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(Hillary Clinton Group)Transcript: NY Daily News Editorial Board meeting with Sanders 4/4/16

Wolf Blitzer to moderate Democratic Debate in NY on April 14th. CNN

Report: NY Makes It Too Hard For People To Vote (NOTE: refers to NY City)

A work in progress...Client food porn photos before and after coaching on plating.

Catholic institutions join amicus brief supporting Clean Power Plan

Rangers beat King Felix on only one hit! Play ball!

Was NAFTA a Mistake? Clinton: "You'll Have To Ask the Experts …."

A couple hours ago: Hillary is scared to debate Bernie, Now: Hillary must be desperate

There WILL be a debate before the NY primary! (from GDP)

Its Evolutionary Dear Watson. Gravity, Evolution and Climate.!

Top Bernie Sanders advisers all throw him under the bus for not following their advice

Sanders now ahead by 8 in Wisconsin according to Emerson

White nationalist group robocall backs Donald Trump

Bernie will win Wisconsin

It doesn't matter whether you vote for

Princeton University to Keep Woodrow Wilson's Name

Is 538 in the Bag for Hillary?

Mike Malloy - Three Big Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Could Still Win This Election - Part 1

On Chris Hayes, James Carville is "vexed" as to why people support

Mike Malloy - Three Big Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Could Still Win This Election - Part 2

Sauteed broccolli rabe

only eight days until the faculty at the largest university in the U.S....


Outrage Grows After Famed Lion ‘Mohawk’ Is Shot to Death

don't want to argue -- just want to ask a question.

HRC email investigation: Intelligence Community IG: it wasn't a criminal referral, it was a security


Well, it looks like Crazy Susan's former Lover, Tim Robbins is trying to outdo her

predictit: Democratic Nominee: HRC 0.82, Bernie: 0.19. Presidential: HRC: .57, Trump: .20

Has any presidential candidate, ever, released transcripts of their speeches made to private groups,

It's a TRAP!!!! 🙎

Farmer gives away harvest to feed hungry in his town. -- Humankind

Ladies and gentlemen the award for best press release accepting a debate goes to.....

Sen. Bernie Sanders predicts #PanamaPapers in 2011

Wisconsin, Tell Gov. Walker His Entire Agenda is Wrong | Bernie Sanders

Hillary holds her own with the 99%

Wisconsin, Tell Gov. Walker His Entire Agenda is Wrong | Bernie Sanders

Korean American Dr. Paul Song, oncologist and healthcare activist, supports Bernie Sanders

"We insist that there is a class struggle;

153.6 million people to 52.6 million people.

"Bernie Bro Tim Robbins Says Winning South Carolina ‘Like Winning Guam’ For a Democrat"

HILLARY GROUP..Bernie Sanders Might Get Burned by Scott Walker's Wisconsin Voter ID Law

For profit university corporation paid Bill Clinton 15 Million dollars.......

another article on debate and the rally (NOTE RALLY LOCATION IS STILL WASH SQ PARK)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Throwbacks! Uncensored & Live & Bob Kincaid subs

Panama to work "vigorously" to investigate offshore accounts

Hillary’s emails reveal lucrative ties to for-profit colleges


Trump and Sanders rallies fairly small in Wisconsin's largest city tonight.

Suspected fentanyl overdoses kill at least 10 in California: health officials

Three successful sons

10,000 Icelandic Protesters want PM to resign

Divided U.S. Supreme Court cautious about taking new cases

Observation of one truth about Black voters...

Rachel is going to do a segment on the Panama papers.

Sen.Sanders Accepts Invitation to New York Debate

10,000 Icelandic Protesters want PM to resign

Proof that Hillary is worried about New York

Carl Bernstein Video: "Hillary Clinton is Blowing Up Her Own Campaign Against Bernie Sanders"

Really strange email in my Gmail inbox, you get it also ?

The stoned soldiers of Santa Cruz

If “Winnie The Pooh” Said The Same Things As Donald Trump

From Forbes August 2015

The Homeopathic Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder Is Unethical And Dangerous

Road Rage Trial Update

Hillary Clinton electrifies crowd of 2,400 people at Albany High school

Ever wondered how a Prosthetic Leg is put on?

A Deaf Man From Minnesota Rescues Doe From Icy River (Video)

Legislature advances bill to restore Nebraska’s winner-take-all Electoral College method

WaPo: Evidence Suggests Hillary's Email Monitored By Asian Govt

Early voting numbers soar in Milwaukee, up 600% from last two presidential primaries

Bring the Bern to the Alaska legislature.

Nothing but Dodgers fans at Petco Park.

Filmmaker: How right-wing media brainwashed my dad

So Beautiful~

Have a question about Bernie's “free tuition ”as opposed to Hillary's “debt-free” tuition

Tim Robbins...


Judge Denies David Fry Pretrial Release

Hillary Fights for $15!

The Guadian (UK): Icelandic PM faces no confidence vote over Panama Papers disclosures

Judge Denies Millions in Restitution in Ex-Coal CEO Case

Thousands Rally for Sanders Ahead of Critical Wisconsin Primary

Katy Perry and Dolly Parton duet at ACM award show last night

How can a brilliant political scientist like Rachel seem oblivious to the DLC?

Look who campaigned to defeat Scott Walker in 2011 recall in Wisconsin

Predictwise now gives Sanders 12% chance of winning Dem nomination

Winston Moseley, man behind infamous 1964 rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, dies in prison at age 8

SC Democratic Party Chair Responds to Tim Robbins

The Guardian (UK): Kill it, spin it – Putin will do anything to stifle the Panama Papers story

This is why the Republican party has become a laughing stock.

Sources: Trump Hotels Breached Again

Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Alaska

Guatemalan Women’s Claims Put Focus on Canadian Firms’ Conduct Abroad

Cornel West on DemocracyNow "Hillary Clinton is a neoliberal posing as a progressive"

Guatemalan Women’s Claims Put Focus on Canadian Firms’ Conduct Abroad

The Republican Brain works Just like a Tree’s brain.

Nina Turner on Switching from Clinton to Sanders: He's Been a "Constant Champion" of Civil Rights

BTRTN: Bernie Will Pull Out a Win in Wisconsin...Will it Matter?

The Return Of The Comstock Law If The GOP & Religious Right Got Its Way.

Hillary Donors Use State Loopholes To Launder Millions

April 5 is the birthday of three great stars who were also Democrats

BS Brand of Purity~ Bernie Sanders Assets

MSNBC Host Can’t Believe Who Hillary Asked To Moderate Next Debate

Is the theme today Bernie's small stock portfolio or Tim Robbins?

Barney Franks blusters again msnbc; Nina Turner gets word in edgewise

Bernie Opposed Panama FTA; HRC Promoted It: Critics Warned: Elite Haven for Criminality

Former Ohio Lawmaker On Why Bernie Sanders Is The REAL Progressive (TYT Politics)

SurveyUSA California Primary Poll: HRC 53% - BS 39%

If the Pope went to Sesame Street...

Charles Koch Is Privately Committed To Getting Paul Ryan Nominated In Cleveland: Source

Rosario Dawson: If you want to beat Trump- vote Bernie!

You folks know Drumpf is on hannity right now> Anybody paying attention? Wife there too LOL

269 children’s book authors, illustrators oppose NC’s LGBT law

"Wisconsin Voter-ID Law Could Block 300,000 Registered Voters From Polls", The Nation.

Trump and Clinton are birds of a feather

Jackie Mason predicts Bernie Sanders will win New York

El Salvador’s State of Emergency Threatens Activists

Supreme Court Deals A Blow To Conservatives In Major Voting Rights Case

Climate Change Will Make Us Sicker And Make Our Food Less Nutritious

Easy plan for honest elections.

Nothing like trying to hide the fact Laureate owned college named 1 of the worst online colleges

Anonymous Report: Was Arizona’s Voter Registration Data Hacked and Changed?

Israel's High Court Must Stop Collective Punishment of Terrorists' Families

Change is impossible when you are paid by the 1% to maintain the status quo.

Gary Varvel: Hillary's Rear View Mirror

Wikipedia: Panama Papers

As good as a last 10 seconds as you can get


Graphic: The Media is Misrepresenting the Delegate Count!


The Really Good Friends of Transnational Corporations Agreement (TiSA)

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther is a human drama about power

Villanova wins national championship on Kris Jenkins game-winner

PSI SPECIAL REPORT: The Trade in Services Agreement and the corporate agenda

Argentine Teachers' Strike Against Macri Massive Success

Why is Bernie Sanders deadset on destroying your 401K?

Joe Conasen and David Cay Johnson are smearing Bernie about the taxes.

Talking with Republican in my town tonight

Chile's head of Transparency International resigns after 'Panama Papers'

Chile's head of Transparency International resigns after 'Panama Papers'

Clinton on NAFTA in 2008

Does IKEA stand for:

Agent Orange: "Collateral Damage" in Viet Nam

Why does Bernie Lie? He doesn't need to. So why do it?

The hunt is on!!

Black Woman Kicked Off Flight For Wearing 'Black Lives Matter' T-Shirt?

Leaked documents show strong business support for raising the minimum wage

Something to make you smile on Wisc Eve & another example that Bernie supporters are the best!

Gentrification Report: Black and Latino Displacement Is Remaking the Bay Area

Apparently the last "God's Not Dead" movie didn't create enough atheists...

anyone up to chat? i'll even try to bribe you with a gratuitous kitteh pic

instead of msnbc/cnn, Ode to Joy!

Republicans Lie 1000% more than Democrats=Fact.

The Hill: Seven Lingering Questions in Clinton Email Investigation

Mrs. Donald Trump pushes back the notion that her husband is not sexist or speaks harshly towards

Hillary Clinton Waits Until $15 Minimum Wage Passes in New York and California to Endorse It

The Night MLK Was Murdered: A Photographer’s Story

Latest IBD/TIPP National Poll Goto Pg. 65: Bernie 48% Hillary 47% among Black and Latino Voters.

Can someone shine light on this aspect of Benghazi?

Can I just say that Bernie is going to

Interesting Hillarian thread-

Here is why I expect Bernie to win big in NY.

Why Are Educators Learning How to Interrogate Their Students?

Bernie Sanders: I'm not a candidate who talks to union workers & then goes to a Wall St fundraiser

UPDATE 1-Argentina's Macri denies wrongdoing at 'Panama Papers' offshore firm

One Number Explains the Devastating Impact of the Panama Papers on Regular People

Why Are Educators Learning How to Interrogate Their Students?

Was Hillary Clinton involved in the 2012 US-Panama Free Trade Agreement?


Jackie Mason!


Clinton and Trump are exactly the same

Financial Oversight and Colonialism in Puerto Rico

How Reporters Pulled Off the Panama Papers, the Biggest Leak in Whistleblower History

Found this on Facebook:

Why the Panama Papers Could Catapult Bernie Sanders to the White House

Koch Privately Committed To Getting Ryan Nominated In Cleveland: Source

Get this cranky old guy off camera!!! He'll ruin everything!!!

Defining bribery

Dnot people talk about their bigotry and racism in private?

Bernie's Tune

Cruz: 'White knight' nominee at GOP convention a 'pipe dream'

What's the deal with all the references to "The Daily Newsbin"?

10 Jokes People Who Are Well Read or A Little Off Understand

538: UPDATED 11:40 PM EDT | Apr 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders upset in Nevada; how it happened

Online friend was flooded out. Should I send money?

Where are all the Americans in the Panama Papers?

Reread Kings Memphis speech

Wanna know who's gonna win NY or any other primary, caucus or whatever?

Almost a year ago, Hillary supported a minimum wage like NY State passed today

Bernie Sanders Recruits Mark Ruffalo For TV Ad Ahead Of Wisconsin Primary

Clinton Campaign Memo: Bernie's Only Path Is to Overturn Will of the Voters

Clinton and Sanders agree to April 14 debate in Brooklyn: CNN

Folks here throw Rachel Maddow under the bus so often

Argentina’s New Order

Actor Tim Robbins backs Bernie Sanders in Manitowoc

Rachel Maddows reports regularly on how people are living in states under Republican rule

Wisconsin Voter-Id Law could block 300,000 registered voters from voting

Vince Young being sued over 2014 alleged incident

Global Military Spending Nearly $1.7T Amid Mideast Conflicts

Why isn't $15 statewide in NY? Why are parts of the state stopping at $12.50?

Nina Turner compares the support Hillary has among Congress and groups to the support of slavery

Clinton Campaign Memo: Bernie's Only Path Is to Overturn Will of the Voters

Thousands Rally for Sanders Ahead of Critical Wisconsin Primary

Democratic Race Heating Up, Not Winding Down

Military deployed to protect Colombian school children

Feds: Chenault-Fattah recording could expose her to 'criminal liability'

Revealed: The Chamber of Commerce Strategy to Kill Empathy of Its Members

Bob Wright, Former NBC CEO and Co-Founder of Autism Speaks on his new book, "The Wright Stuff."

Clinton Believes She’s Special Kind Of Politician Who Can’t Be Influenced By Money

Regime change brought nothing but misery in Iraq and Libya

A reason why there haven't been any Americans names in the Panama papers

McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received $1 Million From Saudi Arabia

FBI Offers Crypto Assistance to Local Cops: "We Are in This Together"

These maps show what melting Antarctica will do to New York and cities across the U.S.

Obama must answer to progressives

Why the Panama Papers Could Catapult Bernie Sanders to the White House

Prosecutors seek 12-15 years in prison for ex-Senate leader

Check Your Voter Registration - New York

Chicago may pay $4.9M to family of man who died in custody

Daily Holidays - April 5

A new way to waste time on the internet: Google now makes animal noises


Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail loses Brazos Valley support


Chihuahua leads police on 'high-speed pursuit' over San Francisco's Bay Bridge

Unaoil - The Company That Bribed The World

Vitamin D 'heals damaged hearts'

This Bizarre Creature Flew Its Babies Like Kites


"How do you go about [breaking up too-big banks]?" Bernie: "I don't know...I have not studied..."

Oil Company Bribes Exposed at Highest Level in New Report

7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly)

CNN factcheck catches Hillary Clinton lying about Bernie Sanders campaign contributions

Hillary Clinton further expands her lead in California

Municipal Elections Today!

Judge gives custody of 8 yr old girl to her sex-offender dad

Azerbaijan Says 16 Killed in Nagorno-Karabakh Fighting

Vitamin D can produce 'amazing' improvements in heart function, study finds

Admiral Ackbar voice actor Erik Bauersfeld dies at 93

Thailand Seizes 87 African Ivory Tusks Worth $800,000

Thank you Villanova

Clinton leads Sanders by 2.5 million votes, so who is more popular?

Why the Panama Papers Could Catapult Bernie Sanders to the White House

Mike Malloy - Both Parties Have Been Liars And Con Artists

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Is Just The Beginning

2011 - Bernie Sanders on the Panama Free Trade deal

Clinton, Sanders agree on date for New York's Democratic presidential primary debate

UPDATE Good Morning America - Stephanopolous says Bernie's looking strong in WI -

Tennessee lawmakers pass bill making the Bible official state book

Christian homeschoolers cry discrimination after trade schools ask for proof they learned something

Why Are Sanders, Dems Attacking Hillary with Same ‘Stupidity’ as GOP?

🐦 Bernie Sanders speaking at University of Wyoming on Tuesday 5PM

How Much $$$ Has Hillary Taken from Fossil Fuel Companies?

here's an article for lols

If this is true I want to throw up!

Isn't Kasich the biggest nerd ever?

"Panama Papers: Obama, Clinton Pushed Trade Deals Amid Warnings...

New right-wing talking-point: People get persecuted for supporting Trump.

Socialist Dem candidates for WI -

ABC News - Bernie Sanders Looking Forward to a Win in Wisconsin

"Sagebrush Rebellion" Founder Dies At 95 . . .

Tim Robbins FULL Speech at Bernie Sanders Rally in Green Bay Wisconsin (4-4-16)

Tim Robbins FULL Speech at Bernie Sanders Rally in Green Bay Wisconsin (4-4-16)

CSIRO Emails Show Director Lied - No Science Research Unless Linked To "Jobs & Growth"

Clinton camp did NOT knock Bernie off DC ballot & are helping him to get on. (Hill group)

Bernie Sanders’s false claim that he has released his full federal tax returns

Hillary, please drop out of the primary race before you further damage the Democratic Party. Thanks.

How The Chinese Debt Bubble Led to the Stock Market Plunge

WHERE was Bernie while Clinton was fighting for $15 Hour Min Wage??

Sanders vs. Clinton on Wall St. Reform

“You know a leak is big when Edward Snowden is impressed by it”: “The Daily Show” dazzled by Panama

The Guardian:Donald Trump has the manner of an arrogant televangelist suspected of murder by Columbo

Perfectly Reasonable Question: Why No Big Splash for ‘Panama Papers’?

Website targets Super Ds: A "Hit List" to take "democracy back from" Democrats

Re Panama Papers: 2012 study says "Global Elite Hiding Up to $32 Trillion"

White resentment is fueling opposition to gun control, researchers say

NY's $15/hr wage increase follows Hillary's plan exactly.

Break up the banks, says Minneapolis Fed chief

Sarah Palin delivers strangest speech yet

Hillary loses her temper over fossil fuel donations

NREL Reveals Potential for Capturing Waste Heat via Nanotubes

Here's the roll call votes from the cowards in committee to restrict reproductive rights

Freezing of soil near Fukushima plant going well, says TEPCO

Sanders' tax release claim rated as a "Whopper" by WaPo Fact Checker

Among first 30 to vote in my WI ID problems apparent

Trump Decries Washington Insiders, But He Hired One to Save His Campaign

Bernie Sanders: From the Guys Who Brought You George W. Bush

The Reason for Democracy

Tokyo temple’s beckoning cats keep visitors purring in

Medical scientists develop ‘game changing’ stem cell repair system

Early voting numbers soar in Milwaukee, up 600% from last two presidential primaries

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Barf

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Panama

here we go again.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Vietnam warns of dire impact from planned Mekong dams

Wisconsin! Time to do Bernie Proud!

Hillary at the New York $15 minimum wage event yesterday

Sikh-American Officer Wins Right to Serve in US Military with Turban

April 5: NBC News|SurveyMonkey Wkly Election Tracking poll *National Clinton 51 +2: Sanders 42

We need a Revolution but not violence.

Is it true what I've heard?

Panama Papers: Iceland prime minister seeks early poll

PanamaPapers and the Primary

"Sanders gets 3 Pinnochios, but yo, dude, Pinnochio is just a puppet of the Corporate Wall Street

Fleeing the North, adrift in South Korea

How would Sanders be more effective than Pres. Obama in achieving his agenda?

I’m done with Bernie Sanders: Why this democratic socialist is voting for Hillary Clinton

From Morning Joe

Let's establish what is and is not a personal attack.

Bernie is channeling his inner Trump

Sanders: "Treasury Department will create a too-big-to fail list of banks and insurance companies"

China's first official Hello Kitty restaurant opens in Shanghai

Missouri senate moves to hold Planned Parenthood president in contempt

North Korea can put nuclear warhead on mid-range missile: South

Oh Bernie.....

Chinese netizens test their 'fitness' by wrapping 100 yuan notes around their wrists

About Hillary's "Media Matters" and "Blue Nation Review"

Must read primer: Panama Papers: How assets are hidden and taxes dodged

Bernie's campaign manager to Savannah Guthrie of MSNBC

Gawker: Hillary Clinton Waits Until $15 Minimum Wage Passes in New York and California to Endorse It

An interesting e-mail to SOS Clinton from Amselem on Hondorus

Women walk out of church as priest reads anti-abortion letter

Helen Clark, former New Zealand PM, enters race for UN secretary general

"It's aTrap!" Erik Bauersfeld best known as Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars passes at 93

Krugman on the Corruption of our Nation via Perverse Incentives

Oh Bernie.....

US-Philippine war games begin as China warns US

Hillary just headlined a rally for a cause she doesn’t believe in (“Fight for $15” minimum-wage)

Here's How We Can Break Up the Banks and Avoid Another Economic Disaster

Workers vote to unionize at Donald Trump's Las Vegas hotel

The "Panama Papers" has potential to be much bigger than Snowden and Manning

Benjamin Franklin talks about why he doesn't reply to tweets

Does Donald Trump even know what Abraham Lincoln did as president?

Remember last fall when I predicted a warmer winter cuz the squirrels weren't growing

Last Night Bernie Phonebankers Let Wisconsin have it

Autism Acceptance Month - Dillans's Voice

"A germane tweet. I mean this with the utmost disrespect."

Open Corporates leak: two more offshore accounts in Argentine President Mauricio Macri's name.

From the people that brought you W

Stop a Douchebag - Move Your Maybach

Panama's Bank-Secrecy Bedfellow: The U.S.

The NY Debate Is On - April 14

Venezuelan Newspaper Editor Jailed for “Libeling” Government

Japan dessert firm issues sombre apology for 10-cent ice-cream price hike

I would like to start a thread about Health Care and how much cheaper Single Payer can and will be-

You may wonder: "Am I from Guam?"

Looks like the megaphones for Hillary are back in force in GD-P

When Rome is burning, incremental change will not save Rome.

Fleeing the North, adrift in South Korea

Open Corporates leak: two more offshore accounts in Argentine President Mauricio Macri's name.

More proof Hillary is buying her votes

Wow... Hillary Campaign Spokesperson on MSNBC just now: Sander's recent Wins don't Represent AMERICA

Bernie Sanders Struggles To Explain How He Would Break Up The Big Banks

Trump reveals how he would force Mexico to pay for border wall

HRC only needs 33% of the remaining delegates to secure Democratic nomination

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-4-16 Tim Canova FL-23

How the Corp Media has Clinton's back to thwart any attempt to inform the public

Compare: Bernie's Speech on Panama Deal vs Hillary's Released Statement

LIVE EVENT: Europe, Austerity and the Threat to Global Stability

This Shows Why Consumers Are Bogged Down

Judge orders U.S. to address climate threat to wolverines

Bernie is going to win big tonight

Yes, the Tone of the Sanders Campaign Matters, and Yes, It's Too Ugly

Sen Nina Turner - On Wisconsin Boost, a NYC Debate & Voting Suppression...

Panamanian tax shelters? Try Bill Clinton's ONSHORE shell game. Is Hillary that naive?

California lawmakers delay 'tampon tax' exemption bill

Joe Conason is Making Hilllary Clinton’s Job Harder

Led by a New Generation, Muslim Americans Are Making Their Presence Felt in the Presidential Campaig

The power of the bird

White resentment is fueling opposition to gun control, researchers say

Universal Struggle

Why Is Hillary Fighting To Survive in Her Home State?

Morning Joe: Trump already has a nickname for Clinton.

Panama Papers: Iceland president blocks embattled PM's snap election call

Montana Primary

Nashville Voted To Give Poor People, Locals New Construction Jobs. But the State GOP Blocked It.

Poll: republicans - immigrants are a burden; democrats - quite the opposite.

Men arrested in rape of Utah girl while mother smoked meth: sheriff

We’ve had a massive decline in gun violence in the United States. Here’s why.


BOOM! Take that for calling me a liar!

Islamist rebels shoot down Syrian warplane, capture pilot: monitor

Job openings little changed at 5.4 million in February: hires increase to 5.4 million

New-look Bernie Sanders goes for the jugular

Sarah was on Bad Acid (or Winston Churchill 1940)

Germany records 300 attacks on asylum shelters so far this year

U.S. Moves to Thwart Use of Foreign Inversions as Tax Dodge

Bernie’s better off sticking to the high road

Failed Trade Policies

New Jersey sues Atlantic City over school money

Is Bernie going to brush up on finance law... because this is just embarrassing

Yet more evidence that the NRA and the Great American Gun Nut are dying out.

is there an uglier tone than that which hides behind racism?

Labor Radio Host, Kentucky Labor Leaders Say ‘Thanks, Mitch!’

Trump finally found a way to finance his wall: Make poor people pay for it.

Feeling the Bern in Waupaca! Our Bernie March and Rally was recorded, is on local news site

Police: Puppies, Small Dogs Found in Van Behind Pet Store

Bernie Sanders Closes Up On Hillary Clinton In African-American Poll Gap

Amtrak Supervisor Was Trying to Save Colleague When Both Died

Do you know a "talkaholic?"

Young Turks: DNC & 33 States Used Loopholes to Funnel Millions Into 'Hillary Victory Fund"

Using racism, sexism, LGTB discrimination, and immigrants to defend the Big Banks

Class-Action Suit Challenges US Government's No-Fly List

Edwards 44, Van Hollen 40

Buckle up Hillary supporters! The Panama Papers are going to be revealing!

Bernie Sanders bird scene (with emotional music)

Are there some new bad #'s for Hillary coming out?

Bernie Sanders bird scene (with emotional music)

Bernie predicted the Panama scandal years ago...

Can the Clinton campigbn make up its mind? Delicate Flowers or Tough and Effective Army?

I would be burned at the stake if I posted a video I saw last nite about HRC

The "Free stuff"

Link for WA delegates and alternates

If there is any financial misconduct, it will be found on the Clinton side.

Still undecided on who to vote for?

Bernie predicted the Panama scandal years ago...

[NEWS RELEASE] BP clinches Deepwater Horizon tax break...

While we wait for results from Wisconsin,

Cross post... a little BIRD told me...

PayPal cancels N. Carolina expansion over discrimination law

It Begins Today

The Police Force: America’s New Gangsters

Scientists Create World’s Smallest Diode Using A Single Molecule Of DNA

Prosecutors: No reason to delay transfer of Bundy, co-defendants to Nevada

Iceland's PM asks the President to dissolve

Pic Of The Moment: That Republican Bible Sure Comes In Handy

“The South lost. Why are we still dealing with this bullsh*t?”

Husband Whose Wife Has Alzheimer’s Says “I Just Believe That I’ve Got to Be With Her.”

Meeting Bernie Sanders

Husband Whose Wife Has Alzheimer’s Says “I Just Believe That I’ve Got to Be With Her.”

Washington Post: Four Pinnochios for Bernie on Tax Returns.

"The closer than ever....we have a real fight on our hands"

Although it is traditionally done by presidential candidates,

Tennessee legislators pass bill making The Bible the official state book

Bernie Sanders interview on Hot 97 in NYC.

Weaver: Bernie Will Win an Open Convention

Why do some people call Sanders minority support token?

What Has MSNBC Done to Maddow’s Brain?: Get Out Now & Save Yourself, Rachel!

'West Wing' star on his support for Clinton

Dinner tonight: mutton chops, gnocchi, and mushroom garlic cream sauce

Ezekiel Stephan: Why naturopaths shouldn’t treat children—or anyone else

Mutton chops and gnocchi

Emerson Poll: Sanders Surges Past Clinton In Wisconsin

Think You're Not Biased Against Women Leaders? Take the Test

Pennsylvania not feeling the Bern--Clinton up +22 in new poll

This is how the FBI destroys Hillary: The 10 questions that could end her White House dreams

We have the first casualty of the Panama Papers

Wall Street Reform: FDR vs Obama

An Open Letter To Society About Mental Illness

New poll--Clinton +22 in Pennsylvania (55-33)

It's a Revolution

Be prepared. Tonight will be bad for Hillary.

Some Pics from HRC's tremendous rally at Cohoes High School in Albany last night

More statistical noise in national polls

How the DNC and 33 States Used Loopholes to Funnel Millions Into the 'Hillary Victory Fund'

The (Un)Democratic Party

Sorry Hill. NYers aren't buying what you're selling.

Alerting in groups.

Ford to invest $1.6 billion for new plant in Mexico

Why Democratic Primaries are More Democratic...

Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine

Gregory Peck day on TCM

Iceland PM resigns over Panama Papers

Hmm... has all the shrieking over Bernie's tax returns been a diversion

Clinton rallies supporters

My Mom, a Clinton supporter, noticed something wrong last night.

Hot off the press Keystone State Poll -Clinton 55% -Sanders 33%

North Carolina Just Lost 400 Jobs Because Of Its Anti-LGBT Law

Think You're Not Biased Against Women Leaders? Take the Test

The Panama Papers will implicate Americans, we will see that free college and universal health care

Tech workers lower salary expectations amid economic uncertainty

Saw this in response to Robert Reich's post...

With Regards to Foreign Policy I side with the US Navy, Air Force, and Army Servicemen...

Make America Groot again - new candidate announces.

I agree with POTUS. More corporate tax cuts.

From the Guys Who Brought You George W. Bush

Horse Poop Helps Unravel the Mystery of Hannibal’s Route Through the Alps

California's new minimum wage expected to boost Bay Area automation firms

Gaza workers discover what could be an ancient church

No ‘Wicked’ for NC: Composer Stephen Schwartz bans NC shows over HB2

Thom Hartmann said he was wrong about Bernie or Busters

ACLU Action: My transgender son needs your help

ACLU Action: My transgender son needs your help

Arizona Primary News - the DOJ has agreed to look into all of the voting problems in Arizona.

Milbank: Sanders is losing the pillow fight with Clinton (Cartoons)

Bernie spouts off about the “Panama Papers”, but still hasn't released his own Tax Returns!!!

Shifting population in California nursing homes creates ‘dangerous mix’

WI and the vote

Just an FYI: Replies being posted in ATA this morning.

Dellamaide: "Biased mainstream media miss real campaign story: Bernie Sanders"

Northern Ireland: anti-abortion group wants stiffer sentence for woman who took abortion drugs

Sounds of desperation are in the air...

A party platform is just words on a paper if you can't trust the candidate.

FRA Announces $25 Million Available for Positive Train Control Implementation

FRA Announces $25 Million Available for Positive Train Control Implementation

While Clinton Backed 2011 Trade Deal, Sanders Foresaw Panama Papers Fiasco

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-4-16

FLDS people reportedly brace for apocalypse on Wednesday

Going to see Ernst rep this afternoon.

Clinton Lying, yet again:

Bernie or Bust mostly younger people you think?

How did Hillary Clinton become a Senator in NY so quickly when she had just moved there?

A Future to Believe In vs Great Again and I'm with Her

Hillary Clinton "The View" full interview

Predict the Wisconsin results for today!

Mississippi poll: Clinton within 3 points of Trump

All mention of Panama Papers banned from Chinese websites

Comey: No Rush To Finish FBI Investigation Of Clinton Before Democratic Convention

It Will Be An "Open" Democratic Convention. Hillary Won't Have Enough Elected Delegates To Win

14 Actors You May Not Know Are Dead

Democracy Now! (April 5): Panama Papers: World Leaders Exposed in Massive Leak

Bernie Sanders: Expose the Election Fraud, Get EXIT POLLSTERS On Ground in New York

Don't miss it like I did....the theme for April's contest is pinned at the top

A good illustration of the sexism that high-profile and successful women face.

The Panama Papers and SF’s housing crisis

Central Wisconsin voters could outpace state

This is looking good for Bernie in Wisconsin...

Why Hasn't Obama Endorsed Hillary Yet?

Alabama Lawmakers Move Forward With Plan to Impeach Gov. Robert Bentley (updated)

It’s a Revolution | Bernie Sanders (Web)

Manhattan Film Festival Now Plans To Show Wakefield Anti-Vax Movie

Jane Sanders on Working with Bernie

Erica | Bernie Sanders

Heads up-Hillary is on The View.-"I don't think President Obama gets the credit he deserves..."

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 5, 2016

Gov. Phil Bryant signs MS 'religious freedom' bill

U.S. State official says Iran not gaining access to U.S. financial system

Early Voting Soars in Milwaukee

DWS's strange reply re: "cockblocking" Bernie

Following up on firebrand's post, let's help Donna!

Jane Sanders on Working with Bernie

What are ‘tax havens’? Here’s a primer

Jane Sanders on Working with Bernie

EXCLUSIVE: Iraq PM Abadi doubles down on 'technocratic' cabinet plan

Reports: Fessenheim (French) nuclear accident played down by authorities

Hillary Clinton: 'Absolutely' You Can Be Both Feminist And Pro-Life

There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why no one in the U.S. has been busted in Panamagate

Let's help Donna Edwards, a TRUE progressive challenging a member of the Dem ptb

Meanwhile in Richmond, VA

The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States--Bloomberg Business

PayPal pulls jobs over "Bathroom bill"

Bill Clinton Paved The Way For Today’s Dumbed-Down Media

Hillary Clinton names campaign staff for Maryland

Mossack Fonseca responds to Panamagate

What's the deal with the simultaneous political suicide of all these southern governors?

Sanders Spoke To 38,000 Supporters In Wisconsin!

Economy May Not Have Grown At All In First Quarter

How Much Does Bernie Sanders Know About Policy?

Theme music for Panamagate!

Shades of AZ in WI: Wait to vote is 2 hours at Cottage Grove

Bernie Sanders on where he’d imprison terrorists: “I haven’t thought about it a whole lot”

Campaign Manager: Sanders Can Win Nomination At Contested Convention

Florida woman shoots husband in testicles after learning of affair, police say

Friendly Reminder From The CBC: Grown-ups need vaccines too

Money in Politics Is a Crisis — And John Oliver Just Proved It

Clinton: 'You Can Be A Feminist And Be Pro-Life'

Where Was Bernie While Hillary Was Fighting For A $200,000 Minimum Speaking Wage Per Hour?

Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary Clinton 55, Sanders 33 Clinton +22

Still On The Warming Plate: 'Biden To Headline House Dems' Retreat: Report'

Masters Of War.

Bernie’s Campaign Manager Throws a Bomb About Hillary and Young Voters

2 Good reads on TPP - Trojan Horse clauses - A (Book sized) submission on TPP and a flyer from CWA

The Panama Papers Explained with Flowers

Global warming making U.S. sick, federal report says

Would you vote for a candidate who hid this? A freeze on all future wage increases regardless of CPI

West Coast Scientists Urge Rapid Action Against Ocean Acidification

This New York Daily News interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders-HRC ROOM

Russia Detains Dozens of Suspected Members of Japanese Doomsday Cult

Is ''Wealth Management at UBS'' a euphemism for ''Offshoring''?

Washington DC puts Bernie Back on the Ballot

Law firm at heart of 'Panama Papers' leak owned by Nazi's son

Sorry, Bernie. The Supers are not switching to you.

Panama Papers - Hillary connection to Deutche Bank

McClatchy releases some U.S. names from Panama Papers

Is Bernie taking Chuck Todd's advise and "Buying a landslide" in Wisconsin????

The Panama Papers: Where are the Americans? [answer: Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Singapore]

Does this blog hide threads outside of the jury system?

Gallup Obama Approval Poll-53%-43% (+10)

A Realistic Solution To The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Hillary gives anti-abortion activists a big fat gift.

Current Delegate Totals: Clinton - 1739 / Sanders - 1070 / Need to nominate: 2,383.

Trump reveals how he would force Mexico to pay for border wall

The Only Way Bernie Sanders Can Win the Nomination

Connecticut Senator Not Happy With Bernie Sanders’ View On Sandy Hook Lawsuit

Selective Leaks Of The #PanamaPapers Creates Huge Blackmail Potential

Appleton, WI: 85% voter turnout expected; This good for the Bern!

Bernie Sanders isn’t catching Hillary Clinton. Because, math.

This New York Daily News interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders

The Stranger: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the Impact of the Panama Papers on the Race

"The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon" (video)

Bernie needs 57% of remaining pledged delegates to win pledged Dem delegate count. 

Sarah Palin Says on Facebook We Should All Be ‘Condoning Racism’

Corporate Money Can Buy The Senate – Democrats Need To Step Up

The Panama Papers and SF’s housing crisis

The hunt is REALLY on!!

READ Daily News interview with Sanders HERE.

Stingray ruling could challenge thousands of Baltimore convictions

Does My Family Own a Painting Looted by Nazis?

The Tragedy of Exported Jobs in Wisconsin | Bernie Sanders

America!!!!! The NY version

The Tragedy of Exported Jobs in Wisconsin | Bernie Sanders

Finnish government top officials congratulate each other for the beginning of the neoliberal nightma

Russian claims on Syria airstrikes 'inaccurate on grand scale', says report

South African president Jacob Zuma survives impeachment vote

Former NATO Commander On The ‘Greatest Single Foreign Policy Mistake’

Bernie Sanders has put out a new America Ad for New York (unlisted right now)

Bernie Sanders isn’t catching Hillary Clinton. Because, math.

Wisconsin voter ID law leaves state braced for primary day chaos

Mossack Fonseca Just Put a boot on his head.

International criminal court abandons case against William Ruto

Panama Papers: Obama, Clinton Pushed Trade Deal Amid Warnings It Would Make Tax Evasion Worse

WaPo is putting out hit piece after hit piece today on Bernie Sanders...

Did Bernie Sanders Predict Panama Papers in 2011 When he Opposed US.-Panama Trade Deal?

Today's PredictWise - 2016 Democratic Nomination - Hillary 88% - Bernie 13%

German and Swiss galleries to display Gurlitt's Nazi-era treasure trove

Berners, know your rights in the New York Primary... Share with other fellow Berners...

Wisconsin GAB looking into Donald Trump's visit to Waukesha polling place

Justice Department will sue to stop Halliburton, Baker Hughes merger: source

How is Clinton's SHELL company different from SHELL companies created by PANAMA's Mossack Fonseca?

The Clinton Foundation has raised 2 Billion- Why?

The Panama Leak - All you need to know:

Another disingenuous Krugman stink bomb

South Carolina church massacre trial delayed as death penalty mulled

New York man who charged airliner cockpit sentenced to prison

Mississippi gov. signs law allowing businesses to deny service to LGBT community

Ted Cruz and wife have offshore accounts....

A couple of Mormons just knocked on my door...

As Clinton pushed Panama deal amid warnings, Sanders opposed it citing tax haven/secrecy

Justice Dept launches corporate foreign bribery disclosure program

Bernie on charities.....No wonder he hates the Clinton Initiative!

Trump Loses Lead In Tracking Poll

Charity Watchdog: The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund.

President Obama responds to Trump's border plan:

Tim Black -Outrageous New Wisconsin Student Voter ID Laws Hurt Bernie Sanders #WiPrimary

Justice Department's No. 3 attorney stepping down

Clinton's preferred drug policies would be a disaster for Mexicans.

What Happened at the Clark County Convention?

Clinton Foundation funded companies benefitting major donor’s construction project

What's for Dinner, Tues., Apr. 5, 2016

Alabama Lawmaker Moves Forward With Plan to Impeach Governor

Near 20-Year High: Bee-pocalypse Postponed Again, Until 2017

Current delegate totals Sanders 1031 Clinton 1258 (+227, est.) - Needed for majority 2024.

Tim Black: Hillary Clinton Is No Champion of the $15 Hour Minimum Wage!

Will there be a contested Democratic Convention?

Clinton, Sanders differ on down-ballot Democrats

Bernie will appear on the Washington DC ballot after all

Revolutionary Rice

Early voting starts today in Indiana! Why wait? Get'r done, and maybe you can

Along with very few respondents, other Chinese satellite victims still read "JG" Opening Posts

Rapper Everlast promises cease and desist order for "f*cking racist piece of sh*t" Donald Trump

Early voting starts today in Indiana! Why wait? Get'r done, and maybe you can

Bernie Bombs in NYDN Editorial Meeting, Reveals Just How Substance-Free His Campaign Is

Obama Addresses Corporate Inversions, Calls Tax Loophole ‘Insidious’

Holy Crap! Look at these two links. Why don't more members of Congress support St Bernard?

Schumer: New Gun Resembling iPhone 'Disaster Waiting to Happen

Mainstream Media Gives Republicans A Pass For Being Lazy

Bernie has a clear and concise method to break up the banks

Is anyone here undecided about Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton? (POLL)

Should the candidate with the most earned, pledged delegates be a party's nominee

Shocking moment teacher punches autistic boy in the face leaving him with concussion

Shocking moment teacher punches autistic boy in the face leaving him with concussion (xpost from GD)

Kos: Delusion sets in at Camp Sanders

UK:Gut bacteria may directly affect brain function: new ways to treat MS, ANXIETY and

Officials: Gas Leak May Cause Blackouts in California

Chicago mayor says he plans to poach businesses from North Carolina

Way to go Bernie! Sanders Outraised Hillary Clinton in March; $44 million to $29 million

Link to an updated post in the DU Marketplace. Tattoo Artists would probably be the only ones

Erica | Bernie Sanders (TV Ad)

More Than One Medical Student At UVA Believes Black People Don't Feel Pain

Erica | Bernie Sanders (TV Ad)

Near 20-Year High: Bee-pocalypse Postponed Again, Until 2017

And then you have...."some people who know a lot about this make that determination"

Jay Wright Barely Reacted To Villanova's Buzzer-Beater

Listen Up, Bernie

Sanders ardently opposed the trade deal that led to Panama Papers abuses; Clinton supported it

A couple of morons just knocked on my door...

Kos: Delusion Sets in at Camp Sanders

Did Congress REALLY Vote For The Iraq War?

I once had an offshore bank account.

Sanders' Ostensibly "Disastrous" Interview With The New York Daily News Is Actually a Good Read

Interesting steps to take if Clinton is Indicted.

The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read (xpost from GD)

#Mississippi is trending on Twitter

I agree with Trump. If he's president Mexico will build a great wall between us.

The Antonin Scalia School of Law @ George Mason University, #ASSLaw, #ASSoL.

Bernie and Jane Sanders 2014 Income Tax Return Can Be Read At The Following Link:

About that money Hillary is raising for the Democrats:

About those Democrats Hillary is raising money for

Alabama Republican introduces Bill to ELIMINATE Overtime Pay. For Real

DC votes to put Sanders on primary ballot

The Panama Papers: five things to know

Good news in LBN!


Yea talking sense to DRUMPF is futile,but isn't it confiscation of labor for undocumented immigrants


Sanders ardently opposed the trade deal that led to Panama Papers abuses; Clinton supported it

Bordallo denounces actor Tim Robbins’ remark against Guam at Sanders rally

Ted Cruz keeps breaking from his acting on camera to check out the camera.

Bernie Was Right to Oppose the Panama Free Trade Agreement. Hillary was wrong to support it.

Who is the Secretary of Environmental?

Too-large bulge in crotch leads to airport arrest (mildly NSFW)

Bordallo denounces actor Tim Robbins’ remark against Guam at Sanders rally

"You get a token and you get in."

Moar Tim Robbins! Moar!!!

Powerful Force Is Behind Panama Papers

TYT Election results coverage?

Yes Trump is a Maniac; but Cruz is no better:

What is Jeff Weaver planning!?

House ethics committee extends probe of Florida Democrat

How the U.S. became one of the world’s biggest tax havens

Clinton Wrong About Wall Street Attacks

"You shall not pass."

Boycott pre shredded cheese!

David Cameron left dangerously exposed by Panama Papers fallout

Three Kentucky men indicted in $600 million federal fraud case

Ted Cruz madame scandal explodes as phone records released

Voters at the student union at UW-Green Bay are waiting over an hour to vote!

Trump rallies

Republican Collins' call for Garland hearings spurned

North Carolina Risking Federal Aid Over New LGBT Law

PayPal halts N. Carolina expansion over discrimination law

Funny how the tone of the campaigns varies as it moves from from state to state

Bill to toughen sentences for fentanyl dealers advances in California

Jury Room Racism Is Protected. It Shouldn't Be.

News Wrap: N.Y., Calif. to adopt nation's highest minimum wage PBS NewsHour

The bunt is on!!

Alabama Gov. Bentley faces impeachment battle

DNC chair Schultz won't say whether she approves of superdelegates in Democratic nomination process

Pentagon chief wants streamlined, more nimble U.S. military structure

Shocking Collapse of Grauer's Gorilla Population | WCS (1 minute version)

Heavy turnout seen across state, some long lines at polls

Touching Robots Can Be Arousing

Mars Was Nicer When It Rained Asteroids - Newsy

A new low. Attacking a member of the military because they do not support HER.

How about a new rule for

I am in awe! To have someone this smart, this honest and this on-our-side as our president.

Smith Profcast - Gary Felder Explains Gravitational Waves

Big Bidniss telling NC to stuff it.

Sharks Close Beach At Cocoa Beach Pier

Trumps Mexico border wall payment solution....seize money transfers from US to Mexico.

Bernie's judgement vs Hillary's experience. Latest issue: The Panama Papers

Do you ever feel guilty for a comment you made while serving jury duty?

The Tunt is on!

Gray Whale Puts on Show at So. California Beach

Mississippi poll: Clinton within 3 points of Trump

Global Stocks Fall Most Since February, Yen Surges to 2014 High

GOP candidates fight for unbound delegates in North Dakota

Voter ID Nightmare: Up to 300,000 Wisconsin Voters Could Be Barred from Polls Thanks to Scott Walker

Villanova is Classless

Just saw on CNN...84% White voters in WI.

Insulin Cost Triples In Decade

Another man was killed where I work today.

Is U.S. prepared?

Mother Jones: This Is Why Sanders Can Stay in the Race Until the Bitter End

MSNBC Wisconsin Exit Polls, do not bode well for Sanders!

Study confirms what millions taking statins have said for years

ABC WI exit poll looking good for Bernie

You got that right Bernie!!!

Nurse finds rude message on side Domino’s pizza box

The media attacks on Bernie are really ramping up... This is an EXCELLENT sign!

Sacramento County health officer breaks down fentanyl overdoses

Key witness in anti-Pablo Escobar presidential candidate murder trial arrested

Key witness in anti-Pablo Escobar presidential candidate murder trial arrested

Deadly street drug claims another life in Sacramento

I propose an attack-free day ...

The Norman Goldman talk show.

Exactly like Escobar, Urabeños put target on Colombia’s cops and their families

Exactly like Escobar, Urabeños put target on Colombia’s cops and their families

Early voting numbers soar in Milwaukee, up 600% from last two presidential primaries

There But For Fortune ~ Joan Baez

Colombia’s child welfare workers strike over starving children

Am I looking at this correctly?

Colombia’s child welfare workers strike over starving children

Is the Podesta Group tied to a Russian bank in the Panama Papers?

Wisconsin's Democratic delegates will be closely divided under almost any scenario today

Yucatan archaeology races to keep up with development

11 Inspiring Quotes to Celebrate the Late Maya Angelou’s Birthday

Yucatan archaeology races to keep up with development

David Cameron still won't say whether his family does or will benefit from an offshore fund

Plant gasses can counteract arctic climate change

Sick with the flu for the last few days. Captain Morgan has been my constant bedmate.

How human sacrifice propped up the social order

Ford's Plan for Mexico Plant Draws Criticism From Trump, UAW

Oil Companies Donated To Clinton Foundation While Lobbying State Department...

Someone is on the CNN panel that is probably the most amazing non-surrogate standing up for Bernie

Clinton neck-and-neck with Trump in deep-red Mississippi

Bernie Sanders feels the media heat after a new interview #TellusHowBernie

Should the MLB schedule early-season games to avoid wintry weather?

Polar bears losing weight as Arctic sea ice melts, Canadian study finds

Honduras suspends police brass linked to prosecutors' deaths

Wisconsin exit polls--looking like a double-digit loss that will be called early

‘Panama Papers’ Implicate Client of Clinton-Linked Lobbying Firm

Wisconsin primary live updates, results: Bernie Sanders scores on 'policy fit' in exit polls

13 Struggles Of People Who Meow All The Time

Panama Papers Revelations Have Only Just Begun, Investigative Editor Says

Leaked UN report faults sanitation at Haiti bases at time of cholera outbreak

Leaked UN report faults sanitation at Haiti bases at time of cholera outbreak

Cold Mountain Streams Offer Climate Refuge: Future Holds Hope for Biodiversity

Panama Papers Revelations Have Only Just Begun, Investigative Editor Says

Hillary Clinton Hits Trump, Plays Nice with Bernie on Breezy Sit-Down with ‘The View’

The Panama Papers Could Lead to Capitalism’s Great Crisis

recently picked up a used truck... i just decorated it

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Scientists Are Using Virtual Reality to Help Conserve Jaguars

Scientists Are Using Virtual Reality to Help Conserve Jaguars

Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows Something About Breaking Up Banks --New York Times

Indonesia Blows Up 23 Foreign Fishing Boats to Send a Message

Purely anecdotal WI voter info....

Bernie Sanders On the Panama Papers: Told You So

3 sent to prison in massive $100M ID theft-tax fraud case

Live: Democratic Primary Exit Poll Analysis

170 Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Reform Wall St. And Rein In Greed

This is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants

Ecuador drills for oil on edge of pristine rainforest in Yasuni

Ecuador drills for oil on edge of pristine rainforest in Yasuni

Clinton could beat Mississippi against Trump--1st time Democratic since 1976

"The US Two-Party System: past and present" (1988 book in PDF format)

So Sanders' taxes have been released, when is Hillary...

Party Identification: Democratic Primary Exit Polls 72-25-2

Obama Trashes Trump Plan To Force Mexico To Pay For Wall

heads-up: John Kerry on Charlie Rose tonight

Marine Corps dog who lost leg in Afghanistan awarded gallantry medal

Sanders supporter publishes “hit list” of superdelegates, includes woman’s home address

Right before the results and projections come out, I just want to say

=*= 2 LIVE Streams @ NOW Bernie Laramie Wyoming Rally - Watch Party - Victory Speech =*=

Strike Three: Feds Catch Bernie with $10 Million in Mystery Campaign Donations


Brazil justice orders impeachment process for VP Temer, heightens crisis

Trump the master Huckster at work walking all over the media

District of Columbia lawmakers ban public pot smoking

This'll give you an idea as to the scope of the Panama Papers...

Bernie Sanders and the Panama Papers

Bernie Sanders and the Panama Papers

Sixty-five thousand dollars to Chelsea Clinton for 10 minute speech

New York Bans State Trips To Mississippi Because Of New Antigay Llaw

US hands over looted dinosaur fossils to Mongolia

FBI Director Comey has a history with the Clintons

San Francisco's liberal image marred by scandal-prone police department

For the record: Here is why we do not have Immigration Reform

Seriously GEM$NBComcast

This could be the next governor of Alabama.

Panama Papers Could Add to Outrage in Presidential Race

Spencer Collier. The guy who brought down the governor of Alabama.

So, I got an invitation from Mayor deBlasio (get yr barf bag ready)

Exit Polling: Bernie Sanders Winning Wisconsin In a Landslide (56% to 41%)

A Day in the Court

Putin reportedly cues up a big declassification of USSR archival documents from 1930-1989.

9 things Bernie Sanders should’ve known about but didn’t in that Daily News interview

I wouldn't be bragging about Clinton's prowess or passion on financial issues

Tweety just cut off the LT. Governor for Trump

Dog Who Saved Lives of Troops in War Zones Receives Highest Award for Bravery

SOLUS (Short Movie), on Shadow and Act, Museum of UncutFunk and

I'll be relieved to see Trump go.

Press Release - Sanders Statement on Panama Papers

PSA: Today's Brock-O'Keefe Meme Being Replayed By Hillary Fans: Bernie Doesn't Know How To Do It!

Tweety takes his frustration out on Lt. Wisconsin Governor Lawton

The other larvae that infest the Cruz woodwork

Honest Bernie, caught in a fib, is forced to jump a NY turnstile.

Sanders rally in Philly tomorrow afternoon/evening ...

Elizabeth Warren Just Wiped The Floor With A Republican Wall Street Shill

Willie, Mickey, and the Duke

The shit Hillary supporters are posting before she gets smoked in WI...

Wine Vs. Glyphosate.

Ivana Trump Says We Need Immigrants To Vacuum Our Living Rooms

That Daily News Interview -- I'd rather someone who says THIS than an Elitist who says nothing

Every Sanders supporter

How to regulate too big to fail banks! here is what Bernie has ahead of him.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino pulled into corruption scandal by Panama Papers

Hillary Clinton says “it’s over” if she blows out Bernie Sanders in New York

Calls to veto Tennessee bill making the Bible 'official state book'

Hypocrisy of the press

Bernie Sanders Has Already Won His Revolution - Sally Kohn for Time