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NPR Astronaut Completes London Marathon From The International Space Station

Let's not lose sight of how fantastic a Bernie Sanders administration would be for everyone!

Bay Area News Group memo: ‘We will be eliminating a layer of valuable editing’

Who Might Hillary Clinton's Running Mate Be if She's the Nominee?

Gotta wake up our giant...

FULL SPEECH : Bernie Sanders Rally in Providence, RI |4-24-16|

AlJazeera: American democracy is rigged

Harry Enten of 538: Clinton lead up to ~295 on Tues. Will be up 300+ into convention

Beaten, cut, deafened and electrocuted: How Mexico's police 'tortured key suspects in student mass m

Beaten, cut, deafened and electrocuted: How Mexico's police 'tortured key suspects in student mass m

Harry Enten of 538: Clinton will finish the primary season with a 300+ lead

Hillary must withdraw because

Great to see you all again! I’m here to support Hillary Clinton for President!

Connect with Fappy the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin on Facebook

Ezra Klein: Even if Hillary Clinton wins election, Bernie Sanders may be future of Democratic Party.

Democrats Have Gotten More Liberal Since 2008, But Not Enough To Nominate Sanders

Philly Soul Singer Billy Paul Dies at 81: Manager

Mummified Woman Found in Peru Suggests Gender Equality

Bernie Sanders Is Seeing Gains In States That Have Yet To Vote

Remember to keep a eye out for farm equipment

Who wins when Poor People vote? The answer may surprise Bernie Sanders!

Billy Paul passed away today

There Is a Moderate Republican in This Race, But She’s Running as a Democrat

watch this final debate of the primary, (Pennslyvania Democratic Senate)

Political Wire: Sanders may change tone toward Clinton soon.

5 people Hillary Clinton might pick as her vice president

"Use your vote as your voice. Because you don't want to walk around voiceless." ~Cyndi Lauper On Hi

HRC GROUP..FYI "Hillary Clinton: "It Takes A Country" /MSNBC 9pm ET..tonight

Wisconsin Poll: Ron Johnson Trails Russ Feingold By 10 Points

Calling Corporate-Backed Deals an "Indisputable" Good, Obama Makes Pitch for TTIP

If Clinton is a DINO...

ABC’s New President Channing Dungey Is Now the First Black Person to Lead a Major Network

Election Board Scandal: Bernie Sanders Loses Votes, Hillary Clinton Granted Votes, Voters Erased

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department

I'm going to see Bill Clinton in Hartford tomorrow!!!

Chicago Trib: Clinton, Trump stream ahead as rivals show signs of fading

About (fill in the blank) Privilege

T-Minus 49 hours All Systems Go Prepare for liftoff in 49 hours

laugh of the day

Some suggestions for friends of Sanders

Why I support Bernie Sanders...

Cross post from GE

Robert Reich: The Six Principles of the New Populism: Then Is Now

Elizabeth Warren's Big Win: The New, Much-Needed Rule That Could Rein in Wall Street

Seems like today is a day that Bernie supporters are supposed to attach Hillary

Anyone see DWS with Chris Wallace today?

All Systems Go Prepare for liftoff in 49 hours

Hillary is beating Sanders in the popular vote by a landslide

Your jury system

Newborn puppy and his cat family:

Billy Paul has passed away.

On the cover of the $900,000,000 Bill:

Florida Man drives 6 miles with pissed off wife hanging on roof of car

History Possibly Made In Providence Today

Rude Boy Train

Mummified Woman Found in Peru Suggests Gender Equality



Are cats secretly planning to take over the world?

Port of Cork lands Cuban trade coup

Port of Cork lands Cuban trade coup

Should HRC become POTUS and sign the TPP

Has anybody here ever seen "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

What is The Establishment?

Junior doctors' strike: Medics prepare for first full walkout in NHS history (UK)

Election Board Scandal: Sanders Loses Votes, While Clinton Gains...Voters ERASED.

A great D running for legislature comes under personal attack from state GOP & Koch Bros

A great D running for legislature comes under personal attack from state GOP & Koch Bros

A great D running for legislature comes under personal attack from state GOP & Koch Bros

Mike Malloy - New York Election Theft Is Just The Beginning

The best word to describe Maine's Governor Paul Le Page

So many memories, all of us and Billy Paul

You can do it!

Mike Malloy - Al Gore Then...Bernie Sanders Now

Q&A: Ted Nesi goes one-on-one with Bernie Sanders

How many people are being misled that the primary is over by the media?

This third party would keep Hillary honest: Bernie Sanders backers must become a Tea Party of the

Donald Trump: 'If I lose, I don’t think you will ever see me again'

The trouble isn't just Donald Trump and his crazy-ass followers....

7,000 pack Bernie Sanders rally in Providence WPRI

My Condolences to Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The Colour of Pomegranates - Juno Reactor Score

Great News: "if (when) he loses, he’ll go into hiding, never to be seen again."

Breaking: Cruz/Kasich to unite and coordinate campaigns to stop Trump

Charles Koch says he could support Hillary.

Galbraith's being interviewed by Harry Shearer tonight, Le Show...

Clinton, Sanders in back-to-back MSNBC town halls in Philly on Monday

Cross-post from GD-P, Galbraith's being interviewed by Harry Shearer tonight, Le Show...

As Problems Persist, City Council to Examine Board of Elections

It's silly season in California

Why would we want a law which required...

Cross post from GDP re minimum wage.

Ted Cruz, John Kasich join forces to stop Donald Trump

Voting Irregularities= stolen votes.

Hillary: The Second Candidate in Bill’s Presidency

Megacities, not nations, are the world’s dominant, enduring social structures

Are members of Congress becoming telemarketers?

We have some bad news for Charles Koch: Hillary Clinton just isn’t that into you.

New Haven is a Microcosm of the Entire Country | Bernie Sanders

Brazil Amazon dam project suspended over concerns for indigenous people

New Haven is a Microcosm of the Entire Country | Bernie Sanders

Ted Cruz, John Kasich Join Forces to Stop Donald Trump

If & When

RIP Billy Paul

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-23-16

One Little Girl's Perspective on the ‘White Power’ Rally in Georgia

RIP Billy Paul

What Washington Isn’t Saying About the TPP ‘Victory’ TheRealNews

Brazil corruption: $125m of dirty money 'repatriated' in 2015

Cruz and Kasich form strategic anti-Drumpf alliance.

Brazil corruption: $125m of dirty money 'repatriated' in 2015

Jon Snow got married?

Clinton folks: If, God forbid, she is the nominee, a Unity ticket is the ONLY way

Sanders Assures Supporters Nationwide: 'We're Going All the Way to California'

The beginning of free university education in Chile

Bernie Sanders Fires Up Connecticut Crowd

Sanders denies senior advisor suggestion that He'll "reevaluate" campaign after Tuesday primaries.

Revelation: Many "superdelegates" are actually LOBBYISTS!

Dem strategist: Clinton's lead is insurmountable (HRC Group)

The Sunshine To My Morning kitty rescue by Swaniyah Port Louis, Mauritius

Florida police officer shoots and kills motorist

"Many Americans sense that there is a Nixonian quality to Hillary Clinton"

Spain's king embarks on last ditch effort to form gov't

Anyone who posts Game of Thrones spoilers should be banned

Warning: Clinton-heavy juries right now. nt

I want to thank Senator Bernie Sanders for keeping

Every Republican a Zero

Grand jury indicts Johnny Manziel on misdemeanor assault charge

Ex-Patriots, Boston College D-lineman Ron Brace dies at 29

Pennsylvania voters torn over calls for a fracking ban

How Hillary Helped Wall Street, As Senator: (a few of numerous examples of how donations work)

Australian politician sets river on fire to protest fracking

Ted Cruz, John Kasich officially join forces, create "team" to stop Trump from winning primary

Wax or shatter

A discussion about the rape case - right wingers- but I think we all agree with them.

This Woman Explains the Delegates and what is really happening. short video

The Primaries, So Far: (or why Bernie Will Go to the Convention)

Petition to President reached designated amount:

TODAY, Germany, TTIP: Obama, Merkel On TRADE DEAL Despite Hanover Protests; TPP Fast Tracked

A movie she banned

Sanders Takes On Clinton, Trump and Corporations in New Haven Speech

Bernie supporters blew it by not being registered Democrats

Amy Schumer Attacks Anti-Choice Republicans In Hilarious New Sketch (video)

Slaying of 3 deaf women in Haiti highlights vulnerability

Re: the increase in suicides in the USA. I think there are factors in play such

Guess who Scyti is. They bought the Software Used in Diebold or Es&S Vote Machines ...People see....

Illinois seeks to limit use of solitary confinement

Bernie Sanders Rips The Non-Partisan Mask Off Of Republican Money Man Charles Koch

California jurors misusing the Internet could face fines

Has the incumbent party ever won an election with an "anti-establishment" candidate?

Citrus Chicken

The Commons Collaborative Economy Explodes in Barcelona

Hillary 2008 - Not Forgotten

The Hidden Secret of the Great Pyramid's Construction Revealed (this is the real deal- its great!)

Only because of the Grassroots movement powering bernie did ny ca get 15 an hour

What has Bernie Sanders done in his long career to suggest he could start a revolution?

Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

If unity is not possible yet, can we at least try for civility?

George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton is like ‘my sister-in-law’ WP 2014

Chico Buarque - Vai Passar

You’re Lynching Her Legacy: Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill

Let it not be forgot that before the Kochs "supported" Hillary they supported Sanders:

Technically Speaking vs. Practically Speaking

Sanders caught in political trap

Norwegian fighter jet mistakenly machine-guns control tower

Greg Palast: "Walk with me."

My New 4 legged Attention Sponge

The beavers are back: animals return to Stockholm after almost a century

Millennials, 70 million strong, we are in a whole new world, yet the Dem party dismisses their ...

Former FDA Chief Charged w/ Racketeering: Donated to Hillary


Why do white men support Bernie disproportionately?

Chimps 'shop' for fruit in the same way we do! Watch primates squeezing and smelling figs before pic

Elephant collapses and dies after carrying tourists in Cambodia's Angkor Wat

Pope makes surprise visit to Rome park marking Earth Day

Live Stream MSNBC Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Town Hall Doubleheader From Philly On Eve Of Decis

Andrew Bacevich and America's Long Misguided War to Control the Greater Middle East

Billy Paul - Me & Mrs. Jones

Widowed former senator remarries at 90. This time to a man.

The Income Gap at the Polls

Chris Mathews Condescends To Bernie Sanders Over How Politics Works


Ancient burials revealed at mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos

Bernie Sanders catching up to Hillary in California: poll

Archaeologists discover ancient mosaic with message: 'Be cheerful, enjoy your life'

Los Angeles and the 'great American streetcar scandal'


Where Bernie Sanders’ Health Care Crusade Might Go From Here

Hillary Clinton Is Wrong On Marijuana Research

MUST WATCH: Chris Mathews Condescends To Bernie Sanders Over How Politics Works

President Obama's Toast Mishap

W. Kamau Bell's new show on CNN: ‘United Shades of America’

Survival of a Movement

The tech boom destroyed about 15 million jobs in the US

At this point, I think a Dem candidate should not be so slippery on the issue of Marijuana.

Sanders Says Staying in Race Good for Democratic Party - ABC News

Daily Holidays - April 25

I really like Person of Interest, and I think it has relevant political moments.

Sanders Says Staying in Race Good for Democratic Party - ABC News -

Sanders Says Staying in Race Good for Democratic Party - ABC News -

Bernie Sanders: "We are the future of the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders: "We are the future of the Democratic Party"

Bernie Sanders: "We are the future of the Democratic Party"

The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

Chris hedges on faux liberalism, the Clinton's and the collapse of liberalism (video)

City Moths Have Learned to Avoid Light, According to Study

Live Stream Now- Hannover Messe 2016: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Batteries Exhibition 4/25-4/29 2016

Dragons out of the dark: Six new species of dragon millipedes discovered in Chinese caves

Putting The Freeze on Global Warming

Virginia News - 4/25/2016

Remembering Argentina’s Mothers of the Disappeared

Remembering Argentina’s Mothers of the Disappeared

North Carolina News - 4/25/2016

Meme that explains the Brock trolls:

South Carolina News - 4/25/2016

Florida News - Florida Man's Bubble Burst!

The Earth Needs Our Help! Join the Divestment Movement.


Obama speaking in Germany

Is liberalism "smug"?

Is it Ted Cruz; or is it Ted Cruz?

Save the Earth

Describe your perfect date...

Hosts for the United Kingdom group

Quick Poll. Voting for President in your state.

Is Bernie Sanders another 'flash in the pan"?

Photographer Captures The Breathtaking Beauty Of Mexico’s Indigenous Communities

JAPAN: China's military buildup is making the world 'greatly worried'

This group is for DUers who support Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

California News - 4/25/2016

Rip Off Britain: Faeces bacteria found on KFC ice

How corrupt have Hillary and DWS made the Democratic party?

Essex UKIP accused of false election signature

Maryland---getting out the vote for Hillary....some pics

Thousands Expected at Bernie Sanders Rally in Hartford on Monday

A common misperception about gun control

I'm sorry to spoil it for you, but that Harrington fellow is still dead

What if Trump isn't crazy? What if he is just a 69yo guy suffering from dementia?

Democratic Primary Results by Type of Primary/Caucus

The odd world distribution of ancient Haplogroup X Mitochondrial DNA

Forget Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: This Is the Bloodiest Primary of 2016

Sanders weighs in on Veepstakes CNN

On Morning Scar today: what a "mean girl", nasty, snarky snake Mika B. can be.

Sanders weighs in on Veepstakes CNN

Indian-American Body Launched To Campaign For Hillary Clinton

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Puerto Rico

SCYTL controls our votes and George Soros is behind this company. He is #1 Contributor to Clinton

Lee Camp: New Proof The NY Primary Was RIGGED! [Truth & Comedy]

So, I was browsing online for a rare kind of microphone...

New Clinton ad called "Love and Kindness" features @repjohnlewis, @GabbyGiffords, Mothers of the Mvm

So, of course Nance's thread was hidden, this being DU and all, but it is very truthful.

Portuguese Pride!

How many provisional ballots are there in New York (state), total?

Rahm fires Blaine Elementary principal, seems like political revenge

Bernie needs the Democratic Party more than they need him (HRC Group)

POLL: Meme of the Month – April 2016 (New Format)

Wall Street Titan - Asher Edelman | Bernie Sanders

I suspect the 28 pages will reveal nothing if John Bolton wants them released

Tasmanian Ocean Temps Now 4.5C Over Avg. - 2X GBR Bleaching Temps, Oysters Hard Hit

Widespread Bleaching And Coral Death Across Western Australian Reefs As Well As GBR

Lending money to someone is an aggressive, dangerous act

“I’m always proud of Wal-Mart and what we do, and the way that we do it better than anybody else.”

De Blasio Makes $20 Million Available to BOE to Implement Reforms

Siberian Permafrost Melt Acidifying Arctic Ocean Far Faster Than Scientists Anticipated

Hillary Clinton: GOP Uniter

Bernie Sanders - "Orwell Rolls In His Grave" Parts 1 & 2

so that's what they mean by "Turkey shoot"

Angus King Chops Up Climate Denier With Little Laminated Plastic Card

This lil genius should make your day

Mouseland - Electing Cats. Why not elect some Mice for a change ?

New Scientist - It's 2016 And We're Already Pushing 1.5C Globally

Is Donald Trump a threat to America?

Bernie is staying in it because ISSUES MATTER....Issues are not just marketing and ego gratification

Jim Webb - We can celebrate Harriet Tubman without disparaging Andrew Jackson

Bernie has wasted his best weapon: (interesting article)


Bernie No Longer Promising to Fight Until the Convention

NO! My Pie!!!

=*= 3 LIVE Streams @ 10AM: Bernie Sanders Hartford CT Rally with Jim Dean, 4-25-2016 =*=

“You say you’re running a political revolution, but you keep parsing"

=*= 3 LIVE Streams @ 10AM: Bernie Sanders Hartford CT Rally with Jim Dean, 4-25-2016 =*=

Warning: Not Recommended. TPing your wife.

Why do rich people support Hillary disproportianately?

Trump says he'll disapear from "public life", if he doesn't get the GOP nomination for president!

No, sometimes I don't understand Japanese anime either...

Low mortality of Dutch honeybee colonies this winter

1,000 Species Have Been Moved Due to Human Impact Published: April 23rd, 2016

The best day of Cookie Monster’s life

There will be a time

Meeting Hillary For the First Time

The long roll

omg.. Shailene Woodley compares Bernie to Nelson Mandela and MLK Jr

Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax 'loophole' address

Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax 'loophole' address (xpost from GD:P)

Bernie Sanders Says the Path to Beating Hillary Clinton Is "Narrow"

What is a Democrat? And why do Hillary people think they own it?

healing vibes please, for my budgie Perwinkle...UPDATE! HE'S SINGING W/THE EAGLES!

Big Saturday March in Fresno CA for Bernie Sanders!

Full interview: Bernie Sanders - Face the Nation CBS April 24

"How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk" a good read about what we need to know before we vote

Las Vegas Strip

The Intersectional Working Class Shall Be The Human Race (rough draft)

and you thought YOUR weather was bad

The Al-Qaeda Leader Who Wasn’t: The Shameful Ordeal of Abu Zubaydah


48 Galaxies orbit the Milky Way?

Bernie-crats: How will Sanders’ Camp transform the future of the Democratic party? Face the Nation

Valley of Fire

TOM TOMORROW: 'The Incredible Trump' This Week: "Victory Within Grasp"

Tamir Rice’s Family to Receive $6 Million From Cleveland

It's kitten season!

Billy Bragg: Brexiters are clinging to imperial dreams

Foe to Friend: Hillary Clinton and the Health Insurance Industry (from Michael Moore's "SiCKO")

MSNBC pushing Clinton in 2014.

Shakespeare's word on the Rep. Conv.

"Now swing your partners 'round and 'round." . . . Please come CAPTION Trump and Cruz!!!

Who is the Democrat or Republican?

Unemployment changes support for sharing the wealth

The Republican Senate Majority Is Collapsing Around Mitch McConnell

Fundamentalists Believe Science Must Be Taught Based On Biblical Beliefs.

Bernie should have taken my advise and pushed 50yr age for SocSec

Why does this one-eyed cat called "FANG" remind me of a pirate

JSU-2016: Michelle Obama ROCKS!

A Sanders administration wouldn't be full of corporate cronies. He's a REAL progressive.

*Watch: Proof NY PRIMARY RIGGED, Big Win For PLUTOCRACY $, LEE CAMP Truth & Humor!

Why arts in education matters

Large majority of Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel aid

What Comes After Capitalism? Upcoming Teach-Ins Can Show a Way Forward

You know... People.

Is anyone else having Facebook issues or is it just me?

Laid off Catholic school employee learns that churches are exempt from paying Unemployment Insurance

"It was never about bathrooms"

No chemo today. White cells at 700. Losing weigh, but still fabulous

Today's Monday...

Bob Evans to Lay Off 1,100 as It Closes 27 Restaurants

Politico: Sanders surrogate: Rosario Dawson comments 'not helpful'

NASA announced it is building an electric propulsion system to take us into deep space

Monday Toon Roundup

Why I’m ashamed to be Republican

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Editor of Bangladesh's first LGBT magazine hacked to death

Baseball has no choice but to expand outside the U.S.


Cleveland settles Rice case for 6 million

Let's reinstate FDR's - Economic Bill Of Rights

Got a call from a Clinton delegate (Clinton Group)

Rest in power, Gato Barbieri

Former Top Obama Military Intel Aide - Hillary should drop out because of emails.

Just how scummy have the anti-GMO hysterics become?

Former Top Obama Military Intel Aide - Hillary should drop out because of emails.

2016 Connecticut Democratic Presidential Primary - Clinton 48%, Sanders 46% (PPP 4/22-4/24)

That time when Hillary got off a rapist she knew was guilty and laughed about it. In her own words:

"The Sound and the fury

New poll shows Sanders on top in RI after Brown had Clinton ahead;

Are Hillary Clinton and the DNC Skirting Election Law?

Denver's new airport train starts service

Are Hillary Clinton and the DNC Skirting Election Law? (Cross-posted in GDP)

“A Total Illusion from QE and Financial Engineering”

Are you Really a Bernie Supporter?

Exit Polls Find High Distrust of Wall Street - 63% of NY Dems don't trust Wall St.

Beijing ambulances to get taxi-style meters

I started off as a fan of Beyonce but the behavior of her fans have made me switch my allegience

Some actress compared a Candidate to MLK and Nelson Mandela

Mothers of the movement were featured in Bey's Lemonade

Another question for Gungeon dwellers.

Trumps' wall cartoon

Only Bernie Sanders can break the power of capitalism in the US

Kochs for Clinton. If that doesn't wake you up nothing will

‘Consequence,’ a Memoir by a Former Abu Ghraib Interrogator...

Hillary's Deceitful Smear of Pres Obama in 2008:

Bernie supporters --- H.A. Goodman -- stay focused

FLotUS dropped the hammer on wingnut nonstop bigotry aimed at PotUS and her. Dignity.

EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak fights Queens architect’s train electric shock lawsuit

DWS aka Ms. Payday Lender talked about "pulling back the curtain"

Bernie Sanders is the BEST FOR THE ECONOMY, without a doubt, no question. - Asher Edelman

We really need someone knowledgeable on foreign policy

Americans Are Miserable, and It's Swaying the Election

Koch Brothers Consider Purchasing First Democrat - Andy Borowitz reports

PPP: HRC +10 in PA, +2 in CT & -4 in RI

Democratic Volunteer Shot Killed In Front Of Candidate In Philadelphia.

HEAD'S UP RHODE ISLANDERS!! Here we go again...

Clinton Won't Say Whether She's Considering Malloy for Cabinet

GOP Clerk Suspended For Wiping Out Thousands Of New York Voters - Crooks & Liars.

The Koch brothers are going to skip the Republican National Convention

How the iPhone Will Maul Tech Sector Earnings

A note to DU's progressives.

Donald Trump: The *real* first Internet candidate.

How many threads do you trash per day ?

Here we go again. MSM Bernie needs to drop out but Cruz has a chance of winning the nomination BUT

Our gigantic problem with portions: why are we all eating too much?

Hillary Clinton Rejects 'Support' From Billionaire Charles Koch

As we suspected: NRA's Myth of Defensive Gun Use is largely just a myth

Here are the latest predictions from

Rising CO2 levels show a climate emergency -- urgent action needed

"Listening to [President] Obama makes me want to be American for a day"

Honestly, this year I really do feel bad for people who consider themselves "sensible Republicans"

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-24-16

Thomas Frank - Majority Report with Sam Seder

Seymour Hersh Weighs In on Sanders vs. Clinton: "Something Amazing Is Happening in This Country"

Is the Obama Admin Ignoring the Role of Turkey & Saudi Arabia in Syria's 2013 Sarin Gas Attacks?

Appeals court restores Brady's 'Deflategate' suspension

Lyre bird imitates nature sounds; This Lyre bird lived next to a construction site! (video)

Paul Ryan Continues to Push Agenda Alternative to Donald Trump

Further evidence towards a Dystopian, totally militarized future

Kansas Governor Likens Destitute Food Stamps Recipients To Procrastinating College Kids

Burger King is now selling chicken donuts

Persons of Color Must Be at the Forefront of Any Sustainable, Comprehensive Political Revolution.

The Vatican Just Put a Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish

Campaign volunteer shot dead in front of candidate

In Chernobyl, an Arch Caps 30 Years of Work to Contain Nuclear Fallout

Chuck Norris jumps on the chemtrails bandwagon, but...

Hillary beats Trump 61-25 among millennials new poll finds.

Former CIA officer faces extradition to Italy over Abu Omar kidnapping

Salon: Bernie Sanders surrogate finds sneaky way to inject Monica Lewinsky into 2016 debate

Tornado near Superior, Nebraska yesterday video

DEPLORABLE: The Economist Calls Hillary A ‘Creature’ Who Is ‘Unloved’ (HRC GROUP)

In case you missed this "Hillary Clinton Voted to Continue Cluster Bombing Civilians"

IMPORTANT! We need NY Berners to attend their county vote audit prior to certification!

Pic Of The Moment: Optimistic John Kasich Announces That He's Vetting Vice Presidential Candidates

'Time was running out': Honduran activist's last days marked by threats

'Time was running out': Honduran activist's last days marked by threats

Vance confirms BOE-referred investigation into de Blasio team

It's About The Independents, Stupid!

Black Lives Matter in Canada

We Need A Vibrant Democracy | Bernie Sanders

People Should Not Be Forced to Drink Toxic Water | Bernie Sanders

We Demand Real Change | Bernie Sanders

End Corporate Ownership of Prisons | Bernie Sanders

Did ‘Hillary for America’ steal Bernie’s voter database?

Watch: Minneapolis City Hall bell tower plays Prince tribute

End Corporate Ownership of Prisons | Bernie Sanders

We Demand Real Change | Bernie Sanders

People Should Not Be Forced to Drink Toxic Water | Bernie Sanders

PA voter for Bernie 2moro -How should we handle the situation if we're given a provisional ballot?

We Need A Vibrant Democracy | Bernie Sanders

Charles P. Pierce: "Cruz and Kasich Are Playing Poker with Trump. They're Losing."

"Hot Sauce" ...

Hillary Clinton now leads the polls in the next six democratic primary states

Carl Bernstein: The press talks about a "new Trump" the way they talked about a "new Nixon"

I wish I could tag folks like Facebook (Starry, Socialist n TN, etc)

The growing myth of the ‘independent’ voter

=*= 3 LIVE Streams @ 2PM: Bernie in Pittsburgh, PA with Jeff Merkley, Kendrick Sampson, Josh Fox =*=

A flock of lawn flamingos can pick a T-Rex clean in under 90 seconds

=*= 3 LIVE Streams @ 2PM: Bernie in Pittsburgh, PA with Jeff Merkley, Kendrick Sampson, Josh Fox =*=

VW to go to U.S. court to keep 160 Tennessee plant workers from UAW

Here's 5 Reasons Why Bernie Is Taking The Battle All The Way To The Convention.

Germany seeking 'safe zones' in Syria to shelter refugees

Multiple Hillary lies regarding Honduras coup, as confirmed by a professional analyst.

Illinois governor signs higher education stopgap funding bill

“To me, time folds back on itself”: Prince squirreled away 26 albums’ worth of unreleased music

Desperation move: Cruz and Kasich make deal to stop Trump.

BREAKING NEWS: Cruz, Kasich to go on tour with 90's one hit wonder hip hop group Tag Team.

Critics of North Carolina transgender law deliver petitions seeking repeal

Thought of the moment; Jim Webb

Sunday night May 1, 2016

Sunday night May 1, 2016

Abu Sayyaf Group beheads hostage

Billionaire green donor launches U.S. millennial voter drive

Did you see the cat run by?

The Hidden Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

The Real Liberal Tour!!!!

America's Poverty is Among the World's Worst | Bernie Sanders

America's Poverty is Among the World's Worst | Bernie Sanders

The Hidden Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

“Dead animals litter California beaches… Alarming phenomenon” — “Graveyard of washed-up sea life” —

Large majority of U.S. Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel aid

Plenty of Republicans will endorse Hillary and there's no point getting mad about it.

Pennsylvania Shock Poll- Clinton 61% Sanders 33% *

Albert King was born on this date.

Bernie could win 3 out of 5 tomorrow.

I'll say one thing for Ted Cruz

Hillary explains her "hard choice" in voting for Iraq invasion

Saudi Arabia agrees plans to move away from oil profits

Ella Fitzgerald was born on this date.

Gannett offers $815 million to buy Tribune Publishing

Court: Law Doesn't Bar Suits Against Cigarette Manufacturers

Liberty Counsel President: I’m Taking My Glock .45 To Target To Protect Against Trans People

RIP To My Friend, Prince

Donald Trump Says Men Who Take Care of Their Kids Are Acting 'Like the Wife'

Police Chief Apologizes for Handcuff, Arrest of Children

Gov. LePage declares “war” on minimum wage, mocks restaurant workers and immigrants

Taxation Without Representation

Even A Bigot Is Getting Better Campaign Press Than Clinton

Minneapolis City Hall Bell Tower Plays Prince Songs

Detergent Pods Remain a Danger for Young Children, Study Finds

Charles Koch Says he could possibly support Hillary Clinton.

Chris Hayes hosts a town hall with Bernie Sanders Tonight at 8PM

Prediction time for the 4/26 Super Tuesday!

US Seeks Outside Control for Troubled New Orleans Jail

Poll: Millennials reject Trump, begrudgingly back Clinton

Six Cases of Measles reported in Tennesee

Senator Leads Clinton Supporters in 'She Works Hard for the Money' Chant

Desert dolphins: plan to bring animals to Arizona for show outrages activists

Clinton Beats Trump for Millennials in Harvard Poll by 36 pts

Twin Peaks revival reveals star-studded cast

Appeals court rules Patriots quarterback Tom Brady must serve 4-game 'Deflategate' suspension.

White House sits down with marijuana law reformers today

Bad Lip Reading

Colorado Court: Ruling Stands That Baker Can't Cite Religion

Colorado Court: Ruling Stands That Baker Can't Cite Religion

Amy gets a Pap Smear

State offices closed: it's Confederate Memorial Day (AL)

Japan State Secrecy Law Effects On Radiation Reporting


Democracy Now! (April 25): Amy Goodman interviews Seymour Hersh about WoT

Jim Webb Rails Against White Privilege 'Myth' In Defense Of Andrew Jackson (TPM)

How America's rich betrayed their fellow citizens

Illinois Impasse Sparks Fears of the Unthinkable: No School

DWS unwittingly made HUGE news yesterday, and Chris Wallace missed it. Holy crap.

Mystery Candidates. S.D. To Vote Re: Open Primaries-No Party ID - Only Top 2 Get On Ballot.

PRINCE on Tavis Smiley 1/2 and 2/2

Just released Keytone State Poll-Clinton 58% Sanders 38%

Former Mizzou Professor Melissa Click: I Was Fired Because I Was White

Student debt surpassed $1 trillion four years ago today. Here’s why it’s still growing

AP Explains: GOP Battles Bailout Perception on Puerto Rico

Trump Vets Chair: Charity Money? Not My Problem

Dems file to repeal HB 2

Study: Retail prices stable a year after Seattle minimum wage hike

Reminder: The Bush tax cuts were supposed to be temporary and expire in 2006 I think?

What makes a poll a "shock" poll?

23 dead in Pakistan after eating poisoned sweets

A Dozen Black Holes Are Mysteriously Spewing Energy In the Same Direction

Meteorite Strike Likely Caused Bowie Brush Fire: Officials

New Ad~ Love and Kindness | Hillary Clinton

Japan State Secrecy Law Effects On Radiation Reporting

Why didn't anyone tell me about the 3D pen?

Ignoregate 2

Lee Fang: Koch Industries served on the exec council of the DLC, the Clinton group that promoted

Isn’t it obvious by now? Black votes matter

Tom Brady knew this was coming

Oregon Takeover Update: Birders Win, Thugs Lose

Isn’t it obvious by now? Black votes matter

Elections fiasco: Judge allows suit vs. Secretary of State (AZ)

Gottlieb Mittelberger: On the Misfortune of an indentured Servant (Primary Historical Source)

Tony Ventrella challenging Rep. Reichert for Congress

Armed Services Chief Lays out Risky Strategy for Budget Hike

Autopsy: Toddler Died of Pneumonia Because of Malnourishment

Power of positive thinking skews mindfulness studies

so Trump is now attacking the fugging Judiciary over Tom Brady

O'Malley endorses Van Hollen in Senate race


Charter Communications Deal for Time Warner Cable Said to Be Approved

H.A. Goodman

Hillary beats Kasich in 2 most recent polls (+8, +3

LGBT Sanders Supporter Comes Out for Hillary

Hillary Clinton to Hold Primary Night Event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9/11 Memorial: Security Guard Shouldn't Have Silenced Choir

New Hillary Clinton Ad: "Love and Kindness"

Hillary doesn't trust the US Government

Is this the reason Bernie is losing?

‘Elite’ Dating Site Leaks Details Of 1.1m Users

2016 National Democratic Primary - Clinton 50%, Sanders 45% (Suffolk University/USA Today 4/20-4/24)

The Shared Secret Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Don’t Want You to Know

Here’s what Hillary Clinton can and can’t give Bernie Sanders in exchange for his support

Hillary Clinton on staying in the race until the convention (Video)

Intel’s Layoffs: What Will Happen to Older Workers?

90 year old Bernie Bro at the Pittsburgh GOTV Rally for Bernie Sanders

90 year old Bernie Bro at the Pittsburgh GOTV Rally for Bernie Sanders

Clinton knocks Trump's lavish lifestyle

Jamal Bryant [Crazy]

Steph Curry Sprains MCL

De Blasio comes up with a plan – and $20 million – to reform ‘outdated’ Board of Elections

Alleged sex abuse victim sues Dennis Hastert for breach of contract

Ammon Bundy to challenge authority of feds to prosecute Oregon standoff defendants

New Poll: Clinton 46 Trump 43 - but Bernie beats Trump by 11.

Strange Politics: Gun lobby’s zealot fringe mobilises online

Despite MSM Spin, It Really Hasn't Been A Close Race Since NH

The New Testament, as Rewritten By the NRA

David Gilmour slips "Purple Rain" into "Comfortably Numb," Royal Albert Hall. 4/24/16

Shooting At North Wales Church: Robert Braxton Killed By Fellow Gun-Toting Congregant

Video- Hillary 2008 Arguing with Hillary 2016 - Why Bernie Sanders Must Stay in the Race!

Earth has reached ‘peak carbon’ (sequestration), warns Scots climate expert

Cosby sex assault prosecution can move ahead: Pennsylvania court

Is it just me or has MSNBC

Final predictions: Hillary vs Bernie in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island

Stand Your Ground!

Hillary makes her case in Delaware

What's for Dinner, Mon., Apr. 25, 2016

Kerry to speak...

Goldman Sachs gets caught short, turns to Main Street to fund their money making operation...

Brazil Olympics: Rio cycleway to be rebuilt ahead of Olympics

Bun B On Everything You Need to Know About a Possible Contested Convention

San Jose dumps proposal to evict tenants for criminal activity

Top 5 WEIRDEST Celebrity Commercials

Someone is primary polling in New Mexico.

I think I am deleting this post because my ambiguous use e of language might have accidentally

Clinton hits Trump for "country- club lifestyle"

Video- Hillary 2008 Arguing with Hillary 2016 - Why Bernie Sanders MUST Stay in the Race!

Man to plead guilty to hiding friend's (Dylann Roof's) church shooting plan

2,000 cities allow landlords to evict tenants who have been arrested.

Two types of voters can account for the early exit poll discrepancy in NY.

Colorado Court: Ruling Stands That Baker Can't Cite Religion

Update on 538 predictions at mid afternoon.

Trump and Clinton close to dead heat in national poll.

The networks need to stop covering Trump all the time.

Pizza From the Grain Up

Carly Fiorina Being Vetted as Possible Ted Cruz VP Pick, Source Says

Heads Up! NY Mayor De Blasio Offers 20 Mil to Reform BOE Following Voting "Snafus" on Primary Day

I just donated again to Bernie! $ will speak volumes against the SuperPAC's! Can you?

Tourist killed by train while stalking legendary ‘Goatman’ monster on Kentucky railroad bridge

Latest Corp Media Lie: PA Democrats left the party because it is too liberal.

Sanders bid for black vote in Baltimore highlights struggles to broaden appeal

Today Obama said, “Look, look Angela—there’s a virtual hand in front of my face!”

Promise | Bernie Sanders

HRC makes her case in Delaware

Promise | Bernie Sanders

BIDEN: Bernie Credible on Wealth Inequality, Middle Class Losses, Dem. Socialism; Recent Praise

Bumper Stickers, yea or nay?

A Unity Solution to the $20 Bill Issue: Add a New Denomination With Harriet Tubman

Millennials: If you wait for the ideal candidate,

Hillary Clinton in 2008 makes arguments why she should remain in the race (NY Times)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Never forget: You get the government you are willing to accept.

Sales of New U.S. Homes Fall for a Third Month on Slump in West

Report after report confirms Colombia’s paramilitaries continued after AUC

Saudi Arabia to Overhaul Military in Plan for Life After Oil

My Kids Will Be Raised Without Religion

Political violence targeting Colombia’s human rights workers on the rise: Report

HRC GROUP/ Harvard Youth Poll: Millennial voters overwhelmingly prefer Hillary over Trump 61% to 25%

Political violence targeting Colombia’s human rights workers on the rise: Report

Mapping out the purge.

Kasich puppet on NPR this afternoon bragging that he can beat Clinton

A Vermont super delegate switches his support from Bernie to Hillary.

HRC GROUP: OMG ..STOP CRUZ! Fiorina Vetted as Possible Cruz VP Pick

Trump Ally Alex Jones Claims CIA Funds Beyonce To Cause Mayhem

GOTV Bicycling for Bernie

On This Waterfront, Robot Longshoremen Are the New Contenders

Rename Terminal 1 of MSP International Airport to Prince Rogers Nelson Terminal

LCA study concludes Hybrid cars reduce GHG vs gasoline ICE cars -12.5%; Plug-ins: -20.8%

Hillary was in Westmoreland County today!

US Imperialists Criticize Venezuela Court For Blocking Political Violence Amnesty

Twins to Play Prince's 'Little Red Corvette' During 7th-Inning Stretch

The Washington Post Reaches New Low in Calls for Political Intervention in Venezuela

Hilarious legacy of Boaty McBoatface

The Crawfordsville Monster

Prince's Paisley Park studio to be turned into a museum

A word from my son, a Sanders supporter. (also posted in GDP)

The worst NC legislature in living memory

Another great American passes.

Rethugs Plead Mercy for Pedophile Hastert

Sanders Still Strongest Candidate as New Poll Shows Trump and Clinton in Near-Tie


Monsanto GMO Banned by Africa's Largest Cotton Producer

Switching to GE mode before the primaries are over leaves the same taste in my mouth as

Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate

Venezuela court blocks another opposition tactic to oust Maduro

The HillaryClinton campaign is now paying online trolls millions to harass Bernie supporters

My first trip to the park since the little monsters tried to kill me the last time

Sweet and Spicy Asian Specialties

The only good thing about DU right now

Harriet Tubman's military service added up to $20 a month

Women's Issues

Texas Democrats File FEC Complaint Against Cruz..... Interesting

So what's a good one liner to respond...

The long roll

Bernie Clifton death metal band album mix-up

#BernieMath - College Humor

Argentine President Mauricio Macri and top protégé, Néstor Grindetti, charged in Panamá Papers case.

Read how Matthews pulverized Weaver on Friday (even more fun in print)

John Ridsdel, Canadian Killed In Philippines, Remembered As 'Gracious Person'

why are we talking about MJ and mass incarceration of Black Lives?

Hmmmm...I never thought of it this way.

Hillary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders' Young Supporters Will Unite Behind Her

Before Her Assassination, Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup

2016 Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary - Clinton 52%, Sanders 41%

The 5 guidelines according to a paid Hillary poster..

Mapping out the purge. Cross posted from GDP

Have you seen this? The vultures want Bernie's email list.

Glenn Greenwald: Hillary Clinton Has Embraced Some of the Most Brutal Dictators in the World

Lansing Board of Water & Light Victim Of Ransomware

Treating All People With Respect and Dignity | Bernie Sanders

Donna Edwards needs our help.

Facts, they matter

Clip Shows Wasserman Schultz Staffer Shoving Camera Away From Canova Campaign

America’s trucking industry faces a shortage. Meet the immigrants helping fill the gap.

The odds against Hillary winning the nomination are 105 to one.

Thousands of people complain to Congress about Directed Energy Weapons satellite attacks.

raging pencils made me laugh: "bank and distrust"

Go! Run! Watch!

What happened when I tried to comply with North Carolina's new bathroom law

At Chernobyl and Fukushima, Radioactivity Has Seriously Harmed Wildlife

OMGOSH.....there's a red carpet show prior to the NFL draft show on Thursday night!!!

President of TASER, company that supplies Police, Gave Max Donation to Hillary:

Scientists document rare DNA transfer between animals and plants

What's the difference between horribly violent, deeply sick, sociopath...

Activists Scale NYC Landmark, Drop Banner: Pepsi Cola, Cut Conflict Palm Oil

Top reason why establishment is insistent on Hillary not Bernie

Koch Industries Branding Exec Gave $$ to Hillary Campaign; Heather Podesta Former Koch Lobbyist

Arsenic, rice and your baby's diet

APNewsBreak: Church shooting suspect's friend to plead

Tons more Hillary yard signs popping up on front lawns in the Philly area.

Ronald Reagan really was a traitor and conspired with Iran to keep the Hostages

Southern Illinois University leader condemns racist video

Joey Meeks pleas guilty

Activists Scale NYC Landmark, Drop Banner: Pepsi Cola, Cut Conflict Palm Oil

Bear in the 'burbs: Cub sent packing after romp near homes

When do we get to the point where Sanders insisting he can win....

HRC GROUP. Ya ever have a woman give ya the cold shoulder & just decide one day you No Longer Exist?

Drones being used to transport Heroin from Mexico to US

Delaware justices to hear arguments on death penalty law

Wisconsin prom shooter was bullied in school, say ex-classmates

The adults in the room have to show up and vote in November, it is our responsibility to do so.

What's the Future of Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution?

NASA’s Dawn probe may visit third asteroid after Ceres and Vesta

Police chief in Tennessee sorry over children's arrests: newspaper

Latest Huffpost/Pollster PA chart: Hillary 55 Bernie 39

How bad will the voter disenfranchisement be tomorrow?

How Safe is Your Hospital?

The resurgence of gun stupidity: an Update (see #15 below)

Bill Moyers Frontine investigation. How Hillary Clinton learned to launder campaign contributions through the DNC

Howard Dean lost the 2004 Democratic Primary

Treating All People With Respect and Dignity | Bernie Sanders

Treating All People With Respect and Dignity | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton pitches unity in new "Love and Kindness" ad

People voting for Clinton are voting for everlasting wars

Bernie Sanders is profoundly changing how millennials think about politics, poll shows

East Antarctica - Nansen Ice Shelf Sheds Manhattan+ Sized Iceberg In Seven Days

Big Money in Politics: The Clinton Defense Won’t Cut It

If Clinton becomes nominee, "she is going to have to make the case to the American people"

Cleveland Police Patrolman's Assoc. Issues a Statement (Just. Fucking. WOW.)

Big Money in Politics: The Clinton Defense Won’t Cut It

Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax 'loophole' address with 285,000 firms

Christian lawyer says she’s taking Glock to Target ladies’ room: ‘It identifies as my bodyguard’

Florida Open Debate between David Jolly (R-FL) and Alan Grayson (D-FL)

Florida Open Debate between David Jolly (R-FL) and Alan Grayson (D-FL)

Genius!! Glenn Beck Explains Why God is Dragging Out the GOP nomination race (from Rightwing Watch)

Florida Open Debate between David Jolly (R-FL) and Alan Grayson (D-FL)

Paths to Victory

Talk about pandering. Promising free stuff.

Americans Overwhelmingly Engaged in 2016 Election but Tone of Race Is Affecting Voters...

Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax 'loophole' address with 285,000 firms

Oppose the SF Realtors Greedy Attack on Affordable Housing

HRC actually said this: "If we break up the banks tomorrow...would that end racism & sexism?"

Its not even 2017, but lets count the ways Clinton has shifted party to the right

Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers

What's your favorite Randy Newman song or songs?

F-22 Fighter Jets Are In Romania To Keep Tabs On Russia's Black Sea Antics

I agree with the Admiral

2026: "Insurance rates skyrocket for human guided vehicles"

Bernie Sanders visits Pitt

Barrier Breakers 2016: A Project of Correct The Record

Bill Clinton can’t stop screwing up: Why his latest broadside against millennials reveals an

Shock poll: Hillary leads Trump 43-35 ..... in Arizona!!

Hillary Clinton is *NOT* for pot legalization.

How An Ancient Technology Could Revolutionize Wind Energy

just found this

Wind energy converter inspired by ancient boats is more efficient than turbines with blades

7:43 PM ET, April 25. My V&M Post on 'Biden' 7:11 PM ET, Hasn't Made It to HOME PAGE. Why Delay?

Bernie to supporters: enough with Hillary's emails

MSNBC Democratic Town Hall Live Stream: Watch Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton In Philadelphia

Florida Open Debate Live 4-25-16 - Alan Grayson and David Jolly - Live now

Computer Virus: Has anyone heard of the 855-397-6470 Redirect virus...

Not cancer

Norway Used An F-16 Fighter Jet To Save A Man's Life

New Poll Shows Turmoil Ahead for Republicans

EVEN though we are standing still, HOW FAST are we moving?

Coming Up, 8 PM ET, MSNBC BERNIE TOWN HALL, with Chris Hayes.

come back BMUS...from wherever you are..

Another Ted Cruz Lookalike surfaces

Why Atheists Caricature Islam: An Insiders Perspective