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Terra Incognita: History and tragedy - Caucasus war clouds

Boston Herald: New York not looking like a good thing for Hillary Clinton

Lunada Bay Boys: California surfers take out class action lawsuit against local gang

Prediction: Bernie will be a Footnote in History

China is putting the finishing touches on a nuclear missile that can strike the US

UPDATE: Bernie Mural in Brooklyn is done!

538 has a YouGov poll with WI at 47% Hillary and 49% Bernie. She could pull it out.

GreenPeace: Hillary Clinton’s Connections to the Oil and Gas Industry

"We're born again, there's new grass on the field"

Can u imagine what the GOP will do with all videos like this one in the General

Democracy Awakening Event 4/16 - 4/18

Clinton Foundation Runs $20 Million Private Equity Firm in Colombia

Panama Papers: Hundreds of Israeli Companies, Shareholders Listed in Leaked Documents Detailing Offs

After Touting Estate Tax, Bill and Hillary Seize on Loopholes

Illegal Jewish schools: Department of Education knew about council faith school cover-up

Well. Looks as if Bernie's tax returns are the topic du jour today.

For years we on DU have complained about Repubs being financed by fossil fuels but when Hillary...

Maxi Priest - Wild World

Clinton: ‘I Feel Sorry’ For The Young People Who Believe Sanders [VIDEO]

Oil Money? Nah .....No Problem.

UB40 - Can't Help Falling In Love

Is the Clinton Fund just a more sophisticated Human Fund?

Not sure what the estimated crowd is yet, but many saying they're disappointed by the turnout to see

Proof Clinton PAC Is Paying Bernie Staffer

It wasn't even 30 points...

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

#ReleaseTheReturns: Bernie Quickly Learns What Happens When You Throw Mud at Hillary

Hello - Adele (Reggae Cover)

Home safe, transported 2 rescued Boston Terriers over the weekend 200 miles photos UPDATE

IMF's Lagarde tells Greece debt leak is 'nonsense'

Good to see ole Nate

Sanders has learned from Hillary--He is now dissing Gov Walker--like Hill did over a week ago.

Khalid al-Barnawi: Nigeria Islamist group head 'arrested'

Where's the mystery? Here's the link to Bernie's full financial disclosures going back to 1990:

Thought this was kind of fun... Katy Perry.

Ex-Tennessee Lawmaker, Caught in Past FBI Sting, Dies at 87

Ocotillo in bloom

Nice meme tying kindergarten teacher pay to Hillary's GS speeches

WashPo:Why a Bernie Sanders victory for the nomination would make him a hypocrite

What I didn’t read in the T-TIP reading room | War On Want:

Well, speaking of financial disclosures...

CNN Tells the Truth for once...

McCrory on Law HB2 (the edited for accuracy version)

Does climate change make it immoral to have kids? Dave Bry Dave Bry

Solar farm developers target New York with lease offers

U.N. audit identifies serious lapses linked to alleged bribery

Satellites key to monitoring harmful emissions: space agencies

Oil spill tests on ice prove Arctic quests risky

My 3,000th post has come and gone............

A Paradox From Climate Change Past (Video)

Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching is 'Worst in its History'

U.S., China to Sign Paris Climate Accord in April

Disney’s 'The Jungle Book' resurrects giant extinct ape

New habitat monitoring tools find hope for tigers

Note to self: do not pick your nose after eating spicy craw fish ever again

Clinton co-sponsored legislation in 2001 & 2002 to expand stem cell research-Sanders evolved

Vetting Bernard Sanders

Why You Will Soon Pay More For Fuel (A Lot More)

My fellow Sandernistas . . . some inspiration and encouragement going forward into April

Could Going Vegan Save Millions Of Lives?

Clinton, Sanders had opposing views on biomedical research

Anyone watching the Royals-Mets on espn now?

Where do you get information you trust?

Bernie, Like Jesus, Brings Good News to the Poor

11 women on why they're voting for Bernie Sanders — that has nothing to do with impressing boys

Win or Lose, Sanderism Isn't Going Away (BloombergView)

Hillary Clinton Feels Sorry For Stupid Young People That Distrust Her | #IFeelSorry

Congress critters and Senators have to release thorough financial disclosures EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Here is what the Clinton Foundation has done:

I like this new lawn sign:

Okay, here is an idea. re: Tax and Transcripts

Jesus Hank Christ. When Bernie and Jane get back to Vermont, they'll go to their

An Alberta Dad raps in response to the mother who rapped about the transgender guidelines

Florida Man syndrome migrates up here to Sheboygan, WI

How is Hillary's comment about feeling sorry for young voters playing?

Panamá Papers: Argentine President Mauricio Macri one of 5 current world leaders listed as a client.

Hillary Clinton, liberal virtue, and the cult of the microloan By Thomas Frank

Panamá Papers: Argentine President Mauricio Macri one of 5 current world leaders listed as a client.

Yeah...I gotta little hard edge to me

A callenge to citizens United would it go 8 to 8

Hey, did you hear the one about how the planet is dying quickly and we’re probably all doomed?

Cenk Uygur tells it like it is to Hillary supporters

Does anyone know what happened with CNN demonstration today?

Maricopa County has a link up to verify if provisional ballots were counted in the AZ Primary

Bernie Sanders supporters protest outside CNN building in Los Angeles for no apparent reason

Can Sanders Win the Nomination? Only in a Parallel Universe

First rule of campaigning - attack your opponents strengths

Is the establishment really trying to tell us money in politics doesn't matter?

Hillary got paid $10,000 per minute at her speeches to Wall Street.

Oliver Stone talks about Bernie...

A Finished Bernie Mural in Williamsburg/Greenpoint Brooklyn

Isn't it amazing, that Hillary Clinton, destroyer of worlds, practitioner of the dark arts

"She was a formidable candidate in 2008..."

Las Vegas Sun reporter Megan Messerly Says Bernie Has Won Nevada Caucus!

Hillary Clinton gave us a preview of how she'll take on Donald Trump

Who's on first for the Nats this year?

Bernie against the bullies!!!

May I make a suggestion to all of us, please?

Icelandic PM walks out of interview over Panama Papers allegations


Here’s Why You Should Never Throw These Silica Bags Away Again

Neither has to release anything.

Bernie Sanders Accepts NBC News Invitation For A Sunday Night Prime Time Debate On April 10th!

58 days 18 hours 12 minutes 44 seconds

In 10 seconds, Goldman Sachs paid Hill what she would pay a minimum wage earner slaving for a MONTH

When you realize Hillary is fake

Iceland kicks out FBI investigating Wikileaks...

Funny Cats Compilation [Most See] Funny Cat Videos Ever Part 1

New SNAP Laws Target Disabled, Seniors, Disabled Vets & Low Wage Workers.

"Think of all the things that Governor Walker does, and I will do the opposite," says Bernie

The tricolor

Someone please post the Hillary and Bill Clinton tax returns for the past 20 years.

Yet another whistleblower alleges Medicare Advantage fraud

Bernie Sanders rally in Madison, WI

Sanders references the Holocaust when discussing Trump’s ‘intolerance’ toward Muslims

Response to Unicorns and Rainbows: Don't tell me

Poll: Would you rather see Bernie's Tax Returns or Hillary's Speech Transcripts?

Sam Wang: High probability of a Trump Delegate majority

Recently charged for my annual star membership

Politifact: Clinton pants on fire. Only candidate Wall Street is "actually running ads against."

Bernie Sanders supporters hold massive #OccupyCNN protest over lack of coverage

Rat fucker Brock rings his little bell and Hillary's peeps start drooling

Vietnam seizes Chinese ship in South China Sea in rare move

What are your thoughts?

I think the fallout from Panama papers leak may just propel Bernie to the presidency.

So, no US officials are implicated by the Panama Papers?

US government commits to publish publicly financed software under Free Software licenses

The Panama Papers and the Democratic Primary...

Free Trade Agreements Have Harmed American Workers: NAFTA: 700,000 Jobs Lost

Shouldn't Bernie/Hillary Focus More On Cruz/Kasich/Romney?

Retired soccer star Abby Wambach arrested for DUI in Oregon

Fact: I have been a Democrat longer than Hillary Clinton has. It is not even a question. nt

why does TYT have 8M views on it's live feed today?

Fight For $15 Supporter Rejects Hillary's Bandwagon Support...

The combination of love, and

Dear Abby, in January, I sent an invitation to my friend to meet for dinner on April 14th.

Californians! Registration Reminder!

Each time Hillary takes $250,000 from Goldman, a good chunk of that is oil money. Greasy oil money.

So Hillary is going to try and take a little credit for $15/hr in NY tomorrow

We the People have been paying Bernie's salary for 24 years

Another reminder for voting in California.

Postal Clerk going postal in a positive way for Bernie

Ellen Gould Speaks Extensively on Privatization of Public Services under the WTO Services Agreement

A Betrayal of Workers: In NY, Hillary Is Falsely Taking Credit for Fight For $15

In case you missed it: Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud During Primary Vote

"Until they release full returns, this exercise is more about politics than real transparency,”

Bernie fans are really grasping at straws

Chuck Todd Slurs Bernie With 'Bought A Landslide' Comment

please vote in this poll

Important video- More important NOW than ever-

Why does no one talk about the poor?

Portrait of Bernie by Joe Bravo...

"Above all, what is the duty of the American workers whose liberties

Trump has the goods on Fox news

A Chinese proverb that I feel may have some merit here...

David Cay Johnston is a renowned investigative reporter, Glenn Greenwald is a fan of his

Trump and Sanders' common cause

Hillary Clinton Feels Sorry For Stupid Young People That Distrust Her | #IFeelSorry

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 5, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Gregory Peck's 100th Birthday Tribute

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 6, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Starring Arturo De Cordova

The CIA Did What?

We, the banks, oil companies, and multinational corps have been paying Hillary's salary for the last

Huff Po: Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing A 10 Point Plan to Lose the GE

Did you see this from Daily Kos?

please go vote in this poll

Fossil Fuel Investors Are Pumping Millions of Dollars Into Hillary Clinton's Campaign

I heart Bernie

Where will Republicans and Independents vote in Wisc., an open primary

Bad medicine : trade treaties, privatization and health care reform in Canada

So help me whatever.

Liza Featherstone, editor for "The Nation" discusses Hillary's role in Bill's alleged sex abuse

Right-to-die group comes up with new, cheaper medication

What is Bernie hiding?

People who use the word "resources", when they actually mean "money".....

Post all the red-herring "tax return" posts you want, at least my candidate does not have

Just finished watching 'The Way Back' on Netflix - great story, highly

It's kind of funny what a terrible choice of "issue du jour" they chose today.

Sabotage of Bernie's Campaign Leads to Clinton National Security Think Tank

Milwaukee Sentinal: Bill Clinton's Run For Office, Clintons Declined Release All Their Tax Returns

Let's Trade: ALL tax returns for ALL paid speeches. Deal?

Does anyone know what Laura Bush's speaking fees are? I'm curious. nt

Voter Registration deadline is today, Mon. Apr. 4, for Indiana primary.

Voter registration deadline is today, Mon. Apr. 4, for Indiana primary.

Memorandum on Leaked TISA Financial Services Text Professor Jane Kelsey, Faculty of Law, UnivNewZeal

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Itemized His Deductions!!!

California’s $1 trillion bill

It has been two years...two long years, but I did it. Today is my 2 year Smokefree Anniversary!

Anyone on here not liking the ending of Walking Dead?

How did Sanders supporters cheat in Nevada?

It's happened again--just can't stay out of her data:

Come on Wisconsin!!! Show up for the REVOLUTION!

Another Bernie supporter video

This Hacker Rigged Elections in 9 Latin American Countries

April Fool's joke a few days later

Ignite Her Curiosity: 25 Books Starring Science-Loving Mighty Girls

Daily Holidays - April 4

The Guardian (UK): The Panama Papers: the $2bn offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin

Bernie Sanders supporters protest outside CNN building in Los Angeles for no apparent reason

Feel the empty seats: Bernie Sanders sees “disappointing” turnout for Wisconsin rally

UK Labour's Corbyn is polling for success.

The Glass Ceiling: A Game for Girls

Hillary Clinton Fumed About Changing Passports For Same-Sex Parents In 2011

I don't know where else to put this, so I'm parking it here.

Are there any plans to re-introduce a penalty for large numbers of hidden posts?

Doctors Applaud End of Tennessee's Fetal Assault Law


Nebraska halts production of widely mocked license plate

Pennsylvania diocese may face racketeering suit for covering up abuse

Abortion Limits in Texas Create Nightmare for Parents of Stillborn Baby

Standoff Sheds Light on Conservative Sheriffs Group

Las Malvinas Son Argentinas: Return to the Falklands?

Las Malvinas Son Argentinas: Return to the Falklands?

Mezcal at the Crossroads

Clinton, Sanders agree to New York debates — but not the same one

H2 Logic delivers ninth hydrogen fuelling station for Denmark

Bernie Sanders Receives $225,000 Debate Invoice from Hillary Clinton

Hillary stood up for Wisconsin voters last summer

‘Fractivists’ Increase Pressure on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in New York

Parents of Aurora victim slam Sanders over gun bill support

Ladies and Laddies, I give you the most hilarious trivia page on the Internet Movie Database...

Counterspin audio link

Charges dismissed against unindicted Twin Peaks bikers

Paul Strand exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Mike Malloy - Republican Gun Lovers: Cowards And Chickenshits

Early Missteps Seen as a Drag on Bernie Sanders’s Campaign

Hospital Funds Diverted to Cardinal's Villa

The fix is in: "The Panama Papers are western propaganda against Putin."

Local news reports (NYC) that SHE will be with the NY Governor

Hillary Clinton has been too easy on Bernie Sanders.

Mica's face after they watched Lady Blah Blah stumping for Trump

"Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity"

Union members ratify new 5-year contract with Volvo at Dublin truck plant

Union members ratify new 5-year contract with Volvo at Dublin truck plant

Union members ratify new 5-year contract with Volvo at Dublin truck plant

It takes a special level of chutzpah

ABC Good Mornign America now-

Check your registration before Tuesday April 26th

I have now "trashed" buth the Hillary group and GD-P.

Some discussion of polls WI

John Heilemann (Bloomberg): the race in Wisconsin is tightening...

Mississippi's Confederate Heritage Month proclamation prompts outcry

Is the 2016 Election Already Being Stripped and Flipped?

Unidentified Acts of Design: The Painters of Dafen Village

So... will the Panama Papers have any impact at all in the US?

New record for atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations established: 405.61 ppm.

Gato Barbieri, Latin Jazz Trailblazer, Is Dead at 83

Marijuana dispensary seeks naming rights for Mile High stadium

Hillary will celebrate the Fight for $15 victory in NYC. Bernie has actually been a fighter.

POTUS 2016

I support Sanders, but anybody who claims that Clinton is as bad as a republican

Wisconsin Feeling the Bern Emerson - Bernie 51% Clinton 43%

"Black Energy" attack on the USA eminent

POLL: Meme of the Week – April 4th (New Format)

IBD/TIPP National Poll: Clinton & Sanders in dead heat. Sanders beats Kasich. Clinton loses.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Congressional Fundraising

WTAE Channel 4 to broadcast Pennsylvania U.S. Senate primary debate

‘Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures’ on HBO

Wave of suicide attacks kill at least 29 people across Iraq

Per Amy Goodman Sanders Apr 14 rally is in Washington Square Park

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare

any candidate who DIDNT vote FOR and PROMOTE the IWR

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare

A rare year indeed. So is the first woman President 2016

Oh Boy! Sec. Of Commerce Pritzker Says TPP Hasn't Changed Substantially

Sec of Commerce ignores disappearing US Middle Class, says Asian Middle Class to see massive growth.

Chris Hedges: The Lie of Patriotism

Argentina president, Brazil speaker linked to Panama Papers


They've opened the door so let's talk about what is in the Clintons tax returns they bragged about

Any electronics tinkerers out there? Need some help.

Does Bernie have investments in fracking?

Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law Could Block 300,000 Registered Voters From the Polls (The Nation)

Pride (In The Name Of Love) - U2

Is it time for NPD testing of politicians Most of the worst disasters in human history were caused b

"Despair Fatigue"-- on UK politics and he rise of socialsim

"Hillary Clinton is the only savior the Republican Party has left."

Thought I'd share this here since it involves WI

The real story about the April debate in New York

Bernie supporters make the case to support Hillary

This has been a bad year to be a formerly famous person in

Report: Sanders opposed going after Clinton on speeches, advisors pushed him to do it

OMG! Bernie Sanders' support in Wisconsin!!!

Influence Of Money In US Politics

Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home for rent during Republican convention

Panama Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Global Tax Avoidance Is Literally Killing the Poor

My Reply to Greenpeace

This pg 1 NYT shoulda/woulda/coulda is a fucking meltdown for team Sanders (Devine out of his mind?)

Pollster ratings, for the polls-obsessed

2016 MLB Opening Day Payrolls

SOS Clinton: TPP "exciting, innovative, ambitious, groundbreaking, cutting-edge, high quality"

From Good Morning America: Bernie's just not interested

Dodgers open with ten players on disabled list

Megyn Kelly On Trump Feud: I Worry About Someone Hurting Me In Front Of My Kids

Ivana Trump Says US Needs Immigrants: Who's Going To 'Clean Up After Us?'

Comparing our Democratic presidential candidates

2016 MLB Opening Day Payrolls

Sanders dominates in Wisconsin with 67.5%

Hillary's 'classified' smokescreen hides real crime: Column

Sure, Hillary will help elect more Dems... like Debbie Wasserman Schultz...and Rahm Emmanuel...

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold (RollingStone - July 8 2015)

is the low brow tone and general foolishness of talking points intended

Hillary Come Lately: She won't be there for the fight, but she'll be there for the credit.

Utah ranchers vow to stand up to government despite Oregon arrests

TOM TOMORROW: Trump Smash!

Silent thread for MLK Jr.

The Big Lie

Alaska may abandon criminal verdict behind longer sentences for mentally ill

Im voting for the lesser evil this primary! Who's with me?



Supreme Court declines to take up Wal-Mart class action appeal

Supreme Court declines to take up Wal-Mart class action appeal

Krugman keeps sticking to Bern

Harry Belafonte - Turn The World Around (live) 1997

SEC investigates ex-JPMorgan debt traders

Why Barney gets the youth vote

Panama Papers: Iceland opposition calls for snap election over PM offshore scandal

Greece sends first migrants back to Turkey under new EU deal

Time again for the annual 'Post your favorite ML Baseball team and......

Princeton will keep Woodrow Wilson’s name on buildings, but it will expand diversity efforts

Here comes Birdie Sanders!

“Venezuela” shows up on 241,000 documents in the Panama Papers

Tomorrow, Wisconsin's primary is poised to do something it has not done in more than 30 years.

Supreme Court rejects conservative challenge in 'one person, one vote' case

Was an Asian government reading Hillary Clinton’s emails in February 2009?

The Democrats Are Flawlessly Executing a 10-Point Plan to Lose the 2016 Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders Stands By Me

Edwards and Van Hollen Duke it Out at Goucher College

Has Three Pinocchios apologized to Hillary yet?

Panama papers: China censors online discussion

Trump Coverage 24/7

The EU Has Bigger Trouble than Brexit alone

Nuclear John Oliver

Dueling Speeches - Nina Turner vs Hillary Clinton

25 year DoJ Veteran: Hillary Broke The Law, Should Be Indicted

Democracy Awakening: April 16-18

Panama Papers: Fifa ethics lawyer Juan Pedro Damiani under internal investigation

Wausau Daily Herald: Sanders vague on free college tuition plan

CNN talking about Hillary's comments insulting young voters.

Great Video as we enter the home stretch for the nomination of our next President Bernie Sanders

SCOTUS shoots down Conservative attempt at voter suppression - 8-0.

Clinton Supporter Barney Frank: People want to blame others for what they are responsible for.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-1,4-2,4-3-16

Air France headscarf row: Airline lets crew skip new Tehran route

Taliban app removed from Google store

Democracy Awakening: April 16-18

This is both hysterical and sad

Hillary and wage increases (one Xpost)--and today Cuomo, Clinton To Star At $15 Minimum Wage Victory

Hillary Clinton Voices Support For $12 Minimum Wage, But Balks At $15

Panama Papers: Putin associates linked to 'money laundering'

Bernie Sanders on Martin Luther King Jr.

Alaska Air Strikes Deal to Buy Virgin America for $2.6 Billion

The truth about Hannibal’s route across the Alps

Dr. Martin Luther King's Courage

Dr. Martin Luther King's Courage

How Reporters Pulled Off the Panama Papers, the Biggest Leak in Whistleblower History

Debate cowardice, calling Sanders liar, leaves Wisconsin, insult millenials with a 220 delegate lead

Bernie Sanders on Martin Luther King Jr.

Reuters: Maintenance workers were on wrong track before Amtrak crash - CNN

Do we really need Republicans when DU is happy to tear down their own

U.S. transfers two Libyans to Senegal from Guantanamo prison

Trump: Documentary The Donald Suppressed, Free At Last

South African ruling party in crisis talks over Zuma scandal

Politifact: on emails, Hillary Spins on Meet the Press

Clinton wants the federal govt to insure biotech companies against losses.

Rising EU concern but no will to act seen over Polish court reform

Let Justice Roll - Amos 5:24 a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Democratic Nominee gambling odds

How Bernie Gets Things Done in Congress Without Being Bought Off

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Trump and Co

Just booked a cruise for our 30th anniversary in July

What's worse than an ear worm? How about half an earworm?

Please America Don't let it come to this!

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Now that Hillary is mad at us, there is zero chance that she would be

The Definitive, Encyclopedic Case For Why Hillary Clinton is the Wrong Choice

Summary of the upcoming April primaries

Obama’s Endorsement Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz Brings In Serious Money... For Her Challenger

Hillary says that her Corporate Donors don't affect her decisions,

Live Video: Hillary Clinton Campaigns with NY Gov. Cuomo in New York City

If Hillary Clinton is the standard bearer for being a democrat

Why do Amtrack people wake you up in middle of the night?

Hillary Clinton's absurd claim that she's the only candidate being attacked by Wall Street

Lead in Michigan water - How's the air?

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio offers his clout to enable Sanders rally

The EU Has Bigger Trouble than Brexit alone

Climate change puts trillions of dollars of financial assets at risk: study

Why does the NY Primary polling suck so much?

National Poo Museum opens doors on Isle of Wight

Gas Pipeline Uses 160 Eminent Domain Suits To Get People’s Property In 3 States

=*=2 LIVE Streams (#1 done #2@ 1PM ) Bernie Sanders (UAW Local 95) in Janesville, WI 4-4-16 =*=

A historian explains why Bernie Sanders is right about the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act

Clinton (positive) role in (SCHIP) children's health program disputed (2008)

Do your research and you'll find a whole big pile of dirty money propping up Hillary Clinton.

Latinos and women are blunting Trump and Sanders in California's primaries

Obama’s Endorsement Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz Brings In Serious Money... For Her Challenger

Bernie Sanders is right: Make public colleges tuition-free

Sinclair turns Stations Over to Trump

The Panama Papers: Why we should care

Wisconsin's largest paper blasts Clinton on transparency

I change my vote for the lottery on Walking Dead.

Trump is opening the floodgates of hate

Sanders Could End Up Winning More NV Delegates than Clinton after Tumultuous Caucus Vote

Connecticut Governor to Receive JFK Profile in Courage Award

Mississauga (Ontario) Moves to Make Transit Competitive With the Car

Scientists seek to resurrect the aurochs, the extinct beast that inspired cave paintings

Share if you'd rather have the hulk than the media!

Hillary's Email Scandal for Non-Techy People

bernie is giving a really good speech on how we need to improve the economy- and how- how we can

Kazakhstan: President’s Grandson Hid Assets Offshore

Bourbon Street Shooter Sentenced to 60 Years for Gunfight

5 Reasons The GOP Shouldn’t Trade Donald Trump For Ted Cruz

U.S. joins military exercises in Philippines to counter China's buildup

Donald Trump Wants John Kasich to Quit the Race

Trump Tries to Win Wisconsin by Insulting It

A Key Similarity Between Snowden Leak and Panama Papers: Scandal Is What’s Been Legalized

Gov. Walker Ignores the Interests of the People | Bernie Sanders

Gov. Walker Ignores the Interests of the People | Bernie Sanders

If Hillary wins by knocking Bernie off the DC ballot sleazily....

Good Article. Please Ask These Questions of Sanders. Please.

On the Road: Wisconsin | Bernie Sanders

On the Road: Wisconsin | Bernie Sanders

Real Democrats on the move!

Dear America...? We need to talk... about Donald | Clisare

As Bad As The Panama Papers Are, They Aren't As Bad As What Hillary Did With UBS (47k names)

BIG Sigh of Relief - SCOTUS Unanimously Rejects Challenge to 'One Person, One Vote'

Met-Rx meal replacements?

Did anyone catch the trump surrogate yesterday morning? ...

MSNBC = More Shit Nothing But Clinton, and

Ronn Owens Stays On KGO/San Francisco As New Lineup Officially Unveiled

Hillary Ad uses Right Wing Attack on Sanders about "Free Stuff"

Kloppenburg vs Bradley? Vote Kloppenburg!

Panama Papers - Where the rich hide their monies

If the right people don't have power - Yes, Prime Minister - BBC

The Electoral College: The Only Thing That Matters

Krugman explains the reason for the pre-mortem article - more smearing

Venezuela's Security Forces: Protectors or Perpetrators?

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 4, 2016

Rebecca is Walker is Scott is Bradley

What's good for the goose is good for the gander; Nevada vs. Washington DC

Dick Cheney Going to Jail?

Hillary: "No indication there is any interest" that Sanders would help elect more Democrats

Premier Wynne meets publicly with Black Lives Matters in Toronto

Ted Cruz is quietly running on a 19 percent sales tax

Major Environmental Groups Call On Hillary Clinton To Stop Taking Money From Fossil Fuel Companies

The Big Reasons for Bernie

A Day Out at the Black Market in Venezuela

People more transparent than Bernie Sanders when it comes to releasing tax information:

New York Times: Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination

This should be of concern to ALL members of the "democratic" underground.

Happy 70th Birthday, Slade Lead Guitarist Dave Hill

Yes They DO Hate Him Because He Is Black.

Are you out taking photos of Spring?

Bernie Sanders Exposes More Inequality: Lower-Income Americans Lose Out On Social Security Benefits

Chihuahua leads cops on chase across Oakland Bay Bridge

Why should Bernie raise money for DWS and Rahm? Tim Canova needs money to knock out DWS

A new motto and campaign ad for Clinton

White-Collar Criminologists Answer the call of Conventional Macroeconomists--Bill K Black

Gomer Opposes Bill Promoting Female Scientists Because It ‘Discriminates’ Against Men

Homeopaths say kids can be "unvaccinated..."

The purpose of releasing tax returns is to be transparent regarding conflicts of interest

Bernie Sanders Statement on New York and California Minimum Wage Increase

Video: Is Bernie Sanders sapping Clinton's energy?

Hillary Clinton is the most divisive figure in the Dem Party. The schism will only worsen after 2016

A historian explains why Bernie Sanders is right about the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act

At This Hour Cold Open - SNL

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Goes Nuclear

CNN is getting major protests over their blackout of Bernie Sanders' campaign

The Panama Papers, Bernie Sanders, And Why You Should Care: An Overview

Mossack Fonseca: The Nazi, CIA And Nevada Connections... And Why It's Now Rothschild's Turn

Help sought for Wisconsin exit polls

ReLOVElution Mark Ruffalo and Mathew Cooke | Bernie Sanders

ReLOVElution Mark Ruffalo and Mathew Cooke | Bernie Sanders

whats up with republican caucus/primary in North Dakota?

So far, Latinos and Women are Blunting Trump and Sanders in California's Primaries

Spare us, Rachel Maddow. Clinton HENCHWOMAN for Fossil Fuel Donors as SOS.

HILLARY GROUP..NYT STUNNER: Bernie Considers His Campaign Strategy a ‘Character Assault’ on Hillary

Texas Lawmaker Working to Write Anti-LGBT Discrimination Into State Constitution

Clinton camp did NOT knock Bernie off DC ballot & are helping him to get on.

You're about to hear Hillary attacked on the Panama Papers. It's BS.

Democracy Now! (April 4): How Much Has Hillary Clinton's Campaign Taken from Fossil Fuel Companies?

We'll Never Know: 20 Legitimate Questions the American Media Refuses to Ask Bernie Sanders

Politico: Clinton Camp Marginalizes Wisconsin Democrats

Bernie Sanders and the math...

Important update

Return to Sender: The impact of GATS "pro-competitive regulation" on postal and other public servic

I can't believe I missed her birthday...

Mississippi could now legalize discrimination against people who have premarital sex

STUNNER: NYT Reports that Bernie Considers His Campaign Strategy a ‘Character Assault’ on Hillary

Because Chris Christie was unavailable?

I feel awful that I didn't post a happy birthday

How does "down ticket" fund raising work?

Hillary isn't the only candidate dumb enough to insult young voters

Why Is Bernie Sanders Invested On Wall Street?

Clinton Support for Corporate Trade Deals Hurt Wisconsin Workers, Sanders Says

Some observations

If Hillary is Wall Street's Insurance Policy...

NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill Gradually Increasing Minimum Wage To $15

3 People Injured By BB Gun Vandals

Sanders Leads Clinton By 8 Points in Wisconsin, The Hill, April 4

Trump supporter Scott "Chachi" Baio ENDS the "Global Warming" debate with a few wise words. ENDS IT!

Realistically, what will Bernie supporters do if he

Rich U.S. Schools Defend Tax-Free Status, Spending of Endowments

Not sure if this is a repeat, but here you go.

ReLOVElution Mark Ruffalo and Mathew Cooke | Bernie Sanders

Mama cat nurses abandoned orphan kittens found in East Bay dumpster

NYT: ‘Fractivists’ Increase Pressure on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in New York

Clinton’s Flash of Anger Highlights Toll of Sanders’ Relentless Critique

Masters week: Sergio Garcia works on his release--nails it.

in just hours 8% of Iceland's population signs a petition asking PM to resign (due to PP leaks)

CNN is getting major protests over their blackout of Bernie Sanders' campaign

am I to assume the Clinton campaign

Unions are my Family | Bernie Sanders Janesville 4-4-16

Spring has sprung in the south

Spring has sprung in the south

Refuge Occupation Complications Abound

I’m done with Bernie Sanders: Why this democratic socialist is voting for Hillary Clinton

Unions Are My Family | Bernie Sanders

Corporate Media Is Still Pretending that Bernie Sanders Has No Chance

gotta laugh... Emerson has Bernie up 8% today


the cancer epidemic as a social event

AN IMPORTANT MUST SEE VIDEO: Robert Reich Explains His Bernie Sanders Endorsement

Milwaukee Bernie Rally -- venue changed

Edwards' New Ad - Countering the Constituent Issue

Oregon standoff sheds light on conservative sheriffs group

CNN Protest coverage on YouTube

Charles Koch Is Privately Committed To Getting Paul Ryan Nominated In Cleveland: Source

Clinton delegates feel the Bern

=*= 4LIVE Streams @ 3:30 & 4PM: Bernie in Green Bay, Wisconsin featuring Tim Robbins 4-4-16 =*=

Tennessee Senate Scheduled To Vote To Make The Bible The Official State Book

Donna Edwards for Senate

New York debate....

Why should Kasich drop out of the race?

Iranian Military Official Warns US: Stay Away From Iran's Red Lines

Virginia Governor Vetoes Sexually Explicit Books Bill

Israeli Electric Company Cuts Palestinian Supply Due to Debt

Colorado Republican: Fracking Can’t Cause Earthquakes Because That’s God’s Job

Utah ranchers vow to stand up to government despite Oregon arrests

Megyn Kelly admits she has received death threats for criticizing Donald Trump

David Gregory.....

A key factor that many people are missing in the whole "bringing the party together" assessment.

Other than Bernie Bros and BSers - what other condescending names are we called?

UM History Department seeks Confederate plaque revision (MS)

Report: Clinton Confidante Sidney Blumenthal’s Son Compares Israel to ISIS, Praises Terror Attack

Bernie was originally skeptical that he could beat Hillary...

Your Whiny Wintry Weather Questions Answered

GOP Election Official Pulls A Gun On An Unarmed Man For Disagreeing With Him While Black

Charles Koch Is Privately Committed To Getting Paul Ryan Nominated In Cleveland: Source

Rats Nest of National Corruption in Wisconsin $Millions Buying Politicians

FULL: Bernie - Milwaukee Wisconsin Town Hall - Northcott Neighborhood House.(4-2-16)

Zika is About to Throw a Monkey Wrench Into GOP Plans to Outlaw Abortion

Bernie Sanders, we the people demand that you divest your Wall Street portfolios!

(Panama Papers) "The Five Most Important Charts" like Most Pop Tax Havens, Most Freq. used banks

Don't know why he never asked him?

You can invest in Wall Street and at the same time

I'd like to apologize for Texas

Rescuers (and anyone else interested), here's our first very benign topic.

Vote Trump Open Primary Wisconsin Dems/Burnie Fans

Milwaukee Bernie Rally - Venue changed!

Trump giving speech in Superior, Wisconsin...

Change is hard when you've been paid by the 1% to maintain the status quo.

Happy Confederate Month! Shoot a Yankee!

All aboard! Or not . . .

The (un)Democratic Party (New York Times editorial)

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Monsanto

HILLARY CLINTON GROUP....Supreme Court Deals A Blow To Conservatives In Major Voting Rights Case

How will history judge the Republican Party of the last seven years ?

Monsanto CEO Says ‘Roundup Is Not A Carcinogen’ But 94 Scientists From Around the World Disagree

We the people demand Hillary Clinton divest in Wall Street for "going after them"!

"We can't give Trump more air time!" As MSNBC gives Trump more air time.

I have a feeling that President Obama loathes Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Democracy Spring Day 3 Public Stream Bernie2016tv LIVE

The Panama Papers & we go!

What happened last time the Alabama legislature sought impeachment

Bernie Sanders Recruits Mark Ruffalo For TV Ad Ahead Of Wisconsin Primary

Tim Canova raises more in his first quarter than any first-time candidate. All from grassroots.

Pentagon's Food Parcels Discovered in ISIL Trenches in Beiji

A couple of POSITIVE ARTICLES about Bernie for those complaining...

BOOM! Hillary Pushed Trade Deal Amid Warnings It Would Make Money Laundering, Tax Evasion Worse

There’s clear evidence that Bernie actually won the Massachusetts primary,

Why Is Bernie Sanders Invested On Wall Street?

I just saw Eva Resnick-Day on Democracy Now! being

If Hillary gets indicted, should Obama just pardon her?

March 31 response by Sanders campaign to FEC

California governor signs $15-an-hour minimum wage into law

Scientists Bemoan Seaworld Decision To Stop Breeding Orca

Cannabis 101: A visual guide

So all the people who have 401ks invested in the stock market are on the same level as the Clintons

Children Suffer as World Bank’s Borrowers Upend Their Lives

Great $15 minimum wage law signing in NY today- Democrats getting it done

You've been flocked.😄

BernieCrats Commit to Supporting Candidates who Already Feel the Bern!

Hey Berners - try and catch Democracy Now today (04/04 Mon)

New York's Cuomo signs two-tier minimum wage law in push for state-wide $15/hour

Hunting of the President Comments by Bill Clinton

I own a hydroponic franchise and consult on grows...

Wisconsin is an open primary so expect Bernie to get a boost from Republicans voting to line up

The DOJ Is Investigating Arizona’s Election Mess

Iowa Teen Smacks Down Grassley’s Supreme Court Argument

Clinton 'Confident' She Will Win Democratic Nomination for US President

About those speech transcripts...

If Donald Trump published an academic article

PSA: 'unadjusted' exit polls and conspiracy theorists who tout them are misleading

ARG WI POLL: HRC: 49% BS: 48%


About those speech transcripts...

Would you support the general elections be held in caucus format

Since "Crime and Punishment" is the message of the day, let's put everyone on record

What are right wing people? A guide for under 10-year olds

Links to lectures and other pieces on Brain Science from Oregon Health & Science University.

Trump and Cruz' campaign to get rid of Kaschich.

Jason Kander shows that good government starts with the small things

by Robert Reich

The Panama Papers: Victims of Offshore Tax Havens

"You": going the way of linguistic dinosaurs or literary staying power ?

Looking for aid in finding a job. Last year there were a couple

Bernie Sanders: Shut down Indian Point

Blame it on Porn

Unsure where this belongs, cause it's ABOUT OUR LOSS OF AL JAZEERA BROADCAST

I just ordered TWO My Bernie dolls!

Video: Bernie Sanders: I Don’t Want to Get Hillary Clinton More Nervous Than She Already Is

Greg Hardy says in ESPN interview he has never hit a woman

How Nazi Propaganda and the Muslim Brotherhood Led to the 1948 Israel-Arab War

Men bake cookies too

Another email from Greenpeace

LISTEN! 'Trump Still Stimulates Democratic Anxiety Disorder' MO'M podcast

The Hunting of Hillary Clinton

Canvassed in the rain today for several hours. HRC ROOM

New Sanders Video to Counter ‘Virtual Media Blackout’

Bernie Sanders: I Don’t Want to Get Hillary Clinton More Nervous Than She Already Is

Relationship between longtime friends Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump has grown strained during cam

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Campaign Basically Admits Defeat

Berniecrats Commit To Supporting Candidates Who Already Feel The Bern, Provide Growing List Of Sande

Israel Demolishes Homes Of 3 Palestinian Attackers

Populist anger in presidential races should be a wake up call to big business


Happy birthday to Muddy Waters

The X and Y chromosomes are not girl chromosomes and boy chromosomes

Is anyone surprised that a progressive, democratic socialist has done so well in this primary?

Duke Official Apologizes For Lack Of ‘Civility’ In Parking Dispute As Sit-In Over Racial Issues...

TransCanada Shuts Keystone Pipeline

What's your favorite Jack Nicholson movie?

Jeremy Hunt’s tactics in junior doctors’ dispute attacked by senior Tory

Public service announcement: 'unadjusted' exit polls and the hucksters who tout them are misleading

Everyone Is Freaking Out About the Panama Papers—But the Biggest Fallout Is Yet to Come

Icelandic PM faces no confidence vote over Panama Papers disclosures

GO MACHETE! Actor Danny Trejo says Trump "the best thng ithat ever happened to the Democratic party"

Tim Black: Hillary Clinton Insults The Intelligence of Bernie Sanders Supporters

~*~ Show Scott Walker He's Failed to Suppress Voters | Bernie Sanders ~*~

Top Republicans Talking Up Paul Ryan As Nominee

Do I hear Gabriel?

~*~ Show Scott Walker He's Failed to Suppress Voters | Bernie Sanders ~*~


FBI Says a Mysterious Hacking Group Has Had Access to US Govt Files for Years

Hillary Is Sick Of The Left: Why Bernie’s Persistence Is A Powerful Reminder Of Clinton’s Troubling

If by chance Paul Ryan gets the GOP nomination

Idaho Governor Not Convinced People Die Because Of Lack Of Insurance

Thank goodness a fellow Bernie supporter told me how to cutoff the Hillary group

Once seniors are too old to drive, our transportation system totally fails them

Why Walk Away OP post deleted!!!!

Landlords who exclude ex-convicts may be breaking the law, HUD says

Oil and gas companies stiff 29,000 workers out of $40 million

Voting is already hard for people with disabilities. Voter ID laws make it even harder.

Yes, I want a woman president

The Revolution that Hillary is Leading - the one mothers are desperate for

Sean Hannity Gets Bitch Slapped by an Actual Economist

Corporate media to Democratic voters on the ID, UT, AK, HI, WA, NV, WI and NY primary results

Hillary Clinton Raises Less Than Bernie Sanders for Third Month in a Row


Donald Trump has an ace to play against Fox News

Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Might Be Removed Because People Keep Peeing on It

Unions Are My Family - Clip from Sanders Janesville WI Town Hall w/UAW Local 95

Early endorsement for Bernie:

Car Trouble: A Subprime boom, insane interest rates, Predatory Lending, A Private Equity Frenzy...

Hillary is sick of the left: Why Bernie’s persistence is a powerful reminder of Clinton’s troubling

A sleeping GIANT has been awakened!!!!

Rigged Retirement | Bernie Sanders

FBI: Man Put Devices Resembling Pipe Bombs on Power Lines

which is more important for Americans working in poverty?

Things not to attack Bernie on

Is there a complete plain text list of Panama Papers conspirators?

I'm liking this Giants' line-up from Bruce Bochy ...

What Joffrey Baretheon would look like if he wasn't poisoned

the real reason Glass-Steagall was repealed has a lot to do with bad trade policy

Hillary Clinton Raised $29.5 Million in March, Nearly $15 Million Less Than Rival Sanders

North Atlantic played pivotal role in last great climate tipping point, research shows

Guam has 12 delegates

I normally don't flog my browser choice but...

NY Observer Editor Gave Trump Input on AIPAC Speech, Observer Issues Statement

Any Milwaukie rally coverage?

Now I wonder what cilantro really tastes like!

TPP Would Fuel Climate Chaos and Empower Corporate Polluters

WTF? Senator Al Franken is a super delegate from Minnesota...

The Real News: Panama Papers Expose Kleptocracy in Action

Fishing for the future of coral reefs

U.S. Treasury, IRS issue more curbs to corporate tax inversion deals

"I wonder what the proles are doing tonight?" - Panama Papers Plutocrats (R)

NESenators reject medically assisted death bill; 'It is on the way. It is inevitable,' Chambers says

Records Reveal Scope Of Wait Times In Arizona Primary

Water cycle instability is here to stay posing major political and economic risks: UN Experts

I can't remember who in the Lounge pointed me to the, "Happy Valley", series...

U.S. judge approves BP civil settlement with U.S. government over 2010 spill

Biotech breakthrough: Sunlight can be used to produce chemicals and energy

Sanders Down by One Point Nationally

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 April 2016

US Community Solar Continues to Expand

Chicago to pay family of black man dragged by handcuffs

How a Financial Tax Will Pay for National Health Care

Unable to curb pollution crisis, Medellin bans outdoor activity

Last Plains Indian War Chief, Joseph Medicine Crow, Dies At Age 102

Unable to curb pollution crisis, Medellin bans outdoor activity

Report: Trump Sitting On Fox Bombshells

From Pump to Plug: Measuring the Public's Attitude about Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Bernie Phonebanking is going crazy today

U.S. Navy says it seized weapons from Iran likely bound for Houthis in Yemen

U.S. think tank sees suspicious activity at North Korea nuclear site

Colombia’s elite hiding more than a quarter of country’s GDP in fiscal paradises

Would you tattoo a politician's image on your body?

Colombia’s elite hiding more than a quarter of country’s GDP in fiscal paradises

A genuine question for Hillary supporters who don't care if she doesn't release speech transcripts

Despite Long-Lasting Pollutants, Ospreys Thrive in US’ Largest Estuary (Chesapeake Bay)

The Recovery of the World’s Most Endangered Sea Turtle Has Stalled

Treasury Dept. Tries Again To Stop Companies From Giving Up U.S. Citizenship For Lower Taxes

I don't understand why the MSM keeps ceding all the Latino and black vote to Hillary

Why is Hillary Clinton taking credit for the Fight for $15.?

Corporate media is just as rigged as our economy!

Did hacktivists really just expose half of Turkey's entire population to ID theft?

ABC News just said Hilary's campaign is bracing for a loss in Wisconsin

No, Bernie Sanders shouldn’t have attacked Hillary Clinton harder

Rat Fucker Killer Mike Supports Bernie?!?!?!

China Jitters Could Trigger Global Market Bloodbath, IMF Warns

Sanders campaign event: Winning South Carolina is like winning Guam.

=*= LIVE @ NOW: Bernie GOTV Rally in Milwaukee with The Summer Set, 3OH!3 and Space Raft on 4/4 =*=

Right Wing Think Tank's Questionable Economics on TPP Ignore past Experience With NAFTA

Hillary Clinton Goes Off On Greenpeace Activist

Fun article: Hillary Clinton's Brooklyn campaign headquarters: Inside her quirky NYC office

Hillary is on The View tomorrow!!!!!

Allen Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking"

A bunch of canvassers just got dropped out in front of our house in Philly.

Atheist group asks Sheriff to stop promoting Christianity on Facebook

Icelandic PM faces no confidence vote over Panama Papers disclosures

Sorry to say this but I feel Obama's strong promotion of the TPP

Human Sacrifice Is Linked To Social Hierarchies In New Study

Swear to God.. If he were struck dumb every time he mentioned his opponents, or

Mexican Government Contractor Who Built First Lady's Mansion Is Exposed In The Panama Papers

Why would Hillary lie?

Interesting analysis on the primary race

Should the USA start doing Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT)?

Sanders needs to control his surrogates... Tim Robbins had this to say...

Armed anti-Muslim protesters turn tail and run from mosque when met with armed counter-protesters

Gov. Robert Bentley on scandal: 'I've asked God to forgive me'

Missouri GOP combs past for Planned Parenthood censure rules

John Oliver RUDELY INTERRUPTS Yankees Grounds Crew's "Y.M.C.A." Performance,

#IFeelSorry unleashes torrent of frustrations on Twitter

Emails Show How White Nationalists Are Rebranding To Help Donald Trump

Neighbors said gay man shot by father had troubled history

Neighbors said gay man shot by father had troubled history (xpost from GD)

Prosecutors Open Probes As World's Wealthy Deny 'Panama Papers' Links

Some savvy journalist needs to ask Hill if she's now for a national $15 wage... cuz I bet she isn't!

Hundreds, not thousands at Sanders rally today. Just heard it on MSNBC

To Hillary Clinton supporters: The facts on where the race stands

so for some reason, I had MSNBC with Tweety on and the woman covering the Sanders campaign comes on

I think I'm going to have to buy this Funko Pop! Bernie Doll.... It's irresistible!

Is this N.J. town's seal too religious? An atheist group thinks so

"Several months ago, he began wearing a bulletproof vest...leaving him sweaty"

Great speech by Tim Robbins for Bernie in Green Bay this afternoon

Human Sacrifice Is Linked To Social Hierarchies In New Study

Tim Robbins figures that Clinton’s South Carolina win is about as important as winning Guam

"Cleaning Up Hillary’s Libyan Mess"---Robert Parry, April1, 2016

According to twitter the debate is on April 14th in Brooklyn. HRC ROOM

Hillary Clinton Is No Champion of the $15 Hour Minimum Wage!

Wisconsin Predictions Time!

Petition For Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders To Release Their Joint Tax Returns. Come on Bernie,

Groups to rally against Mississippi religious freedom bill

New CA poll: Survey USA - Hillary 53% - Bernie 39%. Hillary blows Trump away by 34% HRC ROOM

LOL, I see you Target!

Clinton, Sanders to meet for Brooklyn debate

For those who avoid GD-P

If you want a Democratic president, you should consider this ...