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NO we are not dropping out, NO we will not tone it down, Nothing will stop us. We're ALL IN!!!

Election 2016 Latino Decisions Poll

JANE SANDERS EXCLUSIVE: Campaign Strategy and Future with ED SCHULTZ, April 27, RT

HRC trolls are phonebanking in Indiana telling voters Bernie dropped out?

Now, ED SCHULTZ News Live, RT America

Bernie Sound Of Silence

Every member of the DNC...

Sanders to the Democratic Party: Whose Side Is It On, Working People or Corporations & Wall Street?

What does one do about a poster who has claimed I have 2 identities here

funniest & silliest thread in GD-P

Woman Card

Sanders supporter charged for threatening to cut out Rep McDermott's tongue

So is Howard Beale running against Hillary now

Orlando man learns important lesson: Raccoons will bite your dumb ass

Hillary supporters-- do you really think the superdelegate system is a good thing?

NY Primary Election Lawyers: This election must not be Certified until there is a clear result

Anyone seen the article in about the super pac

Full Speech : Bernie Sanders Rally in Eugene OR. (4-28-16)

aya Ueto -Aino no Tameni

(Florida Supreme) Court calls $1.53 an hour lawyer fee unconstitutional, 'absurd'

Full Speech : Bernie Sanders Rally in Eugene OR. (4-28-16)

Shocking video shows lesbian unable to prove gender being FORCIBLY REMOVED from women’s bathroom

JANE SANDERS EXCLUSIVE: Campaign Strategy and Future with ED SCHULTZ, April 27, RT

Just got home from phone-banking for Hillary in New Jersey.

Another laughable pick by Jerry Jones

Donald Trump’s chances against Hillary Clinton look far worse than Ted Cruz’s

Hey.....anyone watching the NFL draft??

Sanders to Democratic Party: Whose Side are We On?

The Best Sandwich Ever

I'm going to launch a new business, I think.

Jane Sanders on the Future of her Husband's Campaign

Twitter Page of NBC Embed with Sanders. Interesting photos and stuff

Jane Sanders on the Future of her Husband's Campaign

BlockIQ Escalates War on Ad Blockers

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Mr. Lonely! & Uncensored & Live & a

Interview with Jane Sanders coming up on tonight's Rachel Maddow show. n/t

Official Hillary Clinton Woman Card - (CLINTON GROUP)

The US may be about to admit a lot more Syrian refugees very soon


538: Hillary Clinton was liberal. Hillary Clinton is liberal.

Bernie looks like the guy...

What are 'sovereign citizens'?

Three days before her mastectomy, the insurance company called her.....

Planes Can Plant 900,000 Trees A Day With Seed Bombs


Skinner posting something interesting

Definitive proof that wages are on the rise in America


Be Very Afraid: They're Coming for the Constitution

Goodell booed at NFL Draft

Pentagon chief would back lifting restrictions on U.S. arms to Vietnam

Yes He Does

I've gotta say this.

This #HillaryClinton meme cracks me up :)

"Dark As A Dungeon"

Peter King: Cruz gives Lucifer a bad name

Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC tonight: Bernie Sanders is out of his mind!

Joan Baez on Bernie Sanders

Congress votes to designate bison as national mammal

"Politics are like a box of chocolates." Forrest Trump

Rachel is reporting that Democrats are happier than ever with the party...


Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Skeptic Shock (Nate the Neocon finally gets karma!)

Massachusetts Senate approves under-21 ban on tobacco sales

Massachusetts Senate approves under-21 ban on tobacco sales

And who is the most popular Senator according to the latest poll?

First on CNN: Sanders' lone Senate backer says he should drop out before convention if he's losing

White People Have Always Had Big Government Socialism

Bernie Sanders: America’s most popular senator.

Gonna get a post in here before I get purged

Here's the math: Clinton needs 215 votes...

Mana To Perform at White House on Cinco de Mayo

Edwards Brings Fight For The Middle Class To California As Part Of Three-Day Coast To Coast Tour

JANE SANDERS EXCLUSIVE: Campaign Strategy and Future with ED SCHULTZ, April 27, RT

Thought I'd seen it all but not quite.

I've gotta say this.

The zombie apocalypse has arrived.

Bernie supporter threatens to maim Congressperson

Senate confirms new U.S. ambassador to Mexico after Rubio drops hold

CBS Evening News had a good story tonight about Alaska's fiscal crisis.

Portman, Ayotte, Kirk All Suddenly Reveal They Care Deeply Re. Environmental Issues

Zolushka Has Made History! (tiger rescue)

Meghan McCain: Carly rips out Hillary's jugular and serves it to me on a platter

NCAR Study- Oxygen Depletion In Planet's Oceans Will Be Widespread by 2030s

Hillary Clinton is Pro-War and Pro-Wall Street. Neither of these are Modern Liberal Values.

Goping to be Great to see Ted Cruz go Down

Bernie is a Public SERVANT. Hillary wants to be the Queen.

Democrats Could Win Back The House Thanks to Trump Being as “Popular as Head Lice”

Did you know DU Sanders suppoters existed in ancient rome?

Has anybody watched this 1999 video - This all has or is coming true- A good way to understand now

My educated guess is that Fiorina led to "GOP Elites" caving in & "accepting Trump as their nominee"

Deeply moving Message From Bernie Sanders

More of the same Shite -Trump is giving the folks in California the same

No transcripts = No vote.

I stand with Skinner.

Talk about unicorns...Nominating a candidate that 60% of the people won't vote for.

WA State's most loved and liberal house member, Rep. Jim McDermott, M.D.,

Donald Trump and Bob Knight deserve one another.

A millennial's Quick Startup Guide to Hillary

I can get behind this #womancard

The best case scenario for uniting the party would be Clinton/Warren ticket.

Puerto Rico: a Junta By Any Other Name

Puerto Rico: a Junta By Any Other Name

Susan Sarandon on Colbert talking about why she broke up with Hillary.

Luckovich - Trump Card

Bernie Sanders : Do Democrats Stand with the Poor or with Corporations ?

Bernie Sanders : Do Democrats Stand with the Poor or with Corporations ?

The People of the USA will Have the Final Word

The People of the USA will Have the Final Word

Manufacturer liability

Someone just put up a new "woman card" in the Hillary group. It's got like

Looking for something to laugh at -- found it

Cat not done with human petting - Come here hand

Graffiti at Utah's Arches National Park may be irreparable

Coroner identifies Apple employee found dead at headquarters

The Hillary Clinton Guide To Being An Empowered Woman

WOW! Bernie supporter charged for threatening to cut out Congressman's tongue for supporting Hillary

Journalist who profiled Melania Trump hit with barrage of antisemitic abuse

Excerpts From The New Movie "I'm Leaving DU"...Enjoy!!

Noam Chomsky: "contemporary Democrats are pretty much what used to be called moderate Republicans."

How far will the Clinton machinery go to mangle Bernie Sanders?

Elizbaeth Warren slams Trump after ‘woman card’ comment

Goodbye DU

Lawsuit: 2 Missouri school officials slammed girl to ground

Have To Come to The Conclusion....

If our friendship counts on my vote in the general lets depart amicably

APNewsBreak: South Dakota tribe sues feds over ER closure

Article: This is What the Revolution Looks Like: Former Sanders Staffers are Launching...

the last triangulation

Thousands flood free medical clinic in Los Angeles

New Proof The NY Primary Was RIGGED! [Truth & Comedy]

Is it a standard thing for presendtial candidates to campaign for other candidates

Why Trump will be allowed to win the nomination

Obama-Netanyahu Rift Impedes U.S. Offer of Record Aid Deal for Israel

April 28 - Clinton Superdelegates Say Angry Sanders Supporters Are Harassing Them

Confrontations Erupt Outside Donald Trump Rally in Costa Mesa

FishTank: Jane goes to Bat for Bernie, Boehner sees the Devil in Cruz

FishTank: Jane goes to Bat for Bernie, Boehner sees the Devil in Cruz

I would like to know what others think about this:

Charge: Bernie Sanders supporter threatens to cut out Rep. McDermott's tongue

Charge: Bernie Sanders supporter threatens to cut out Rep. McDermott's tongue

Not aware of Donald Trump’s huge problems with Scotland?

Bill Press and Bob Bennett on CNN tonight: Bernie will have enormous power at convention.

What is Reconstruction of the (Captured) State?

Transgender civil servants in Brazil can use chosen name

Transgender civil servants in Brazil can use chosen name

Planned Parenthood alleged killer is delusional, experts say

Who would be the coolest POTUS? (It's a good time for some Bernie-lovin')

Bernie has been too nice to Hillary. We may pay the price for that.

Medford man with pipe bombs had threatened Obama, FBI says (OR)

Well, I have gotten my chance on serving juries down to 60%

Bernie supporters do a lot of complaining about non-issues.

Two more rallies before Indiana Primaries

Police Car Smashed as Massive Crowd Floods Into Street Outside Trump Rally in Costa Mesa

Meet Paul Manafort, Trump's -- and world dictators' -- global political technologist.

We thought KKKarl was vicious. I hope we'll be ready for this p.o.s. Paul MANAFORT

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Warns Brazil's Senators Against 'Coup'

Arkansas News - 4/29/2016

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Warns Brazil's Senators Against 'Coup'

Fracking considered a possible cause of recent minor quakes in Pennsylvania

Sanders' lone Senate backer says he should drop out before convention if he's losing

Obama-Netanyahu Rift Impedes U.S. Offer of Record Aid Deal for Israel.

John Boehner: Ted Cruz Is "Lucifer In The Flesh"

Colin Powell Blows Up Republican Email Scandal By Agreeing With Hillary Clinton

How to handle a grumpy old man deva?

Colombia legalises gay marriage

The Real Donald

George Takei gave an amazing interview and spoke about whitewashing

I have to get this off my chest

House Republicans Follow Orders And Advance Corrupt Bill To Protect The Koch Brothers

Protests Rage Outside Trump Rally In Orange County: Police Car Window Smashed, Roads Blocked

North Korea Sentences Former Virginia Man To 10 Years Of Hard Labor

Bernie Sanders outspends other candidates on the campaign trail (Jane interview)

"Clinton Cash"

It has started. 20 people arrested at a Trump rally where supporters clashed with demonstrators in

Oklahoma News - 4/29/2016

Satanists to Boehner: Please Don't Associate Us With Ted Cruz

So let me share where I, a moderate Bernie-ite, now stand:

Here is my breakdown...and I do mean BREAKDOWN

PHILLY MARCH - We Shall Overcome - Bernie Sanders on CD, NY/CA delegations at 1968 DNC Convention

Why I am voting for Hillary in the General (as a Bernie supporter).

John Nichols and Robert McChesney on the emerging jobless economy

Make America great again!

China will 'never allow war or chaos' on Korean peninsula, says Xi Jinping

Can we clone Amy Goodman?

Friend of Alleged Charleston Church Shooter Entering Plea

Former SS Auschwitz Guard to Testify at His Trial in Germany

Large parts of Barrier Reef dead in 20 years: scientists

Why not eliminate General Discussion: Primaries?

I live steps from the Pacific Amphitheater at the OC fairgrounds

Can we all post what we think might be the beginning of our mental illness?

Some thoughts on the primary race.

The other topic never to bring up in GD: Cursive Writing (or lack thereof)

Water storage made prehistoric settlement expansion possible in Amazonia

Water storage made prehistoric settlement expansion possible in Amazonia

Construction workers in Spain unearth huge trove of ancient Roman coins

Iron age man was as fond of Swiss cheese as we are

Is Fighting to Be the Media Arm of the White Nationalist Alternative Right? (SPLC)

Trump attacks Clinton on gender, risking backlash from women

*TONIGHT: THOMAS FRANK 'Listen Liberal' | HBO Real Time with BILL MAHER, Fri April 29 10PM

Some great asparagus recipies for the season.

A woman in tight jeans was blamed for a man raping her. The world isn't having it.

TONIGHT: THOMAS FRANK 'Listen Liberal' | HBO Real Time with BILL MAHER, Fri April 29 10PM

Panama Papers Prove America Has the Money to Transition to 100% Clean Energy

Protests outside Trump rally turn violent

Hillary Introduced In The Most Awkward Way Possible

Acceptance of gay rights is growing. But gay marriage remains a distant prospect in China

Ryan wants to end Obamacare cost protections for sick consumers

Daily Holidays - April 29

Valeant CEO to Tell Senate He's Really, Really Sorry for Raising the Price of Life-Saving Heart--

Jane Sanders Coming Up on CNN, 8:00 hr., Sanders Campaign Going Forward, 'New Day Show'

Alabama News - 4/29/2016

Today's PredictWise - 2016 President – Winner - Hillary 72% - Repug 28%

The prickly skin of the cactus is helping to make better electric car fuel cells

And the 2016 First Round Draft choice of the New Englands Patriots is.....

Insiders: Clinton would crush Trump in November

Insiders: Clinton would crush Trump in November

Hilarious New LGBTQ Web Series Tackles Love, Sex, Spirituality, Diversity and More

Bar Trick

History has been made

After Citizens United, Supreme Court looks ready to legalize political bribery...

Georgia News - 4/29/2016

Check out today's DU front page

RI Coalition Against Gun Violence holds 2nd annual State House rally

Obama to make 'smart guns' push

Tracing firearms used in crimes is inexact science

Bernie Sanders to join Carrier workers at Statehouse rally Friday

Dee Gordon Banned 80 Games For PEDs

Tennessee News - 4/29/2016

Is Sisi losing his grip on Egypt?

The new laptop still hasn't arrived.

Norway helicopter crash: '11 killed' near Bergen

Margaret Brennan, religious leader, respected mentor, dies at 92

Intern with Move to Amend!

Opening the Closed Political Culture

The Pragmatic Impacts of Sanders’ Big Dreams

She'll get the nom but shame on Hillary supporters for being OK with not releasing the transcripts!

Tony Blair courted Chinese leaders for Saudi prince's oil firm

LGBT groups gird for battle against religious-based legislation they say could erase their rights

Who gets to decide how we vote in the Primaries? If we wanted to change to ranked voting, eg,

Where's the GOP Indiana polling?

Black Women Rally Behind Hillary Clinton

Trump’s Wall Backfires: Hispanic Voter Registration Skyrockets In The Face Of GOP Threat

Oklahoma: Where raping an unconscious person's throat is legal if they were drinking.

Trump's new target: Sanders supporters

Remember those "disappearing votes in Delaware"? This week's "cheating" scandal?

Russ Feingold Says In-State Donor Pledge Has 'No Relationship To Reality' Anymore

Make 'em laugh!

Flashy Thing...

Chuck Todd (on MJ): "Sanders is starting to sound like a bitter guy..."

Jane Sanders: ‘It Would Be Nice’ If FBI Sped Up Clinton Email Investigation (HRC GP)

Make your prediction: What will Trump say after his loss?

What do your gopper relatives think of Cruz/Trump?

Yeah, Dude. Whatever.

The real identities of 'Tyler Durden' and Zero Hedge have been revealed

Boom: NCAA says cities and states with anti-LGBT laws cannot host tournaments

Anybody doing Predictit for Hillary?

Agents of Regime Change

It's time to ask: "Donald, where are your tax returns?"

GBR Mass Bleaching Made 175 Times More Likely By Anthropogenic Warming - Guardian

Mountaintop - Bernie Sanders

Mountaintop - Bernie Sanders

Implosion: Ted Cruz Names Carly Fiorina VP Running Mate

Dennis Hastert is going to jail for 15 months

Ft. Lauderdale Plans For Rising Seas: Raise Seawalls At Least 8" (But No More Than 12"!!)

I would hope we can agree that both sides have overzealous supporters who do nasty shit ...


Hillary's Superdelegates should stop whining...

ICYMI - Yes, Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Sanders Defeating Hillary Clinton...

George Takei Asks For Kindness And Civility

Charges: Bernie Sanders supporter threatened to cut out Seattle congressman’s tongue

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Satan and Co.

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - United States of Trump

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

If it was Martin O'Malley who was in the lead ahead of Bernie at Convention, would we find it easier

Why asking black people about "black-on-black crime" misses the point

Ayumi Hamasaki : who

Simple questions regarding UBI:

‘Run! Run And Never Look Back!’ Whispers Heidi Cruz While Hugging Carly Fiorina On Rally Stage

The Daily Show Turned Trump’s Own Words Into A Hip Hop Song, And It’s Glorious (VIDEO)

I proudly stand with Jim McDermott

I wasn't coming back to GD P but Skinner's post prompted me in a way to do so.

Green Beret who beat up accused child rapist can stay in Army

Charles Pierce: When We Forget

It takes taxes to build a great country.

Moving right along with Ted and Carly ....

Cruz Supporter Steve Deace Attacks CNN Panel Yelling 'Stop Lying' 'You’re A Liar!'

Corrupt Michigan officials hid lead levels by 'gaming' the sampling process to falsify results

Puerto Ricans Are Broke and Feel Out of Luck

"American Toxic"

So is the Sanders campaign still trying to flip superdelegates?

John Boehner: Ted Cruz Is 'Lucifer In The Flesh'

US aircraft carrier denied entry to Hong Kong, American consulate official says

Bernie could still win the nomination.

538: A Sanders Comeback Would Be Unprecedented

Someone call Samus Aran

Thomas Frank: Dems have gone from the party of the New Deal to a party defending mass inequality

Manhattan lawyer files class action suit after he was blocked from voting in New York primary

Linking to post in GD 'When are we ever, as a people, going to start to _try_ to make this country '

Finally, the real problem is getting some press.

Sanders requested a 45-day extension on latest personal $ disclosure

If Trump wins the White House will Congress support?

Insiders: Clinton would crush Trump in November

George Takei Video Urging Democrats to 'Vote Blue No Matter Who' Goes Viral

Scalia's death has stalled a coup plot.

BS Set To Lose Indiana Next Week

Prisons Are Using Military-Grade Tear Gas to Punish People

Death from the Sky: Searching for Ground Truth in the Kunduz Hospital Bombing

Okie men should follow their Supreme Court around in case one passes out. Free legal blow job!

Hillary doesn't need or want Bernie's supporters votes in the general election.

Wonder If These ignorant Southern GOPPERS Get Global Warming Yet.

Ever wonder why Bernie has few superdelegates from his peers???

I say Hooray for Bernie's supporters

I know football players are usually big guys, but Holy Toledo!

Clinton Stops Airing Ads In Primary States

🐦 Bernie Sanders To Attend Carrier Rally Friday, April 29, 2016

Va. senator travels to Syria, shakes hands with Bashar al-Assad

43 Years in Solitary Confinement

Sorry if this is a repeat, but

Carrier Union announces Endorsement of Bernie Sanders (4/19)

What an insulting abuse of power

The Hypocrisy of Supporting Hillary as a Woman but not others like Donna Edwards

The absurdity of the day.

80-year-old woman shoots and kills young intruder after he stabs her husband

Call me a Revolutionary

How well will you handle a "cashless society".

Hillary supporters, when they say she's stealing it, they're saying you don't exist

America First: Trump & the New American Fascist Movement

Here's an OGE Form 278 from May 2015

Bernie Sanders Has Changed Politics for the Millennials!

CA shoots down a "Day" for John WAYNE who said Native'muricans were selfish to try to keep the land

The real reason the GOP has to always push tax cuts

Homemade Hoverbike

ABC: Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

Requiring Wearing A Head Scarf, Burqa, Or Other Body Covering Is NOT Religion But Misogyny.

Incrementalism **Socialist Progressive Group Post **

Gov Pence to endorse Craz

The Trump Administration watching the secret Navy SEAL Operation to finally kill the War on X-Mas

US 'drops planned Pakistan F-16 fighter jet subsidy'

4 College Students Killed in Car Crash - it's every parent's nightmare...

If any candidate were to change their party affiliation at this point

Jim Hightower: Who says crime doesn't pay?

After Clinton's big wins: exactly why is the onus on the winner to placate the loser?

Hillary Clinton speaking now to Eagle Academy Foundation in NYC

2nd Dumbest Vehicle Ever Made - Introducing Stupid Truck

Why are we seeing polling places closed as "cost saving measures"? If we can't afford ...

Imagining how the Trump/Clinton debate might go.

Video of Biggest Ripoff of All Time you should download and save this for the future

Black Donald Trump Rap

Journalist who profiled Melania Trump hit with barrage of antisemitic abuse

Survivor: Kaoh Rong - It's a Me Game Not a We Game...

Indiana Primary and History

I am being stalked

As More American Boots Hit the Ground in Syria, U.S. Parses “Boots” and “Ground”

I'm so glad to be leaving the country for just 8 days to get this primary out of my head.

The general election is going to be so easy!

Crows don't recognize Dick Cheney's face as enemy - they aren't that smart !

Blindfolds and Sundries.

Why it is 99.9% certain electoral fraud was committed for Hillary Clinton

What Good Are Hedge Funds?

Use this calculator to see if your plane ticket is a good deal.

In Israel, Iraqi Jews Reflect on Baghdad Heritage

Carrier Workers to Rally outside Statehouse RTV6 | The Indy Channel

Supporting Clinton means you believe the country needs to move to the right

Carrier Workers to Rally outside Statehouse RTV6 | The Indy Channel

Texas sunset

Fundies everywhere...

Trump opens Calif. rally with families of people killed by illegal immigrants

Jane Sanders On Bernie Sanders Campaign Spending | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Jane Sanders On Bernie Sanders Campaign Spending | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

We Need to Stop Treating Naturopaths Like They’re Medical Doctors

John Boehner just confirmed everything liberals suspected about the Republican Party

Biden War On Cancer Gets The Popes Blessing

Opposition Research on Candidates of One's Own Party?

NYU grad union votes for Israel boycott

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Waves Goodbye To Hispanic Voters

The 2016 Audubon Photography Awards Winners

The 2016 Audubon Photography Awards Winners

Charles Pierce on Trump and the importance of national memory

A test for "Bernie Care"...

Confederate Statue At U of L To Be Removed (KY)

Why this Economy Feels Even Lousier than the Lousy GDP Print: Your Slice of the Economic Pie......

I finally reached my limit

Clinton E-Mail Probe Would Be Hurt by a Deadline, Lynch Says

'John Wayne Day' in California rejected

Here's Why I Never Warmed Up to Bernie Sanders

KKK leader declares Trump 'best' for president

Kudos for this Troll of another wacky conservative

The Organic Globule of Winning or Losing.

IN Court of Appeals: Sovereign citizen still subject to jurisdiction

Arrests made in UW-Madison campus graffiti (WI)

Thomas Hobson for President 2016!

‘White rights advocate’ wins second term on county’s Republican committee (PA)

"My good friend Donald Trump -

This little gal is going to need all the coverage available on social media to find a home.

Sikhs and mistaken identity

Huge gas line explosion in Westmoreland County this morning:

Indiana Democratic Presidential Primary +13 Clinton


And the 2016 First Round Draft choice of the Miami Dolphins is.....


The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 4.29.2016 - #FrackOffFriday

Andrea Mitchell is a piece of work.

A Sanders Comeback Would Be Unprecedented ~ 538 (HRC GROUP)

New fivethirtyeight CA numbers

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 4.29.2016 - #FrackOffFriday

More right wing unmitigated prayer bullshit

Livestock and Climate Change: Facts and Fiction

Prince's siblings already fighting barely a week after his death

2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Florida GOP Official: 'Clinton Will Go Down Like Monica Lewinsky'

OMG! The Dullphins Picked the Guy Everybody Passed on

Nurses for Bernie!!

Not enough housing? Move to the sticks, survey says

Who are the more abhorrent: Trumpanzees or Tedophiles?

Export-import bank, votes for war Hillary Clinton represents them, Bernie represents us!!

The Rise and Fall of a Fox News Fraud

RIDE ALONG WITH THE COW POLICE (There Are Modern Day Cow Rustlers)

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will appear on The Voice, May 2.

The Cruz/Carly "dream team."

Who Will Debunk The Debunkers?

"I wanta play the man's card." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Black Women Rally Behind Hillary Clinton

Brookings Inst. designed a free Game where you make the federal budget according

South Africa's high court rules Jacob Zuma should face corruption charges

Why did Bernie Sanders believe he could start a political revolution in 10 months?

Carrier Rally Live Link:

Carrier Rally Live Link:

What the Germans think about a Trump Presidency.

If Bernie were to win the nomination, and Skinner reached the point where he "called it" for Bernie,

Voter Suppression Screwed Bernie, and Will Screw Dems in November if Left Unchecked

The Man who snuck into the Vietnam War Zone to Buy his Best Friends a Beer

Obama didn't create Trump, the people who hate Obama did. (Headline)

Robert Hastings – UFOs and Nukes

538 update on Indiana primary - released this AM

$150,000 for a double knee replacement

Charles Pierce: Trump will rise, and keep rising, until we remember what came before

HuffPost: Why Do Progressives Cling to Hillary?

Elections and Marxism

Obama didn't create Trump, the people who hate Obama did - Crosspost from GD

Why all that talent is headed out the door at ESPN

Is this the end of the Great Barrier Reef?

Prince Called Journey Before Releasing ‘Purple Rain’

I can't believe what I saw at the grocery today!

50% Of The Great Barrier Reef Is Dead Or Dying

After the primary season ends (June) will advocating third party runs and stating that one will not

For the 'no difference' crowd here: House voted 234-183 FOR Wall Street to Steal Billions

Bibi insists on a more generous 10-year military aid package that could top 40 BILLION!!

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 1 - Glenn Ford 100th Birthday Tribute

moonrise over the gulf of mexico

Sanctimonious - making a show of being morally superior to other people

TCM Schedule for Monday May 2 - Cinema's Exiles

Turkey’s tourism revenue drops 16.5 percent in first quarter

How George Plimpton’s Sports Books Presaged the First-Person Media Age

Venezuela opposition claims million signatures against president

For fans of Aiman, today he is SEVEN

Naomi Klein Takes Down Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Trust Her on Climate at All’ (VIDEO)

The biggest scientific instrument in the world was brought down by a tiny weasel

U.S. top court declines to block Texas voter ID law

U.S. top court declines to block Texas voter ID law

Salon: A liberal case for Donald Trump: The lesser of two evils is not at all clear in 2016

Third missile test by Pyongyang in two weeks fails

Must see Bernie video

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World's Most Powerful Particle Collider

I haven't watched our local city council closely, way too right wing already. But two Spokane

Up in smoke: Kenya to torch millions of dollars worth of ivory

Biden gets papal blessing for his global war on cancer

The Entire World is Getting a New Polio Vaccine This Month

Why Do Progressives Cling to Hillary?

Fox News terrorism pundit pleads guilty to faking CIA ties

Are you terrified of transpeople invading your bathroom and peeing? Well worry no more!

Bomb Threat Suspect Wanted TV Station To Air Rants About End Of The World

Bernie Sanders: ‘We’re taking the campaign to the Convention.’ Media: ‘He just threw in the towel.’

Mark Halperin is an idiot

U.S. court says Amtrak has too much power over freight carriers

Strike on Afghan hospital last year not a war crime: U.S. military

Justice for Dog Shot in Face and Left to Choke to Death (PETITION)

'Monstrous' violence in Syria as government excludes Aleppo from truce

New Indiana Poll (ARG): Clinton 51% - Sanders 43%

Ruh roh. Organic pesticides are harmful to bees?!?

I just gave $20.16 to Bernie and $5 to Lucy Flores. It's a good day!

The Clinton Mansion in D.C.

This is what the revolution looks like: Former Sanders staffers are launching a new PAC aimed at

Sanders' lone Senate backer says he should drop out before convention if he's losing

Sanders' lone Senate backer says he should drop out before convention if he's losing

Auschwitz trial: Ex-guard Reinhold Hanning 'ashamed'

‘The Opposite of Transparency’:What I didn’t read in the TTIP "reading room" - Katja Kipping

Bernie Sanders broadens attacks on the Democratic party as the nomination slips from his grasp

Egyptian cleric defends CIA agent convicted over his rendition

The 2016 Audubon Photography Awards Winners

Paul Ryan introduces new Republican Healthcare Plan's first Clinical Protocol - Oncology

I'm with her...

Do you have to be a Star Member of DU to become a forum or group host?

Sane Progressive Interview with Richard Charnin: Exit Polls, Why They Matter, A Discussion

Marcy and Sweetie at the park today.

Minnesota man is claiming to be Prince's 'love child' from a fling with his mom in the '80s

Inequality will get worse unless we make dramatic changes

Donald Trump attacks Hillary and praises Bernie Sanders

Hillary and Her Private Jet - From January 2017

On Tour with Prince: A Photo Story and Remembrance

Hillary.."the woman who stands for women, the individual who is willing to endure an intolerable ...

Beautiful Tribute to Sanders: Bernie Sound Of Silence

Satellite That Hunts for Black Holes in Space Is Lost

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Carrier Plant Protest in Indianapolis Indiana

Twenty Years of Media Consolidation Has Not Been Good For Our Democracy

Obama Puts His Weight Behind Smart Gun Technology

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Carrier Plant Protest in Indianapolis Indiana

Trump Slammed by Jewish Group Over ‘America First’ Slogan

Kirk Cameron: Wives Should 'Honor and Respect and Follow Their Husband's Lead'

Some say that the Democratic Party is not good for anything. This is wrong.

The Sanders camp is always bringing up the "Clinton Machine" as an excuse for Sander's lack

Checking in: Hillary or Bernie for the Democratic Nomination?

APNewsBreak: South Dakota Tribe Sues Feds Over ER Closure

Smiling Faces

China Successfully Tests Hypersonic Weapon System

BREAKING, turn on the news! Riots breaking out at GOP/Trump rally in CA

Heads Up: Beware of any "Democrat" still supporting a corporate candidate

How Many People with Serious Mental Illness Are Homeless


My 24 year old Transgender Son Charlie finished EMT school this morning.

A Compendium of People Who Hate Ted Cruz's Guts

Bernie Sanders, Shifting Tone, Takes On Democratic Party

The Origins of Iran/Contra: From the Bay of Pigs to Lee Harvey, Osvaldo

New meme that is pissing me off: If you are white, and you don't support a Hillary candidacy...

Utility hikes of up to 327% threaten the University of Buenos Aires budget.

Supreme Court rules on political speech and the First Amendment

Utility hikes of up to 327% threaten the University of Buenos Aires budget.

Just a note: I contributed $20 this morning to the Sanders campaign...

How Our Country Fails Black Women and Girls

Oh Dear...Protesters at CA State GOP Convention (I believe it is in Burlingame) I fear that things

Kim Jong-Un Has A 'Pleasure Squad' Of Teenage Girls Who Follow Him Around The World

Biden and Pope Francis team up against cancer

Sec. Kerry (with dog Ben) talks to kids at Take a Child to Work day

Bernie Sanders- Article on his foreign policy positions- Hillary in a landslide over Trump 358-180

Pennsylvania Probes Possible Link Between Quakes, Fracking

Trump had to walk across a field in California

Presidents Get to Meet Important Leaders and Heads of State

What is a Democrat. Are you a Democrat?

Is A Clinton Landslide Brewing? All Signs Point To Yes

Alabama Governor Facing Impeachment Push: I've Done Nothing Illegal (and he invokes God)

Now this is interesting- This looks like possible proof electoral fraud was committed to favor HRC

Dear Salon, Set Your ---- On Fire And Eat It

Bernie Sanders’ Staffers Launch A Brand New Congress to enact Bernie's program

Bernie supporters, today I received a fund raising

Irish election: Fianna Fáil agrees to back minority Fine Gael government

What's for Dinner, Fri., Apr. 29, 2016

C.J. Cregg returns to the White House Press Room...

Palast: We get the candidates selected for us. In America we don't count all the votes.

Brazilian president's campaign strategist charged

The Fed Sends a Frightening Letter to J.P. Morgan and Corporate Media Yawns

Protesters break through police line at CA State GOP Convention

Tom Petty Recalls Prince’s Hall of Fame Guitar Solo: ‘You Could Feel the Electricity’

Speak Out

Indianapolis Star Endorsement: Hillary Clinton

Will Ferrell drops out of 'Reagan' after backlash

No more Chemo!

Brand New Indiana Poll-Clinton 51% Sanders 43% *

Is there a Men's Card??

Darby O'Gill fans will understand I almost captured the king of the leprechauns (woodpecker)

Wrestling Hall of Fame to reconsider Hastert's inclusion

UVa law students awarded over $500,000 in grants for public service jobs

Johnny Manziel Nostalgically Watches NFL Draft At A Bar Before Justin Bieber Show

Bernie with United Steelworkers at Carrier plant in Indianapolis

Lobster sliders...

Republican Party’s popularity drops to 24-year low

Members of Congress Call for End to Mass Voter Suppression and Insecure Elections

Darby O'Gill fans will understand I almost captured the king of the leprechauns (woodpecker)

Peaceful Protesters Claim Victory!

Two arrested in Texas after children found tied up in yard

Darby O'Gill fans will understand I almost captured the king of the leprechauns (woodpecker)

Protesters Force Donald Trump to Abandon Motorcade, Walk to Hotel

Islamic State-linked hackers post target list of New Yorkers

Fine Gael to form government after Fianna Fáil deal

Brady Campaign's ad draws ire of U.S. anti-gun violence activists

UPDATED, CNN Video: Clinton with Jake Tapper, Vows to Work with Sanders, More, April 29

Oh great...another toddler firing a gun

Fuck Reagan

Osprey update: Lunch is served version

Tony Blair courted Chinese leaders for Saudi prince's oil firm

Politico Bait & Switch, What is a Moderate, Let's Blame Liberals, and a surprise for Bernie?

Colombia’s post-AUC paramilitaries left more than 320,000 victims to date

Colombia’s post-AUC paramilitaries left more than 320,000 victims to date

Joy Reid Gets Weekend Slot on MSNBC

Nest cam livestreams bald eagle parents feeding a cat to their eaglets

How Government Redlining Maps Encouraged Segregation in California Cities

Bernie Sanders is an honorable person.

Oops! No One Told Ted Cruz That Delegates Pick the VP at a Contested Convention

Anti-LGBT Activist Group Pushing Congress to Pass Sweeping First Amendment 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Texas church asks members to pay $500 to drink pesticide ‘elixir’ to cure erectile dysfunction

Authorities Seize 10 Tons of Marihuana in Paraguay Underground Port

Pat McCrory Tries To Plead His Case For HB2 on Fox News, Megyn Kelly Destroys His Argument

Eugene Robinson: The Case for a Clinton-Warren Ticket

Democratic - Republican Primary Vote Comparisons

Trump: What a chickenshit

Monkey reacts to unequal pay

Why Hillary Is Not the Answer to America's Problems

Vatican Bank clean-up identifies 5,000 suspect accounts

Members of Congress Call for End to Mass Voter Suppression and Insecure Elections

El Salvador: UN expert calls on Government to protect victims of contemporary slavery

El Salvador: UN expert calls on Government to protect victims of contemporary slavery

Oakland Mayor Questioned Over Closing Job Centers, Apologizes for Overlooking the Community

Satanists are furious that Boehner compared Ted Cruz to the Dark Lord

high speed photography- water balloon

Lawmakers uphold LePage veto of solar bill

This is NOT an election about moving right, left, or to the middle.

Why did hillary lose so many states to a guy who wanted to start a political revolution in 10 months

Clinton Campaign Selling Actual "Woman Cards".

Chamseddine: The Problem With The Bourgeois Feminist Defense Of Hillary Clinton

Windows smartphone: am I the only oddball on DU who uses one ?

Benghazi Panel Now Wants to Hear Testimony from Hannity Radio Caller

Do we have a have huge split in this party too now?

Navy Commander Sentenced to 78 Months in Bribery Scandal

Federal Investigators Fault VA Review of Texas Wait Times

UPDATED - OFFER ENDED All those that donated for the WOMAN CARD please chime in here

Trade Deal Make Virtually All Of Clinton's "Promises" less than Meaningless!

Feds Call for Judge to Disband Police in Polygamous Towns

Feds Call for Judge to Disband Police in Polygamous Towns

Could Bernie Sanders Pick Up More Delegates in New York?

Asking a favor - if you post out there in GDP land, can you post here with a link?

(Updated as promised)!!!4 days left!!! I need your help!

Man Arrested for Photographing Boy in Restroom

Marijuana question heading to ballot (in Maine - it's official now)

Hatred For The Republican Party Reaches 25 Year High

The only GDP thread you ever need to open

It just dawned on me why HRC has stopped spending money.

Now at the Bronx Zoo: Name a Cockroach After Your Ex for Just $10

Live Protests at the Dangerous tRump rally

Pentagon: 2015 Strike On Afghan Hospital ‘Not A War Crime’

Harvard, Monsatan Scientists Create New Technology Against GMO-resistant (Bt) Agricultural Pests

When Hillary was first lady of Arkansas she was named to Walmart board of directors and got free

Aretha for Carole King!!!

Lee Fang: Hillary sponsored legislation punishing flag burning w/1 yr in jail + $100k fine.

~ What HC Said! Victory Speech Tues. Nite April 26: Pledged Bernie's Platform + More! Check it Out.

Delaney files bill to fix Metro.

Argentina Bans Dancing in Buenos Aires for Two Weeks

Post Online About Commiting A Crime, Get Arrested -- A Concidence?

Sanders Campaign Withdraws Suit in Intraparty Fight

Heads Up! Jane Sanders on MSNBC's "All Due Respect" up at 6:00 p.m. (est) on Taxes & Going Forward!

Inside the Bernie Sanders campaign with the official photographer - BBC News

WOW! Florida Jewish News: Bernie Sanders is simply better for America, for Israel and the world

Inside the Bernie Sanders campaign with the official photographer - BBC News

Tell Attorney General Loretta Lynch To Speed Up the FBI Investigation of HRC

Closed vs. Open Primaries: Final Attempt to Delegitimize Hillary’s Victory Is Discredited

Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart's replacement on the Daily Show...

Why Do Progressives Cling to Hillary?

Republicans beginning to make peace with Trump as nominee

'Monstrous' Violence In Syria As Government Excludes Aleppo From Truce

Bernie Sanders Withdraws Lawsuit Against DNC After Being Proven Correct About Data Breach

Charles Blondin

Stopped by the Hillary campaign headquarters here today

A Satanist Explains Why Ted Cruz Is Not, in Fact, Lucifer

Yep, we made him go through the back door. #Burlingame #DumpTrump

Why Game of Thrones is the Perfect Show for the Modern Age

Independent Investigation Confirms Sanders Campaign Told the Truth In DNC Lawsuit

A friend in Oregon got mailed the wrong ballot.

Well if this isn't cause to pause what is...uhhhhh ....where is the leadership?

The Gleaner (Jamaica) slams Hillary:"Identity politics is all, broadly, that's 'left'" of Democratic

'Forum Hosts' showing in my groups, but can't access it

alien chairs benghazi committee

To be seen as making a change, Hillary must explain why she has hidden THIS - why she is claiming

Obama's White House Seder: staffers bid farewell to a Passover tradition

1971 - Documentary on Netflix

Is Any One Else Tired of Being Blocked By Juries of Hillary Supporters?

NOW, Jane Sanders on MSNBC, Running Mates? No Comment :) Halperin & Heileman.

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Carrier Plant Protest in Indianapolis 4-29-16

Clinton’s Delegate Lead Would Triple Under GOP Rules

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Carrier Plant Protest in Indianapolis 4-29-16

Links for people against those who continue to spread lies...

Wallgreens on Medical Marijuana

Dear Peyton

Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already

We made as much in a year

Dole officials knew a salad plant was contaminated with Listeria for 1 & 1/2 years before

The best case scenario for uniting the party would be Warren/Clinton ticket.

From the Front of the Smudge report about the Trump protest

Judge slams gay sex stings by Long Beach police, calling them discriminatory

Something from FB that gave this liberal a big grin. Please take no offense.

Bernie campaign and DNC argue about what independent investigation of data breach found.

Wow! With every interview Jane Sanders just looks less and less credible. She looked squirmy

The journalist who profiled Melania Trump is now receiving vile, anti-Semitic messages from Trump su

Government Mind Control Agent Talks - MK-ULTRA, the CIA, and LSD

Compare and Contrast

ACLU: Two-thirds of new Kansas voter registrations on hold

Pastor says he took pictures of Heaven — but lost them

The Real #Newsroom - Special Report - 4.29.2016 - #WillingToFight

Russians 'Barrel Roll' Over Another U.S. Air Force Plane

The Real #Newsroom - Special Report - 4.29.2016 - #WillingToFight

Colorado's Jon Keyser makes state GOP US Senate primary

New study: highly educated Democrats are now way more liberal than the rest of the party

A song to enjoy this Friday evening

Super-duperly duper efficient News Team in Indiana announces results of May 3rd Primary there!

The Pagan Federation of Ireland’s response to a homophobic American couple requesting a wedding...

Will someone please tell me.....

Didn't Calvin Coolidge start The Great Depression?

Here's A (Partial) Solution To Citizens United For Ya....


Helpful Man Patrols Texas Ladies' Room, Tells Woman 'You're Dressed Like a Man'

White House to roll out $100 million free community college plan

Pooch Paradise: Stray Dogs Roam Free in Hills of Costa Rica

Hillary is Working to Repress Human Rights in latin America- thats Right Wing, Not Progressive

How true.

If Not Trump, What?

How Chris Van Hollen learned to love Israel

San Diego Pride 2016 - July 15-17

What Prince ate: An interview with Prince's personal chefs

Will Donald Trump Hear From Debt Collectors on Unpaid Bills in Burlington, Vermont?

Paul Ryan’s Big Plan To Replace Obamacare Is An Old Idea That Doesn’t Work

Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

Ted Cruz and Lucifer

Obama declares disaster as Marshall Islands suffers worst-ever drought

A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America

Great Lakes filling with microplastics, researcher says

GOP Suddenly Takes Its Antigay Crusade to Congress

Homeless, Advocates Target Rauner (R-IL gov.) Luxury Condo In Budget Protest

Pentagon protests escalating inquiries from Benghazi panel

Video message from Donna Edwards to DemParty

Houston/Democrat - Texas/Republican and guess what

On the Firewall Issue: Sanders Campaign told the Truth

Friday Nite joke

from Donna Edwards to Dem Party

Watching a 1960 Andy Griffith Show.

How US ‘Free Trade’ Policies Created the Central American Migration Crisis

I'll be rejoining the world come Monday morning.

How about a "Women's History" Collectible Trading Cards?

Health Insurance Companies Set to Hike Obamacare Premiums