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Oopsie: "Brady Campaign's ad draws ire of U.S. anti-gun violence activists"

Here's your Sunday School joke:

Joe Biden Met With The Pope Today

Now, LEE CAMP 'Redacted Tonight' Comedy, Politics, Truth: Tonite, Recent ELECTION FRAUD, More.

Hartmann: "Breaking Through Power--A Few People Can Make a Big Difference" Pts 1 & 2:

Lena Rothman: A Trump Supporter Assaulted Me at a Rally -- Then Police Arrested Me Instead of Him

Newest Indiana poll: Hillary with big lead over Bernie 55-40

Happy Birthday, Carol Burnett! 10 of Her Most Wonderful Quotes

New Discovery Means More U.S. States Will Face A Risk From Zika

Police: Austin man 'grinded' on woman at bar before throwing glass at her face

The next evolution in cat world domination

Bottle found on Nova Scotia beach has a message, human ashes, and money for a drink

If you thought Halloween was strange , how about these -

FULL AUTOPSY statement on Bernie Data Breach

White House: America's prisons more costly than helpful

Well, now I'm confused

Please consider adding your name to this petition in support of the "Close the Revolving Door Act"

Carrier Workers welcome Bernie Sanders at State Capitol Rally

Went to get the WA state MMJ renewal. Get thee to a physician. I trust them

Former Alabama governor Don Siegelman sent to solitary confinement (after speaking with reporter)

Carrier Workers welcome Bernie Sanders at State Capitol Rally

CVV shops: How hackers get the three numbers from the back of your credit card

Self delete

Dear growers

Aw fudge...

Foul Play Possible in Florida Teens' Disappearance at Sea

The Article That Cause Donald Trump Supporters to Attack a Journalist

Death to old Fossils! Now for some really Good News.

For those in need of a good, dark laugh: Consider poor Abu Hajaar

Netflix Confirms 'The Punisher' Series

Go fuck yourself, Jerry Jones.

Which crop?

It sure seems like someone wants to stop people from asking Superdelegates to support Bernie

After chores today, had arts-n-farts time...

Louisiana prisoner freed after 41 years of unconstitutional life sentence

George Takai (sp?) just floated the triangulation argument on All-in.

Mum's Garden...

Former Alabama governor Don Siegelman sent to solitary confinement.

MSNBC just said that a recent poll shows Sanders supporters may vote for Trump

Why the NYT headlines on Oct 10, 2016 are the most important election day news.

Italian couple win same-sex adoption case

Frank Bruni - the mentality of a grade school bully.

Bernie 2016 voluntarily dismisses its datagate suit against the DNC (HRC GP)

Obama administration warns of ‘climate refugees’ due to rapid Arctic warming

24% of voters will opt out of a Clinton-Trump race.

Union: Carrier might have stayed if they took a paycut ($5.85hr)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Mr. Lonely! & Uncensored & Live & a

Union: Carrier might have stayed if they took a paycut ($5.85hr)

Can we please stop bullshitting about party unity and stopping Trump

A look at America's Future: No Plumbing, No Protection: The Story of Milwaukee’s Evicted

Merry meet and a joyous Beltane!

Homeless Jesus

Bernie's staffers Brand New Congress initiative

Bernie Sanders one on one WTHR Indiana

About Acting Presidential: For me integrity is a KEY component of acting Presidential.

Donald Trump Accused of Rape and "Depraved Sex Acts" in Civil Lawsuit

Bernie Sanders one on one WTHR Indiana

Clinton shifting staff to general election swing states (USA Today)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-28-16

17th century children’s round (Link fixed)

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-28-16

Man says threats to Obama, FBI were ways he 'blows off steam' (OR)

What forum or group gets the least no. of recs.

Alabama’s top judge blames ‘atheists, homosexuals and transgender’ people for legal complaint

University at Buffalo... In Minecraft

Friday Talking Points (389) -- Lucifer, Or A Joe McCarthy-Dracula Love Child?

How far in the past does "My posts" go? Can I find older ones? nt

U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo

Why would Bernie fire low level staffers making $15/hr....

Colorado woman sentenced to 100 years for cutting fetus from woman

Confirmed: A Sanders surrogate lied on MSNBC last night.

When is Connor Cook going to be drafted?

Microsoft Will Not Donate Money to Republicans’ Convention

brandnewcongress: Does anyone know anything about the people leading this group?

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive treadmill?

Indisputable math.

Indisputable math.

A poll: What are "appropriate" ways for Latinos to protest DRUMPF?

Hulu is making Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale into a TV series

Powerful Image

I wouldn't give my info to that brandnewcongress group they are promoting in GDP

Socialist Sanders BIGGEST spender of all presidential candidates.

Self delete, posted in the wrong forum..

Will Ferrell Pulls Out of Controversial Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Movie

Elizabeth Warren says Donald Trump’s ‘woman’s card’ comment is a sign of ‘what weak men do’

We ain't going NOWHERE!!!

How Do Fiscally Conservative Atheists Vote?

The Economist: Venezuela today looks like Zimbabwe 15 years ago


Jailed Montana resort founder invokes right to silence

Russians Are Becoming More Religious : State Poll

A friendly warning to stay safe.

Texas court blocks Houston from using tougher clean-air laws

Revised Crystal Ball 2016 Electoral College ratings for a Clinton vs. Trump matchup

Carrier Workers reject $5.85 Wage Offer

U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo

Carrier Workers reject $5.85 Wage Offer

The draft.? It's sports meets Hollywood.

Mattingly ruins a no hitter for Adam Conley.

When Bill Clinton accused the Obama campaign of "playing the race card"

Real Time with Bill Maher, OVERTIME: Thomas Frank, Rob Reiner, Mark Leibovich, More, April 29

Stop the bullshit. Sanders did not have billionaire Super Pacs or hundreds of millions in free

Will Clinton be to the Left or Right of Obama?

UH OH--BERNIE DROPS LAWSUIT at long last! Wrapping it up/Friday night news dump!!

Correcting yet another bullshit meme

His arrival was foretold in the ancient murals....

First Zika death on US soil reported in Puerto Rico

Parts of India ban daytime cooking as hundreds die of heat

Marco Rubio warming up to Donald Trump

Now we can buy a whole deck of Woman Cards.

Rafael Cruz: "We were on our knees for two hours. At the end a word came through his wife, Heidi..."

Clinton shifting staff to general election swing states

does anyone else get bothered by trumps finger movement when he is talking

Choosing Van Hollen over Edwards means one thing and one thing only:

If there had never been a Man President in the 240 years of this country.

Donald Trump Promotes Shooting Muslims With Bullets Dipped In Pig’s Blood, Gets An Ovation

The Obamas Trade Escalating Twitter Threats With Prince Harry And Queen Elizabeth II

Louisiana prisoner freed after 41 years of unconstitutional life sentence

'Kennewick Man' was Native American, U.S. Army Corps says

Hillary’s Debt to Sanders and Trump

Dear Democrats: Stop Bullying Sanders Supporters into Backing Hillary Clinton

CNN: Clinton Interview with Jake Tapper, Vows to Work with Sanders, More, April 29 (Video)

Sanders and CA

CNN: Clinton Interview with Jake Tapper, Vows to Work with Sanders, More, April 29

Hundreds of greyhounds up for adoption as Tucson track prepares to end racing

GOP Bold And Brassy Enough To Close Election Centers In Democratic Districts.

The Holy Land as you've never seen it before: Some of the earliest images ever taken

Black Women Rally Behind Hillary Clinton

They have to get that they're coming across as insufferable.

Black Women Rally Behind Hillary Clinton

How some of us feel about Clinton and Sanders.


We are 233,330 users strong...I BEG you all. Please sign this petition to the WH

fosters almost four weeks old

Biologists study imperiled lizard in Texas and Mexico to develop conservation plan

Trump, some questions

Does anyone have that picture of Scared, Pathetic Drumpf climbing the hill behind the hotel?

Hamas and hamas

70 Labor Activists Assassinated in Guatemala over 9 Years

Honduras fires top police officials to purge criminal links

Argentina's big unions join to protest layoffs, inflation

File this under: How stupid do they think we are?

Poor Woody.

Now I understand why Justin Bieber was so pissy.

End of Democratic Primary Means Anyone Who Ever Wanted to Can Now Vote for Bernie Sanders

Anyone know why the Nikkei dropped 3.61% today?

Bolivia Highlights Importance of Hydrocarbons Nationalization

Missouri News - 4/29/2016

I've been binge watching "The West Wing" lately.

Georgia Republican Casually Admits His ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill Protects The KKK (VIDEO)

How about some music that's unlike any music you've ever heard?

Hillary fans, what day is this going to be "over"? I hear it daily yet it is still going on....

A kite for you.

Can someone tell me how to post a picture obtained from the internet?

Why did Obama appoint James Comey as FBI chief?

Thousands demonstrate in Argentina against labor reforms, job cuts

Here's a groaner

The Washington Post Reaches New Low in Calls for Political Intervention in Venezuela

The Washington Post Reaches New Low in Calls for Political Intervention in Venezuela

"We want something different!" ... Hillary.

Political Violence in Honduras

Political Violence in Honduras

Kansas News - 4/30/2016

What is "Brainwashing" and how to recognize a "cult" when you see it.

Funniest no-bernie video I've seen (Hillary Group)

what do you do if two separate conditions need two different diets??

It was US military that bombed Afghanistan hospital..

Why is Congress Trying to Give Military Half a Wildlife Refuge it Doesn't Want?

Panama Papers Prove America Has the Money to Transition to 100% Clean Energy

New Study Shows Mass Surveillance Breeds Meekness, Fear and Self-Censorship

“Water is Life”: Guatemalan March for Water Rights Connects Struggles Across Latin America

“Water is Life”: Guatemalan March for Water Rights Connects Struggles Across Latin America


Joe Biden speaks about faith and curing cancer at the Vatican

Biden speaks about faith and curing cancer at the Vatican

Marvel's Jessica Jones Wins Peabody Award

Crosby, Stills & Nash ~ Helplessly Hoping

OK trooper tells local news: Best way not to get raped by cops is to ‘follow the law’

Iowa News - 4/30/2016

As support widens for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount, should we fear apocalyptic consequences?

Race and the Standardized Testing Wars

It's very, very unlikely humanity is unique across the sweep of cosmic space and time...

Kenya flooding: At least seven dead in building collapse

Nebraska News - 4/30/2016

Question for any Lawyers here. Is this fraud?

Abused circus lions flown to new home in South African bush

South Dakota News - Clinton, Sanders campaigns to woo South Dakota Democrats

Clinton, Sanders campaigns to woo South Dakota Democrats

NC woman accused of pulling gun at restaurant over wrong chicken wings

Canadian Environmental Health Atlas | Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on Developing Brain

Just Say No to Gun Shop

Tennessee bill seeks to stop gun carry permits for ex-police with DUI convictions

Hello Every One

Pentagon calls out Benghazi probe for what it is

Indiana Is Weird - Or, why Abe Lincoln’s dad would be a Trump voter.

New Research for Mobile Users

Has anyone had any luck with a Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro?

Daily Holidays - April 30

Best Community youtubers or Video Makers

North Dakota News - 4/30/2016

The Sanders Campaign – From Sea to Shining Sea

Jane Sanders Has Some Harsh Words for Our Public Education System

Bernie Sanders and His Supporters Should Do What the Democratic Party Won’t: Advocate for Candidates

Study finds coal terminal would have significant affects on environment

Noam Chomsky: Sanders is a “Force the Could Change the Country”

Tennessee high school teacher fired for showing "The Human Centipede 2" to class

How Clinton Can Woo Back Iranian Americans

Are Fair Trade Policies “Extreme?” Is Clinton Ready For Trump On Trade?

The Battle for Truth Over Saudi Arabia's Ties to 9/11

The Joke of US Justice and "Accountability" When They Bomb a Hospital

Is ACA Coverage Affordable for Low-Income People? Perspectives from Individuals in Six Cities

Reich: Why Is the Racial Wealth Gap Widening? And What Should Be Done to Reverse It?

Raised by War: What It's Like to Come of Age in Iraq

Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already

1 in 4 Americans Have PTSD-Like Symptoms From Financial Stress

Weekly Address: It’s Time for the Senate To Do Its Job

Satanic Temple founder Lucien Greaves distances himself from "Lucifer in the flesh" Cruz

I'm wondering what Dennis Kucinich has said about the primaries..

Why I’m a Feminist Voting for Bernie Sanders

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and the Prevention of Depressive Relapse

Lawmaker calls for Illinois to revoke Hastert's pension

Monterrey, Mexico: An inside look where Carrier Jobs are going

Monterrey, Mexico: An inside look where Carrier Jobs are going

Elizabeth Warren: sexist Donald Trump “clearly feels threatened” by Hillary Clinton (HRC GP)

are the sanders frauds? Has this been investigated enough yet??

It Takes Money, Honey: An Audience with the Feisty Georgette Mosbacher

Clinton on CNN: expects Sanders to work with her on planning the convention and party platform

It's swing voters who will decide the General election

Waffle House seems to be a hive of social activity in the South...

US wants justice for killers of gay Bangladeshi activists

Minnesota News - 4/30/2016

Hillary Clinton's Snapchat Just Rekt Trump With A Few Face Swaps

One man's entire job is to tempt American companies into moving to Mexico

Too Big to Open: Bernie’s 300K-Page April Campaign File Not Accessible

One man's entire job is to tempt American companies into moving to Mexico

Trump Cards

It Looks Like Hillary Supporters Are Now Working Against Her .....

What Carrier employees in Mexico can buy with $3 Hourly Wage

Welcome to California, Mr. Trump.

Explaining to your child why you let Trump become president.

What Carrier employees in Mexico can buy with $3 hourly wage

Melania Trump Knauss GQ interview (HRC GROUP)

The House and Senate Hopefuls Betting on Bernie

Meet an Immigrant (Trump experiement) over 4 million views

Women in Iran are too hip to handle – even with strict religious dress laws

Meet an Immigrant (Trump experiment) over 4 million views

Another White House gate crasher

David Brooks discovers that columnists live in a bubble.

So what's Hillary's plan to get around congressional obstructionism?

The Father of Catholic Social Teaching

Companies cut Carrier products from their services

Hillary's Incompetence is an Actual Comfort.

Could we have some interim guidance on OTT criticism...

Media covering Trump events need some "false flag" awareness..

Bernie Sanders: The Warning Shot Of The Impending Revolution

TYT: TSA Catches More Whistleblowers Than Terrorists

Kasich: People are 'probably' born gay

FYI -- Sanders experience as Mayor contradicts the LIE about "Can't get things done"

Celebration-The Crystal Ball‘s 2016 Electoral College ratings (for Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump)

"Woodstock for Capitalists."

Hillary Clinton General Election Campaign Building Out Additional Floor At Brooklyn HQ

Professor Richard Wolff on the Panama Papers

After arguing about the angels on the head of Hillary's pin, Sanders supporters need incentive

Professor Richard Wolff on Worker Coops: Theory and Practice of 21st Century Socialism

"I'll just vote for Trump then!"

Today's Google Doodle honors mathematician/juggler Claude Shannon:

The Hong Kong Housing Bubble Implodes

Why this Economy Feels Even Lousier than the Lousy GDP Print: Your Slice of the Economic Pie......

Why Hillary Clinton truly represents an obsolete system

In order to be qualified for President a woman must be intelligent yet non-controversial

Freddie Mac may need another taxpayer bailout next week

"And the spirit of God filled the room, and He said . . ." Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Trump wants to shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in Pigs Blood

iSad: Nobody wants to buy tablets anymore

A President Clinton or Trump Would Be More Alike Than Different on Foreign Policy

Jane Sanders: We are not spoiling the Democratic race

Jane Sanders: We are not spoiling the Democratic race

Anti-union disclosures defended

FDR era view of the political spectrum

Anti-union disclosures defended

Jane Sanders Has Some Harsh Words for Our Public Education System

Anti-union disclosures defended

Jane Sanders Has Some Harsh Words for Our Public Education System - The Nation Video

Illinois News - 4/30/2016

2 more votes for Hillary

‘It’s sickening’: Mother arrested after deputies find toddlers tied up in back yard

stop trump movement was a farce from the beginning...the media goes on message

Sling, bow and arrow

Making charcoal, Cord drill and Pump drill

Cocky and Arrogant as always. And as always Wrong.

Poor Puerto Rico

The Obamas are the finest family to inhabit the White House in my entire life

FDR on Voting

In some ways Hillary Clinton is a lot closer to being a Republican

Just saw a thread

6 questions for DU:

Saddest moments in TV History - Florida Evans "Damn, damn, damn."

Thousands of protesters storm Baghdad 'Green Zone', parliament

Lol tRump may be vetting Newt Gingrich for his VP!

Hindu tailor hacked to death in Bangladesh: police

Hey, Trump, this Bernie supporter says, Screw You.

Saddest moments in TV History - Hawkeye Pierce "I Wanted It To Be Quiet"

It's the Duty of Every Sanders Supporter to Vote for Hillary

Bernie Sanders outside the Indiana University Auditorium

Types of primary race political arguments that fail to move most people...

Bernie Sanders outside the Indiana University Auditorium - 5000 Spillover Crowd

Jamie Raskin wins primary in Maryland

Bob Marley & The Wailers: "Concrete Jungle" on BBC's The Old Grey Whistle Test 1973 Rare & New

Supreme Court Quietly Approves Rule to Give FBI 'Sprawling' Hacking Powers

Growing Numbers of American Voters Think Global Warming is Happening. …Important to their Vote…

Mississippi advocates fear abuse ‘epidemic’ after senate kills divorce bill

Government supporters attack Venezuela opposition leader

Bernie Sanders interview WTHR Indiana

Bernie Sanders interview WTHR Indiana

Outside the Auditorium before Bernie Sanders' Bloomington Appearance

Venezuela's top beer brewer halts production amid a shortage of supplies

Indiana News - 4/30/2016

Outside the Auditorium before Bernie Sanders' Bloomington Appearance

Old Towne Media, LLC: Buying a Political Revolution (HRC GROUP)

If Democrats vote for Democrats down ballot, who cares about their presidential vote in 45 states?

Let's Not Hug It Out With Our Dogs

On John Doe, DAs Deserve Our Thanks!

The Sanders lawsuit against the DNC over the alleged data breach. DON'T FALL FOR ALL THE LIES!

This map shows every place in the US that has ever had a woman in Congress

Tom Hanson - The First Thing (VIDEO)

There are two articles to read and possibly share about Bernie

*Saturday Special: 1 New, Bernie Circle MAGNET, Free Today for You or a Special One.

Wintersleep - Weighty Ghost (VIDEO)

Waiting for Perot

Joy Reid's show...

Donald Trump can actually beat Hillary in November: Stubborn pundits still refuse to accept it

The media's gentle language regarding Dennis Hastert, who is a rapist.

Chloé Wang - "Uh Oh" (Chinese Version)

The Dutchess & the Duke - Living This Life (VIDEO)

Just donated to "Brand New Congress"

Clinton shifting staff to general election swing states

Mississippi advocates fear abuse ‘epidemic’ after senate kills divorce bill

I've seen this group cited in anti-vaccine threads...

Interesting comment just now from Buffett re: Wind Energy

The WH Correspondents' Dinner - The Latest Act brought to you by the Corp Propaganda Machine to keep

Iraq might be about to collapse - again.

Food for thought: At what point do you become an enabler propping up a corrupt system?

Who thinks the Puerto Rican economic and debt crisis will greatly affect

What is this the definition of:

🐦 Bernie Sanders attending the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner (April 30)

Sanders to Democratic Party: Whose Side are We On?

Jane Sanders Speaks Out: We're Not Spoiling The Democratic Race

had to take the poor husband to the er this morning

Andy of Mayberry predicts Trump 44 years ago

I't's not too late

Jane Sanders to FBI: Get the lead out on its Clinton e-mail investigation

7 years!

Bernie doesn't get hundreds of millions in free corporate media so please donate.

Clinton's offensive "off the reservation" language

Clinton-Warren Ticket:: "You don't want a vice-president who's going to outshine the president"

Cross post: Clinton's offensive "off the reservation" language

Can you name all these iconic women?

Sanders, Clinton, and the Big Lie of the “Possible”

What are your top priority for the next President?

Ah Shit! Trump got a great endorsement.. Piling up good ones now..

On GD:P someone posted "be aware of any Democrat supporting a corporatist Democrat"

My apologies....

President Barack Obama praises Bernie Sanders’ grassroots-funded campaign

The government will get a $150 to $250 million payday from Prince's estate

Hey Everyone... Correspondent’s Dinner Today..

Interesting take on Sanders by Hillary friends

Hot Off The Press National Poll-Clinton -49% (+1) Sanders 40% (-2) *

The "They" Are Murdering The Naturopaths CT Shows Up In GD.

Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a Serial Child-Rapist

Migrant crisis: Scores missing after boat sinks off Libya

what does it mean when an OP gets a 'milestone' added? nt

Iran elections: Hardliners lose parliament to Rouhani allies

THINK BEFORE YOU LEAP! Unauthorized = Illegal?

Longshot hunch bet at Belmont Park Race Track this afternoon:

Other then for sport, there is no real reason to go ino GDP anymore

Why Dem Primary Anomalies Must Be Thoroughly Investigated Before Choosing a Nominee

Clinton shifting staff to general election swing states

Promo: President Obama's Final White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN)

Bernie Sandals..

US Leads the World in Arms Sales, Profiting Off Death and Destruction

Now here's a CEO who gets it!

Hillary Clinton has gotten hundreds of thousands fewer votes than in the 2008 primaries.

Hypothetical GE match-ups show only Bernie beats GOP candidates comfortably, not marginally

Robert Reich just nailed every Clinton partisan who ever called Bernie Sanders clueless

LIVE Stream @ 6PM: 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner - Red Carpet + Main Event (4-30-16)

Does the differences mean anything to those who are voting for Hillary?

April 29th!! Jane Sanders: "Our Taxes Are Being Checked and Will Be Out" (HRC GROUP)

FYI. An interesting post by Skinner in ATA

LIVE Stream @ 6PM: 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner - Red Carpet + Main Event (4-30-16)

Is Washington Preparing for War Against Russia?

suggestion for a new 'ALERT' reason: "Post is STUPID"...should appeal to all supporters of HRC & BS.

If Bernie can just keep us from digging the hole deeper, with his people's veto pen

Bombshell Poll: Nearly 20% Of Republicans Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If Trump Wins

Bombshell Poll: Nearly 20% Of Republicans Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If Trump Wins

Every time he tries to justify his sexist 'women card' attack, Trump reinforces his bigotry

Trump supporter arrested

Warren Buffett Says Happiness From Coca-Cola Trumps Benefit of Broccoli

Sanders downsizes his campaign

Sanders downsizes his campaign

Donate to Bernie Sanders! Supporters...thanks

Sanders campaign calls Clinton's use of highly offensive language "disappointing."

Will going veg save the world?

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 4.30.2016 - #WillingToFight

Become a poll worker

EdwardBernays over at Bernie Sanders group

Supreme court grants FBI massive expansion of powers to hack computers

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 4.30.2016 - #WillingToFight

Hillary about Obama in the 2008 primary: He (Obama) is no different than me.

Big Food deploys "Cyber Armies" to attack critics

Mr. Fish Toon- Respect us...

Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out About Trump's Comments re: Clinton....

Ralph Nader On The Rise of Bernie

Ralph Nader "Breaking Through Power"

NY? Run to the "Bernie & The Blacks" Panel happening right now! til 3:30pm (HRC GROUP)

Wisconsin News - 4/30/2016

Post your favorite Replacements song about a Lost COlonist!!

What is Clinton's Position n the Trade In Services Agreement (TiSA) pending in Geneva- and Education

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Mark Anniversary Of Galicia SS Division With Torchlit March

What's for Dinner, Sat., Apr. 30, 2016

Movie about Obama's First date (cute)

I'd like to thank DU for their sudden touching concern for Native Americans


Hays Eaglets are growing up!

This is exactly why Bernie needs to stay in the race.

Sanders holding news conference to mark campaign's one-year anniversary

Sanders supporters in the Bronx

Did you ever hear a very popular but horrid tune (usually some emo thing) on radio

Boeing says it saved $305M through state tax breaks in 2015

A reply to

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman Sent To Solitary Confinement....Again!

The Republican Platform

So why exactly would Trump make America great again?

TheGazettE -shiiku reta haru, kawarenu haru

Russian Censorship Group Seeks Chinese Help to Better Control Internet

It Doesn’t Matter If You Think It’s Nice Out

Sex trafficking expected to increase at Cleveland's RNC July convention

Bernie Sanders has every right to lay off staffers.

A Vietnam veteran and a 1960s radical met on a bus headed for Khe Sanh. Here’s what happened.

The B-17 Swamp Ghost – Found After 68 Years In the Jungle

The B-17 Swamp Ghost – Found After 68 Years In the Jungle

What do you tell a friend who says something inappropriate? You correct them. They get it.

Quote of the day (Elizabeth Warren)

Trump Vetting "Military Expert" Cap'n Crunch for Vice President

Cher Just Declared Twitter War On Trump With These Damning Tweets

FEC Deadline Tonight. Please donate to Bernie!

the GazettE-CALM ENVY

Can anybody tell me tell me why Cruz has to worship his God in the restroom?

Why Hillary Will Govern More Like Bernie Than People Think

House GOP Blocks Troops’ Abortion Care Access



"Would I vote for Trump over Christ? Hmm. That's a tough one." . . . Come CAPTION Bobby Knight!!!!

The Woman Not Called During the Clarence Thomas Hearings

Scientists Discover 'Woolly Wolf' Is Likely a New Species

Has your state selected delegates for Bernie (To go to the National Convention)?

Why the Next President May Have No Power to Change The Corporate Privatization of Everything

Vermonter's letter to Sen. Sanders ~ 4/19/16 Burlington Free press (HRC GP)

Lidl recalls tinned fish... because labels fail to warn cans may contain fish

Professor’s Op-Ed Is Final Blow for Confederate Statue (KY)

Most Hillary voters back her as a vote against the alternative rather than as a vote for her

Hillary Supporters, Would You Be Willing To Ditch GATS So We Could Have Singe Payer?

GOP candidate criticizes removal of Confederate statue (KY)

Kook Suing Idaho DOT Because Ten Commandments Don't Say He Needs A License

Kenya burns vast piles of elephant tusks as it seeks ban on trade

Man sues ITD employee, cites Mosaic law

If Hillary is such a strong candidate for the General Election...

If you could REMAKE the election system FROM SCRATCH what would you create?

Pop went the weasel and down went the Large Hadron Collider

A post on Bernie's FB page...

On the question of paid DU posters during the Democratic Primaries:

Lunchroom Lunacy: Cops Investigate $2 Bill Spent on School Lunch

Pups 20 days

“She’s just as guilty as he is,” Pastor defends hiring sex offender convicted of rape, sodomy

Indiana: Clinton 54, Sanders 41

Pau Gasol says Spurs are an 'interesting option' in free agency

Welcome to S.F., the premier assisted living community for Millennials

Yes, New York City Has Sea Turtles and Seals, and Some Awesome People Are Rescuing Them

Carmelo Anthony has right ideas for Knicks next coach - too bad Phil Jackson doesn't

Hearing more whining about "identity politics" from "progressives".

Huntsman: Time for GOP to rally around Trump

Am I crazy? Here's a scenario:

33% of Bernie supporters won't vote for Hillary

Bernie Sanders Supporter SLAYS Pro-Hillary Pundit on CNN

Texas City's Anti-Transgender 'Bathroom Bill' Would Levy Heavy Fines Against 'Violators'

Bernie Sanders Supporter SLAYS Pro-Hillary Pundit on CNN

Bernie's Revolution Has No Future

Black cat takes a quick shift on ice during Sharks-Predators playoff game

Democrat Kim Weaver is focused on ousting the King (R-IA)

I went to the super market last week...........

Grandma’s Passing: A Humanist Funeral

"Racist, Bigoted, & Hateful:” Religious Leaders Unite Against Trump

Coverage of the WH Correspondents' Dinner

gop warming

We can't.

Any Bernie Supporters in Nevada? 38 more signatures are needed:

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

The Week End Economists Take a Trip Down the Candy Asile. Apr 30 - May 01, 2016.

Sanders camp is guilty of accessing Clinton data. So what if the man was fired--he still

Experts Warn Weapons Gap Is Shrinking Between US, Russia And China

GUARANTEED SMILES ;; She rescues her toy bear.

FEC deadline tonight. Just got an email front the campaign, 20,000 donations since this morning.

Do Children in France Have a Healthier Relationship With Alcohol?

Forty five districts to flip in a Democratic wave election = #ControlCongress

Durbin seeks national park status for Cahokia Mounds

What would Politics Without Politicians Look Like?

The most underappreciated fact of the election: Americans feel good about the economy

Democratic delegate count as of this afternoon:

Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson on Bill Clinton

Smart Gun Technology & How Sanders' Gun Votes Have Prevented Progress

Why Clinton Will Not Secure the Nomination, According to Math

Apparently some people reading the Hillary Group are not paying attention to this.

Today's pop-up card project: "Hey, diddle, diddle,"

Mike Malloy - If It Comes Down To Clinton And Trump...I´m Not Voting

Claude Shannon, The Father of the Information Age, Would be 100 Today

NAHT (headteachers') conference: Industrial action threat over academies

The Real Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

Awesome "Game of Thrones" intro recreation

The Real Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

Sex Pistols:God Save the Queen!

Mike Malloy - Migrants My Ass

Read the short, devastating speech Sandra Bland’s mother just made to Congressional leaders

Baghdad in State of Emergency After Protesters Storm Parliament

Ted Cruz Responds to Caitlyn Jenner's Bathroom Break

New York News - 4/30/2016

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 May 2016

Maureen Dowd praises pro-Iraq invasion Trump for having had "good judgment" to oppose war

The Nevada Dem Party is up to no good - again.

in honor of Obama's final WH correspondants dinner

Kerry just arrived at...

Target's New Robot Helper Is Busy At Work On Aisle 3

Republicans Deny Funds To Fight Baby-Killing Disease

Susan Sarandon: Trump Might Be Better For America Than Hillary Clinton

I have a painful tooth that must come out (plea for help)

Mike Malloy - John Boehner: Ted Cruz Is ‘Lucifer’ And A ‘Miserable Son Of A Bitch’

400 Arrested As Left Wing Protesters Clash With Far-Right In Germany

Activist priest and Vietnam war protester Daniel Berrigan dies at 94

Racist Trump Fan Arrested By FBI For Threat On Obama’s Life, Had Bombs

Hacker puts Windows 95 on Apple Watch for some reason

For all you haters who can't get enough, another Patriots scandal is brewing...

Wall O' Water review

Mike Malloy - Michael Moore Blasts Obama In An Open Letter

I'm In It to Win It | Bernie Sanders

Any advice on bringing a dog into a cat house?

I'm In It to Win It | Bernie Sanders

Isn't it interesting how the authoritarians have turned Bernie into some kind of monster...

33 rescued lions arrive in South Africa in airlift

There is another possible scenario:

I went out to Middletown today

Hi, everyone. It's good to be with you all this evening.

33 rescued lions arrive in South Africa in airlift

OK look #ImWithHer #FeelTheMath folks I'm on your side but I'm worried

CNN coverage of White House Correspondents' Dinner starts now. Larry Wilmore hosting. But as per

Electoral vote says Clinton will rout fRump

DT's real surname

Apparently calling out racial slurs from politicians is not okay now

The White House correspondents dinner

I'm starting to think there is some seriously bad ju-ju in my neighborhood.

California Secretary of State is Huge Hillary Fan

For Most Israelis, Palestinian Lives Don't Matter

First Orioles at the feeder today

Editorial: What Hillary Clinton said behind closed doors

Do you go by he/him, she/her or they, ze, hir? Pronouns are evolving

The Berner's Good News Guide....

Warren: "Trump threatened by Clinton's qualifications."

Interpreting Hillary: A Guide

Ringling elephants, a famed U.S. circus act, pack up trunks for retirement

Merry May Day

2016 White House Correspondent's Dinner

Officials of WV town say Clintons "not welcome" for campaign stop

Ken Livingstone stands by Hitler comments

Inside the right-wing lie factory: Secrets of a Koch-funded propaganda machine more insidious than F

White House Correspondent's Dinner...Bernie and Jane have Arrived...

Jeffrey Berman: Obama's Delegate Mastermind (2009)

Egypt puts on trial 237 activists for protests against Sisi: sources

Anybody have a good photo website?

Violent Crime vs. Gun Violence

Trumpzilla by Van Jones on FB