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Clinton Campaign Treasurer Crushed to Death.

Cannot wait for Game of Thrones.

Bill Clinton campaigns in Cambria County, promotes Hillary Clinton as 'change-maker'

I'm at the Hut...


PolitiFact rates Bernie's voter turnout claims 'Mostly False'

Back from a review.. I really have a hard time understanding how so many people in this country are

Joe Walsh from Eagles kicks ass. He has cancelled a concert in OH ...Read Why!!!!

So how many Hillary haters do you figure we need to convince

Sestak, McGinty in dead heat, per Monmouth poll (PA-SEN)

Touch it, Skinner. nt

[Serious] Why should I vote FOR Clinton?

San Francisco to require solar panels on new buildings

Sanders' campaign says he'll stay a Democrat after election

Didn't she look happy!!


Is there interest in

Election year sexism against Hillary Clinton brought me closer to my mother

Election year sexism against Hillary Clinton brought me closer to my mother

Thursday, Bernie Sanders Rally in Pennsylvania! - 3 Events - Scranton, Reading, Montgomery County

I do **not** believe in open primaries.

Don't call it, Skinner

Bubble Burst Bernie

Who in their right mind believes Snyder is drinking

.@HillaryClinton rocking The Fillmore in Philadelphia #Hilladelphia

When asked to comment about Single-Payer in Vermont coming up short,

FAA grounds Trump's business jet for expired registration

What will Bernie do with his leftover campaign money?

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 13 points in Pennsylvania

There is a button in front of you.

America Democracy conquered by Oligarchy...a simple graph...

Some (hopefully balanced) thoughts on Hillary Clinton, from a Bernie supporter

Bernie Sanders Campaign Refocuses After New York Defeat | Andrea Mitchell

Where did the rec column go?

NY ATTY General Will Investigate Voting Issues:

So here I am drinking a glass of really cold water

Bill Nye’s 2016 Forecast Challenge

Thom Hartman under the bus

Police: Man fakes disappearance to escape child-porn charges

Politico: Protest Lodged Over Secrecy in Clinton Email Case

Skinner. call it!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!Live and Uncensored!

Well, (insert bad word of choice here)

Pop Rocks in the litter box?

This time 8 years ago - 30% Hillary supporters said no to unity, compared to 18% of Sanders today

NYT: Records Fall as World Temps Climb in 2016 ~~Bernie Addresses Climate Change, Does Clinton?

NYT: Why Do We Feed Wild Animals? (Americans spend over $3 billion each year on food for wild birds)

If you experienced problems voting in NYC on April 19, Comptroller wants to know.

My 10K Post: Who Will Save The Children? a credit back to DU

Bernie Faces Southern Revolt (Southern Dems Write Letter To Bernie, Demand He Stop Minimizing Them)

(Poll) Wisconson General Election : Clinton: 46% Trump 34%(+12) Plus Feingold Senate Pickup

Please Consider volunteering your time!

BREAKING! Alien signals detected!

LGBT law puts North Carolina governor in precarious position

I. Love. America.

The Salt Lake Tribune sold to wealthy industrialist family

I'm Canceling My Subscription to Sunshine Patriot Thom Hartmann's Program

Please consider donating to Bernie! Sooooo close to 70k!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders campaign gets another win in Colorado

Sounds like Cruz is conceding next week's primaries

California Voters ----- Head's up (as the young people say), make sure you're clear to vote.

I knew I loved The Go-Go's


Tad Devine on Rachel for the first time right now.

28 Jed Bartlet Moments We All Need To Be Reminded Of Right Now

AP: Ted Cruz now mathematically eliminated from clinching GOP nomination before convention

Tad Devine and Jeff Weaver are going to get Superdelegates to switch to Bernie

Did I just hear Tad Devine, with Rachel, say

Tad Devine on Maddow

DU and Democratic politics is starting to feel irrelevant and ennervating

Kansas governor eyes tobacco bonds for budget fix

Study: Global warming has improved weather patterns in the United States (for now)

They have thrown Autumn(Bernie's host) under the bus...

What is it with Boston sports?

I Don't Care When The Clintons Folks Mock Bernie

The Flipping of the Supers has Begun!!

Ex-New Orleans police officers plead guilty in post-Katrina killings

I am new to this party, so longtime active Dems please help me out here?

Weaver & Devine are NOT on same page

‘It’s Sexist’ To Vote For Hillary Clinton - Susan Sarandon

One wounded in shooting at St. Louis' Washington University

Hillary trolls online attack the sexual identity of Sanders supporters

Surprisingly, I'm seeing some Bernie supporters dialing it way back today.

Brawl breaks out among protesters after school installed a gender-neutral bathroom

Bernie Sanders’ Superdelegate Plan Puts His Progressive Base In A Bind

Bernie Sanders raised 46 million and spent all of it in March. He has 17 million cash on hand

New Jersey education trustee to Muslims: 'Stay in your desserts'

Bernie Sanders discusses big brother, foreign policy, & baseball with René Pérez Joglar of Calle 13.

Congressman Bernie Sanders at Whitewater Hearing (July 1994)

Looky at this map of New York. Very interesting....

I'm addicted to

My 10K post: Who Will Save The Children? a credit back to DU

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

Short and perhaps stupid question:What happened to BMUS?

Unity? Disunity? Most of my coworkers aren't even following the election

In a recent CBS poll, Hillary beats Trump with Indies 51-33

Checking in to let you know I'm hanging in there.

Conservative Backlash Over Tubman $20 Bill. Anti's Will Refuse To Use It.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder not questioned as part of AG's Flint water probe

How are Cenk and Hartmann going to deal with the accusations of accepting bribes?

Mike Malloy - Clinton Vs. Sanders: An Unfair Fight

Any Bernie Supporters Receiving This CRAP? THE Underhanded Propaganda Effort To "Unite" Dems!

Romney wins majority of counties despite Obama's victory

Watch Hillary Campaign Chair John Podesta Squirm

Whoosh...Thom Hartmann under the bus...

Consider the source OK... Weekly Standard - Cost per vote in NY

Question: is it against DU's TOS to say I will not vote for hillary ??????

Drumpf sounds like a drunkard, lol.

Something to ponder....

Three dead, dozens injured in blast at chemical plant in Mexico

Tad Devine explained Sanders' campaign strategy on Rachel Maddow tonight.

Read this.

The GOP Says It's The Party Of Ideas. Problem Is They Are ALL Deadly & Idiotic Ideas

Another one of Trump's "advisors..."

As we debate Bernie vs Hillary, we should keep this in mind.

I got a post hidden.. for saying that Southern states who voted for hillary were voting against

DU has become a joke.. we need to form a new webpage.. Progressivesunderground.. Bye everyone..

Bubzer's tips for dealing with hostilleries - Depersonalize and Shift from Reactive to Proactive

About the argument against open primaries

what has Hillary said she would do about homelessness in America?

“We intend to go to the convention and make the super delegates vote” — top Sanders aide

Portrait composite of Sanders Supporters

Before Her Assassination, Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup

Now, Ed SCHULTZ News, US Steel Industry & China, Leo Gerard Steelworkers Union, Texas Flooding etc

Clinton campaign chief: 'No question' women will be on VP list

Skinner, are you going to call it?

POTUS is just an avatar to the GOP, so no matter who is on their

Man in custody dies while waiting in emergency room

To Protect Clinton, Dems Wage War on Own Core Citizens United Argument

WTF??? What's the deal? Do they think a woman can't handle it?

Were NY voters purged after they could not resolve the purge

I spoke to my State Senator tonight...

When you get into a fight, it's good to have a friend cover your back

A Lot of Hillary Clinton’s New York Supporters Kept Quiet About Their Allegiances

Man shoots son for stealing food from grandmother

Bernie Sanders to campaign at Gettysburg College and Millersville University

Record temperatures for April 2016?

"America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat..."

New Democrat For Life Bernie Sanders Raised A Jaw-Dropping $46 Million In March

ESPN fires analyst Curt Schilling over anti-transgender post

DU's TOS regarding primaries and supporting candidates say:

YES, Hillary Clinton IS A Neocon (Consortium News)

Ramon Saul Sanchez denied US residency, asked to leave country

David Plouffe Tweet: "raising $$ stating you have path to nomination is fraud.”

"Women will be on Hillary Clinton’s vice president list" (Boston Globe)

What do we call a man who is for war when he is

Bernie has PLANS!

An act of desperation

239 Delegates

If I were Bernie...

IndyStar: Sanders' race becoming vendetta

Just in case anyone wondered what "the bus" looks like...

Down by 30 with 30 minutes to go - is the game over?

Lawyer for Congress Offers Sell Out of Constituency to Goldman Sachs

Clintoninan program for redistrbution of wealth explained in just two paragraphs

Bernie faces Southern revolt

New York Had the Second Lowest Voter Turnout So Far This Election Season

50 States with open primaries Bernie wins easily

In 2000, they "neo-conned" Gore into conceding for unity's sake. Trust me it ain't happening again.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is making HISTORY!!!!

Former intern for Bernie Sanders says he can no longer win, endorses Hillary Clinton

Good description of the economic effects of services liberalisation on wages and workers in both

Ohio News - 4/20/2016

Cleaning My Gun (Knopfler)

From Connie Schultz: Same Misogyny, Different Season

Didn't quite work out the way you had hoped, did it?

Carson defends Andrew Jackson, calls for 'another way' to honor Tubman

"America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat..."

Iraqi families sell organs to overcome poverty

Sean Hannity erupts when Ted Cruz evades question: 'You gotta stop!'

Several posts about creating a new website, so I thought I'd take a poll.

India drought: '330 million people affected'

Cenk Uygur Just Took $4-Mill from a Conservative Source (but He's Still a Better Liberal Than You)

Koch brothers said to be funding plan to block Grand Canyon conservation

New Era Detroit community activist group releases 'Street Code'

My proposed compromise between open primaries and closed primaries

Bernie is going to the convention.

*See Wednesday (April 20) Charlie Rose show,

VW to offer to buy back nearly 500,000 U.S. diesel cars - sources

Baltimore judge says second officer must testify in Freddie Gray case

Survey shows plunging public support for TTIP in US and Germany

Hillary's bullies say Sanders supporters are sexually repressed unsophisticated anti-social virgins

Chicago BOE audit points to vote manipulation

Change is coming! One way or another, it's coming!

People are reversing privatization and taking the people's water back- saying no to neoliberalism.

Kentucky News - Appeals court dismisses Kim Davis' lawsuit against Kentucky

OMG OMG OMG I am so excited! Going to try to get to TWO Bernie rallies Friday!!!!

Rawstory: "Surprise! Author of viral ‘Becoming Anti-Bernie’ ..."

Apparently Cenk from TYT...

VW to pay $1B to U.S. diesel owners

Michigan News - 4/21/2016

Al Giordano: follow him if you're on Twitter

WTF are you doing Obama?!?

Chicago Board of Elections meeting, 2016-04-05 Vote Audit/Vote Changing Bernie to Hillary described.

"When they said bernie would do better with 'Northern Black'"

Does Sanders’ Accusation Against The DNC Hold Water? Campaign Finance Experts Weigh In

Glyphosate Found in Popular Breakfast Foods

Jimmy Dore on The Young Turks - Inspirational speech!

Democrats sure do fight a vigorous war against Progressives...

Ever wonder about "Obama phones"?

Anyone else watching this first season of "Underground"?

BYU Students Investigated by School After Reporting Rape

Literary Stars Learn ‘Occupation 101’ Firsthand in Tense Tour of West Bank

Blake Shelton ~ Came Here To Forget

Sweaters for baby goats! (high squee level warning)

Liz Windsor at 90.

neocons on the left neocons on the right....

Some kitty litter could trigger health problem in cats

Call Me, Skinner.

I just don't get it...

The more things change the more they stay the same.....

Anyone here grow African Violets?

This should clue you in...

Trump’s Bad Ideas Aren’t Un-American After All

Waiting for the other shoe to drop....

A public service announcement...

What if the super delgate

What does Bernie want?

Some great pics...

The Return

Does single payer/Medicare for All sound good now?

Bernie in Erie, Pa. Yuuuuuuuuuuuge rally ! Full speech.

Mitsubishi Motors office raided over fuel economy tests

5 things you may not have known about Ben and Jerry before their protest arrest.

Wrestling With Kobe Bryant’s Forgotten Apology

Robert Reich: Why Isn’t Everyone In Favor of Taxing Financial Speculation?

Zika virus: 2.2 billion people in 'at risk' areas

Banking Elites Slam Yellen, Call for Public Banks & Breakup of Big Wall Street

Pennsylvania benchmark + writeups released. 55% Clinton 45% Sanders

Emir Kusturica: Cannes rejected my film because I support Putin

DoJ and EPA Announce $78 Million Superfund Settlement to Clean Up SoCal Groundwater Contamination

Can a hillary supporter please answer this simple question...

New Mexico News - Virgin Galactic tests WhiteKnightTwo at spaceport

Welp... I just watched "When the Wind Blows" and "Threads" back-to-back

Virgin Galactic tests WhiteKnightTwo at spaceport

From rape claim to Brexit, Putin machine tears at Europe's seams (by supporting RW politics & lies)

Here's a head slapper...

Lone Planetary-Mass Object Found in Family of Stars

Released fifteen years ago on the 23rd of April, 2001, Zero 7's album, Simple Things is timeless...

Veterans still can face long waits for care — if they get it at all

Daily Holidays - April 21

Survey shows plunging public support for TTIP in U.S. and Germany

Fuel-cheating scandal wipes $2.5 bn off Mitsubishi stock

Oklahoma News - 4/21/2016

This is funny..but scary sad....

Keep fighting

Sanders Free College Tuition Plan Is All a Lie

Met a new friend yesterday...

It comes down to this.

Women on phone with NY voter employee who is telling her how they purged her father from registratio

I WANT Sanders to continue fighting. We're not talking about Dukakis in the effing tank here.

Since there is so much discussion of Andrew Jackson's legacy and being on the 20.

Bringing us Together: Hillary Clinton Aide Tells Journalist: F**k Bernie Sanders

Trump U Redux: Trump Family Auctioning Off Summer Internship They Claim Is Worth $100K

Under GOP Plan Military Would Revert To Private Insurance Companies For Health Care.

Arkansas News - 4/21/2016

Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, WWE Star, Dead at 45

Just a slighly sarcastic comment

A trivial but telling, IMO, observation ...

The Old Soldier

Bernie Sanders Should Resign From The Senate

Harvard Law Student Asks Israeli Official Why She’s ‘So Smelly’

Bernie MUST Stay In Until The Convention Votes! THIS FIGHT IS ABOUT Whether There IS Democracy

Daily Kos: Hillary's Win May Not Be All That Clear After All

Louisiana News - Edwards on Medicaid, equal pay, taxes and ... chickens

Against Theists and Atheists

For Tenn. Gov. Weighing Therapist Religious Objection Bill, It's All About Values

33 Things I Hate About This Election, in No Particular Order

Global Warming and the Planetary Boundary

What will it take to get a news network like Free Speech TV OTA?

Terrorist Anders Breivik Wins Human Rights Law Suit

It would be a mistake to underestimate Trump in the general.

Latest PA poll this morning: H 58 - B 31 (+27)

Donald Trump Can't Stop Retweeting White Supremacist Twitter Accounts

At Public Event, Harvard Law Student Asks Tzipi Livni: ‘How Is It That You Are So Smelly?’

Gov. Bruce "Ruiner" Rauner suffers another setback in push for right-to-work-for-less!

It's April and I like both remaining candidates less than I did in January

David Plouffe: The Sanders Campaign is a Fraud

Michelle Obama is an impressive, phenomenal woman

Chevron Pimps CA Assembly's Cheryl Brown (D) As "Environmental Champion" - She's Not

Stage 4 has begun

Here's my take on Hillarys unfavorables and why she's still going to be our nominee.

With 93% Of GBR Bleached & Dying, Oz AG "Not At All Convinced" Climate Science Valid

"...raising $$ stating you have path to nomination is fraud."

Bernie Sanders Has Trickier, Narrower Road in Democratic Race

Report highlights increase in gun deaths involving children in Wisconsin

Cruz’s Gun Control Deception

Former officers plead guilty in Danziger Bridge shootings (Katrina, NOLA)

Cokie Roberts just said on MSNBC

GBR, Climate Coverage In Queensland So Shitty That Scientists Are Buying Full-Page Ads

"The Democratic Stockholm Syndrome"

Wunderground - SE Asia Flattened By Heat Wave - "Likely Most Intense Ever Observed"

Why Bernie is our best, and perhaps only, chance.

I am reminded of a portion of MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

Just off the phones Keystone State Poll - Clinton 58% Sanders 31%

Tad Devine’s Domino Theory of Victory (HRC GROUP)

Hillary Clinton possible vice presidential choices

Bernie faces Southern revolt

Bernie faces Southern revolt

Harriet Tubman Ousts Jackson On $20 Bill

Is it a bad or good idea to delete past history???

Heard on MSNBC just now: The ESTABLISHMENT is whoever you don't like..." LOLOL!

The Arctic is facing a decline in sea ice that might equal the negative record of 2012

Why are there so many calls to have Bernie quit?

Vietnam investigates mass fish deaths

Healthier salmon benefits human well-being and boosts aquaculture's competitiveness

Jobless claims drop to 42-1/2 year low as labor market firms

Interactive composting, recycling station shows savings in real time

Meet Fran Drozdz, the 72-year-old who finished Boston Marathon after 9 hours

Drone crosses path of Aer Lingus plane over France

Australia's furry quoll gets 'toad-smart' to survive

Island states come to UN ready to move on climate deal

Hey Plouffe: I know what a fraudster looks and sounds like and Bernie is not it.

Scientists are studying what made Queen singer Freddie Mercury's voice so amazing and unique

South American floods kill 12, force mass evacuations

What a Looming Patent War Could Mean for the Future of the Marijuana Industry

Underwater 'zombie grass' signals trouble for Florida fishermen

Why has the FBI's investigation into Hillary's home server taking so long

Why do so many Republican Congressman hate Cruz?

Trump refers to 9/11 as 7/11

The best scenario, I think, is for Bernie to stick around, but tone down the attacks.

I'm boycotting Corporate Media until Bernie wins the nomination.

This Is How Surfers Are Helping Fund Climate Science

Flirting with the 1.5°C Threshold

RI Will Only Open 1 in 3 Polling Places for Primary

RI Will Only Open 1 in 3 Polling Places for Primary

Climate Change and the Migration of Infectious Disease

Hillary on GMA

Study reveals greater climate impacts of 2C temperature rise

Mourning Loomis Reef - the heart of the Great Barrier Reef's coral bleaching disaster

Camille Paglia asks hard questions about Clinton's support

my crazy state of tennessee news....

Call Itt, Skinner!

NY Primary Election Lawsuit Gains Strength

Students have no ‘right’ to quality education, CA state court rules

Can I send a text message to someone's cell phone if they aren't in my contacts list?

Restructure a business in order to protect a serial sexual harasser

President Trump wants Tubman on the 2 dollar bill

are we looking at a clinton debacle in wisconsin come november

Rhode Island closes 66 percent of polling places to cut election costs

Castle fans: ABC dumped Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) & Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish)

POTUS + FLOTUS Team Up with ABC for Hour-Long 'Jazz at the White House' Special

Venezuela opposition-backed Congress approves new referendum rules

The WORST thing about this primary has been the continued Demonization of Progressive Liberalism

The Times They Are A'Changing

Democratic state chairs in South, still stewing over Sanders dismissing votes, say stop

Brazil loses millions of jobs amid political crisis

Fun little prop bets for next round of primaries: over/under on when races are called

Think about it

Remember the "DNC Data Breach"? I have questions.

Bernie Sanders Needs to Get Back to Leading the Movement

‘Shock’ as opposition to Holocaust Memorial Day amendment applauded at NUS

I believe this rigging is happening all over. IL - Chicago 56% down to 47%

Youth Turnout in New York Wasn't Much Different Than in 2008 (Revolution AWOL again)

Youth Turnout in New York Wasn't Much Different Than in 2008 (Revolution AWOL again)

Ted Devine contradicts Bernie Sanders and Jeff Weaver: superdelegates should follow will of voters

Wednesday May 11 is BS' Deadline to answer FEC letters!! What about his taxes?

Tommy Chong endorses Bernie Sanders for President (Funny and great video!)

Frank Luntz said he has focus grouped African Americans and found many who like Trump's swag.

Deutsche Bank Settles Lawsuit for Price Rigging, Turns “State’s Evidence” on Other Banks (GOLD)

Take Off Your Tin Foil Hat – Deutsche Bank Admit To Gold Rigging

Exeter scientists call on public to look and listen out for cuckoos

Think the voters choose the pledged delegates in RI? Think again.

U.K. Issues Travel Warning About Antigay U.S. States

“Zero deforestation” champion creates new risks for Indonesia’s forests and peatlands

Campaign Finance Math is More Likely to Finish Bernie than Election Math (HRC GP)

Hillary Rocking The Fillmore in Philadelphia

Western pond turtles found to be exposed to pesticides in Sequoia National Park

Does Right to Farm bill Legalize Cannabis and Hemp?

Fracking Earthquakes & Methane Leaks: The Consequences Of Secret Oil Lobbying

Research Mechanism behind plant withering clarified Mechanism behind plant withering classification

My weekly visit to Free Republic--- Subject this week---Hillary's emails.

They're trying to WillyT me, I suppose.

Is it time to boycott NPR?

what has Hillary said she would do for the upper middle class?

Just remember one basic fact folks....

Yes, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and Hillary represents the very worst of the party/SALON

Hillary the likely nominee. Bernie fought hard and continues to fight for the job.

The Parties pick their nominees as they see fit. Primary voting/caucusing is masturbation

Wrestler, entertainer Chyna is dead at 45

Does anyone deny that our elections have become for-profit corporations

Another day another banking scandal for TBTF banks that Hillary took big money from

SunEdison Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

vote suppression is now "IN" with establishment supporting Dems?

Bernie Sanders has so far won every county

Trump's idea about where Harriet Tubman should go.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Money

Teen 'Salafists' arrested over bomb attack on Sikh temple (Essen, Germany)

Record Youth Turnout in New York Primary for Sanders

All this talk about who's face is going on what dollar bill.....

A question for this group...

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Rethugs

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Selfishness and demagoguery take advantage of liberty.

The Ultimate GOP Plan Is To Run Military Like A Business. Here Is What They Have In Mind.

A question for this group

U.S. border agents seize longest Mexico-California drug tunnel yet

Franklin Marshall PA poll: Hillary's favorability beats both Bernie and Trump.

Women, young more open on transgender issue in U.S. - Reuters/Ipsos poll

My ship has come in!

A Plausible Reality on Obama's Successor ?

I Believe Truth About The Election Fraud In The Democratic Nomination

New Hillary Clinton Ad: "My Mom"

American Independent Party? 400000 people! In ca

Turkish appeals court overturns 'Ergenekon' coup plot convictions

Whoa. That's one shitty Third-World hell-hole of a country.

University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) Moving Toward Layoffs in Budget Stalemate (FREE COLLEGE!)

MoveOn rejects idea Superdelegates should support 2nd place candidate

Snowden to take Norway to court to secure free passage

Key Ally group, MoveOn, rejects Bernie's Superdelegate plan

Sanders won only 53 % of the 25 to 29-year-olds vote, compared to 81 % of 18-24 year olds

question... how do you "follow" someone on DU?nt

Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church: Why Is It Still a Story?

When Oil Is Worth More Than Lives, Our Nation Has Lost Its Moral Compass

At least 13 killed in blast at southeast Mexico petrochemical plant

When the going gets tough the tough get going

Shelly Bond fired, notorious sexual predator keeps job

Where is Killer Mike?

White House concerned Russia moving military equipment into Syria

=*= LIVE Stream @ 1PM: Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Scranton, PA =*=

Danziger toon

Pic Of The Moment: A New Frontrunner For "Quote Of The Campaign" Emerges

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-20-16

Pepper spray university says sorry for search manipulation

Magnificent 7 remake

Sepp Blatter 'offered Fifa role to Burundi president'

And people wonder why I call "Fox And Friends" the bottom of the sewer...

John Podesta says Clinton has a "broad" list for female VP candidates

Election watchdogs urge voters to report problems at the polls

Here’s What Being Good Without God Actually Means

Project 538 Forecasts for April 26

Mob Mentality and Winning At All Cost

How to get a source of wildly diverse news that does not scream corporate anything

Secretary Kerry will sign the Paris Climate Change accord at the UN on Friday, earth day

Bundy sons lose bid for release ahead of trial in Nevada

I met these girls through this project (warning: there is a funding request at the link)

Mizzou Grad Student Workers Vote to Form Union

Mizzou Grad Student Workers Vote to Form Union

Man charged in Oregon standoff arrested in Southern Utah

Mizzou Grad Student Workers Vote to Form Union

Judge questions Oregon standoff figure about 'flock of geese'

MSNBC changes Bernie beat reporter

A birther conspiracy so loony even Orly Taitz doesn't want it!

Pakistan army sacks six senior officers amid corruption claims

Snapchat's "Digital Blackface"

Hillary knocking it out of the park on GMA

Healing Justice & Joy DeGruy (two videos)

Remember Republicans arguing Gore was trying to steal the vote even though voters had been purged

Ben Carson: Put Harriet Tubman on a $2 Bill

Team Clinton to Sanders: It's over

Olympic torch for Rio games lit at ancient Greek site

FYI: The Hillbots are going to get worse... David Brock has announced a new strategy

How the New York primary served as a microcosm for the 2016 democratic race

2016 National Democratic Primary - Hillary 51%(+3), Bernie 45%(-4) (Ipsos/Reuters (Web) 4/16-4/20)

I'm a fucking LIBERAL.

Equal | Hillary Clinton

Down to the sea - dramatic pictures of ships vs. the sea

oh snap!

Hillary's NY Delegate Net Delegate Haul Up to 33

Manufacturing consent in science: the diabolical twist

Barack Obama to make long-awaited appeal for Britain to stay in EU

Hillary Clinton Delegate Will Oversee New York Primary Audit

How we can all win and clean up the party at the same time

UPDATE: Elderly Man Defends Himself in Home Invasion, 1 Person Dead

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Scranton, PA (4-21-16) Bernie Scranton Pennsylvania Rally

Trump supporter "Jack Mehoff" quoted in Baltimore Sun

Donald Trump Thinks North Carolina Got It Wrong On Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill

Bernie Rally Live Feed - Scranton, PA

New York Democratic Primary results cartogram

Thanks, JP Morgan Chase: Bill Slashing Retiree Pensions & Dodd-Frank Regulations Passes! More this?

MotherJones: The Myth of Sanders' November Advantage

Foreign Office in London gets new Official Kitteh

A Dirty Cop And The Innocent Man He Framed Are Now BFFs

When government agencies have a sense of humor - 420

Salon: Enough With the Hillary Cult, Her Admirers Ignore Reality, Dream of Worshipping a Queen

Time 100: FGM campaigner Jaha Dukureh makes prestigious list

Remove Confederate statue at U of L (KY)

Victim Of Faith Healing Wants Parents Prosecuted

Maryland Poll (Monmouth): Clinton leads Sanders by 25

New York Observer Food Critic Quits Over Donald Trump Endorsement

Real women last appeared on US paper money 100 years ago; black people never have

Britain issues travel warning for LGBT people headed to U.S.

Obama's campaign manager suggests Sanders is committing "fraud"

Hillary Clinton Delegate Will Oversee Audit of New York Primary

Running Out of Venues to Change the State Flag (MS)

Colorado stoners keep stealing 420 mile markers

Faux Noise's Stossel: "I have lung cancer... Customer service stinks!"

Haiti Mining : Anti Hillary GOP hit piece, here is the facts

Video: Paul Wellstone on Bipartisan Corruption.....I guess he's "smearing" too

How a Democrat Killed Welfare: Bill Clinton gutted welfare and criminalized the poor,

Ecuador hikes taxes to pay for post-quake reconstruction

"They should put my picture on the billion-dollar bill!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Indiana Toddler Finds Gun in Mother’s Purse, Dies in Apparent Accidental Shooting

This year, Hillary only got 1,054,083 votes. She actually got 14,413 fewer than she got in '08.

This year, Hillary only got 1,054,083 votes. She actually got 14,413 fewer than she got in '08.

April 26, 2016 primaries...

'This is not normal': Cape sees 15 shootings in less than a year

Hate Groups Demand Legislators Sign Loyalty Oath Against Repealing NC Anti-LGBT Law

Robert Reich's request to all of us.

An interesting take on Devine and Weaver.

Bernie might come to New Haven! His people are trying to secure permission to have

UK Killing Civilians for Oil Again in the King Salman Canal Project

A- rated Monmouth Poll For Maryland -Clinton 57% Sanders 32%

Monmouth poll just out: a 25 point lead for Hillary in Maryland.

Sanders can still win: 1400 delegates left to win

If Hillary makes it to the White House...

Trump Guy Has This One Weird Trick To Ratf*ck All The Republican Delegates

Hillary Clinton isn’t picking Elizabeth Warren for vice president. Here’s why.

When They Come for Our Vote

If a republican runs third party, and Hillary is

Iggy Pop is 69 today!

Two Dead After Rio 2016 Olympic Legacy Cycle Path Collapses

Prince Dead at 57

About New York

Regulators introduce new rules to curb Wall Street pay

“The Faith of Christopher Hitchens”

How Change Happens, When American people stand up and fight, they win (video)

We need a wambulance

Hillary supporter "assaults" protester

Is advocating for a 3rd party allowed now?

The Tripmunks

Ringtail lemur is not done being petted

Prince is dead

How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk

She's Wrong on Minimum Wage | Bernie Sanders

Biden hits back at Clinton's criticism of Sanders

Automatic Delegates (misnamed as superdelegates)

Listening to the Latino Community | Bernie Sanders

Ministry of the Environment plans to recycle 90 percent of contaminated soil in Fukushima but...

Did Prince pass away?

Philadelphia #BlackLives Protesters: Don't vote for Hillary

For the first time in more than a century, Boreas Ponds will open to the public.

California will likely put Clinton over the 2026 delegates needed by about 5 delegates.

Bernie staying in is a service to everyone in this country who believes in economic justice

Lessons from Livermore: Look at the big picture to figure out where we have to go...

"Sanders has a path to victory. His campaign is not but all done." Clinton campaign is offended

Prince died RIP Prince

How come nobody has problems with someone running

Is there a rule for this site that disallows people who get payed to post here?

Liberal Redneck on Transgender Bathrooms

Don't Believe PAUL RYAN He will Run after 1st Ballot Contested Convention Ryans Bull

O'Malley says rigged and Bernie Agrees

Prince died!

Quick, someone find Elton John and Peter Gabriel . . .

Prince in best Super Bowl show ever

Bernie or Hillary?

Poll: Van Hollen leads big over Edwards in Md. Senate primary



College Could Be Free In America If Corporations Paid Reagan-Era Taxes

Here’s the Map That Shows Why the GOP Is Freaking Out About Trump

Pennsylvania Fines Uber $11M for Operating Without Approval

I'm in the process of writing a James Bond fanfic story !

Joe Walsh Nixes Concert: "I cannot in good conscience endorse the Republican party in any way"

This is the worst year for music that I can remember

The Bernie-supporting US Senate candidate in PA is struggling

Prince Shreds O}-+->

#BlackLives protesters disrupt Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia

Bono (U2) wrote an essay on Kerry for Time's 100 Most influential people edition

Paris Climate Agreement on Track for Early Start

Dearly beloved...

Rhode Island closes 66 percent of polling places to cut election costs.

Has Hillary Clinton EVER made a convincing argument for economic justice?

Sanders Tones Down Rhetoric - Scranton, PA Rally

With 5 MILLION manufacturing jobs already lost, we can't afford NAFTA-on-steroids TPP!

I want eyes on Tom Waits right now

Oh, Prince. No.

After New York comes the question: What does Bernie want?

Biden sides with Bernie; says he prefers Sanders' big ideas to grow Dem party

Only US Grizzly Recovery Coordinator Retiring After 35 Years

Faith and Social Justice Roundtable - Full Speech | Bernie Sanders

Snohomish’s Loren Ross, 17, becomes second woman in infantry

Lucy Flores reports windfall after help from Bernie Sanders

Everett's initiative to tackle homelessness starting to pay off

Latest meme, "Bernie went too negative"?

Poll: If Bernie isn't the nominee, how will you vote?

Something wrong with this hidden OP Post by fun n serious? (HRC GROUP)

=*= 2 LIVE Streams @ **NOW**(both) Bernie - Santander Performing Arts Center - Reading, PA =*=

Ecuador earthquake: How to help?

Did New York’s Voting Problems Hurt Hillary Clinton?

I'm introducing our 25 year old receptionist to Prince today....

Why Bernie Sanders' supporters are right to be furious with New York's atrocious primary (The Week)

Chicago to Implement Some—But Not All—Police Reforms

I say tomorrow we all wear purple in rememberance of Prince

If Sanders doesnt ask for another debate, that is the sign he's giving up

Kerry wrote essay on Leo DiCaprio for Time's 100 most influential People

In The Last 10 Primary Contests, The Only 2 Bernie Has Lost Are Closed Primaries Under Investigation

Poll: If Your Candidate Isn't The Dem Nominee, How Will You Vote?

Bernie should be spending more $$$ trying to elect progressives to Congress.

Paul Giammati: 12 Years a Slave Auction Scene

Solar Impulse 2 plane takes off from Hawaii to California -- with no fuel

Look RI voters: RI will only open 1 in 3 polling places for primary

Just to keep things in perspective...

RI will only open 1 in 3 polling places for primary


Watch Bernie's Pennsylvania Rallies

A funky thread in honor of His Royal Badness

A 'Bubble' for Hubble: Iconic Telescope Snaps Spectacular Birthday Photo

Robert Kennedy Presidential Campaign 1968

Snowden to take Norway to court to secure free passage

Poll: Trump, Clinton have big leads in Pennsylvania...Clinton 58%...Sanders 31%

Poll: Trump, Clinton have big leads in Pennsylvania...Clinton 58%...Sanders 31%

Franklin-Marshall poll just released: Clinton leads by 27 in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton rallies support in Philadelphia

New Maryland Poll (Emerson): Clinton 57% - Sanders 32%

have people seen this video? Chicago election board hearing testimony on voting audit irregularities

Will the progressive movement survive and grow after Bernie?

Spotted on Reddit, posting without comment.

I hate this spin that Clinton supporters don't care about voting irregularities

The Trump You've Seen All Year Is NOT The Trump You Will See In The Fall

The Ludlow Massacre Still Matters

The Republican Party has taken Hate Radio Mainstream

All The Ridiculous "Conditions" Have Been Met: WHERE ARE THE TRANSCRIPTS?

Baltimore By Prince

Every time there are "problems" at polling places...

Survivor: Kaoh Rong - COCKY DOODLE DOOOOOO!

Confederate flag removed from U.S. Capitol tunnel

Black Lives Don't Matter, Black Votes Do: The Racial Hypocrisy of Hillary and Bill Clinton (Richard

The Real Delegate Count...

What's happening in Ecuador?

New Orleans: I’m not celebrating

The 2016 Election WILL Be Stolen - Here's How (with Greg Palast)

Twitter User Captures Video of Elderly Black Man Beating Racist White Guy After Being Called N-Word

Police Cadet Turns in Cop for Turning Body Cam Off Just Before Pummeling his Victim

Maryland To Become The Second State To Guarantee Fair Minimum Wage For Workers With Disabilities

Prince was a genuine progressive

McDonalds Customer Faces Robbery Charge After Emptying Cup Of Water And Filling It With Soda

APNewsBreak: Senate candidate bills campaign for family trip

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Apr. 21, 2016

The ACA is in better shape than you think

Sanders and the RED MENACE.

Clinton on track to capture Democratic nomination

Would you vote for a Democrat who supports TPP?

#BernBabyBern - Hey Bloomfield (Official Video)

The return address was Bernie

OpenProject: Greece has now its own WikiLeaks

Ted Cruz says we need to patrol Muslim communities

Make room under the bus for Liz Warren!

New Democrat For Life Bernie Sanders Raised A Jaw-Dropping $46 Million In March

Iran Tests New Space Rocket 'Which Could Be Used To Deliver Nuclear Warheads' Built With North Korea

I cannot wrap my head around this...

After the loss in New York, HA Goodman has resorted to hoping for an FBI indictment

Bad news about Sunday. My laptop crashed for good just now.

Humans can afford to be less than conscious because we're at the top of the food chain.

FBI's Apple Hack Cost More Than a Million Dollars

NBA’s Silver: 2017 All-Star Game will be moved from Charlotte if LGBT law is unchanged

How many have been tossed under the Sanders bus

America's Wealth Effect From Rising Home Prices Has Been Cut in Half

And now, for your dancing pleasure: Sovereign citizen idiocy!

Senate's Warren Rips SEC for Letting Cohen Start New Firm

Trying my best to help an elderly lady. What is that scam called where

Take back your TV (and your cash) E action FCC

So I started a Twitter feed for the Top 10!

For Prince

2007 Documentary about Prince: "Prince in the 1980s" Full Movie

Why should I vote for an Imperialist / Hawk?

PLEASE, I need some help from my DU friends UPDATE

Greatest fucking halftime performance at the Super Bowl EVER!!!

New telephone scam call today

Why mourn Prince silently? Let's celebrate Prince's music the right way!

Am I correct that Hillary needs to take 67% of the rest of the delegates to secure the nomination?

Where the current Democratic Party stands on the issue of income inequality

(Bernie Sanders Group)This video, and ones like it, will destroy Hillary, if she's the nominee.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Torches Bernie Sanders Campaign’s Entire Case Against Hillary

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Torches Bernie Sanders Campaign’s Entire Case Against Hillary

Good news for Bernie supporters (no snark).

Why the S.E.C. Didn’t Hit Goldman Sachs Harder

The Prince is dead! Long Live The Prince!

Effective audit policy for voter-verified paper ballots (academic paper)

New FEC Filings Reveal That Clinton’s Donations To State Parties Are Merely Pass Throughs To The DNC

Pres. Obama comments on the passing of Prince...

Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor (Prince cover)

25 Little Known Facts About The Moons In Our Solar System

'RIP, little buddy': Police mourn passing of squirrel with his own Twitter account; followers tweet

Wolf Blitzer Confuses Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ With Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’

I don't think I've seen a single commercial break on...

Autistic man dies after confrontation with Fairfax County police at park

"BERNIE & HILLARY" — A Bad Lip Reading

Why Fracking Makes Some People Mad- Fracking Sounds Are no Joke.

Odds of being President: Clinton 72%, Trump and Cruz combined 25%

Half a billion. Minimum. Donald Trump will need this much money to run against Hillary Clinton

An email tells no lies

I am Very Disappointed with the Democratic Party

Anyone got a phone number for the campaign? I'd just like to say a couple of words to them

Don't go out in a Hail storm with a aluminum pan

California Superdelegate Writes Open Letter to Bernie Sanders: 'Stop the Harassing Phone Calls'

Electricity consumption in Argentina falls by a record 9.4% in March after Macri triples rates.

Firms that paid for Clinton speeches have government interests (AP - Today)

Not bullies, but politicians are stealing Colombia’s school children’s lunch money

Not bullies, but politicians are stealing Colombia’s school children’s lunch money

Sign the Daily Kos Petition Against LGBTQ Discrimination Laws

Bernie: Calling the Hillary NY Cheating "Disgraceful" is Not Enough, It Was Illegal. Do Something.

Pesach Sameach

AM Alert: Bernie Sanders opens first California campaign office

Here is why the "math" argument is disingenuous garbage

Long Primary Carries Costs for Hillary Clinton: Money and Time

"Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton" ...

Colombia’s ‘social cleansing’ phenomenon: Exterminating people like bugs

Unhealthy Ozone Days Could Increase by More Than a Week in Coming Decades

Colombia’s ‘social cleansing’ phenomenon: Exterminating people like bugs

'Staggering Reach' of UK Surveillance and 15-Year Coverup Revealed

US National Forests And Grasslands Could Yield Less Water in Future Climate

Just donated to Tim Canova again! Can you also? Let's rock this campaign!

US Uncut: "Why #BernieOrBust Is Actually Great for Democracy"

Studies Show Link Between Red Meat and Climate Change

Canadian high school basketball player said he was 17. Authorities say he’s 30.

*** Posted to the African-American Group***

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 April 2016

Bolivian cholita climbers conquer highest peaks near La Paz – in pictures

Bolivian cholita climbers conquer highest peaks near La Paz – in pictures

Girl, 16, Dies After Student Attack in High School Bathroom

The lyrics to "Let's Go Crazy" are feeling eerie now

Elizabeth Warren For VP Possible As Clinton Hints At Clinton/Warren Dream Ticket

Save the Polar Bears? They’re Fine, Actually

Thank you Bernie Sanders For Running Such A Positive Campaign & Continuing To Do So.

French statue gets removable organ to fight penis thieves

Republican Proposal Would Restrict Free Meal Programs At Thousands Of America’s Poorest Schools

One number tells the level of Jeff Weaver's commitment to the Sanders campaign.

Al Giordano: PA +10 looks more realistic

NOLA Police Officers Plead Guilty To Shooting Civilians (Katrina-Danziger Bridge)

Bourne Summer 2016 trailer

New Orleans Police Officers Plead Guilty in Shooting of Civilians

Tighter enforcement along the US-Mexico border backfired, researchers find

Count on either Goff or Wentz becoming the next Montana ...

Reich Urges Unity:"Either is a 1000X Better President than Republicans"- Berniacs Post More Hate

Tighter enforcement along the US-Mexico border backfired, researchers find

My brother snuck me into the theater to see "Purple Rain..."

Most Democratic voters are women, and Hillary is winning among them by double digits

Honduras: Nearly 600 Police Officers Committed Crimes

Ratigan's Righteous Rant

Charles M. Blow: What is Sanders's Endgame?

Charles M. Blow: What is Sanders's Endgame?

Best Super Bowl halftime show EVER!

Papantonio: Get Ready For the Clinton Purge of Liberal Democrats

China's Defense Ministry Appears to Confirm New Missile Test

Palestinians back Marwan Barghouti for Nobel Prize

I Saw Prince Get Attacked by Hell's Angels when he Opened for the Stones

APNewsBreak: Slain driver's DNA not found on officer's gun

Scary ad from Cruz...

Donald Trump said today he believes in raising taxes on the rich, but his tax plan cuts them instead

Trump, Clinton and Cruz are "party candidates disliked by a majority of the American people."

Superdelegates should align with voter sentiment, ...

Okay, now the Dubs HAVE to win this thing

One on One with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren calls SEC's approval of firm 'a mockery' and questions mission

‘Outrageous’ that college debaters were asked to defend Palestinian stabbing attacks, says ADL

Bill Moyers on why the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement is death for democracy

Team Hill: Bernie should quit. Translation: HEY Battabattabattabatta

Saudi Therapist Gives Advice on Wife Beating: Women's Desire for Equality Causes Marital Strife

Who is Julia Rosen from ActBlue, who does she represent?

Under new Oregon law, all eligible voters are registered unless they opt out

Turkish hotline for Erdogan insults angers Dutch

Next Week's New Yorker Cover

AP: Firms That Paid For Clinton Speeches Have U.S. Government INTERESTS...

is 538 in the bag for hillary?

Bernie & Hillary- A Bad Lip Reading * New

Hillary Clinton accuses gun lobby of intimidating Congress, harassing critics

I like " The Liberal Party ".

Florida's Gwen Graham to leave House, considers run for governor

Bernie Sanders should definitely ignore all the calls for him to “ease up” on Hillary Clinton.

Al Gore is hugely optimistic when it comes to one thing about climate change

Provisional Ballots Poised To Rock The Vote

Current measurement methods may be vastly underestimating the amount of plastic in the oceans

Outwitting poachers with artificial intelligence

Bernie Sanders’ Big Ideas Just Picked Up Powerful Support

Anyone have a read on Oregon?

Ted Cruz snaps in hate-filled rant, slams ESPN for firing Curt Schilling

Why did Prince change his name to a symbol?

(Bernie Sanders Group) Why #BernieOrBust Is Actually Great for Democracy

After drones: the indelible mark of America's remote control warfare

German state seeks to scrap lese majeste law even faster

Jobless Claims Hit a 43-Year Low

Is there a final Delegate allocation from NY yet?

Salon: Firms that paid for Clinton speeches have US gov’t interests

Keep an eye out for the next cited "expert" on Emailgate; Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Is there a separate General Election forum?

Jeff Merkley on Hayes MSNBC responding to allegation Sanders hasn't done he lists them

=*= 3 LIVE streams @ **NOW** 7PM: Bernie - Montgomery County PA Rally at Greater PA Expo Oaks =*=

Gender Preference Letters Outrage Parents.

Many Dem primary voters made up their minds over a month ago

What to do when your car breaks down on the road, in Cuba

Divination by Snail

Bernie; in Form; after New York and ready to press on.....

Whoa. Some Repubes are skipping their convention because they are scared of potential violence

All Prince tribute Chicago 93.9

Ex-CIA Officer Faces Extradition From Portugal To Italy For Alleged Role In Cleric’s Rendition

Clinton, Trump Max Out in New York and More To Come...

Younger House Democrats Getting Restless As Senior Leadership Shows No Sign Of Going Anywhere

Holy Shit, Prince is dead

Does Citizens United Assure Hillary A Win?

Sam Stein via HuffPo: Confirmed -- Kasich Has No Speech Transcripts to Release... Cruz likely none

HRC packs them in at Fishtown

Bill That Obama Extolled Is Leading to Pension Cuts for Retirees

Google is honoring Prince with Purple Rain

The Google doodle is purple rain.

If You Are Female, Can You Please Participate in My Son's Sociology Project?


Donald Trump booed at Maryland rally after bringing up love for Tom Brady

New math! Bernie is actually WINNING the nomination! He is 72% there, Hil is 60%!

78 Sears, Kmart Stores To Close; See The List

DOJ Cites Bizarre Reason to Deny Access to (convicted Boston bomber) Tsarnaev Info

All the "Prince is Dead" announcements.

FBI Head: No Timetable for Completing Clinton Email Probe

The musicians of Democratic Underground know about Prince....


One thing laid bare this primary: super delegates are superfluous. NIX THEM

Missouri News - 4/21/2016

I am hurting bad right now .... Prince Little Red Corvette

Hillary Clinton PAC Spends $1 Million to Combat Users on Reddit and Facebook

‘Time 100’ ranking includes a few religious mentions

With 'Candour Of A Friend,' Obama Urges UK To Stay In The EU

I just used the trash keyword feature and DU is much more tolerable.

Google is purple right now.

How Lisa Marie Presley became Scientology leader David Miscavige’s worst nightmare

Absolutely love this clip, one of my favorites!

If DU isn't a microcosm, and is "nothing like real life"

Elizabeth Warren would NEVER agree to VP before the FBI decides and announces.

A generation of artists were wiped out by Aids and we barely talk about it

Supreme Court to Decide Whether States Can Make You Leave Your Fourth Amendment Rights at the DMV

NYC board of elections official suspended following primary voting issues in Brooklyn

Is Bernie still Front Page/Top of the Hour News?

Florida man whose gyrocopter landed by US Capitol gets 120 days behind bars

The Feds are finally cracking down on Wall Street bonuses

David Brock's Correct The Record to invest $1 million to attack Bernie supporters online

Prince and David Bowie showed us another way to live

To infinity and beyond

Did you know you can season a stainless steel frying pan?

Fun Prince fact: "Darling Nikki" caused Tipper Gore to found the Parents Resource Music Center!

Maryland Just Became the Most Bee-Friendly State in the U.S.A.

$182 million: Bernie Sanders equals Hillary Clinton's campaign fundraising

Deep down you knew it was coming: A Prince conspiracy theory!

LEAD | Last Week Tonight W/ John Oliver

I was an 80's child. Our HS band did a half time show of both Prince and MJ. My mom broke my vinyl

Gabby Giffords Ad Supporting Hillary's Pennsylvania Win In Our Mail Today!

Richard Lyons, Negativland Founder, Dead at 57

Noah's Ark destroyed by flood

Love this headline...