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Most NY Brd of Elections staff there because of political connections."Man Behind the Curtains"

All this blah blah before polls close amounts to attempted voter suppression.

Hillary's Goal Tonight: 87.3 Percent

Smokey.... well.

I am so sick of TV talking heads calling Kasich a "moderate!"

Please sign this petition

Thomas Frank: It's Clinton Who Wrecked the Democratic Party

Nominating A Candidate Under FBI Investigation Is An Incredibly Risky Gamble

What happened in NY with the widespread voter disenfranchisement?

David Wassermann of 538 explains a primary "knockout blow"

"Front-runner Hillary Clinton Hasn't Won a State Since March 22", Rachel Maddow just now, MSNBC.

Noam Chomsky Defends WikiLeaks and Declassifying Information-"Assange should be given a medal"

Fun inspirational signs in my town

Can I just say how excited I am? Tonight should be our night!

No matter whom we support, I think we can agree on one thing

First on CNN: Republicans shouldn't skip party convention, Ryan says

Gotta love how much the media needs a horserace to keep ratings up

Mario Batali’s Spicy Shrimp Sauté

David Wasserman of 538 on the unending Democratic Primary

Hillary can't lose for winning...

Just a thought from an observer

Is this the message being delivered to voters across the country ~ We don't want your vote?

And just because I know I'm not the only one...

A black man in the white house???? Goodness!!!

Lada Gaga...Proud to be a New Yorker and to support @HillaryClinton!

Lada Gaga...Proud to be a New Yorker and to support @HillaryClinton!

Sanders is going to lose New York because...

Interesting exit poll from CBS.

So NYers - how has turnout been?

This is why I want to crush them!

anyone know when tyt coverage starts?

MSNBC can't decide what to think about Trump.

WATCH: Sick Young Woman Wants to See Parents Prosecuted For Choosing Prayer Over Medicine

WOO HOO - Can us Bern'rs possibly Win NY

Sales tax on many items, even food is taxed.

Looks like Corey's feelings were hurt.

So how soon after the polls close

Twilight Zone

African American Activists Refuse to be hushed by the Clintons. Respond with this video.

Shot And Left Helpless On The Street kitty rescue by Stela Stoyanova SOFIA, Bulgaria

Anyone care to make a prediction?

What percentage of votes will

Democratic turnout estimated at 37% vs 40% in 2008

'Money has corrupted our government' - Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Founders Arrested

Pope jets to NYC - turned away at Bronx polling place.

Snopes reports HOAX: report of vote switches from Sanders to Clinton is FALSE.

Over Three Million New Yorkers Can't Vote

The yin and yang of Cruz and Kasich

Ex-NYPD officer gets no jail time in shooting death

Tonight ends Bernie's "win streak" and likely begins a win streak for Hillary.

Claim that some of Sanders votes changed to Clinton Votes is proved false by Snopes.

NY Exit Polling: 83% Say Bernie Is Honest & Trustworthy

A perennial favorite

Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit.

ABC News NY exit poll: Who inspires you about the future of the country? Clinton: 52%, Sanders: 47%

Sludge Report predicts 61% win for Trump.

Yuge NEWS out of Indiana (and remember the POTUS that passed NAFTA)

It is 8 mins before the polls close...

Sanders Outspends Clinton 2-to-1 in New York Ads

Makana feels the Bern!!!! Fire Is Ours

Awesome Bernie Posters made with HOPE Poster iPhone App

I apologize before hand if you think I'm shooting a conspiracy.

Hillary Using Speaking Fees to Finance Her Campaign?!

Mike Malloy - Clinton Rips Sanders on Sandy Hook But Sold Guns Like Crazy

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Rain Rain Go Away! & Uncensored & Live & a

Too close to call or too early?

Called for Trump. No call for Dems. NBC News..

52-48 Clinton acc to CNN

CNN: 52% HRC / 48% Bernie Exit Poll!!!

CNN exit polls: Hillary 52 - Sanders 48

CNN Exit Polls: Hillary 52%, Bernie 48%. Wow it is really close.

CNN EXIT POLLS 52-48 for Hillary!


HRC wins NY Primary per several network calls(HRC kicking ass in NYC)

The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World

Donald the Demagogue

Ted Cruz Asks Central Park Hansom Cab Driver How Much It Costs To Whip Horse For An Hour

It Has Begun!!!

Hillary has 82 percent of the vote so far

nyt calls ny for trump

Field results: Clinton 61, Sanders 41 - 10 % counted

21 rare MUST SEE historical photographs. (GREAT photos!)

Breaking: Hillary's campaign manager spotted!!!

If you plan to watch the NY returns on MSNBC, beware. Matthews is apparently off his meds.

ACLU Attorney says ruling supports NC lawsuit against HB2

So far it's 62-38 Hillary!

Empire State Bldg lit red, white & blue now. Will change colors when @CNN projects winners

I need a link to live coverage.

NYT calls NY for Trump


Bernie Sucks!

It's amazing. If you look at the numbers, Trump has about 5500 votes.

Results on coming in

A few links for results:

Does anyone have the Guardian link for the election results.

Schoharie County- Upstate NY

What happens to Hillary's party if she doesn't win tonight?

Hillary is winning all 5 boroughs.

First we take Manhattan.

Hillary is leading Brooklyn 59% to 41% thus far.

Video. Found this in the Bernie group.

CNN exit polls are crap and not matching returns.

Clinton +19, 50% reporting...

The US government conduct in regard to the 28 pages is outrageous

The Green Papers (Current Delegate Count)

FOX news gets schooled....

Fasten your seat belts, dears!

Hillary Clinton beating benchmarks everywhere.

Tacoma methanol project canceled

Clinton has 100,000 votes more than Bernie, currently, and 215,000 more votes than Trump

30% reporting: Clinton 61.1% Sanders 28.9%

Turn off your TV. Trump spewing.

The Exit Polls Showed A Four Percent Difference Between Bernie & Hillary in N.Y.

So how is the state able to report Democratic results Twice as fast as Republican votes?

Will CNN Report Provisional Ballots?

Sanders Braintrust Diagraming Comeback Victory Strategy After New York

Time to break out the "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Bernie" bumper stickers

Walking Dead trivia.

No dementia for president, please: Washington Post opinion / Garrison Keillor

Are Robins big like pigeons?

Oh Democrats, what have you done?

Mike Malloy - Transgender Bathroom Hysteria

Hold up everybody

Boom! There it is! Called for Hillary!

Trump's victory speech is a word salad on par with Sarah Palin.

Hillary wins New York

Yes she DID!

Hillary wins!!


Together, We Did It Again:’ Hillary Clinton Wins New York Democratic Primary

MSNBC calling it for Clinton!

MSNBC projects Clinton has won at over 10%...

Trump talking, HRC WINS!!!!! SHE HAS IT!!!!

NBC calls it for HILLARY!!!!

NBC calls Hillary the projected winner!

Fox predicts Clinton win in NY!

I think that if we've learned one thing tonight, it's that New Yorkers do not like Ted Cruz. At all.

Well, crap. So much for pulling a Michigan.

Fox News call NY for CLINTON

Benchmark calling Clinton Win: 57 - 43 %, gain + 49 delegates

How sweet it is!

Hillary wins New York in a LANDSLIDE!

WOO HOO!!! If she can make it there, she can make it anywhere!!!

Congratulations Hillary for winning NY and Bernie for running a spirited race

Don't let them fool you - ReTHUGs and their hacks are perfectly

To our New York friends, this is for you:

So, about that CNN Exit Poll...

Call it, Skinner. nt

CNN predicts Hillary.

So tempting to gloat-Let's be gracious winners

9:45pm EST: NYTimes' live model currently predicts...

Those 28 pages

CNN is one of the few organizations in the world

See you around, friends.

Nation’s Racists Suddenly Warming Up to New York comments Andy Borowitz

THEY cheated. Am I right?

Still early, but did the Exit Pollster ask the voters if they voted Provisional Ballot?

I am surprised that Clinton Network News waited...

Can I get a "Hill, yes!" From the congregation? N/t

Get ready...

Congratulations to the Hillary supporters out there on winning New York

Exit polls overweighted Buffalo.- Bad night for CNN

To Bernie Supporters: The work goes on, the cause endures

Clinton may net +49 delegates

The Five Boroughs Beatdown

Congrats to the best qualified and most inspirational candidate, Hillary Clinton!!

To those refreshing the bbc feed...

These numbers are completely stuck (within a point)

WOW. Sanders loses in his home state? This thing is over.

60 to 40 with 47% counted

How awesome is that party in NYC going to be tonight! (CLINTON)

Yes! Clinton took my Election District 73-27...

BREAKING! Massive tectonic plate disturbance on the East Coast!

Mr. Fish Weighs in:

This may be anecdotal, but among my millennial friends, SNL had a big influence on changing minds

Congratulations Hillary Clinton and Thank You.....

Sanders campaign, New York officials cry foul after New York voters report issues

Clinton spent $3.93 million to Sanders $6.64 million in New York

NPR: After More Than 100,000 Voters Dropped In Brooklyn, City Officials Call For Action

About those YUGE rallies... Did the rally attendees vote?


How every NYC Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic Primary

Trump is dominating on Staten Island, Queens. Wow.

Another One Bites the Dust!

Tonight's polll: Why New York doesn't count

YES!!! TPP, Fracking, War...

Thank you New York from this native of Brooklyn!!

Clinton win = President Trump...sad day.

Observation: Nassau County hasn't reported in yet...

CNN: Sanders leaving the campaign trail tomorrow...

Criminal charges coming Wednesday in Flint water crisis

Criminal charges coming Wednesday in Flint water crisis

Anyone else head to the refrigerator a few minutes ago?

Think about it...

One Step Closer To ''Mme President''

Bernie ahead in 24 NY counties to Hillary's 11

On Earth Day, Commit to the Great Turning

Remind me: how big were those Sanders rallies in NYC?

@HillaryClinton doing well in Deep South Bronx! #HillYes

I predicted a close to 60% win yesterday.

Phonebanked the last few nights and this afternoon, then volunteered at our local food bank......

When "Sanders predicts 'major victory' in NY" he does it to get your money

The Myth That Logging Prevents Forest Fires

Please help me with some geography

You do know that Bernie could still win more delegates in NY

Get off DU, have a beer or two and come back tomorrow.

President Obama

As a Sandernista, I'm a little heartbroken. As a Democrat, I'm a little relieved.

Huh, looks like calling Hillary Clinton an unqualified, corrupt corporate whore

CNN just reported that Hillary is most likely NOT

Wonder why Nassau County is not reporting yet.


my God!

While I still can...Bernie or Bust!!

Maddow asks the question

Who is this lovely lady?

Bernie is doing better than Obama did in NY.

Hillary can only win in the South!

Does anyone know if there are major vote....


Yes! Bernie's Los Angeles Office Opens Tomorrow!

I think the final result will be more like 55%-45%


Let the excuses and CTs begin!

NYT Interactive "How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic Primary"

How does this work exactly?

Bernie Sanders is flying to Vermont to consult with his advisors; back to PA soon! (eom)

Hillary victory speech

Hillary about to give her speech!

Look at the Clintons all together in NYC!

Go check out Bernieworld-They are saying that Bernie will

Very loud, boisterous crowd for Hillary

"Fighting for Us" now.

Bernie isn't doing nearly as well as he would need to do upstate NY

Hillary Clinton: "There's No Place Like Home"...

So Hillary versus Trump

Today and yesterday she is really on the it unite's us theme.

The rich won in NY tonight.


HRC won 61% of the female vote per exit polls...

I got Brooklyn wrong. My area went to Sanders but Hillary won the trendy areas big.

Other than revoke "Obamacare" vs Improve the ACA, what will be the issues between Clinton V Trump?

The Latest: Death toll rises to 507 from Ecuador earthquake

9 of the 12 most populous states have voted

The Latest: Death toll rises to 507 from Ecuador earthquake

We have to accept, We are fundamentally different. And there is Division in Party.

Hillary won more votes tonight than the 7 elections Bernie won, combined

Time To Break Out The Checkbook & Make Another Donation To Bernie.....

To our volunteers, organizers, and supporters who worked your hearts out in New York: This is your w

Bernie Sanders IS NOT going away.

A story MSNBC is not telling...

Why are the Hillary supporters sore winners?

Looks like Hillary may win every or almost every Manhattan neighborhood. N/t

Has reality sunk in for Bernie supporters?

And now a message from Ozzie on behalf of we Berniebros and BernieSistahs

Colorado School District Arms Security Guards With Rifles

Don't forget: Clinton will get a boost when Nassau County reports

Big rallies don't mean shit if you can't get people to the polls!

If its not over, it's all but over. However, while I can still say this here:

Have you seen the map?

Right wing fetus worshipping at its finest...

Let's take a moment to give appreciation to Autumn, a Sanders group mod

Bolivian Ministers Ask US to Not Interfere in Internal Affairs

Should you....

Look at these vote totals out of NY City

A thought (for Bernie group only)

I think Bernie did an excellent job in New York!

So Hillary will help women make a few hundred thousand $ speaking to Wall St with equal pay?

I'd say we just saw our first General Election speech.

Right now green papers is predicting only a +28 delegate gain for Clinton

Map of NY showing Clinton vs. Sanders by regions - looks like $$$ went for HRC

Bernie's left nat'l press behind. Landing in VT

Ever been in a football game where you were getting your ass kicked? I mean especially if you

It is great to see Dinkins on his feet again and looking well


Congratulations to Secretary Clinton on a solid win tonight.

Retailer Target says transgender people can use bathroom of their choice

Did early voting in Maryland today

Clinton is Easily Doubling Up Trump Tonite in Total Votes-Bernie Whipping Him Too

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Jeff Weaver is REACHING! Stuttering and can't explain the math.

Best B-Day Ever !!!

University Says Rainbow-Hued Nooses Were Part of Art Display

Clinton wins big victory in New York, largely foreclosing Sanders' chances for nomination

I was in San Francisco last Friday

Bernie must not drop out whatever happens!

Noam Chomsky: 2016 Election Puts US at Risk of "Utter Disaster"

Jeff Weaver is sounding like an idiot on MSNBC, either he's really hurt by this loss or he's stupid

Congrats to all you old, rich Democrats

NY polling winners and losers

Jeff Weaver on MSNBC

Fraud and More in New York. Did someone access Bernie's Voter Files?

Nassau County FINALLY reporting: 61-39 with 51% reporting

Breaking News: Sanders Campaign Chief Vows Contested Convention-Won't be over in June.

I don't know any real liberal or progressive...

New York City Board of Elections to be audited by Comptroller Scott Stringer

It's over, Bernie! OVER!!!!!

Jeff Weaver just admitted on MSNBC that they don't care

So, now that Hillary is going to be the nominee... what do we call Bill?

Tonight's "Winners" Look out for the US.

Exit polls show New Yorkers were pissed at Cruz for his "New York Values" slams...


Kareem Abdul Jabbar now on MSNBC.

UN drugs summit opens with worldwide divisions laid bare

Clinton supporters that scared of a challenge they want Sanders to drop out now?

Utah calls pornography public health crisis, in US first

Has CNN explained/apologized for their seriously inaccurate exit poll?

While reading through the Lounge, Dr. Strange _________ at least ten toes.

Congrats Hillary Supporters on what seems to be ...


Now is a good time for me to express my utter disgust for the radical left

Hey, remember a couple of hours ago when folks saw the CNN exit poll and thought Bernie might win?

Buffalo just flipped

NY Times: Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit

So, did the excursion to the Vatican help or hurt or neither?

MSNBC: Sanders campaign spent $5.5 M on NYS campaign.

Tad Devin and Jeff Weaver are the the real.... USED CAR SALESMEN

The Corp Media Puppets and Camp Clinton are terrified that they truth will be exposed before the GE.


Giving Up?

I love the outreach efforts Hillary's supporters are launching to bring Bernie's fans into the fold

Arizona freeway shooting suspect wins release from jail

Bernie's Presser in Burlington Tonight (new!)

Nominating Clinton is a huge mistake.

Time for another $27...

Hello Hillary... Goodbye Bernie ♫♫ Beatles

Religious group sues San Francisco over open-air urinal

Hardball: Matthews wants Warren to put her reputation on the line vouching for Clinton?

MSNBC: Jeff Weaver is insane.

Politico: How Bernie lost New York

Hillary just pulled ahead in Erie County/Buffalo!


Areas where HRC is running best still have the most precincts out

Single Payer, A Living Wage, Breaking up the corrupt Banks, Ending Citizens United, Ending the drug

Hillary netted 30 more delegates than bernie

Let's have a toast! I'll pour some Heinz 57.4%!!!

Something is happening tomorrow...

This is very sad. follow the bouncy ball: President Trump

Man paroled in conspiracy to photograph senator's ill wife

With the FBI investigation out there, Bernie is going nowhere.

It is was it is, don't forget the SC

CNN's final wave/recalibrated exit poll makes a lot more sense

GREEN PAPERS estimate: Clinton +25 elected delegates

The Panama Papers


NYS Senate Special election numbers that could tip the balanced to the Democrats.

I wish I could have some compassion for


Just got home from work, so... many voters were disenfranchised again?

How many of you Hill supporters were Puma's

1 million votes in NY for HRC!

So far HRC has netted 31 more delegates out of NY than Bernie.

Sanders flies home to Vermont

'Hillary won more votes than All Republicans Combined in New York.'

Kaminsky declares victory in 9th District Senate race

Los Angeles - Official Bernie Sanders Office Opening!

How Many DU's Supported Clinton in 2008 But ProudlyVoted for Democratic Nominee Obama

OMG! Hillary might surpass 1 million votes in New York.

What is Hillary doing to earn the votes of Bernie supporters?

After NY, Now is the Time for All Good Democrats to Come to the Aid of the Party & Support Hillary!

Bernie STILL THINKS he can win - is he MAD?

Wasn't Clinton's delegate count a lot closer to Obama's at this stage

"We are not leaving"...

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters!

After tonight, there are 1400 pledged delegates remaining.

Sanders’s campaign manager previewed a very undemocratic strategy for the Democratic primary

The Empire State Building is lit up blue for Hillary's win.

South Carolina entrepreneur to face no charges in shooting

So, when is New York getting closer?

This is not about the "beauty contest." I wish people would get that through their heads.

What upcoming states do you think Bernie realistically has a chance in?

Absentee and Affidavit ballots don't get counted till 9 days from today.n/t.

Now is a good time to donate, people; over 300 delegates available next Tuesday.

When you remain silent on what is core to our Democracy-voting-you will be complicit in its demise.

Carl Paladino raises his evil head again.

I will NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton

19 delegates is what she gained (approx)

Colorado school district arms security guards with rifles

Thoughts about Hillary's win tonight! (+ other random stuff)

I love that Cruz finished in 3rd in NY

Bernie Sanders did better in NY than Obama.

On the lighter side, Sanders continues his streak of winning counties named "Clinton"

Hillary is on her cell phone again, but this time...

Guess the Only County Trump is Losing with about 95% Counted

The Media Narrative Has Now Shifted to Clinton v Trump

With supposedly 95% of the results in, the NY primary voter turnout is less than 21%.

Hillary didn't win this election tonight

anyone got video of Weaver's comments about SD tonight?

The Hill Shills are raging about Jeff Weaver:

OAS anti-graft body to probe Honduran scandal dogging president

I'm glad that's over

OAS anti-graft body to probe Honduran scandal dogging president

Trump got one single vote in my Brooklyn precinct today.

Just the fact the Hillary's campaign manager...

So far with 96% in HRC is winning NY by 262,000 more votes than BS

Next week will be fun! HRC ROOM

Well, if there's any silver lining tonight...

Will Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine urge Bernie on so they can continue

Per CNN, the Clinton campaign has now said Sanders is destructive ...

how bernie lost new your - politico analysis

Exit polls

Where is Cha tonight? Wish she were celebrating with us!

Where does this leave the math?

Without Women and Minority Support, Hillary Would Be Losing Badly To Bernie

Sanders let an anonymous quote blow up his campaign

This is a great quote from Cecile Richards. Please note, this has NOTHING to do with the Democratic

BREAKING NEWS from Bernie Sanders (11:42 PM)

You may not like Jeff Weaver

HRC Group - RCP Averages

Q: How does Bernie win the nomination from here?

Why was Bernie so sure he was going to win?

The biggest winner of the night:

Clinton/Warren 2016!!

Right-Wing Venezuelan Leader Says Ecuadoreans Don't Need Help

Thinking down ticket -

Beyond This Election

Things Are Not As Bad As the Propaganda Machine Make Them Out To Be In NY!!

amazing, I thought this place would be swamped with's so- peaceful


FFT: When you don't speak out against wrongdoing, you embolden the wrongdoers and become complicit

New York City watchdog decries 'irregularities' in primary voting

Clinton won NY Catholics 60-40%

NY Times: Hillary up +31 with 8 delegates left to be decided

Clinton changed on torture - (Hillary supported torture When Bush was torturing people.)

Now BS is whining about the NY voting process.

Anyone else find it odd...

Well, clearly the Pope is no longer a factor

What Percentage Of The American People Know Of The FBI Investigation Surrounding Hillary?.....

I'm turning in folks, so I'll leave you with this...


Hillary needs 41.6% of remaining pledged delegates.

I will NEVER vote for Bernie Sanders

I'm down to 1 post under trending.

Elizabeth Warren, I’ve got two words for you, Ted: Boo hoo.

Hey, you dope smokers... It's your day.

75% of African Americans and 64% of Latinos supported Hillary

I have neighbors who watch MSNBC 24/7

"Voter Verified Paper Ballots", Andy wanted people to remember...

Hillary took Manhattan by 66%!

As a huge Sam Cooke fan let me post my victory songs!!!!

Max Keiser on Saudis Threatening Obama

Corporate Media outspends Sanders 500 to 1, promoting Clinton and attacking Sanders with lies

Hillary pulled in over 1 million votes in New York. Who needs large rallies when you've got voters?

Man Arrested on Charges of Improperly Obtaining Handgun Licenses

95% chance at nomination, 71% chance at pres and favored to sweep all 5 states next week

Hillary Clinton's full New York primary victory speech (VIDEO)

New York douses the Bern

95% chance at nom, 71% chance at pres and favored to sweep all 5 states next week (HRC Group)

1 in 273 trillion chance

Sanders campaign undaunted by NY loss, will fight to the end

Anonymous - Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal - "Official Video"

538: Exit polls are re-calibrated as the night to match actual votes.

538: Hillary Clinton Is On Track To Win The Nomination

New York, New York (VIDEO)

Muslim prison chaplains 'encouraging murder of non-believers'

They think Bernie is destructive

How many delegates did sanders get from ny?

So NYers...when do we find out how many provisional ballots there are?

Look at it this way, Bernie. It wasn't all bad.

They really hate us right now.

"Maybe it meant something. Maybe not..."

tell Bernie we still have his back ...

BS campaign backfires - Exits Polls: More Hillary dems wouldn't vote for him

Gay Activists Call to Cancel Tel Aviv Pride Parade Over State's Preferential Treatment of Tourists

Sanders’s campaign manager previewed a very undemocratic strategy for the Democratic primary

Maryland PPP Poll Clinton (58-33) +25

First we take Manhatten... then we take Berlin....

Ed Schultz on the results of the NY


Bernie Sanders Is Threatened By a T-Shirt

If you don't think having your registration mysteriously switched,

US University Debating Championship motion on IP conflict


Sanders team hoping to flip Clinton superdelegates this summer

TV Media Will Miss The Sanders Gravy Train

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 21, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Jack Lemmon

This might just bring a tear to your eyes...from DailyKOS

Good News, Democrats!

What are the forum rules on posting about an interaction on another discussion forum?

Congratulations to Bernie

McCain to skip GOP convention

Hillary Clinton: "EVERYTHING IS FAIR GAME" in Election

▶ The devil went down to Georgia ... ~ Charlie Daniels Band

Sue Saudi for 9/11, and U.S. for all its wars

Laurie Anderson on the making of O Superman

Lifehack - prevent nausea

The satisfaction that Bernie is in it to the convention

Can posting a right-wing attack video be acceptable as long as it is unsourced?

A single spark can start a prairie fire

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 22, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Judy Garland

Bernie Sanders is still the true Democratic front-runner. Ask the FBI

Welcome to the "Deep South."

Florida DOG this time... Lab Swims 9 miles to find his humans...

'Insult Turkey's Erdogan' contest set up by Spectator magazine

Email from Bernie

Bernie Sanders Lost His Old Block in Brooklyn

Message in a bottle, promising finder a shilling, bobs up after 108 years

Hillary Clinton's full New York primary victory speech

Just 2,000 Israelis Turn Up at Rally for Soldier Who Shot Palestinian in Head

And, bingo! E-mail from the Bern, hitting up his duped disciples for more cash...

If you think that Hillary will unite the party...

So, let's exclude the people that didn't make the deadline to register...

We now have a nominee

Why becoming an adult means something very different when you’re poor


Thank you Bernie for making California matter

Woo hoo!

Dear Clinton followers:

I really admire this dog I photographed

Chris Matthews Calls Out Sanders Campaign for Misleading Ad (a complete lie)

So what is the take away from this primary...

from DFA:

Pulitzer Prize Feature Photography: Strider Wolf, a boy living in poverty in Maine

The Good Old Boys scene from The Blues Bros.

Daily Holidays - April 20

Mitsubishi Motors admits falsifying fuel economy tests

is it possible that this fake site is most likely a GOP ploy?

Obama expected to intervene in UK EU referendum debate

Mitsubishi Motors admits falsifying fuel economy tests

The transgender bathroom bill in South Carolina is probably dead.

El Chichon eruption implicated in Mayan upheaval

Putting a Hawk back in the WH makes me shudder. Let's face it, there's nothing underground about DU.

Hillary Clinton's full New York primary victory speech

Just heard on FOX! "Hillary Clinton just took a big bite out of the BIG APPLE..."

Please, Please 68/69

Time to Grow Up Into a Living Earth Economy

Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Announcement Full Speech

The Empire State Building after Trump's NY primary victory:

There's a statue in Philadelphia...

Bernie Sanders will still be the Democratic Nominee

Ben Jealous on CNN this afternoon said Bernie's internal polling showed him winning among black men.

Gov. Ann Richards speaks at the 1988 Democratic Convention

The old gal finally won one

Suggestion for my Fellow Sanders Supporters.

Even the Green Party disagrees with open primary....

Mike Malloy - Trump´s Favorite Bible Verse Fail

Clinton's Win Highlight Sanders' Limits

It's a new day.

Santa Monica, CA awaiting the Expo Line's launch

A group of people is having a Sad

Santa Monica, CA, awaiting the Expo Line's launch

NY exit polls show huge race gap, Sanders only won white men

NY exit polls show huge race gap, Sanders only won white men

Sanders excuse: Surprise - Voting irregularities

Speed up "swap user" on Win7 32 bit machine?

Russia Wins $50 Billion Ruling in Decade-Old Fight With Yukos

Has the democratic party left us?

I just donated to Bernie again eom

Ya gotta see this post in GDP!

Call it, Skinner.

How come the percentages for Kings County are rounded perfectly 60%-40%

Who is responsible for exit polls?

Zambia Deploys 1,000 Police to Quell Riots Targeting Foreigners

Upshot from last night: Independent FAIL

In New York's 16th District, Cruz was beaten by 2% by Ben Carson, who is no longer running. USA!

Clinton Losing the AD-BUY Game in New York

Question about US election-law.

Clinton Losing the AD-BUY Game in New York

Here, a thread from Reddit - they're not giving up either!

Contrail at dawn

Quinnipiac Poll: HRC leads BS 51-42 in Connecticut

TEN MILLION: Media, THERE’S Your Hillary Enthusiasm Wont BE Beatles

Getting your ass handed to you is: 86.1 vs. 13.6 NOT 57.9 vs. 42.1. FACT.

538: Hillary Clinton Is On Track To Win The Nomination

On to next week--HRC leads by 9 in Connecticut and 25 in Maryland in new polls

You heard it first here! My prediction is beginning to come true :-(

Ok my 2 cents

Oregon News - 4/20/2016

Disappointing, Berners? Sure. NOT Devastating.

Good Morning World!

Predictwise today!

Sanders campaign sues a small company over a t-shirt.

UPDATE - see my last post. Prayers please for our daughter Andrea who has a job interview today.

The confederacy just got a whole lot bigger.

Why should I vote FOR Clinton?

FWIW..."Rush: GOP Establishment Is Getting Ready to Vote for Hillary"


Malheur refuge participant convicted in earlier occupation

The enthusiasim level here at DU

Meet the Activists who want Clinton County NY to 'Feel the Bern' - Thank You - 74% for Bernie!

Malheur militants harassed deputies for weeks before standoff

Time for Bernie to drop out.

Clinton is now +33 in net delegates with only 2 delegates left to be allocated

Luckovich - Trump on 7/11

Wyoming News - 4/20/2016

Does anything about this video promoted as "pro-Bernie" strike you as odd?


Conserving Public Lands Needs "A Major Course Correction"

I'm going to miss this group.

When the primaries are over, if the GE choice is between two corrupt candidates ...

I don't really belong here in GD P any longer

Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit

Jeff Weaver explains where the campaign sees a path to winning the Democratic nomination

So what member has the most posts on DU?

LePage says Maine will lose up to 1,500 jobs this summer

"The Empire State Strikes Back" is the headline on MSNBC

I'm a Hillary supporter and I don't want Bernie to drop out


What You Need to Know for Connecticut Primary Day - WTNH News8

China's Toxic School; 493 Of 641 Students Have Bronchitis, Dermatitis, Lymphoma, Leukemia

Sanders Outspends Clinton 2-to-1 in New York Ads

The Empire Strikes back--and its all Hillary Blue....The Force is with HER>..

NY Times: Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit

Hundreds feared dead in migrant shipwreck off Libya

Here’s your enthusiasm: Hillary Clinton got more New York votes than entire republican field

With GBR 93% Bleached, Env. Minister Greg Hunt Takes Bold Action - Schedules Conference Call!!!

Foundation continues call for University of Iowa to close prayer rooms

Bernie's swan song..

TEN MILLION: Media, THERE’S Your Hillary Enthusiasm

Religious rhetoric not helpful in anti-alcohol messages

Sanders is back home in Vermont today taking a break from the campaign

Hillary scored in in the deep south last night

"Sanders is drawing people to the party"

About those Superdelegates: Why no discussion of the obvious?

I've never in my life seen anything as delusional as this.

I'm in love with New York on this fine and delightful morning!

Gunmen kill seven police guarding polio team in Pakistan

Going to have to put a lot of posters on ignore today

Catholic sex abuse scandal hits unlikely country

Observation from a O'Malley supporter on HRC's NY Primary speech last night

The music didn't die in NY last night for Bernie...

Russia Moves Artillery to Northern Syria, U.S. Officials Say

Animals Like Green Space in Cities—and That’s a Problem

Clinton Surrogate Rangel: Bernie has had his 15 minutes of fame.

19 Ways You Can Make Statistics Say Whatever You Want

SethAbramson: As Sanders Supporter I'm Embarrassed

New York vs. Caucus state vote counts...

Civil War confederates don't need state protection (Tulsa World via Enid News)

Email from Bernie about New York and my comments (cross post from Jackpine Radicals)

Bernie falls heroically in NY, the battle continues ...

Seems like it should have been Bernie Supporters doing some outreach

Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Delegate math update...

New rules allow more civilian casualties in air war against ISIL

'The most unifying decision' (TN)

PoliticusUsa: "Democrats Beware: Ideological Purity is Un-Democratic"

PoliticusUsa: "Democrats Beware: Ideological Purity is Un-Democratic"

Petal reconsiders Confederate History proclamation (TN)

Voter suppression in NYC

Willie Dixon and Memphis Slim

Joy Reid calls out "Bernie bros" and mentions strip clubs

Spielberg and Rylance reunite for a film about interfaith tensions at a pivotal moment

Quinnipiac University Poll...Connecticut...Hillary Clinton 51%...Sanders 42%...April 20, 2016

Quinnipiac University Poll...Connecticut...Hillary Clinton 51%...Sanders 42%...April 20, 2016

How Bernie’s Economic Policies Fit into Economic Theory ( William K. Black )

If he's staying in, where are his taxes?

It's a hard fact: Hillary Clinton gets the most negative stories and the fewest positive stories.

Bernie is +70 delegates post March 15. He gained more in Idaho and Utah than he lost in New York.

Why Did 3.2 Million New Yorkers Lose Their Voting Rights?

Catholic sex abuse scandal hits unlikely country

End The Talking Point: Crowd Size

Will Bernie Talk Openly About Election Fraud Now?

How NYC neighborhoods voted

'BODIES PILING UP': All you need to know about Venezuela's looming implosion

So Let Me Get This Straight....

I see no reason for Sanders to drop out when donations keep coming. And I mean that in a good way.

The Catholic Church’s defiance and obstruction on child sex abuse

Food for thought; what if "the base" isn't what you think it is?

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright's Hard Choice: Half a Million Children was worth it

Forget Everything Donald Trump Said. His Real Message Was The Guy Standing Behind Him.

"I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down, if not, fuck him" - Clinton Aide.

So what about the provisional ballots

Anders Breivik’s human rights violated in prison, Norway court rules

Hey MSM! Stop calling him a 'real estate mogul.' He's a reality show star. Nothing more.

Bernie Won 50 out of 62 Counties in New York!

Ted Cruz' Religion Adviser Talks to God, Can Add Scripture to Bible

Mission creep: Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein

Human Limbs May Have Evolved From Cartilaginous Fish Gills

Majority of Rubio's Louisiana Delegates Push Back Against Claims They're Backing Cruz

"It Takes a Pillage to Raze a Child"

The Invisibility of U.S. Oligarchs: The Case of Penny Pritzker

Nominating HRC will not be the greatest mistake.

‘And then we wept': Scientists say 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef now bleached

Hillary Speaks Her Mind to Wall Street

Denied medical care because of religion, she now wants her parents prosecuted

Ecuador earthquake: 'It's going to take us years to recover'

Negative campaigning doesn't suit Bernie Sanders

Next week 5 states similar to NY all with closed primaries and more delegates than NY vote

Sanders Vows to Fight Until the Convention Despite New York Loss

Obama faces friction in Saudi Arabia over 9/11 bill and Iran relationship

Dont forget to send Bernie more $$$ today.

The free media from ABC & NBC this primary season is unprecedented.

Man opens can of whoop-ass after being repeatedly called the N-word on a Chicago train (Video)

Arizona highway shootings suspect released from custody

Dear Bernie:

I predict.........

Secret U.S. court issues first order for phone data under new law

Not sure where we are at here...I see Anger and Depression

Academic Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

Senior Clinton Aide Tells Reporter: Fuck Bernie

Bernie Sanders is a good man with good goals, but here is why he will not be the nominee.

An honest question. Why isn't Hillary pro-legalization of pot?

Seriously, what happened with the provisional ballots issue?

Food for thought: Why are they working so hard to shut down any truth about Clinton being exposed?

Over Three Million New Yorkers Can't Vote

This is a great interactive NYC primary result map

Exit polls say that Bernie calling Hillary 'unqualified and corrupt' and attacking the party lost NY

Every state deserves a voice. Nobody fought harder for that than Hillary

Venezuela again claims Colombia seeks to detonate a ‘US-backed’ war

In 2008, Pres Obama Lost New York to Hillary by 17%

This is what I tell people: "Hillary has kept you poor, and helped send you or your kids to war"

Gore should have stood up against election fraud in 2000 and not thrown in the towel.

House leader wants review of 9/11 bill that would let Americans sue Saudis

Just does not look like an upset

Senator Hatch raps House's Puerto Rico debt bill

Sanders Has Been Losing In States Where Income Inequality Is Worse

Details of Bernie's flight to Rome.

Ok, so you're Bernie or Bust. What do you want from Hillary supporters then?

Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the 2016 Presidential race?

Dearth of new data from San Bernardino iPhone helpful to FBI investigation, sources say

FFT: The NY Polls showing people will vote for Hillary DO NOT include independents & disenfranchised

New quake, magnitude 6.2, strikes off Ecuador coast

After North Carolina’s Law, Trans Suicide Hotline Calls Double

Wonder How Representative these Clinton Voters Were?

For Democracy Marchers the Next Battle Is on the Home Front

So was watching MSNBC coverage...

Comedian John Hodgman endorses Hillary in a light hearted manner

All Your Money Or Your Life GOP Health Plan. That Policy Is The Reality.

Up To 500 Migrants Feared Drowned Off Libya: UNHCR

"Sanity's a myth!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Here is why Bernie will not be the nominee:

Happy 420 from Colorado

and another $45 to the Sanders campaign

NATO, Russia Meeting Fails to Bridge Differences

Google Hit With (EU) Antitrust Charges Over Android Apps

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 20 April 2016

The most accurate poll in elections is the exit poll

N.Y. primaries: Complaint hotline volume 4 times higher than in 2012

Hold up a minute, seriously?

Tennessee lawmakers to vote on override of Bible bill veto

Superdelegates put Clinton on path to clinch before California

Superdelegates are good.. Superdelegates are bad..

Virginia lawmakers to weigh lethal injection drug secrecy

Why Bernie shouldn't drop out.

New Mexico governor rebukes Trump on border-fence plan

Sanders' senior adviser Ted Davine sending out Gravis to supporters - cruel, gave false hope.

Want Viagra? Come back tomorrow with a note, lawmaker says

Two Wolves; Which One Do You Feed?

Looking ahead....

Ferguson reform may be swift with federal agreement approval

Yep...right on cue

The Pledged Delegate total isn't worth the time it takes to total it because

Single Payer exists right across the boarder. Americans deserve universal healthcare not more wars.

Ringleader in burning alive of Palestinian youth convicted of murder

It's time, Skinner.

Senior Clinton Aide Tells Reporter: Fuck Bernie

Whoa, Kelly RIPA missing this 1st morning after Michael's departure announcement!1

Polish church apologizes after Mass held for far-right group

NY Post: Goldman Sachs gets punched in the crotch

WAPO: Hillary Clinton Won NY But Her Image Is Underwater: Her Numbers Are Disqualifying

Hillary's Victory Speech Last Night

We are the base of the party. The POC, the LGBT, the feminists.

So what do you want Skinner to do?

No consequences, no justice in Goldman Sachs settlement (And NO COMMENT from Hillary)

The Fix: "Sanders’s campaign manager tried to argue delegate math on MSNBC. It didn’t go well."

Nader or Gore?

To Jeff Weaver: Don't Destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy Sanders' ambitions to become President

'Attacked' India police horse dies

This hidden thread made me chuckle ...

Take a listen to what the liberal front runner has said over the years.

Five ex-Madoff employees lose U.S. appeal of convictions

Zambia xenophobic riots: Two burned alive

So what will happen if the Ruling Class is allowed to win this battle and install Clinton in the WH?

The NY sites of Sanders' three closing mega-rallies all went to Hillary Clinton (blue).

Happy Passover from the Technion

Where do we go now?

MSNBC: "Official--Clinton needs just 29% of remaining delegates, while Sanders needs 71%"...

A Key Job-related issue for the increasingly work-sparse future - Is still undiscussed

Sanders Unfavorable numbers: 40 %,36 %,34 %,39 %,43 %,39 %,40 %,41 %,43 %,41 %

Colombia calls on UN to radically reform international drug policy

Nutmeg State poll- HRC- 51% SBS 42%

"We always show respect to people,

get a rope

Camp Clinton is terrified about her unfavorable rating going up? Why? Could it be the superdelgates?

Hillary Supporters: What are you still doing on GDP?

Bernie does not need to drop out of the race ...

From here on out, Bernie Sanders can expect to be covered like a marginal candidate (WaPo)

Two continuous, seemingly contradictory, messages

Brand New Maryland Poll- Clinton 58% Sanders 33%

Hillary won Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and, oh yeah, every burrough in NYC

3 Charged With Several Crimes in Flint Water Crisis

C'mon, Bernie isn't really going to challenge a Clinton vote and delegate lead at the convention

More info the M$M won't cover

Hillary gave $17.6M to charity, 26 times what she made on all 3 Goldman Sachs speeches combined

Politico: "Clinton camp: Sanders is all but done"

So if Hillary is our nominee how will she win in the fall with out independents?

Death toll rises to 64 in Taliban's deadliest Kabul attack since 2011

Hllary Clinton unfavorable rating 56%

On becoming Anti-Bernie piece floating around

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-19-16

Britain’s two-party political system isn’t working

If ny Independants voted Bernie would have won in a landslide

Exit polls have historically and throughout the world been used as a check against election fraud

Todd Kaminsky leads Chris McGrath in race for Skelos seat

Hillary in 08: "Obama's supporters want to end this race b/cthey don't want people to keep voting"

It's time, Skinner

New quake, magnitude 6.2, strikes off Ecuador coast

Tad Devine and Weaver on the campaign.

CNN's own numbers dispute their flawed 52-48 exit poll number

Empire Building lights up for Trump victory

Hillary got more votes last night ...

Song for Bernie or Clinton supporters and voters EVERYWHERE

Homophobia in Honduras: growing attacks on LGBT activists

Beautifully said about NY and it's primary! The Truth!

Judge Declares Voters Wrongly Purged From Democratic Party Rolls May Still Be Able To Vote

Forget Panama: U.S. is a Leading Tax Avoidance Haven for Foreigners

Closed vs Open Primaries

NYC comptroller to audit Board of Elections amid voter irregularities

Food for thought: What if you discard a whole bunch of voters b/c you think you don't need them and

Efforts to stifle speech by colleges, students 'honored' with Jefferson Muzzle Awards

I hope that Bernie will make a turn after the election.

Chris Hedges: Revolution Is in the Air

Politicians and officials named in court as ‘boy brothel’ case begins

All you unworthy democrats not part of "the base"

Environmentalists and Indigenous People Flex New Muscle In Canada's Resource Wars

Recession Watch: Inventory Glut, Iffy Consumer Demand Sink US Freight Volume

Wall Street friendly voters backed Clinton

The day after GW Bush was elected I felt this bad.

Omar Khadr engaged to human rights activist who helped in Gitmo release

Churches examine white privilege

Enjoy yourself a bit today - The Nostalgia Music Machine

Newspaper's Front Pages

Berta Cáceres Lives On, and So Does Violence by Honduran Government and Dam Company

Amid voting issues, de Blasio calls for ‘major reforms’ at Board of Elections

Berta Cáceres Lives On, and So Does Violence by Honduran Government and Dam Company

Flint Water Crisis fall guys

Me when I heard that Hillary won New York by SIXTEEN POINTS

NYC Voters Report Chaos & "Irregularities" at the Polls

Who says it's over?

Some Diaspora News: Black in the USSR and Race and Place in Brazil

EAGLE PASS: Native Groups Lead Action Against Dos Republicas Coal Mine

Clinton can likely win the WH regardless of Sanders supporters. But after January 2017....

Clinton Foundation donor received $13 million from State Department

Treasury's Lew to announce Hamilton to stay on $10 bill

New York v. The Will of the People.

Treasury's Lew to announce Hamilton to stay on $10 bill

Voters across New York are telling horror stories about their inability to cast a ballot

Say it ain't so Hartmann.

How the naked silver Emperors, Bunker & Nelson Hunt screwed sugar producers

Tad Devine working hard to keep his pay checks rolling in

Harriet Tubman on $20 bill?

Poll for the crucial state of Pennsylvania: Clinton 52, Sanders 39

Will Bernie come up with another Hail Mary Papal Ambush?

Just saw the living embodiment of the "shit-eating-grin" on Tad Devine's face

'I'm getting sick of it': Sean Hannity blows up at Ted Cruz

Bernie's Shellacking in the NY commuter counties doesn't bode well for Connecticut

It is time for Bernie to keep campaigning

April 20 Hillary Working it in PA--> Hill & Bill in Johnstown, PA Philly: Mothers of the Movement


Can't wait for this!

Hillary will never survive the Trump onslaught: It’s not fair, but it makes her a weak nominee

Wow-Bernie lost Chelsea 2-1 to 3-1

Uber ban @ Boston Convention and Exhibition Center?

President Obama is in Saudi Arabia, so we know where he is right now. But...

Methodist bishop whose church 'aids' illegal immigrants claims US is 'raping Central America and lea

Saul Alinsky ~ Rules for Radicals Part 2 ~ Sanders

Methodist bishop whose church 'aids' illegal immigrants claims US is 'raping Central America and lea

My swan song, come get your grave dancing on, if that's your thing.

Bernie wants to Turn Post Offices Into Banks. What would Hillary do?

Hillary es muy RICO

How Bernie lost New York ~ long Politico article

Sanders wins majority of NY counties despite Clinton victory

The Secret Lobbyists Who Helped Bring Fracking To The US - Steve Horn part 1

So, you don't want to support Hillary

Monmouth, Apr. 20 poll. Clinton 52% Sanders 39%.

Imperial Wizard of Georgia KKK dies after shoot out with police

Americans used less energy in 2015

There Has Always Been Inequality

the NYT editorial board

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Bless Kosher-for-Passover Marijuana

Democrats March Toward Cliff: Hillary's negative ratings continue to soar. People don't like her.

WashTimes: Sanders adds more campaign stops in Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton does NOT deserve George Bush level hate from anyone who's truly progressive

Bernie's Taking a Day Off from the Campaign.

Grassley spits out the truth re: SCOTUS delay

Greensboro Tourism Leaders: City Has Lost $6 Million in HB2 Fallout

Tennessee GOP leader threatens tax hike on companies that oppose anti-trans bathroom bill

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Iran bank's bid to avoid payout to attack victims

NH Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Figures) Arrested for Drug Possession And Intent To Sexually Assault A Minor

Man Gets 6 Months For Torturing Girlfriend’s Cat To Death

Bernie Sanders, cannot WIN this nomination.

"I think we're going to win Pennsylvania." - @BernieSanders yesterday.: Today......

Bottom Line: It would be very bad for us all if Bernie...

Pretty cool how Repubs and Dems get the Indy's to pay for there primaries.

Photos of the Houston Flooding...

The “It Worked for Me” Gambit Explained

So, Did Sanders Go Home So He Could Release His 2015 Taxes As Promised?

And I thanked God for the Mine Workers' Union. And then I hung my head and cried.

Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died

Hillary now has 1,094 elected delegates short of securing the 2,383 needed to win the nomination!

Letter from: Justin Trudeau: Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

LOL! in 2008 and in 2014: Most of Clinton's "Charity" Donations Went to Clinton Foundation

Fellow Sanders Voters: Remember That Bernie Has Benefited From Closed Caucuses

Exclusive: Investor Gabelli says he expects 10-day blackout of Viacom on Dish

Michigan's AG bringing charges on Flint water issue .. Says he'll "go down every rabbit hole"..

In the Early 20th Century, America Was Awash in Incredible Queer Nightlife

Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Says it better than I ever could.

GD: P is really ugly right now. You may want to stay away.

Monmouth University Pennsylvania Poll--Clinton ahead 52-39 in keystone state

Powerful Hillary ad out today in CT featuring @EricaSmegs whose mom was killed in Sandy Hook

New Pennsylvania Poll--HRC ahead 52-39 in keystone state (Monmouth University)

Hot Off the Phones Keystone State Poll - Clinton 52% Sanders 39%

Democracy Now! (April 20): Discussion of Voting Irregularities in New York Primary

GA state Rep. Tom Taylor busted for DUI

Alt-med anti-ag trolling in GD again.

Very important case for EVERYONE being argued today at US Supreme Court: Birchfield v. North Dakota

Israeli girl finds ancient Egyptian amulet

Cleanup continues at Keystone spill site, more contaminated soil found

No Way to Elect a President----Editorial

HRC has won 7/8 primaries in the last month

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 20, 2016

Payday Loans Are Shutting Down Some Americans' Bank Accounts

Interesting... earlier today I was having email problems....

Will there be a Clinton/Sanders debate in May?

Faculty Votes for Union at Plymouth State University

What About Me

Was New York "stolen" from Bernie Sanders via election fraud?

Faculty Votes for Union at Plymouth State University

Clintonites are in a deep state of denial.

God, the energy, resilience, patience, and knowledge of the presidential contenders is incredible

Faculty Votes for Union at Plymouth State University

Treasury Decides To Put Harriet Tubman On $20 Bill

This Korean man's instructional video on British accents is glorious

One thing we can pretty much bet on at this point. There will be no more Democratic debates

As far as I can tell, Bernie has two bad choices in front of him

HRC won NY, but was it worth the ugliness of the way she did it?

Skinner, you know that if you call it before the clinch, it will be a disaster.

Momentum - Time Of Death: April, 19 2016

A Trump presidency means

In 2008, did Hillary ease up her attacks on Obama after she lost North Carolina?

What Your Toilet Paper Preference Says About You

Powerful Hillary ad out today in CT featuring @EricaSmegs whose mom was killed in Sandy Hook

Presidential Rag

Will Bernie Sanders say he is taking this all the way to the 1st ballot in Philly?

Interesting tidbit from 2008 NY Dem primary race...

Brooklyn native Bernie Sanders lost his childhood block to Hillary Clinton in N.Y. primary

When you add more guns ya' get more shootings.

Snafu! BT funnels all customers' sent email into one poor sod's inbox


What is wrong with a system that allows two people with huge negative approval ratings nationally

Saudi Arabia Forced To BORROW $10b As Tumbling Oil Prices Continue To Hit The Kingdom's Finances

Hitting the ground running

Russia Wins $50 Billion Ruling in Decade-Old Fight With Yukos

Tad Devine wants Bernie to get back to the issues instead of insulting the Clintons - TOO LATE!

Is Reality Starting To Sink In With Sanders Supporters?

Nothing has changed

Protest lodged over secrecy in Clinton email case

Russia Warns U.S. Over Naval Incident As NATO Tensions Laid Bare

Poll: Clinton leads Sanders in Pennsylvania

Oh my, the vapors over Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill

Does anyone else find this Hillary op ed anti-semetic against Sanders Edit: No

Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People

Why Democrats Are Becoming the Party of the 1 Percent

Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People

Anyone remember Boney M's "Young, Free and Single"?

Bernie's family was killed in the Holocaust for not being "white" enough!

Who would you like to see as Hillary's running mate? (HRC Group)

Gene-editing Hack Yields Pinpoint Precision (Nature)

Are voters influenced by newspaper endorsements? Could that have contributed to Hillary's win in NY?

2008 Campaign Trivia

Before the Clintons wanted to protect America by invading the Middle East...

If you and your co-workers did the hard work to form a union on your job...

Many Hillary supporters, for months, have been telling us "These are the rules." Now

Hillary Clinton beats Trump in poll! Voters believe she is more dishonest than Trump!

Hybrid War Hyenas Tear Brazil Apart

Best. Comment section. Ever. (re: clinton staffer telling Sanders to tone down or f*** off)

Hybrid War Hyenas Tear Brazil Apart

Asked This Question Last Night - Given The Situation I Don't Think People Were In A Mood To Answer..

Are there more autistic kids today? No.

What we know, and don’t know, about how Jews voted in New York

Photos of the Houston Flooding (cross-posted from GD)

Sanders Senatorial home State win 86% Clinton's Senatorial home State win 58%

Sanders Super Delegate switches endorsement to Hillary

Call it Skinner. nt

How many of the poor & the powerless who voted for Hillary know who FDR was and what he did?

POLL: If we could vote for Obama again...

This Delegate system needs alot of work

Clintons New York Win Deals Blow to Sanders

Respond to hedge funder Anthony Scaramucci who says Bernie should "move to Cuba"

Updated delegate counts after New York primary


Send a Message

New Connecticut Poll (Quinnipiac): Clinton 51 - Sanders 42

Houston area school district cancels classes for rest of week.

I'm voting for Hillary because I support a woman's right to choose!

Deputy Borges: Food shortage in Venezuela is government's fault

looking at the dates and math its possibible that Trump will be the Repugs candidate on Jun 7th

Send a Message

April 20 Hillary Working it in PA--> PA Philly: Mothers of the Movement

More words we atheists can use in our fight to save the Enlightenment

Call it Thinner

Our issues are real.

Congrats New York, #1 in Corruption! It's electoral oversight ranked 49th by

Bernie has run his course: The Sanders campaign has stopped being about winning and

After More Than 100,000 Voters Dropped In Brooklyn, City Officials Call For Action

Let's say it now!!!!

Exit polls way off from actual vote counts.

Now this is what you call a Political Revolution.


Question: Who was the last Democratic President Bernie supporters were happy with?

Former FPL manager accused of trading nuclear secrets in Chinese spy case

"Independent", "Democrat" and opting out versus opting into the system

Chris Matthews Calls Out Sanders Campaign for Misleading Ad (a complete lie)

Stop aid to Honduras, says murdered campaigner's daughter

In the Democratic Primary elections, how much impact does the 1% have?

Curt Schilling defends himself after posting anti-transgender meme

Autumn, the host of the Bernie group has called for civility and a slow transition to GE setting

In the 5 Biggest Remaining Contested Races, Clinton Has Won Every Single Poll According to 538

Three (Far-Fetched) Theories for How NY’s Primary Was Rigged (Hillary Group)

No surprise Hillary won in the most politically corrupt state. It's electoral oversight ranked 49th

Hillary in June


As a New York resident, I'm sorry

LOL. So, you are a racist and the ATM will only give you Harriet Tubmans.

AMERICA 10 million people are telling you that: ~ THEY TRUST HRC!

Tubman replacing Jackson

Call it Dinner.

Has this been discussed?

Dewey defeats Truman

Do you think Treasury will put Dubya on the three dollar bill?

Why Voters Could Be Removed From The Rolls

What I would say to people who are thinking about not voting for Hillary in November.

Latin American leftist parties reject Brazil 'coup'

Abolitionist Harriet Tubman to be new face on US $20 bill

Read this

Call it Sinner

Pick it up, Skinner.

What'd you have for lunch, Skinner? nt

Let's listen to Ronnie Gilbert and Holly Near

The New Common Ground Between Populist Left and Right - ROBERT B. REICH

How Colombia’s praised land restitution process is failing the displaced

Is press freedom on the decline? Reporters Without Borders says yes.

Is press freedom on the decline? Reporters Without Borders says yes.

McCain bows out of Republican convention

Reporters Without Borders warns against media ownership concentration in Argentina under Macri.

What’s for Breakfast? How About Some Monsanto Weed Killer?

What if attacks on "Monsanto Trolls" are really made by "Dupont Trolls?"

"The situation really is as bad as it appears..."

Michelle Obama: Hillary Clinton is an 'impressive,' 'phenomenal woman'

Michelle Obama: Hillary Clinton is an 'impressive,' 'phenomenal woman'

Tonight I have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. By: Christopher Nikhil Bowen

Bill Clinton to speak tonight to teachers and educational support staff in Pittsburgh

Mystery of the Horse Creek Girl

Saudis Snub Obama On Riyadh Arrival Amid Growing Tensions

Look at this county map!

.The most radical idea there could be is that we should be kind and have love for one another, desp

I finally figured something out. Those who don't agree with

Call me Ishmael

Skin it, Caller

KING: Calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out after New York primary are just foolishness

To the many fine people who responded to my locked thread.

Callout Scolder.

When you think about it Lin-Manuel Miranda probably saved the Hamilton $10 bill

The new song for the Bernie Movement? Def my favorite song this morning.....

I am proud to support Bernie

I'll tell you what's happening right now in Vermont.

3/16/16: Bill Ackman lost $1B in one day on Valeant

"If they were actually so confident, they wouldn't be desperately begging Bernie to give up."

Interesting and positive piece about Bernie: 'What Does Bernie Want?'

Skin it Caller!

Freebird, Skynyrd. nt

Excited to get the new Harriet Tubman $20 bill? You'll have to wait 14 years!!

Democratic Party ID at Highest Levels in 7 Years

Coming to a movie theater near you soon - "Three's Company the Movie"

Sanders campaign, New York officials cry foul after New York voters report issues

If Tad Devine counsels Bernie to destroy the Democratic Party

You know what?

Welcome To Goslar, Where the Mayor Wants More Refugees

Freed from a bile farm, Tuffy the bear jumps for joy!

A message for my fellow Bernie supporters

Israeli General Warns of 'Devastating War' With Hezbollah

TN police arrest kids ages 6-10 yrs old at school for not stepping in to stop a fight off-property

Can it Staller

"You do NOT want to assemble the best team for the job." (comedy-skit)

Hillary Clinton Is Surging As Hers Is the Only Campaign to Win More Than 10 Million Votes

When you Get a Candidate of a Lifetime

Trump’s New York Surrogate Uses Racial Slur To Describe Obama

Hillary Clinton Is Surging As Hers Is the Only Campaign to Win More Than 10 Million Votes

~ 420 ~

Hillary's Odds Of Winning The Democratic Nomination Surges To 97%!

This guy thinks banks are STILL too big to fail. And he's not Bernie Sanders

I think America should get a pony

Hamas claims responsibility for Jerusalem bus bombing

Clinton shuts down Sanders with a big win in New York. It's over for the Vermont senator

Dem chairs of SC MS GA FL LA hit @ Sanders, say he's minimizing importance of African-American voter

Former intern for Bernie Sanders says he can no longer win, endorses Hillary Clinton

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 20, 2016

Virginia Senate fails to overturn veto of Confederate monuments bill

New York Had the Second Lowest Voter Turnout So Far This Election Season

City renames Confederate cemetery (GA)

When Hillary asked the party to suspend the delegate rules

Its a shame that so many millions of Democratic money are being spent to libel Joe Sestak

Pastor wants SBC to repudiate Confederate flag

A Look at the Presidential Candidates’ Tax Returns

Call me "Ishmael"

Bill Clinton took policy from Bell Curve author,This why many progressives can't trust the Clintons

Canada to introduce legislation in 2017 to legalize sale of marijuana

The Great Party Robbery.

The idea that only 1% of our country is prospering is just not true

Psalm 69:4 and 109:3

Sanders to "step back" after big Clinton win

'Accuracy is for snake-oil pussies': Vote Leave's campaign director defies MPs

I'm having an idea and need your input....

This is a "Hello, Beautiful World" (HBW) Post

Bernie Sanders vows to forge ahead, despite formidable odds ..

Bid to override Haslam veto of Bible as Tennessee book fails

Maryland Democratic Primary (Non Presidential)

Hillary won fewer than 30 delegates last night, you call this a landslide?

From the Onion

If all the people who voted for Hillary hadn't voted for her, she would be losing. Badly. So there.

The Democratic Party's big mistake

Yeah, so the Saudi's can right fuck off!

Is Hillary staying in pending indictment

China sets its sights on the Northwest Passage as a potential trade boon

Here is how superdelegates will switch to Bernie

Does anybody, currently in the daily news, come to mind?

Dow 18,000. Big sigh of relief

Who Should be Hillary's VP?

I would like to propose

NY Latina Voters Strongly Backed Hillary Clinton in Primary

"Who's it Gonna Be? (Trump or Hillary)" | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee web extra

Rank these candadites from most to least likely to get American young people killed fighting

The death gap: Richest Americans now live 10-15 years longer than the poorest

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 21 April 2016

Just checking out my ballot for next week and it pisses me off

Flint Water Crisis: charges against 3 low level employees

(Bernie Sanders group) Hillary Supporter: "Hey there, Bernie Bro... I've got a message for you!"

Let's get real: if bernie was REALLY no longer a threat to clinton,

Bottom line on NY: Clinton increases her pledged delegate lead by 31

Harriet Tubman To Replace Andrew Jackson On $20 Bill

Why Bernie should go all the way to the Convention:

John McCain -Senate Seat up for Grabs

For your consideration...

Clinton Aides Traveling To Puerto Rico For Zika Meetings

GDP as a trick for masking neo-colonialism

The upcoming states are NOT going to be like NY, berners take heart

I asked, on FB, who would object to the new $20?

When Hedge Funds Own Newspapers

Judge Drastically Reduces Jail Time For Officers Who Shot Unarmed People Fleeing Hurricane Katrina

Over? Not on your life, my beloved Democratic siblings. Not even close.

Feeling angry and betrayed, IT workers mount protest

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Redistricting Plan

Trudeau Government will bring in bill to legalize pot in Spring 2017, with the goals of

It's the down-ballot Dems!

delegates NY and Washington

“It’s the corruption, stupid”: Hillary’s too compromised to see what Donald Trump understands

Whatever happened with the NY Provisional Ballots?

Hillary endorsing displacing American jobs

Greg Palast: New York voting fiasco just the warm-up for the November game

HRC GROUP...Why Bernie's Path to Victory following NY is pure fantasy

What Would Howard Zinn Have Said About Our Candidates?

The Eighth Duke of Bridgewater

Just cause, I am feeling that good!!!

Call him Skinner

Sanders campaign, New York officials cry foul

Draft Elizabeth Warren

Poll: Trump, Clinton lead in Connecticut

(from reddit) Dear Democrats, stop telling me to fall in line and support HRC!

Iran Terror Victims Win at U.S. Supreme Court, Can Collect $2 Billion

The 28 pages just a limited hangout to shelter the real perps? No, you don't say!

GOP Chief Says Hillary Clinton Easier to Defeat in General Election Than Sanders

Robert Reich; The New Common Ground Between Populist Left and Right

Bernie won 42% of NY how many NY superdelegates did he win?

Why Bernie?

Since some of the Democratic Party debates

Tim Eyman Declares War on Sound Transit—Again

Polls for upcoming Primaries on 26 Apr 2016

Luckovich - Republicans Refused to Fill the Position

Argentine Central Bank's Sturzenegger & Judge Bonadío, a Macri ally, charged in dollar futures case.

Detroit News Editor's Note: "Clinton is gone, and Flint forgotten" Wellllll isn't that special?

Statement From A.G. Schneiderman On Voting Issues During New York’s Primary Election

Carson defends Andrew Jackson, calls for 'another way' to honor Tubman

New York Attorney General Investigating Primary Voting Irregularities

I've noticed that there is a significant number of people who post here that like the

I voted for Van Hollen

The Many Reasons Why People Love Bernie Sanders

Why is Jackson going to be on the back of the $20 bill?

NY Primaries - An Observation

‘Hijab Day’ at prestigious French university renews veil controversy

Not a single super-delegate is bound to either candidate

Sanders Democrats

This Upcoming Primary State Just Closed 66% of Polling Places

Some historical perspective

Take this quiz...

Massive voter purge -- ONLY of Democrats.

Robert Reich tells Bernie Sanders fans to tone down the negativity toward Hillary Clinton

The MYTH Of Bernie "Bros"

A problem with believing republicans are always the greatest evil

Pro–lifers and Religious Nutters Collide to Commit Genocide

Ohio Official Blasts ‘Sickening’ Voting Restriction

Hillary has gotten 4.1 million votes, Trump: 3.6 million (does not incl NY primary)-National Memo

Hillary looked very happy after beating Bernie in New York

"She reminds me of my mother. She's isn't scared of anything."

Remembering Ludlow

Stupidparty Myth #1—USA has the best healthcare system; thus, why reform?

Bernie faces Southern revolt

Good have to be a brick short of a full load

Finger on the Pols - Quiz Show Edition


The time for dealing with Hillary supporters is over! Let's focus on getting Bernie nominated!

Colorado Lawmakers Target Edible Pot in Fruit, Animal Shapes

Obama Stands by Tough Words for Saudis During Meeting With King

New York Democratic allocation of delegates

Violence Is at the Heart of US Drug War Policy in the Americas

Sanders' campaign says he'll stay a Democrat after election

US Should Seek Bold New Approach on Drugs

Weaver: Bernie will be a Democrat for life.

Happy 420!

2 Bundys seeking release from jail in Nevada standoff case

Happy 4/20 everyone!

Supreme Court Backs Arizona Voting Map in Republican Setback

Email from Democracy for America

Weaver: Bernie will be a Democrat for life.

I just remembered something


Anti-Federal Speakers Flock To Oregon In Wake Of Malheur Occupation

Judge again refuses to let Klayman defend Cliven Bundy

Asparagus Is Sweetest in Spring.

Here Are the New Faces on $5, $10 and $20 Bills

Bill Clinton: "(Hillary's) the single best change-maker I've ever met"

New York, we aren’t saying “Goodbye” we are saying “Hello.”

Trump has more votes than Hillary in the swing states

The Day B/4 NY primary-->Sanders: Polls understating my support in New York

My big fear: This is 1988 all over again.

Climate change may have as much traction as income inequality in California.

Russia Bolsters Its Submarine Fleet, and Tensions With U.S. Rise

Court rejects bid to throw out Florida congressional map

Hillary has now won 6 out of 9 states that were key swing states in 2012.

NY Times Interactive Map: How Every NY City Neighborhood Voted in Democratic Primary

Climate change may have as much traction as income inequality in California.

U.S. Ranks 41st In Press Freedom Index Thanks To 'War On Whistleblowers'

While Bernie and Jane are resting in Vermont...

While Bernie and Jane are resting in Vermont...

The new job is going well.

Obama's SEC Let General Electric Quash Shareholder Resolution On Hudson River Pollution

Experts Agree HRC Indictment "Chatter Is Just Plain Ridiculous; BS fans & Repugnants can still dream

I want Bernie to call it!

Trump: 9/11 Way Worse Than Pearl Harbor Cuz ‘Great People’ Were Killed, Not Just Soldiers

There's someone in this forum who I think is just an agitator