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Video: Baby dolphin born at Chicago aquarium

The sequel is never as good as the original

Lyrid Meteor Shower Set to Put on a Dazzling Display for Stargazers

Airdrop Goes Wrong: Army Humvees Crash to The Ground After Parachute Fail, Hohenfels

Shark Gills Might Be Why You Can Walk - Newsy

Today, it was 80. Tomorrow night, frost warnings

Trump University Offers Sarah Palin Honorary Degree in Climate Science

What’s causing a rising rate of suicide?

HRC or Bernie should each be willing to add a lot of each others' positions to the platform

In case anyone needs a reinforcing

Despite Immunity, Former Clinton Staffer Again Says No To Testifying To Congress

Did you see this mailer from NY stating the primary was in September?

Howard Dean: Sanders ‘getting pretty close to the end’

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Have an Opinion? Everybody shut up! (not for people with no sense of humor)

Entering Uncharted Territory in Washington...Are We in a New American World?

Fracking CEO: We Won't Frack the Rich (HRC Promotes Fracking Worldwide)

The NY state primary for STATE OFFICES is in September

So! Does anybody buy that Trump will change his demeanor or will he continue to be a bully?

Question: I write a lot about the Democratic primaries

Driverless cars and a cashless society,

Whoops! Homeopathy is real!!!!! The World Homeopathy Summit proves it!!!

There is an active primary season for as long as both candidates are in the race

What do people make of the State Dept. email staffer refusing to appear before Congress?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-21-16

Jane Sanders Sounds Like a Republican on Sandy Hook

The Senate’s Most Powerful Senator on Climate Change, James Inhofe, Is a Delusional Lunatic.

Chairman PolySci Dept So Univ Baton Rouge: Sanders comments about deep south "stupid".

Thank you Vice President Biden for speaking truth to power!

The eye doctor told me to see a dermatologist about this 2 inch thing on my face.

Anyone have video yet of Weaver playing cat and mouse with Tweety?

Friday Talking Points (388) -- Crisp Bee Urine, And Other Fun Anagrams

Election 2016: Plenty at stake for Republican, Democratic presidential candidates in Indiana primary

Since all the Clinton supporters disregard

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Rewind Friday! & Uncensored & Live & a

So all the Bernie supporters, did you vote for Hillary or Obama?

NY Times: A Cashless Society? Not Before Tubman’s $20 Arrives

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

Is David Wasserman of 538 related to DWS ?

"judgmental shoelace"

Town halls on MSNBC on Monday.

The wheels seem to be coming off the Bernie bus

Ted Cruz adopts new look in effort to jump start campaign

Heroin use in Maine and beyond...

A tribute to my man...

Miami Vice: 30 years later

'Game of Thrones'? More like waste of time

Prince & Lenny Kravitz American Woman

Philadelphia Daily News endorses Hillary Clinton

Never Give Up! Don't Let Them Silence Us!

Trump tells supporters he plans to visit Washington on May 7th

PennLive Reporter Candy Woodall's one-on-one Interview with Bernie Sanders.

Judge overturns dying inmate's conviction in wife's death

Guatemala deploys 3,000 troops to disputed border with Belize

End the caucuses and close the primaries.

It’s Time to End the Clinton Political Dynasty

The Story of the Great Brooklyn Voter Purge Keeps Getting Weirder:Some 120,000 people couldn't vote.

Proof The NY Primary Wasn’t Legit, The 28 Pages Revealed, & Much More

Looking forward to Holy Week and Pascha (Orthodox - May 1)

Trump assails Clinton, promises not to become boring

Listen to Prince online

Empires Feed on Congo's Treasure

Paul Singer’s gushing praise makes awkward reading for Argentina's Macri.

Consumer confidence in Argentina plunges 18% from same time last year.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton loves Lemonade.

Paul Singer’s gushing praise makes awkward reading for Argentina's Macri.

Dear Bernie Sanders: Black votes matter

Listen to Prince online

For Clintons, speech income shows how their wealth is intertwined with charity

Nice Bernie desktop backgrounds.

Old School Cool

They don't REALLY care about us.

Next President of the USA? The Carlyle Group! By Katherine Frisk on June 19, 2015

A noticeably subdued Bernie Sanders rallies a Lancaster County university crowd

Clinton had to pay 1 million dollars to her supporters to counteract Bernie's millions of supporters

Voting Problems Prompt Comptroller to Vow Audit of New York City’s Elections Board

More than 500 pounds of explosives stolen from train

Clinton targets young voters with new fundraising group

Earth Day 2016--Poppies

Will Jeff Merkley Talk Bernie Sanders Into Ending His Presidential Bid?

U.S. judge orders recount in Tennessee abortion vote

Prince's Lyrics Gave Clues to His Personal Politics

U.S. judge allows CIA interrogation lawsuit to proceed

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 24 - Family Fusion

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

Bernie Sanders will end up spending a quarter billion dollars .......

Will your new substitute for moderation/jury address the long-standing concerns

Just watched Confirmation on HBO On Demand.

Hillary Clinton Goes Full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians

South Carolina town where black man shot asks U.S. for police help

CNBC/AP: Firms that paid for Clinton speeches have U.S. gov't interests

TCM Schedule for Monday April 25 - The Best of the Barrymores

Oklahoma lawmakers approve bill to revoke licenses of abortion doctors

New York News - 4/22/2016

Entire Prince Catalog online now...

Patton Oswalt's wife has died

In The Spirit of Earth Day

Good news in Alaska - wild baby bison!

I came across this very interesting photo taken at a hillary rally...

In Mississippi's religious freedom law, some see echoes of a shameful past

Is There Anyone Here Who Still Thinks Bernie Can Win the Nomination?

As God is my witness, I thought HummVees could fly.

Can I ask you all for some help? Do you want to know HOW 'the system is fixed"?

Sexy starfish.

How the left blew it in Latin America

I don't like the documentary by Chris Matthews

Instead Lockdown MSNBC and Matthews are showing a Hillary infomercial.

Updated map of Dem. primary

Video: Bernie Sanders stops at White Rose Bar & Grill for dinner

Bernie has made the party better (obviously against their own will)

I know a family...

Reject the Special Interests: Joe Sestak

Mexico's Entire Voter Database Made Accessible on Internet

Mexico's Entire Voter Database Made Accessible on Internet

Making history isn't as important to me as is the future direction of this country.

More older workers are dying on the job

Who needs rightwingnuts when there's DU GDP?

Maybe the sky IS falling...

Higher turnout favors Bernie? Is that not true?

BUSTED: Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Spending $1 Million on Social Media Trolls

Friday night wine-buzz. Mourning and celebrating...

Clinton Foundation spent 9 million dollars (out of $138M) on charitable grants (roughly 6%)

DKos: Updated Map of the Democratic Primary

Huge never-before-seen lake spotted hiding under Antarctic ice

China wants its own rover on Mars by 2020

Germans visit Boise to study refugee resettlement

Obama driven by Britain's 94-year-old Prince Philip

would Hillary Clinton prefer to compare herself to Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?

Just found a great article about the finances of the Clinton Foundation (Clinton Group)

Millennials, knock it off with the optimism

Clinton betrayed the American people on behalf of big banks- Senator Elizabeth Warren explains (2004

Elizabeth Warren: Is Hillary Clinton a Progressive?

Trouble with Aphids, the red ones

Is anyone here working for or with the "Super PAC" Correct the Record digital task force?

This picture is going to be a big deal in around 50-60 years

At U.N., 175 nations sign landmark Paris accord on global warming

The Week End Economists Face the Music. Apr 23-24, 2016.

Will President Clinton finally do the Right thing and NUKE IRAN?

What Obama promised after victory in 2008 vs What Trump promises after victory in 2016

DU Poll: Third Way or FDR?

Colorado is trying for Single-Payer

"Purple Rain"

Life on Mars

How will the Hillary campaign explain it away when Bernie takes the lead in the RCP poll average....

Hillary Clinton scores big with local references in Dunmore

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

There seems to be a rumor circulating that the Clinton campaign is "broke"

Maine News - 4/22/2016

Saw VICE tonight.


NBC News Describes Trump As “One Of The More LGBT-Friendly” Republicans, Despite His Anti-LGBT Posit

New Hampshire News - 04/22/2016

The Germans have a word for it...

Clinton now holds strong leads in four different April 26th states: Delaware +7

Why Elizabeth Warren Would Have More Clout As Hillary Clinton’s VP

Vermont News - 4/22/2016

Ben Harper - Better Way (Live - Music)

It Takes A Village To Bully A Transgender Kindergartner

Will the delusion and fantasy finally fade away after next Tuesday?

El Salvador Is Creating a Special Military Unit to Hunt Gang Members

Prince - Darling Nikki (VIDEO)

My confession as a paid poster

5 people killed after 2 shootings in Appling, Georgia, suspect at large

True story about the primaries: Remember last Spring or Summer when Sec. Clinton

Did Hillary just Forget to steal Michigan?

What do Americans think about US drones killing civilians?

Y'all are gonna hate me: I didn't check my dates.

Latino vote, a sleeping giant, has been awakened

Foxes That Endure Despite a Lack of Genetic Diversity

Guatemala Summons Ambassador Amid Escalating Border Tensions With Belize

Profiting from injustice

US Counterinsurgency Policing Tactics Ravage Honduras

Current status of the New York voter purge:

‘Nation on the Take’ by Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman explains how the wealthy control Washington

How to address issues very consistent with Avoidant Personally Disorder?

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff threatens to use trade agreements as leverage against impeachment

What would Democrats do if Republicans were running a candidate under FBI investigation?

No, Bernie isn't and hasn't dropped out.

The Myth of the Bernie Bros

A curious juxtaposition of thread titles

The Slaves of Dubai

Full Speech : Bernie Sanders Town Hall with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in Gettysburg, PA (4-22-16)

Undecided in California but hate the idea of voting for hillary

Have you seen this video of Elizabeth Warren being interviewed by Moyers discussing Hillary?

Fox California poll Scam: Sanders Hispanic vote went from - 23 % to + 19 % in 3 days.

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Rally in Scranton, PA (4-21-16) Bernie Scranton Pennsylvania Town Hall

Connecticut News - 4/23/2016

Massachusetts News - 4/23/2016

Rhode Island News - 4/23/2016

Bernie Sanders Rally in Montgomery County, PA (4-21-16)| Bernie Oaks Pennsylvania Rally

Daily Holidays - April 23

Solar Impulse sets off for California after long lay-off

Bernie: Calling the Hillary NY Cheating "Disgraceful" is Not Enough, It Was Illegal. Do Something.

Fair Game: Why Bernie Should Keep Going

Iran slammed for conducting 'virginity test' on jailed artist

Anyone who thinks that Hillary will stand up to Wall Street

Live onCNN - Obama Town Hall in London now n/t

Fair Game: Why Bernie Should Keep Going

Who Runs Strongest Against Trump? 'That Candidate is Me,' Says Sanders

Free College for All Worked in the US for 100 Years Until Elite Took It Away

The Legal Argument That Could Overturn ‘Right-to-Work’ Laws Around the Country

Recycling May Ease Your Conscience, But for Workers, It’s Dirty, Dangerous and Even Deadly

Death to America: Suicide Surge Parallels Era of Economic Woes

Fracking Executive Says Rich Neighborhoods Safe from Drill Sites

Volvo Plans To 'Electrify' Its Entire Vehicle Fleet

It's not just those on the right who are loons...

"Purple Rain" back in 87 AMC Theatres beginning Saturday, 4/23 through Thursday

Self-Proclaimed Atheist Joaquin Phoenix Eyed to Play Jesus in 'Mary Magdalene'

This One Photo Struck me when the 700 were arrested on the Capital Steps

True Zero

CNN Tonight With Don Lemon ~ Van Jones on Prince's humanitarianism (VIDEO)

Transgender people in India seek religious parity

Weekly Address: Building a Fairer and More Effective Criminal Justice System

Philadelphia Tribune endorsements: Sanders for president; Sestak for Senate

Beyond Divorce

Marijuana is kosher for Passover, leading rabbi rules

Maher on 28 pages

Civilian casualties mount in war on ISIL

Prince, From Purple Rain to Batman

Get ready for war: NY Times "How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk"

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, Cautious but Confident, Begins Considering Running Mates

University professor brutally murdered in Bangladesh

The desperate scramble for Bernie's secret weapon

Michelle Alexander: A Vision for America Beyond the 'New Jim Crow'

Martin O'Malley accuses DNC of 'rigging' primary process in Clinton's favor

Baltimore Rally and March for Bernie Sanders

Baltimore Rally and March for Bernie Sanders

To those of you who say "it wouldn't have mattered" if they weren't thrown off the voter rolls...

Prince had the most songs that I'd mess the lyrics up when singing.

Bernie Sanders Campaign: We Don't Pay For Comments, Thank You

Fun: 15 photos of people's reactions when meeting Hillary Clinton for the first time

Question Answered, 400 years ago today.

There's an ad running alongside this page, Hillary or Trump.

The mystery of Clinton/Sanders online

N. Korea tests submarine-launched missile: South

Interesting the only issue the Sanders camp has delivered showing Hillary

Karl Urban Wants To Do A Dredd Series For Netflix Or Amazon Prime

Clinton's Sandwich Policy: yes on fries, at least for a day

Should people here and everywhere else disclose if they are paid by this Clinton PAC?

Michael J. Fox Losing ‘Heartbreaking’ Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with Help from Electronic Voting Machines?

Radical idea to combat just/alert abuse; require a supermajority

Today's Google Doodle: Shakespeare and St. George

Anyone joining me to wish a very happy birthday to Michael Moore?

Prez Obama: A Shade of Cool…

When you're running for your LIFE, you don't quit at the halfway mark!

Hillary PAC spends $1 million to "correct" social media.

Trump has been putting on an act, in the General Election campaign he will become very reasonable

Venezuela cuts power for four hours a day to save energy

Venezuelans Face a New Threat – a Beer Shortage

Could Bernie’s Campaign Run Out of Money?

Special Agent Michelle Obama....

Without her doing it, the SOs Facebook account has changed language twice...

EXCLUSIVE WTHR/HPI Poll: Trump, Clinton have small leads in Indiana, overall tight race

"I had let myself mistake the loudest people for The People."

Hillary Clinton holds edge over Bernie Sanders in Indiana--1st May Primary

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, Cautious but Confident, Begins Considering Running Mates

Trump, Clinton have small leads in Indiana, overall tight race {Hillary Grp}

Does anyone know what type of immunity Bryan Pagliano was granted by the DOJ? Thanks in advance

Voter Suppression & Potential Fraud Cost Bernie Sanders New York—Investigation Launched

Ben Jealous Stumps for Bernie Sanders at the Reid Temple Church in Glenn Dale, MD

Ben Jealous Stumps for Bernie Sanders at the Reid Temple Church in Glenn Dale, MD

A guide to dress codes

Media Endorsement Comparison (Hillary vs Bernie)

Honestly, I don't think the primary system is really rigged against Bernie

Seriously which institutions do the corporations not own?

Bernie Sanders - IMAGINE (Music: John Lennon)

Bernie Sanders - IMAGINE (Music: John Lennon)

Job interview pro-tips

Bernie Sanders - IMAGINE (Music: John Lennon)

The End Is Coming: Top Sanders adviser hints at a quiet finish - The Washington Post

I am at the Great Lakes National Cemetery.

Just some math: NY primary.

The People For BERNIE SANDERS 2016

The People For BERNIE SANDERS 2016

The People For BERNIE SANDERS 2016

Clever tactic

Keep it.

Yeah, this'll flip a superdelegate.

Pick a theme song for the Bernie or Bust movement ...

Unless we get enough votes to take back the Senate and the House,

PROOF Bernie Sanders Was Robbed In New York Primary [Truth & Comedy]

Immigration facility guard given jail time for sexual assault of detainee

Dyson retires from KOB-TV

I have such respect for .@EricaSmegs--She is being hit on for her Hillary gun control ad!!

They make you hate them - they are as ubiquitous as air - fugging busy bodies

Perhaps we need to change who is allowed to vote in Democratic Primaries.

The revolution is real. One can start listening to people or mock them and take your chances.

A naval Warhawk?

Bernie Sanders - Music: Sound of Silence

Bernie Sanders - Music: Sound of Silence

Bernie Sanders - Music: Sound of Silence

LA Times hoaxed into reporting UN declaring end of war on drugs

Student loan issue may muddy Cruz's appeal to young voters

600 US-bound Africans stranded in Costa Rica after officials block route

600 US-bound Africans stranded in Costa Rica after officials block route

"Want to wake with a horse's head in the sack with you?" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Cross posted from the African-American Group for anyone who has asked ...


U.S. drops New York fight with Apple after gaining access to iPhone

Who is Bernie considering for his running mate?

Georgia man suspected of killing five before shooting himself: sheriff

U.S. judge orders recount in Tennessee abortion vote

Joy Reed just interviewed Jeff Weaver ...

Happy Birthday, dear William

Holding Obamacare Hostage

Brian Fallon ~Press Secretary for HRC! (HRC GROUP)

Merkel, Obama say EU-U.S. free trade deal would benefit both sides

THIS is what a Democratic MOVEMENT looks like

The Story of the Great Brooklyn Voter Purge Keeps Getting Weirder

Firms Seeking Influence Pay for Clinton Speeches - Associated Press

How will Hillary improve Obamacare?

Are Warren and Merkley trying to help Bernie end his presidential bid?

Firms Seeking Influence Pay for Clinton Speeches - Associated Press

Kerry Signs Climate Agreement With Granddaughter

Firms Seeking Influence Pay for Clinton Speeches - Associated Press

Discovery of 4,500-year-old female mummy sheds light on ancient Peru

Downpressor Man

President Obama Held a Town Hall this Morning. Fast Forward to about 11:30.

Hang on Sloopy,Sloopy hang on

Huge crowd at Bernie rally in Baltimore today!

'There's some precedent'

Why I believe the American Dream just died (op/ed)

My latest prediction on the remaining states.

NY Daily News: Investigators probe de Blasio fund-raising associated with New York developers

Planned Parenthood employee opens a can of whoopass on conservative troll — and it’s awesome

Michelle Obama to appear on 'NCIS'

The world already would be out of water if everyone ate like Americans

Gun Control Fails: What Happened in England, Ireland, and Canada

Sanders Adviser Says Campaign May Have To 'Reevaluate' After Tuesday

Gawker: The New York City Rent Crisis is Getting Ludicrous

Queens beat the Jack-off cards, which you hold. House Flipping in NYC Threatens the American Dream: Study

Touching Tribute to Prince, a Devoted and Passionate Animal Lover

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

Sanders Campaign’s Commitment To Victory Irritates Media, Offends Clinton Campaign

Hillary (or Trump) a one term President?

(New York) State rejects Constitution natural gas pipeline on environmental grounds

Cruz backers to try to block LePage from national convention

A Supreme Court sketch artist pretty much drew Clarence Thomas sleeping:

Sanders support for Clinton depends on platform

Love & Kindness? NAH!!!

Condamine River set on fire after Greens MP lights bubbling methane gas, blames fracking

This Earth Day, Hillary’s Sending Her Nat Political Dir, Amanda Renteria, to Puerto Rico

Boston Herald: "Why big crowds don’t equal big votes for Bernie Sanders"

Weekend Toon Roundup

Landmark Ruling Will Finally Allow Victims to Hold CIA 'Torturers to Account'

So are we ready for the political system to go back on Autopilot?

Did ‘Hillary for America’ steal Bernie’s voter database?

Teenagers get surprise chance to confess to the pope

NY vote totals are going to change soon. And the change will favor Clinton

CBE audits Chicago votes - Guess What Happened

A liar says what?

Bernie defended the Bush 'win' in Ohio 2004

Hillary has another 'home state' in Pennsylvania

There's a reason Howard Dean supports Hillary

NV, WY & NY: The Trifecta That Sealed Sanders' Doom

Organic Fertilizer Is Great at Killing Bees

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Will you vote for Trump if Bernie loses the primary?

Global Lipstick Inventories Plunge as GOP Seeks Cosmetic Miracle

President Hillary Clinton would be historic. Let's not lose sight of that

So Hillary will become the nominee because the party has limited who can vote?

Islamic State claims it killed Bangladeshi academic

U.S. warplanes conduct operation near key Chinese-held reef in South China Sea

Judge: Anti-GMO activists illegally concealed donors’ names

China Focus: Xi calls for improved religious work

A New Simon's Cat film!

Boston Globe: An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders

How To Become A Charlatan, Step By Step

fRump is the new guy who initially appears to be the opposite of your last guy. You're hooked.

I Won't Back Down.

Is It Me Or Does Anybody Else Feel....

=*=LIVE Stream NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Baltimore, MD + Danny Glover and Ben Jealous. =*=

LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Rally in Baltimore, MD (4-23-16)

Oregon adds 34,000 voters under new 'Motor Voter' law

VERY interesting tidbit ... get the bus ready fast, if true.

Hillary Clinton’s Support Base as Bogus as US Democracy

Behold.... the 1st Pastafarian wedding!

Hillary Clinton, the Candidate of Austerity- Tighten your belts now.

How much do you love this group?!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-22-16

Home movie of Donald Trump preparing for his first spelling bee.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-22-16

Direct Democracy = People based government = Of by and for the people

a petition for CA. gun owners

Home Rule Dallas ISD Board Member Appointed To Texas Commissioner of Education By Gov. Abbott.


The worst thread I've ever seen on DU.

Now on FSTV, Wed. (?) REPEAT of Thom H. Program with Callers on His Comments

Breast cancer is not fun!

The number of Arctic Freezing Degree Days is absolutely collapsing

A Hillary Bro?

Seriously. When did we decide as a Democrat, I should feel shame, wanting a Democratic candidate?

Obama & Merkel Want TTIP; Where Does HRC Stand On This?

Bernie Sanders supporters line up for Baltimore rally

Death sentence upheld against Mauritanian blogger for “insulting” Islam

Hillary has been a friend of the gun and ammo industries

Serving whose interests: The Political Economy of Trade in Services Agreements - by Jane Kelsey

Bernie Sanders | Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

!!! Insurers Pay Speaking Fees to Hillary, Then Lead Fight Against Colorado's Single Payer

Bernie Sanders | Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Bernie & Hillary are coming to Delaware...

Bernie Sanders | Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Looking for the population comparison of states won by Hillary / Sanders.

Today's Hillary sure would hate 90s Hillary.

We can have the political revolution

Living with herps

Was researching about GE and write in to see results and I found this. Interesting.

Woman recreates celebrity instagrams with the reality of life

"Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose, every way you look at it you lose."

Another post about silly numbers from New York's primary election

Oregon~~~ Must Register by Tuesday April 26 To Vote

William Shakespeare born on or about April 23, 1564

Board of Elections will boot (Repub) official after her error purged over 100,000 Brooklyn voters

Ted Cruz' doppelganger

Sen. Chuck Grassley: WHAT A SLEAZE! First "Death Panels," Now This!

SHOCKER: Bozo's Washington Post tries to push Bernie Sanders from the race.

Meanwhile - Just 8 short years ago, almost to the day.... Bang Bang!!

The secret shame of middle-class Americans (another op/ed)

'Jesus came along with the dark angels’: Mother charged with suffocating her daughter

"The Great American Dream Machine"

~**April Photo Contest Preliminaries**~ Thread 1

~**April Photo Contest Preliminaries**~ Thread 2

~**April Photo Contest Preliminaries**~ Thread 3

~~~**April 2016 Photo Contest Prelims**~~~

Obama Chides Black Lives Matter for ‘Yelling’ Down Leaders (defends Clinton)

Now here's an interesting question.

Trump vs. Clinton on LGBTs.

Bernie Sanders' rally in Baltimore encapsulates his demographic problems

Powerful Bernie Clip

Hillary Clinton Really Loves Military Intervention (By Kevin Lander in Mother Jones- Review)

What's with Hal Sparks?

Now's here an interesting question.

This video discussing Hillary's CFMA half lie in the debate shows how low she'll go to smear

Remember when?

Electoral Votes and Population Comparison - Clinton - Sanders

Pit bull kills newborn baby in bed

TV Documentary Case: New York hospital reaches $2.2 million settlement with authorities

Short and sweet FB post from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn just after he met President Obama...

North Korea launches missile from submarine, South Korea says

It is now okay to say Trump is better than Hillary

Why Obama will never, ever be elected president (DailyKos 2009)

Counter protesters arrested in clash with police at 'white power' rally in Georgia

Do skilled American and EU workers make too much? That is one of the main tenets of neoliberalism

I just found a nest FULL of duck eggs in my suburban garden

Living with herps

NY Times: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, Cautious but Confident, Begins Considering Running Mates

Foreign Policy?

My Passover GD thread was hiden

Hidden cameras show Trump Dubai "Slavery" Low Paid Guest Workers living in Squalor

Think nothing else about Clinton Foundation could be shocking? You're wrong! How pay-to-play began.

BREAKING: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones & Jason Bonham to re-form Led Zeppelin with Axl Rose

March on the Democratic Convention in July

I know who Trump is picking for his Vice President if he is the nominee.

And this is why I love Jane....

Why does Bernie make more sense for November ?

It's Passover 5776 and Moses still isn't real

Since some of you don't read GD - about the whole Stockholm Syndrome thing

Haha, so *that's* what Craigslist is (at least partially) about!1

Wall Street is not the boogyman of the "deep south", its stupid ass'd cops.. being evicted

A question about Journals

Is the Stockholm Syndrome Claim Racist?

=*= 2 LIVE Streams @ 4PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Wilmington, DE =*=

Sorry about missing the puppy post yesterday

Who protects us from THIS?

Bell Hooks on why she can no longer support Hillary Clinton

So all Hillary supporters, in 2008 did you vote for change or status quo?

Since I have seen the Sanders isn't a Democrat meme pop up a lot the last few days here...

HRC walked out to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" at her rally in Dunmore, PA tonight

=*= 2 LIVE Streams @ 4PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Wilmington, DE =*=

Feds Drop Another iPhone Unlocking Case After Asking Perp For His Password

@FLOTUS: @HillaryClinton is an 'impressive' and a 'phenomenal woman!' Thank you so much, Michelle!

Who will you vote for . . . . ? Enough of this nonsense

The supers are supposed to be a failsafe, instead they were used as a propaganda tool.

Iraq Veteran US Marine is Granted Citizenship 5 Years After He Was Forced Out of the Country

Trump's cries of 'rigged' system shift blame for his losses

Israeli fighters scramble to intercept undeclared airliner

Bernie Sanders rally in Baltimore

I'm thirsty

Investigator: Woman killed baby girl, put body in dumpster

Mel Sembler begins fundraising effort to kill (Florida) medical marijuana initiative

Trade Agreements Threats to National and State Health Care Policy (2007, still current but additiona

Returning home is a mixed blessing for victims of Boko Haram

Boat Belonging to Missing Florida Teens, Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, Found Off Bermuda Coast

Sheriff: No sign Prince's death was a suicide

I'm sorry, I just dont buy into the doom and gloom. For one thing, the more people learn about


Sanders says Clinton’s platform could determine how much he would campaign for her

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-22-16

‘Poverty is a death sentence,’ Sanders declares during Baltimore stop

In the United States, we do not vote directly for the President,

Amid 70,000 state layoffs, Macri hires image coach to make his wife into "the new Michelle Obama"

Sanders Adviser: Campaign May Have To 'Reevaluate' After Tuesday

About Those Plaid Posters

Check your default setting for your journals

Bill Maher: 25 Facts You Did Not Know about Ted Cruz

Bernie held a rally today in Baltimore. For an event held in the city something seems off...

My weekly visit to Free Republic to check their take on the Primaries.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-22-16 match for Brenda Golden extended

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on This Week, MTP, FTN & State of the Union)

SunSentinel Editorial: Wasserman Schultz wrong on payday loans

Country's oldest African-American newspaper endorses Sanders

Bernie in Baltimore

Three men shot dead outside Alabama night club

Clinton targets young voters with new fundraising group

5 Pieces of Advice for Bernie Sanders From Hillary Clinton Circa 2008

New Yorker Trump has 378 Companies Registered in Deleware

As for one day....

'Sanders must win all remaining contests by 20 points to catch Clinton in pledged delegates.'

What's for Dinner, Sat., Apr. 23, 2016

Mel Sembler begins fundraising effort to kill (Florida) medical marijuana initiative

in gdp

(Florida) School Board Votes to Restrict Transgender Bathroom Choices

Is National Nurses United a Super Pac? So Bernie Has One

This is it

Judge Says She’ll Rule On Trial Date In Bundy Case In Nevada

Paradox or sham?

Oregon militiaman from Los Osos to go to trial in September

Bernie Sanders brings his campaign to Baltimore with Ben Jealous and Danny Glover

Hillary has always been an excellent supporter of reproductive rights! (HRC GROUP).

Tug-of-war over Confederate monuments rages on

BBC says women will be half its workforce by 2020

Bernie supporters and Hillary supporters are not enemies

Confederate flags cause uproar at Park High (MT)

HRC rallies in Dunmore, PA (pics)

Bernie Sanders Is Seeing Gains In States That Have Yet To Vote

Grimm.... too much?

Christian seders, chocolate seders, marijuana seders: Why non-Jews like Passover so much

Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand what majority-rule democracy is

Actor Glover: 'Of course, I believe Bernie can win'

Why the Clinton-Sanders race isn't over yet

Hillary voted _against_ banning armor piercing "cop-killer" bullets- Bernie voted for the ban

Bernie is going all the way

Counter protesters arrested in clash with police at 'white power' rally in Georgia

Oregon Man Tips Prostitute with Stolen Primate and Stolen Girl Scout Cookie Money

Democratic candidate for governor, Mike Weinholtz, says his wife is under investigation for pot poss

Danny Glover at the Sanders rally said Maryland seceded from the Union during the Civil War

Obama in Germany: 35,000 Protest TTIP Trade Deal in Hannover

Here's a post that I thought you might like to read.

Odds in upcoming states show all signs have moved towards Clinton

Predictive markets say the race is firmly in Clinton's hands

Where are the Sanders mega-rallies?

The presidential election has Obama explaining it to concerned foreign leaders

Bernie's goals.

Okay, I'm done. Not wasting time talking about Sanders any more.

Flint mother one of first to sue over water found shot to death

Two arrested at neo-Nazi rally in Rome (GA)

FAA orders urgent fix to engines that could shut down on Boeing 787s

Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1 million cars, SUVs for rollaway issue

ICYMI - Atlanta’s Killer Mike Just Helped Bernie Sanders Win the White House in 2016

Tributes from Prince's peers

Why Tuesday Could Determine The Nominees In Both Presidential Primaries

That crazy brownhaired girl "Noomi"? is actually on CNN, Berniesplaining how Hillary is losing!!

Bernie Sanders blames poor people for some of his losses in the Democratic primary

Great article on reddit (with links) on the email issues concerning HRC

Hillary voted against CHILD SAFETY LOCKS on guns. Bernie voted for the locks.

Why Did Japan Just Build A Stealth Fighter Jet?

About that 1994 Crime Bill - It was the Clintons leading the charge.

Did anyone else here see "The Revenant"?

The Shadow Of Nazism Over US Toture Policy

As a letter carrier for 30+ years I never had to deal with this:

A new discovery sheds light on ancient Egypt’s most successful female pharaoh

Skewering Carnival CRUZ: magnificently done by Bill MAHER & CRUZ's college ex-roommate Craig MAZIN

Hillary with Tawakkol Karman, Yemeni human rights advocate. (HRC GROUP)

Why I Doubt I’ll Ever be a Freemason

What $$$ buys: A Corp Agenda. Ex 1:Walmart-Cheap Prison Labor, Cheap Foreign Goods, Subsidized Labor

Wall Street’s Problem Isn’t Too Big to Fail. It’s Too Big to Nail.

missing files, missing emails, missing transcripts.. Nixon was a piker

Crash and Burn

Democratic Party spurns US Senate candidate who almost won in 2010

Let’s not lose sight of how historic a Hillary Clinton presidency would be for women

Bernie supporters make like the Republican/Tea Partiers don't exist.

Norwegian Reindeer are getting a contageous Prion Disease

“Nothing much has changed”: 5,000 years of war, illustrated

Does anyone remember the Rector case?

White college kids are having a sad, so fuck African Americans, Latinos, LGBT, etc., etc.:

NASCAR just came out against HB2.

Bernie Sanders holds rally at Wilmington's Riverfront

Facing red tape online, marijuana companies are inventing a totally new breed of advertising

Explosives stolen from Detroit-bound train recovered in Detroit neighborhood

Donald J. Trump Elementary Top Suggestion To Replace Robert E. Lee School

Video Shows Chicago Officer Slamming Woman Who Had Hands Up

Judge sentenced veteran to 24 hours in jail, joined him behind bars

Climate Change is DESTROYING The Great Barrier Reef! There may not be one by next Earth Day.

Think fast young man!

Hillary Clinton in New Haven to draw attention to working families

My dream: to start an inflatable man dancing club.

If you're wealthy...

Whe would CTR have to coordinate with the Clinton campaign?

Perspective is everything...

Obamacare is helping just more than people's health

It's 'Possible' Hillary Clinton Could Be Better President than GOP Pick, Charles Koch Says

Why would CTR have to coordinate with the Clinton campaign? (also in GDP)

Star witness in $68M embezzlement scam murdered outside of Medellin

Star witness in $68M embezzlement scam murdered outside of Medellin

Girl who wrote Obama excited over Harriet Tubman on $20 bill

‘Hamilton’ Cast Goes Crazy With Rousing Tribute To Prince

CNN's Van Jones: Prince never talked about the money he raised for worthy causes

Watch Joe's Interview on MSNBC (Sestak, Pa. Senator's race)

Don't sweat it, Minneapolis. You're still cool.

The absurd Bernie meme that won't die; "the voters just don't know him yet"

Did you know that PA is Clinton's home? Of course!!

I want the election of the first woman president to feel good. Elizabeth Warren would make us feel

Informal lawn sign "poll."

=*=LIVE @ 7:20 A Community Conversation on Young Men of Color with Bernie Sanders Bernie2016tv =*=

Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, Age 67, Found Alive

How to transform Bernie's army into an organization

Two convicted SpyEye hackers get long U.S. prison sentences

=*=LIVE @ 7:20 A Community Conversation on Young Men of Color with Bernie Sanders Bernie2016tv =*=

My Letter to Nate Silver on the Huge Exit Poll Discrepancies We’re Seeing in the Dem Primaries

The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Polling Argument

LIVE @ 7:20 - A Community Conversation on Young Men of Color with Bernie Sanders - Bernie2016tv

Someone is creating a horrifying sci-fi world in Reddit comments

Guess you shoulda released those transcripts Hillary....

Rosario Dawson Talks about Pal Prince at Bernie Sanders rally (4-23-16)

Rosario Dawson Talks about Pal Prince at Bernie Sanders rally (4-23-16)

Prince remembered as innovator, advocate for black youth

Oops. Got banned from the BS group.

I just saw a future45 vid on DU, its a republican superpac

Country's Oldest African-American Newspaper Endorses Sanders

The Atlantic: Riots, Guns, Bribes: TR's Contested Convention

Why are there so many contributors for Sanders that are unaccounted?

Clinton prepared to make your best case at convention!

Abused Circus Tiger From Peru Gets New Life In Florida

Tortoiseshell cat

Massive coral reef discovered in the Amazon River

Clinton got Secretary of State because Obama is magnanimous. What will Clinton offer Sanders?

Investigators Say Mexico Has Thwarted Efforts to Solve Students’ Disappearance

Investigators Say Mexico Has Thwarted Efforts to Solve Students’ Disappearance

Rescued Circus Elephant Is Finally Reunited With Her ‘Family’

Roger Stone's Not So Subtle Threats

Barbara Adams, free spirit and American expatriate in Nepal, dies at 84

In Pennsylvania, Clinton plays up her local ties — as she did for the N.Y. primary

Noam said it best...

The Older I Get...

Rosario Dawson has gone off the rails again

When you have a weather vane...

Year Before Sandy Hook Massacre, Hillary Approved $120 Mill Sales for Corps that Made Killer's Guns

Serial Season 2- Bowe Bergdahl

Joe Biden Likes our Aspirational Style | Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden Likes our Aspirational Style | Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden Likes our Aspirational Style | Bernie Sanders

Time: "Experts say it's too early for general election polls to be meaningful"

Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest?

Where's Ukraine Headed? Watch Who Gets the Prosecutor's Job

Fight for Justice Inches Forward for Victims of Massacre in Colombia

Hillary Clinton rallies supporters in Central Falls

Bernie Sanders in Philly! To the Convention and Beyond!

The Common Good

Shut Down the Berks County Family Detention Center | Bernie Sanders


Shut Down the Berks County Family Detention Center | Bernie Sanders


Are you or anyone you know planning to vote for Trump if Hillary is not the nominee?

Shut Down the Berks County Family Detention Center | Bernie Sanders

Bernie will be eliminated after this tuesday

Jurors unmoved by former Va. governor's appeal arguments

Insiders to Bernie: Don’t take the fight to Philly

Investigative Journalism: Why Bernie may have actually won New York

Prince - first recording of Purple Rain

Bought a Weston hand-crank meat grinder and the screen gets clogged

After Years Of Crisis In Libya, What Will The West Do This Time Around?

*PRAISE For SANDERS, "BIDEN Mum On Whether He Voted For Clinton Or Sanders", CNN, April 23

Prince’s ‘Former Drug Dealer’ Speaks About Pop Star’s ‘Major Addiction To Opioids’

I will not vote for the TPP or the Corporate State. Under any circumstances. Bernie should

The joke within the joke