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Seymour Hersh: Saudi Arabia Bribed Pakistanis To Hide bin Laden So Americans Couldn’t Question Him

From PM to ordinary people, UK commemorates Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday

Feeling bored and depressed. Anyone care to try and cheer me up?

Backed by Army of Small-Dollar Donors, Sanders Camp Forges Ahead

Trump Addicted America!

KY is VERY favorable to Bernie

What do we do after the nomination?

Journalists will not share Panama Papers with Justice Department

TMZ is Claiming Prince Was Treated for a Drug Overdose Days Ago


Stevie Wonder is on

Fellow Sanders Voters: Remember That Bernie Has Benefited From Closed Caucuses

Henry Rollins: North Carolina, I Love You, But Your Governor Is an Asshole

RIP Prince

Kasich: I oppose DC statehood because it would give more votes to Dems

Lookie here re: voting issues in Brooklyn

If you say Sanders is in a better position than Obama was, you're deluded or a liar.

Pro-Clinton PAC in cahoots with campaign to spend $1 million to fight critics on social media

Hillary Supporters Task Force to Push Back Against Online Harassment & Thank SuperDelegates!

Today's Google Doodle:

Happy 5,000th post to MEEEEEeeeeeee! Geeze 15 years on DU, and you'd think I'd have more to say..

Clinton shares what David Roberts has identified as Obama’s split personality on climate change...

Wouldn't this primary season have been so much better had we done away with

I am now broadcasting my PS4 play on Twitch

Benghazi Biopsy: A Comprehensive Guide to One of America’s Worst Political Outrages

Report: Arizona Sheriff Is Slow in Making Profiling Reforms

Just got back from voting early in MD!!!

McDonald’s Customer Arrested for Filling Cup of Water With Soda Instead

Why can you no longer access some of Prince's music online?

Maybe I'll have better luck with this in here

POLITICSBUSTED: Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Spending $1 Million on Social Media Trolls

Elections / Voting

Late night Donald

Bill and Hillary

Prince most likely O'D'd. :(

Campaign Finance Math is More Likely to Finish Bernie than Election Math

"We can do much more" Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren , Bernie suporters and undecideds ain't drinking that kool-aid

Citing “lessons learned from online engagement with ‘Bernie Bros,’ CTR to counter attack memes

Trump: Tubman on the $20 bill is 'pure political correctness'

Can we talk about Cruz vs Bernie for a minute...

Clinton Says Gun Laws, Culture Need To Change At Hartford Rally

Hillary: "To all the people who supported Sen. Sanders, I believe there's much more

Prince caused Tipper Gore (Al Gores' wife) to form PMRC, a censorship group due to the lyrics of

Cenk "conceded..Sanders had probably lost the primary &..Clinton’s path to victory was mo

For those who might be interested in a teevee Prince tribute

Prince- The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Did anybody get a tweet?

Biden Looks Back, Aspirations Intact

Thomas Frank: Listen, Liberal! Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?

Hillary's embrace of Fracking is a HUGE LIABILITY

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Hunger Games! & Uncensored & Live & a

Hydrogen Buses Arrive In Ohio, Naturally Media And Politicians “Drink Exhaust”

Canada to introduce legislation to legalize RECREATIONAL Cannabis

Outstanding "No Holds Barred" Interview With Cannabis Oil Expert Rick Simpson...

I'm sorry, but I need some time to think about the passing of Prince.:sad:

Judge Rejects DoJ's Classified Court Filing on Clinton E-mails.

Court fight expected over Bundy trial date

Mississippi flag won't hang in US Capitol tunnel

All-New Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels by Butcher Billy

What to do when your car breaks down on the road - in Cuba

Protest Lodged Over Secrecy In Clinton E-mail CAse

Aww, Google doodle is honoring Prince.

White power rallies come to Georgia

Illinois News - 4/21/2016

Breaking: More sad news from the music industry.

"Wall Street May Like Clinton, but they ain't gonna like me". Bernie was right.....

Mukilteo Man Realizes It Was Probably A Bad Idea To Send Out Anti-Mosque Postcard

New York Primary: Why is Exit Poll Data Adjusted to Match Final Voting Results?

Haslett-Rudiano 'botched the maintenance of the voter roll'

Anniston says no about Confederate flags -- and means it (AL)

Warren Haynes and Govt Mule give Prince a proper tribute...

Harriet the Spy

==PRINCE== Honored in his home of Minnesota

Reuters: Hillary beats Trump by 11 and Climbing

There are going to be tons of Republicans on the money. What are they crying about?

SPLC finds 1,500 government-backed tributes to the Confederacy across U.S.

My Prince story ....

The perfect Prince song and video with an appearance by Donald... Money Don't Matter.

York man allegedly eats pot, claims to be sovereign citizen (PA)

When is the May Democratic debate scheduled? Clinton agreed to hold this debate ...

Not necessarily a spurious suggestion:

LISTEN: Hillary Clinton Reflects On Prince's Passing

Senator Claire McCaskill on Bill Clinton: A great leader but I don't want my daughter near him

Wed. nite laugh - kitten goes off on dog

Hillary PAC Spends $1 Million to ‘Correct’ Commenters on Reddit and Facebook

In Case You Wondered....

Raunchy Prince was actually a conservative Christian who reportedly opposed gay marriage

17 Jewish Activists Protesting Israeli Occupation Arrested at ADL Headquarters


"Clinton targets young voters with new fundraising group"

It's Always Sunny - Shit Sandwich

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day: In memoriam, Prince Rogers Nelson.

Patton Oswalt doesnt think much of Bernie or Bust

Hillary Clinton PAC prepares to combat the psychotic trolls who harass her online supporters


If you're a paid Hillary Clinton operative. Please post in this thread. nt

doesnt it seem a little odd that a candidate pays people to post?

Both Clinton and Sanders agree, the crap has to stop .. but will anybody listen?

Greg Palast on How the New York and US Elections are Being Stolen

If either Team Hillary or Team Bernie

Anyone want to take Ann Coulter up on her threat?

Patton Oswalt Wants You To Know ‘You’re A F**king Child’ If You Don’t Vote Because You Hate Hillary

Pennsylvania restaurant makes Hillary Clinton-themed pizza with hot sauce

"Bernie & Hillary" A Bad Lip Reading

Jake Arrietta just threw his second no hitter.

Rainbow appears over Paisley Park

I shot a turkey today.

Venezuela cuts power to four hours a day to save energy

Bernie from Brooklyn: A Conversation with Mark Ruffalo

Bernie looks like that guy.

With Uncertainty at Top of Ticket, Republicans Back Off in Some States

'True Cost of Covert Killings' Demanded as Drone Strike Victims Speak Out

Trump, Porn and the Mormons, the Perfect Storm for the Stupidparty.

Idiotic Trump quote of the moment: 9/11 > Pearl Harbor BC great people died, not just soldiers

Trump paints Democrats as corrupt, "shielding" Clinton from indictment.

Heads up! MTV just started showing Purple Rain a few minutes ago

Watch: This Spike Lee-Directed Prince Music Video Used Trump as a Symbol of Inequality

Joe Biden Likes Our Style | Bernie Sanders

Yes, the continued use of "coronation" and "queen" is sexist.

Joe Biden Likes Our Style | Bernie Sanders

No Hitter for Cubs Jake Arrieta. They are 12-4!

Important Information about voting for Bernie:*2nd EDIT:

Charles Mingus - free music festival in Nogales on 23rd

Important Information about voting for Bernie in California:*2nd EDIT:

The Video That Could Bring Down Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Don't reward the shit stirrers

Van Jones talking about Prince

Brooklyn BOE Clerk, Diane Haslett Rudiano; noteworthy real estate deal in 2014

Lead Pipe Removal

10+ Office Kitties Take on Various Responsibilities for Their Humans

Why Warren would be a horrible VP for Progressives

Cruz rips ESPN for firing Curt Schilling over transgender post

Anyone attend a Full Moon Meditation today?

Ecuador to hike taxes, sell assets to fund quake rebuilding

MSNBC (of all networks) has incredible coverage of Prince now showing

Purple Faith: Prince's Life as a Jehovah's Witness

Mitsubishi Motors manipulated mileage data on electric car: Sankei

Jaw-dropping expression of either delusion or a demented attempt at being sinister.

Trump on Sanders-Clinton brawl: ‘I’d like him to keep going’

At the Prince concert a security guard was right next to us, so no photos (recreated the concert)

TMZ is reporting Prince was treated for a drug overdose last week. That

Elvis Costello - "Blame It On Cain" Liverpool 2015

France announces global summit on Israel-Palestinian peace process

Am wondering what you think of this (re: NYC Board of Elections suspension):

List of Sears, Kmart stores closing across the U.S.

Clinton, relatives of Newtown victims talk gun violence

Getting Warren to be VP under Hillary would be the best way for Wall Street to muzzle her voice.

Benefits of Sanders’s College Plan Bigger for Wealthy, Analysis Finds

cdc: overdose deaths from prescription opioids have quadrupuled in u.s.

Did you hear the latest Bill Clinton attack? Please put sharp objects down.

You guys think Bernie could have won the Dem nom if he had more progressive gun stance and history?

Michael Jackson,James Brown,and Prince on stage (1983 )

Jane Sanders hits Clinton for politicizing families of gun victims Read more: http://www.politico.c

my prediction. . .

Prince was a humanitarian who privately donated money to family of Trayvon Martin

Koch-Backed Group Breaks Up Its Intelligence Unit

you~ me, us. oh darlin' stand by me.

Uber settles major lawsuit over driver employment status

Uber settles major lawsuit over driver employment status

Chick-fil-A has infiltrated a public grade school

US Uncut: Hillary Supporters launched vicious mocking attacks of Bernie supporters on social media

California coastal regulator fined for conflict of interest in SeaWorld case

Look at who endorsed trump

Bernie is coming to RI Sunday!

Howard Dean: "Super Delegates Don't Represent People..I'll Do What I think is right for the country"

STFU and go away Bill


Poll: Clinton up 25 points in Maryland

Beijing auditions foreign agencies to polish China brand

Paid Speeches are not just for Wall Street - *94* PAID SPEECHES OVER 2 Yrs!!


List of Lies and Smears About Hillary on DU

VP Joe Biden is Feeling The Bern!

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials For Anger, Economy, and Congress

You have no idea how hardcore Harriet Tubman really was

Hillary Clinton is on the @TIME 100 list. Piece penned by @amyklobuchar.

Hillary Clinton on gay marraige

I know I said I wasn't going to gloat about the NY blowout and then

Frederick Douglass to Harriet Tubman (1868)

FB Bans ElectionJusticeUSA without reason

This comes as Clinton is backing off a little.

6.0-Magnitude Aftershock Strikes off the Coast of Ecuador

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials For Anger, Economy, Congress

Lesbian Couple Alleges Fertility Clinic Discrimination Due to North Carolina 'Anti-LGBT' Law

Indiana News - 4/21/2016

Whatever happened to Hillary's Thx Box?

Harriet Tubman was no lonely heroine

So now I see Lonnie Mack has passed.......

The Golden State Warriors are doomed!

Harriet Tubman's Ballad (Woody Guthrie)

"I’m one of NYC’s 125,000 ‘ghosts’ who couldn’t cast their vote"

Now on to Pennsylvania. Survey says!

As we ingest more and more cannabInoids

Daimler Investigating Emissions After US Request

Meet the Girl Who May Be Behind the Change

#BernieOrBust and the Tea Party

Sanders supporters suffer through stages of grief

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman (Wynton Marsalis)

Sanders supporters suffer through stages of grief

Politico: Sanders supporters suffer through stages of grief

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 23, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Ziegfeld Follies

Media Whores Online

Iowa News - 04/22/2016

Eurythmics -~ Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Sanders Is In It To Lose It

47 Despicable Senate Republicans Vote To Deny Aid To Flint’s Lead Poisoned Children

Twitter: #4HillaryOnlyAmericanLivesMatter HRC Weapons Sales to Human Rights Violating Nations:

"Don't let them suck your fun circuits dry."

Lonnie Mack, July 18, 1941 - April 21, 2016

U.S. Split Deepens Over Putin's Intentions In Syria Civil War

Thom Hartmann gets Trolled by Hillbots on Twitter! - In Case You Missed It.

Is it a possibility that Hillary is being conned by advisors into pursuing a strategy designed to

My reaction to Hillary supporters, or anyone else, telling me I MUST vote for Hillary

Secretive group of Hollywood conservatives suddenly dissolves

$182 million: Bernie Sanders equals Hillary Clinton's campaign fundraising

"Sexist" language used here at D.U. against George W. Bush aka; Bush the Least.

This is just a conjecture. Suppose Cruz got the nomination at the RNC as they really do

Top Federal Reserve official donates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Budget crisis follows Malloy into Clinton campaign event

Benefits of Sanders’s College Plan Bigger for Wealthy, Analysis Finds

How to Hack an Election

Allegations of voter fraud follow Hillary Clinton campaign across nation

The Truth Booth - living art of the people, by the people and for the people.

Build a House for men and birds.

A Gradual Shift Comes Clearer As Hillary Clinton Gains More Sanders' Supporters

Minnesota News - 4/22/2016

"...Trump’s fearless candor and brash energy feel like a great gust of fresh air ...

In the Strip Clubs of Joy Reid’s Mind... Why We’re Done With MSNBC

Trump slowed down by 50%

The Democratic primary is over. It’s time to take on the Republicans.

A handy graph for you:

2013: Bernie Sanders talks about the 1963 March on Washington lead by MLK

This guy is too funny. Must be real? Has Bernie's logo...

Meet one of the Superdelegates:

Daily Holidays - April 22

Bush(VP), Bush(VP), Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush,

The smug style in American liberalism

Frankie Boyle on Donald Trump and the election.

Sanders Campaign’s Commitment To Victory Irritates Media, Offends Clinton Campaign

Backed by Army of Small-Dollar Donors, Sanders Camp Forges Ahead

Exclusionary Zoning Robs Our Cities of Their Best Qualities

A Machete for Your Thoughts: Free Trade, Hillary Style

NONE of the Republican candidates have given paid speeches to Wall Street either - just Hillary.

Hillary's Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step

The New Enlightenment?

Access Counselor: County violated open records law

Access Counselor: County violated open records law

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump Thanks Heroes Of 7/11

thug-president Putin bullies liberal journalists of the last corner of free media in Russia

The Way It Is GOP Only Wants Programs Just For Republicans. Everyone Else Excluded.

Hillary’s primary success is a sham: Bernie Sanders will remain the true Democratic front-runner...

Vietnam vet saves the day

Biden On Clinton's 'Realism': No Dem Wins Saying 'We Can’t Think That Big'

Honest Question for those who Support Secretary Clinton

Wisconsin News - 4/22/2016

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fires principal who endorsed Bernie

A helpful primary cartogram

August 26 is not your lucky day, David Wilson

Five Former New Orleans Police Officers Plead Guilty, Sentenced in the Danziger Bridge Shooting Case

North Dakota News - 4/22/2016

Insiders to Bernie: Don’t take the fight to Philly

South Dakota News - 4/22/2016

Intel Blockchain Experiments Could Make Bitcoin Technology Mainstream

IF Hillary is the nominee and is indicted in October by the FBI....

please just stop calling for an end to this primary.

Thanks for nothing Bernie Sanders - Trump now using his campaign slogan

A massive financial scandal is unfolding in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Honestly, Who Wants to Listen to Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman?

Bernie Sanders one-on-one Interview - Reading Eagle

Nebraska News - 4/22/2016

Bernie Sanders one-on-one Interview - Reading Eagle

Bernie’s valuable lesson:The Democratic Party does not represent the values of progressive Americans

Shedding light on the cost of going solar

Religious Freedom includes abortion...Seven Day Adventist do abortions?

Texting and Tweeting While America Burns

a fine essay by Bono on diplomacy and Sec. Kerry

EARTH DAY - Birdie Sanders: STOP Climate Change

EARTH DAY - Birdie Sanders: STOP Climate Change

EARTH DAY - Birdie Sanders: STOP Climate Change

Page files sexual harassment claim against SC lawmaker

Chinese robot monk blends science and Buddhism

Flint MI Water Plant Foreman found dead

Nope---it's not Bernie I want to see destroyed. It's GD-P!

Trump Doesn’t Have A Monopoly On Intolerant Supporters ~538

Atheist tries to block a cross at a Corpus Christi church

We learned Unicorns and Humans once coexisted. ("Siberian unicorn.")

Election Justice USA seems to be back on Facebook

Kansas News - 4/22/2016

Burundi’s Catholic Church rejects government’s ‘terrorist’ label

Polar Bears Now Must Swim For Days; Up To 50% Of S. Beaufort Sea Population Gone 2001-2010

What is there about "We are in it until the convention" that is so hard to understand?

Woman in leading Flint water crisis lawsuit slain in twin killing

Why don't we hear Bernie and supporters complaining about caucuses?

I'm going to miss my chance!

Teamsters pensions may be cut.

Bold Aussie Leadership! A New 1.2 Gig Coal Plant, Paid For With Climate Funds!

Beautiful Ones ~ Prince

Let me be clear: I am not grieving.

Harriet Tubman "Replacing" Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill

Donald Trump Disagrees with Right Wingers on Trans Bathroom Bill

Johnny Manziel probably indicted in Dallas domestic violence

OMG - Prince knocks down anti-Hillary articles on Salon

What to do when there is a clear violation of TOS?

Bill Clinton Blames Millennials For Anger, Economy, Congress

Is the Clinton Foundation the Dulles Brother’s Sullivan and Cromwell?

The GOP Goal Is To So Explode The Debt We Have To Complete US Meltdown & Insolvency.

Earth Day: Give Earth a Hand

I'm done (for now)

The Prince Tribute Channel: Now Playing on SiriusXM Ch. 50

Armor-piercing flatulence. . . . Please come CAPTION Wayne LaPierre!!

Judge upholds vote count on Tennessee abortion ballot measure

So you know, Huffington Post isn't a mainstream news source in LBN anymore.

For people calling Hillary a "weak" candidate...

Enough with the Hillary cult: Her admirers ignore reality, dream of worshipping a queen

Today's Google Doodle(s): Happy Earth Day!

The Most Focused and Effective Democratic Messenger We Have Is Elizabeth Warren

Anyone remember the first Earth Day?

Opinion: Hillary Clinton’s N.Y. victory exposes her weakness as nominee in November

Niagara Falls turns purple ...

Clinton gave paid speeches to firms that lobbied, contracted with government

There are five primaries next Tuesday. How many will Senator Bernie Sanders win?

FBI Director: Democratic Convention Not a Deadline in Clinton Email Investigation

The First Grifter

do you expect a third party challenge in November?

Check out today's Google Doodles for Earth Day!

Could you please fill out my son's survery about harrassment in the work place?

On Hillary Clinton's Pandering

Friday Toon Roundup 1: RIP, Mr. Nelson

How To Debate Hillary Clinton Supporters

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - New Money

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - GOP

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - General Election

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

Clinton and Sanders supporters can't stand each other ~ CNN (HRC GROUP)

Another Double Standard (But This One Doesn't Matter Now)

Paid talking points?

Why Did Congo Offer Clinton $650,000 For Two Pics And A Speech?

Anger and denial

the gop will love and support donald trump with all their hearts....

The Sanders Strategy Session Conversation That Didn't Take Place Last Year

Lol TEASER: Hillary is "hinting" at making Warren her VP pick

I am so peeved at my ex and his lack of support....

Mobile Billboard on Capitol Hill Hits #DebtTrapDebbie Over Support for Payday Lenders

Post your favorite anti-war songs here.

Hillary Clinton rakes in Verizon cash while Bernie Sanders supports company’s striking workers

Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections (McClatchy DC)

Obama Slammed as 'Perverse' by London Mayor over 'Brexit'

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow discusses the background and rise of Ted Cruz - 04 06 2016

Hillary Clinton's union problem

Debate on DU used to be about attacking the ideas, not the posters.

Rainforest study shows biodiversity loss worse than anticipated

Purple reign! Landmarks from Niagara Falls to the Vegas High Roller (and even a nebula) light up

Clinton supporters keep asking us Bernie supporters to prepare to lose

Paperbark tree to unlock climate change

Pat McCrory Says Human Rights Campaign is 'more powerful than the NRA'. Politifact: FALSE

How can I sign up for some BrockBucks?

Bernie Sanders Unlikely to Flip Many Texas Superdelegates

My 1st OP - be nice: Nader 2000 vs. Sanders 2016 is an Apples to Oranges comparison...

Warplane crashes near Damascus, causes unclear - Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Windfarms generate microclimates with uncertain effects on peatland carbon store

What’s the Big Deal? Understanding the Trans-Pacific Partnership "Major Complications"

Curt Schilling can go f--k himself.

TYT Analyzes: Why are so many Democrats "With Her"?

The UN session of the Paris climate change is being livestreamed by the UN

Daily Banter: It's Time for Bernie Sanders To Face Reality and Avoid Going Scorched Earth

Statement by the President on the Passing of Prince

RI will only open 1 in 3 polling places for primary... Here we go again.

How significant was telecom deregulation in 1996 to today's race?

Hillary Clinton Delegate leads voter purge investigation in NY

How Republican Climate Deniers Harass and Surveil Scientists, NASA, NOAA

The KING of outrageous style: Prince's 30 most iconic outfits that stunned the world

Pic Of The Moment: Sad But True: Republicans Float Plan To Steal Lunch Money From Hungry Children

Why Haven’t Bankers Been Punished? Just Read These Insider SEC Emails . . .

Catholic Diocese in India Reinstates Priest Who Admitted Child Sex Abuse

Multiple people dead in Pike County (Ohio)

The Skids- Working for the Yankee dollar-1979

The Prince Tribute Channel: Now Playing on SiriusXM Ch. 50

Politico: Bernie's Failed Revolution

Can You Get Addicted to Religion?

A Gradual Shift Comes Clearer As Hillary Clinton Gains More Sanders' Supporters

hoverboard on the Edge

25 Most Hated Mammals On Earth

Top Federal Reserve official donates to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Bernie Sanders Druid Hill Rally rescheduled to 10 a.m. at Royal Farms Arena, Maryland.

Lord, have mercy! While I was talking to my parish priest:

How to Explain Mansplaining *Feminist Group*

London mayor branded 'racist' after his attack on the 'part Kenyan' Barack Obama

Pennsylvania restaurant makes Hillary Clinton-themed pizza with hot sauce


Chief Inspector Murphy looks sharp in his new uniform

The last concert Prince did, he performed a tribute to David Bowie

What Sort of Foreign-Policy Hawk Is Hillary Clinton?/The New Yorker

Recent Warmer Winters May Be Cooling Climate Change Concern, NYU and Duke Researchers Conclude

Zero Hedge: "Is Hillary Clinton the Democrat's Richard Nixon?"

For those who don't yet get it, r.e. Bernie Supporters.

Nothing Compares 2 You - In Memoriam

U.S. Warming Fast Since 1st Earth Day Some States Warming at Twice Global Rate

If our margins are true, we project that Sanders will have to win around 65%-35%...

Mourning Prince and David Bowie, who showed there’s no one right way to be a man

Voted for both of these Democrats yesterday!

BAD LIP READING: "Why is it creepy to juggle in bed?"

Hillary PAC Spends $1 Million to ‘Correct’ Commenters on Reddit and Facebook

First gene therapy successful against human aging

"My Mom"- Daughter Of Slain Sandy Hook Principal Stars In New Hillary Clinton Ad

Police believe remains found in Shenandoah National Park are of missing Woodbridge woman

Enjoy your Earth Day, while you still have an Earth to enjoy

#1 Pro-Choice Rally Ever

Chicago BOE audit shows results were tampered - DKos

Monster Hunt Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Baihe Bai, Wu Jiang Movie HD

Monster Hunt Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Baihe Bai, Wu Jiang Movie HD

TTIP: More than 130,000 people urge Barack Obama to kill controversial trade deal during UK visit

Trump camp says persona is 'an act' as it woos GOP insiders

"My Mom"-Daughter Of Slain Sandy Hook Principal Stars In New Hillary Clinton Ad

Secretive group of Hollywood conservatives suddenly dissolves

Sen. Michael Bennet comes out against ColoradoCare

Y'all got to read this

BREAKING: Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Announces Major Restoration of Voting Rights to 206k Former Felons

Giordano stuns with this insightful wrap up today

Time to donate to the Hillary campaign.

Amy Schumer Torches Republican Congressmen For Wanting To Control Women’s Bodies

Clinton's Donor's and the Panama Papers..

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

Angela Merkel faces call to raise freedom of speech on Turkey visit

Why Bernie's New York loss was a turning point in viability.

Monster Hunt 2015_Chinese movie with English subtitle

So Camp Clinton wants Bernie to shut up as they continue to have their surrogates attack him...

Nigerian army killed 350 and secretly buried the bodies, Amnesty says

Trump's Reinvention Of Slavery: Dubai's Trump International Golf Resort.

Illinois Ballot Integrity: Manipulation of Hand-Count "Audit" of Ballots to Fit Official Results.

Brussels bomber ‘identified as jailer of foreign Isis hostages’

Suggestions for building Bernie's movement at the convention and beyond.

Video: Hillary Clinton Town Hall on GMA Thursday.

Planned Parenthood employee opens a can of whoopass on conservative troll — and it’s awesome

5 people Hillary might name as her vice president.

Maine Gov to Heroin Addicts - Drop Dead

Alabama News - 4/22/2016

Bernie doesn't need to win every stake by 58%

Fans flock to First Avenue to honor Prince

Hospital settles lawsuit for abandoning homeless patient in LA

Jake Arrieta’s No-Hitter

Why Haven’t Bankers Been Punished? Just Read These Insider SEC Emails

Georgia News - 4/22/2016

93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef now bleached

It appears Hillary voters were more disenfranchised in Brooklyn. HRC ROOM

In Passover Article, Hillary Clinton Implies Rival Bernie Sanders Is Betraying Jews

Hearing set in lawsuit against CIA interrogation program architects

NY Debate (Bad Lip Reading)

Video. HRC ad, Gun Control, Erica Smegielski, daughter of Sandy Hook Principal

What is this hoo-ha about Biden supporting Bernie?

April 26th Primaries – Polls and Predictions

The stumpy one flip flops on anti-LGBT law

April 26th Primaries – Polls and Predictions

The clearest example of how she plans to run in the general election.

PLEASE, Don't "Other" Mother Earth

Know what?? I'm actually starting to feel sorry for HRC supporters.

What specific POLICY POSITIONS show Sec. Clinton to be "Not Liberal" or "Not a Democrat?"

=*= LIVE Stream @ **NOW** 2:30PM: Bernie Sanders with Tulsi Gabbard in Gettysburg, PA 4-22-16 =*=

As a Hillary supporter, I say BRING ON THE REVOLUTION!

Obama didn't clinch with pledged delegates alone, just an FYI.

Hoping to read more stories like this!

You'll like this story from the Hartford Courant (posted in GDP)

So now, right here on the DU, the TEA PARTY is AWESOME. A model to be emulated

Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 67, Found Alive

The US has signed the Paris Climate Change accord - video Kerry, granddaughter in his arms signing

About 200,000 convicted felons in Virginia will now have the right to vote in November

Purple Rain sing along at First Avenue.

Bernie:support for hillary is not automatic...she is going to have to give something

Six Ways Hillary Clinton’s Email Could Have Been Hacked

Latest GE Polls Show Bernie w/ Vastly Bigger Wins than HRC in GOP Matchups

Does it matter that some Sanders supporters believe there's no difference between Dem and Repub now?

City delays award of Confederate monument removal contract, again (LA)

Prince’s Hair Styles From 1978 To 2013 (plus Broadway honors Prince)

I don't know about putting Tubman on the 20

Ber-llary: Merging Hillary and Bernie

Why research beats anecdote in our search for knowledge

Neo-Nazis gather in Rome (GA)

Ted Cruz apparently appeared on Maury to find the child's paternity

Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters.

Brevard leaders want to replace Confederate general statue with Florida civil rights pioneer (FL)

Election officials dismiss scanning machine reporting significant differences from hand count

Prince Purple Rain Live 1983 at First Avenue in Minneapolis

Black Men for Bernie - Philadelphia, PA! Gather with us on SUNDAY, APRIL 24th

Just got a phone call from DSCC

Apparently I'd get banned for this GDP post in this group.

Black Men for Bernie - Philadelphia, PA! Gather with us on SUNDAY, APRIL 24th

Request: show the math supporting Sanders' path to 2,384 or 2,026 delegates

Prosecutors link burglary attempt, shootout to prison gang (CO)

I do not accept the "official" results of the Arizona, Illinois, or New York primaries.

I'm trying to figure this out

Baltimore Sun: Sanders first campaign appearance in MD will come days after early voting closes.

What you need to know about the white power rally at Stone Mountain (GA)

Indiana is up for grabs: Hillary 48 Bernie 45

Death to America: Suicide Surge Parallels Era of Economic Woes

My prediction: Within 48 hours

Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet

Bernie's Facebook page, hit 4 million "likes"...

(Real) Bernie supporters, do these fake conversion/ready for unity stories sway you toward Hillary?

Michigan Cop Buys Car Seat for Girl After Pulling Over Her Father

#PlanetBernie is Trending on Twitter for Earth Day

thinking back to another artist we lost too soon...

Bernie’s Surging, Democrats Purging - In Case You Missed It

Purple Reign: Hear Prince's catalogue starting at 6 p.m. CDT Friday on The Current

Watching the Obama-Cameron presser

Tennessee News - 4/22/2016

The third way, corporate democrats...Sam Seder, Majority Report

The platitudes of Clinton supporters are what liberals have heard from conservatives for years

Sanders Delegate Dinea Evans Arrested At Congressman McDermott's Office In Seattle

Mississippi News - 4/22/2016

It's been a long week.

Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Spending $1 Million On Social Media Trolls

OK Now This is just too much! Hillary PAC pays for trolls to try and defame Bernie!

Clinton's Carbon Corruption: Why Hillary Won't Say Yes to A Carbon Tax

WOW Just discovered the sane progressive

My "WTF?" of the day, Rush Limbaugh edition...

How many here witheld their vote from Barack Obama in Nov 2012 to punish him

Resistance is futile!

Gee, just one BS story on HuffPo's home page today.

U.S. to buy nuclear material from Iran

If clinton doesn't release the transcripts, Trump surely will.

Words matter

Democracy Now! (April 22): Discussion of the Harriet Tubman $20 bill

Another anti-vaxx loon...

Woodpeckers Inspire a Way to Help Prevent Concussions

Seymour Hersh interview - interesting

Hillary Clinton's SuperPac takes page from Vlad Putin's book

Indiana Poll: Hillary 48, Bernie 45

Bernie Sanders Takes Election by Exposing Fraud, No Support for Bogus Hillary "Win'

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to restore voting rights of more than 200,000 convicted felons

Is there a means to flag/alert journal entries?

‘Integrated medicine’ is quackery hitting the mainstream

Sanders Returns: "It's Not Just About Me," Clinton Will Have To Change Her Platform To Earn My Suppo

The data of all Filipino voters has been hacked ahead of general election.

Prince Charles’s ideas about medicine may seriously harm your health

Ironically, Hillary's approach to Wall St is more like FDR's than Sanders'

Bernie Sanders in Interfaith Discussion on Social Justice in Philadelphia, PA (4-22-16)

Bernie Sanders in Interfaith Discussion on Social Justice in Philadelphia, PA (4-22-16)


San Diego city attorneys botched 98 cases

#4: Pete Zorn Dead; Folk-Rock Instrumentalist Was 65

Hillary PAC Spends $1Million on Social Media Astroturfing

Koch Brothers Look West, Set Sights on Mining the Grand Canyon Read

One More....Lenny Kravitz and Prince American Women WOW!!!!

Ever wish you could reach out and throttle an OP itself?

Bernie Sanders is losing the Democratic Primary because no one over 30 trusts him..

Serena Williams is in recovery.

Free VPN (virtual private network) integrated in Opera for better online privacy

New York Elections Board to Face Audit Over Primary Problems

Uber driver ruled competent for shooting spree trial

Texas man encounters tiger on the loose, says she ‘started licking me on the face’

Hubble telescope captures giant star blowing bubbles into space

My one factor primary predictor is 6 for 6. What does it say is in store for 4/26?

When will Hillary endorse Bernie?

Black Atheists Explain What It's Like to Be a 'Double Minority'

NASA Marks Earth Day With #24/7 Celebration

Cervantes Died 400 Years Ago Today. How Trauma Shaped His Greatest Works.

Likely we all agree this is a nice story: "Cheap Trick Turned Down the RNC’s $100,000 Offer"

It may not be for everyone....

Pat Boone is throwing another tantrum...

'Good Reads' is filled with GD-P threads.

Pioneering Guitarist Lonnie Mack Dead at 74

Giant Zooplankton makes up 5% of Total marine biomass

The Media Tone About BS Has Really Changed Since Tuesday

The Jewish story is under assault

US Suicide Rate Surges - While those "evil" socialist countries are the happiest in the world

Why living around nature could make you live longer

The Sanders team has deemed Indiana crucial and he is trailing Clinton there by three

Evolution in action detected in Darwin's finches

Well, look at this post that got an alert and was allowed to stand:

I blame you, Hillary!

2006 Coast Guard Claims “No Oil Leaking” Horizon Anniversary Youtube Video Timeline

Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals

Queen Up in Aisle 4

How to Hack an Election

MUST SEE VIDEO: God Is A Boob Man!

Question du jour

Hillary People - Trash this Thread; Others - Consider it FYI

The data of all Filipino voters has been hacked ahead of general election.

One of my favorite Prince covers - Kiss - Covered by Tom Jones

Fact-check: did Obama really remove a Churchill bust from the Oval Office?

Meet the Democratic women fighting for Sanders

US says airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have killed at least 20 civilians since fall

A little perspective on Bernie's "she must earn my support" stance

Five Reasons No Progressive Should Support Hillary Clinton

How Prince’s quest for complete artistic control changed the music industry forever

How To Debate Hillary Clinton Supporters

Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Prince

Indiana Poll: HRC leads 48-45

Bernie Sanders rally planned Saturday in Wilmington

This candidate for President is not for sale.

Ted Rall pegs the origin of the DNC in his graphic biography of Bernie.

Stop Using Your Children As An Excuse To Be A Hateful Human Being

election activist, have you seen this?

Cuba to lift boat travel ban in time for US cruise

Cuba to lift boat travel ban in time for US cruise

Judge serves time alongside veteran with PTSD

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

She will never go for Medicare for All. Her donors would not like it!

Russian Forces In Syria Fired On Israeli Military Aircraft: Newspaper

Bernie Sanders Says It’s ‘Time To Shut Down’ Pennsylvania Family Immigrant Detention Center

We need to start worrying about what kind of world we are going to leave ...

U.S. Congressional Leaders Warn Kerry Over Moves To Help Iran

Ex-Clinton Staffer Says No to Testifying to Congress

Anybody besides me starting to think that Bernies supporters just groove on the anger

By mid-century, pockets of southern Europe will face at least one severe climate hazard

Utah's e-caucus mess: why online voting in the state Cruz swept was so flawed

Utah's e-caucus mess: why online voting in the state Cruz swept was so flawed

2,400 year-old mosaic found in southern Turkey says ‘be cheerful, enjoy your life’

Grassley: FBI could leak Clinton email investigation

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future...

Why Bernie is Dreaming. Compare Obama V Clinton

Hillary Folks: Your Compassion and Wisdom is Needed

Pagliano (Hill Staffer) STILL will not testify despite being granted immunity

Huge coral reef discovered at Amazon river mouth

Huge coral reef discovered at Amazon river mouth

WP Article: The end is coming: A top Sanders adviser hints at a quiet finish

Maybe instead of "recreational use" we use "adult use" in advocating for legalizing cannabis

New Senate Bill Brings Bundy-Style Land Seizure To The Sea

Renegade Rancher Ammon Bundy’s Social Media Defense

There seems to be an uptick this week on HRC FBI stories.

How will fake Twitter accounts, $4 mil troll budget, voter purges, "sexism" help Hillary in GE?

Listen to a Song That Hasn't Been Heard For a Thousand Years

What's for Dinner, Passover, Fri., Apr. 22, 2016

Show Bernie your confidence today.

RNC hints the nominee will be Cruz

The Clinton Campaign Will Fight You On Twitter, Now THAT’S how you win an election.

How to Hack an Election

2 out of 10...

The maker of the Corvette paid a special tribute to Prince

Some quotes that seem appropriate at this juncture

Concerned about veteran with PTSD, judge orders him to jail and serves the time with him

Stupidest Political Move of the Century

British Vestey Group wins $100m battle with Venezuela over cattle ranches

Watching the Brock trolls on the web recently, it dawned on me...

Follow me on this. There are mirrors in telescopes...

This kid is going to rule the world.

A New Policy Disagreement Between Clinton and Sanders: Soda Taxes

Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right - Jane Mayer

Hillary Clinton's Super PAC, Taking a Page from Vladimir Putin, Spends $1 Million on Online Trolls

Obama says overturn anti-LGBT laws in North Carolina and Mississippi

Photos of young Prince Rogers Nelson by Robert Whitman (1977)

The Campaign to Impeach Brazil’s President Sends a Perverse Message to Corrupt Politicians

First performance in 1,000 years: ‘lost’ songs from the Middle Ages are brought back to life

No suspicion of suicide, foul play in Prince's death: sheriff

ATTN:hosts. May I propose we exchange one of the Pinned Posts for a "Troll alert" thread?

Virginia restores voting rights to felons, barred from ballot box since civil war

From Good Reads, by OBenario:The Campaign to Impeach Brazil’s President Sends a Perverse Message to

I prefer someone who wants to inspire us, rather than someone who wants to demoralize us

Brazil Amazon dam project suspended over concerns for indigenous people

Private records of 93.4 million Mexican voters exposed in data breach

Yippeeeee! Found my absentee ballot packet in my mailbox just now.

A Living Nightmare For Baby Seals

DEA gives approval to Colorado-funded study on marijuana and PTSD

Argentina says #CiaoDefault, paying holdouts after 14 years

A Counting Rhyme for Toes

A song for you all

Reality Check: Hillary Clinton IS Corrupted by Money—She Claimed Obama Was Too in 2008

You may well be wondering where the name "Prince Rogers Nelson" came from.

Clinton Defenders Do Insane Mental Gymnastics To Slam Bernie

I haven't posted in a very long time but Thank You....

Hillary Clinton’s Support Base as Bogus as US Democracy

Fox News gets schooled

Botched Airdrop Sends Humvees Plummeting To Their Doom

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

The Legend Is True: Prince Was a Basketball Star (and He Had an Epic Afro)

Possible Rendering of Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill Reviewed by Treasury Secretary

This may the dumbest conspiracy theory I've seen yet.

The Latest: Sen. Ron Johnson Blasts Border-Index Effort

The Latest: Sen. Ron Johnson Blasts Border-Index Effort

The Hillary corruption straw man.

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ ***NOW ***7:30PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Millersville, PA (4-22-16)

Disastrous Trade Deals Have Hurt Pennsylvania | Bernie Sanders

College students in South protest Confederate symbols

Disastrous Trade Deals Have Hurt Pennsylvania | Bernie Sanders

Philly Soda Tax Would Punish the Poor | Bernie Sanders

Planning Commission denies Sons of Confederate Veterans plan for massive flagpole (FL)

Philly Soda Tax Would Punish the Poor | Bernie Sanders

Trump a modern George Wallace? "It's just a replay," Charlie Snider, one of Wallace's most trusted

Eeek!!! I just got a robocall from Trump!

Backing Bernie's Bold Vision, Biden Knocks Hillary's "No We Can't" Mantra

Repugnants "for" Bernie still in love with debunked 'classified info' Big Lie

Howard Dean: Sanders ‘getting pretty close to the end’

These hides are getting ridiculous!

Jane Sanders on MSNBC today:

Nebraska Supreme Court strikes down man's triple-homicide convictions; Kleine will refile charges

Jane Sanders on MSNBC today on the path forward:

Idiot racists at Fox have a problem with Tubman on $20 bill, big surprise.

Edward Snowden sues Norway to prevent extradition

I thought it would be fun to share our Prince-related memories ...

"Mr. Wakefield: My child is not a blight. On me, my family or on anyone else."

I dunno if people have seen this, warning it's about Bernie.

The Young Turks host urges his fellow Bernie fans to support Hillary Clinton in November

Woman in India cuts off rapist’s penis and takes it to police station

Wanna know why David Brock and Correct The Record are raising money to fight online smears?

Argentina says Ciao Default, paying holdouts after 14 years.

hello- The main way Bernie's campaign is being fought is likely by "State capture"

At 100, Still Running for Her Life

Can you please address abusive hides?

‘Focus on cat videos’: German comic targeted in free speech row with Erdogan suspends TV show

Rare Indiana poll shows Trump and Clinton narrowly ahead

Hear someone insult Erdogan? Report it to us, says Turkish consulate in the Netherlands.

It shouldn't have been that hard to find a good job.

Rare Indiana poll shows Trump and Clinton narrowly ahead

Quote of the Day (Slamming Cruz)

President Obama responds to Right Wing lie about Winston Churchill at London Press Conference

Florida Tax collector's office employee accidentally shoots his computer

Oklahoma lawmakers approve bill to revoke licenses of abortion doctors

Brits To Obama: 'Sticking Your Hooter In' British Politics Is Unwelcome (repost of locked LBN OP)

Army of Fake Social Media Friends to Promote Propaganda

Joe Biden praises Bernie Sanders for 'thinking big'

Why Republicans are eager to intervene in the Democratic race

Amy Schumer Torches Republican Congressmen for Wanting to Control Women’s Bodies

I'm sorry AmeriCANTS...

The fix is in. Today Krugman stuck to economics

Barack Obama: Brexit Would Put UK 'Back Of The Queue' For Trade Talks

KTAR ARIZONA: Allegations Of Voter Fraud Follow Hillary Clinton Campaign Across Nation...

Reminder: Early voting is now open in Indiana! Why wait? Go vote!!! :D nt

South Carolina town where black man shot asks U.S. for police help

South Carolina town where black man shot asks U.S. for police help

America's Voting Machines At Risk

Does the American public have any fucking right to know how Prince died?

BREAKING: Axl Rose no longer wishes to be taken down to the Paradise City.

Some terrific photos of the Obamas in Britain.

National Nurses United Superpac question


Mexico’s President Proposes To Relax Marijuana Laws

Mexico’s President Proposes To Relax Marijuana Laws

When Hillary Was a Republican

How can I fix the left email margin?

The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!

I swear: I've heard every danged one of these ...

Last night Nebraska's second tallest building was purple! (photo , story, video)

One Example of How Corrupt the System has become...With Democratic Assistance

Bill Clinton’s Got Some Real Balls to Blame Millennials for All America’s Problems

Unpopularity Of Clinton, Trump Puts Spotlight On Potential Running Mates

Ten Reasons Why Bill and Hillary Clinton Do Not Deserve a Third Term in the White House

FOX NEWS POLL: Trump leads in California, Clinton-Sanders in close race

2009-2012: Clinton Foundation Spent Only 15% on Charitable Grants; Only 10% in 2013

Dolores Huerta Foundation to file lawsuit against KC Board alleging violations of Voting Rights Act

FOX NEWS POLL: Trump leads in California, Clinton-Sanders in close race

Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK - Tokyo Public Hearing 29-30 August 2013


Found another jar today metal detecting-this one was full of gifts-for Corey-RIP.

Justin Bieber Angers Prince Fans With Instagram Comment After Singer's Death

Eight died in that Ohio execution

This man-made private island has a penthouse, helipad, and shark-feeding station

Deadly Airstrikes Hit Northern Syria As Talks Stall

"Why is this night different from all other nights?"

Mormons – and the Tragedy of Titanic Delusions!

Mormons – and the Tragedy of Titanic Delusions!

Scientists accidentally create batteries that last a lifetime

Halliburton Cuts 6000 Jobs Amid Slowdown In Drilling

Stephen Colbert: Reince Priebus' Cry For Help Is Very Specific

Hillary Has Received More $$$$ From Arms & Military Service Corps Than Any Other 2016 Candidate

Utah’s Anti-Porn Law is Pure Pseudoscience

TN House votes to repeal ‘spiritual treatment’ exemption to child-abuse law

Hillary: "On day 1 as president I will set 2 national goals that will test our capacities"

"Philadelphia has the Rocky statue. It's absurd how many people NEED to see it when they're here."

Meet the Democratic women fighting for Sanders

Donald Trump Has Been Playing a ‘Part,’ Top Aide Tells Republican Leaders

Hillary Clinton: War Candidate: Criticized Obama on Russia, Dissed Nuclear Agreement W/ Iran

Uh oh, Did Krugman call Sanders a white supremacist?!?

I cant believe he is gone...dammit

At schools with sub-par internet, kids face a poor connection with modern life.

The Voting Effect of Virginia’s Move on Felons? Small but Potentially Decisive

What Would You Do: Job Search Edition

Kevin Smith’s Hilarious Tale Of The Prince Documentary You Never Saw

Fox News Indiana: Clinton 46, Sanders 42

Dreamlike Watercolor Paintings of Iconic Skylines Around the World

Iran Decries Supreme Court Ruling In Favor Of Terror Victims As ‘Theft’

If only Bernie would do more of this....

I'm tired of people's reaction when they learn I'm an atheist, so I'll no longer be an atheist.

Sanders trailing by four in the state John The DreamWeaver said he must win /IN HRC 46% SBS 42%

If only Bernie would do more of this.

Federal Judge Seizes Puerto Rico Govt Funds Amid Crisis

Math geek gets all the dates

Netanyahu, Putin met amid reports of aerial incidents over Syria

Trump, Porn and the Mormons, the Perfect Storm for the Stupidparty.

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: The Political Foresight Champion

Wife, Son, Tom DeLay, Ex-CIA Chief Write Judge Praising Hastert

Jeff Weaver on MSNBC just basically said that a politician that talks to a contributor is corrupt.

The Conservative Craving for Anti-Intellectual Stew

Chris Matthews's is demolishing Jeff Weaver! *HRC Group*

Hillary Clinton: Why My Granddaughter Charlotte Inspired My Presidential Campaign

Russia’s New Human Rights Ombudsman Is Former Police General

By late summer 2010, the national Democratic leadership had given up on winning the midterms.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Organizations Debunk 'Bathroom Predator Myth'

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Organizations Debunk 'Bathroom Predator Myth'

Black Atheists Explain What It's Like to Be a 'Double Minority'

Today's Non Sequitur Takes A Pot Shot At Donald Trump

How the Clinton Team Thwarted Effort to Regulate Derivatives

Thank you ALL for helping Marta over the last 24 + hours

So what the hell has happened to exit polling this year? Time was they were so good, the TV networks

Judge Won't Dismiss Lawsuit on Harsh CIA Interrogation

Marijuana-based medicines: Mexico proposes legal medical marijuana in major shift

Amnesty accuses Nigerian army of mass murder

DEA gives approval to Colorado-funded study on marijuana and PTSD

South Carolina Sheriff Says NAACP Is A ‘Racist Group’ Like The KKK

Friday Morning at 9 O'clock

Delaware student dies after fight in high school bathroom

Tiger found wandering in Houston suburb

So, how's Bernie doing?

I do not accept the results of any of the caucuses

Palestinian, Israeli delegates trade barbs at U.N. climate summit

Donald Trump is the GOP, what Limp Bizkit was to Woodstock.

Notice to all Democratic primary candidates:

At Philadelphia, win or lose, will we see the launch of a permanent Bernie organization?

175 world countries sign climate deal in UN

Giant, growing space bubble spotted