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Feds To Trap Wolf Father

Nate Silver 2008: Ten Reasons Why You Should Ignore Exit Polls - from Mark Bluemthnal

The Latest: Clinton warns voters to be wary of Trump

A former paid “Internet troll” for Clinton speaks out: It was “nasty” and “left a very bad taste”

Watch Joe's Interview on MSNBC (Sestak)

Is there a money laundering scheme involving DNC, state committees, and HRC? (video from TYT)

More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton's Twitter followers are fake or never tweet

Is this the national bird?

Sanders 18-24 year olds supporters were only 10 to 18 years when Obama became President.

Bernie Sanders: 'Poor People Don't Vote...That's Just a Fact'

Sanders Is Seeing Gains In States That Have Yet To Vote Breaking down the national poll numbe

What things attracted your attention when you were young, that don't garner any interest to you now?

The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview

Democrats: Step back, squint your eyes, and consider this.

All of the Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers Have Donated to Hillary Clinton

Hillary won, so who cares about voter disenfranchisement in Brooklyn?

Opinion of Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA)?

Publicist: Prince cremated, celebrated in private ceremony

A group auditing the Chicago election audit group found this disturbing situation:

Special Note left for Prince at Paisley Park

Robert McGee

Bernie Sanders: 'Poor People Don't Vote...That's Just a Fact' ~NBCnews ~ (HRC GP)

Bernie should endorse Donna Edwards for the MD. US Senate nomination.

The New Orleans Zephyrs want to change their name. What should it be?

californa caucus delegates

A vote for Clinton in the GE is a vote for?

Sunday Talk Shows with Sen. Sanders

Shoemaker New Balance Challenges Obama On Trans-Pacific Partnership

It's nice to be back...

Some candidates get handshakes... others get....

Sanders buying Internet Presence and online voters for 10s of millions...

Anyone else excited about the new companion on Doctor Who?

Bernie Won Nevada - So many states...Irregularities!

How many US employees does "Clinton top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers" donors have ?

I love what Biden is doing!

Someone check my math, please


Hillary Clinton Could Be Better President than GOP Pick, Charles Koch Says

The Brian Williams of the Democratic party.

Give this a read

Van Hollen or Edwards?

Artichoke update

I expect Bernie to raise hell all the way to Philly and beyond

Gutless Democrats fear fights: Why triangulating neo-liberal Clintonites back big business over peop

Jane Kim Vs. Scott Wiener for CA State Senate (D). I am truly undecided.

Bernie Sanders surrogate Rosario Dawson brings up Monica Lewinsky in Clinton attack

So where are all the Trump voters I've been told hang out here?

Bernie's Harebrained 'Free College' Idea - Democratic charis of Council of Economic Advisers

New York suit launched after 125,000 denied vote right

He. Mad. Now.


Oh, What A Lovely War

Shhhh. Don't tell Sen. Sanders

Bernie campaign hits a new low. Attacking Hillary by invoking the name

Bruce Springsteen Opens His Show Tonight (4/23) with 'Purple Rain'

A group member was banned today for something said about one of the candidates.

Bernie Sanders Partially Blames His Losses On "Poor People" Not Voting

Rupert Murdoch & Hillary Go Way Back: Rupert Fundraiser w/Hillary & "Could Live w/Her as Pres"

Bernie's surrogates are now bringing up Monica Lewinsky

Anonymous' Take on Mrs. Clinton

Why Aren’t We Talking About How Boys And Men Feel About A Woman President?

What are the chances that Bernie would endorse Jill Stein instead of Hillary in the general? (nt)

Vote Machines and flipping votes - Interesting.

Stage 3 - Bargaining

Private memorial, cremation for Prince

Old, sturdy wood furniture redone "very" cheap.

Defend Brazil!

Defend Brazil!

"Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet Prince,

Hillary and guns which is it?

What laws are in place in the US surrounding how long an employer can require you to work?

DWS Should Not Swim With Loan Sharks

The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez: an Interview with Eva Golinger

Springsteen opened Brooklyn concert w/ Purple Rain tonight

Why can't HRC people just admit that nobody is voting for Bernie out of sexism?

maps: Primary,states resized by population, electorate size, minority population and turnout

"Just Shoot Every Third Person on Wall St. and Everything will be fine"

Charles Koch: 'It's Possible' Hillary Could Be Better Than GOP in White House

By request - things I learned part II

Michelle McNamara, author and wife of Patton Oswalt, has died

I'm finally saying it out loud.

Caucus miscommunication means one more (Alaska) delegate for Bernie

Al Franken for VP? That's what one of the commenters to this story suggested.

Elizabeth Warren busts Goldman-Sachs for handling of union pensions

FULL Speech : Bernie Sanders Rally in Wilmington, DE (4 23-16) | With Rosario Dawson

Third Wave Comes Ashore

How should you treat a vanquished foe? DU after Hillary Clinton's nomination.

It's much more likely that, if HRC is nominated and Bernie's campaign gets nothing in Phily

ROBERT REICH | Why not tax financial speculation?

Issue with Ground Squirrels in my Yard

Bernies latest Hail Mary Papal Ambush

The Third Wave Comes Ashore....Tsunami warning!?

Shh don't Tell Hillary supporters but she is "possibly" the best republican in this election

The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Polling Argument

Every once in a while, I just gotta share this ...

Sanders finds a new excuse for losing.

Q. Why keep in place a system shackling students to a lifetime of debt? A. Just follow the $$$$$$

Tad Devine sees the writing on the wall.

this cannot be unseen...

Colorado nuns get higher fence to avoid harassment

The Young Turks: How Progressives Should React To Bernie's Loss In New York

Clinton supporters are being disgusting re Monica Lewinsky

More funny business with the Dem ballots - this time in Philly

I really wish my neighbor wouldn't let his cat free roam

This is how you selfie

Honoring North Carolina. Showing you a little of what residents let me see today in my NC town

SNL devoting the night to PRINCE

Laughing so hard. C-Span was just playing old clips of President Obama at the WH Correspondents

Predatory Lending: Wall Street Profited, Minority Families Paid the Price

Can somebody help me please?

Rescued Pit Bull Treats 'Little Sister' Kitten Like a Princess

LePage puts LeFoot in LeMouth again...

Donald Trump just predicted a major lawsuit against Ted Cruz

When Madeline Albright, surrogate for Hillary said Women who don't support other women will burn

Should Bernie supporters be nicer to Hillary supporters, or is that

Terrorism and poverty harms democracy.

Perfect pitch 2

As seen on Facebook (Hillary Group)

Hillary loves her some guns, at least in Pennsylvania

2016 Hillary at Odds with 2008 Hillary

Hillary support base as bogus as US Democracy

Prince came up on my MP3 shuffle last week. I replayed Purple rain 4 times. sigh.

Anyone else just chillin' on a Saturday night?

Secret servers, secret speeches, fake twitter#'s, slush funds, paid trolls. What did I leave out?

Obama: Black Lives Matter And Other Activists Need To Learn To Compromise

Cartoon: Clinton nomination?

DNA test: Ancestry vs 23andme vs Other? Probably this question has been settled here before

Media Scoundrels Ignore NY Primary Irregularities

Cartoon: Trump's math for the nomination

Mayor Bernie Sanders Talks with Edmunds Middle School Paradise Project Students

What Brazil's impeachment process says about its Christian faiths

The Hillary Hate Looks Oddly Familiar

Van Jones on how Prince never revealed his humanitarian work due to being a Jehovah's Witness

Bundy 's Lawyers Say Charges Should be Dropped Because the Feds Don't Own Malheur Refuge

Judge Scrubs Trial Date in Bundy Case in Nevada

Health Care: We Are Nowhere Near A Single-Payer System

New York Primaries Part 1 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Liberty for bearded, beer-bellied white guys with assault rifles, at everybody else's expense

OK folks be aware now!

Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton is more honest than any of her 2016 opponents

Media trying its best to

The Greatness of Prince....MTV Performance in 1991...

"a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff"

The Germans have a work for it...


I'm thrifty

Actual NYT headline: Hillary Clinton Warns Voters About Donald Trump’s Evolving Image

Prince's former dealer reveals the extent of his addictions to Fentanyl and Dilaudid

Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders

Those media buys aren't cheap..............

Mushrooms Hold Potential for Sustainable Building Materials

Former Senator Harris Wofford Comes Out, Announces Upcoming Marriage

Reasons Why Sanders is Not Winning the Nomination..

I want to apologize for posting Kshama Sawant’s article about a what if..

Clinton rallies Rhode Island ahead of poll

Friends, are you up for taking a DU VP poll?

I saw a black ball cap today

Bill Nye puts his money where his mouth is.....

Republican financier Koch says Clinton might make better president

KPOP [FULL] (TAEMIN) – Press It – The 1st Album

Shooting during prom at Antigo High School in Wisconsin

Silly numbers from New York's primary election

The Corporate-Backed Democratic Party Needs a Political Revolution

Why is Bill Clinton not blamed for 2000 loss?

Daily Holidays - April 24

Could Obama restore voting rights of all nonviolent "three strikes" felons with a mass pardon?

Health insurance now costs $16,000 for average family

How License-Plate Readers Have Helped Police and Lenders Target the Poor

“Not in Our Name!” How Neoconservatives and Liberal Hawks Use Lies to Sell Wars

Some lessons we SHOULD take from the first Clinton era:

about alerting on Hosts locking messages

If anyone can help in CA- are you a lawyer?

Donald Trump’s domination is teaching us one thing: we’ll miss Obama

Hillary Clinton and the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Final piece of type 1 diabetes puzzle solved

Spike Lee Gets Candid With Sen. Bernie Sanders In Latest Interview

Solar Impulse lands in California after Pacific crossing

23 young Jews arrested in anti-occupation protests across U.S.

Two Brave, Masked Anti-Putin Protesters Arrested Again In Moscow's Red Square

Armenians Protest Visit By Russian Foreign Minister; Police Get Physical

Are the Koch brothers political allies of Hillary?

Pro-Tibet activists deface Chinese flags as President Xi arrives in Czech Republic

Jewish Activists Arrested Trying to Enter Temple Mount for Banned Passover Sacrifice

Wang: Trump is on path to more than 1,237 delegates.

An Open Letter to the Superdelegates

Game of Thrones 6.1 "The Red Woman" (spoiler alert - season premiere!)

'Leave' campaign wants Leave supporter Marine Le Pen banned from the UK

Fear the Walking Dead 2.3 "Ouroboros" (spoiler alert)

EU-US trade deal 'will fail' if US refuses concessions: German minister

Sanders campaign's new strategy on superdelegates leaves some unimpressed

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Yet Another BYO LOLz Edition

The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Polling Argument

Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey for criticising Erdoğan

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally Dr. Mark Ryan- Single Payer

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally Dr. Mark Ryan- Single Payer

Why corporate political cash matters: The Real Welfare Cheats by Nicholas Kristof

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally - Committee for Better Banks Member for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally - Committee for Better Banks Member for Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally Jared Moffet End War on Drugs

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally Jared Moffet End War on Drugs

Hillary goes to Wall Street -- 2007

Photo of the fence surrounding Paisley Park, yesterday afternoon

Sunday's Doonesbury: Petty Tyrants

Sunday's Non Sequitur- What are the odds?

Bernie is 110% right poor people don't vote

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally - State Representative J. Aaron Regunberg

Love is All You Need (Full Length)

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally - State Representative J. Aaron Regunberg

Koch brother endorses Hillary over Republicans

Interesting news from Saudi Arabia...

Syria conflict: Obama rules out ground troops for Syria

GRATITUDE: Trump Thanks Bernie for Ripping Hillary’s Character

Reuters national tracking poll: Hillary's lead increasing.. now leads 58-40.

Bernie Sanders | ‘Poor People Don’t Vote'

The Sanders campaign is using Monica Lewinsky to attack Hillary now????

Protests against TTIP in Germany ahead of Obama's visit

New Jersey News - 4/24/2016

Pennsylvania voters torn over calls for a fracking ban

Bernie Sanders Is Seeing Gains In States That Have Yet To Vote

Pennsylvania News - On The Campaign Trail

UFO over Hong Kong Demonstrations for Democracy &against Chinese totalitarian government

Bernie Sanders talks with NEPA Scene at the Scranton Cultural Center

Bernie Sanders talks with NEPA Scene at the Scranton Cultural Center

Exorcism movie thoughts, amateur reviewing

Vanity Fair Asks If Hillary Has ‘Outstayed Her Welcome’ (HRC GROUP)

What TTIP will be like: canadian company sues Romania for hypothetical profits

I find it funny when people invoke FDR to promote Sanders.

Robert Reich's "Inequality for All" on YouTube

Bisbee Sends Bernie Delegate to National Convention

EXCUSES: #Bernie Blames Losses on Poor People Not Voting, Ignores How They’ve Voted

This is my open letter to the Democratic Party - I am a conscientious objector.

Meet The GOP Secretary Behind The Brooklyn Voter Purge (NOT Hillary or DNC)


the Great Compromise...that (D) behind your name does not make you a Democrat...

John DeVore: Failure

McCain: "No Wonder People Are Flocking to Bernie Sanders"

Is this complaint valid?

New Pennsylvania Poll (NBC/Marist): Clinton 55 - Sanders 40

McCain: "No Wonder People Are Flocking to Bernie Sanders"

Delaware News - Bernie speaks in Wilmington

Hey Bernie, I know why the poor don't vote for you:

Evolution of Photography

New Pennsylvania Poll From The Pollster That Nailed New York-Clinton-55% Sanders 40%

Poking fun at the potty obsessed Governor of NC--with some digs at teacher pay and voter fraud, too

If you're pro-barely-regulated fracking, McGinty's your gal!!!

Sanders snags another union endorsement

Obama's Legacy: A Great Man & Good President In Bad Times

must see: Savchenko gives her "final statement" to the Russian fascists--with her middle finger

Demoralize is a Thing.

So, what kind of an economic revolution does not include poor people?

Oz MP Sets River On Fire; Nearby Fracking Site Likely Source For Methane Leaks

Charles Koch Likes Clinton. Hello?

Will Hillary be indicted for Breach of National Security?

OMG! Bernie Sanders is losing an ONLINE POLL

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 26: Starring Tuesday Weld

Retailer Bankruptcies Are Hailing Down on the US Economy

For Jan-Mar 2016, Arctic 4.5C Above 20th Century Baseline Temperature Average

With Impeccable Timing, ‘Economic Miracle’ in Spain Unravels

Summer Is Coming: Unheard-Of Thunderstorms In NWT In April; Record PNW Heat

Annie Oakley returns to Pennsylvania

"LGBT is my electric company, right?" Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I think a lot Clinton voters are hoping for a 90's style economic boom. What are the chances?

Maine girl and her duck do everything together, and their heartwarming tale goes viral

Jimmy Carter: Why the US is an Oligarchy

Annie Oakley returns to Pennsylvania

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 27: From Caligari to Hitler

“A Total Illusion from QE and Financial Engineering”

Bernie is on Meet the Press this morning n/t

Poland's Abortion Wars

Clintons! Clintons! Clintons!

In NH, Hillary won ONLY among those making over $200,000/year

Summer Is Coming: 48 Forest Fires In BC By Monday 4/18; More Erupting Along Alberta Thaw Line

Always follow the money in Brooklyn the story of a Brownstone and the voter purge

Country's oldest African-American newspaper endorses Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren busts Goldman-Sachs for handling of union pensions

One of the last survivors of USS Arizona dies

HRC stumps Rhode Island

We need to act on Zika—fast. Add your name and tell Congress: approve emergency funding now to keep

Ruined Chernobyl nuclear plant will remain a threat for 3,000 years

NYT: "In New Age of Privilege...Economic & Social Stratification Unseen...Since days of..."

I'm headed to New Haven CT to see Bernie in a few.

Hillary will be in Westmoreland Co. tomorrow! No kidding!

The Real Hillary Clinton

Here's a question.

Waterbury man arrested after threatening to bomb rally for Donald Trump

Bernie coming up on Stephanopoulos n/m

Broadband data caps are having their intended effect: punishing cord-cutters

Would FDR have been elected without the Roosevelt name?

How is the system fixed, what are your nominations for how the system is fixed against normal people

Democracy Spring and the US Voting Matrix: How Much of the Electoral Process Is Illusory?

How Can We Reduce Concrete’s Hefty Carbon Footprint?

Car turbo-charger question.

Congress takes its first step toward killing the military draft

Hillary is coming to my neck of the woods tomorrow! Questions.....

Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders bid

Bernie's doing good on the Sunday talk shows

A Bernie Bro, in Pittsburgh, Penn:

How the superdelegates ACTUALLY vote at the convention

EHP – Radionuclides in Fracking Wastewater: Managing a Toxic Blend

Maryland: LIVE on #Periscope: President Clinton at Bethel Dr. Frank M. Reid III

=*= LIVE Stream @ 12PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Providence, RI with Shailene Woodley =*=

This is worth posting again!

=*= LIVE Stream @ 12PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Providence, RI with Shailene Woodley =*=

How Is Saying 'Poor People Don't Vote' Disparaging To Poor People?.....


Charles Koch endorses HRC. Surprised? I'm not.

New Indiana Poll (CBS): Clinton 49 - Sanders 44

Hillary Clinton, returning to her second Home State, Pennsylvania, pivots back to a pro-gun position

New Pennsylvania Poll (CBS): Clinton 51 - Sanders 43

Take a few minutes to appreciate the Bard of Avon

Bernie supports single payer. Hillary took $225K from an insurance group that's attacking single

End American royal families...enough is enough !

How far will that million dollars go for Brock's Brigade?

Turkish President Erdoğan Jails 10 Year Old for Sticking Tongue Out at Him



So, to recap, hundreds of counter protesters showed up to face off with the 12 protesters...

Charles Koch: It's possible Clinton would be a better president than a Republican

Slept through MTP

Solar Energy War: Utilities Set Their Sights on Rooftop Solar

Maryland News - 4/24/2016

Push for civil rights activist to replace statue of FL Confederate general at US Capitol

Sanders: Democratic Party hasn't been fair to me

Cost of solar energy falls every time the sun rises

NOW>MSNBC BREAKING: Press Conf: Obama, Merkel in Germany for Trade Conference, TTIP, TPP

Chicago: U.S. Senate Panel Backs $100M for Red, Purple Line Revamp

Ponder this...

Meanwhile... In Bizarro America:

Fracking excutive admits it - Frack in poorer areas, not the richer ones

New York Suspends Clerk Who Wiped 126,000 Voters from the Books

Hillary Clinton Needs To EARN Your Vote. Jimmy Dore Rant

Unlike his co-bard, CERVANTES's 400 yrs old bones *were* moved. Last year.

Sanders Phonebank Monday Evening in Downtown Durham

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally St. Sen. Jim Sheehan

Scary Donald Trump Song

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally St. Sen. Jim Sheehan


Tech titans are busy privatising our data

Pastor charged with sexual abuse of child

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally -Abel Collins-SK Town Council President on the Environment

Bernie Sanders Providence Rally -Abel Collins-SK Town Council President on the Environment

Bernie Sanders explains his primary losses: 'Poor people don't vote'

Things that don't mean what you think: Dems & Retail Politics

Austria: far-right Norbert Hofer leads after first round of presidential election

Bernie Sanders explains his primary losses: 'Poor people don't vote'

Bernie Sanders Light Brigade @ India Point Bridge, Providence, RI

Nicholas Kristof shilling for Hillary in NYT, says she's not crooked

Bernie Sanders Light Brigade @ India Point Bridge, Providence, RI

Sen. Bernie Sanders to campaign in Providence Sunday

New NBC/Marist poll Pennsylvania: Hillary +15

Sen. Bernie Sanders to campaign in Providence Sunday

What if Social Security was something new that Sanders was proposing? Can you even imagine?

Hillary Clinton is now claiming Pennsylvania is her second home state and supporting guns again

Sanders: "Disastrous Trade Deals Have Hurt Pennsylvania," Increased Poverty (video)

Bernie's greatest legacy: Suddenly it's OK to question capitalism.

Politico: Sanders snags another union endorsement

West Virginia News - 4/24/2016

Bernie looked demoralized on MTP this morning ...

Politico: Sanders snags another union endorsement

What is the Dream that Inspires You? | Bernie Sanders

What is the Dream that Inspires You? | Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump is more of a threat to America than Hillary

 If You’re Going to Accuse a Democratic Campaign of Election Theft, You Should Offer Some Evidence

Repost: (with links this time) Sunday Morning FEEL IT!!

Let's Meet The Real Hillary Clinton: "I cry when I think of Hillary winning this one"

GOP video "Career Criminal" is rebranded to troll Dems as "Anonymous take on Hillary Clinton"

After Tuesday, is it over?


Bernie Sanders, "Poor People Don't Vote"

New Push for Military Intervention in Libya: Who Will Control the Libyan Central Bank?

BERNIE NOW, CNN, State of the Union ~ Poor People Don't Vote, Rosario Dawson, More

Cruz dominates, Trump falls short again as more states pick delegates

Bernie Sanders Full Interview ABC This Week George Stephanopoulos " April 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Full Interview ABC This Week George Stephanopoulos " April 24, 2016

How about a History Lesson on New York State Politics?

Robert Reich: Bernie will go all the way to the Convention (Video)

A ’70s Board Game Designed to Teach Players About Race, Housing, and Privilege

Hillary Clinton is holding a campaign fundraiser in Israel next month

Washington Republicans want to kill conflict-of-interest rule, say it will harm retirement savers

Effort in South Dakota Aims to Drop Parties

Hey, Berniacs: I Learned to Love Hillary and So Can You

Why isn't "The Outer Limits" available on NetFlix?

Hillary Clinton to address prospective voters at the University of Bridgeport

Bernie Sanders just moved the goalpost back a bit (in a good way)

An early video of Hillary.

Who would Hillary appoint to Attorney General, Sec of Treas., Sec of State?

A Vote FOR Bernie Is A Vote FOR DEMOCRACY! A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote FOR ?

Most people don't vote, usually less than 45%, lucky to get 20%

I'm sweating out my preparation to recertify for my medical license.

Voices from the Past

Rocket science? 2383=Nomination. At this moment super delegates are farts in the wind.

Police: Teenage car racers hit and kill respected war veteran

New Rhode Island Poll (Brown): Clinton 43 - Sanders 34

An Amateur vs. ISIS: A Car Salesman Investigates and Ends Up in Prison

Chris Coons: Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton

Purple Prose: Entertainment Industry Insiders Write About Encountering Prince

I like Bernie, but increasingly I have hated his supporters (posted in the AA group for a reason)

So who plays Prince in the upcoming biopic?

A Member of Congress Just Issued a Warning to the World Bank: 'Stop Privatizing Water'

2 shot at Wis. prom; 18-year-old gunman dead

I Love California Deeply: Here's Why I'm One of the Hundreds of Thousands Who Left to Move North

How would Hilary Clinton "Create a Moral Economy"?

If you don't like Trans people using the bathroom...

Like Michael Franti, some leaders and politicians are the real deal, and speak from the heart.

New PA Polls show Clinton leading by +15(NBCnews/WSJ/Marist) and +8(CBSnews)

Lonnie Mack, Blues-Rock Guitar Great, Dead at 74

FiveThirtyEight projections:

Empire’s Seamless, Pernicious Perfection

Winners of the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards

Hillary can't win the nomination before the convention

Demoralized: What will happen to the Democrats if Clinton is the nominee.


Top 10 Conservative Idiots Minis #1: Brief Stuff: The Horrors Of 7-11 Edition

Solar Impulse 2 finishes historic Pacific Ocean crossing

Climate: Africa’s Human Existence Is at Severe Risk

--No 'snapping you fingers' needed Sanders!--Just ask like Hillary did in 2007

Prince 1979 I wanna be your lover

4 federal agents shot, motel destroyed in Kansas

Pups Day 14

Israel frees youngest Palestinian prisoner

Open your eyes. This election is not about YOU.

One firefighter, three police officers injured battling massive Arizona inferno

How does US pursue ‘regime change’ in Cuba through ‘normalization’?

Jacoby Ellsbury steals home

boy some people are NUTS this assclown wants his condoms paid for if birth control is covered

Our beloved Murphy has gone over the bridge......

Grassley: FBI could leak Clinton email investigation

Teens too cool for Coachella music festival start their own event next door

The IMF and Troika Have Greece in Their Crosshairs — Again!

Chuck Todd suggests Bernie is done: ‘Did we just hear the Bernie Sanders exit interview?’

With El Niño danger passed, focus shifts on homeless river dwellers

After Tuesday Clinton's delegate lead will...

The Latest: Friend Says Prom Gunman Graduated Last Year

‘People should be terrified fracking is spreading’ – Australian MP who set river on fire

A milestone and major victory for me

"I hear Obama's dealing drugs out of the Oval Office again!" . . . Come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Panamá Papers: President Macri's Legal & Technical Secretary acted as intermediary in his offshoring

Sanders Says He'll Help Defeat Republicans If Clinton Is Nominee

Fox News Poll: Trump leads in California, Clinton-Sanders in close race

Sanders campaign's new strategy on superdelegates leaves some unimpressed

Drone Whistleblowers Step Out of the Shadows

Pittsburgh Eaglets live cam.

Intel is in major trouble

Anyone play guitar?

Nexus users can now sign into Bank of America with their fingerprint

Charles Koch: Trump plan for Muslims ‘reminiscent of Nazi Germany’

One more scandal in the European Parliament

Fyi you're naughty and bad if you post facts about lady you-know-who.

Trump and Clinton Hold Strong Leads in Pennsylvania, New Poll Shows

Beaufort Sea Ice Breaking Up Early And Quickly; "As If Someone Threw A Giant Brick"

John Brackey: Arizona Lawsuit Seeks Redress for Democratic Primary Voters & EXPOSES FRAUD

What are you reading this week of April 24, 2016?

How come we don't hear about Bernie Sanders visiting Black churches? Is he ignoring them?

How about I don't care about "math." I care about politics.

Winners of the Sony world photography awards 2016

Scientists Consider New Names for Climate Change

HARTFORD COURANT ENDORSES @HillaryClinton Most Qualified & Effective


Who is phone banking today?

The Republican convention is right before ours will it make a difference who they pick?


Oh Jesus, spare us

A teaser from the new Jurassic sequel, set in NYC.

Our God

Live Stream Providence RI Rally

I ran into a member of the poop patrol today when out walking Snowy

Police accuse Maine man of 2 random shootings in Massachusetts

Brand Spanking New Rhode Island Poll Clinton 43 Sanders 34

JOE BIDEN: 'He'll Take Mr. Sanders Aspirations Over Mrs. Clinton's Caution Any Day'

Military spending is the capitalist world’s fuel

Iraqi military freezes civilians' return to Ramadi over mine deaths

Sanders keeps hands clean as Rosario Dawson does the dirty work.

I am deeply suspicious of people posting the article on Obama's criticism of BLM

Polls, Polls, Polls- Indiana-Clinton 49 Sanders 44

Suicide problem acute in New Jersey

Frozen vegetables recalled nationwide

DU Called Out - Progressive Sites

Clinton storms Connecticut with gun-control message--Sanders sayher ads are 'unfair"

U.S. denies entry to Syrian aid worker traveling to accept humanitarian award

Bernie can't decide whether the Democratic Party has been fair to him.

Do you think young people should be listened to MORE when trade deals ARE FOREVER?


Brown University Rhode Island poll: HRC leads by 9

Report: Deval Patrick on Hillary Clinton's short list for vice president

Jakob Wagner, suspect in WI prom shooting, has died

Kissinger, Kagan, and now the Kochs! Hillary's fan club is impressive! What a progressive group.

Mercy Rule for Primaries? Now that's a change the DNC actually needs!

UK 'anti-IS fighters' freed in Iraq

Lefty Group Endorses Green Team Foes

Sanders: Support for Clinton 'totally dependent' on how progressive her agenda is

now that the vatican ordeal has been survived, can we surmise the cause of the outrage?

A Message for Bernie Sanders Supporters

Immigration...a shell game

Is Sanders Consigning His Supporters To The Political Wilderness?

Clinton poised for victory in Pennsylvania

Let's Ask Bob

The Greed Rush: Venture Capital Enters Cannabis

From the Affordable Care Act to the opening of relations with Cuba, Obama will leave behind a legacy

Calling Bill Maher on his bullshit.

Sooner or Later the DNC Will Have to Face Its Corruption Issues

Don't Quit

Locals In Peru Force US Company To Scrap $5 Billion Mining Project

Firm is being paid $1 million to attack us online for Hillary, then try to woo us to her side

The Koch's created an interesting option for Hillary ...

Rezaul Karim Siddique: Murdered Bangladeshi professor 'not an atheist', daughter says

David Swanson: US Wars Are Not Waged Out of Generosity or for Democracy

Hello Providence RI..Bernie!

Goldman Sachs opens to the masses

Hillary rallies supporters in Central Falls, RI: Bill there 2X: Clinton up by 9 points in Rhode Isla

First Lady Targets Mississippi 'Religious Freedom' Bill in Commencement Speech

Only one candidate has more votes than Trump.

Musician Papa Wemba dies after collapsing during show

Hillary Clinton says she's not interested in the Koch brothers endorsement

This is a vote between the cementing of The Corporate State and The TPP vs.

Bernie Sanders Acknowledges 'Narrow Path' to Nomination

Watch Springsteen's Prince Tribute ... Playing Purple Rain 4 His Set Opener to an Appreciative Crowd

TROLLGATE: Hillary Shill Just Spilled The Beans On Trollgate…And It’s Getting Weirder

Spin this: Bernie Sanders: Tax Cigarettes, But Not Soda

Should the DNC Invoice Sanders & Demand A Refund?

Pat Boone: government should punish blasphemy

And people wonder why I consider chiropractors to be total quacks?

Kasich crushes Clinton in polls; Sanders beats Kasich

What assurances do we have that our Elections are not being stolen ?

Former Senator says he's marrying a man

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 24, 2016

DU pro-Sanders?

DU pro-Sanders?? (also posted on GDP)

Hillary Clinton Tells Charles Koch To Take His Fake Endorsement And Shove It

There is plenty she can do to win my vote.

Revealed: nearly all new diesel cars exceed official pollution limits

Sanders Adviser Says Campaign May Have To 'Reevaluate' After Tuesday

A good deal for Olympus camera users.

Clinton Can’t Rely on Trump’s Unpopularity

Is Bangladesh burying its secular voices?

F.B.I. Says Killing Man Was Justified, but Not Shooting His Tire

Trigger warning spider photo

What People Who Work For Wall Street Think About Bernie..You'll be Surpriesed

Bernie can be a powerful voice against Trump

Pants that shave your legs as you move #MyGeniusIdea

There won't be a contested convention. Get over it.

Hong Kong Christians march on mainland liaison office to protest religious oppression

only 8 points behind in PA latest poll

China to build up atoll in contested South China Sea, source says

Clinton Can’t Rely on Trump’s Unpopularity/NYT


State Department’s Point Person on Religious Affairs at Washington University

Hillary up 9 in RI - was supposed to go Sanders. Bill in RI 2X--Hill in RI Sat.

So, is this what Hillary means when she refers to supporting the down ticket?

Olga Gerlich-Ottawa INTRODUCTION Public Services under

Bernie Sanders admits he’s no longer calling the shots in his own campaign

Charlotte clergy against HB2 will lead interfaith gathering Sunday

Why big crowds don’t equal big votes for Bernie Sanders (also on GDP)

Doesn't feel like the primary is that competitive in PA

Why big crowds don’t equal big votes for Bernie Sanders

Denton Co. (TX) GOP Sheriff Candidate Calls for Violence Against Trans People Needing to Pee

This would be just plain crazy....

If you have solar panels in Oakland, Prince might have paid for them

Anyone here live in California? Is this true?

Paralyzed Veteran Dies on Cell Floor, Pleaded 5 Days for Help

Former 'Religious Right' Republican to Obama: 'You're going to be vindicated'

MI5 files reveal details of 1953 coup that overthrew British Guiana's (now Guyana)leaders

How Hillary Clinton's Loyal Confidants Could Cost Her The Election (Sarah Ellison Nov. 2015)

I heard a story today on NPR that Charles Koch will not be funding any GOPee candidate

Would Alexander Hamilton have been a Democrat or Republican?

Happening now!

Man Shot, Killed During Sunday Service at Montgomery County Church

A rare spotting of the Lounge ninjas.

Pluto’s ‘Halo’ Craters

"Clinton Campaign Money Laundering Schemes Crush Bernie Sanders" (TYT)

I will remain registered as a Democrat long enough to vote

Joe Biden Comes to Bernie Sanders' Defense

Hillary, campaigning in rural PA, begins "pivoting" on guns?

A Florida school board plans to pass transgender bathroom ban

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest - Jill Abramson - the Guardian

achel Maddow said progressives could pull off "a huge upset in a Senate race in Maryland next week."

World’s Largest Dinosaurs Were Born Ready to Roam

Dear Bernie, please read this.

BTW the 502 supers for HRC have been up to 513 in just 2 days as more commit to Hill

The longer this dream is deferred, expect more political

@EqualityPA is a proud endorser of @HillaryClinton for POTUS!

Struggling single mother jailed over accidental fire finds outpouring of help

Kasich schools Jews about Passover and the blood of Jesus

To Climb Out With You

Republican financier Koch says Clinton might make better president

Hillary Clinton will hold her Tuesday primary night victory party at the Philly Convention Center

Austrian far-right party wins first round of presidential election

Democratic Party to Shift Focus From Wall Street To Working Families

A Message for Bernie Sanders supporters from the Hillary group

Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover Exclusive on The Real News

OK, so where are the tax returns?

Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover Exclusive on The Real News

Sanders Supporters Explain Their Commitment to the "Political Revolution"

It costs $0.00 to be a decent human being.

Sanders Supporters Explain Their Commitment to the "Political Revolution"

Dear Bernie Sanders: Black votes matter

"I will vote for Sanders or Trump"

First 'Captain America: Civil War' Mid-Credit Scene Revealed (SPOILER)

Bernie sets down terms of supporting Hillary to Chuck Todd, if he loses

'That's not Octopus,' Class Claims

Indonesian navy impounds Chinese trawler for illegal fishing

Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Found Stranded With White Radiated Lungs

DfE writes off £10m losses on free schools and academies

Sanders Constituency Will Shape U.S. Politics for the Next Decade

Chicken and Artichokes Partner Well in a Garlicky Braise.

Sanders & Constituency Will Shape U.S. Politics for the Next Generation

"List of Democratic Party superdelegates, 2016"

Hillary Clinton will celebrate Tuesday night in...Philadelphia

HillaryClinton & @billclinton all over the Philly suburbs! Front page of Local newspaper pics!!

Tulsi Gabbard Stumps for Sanders and Attacks Clinton's Syria Policy

Tulsi Gabbard Stumps for Sanders and Attacks Clinton's Syria Policy

=*= LIVE @ 7PM: Bernie Sanders New Haven Connecticut Rally with Michael Stipe =*=

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 April 2016

=*= LIVE @ 7PM: Bernie Sanders New Haven Connecticut Rally with Michael Stipe =*=

Barack Obama goes to Hanover: How they made it happen

Just realized something about Prince

Secretary Clinton, Please Support our Tax on Carbon | Bernie Sanders

Secretary Clinton, Please Support our Tax on Carbon | Bernie Sanders

Rhode Island primary poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading with many still undecided

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova Compares Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin

Philadelphia Daily News endorses Hillary for President

I'll put this here, dears. I'm sure it would be altered and locked in GD-B

I'm making a chicken stir-fry.

U.S. to Send 250 Additional Military Personnel to Syria

Obama rejects North Korea's nuclear offer: 'You'll have to do better than that'

Former senator, age 90, marrying man after wife's death

Wish You Were Here.

NYC Provisional Ballots May be Counted, Possibly Changing Result

A million dollars buys a lot of online bullying

A Pipeline Defeated: How a Small Town Saved Itself


Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

How honest is Hillary? (Honester than anyone else, but what are the stats?)

Let's create the Love and Justice party!

Viking ship ready for voyage to Duluth

Oklahoma Governor Fallin as Trump's VP?

Neil H. Buchanan, Newsweek: "Nation isn't ready for what Bernie Sanders supports"

How honest is Hillary? (Honester than anyone else, but what are the stats?) also in GDP

SEC rivalry: Trash talking about Florida fan's attire leads to car chase, gunshots

LOL - Snopes unable to debunk accusation of Clinton Foundation money-laundering

Consumer alert:

Delaware Senator Chris Coons endorses Hillary for President.

I know I shouldn't encourage them....

Slowly taking over England

My fellow Hoosiers for Hillary: She's going to be in town on Tuesday!

🐦 Bernie Rally in Hartford, CT Riverfront Amphitheateron 4/25 - DOORS OPEN:7:00 a.m.

Ok, where are the transcripts?

A Sanders Supporter Just Came To Our Door in SoCal

Q&A: WPRI Rhode Island's Ted Nesi speaks with Bernie Sanders

After regaining sight, Presque Isle native touts stem cell treatments

Man paid prostitute with charity money and a primate, police say

Picking a winning candidate does not make you a "winner" or a "cool kid"

Hillary Clinton Targets Gun Violence and Republicans in Bridgeport HRC GROUP

1993 video of NYC, with S.I. Ferry, goes viral

Hillary Clinton will host her primary night party in Philadelphia on Tuesday, three months before th

If you're voting Tuesday for Hillary but not firmly committed, vote Bernie, you have nothing to lose

Hillary was on Univision this morning...

Hillary Clinton in New Haven/ Equal Pay, Paid Leave & Minimum Wage Roundtable..HRC GROUP

Ok so where are the transcripts? 200k an hour, and saying the regular folks dont deserve 15

Kicking and screaming. That's how I'm going down.

Just no

Delaware final County benchmarks; 60% Clinton - 40% Sanders

Rhode Island final County benchmarks; 53% Clinton - 47% Sanders

How many Republicans can vote for Hillary in the next few primaries with Koch's blessing?

Outside experts condemn Mexico's inquiry into 43 missing students

Outside experts condemn Mexico's inquiry into 43 missing students

Why are the kooks out in force so often?

Guardian-After drones: the indelible mark of America's remote control warfare

Are you watching 60 Minutes about the time congress critters MUST spend fund raising?

Idle thought. Chaos, Order and Politics.

I went out for a walk tonight

Hillary Clinton Tells Charles Koch To Take His Fake Endorsement And Shove It

Serbia election: Pro-EU Prime Minister Vucic claims victory

AL, AR, GA, IL, MS, MO, SC, TN, VA, TX all had open primaries

Have you listened to the audio of Hillary talking about her defense of

Kasich: We're starting to vet potential VPs

Hillary leads Bernie by only 235 - There are 1,400 still up for grabs

All of the problems Universal Basic Income can solve that have nothing to do with unemployment

Marijuana 'grow operations' found at Ohio slaying sites

Have to extol the virtue of having a car harness for your dog

Bernie’s greatest legacy: Suddenly, it’s OK to question capitalism!

A reminder of the political culture Clinton comes from. The liberal-bashing, Big Business lovin DLC

Some pics from Connecticut, More than 14,000 people have turned out for Bernie Sanders's rally

So let me get this straight -If I am against a govt that works for the 1% instead of the people

I do not like the thought that so many good people are considering leaving the Democratic Party.

Why Nepal Is Still in Rubble a Year After a Devastating Quake

Now THAT looks like #Baltimore.

Venezuela: Leftwingers counter Mud-slide

Debby Schultz: Clinton Used Private Email The Same Way as Previous Secretaries of State … (Video)