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Mexico replaces top U.S. diplomats, citing hostile climate

Mexico replaces top U.S. diplomats, citing hostile climate

How banks and developers collude to get rid of New York's affordable housing

What, pray tell, is the message? -->

Chris Matthews just predicted Sanders will win WI

Illinois lawmaker seeks revamp of school funding formula

I have one of these - how much is it worth?

WI Exit Poll: Is Hillary honest?

U.S. Justice Dept will sue to stop Halliburton, Baker Hughes merger: source

Puerto Rico, creditors trade barbs over debt freeze bill

Democrats supporting Clinton because they think Sanders ‘can’t win’ are underestimating his momentum

Wisconsin Primary Night Thread ----- Come join in!!! Get your hug below...............

Gay Man Brutally Attacked After Kissing His Boyfriend at Miami Beach Burger King Speaks Out

Dick Cheney Should, And Will, Be Prosecuted As War Criminal: Retired International Court Judge

Lila Kageden is first female Orthodox Jewish rabbi appointed to lead a U.S. congregation

I finally got blocked from the HC group. I'm so proud.

As a solid progressive.. I freaking...

Roger Stone Threatens To Sic Trump Voters On Delegates Who 'Steal' Nom

Amnesty highlights 'disturbing rise' in global executions

mhatrw says “it’s over” if Sanders beats Clinton in New York

How Hillary Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras

Wisconsin primary tracker.

I remember landing under sniper fire...

Today I walked into a busy CA DMV, got what I wanted, and left with all my money AND an apology.

Live Wisconsin primary results

Obama urges Congress to take action on corporate tax reform

U.S. officials accuse 1,000 people in phony student visa scheme

Governor Scott gets an earful

PBS is Launching a Debate Show Called "Point Taken"

LOVE! Rick Scott gets an earful!!

In WI Bernie out spent HRC 2-1

Thanks to John Oliver this happened at the Yankees home opener.

New York Daily News- Tomorrow's Front Page

Brazil justice orders impeachment process for VP, heightens crisis

The real welfare queens are our legislators, not food-stamp recipients

Please add links for live streams of Wisconsin coverage here...

WaPo can take their Pinocchios and shove em where the sun don't shine

Hillary Clinton talks women's issues at Brooklyn forum

LePage swears in Biddeford senator caught up in larger political tussle

Thank you to all who post here.

Panama Papers’ Publishers Don’t Need to Sell Out WikiLeaks

Bernie Sanders and the Panama Papers

Clinton campaign chief linked to Russian bank listed in Panama Papers

A Little Music to Set the Mood for the Results Tonight--Burning Down the House--

Apple Acquires Microsoft, Replaces Windows 10 with OS X (

is it possible

What would the Marlins' opener be without their official theme song???

Which will prove to be more damaging to HRC? E-mails, or the Clinton Foundation?

Hot off the Presses: Clinton Supporters Detail the Latest & Greatest Reasons to Support Clinton!

Senator for Sandy Hook families attacks Sanders' record on guns

Sanders says he ran as a Democrat for 'media coverage'

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Cheeseheads of the World, Unite! Uncensored & Live &

Aisha Tyler's Take Down of Ivana Trump

2 Key differences between Wisconsin and New York

CNN EARLY EXIT POLL RESULTS: Sanders winning right now

Updated what has been posted here (what happen to that 10 million ) ????

Bernie wins WI primary per NBC

FOX "News" has already projected Bernie as the winner in Wisconsin,

FORBES - The Mystery Of Hillary's Missing Millions (written 6 months ago - more interesting now)

question about balcony replacements

Wisconsin is TOO EARLY to call

The German TV satire video Erdogan wants banned.

TYT is having a riotous good time with election coverage.

Labor Radio Host, Kentucky Labor Leaders Say ‘Thanks, Mitch!’

Good news for WI Dems: more than 7/10 voters say they're excited or optimistic about BOTH Dems.

Parents With Sleep Problems Think Their Children Have Them too.

Fox News projects: Sanders wins Wisconsin Dem primary

See you in Philly, Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gov. Hassan signs Medicaid expansion extension bill

I don't know how many times people need to tell Hillary they just aren't that into her.

Hillary Clinton Forgot That She Supported a Coup in Honduras. "Simply Nonsense"

NY is next and his little run ends. HRC ROOM

When does the lying stop?

Why don't we have some kind of trial run before the actual election?

The "Panama Papers" = Financial meltdown of 2008

Wait a minute. Their exit polls show double digit wins for both Sanders and Cruz...

If your candidate was a professional wrestler...what is there finishing move?

Bernie Sanders simply isn’t ready to be president

Hillary in NY working on their 268 delegates, Sanders in Wyoming scrambling for their 14 delegates

🔥 🔥 🔥 Bernie WINS 56.5% - 43.2% @ 100% 🔥 🔥 🔥

Bernie Sanders wins WISCONSIN!!!!

Networks: Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin primary

Indies are skrewing us again in WI, but...

MSNBC: Bernie wins nt

Sanders wins Wisconsin!!!!

The extended two minute hate for Bernie Sanders on CNN is stunning

Whoa, they really called it already?

jesus christ - hugh hewitt on msnbc

Ted Cruz Wins Wisconsin Republican Presidential Primary

The Media Vultures Are Licking Their Chops Tonight....

Given Bernie's victory in Wisconsin, and his recent landslide victories

Cruz wins WI

Media declare Cruz and Sanders winners in Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton: Megyn Kelly is a 'superb journalist'

Hi Everyone.


Where is that site where there are little Lego candidates showing how they win each

Congratulations to my friends who support Senator Bernie Sanders

Any news on State Supreme Court race?

MSNBC: "Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin. And now we talk to Hugh Hewitt."

Hillary Clinton: Anti-abortion women can still be feminists

JULY 18!!!! It will be HEWGE!!!!!

I agree with Donald

Bernie and Cruz win in Wisconsin

The open primary mattered for Bernie --exits show he killed it among independents 71-28. But biggest

okay I admit I can be a conspiracy theorist

It's unlikely Bernie wins the nomination, but his latest victories are scaring the establishment.

22% in...and a 53/47 margin.

Do not be joyous over Trump's defeat.

MSNBC says Sanders wins Wisc. - posted in LBN:

Msnbc projects Sanders

So I was watching Hillary's campaign this weekend

CNN projects Sanders the winner.


A little something for the crew tonight:

Wisconsin could go either way

Bernie on Twitter re: Wisc.

Why does Milwaukee look like a vote flip?

Hillary shamefully accepting $200k from Goldman Sachs

The Clinton Foundation's shaky foundations

tonight's meme: Bernie loses while winning...


Thank you, Wisconsin!

To Kill a Mockingbird coming on in a few minutes (10:00 PM Eastern). Turner Classic Movies. (nt)

Is it time for Senator Clinton, for the sake of unity, to concede?

Let's hear it for Wisconsin!

Holy shit. Former Senator Joe McCarthy is just claiming victory in the Wisconsin

Wisconsin!! Thank you!

Let's hear for Bernie and the oppressed people of Wisonsin! (Tuesday, April 5 @9 pm CDT)

I have another high five story about feeling the Bern. This time at a Symphony performance

Report: 'Substantial reason to believe' Alan Grayson broke law

Say Cheese!

OMG- Listening to Ted Cruz's over the top speaking style

Predictwise has increased Bernie's chance of winning nomination to 15%

The Ides of March Be Fucked.

I guess "token gate" didn't hurt Bernie too hard....

And on the other side... Cruz absolutely KILLING der Trumpenfuhrer in Milwaukee burbs

Snoopy writes a book

The guardian:

Hillary building a large wall around New York won't keep Bernie out

Tonight: Please Post Info. about Bernie's Victory Speech When Available. Thanks!


Hilary's putting up respectable numbers

New York Times is projecting a 14 point win for Bernie!

Sanders is winning pretty big outside Milw, Ozaukee and Waukesha

Did Anybody Hear The MSNBC's Discussion About We Are A Republic And Not A Democracy.....

35 days after Super Tuesday: Bernie wins Wisconsin and fighting for every delegate.

Sanders is as cool as a cucumber

Mayor Bill DiBlasio offered to help secure any permit Bernie needed for a rally.

Things that do matter: Math, Delegates, and Organization; Things that do matter: Math, Delegates, an

I am switching from Sanders to Hillary because Bernie doesn't know how to ride the subway!!1!

Congratulation Bernie, you gained a whole whopping 10 delegates (NET)

CNN has a picture of Hillary Clinton permanently stuck on the bottom of the screen.

LOTS of people want (and are voting for) real change this year.

Arizona State Park And Sonoran Desert, In Bloom

Bernie Live in Wyoming

This token thing is a Fricken Joke!

Hillary at $10,000 a plate fundraiser with 60 people tonight.

Let's start a Bernie Playlist in celebration of Victory!!!!!

I'd like to suggest we NOT do any "Hillary should withdraw" threads at this time.

Hillary tweets her congrats to Bernie and ends with the word "Forward!"

I live here in Sheboygan, WI, and I want to know how the elections came out.

German and Swiss galleries to display Gurlitt's Nazi-era treasure trove


I had to mute my TV right after the start of Sanders' "victory" speech...

Agents of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet: Why I Stopped Using MY Chinese name...

Subway riders for Hillary releases statement

You know you are a Bernie supporter when...

Whoever posted that real delegate count the other day, can you do it again once the

When it was Mentioned that Secretary Clinton hasn't driven a car since 1996...

Amnesty report: Executions at their highest level in 25 years

Maybe Sanders was unclear on how he paid for his subway fare because

I don't need to see a tax return to tell me...

Did he really say some of you have heard of the tax dodging?

Drumpf's Steak recipe. Totes legit.

Do you know what will happen if Hillary wins because of Super Delegates?

Hillary’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has (Not) Collapsed

Wyoming the "Equality State" welcomes Bernie.

Hey Rachel: Remember Cocktail Hour?

Can't believe that there were Democrats hoping for low turnout

Palestinian donations buy a villa for terrorist’s family

Woah, Bernie is banking on the Super Delegates to vote for him at the convention

Overwatch Animated Short | “Alive”

Bernie has pulled a double digit lead now +12.1%

SNL Skit Drives Conservative Female Pundit To Tears

Hillary lost the last 7 out of 8 contests. The only one she won was Arizona which is in the hands of

Subway tokens vs 2 Billion dollars for the Clinton foundation, and 150 Million in net worth

Mississippi Anti-Gay Tourism Video

If I am a superdelegate, do I want the candidate who is overpreforming...

is there anyway to keep bernie supporters

So, I almost became a Republican today!

Tokens! Sanders just got +5% with old people in New York!

56% to 44% with 61% in

Flipping the corporate TV channels


UConn has won the national championship!!

If You’ve Smoked Pot, This Senator Doesn’t Think You Are A ‘Good Person’

Didn't they complain about "Whitesplaining"?

"Stick a fork in him" just took another State from "inevitable"......

Born and Raised in New York, CBS News takes a Glimpse at Bernie Sanders' Early Years in Brooklyn

New York Times at this point... current projection has Sanders up by 14 Points

Wisconsin Democratic Primary Voters exit poll

Yet AGAIN, the pollsters were off by 8-10 points. Funny how they refuse to change their methods!

When do you think Hillary will join in unity behind the Sanders ticket?

What's your guess on the final outcome tonight?

Are there any demographic breakdowns on Wisconsin tonight?

Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers

Rachel obviously wants a woman president.....

A disgraceful way to lose!

Hillary has won 6 out of the last 7 primaries

What effect will Wisconsin's results have in NY?

The math probably just got harder for Bernie, despite the nominal win in WI.

Still Standing. Was supposed to be prone months ago. Weeks ago.

The Only Reason Sanders Won Wisconsin Is Because He's From a Neighboring State.

In August, Hillary had a 54% lead over Bernie Sanders

WI age demographics breakdown....

Fox's Scottie Nell Hughes Saddened By SNL Caricature

Good God! I just threw up in my mouth a little! On C-SPAN "the next president of the United States

Commentary: Mossack Fonseca's blanket denials have no factual basis

Tweetstorm from HuffPo political economy reporter

Who in the corporate media is giving Bernie credit?

The Panama Papers could hand Bernie Sanders the keys to the White House

Why was this thread locked?

NY DUers: We matter


Gotta love Hillary/Chelsea/IAC's Daily Beast Headline

Bernie takes off the gloves regarding the debate schedule

Hillary vs. Bernie on Panama Free Trade Agreement (2011)

Wisconsin Latest from Nate Silver - Bad Luck for Bernie

Please Re-Rec the LBN Sanders Win Thread...

John King educating Bernie Supporters on CNN right now

Trump Just EMBARRASSED Himself And Proved He’s Too Ignorant To Be President

Here is a great new game to play

OMFG anyone listening to CNN right now? Clinton has had it with Bernie.

on CNN just now - "Destroy and Disqualify;

Bernie Ad for NY

I just realized, I no longer watch ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, or FOX anymore. At all.

Teh Energizer Birdie. He just keeps on winning and winning and winning...

Trump Ally Roger Stone's Scrubbed Tweets: "Stupid Negro," "Fat Negro," "Muff-Diver," "Elitist C*nt,"

Oh cripes, Berners excuse BS's total fail on NYDNews interview as: "he's keeping his great ideas a s

It's the Clinton Foundation, Stupid

NYT: 70% reporting, Sanders 55.9%, Clinton 43.7%

CNN is reporting that Clinton Campaign is going to "take off the gloves" for New York...


Why Bernie’s Right About Glass-Steagall

It's about the Trade Policy, Stupid...

Just in, the Clinton campaign has just announced the that "the gloves are off"

New Dish - Tio Beto's Trump Tacos; Lots of tongue, very little brains, and a pig's snout

Hey Hillary Fans... It's Time To...

Bernie Sanders Just Unleashed on Hillary Clinton over Panama Papers


Hillary Clinton: Congrats to @BernieSanders on winning Wisconsin.

WV judge rejects claims for restitution from former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship

WI: Milwaukee County 52-48 Hillary/Bernie

Sanders hits Clinton over Panama Papers leaks

Could all the horribly biased polling be HURTING Hillary, by making her supporters complacent?

What a Classy "Congratulations Senator Sanders on your win" comment from her.

ITS just TWITTER, I must say....

"Destroy", although mean is understandable. But why "DISQUALIFY"?


Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin Democratic Primary But...

We can definitely see the quality of ARG polling


Wisconsin Exit Poll Results: One in Three GOP Voters Would Abandon Party if Cruz or Trump is Nominee

How Hillary Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras

from twitter-apparently bernie won female vote in wis today

Berners, we simply must phonebank the hell out of NY

CNN just now: Jeff Zeleny with Clinton campaign said Hillarys new strategy is "Disqualify Him"

Is Paris Burning???

As Hillary Loses Big Again, AP Plays the Race Card to Explain Away Sanders' Wisconsin Win

Can we create a phonebanking sticky?

Hillary going negative! I LOVE it, she is getting nervous as hell!

So Team Hillary is about to begin Operation Backfire......

'Game Of Thrones' Actress Jessica Henwick Joins Marvel's 'Iron Fist' On Netflix

Should super delegates make Sanders the nominee even if Clinton gets more pledged delegates?

Just a photo to make you smile....

Sick Berns: The Panama Papers

I came across this story. It is a sadly perfect illustration, in real life terms, what money is

"Sanders comes across as a pure insurgent, entirely uninterested...

Hillary's support of fracking is going to be a problem in New York and here is why

Bernie won Menominee County (which is an Indian Reservation) by 27 points

No more kitchen sink ... scorched earth is coming ...

The good news about Hillary going all out to try and destroy Bernie is...

Bernie beat all the major polls and expectations in Wisconsin

With 86% of the precincts reporting, Sanders is now up by 13%!

Earth to John King--a real map! You like apples? How do you like THESE apples?

Good effort, Hillary folks! We love ya, and we'll see you in NY! (Unless you start feelin the Bern;)

Watch out, New York! The Sanders late surge trend strikes again!

Sick Berns: Minimum Wage

After missing his target in Wisconsin, what's Bernie's target from now on?

Would love to hear from New Yorkers

For all of you not believing us about what CNN reported on Hillary getting ready to go after Bernie

Let's anticipate some of the CREATIVE attacks Hillary will unleash on Bernie!

Mystery books / series you recommend?

If one out of a hundred hillary leans decides to vote Sanders each day until NY

Is the Clinton Campaign really aiming for a Pyrrhic Victory?

There are reports that Clinton Campaign must be terrified in New York...An emergency meeting called

Bernie Sanders - The Force Awakens

Oh, Bernie will get lots of media coverage

25% of Milwaukee County is black. Hillary won there by 4%.

Just saw this on twitter and it's the truth

In almost every one of the past 10 states

And now a word from President Obama....

Bernie needed to win Wisconsin by 16 points. He won by 13.

What is the definition of a scuzbag?

De Blasio Postpones Work on Crucial Water Tunnel.

Weaver's Response to Clinton's new scorched earth strategy...

Watch out, they say Hillary will go nuclear on Bernie

What Wisconsin will mean...

When a campaign threatens "Scorched Earth"...

After DC, Hillary ran away to near all white Chappaqua.

WI called early for Bernie b/c of exit poll data: Bernie even won moderates!

97% in bernie wins by 13 points 56.4 to 43.3

What would Trump look like without his fake tan? (graphic image warning)

Bernie needs to win 57% of the remaining pledged delegates to win the majority of pledged delegates

Not enough celebration! Check in here to celebrate. Go Bernie!

Jury delivers $44.4M verdict against Jacksonville-based cigar maker Swisher for breach of contract

I find it very sad that Hillary supporters not only do not...

Graph Wisconsin Primary Support by age group

Jerry DeLemus ordered detained in Nevada in Bundy case

I read this from a Hillary supporter...

So what percentage of Bernie's voters also voted for Rebecca Bradley?

Video shows confrontation before Finicum's death

Utah Supreme Court weighs dispute over roads in federal lands

Two More Years of Trespass: Bundy’s Cows Still Trampling Tortoise Habitat

Senate Hopeful Apologizes For Saying Vietnamese Refugees Ate Pets

DK: Hillary & Panama & Deutsche Bank:

Just listen to this guy give an intro before Bernie's victory speech. Made me cry.

Sanders won 71 of 72 Wisconsin Counties!

can we please stop with the super delegate crap?

State attorney general seizes videos behind Planned Parenthood sting

how many hillary supporters were "ray gun" dems?

"Sanders Needs More Nights Like Tonight"

San Francisco approves fully paid leave for new parents

In order to win the general election

Solid primary victory for Sanders

FEC questions Duncan Hunter's video game charges

Bradley's win means Walker wins in 2018, right?

Wow! Bernie is on fire. Not his standard speech. I am soooo moved. Wish I were there.

CA elections chief predicts higher-than-usual June turnout

Riddle Time: What is the definition of Psychological Manipulation?

No matter what. There are some moments that Hillary Clinton cannot take away from Bernie.

So Let's Get This Straight....

We had a very special lecture tonight

You know what affects elections-super delegates

181 Clinton Foundation Donors Who Also Lobbied HRC's State Department

Is this the real reason Trump lost Wisconsin?

BBC Headline: "For Bernie, it's momentum versus MATHS..." LOL! Gotta love the Brits' humour...

Sanders Trounces Clinton In Wisconsin & Warns That He's Coming For Her Next In Her Home State Of NY

A good chance Trump won't be Republican nominee; Bernie much stronger against Cruz and Kasich

Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

Disgusted and Confused by one thing in Wisconsin politics today

Here is the video of Jeff Zeleny of CNN reporting on the Hillary camp declaring war on Bernie

The Key to winning New York for Sanders: A Huuuuge Voter Turnout

For those of you that missed the CNN interview where Hillary declared war on us, I got it!

Interesting moment on LBJ Frwy in North Dallas today.

Clinton going nuclear option on Sanders

Just for some fun tonight, did anyone hear of the protest in Dallas,

A ntonin S calia S chool of L aw or ASSoL--Virginia law school has second thoughts...

Obama's inversion curbs kill Pfizer's $160 billion Allergan deal

Hillary Clinton Receives A Standing Ovation At ‘Black Girls Rock’

'Monster cattle-eating alligator' is shot in Florida

What Wall Street Cost Stockton

Oil Leak Forces Temporary Closure Of Keystone Pipeline

Project to drill into 'dinosaur crater' gets under way

We don't wanna be like Amerika!

Six Arizona News Stories

Did Bernie Sanders Botch An Interview With The Daily News? It’s Not That Simple.

Cartoon Planet - Count Floyd Compilation

Start spreading the's up to you New York, Newwww Yorrrrk!!!

Public Banking Institutr: Assessing Clinton's Bank Reforms

Comedy Central's The Glass Ceiling game gets way too real.

How a $15 Minimum Wage Went from ‘Extreme’ to Enacted

About that Bernie Sanders ‘momentum’ …

Only on Guam

The Panama Papers Are Only the Beginning

Have you ever been taken across a street against your will? (toon)

Daily Holidays - April 6

Saudi Arabia becomes world's third biggest military spender

Nevada News: Supreme Court justice's wife pleads to DUI, Bundy, the BLM and the Sands

Obama and Hillary had very little foreign policy experience

Lights out! Lighthouse is swamped by 160ft waves - as high as 11 double-decker buses -

So, Hillary's campaign is officially throwing down the gauntlet & will "unify the party later"...

the Augean stables of Capitalism and the Panama Papers

Guam delegate Bordallo criticizes actor Tim Robbins' joke on Guam's inability to vote

by Robert Reich

Chris Sosa

How many times today will Chuck Toad, Tweety and the rest of the G.E. staff spin WI as a defeat ?

••BREAKING•• Clinton Campaign LEAK - Plan to Bury Bernie, "DISQUALIFY HIM" - Running out of Patience

Mike Malloy - Reince Priebus Took Donald Trump To The Woodshed

Mike Malloy - Hillary Clinton Lashes Out at Environmental Activist

The sad, unfortunate, and even scary thing about too many of the Bernie supporters:

Six Alaska News Stories

52 Broadway NYC 6pm tonight Her Majesty's rally

Wow! Wisconsin Democrats remain a whole lot more progressive than party leaders claim.

ComputerWorld: Clinton's email system was insecure for two months

Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows Something About Breaking Up Banks (NYT)

Hawaii News

Bernie Sanders wins seven out of eight contests leaving Hillary Clinton 'feeling the Bern'

Signature line

2 pieces of sad news

David Ignatius: Sec. Moniz' important progress on energy issues

Fiji impacted by Tropical Cyclone Zena just weeks after devastation of Tropical Cyclone Winston

QUESTION: If HRC indeed does have such a huge preponderance of votes,

United Auto Workers: Reject the TPP.. NYT

Nine-Year-Old Reporter Criticized for Breaking News of Town Tragedy

Welcome to New York, Bernie Sanders

Ber - NIE! Ber - NIE!

Welcome to New York, Bernie Sanders

Good Morning America describes it as "Sanders scores decisive win" nt

Hmmm, Tasty!

If it is discovered that some of the big banks have secret overseas accounts...

Bernie Won 50% of Women; Hillary 49%!

Sanders supporters call for demonstration against "her majesty"

Coming up -- Hillary to make a rare appearance on Morning Joe......

The Future Looks Worried!

They're coming...

Start spreading the's up to you New York, Newwww Yorrrrk!!!

About the "Hillary has had everything thrown at her and is Teflon" meme and email

Hillary's Tossed Gauntlet, A Misattributed Quote (First They Ignore You) & A Socialist Congressman

Bernie Sanders wins – again – and the Clinton Media Network tweaks

Betting people know money and math. OHYEAH!

FORWARD--YES--> Hillary Clinton opens Connecticut campaign office

Wow Tavis Smiley just said on morning Joe that Hillary hasn't earned the black vote

The Scary Thing About a Virus That Kills Farmed Fish

We’re 47th !!! We’re 47th !!! We’re 47th !!!

Please, jump.

When did Bernie and Hillary stop congratulating each other after the winner is determined?

What happens when people do their research? Internet access vs primary votes

Is the Democratic Party in Danger of Losing the Next Generation of Voters?

""So is Gravity"" ........... Toon

Atheist, gay international student granted refugee status

First They Said Bernie Could Only Win White Northern States

Battle Between Religious and Gay Rights Splits GOP States

Did Bernie Sanders Botch An Interview With The Daily News? It’s Not That Simple.

Integrity Disqualifies Sanders for White House

Sanders 'momentum?' Remember when Hillary Clinton won 7 of the last 10 primaries in 2008?

Props to this guy -- He nailed it 2 months ago re: Sanders' Rope-a-dope Strategy

Vatican seeks to spread the .Catholic message

Just how unpopular are Trump and Cruz among GOP-voters?

Americans show up in the Panama Papers, too

Hillary: 12 Wall Street speeches, $2.9 million

California authorities raid home of anti-Planned Parenthood videographer (Daleiden)

Clinton crushing Sanders in Pennsylvania: Harper Poll Hillary 55 vs Sanders 33

Teen who tripped Trump is voting for Hillary

Joe on Morning Joe: Nobody Gives a Damn About the NY Daily News Interview

Coffee truck

The Panama Papers could hand Bernie Sanders the White House

Laputa: Castle In The Sky - Carrying You live (Azumi Inoue)

Equality Pennsylvania endorses Hillary Clinton, "We’re with her—because she’s with us."

Are you a registered Independent planning to vote for Hillary?

Anyone have a link to a spreadsheet with all the delegate totals I can download?

I'm a One-Issue Voter

Trump might have serious dirt on Fox & Ailes

Bill Clinton would vote for Bernie

🐦 Bernie Rally in Philadelphia, PA Today - Temple University

Clinton Collapsing? Quinnipiac shows Sanders closing to within 6 points in Pennsylvania.

Fresh new Pennsylvania Poll: Clinton 50% Sanders 44%

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter of The Carter Center Receive - Life Time Achievement Award

TYT -Let Us Whisper Of A Dream

Today's Google Doodle: 120th Anniversary of the Modern Olympic Games:

“I Can’t Give Everything Away”

North Carolina GOP now in full-on delusional damage control after losing PayPal over HB2

Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Halperin: Thinks Trump's nickname for Clinton is Incompetent

Is the Clinton Campaign in Bagdad-Bob-mode now ?

Oh the irony: Clinton says Bernie is not familiar with the law.

Jupiter, Mars and Mercury -- April 2016 Is Great Month To Skywatch

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Paying Taxes Is for Suckers

Unchecked Power, Police and Military Raids in Low-income and Immigrant Communties in Venezuela

Lighthouse of "La Jument" - Phare de "La Jument"

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Yuuge and Cruz

Wow! Hillary Could Not Be More Condescending to Bernie Supporters

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Quinnipiac Poll: HRC up by 6 in Pennsylvania 50-44

Over 100 Medical and Public Health Organizations Call for Federal Gun Research

There is a different standard:The softball interview by the Morning Joe Toadying Couple says it all.

Venezuela electoral body hinders opposition push to remove Maduro

"I have a record" - when is it useful to use that claim?

Right wing assholes paid to rename law school ASSOL...

Bernie needs to lighten up.

Sanders interview with the New York Daily News: Breaking up the banks

The man who fights today for things worth while is the man who builds the world.

GOP Rep Grothman.: Wisconsin Voter ID Law Will Help Republicans In General Election

MSNBC is giving Clinton's Cheerleader a heck of a public pep talk.

Is the Democratic Party In Danger of Losing the Next Generation?

So long lithium, hello bacteria batteries?

Sanders NY Daily News interview: Prosecuting Wall Street Executives

Angel Peanut is home for good & giving away things

Enough already of the anti-Bernie conspiracy theories from the moonbat Bernie Bros!

Found mass quantities of morel mushrooms yesterday.

Hillary Clinton has had enough of Bernie Sanders

Florida woman arrested after shooting husband over affair, bullet lodges in man’s testicles

In Bernie's last 6 wins, Hillary has won only 2 out of 199 counties. (UPDATED - only 1 WI county)

Say it ain't so!

Clinton: New York criminals get guns from Vermont

Half of Scotland's energy consumption (electricity) came from renewables last year

Sanders NY Daily News Interview: Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Joan Baez - Love Song to a Stranger (live in France, 1973)

Forget how your candidate did here, republicans cemented control of Wi supreme court

Believe it or not, there were some really good signs for Hillary yesterday

A couple of observations on the Wisconsin results

Tuning perovskite solar-cell absorbers by giving them a squeeze

This from a Facebook friend who is no longer Republican. About voter ID in WI.

Campaign with outstanding lawsuit against the DNC tells Clinton not to destroy the Democratic Party

Clinton Can’t Get to New York Fast Enough After New Sanders Win

Hillary knows how to break up the big banks.

DUMB HEADLINE #2,985,671 "Sanders keeps on winning — and losing"

Is there someplace to find out where the candidates will be appearing and sign up?

Joan Baez - Billy Rose (prison trilogy)

Two Guys From Brooklyn: The Bernie Sanders Interview by Spike Lee

It will have been 4 weeks from Hillary's last win in Arizona when we get to NY......

Congratulations to Bernie for his win in Wisconsin.

Here is a clip of his victory speech on Tuesday, broadcast from a rally in Wyoming

HRC's Penn. lead shrivels/shrinks from 34% to 6%!

Shorter Work Time and Guaranteed Income

Trump's Continued Descent Into Paranoia. (I can't wait for the GOP convention!)

How come that popular vote number Clinton fans use...

Okay Democratic Party, what the hell is your problem?

ATTN Bernie AND Hillary supporters - the untold story here in WI


Bad news for Bernie (NBC's First Read).

Cleaning House. Can everone agree that the heart/mind thing is misleading?

Bernie Bombs in NYDN Editorial Meeting, Reveals Just How Substance-Free His Campaign Is

Hollywood Reporter Cover - NEW YORK Feature: Bernie Sanders & Spike Lee - WOW!

How dumb is Donald Trump?

Minnesota SuperD's -- need to be contacted by Bernie supporters

Watch Florida Governor Rick Scott get chased out of Starbucks by a heroic Florida woman (video)

Sanders is further behind after Wisconsin

If you are going to be a single-issue candidate, at least know your single issue.

I'm going to see Bernie in Philly today!!

Fact Checker- Is Hillary Clinton really ahead of Bernie Sanders by 2.5 million votes?

NY Daily News rips Bernie on guns.

State Department wants limits on questioning of Clinton aides

Donna and Elijah

Baseball season is starting and it's fucking snowing!!!!

Bernie Sanders Supporter: Danny Devito

About all those guns coming from Vermont to NYC...

"When he puts his head on a pillow at night, do you think he goes to sleep a Democrat?"

What does Bernie Sanders need to do to win the Democratic nomination? The Bern Path to victory!

Breaking News: Halliburton Sued by U.S. Seeking to Block Baker Hughes Deal

Good NYT Comments, Including this one re: pledged delegates:

Box of old memories

Yes Bernie won Wisconsin but in reality he actually lost.

Clinton's new strategy: "Unify the party later."

Objects in the Mirror (Toon)

NEW YORKERS! Make sure you are registered and know where to vote.

The best evidence that Bernie Sanders's political revolution might be possible

Gap is closing

Hillary beat Bernie in Wisconsin with African-American voters by 48 points

Let’s Dispel Once and for All With This Fiction that Sanders Doesn’t Know How to Break Up Banks

Sandy Hook family member to Bernie Sanders: 'Shame on you' for gun stance

Do we need to go after Bernie? A little test I conducted to see if we need to work outside DU.

Bernie & American Socialism

I don't understand something- If Bernie isn't lying and is really a Socialist


Bernie and the "gun" thing

The percentage of remaining delegates Hillary needs to clinch the nomination just got smaller

Manhattan screening of anti-vaxxer film is deeply irresponsible

Marist Poll: 25 percent of Sanders voters would shun Clinton

New Nat'l Poll: Sanders 49% Clinton 47%

Retired Judge, Attorney and Psychologist Indicted in $600 Million Social Security Fraud Scheme

US Uncut: Clinton SuperDelegate Just Admitted Hillary Lied About Bernie and Guns:

Let's follow the new Bernie attacks here

Pic Of The Moment: Law & Schadenfreude

Culpeper County rejects permit for Islamic prayer center

SIGN THIS! petition! Change Constitution so Obama can get a 3rd term!

Federal Election Commission demands that Bernie Sanders explain mystery $10 million

Axelrod to Clinton: Stop insinuating young Sanders supporters are 'dupes'

Clinton in 2008 regarding the importance of the "White Americans" vote

Open Society Foundations: Shrinking Civic Spaces

Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary in Western New York (with pics)

PHIL OCHS ... Outside of a Small Circle of Friends

Why are some Democrats so afraid of change and hold onto their status quo like a baby blanket?

Stop it...

Sometimes you have to trust your pet's instinct. (pic)

My favorite Bernie Ad of all time, I hope he blasts it across the New York airwaves


Subway tokens - Bernie has been gone from NYC too long.

State Department: Don’t Ask Hillary Aides About Classified Info in Lawsuit

Mcclatchy/Marist NATIONAL Poll: Sanders 49, Clinton 47

Status of Democratic Delegates and upcoming primaries:

Drip, drip, drip. More HB2 fallout - Lionsgate moving TV show production out of NC

Court rejects appeal to halt operations of Sendai reactors

The Gun Immunity Issue

Bernie Sanders Is Under Fire Again on NY Daily News Front Page (Photo)

Question: Which candidate is really damaging the Democratic Party?

Barny Frank on Bernie Sanders

#WhichHillary is at it again

Clinton Campaign- Bernie Sanders Doesn't Tip 20% at Restaurants

Bernie, "Ok I am President now and I want you big banks to break youeselves up."

Hear us roar

At what point, when Sanders continues to cut the delegate lead down...

Joe Biden - Must Have Used Bernie's Subway Tokens...

Hillary ‘I’m Not Even Sure’ Bernie Is A Democrat “I don’t know quite how to characterize him.”

Daughter of Sandy Hook victim slams Sanders on guns

Abe says he cannot conceive of no U.S. presence in Japan

Beijing opens new lighthouse on man-made island in South China Sea

Thai Customs Seize $800,000 Worth of Ivory from Africa

If It Is All But Over For Bernie And The Math Is Such That He Can't Win The Nomination......

Fire Latest Blow to NYC Area's Once-Thriving Pigeon Keepers

I am okay with Hillary lying about Bernie.

Guangzhou restaurant fires its robot staff for their incompetence

Let's pay 16 year olds $31.2k to sweep floors!!!!

I volunteered with my KC Bernie group last night - at a food bank!

Last night a thought came to my mind ...

US and Taiwan announce expedited travel program

Never trust an author

Two servants of God Flying High

No business should be giving immunity from lawsuits

Imagine if 11 years ago Hillary had pushed through a law preventing big banks from being sued

6 banks just lost more than $200 million on the Pfizer-Allergan collapse

AEI Pushes Government Propaganda Telling Women to Marry Schlubs

Monster gator found in Florida

Hong Kong man makes robot modelled after Hollywood actress

The day after HRC has a bad night, Stephanie Miller is totally unbearable with Bernie bashing

Trump Opens Negotiations with Canada to Sell Wisconsin

The Hillary camp wants to use the NY Daily News to bring down Bernie. THIS NY Daily News?

6.0-magnitude earthquake hits off Indonesia: USGS

JPMorgan & Deutsche Bank in probe for involvement in corruption & money laundering activities

Damn it. My cat is going to lose all his teeth.

When It Comes to Age Bias, Tech Companies Don’t Even Bother to Lie

Hillary's strategy of "feeling sorry" for young voters didn't work too well in Wisconsin

100% In from wisconsin-Bernie 56.6 Clinton 43.1

Newspaper Ads Show Freed Slaves’ Desperate Search for Lost Relatives

Oil Companies Donated To Clinton Foundation While Lobbying State Department

April 5, 1614 Addled Parliament began--infamous for being ineffective.

First Read: Map And Math About to Get Tougher for Cruz, Sanders

Looks like Hillary blew off CNN

Women Can't Be Trusted Because Eve Gave Adam The Apple. It's Women's Fault.

MATH Matters, chanting does not

2008 all over again?

Dear Bernie's spokesperson, Free College to be paid for by Transaction tax!

Bernie & Hillary on the Panama Trade Deal

Panama Papers: How rich Americans avoid taxes and stay anonymous

Clinton Can’t Get to New York Fast Enough After New Sanders Win

Bernie is not a Democrat yet he votes the same as, or MORE liberal than Hillary.

Clinton panic in NY is obvious now

Sanders campaign sought to exclude DNC from debate

BTRTN Wisconsin Post-Mortem: Cruz Did What He Must Do, But Bernie...Not Quite

How is asking to explain your positions "Gotcha" questions?

Ahh, the American justice system......

Humpty Trumpty Had a Great Fall

Today's New York Daily News Editorial

If Hillary has it in the bag, why would she risk upsetting/alienating Bernie supporters?

Guns are coming to NY from VT (not!) and heroin is coming to VT from NY.

"Jackie" ordered to testify for first time in Thursday deposition

North Carolina’s Terrible Anti-LGBT Law Is Even Worse than We Thought

Edward Snowden Ridicules David Cameron For Defending ‘Private’ Matter Of Panama Papers Leak

For about the last 30 years

9-year-old reporter breaks crime news, posts videos, fires back at critics.

Trump Says He Will Sue Everyone in Wisconsin - revealed by Andy Borowitz

Chronic Lyme Disease – Another Negative Study

Hillary needs our help!

I have tipped ActBlue for the last time

gun violence took my neice's life but I support Bernie and his views on guns.

My very liberal niece is against a $15 an hour minimum wage

Barney vs. Bernie: Sanders Is the Real ‘Progressive Who Gets Things Done’


Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy in a dueling lip sync contest

Clinton Can’t Get to New York Fast Enough After New Sanders Win

ahdorable Amazon commercial

Following Wisconsin, Hillary's popular vote lead has gone down

Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze is brilliant, political, and human

HRC's fracking industry ties and the NY primary

Has anyone used an alternative toilet in their living space?

Nincompoop explains why she's voting for tRump

World's fastest electron diffraction snapshots of atomic motions in gases

I've never been that concerned about the gun manufacturers' immunity vote.

Fake Nolan Ryan - Punk-ass punk Jon Daniels

Sanders wins in Wisconsin, keeping alive his improbable bid for the nomination

Question inspired by House of Cards

Honduras and Haiti- Official HRC positions? do you think the iminent decision in the Sandy Hook suit will

Florida Governor pRick Scott Can't Even Get a Cup of Coffee at a Local Starbucks

Sacramento to provide toilets with paid attendants to serve homeless

'Jackie' must testify in lawsuit over Rolling Stone rape story

The ‘radical’ legacy of television’s Mister Rogers

""Yes Bernie won Wisconsin but in reality he actually lost."" From HRC Group !!!

Bernie's strategy: "unify the party never."

Notorious Coal Baron Don Blankenship Sentenced to a Year in Prison

It appears to me that Hillary has also given up on Wyoming. Bernie gave his acceptance

Bernie’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon and It’s Pissing Hillary Off

CNBC- Wall St is pretty certain who will be president

Donald Blankenship Sentenced to a Year in Prison in Mine Safety Case

Came across this one, for those who remember Beavis and Buthead.

GM says you don't own your car, you just license it

This is a good graph

The thing about burning bridges, you might not be able

Juan González Was at Bernie Sanders' NY Daily News Editorial Board Meeting. What Really Happened?

China announces sanctions against North Korea

First Lady of New York City: Proud to campaign for the next President of the United States,

Bernies votes against brady bill why?

Florida Governor pRick Scott Can't Even Get a Cup of Coffee at a Local Starbucks

Teen publicly shuts down homophobic aunt with brutal retort

Are the Atlanta Braves trying to kill their fans? Some of the new menu items available:

Pic of Hillary's Response upon hearing Tad Devine goes after HRC's Senate recor

Clinton's mocking laughter on CNN further reinforced my dislike of her.

from Donna's son

New Ad - Donna Hits Back Hard!

Did some canvassing this morning and will go back out later. HRC ROOM

Guns and Race. Bernie Sanders' Narrative.....

Clinton Machine on the Ropes as Sanders Takes Momentum to New York

Press Release - Sanders: Break up Too-Big-to-Fail Banks, April 6, 2016

Trump's hotel empire targeted by hackers stealing credit card data

Kos: Delusion sets in at Camp Sanders

Hillary Clinton wasn't at a rally, town hall or diner as votes rolled in from Wisconsin

Hillary on CNN: "Successful Presidents hit the ground running."

The most important number from WI; 72% of independents go for Bernie.

"A rerun of 2009? No, we Icelanders are much angrier this time"

25 Facts That Sound Like Complete Bullshit But Are Actually True

I can't wait until the primaries are over so this guy can start campaigning for HRC...

Question: As democrats are we ok using our military in enforce regime change?

Will Goldman Sachs be the Real Winner of the Primaries ?

Bernie Sanders Speaks on George W. Bush and Hillary's Support of Bush

(Cross-posted from GDP) Kos: Delusion sets in at Camp Sanders

SNL: Establishment Shuffle

Food stamp cutbacks is going to wreck the economy

"We need to talk about Kevin"

How much of Bernie's support is coming from right wingers wanting an easier candidate to defeat?

Probably a repost, but I don't care.

Corrupt Campaign Finance in 30 Seconds

Making your bones in Honduras

Harvard discovers a few of its library books are bound in human flesh

Country Western star Merle Haggard has passed away.

Let's say I'm one of the superdelegates who is an elected member of

No, no, no... We just lost Merle Haggard...

Hillary Clinton Hints That She Will Be Closely Working With Elizabeth Warren

Every single Democrat in the House, senate and DEM governors is a super delegate

What will African American vote be in New York?

Panama Papers reveal London as centre of 'spider's web'

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 6, 2016

Puerto Rico governor signs into law bill for debt moratorium

Country music legend Merle Haggard dies at 79

State Dept. wants questions to Clinton aides 'limited' in email case involving "Judicial Watch" FOIA

Merle Haggard: "It’s really almost criminal what they do with our President."

Field (any other candidate) Now Favored Over Trump to Get Nomination

7 months old American baby branded a Terrorist risk by Federal Govt. Watchlist

Justice Department Investigates Civil-Rights Violation in Arizona Primary

32,021. If you want to talk numbers lets talk 32,021.

Merle Haggard: My Own Kind of Hat

Christine Weick rebukes Church Easter Bunny

Letting go of the world

Dogs and bee stings make quite the puffy combo (30 Photos)

US ‘Information War’ and the Embryonic Kerry–Lavrov Détente

Do you think the superdelegates

Is there a better respected Not-Sure-He's-A-Democrat?

R.I.P. Merle Haggard. Folsom Prison Blues

"They banned me from CNN and MSNBC because I'm right." Please come CAPTION Trump's Roger Stone!!!!

Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Lies About Hillary to Deflect Gun Control Criticism

Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Lies About Hillary to Deflect Gun Control Criticism

A new browser from the founders of Opera ~ Vivaldi

Racist Republican Politicians Want to Make It Illegal To Be Black

Sanders commitment to breakup banks is no different than JFK's commitment to land on the moon!

Doomsday Finally Comes to Wyoming's High-Flying Coal Country

Is the Next Taxpayer Bailout the Coal Industry?

I recommend to my fellow NYers to canvass and phonebank for your candidate.

Media is starting to take on Bernie Sanders (CNN)

Pro-Israel Conservatives Are Suppressing Free Speech...

Bernie won every single income bracket last night in Wisconsin

Sanders wasn't the one who botched the Daily News interview

The Vatican's report on Catholic family life – the Guardian briefing

About Republicans in New York...

Bernie's defense re gun votes.

Virtual reality "sex suit" lets men experience intercourse on their own

Could Hillary recite logistic details for how to "get Bin Laden" in advance?

Henry Kissinger is the main reason Hillary should never be president,

Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Not Even Sure’ Bernie Is A Democrat

While WI voters were voting & watching the results come in...

How does someone who posts HIllary in blackface not get atleast a timeout on DU

Victims want Atlanta’s Catholic leader to ID accused pedophiles

US arrests 21 for visa fraud in fake university sting

Merle (R.I.P.) & Willie -- It's All Going To Pot

"Barbara & Esther" - A story about choice by Josh Healey

Thom Hartmann Just Now: I'm Getting Talking Points From Hillary Campaign On How To Attack Bernie

Either Bernie is a real threat, or Hillary is being paranoid. Which do you think?

Hillary Clinton: "I was a Goldwater Girl" (1992)

"Plan For Antonin Scalia School Of Law Is Tweaked Over Unfortunate Acronym"

When religion makes people worse

R.I.P. Merle.

Isn't Sanders current position on guns the same as Hillary ?

Mike Tyson Congrats the Univ of Cincinnati Women for their 4th Basketball National Championship

U.N. envoy urges rapid Libya handover as fragile peace holds

Kasich & the State of the State speech finally today

The scorched earth Clinton campaign promised last night seems exaggerated

More good stuff coming out of Wisconsin

Delegate "do or die" totals for Sanders by end of April

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, three quarters of minimum wage earners are 20 or older.

California elections chief predicts higher-than-usual June turnout

In Fact, Sanders Has a Very Clear Plan on How to Break Up Too-Big-to-Fail Banks

A desperate search for the jihadi profile

Charles Barkley: The NBA Should Move The All-Star Game From Charlotte Over North Carolina’s Hate Law

When a candidate makes fun of someone's hopes and dreams for a better America... that person is not

Why the Revolution will not be televised

Assange needs UK medical care: lawyers

Christopher Hayes: 'One thing that's become clear in this campaign'

🐦 Bernie to appear on 'The View' this Friday eom

THE SPIRIT OF KENNEDY: a song for the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Why is it so doggone hard to embed videos?

Clinton Campaign, MSM, Democratic Establishment Declare War on Bernie Sanders Peoples' Movement

THE SPIRIT OF KENNEDY: a song for the Bernie Sanders Campaign

Ted Cruz Tells Megyn Kelly He Would Force Rape Victims To Carry Rapist’s Baby

Keystone Pipeline springs leak in South Dakota

Why not Hillary?

Is Clinton attacking the left to appeal to the right for the general election?

The Staggering Numbers Behind The Media's Trump Obsession

Trial location moved for man charged in Malheur Occupation

First they came for the Taco Bell jobs, but I said nothing because I was smarter th

Juan González Was at Bernie Sanders' NY Daily News Editorial Board Meeting. What Really Happened?

Former Christian league leader wants Maine voters to reverse gay rights law

Anaconda man involved in federal standoff remains behind bars

She's still a badass. Period.

Hillary now claims she was a "protester" back in the 60's & 70's! Did she just make that up?

Black Men For Bernie at NCAA Informing EVERYONE!!!

Colombia military finds $200K in ‘drug money’ in congressman’s car

Colombia military finds $200K in ‘drug money’ in congressman’s car

Lawyers for Ammon Bundy Fight Back Against Secrecy Order

All right damn it I have been reading posts all morning and

Governor Scott gets an earful

Inside the Lab that Tracks Jihadist Terror Threats

Hillary's losing it!

Trial Delayed for Charleston Church Shooter Dylan Roof

Hillary’s world collapsing around her: Wisconsin,Bernie’s surge,FBI probe poised to derail her bid

Confederate flag at Tyler cemetery moved (TX)

Feel this Bern..

If you vote in NY here is the website to check your registrstion.

North Colombia ranchers owning stolen land claim to be land restitution victims

North Colombia ranchers owning stolen land claim to be land restitution victims

Are there more liberals in NY or WI? Bernie won liberals by a landslide.

TYT on True Lies of Hillary's oil money...

Bill aimed at protecting Confederate monuments fails in Senate committee (LA)

PHC Student, ex-Cuccinelli Student Outreach Director, Running for Purcellville Town Council

Sander Camp: Hillary is going to destroy the democratic party?

Thank you, Wisconsin!

Oklahoma proposal would protect Confederate monuments

Hillary Bursts Out Laughing in Response to Attack from Sanders Campaign Manager

Remember when Clinton refused to talk to the media...

Reuters Polling 4/5/16: Likely Dem. Voters Sanders passes Clinton for First time!

Check out this mural of Bernie - just created in Richmond VA

Attention Obama: No One Likes Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Stop It.

USA Today Sports: Tim Duncan becomes the third player in NBA history to reach 1,000 wins

Thank you to all of the cheese heads who have keep hope alive

Convicted Felon and Neo-Nazi Organize Rock Stone Mountain Rally

EXCLUSIVE! A Photo Of Hillary Getting In Bush's Face To Protest The Iraq War! My Hero Hillary!

What's for Dinner, Wed., Apr. 6, 2016

For every mistake America has made in the last 30 years..

Cross Post from GD:P : The Panama Papers Are Only the Beginning

Clinton Machine on the Ropes as Sanders Takes Momentum to NY

It's illegal to make your kids walk to school, even if you are watching them.

Thom Hartmann spent most of his show debunking the barrage of attacks on Bernie

It's really no big deal if Hillary loses NY. She'll still win the nomination. #Math. #Inevitable.

Turkish government publishes cartoons 'glorifying martyrdom' to children

Iowa Rep. Steve King Thinks Most Payments Sent to Mexico Are ‘Laundered Drug Money’

Hillary Clinton Questions Whether Bernie Sanders Is a Democrat: 'I'm Not Even Sure He Is One'

Our favorite coffee shop switched, it is one of the little things that save the rainforest

Hey NRaleighLiberal guess what? Just checked a book out of the library and there's a chapter by YOU!

White House Criticizes Congress for Inaction on Zika Money

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Bernie Sanders at New York Daily News handled the exchange very well

Question about being a boarder

Tens of thousands in Peru protest against presidential candidate Fujimori

Why religious leaders are getting behind $15 minimum wage

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 6 April 2016

What If He Wins: Why Bernie Sanders Never Vetted His Own Campaign Platform

Florida Senate Candidate: Scrubbing Of Wikipedia Page Was A “Careless Staff Mistake”

Clinton 48.9%, Sanders 42.5%

Thoroughly Unprepared: How Bernie Sanders Flunked the Test of His Own Signature Issues, Banks and Tr

Panama Papers: UEFA offices searched by Swiss police

Does anyone with any competence in the law really think that the Sandy Hook lawsuit should succeed?

Teen gets accepted by all eight Ivy League schools

New poll: Sanders down six points in Pennsylvania

CNN gets owned Bernie sanders break up banks

Who wins this GE matchup?

The southern states are much better than the northen states...

How it feels being a Berner who has a SuperPack Founding Member sticker...

What money does to media

Who is this hansum puppeh? Arf!

I am standing as a candidate in Bristol City Council's election

Real Delegate Count:

DU's #1 Anti-vax proponent is at it again, using the Tribeca screening to get hits.

SNL's “Establishment Shuffle” Mocks Republican Bigotry

Beyond Panama: What the World Really Needs is the #DelawarePapers

#WFP4Bernie Update: #BirdieSanders has got nothing on this ( New York Working Families Party )

Cops kill woman having a mental health emergency...

Racketeering Suit Filed Against Snyder In Flint Water Crisis

Run native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows in Windows 10 Build 14316

Hillary Clinton Touted Tax Transparency In Supporting Panama Trade Deal, Despite Warnings From Watch

Got milkweed? Monarchs still need your help

‘Young Turks’ Reveals How DNC and 33 States Used Loopholes to Funnel Millions Into ‘Hillary Fund’

Value of Real Estate Increase in Miami Linked to Illegal Transactions

Reich: Bernie absolutely correct in Daily News, criticism bonkers.

Public gets first glimpse of new elephants; 'It’s a goosebumps day,' zoo CEO says (link & VID added)

St. Louis County elections extended in 63 precincts after ballot shortages

Honest question: what is Hillary's top priority as president?

A toddler dies from meningitis, governments need to block naturopathic pediatrics

Last week we were purists and idealists.

Trump’s Secret Lobbyist Meeting Proves He’s Just Like The Other Repugs

Miami Beach’s stoner gun-runner drama — now a Hollywood movie — shows up in Panama Papers

Donation Links for Democratic Campaigns

Bernie's Purity Test FAIL. Day 1

Dutch Voters Reject Ukraine Deal in Blow to EU Unity

Patty Duke's obituary

Let's have a "What'd I Say?" afternoon/evening! I'll start with Herbie Mann's version.

Hillary going after her opponent on Guns is nothing new except this time she added victims

The DEA will decide whether to change course on marijuana by July

Anchorage voters send a liberal majority back to the Assembly in city elections

Brazil congressional report favors impeaching President Rousseff

Sanders emails?

Hey Thom, fax those talking points to Clinton's Cheerleader (aka Maddow), she'll use them.

Thoroughly Unprepared: How Bernie Sanders Flunked the Test on His Own Signature Issues of Banks and

"Women in Physics, Science, and Mathematics that should be more well known."

NASA Refuses To Accept Its Own News Media Accreditation

Sick Berns: George W. Bush

Unprepared: How Bernie Sanders Flunked the Test on His Own Signature Issues of Banks and Trade

Michigan governor Rick Snyder faces racketeering lawsuit over Flint water crisis

In light of our recent victories, I thought this warranted re-posting

Wisconsin Congressman Admits Voter ID Law Will Help GOP Nominee Win In November

‘Customers First’ to Become the Law in Retirement Investing.

Tattooed vet gets 4 years in prison for running Miami Molly ring

Clinton's State Dept. opposed a minimum wage increase to $.61 per hour in Haiti in 2009.

Question: independents in California can vote in Dem primary but not in the Rep primary?

Hillary’s Latest Gun Attack On Bernie Is Not Backed Up By Federal Data Photo of Chuck Ros

Honda withdrawing monthly payments twice

Time for Clinton to forget about incorporating Bernie's supporters for awhile.

This Vox Feature on Free Trade and Bernie Sanders is Infuriatingly Stupid

A reasonable process to get the super delegates reflect the will of voters!

I have seen today that one of the Hillary talking points is an attempted attack on Jane Sanders

The words of Ghandi are very applicable today...

Daily News Owner Big Hillary Supporter--Donates $$$$ to Clinton Foundation, Bashes Pres Obama:

Hillary and her supporters...

Sanders Today -Philadelphia Community Conversation at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church &

Democracy Now! (April 6): Puerto Rico Students Leading an Anti-Austerity Movement

The Word Terrorism & Its Diminishing Returns: Towards a Rational, Useful Definition & Application

You pay two Palestinian terrorists who left this British woman for dead and killed her friend £9,000

Authorities Just Raided The Home Of Planned Parenthood Video Hoax Mastermind

How Money Has Bought Democracy.

The time that Chris Cuomo actually spoke honestly about Clinton and the media.

HuffPost: Barney vs. Bernie: Sanders Is the Real ‘Progressive Who Gets Things Done’

Atheist group protests Muslim prayer rooms at Univ. of Iowa

'Become a criminal or watch our children suffer': Despite pleas for sick kids, bill to legalize...

Honduran Police Violently Clash With Berta Caceres Activists

Bernie Sanders Can't Explain How He'd Break up the Banks

Governor Voldemort (Rick Scott) is so unpopular, he gets booed

A basic difference between Bernie and Hillary. And why an asset made him look bad in interview.

Land Grabbing Is Killing Honduras' Indigenous Peoples

Dear Hillary Fans of GDP... Please be careful...

Thank you Wisconsin for turning Bernie Blue!

Guatemala: Operation Condor, Jimmy Morales Style

Federal Judge: Religious School Exempt From Disability Laws

The Forces Behind the Attempted Coup in Brasil

*Robert Reich is live now.Show has ended for the day.

Obama Emerges As Key Anti-Trump Messenger

(HRC GROUP) I have issues with progressive voices right now ...

Poll: Sanders Opens A Small National Lead As Democratic Divisions Harden

How Hillary Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras

Why is the Dominican Republic Deporting Its Haitian Residents?

Wow-look at Trump without his fake tan

Martin O’Malley Supporting Iowa Endorser in Run for Student Senate

GOP Aims To Block Easing Of Iran Restrictions

Watch Giddy Republican Congressman Confirm Voter ID Is Meant To Hurt Democrats

What steps did Hillary Clinton take as NY Senator to stop the flow of

Radionuclides in Fracking Wastewater: Managing a Toxic Blend

Annthrax Coulter: Elect Donald Trump or “Latin American rape culture” will come to the U.S.

Here's an interesting website.

Autistic boy shows up for standardized test with his service dog. Here’s what happened next.

Autistic boy shows up for standardized test with his service dog. Here’s what happened next. (xp GD)

So what's the deal with the Bernie campaign's $10.5 million accounting discrepancy?

Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Relation to Progression in Physical Disability among Ol

Senators Clash Over WhatsApp’s Encryption Update

J.J. Watt May Not Pay Football Past 31 or 32

Columnist: Sanders performed ‘very well’ at NY Daily News meeting

Question for the day.

Does speaking a second language "fluently" demand you can speak it

A Request to Donna Supporters

The REAL reason Baby Jesus was crying.....

Naomi Klein: The Problem With Hillary Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.

The FEC just made it easier for super PAC donors to hide their identities

Federal judge: Religious school exempt from disability laws

GOOD: Newtown Teacher Charged With Bringing Gun To School

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 April 2016

So I am out canvassing for Hillary now and guess who calls!

Attorney general: Man wrongfully convicted of rape, murder

Hillary Is Attacking Bernie On The Gun Issue Re: Suing Manufacturers Of Guns.....

My apologies to Hillary Inc.

California authorities raid home of anti-Planned Parenthood videographer

Its Evolutionary Dear Watson. Gravity, Evolution and Climate.!

GRATITUDE: I’m With Hillary Because Obamacare Saved My Life

DK Article Explains How Daily News Misunderstood Bernie's Statements:

Why hasn’t Bernie Sanders fired the top advisors who trashed him to the New York Times?

40 Years Later: You Will Never Believe How ‘The Brady Bunch’ Look Now?

Alicia Watkins' Stories Do Not Match Military Records

Barney Frank~ 3 Reasons Why Things Will Get Harder for Bernie Sanders

If The Repug Party Implodes And They Come Out Of The Convention At Odds With Various Factions.....

Hillary Clinton getting run through the coals on Twitter for using Sandy Hook as an attack

Rockies' Trevor Story is 1st MLB player to hit a home run in each of 1st 3 games of career

Dutch leader says may have to reconsider EU-Ukraine treaty after referendum

Uber Surge-Pricing Antitrust Suit Green-Lighted by Judge

Guilty! (Road Rage)

Italian doctor may have found surprisingly simple cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Hillary on "Smart Power" - (CLINTON GROUP)

New York is next and must become Bernie Blue.

Maine Senate blocks LePage bid to move violent Riverview patients to prison

State Senate Special Election April 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street 

A tough road ahead in NY.

Hillary Hates Guns!

And the snake begins to slither out

Anyone in Wyoming?

HRC's TPP Protects Corps & Banks, AND It Allows THEM to SUE the U.S. Government

Fight for Change | Bernie Sanders

Sanders wins in Wisconsin

Bernie Sanders I Smoked Marijuana Twice, And I Coughed ALot

Hillary attacking on gun control--Could it backfire in Pennsylvania?

Clinton shifts media tactics to take on Sanders, Trump

Bernie and Benghazi.

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ NOW & 8PM - Bernie Philadelphia Rally, Liacouras Center PA April 6, 2016 =*=

Let's all give a shout-out to the Daily News for their hard-edged vetting of Sen Sanders.

The Origins of the Third World: Markets, States and Climate

Why Hillary Isn't Sweating Losing Wisc.

Fuck the media. It's more than the way they treat Bernie, it's

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-5-16

Eli Zabar’s Egg Salad Sandwich

Old man tasered by police, falls hard, dies later from traumatic head injury.

Fight for Change | Bernie Sanders

Fight for Change | Bernie Sanders

The latest from Kevin Anderson

Sanders Is Running Out of Open Primaries

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Nothing is more important than this topic. NOTHING! Please pass along.

Blankenshit sentenced to one year in prison

Spies in The Skies: America is being watched from above. (Warning GIF is somewhat flashy)

Tavis Smiley just now on Bloomberg: Sanders is speaking to the issues..

"Disqualify and Defeat" isn't "Panic" -- It is the Clinton campaign Betting the Farm.


California Raids the Home of the Guy Behind Those Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

CNN just played a clip of Bernie being asked by a reporter about the NY Daily News Cover

Former coal CEO sentenced to prison (one year) for US mining disaster

Star Wars: Rogue One trailer to debut tomorrow


So, Hillary wants to forget about party unity? She will want to forget this!

College roommate!

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ 7:30 & 8PM - Bernie Philadelphia Rally, Liacouras Center PA April 6, 2016 =*=

I think Bernie gives us our best chance in November

Remove one letter from a movie title. What's the new plot?

What does the Hillary camp mean by "disqualify?"

Unwed couples in Florida can now legally live together

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-5-16

Bill Clinton Labor Sec Robert Reich: Bernie "absolutely correct" in Daily News, criticism "bonkers".

This is a ....yolks wagon

Even the NY Times says Bernie was right in the Daily News interview

Hastert seeks probation, offers vague apology for 'misconduct'

LAPD Launches 'Felony Threat Investigation' Into Charlie Sheen

Does Hillary Clinton really want to talk about gun violence?

Only 13% of WI Hillary voters said "excited about HRC being president" in exit polls.

The Gloating Bernie Supporter Gloatation Thread

Obama Kills Largest Corporate Attempt Yet To Flee Overseas And Dodge Taxes

Why didn't Bernie's Wisconsin revolutionaries stop that bigoted judge from getting elected?

Coal Pollution Kills Millions & HRC Lobbied for 2 Giant Coal Plants S. Africa, Cronies Got Contracts

What am I missing here? (Trump immigration plan)

Clinton's NASTY Sandy Hook Tweet is getting a lot if backlash! If you use Twitter

Do you get the danger to our Democracy if we appoint Corporatist Judges to the Supreme Court?

Sanders won Wisconsin by 57-43% ( rounded off.) Yes?

Bernie Sanders in Studio w/ Ebro in the Morning

Paul Penzone Will Try Again to Unseat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Tony Perkins: Anybody With Half A Brain Wouldn’t Want Extremist PayPal In Their State Anyway

Hey msnbtrump= I want to watch the programs NOT tRump

A top haven for tax cheats that may surprise you: the US

what the hell is going on about Bernie trying to flip delegates at the national convention?-HRC Grp

When Bernie Loses A State There Is Always Over The Top Analysis Of His Loss And Hillary's Win.....

Great Idea: When people distrust their govt and the police, let's be against the 2nd amendment.

LA Times Op Ed: The chance of a Cruz-Sanders contest just got less remote

Trumps speech right now in NY..

(Yes I know it's) De Blasio accused of strong-arming Sanders over debate

Is Hillary's support spread across NY state or is it concentrated in specific urban areas?

Sanders campaign talks up contested convention, despite long odds

Bernie Sanders gets the New York treatment:

NY Times:Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows Something About Breaking Up Banks

Pierce: The Great Hillary Email Nothingburger is Still on the Grill, and It's Certainly Overcooked

Labor Radio Host, Kentucky Labor Leaders Say ‘Thanks, Mitch!’

Hillary Hypocrisy on Gun Control: Sold 1000s Deadly Weapons to Abusive Regimes That Killed Millions

After months of restraint, Mexico adopts new strategy: Standing up to Donald Trump

NY Times: Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows Something About Breaking Up Banks

TPM: Hillary Robocall Hits Obama for "Taking Away Our Guns"

Why Trump Supporters Are Angry — and Loyal

The story of two One Percenters

Just sayin...

ABC News: In Wisconsin, Trump Sees a Ceiling, While Sanders Finds His Sweet Spot (EXIT POLL)

Susan Sarandon explains the Fight for Change!

"Over There"

OMG. Twitter account

ABC News: In Wisconsin, Trump Sees a Ceiling, While Sanders Finds His Sweet Spot (EXIT POLL)

Sick Berns: Gun Control

Classic New York Daily News headlines, from the most trusted name in news..

How Sanders Exposes the Democratic Establishment's Neoliberal Underbelly

Policeman who helped injured runner is now fighting cancer

Bronx HS Student's Letter to Faculty: "The Presence Of Ted Cruz & Ideas He Stands For Are Offensive"

Republicans read our posts

If we are gonna go there with guns... let us really go there with guns...

Trump Says He Will Sue Everyone in Wisconsin

Funny numbers at the Guardian

Sanders: Clinton should apologize to victims of Iraq War

Wasn't The Time To Question Whether Bernie Is A Dem Or Not....

Texas Republicans moving tax burden to Middle Class homeowners through County Assessments.

Clinton Campaign robocall takes opponent to task on guns!!!

Supreme Court Rejects DC Madam Case (appeal goes to Justice Thomas)

Clinton Interviews: Does she select her questions?

Swiss police raid UEFA as Panama Papers scandal spreads

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department