.S. Attorney General Lynch restore the full Voting Rights Act *now* with this SCOTUS?

Study finds marijuana not "safer" than alcohol

You can tell it's spring in Western New York...

Do you think Hillary tells these guys to "cut it out" too?

If Trump finally implodes, and Cruz does the same if he is revealed as

US elections head used political ties, then curbed voting

All of Sudden Mr TO95P and I Have a New Polling Place

Send this to all your relatives over 50

Meet the Environmental Activist Who Called Out Hillary Clinton | TYT Politics

Bernie Sanders: THREE Pinocchios

Bernie is Hustling the Democratic Party

What if the GOP installed Kasich? How would that affect your feelings about nominating Hillary?

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 2, 2016

Bernie on the front page of the NY Daily News today!

Over 250,000 people have voted early or requested absentee ballots, that's up 150% over 2012

Autism and vaccines: why telling every side of a scientific story is rarely fair

About 0.15 percent of Clinton’s campaign and outside PAC money is from the ‘oil and gas industry.’

Why is our election season so long?

Lena Dunham interviewed HRC

Polluters Paradise: How 'investor rights' in trade deals sabotage the fight for energy transition

"Catastrophic Climate Crisis" When will we finally have a real discussion

Trevor Noah: ‘It’s easier to be an angry white man than an angry black man’

Do you realize?

Fossil fuels - Sanders 4 100ths of 1%, Clinton 15 100ths of 1% of total donations.

Bernie on front page of NY Daily News, and a bad look for Hillary too...

Extended interview with Michelle Alexander

Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules

Bernie on the front page of the NY Daily News today!

A Message from a Hillary Clinton Supporter to a Bernie Sanders Supporter (Hillary Group)

Can Obama Legally Appoint A Justice When Congress Is In Recess?

India temple ruling: Protesters block entry to women

Sydney is Feeling the Bern! We've been phonebanking for a few hours!

I think Hillary is owed an apology by Bernie personally

#ApologizeForWhat is trending on Twitter. N/T

No snow, no hares: Climate change pushes emblematic species north

Atmospheric nitrogen leads to loss of plant diversity in sites across US

Clinton’s Close Ties to the Oil, Coal and Gas Industry-Press Release

Study: Efforts to curtail world temps will almost surely fail

People Lined Up Outside of UWEC in a Practical Blizzard Today to see Sanders

Brian Fallon says the HRC campaign offered the 4, 14, and the 15th of April for debate. HRC ROOM

Bernie Sanders Does His Own Laundry (and Grocery Shopping): Inside the Family Life of the Down-to-Ea

Woke up. Got coffee. Saw it was attack Bernie day.

Romney's Gang Gets Facebook to Bojo Laser Haas

Autism Acceptance Month - Dillan's Voice

Looks like some of Hillary's biggest donors are in trouble...

Media Corruption Admitted After Trump Asked Real Questions

Weekend Bernie Group Toon Roundup

=*= LIVE Streams @ NOW Bernie Eau Claire WI Rally Zorn Arena 4-2-16 =*=

I think this sums up the last day or so...

Krugman Triples Down on His Smear of Friedman & Bernie: Krugman's Behavior Disgraceful & Shameful

Politifact: ""NAFTA, supported by the Secretary (Clinton), cost us 800,000 jobs nationwide." FALSE

NPR and CBS do their best to cover for Clinton on fossil fuel money.

The fall of Trump.

Figure Skating: Ladies' World Championships tonight.

The Media is finally getting it! MSNBC coverage of Bernie Sanders from the Bronx

What is Hillary angry about?

If Fossil Fuel Industry has no influence on Clinton, WHY NOT just take the Greenpeace pledge?


Meet Julaine Appling. She's endorsing Cruz, and would like to send married gay couples to jail.

Cartoons: Trump; Cruz

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Rabble Rouser

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

10 Nightmarish Scenarios You Can Count On Happening If Republicans Win In November

Public Citizen: NAFTA at 20: A Million Jobs Lost

Sen. Sanders breaks New Ground in Fundraising, 44 Million March Donation

Good read: Rachel Maddow Show: analysis of Hillary in the pocket of big oil...uh no!

"Let me put it another way: this is not an election."

Virtual Tour: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Clinton campaign accuses Sanders of rejecting NY debates, says they offered three possible dates

Clinton's Senate voting record on oil and gas issues.

I emailed the Science channel this morning -

HRC and Big Oil...let's keep talking, shall we?

Last night I drank some mint tea. An hour later I was yodelling in the porcelain throne.

American Roads Are So Terrible Computer Software In Self-Driving Cars Can’t Even Find The Lanes

Q: Would ANOTHER Clinton Presidency be "2 for the price of 1"?

LA man accused of killing son because he was gay

Oliver Stone: Hillary Has Closed the Door on Peace:

3 Hour Binaural Beats Focus: Studying Music to remain Focused and Improve Concentration & Memory

What, exactly did Bernie think would happen when his campaign ramped up negative attacks on Hillary?

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Right Now

Can Capitalism Thrive Without Free Goodies From Government?

These Atheists Saw God’s Not Dead 2 So You Don’t Have To

Could I get 3 more recs for this GDP post?

Want to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground? Stop These Trade Deals

Marvin would have been 77 today

Is this cartoon gif from a popular tv series considered pornographic?

Saudi Arabia Arms Sales Not Due to Hillary Clinton

Sanders and Clinton camps in talks for New York debate

In reality, Donald Trump exposed Cruz, Kasich, and the GOP with his abortion response.

Is this the ultimate in pandering for Hillary?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) : How to Recognize a Narcissist

Hard choices: Hillary Clinton admits role in Honduran coup aftermath

So Hillary picked a date for debate. Problem is:.

Top UN Advisor: HRC's Compulsive Misrepresentation Makes Her Unfit to be President:

listening to Hillary's AIPAC speech

Want to know just how many priests are involved in the RCC child-rape conspiracy?

Palin says illegal immigrants who come across Mexican border get "gift baskets with soccer balls"

Carry on my friends. I am going to go see HILLARY..

Palin: We "induce & seduce" illegal immigrants with "gift basket(s) of teddy bears & soccer balls"

Bernie's #1 Priority: To get NY Dems to see him as someone who will kick Donald Trump's butt!

WAPO: How A Clinton Super PAC Plans To Coordinate With Hillary Clinton's Campaign...

William Black, author of "Best way to rob a bank is to own one" talks about deliberate fraud on Wall

Oil Industry quid pro quo?

Hillary Clinton: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Study: Longer maternity leave linked to better infant health

Rihanna, Shonda Rhimes, Clinton Appear at Black Girls Rock!

Visiting Boulder in the Fall...maybe

"It humanized her"

Jon Stewart for next Debate Moderator

Why Is The DNC Failing So Hard At Addressing Voter Suppression?

Bernie's Claim That HILLARY Is In The Pocket Of Big Oil... It's FALSE!

Saudi Arabia Arms Sales Not Due to Hillary Clinton

Bernie supporters swarming my neighborhood today.

We'll Never Know: 20 Legitimate Questions the American Media Refuses to Ask Bernie Sanders

Doctors applaud end of Tennessee's fetal assault law

Islamic State planted thousands of mines in Palmyra: Syrian army

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 2, 2016

FACT CHECK: Sanders' prevarications about Clinton earn him 3 pinocchios

Good God in Butter .... I just saw a clip of Caribou Barbie from last night in WI

Tiki Gods

Powderpuff yourself

FINALLY! Found an actual NEGATIVE Sanders ad!

7,145,011 Voters

Greenpeace Tells Thom - Here Are Hillary's Connections to Oil & Gas...

Has anyone checked out Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All calculator?

About Those Super Delegates : How Hillary Clinton Bought The Loyalty Of 33 State Dem Parties...

Former Governor Jim Doyle backing Hillary Clinton (AUDIO)

If nobody gets 270 Votes

Bernie has now outraised Clinton overall for this election cycle, according to the March FEC report

The Sanders late surge trend privately confirmed by the Clinton campaign!

Public college, $15 per hour, environment, a better chance for peace

Just posted an analysis thread about Supedelegates in GD-P

Sincere question: how do you know if a persistent poster is a paid shill?

Bernie broke his pledge to Greenpeace by taking money from oil and gas industry?

Has the Bernie campaign been hammering the Clinton

Sure, Canada, okay, but can your guy do THIS?

What he REALLY meant to say.....

Aonther Pro Bern MSM site comes down hard on Bern

Hillary weasels on New York debate

The Week End Economists hit the Yard Sales. Apr 02-03, 2016.

🐦 Car Painting for Wisconsin Primary - Show Your Spirit April 3

Donna Edwards runs hard for the Senate in a race called the

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Says Bernie Sanders 'Rejected' New York Debate Dates

That post about the Democratic Primaries on Facebook?

Why isn't Sanders raising money for downticket Dems?

🐦 Join Bernie Sanders for a Town Hall in Wausau, Wisconsin April 3

Video shows white police officers carrying out illegal humiliating roadside cavity search

All agree his sentence was too harsh, but he may still stay locked up forever

🐦 Bernie Rally in Madison - Leisure Cruise with Dave Hodge, Best Coast and Space Raft on 4/3

Obama to give speech in Chicago on Supreme Court vacancy dispute

5th 10 min snow storm in Beloit today.

The NC legislators should show us their genitalia before they can use the restrooms.

India Is Pissed About the US Now Charging More Money for Guest Worker Visas

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

Runaway bull caught at NYC college, then saved by Jon Stewart

Hillary's "We came, we saw, he died!" versus Bernie's "Pie In the Sky." Which to choose?

Ok boys and girls, the next Clinton smear on Sanders will be this...

March For Bernie NYC April 16, 2016–we are gonna win NY!

"If She Wins We Lose!" Clinton Frustration Grows As Primary race drags On!

Why tens of thousands of America’s poorest people just lost their food stamps

"Oil and gas interest" - from employees

Tracing Bernie Sanders' roots in Israel - what did we find? ~CNN

How the 2000 Election in Florida Led to a New Wave of Voter Disenfranchisement.

Just received this postcard from Martin O'Malley

Minnesota moves closer to planning for Real ID

Yeah, they are both into big oil

Greece demands IMF explanation over leaked debt transcript

South Africans protesting along class/race lines against corruption

Can't Wait For Tuesday!

Saturday, April 2nd. The Weekend Edition of Wiliam Shakespeare's Thought for The Day:

White House intruder quickly caught after scaling fence: Secret Service

Bernie & down ticket Dems. I'm going to break your kitchen sink on this artful smear as well.

Hillary, the Banksters Committed ‘Fraud,’ Not ‘Shenanigans’ (by William K Black)

I'm going to need support. Trying to break another kitchen sink.

If she told the bankers to "cut it out!!!", release the fucking speech .

The results are in: gay marriages least likely to end in divorce!

Update on the Bernie Mural to be painted in Brooklyn where it has stopped raining

Five Thirty Eight has flipped Wisconsin back to Clinton

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 3 - Paulette Goddard

ESPN does it again ...

What Speech Patterns Say About the Presidential Candidates

So It Looks Like The Hillary Folk Are Now Going After Bernie Because He's Jewish....

Can Sanders Win the Nomination? Only in a Parallel Universe

From her SOS gig to all her speeches to GS, everything Hillary does is shrouded in secrecy.

The city of Natchez would like to secede from Mississippi and become part of Louisiana

Can Sanders Win the Nomination? Only in a Parallel Universe

What Speech Patterns Say About the Presidential Candidates

TCM Schedule for Monday April 4 - The Best of the Barrymores

Become a Delegate or Vote for One: California Caucus is 5/1/16; Last Day to Signup is 4/13/16

You left us too soon, Marvin

"Former Secretary of State Clinton grudgingly admits her Iraq War vote was a 'mistake', but it was

Ole Miss Installs New Plaque on Confederate Statue

If you missed the Trumo Tweety Town Hall

Researchers Celebrate First Live Encounter With Sumatran Rhino in Borneo for 40+ Years

Police cats might soon be a thing thanks to this little girl’s convincing letter

Sanders and Trump Have One Thing in Common: They hate the media.

Allan Lichtman on the keys so far

The anti-trans law in NC is even worse than you think.

Mountain bikers beware: Marin rangers to use radar guns

The Lazarus Phenomenon, Explained: Why Sometimes, the Deceased Are Not Dead, Yet

I can't see how a 14-month old needs this much dental work and would be put under for it

Asher Edelman: Sanders best for the economy

9/11: What would Trump do?

Bernie delegates are getting arrested in Nevada - Unbelievable !

IPSOS-REID NAT'L POLL -Clinton 55% Sanders 41%

Sunday Talk Shows with Bernie

That brings me back

The White Media Defends Racist Reporter Wendy Bell - well worth watching

So my bunnies, Oreo and Snickerdoodle, moved into their new digs yesterday

Clinton's super PACs

No, Social Media Warriors. Bernie Sanders Did Not Get $23M In 'Illegal Contributions'

TRAGIC Attempt at Getting Supporters Enthused

Sarah Palin Didn’t Do Very Well Stumping For Donald Trump In Wisconsin

Bernie's biggest problem: Only 5 caucus states left with only 106 total delegates.

Loras Wisconsin Poll just released - 47 Clinton to 41 Sanders

This is getting to be a fun little trend with Sanders

Tim Black: The Real Reasons Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Not Vote For Hillary Clinton

These Corporations Have Raped the Land & Robbed the People...

Here's a release on that 47-41 Wisconsin Poll for Clinton

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Neither snow, nor wind, nor more snow can stop the Bernin' Love in Waupaca

Bill seeks warning labels on Illinois medical pot products

Donald Trump’s domination is teaching us one thing: we’ll miss Obama

This whole "down ticket" distraction

Bernie's calm:"did you support the Minutemen?" BS: "OF COURSE NOT!" factcheckers don't agree with BS

More Bernie Pics

Lawn question, maybe you can help.

This Is What Happened When My Mom Ran My Tinder for a Month

Salem's bad week

Orwell rolls in his grave (part 9)

Hillary Clinton supporters rally in Eau Claire

Money Out of Politics & Free and Fair Elections

Just HOW MANY "ASSETS" are OWNED by GE, anyway?

Venezuela to cut energy output if key dam falls to critical low

BREAKING: GUCIFER, The Hacker who hacked Hillary's private server is in US Custody

The reasoon why Bernie should not have to raise money for down ticket Dems.

Voters Keep Investing in Sanders' Revolution, Making Clinton Nervous

More of a vent

Foreign Fighters Are Evading Europe's Security Net

2016 Campaign Summary. . .

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day

When Fragile becomes Friable: Endemic Control Fraud as a Cause of Economic Stagnation and Collapse

Rare, Poignant Photos of Frida Kahlo During the Last Years of Her Life

Tat Boy headed to Denver and the Elway Bronco's, per ESPN ticker.

Hey Wisconsin people, what are your observations?

"Lo and behold": Do you ever use this expression ? Inquiring minds want to know!

Clinton and fundraising for the DNC

Update on the Bernie Mural being painted in Brooklyn

Ever since they legalized gay marriage I've been seeing a lot more of these stickers ...

Trump Supporters Paint Over Memorial Dedicated To 22yo Omega Psi Phi Law Student Who Lost His Life

My first boss that quit the industry to be an artist is having an exhibit in NYC

Bill Clinton Draws 650 people in Appleton, WI

Hillary Just Hosted March Fundraiser W/ NRA Lobbyist:

If you like American folk songs and fingerpicking, check out this blog by Elijah Wald.

White City: The New Urban Blight Is Rich People

LOL! Repugs around my neighborhood visably sick of tRump and the other morons on their ticket.

Free Hugs at a Trump rally vs Bernie rallies

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Spiral Stakes

If ONLY more people had heeded Yoda's words of wisdom...sigh

Paper I just posted in 'Good Reads' on 'Control Fraud' may be interesting to folks here

Yet another magnet stolen

Why Jonathan Chait Is Wrong About Marxism, Liberalism and Free Speech

Am I crazy for thinking that with the current state of the race, that Bernie has a reasonable

re: the Bernie Mural - it'll be on the (I think NE) corner

Bill C-51 anti-terror arrests without a crime concern legal experts

On his 74th birthday, howzabout a couple o' numbers from LEON?

How Hillary bought state Democratic Party structures, Margot Kidder

Deconstructing odd food combinations

well after getting hidden yet again someone linked me here

I just made myself a whiskey sour. With 10 year old single malt Bushmills.

Bezos Rocket Launches, Lands for Third Time

Hillary Clinton's State Department Oil Services

No No No. That's "Fat Boy Headed for Bench"

Release the Kraken


Cruz won case that challenged his eligibility

"..Clinton campaign in Nevada is trying to remove the fair and balanced credentials committee so she

"The Sanders campaign needs to stop using the New York primary as a playground for political games"

I'm going to see President Clinton (the 1st one) tomorrow!

Generation Anthropocene: How humans have altered the planet for ever

Cheshire (CT) WWII veteran gets overdue medals

#ApologizeForWhat Trending on Twitter

Word is Sanders is ahead at the Nevada Clark County Convention...

Miami fugitive on run for 20 years found in Nicaragua

Miami fugitive on run for 20 years found in Nicaragua

White House Accused Of Censoring Hollande Saying ‘Islamist Terror’

Big loss for the D-Backs: outfielder A.J. Pollock out for most the season

The Chamber of Commerce Confident About Hillary

Syria Cease-Fire At Risk As Heavy Fighting Erupts

Hundreds rally for Bernie Sanders in Red Bank (pics)

North Miami-Dade father beat his fussy baby daughter to death, police say

Video: Turkish Dictator's Guards Attack Protesters in Washington DC.

Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Florida Derby

Crank it! The Imperial March done by Epica live!

Whoopi Goldberg’s weed products are proof of the ‘branding of the bud’

Bernie just won Nevada!

Just finished 1st day canvassing Dems in PA.

A Dozen Freedoms Single-Payer Universal Healthcare Will Destroy

Unemployment Report Shows Signs of Life in Labor Participation Rate

The World May Have Too Much Food

Bernie Wins Nevada !???!

Hey, I just downloaded some new apps!

Liz Warren on Dem Candidates and Drumpf

It's that time again: