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Poll: Hillary Clinton's "millennial problem" disappears against Donald Trump

How Do We Prevent Another 1994?

All of you "duty shirkers"

Please rec this thread

Clock is ticking Bernie supporters

Two Guys, A Boat, And A Cause (Pittsburgh Rivers)

Editorial: The legal case against Missouri's 'religious liberty' proposal

Finally making plans

"Hillary's people show up at the ballot box"

Face it, if you support Donald Trump, you aren't a true Democrat.

At ‘Top Ten’ Universities, Hillary Got 83% of All Employee Donations, Trump, Zero. Literally.

Is Ted Cruz more like Chuck or Conway

When Bernie breaks up the banks, how many banks will Chase become?

Candidate Bernie Sanders (2007) on "Media in America" Part 2 of "Orwell Rolls in His Grave."

Bernie on Chris Hayes -- Replay on now

Five primaries tomorrow.

Everyone Is Angry at the New York City Board of Elections

Meet the Catholic grocer who helps Mexican Jews keep kosher

Hillary says they were "dead broke" when they left the White House. They know hard economic times.

Pro-Israel Billionaire Haim Saban Drops $100,000 Against Donna Edwards in Maryland Senate Race

Bernie Town Hall on msnbc


I alerted a thread post on GD-P and guess what.

Globalization of health care, teaching, energy and IT - and much more under the new trade deals

Two Guys, A Boat, And A Cause (Pittsburgh Rivers) x post Pa.


Intellectual Integrity of Lack Thereof

Tomorrow my friends!

Scientists Advance Disease Resistance in 3 of World's Most Important Crops

Look who is going to bat for Dennis Hastert.

Algae Disrupt Coral Reefs' Recycling

Bernie sounds like a nice guy right now

That woman pictured sitting behind Sanders, doesn't look very impressed by what he says...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow...

Climate Change Threatens Iran's Great Salt Lake

US absorbed carbon dioxide despite drought

=*=2 LIVE Streams @ 9PM: (NOW) Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia, PA =*=

Researchers discover fate of melting glacial ice in Greenland

No Party Voting?

=*=2 LIVE Streams @ 9PM: (NOW) Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia, PA =*=

Bernie Sanders YOU'RE DEAD FUCKIN WRONG!!! Republicans don't care about ...

Drag Queens could do a Drag In in North Carolina

Sportscaster Erin Andrews Settles Court Case, Ends Appeals

Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow Town Hall

An open letter to the Bernie or Bust movement from the Democratic party!

New ARG poll Maryland

You don't have to wait for bernie to start a revolution

I Can't Believe That MSNBC Interupts Bernie's Town Hall With Breaking News About Repugs &....

LA Times: No evidence that Clinton has been corrupted by campaign contributions

Religious Leaders Object to Religious Objections Law


Clinton, Sanders close in CT/PA/RI

Poll: Clinton Will Be Better for Israel, but Trump for Netanyahu

Can you create a brand-new site where we're free to advocate for/discuss certain forbidden things?

U.S. weighs disclosure of number of surveilled Americans -spy chief

Against Trump, millennials have Hillary's back: they support her by more than 36 points.

Florida man rescued after trying to ride inflatable bubble to Bermuda

An honest question in regard to Sanders' promise that we won't have more people in jail

Hillary Clinton: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Heads up: Ken Burns' new series on the National Parks on at 9 p.m. EDT

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Brand New Day! & Uncensored & Live & a

Is saying thank you out of style???

BTRTN Eastern Primaries Predictions: Trump and Clinton Sweep Again

I just drove 300 miles to see Bernie in my hometown of Pittsburgh!

The Nominee's Town Hall has started on MSNBC.

Live stream now: Bernie at Drexel

No, Mr. President, We Do Not Need to Learn How to Compromise

New poll Rhode Island poll Bernie 49 Clint 45 (PPP)

China tops US list of countries targeted in 'freedom of navigation' exercises

AG: LePage broke law by holding education task force meeting in private

Reid Tears Into Grassley Over Clinton FBI Probe, Speculates He Leaked Huma Abedin’s Personal Info

New Connecticut poll Clint 49.3 Berns 43.7 single digits (PPP)

LePage’s latest comments about foreign workers called a ‘terrible example for our children’

On Pins and Needles for Tomorrow

I believe that was one of Bernie's BEST town halls.

Cruz Vetting Fiorina as Possible Running Mate

Focusing on Rachel Roy Diminishes The Power Of ...

I got banned from the Bernie group.

HRC: Half of cabinet will be women

What Being a Democrat Really Means

Recovering Old Posts

Drumpf and Clinton share Delaware tax 'loophole' address with 285,000 firms

VP BIDEN: BERNIE SANDERS Credible on Wealth Inequality, Middle Class Losses, Democratic Socialism

Another senseless death due to bullying... in our tiny little community...

Hi, it's me again

The coast guard determined that Florida Man showed ‘a lack of planning and concern for his life’

TOON: Trump's Thugs

Recovering Old Posts (x-posted from Welcome&Help)

Thomas Frank (what's matter w/ Kansas): "It's Clinton Who Ruined the Democratic Party"

Who Will Prevent the Next Chernobyl? (Op-Ed)

Bernie thinks Superdelegates should consider changing their mind

Hillary only wins by much in primaries that are in the south or are closed

When someone tells you, the government needs to get out of the

Garden Patrol: Ten Birds That Help Control Garden Pests

How Bernie Could Run as an Independent without Risking a GOP Victory

Jizo statues go from house to house in obscure religious practice in Nara

Hillary Clinton just said that she's not going to make any changes for Bernie Sanders-

The Original Climate Solution

Garden Patrol: Ten Birds That Help Control Garden Pests

Dancing Madly Backwards

Getting Cheap Wind Power Where It’s Needed Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Reducing the federal prison population: Have you never heard of using federal funding incentives?

Hillary just totally flip flopped on immigration detention, etc.

Pulp Fiction

The Daily Trail: Cruz and Kasich's stop-Trump deal off to a shaky start

Clinton's attack on Trump's wealth and

6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics in 3 Minutes


NREL Finds Nanotube Semiconductors Well-suited for PV Systems

people should know that TTIP included procurement on government infrastructure so she cannot promise

Heading Off Mass Extinction

2-Day Old Orphaned Puppy Taken in by Mama Cat and Kittens (video)

Don't discontinue the penny. Wash the pennies.

Ranting cashier won't ring up lesbian or LGBT ally

I think some people are a LITTLE UPSET that BERNIE CALLED THEM OUT in the Town Hall.

Tarragon Chicken

Cambodian Royal Turtle nearly extinct _ less than 10 in wild

Bernie understands we don't need to dig the hole deeper.

Final Betting Odds for Tomorrow

Scientists collaborate to sort fact from fiction in climate change media coverage

When she talks about equal pay for equal work, that may mean lowering some peoples wages instead of

Actor Tim Robbins blames Sanders losses on ‘voter fraud’

Mike Malloy - Rightwingers Go Nuts Over Harriet Tubman $20 Bill

Lawyers for Rauner, union make case on contract dispute

Lawyers for Rauner, union make case on contract dispute

Jewish group rips Sanders for linking Baltimore, West Bank

Bullying Voters Into Supporting Hillary Will Backfire in November

It's arrogant and conservative to try and push Bernie out of the race.

Lawyers for Rauner, union make case on contract dispute

I was deleted from a Bernie Group on FB now I tried to post on another (nothing bad) now 4 more grps

I've figured out why the new Beyonce song has been rattling around in my brain

Here’s the Thing So Many Americans Can’t Grasp About Bernie Sanders (but those outside America can)

This post is important and I urge all of you to read it.

At top 10 universities, teachers, admin and employees gave 83% to Hillary - 0% to Trump.

First steps HRC could take if nominated: STOP treating Sanders supporters like spoiled children.

The Atlantic and Arctic oceans and global warming

Those fighting this primary while refusing to recognize we are under The Corporate State will

ICC to investigate past year’s deadly violence in Burundi

Sanders Still Strongest Candidate as New Poll Shows Trump and Clinton in Near-Tie

Ted Cruz Stump Speech Now Includes Anti-Trans HB2 Bathroom 'Joke' About Trump Dressing Up As Hillary

Why can I no longer see photos from Photobucket?

Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate

Federal Judge Upholds North Carolina Voter ID Law

I openly admit I am hoping for Clinton's indictment or a transcript leak.

Christian Lawyer Threatens Transgender Women With Gun Violence If They Use Same Bathroom As Her


In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat

Of Unicorns and Guns in PA Elections

Trump draws fans, critics at Delaware rally

Mike Malloy - Trump, Cruz And Little Girls

Bernie Sanders Admits He's Unlikely to Flip Superdelegates

Van Jones up on CNN talking about Prince.

Pugnacious bully Bobby Knight campaigns for pugnacious bully Donald Trump

Can anyone confirm what's going on with the Bernie FB groups?

DU BSers Now Openly Hoping For Clinton Indictment

Saudis Should Kill Civilians More Slowly, Two US Senators Say

The Al-Qaeda Leader Who Wasn't: The Shameful Ordeal of Abu Zubaydah

Be forgiving.

If You Want Solid Evidence That Clinton Is Corrupting the Political Process, Here It Is

Bernie Groups are GONE from Facebook!!!! URGENT!

Robert Reich: The Endgame of 2016's Anti-Establishment Politics

Democracy Movement Awakens in America

Anti-LGBT Conservatives Just Lost Fox News on the 'Bathroom Bill' Issue

Game changer? Bobby Knight to campaign with Trump in Indiana

MUST SEE HILLARY VIDEO! Senator Tom Carper fires up the huge crowd for Hillary in Delaware!

The Other Progressive Candidates Taking On the Democratic Establishment

Norovirus outbreak infects thousands in northern Spain

Give Prince a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Remember that we are sisters and brothers.

Bernie is right -this is NOT an election where a D in front of your name is an automatic vote.

My Daily visit to Free Republic--check out the Fox News video crap they're posting.

Now, ED SCHULTZ News, TTIP Trade Deal Protests in Germany, EU, Obama In England, Germany

Texas GOP Cop Would Beat A Trans Woman Till She Needed Hospital Care, Gets Owned On His Own Post

I just really like this picture.

Health Care Industry Moves Swiftly to Stop Colorado’s “Single Payer” Ballot Measure

Who Are These Independents?

4 people hurt, one critical, in shooting near Nashville bus stop

Who Are These Independents?

George Carlin- Persian Gulf War

Hillary Clinton: I'm staying in case Obama gets assassinated

Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light. This is my life in one video.

Election Justice USA - Voter Registration Problem Report Form - 2016 Presidential Primaries

Bernie event in West Lafayette on Wednesday!

Keith Olberman: Hillary Clinton's Assassination Remarks - Unforgivable.

Texans vote to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary after Donald Trump, Hitler and Adam Lanza

Bernie event in Bloomington on Wednesday!

huge facebook groups for Bernie are being banned via bogus alerts

Just in case anyone was curious what the excuse for tomorrow is going to be...

Shares in EDF Dive on First Day of Trading After it Unveils $4.5 billion Capital-Raising Plan

Clip Shows Wasserman Schultz Staffer Shoving Camera Away From Canova Campaign

You know, we might have to start a new pinned post "The Newbie Awards"

Clinton’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It

Oh Lord give us the strength to forgive!

Sanders backs off when asked about supporting Hillary.

The Many U.S. Presidents Before George Washington.

ABC AU reported about Pro-Bernie facebook groups being taken down - 1 week ago!

What we have here, seems to me, are a lot of really good people on their very worst behavior.

Naval Academy teacher is removed amid widening sexual misconduct scandal

Best Simpson's couch gag!

People call this "Bernie Blackout." I call this:

More Berning harassment

The Nation: African-American Voters Have an Understandable Reason to Support Hillary Clinton

Is bragging about abusing the jury system

I Don't Think The BSers Realize They Only Get To NOT Vote For HRC Once in the GE

Bernie Bingo!

Imagine what she'll do as President

Why Are Bernie Sanders Groups Being Removed From Facebook?

Why are some people and news orgs now using a (I) after his name now and calling him an Indie?

People call this "Bernie Blackout." I call this:

Another permaculture site: richsoil

Michelle Obama shares college-admissions advice she's given to her daughters

Witches when faced with an antagonist

Help! Help. I'm being repressed!


There is no Plan B.

SWIFT network says aware of multiple cyber fraud incidents

Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

U.S. habitat protections denied for endangered bat species

Obama harshes on Black Lives Matter

U.S. Ospreys win Japanese hearts and minds with quake relief flights

Keep on rockin in the free world


There is only one response to the Bernie Blackout on Facebook....

Elizabeth Warren: Cost of WTO-GATS caused 2008 financial disaster $120000 PER FAMILY or $14 Trillion

IF those Brock trolls show up here on DU, you will know how they got here.

Santa Clara County: Federal report spreads blame for jail problems

Why Electronic Voting Is a BAD Idea - Computerphile

Sometimes i think everyone is against Bernie

IF those Brock trolls show up here on DU, you will know how they got here.

Siberian erosion, river runoff speed up Arctic Ocean acidification

Clinton: ‘I did not put down conditions’ before supporting Obama in 2008

Repost/moving:Start Making Sense: Yes, Hillary Could Lose to Trump.

Tuesday's 'Amtrak' primary runs on one timetable

Seth Abramson - 5 Things We’ve Learned About Hillary Clinton Since She Won the New York Primary

I have to say it: Hillary reminds me of Nixon in so many ways. So I looked it up to see if anybody

Blogging blogspot question

White Barbie Savior

Hillary Clinton Delegate Will Oversee A New York Primary Election Audit

Blogging question

I would like to propose a new National Party rule:

Now, WHO does this remind you of?

I would like to propose a new National Party rule:

One address, how many companies?

Watching town halls again. Rachel really got under Clinton's thin skin again.

Hillary Supporters Celebrating #BernieBlackout and Possibly Participating

Disruptor and troll:

Kansas’ credit rating on negative watch at S&P

New DNA technology helped clear man in 1989 rape

LawNewz Investigates: At ‘Top Ten’ Universities, Hillary Got 83% of All Employee Donations

Nazareth court revokes land tenders outside Afula won solely by Arabs due to price fixing

So Grassley has said FBI agents might leak the Clinton investigation if nothing is done

Arizona News - Judge: AZ presidential preference vote can be challenged

Judge: AZ presidential preference vote can be challenged

Judge: AZ presidential preference vote can be challenged

#BernieFacebookPurge trending on twitter. Let's keep it going.

Nevada News - 4/26/2016

Ukraine marks 30th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster

Please clap?

Utah News - 4/26/2016

Bernie supporters are lying when they claim Hillary supporters are shutting down Facebook sites

Fire guts Delhi's natural history museum

Bernie Sanders Will Support Hillary Clinton But He’s Sticking to Some Key Demands

Toon: 'Will I get a receipt? The Bank of Trust

DNC Insiders Beg Sanders to Drop Out -- Fear HRC Cannot Win Otherwise.

Colorado News - 4/26/2016

Roger Stone's book on 'Bush crime family' coming soon

Northern Mariana Islands Gov. Torres wants to "clean house" after arrest of subordinate

Wallace Presses Wasserman Schultz: How Are Hillary Email Concerns 'Ludicrous'?

How many FBI agents are working on Hillary Clinton’s email server? A report earlier this week

MUST WATCH: What was the worst line of the MSNBC Democratic Town Hall?

Very interesting update today in regards to the FBI Clinton Server Investigation.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both have awful gun control plans

The most underrated band still performing?

The Jimmy Dore Show -- Dear Hillary Voters: It's Not Bernie's Fault She's Terrible

Alaska News - 4/26/2016

Daily Holidays - April 26

Hillary Clinton speaks to a crowd of 1300 at Philadelphia City Hall tonight, per campaign

If Bernie Sanders Isn’t Democratic Nominee, Don’t Blame Bernie or Bust for Trump’s Victory

One of the Dumbest discussions of Climate Change I've ever seen

Clinton IT Staffer Still Refuses to Testify Before Congress

I don't care if the FBI vindicates her before the Convention. Bernie is right, she has

Another law suit which challenges the use of computers to count votes.

I hope none of our candidates are caught up in the Panama Papers. nt

What's the Future of Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution?

Hawaii News - 4/26/2016

'I had to leave everything behind': Life on an Islamic militant kill list

j Baltimore Sun endorses Hillary Clinton-

Was the Facebook action by Hillary's people cyber bullying?

FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track

Turkey needs religious constitution, parliament speaker says

The Key to the Bastille

Clinton aims for Northeast rout...It won't be long video ..dedicate to you HILLARY...

Europe can do more to safeguard religious minorities

MSNBC Democratic Town Hall | The Worst Line Was...

Federal Judge Upholds North Carolina Voter Rules (George W. Bush appointee of course)

Fascism can't be acceptable

From Harry Belafonte's Autobiography "My Song," Regarding Segregated Bathrooms.

Champs-Elysées in Paris to be pedestrianised one day a month

Question: What's the penalty for erasing Classified Materials ?

LePage Declares 2 Maine Groups 'Enemies'

Malaria deaths rising in Angola as health crisis spreads

We speak not of love only blasphemy


Ukraine marks 30 years since 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Gully cricket

Federal trial slated for Ron Paul 2012 campaign advisers

Bernie to be on Morning Joe (I think)

US presidential primaries: Half of Cabinet would be women, says Hillary Clinton

Skinheads Come Out in Full Force for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

The Return of the Coup in Latin America

Democrats Plan to Roll Back Christie’s Gun Law Changes

The Return of the Coup in Latin America

Question: Why does an SOS put a server she uses for official business

Guns Are Rarely Used in Self-Defense

Washington’s Dog-Whistle Diplomacy Supports Attempted Coup in Brazil

Washington’s Dog-Whistle Diplomacy Supports Attempted Coup in Brazil

Bernie will be on GMA this morning WABC n/m (over)

This jail is so troubled that prisoners are hurting themselves to get away from it

Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes

Poll: Clinton Builds on Lead Over Sanders Nationally -Clinton 52% (+2) Sanders 41% (-1)

It's Primary Day!

Guatemala Admits Having Little Presence in Border with Belize

If you thought everyone who disagreed with you was either ignorant or bought, you'd be obnoxious too

Several posts saying Hillary

"If they can rig 'em. . .maybe we can fix 'em. . ."

El Salvador official says police executed gang members

El Salvador official says police executed gang members


Hays Eagle Nest

Presence of Jose Maria Aznar in El Salvador Considered an Insult

Was last night's cyber attack on Bernie groups a crime?

Honduras police killed 152 over past two years: watchdog

Prospect of Trump-Presidency has Pentagon and CIA "Terrified. Shocked. Appalled." (Their words!)

Campaign Mystery: Why Don't Bernie Sanders' Big Rallies Lead To Big Wins?

Trump will never be President of the US

Panel to hold clemency hearing for Georgia death row inmate

Jeff Kessler (West Virginia) Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Sanders dodges on support for Clinton as nominee

Jeff Kessler Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

“Correcting the Record”, An Attack on Free Speech

It's D-Day, folks (HRC GRoup)

Obama-backed Dem makes gains in Pa. primary

I am winning, and I am winning because of what I stand for and what I've done." -

Hill Yes, Maryland!

Ain't this grand!

Small request for any graphic-able A&A's...

Warren Buffett Doesn't Give A Shit About The Climate, Or The Future, Or Anything But Money

Columbia sued again over student's mattress protest of alleged rape

Sanders ran a scorched earth campaign against Hillary in NY.....

In 1844, the Democrats were split

Vent about how people always blame the mom (History of Feminism group)

UN Planning Chief: "Inconceivably Bad" Cascade Of Disasters From Climate Awaits

Good Tuesday Morning--May The Force be with Her today......

Pro Bernie Sanders image blocked by Facebook following possible campaign to report it as 'bad'

Side thought: Andrew Jackson was adamantly opposed to the Federal Government issuing paper money

Art of the Steal | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton Trolls Shut Down Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups

Hillary Clinton Trolls Shut Down Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups

From Reddit

Gravity And Landslides - A Scientific And Real Estate Fairy Tale

News from Brownbackistan: Chaos in Kansas -2/3 voter registrations on hold

What do the Philadelphia Inquirer, Hartford Courant and Baltimore Sun Endorsements have in common?

Will Bernie endorse Hillary? Of course.

Rise in CO2 has 'greened Planet Earth'

Poll worker testifies on AZvoting problems: ‘Every single time it happened-it was a Democratic voter

KING: Hillary Clinton camp now paying online trolls to attack anyone who disparages her online

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic (from last year)

We Can Be - Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Won’t Drop Out, Here’s Why

The Reddit discussion of what happened last night to Bernie support pages

Koch brother might take Hillary over GOP

Cruz & Kasich team up to stop Trump

Co-founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream scoop for Bernie in Pittsburgh

Co-founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream scoop for Bernie in Pittsburgh

California, Here I Come...

The state of the primary is good.

Who's going to step up and apologize?

The best reason for Bernie Sanders to fight on: Hawkish, neoliberal Clintons need a watchful eye

The story of the last ever RHD Porsche 2.7 RS

"Oh, this cursed Ograbme!"

Bernie Sanders "Good Morning America" FULL Interview Primary Day On Gma

Real big night for Brock's brats I bet

Bernie Sanders "Good Morning America" FULL Interview Primary Day On Gma

Hillary Clinton: GOP Uniter

One of my Facebook running groups disappeared yesterday

What is the fastest way to start phonebanking in PA?

Former Reagan Official Calls For: "Complete and Total Destruction of the Republican Party"

Facebookgate / Facebookghazi

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Gotta Stop Him!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Were Hillary to win, would David Brock bring in Clarence Thomas for the oath?

Bernie is HONEST??

Sanders Still Strongest Candidate as New Poll Shows Trump and Clinton in Near-Tie

Church Militant claims God gave his mother cancer so that he would stop being gay

know your allies

Why Oklahoma cops are returning $53,000 to a Christian band, an orphanage and a church

Just sayin': Let's fire them.

From Reddit Concerning last night.

Some really, REALLY bad cops

Hillary Clinton Trolls Shut Down Pro-Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups

Unprecedented: after tonight it is likely that Cruz and Kasich are no longer mathematically viable

$34.0 Billion planned in Foreign Aid for FY 2017-beta.GOV is online to explore US Gov assistance.

He's the doctor of your dreams! (poor you) . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Keith Ablow!!

Mitsubishi Motors admits cheating fuel tests since 1991

My Bold Prediction: It Ends Tonight

How the CIA Writes History (Jefferson Morley)

Snyder, Schuette: No Right For Local Voters to Choose Their Leaders

PNG court rules Australia's Manus detention centre unconstitutional

??? !!! ? ? ? ?

Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes

Dear Ted:

The Harvard Genius on CSPAN said Millennials want a hybrid of Capitalism and Socialism.

Yet another poll from the heavily polled Keystone State-Clinton 63% Sanders 37 %

Just voted for Hillary Clinton and all of her many Delegates here in Philadelphia.

World's oldest tree turns 4,847 this year and is in a top-secret location

Did Joey put himself on ignore?

He is not fighting for his sake, but for ours. And the money we contributed...

Anecdotal evidence of Trump's strength against Clinton in NY

Picture of Trump without comb over, hair dye or orange tanner


Fun with Fascism

A Federal Judge Just Told You if Your Religion Is ‘Real’ or Not

I've been waiting for a Sanders a long time - here's a song for Berners from '75

Side thoughts from a wistful O'Malley supporter

What Happens if Trump Becomes A Democrat Again?

Clinton aims to railroad Sanders in ‘Acela primary'

Hillary Trolls Just Got Facebook To Shut Down Bernie Groups By Reporting Them As Pornography

Tyler Perdigo's 4/26 Predictions*

Thom Hartmann Says Keep the Military Draft

In Pennsylvania, Fed-up Democrats flip for Trump: Massive Shift in voter Reg to GOP

Final 538 predictions at 9:41 EDT this morning.

Jamal Bryant on Whether Bernie Can Break Through in Baltimore

I Can See Clearly Now - We're Going to the White House!

It's 33 degrees and snowing - ugh

Give a dog a job with Ratapalooza

X-Post from Religion: A Federal Judge Just Told You if Your Religion Is ‘Real’ or Not

One has to wonder if it's possible to even have constructive dialogue

Anecdotal CNN Reporting-Hilary Is Killing It in Baltimore

HRC surrogate says her private server was not included in allowed procedure!

What could Bernie have done differently?

What Party Loyalists for Clinton either don't realize or refuse to acknowledge


Former Sanders adversary: Vt. senator will eventually back Clinton

On tax deductions, Sanders is no hypocrite

I think it was the "we tortured some folks" moment

Just voted for Bernie.

Why is discussing race on DU considered race-baiting?


why is Psychological Warfare being employed (and embraced) within a Democratic primary?

Iceland Declares Christianity A Public Health Hazard

Polls Say Bernie Is More Electable Than Hillary. Don’t Believe Them.

Obama: U.S. preparing 'shield' to block low-level North Korea threats - CBS

Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit

This Guy Made A Bernie Sanders Art Car Out Of A $100,000 Corvette Z06

The Baltimore Sun endorses Hillary Clinton.

"The Republicans' presidential nomination wild toboggan ride is rapidly approaching the oak tree of

Showtime Reveals Cast for “Twin Peaks” Revival

What does Styer's $ mean for down-ticket Bernie friendly congress?

Oregon - check your registration. Today is last day to register to be a Democrat.

Making America somewhat great in two simple steps

Many of us who support HRC are "far left"

'Dentist of horror' Jacobus van Nierop jailed for eight years

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb (featuring Purple Rain)

ruth bader ginsberg replaced by clarence thomas

Are Conservatives Causing More Americans to Commit Suicide?

Every time progressives want to teach the party a lesson bad things happen.

If you have trouble voting in Philadelphia, contact the Committee of Seventy

OH, Sweet Jesus - NO, NO, NO - Donald Trump's War Room Possibilities

TYT: Worst lines from the MSNBC town hall

About Hillary's Town Hall last night...

About 80 percent of Wylie homes damaged in hailstorm, initial estimates show

Polls Say Bernie Is More Electable Than Hillary. Don’t Believe Them.

So when a Super PAC pays people to blog on behalf of a campaign:

British Jury Faults Police Over 1989 Hillsborough Soccer Stadium Deaths

Corporations opposing #HB2 in NC grows to 180

So is it safe to say, Brock has hired cyber-terrorists?

White House says it will offer largest military package in US history

You need to chill out, Tim Robbins

MSNBC Townhall: Notice how once again Hillary went last and could attack Bernie without his response

"Do any other liberals out there find themselves sounding like conservatives now?"

Bernie Sanders Campaign: We Don't Pay For Comments, Thank You

Pennsylvania 189 ~ Maryland 95 ~ Connecticut 55 ~ Rhode Island 24 ~ Delaware 21 ----Pledged Del

Are we all trolls now?

Despite their small brains ravens and crows are just as clever as chimps

What Comes After Capitalism? Upcoming Teach-Ins Can Show a Way Forward

OMG, two different reporters on MSNBC just said

Al Qaeda claims murder of U.S. activist in Bangladesh

Reddit CT Party Changing

China’s “Lehman Moment?”

Nora Penkoff on Perverts in Public Restrooms

NPR: Enthusiasm Gap is an illusion.

Trump on a Trillion, NATO, Taxes, Ukraine, UN = drunken word salad warning

MSNBC: Sanders Braces For A Tough Night

My (FWIW) prediction for tonight: Hillary nets around 25 delegates, Bernie will need 63% moving on

Georgia May Soon Lift Ban on Food Stamps for Drug Felons

Lieberman bats for the R-team

James Murdoch of Fox and Chris Ruddy of NewsMax are major donors to the Clinton Foundation

Environmentalists Sue for Cleanup at Bankrupt Mine Sites

Some predictions for 8:00 pm EDT

President Obama admits some Democrats are LYING about being against the TPP

WPRI: No major voting problems in Rhode Island

Lyft offering discounted rides to polls

Holiday in Chernobyl: Tourism in the Exclusion Zone

Fructose and HFCS: Once again the "skeptics"* are wrong.

EXPLAINED: Why Bernie is Actually Winning!

Bernie Sanders repeating his "walking the Streets on Primary Day" thing from last week

Once Again, the Catholic Church Says a Stained Communion Wafer is a Miracle When It’s Probably Mold

The Best Feminist for President is Bernie Sanders

High Court Sides With Police Officer in Free Speech Case

MSNBC Town Hall: Bernie Sanders offered no plans for his revolution if elected

Bernie Sanders "Morning Joe" Primary Day FULL Interview MSNBC: Elizabeth Warren As VP? 4-26-2016

San Diego priest who pleaded guilty to sexual battery finds new home at Oklahoma parish

Bernie Sanders "Morning Joe" Primary Day FULL Interview MSNBC: Elizabeth Warren As VP? 4-26-2016

U.S. Sends F-22 Warplanes To Romania

Senator Says Fighter Program Has Been Scandal and Tragedy

Senator Says Fighter Program Has Been Scandal and Tragedy

Patrick Stewart: What has European Commission on Human Rights done for us?

Everyone's favorite TED Ed subject: Why do Cats act so weird?

One of Hillary's biggest donors, tycoon Haim Saban, just dropped $100k against Donna Edwards

Politico: "On the heels of his New York loss, Bernie Sanders faces an unfriendly map Tuesday."

Dealing with wingers...

25 Strange Things About The Universe

Alas, another click bait misunderstanding of science in GD.

Go Hillary! Mostly closed primaries today and we know the fewer voters who can vote,

some simple proposals for election reforms


CNN, *JANE SANDERS On at 1:00 with Wolf Blitzer, Just Announced

Voted for Bernie today. Have never been more proud of a candidate since I first voted in '72.

Robert Reich: "I’ve Known Hillary Since She Was 19. Bernie Sanders is the Most Qualified Candidate"

Bernie mouthpiece on MSNBC just said that he will take this to the convention.

Comfortably Numb and Purple Rain together in one song. Because it was meant to be

Just voted in PA

Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludes

CNN Sampled 60 Baltimore voters and 2/3 were for Clinton

House And Senate Republicans Form An "Anti-National Park" Caucus To Wreck Our Park System

DC: Meet Eaglets "Liberty" and "Justice"

SHOCKING and 100% UNEXPECTED: Fiorina tops Cruz Veep "short list."

Haha Gooberman says he wont vote for Hillary and doesnt care if Trump wins.

Bernie Sanders outspent Hillary Clinton 2:1 in April 26th primary states.

the definition of "Democratic" as in "Democratic nominee"

Paulding County child killed after accidentally shooting himself

LGBT Debate Spurs Arrests at North Carolina Statehouse

All of the Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers Have Donated to Hillary Clinton

How many hundreds of millions in free advertising have Clinton and Trump received?

Paulding County child killed after accidentally shooting himself

Bombshell Poll: Nearly 20% Of Republicans Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If Trump Wins

Seymour Hersh says Gaddafi was a "tame cat" and finds Obama's deployment of 250 troops "horrifying"

The millionaires leave cities, build fortresses

New ? Hillary poster seems to attempt to evoke cult of personality, what does it say?

Bernie Sanders is profoundly changing how millennials think about politics, poll shows

Well, I guess it's a function of popularity.........

Trumps sounds like H.A. Goodman in Tweet

Turnout high thus far in RI

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week (And It's Only Tuesday)

The Pentagon’s Twisted Potlatch

YES !!!! NBC News/SurveyMonkey national poll: Clinton 52 (+2), Sanders 42 (-1)

News 8's Full, Uncut Interview with Bernie Sanders

With friends like this, who needs enemies? Beckel says Hillary could crush Trump "from jail"

News 8's Full, Uncut Interview with Bernie Sanders

Let's go, Bernsters!

From the mouths of babes

A Lot of Hillary Clinton’s New York Supporters Kept Quiet About Their Allegiances

Hillary Antoinette: Let Them Eat Incrementalism

Democracy Now! (April 26): Cleveland settles with family in death of Tamir Rice

YOUR vote counts! There are still 1,400 pledged delegates up for grabs!

"What happens when phone polling shows a legislative candidate behind in the polls?"

Holy Chuck Upchuck....Bill Kristol l just

It does happen. Ocassionally. Score one for the home team.

Tired, poor, huddled millennials of New York earn 20% less than prior generation

LIVE: AZ Election Lawsuit - Day 1 Court Proceedings, PLUS Primary Day in 5 States

HRC GROUP "Revenge of the Nerd: Bernie’s Political Ponzi Scheme" /Tue Apr 26. Editorial from CALBUZZ

Clinton: If elected, women would make up half my Cabinet

Steve Kornacki creamed his pants on MSNBC this morning!

Remembering the Time America Nuked Spain by Accident

Hillary v. Trump

The Guardian: Abandon hype in climate models

Job application

Sanders Still Strongest Candidate as New Poll Shows Trump and Clinton in Near-Tie

Just voted in Maryland for Bernie

Attention those voting in PA

Why is party affiliation more important than where a candidate stands on issues?

A friend of mine in Pittsburgh posted this today

Benchmark Politics Predictions for 4/26*

HRC GROUP...BERNIE SANDERS' F-35 Project Now Called a "Scandal and a Tragedy

Hillary supporters: what do you do for a living?

I think the Democratic Party should tack left instead of right.

YES !!!! Bernie 44%, Hillary 50% -- & Bernie has the momentum!

Will you join the armed services when President Clinton starts a war with Iran or Syria?

Obama's Offshore Drilling Proposal Based on Fossil Fuel Industry Research

NOW *Jane Sanders on CNN. She is Fantastic and doing Great!!

Guns, self-defense and red-handed lies

Links to resources on building web sites - So that more Bernie supporters can build web forums/apps

“There is no doubt”: Exxon Knew CO2 Pollution Was A Global Threat By Late 1970s

Boy, were they wrong - famous "oops"

Jane Sanders on CNN. Sanders will NOT run as an independent if he’s not the dem nominee

NOW, *Jane Sanders on CNN with Wolf; she is fantastic, doing great!!

Guitar forums

Why Triangulating Neoliberal Clintonites Back Big Business Over People

China to send fleet of nuclear power ships worth £300 MILLION each to South China Sea amid mounting

WTF, Jane Sanders on CNN with Wolf Blitzer says

Banana Pepper Shortage?!?! WTF

Mid-day report, Penn. primary/2x normal turnout by 12:30

Are there provisional ballots in PA like NY?

House Democrats question if Valeant is wrongfully withholding records

House Democrats question if Valeant is wrongfully withholding records

Seymour Hersh on Sanders vs. Clinton: 'Something Amazing Is Happening in This Country'

Chicken Cacciatore With Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Wine

Cosby loses bid to force New York magazine to hand over reporters' notes

One News Now

Donald Trump Advises Bernie Sanders to Run as an Independent

LePage blames media for his decision to pull out of education commission

Well well, if things didn't look eerily similar already..

House Republican leader sees Puerto Rico bill before July

Bernie Speaks The Truth To MSNBC

****Official Colonoscopy Prep Thread****

Blair Mountain - A fight for civil liberties

Threadbare: Clothes, Sex And Trafficking - Anne Elizabeth Moore On Her New Book

Trump: Sanders should run as independent

Stephen Colbert: What's In Hillary's Purse?

Here's an interesting thread from that other group:

Texas News - 4/26/2016

Clinton's Internet Troll Campaign Against Bernie Sanders Is A New Low

Do you think today's problems can be solved with incrementalism?

Exxon Mobil Loses Top Credit Rating It Held Since Depression

SF Supe Peskin Moves to Save SRO Hotels

Clinton will "get things done!" Trump will "ruin America!" Bernie will

Elderly Elephant Dies After Carrying Tourists in Cambodia

Monterey County has cleanest air in U.S., report finds

Gyrocopter Pilot Parachutes on Run Against Wasserman Schultz

Just voted in Rhode Island

Racing mascots Johnny, George and Reba join the Nashville Sounds

FCC Green Lights 'Crushing' Charter Cable Mega-Merger

Presidential Campaign Rancor Begins to Infect the Economy

Just back from Free Republic where they are praying for a Clinton Indictment.

Slate: Polls Say Bernie Is More Electable Than Hillary. Don’t Believe Them.

Orders For U.S. Durable Goods Rose Less Than Forecast In March

I will never own a home. I will probably never save enough in a 401k.

Early voting polling in Pennsylvania shows Bernie 56% to Hillary 44%

Maine Governor Won't Apologize for Comment About Indians

This is a useful thought exercise - YOU, then and now - who's better off?

The Election Is One More Reason for Canadians to Sell U.S. Homes

Memory Lane: Bush crony/GOP benefactor RevMoon gifted North Korea with $$$ andsubmarines

DOJ Releases Bike Citation Racial Disparity Report in Tampa

Any good guitar forums

Voted in PA! (Clinton Group)

More Gun Regulation Is Inevitable

Hillary Clinton MSNBC Town Hall: Worst Answer of the Night

Lawyers file $220 million damage claim against EPA in Flint water crisis

Trump calls for Sanders to 'run as an Independent'

Despite cries of tyranny, America today is better off

Pakistan's China Connection to Nuclear Trouble

Family Swim

In 2008 Hillary Clinton argued that there was no need to drop out "until every vote is counted"

The Stubborn Persistence of Confederate Monuments

My "WTF?" of the day, Alex Jones department...

Kansas governor withdraws from Syrian refugee program

When you've reach the end of the web, go here...

Ex-professor who called Sandy Hook shooting a hoax sues over firing

Poe's law in effect, big time.

Demographic and Economic Profiles of States Holding April 26 Primaries

Austin ISD announced nominees for new Lee Elementary School name (TX)

"Clinton is not dealing with a candidate who can be bought off with a promise of a Cabinet post...."

NY! Michael Scotto is reporting the NYC BOE said Brooklyn Affidavits will be counted.

Patrick Stewart sketch: what has the ECHR ever done for us?

Crimean court bans 'extremist' Tatar governing body

It's not about Clinton getting stuff done, it is WHAT she will get done.

Bill Clinton, the Lippo Group, and Jackson Stephens of Little Rock, Arkansas (5th Version) 1999

TED Talks: "Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe."

FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4-25-16) Daskalakis Athletic Center

Breivik human rights ruling: Norway to appeal verdict

The coming Republican demographic disaster, in 1 stunning chart

We all start off as a flash of light -

Strong turnout in Philadephia. HRC Room

Does Hillary have more or fewer votes than in 2008, based on the states that have voted so far?

People please calm down, it's ugly & immature all over the place in here.

What was this thread locked?

Dennis Hastert's accuser sues him for 1.8million

Electioneering inside PA Polling centers

Roy Zimmerman latest (?) "Religious Freedom (to Burn Our Own Witches)"

Anyone else get hit with a Thunder Hailstorm last night

Turnout is strong in Philadelphia, particularly in areas w/ large African American populations.

Women and minorities are powering Hillary's campaign while white men are powering Bernie

Classless Again, Bernie

Heard on MSNBC: Prince did not have a will

DU before Brock millions

Early voting polling in Pennsylvania shows Hillary 82% to Bernie 23%

I like Hillary Because She is a Woman

Hubble Discovers Moon Orbiting the Dwarf Planet Makemake

Mars’ surface revealed in unprecedented detail

PROBLEMS INSIDE PA POLLING STATION 4/26/16 Philadelphia Democratic Primary Bernie Sanders

Why robots need the ability to say ‘no’

Clinton’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It

If you can't stomach the Corporate Noise Network coverage of primary results tonight.....

Hillary opens up a TEN POINT lead over Sanders in the latest National Polls!!!!!

Roy Zimmerman's (recent) "Religious Freedom (to Burn Our Own Witches)"

Hillary opens up a TEN POINT lead over Sanders in the latest national poll!!!

First transgender candidate Ellen Murray hopes to win North seat (N. Ireland)

Don’t hug your dog – it hates it

Reid says Sanders doesn't have path to nomination

North Carolina Attorney General Candidate Urges HB2 Supporters to 'Keep Our State Straight!'

Titan’s great lakes appear to be filled with clear, colorless methane

Bernie Sanders is the future. Hillary Clinton is the past

Oakland receives $34 million gift from anonymous donor to benefit underserved residents

Kellogg's Non-Profit Cancels $1.5 Million North Carolina Children's Conference Over HB2

Sanders Challenges Clinton on Climate Change in Rhode Island

Pro-militarist Democrats in the aftermath of the IWR?

Jane Sanders: Bernie will provide tax returns when Clinton releases transcripts

Is ‘Bernie or Bust’ A Wise Attitude for Democrats?

Facebook has weighed in: Coordinated attack on Bernie Supporter Pages

Big Pharma's Massive Price-Gouging Campaign

Labour MP Naz Shah apologises for backing 'relocate Israel to North America' plan

The young power Sanders' campaign while the old cling to Clintonism.

Why am I confident that Delaware is an early call for Clinton? Because of one little fact

This makes me SO sad, an old elephant died of a heart attack while carrying tourists

State Dept. Withheld Key Email From Clinton’s Private Server in FOIA Lawsuit

PA Voters Turned Away at Polls!!1!

Words or phrases I never want to hear again after this Primary. Add your own

Why won't anyone pay me to screw around on the internet?

To Clear the Air, Sanders Should Challenge New York Vote

Pentagon Adopts Israeli Tactic In Bombing ISIS

Studies Show Austerity Policies Exacerbate US Suicide Epidemic admits that a member is responsible for the Bernie FB pages take down.

Jamal Bryant on Whether Bernie Can Break Through in Baltimore

TYT: Town Hall April 25: Best Line of the Night

Baltimore Coalition Fights for $15 Dollar Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders' campaign claim Hillary Clinton has "used language reserved for traitors."

Jane Sanders just spent 10 min. stuttering through a most embarrassing interview on MSNBC.

Where is Bernie's Town Hall video?

A step closer to sainthood for Dorothy Day

It's hilarious that Hillary supporters are accusing Sanders supporters of gaming the jury system...

How To Give Americans Great Bodies

My dad and his girlfriend (previously undecided) voted for Bernie today in PA!

James Webb's mirror is revealed

Model predicts how forests will respond to climate change

Lloyd Blankfein's take on the two Democratic candidates...

Transgender teen fights back after suspension for using 'wrong' bathroom

Full Speech :Bernie Sanders Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4-25-16) Daskalakis Athletic Center

Lebanese interfaith group grounds work in 'spiritual solidarity' with the other

Electionjustice has a petition

Just got hidden in GD-P for mentioning paid lets see the facts again....

Obama: U.S. preparing 'shield' to block low-level North Korea threats - CBS

The Latest: Jury Clears Washington State Auditor of 1 Count

A former paid “Internet troll” for Clinton speaks out: It was “nasty” and “left a very bad taste”

Sanders is definitely trying to win me over (PZ Myers)

Hillary Clinton represents the future while Bernie Sanders is a relic of the past

Report: FBI expands investigation of Clinton

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-25-16

El Faro Voyage Data Recorder Located, NTSB Says

I am a bad bad child

Good question.

Hillary is a corporate corrupted politician as shown below...

Could marijuana help treat painkiller and heroin addiction?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 26, 2016

State Dept. Withheld Key Email From Clinton’s Private Server in FOIA Lawsuit

Well great I'm getting letters from Hillary

An Atheist Ugandan Orphanage Beats Back Superstition and Zealotry

FUll Event: Bernie's Town Hall last night

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want Any Transgender People In Any Bathroom Anywhere

Spanish voters set for election re-run in June

Up to 500K Californians May Be Blocked From Voting in June Presidential Primary

Sam Bee Blasts Fox Anchor For Harriet Tubman Analysis: ‘I Hate to Break It to You, Sparky…’

Twenty-Dollar Tubman | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Kasich Largely Missing From Official Pamphlet Sent to 1.8M Oregon Households

2016 Hugo Awards Nominees

Turkish parliament speaker provokes row with call for religious constitution

Circulating online right now. More election F***ery!

The Latest: Reid says Sanders has no path to nomination

Is there any network or media of any kind that doesn't project the winner

Fear of heights? Then avoid this short video.

White Supremacist Vox Day trashes the Hugo Awards again

Top Dem official: turnout strong in Philadelphia, particularly in areas w/large aa voter groups

Moderate Earthquakes Recorded in Central, Northwest Oklahoma

Insurrectionists cry ‘tyranny,’ but the US has become more – not less – free

Twitter link glitch

Murray Energy Continues Fight Against EPA's Emissions Rules

Bernie Sanders looks to press on to the convention

Question Of The Day: How Much Fructose Is In ... ?

Iceland declares Christianity a public health hazzard

spring is here. tornado warnings and hail. A significant weather event expected in Kansas

The entitlement mentality of BS supporters proves why his "revolution" is a farce --HRC Group

White House Put On Lockdown After Possible Fence Jumper

Snopes and BernieFbGhazi

Man Arrested in 2003 Philadelphia Arson That Killed 5 People

This Powerful Video Shows Just How Violent Online Harassment Is for Women in Sports

Just when you thought you couldn't love Hillary any more....

Letter: Hillary Clinton is still fighting for Flint

Susan Sarandon Lies To Bernie Sanders Crowd About Obama Quote Attacking Hillary

Susan Sarandon Lies To Bernie Sanders Crowd About Obama Quote Attacking Hillary

Smoking and multi-unit housing.

Someone doesn't understand the difference between individuals and PACs

Jane Sanders on MSNBC sounding like an ignorant tool. Rdiculous!

US Urges Illinois City to Give Customers Bottled Water

Sanders and his team will reassess his candidacy tomorrow.

Poor haters--it's getting difficult for them to do any hating!!

Colombia investigating contractors for starving children in embezzlement scheme

If Bernie Sanders isn't the Democratic Nominee Don't Blame Bernie or Bust for Trump's Victory

Santos incorporates leftist opposition to cabinet, leaving Uribe even more marginalized

3 Yr Old Kills Himself With Gun Found In Home

Columbia company comes out with 'Feel the Bern' soda WTNH News8

Toshiba takes $2.3 billion writedown on U.S. nuclear unit Westinghouse

North Carolina Dems Pan 'Keep Our State Straight' Comment

Columbia company comes out with 'Feel the Bern' soda WTNH News8

Not too late to make GOTV phone calls for Bernie

Former Guatemalan President Faces Involvement in Five Corruption Cases

Before ‘Unity,’ Sanders Must Stay in the Fight

Ford, Volvo, Google, Uber, Lyft form coalition to promote self-driving cars

Any exit poll tidbits yet?

The Prospect Of A Donald Trump Nomination Has Labor Leaders Scrambling

Police, protesters clash at Fennovoima nuclear construction site

Voting for Bernie today

The Republican Clerk Who Wiped Thousands From The NY Rolls Just Got Very Bad News

APNewsBreak: Murder Charge in Baby's Death on Reservation

Sanders Still Strongest Candidate as New Poll Shows Trump and Clinton in Near-Tie

*JANE SANDERS CNN FULL INTERVIEW TODAY- Complete Video, Article and Topics.

Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate

Bernie outspent Hillary 2 to 1 in tonights 5 states.

Documents: Racist texts sent by San Francisco cop

Take this with a HUGE grain of salt, but possible good news in CT

The Republican Clerk Who Wiped Thousands From The NY Rolls Just Got Very Bad News

Hopes and Fears

Count two more votes for Hillary in CT

Ohio man calmly tells 911: 'I just shot and killed my wife'

The Endgame of 2016’s Anti-establishment Politics

LePage walks out of UMF event after students hold up signs criticizing him

Hillary Clinton's Business of Corporate Shilling and War-Making

Just heard on CNN the Bernie is ending the night in NYC.

Man pleads guilty to explosives use tied to abortion clinic

Pennsylvania Exit Poll - 12% of Democrats are under 30 years old!!!!!

Islamic State: Up to $800m of funds 'destroyed by strikes'

Security at Nashville bus terminal increased after 4 shot

No One Thought It Was Possible: 12 Ways the Sanders Revolution Has Transformed Politics

Maybe I'll just give up. Posting on DU is making me age before my time.

An Elaborate Hillary Clinton Facebook Conspiracy With Coordinated Attacks and Porn? No Just a Glitch

Bernie Sanders Has a Superdelegate Problem

Preliminary Exit Polling- Youth Vote Down/Minority Vote Up

Early exit polls are rolling in (Updating) (from MSNBC)

Options narrow for ex-CIA agent's fight against extradition

Alabama mayor, councilman charged with assault after fight

"Democratizing the Democratic Party is not a revolutionary act, but ..."

Trending Number One: #ImWithHer

The phrase of the day is "Dildo Drone" Replace any phrase in a thread title with "Dildo Drone"

Details of sex abuse could mean prison time for Hastert

The Other Anti-Establishment Candidates to Watch on Tuesday

Exits of turnout for under 30 years of age

Josh Marshall explains the myth of Bernie beats Trump (with charts & numbers)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 April 2016

U.S. justices mull propriety of recalling discharged jury to duty

I know it's hard right now, but don't let your passion get the better of your intellect.

Kansas governor withdraws from Syrian refugee program

Bigger Than Bernie: The Other Progressive Challengers Taking on the Democratic Establishment

Early Returns

Ex-professor who called Sandy Hook shooting a hoax sues over firing

I think people have started to see a side to BS that they really don't like.

Sorry everyone: This scientist says you shouldn't hug your dog

Facebook is a publicly traded mega-corporation.

N.Y. attorney general's Trump University suit going to trial

Just heard on MSNBC...Biden succumbs to triangulation. no link. nt

The Latest: Exit poll finds Pennsylvania Democrats energized

AC/DC cures cancer, which deep down, I already knew

BRF construction company says move toward Minnesota pays off

Nate Silver: Today's probable results and the road from here

Israeli Hold On Golan ‘Null And Void,’ UN Security Council Says

Call it, Skinner!!!!

U.S. military used 'roof knock' tactic in Iraq to try to warn civilians before bombing


Germany opens files on Nazi paedophile sect in Chile

Germany opens files on Nazi paedophile sect in Chile

Peru shoot-down law turns drug smugglers to boats, backpackers

Seymour Hersh on Sanders vs. Clinton: 'Something Amazing Is Happening in This Country'" (incl video)

Hillary seems to be doing well, based on exit polls.

Sanders $ email accuses Clinton of using "language reserved for traitors."

Security Nightmare of Driverless Cars

I just finally gave Bernie my vote!!! Berners, check in here!!!

It was my privilege today to vote in College Park, Maryland for Bernie Sanders for President

US to Give Israel Largest Military Aid Package in History

Peru shoot-down law turns drug smugglers to boats, backpackers

**25 retired circus lions have their "tickets" to freedom-8 more needed before April 29 (Friday)**

No decline in child obesity in US, despite efforts: study

MD Exit Poll: Voters are 46% black, 43% white

Sanders Outspends Clinton in April 26 Primary States ~NBC News (HRC GROUP)

Fox & Friends host suggests voting by prayer: ‘God will pick the right candidate’

Hillary supporters accused of taking down Bernie FB pages in porn attack

As a reminder - these are our benchmark predictions and after watching today, we think they'll hold

Troubled by Hillary's response to question about adopting some of Bernie's agenda

Dear Piers Morgan...

Alabama brewery announces beer inspired by Governor Bentley,,,( wait till you see the logo)

Let's donate again today if we can! Send a message. I don't care if you can only

Voted for Hillary Today

Oklahoma's legislature is about to ban abortion by making it a felony for doctors to provide them

Look at this ugly thing.

Need the site from the guardian that has the candidates on scaffolding painting in their voters....

Voted for Bernie in Pa. THIS MORNING!

BWAHAHA! Cruz is polling 9 points behind KASICH on HuffPo.

BS supporters accused of posting multiple threads about Hillary shutting down BS groups on Facebook

What happens if Bernie gets swept tonight?

Oil Hits 2016 High After U.S. Crude Draw Report, Gasoline Rally

Some exit poll results from ABC Political

Clinton's Internet Supporters, Allegedly Using Pornography, Shut Down Bernie Sanders' Largest Facebo

Clinton’s vow to bring gender equity to the president’s Cabinet is radical

Jimmy Carter:

Jimmy Carter::

I'm posting this because I need a lift -- Rule Britannia

CT voter: Sanders “got too negative and I switched to Hillary"

So, how long after poll closing do Pennsylvania and Maryland get called?

10 Reasons Why Conventional Wisdom on Republican Convention & Trump Wrong: GOP Won’t Risk Party’s De

Tornado Warnings Posted In US Midsection; Hail Could Be Huge

For my 10,000th post I want to do it here

So much bait tonight, smh

Kansas, Brownback, God and his Stupidest Devotees

More than 280 emergency workers battle Ulster County wildfire

US Urges Illinois City(Galesburg) To Give Customers Bottled Water

A's minor-leaguer Sean Murphy dead unexpectedly at age 27

The more Bernie goes negative the more he crashes and burns

A Windfall for Chobani Employees: Stakes in the Company

How Paper Balloting Was Sabotaged in America


Nature pix including a few for your dog (squirrel) and a rare for our area bird (dial up warning)

Nature pix including a few for your dog (squirrel) and a rare for our area bird (dial up warning)

Nature pix including a few for your dog (squirrel) and a rare for our area bird (dial up warning)

Self-Driving Cars Hit a Roadblock in the Snow

=*= LIVE @ 8:30PM: Bernie Sanders in Huntington, West Virginia (4-26-16) =*=

Columnist quits over ban on him writing about billionaire Sheldon Adelson

=*= LIVE @ 8:30PM: Bernie Sanders in Huntington, West Virginia (4-26-16) =*=

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows

If you're not on this list and you're celebrating Hillary, you're celebrating the demise of middle

Privatizing Social Security, I fear—The Easy Mark is Strong in this One

Just a nice flash from the past

About an hour and fifteen minutes until the polls close

NY judge: Trump University case will to go to trial

Newly released bigoted texts from San Francisco police call cases into question

Anyone have the link for the Guardian's Election Results Tracker page for tonight?

Just Walked past a Bernie booth

No more whining about disenfranchisement during this primary, OK?

Will North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Bathroom Law Be The Downfall of Governor Pat McCrory?

Is Reaganomics Literally Driving Americans to Suicide?

Grain of salt warning. Official exit numbers:

The excuse for Bernie losing multiple states tonight:

Turkish Official: US Deploying Rocket Launchers Near Syria

HRC GROUP @SteveKornacki Tweets re Maryland: "wow, Clinton might win that by 35"

I've Been Away From The Computer Today And Just Got Back On & Reading Bernie Going Negative?....

Hmm...who did Vice-President Biden vote for today?

Exits: Yuge night for Trump

Wilmington panel debates fate of Confederate monuments (NC)

Letter: Hillary Clinton is still fighting for Flint

North Carolina’s ‘Monster’ Voter Suppression Law Could Swing The Election

New Flyer debuts first 60-foot hydrogen fuel-cell bus

Bernie Sanders Interview | 4-26-2016 |

Bernie Sanders Interview | 4-26-2016 |

Thank You Girl.. For all You Done.... photos & video .....

4 polling locations in W Baltimore will stay open until 9PM after AM delays. Donna Edwards campaign

Did anyone notice Hillary's earrings during the townhall? They are beautiful and appropriate.

TYT Politics: Irregularities in New York voting and archaic election laws

Donna Edwards went to Court requesting extended voting hours at some Baltimore polls...

When I thought Alex Jones couldn't get any crazier...

Donna Edwards went to Court requesting extended voting hours at some Baltimore polls...

Black woman responds to Megyn Kelly's claim that Jesus is white—and it's stunning

Meet the Time Traveler Running for U.S. President

I I I I I I I I I have 2.7 million REAL people showing up to cast their vote

N. Korea Almost Ready For 5th Nuclear Test, S. Korea Says

Treating All People With Dignity and Respect

Is tonight the night the Bern is extinguished?

In Bangladesh, Serial Killing in the Name of God

Today Is Clinton’s Chance To End The ‘Groundhog Day’ Campaign

Been there, live it...

New York Times Election Results

10 minutes to go...

god Ted Cruz is just slimy

The driverless truck is coming, and it’s going to automate millions of jobs

in retrospect, what has been the low point of this primary?

What do you all make of the content of these two PDF documents?

Watching the Real News Network for Baltimore Primaries

One of the most popular arguments against raising the minimum wage is getting demolished

Caucus Interruptus: Ted's "Cruz to Victory" encounters a speed bump in the Colorado results.

Sound track from "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"...