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Hillary Wins Northeastern Primaries in Landslides; Bernie's Path Over

CNN Calls Maryland For Hillary

Maryland goes for Clinton!

Hillary wins Maryland! MSNBC.

BREAKING: Hillary Wins Maryland

HRC wins Maryland! (update)--currently leading 46-17 delegates in MD

MSNBC: Hillary has taken Maryland, the state that is #2 for delegates,

MSNBC: Clinton Wins Maryland; Trump Wins Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut

HRC Group: CNN calls MD for HRC, at 8:00:01PM nt

My vote for Clinton helped. She just won Maryland

RI, PA, CT "Too Early to Call" (edit)

Looks like 55-45 Hillary in PA with the exit polls

Trump Panics As NY Supreme Court

Poverty Flow Chart

Hillary Clinton Defeats Bernie Sanders In Maryland Primary

DSB Calls Pennsylvania For Hillary*

Connecticut looks like 51-48 Hillary with the exits.

Sanders speaking now on CNN..

Apparently there's a re-run of a Bernie Sanders speech on CNN...

Bernie Sanders LIVE: A Future to Believe in Rally and Primary Coverage

Pentagon adopts Israeli tactic in bombing ISIS

US university heads oppose academic boycott of Israel

Bernie Sanders LIVE: A Future to Believe in Rally and Primary Coverage

Bernie live on MSNBC...look at the crowd! nt

Bernie just said, "Not only...

How can the media declare winners before precincts report?

Where's tk2kewl been? eom

Why is Sanders lying? He just said he "is doing so well" because most Democrats

Exit polls give Chris Van Hollen lead in MD-S

Dick Van Dyke's endorsement: "Bernie Sanders is a man saying the emperor has no clothes"

Looks like a party in Philly!!!

Does anyone have a link to that great NYT live reporting site? nt

Connecticut: AP calls it for HRC

PA-MD-CT exit polls...

RCP: Clinton gets 46 delegates in Maryland. Sanders get 17.

two links for live results today April 26, Bernie leads in Rhode Island in early returns,

Sanders pulling a Trump

Koterba toon: Have a Koch and a smile?

CT looking good for Clinton now BEATING Benchmarks in Hartford and Fairfield.

The revolution is in your hands

Clinton still underperforming though in RI - Might be a Sanders win

No Matter What Bernie - Go all the way to the Convention!

I'm calling Rhode Island for Bernie.

Bernie takes early lead in RI

Signs emerge of a second double-shell tank leaking at Hanford

I remember when Hillary stabbed John Kerry in the back.

Rhode Island results

MSNBC calls Delaware for HRC!

she won DELAWARE

Hillary - Delaware

How can they project MD when no precincts have reported?


benchmarkpol make a call - Clinton will win Delaware, potentially by LARGE margins

We are ready to make a call. Clinton will win Delaware, potentially by LARGE margins.

Delaware called for Clinton.

Delaware for Hillary!

Benchmark Politics has called Delaware for Hillary

Ginsberg is beginning to accept that Trump might be his nominee.

Clean Sweep just called for the Donald. LOL.

Trump sweeps all 5 states

Four Down......maybe come morning they'll flip RI? I can dream can't I?

Benchmark: Final margin call projected for Delaware: Clinton 60% - Sanders 40%

Steve Kornacki---exit polls for PA--looking good for Hillary....

CT: Sanders counties are reporting MUCH faster than Clinton counties.

Connecticut Right Now: Clinton 49.7%, Sanders 48.6%

It's Time to focus on Trump. Donate now!

How not to get away with robbery: Hop the White House fence

CNN: Hillary the projected winner in Delaware.

Observation about Rhode Island

If anyone wants to send a message of support to Bernie, he has a team in

benchmarkpol - We are calling Pennsylvania for Clinton.


It's a great night to be a Hillary Clinton Supporter!

Fox Called PA for Hillary

Thousands of protesters threaten to storm Iraq’s parliament

Our Group is currently being trolled.

First PA numbers Hillary leads 58-41 with 6%

FDR Won A Contested Convention, So Can Bernie

Worked the polls in Pennsylvania today. GREAT voter turnout!

Why is CT Official Results significantly behind NY Times Results?

@SteveKornacki - PA Dem exit

President Obama left the Pukes speechless

Fox has called Pennsylvania for Hillary

US Voices of the Campaign: ‘Black Men for Bernie’

2016: The year Americans realized voting and elections are pretty much meaningless

Benchmark Politics : We are calling Connecticut for Clinton

Benchmark Politics: We project Sanders will win Rhode Island

Woman, 26, driving down Milwaukee highway is shot dead by child in backseat

US Voices of the Campaign: ‘Black Men for Bernie’


Even FOX News is right once ! Calls PA for Hillary

Benchmark Politics - . We project Sanders will win Rhode Island

I think Fox called Pennsylvania for Hillary even with 1% in.

CNN Calls Pennsylvania For Hillary

Clinton wins PA CNN Projects (Toning it down)

Hillary Clinton wins Maryland, turns to mending fences with Sanders supporters

CNN: Hillary wins PENNSYLVANIA!!!

Benchmark Politics Calls Connecticut For Clinton

Does Trump's 5 State sweep end a possible Cruz Pres candidacy?

CNN & Faux call PA for Hillary!

CNN projects Clinton to win PA

Hillary goes 4/5 -Sanders Captures Rhode island

Best case scenario for progressives

Trump backers, critics clash, fire pepper spray outside Anaheim City Hall

Bernie is Winning in Connecticut & Rhode Island!

Did you hear Rachel?

Why aren't they calling RI?

Benchmark Politics calls CT for Hillary!

Did you hear Bernie in WV? He is in it until the convention. He is not a man to give up.

I'm calling RI for Sanders...


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Brand New Day! & Uncensored & Live & a

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-25-16

Back from working the polls here in PA!

Okay Wall St. Looks like you have your country back....Phew that was a scare

AP projects Hillary to win Pennsylvania (with fewer caps this time)

The Trolls, the Political Operative, and the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pro-Bernie Facebook

MSNBC finally got around to it.

Hillary Wins Pennsylvania!

I'm calling Connecticut for Hillary.

Yes, I'm going here.

Pennsylvania: CBS calls it for HRC

MSNBC: Hillary Now At 2055 Delegates!

OK, let's talk CT and RI

MSNBC: Hillary over 2000 Delegates

Here's the NYT's live model.

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Is The Only Candidate With Unconditional Morality

FWIW, Bernie just took the lead on CNN's prediction marketplace for CT

If Trump doesn't get the required 1237 and the ReTHUG establishment

I like Clinton's outfit tonight.

10 of the largest 12 states have now voted (only CA and NJ remain)

Hillary about to speak! She looks joyous!

Watching CNN and MSNBC ... OMG!

Bernie wins RI (MSNBC)

Details of sex abuse could mean prison time for Hastert

Hillary Clinton wins Delaware

Clinton has now won 4 of the 5 biggest states in terms of delegates: NY (247), TX (222), FL (214), P

Sanders Wins Democratic Presidential Primary in Rhode Island

Hillary playing Native American stereotyping Sugar Hill Gang song at her "Victory Rally"

Wow, Bernie wins Rhode Island! A relative unknown socialist is still winning states!!!!!

AP calls RI for Sanders

Thank you Birdie

My my my... The hillbots are out in force tonight...

just going to post this here:

clinton speaking

The Golden Struglling Carpet Band totally misses the point...

I just donated to Hillary

Bernie Sanders projected to win Rhode Island

The gloating never ends, does it?

We've only just begun

96% of the vote in and HRC won Delaware 60-39

White House urges Congress to move on Zika funding

Bruni (NYT): "The cult of sore losers"

Wow!! Hillary crushing Bernie 68-28 in Maryland!! 25% in.

I believe the technical term for what's happening in Maryland...

Congrats to the biggest winners in tonight's primaries

"Where Love Trumps Hate"

Pentagon aims to curb tobacco use by military: memo

Mike Malloy - Maine’s Tea Party Governor Goes On Weird Racist Rant

Hillary just said "so we can live in a country where Love Trumps Hate"

Clinton could lose every remaining contest

Hillary can lose every state from here on in and still win the nomination (AP)

Hillary's speech is so positive and uplifting. Very motivating and exciting! But ...

"December Boys". What a sweet movie.

Maddow just said that the presidential race is out of reach for Bernie Sanders.

Maddow: Nomination is 'effectively out of reach' for Sanders.

Rachel Maddow just said that the presidential race is out of reach for Bernie Sanders.

Sanders crushes Clinton in Rhode Island with now 9 000 votes

81 net delegates for Hillary!

Venezuela state employees to work two-day week to save energy

How “Nina” Became A Disaster Movie

I'd say this evening went about as well as Bernie Sanders could have expected

HRC Group: btw, she's up by 38+ points in MD with 25% reporting per CNN nt

U.S. embassy warns citizens in Turkey about 'credible' terrorist threats

NY Daily News: Iowa Sen. Grassley thinks FBI may leak Hillary Clinton private email investigation

from Robert Reich

AP: Clinton Surges to Nomination with Trifecta of Northeast Wins

How do you see the HRC-Trump debates going?

in PA senate, McGinty beating Sestak so far 44% - 30% w/15% reporting

John King at CNN said that things are looking good for a Clinton win in CT.

John King at CNN said that things are looking good for a Clinton win in CT.

Damn, Hillary! MY Maryland LUVS you!

"We Democrats"...

Hillary gaining in CT.

Stanford climate activists slam university over fossil fuel vote

Here's another reason Bernie needs to stay in until the Convention.

*JANE SANDERS, CNN FULL INTERVIEW TODAY: Campaign Plus Topics of the Political Revolution

BREAKING: Chris Van Hollen wins MD-Sen Primary

MSNBC moves CT from too EARLY to call to too CLOSE to call

One from late this afternoon..Great Blue Heron

So, tomorrow morning, will pundits still pretend that Bernie has a "narrow path to victory"?

Democratic turnout has only increased in states Bernie has won...

Clinton is beating our benchmarks in Maryland... Baltimore City isn't even reporting right now.

After painstaking precinct by precinct analysis I am calling Connecticut for Clinton

HRC: "Love TRUMPS Hate" (beautiful!)

There should be an adult way to permanently close a DU account.

So if Bernie falls behind in the delegate count tonight, that means he's catching-up, right?

I know you don't need proof that Cruz is losing it, but watch this anyway. HOOSIERS!

Benchmark Politics : Maryland - Final margin call Clinton 66% - Sanders 32%.

Hillary reached out to Bernie in a very important way

PA-Sen: Katy McGinty leading Joe Sestak by 60,000 votes

House passes bill seeking to counter extremists' recruiting pitches

House passes bill seeking to counter extremists' recruiting pitches

Would Trump choose Bernie as VP?

For one brief shining moment, I thought the Dem party had really moved left

Huff Post Calls CT for Bernie?

Here's my opinion regarding Bernie's campaign.

Trump used to be a joke,

Donna Edwards lost to VanHollen 55% - 38%

This is a tough night for many people, so let me be the first to say that Bernie

Did Rachel just say something nice about Donna Edwards?

Hillary Clinton Terrifies Republicans By Bringing Democrats Together In Victory Speech

Congratulations Mrs. Clinton on securing the nomination - please read

PBS/AP: "Clinton could lose every remaining contest and still win the nomination"

That stupid "Obama 2016" Movie.....How much of that has actually come to pass?

Your Handy Guide To Tonight's Primary Results

Massive epic blowout in Maryland for Hillary Clinton!!!

So far HRC is beating Bernie by over 100,000 votes in PA

the people have spoken

From now on bernie goes on a winning streak

Serious Tornado threats tonight-Particularly Dangerous Situation Watch for Oklahoma, Texas

The LA Times (courtesy of the AP) calls Rhode Island for Senator Sanders

Dear WV and KY, Hillary winning coal country in PA by 20 pts

More than two dozen lions saved from South American circuses

She really doesn't need us at all....

Watching Trump and his supporters, I wonder...

They are being paid to demoralize us

Did the Rolling Stones authorize Trump to use their music in his intro? n/t

More than two dozen lions saved from South American circuses

Here is what I wrote to a friend who campaigned for Bernie tonight in PA

Trial of Ex-Oklahoma Volunteer Deputy Ends, Jury to Get Case

That Bernie lead in CT is shrinking...

Crystal Valentine - "And the News Reporter Says Jesus Is White"

I fell asleep. What did I miss?...

Hillary takes the lead in Connecticut: 49.3 - 48.9

congratulations to the clinton camp

Sanders lead dropping in CT. All that's left are Clinton precincts.

Freedom House drinks anti-Israel Kool-Aid

Hillary is ahead in CT now.

Sanders will need to win every remaining state by 30 points to catch up to her in pledged delegates,

CNN CALLS CT FOR HILLARY. Great evening Madame President!

Both Christies behind Trump as he speaks. One behind each shoulder, smile.

We are ready for a final margin call in CT. Clinton 51%- Sanders 48%

Hey! Chris Christie has put in another appearance...

Judge Rejects Cosby's Bid to Dismiss Underage Sex Abuse Case

Anyone else notice how content-free Trump's speech is?

Nate Cohn (NY Times) on Bernie

Christie on live TeeVee with his patented slackjaw stare

Headline tomorrow should read

Bernie needs to do the right thing and suspend his campaign.

So I listened to Clinton and now I'm listening to Drumpf

Greenwich, CT - one of the wealthiest towns in the US: Hillary 87%, Bernie 12%.

Hillary has taken the lead in CT.

Huffington Post's "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment

Just left the victory party in RI

Hillary has taken the lead in CT.

Trump is already using Bernie's own words to attack Clinton.

How depressing it must be to be on Trump's SS detail. nt

Well, Hillary folk, it seems you'll get your wish.

You might want to K &R this lengthy congratulation/let's move on...

Madisyn says to BS ------

Kathleen Matthews currently running third in her primary (Tweety's wife)

Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah defeated in re-election bid (PA-2)

LOL Donald thinks he's going to win New York

Remember that bow hunter and Houston veterinarian Kristen Lindsey

Do any of my fellow long-time Clinton fans remember the 1992 Connecticut Primary?

Trump is lauding Bernie Sanders for saying Hillary was unqualified.

Hillary's wins CT.

The lead has flipped in CT. Hillary currently has a slight lead.

Katy McGinty just won the PA Senate primary

Chris Christie prepares to dance to his final end -to the tune of when the walls come tumbling down

CONN called for Hillary!

Can someone get the hook and remove Drumpf from the stage already!

MSNBC: Clinton wins CT!

And there's CT.

Are your ears bleeding yet?

MSNBC: Hillary wins Connecticut

She won CT

Hillary pulling away in CT!! Up 50-48 now!

HILLARY WINS CT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McGinty beats Sestak in Pa. Senate primary


Why are so many Bernie supporters in GDP giving up?

HRC takes 4/5 contests tonight

Cha, where are youuuuuuu? I hope you're not having computer problems again!

When The Great American Collapse has finally played itself out...

Another thing we can all agree on....

The big winner today: Exit Polls (Loser: Tim Robbins)

One from this afternoon - Great Blue Heron

No voting machine voter registration chaos...Hillary Clinton won

Hillary Clinton - Pledged delegate lead (Google) 351!

Victory Speech

Pledged delegates won tonight: 190 for Hillary, 114 for Bernie, 80 still to be divided.

Hillary takes CONNECTICUTT!!!

No Gloating But Can We Please Dispense With The Canard Hillary Only Wins In the Deep South.

Hillary wins Newtown CT.

Bernie needs to suspend his campaign tomorrow!

Calling Hillary a Progressive Makes ZERO Sense!

Per NYT: Sanders 13% win in RI nets him... 2 delegates (13-11)

Maryland: 64% reporting and Hillary has over 200,000 + votes than Bernie

from Donna Edwards: Thank you for being a part of this.

Putting the delegate race in perspective...

Just a reminder !

Now comes the hard part

Recalling all of the 'Obama Should Placate Hillary' articles

WARNING: the general election isn't a closed primary. Independents and (gasp) even Repubs can vote!

AP: Hillary has 90% of necessary delegates

So Donna Edwards lost...

Congressman Chris Van Hollen wins Maryland's Democratic Senate primary

Election Fraud in Real Time: The results of Greenwich have been revised to 68/31!!! LOL

Congratulations Hillary Supporters -- Enjoy the campfire

So these are our likely options come November:

I'm sorry, but I'm not congratulating Hillary....

We Will Never Surrender

No Votes Coming in From Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven for Seems Like 2 Hours

FBI could leak Clinton email investigation, Grassley warns

Just donated another $25 to Bernie

So far HRC has almost 400,000 more popular votes earned tonight than Bernie

Trump: If Hillary were a man she wouldn't get 5 percent of the vote

Cuba Is Developing A Taste For U.S. Whiskey

so if Hillary ONLY wins the 2012 Obama states in the general what happens (trick question)? nt

Funny, I Thought The Hillary "Victory" Fund Was Intended For The General Election When Tonight....

Trump only lost

After tonights results...

It is our fault...

Madam President

While GD:Pee is still here, remember that advocating for spoilers or Republicans is a TOS violation.

I think Bernie Sanders can do math...

Because I care about you - just stay out of GDP.

it is over.

According to this source, delegates for RI are as follows -

This is called election MIND F*&KING

Why is it that Bernie won the conservative counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut

Pledged delegate ESTIMATE based on tonight's results:

How long until Trump starts asking to see those transcripts?

The media continues to let Trump get away with lying about everything.

Racist texts allegedly sent by SF officers released

*POTUS on Charlie Rose now,

I think we're going to see as big a shift in urban planning as we did in the 1950s soon

NOW, ED SCHULTZ News Election Results

If Bernie doesn't win the nomination......the American people will miss him.

HRC is the vote leader in the primaries with Trump in 2nd and Bernie 3rd


We have 15 more states to go. Let's go, Bernie! nt

Bernie, ignore the screaming goons

Hays Eagle Cam

NC Gov. McCrory Blames Liberals for 'Orwellian' Orchestration of HB2 So a Dem Could Take His Job

It's now about the platform


Hill now at 2168 delegates. (Updated number)

CNN is reporting that the Sanders is saying that his campaign is going to pivot..

Bernie "congratulates Clinton on her victories, and I look forward to issue-oriented campaign"

I think that we were going to be able to stay until it was not possible for Bernie to win,

Open and closed primaries

On to Indiana!

Lawsuit: Walmart cop severely beats customer for pretty much no reason

Trump has more than 50% of the delegates

Civil rights leader Samuel Billy Kyles dies; was with MLK in Memphis

Sanders Campaign Just Admitted Defeat - It's Over

This was the most low key I've ever been after a massive night for Clinton

A well done speech...

OK time to start working the round of states! Get on the phone!

Will Hillary Fans Support Downballot Berniecrats?

Next week: Indiana!

Mrs. Greenspan on MSNBC now, rolling her eyes and

Article of the Primaries from the NY Times: The Cult of Sore Losers

Majority want Bernie to stay in race:

Bernie's statement tonight: TICKET and platform. Who would be on the ticket?

People here laughed. I saw more.

Civil rights leader Samuel Billy Kyles dies; was with MLK in Memphis

Hillary Clinton Victory Speech Philadelphia (VIDEO)

Just saw that Sestak got beat in PA

Only Voter Suppression Can Stop Bernie Sanders

Current count at NYT: Hillary up +65 delegates as of 11:40 pm for a lead of +309

It's happening.....

Hill~ You were fierce tonight.

Finally got blocked for the Shrill group

5 Things We’ve Learned About Hillary Clinton Since She Won the New York Primary

I can't wait.


Austerity leads to credit crunch in Argentina.

Austerity leads to credit crunch in Argentina.

30 percent of states haven't voted yet

Yeah, this is kinda where I'm at right now.

Next week is Indiana. 92 Delegates. Open Primary.

WTH, My home state Connecticut....

Nylon Pink: Every Heart - Inuyasha Cover (Anime Cover)

Ted Cruz called a basketball hoop a "basketball ring" in IN

I'm not a bettor, but PredictWise says there's a 97% chance of Hillary getting the nomination

So Sanders essentially believes that independents should decide who the Democratic nominee is.

Great discussion on Robert Reich's FB page.

My brother owns a restaurant just south of Indy...within spitting distance of the Cruz "rally".

Why is Bernie running to the convention a problem?

My bold prediction: Elizabeth Warren will be endorsing Hillary soon

Honestly the important stages here are not Kübler-Ross but Kohlberg

So how much is left in Sanders' campaign account?

FBI Question

Snopes: Sanders campaign has discounted the rumors of FB hacking

Karl Rove's Dirty Tricks Playbook...

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 28, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Sophia Loren

Man imprisoned for 28 YEARS after woman dreamed that he raped her to be freed

Chu's day

Macbeth, III, i, 1 - 6

Campaign Mystery: Why Don't Bernie Sanders' Big Rallies Lead To Big Wins?

Just a little reminder about 2008 - what Hillary asked from Obama after she conceded....

Michael Chabon: Israeli Occupation 'The Most Grievous Injustice I've Ever Seen in My Life'

New Japanese band: Chu's day (kawaiii ne)

Trying to get an accurate delegate count, as per Green Papers

My party has sold it's soul.

The Mary Pat Christie eye-roll when Trump disses Hillary.

Simple solution Skinner, a POLL, should Skinner "Call It"???

About this "voting" business

An Old World bird in a New World rainforest

There's a poll in GD: P you will probably want to vote in if you care about the future of DU

An Old World bird in a New World rainforest

AP: Hillary can lose every remaining contest by a wide margin -- and still win nomination.

A Bernie win in California will still be historic

The majority of Democrats have voted for Hillary Clinton

90,000 March Against Huge Transatlantic Trade Deal That Attacks Chemical/Food Regulations in US+EU

Trade Deals and the Death of Democracy - David Malone. Parts 1-3

Inadvertent Philadelphia News Humor

Trade Deals and the Death of Democracy - David Malone. Part 1-3

Why is this, MSM and FBI?

What a shock - not!

In 2008 cycle

HRC Group: GODDAMN! Anne Rice is OVER Bernie!

#AirbnbWhileBlack: How Hidden Bias Shapes The Sharing Economy

NYT: Hillary Clinton at times seems tone-deaf to public anger

Psychologists Weigh In on the Teen Who Live-Streamed Her Friend's Rape (Very disturbing)

Sour Grapes?

My brain is bleeding now...

Everytime I start to fret about the (D) Party

Should you witness any election fraud, or be intimidated by someone,

Robert Reich: Don't Bank on All of Bernie's Supporters Making an Easy Switch to Hillary.

Now that we have our presumptive nominee, let the speculation begin

My Dream Team.

Election Live Results Observers Catch Sanders Votes Going DOWN – SCREEN SHOTS

"The United States Revokes Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status" - ABC News (edited)

Fare for All

Live Results Observers Catch Sanders Votes Going DOWN – SCREEN SHOTS

As people foam at the mouth about the "Bernie Blackout" yesterday, I can't help but think....

Congratulations Hillary Supporters

Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS

Neil Young - Old Man & Heart Of Gold [1998]

Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS

The Future of US / Cuban Relations

The Future of US / Cuban Relations

In Pennsylvania Hillary was the only presidential candidate on the DNC's official ballot

Donald Trump’s Success Carries Lessons for Democrats, Too.

This is breaking my heart.

Don't trust the people predicting that Sanders would have done better in the general.

What is the deal between Trump-Christie?

Rise in CO2 has 'greened Planet Earth'

Heads up: intact skull sheds light on big, long-necked dinosaurs

Bolivia: Reflected glory

Argentina considers Arsat privatisation

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Hints At Elizabeth Warren As Running Mate (VIDEO)

College free speech: Hecklers on NC campuses under scrutiny

Sanders Surrenders Nomination Fight While Congratulating Clinton on Primary Wins

Judge to get case update on Ohio man arrested at Trump rally

Ohio man shoots, wounds own son, mistakes him for intruder

Activists pack license hearing for Ohio abortion clinic

Pennsylvania Man Charged In Alleged $35 Million Fraud Against Veterans’ Education GI Bill

The 1990s economy and race

All The World is Mad.

Daily Holidays - April 27

Paper ballots, Washington County

Op Ed – Islam and Atheism: An Alliance for Secularism

Hillary Clinton

Do What You Want:

Turkish police disperse pro-secularism rally protesting suggested religious constitution

Pope Francis adapts religious values to a progressive era

Once again the people in the towers defeat progressive populism

UNC Law Professor nails it in Op/Ed: The true motive for HB2 isn’t safety, it is hostility for LGBT

Left Outside the Social-Justice Movement's Small Tent

Missouri Spends Millions To Prevent 400k From Going To Planned Parenthood

Trump on Hillary "She's a very nice woman." "They're fantastic people." "They are good people."

There is an app to identify people by face on the internet. Guess what happened. Just guess.

The other day I was wondering why it was the Bernie supporters just couldn't wrap their heads

Solar Impulse Pilot: 'I Flew Over Plastic Waste as Big as a Continent'

Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years

Yes, we can't win the nomination as it is going.

What do you guys think? I'll quietly leave if you disagree.

Clueless CEOs at the Top

All The World is Mad.

Sanders Didn’t Start The Fire, So Don’t Ask Him To Put It Out

The Nation: Before ‘unity,’ Sanders must stay in the fight

Your Pay Is About to Go Up If You Make Less Than $50,000/Year

In 1790, a Jewish congregation wrote to George Washington. He wrote an amazing response

Today's Non Sequitur

Did everyone make it through the night safely?

Delegate haul from last night: 194 (Clinton) 129 (Sanders)

America Is About to See How Guns Used in Mass Shootings Are Marketed

 Who Is Behind the Lie That More Guns Makes Us Safe?

Watching Morning Joe...

Has the American Age of Decline Begun? Trump sez yes.

Illinois Dems introduce new gun legislation

Tom Tomorrow: The Orange Rage Monster Acts Presidential

Washington News - 4/27/2016

Clintonism the Future? NYT’s Political Science Fiction

Is Hillary Clinton 'Honest'?

Oregon News - 4/27/2016

Mike Malloy - Hillary Clinton´s Plan To Attack Social Media Commenters

Mike Malloy - How Can You Be A Democrat And Vote For Hillary Clinton?

Wyoming News - 4/27/2016

Idaho News - 4/27/2016

What IS THIS? Bernie's Votes Going Down... CAUGHT LIVE! Screen Shots In Article!

#berniementum picks up 2 delegates in RI

Yesterday's Primary results.

You know who picked Hillary? The voters.

Half of all European Men Descended from one Bronze Age King

Former White House Adviser: Thanks to Israel, the US ‘Dodged a Bullet in Syria’

Daily Kos Thread - Choose Sides

Living in the Wasteland of the Free

Analysis: 4 ways to see the emerging and polarizing Clinton-Trump fall campaign

Bernie shifts focus from winning the nomination to the party platform

Bernie supporters: You need to get ready(the fight to protect our movement).

Assuming she wins the nom, who would be in her cabinet?

Quick list of differences between the Dems and the GOP.

Appreciation thread for Jeff Weaver

Anne Rice says ...

Clinton, in a victory speech in Philadelphia, took aim at Trump for accusing her of trying to "play

1970 Papers From Exxon Affiliate Described Its Climate-Warming Business As "Anti-Social"

Cruz surrogate: Trump is winning because former Obama voters have switched to him.

Did the Sanders voters nominate an "establishment" candidate by voting for a Berniecrat?

State Dept. Documents Reveal Biggest ME Worry - Water Shortages Destabilizing Everything

CNN - 23.5 Minutes For American Petroleum Institute Ads, 5 Minutes For Climate Coverage

Independents Had a Big Say in Rhode Island

Independents Had a Big Say in Rhode Island

Congratulations David Brock!

He's With Us | Bernie Sanders

Republican Climate Change Denial is Blinding Our Ability to Observe the Arctic

He's With Us | Bernie Sanders

Promise | Bernie Sanders

Hill needed to win 65% of delegates last night to avoid contested convention

Trump: “If Hillary Were a Man, I Don’t Think She’d Get 5 Percent of the Vote”

Disappointed? Let's NOT Say "Oh, Well"

We Need A Vibrant Democracy | Bernie Sanders

Tim DeChristopher with Chris Hedges: Coping with Reality (re: climate change)

We Need A Vibrant Democracy | Bernie Sanders

The math Clinton v Sanders

A woman has been kicked out of a restroom...because she doesn’t “look like” a girl.

Vatican suspends outside audit of finances while reviewing contract

Why Rural Residents Resent Us

We need to continue to donate donate donate because any thing could happen between now

1651 to 1346...

Birtherism: Trump’s Original Sin And The Media’s Latest One

Consumers, Small-Business Owners Souring on This Economy

Yet another grisly murder in Bangladesh

Cenk Uygur and TYT - 2016 will be a terrible election, but you shouldn't stop fighting.

Cruz is already looking into Carly Fiorina

Hillary Clinton Pours it On in the East; Trump Ahead of "Trump Tracker" Pace to 1,237

A Torrid Week for the Transatlantic Corporatocracy

"Feel the Bern and don't freak out!" - Jimmy Dore Still Believes in The Revolution.

I just got "swindled" out of another $18

Has anyone else noticed how few Hillary superfanz have donor stars?

Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Apple’s iPhone-iPad-Mac Fiasco in 4 Interactive Charts

Worked the polls in PA yesterday.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- 2 against 1

The Impending Revolution

Does Bernie Still Have a Mathematical Path to Victory?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Bernie's Movement is just the beginning.

Stray tiger or tabby cat with a broken left leg - who do I call?

6 Reasons Exercise Is Better On Weed

Paid Trolls. Only the most corrupt and despicable of politicians rely on such tactics.

Katie McGinty won the Dem Nomination for US Senate in PA last night.

Which riders matter?

Will you ever give us stats on how alerts and hides changed after the amnesty


Thom Hartmann - Are Conservatives Causing Rises in The Suicide Rate?

Thomas Frank's sober assessment of the Clinton years and the current state of the Democratic Party

Spielberg: Bernie needs to kick some serious butt in California. It's still possible.

thomhartmann - Callers Guess Which Party Wrote The Platform

Fallout 4 imitates my life.

Bernie is not John Kasich

No, Donald Trump, beating Hillary Clinton will not be easy for you

Exclusive: Half of Americans think presidential nominating system 'rigged' - Reuters poll

Just checked's still there.

It is simply beyond me that the dumb fuck republicans are nominating goddamn trump

"Harriet Tubman? Give me a break!" . . . Please come CAPTION Brian Kilmeade!!!

Maddow: ‘No Way’ Sanders Wins Now, So Big Question Is How He Decides to ‘End This’

Bernie's biggest crime

Hillary Clinton could lose every remaining contest and still win the nomination

The State Department says it did NOT withhold key email from the FOIA response,

TTIP trade deal faces growing anger and opposition on both sides of the Atlantic

TPP Truth

Microsoft Bing has predictions for the upcoming primaries *

I love the little smile Hillary gets when she's about to hand tRump a big gotcha!

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie | Official HD Trailer #1 | 2016

Would YOU wear this T-shirt in a deep red small town in a deep red State? This is what I'm wearing..

And on the seventh day Americans rested – but pass on religion, poll finds

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

How Hillary Clinton will bait Donald Trump into making even more women hate him

Only two states had a higher voter turnout than in 2008

The real meaning of Donald Trump -- Tom Englehardt/Le Monde Diplomatique

Oh well, so long to those Paris climate conference goals

Bernie Staying in So Everyone Has a Chance to Vote

Has anyone thought of this?

If she were a man.....

John McCain’s fundraiser busted for a meth lab with LSD, coke, heroin and counterfeit cash

Need some prayers for my kitty.

Jane Doe Found Stabbed 150 Times Near Manson Killings Identified After 40 Years

Ipsos Reuters National Democratic Primary Poll-Likely Voter -Clinton 67% Sanders 32% *

Woke up this morning, logged on and went straight to

TYT talks about Hillary trolls and Facebook's inaction to correct

Rebekah del Rio - Llorando (Crying) (VIDEO)

Politifact: Did Clinton ask to be relieved from defending

Another toddler terrorist shoots his mother dead...

Trump does weird things with his fingers when he speaks

Hillary Tweet~Vote by vote, state by state, this team is building something special..

This Makes Me Sick

Ted Cruz just said Hillary and Bernie are better than Donald, shown more humility!!!

The Mainstream Media's Big Disconnect: Why They Don't Get Middle America

Obama is fighting Europe’s brewing isolationism in pitching free trade

Tim DeChristopher with Chris Hedges: Coping with Reality (re: climate change)

Young earth creationist Ken Ham explains on Twitter why it was 'cool' for God

If Donald Trump were a man, I don't think he'd insult women so often.

Arizona Poll Worker Confirms Rigged Primary — Testifies Her Machine Gave Out Wrong Ballots

Overall popular vote: Hillary + 2.2 Million over Trump, + 3,16 Million over Sanders

Ted Cruz with big announcement at 4 PM.

President Stump, not Trump!

Let's have some fun....Cruz announcement

Bernie's current proposed strategy could win him the nomination.

5 downtown janitors sue for $4.5 million, say supervisor snapped bras, slapped buttocks

I think it is time for President Obama start supporting Hillary outright

Plague of sock puppets likely being paid by health insurance industry, not HRC

'No plans to blindly follow my uterus to the nearest polling station'

Dems are by far more united behind winning candidate now than in 2008

Can You Guess Which Party Wrote the Platform?

The writing is on the wall, and I'm with her

Bernie has proven there is no "new politics"

Hillary News & Views 4.27: Victory Speech and State of the Primary Race

Congressional 'Payday Pals' Exposed...

GOP Family Values: McCain fundraiser arrested in meth-lab bust in Phoenix

The 1990s economy and race

The Party is Already Uniting! Bernie or Busters are outliers ....

What would you want to see in a deal between Sanders and Hillary?

States that have not held their presidential primary elections yet should cancel them forthwith.

Sane Progressive blocked by Facebook from posting videos (Fixed now)

One American Dies Every 16 Minutes From Lack Of Affordable Health Care In US: Study

I yelled back at Trump who was yammering on the radio...


If Pastafarianism is not recognised as an official religion in this country (Ireland), why not?

Many Tricare Users to Pay Enrollment Fee under Congressional Proposal

U.S. trade deficit to show big drop in March, advanced report indicates

I’m Excited – Meeting Hillary in Bridgeport ~~ (Not me~ The writer, lol!)

State senator Catherine Pugh wins Baltimore mayoral primary

The elephant (not the GOP symbol) in the room

Took a look at some numbers and I am thrilled at what last night elections revealed.

I wonder if the women who follow us in this world

Bernie has 1387 total delegates. He needs another 997. There are only 1013 pledged delegates left.

Decision Opens New York to Widespread Online Voter Registration

Belgium extradites Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam to France

MSNBC: Obama to travel to Flint, MI next week.

Bernie Sanders? Who is Bernie Sanders?

After long and serious deliberations I have decided to endorse Sherrod Brown as Hillary's VP

Trump encourages Bernie Sanders to run as independent

Democracy Spring and the US Voting Matrix: How Much of the Electoral Process Is Illusory?

Obama to visit Flint next Wednesday

Obama and Biden's intervention in PA's senate primary illustrates why the party needs a major revolt

This election is over

A corporation doing it right.

John Nichols: The Stop Trump Movement Is a Joke. Sad!

Indiana Berners

Manus Island detention centre to close, Papua New Guinea prime minister says

Donald Trump is still talking about the 'woman card' VIDEO~ Rachel Maddow not feeling TRUMP?

Live Feed of Earth

OK, this isn't political....but feeling the girl power and thinking about Trumps first wife

U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham announces potential run for Florida governor

Redback sinks fangs into Oz builder's todger

Three dead, one wounded in Mississippi shootings

America’s Long Hangover: How did Prohibition turn into a law-enforcement extravaganza?

Hand Recount 10% of NY Primary Ballots

Whom Might Trump Nominate to SCOTUS?

=*= Bernie Sanders West Lafayette Town Hall, Indiana 4-27-2016 =*=

Prediction: Assuming Hillary Clinton wins in November...

Question about CA

"correct the record"

Former House Speaker Hastert arrives for sentencing

Updated Predictwise Odds- Clinton to win nomination-98% /to win general election 72%

Has the United States been turned upside down?

GE match up odds say: Clinton 72% chance at presidency. Trump 24%

High court hears Virginia ex-governor's corruption appeal

I'm thinking this is where we part ways for the most part.

Hello from California!

Is Dodd-Frank missing some vital regulatory firewalls?

Suicide bombing in central Bursa kills 1, injures 7 (Turkey)

Question about Hillary emails:

Neoliberalism Is Destroying Our Lives and Many of Us Don’t Even Know What It Is

Sell out the revolution - what's your price?

White House locked down for (another) security incident: Secret Service

A Member of “Bernie’s Army” Is Still Waiting for the Candidate’s Help

Hillary's chief economic adviser helped author the CFMA which deregulated derivatives while in the

If being a woman is "playing a card"...

Brady Campaign unveils app to scrub mass killers' names from media sites

Brady Campaign unveils app to scrub mass killers' names from media sites

Qatar National Bank allegedly hacked, data of 1,200 entities leaked

Jeff Weaver is full on delusional

Redback spider bites Australian man on penis

We Will Not Learn To Love Hillary Clinton

Anyone wanting Bernie campaign BROCHURES (below), please send me a PM.

There's really no need for Bernie Sanders to suspend his campaign

'Loose Cannons Tend To Misfire': Hillary Highlights Donald Trump’s Dangerous Foreign Policy

Let's get this straight about Trump

Dennis Hastert Sentencing: Accuser Tells Him 'Don't Be a Coward'

Trump: If Clinton ‘were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote’

Canadian Physicians Criticize Naturopaths In Wake of Ezekiel Stephan’s Death

Early citizen scientists collected rare ice data, confirm warming since industrial revolution

Thank you, Giancarlo Stanton, for proving Clayton Kershaw is mortal

The Guy Who Screwed America’s Economy Hearts Hillary Clinton

Kasich-Cruz pact

I'll post this here ...

The Strong Evidence Against Spanking

Methods of allocating Superdelegates - "U-pick-em"

Professor POTUS on the Senate and the Supreme Court

Are the Republicans behind the new rules and increased out-of-pocket to veterans Tricare?

Pres Obama Responds to an 8 yr-old girl from Flint. He will visit May 4.

Samantha Bee (HRC supporter) destroys the Harriet Tubman critics

So now CNN MSNBC are covering Trump's so-called foreign policy speech.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most progressive presidential candidates we've had in a long time

"I’m the father of a 21 year old daughter. There are lots of things I worry about."

So when Clinton's numbers plummet are you going to blame Bernie

What if both Sanders & Trump went 3rd party, creating a FOUR WAY race?

'Wet Hot American Summer' is returning to Netflix ... 10 years later

Carly Fiorina spotted in Indianapolis

Rubio's photo op with Che's assassin

What kind of a person chooses to be a BrockPuppet?

Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison! -- EDITED

Snowden the Movie

Ignoring the role the media propaganda machine plays in picking candidates is ignoring reality.

If you laugh at this you're a horrible person

We need a Democratic Socialist Superpac.

Not Even Chris Christie's Wife Could Handle Trump's Offensive 'Woman Card' Comment

Lord help us! Jeff Sessions is Trump's foreign policy advisor.

Hillary gets the Jump on Trump! Releases paper on Donald's dangerous foreign policy!!!!

As Colombia Grows Safer, Tourists — Especially Bird Lovers — Flock Back

Celery: Nature's Toothbrush...for your colon.

What happens after a progressive candidate inspires formerly disaffected voters? In my city:

OK I've decided to listen to the foreign policy speech

So lemme get this straight. Martha Stewart went to prison for some bullshit insider trading beef.

As Colombia Grows Safer, Tourists — Especially Bird Lovers — Flock Back

Just got word from Congressman Kildee that President Obama is coming to Flint, next week

When Trump isn't ad libbing he is boring

Trump calling "making western democracies" in the Middle East a "dangerous idea"

Hillary's less than airtight defense on the emails

NYRB: The Trump Bomb

This Alabama City Will Now Put Transgender People In Jail For Peeing At Target

Oh no. Trump using teleprompters.

GOP Leaders Are Preparing to Submit to Donald Trump

Trump slamming NATO allies for not paying their share

Trump is publicly urging Sanders to run as an Independent!

Could we expect Sidney Blumenthal as HRC's Secretary of State?

Why Bernie Will, Should and Must Stay in the Race

The Mysterious Foreign Trade Zones Inside The US

Morning Joe "That campaign is not over"

Honolulu City Council Members Seek $250K For Church

Just Because, I still have not found The Answer

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge David Gass has tossed a lawsuit from a Tucson, Arizona voter ch

There is a hugh risk in playing the emotions card.

Trump looks like he is in pain giving this foreign policy speech.

Didn't Hillary gain less delegates than predicted last night

Should we give every homeless person a home?

Rent this van to live at Google and 'eat Google food' for $30 a day

If her name was still Hillary Rodham would she be this close to the presidency?

Saint Hedwig's Skull Missing ...

Supreme Court sympathetic to former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell

Pic Of The Moment: Four Predictions For Ted Cruz's "Major Announcement" This Afternoon

Plant protein behaves like a prion

Stanford rejects student request to divest fossil fuel holdings

Life expectancy - Interactive data chart

Trump's view of foreign policy is one simple word...BOMB!

Hastert gets 15 months federal prison. Judge " we have medical level 4 facilities if needed"

Foes begin drive to recall Venezuela leader amid unrest

Judge sentences former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert to 15 months in federal prison

Honolulu City Council Members Seek $250K For Church (xpost from GD)

ATTENTION: Donald Trump is live on TV now playing a new character. A competent one.

So far, Trump has us going to war with Iran, Libya, North Korea, Muslims here in the US

Ted Cruz says he'll have 'major announcement' this afternoon

San Bornadino?

Interesting Guitar Option ....

MP Naz Shah suspended from Labour

At some point, GD-P will become Election 2016.

Some thoughts as Drumpf stumbles on, reading a teleprompter

Crude L.A.: California's Urban Oil Fields

Liberty University to allow handguns in dorms next fall

Cruz announces a Female VP:

"Hunger Hormone" May Drive Fat Storage, Not Appetite

Mary Pat Christie's Eye Roll

Mashrou' Leila: Jordan bans Lebanese rock band with gay singer

Donald Trump is an unapologetic misogynist.

A post to remind everyone that Richard Nixon committed treason exactly like Ronald Reagan.

NRA has right to lobby, Longmeadow has right to ignore it

Trump has announced his Cabinet

Good God, is this man's foreign policy reckless.

Cracker Jack getting rid of toy prizes, replacing them with digital game codes

Colombia Searches Graveyards to Exhume, Identify N.N.

One way to get Big Agriculture to clean up its act

Three Decades On, Chernobyl’s Specter Haunts Nuclear Power

Venezuelan satirical site pokes fun at power shortages

So GOP White House not the end of the world, to some here?

Is Trump running to stay out of jail?

Why the ‘stop Trump’ movement isn’t working

One woman’s victory against a mining giant in Peru

Maine student reacts to being called an idiot by LePage

One woman’s victory against a mining giant in Peru

Anyone notice how many new Bernie lo posters with the same talking points

Hey M$Greedia - the longest serving ReTHUG Speaker of the House - that fucking scumbag

Presidential Poll GEORGIA: Clinton 50%, Trump 37%

Climate change: What makes us care?

RUDE ONE: Trump is devaluing Clinton because she's a woman. Let's call that "playing the dick card."

One oil field (the Bakken Formation) a key culprit in global ethane gas increase

Women, African Americans and Latinos...

Fmr Gen Barry McCaffrey - Trump hit it out of the ballpark

Possible Manson Family victim identified after 50 years: report

Bison to become U.S. national mammal

February Court Date Set for Bundy Standoff Case in Nevada

Reading here and hearing callers call in liberal radio shows, I am in AWE of the propaganda

How does Trump walk back his praise of Hillary in 2008?

DHMH Zika Awareness Week Town Hall Meeting

Clinton Finishes First, Sanders Places Behind Trump

A rural paper's decision on the voice of Harney County

Republican candidate claims Obama is using preschools to turn 3-year-olds into homosexual Muslims

Rude Pundit: The "Woman's Card" is utter bullshit.

Bernie Quixote

Is this what Trump Means by "Playing the Woman Card?"

When Black People Were Not “Ladies” or “Men”

More state bar complaints filed against Ammon Bundy's lawyer

USGS Records 4.1 Magnitude Earthquake in Central Oklahoma

‘Squaw’ names replaced (OR)

Ted Cruz to announce Fiorina as running mate.

Can Neighborhoods Be Revitalized Without Gentrifying Them?

And the voice of the Third Wayer is heard in the land: "Hillary Clinton shouldn’t move to the left"

Can Neighborhoods Be Revitalized Without Gentrifying Them? (xpost from GD)

February 2017 court date set for 2014 Bundy standoff in Nevada

Iyan Wakanya Gagnapi Oti camp aims to block pipeline

European proposal is DESPERATELY NEEDED IN THE US too to protect Public Services from Dismemberment

Jansing interviewing Sanders on MSNBC "Why am I running for President?"

Prince was not trans, he is proof that men need not be masculine

Sanders just-broadcasted exclusive interview on MSNBC.

Fraud Probe in Polygamous Town Aided by Surveillance Video

Pentagon to test F-35 against A-10 in 'common sense' war scenario showdown

Great Article

Trump vows to improve relations with Russia, China if elected U.S. president

Bridge in Mississippi Hosted Decades of Racial Violence

I have been here a lotta years. I served the site as a volunteer for a time

Madeline Sherwood - Mother Superior on The Flying Nun Has Died at 93

Houston Aryan gang member makes Most Wanted list

Virginia State Senator (Dick Black) Travels to Syria, Praises Assad

Foreign Languages

Shot in the face by a white supremacist, Rais Bhuiyan fought to save the man’s life

Alaska Weighing Rules to Allow Use of Pot at Licensed Stores

Wall Street Fraud: Sanders Is Coming — Adviser William Black Blasts Clinton

With friends like these, who needs Republicans?

Pfizer Agrees to $785M Settlement in Drug Discount Case

Proper Opossum Gourmet Cooking

A Hawaiian take on the tiny house movement?

I am officially in hospice

Name one blue state that will vote for Trump.

Republican Cruz to name Fiorina as his No. 2: media report

Ron Elving on NPR said it's Cruz-Fiorina today

Cruz - Fiorina 2016! It's official.

US to release report on failings leading to airstrike on Afghanistan hospital

For Hulu subscribers

ICYMI - Like Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders Will Surpass Clinton in South Carolina...

House Democrats Push Back On Obama Plan To Cut Drug Prices

m$nbc got something right!

Bernie Sanders supporters are all dumb young misogynists who know nothing about politics and aren't

It's too late for Bernie to get on the ballot to run as an independent.

Ford recalls 202,000 vehicles for transmission issue

High school basketball player says he was unaware he is actually 29

=*= Bernie Sanders West Lafayette Town Hall, Indiana 4-27-2016 =*=

Citizenfour - Academcy Award for Best Documentary

Seems there's a lot of folks here suddenly worried about tax rates. Here's some advice ...

Hillary should announce her VP Joe Biden before

Bob Reich is on a roll today. Check out his Facebook page

For the record, our Freeper friends have less enthusiasm for Cruz/Fiorina than they do Cruz himself.

Can Democrats win without the majority of voters? The Independents.

The Washington Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday April 30

How Many More Flesh Wounds Can Black Knight Bernie Sustain

He Named Me Malala - Documentary

Just a quick note, and clarification

If caucus votes go un-counted and un-reported is it intellectually dishonest to claim

Scientists Destroy Anti-Gay Arguments About “Choice”

When will CNN or GEM$NBComcast give us the Hastert documentary

Forget the All Star Game. HB2 Puts Entire Hornets Franchise At Risk

Why isn't the reason for an alert viewable before voting?

The "Woman's Card" Is Utter Bullshit

Wisconsin toddler shot mom dead in front of grandma, 1-year-old brother as family drove down highway

5 'too big to fail' banks are violating Dodd-Frank rules

I'm In It to Win It | Bernie Sanders

I'm In It to Win It | Bernie Sanders

4,800-year-old fossil of mother cradling baby found in Taiwan

WaPo: Dennis Hastert’s stunningly hypocritical 1998 speech about impeaching Bill Clinton

Support Bernie? You are in GOOD COMPANY!

Which is wider?

Hillary vs. Trump Election Projection


I just found Martha Plimpton on two different channels at the same time


"Science is a sham!" . . . Please come CAPTION creationist Ken Ham!!!

Almost Everything in “Dr. Strangelove” Was True (Nuclear Weapons Control)

Update on Maricopa County Elections - NAZ Today

Corrupt quacks find a new way to look "respectable..."

Update on Maricopa County Elections - NAZ Today

Some mid week inspiration, Shirley Chisholm

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 4.27.2016

So what do y'all think of Cruz's Hail Mary pass of Carly Fiorina as his running mate?

Democrats, THIS Is Why You Need To Fear Hillary Clinton: She Is A Bigger HAWK Than Republicans

Clinton Campaign Money Laundering Schemes Crush Bernie Sanders

I'm thinking of getting my mom a rose bush for Mother's Day

Time for our Hail Mary pass! Don't give up, upsets still happen! NT

*** Posted to the African-American Group ***

We want trump to win the nomination! We will destroy him!

I'm going to pretend to be Donald Trump for a moment. You might not like this.

Breaking: Congress finally takes action on background checks!

Study: Opioid Abuse Rates Lower In Medical Marijuana States

Omaha Steve, do you have a list of leftest democrats we can support?

It's not about slamming. It's about math

Trump should have warned Putin that China will probably invade

When's the last time a candidate named a running mate while primaries were still being contested?

Data worth knowing

Triathlete Says She Didn’t Cheat. Video Suggests Otherwise.

We Fact Checked Trump’s Claim That ‘Virtually Every Single’ Legal Expert Believes Clinton Committed

If Hillary really wants to stick it to Donald Trump

Watch Bernie Sanders Shoot Hoops With NBC's Chris Jansing

Harvard Crimson: Mumps Count Rises to 40, Concerning HUHS Director

Asshole meets asshole.

Photo journal of a cross country road trip

What's for Dinner, Wed., April 27, 2016

Sanders Press Release: I'm (Still) In It To Win It.

Trump on a teleprompter??? . . . "The horror!"

Mainers poised to vote on marijuana legalization in November

What Do You Want to See In the Party Platforms?

Where Did the Government Jobs Go?

If Trump is really afraid of Bernie why does he want him to run

Is there a link to Bernie's gracious concession speech for 4/26/16 States?

A new age is dawning

Marine discharged after refusing to remove a Bible verse taped near her cubicle has her day in court

The Arctic is melting - and scientists just lost a key tool to observe it

Two war criminals and a child molester.

Hillary is the status quo candidate, so if you want more of the same America ...

Lead in the water: Tacoma, Washington

Cruz/Florina. Losers uniting. FFS! This IS disgusting! How horrible asses like this rise to the top

Common struggles: Greeks for the mass movement of Bernie Sanders!

LePage apologizes for storming away from university event

The Minds of the Non-Voter

The Cruz/Fiorina wedding is starting

“The defendant is a serial child molester”

Fairfax abortion clinic’s license suspended by Virginia health department

D'Angelo Performs Prince Tribute Cover Of "Sometimes It Snows In April" On The Tonight Show

Sanders Campaign letting field workers go.

Bernie's Great Interview with MSNBC's Chris Jansing about Campaign, Hillary & Trump 4/27

Last minute wagers being taken for what the 'BIG CRUZ ANNOUNCEMENT IS'

With the news of conservative Christians boycotting Target re: the trans rest room issue

Cruz is an idiot opening his speech talking about job creation before picking Carly.

McCain Campaign Cuts Ties With Fundraiser Arrested In Meth Lab Bust

Can someone point me to an OBJECTIVE count of respective PLEDGED delegates?

Sandernista rebels are so rebellious and so radical they're going to stay home and pout

I'm In It To Win It. | Bernie Sanders

Cruz and Fiorina...I don't get it.

NY Times: Bernie Sanders to Cut Hundreds of Staff Members and Turn to California

Pictures from the Bernie rally I went to

I liked this answer he gave about giving his support to Hillary Clinton at Town Hall.

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump has no Judgment - Full Interview (4-27-2016)

The Political Revolution Is Alive and Well!

A Former Secretary Of State Just Eviscerated Trump’s Incoherent Foreign Policy Speech

Utah would vote for a Democrat for president over Trump - First time in more than 50 years.

'Religious freedom' measure defeated in Missouri House committee

And the second question: What's in it for Fiorina? Does she just have a failure fetish or something?

Tim Robbins story on how fake info is spread

Ted and Carly's celebrity couple name: Tedly? nt

Wrong forum. Sorry

Cruz and Fiorina talking about how the GOP has a fight

Fighting the Christian Right's Target Boycott

Carly Fiorina? This was Ted Cruz's first choice:

Ted Cruz's remark in Indiana speech

Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Hangs All of Bernie’s Hopes on ‘Probable’ FBI Indictment of Hillary

This just in: Trump Announces VP Choice

Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Hangs All of Bernie’s Hopes on ‘Probable’ FBI Indictment of Hillary

FBI Makes Official Its Decision to Keep Apple iPhone Hack Secret

Ted Cruz, Republican presidential hopeful, taps Carly Fiorina as vice-president

I want to know how a candidate I have never donated to, or volunteered for

NY Times: Bernie to layoff "hundreds" of campaign staffers.

NY Times: Bernie to layoff "hundreds" of campaign staffers.

Anyone else having formerly blocked users show up as unblocked?

The Braves Play Taxpayers Better Than They Play Baseball

Former Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh Slams Salon for ‘Idiotic’ Anti-Hillary Piece

Former Editor-in-Chief Joan Walsh Slams Salon for ‘Idiotic’ Anti-Hillary Piece

Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison in Hush-Money Case

America First

Donald Trump Will Be the Republican Nominee for President. Don’t Ever Get Used to It.

Trump will not be able to pick a VP. His ego will not let someone else

Morgan Freeman Defends His Marijuana Use: “I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It”

Tornado spotted in west Omaha; wind damage reported

VIDEO: California storm produces purple rain

8 Stories Ted Cruz Should Probably Have Read Before Picking Carly Fiorina

Degrees Of Progressive

Congress Likely To Get Its Only Openly Atheist Member In November

I'm not running for office, I've got ZERO chance of being elected to anything, therefore.....

This comment about Cruz/Fiorina is worth rec'ing:

Act Blue is the financial infrastructure for many real Liberals but we need to go further...

Re- Election Hacking

Bernie Sanders Goes All-In On California Primary, Plans Big Rallies

13-Year-Old With Replica Gun Shot By Baltimore Police Officers

A closer look at Jehovah’s Witnesses living in the U.S.

Cruz Hopes To Tap Into Immense Popularity of Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep Ad:

Why Malheur Wildlife Refuge is seeing green after the siege

Favorite land animal meets favorite sea animal.

Bundy offered to plead guilty to federal conspiracy, three days after arrest, lawyer says

20 years

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 April 2016

Never knew two people played "Floyd the Barber" on Andy

Unlike "some people" I don't just post for the sake of posting...

Official Bernie Rally - Eugene/Springfield, Thursday April 28, 2016

Why does no politician demand the voting machines be verified?


Official Bernie Rally - Eugene/Springfield, Oregon on Thursday April 28, 2016

It is becoming harder and harder to tease out satire from reality

The favorite ad hom of Bernie's supporters

Planned Parenthood On Cruz/Fiorina Ticket: ‘The Most Loathsome Pair In America’

Sanders: I'll fight to keep Republican out of White House if I'm not nominee

To both Hillary and Bernie supporters: What makes Hillary's candidacy attractive to Charles Koch?

Authorities: 120 Charged In Bronx Gang Takedown; Believed To Be Largest In NYC History

Attention Hillary supporters: make up your minds!

Politifact: "Yes, Donald Trump has been linked to the mob."

Seriously. Time to call it.

Does anybody know

=*= LIVE Streams @ 6:45/8PM/10PM: Bernie Sanders Bloomington Indiana Rally 4-27-16 =*=

Bernie Sanders-"Donald Trump has no judgement at all."

=*= LIVE Streams @ 6:45PM/8PM/10PM: Bernie Sanders Bloomington Indiana Rally 4-27-16 =*=

Official Event - Rally in Portland, Oregon, Tuesday May 3, 2016

Bernie for V.P.?

Data from the Pew Research Center shows independents are now the biggest partisan group in the

Official Event - Rally in Portland, Tuesday May 3, 2016

CNN: Sanders Supporter Discusses How She Will “Never” Vote For Clinton

GDP is turning ugly.

Email privacy bill unanimously passes U.S. House

I thought I'd drop in and share my first blog post:

Trump's mob connections.

So looks like it's a few weeks of promoting independents & Trump and hopes the FBI saves Bernie

The 2016 Primary Campaign is Over

The 2016 Primary Campaign is Over

She’s Back: Cruz Picks VP. Fiorina the Female: Desperation for a Viable Woman Candidate and the Lowe

From George Takei...#VOTEBLUENOMATTERWHO. Hillary Clinton Group

David Prosser announces his retirement. n/t

Rescue Dogs Adopt Potato

German Shepherd Helps Rescue Children From Burning Home

The Hillsborough verdict shatters the fantasy that class war doesn’t exist

Billionaires for a continuation of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton plutocracy of the 1%!

The President's visit to Flint, MI is set for Wednesday, May 4

OMG. So much in-fighting.

Mr. Stossel, if hospitals were like Fed Ex instead of USPS....

Just 37 percent of U.S. High School Seniors Are College Ready, National Report Card Shows

just got a long e-mail from

Sacramento Shakedown - Kevin Johnson’s crossover corruption

That debate moment when Rick Lazio guaranteed his loss against Hillary Clinton.

Sanders to Cut Hundreds of Staff Members and Turn to California

Fundraiser for top Republicans arrested in drug bust

She's got a heart!!!!

Kathleen Matthews (Mrs. Hardball) LOSES! Jamie Raskin wins!

And got BIZARRE. Carly sings at VP speech.

Justice Prosser announces retirement from Wisconsin Supreme Court

New Campaign Rally Intro for BS

Republicans and sex crimes

How Hillary Clinton will bait and trap Donald Trump.

For Those Who Still Support Bernie

Watch Samantha Bee Rip Into a Fox News Host Over His Incorrect Version of US History

Should Bernie pick a VP now, before the convention to get more traction?

An Elaborate Hillary Clinton Facebook Conspiracy With Coordinated Attacks and Porn? No, Just a Glitc

120,000 residents cast affidavit ballots in NYC, 37,000 in Brooklyn alone.

Trump on Clinton: 'I'm going to be taking a lot of things Bernie said and using them'

I spent the day with my two grand kids, all 19 months of them.

I'm on two juries in 10 minutes.

HRC GROUP. Trending: #BlockSalon

Omaha man found guilty of hate crime for stealing and burning lesbian couple's gay pride flag

Omaha man found guilty of hate crime for stealing and burning lesbian couple's gay pride flag

TPP, Japan's Minister Shinzo Abe & Secrecy that Mimic's the USA Congress with Trade Deal+ Ireland

HA-ha Gooberman begs FBI to indict Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are voting yes on fracking, yes to regime change and war, yes to Wall St. deregulation.

Seymour Hersh - On the Rise of Bernie Sanders...

D'Angelo on Jimmy Fallon "Sometimes it Snows in April"

6 Cautionary Tales That Terrified Kids of Yesteryear

Bernie Sanders Rally in West Lafayette, Indiana | 4-27-16 |

Equality watchdog warns junior doctors' contract is potentially illegal

North Colombia children killed by malnutrition this year raised to 25

Bernie Sanders Rally in West Lafayette, Indiana | 4-27-16 |

RC Fans: Remote Control Helicopter Pilot Does Things That Look Like They Should Be Impossible

My first post here. Can we agree Hillary has it? (Clarification)

Sanders Attending WH Correspondence Dinner as CBS guest

An Agnostic's Prayer: Dear Jeebus, Have Skinner call it.

Borowitz share

Hillary needs 70% of remaining delegates to secure the nomination

The Party Formerly Known as Republican

Hillary Clinton to keep all unpaid staffers

Is Hillary Clinton really the foreign policy super-hawk she is portrayed to be?

120,000 residents cast affidavit ballots in NYC, 37,000 in Brooklyn alone. Cross posted from GDP

Bernie's fundraising is NOT fraud. I have seen A LOT of FRAUD in politics and business

Hillary was always the plan.