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Michelle Alexander: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

WOO HOO!!! This summer, the movie event of the year!

Somthing strage is happening! Bernie may have won Nevada after all!

No, Bernie Sanders did NOT win Nevada.

Not a typical Sanders campaign event

Cspan 1 now. Wisconsin dem dinner.

Will we still be having Trump riots?

Many people here don't understand what the State Department

is this crowd behavior typical of HRC's rallies?

So Hillary's delegate margin in Nevada just went from 20-15 to 19-16

AA Pop vs. Primary Results vs. Religion

OPINION: Our country's future is brighter under a Sanders presidency

LOL!! Boomer Sooners go KABOOM in the semi's...

Ooooo Yeuuuu!

Tempers Flare Behind the Scenes of Democratic Debate Negotiations

Thank you, Anita Hill.

Why are people so incredibly gullible?

Why don't zombies wear yellow on Walking Dead?

Gonna leave this right here......(tip toes out the dooor)

Woo Hooo!!! I get to see President Bill Clinton tomorrow!!

My Thanks to the Clintons

Voters Keep Investing in Sanders' Revolution, Making Clinton Nervous

I just spoke with a superdelgate today....

"Only Hillary can stop Bernie Sanders from being US President, says Michael Moore"

Greece on brink of chaos as refugees riot over forced return to Turkey

If you want the inside scoop on Nevada read... (HILLARY GROUP POST)

Clinton's frustration begins to show,Democrat's campaign chafes at enduring threat from well-funded

Trump dodges question over whether any past partners had abortions

So Hillary is in Buffalo on my son's birthday...

Donald Trump on North Korea going to war: 'Good luck, enjoy yourself folks'

GATS Primer Understanding the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services

Trump supporters being encouraged to hit the streets in 'days of rage' at GOP

Thought I'd share this sparkly goodness (zoom in)

How To Discuss Politics With Your Loved Ones

I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump

Atheist author Dominic Johnson makes argument for religion

Bernie turns down 3 NY debates

Bernie Sanders On Fire Answering Tough Questions from Rachel Maddow on Trump/Media/50 State Strategy

Bernie wants to kill the Space Station.

When Hillary supporters say the NV results won't switch they are being untruthful.. Happened in 2008

Team hillary cheers voter supression

What if Bernie starts the Zombie Apocalypse and Hillary could have saved us?

The Free Stuff Majority

Senator Bob Kerry, Democrat of Nebraska: Hillary Clinton Did An End Run Around FOIA

Stork returns to see mate for fifteenth year

Master List of Logical Fallacies

FYI, In Good Reads-

Final delegate count Clark county Nevada. Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada! Crowd goes crazy

Barbara Boxer credits Anita Hill for her first Senate win. And the wins of other women.

Bernie wins BACK Clark County Nevada!!!

Female flight attendants refusing to wear headscrarfs as airlines restart service to Iran

Nine Federal Agencies Issue Rule Implementing Religious Liberty Protections

Bernie leads Clinton among Black voters in Wisconsin by 11%!

how would you feel if another country sent you some "democracy."?

New Improved Police Training Model in Washington State.

"Apparently if you get cranky in the TSA line at SFO they will hose you down with ire extinguisher"

Bernie delegates are getting arrested in Nevada

HRC Gets Testy, In an unprecedented move, Hillary Clinton has hired Belgian DJs Dimitri Vegas

It's time to talk about 'black privilege'

Hillary's Milwaukee fundraiser on C-span

Thousands turn out for Clark County Democratic Convention - Sanders gets more delegates than Clinton

Hillary Supporter yells "Fuck you Bitch!" at Bernie Sanders supporter | Clark County Dem Convention

It's time to talk about 'black privilege'

Armed hate group met at Texas mosque protest by gun-toting worshipers

New York home boy Jon Stewart endorses New York home boy Bernie Sanders

Delegate final count- Sanders takes Nevada!

Watch the minute the final delegate count in Nevada goes to BERNIE!!

Rosario Dawson speaks for me!

Karl Rove Suggests Disregarding Millions of Republican Voters, Nominating--

Dear Hillary Delegates

Video from Clark County Nevada Caucus - Bernie Sanders won

Nate has HRC surging in WI

Final delegate count Clark county Nevada. Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada! Crowd goes crazy

Safari Guide pointing out a lion sitting under a tree to the group

Posted for any Boomer who cares:Coca Crystal, Avatar of Counterculture, Dies at 68

"Every person has the right to have their life protected within the integrity of justice..."

"Armed Democrats" on FB

Best tweet yet on Bernie winning Nevada....

I hope that my fellow Democrats realize that we are going to climb a mountain

Air France stewardesses mutiny over order to wear headscarves

Rachel Maddow Show Analyzes Bernie's Claim That HILLARY Is In The Pocket Of Big Oil... It's FALSE!

Rachel Maddow Show Analyzes Bernie's Claim That HILLARY Is In The Pocket Of Big Oil... It's FALSE!

From Facebook

Join Bernie Sanders for a GOTV Rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, Clinton says Sanders is a Democrat-come-lately Clinton calls herself 'a proud Democrat

Clinton Campaign Lowering Expectations about New York?

*BREAKING* Bernie Nets 568 Delegates in Largest Nevada County - HUGE!!

Loras College WI Poll - Hillary 47%, Bernie 41%

We HAVEN'T won Nevada YET

Paul Ryan is an absolute joke: The facts and numbers make it clear — GOP economic plans are an absol

Bernie at Wisconsin Democratic Fundraiser Dinner

Bernie at Wisconsin Democratic Fundraiser Dinner

My paranoid nightmare

It's 6:49 PM and we are still in Clark County's Caucus (Las Vegas, NV) but we did flip the vote!

Do you know Propane Jane? I just discovered her on Storify.

The convention in Nevada was an amazing showing - every last voter, even the quirky ones - thank you

Are Mason Jars Sexist?

Wisconsin Dem Party Video ~ (CLINTON GROUP)

Post in LBN needs some love HILLARY CLINTON GROUP

"When your attacks against your opponent feed the biggest weakness that you have...

Iraq forces free prisoners from underground IS jail: officials

Massive Methane Leaks From Texas Fracking Sites Even More Significant Than Infamous Porter RanchLeak

Worth a read (and watch)

Dayton directs state employees not to travel to North Carolina

Parrot population thriving in cities in California, Texas

Team Hillary celebrating voter suppression in Wisconsin!

Bernie Sanders Campaign Statement on New York Debate

Michelle Alexander: "I am definitely endorsing the political revolution."

Five Dollars and a Pork Chop Sandwich

At rallies, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are looking for logic, not passion

Morgan Freeman’s new Nat Geo series contemplates God, and what in God’s name some of us are doing.

Hillary Clinton's Close Ties to the Oil, Coal and Gas Industry: Sanders Campaign Statement

Morgan Freeman’s new Nat Geo series contemplates God, and what in God’s name some of us are doing.

Syracuse lost. Bring on the Monday debate???

Ginger Cat Finds His Mini Me and Raises Him Like His Own

The Pervasive Dishonesty of Bernie Sanders

The Difference Between HRC and Bernie's Oil And Gas Donors

Heavy rains scatter the poor in Asunción, Paraguay.

Donald Trump on a Korean war: "what can you do?"

Bernie billboards prove it: This year, California matters

Hillary Clinton's Top 20 Campaign Contributors make up 33.5% of her total campaign funding

Clinton campaign says mailer sent to delegates in NV wrongly saying they didn't need to attend

Official Nevada Dem bylaws: Final BINDING vote on delegates will be on May 14 at state convention.

Nevada state convention delegates choose district delegates

Final four fans BOO Biden but Cheer George W Bush

Let's petition congress to ban drug company advertising.

World's Second Largest Investor, Vanguard, Is Socialist

Carl Sagan foresees Donald Trump and Theodore Cruz

How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

Individual Carbon Tax?

Bernie Victory Parade at Clark County Democratic Convention

The pervasive dishonesty of teacher union buster and Hillary supporter Dmitri Melhorn

She's starting to snap at people

Campaign cuisine

Another book review

I just realized that March 5 was the 1st anniversary of Rowdyboy's passing.

"Clinton's frustration grows, as primary race drags on"

Appreciation thread for bravenak. You are my sister and I love you.

In Nevada they are still there. The gavel has not closed on the convention. Hour 11

Bernie is going "negative"

My neighbor's yard sign (lol)

Sanders still gets 15 delegates from Nevada to Clinton's 18, barring shenanigans in May

Bernie Nevada Clark county convention victory parade

Task force proposes Chicago employers offer 5 days of paid sick leave a year

Why does Hillary stink so bad at being a candidate?

Mass surveillance silences minority opinions, according to study

Bernie really has won Nevada, based on this excerpt from the

For everyone confused on the Nevada win tonight here is a very easy to understand explanation

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduces HRC at Eau Claire Rally

Check your voter registration!

Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Caucus After All (estimated 14-point win)

o.k., LoungeLizards, i need your VOTES!

According to PolitiFact: Clinton is the biggest 'Truth-Teller' of the 2016 Race

Oregonians...Check your registration.

Armed clash over black mosque triggers anger in South Dallas

World Figure Skating Championships: Wagner takes silver, Gold finishes in 4th

No path for Sanders…but it’s a long one

Boat crew witnesses whale fight near Everett

Bill Clinton returning to Milwaukee on Monday for a GOTV rally

bernie supporters need to organize so that if bernie loses, Americans can prepare for the coming

What happened tonight in Nevada underscores a theme in this primary

I guess she could be sincere.

Another good one in GDP - Politifact rates Hillary the most truth telling.

Hillary's incompetence costs her in Nevada.

2 Republican Senators Revoke Support for Garland Hearings

Susan Sarandon Condescended To By Chris Hayes For Entire Interview

Reminiscing: Going back to a time when our Senators mostly were Adults.

Jealousy sucks

Saturday night Belgian Ale-buzz. Anybody still up?

Trump predicts a ‘massive recession’ but intends to eliminate the national debt in 8 years

Virtual Tour of the Hays Eagles Trail Site (Pittsburgh)

New York Rally

When are the county conventions in Iowa...could Iowa flip like Nevada???

Cruz, Trump and Sanders want to go where few candidates have dared tread.

Even if Hillary "lost" Nevada today, it doesn't matter. She has most of the super delegates.

Sanders erases Clinton’s once-overwhelming lead in national polls

Lizard licking clover

Labour Party Former Mayor Under Fire Over Facebook Post Saying Hitler Killed Six Million Zionists

Politifact deserves a 'PANTS ON FIRE!' rating for their assessment of Clinton's oil donations.

Medicine and Where It Is Heading is So Amazing - BLOCKAGE GRINDER

Is it just me or have you also noticed less and less pro-HRC postings on DU?


So, when Hillary leaves the convention disappointed

Democratic elites and the media sold out to Hillary this time, but change is coming | SALON

National Prison Strike Campaign Vows to End ‘American Slave System’

Cher Tweet~#ImWithHer I'm Proud 2 Support Hillary‼️

Am I the only Bernie supporter who is NOT thrilled about what happened in NV?

Clinton's frustration grows, as primary race drags on

Tulsi Gabbard: I don't fear Clintons



The 30,000 deleted emails

Truthdigger of the Week

Pink Floyd -Pigs on the Wing (Full)

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price


Buddhists Support Bernie Sanders Overwhelmingly 68.5% Bernie 18.6% Hillary

Why Bernie Rejected April 14th date for debate...

I've definitely had too much to drink: I'm surfing the Net, and thinking: "God, everything is so

You get one guess

I think Lincoln Chaffee should drop out of the race. He's had a good run, but all is lost.

Riveting film about Walmart

Why I quit Yale Basketball

Any DBZ Fans?

Is the Obama chia pet racist?

Did Bernie Sanders Win Nevada? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bernie's getting closer

Attention hosts; Cleanup on aisle 4

Leoš Janáček - On an Overgrown Path: Book I

Out of 318 million Americans, are we really going to end up with this?

The Idea that Bernie is a Democrat at heart is sort of laughable

Rachel Maddow Show Analyzes Bernie's Claim That HILLARY Is In The Pocket Of Big Oil... It's FALSE!

News: The Mafia Runs Guns for ISIS in Europe

Michelle Alexander: "Bernie is perfectly right to call for a political revolution"

While we're talking about an investigation

are leading Democrats all about Payday loans?

With the email investigation not going away, Hillary is gambling with the fate of the nation.

what are the poor for in this cycle?

I was there: Sanders likely flips 2 delegates & Still Likely to Lose in Nevada (Main Story)

How come none of these politicians care about the working class?

"It's a Revolution": Actress Rosario Dawson on Why She Supports Sanders for President Over Clinton

Daily Holidays - April 3

I will try again! How come the politicians only care about the middle class

I renewed my membership but am not allowed to post messages!

LSD could make you smarter, happier and healthier. Should we all try it?

I was there: Sanders likely flips 2 delegates & Still Likely to Lose in Nevada (Backstory)

A poem by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott

Bill introduced to get Illinois state workers their back pay

Indiana teen's unfathomable NCAA bracket

I have an automotive question. Actually a problem. A big, big problem

Noam Chomsky on the Roots of American Racism NYT

Wisconsin's Largest Newspaper slams Clinton in the Sunday edition before the primary


A couple of silly photos from twitter

Something to bookmark.

Terrible news for our friends the Bats -- the devastating bat disease has spread west

Turkish leader condemns anti-Muslim rhetoric at mosque opening

Hillary Clinton: 'No place at all' for Rebecca Bradley on Wisconsin Supreme Court

Mike Malloy - Trump On Foreign Policy...Fuck Me!!!!

Could Miami's rail project be test model that changes mass transit in US?

Mike Malloy - What Have The Democratic Party Done For The Working Class In This Country?

Why Rent Control? An Interview with Kshama Sawant

Sanction NYT now, Russia suggests after Ukraine pres. accuses newspaper of 'hybrid war'

Los Angeles father accused of killing son for being gay

I had a LTTE published today in the Raleigh News Observer re: HB 2 --the bathroom bill

Hillary's political theater?: Good for a laugh, have a look.

The Final Hillary Question

New Account from Oregon: "My party affiliation was changed in the last 3 days."

Society cannot survive for profit everything

Fallon: "The Sanders campaign needs to stop with the games," they have REJECTED 3 dates for debate

Went to see I SAW THE LIGHT yesterday. If you're at all

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Walton Catbox Edition

The Walking Dead - 6.16 - Last Day on Earth (spoiler alert - season finale)

Over 400 prescription drugs drop in price (In Australia)

Which feminist icon popularized the slogan "She's a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty."

Bernie Sanders tried to retroactively steal Nevada from Hillary Clinton (another article on Nevada)

MN faculty furious about policy allowing inspection of personal cellphones

Oregon sees surge in unaffiliated voters now willing to pick a party

New estimates for Nevada delegates to national: 19-16 Bernie, plus 8 more 'superdelegates'.

The Fight for $15 Is Unreasonable. That’s Why It’s Winning.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland illegally used federal funds for abortions, state auditor says

20 Years of Media Consolidation Has Not a Been Good For Democracy

Final county results from NV. Going into the State convention, Hillary is ahead 18-17

Former Clinton appointee FLIPS, says "Our country’s future is brighter under a Sanders presidency"

Given Hillary's stated willingness to compromise on abortion rights...

HRC at WI Dinner inserts self into State Supreme Court race

The Chicago Cubs and the New Baseball

April 1: Bill Clinton raises support for Hillary in Appleton Wisconsin with Al Franken

Sunday's Doonesbury: Three Bro's

Hillary steps on Stage with Sen Tammy Baldwin in Eau Claire WI to Katy Perry's MY FIGHT SONG!

Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions From Anti-Discrimination Rules

Anyone notice a spike in LTTE demanding coverage of Kasich?

Clinton can't "fire" Brock. That would be illegal.

A Clinton "Democrat": Total Bill and Hillary speech income $153,000,000

Trump: Nixon failed b/c people didn't like him // Woodward: And also that whole crime thing

Rosie writes poem for Trump:

It was not a good thing certain folks couldn't participate in yesterday's NV caucus

Cecile Richards, Bradley Whitford campaign for Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin

In WI, voter registration and DMV computers go down just days before the crucial primary

Over 60MPH Gusts!

Behind the Clinton campaign: Mapping the pro-Hillary super PACs

Listening to Hillary on Meet the Press

Tsunami alert wound back after large quake hits off Vanuatu

If Bernie is not a true "Democrat" as some say, then the word has no importance or meaning.

Wouldn't you just love to see the guest list?

Azerbaijan declares unilateral ceasefire amid Nagorno-Karabakh violence

A Very Moving Video Of Bernie Sanders

Massachusetts man arrested after suspicious devices found near power lines

Massachusetts man arrested after suspicious devices found near power lines

Air raids hit Qaeda Yemen camp, militants killed: official

So what really happened in NV with the delegates and for what purpose?

Fiancée of Sean Bell, Killed in 2006 Police Shooting, Endorses Hillary Clinton

A question for Bernie supporters

Another Obituary....

I love my email appeals from Bernie: "Dear Sisters and Brothers,"

Bernie vs. Hillary boils over in Nevada before Clark convention

GOP Wants To Get Younger Generation To Agree To Cut Seniors' Social Security.

I predict a very, very, very messy NV state convention at this point

Obstacles to 'coding while black'

TOON: Kasich Blows It BIG Time

Sanders: Firms must take ‘haircut’ in Puerto Rico debt crisis

Open Carry At GOP Convention...

Fiancée of Sean Bell, Killed in 2006 Police Shooting, Endorses Hillary Clinton

Amtrak train strikes backhoe, derails with 340-plus on board

Winter operations of the Luftwaffe

Dozens of pro-legalization protesters lit up in front of the White House

Flatly contradicting the Trump campaign

More spying approved

Editorial: Grandma Packs Heat When NRA Reimagines Fairy Tales

Kudos to @GStephanopoulos & @CNNSotu @BernieSanders on his taxes!

What Is Chuckie Trying To Catch Hillary On Re: Abortion?....

Very interesting read about the NV delegate selection process that occurred.

This won't happen in NC, so, sometimes, for the sake of mental health, you wait it out and laugh.

Like it or not, our state is becoming more diverse (MS)

Delegate count goes to Sanders in Clark County

So why is it exactly that Bernie does so amazingly well with independents?

Here are the top two threads in GD:P

Oregon people ... (Oregoners?), read this

Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich.

Republicans celebrate Lincoln Day (MO)

OK now they're just throwing shit out at random

Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards Interactive Maps from NOAA

Let's be clear about what happened in Nevada on Saturday

NICE JOB Chuck! On Meet The Press "The Queen Of Obfuscation Speaks... But Says NOTHING...

Bernie coming up on Stephanopoulos next...

I watched meat depressed this am, with

U.S. Infrastructure Can Be Hacked With Google, Simple Passwords

Questioning Bernie is a Democrat is a Third Way Talking Point

Sanders is going to need a better answer than this for refusing to release his tax returns

Hillary just said on MTP she feels bad for young Bernie Supporters for believing in Bernie.

Catholic Church must educate members on TRC calls to action: Dene National chief

Is the Sanders Personal tax thing an issue?

Should we make it easier or harder for folks to vote and have their votes counted?

Brilliant The Onion news parody (WARNING: Language)

One more Las Vegas convention thread, because the other dozen aren't enough.

"Attempted Robbery Near Goudy School Turns Fatal When Victim Shoots Robber"

Christian father 'shot his son dead for being gay' and 'stabbed to death his wife' at their LA home

Wikipedia is discussing removing Nevada from the "win" column for Hillary...

Annoying media bias in NYTimes-- article on politics in Elkhart, Indiana

A new Catholic clergy sex-abuse scandal comes into the spotlight

Jesus wept: There were 12 reported incidents of Christian pastors molesting kids — last month!

The Clinton Meal Ticket: Sympathy for the Recipients

ANY election process which reverses legitimate votes is anti-democratic and wrong

History of Official Neglect Feeds Bronx Interest in Bernie

God goes to AA.

Most of the discussion about the NV County Conventions

Demise Of A Detroit Neighborhood (2009-2014)

Sanders camp's love of Gmail and Trump fans' loyalty to AOL

Rahm and Rauner get skewered at Chicago Teachers strike (pictures)

As a Sanders supporter, I don't like what happened in Nevada, either.

In Wisconsin, Hillary says Sanders is a Democrat-Come-Lately

New Wisconsin Poll (CBS): Sanders 49% - Clinton 47% - Undecided 4%

Clinton says Sanders is a Democrat-come-lately

Are Religious People Less Smart? New Study Out...w/Shocking Results

The movie "Room", the Donkey version.

What's Sanders doing on April 14 that would keep him from accepting Clinton's offer to debate in NY?

"notice went out to delegates wrongly saying they didn't need to show up today" Nevada"

Turkey has two demands from US for support in Manbij operation: Sources

The Sanders campaign didn't invent caucuses. and before 2016 started,

Hillary Clinton Attacks Misogynist, Homophobe, Bigot Rebecca Bradley Saturday Night

Leaving tomorrow for Paris!

David Brock, CEO of several Clinton SuperPACS & owner of BlueNationReview

Wisconsin Voter Suppression - It's a Republican Thang!

Very misinformed Cruz voter angry at the wrong things as usual

Clinton Campaign Says Sanders 'Rejected' New York Debate Dates -Stop Playing Games

"A Republican Red Wedding."

Bernie has just obtained a hard to get permit for high profile rally in Manhattan eve of Apr 14!

Here's Blue Origin's Rocket Coming In For Its Third Landing

Bernie Sanders Campaign Committee has officially outraised Hillary Clinton Campaign Committee

Sanders will not commit to posting tax returns on website B/4 NYdebate-says wife prepares them

Relative sizes of turnout for candidates - how big are their crowds?

Pick the Most Effective CounterTerrorism Messenger

Hillary Clinton has been handed the irrefutable high ground after Bernie Sanders Nevada antics

Question for Sanders and Clinton supporters,what progressive values must you sacrifice

WAPO: Op-Ed: Deceipt and Power Work in Hillary Clinton's Favor:

Comparison of the two Democratic candidates rallies in Eau Clair, WI

What Does It Mean? Trump Is Winning Where White People Are Dying Early

Robert Reich: Here’s why mainstream media marginalizes Bernie Sanders

Despite Husband's Terrorist Links, Palestinian Teacher to Keep U.K. Non-violence Prize

CBS/YouGov New York Poll: Clinton 53% - Sanders 43% - Undecided 4%

I think I've discovered the cure for the common cold.

So Sanders actually won Nevada!

Vel Phillips, first African-American Wisconsin Secretary of State endorses Bernie Sanders

The Chuck Toady interview of Clinton is a joke.

Will Hillary be holding a campaign rally on Wall Street in New York City?

Get a cat - dump the pills

Why Hillary is unfit to be president

Photo: Comparing Bernie's and Hillary's Eau Clair, WI rallies from yesterday

Bernie Sanders wins county-level conventions in Nevada

There's a reason millions of voters are aligning with Sanders.

A unique opportunity for Greece to get rid of the IMF economic hitmen

New CBS/You Gov Poll: Sanders +2 in WI HRC +10 in NY

Photographing a Donald Trump Rally - St. Louis, MO -for Reuters

Ice not looking too thick 0-90E in the Arctic

Best Commentary About the Susan Sarandon controversy

Can you imagine for a minute Hillary not releasing her tax statements?

Breaking Bad Indiana Pastor

Bernie Sanders Won The Nevada Caucus On Saturday, And Here’s How

The AMOUNT of $ taken in by the Clintons has not been raised in a townhall, a debate, or interview.

Did Bernie Sanders Win Nevada? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

What role models are supposed to look like

"Eliminating" the national debt is an idea so stupid I don't even know how to start attacking it

Sanders won't release his complete tax returns because his wife does them.

As Saudi and Allies Bombard Yemen US Clocks up $33 Billion Arms Sales in Eleven Months

Be careful what progressive causes you donate to if you are Bernie Supporter...

2016 could be a big year for cannabis

Just saw that

Just a gif of Bernie passing Hillary on her left.

If Bernie does well this month can he narrow the popular vote totals?

Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses

Talk about dedicated! Hillary Clinton did work for both parties candidates. At

You've heard of pheasant under glass?

Climate Change.. New York! Is Hillary's Integrity With Respect To Climate Change A Concern?

The Easter Rising, my grandfather and the untold story of Sir Roger Casement

Hillary Clinton Just Delivered the Strongest Speech of Her Campaign—and the Media Barely Noticed

The NFL's Shoddy Science Means We Know Even less About Concussions

You know what sucks about not being stupid?

Jimmy Dore throws some shade at Chuck Toady for his "Bought a Landslide" comment

Kobach-Newby alliance led to restrictions on voting rights

It was not a good thing certain folks didn't bother to participate in yesterday's NV caucus

A Coronation Interrupted (and possibly ruined)

Kasich won't say who should be punished for abortions

Muslim boy teased with ‘bomb’ jokes as US teacher calls him terrorist

Bernie's rape fantasy essay is not old enough history and is Republican fodder

Glad to hear about the tax returns!

Source: @CNN and @ny1 are approaching DNC about hosting Dem debate on April 14th in BROOKLYN.

Leaked Memo Reveals IMF (Still) Wants Out of Greece Bailout and Plots to Pressure Germany to Act

Bat with white-nose syndrome confirmed in Washington state

Hillary Clinton Says She Hasn't Been Contacted By the FBI

What's a good one-liner?

In Brief, The Problem With For-Profit Healthcare

Bernie's tax returns or anybody's tax returns-I don't give a shit

Do you know which way your Political Compass points?

Here's how much money doctors actually make

If we were to make a Hillary montage, starting with the Maya Angelou quote about

Clintonians are in disarray

Why There May Be Trouble This November at Your Polling Place

Syrian forces seize Islamic State-held town near Palmyra

Loving grandparents support Bernie

GOP Fodder: Clinton on defending the rapist of a 12-year old.

'Quiet recreation' on BLM lands brings millions to Wyoming

FINNERTY: Atheists can express beliefs, but need to mind their manners

Democratic Unity Poll

aversive racism and aversive sexism in the 2016 race

More suspected MH370 debris washes up

At rallies, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are looking for logic, not passion

GOP Chairman Warns Of ‘Consequences’ for Trump Over Broken Loyalty Pledge

Following up last weekend's bird, we now have a story the MSM can't Cover

Kasich won't say who should be punished for abortions

Paul O'Grady opens up about his religious beliefs in Salvation Army documentary

Hillary Clinton ally hits Bernie Sanders with FEC complaints

Cruz turns to RNC rule to keep Kasich from nabbing nomination

When Rape Is a Fantasy

What was the goal of the "Bernie takes oil money also" meme?

Poll: GOP voters divided as April primaries loom

Full Results from the Nevada Democratic County Conventions

There are two major undemocratic aspects of the primary process.

When will the Hillary Flip-Flops Start as she goes from Primary Mode to "General Election Mode?

Kochs’ right-wing coup: Deny voting rights, flood politics with dark money, capture the courts

A DU challenge

The precedent for presidential candidates is tax returns, not speeches. nt

What did Bernie mean by " will not be able to address the enormous problems facing the working fam

A question for apologists.

Hillary Clinton: I'm a Loyal Democrat. (Hint, Hint.)

HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #22: Wheel O’ Corruption Edition

Sanders Wausau WI Town Hall - LIVE NOW - LINK

Ah, memories . . .

Bernie on Stephanopoulos Video 4/3/2016

What are you reading this week of April 3, 2016?

What do Sanders and Trump have in common?

birdie sanders appreciation

=*= LIVE Streams @ NOW: Bernie in Wausau, WI - The Grand Theatre 4-3-16 =*=

The best defense against negativity is a good offense Make Calls for Hillary.

What if Saudi is rushing to sell oil before it's worthless?

All this brouhaha about caucuses makes no sense.

"Americans are tired of hearing about the damn emails"-Bernie Sanders

And the lies about the Clark County convention continue...

The idea that the world can stay below +2° C looks increasingly delusional

Conservatives seem shocked that Trump insulted Ted Cruz' wife. Meanwhile, they've spent *years* hurl

What if Bernie Had Lost Delegates in NV?

A scrappy Sanders campaign narrows the delegate count six weeks after the caucuses

David Brooks: Trump ‘will be known a hundred years from now as the biggest loser in American politic

The Real News interviews Greenpeace activist who confronted Hillary Clinton

Abby Wambach Arrested for DUI

WA POST: Hillary still in the lead in Nevada -- by 1 delegate.

Whoops, that YouGov poll of NY includes independents (Who can't vote)

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens

Selective Outrage. Arizona vs Nevada.

In Brexit warm up, Dutch voters to consider EU treaty with Ukraine

Carson: Trump "probably most likely to restore American confidence" despite "some major defects"

Who cares if Bernie is a "Democrat" or not? Most liberal and progressive voters don't give a shit!

Bernie Sanders is the most populist candidate since FDR.

This is why Americans love Bernie Sanders!

#ReleaseTheReturns is trending on twitter. HRC ROOM.

Damn right!

Voting for Hillary because she is a woman......

Valerie Plame Outs the Underinformed Bernie Supporters

Latinos and women are blunting Trump and Sanders in California's primaries

Mississippi's Confederate Heritage Month proclamation prompts outcry

Thousands protest in Warsaw against proposed abortion ban

Differences Between Secretary Clinton and I on the Environment

Really, how brain dead are American voters?

Which do you care about most:

Gov. Walker May not Agree, but $7.25 is a Starvation Wage

Bernie will release his tax returns, but please proceed because I can't wait.

On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald Trump

Is the end of days looming for fundamentalist sect in Utah?

Kobach-Newby alliance led to restrictions on voting rights

Trade releasing the tax return with releasing the speech transcripts.

On the party loyalty thing, did anybody watch Bernie's speech last night in WI?

Other caucus states?

1.5 Years to Mars? Russia Could Do It in 1.5 Months

Anyone who thinks Trump will be easy to beat...

New prices, old wages: Argentine retail sales down 5.8% in March as recession deepens.

Now I'm puzzled about the tax flap.

Bernie Sanders hasn't released his tax returns! Any ideas why??????

Barron's endorses Kasich for president

Sun. 4/3 update on Bernie Mural being painted in Brooklyn

Is there ever a reason to vote for Trump in an open primary?

In case you didn't hear this

Theories on why Sanders hasn't released his tax returns?

U.S. says it killed ISIS militant who killed Marine in Iraq

Islamic State executes 15 of its own near Raqqa, Syria: monitor

Clinton campaign says Sanders 'rejected' New York debate dates

South African parliament to debate Zuma impeachment motion on Tuesday

Chief judge says poor treatment of youths continues at Lincoln Hills

Bernie Is Right, Hillary’s Fundraising Is Absolutely Obscene

Venezuela: Dismantling a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Rigged Retirement | Bernie Sanders

Happy birthday to a Republican: Doris DAY, 92 yrs old

Rigged Retirement | Bernie Sanders

Despite Bernie's recent caucus wins, Predictwise still says 90% Hillary will be nominee.


Clinton campaign says Sanders 'rejected' New York debate dates

Thought Provoking Perspective For Those That Adore Cheer Leading - Two Missives For Consideration

Thought Provoking Perspective For Those That Adore Cheer Leading - Two Missives For Consideration

It snowed this morning.

Anti-doping: Arsenal, Chelsea & Leicester deny 'false' claims

Senator Aaron Ford, the hero of the day in Nevada

Why Humans Took Up Farming: They Like To Own Stuff

Who Really "Gets Things Done"?


Perhaps my favorite endorsement.........

Why There May Be Trouble This November at Your Polling Place

I feel sorry for Sanders "young supporters"

Bernie for Maryland

Frozen broccoli recalled over listeria concerns

nevada caucus results

D.C. Madam Attorney Gets His Motion on Supreme Court Docket!

something a little different - Bernie's meeting with an interfaith group in Spokane

Live stream of protest against mainstream media blackout of Bernie campaign (CNN specifically)

Florida Will Vote This Year On Measure That Would Block Solar Leasing In The State

Am I mistaken or is Bernie finally getting more vetting? {HRC Group}

Remember when we all at DU demanded Mitt Romney release his taxes?

What you need to know about the Panama Papers -- Luke Harding

Paul Krugman gives Bern no Slack

Media Blackout (of Bernie Campaign) Protest in LA (in front of CNN) -- live stream

The delegates in Nevada knew what they were getting into when it started, so don't complain

Tesla has gotten people to give them $253,000,000 in deposits in less than 72 hours

The Bernie campaign is already in Fort Bragg, CA!

New Orleans Man Faces Life in Prison for Stealing Candy Under "Habitual-Offender" Law

Clinton: "I feel sorry sometimes to the young people who believe [Sanders]"

From Al Franken's Facebook Page

Michel Fugain - Une Belle Histoire

Nevada Inmate Forced to Rip His Own Teeth Out After Being Denied Medical Attention

Does Camp Hillary's unforced error in Nevada say anything about her ability to "get things done"?

Initials BB - Serge Gainsbourg

Orgasms to cure cancer isn't the only quackery Bernie promotes

Video of alleged rape angers many and raises questions in violent Mexican state

La mer - Julio Iglesias

Hillary's atrocious race record: Her stances over decades have been painful and wrong | SALON

Wasn't there a Duzy awards posted recently?

Canada's Prince Edward Island ends abortion ban in province

Canada's Prince Edward Island ends abortion ban in province

Man who fired rifle at mosque after Paris attacks apologizes

Zootopia..what do you think?

Anybody doubt who George Carlin would be supporting in the primary?

ISIS member responsible for rocket attack on U.S. Marines killed in strike

Wins from six of the last seven contests look like, with our expected delegate totals.

Nature-Rx. Prescription commercial you won't see on TV.

Many Western states seek ways to lower high suicide rates

Voter Turn-Out

Is the 2016 Election Already Being Stripped & Flipped?

Jake Tapper: Blackout? I interviewed him just this morning...

The Sanders Campaign has counteroffered 4/13 thurs or 4/17 Sun for a debate, Clinton declines.

When a candidate turns to insulting supporters of their opponent, they desperate.

Bernie's defense for not releasing tax returns: "we've been busy."

"Inside the Financial World, Government Agencies and their Private Contractors Lies a Hidden System

Plane crash kills 1 on freeway where it once landed safely

How one programmer broke the internet by deleting a tiny piece of code

Boo hoo: He's taking my votes - Trump

Hillary has been "singularly forthcoming" with her tax return transparency.

Wore my Bernie shirt to brunch today and got compliments.

OK, DUers. I hate to beg, but my cats need vet care

LOOK: Bernie Sanders financial information

Miss. interracial couple evicted from RV park

Arts and Crafts with Uncle Rob

Massive leak exposes how the wealthy and powerful hide their money

Well, I guess you can criticize one while believing the other, but...

Bernie: Multinational CEOs won't like me, & Wall St even less!

So Bernie said Rosario Dawson doesn't speak for his campaign

Democracy or Bust in Europe

Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, the last Plains Indian war chief, dies at 102

What difference is there between getting "industry" donations...

xpost- Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, the last Plains Indian war chief, dies at 102

"He's gotten under her skin" Jake Tapper on CNN discussing Hillary's temper tantrums.

Big Love for Little Monkeys That Help People With Limited Mobility

My proposal to resolve voter suppression/disputable results issues so far:

Gato Barbieri, Latin Jazz Great and 'Last Tango in Paris' Composer, Dead at 83

What I gather from the chaos/problems with the primaries: It will hurt Democratic turnout in the GE.

George W. Bush ripped on social media by waitress in tasteless 9/11 joke after he left generous tip

Star Bellied Sneeches

More questions about Bernie's taxes.

Hillary Clinton on a New York debate: "I'll be there"

My dog has the cone of shame on, now she won't go up or down the stairs

IN today's NY Post

Regarding Debates - Sanders proposed 4 days (Apr. 10, 11, 12 or 13)

Oh my! Sanders proposed April 14th as a debate day in NY back in January. HRC ROOM

New analysis of 40-year-old recording of Kent State shootings

I'm 54. Does Hillary Clinton feel sorry for me too? Would she say...

April 3 CBS NY tracker poll: Clinton 53%; Sanders 43%

The double-standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of government benefits

We have contributed phone banked caucused and canvased for Bernie. What else can we do? We can

Tesla says Model 3 orders top $10 billion in first 36 hours

What Rachel Maddow Didn't Ask Hillary Clinton

Cave of Crystals | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura

WaPo factchecker: Sanders Campaign exaggerated Oil & Gas donations to HRC campaign, 3 pinnocchios

Is there anything Bill Clinton won't do for money?

I'm not one to heap praise on Chris Matthews...

Los Angeles protest against CNN media bias online

Statin intolerance is real, researchers find.

Dig out your long johns and snow shovels ...

Hillary Clinton Agrees to ABC News' Good Morning America Debate: 'I'll Be There'

A question for legal minds

Mailman Battles Angry Cat While Attempting to Deliver Mail

Federal government wants farmers to supply local markets

Why hasn't BErnie released his tax returns? I mean, does he have something to hide? Whats the

Today's Disk Defrag day for NuclearDem's computer

Bernie Sanders, losing badly in Michigan, inexplicably blames Hillary Clinton for fall of Detroit

Nuclear renaissance? Nuclear Industry's rhetoric as flat as their stagnant growth.

"I am the only candidate..."

How Free Trade Agreements Crippled Detroit


Mississippi interracial couple evicted from RV park

Trump's Unusual Plan to Lower the Debt: Sell Off 16 Trillion In Gov't Assets

Confirmed: Hillary Clinton still the winner of Nevada. Cheating antics of Bernie fans have faiied

The Nevada re vote is what it is.

=*=LIVE Streams @ NOW: Bernie Sanders, Shailene Woodley & Rosario Dawson in Madison, WI=*=

Forbes: Bernie Sanders As Democratic Capitalist

Forbes: Bernie Sanders As Democratic Capitalist

Microsoft has gone too far

-Hey mainstream media, start covering the Bernie Sanders cheating scandals so I don’t have to.

Preparing for electioneering by privileged ex-presidents

Hillary Clinton's absurd claim that she's the only candidate being attacked by Wall Street

“America’s best days can be ahead of us:” Hillary Clinton joined by Tammy Baldwin at Eau Claire st

What, exactly, is "The Daily Newsbin"? I've been seeing it cited here

A Handful Of Very Big Dirty Little Secrets - Panama Papers

Clinton's lead without super delegates

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 4 April 2016

Mrs. Clinton also said “there is room for reasonable kinds of restrictions” on abortion..."

Parenting in an immoral age

State of the union bernie interview transcript

Clinton - strong leadership on stem cells: Sanders - voted no, no, no, then he flip flopped

Saboteurs of Sanders Campaign Lead to Clinton National Security Think Tank

Ann's daughter, Cecile: This is sort of the pinnacle of everything we’ve fought for all our lives

If there is ever a reason to NOT stop taking meds and skip out on life.

The theme for the April Contest will be

"He Trumped it" - golf

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 3, 2016

Listen to Wikipedia

Urabeños shut-down ends after expanding terror campaign to Medellin

Is the American public really going to have to choose between these two?

How Did We End Up Here?

Fujimori support firms as leftist rises in Peru presidential race

Who gives a FUCK about Bernie Sanders' tax records?

Rigged Retirement | Bernie Sanders

Kerry to visit Hiroshima nuclear memorial

Yiddish Dating Video And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Bill Clinton's rape and sexual assault allegations, and sex with young interns, are GOP fodder

More wet weather on the way!!

NFL's Rodgers, retired astronaut Kelly join Obama for golf......

Is today the day the BS campaign started to crumble?

More information on Bernie's tax situation.

Hillary Clinton Agrees to ABC News' Good Morning America Debate: 'I'll Be There'

A crosspost from GD-P on Bernie's tax situation.

NH woman charged with selling heroin with 'Donald Trump' label

LOL!! My sweetie just had an idea, and I find it strangely compelling...

Bernie Sanders BernieBro "Men Who Bern" Wall Calendar!

Hillary Clinton Attacked 12 Yr Old Rape Victim's Credibility

Wow. Bernie rejected Hillary's proposed April 14 debate date in NY, but he proposed it in January!

Doubts about what DNC is trying to pull off? Look at the dates they suggested for the NY debate....

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) op-ed in support of Hillary Clinton

#WisconsinPrimary #ImWithHer Please Vote @HillaryClinton for a better

Maxine Waters-Love her...

Bernie narrows gap on Hillary in latest New York primary poll

Hillary Clinton Makes Republicans Tremble By Taking Out Trump And Cruz In A Single Swoop

The MSM is afraid to report on 2000 Bernie protesters at CNN LA today...

Wisconsin Will Not Be Silenced | Bernie Sanders

Wisconsin Will Not Be Silenced | Bernie Sanders

Wisconsin WILL NOT BE Silenced!

Why won't Hillary Clinton release transcripts of her speeches? Pandermonium* would ensue.

Its a Trifecta 3 Fact Checkers Say Sanders Claims About Clinton Fossil Fuel Donations Are Misleading

Wisconsin Will Not Be Silenced | Bernie Sanders

CBS Poll: Cruz up in WI but Trump leading big in both NY & PA

Hillary Clinton Receives A Standing Ovation At ‘Black Girls Rock’

Back in January Bernie's campaign had suggested April 14 in New York.

CNN: Soccer star Abby Wambach charged with DUI

Ana Kasparian reporting LIVE from LA protest of CNN blackout of Bernie Sanders

In Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders Turns up the Heat on Hillary Clinton

Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1100 Foreign Donations

Trump Refuses To Answer Question About Campaign Manager on Face The Nation

Bernie: The Life of the Party?

Who will win the battle of Brooklyn?

Hillary - Love & Kindness. (Hillary Group, thank you.)


SNL skewers Trump's 'bad week with women'

Just saw Bernie Sanders enroute to his speech in Madison. Sirens, motorcycle cops and squad cars

Trump labor stats. What are they?


#VettingBernie, aka a Timeline of Sanders Bullpukey

"The biggest mistake Clinton has made during this election season is attacking Sanders."

hillary lied in her speech at the wisconsin democratic

Syria: al-Nusra Front leader killed in airstrike

Hillary is very PROUD to be a GOLDWATER GIRL