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HAHAHA CNN: You can't equate Sandy Hook with Iraq vote

Liberal Talk Radio host Bill Press's role in Bernie's presidential candidacy

*Kasich State of the State on C-SPAN NOW.

Tennessee bill would allow counselors to deny service based on religion

Tennessee bill would allow counselors to deny service based on religion

Seeing Hydrogen Work Is Believing | A Tour of Blue Planet Research in Hawaii

The cupcake wars

Team hillary are going after Bernie on guns... again.

Get That Song Outta My Head!

Brazil congressional report favors impeaching President Rousseff

Mother Jones Quiz of the Day

Approaching the NY primary on April 19...

One of Brussels bombers had worked in EU Parliament: spokesman

Japanese flying squirrel

The Center for Economic and Policy Research on Bernie's Daily News interview

Ooooooo Robert Reich vs. Barney Frank debate over Bernie on Chris Hayes (MSNBC) coming up

Ralph Nader Was Indispensable To The Republican Party

‘Hello. This is John Doe’: The mysterious message that launched the Panama Papers

HuffPost: Barney vs. Bernie: Sanders Is the Real ‘Progressive Who Gets Things Done’

U.S. weakens retirement advice rule, responding to industry

A long and consistent record

Blaming Bernie for Sandy Hook, etc.

Does Hayes understand repealing a federal law doesn't repeal state laws?

White House declines to support encryption legislation - sources

A new Marist poll should be breaking soon....


Crain's New York: Cuomo beats Calif. to $15 minimum wage, then rallies for Clinton

Twitter smack down!

Feel free to share on twitter, facebook, etc

Republicans offer bill to block potential Iran dollar use

Republicans offer bill to block potential Iran dollar use

Governor faces racketeering suit over Flint water crisis

Getting excited about drumph getting the nom. and driving gop women to our party!

We Need a Bernie as Rocky Video

Bernie Sander's Plan To Break Up The Too-Big-to Fail Banks

Tomato Seedling Photos

Maybe it IS time to tell Hillary to Heel.

Islamic State nets millions from antiquities: Russia

From Annie Oakley to Anti Gun in one politically expedient move

Why should Republicans and other non-Democrats be permitted to vote in Democratic primaries?

Just finished my canvassing today for Hillary.

U.S. readies bank rule on shell companies amid 'Panama Papers' fury

Honduras suspends police brass linked to prosecutors' deaths

OMG! Shut Barney Frank up! Anybody see him vs Reich today?

In U.S., 73% Now Prioritize Alternative Energy Over Oil, Gas

Hillary Clinton Impugns Her Own Integrity

Bernie fought tax havens while Hillary lobbied for them.

Israeli backing for New York festival rejected in angry letter by authors

How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police


Clinton Foundation Predicted to be a Scandal by Senator Lugar.

Video shows San Antonio school officer body-slamming girl

Why Did Hillary Hold Fundraiser with NRA Lobbyist on March 21, 2016?

Video of BRILLIANT Bernie spokeswoman Blasting Away CNN bullshit artist

Only one Democratic candidate voted to send our children to a war based on lies.

Why Is The FBI So Slow On Clinton E-Mail Probe?

Disturbing details of sexual harassment scandal at UC Berkeley revealed in files

Mr. Countrywide's "what size the big banks should be reduced to" is a political ploy

Cruz: "When I attack NY values, I meant Liberial ones"!

Hillary Clinton's Emails and the Honduras Coup

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Uncensored & Live. Bob Kincaid subs for Mike!

Tennessee bill would allow counselors to deny service based on religion

It’s Really Hard To Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates

Panama Papers reveal offshore secrets of China’s red nobility

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Over The Years: Then vs. Now

Democracy Now!Juan González Was at Bernie Sanders' NY Daily News Editorial Board Meeting. What Reall

Democracy Now!Juan González Was at Bernie Sanders' NY Daily News Editorial Board Meeting. What Reall

Fact-checking Gov. Rick Scott’s exchange with Starbucks heckler

Something's happening here

Anyone listening to Bernie live in PA? Ooooooo the gloves have come off.

The New York Times: "Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows Something About Breaking Up Banks"

Bernie’s giant misfire on guns: His tone-deaf position on Sandy Hook lawsuit should open..HRC ROOM

About that Breakin' Up the Big Banks thing...

Sanders Camp says Hillary not qualified to be President

Here is the text of Bernie's "break up the big banks"Senate legislation introduced on May 6, 2015

Sen. Sanders in Philadelphia pics

Updated: Maddow about to report on what Bernie said about Hillary

740 Park Ave. Fire: Madoff Associate's Apartment Burns, Billionaires Evacuated

Panama Papers: The Real Scandal Is What's Legal (The Atlantic)

Bernie Sanders: Clinton not qualified to be President

Favorite TV Characters

Sanders Soars in Wisconsin, Clinton Attacks Backfire

Just heard Bernie say on CNN that Hillary isn't qualified to be president

New sleezy hit by Sanders on Hillary....(via Maddow)

You may be cool...

Is this what he's referencing?

The line to see Bernie in Philly tonight

The Daily News debacle must have stung

Sanders supporters shared a superdelegate's private & professional information after threatening her

We know why Hillary went Full on Attack against Sanders - Bernie is Leading in National Polls

Sanders lied during his speech tonight. HRC ROOM

So Sanders was nauseated by JFK,

Wo!! Didn't know this about Tad Devine. Constant surprises these days!

The DEA Will Soon Decide Whether it Will Reschedule Marijuana

The Rise of the New Global Elite

Tennessee bill would allow counselors to deny service based on religion

Feral Scholar on Hillary's Coup D' Etat of Honduras

Hillary Clinton's warped view of what feminism means?

Bob Beckel on CNN: THIS IS HOW Bernie takes the convention!

Bernie Sanders Overpacks Philadelphia Arena as Pennsylvania Poll Shows Him Surging (LIVE)

Looks like the Hillary Camp is in full freak out mode

Bernie Sanders: Lets talk about Qualifications

5 Ways the Macri Family Show Their Love for Offshore Companies

Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president

The IWR was NOBODIES "mistake"

Protests continue against Hillary Clinton’s role in Haiti after earthquake

There was no shortage of applause during Hillary Clinton‘s speech to the AFL-CIO labor convention th

Panama Papers: U.S. Will Issue Long-Delayed Rule on Shell Companies

Voices From The Past - Bernie 2016

Bernie just went from being a Kucinich to being a Nader.

Clinton implores Carnegie Mellon students to work with her on their future in Pittsburgh

Voices From The Past - Bernie 2016

U.S. Border Patrol agents looting immigrants before deportations, groups allege

U.S. Border Patrol agents looting immigrants before deportations, groups allege

If Sanders thinks HRC is unqualified then why did he vote for her for SOS? HRC ROOM

Hillary's demeanor in the White House was just plain creepy

Clinton Campaign: Disqualify him, defeat him, unify the party later

Something maybe not that important that bugged me ..

Bernie should not have said that...But Clinton always brings out the ugly

I'm sorry, but Merle Haggard was a right-wing reactionary unAmerican asshole

Say no to war, greed, and racism: Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being president

Democratic Underground for Tim Canova FL-23 just went OVER $3,000

63 point swing to Sanders among WI black voters!

Sanders campaign talks up contested convention, despite long odds Clinton Machine on the Ropes as Sanders Takes Momentum to NY

John Dingell wins the Internet. Clinton Machine on the Ropes as Sanders Takes Momentum to NY

Clinton Campaign this morning declared war, now they are once again playing

Family of slain activist asks U.S. to cut off aid to Honduras

Here's Thom Hartmann's view of the NY Daily News interview, supposedly a "disaster"

It is starting to get nasty on the Democratic side of the election....

Am I the only one who doesn't find this "leak" to be very threatening?

Sanders lie called out on Lawrence's show

Bernie Sanders gets slammed over Sandy Hook gun lawsuit comments

All i have to say

Keep the donations flowing to Bernie, those of you who can!

Everyone should be concerned - right, left and every 1 in between.

Accusations of Rape and Murder at a Guatemalan Mine Will Finally Be Heard In a Canadian Court

THIS close.

Why is it acceptable for Hillary Clinton to run for POTUS while under FBI investigation

When you say Bernie isnt a democrat you are saying I'm not one either

Clinton Campaign communication director asserts Sen. Sanders is unqualified for POTUS

The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.

William Greider: Hillary Clinton is Whitewashing the Financial Catastrophe

Report of Squatter Leads to Arrest of Oregon Standoff Fugitive

2 Mama Cats Found Clutched Together with 8 Babies Born Just Days Apart

I'm With Bernie. Hillary is NOT QUALIFIED

Heads up Berners - Bernie will be on Seth Meyers tomorrow nite!

French winemakers hijack Spanish wine tankers on motorway

Hillary Clinton just won the NYS Primary...

So why did Clinton get to rob a pledged Wisconsin delegate from Sanders?

’Wonder Woman’ Gets New Release Date; 2 New Untitled DC Films Scheduled

Trial Set For September In Malheur Wildlife Refuge Takeover

Bernie needs to apologize

Hillary's willingness to use the military based on trumped up lies disqualifies her as CIC.

I Wrote the IDF Code of Ethics. Here’s My Take on the Hebron Shooting.

Panama Papers Leak Casts Light on a Law Firm Founded on Secrecy (The New York Times)

The Malheur occupation and its aftermath

If you think Bernie has no idea what he is talking about...listen to one of his spokespeople.....

HRC GROUP Just changed my avatar

"Bernie or Bust"?

We are done with Bernie

Both Clinton and Sanders are qualified. But the Clinton campaign did start this.

Heinrich, business group tout economic impact of national monuments

HRC campaign yesterday: "disqualify him, defeat him and then they can unify the party later"

Pssst. Maddi. I didn't mean to call you ignorant.


Bernie is right. The business model of Wall Street is fraud.

One more pic from our Bernie rally/march in Waupaca

The Daily Show just revealed a bizarre, gross clip of Trump musing about his 1-year-old daughter's

The internal polling for Clinton must be horrible.

— Collectively, Americans will spend more on taxes in 2016 than they will on food, clothing, and

What Did I Miss - I've Been Away From DU For A Couple Of Hours And What Happened .....

Which states debate was it where Bernie told Hillary to be quiet and let him speak?

Big Eddie just said that Bernie won 60% of Union member's votes in Wisconsin.

Axelrod cautions Clinton: Don't call Sanders' young supporters "dupes"

MOSTLY FALSE: "NAFTA, supported by the Secretary (Clinton), cost us 800,000 jobs nationwide."

Hillary picks a fight, Bernie responds.....

Interesting article on how

How Fox "news" sees Bernie Sanders

How Hillary supporters attract young people...

Sanders explains why Clinton isn't qualified to be president

Clinton aide: "These are not the actions or statements of a confident campaign."

Now, Jeff Weaver, Sanders Campaign Mgr. on MSNBC: Sandyhook comments w Chris Hayes.

I think a Bernie staffer misinterpreted (to Bernie) what Hillary said sparking Bernie's below the

Meet woman who shouted at Gov. Rick Scott

Hillary's untrustworthy..

Bernie Sanders' incredibly consistent track record

*Charlie Rose show, good points being made by Halperin/Heileman etc.

Seeing LOTS of Bernie supporters switching sides tonight.

Hillary "HALF LIE" Clinton told voters that Bernie sanders voted for the CFMA for deregulation.

"Democratic Party and Republican are the same"

Hillary Clinton should apologize to millions of workers who lost their jobs because of her policies.

Clinton Campaign: Disqualify him, defeat him, and unify the party later

I can not be silent about the alienation the party loyalists have made me feel

Should Bernie get family members who lost a loved one in Iraq to campaign with him & to speak out


So the source on Clinton's "new" strategy, is Newsbusters?

TYT: How Did Bernie Sanders Make It This Far?

Neither Trump nor Cruz will be the GOPee nominee

During his disastrous interview this week, did Bernie forget

New Marist Poll: Sanders leads Clinton 49-47 nationally

Barbara Ehrenreich: "Hillary's Nasty Pastorate" Only Elites Matter

HillarysoQualified is trending. HRC ROOM

Bernie people turning to Hillary, Hillary people turning to Bernie

Nomiki Konst completely schools CNN over the New York Daily News hit pieces...

new belgium's response to that horrible nc bill

Who has that image that Cha posted during the 2008 campaign of

High Elf, High on Acid, Attacks Woman's BMW With a Sword

Who has that image that Cha posted during the 2008 campaign of

It is entertaining watching Sanders' supporters trying to twist Bernie's new lie into a positive

Teen punk who allegedly slashed Village busboy: ‘I’m not a p–sy’

Clinton campaign calls Sanders unqualified through one of her campaign spokespeople...

Hillary is qualified to head a debt collection agency

Yeah, the primaries are getting to me today.

Former CA Dem Party Chair.......and former Super Delegate Says.........about CA

So Hillary Clinton is Anti-Gun?

CNN: BREAKING•• Clinton Campaign LEAK - Plan to Bury Bernie, "DISQUALIFY HIM"

Hillary Clinton Using Sandy Hook Victims as Political Props Just Backfired Completely

Hillary used all the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld lies to justify her Iraq war vote

People, please get a grip!

This year...

Martin O'Malley will be on The Rachel Maddow Show toNIGHT, Thursday.

Just now, at the pub...

Poll: Is Megyn Kelly a superb journalist or a right wing hack?

Hillary's policies make her unqualified to be President

#HillarySoQualified is trending. NOT the HRC Room! =)

Despite family’s dark past, legacy of criminal abuses, Peru poised to pick another Fujimori as presi

Will Sanders Go Third Party?

GOP Budget Cuts Military Retirement. Why Serve?

How can one appeal a decision to be banned from a group?

Sandy Hook family member wants Bernie Sanders apology over gun stance

Is Bernie Sanders your stoner college roommate?

Erica | Bernie Sanders

A Clinton Superdelegate Just Admitted That Hillary Lied About Bernie and Guns

"Quote-unquote qualified" fundraising

Attacking her Democratic primary opponent on guns is not new for Hillary

Months ago we said this primary is about pragmatism vs idealism

The Real Reason It’s Hard to Take Bernie Sanders Seriously on Wall Street Reform

Prediction: Sanders backs off the "unqualified" statements by morning.

Twitter responds #HillarySoQualified

Video - Robert Reich and Barney Frank clash over Bernie Sanders’ remarks on ‘too big to fail’

Why does Hillary think the death of thousands of people is a business opportunity?

More democrats are against it now than or for it. It is barbaric and this man lived

Clinton is highly qualified.

As a progressive, do you watch, listen, or do something typically associated with conservatives?

Sanders supporter publishes “hit list” of superdelegates

"It's All Going to Pot" Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard

Things they both like

So Wisconsin destributes 48 delegates to Sanders and 38 to Clinton.

You don't punch a Brooklyn kid without expecting payback.

Compilation of media reaction to NY Daily News interview

According to Bernie, Trump is qualified but Hillary and Obama aren't

alert glitch?

Nightline (NBC) was kind of interesting tonight.

drinking a manhattan on my first patio night of the year

Hillary dancing on guns in a 2008 debate

Argentina: Leftwingers rally against gagging of TV channel

Clinton's campaign is playing her favorite song yet again!

I think I'm only allowed to post this here

"I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House...

Looks like Hillary is finally on the right side of history

"We liked it better when you didn't fight back."

South America's prehistoric people spread like 'invasive species'

Hillary Clinton Flip Flopping: A Greatest Hits Collection

The Protection Of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act - The Gun Vote Hillary Is Using Against Bernie....

How do we know all this money influences Clinton?

Colorado town official left homeless in 'housing crisis' may have to give up seat

Sanders should take a Break like Clinton Did

I want to give a very heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to EVERYONE who rallied and helped me out during my

My take on the "gun manufacturer" liability argument.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 7, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - Blake Edwards

Pay It Forward & Berniecrat Challenge

HRC is sabotaging her own chances with her tactics.

South America's prehistoric people spread like 'invasive species'

Hillary's next brilliant campaign move: Getting DWS to attack Sanders for not being a true Democrat.

So Ca is open on Dem side and Closed on Rep side

A Wall Street Family's Charmed Life Is Thrown Into Turmoil

I see two charges against Sanders that don't make much sense together (re party affiliation)

Hillary Clinton Using Sandy Hook Victims as Political Props Just Backfired Completely

In This Remote Corner of South America, It's Possible to Walk on the Sky

The final Wisconsin numbers are in. Bernie failed.

Woman Shot Four Times in Road Rage Incident

Tonight's Lawrence O'Donnell segment on the "unqualified" statement tonight in PA

I don't know if you've seen the video clip of Elizabeth Warren grilling a former member of the Fed.

 The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.

President Obama cries during gun violence speech

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 8, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Judy Garland

Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president -Wapo headline added fuel to the fire

Bernie is right. She's not qualified.

Bernie Sanders says Hillary Clinton not qualified to be President (VIDEO)

Here's Bernie's full quote on Hillary not being qualified-not as simplistic as we're told

The Panama Papers expose how the global elite ruined the housing market and stopped you from buying

Crooked Republican Politicians ...2006...

Court to hear case of teen who sent texts urging suicide

Has a Senator from a large, diverse state ever gone on to become Secretary of State?

Almost like now that Trump lost yesterday and it is looking much more

Joan Baez endorses Bernie!

5 Disturbing Facts Big Food Doesn't Want You to Know

Blessed are-Joan Baez(posted in thanks for her endorsement of Bernie)

New Metal Foam developed will have revolutionary implications, space travel, armor, radiation etc.

Hillary Venn Diagram

Photo of the World's biggest Leak ... not wikileaks

Hillary Clinton Using Sandy Hook Victims as Political Props Just Backfired Completely

I know that alot of people who were banned have been given a 2nd chance and I am ok

Wall Street Should Pay a Sales Tax, Too

'Did You Have Your Eyes Stitched Closed?' Warren Blasts Former Fed Official

Enthusiasm Crisis? Quarter of Sanders Supporters Unwilling to Back Clinton in General

Land Grabbing Is Killing Honduras' Indigenous Peoples

It's unlikely a suit against the gun makers or gun show dealers over Sandy Hook could've ever won.

Vox’s Tax Calculator Is Wildly Misleading—So We Made a Better One

Stupid Patent of the Month: Mega-Troll Intellectual Ventures Hits Florist--

Bernie Sanders: If You Ignore What You Hear on Corporate Media

MCU Supercut - The Road To Civil War (VIDEO)

March 2016 blows away the record for annual CO2 increases over previous March readings: 3.31 ppm.

Bernie Sanders overpacks Philadelphia Arena as Pennsylvania poll shows him surging.

Sanders overpacks Phillie Arena; Penn. polls show him SURGING!

How well does HRC have to do in NY to remain credible?

In the Real World, Sanders is toast

Secular activist who criticised Islamism hacked to death in Bangladesh

Tweet: Bernie Sanders on how he'd break up big banks..

McGovern's defeat was caused by his stands on "social justice" not on economic or foreign policy.

Two huge flaws in Sanders saying Hillary isn't qualified...

Shakespeare First Folio discovered on Scottish island

I'm number 791 ! ! !

''small donors'' and math

250 Syrians missing after IS attack east of Damascus: residents

Rachel: "Then, at (the convention), they'll just pick HIM 'cause he's SO awesome...!" Bwaahaaa!

Bernie Sanders Flash Mob Dance Rally

The Bernie Light Brigade

Special Funding for Israeli Settlements Soared in 2015, Report Shows

Bernie Sanders Flash Mob #FEELTHEBERN

Bernie Bombs in NYDN Editorial Meeting, Reveals Just How Substance-Free His Campaign Is

NC bathroom obssessed Republicans BUSTED by Fact checking

A Wake-up Call: Celebrating Half a Century of Israeli Occupation

Daily Holidays - April 7

The Blatant Intrusion of Drug-Sniffing Dogs May Be Coming to an End

Retired Judge, Attorney and Psychologist Indicted in $600 Million Social Security Fraud Scheme

Bernie Sanders just lost his last chance at the nomination

Clinton campaign made "disqualify / unqualified" word of the day -- Sanders Played It Well

We're all in this together. Feel the Bern.

Ex-State Street executives charged in U.S. for defrauding clients

TYT: New York Daily News hatchet job

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Hillary Clinton Comforts Family of Teen Supporter Who Died Last Week

China was largest market for ‘Panama Papers’ law firm: investigation

South Africa's first hydrogen fuel cell forklift

Excuse me, Senator Sanders

Bernie inspires the best in us.

Exploding stars left recent, radioactive mark on Earth

Hillary NEVER said Bernie was "unqualified" to be president. See link here:

Vote for JoAnne Kloppenburg (Wisc. Supreme Court) breakdown.

So what's a girl got to do to get "qualified" to run for President, Bernie?

CBS Bob Schieffer: Bernie Sanders 'Wise' To Stay in the Race

Mike Malloy - Period Panties Let You Bleed All Over Trump And Cruz’s Faces

Mike Malloy - Obama Has Been A Weak Ass President

HRC KNEW those were going to be open primaries when she decided to run.

Sweden charges man with preparing suicide bombing

Mike Malloy - Ted Cruz In DC Madam's Black Book?

Hillary cartoon

Thousands of Chinese-made Ivanka Trump scarves recalled over 'burn risk'

Trump cartoon

Bernie and his fans want to take us in a "socially conservative, economically liberal" direction.

Trump's foreign-policy: Alienate key US-allies, nukes for everybody, fire US-soldiers en masse...

"Clinton did, however, decline three times on "Morning Joe" to say that Sanders is qualified."

Idaho News

Saw Bernie's Erica Ad on TV this Morning @ 6:55am

Chris Wallace will interview President Obama on 'Fox News Sunday'

Feel the Bern - (overflow crowd clip?)

FULL Speech: Bernie Sanders speaks at community forum in Philadelphia (4-6-16)

FULL Speech: Bernie Sanders speaks at community forum in Philadelphia (4-6-16)

On Good Morning America Now - "Cruz gets rough New York welcome"

New Maryland Poll (WP): Clinton 55 - Sanders 40

Scarborough: Do you believe this morning that Bernie Sanders is qualified and ready to be President?

Joe Sestak's last stand against the Democratic Party

Bernie winning is important to me in my decision going forward

I actually feel sorry for Hillary.

If Hillary can't be criticized for her bad decisions...

Did she Quote Unquote say it?

Do You See A Difference Between The Terms 'Gun Dealer' & 'Gun Manufacturer'?....

Cartoon Bernie LOL Breaking Up Banks

U.S. Steel Set To Cut A Quarter Of Non-Union Workforce

We The's about us.

All I Wanna Say Is

Sander's serious case of gender affluenza. * Hillary GROUP *

U.S. Steel Set To Cut A Quarter Of Non-Union Workforce

U.S. Steel Set To Cut A Quarter Of Non-Union Workforce

Crap, ron johnson's political advertisements are starting a month earlier then the last time he ran.

Photographer Captures The Breathtaking Beauty Of Mexico’s Indigenous Communities

In A Game Of Political Chicken, Hillary Just Swerved Off The Road Into the Abyss

The Panama Papers could hand Bernie Sanders the presidency

Hillary Also Claimed Obama Was Not Qualified for POTUS

Ohio News: SoS sued over purged voter rolls, 650K could lose Medicaid, Kasich speech

The Liar Sleeps Tonight.

Wyoming Final County Benchmark Guide - Sanders 69% - Clinton 31%

Oops! Bill Clinton Says He Accidentally Took $500,000 From Algeria During Key Arms Negotiations

The Branch Trumpidians (R)

Here's a facebook video I've been enjoying.

=*= LIVE @ 10AM: Bernie Sanders Speech at Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention 4-7-16 =*=

She didn't "quote unquote" say that about him. But he sure did, "quote unquote," say it about her

LIVE @ 10AM: Bernie Sanders Speech at Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention (4-7-16)

"Indeed, Clinton did not say Sanders was "unqualified" or "not qualified" during.."Morning Joe"

#TBT Assault Weapons: Who Has the Courage to Get 'Em Off Our Streets

Funny how HRC supporters want to paint Bernie & his supporters as misogynist...

'Trump Institute' Partnered With Couple Who Got Prosecuted for Get-Rich-Quick Fraud

Q: You don't buy the party unity argument?

Flailing Bernie Slams Hillary and National Media Go After HER (The bad Media On Our Hillary )

Who's qualified and who isn't? This chart helps clarify the issue.

1930s gangster etymologies for the night

Video of a *very* raw reaction to the Blankenship verdict, from a guy who lost three relatives

New Maryland Poll (Post/Univ of Md) Clinton: 55% Sanders 40%

You'd have to be mentally ill or incompetent to vote for Cruz

Mississippi's anti-gay bill

Check your NY registration NY Group.

Let's go Hillary!

Both Sellers and Buyers contributed to Clinton Foundation to get arms deals through.

Can we just make shit up too?

Without Me: Eminem (Slim Sanders Edition)

Clinton campaign, MSM, Democratic Establishment Declare War on Bernie Sanders Peoples' Movement


Losing the sense of taste video

"Quote/unquote not qualified." Flat-out lie. Period.

Thanks for nothing Wisconsin Sanders supporters. HRC ROOM

Thursday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

A different view of Trump's ceiling:

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Stinkers

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Tax Avoidance

Kentucky News: Rand Paul's likely opponent for Senate, Univ. of Louisville, State House

Electric Vehicles Could Completely Replace Gas-Powered Cars by 2025 or Sooner

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Google Tells Customers “Ownership” is now an Illusion

KKR’s Chilling Message about the “End of the Credit Cycle”

How two brothers allegedly pulled off multi-state lottery scam

Sandy Hook relatives slams Hillary for politicizing victims

I'm sick and tired of the delegate counts...

Everyone wins! Well, not you.

Gov. Rick Scott's administration bills doctor for treating poor patients in state facility

Michigan News: Former GOP state reps sue state, state claims immunity in Flint class action lawsuit

I understand Hillary's appeal. But...

Ellen Absolutely DESTROYS Mississippi, Their Governor, And Ridiculous New Anti-Gay Law

A trick to almost instantly stop your computer is easy, won't hurt, and works

Dutch Politicians Want to Make the Sale of Gasoline and Diesel-Powered Cars Illegal in 2025

The "Qualifications" for being President are simple.

Jailed Bankers To Be Freed

Sanders is on MSNBC doubling down on the lies.

Asad Shah death: Man admits killing shopkeeper because he 'disrespected' Islam

Berned out

The NY Daily News Hit Piece on Bernie EXPOSED!

DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics

The Panama Papers expose how the global elite ruined the housing market

So, why the hell IS Walker regaining support?

Bangladesh student Nazimuddin Samad hacked to death

Why Hillary Clinton’s “Strongest Issue” Is Actually Her Biggest Farce

ADL Calls on Sen. Bernie Sanders to Correct Misstatement on Palestinian Casualties During Gaza War

If Sanders isn't a democrat

Hillary Clinton Supporter Created #HillarySoQualified — And It Immediately Backfired

I love me some Charlie....

This is why Bernie will not be president.

Aggressive turkeys attack Teaneck New Jersey

Today's Google Doodle: Ravi Shankar's 96th birthday:

Why would Bernie Sanders support an unqualified candidate?

Did Sanders Lie About Clinton’s Oil Money? NPR Factchecker Can’t Be Bothered to Check

Global Tax Haven Network Means Americans Can Hide Wealth At Home

Aurora victim's stepfather blasts Sanders over gun views

Federal Railroad Administration Calls for Immediate Amtrak Safety Reviews

BS: Taking attention away from NYDN INTERVIEW FIASCO

Family member of Sandy Hook victim excoriates Hillary for exploiting tragedy

Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza ‘blood libel’

Anyone else watching our Hillary shine?

Hillary taking her campaign to the streets in The Bronx.

Ugh, Stephanie Miller

CNN sounds desperate this morning

Why Bernie will not flip the super delegates

Political Courage & Sandy Hook Victims: Bernie instead of the NRA?

Criticism of your ACTIONS and STATEMENTS

So, I just heard Sanders doubling down on his vile comments about Hillary--There was no

The Socialist Senator - NY Times

No, Trump is most certainly NOT qualified to be President. I don't care if he is over 35.

Merle Haggard - It's Almost 'Criminal' What They Do To President Obama

The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet...

WaPo - which Sanders cites to claim Hillary called him unqualified - says he's lying

Hillary: We Must Empathize With America's Enemies

Bernie Sanders sinks his own legacy by claiming Hillary Clinton is “not qualified” to be President

Touring with The Devil: Church of Satan show goes on the road

The NY Daily News interview with Bernie was excellent

What Hillary did yesterday

This is why I am voting for Bernie...Clinton listen carefully..He is a true New Yorker!

U.S. Gift to Russia Lost in Translation

Why should the rich get richer?

Hillary's Favorables/Unfavorables are going, going.........somewhere.

The American people must finally tell the Clintons to heel!

The dangers to the party if Clinton continues her scorched earth attacks go beyond the discussions

Do You Hear The People Sing - Bernie Sanders (Video Compilation)

Some Dems That Voted The Same Way Bernie Did On That Gun Bill - Some That Have Endorsed Hillary...

Mississippi Celebrates Its Horrible LGBTQ Discrimination Bill - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Atlanta Hawks player sues NYC over arrest

Donald Trump and "The Snake"

Not everyone hates Wall Street. It is where we go to grow our retirement incomes. Our pension funds

New York Democratic Lawyers Council Voter Protection

Clinton is unraveling

Bernie Lied! Hillary Clinton Actually Refused to Call Him Unqualified… Three Times

Awesome! Rick Scott gets Cussed Out at Starbucks...

Ted Cruz was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos yesterday in the Bronx...

Bernie get this, Hillary does not: Thank Pampered Political Class for 2016's Angry Electorate

The Atlantic National Poll: Sanders takes national lead 47% to 46%

McCutcheon v FEC. Texas, One Of 33 Recipients Effected.

Bernie's answer to Hillary's threats stated on CNN re: disqualify. Right on Bernie true New Yorker!

...when you bump into your ex with his new bae

Wedding Cake Baker Finds Fault With Mississippi's Religious Objections Law

Has Sanders said why Hillary is not qualified to be President?

Field Poll of California: HRC handily beats either Cruz or Trump

Hedge Funds Are Part of a Tricky Money Maneuver to Put Hillary in the White House

Bernie is only candidate that will break up banks

Sanders supported John Kerry, who voted for the Iraq AUMF.

Fresh New Maryland Democratic Primary Poll: Clinton 55% Sanders 40%

Going to print this out and pin it to my shirt when I'm traveling abroad.

Florida finally makes it legal for unmarried men and women to live together

Do It Yourself Voter Suppression.

Are we gonna allow the South to pick...Ed Shultz....very good Ed.

This might make you change your mind about Trump

Sanders: Losing loved ones at Sandy Hook is as bad as losing your job

2016 Democratic Party SUPERDELEGATE contact list : Superdelegate contact info

A 16 year old should absolutely make $31K

"Please don't shoot me" Then police shoot

More about Sandres' tax return

Inference is an old political ploy.

Hey kids, it's Photo Op TBT!

In attack mode, Hillary says ANYTHING about her opponents (She claimed Obama was unqualified for VP)

Alan Greenspan a disciple of Ayn Rand was loved by the Ruling Class from Reagan thru

VIDEO: Navy sub surfaces at Arctic Circle


Have you noticed how easily LBN stories against Sanders get locked

*Is it true that Department Heads of (for profit)Healthcare Facilities get a bonus every quarter

"I will take Bernie Sanders over Ted Cruz or Donald Trump any time," Hillary tells reporters

David L Cohen Executive Vice President of Comcast and a big

Bernie Sanders Urges Wyoming Democrats To Join The Revolution

Panama Papers: Hllary Donor Saved Billions Thru Loopholes that She Now Criticizes:

The Cruz political machine

About Bernie's disqualifying speech against Clinton...

Red Grafiti - A little fun to begin your day.

Hillary takes the high road against Sanders smear.

SEPTA eyes new locomotives, station renewal in $548.6 million capital budget

Details of state legislation seeking religious protections

Stone Age humans brought deer to Scottish islands by sea:

Barney Frank Schools BS Surrogate Robert Reich on All In

So Bernie Just Earned Three Pinnochios--Amateur Hour at the Campaign

Bernie's "she's not qualified" and his switcheroo campaign.

Clarence Thomas says one person one vote, no good...

Hillary Just Held Fundraiser w/ All-Star Cast Of Wall St. Regulators Who JOINED Wall Street:

Our health care system is far from perfect but because of the ACA it is far better than it was.

2016 Presidential Race-Steve Kornacki, Chuck Todd & Rachel Maddow's take on Bernie Sanders

America | Bernie Sanders (New York)

Dennis Hastert accused of sexual abuse by at least 4, sources say

America | Bernie Sanders (New York)

In the Battle Against Islamophobia, We Must Stand with Interfaith Partners

Ted Cruz Taking Advantage Of Trump’s Sexism; He’s Still Creepy

Withdrawal from WTO is needed to break up large banks- Public Citizen

"Guilty": Part Two

Cenk on "qualified" dust-up

Hillary Clinton wrongly says Bernie Sanders wants to delay the Clean Power Plan

Clinton camp asks Sanders: Break up big banks? How?

Obama admin scores another win by putting ‘customers first’

Paul Begala Tweet: Hillary's great response to Sanders attack.. Perfect.

Bernie's "She's not qualified" and his switcheroo campaign.

Hillary Clinton Again Looks Upstate for Win in New York

Bernie Sanders's Successful Insurgency

UN Advisor, Columbia U. Economist: Hillary Unfit to Be President

How did the dingo get to Australia?...

"Losing Patience" with Bernie

Inside War Ravaged Syria

Has Clinton yet explained in exact detail how she will "improve" Obamacare?

Oh, my! Investor's Business Daily editorial critical of HRC

Sierra mist is dead. Long live Sierra Mist.

Dear Senator Sanders: Today, I am Sick to My Stomach

Amazing 3D Heart scans -

Charles Pierce: Bush donor argues that Plato wanted Super PACs

‘Hello. This is John Doe’: The mysterious message that launched the Panama Papers

Venezuela seeks foreign medical aid amid health crisis 'genocide'

Merle Haggard....

Bernie's "break up the banks"gaffe SHOULD help him in the debate because it will force Hillary to

Sanders: Clinton's not qualified to be president

Open Primaries for New York- SIGN THE PETITION

Too much.

Hillary's IWR Senate floor speech and subsequent vote disqualify her.

Pro-Hillary Clinton Hashtag Backfires After Bernie Sanders Says Clinton Not ‘Qualified’ To Be Presid

Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders may not even be a Democrat

Ugh... Her Condescending Fake Laughing Rubs me the Wrong way...

George Mason Univ. is a den of wingnutery

My take on the Qualified-Gate

Ted Weaver-Does anyone have what he just said on CNN was Excellent!

Cruz just called Hillary a "wild eyed Socialist"

Fed Warned Goldman Sachs on Malaysia Bond Deals

Sanders NY PAC Uses GoFundMe for Questionable Fund Raising

A Bernie Sanders Campaign Ad Directed By David Lynch

The true toll of Bernie's comments

An Atheist's Guide to Persuasion: Reciprocate and Be Respectful

Bill Clinton Says He Will Stop Paid Speeches If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

Former Democratic Chair of California predicts Sanders will do very well in California

French Law Bans Buying Prostitutes, Offering Help Instead Of Punishment

Hillary's unfavorables have risen steadily despite her trying to frame her opponent in an unfavorabl

Joseph Farah calls gays "terrorists..."

DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics

The Big Question at the Center of Hillary Clinton's Subway Turnstile Bungle

"qualified" qualified...

The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.

State Dept Intererence in Investigation? State Dept Wants Limits On Questions

Tamryn Hall grilling Jeff Weaver

Bernie and Clinton are both far more qualified than Trump

Grassley admits he's a whore...

Anne Coulter excuses Trump's affair with Marla Maples - It started in a church!

"Qualified" is now the D version of hand size

Now, Bill de Blah, Blah Blasio, big Clinton surrogate on MSNBC playing along with Hill's drama...

We're a nation of suckers. We always let ourselves get "played"

The joys of pressure cooking - I recently purchased an electronic one.

LePage: Unnamed southern Maine company to shed 900 jobs

Clinton Campaign: Is Bernie even a dem?Was he even a part of the civil rights movement?

Social workers charged with child abuse in death of Palmdale Ca. boy

Hillary Clinton praises ‘New York values’ at Yankee Stadium

Bernie Sanders called Hillary Clinton ‘unqualified’ to be president — and blew up his own campaign

Meet the Press blogpost on Sanders campaign and Hillary

Woman gives birth in line to buy regulated products Venezuela (Spanish)

Super PAC Backer Says Big Money Entitles Donors to Campaign “Oversight”

Heart and Brain

Is Barack Obama qualified to be President of the United States of America.

Safe cat patios on display for Santa Cruz County Catio Tour

10 things you didn't know about Trumps

Joe Scarborough Defends Hillary on Bernie’s ‘Unqualified’ Attack

Sign up to be a pregnancy checker...New jobs to be offered by US Government.

Weaver accused Clinton of running a “smear campaign” centered on "innuendo and unfair attacks."

Hillary Clinton Responds To Bernie: 'I'll Take Sanders Over Trump Or Cruz Any Time'

Hillary Clinton's pro-energy industry policies could cause irreversible mistakes which could impact


HillaryClinton Thanks, Pittsburgh. It was an unqualified delight.

Ritual Human Sacrifice: Keeping the 99% in their place?

Warren and Wasserman Schultz Clash Over Payday Lenders

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Congressman Admits That The Purpose Of Voter ID Laws Is To Help Republicans

Sanders' campaign to be what some critics have long considered it to be: a farce...

Exclusive Video: Watch Norway's 'Skiing Cat' in Action

U.S. Consumer Comfort Slips to Weakest in More Than Three Months

Far fewer Democrats see Hillary as honest when compared to Bernie.

My Seder With Brando

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Goes for the Extreme

Study Links Disparities in Pain Management to Racial Bias

in-depth interview with Sec. Kerry

U.S. Braces for Worst Earnings Season Since 2009 Crisis: Chart

The Fallacy of Comparing Ralph Nader to Ross Perot

Hillary Supporters Got Yesterday's Hashtag Hijacked and It Is Hilarious

Any Speculation on VP for Sanders? Rocky Anderson?

Straight from the horse's mouth.

New York Times on Bernie Sanders: “What an ugly way to end a campaign”

London Muslim Mayoral Candidate Slams Labour for Failing To Address Anti-Semitism

Bernie Sanders, business genius? Yes, actually

MediShare: Christian Medical Care - What is it ?

HRC Supporters: BS more likely to beat the Republican Nominee Meme going UNCHALLENGED!!

My queasy night at Lviv’s controversial ‘Jewish’ eatery

Michigan governor faces yet another lawsuit – this time over Detroit schools

Michigan governor faces yet another lawsuit – this time over Detroit schools

Pee4Pat. Please contact Gov. McCrory before you potty in public.

Majority of Millennials Have 'No Idea' When Student Loans Will Be Paid Off

The Donald is a bifurcation signal

Where did the thing about Bernie feeling insulted because he is from a small state

It's not her style to own a smear while she helps advance it.

Sanders: The Lie Exposes The Emptiness

Oh look, McCrory got promoted!

On MSNBC this morning, Jeff Weaver reaffirmed that Bernie will support HRC is she is nominated.

NOTE: Mortimer Zuckerman, owner of NY Daily News is Clinton Contributor

Oklahoma Eyes Obamacare Funds, But Without Medicaid Expansion

Imagine if Ralph Nader had appeared on stage with Al Gore a few days before the 2000 election,

Pope Francis to dismay reformists with 'modern families' document

Full Video of Sanders Speech this morning to the AFL-CIO in Philly!

If HRC had just said "of course Bernie is qualified" when Scarborough repeatedly asked her...

It's official. The charge of juicing has been leveled against the 4-time champion UConn Huskies.

Russia and U.S. Near De Facto Alliance in Syria

I miss cali.

Why didn't Hillary just unequivocally say "yes"?

Panama Papers: Argentina leader Mauricio Macri faces probe

Unqualified, Tokens, Excuse me I'm speaking... Hillteam to world: Why aren't you outraged?!?

Ever since Wisconsin this has been the Clinton campaign

A blast from the Bern's past...20 years ago. His hometown paper knew him well.

Rights group, tribes urge Iraqi forces to save 'starving' Falluja

‘Disqualify’ And ‘Defeat’: Clinton Campaign Attacks Intensify To Halt Sanders’ Win Streak

David Cameron 'argued to water down transparency rules over trusts'

Hillary Clinton's loss in Wisconsin shows that she's following the same path to failure as in 2008

Iran Starts Producing Octogen Modern Explosives

HILLARY GROUP. #feelintheHill?

Wall Street Should Pay a Sales Tax, Too

Robert B. Reich: Why the major media still marginalize Bernie Sanders

Reddit Users Have a New Weapon to Fight Online Trolls

LMAO at the Washington Post!


XPost from GD: Peeing for Pat Check in before you Potty in Public

Why the Panama Papers Should Be a US Election Issue

from Robert Reich

As Secretary of State she called it a "business opportunity"...

HRC is not MORALLY qualified to be president...that's what Bernie was saying.

Take note of everyone pushing the "St. Bernie" meme/accusation.

Merle Haggard-America First

Is a candidate who supports Fracking qualified to be the nominee of the Democratic Party?

The Sanders Campaign’s Sexist New Argument: Hillary Tries Too Hard--too ambitious

Nazi guard from Auschwitz dies just before trial

Political Catch Phrases Constrict Thought?

How to Buy an Election | Bernie Sanders

We were "dead broke" my ass...

Obama 2008 Campaign Ad: "She’ll say anything, and change nothing."

How to Buy an Election | Bernie Sanders

Planned Parenthood sues Indiana for abortion law

Planned Parenthood sues Indiana for abortion law

Report: 2015 Brought Unprecedented Violence, Threats Against Abortion Providers

2008: HRC won't admit Obama isn't Muslim. 2016: HRC won't admit Bernie's qualified.

Team Sanders accuses Clinton of running 'smear campaign'

DOJ Probes Possible Voter Suppression In Arizona

Everyone running is qualified to be president

EU may require visas from Americans and Canadians: EU source

The GOP Was Screwed Up WAY Before Trump Emerged

Hillary Clinton Rides the Subway in New York City

Report: Sanders's proposals would add trillions to the debt

How Sanders Exposes the Democratic Establishment's Neoliberal Underbelly

If you take action based on a newspaper headline, you might not be qualified for President

Cruz Visit To Bronx High School Canceled After Students Threaten Walkout

Report: Sanders's proposals would add trillions to the debt (Crosspost from GDP)

U.S. presidents from the South more likely to use force in military disputes

Good Morning Berners!

Six Year Anniversary of WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder

FBI director says unlocking method won't work on newer iPhones

Hillary Clinton wants you to do your research. Here's another one of her lies.....

Most Americans are not party hacks and we don't want party hacks putting their thumbs on the scale

An Urgent Appeal for the People of Fallujah

Meet the Dominican friar mistaken for an armed KKK klansman

"Clinton is one of the brightest people in Congress & she would be an excellent choice"

Six Weeks’ Paid Leave Opposed By People With Thirty-Three Weeks’ Paid Leave

Two in serious condition after shooting, at First Nation community in Manitoba

Video of PA Press Conference with Sanders - and Union Workers - "Political Gossip" all media wants

Indonesian pop star bitten by cobra on stage, continues singing for 45 minutes before death

Have Hillary and her supporters quit using the word "experienced"?

Syrian rebels seize most of IS stronghold: monitor and rebel source

America | Bernie Sanders (New York)

While Hillary wraps herself around Obama - Top Surrogate is a well known Obama hater & PUMA

Brazil builder execs say Rousseff campaign used kickbacks: paper

If you send people to war based on lies put forth by a Bush, you are UNQUALIFIED to be Pres

It’s time to give ‘tax and spend’ a chance

Following Breadcrumbs: TPP Text Provides Clues to U.S. Positions in TTIP

Afghan casualties disputed after U.S. air strikes

Bernie States Obvious; Hillary Clinton Not Qualified: Corporate Media Heads Explode

Clinton staff accuses Bernie of farting & blaming it on the dog...

Bernie Sanders Hits Hillary Clinton On 'Panama Papers' Tax Dodging

New Bernie Ad: How to buy an election

U.S. senators vote to bolster travel security in FAA bill

U.S. senators vote to bolster travel security in FAA bill

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton was a more effective lawmaker than Bernie Sanders

What Are You Waiting for, Democrats?

You guys are noticing how the BSers are getting around the no front page thingy.

Character assassination is not ok.

Has ANYONE changed who they support since Sanders won Wisconsin?

Myanmar political prisoners to be freed - Aung San Suu Kyi

Poll: Subway tokens were so much better then cards.

Greenpeace put Hillary's name on a blimp...

Nigeria Boko Haram militants offered olive branch by army

question/answer: if your wife, husband, GF, BF, SO asks you, "Do I look fat?"

Bernie is now using Trump's arguments ...

Brussels attacks: New video of airport bombing suspect

How to volunteer for Hillary in NY.

Squee alert, baby otters!

A club no one wants to be in: mothers who lost their children to gun violence

French Law Bans Buying Prostitutes, Offering Help Instead Of Punishment

Bernie, the constant victim, now blames the media for his "unqualified" rant.

Anybody using to block scam phone calls?

Move the 2017 NBA All Star Game

Has anyone sen the goalposts?

Bernie Sanders- Our HERO - SuperBern! and Jane!

Born free, killed by hate - the price of being gay in South Africa

While you were away...

Bernie Sanders - Our HERO - SuperBern! And Jane!

Self deleted. I apologize for using as a source. They are very right wing.

Can anyone point me to an exact quote of Hillary saying Bernie is "not qualified to be President"?

I had a right winger tell me a couple of weeks ago that Hillary wasn't qualified to be POTUS.

'Everything is flowing nicely'

WaPo on Qualified-gate

#HillarySoQualified" "twitter"Hashtag Hijacked by Bernie Supporters Pointing out He's More Qualified

Democrats Block SEC Nominees

Woman in Murder Plot of Dentist Kendra Hatcher Added to FBI's Most Wanted

Woman in Murder Plot of Dentist Kendra Hatcher Added to FBI's Most Wanted

Three ASU students receive prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Bernie within 6% in Pennsylvania.

Hillary offers solution to her dishonesty problem

Common Dreams: How Can Sanders Win It All? It's The Passion, Stupid

Bill was just on MSNBC defending HRC's "superpredators" line against antiracist protesters.

Matt Bors: High Hopes

Bernie Sanders’ Frustration Boils Over As He Is Winning States But Losing Nomination Fight

NYC Open Primary City Hall "town hall" on Thursday (reddit repost)

Florida Law Firms Don't Care About Gender Bias

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 7, 2016

Bernie needs to drop out! He is not qualified!

White House official: Obama thinks Clinton is qualified for president

Imprisoned Peanut Exec Won't Have to Pay Salmonella Victims

Lawsuit alleges Ohio illegally purging voter rolls

Question for Bernie: At what point does a woman finally become qualified to be President?

Up Next, TBD.

Oakland passes rent hike, eviction moratorium

What substantive bills did Hillary get passed while in Congress?

World's Most Oil-Dependent Country Looks to Coffee

David Cameron Admits he "Profited" from Offshore Tax Evasion

A Short History of the Media Smugly Dismissing Bernie Sanders’ Campaign at Every Step of the Way

Ernie Els 7 putts at the Masters:

VA bosses in 7 states manipulated vets' wait times for care

Hillary will not answer the question as to whether Bernie is "Qualified" to be Pres.

Regarding this thread I just posted in GD:P

Bernie Lied! Hillary Clinton Actually Refused to Call Him Unqualified… Three Times

Hillary wouldn't be a bad choice if she didn't have tons of negative baggage and I could believe

Hillary Clinton Responds To Bernie: 'I'll Take Sanders Over Trump Or Cruz Any Time'

Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist

Barney vs. Bernie: Sanders Is the Real ‘Progressive Who Gets Things Done’

EVERY SINGLE pro-Hillary post says "Sanders just lost the campaign by fighting back too hard!"

How 'Citizens United' is helping Hillary Clinton Win the White House

One Third of Iraqis Think US Supports Terrorism, ISIS

OMG actual conversation Ben Carson just had with an anchor on CNN:

"Bernie Sanders is right, Hillary is not qualified to be a progressive President"

David Cameron admits he profited from father's offshore fund

Giving Bernie a fair shake in the MSM media: ask for RT America to be listed around news channels.

Clinton camp: Obama not qualified for vice president

The dangers to the party if Clinton continues her scorched earth attacks go beyond the discussions

TODAY Interview with Hillary to Air Tomorrow - Bernie Qualified?

Hutch Harris Discusses The Thermals Performing At A Bernie Sanders Rally & Birdie Sanders

This Is How Hillary Clinton Gets the Coverage She Wants

Gary Kubiak has spoken with Johnny Manziel, sources say

Hillary is a master of attacks, she can say so much without ever going there. Case in point...

Hillary Clinton Insults The Intelligence of Bernie Sanders Supporters

After Bernie calls Hillary unqualified to be President, Hillary responds by praising Bernie.

Are the rules being changed in MO after the people have voted?

Alternate history challenge: Clinton edged out Obama in 2008

Did Bernie Sanders Win Nevada?

Sanders was right, Hillary is not qualified to be president

Very Thoughtful Recently Posted Video about Bernie and the Media

US and Canada continue climate alliance with move to curb methane emissions

The press will focus on one line from Philly, but we want to amplify the people....

Heads up...

MUST WATCH: Bill Clinton SHUTS DOWN Black Lives Matter Protesters defends "SuperPredators"

"Qualified"?... Will the WaPo make up it's mind?

Last minute crookedness in Missouri, what to do?

White House: Clinton qualified to be president

Wisconsin, if you voted Provisional, Please get your ID and/or proof of Residency to the Municipal

Poll shows Trump and Clinton are widely disliked who most Americans plan to vote against

Venezuela's plan to save energy during the drought: three-day weekends

Venezuela's plan to save energy during the drought: three-day weekends

DOJ Blows It With BP: Taxpayers Will Pay for Deepwater Horizon Cleanup

Gonna need a bigger bus!......

Oh for Christ's sake, they're both qualified.

New poll: Sanders cuts Clinton's lead in half in Maryland

I almost did it, I almost did it...

More than 1,000 people detained during G20 summit in Toronto can sue police

Sanders Rally, Temple University

President Obama speaks soon at town hall meeting

Bernie has been saying Hillary is unqualified since June 2015

"You called for an exterminator?"

A Lesson To the Hillary Fans on Hillary's Passive Aggressive Behavior

Senators introduce Safe Lending Act to Protect Consumers (Payday Lending)

A simple way to make the front page

Natural born, past their 35th birthday, and residents for 14 years = Qualification.

The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.

March 10, 2008, Chicago Tribune: Clinton aide: Obama unqualified for VP

Joan Baez just endorsed Sanders!

charlie rose show 4/5/2016, great discussion

South Carolina bill aims to restrict transgender access to bathrooms

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 7, 2016

Payday lending pioneer indicted in U.S. on racketeering charges

Payday lending pioneer indicted in U.S. on racketeering charges

Why didn't Hillary run in Arkansas?

TICK-TOCK: How Shoddy Reporting Contributed to Bernie’s Inexcusable Attack on Hillary

BUSTED: Bernie Disqualifies Hillary but Supported Obama and Kerry Despite Same Positions

I don't usually post cat videos, but...

20 reasons to question whether Hillary should be our nominee

HRC visits high school -- kids feel resentment

Hillary's Libya Nightmare Spreads: Tunisia's Fragile Democracy Faces A Threat From Chaotic Libya

Kansas governor signs funding bill to keep schools open

Kansas governor signs funding bill to keep schools open

Bernie supporters are addicted to his talking points

This is what I was talking about last night.

Domocracy Now (April 6): Iceland's PM resigns/interview with Brigetta Jonsdottir of Pirate Party

Bernie Links Hillary To The Panama Tax Dodging Scandal

PacSun files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, plans to go private

New Virginia Poll: HRC beats Trump by 9-points--1/3 GOP voters won't support him

Sandhill cranes starting to depart for northern nesting grounds, but Nebraska show not over just yet

Black Lives Matter Protesters Interrupt Bill Clinton in Philadelphia

Bernie Sanders describes a nation that I want to believe exists in the hearts of all Americans..

Sandhill cranes starting to depart for northern nesting grounds, but Nebraska show not over just yet

Sen. Dick Black calls Loudoun teacher ‘appalling’ for defending Pulitzer Prize-winning book

The Apostate

My monsters managed to break my foot last Fri.

Senators ask Treasury to probe U.S. links to 'Panama Papers' firm

Wrecker Adventure! Harry Tow Meets Pigpen

Kubiak: Broncos will draft a quarterback

Ted Cruz thinks Bush torture memo is US law:

How Hillary got Bernie Sanders where she wants him....debating qualifications!

Badass beavers - April 7 is International Beaver Day

Morning Joe Panel: Hillary "Clearly Did Not Say Bernie Sanders Was Not Qualified To Be President"

charlie rose show 4/5/2016, great discussion

Video suggests aide to Iraq's Saddam may still be alive

Hey Republicans: Stop Pretending Paul Ryan is Going to Save You

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Manager Just Blamed Hillary For ISIS

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Manager Just Blamed Hillary For ISIS

The Panama Papers Could Hand Bernie Sanders the Keys to the White House

Large variations in precipitation over the past millennium

I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to our center right friends......

Background checks and restrictions on weapons sales might have prevented Sandy Hook

McCaskill: Calling Hillary Clinton Not Qualified Is Like Fingernails On A Black Board To Many Women

Pennsylvania bans bias against transgender people

Supermassive Black Hole Found in Unlikely Cosmic Backwater

MUST WATCH: Bill Clinton SHUTS DOWN Black Lives Matter Protesters defends "SuperPredators"

The Hive owner’s comments on transgender people, bathrooms spark a storm LINK ADDED

Call for investigation into role of Argentina's President in offshore companies

Cruz In New York --- NYDN

The Hive owner’s comments on transgender people, bathrooms spark a storm LINK ADDED

Reporters banned from Arizona House floor

BUMMER: Why a race further down the Wisconsin ballot rattled Democrats

FDR was and Obama is not qualified to be president using Sander's reasoning

Hillary Clinton was a more effective lawmaker than Bernie Sanders

VW execs will not forego bonuses

The Banana Slugs are in peril!

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign: Myth Vs. Fact

"Spilling the beans is quite simple when it comes to Heidi Cruz"

Sutter Health battles big employers over cost of medical care

Not Good, Not Good At All (TPM EDITOR'S BLOG)

Not Good, Not Good At All (TPM EDITOR'S BLOG)

The Plan to Send a Submarine to Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon

Hastert Has 4 Accusers, Tribune Says

Criminalizing farmers' activism in Colombia

FACT CHECKER: Sanders’s incorrect claim that Clinton called him ‘not qualified’ for the presidency

Finger on the Pols - Is No News Good News?

Hillary sees Gaddafi's ouster as feather in her cap but it unleashed terror

Puerto Rico’s other crisis: impoverished pensions

The WSJ and NYT Spin Elite Tax Fraud as “Good News” (William K. Black)

Colombia's road to peace: new militia threatens stability with bloodshed

Watch Bill Clinton Tell Black Lives Matter Protesters They’re Defending Drug Sales and Murder

Global warming may be far worse than thought, cloud analysis suggests

MSNBC is pulling out all the stop for Hillary today!

Sanders Responds to Gun Policy Questions

Sanders Blames The Media For His 'Unqualified' Tiff With Clinton

Sanders Blames The Media For His 'Unqualified' Tiff With Clinton

Yikes..this 2008 debate between HRC and Obama ----really fiery.

Democracy Now! (April 7): Interview with former Abu Ghraib/ Fallujah contractor Eric Fair

InsideGov researched the most influential First Ladies in history.

Brazil’s silent majority has not been swept up by the anti-Rousseff protests

Sit Down, Shuddup, And Let Me Tell You What You Want...

Why White America Demonizes the #BlackLivesMatter Movement — And Why That Must Change

HuffPost: Barney vs. Bernie: Sanders Is the Real ‘Progressive Who Gets Things Done’

Colombia High Courts Paves Way for Gay Marriage Rights

2016 Horse Racing - Ogden Mills "Dinny" Phipps has passed away

How Mexico's attack on human rights undercut an international investigation

Heads Up Hillary Supporters! You’re On a Watch List

Why that woman who yelled at Florida Gov. Rick Scott should be your hero

Fans Want Patriots' Draft Pick Restored And Sue NFL To Make It Happen

Article: The Washington Post Deserves many Pinnochios

Step aside Obama: Hillary Clinton tells Pennsylvania workers she’ll stand up to cheating China

U.S. failed to show how MetLife is “too big to fail,” judge says

An Unvanquished Movement

Barack Obama Swagger

Bernie Sanders called Hillary Clinton ‘unqualified’ to be president — and blew up his own campaign

How the world is divided between fear (Trump/Cruz, Le Pen) and openness (Merkel, Hillary/Bernie).

Sanders Responds to Gun Policy Questions

The Legacy of the Clinton Administration

Seems legit

I loved Hillary's response to Bernie's 'she's unqualified' remark!

Sanders needs to get rid of Weaver and Devine

WHO: Zika causes microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome

Swiss anger at Muslim handshake exemption in Therwil school

"Calling Hillary Clinton Not Qualified Is Like Fingernails On A Black Board To Many Women"

My take on Hillary's recent tactics

Biography: Hillary Rodham Clinton

"Bernie Sanders’ Clarification on Gaza War Casualties"

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Manager Just Blamed Hillary For ISIS

Famous Duos in a Nearby Parallel Universe

Clinton camp: Sanders 'inventing grievances' to 'keep the fundraising spigot on'

Beijing says North Korea has become ‘an increasing threat to China’

Appeals Court Rules Puerto Rico Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Decimates Lower Court Ruling

So I'm pretty sure Bernie guaranteed that most Party Superdelegates will never switch

Hillary's delegate lead shrinks! March 16th it was 319 elected delegates. On April 7th 212 delegates

Maine Senate: Put ‘In God We Trust’ on public buildings

And I'll never have that recipe again

America's Bizarre, Brawl-Filled History of Contested Conventions | Rolling Stone

For claiming that they "have the math"...

Tyler Summitt (Pat Summitt's son) 'profoundly disappointed' over relationship, resigns

In Bath Beach Brooklyn canvassing today. HRC ROOM

Bill Clinton is trending on twitter.

Upcoming GET OUT TO VOTE party for Bernie in NYC on April 15. 15+ DJs, artists and more

I don't think you are qualified if...

Wow. What a difference a month makes. Check out these NY polls.

APR 8 TODAY Show Town Hall in Rockefeller Center

The only reason Bernie appears "radical"...

NTSB: Amtrak crashed in Kansas on bent tracks

Scared Of President Trump? Then You Should Really Feel The Bern

Here's what Obama said about Hillary's ambition. Not exactly kind of President we need...

Bill Clinton Says Black Lives Matter Activists Are Defending Murderers And Drug Dealers

Getting back to the issues, if you please.

Bill Clinton helps Bernie - Doubles down on Hill's "Super Predators" comment and disrespects BLM

Poll: Trump Unfavorable Rating 69%-26%(-43) Cruz 59%-26% (-33)

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahhaahahahha Dumps for Trump

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 April 2016

Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Qualifications Doesn’t Sit Well With Women Backing Her

Clinton is the last great middle finger of the Boomers towards those who come after

My Mom was Killed at Sandy Hook. Bernie Sanders defended his vote on the day of her Murder.

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Thursday the 7th of April

Africa is a place where black lives matter!

A few words on the latest death of one of my coworkers.

Oh what a great honor. Trump is opening his first PA

Why Are Americans Not Included in the Panama Papers?

NY Times: Hillary Pushed Obama to Bomb Libya, Leaving It A Failed State & ISIS Haven

Naomi Klein Explains Why Clinton's "Corporate Worldview" Cannot Be Ignored

WP: Hillary Clinton was a more effective lawmaker than Bernie Sanders

Sen.Barbra Boxer asks Sanders to retract his comment about Hillary not be qualified for POTU

Satire: Have an Opinion About Bernie Sanders? Or Hillary Clinton?

Reading Bernie's interview answers about the banks

Does Bernie Sanders, display business "genius"? Yes, actually

Judge: Probable cause to prosecute 911 caller in Beavercreek Walmart shooting

Ann Arbor Picked For Third Toyota Research Institute Location

When the primary is over

Ann Arbor Picked For Third Toyota Research Institute Location

It's not polite. It's not nice. But it's exactly what so many people are thinking...

Has anyone seen an article by Reddit about the MO delegates that will be distributed

The Perfect Couple.

Bill Clinton Takes Yet Another Shot at President Obama on the Trail

"Bernie Sanders is why superdelegates exist"

I see what you did here, Hillary

Scientists find fracking contaminated Wyoming water after EPA halted study

Barbra Boxer asks Sanders to retract his comment a/b Hillary not be qualified for POTUs

Thank you Bill Clinton. Your timing is perfect

Take a break from politics, with Cookie Monster and everyone’s favorite personal asst

Dean Baker: DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics


Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton Questioned Qualifications First

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton Questioned Qualifications First

Two Merle Haggard Classics(In Memoriam) Sanders Evades Tax Question

On CNN now..

Populations of early human settlers grew like an 'invasive species,' researchers find

DEA to decide soon whether to stop classifying marijuana like heroin

Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico DUers

Fired Massachusetts man ambushes co-worker then shoots self

FBI Bought Tool to Break Into IPhone Used in Terrorist Attack

Why Bernie Sanders, Alleged Gun Moderate, Gets a D-Minus from the NRA (July 2015)

Trump Co-Chair Paid for Kids’ School With Campaign Cash

Tennessee lawmaker exiled over 'continuing risk' to women

Democrats already united behind Clinton in Virginia against Drumpf

Treasury Should Probe U.S. Banks on Panama Papers, Senators Say

"My brown shirts are at the cleaners." . . . Please come CAPTION Trump's Jeff DeWit!!!

Tad Devine on msnbc. Several minutes of vile Hillary bashing

The Latest: Man on loose accused of torturing woman to death

Keystone pipeline leaked 16,000 gallons .....

NPR FactChecker Admits "pretty much true" Hillary SuperPac Got $3.25 Mill from Fossil Fuel Industry

I'm getting sick and tired ...

who can post the picture with - bill clinton - george wallace - first shrub

Getting a pregnant Momma on Sunday

Former Auschwitz guard dies a week before trial was to start

If you're poor in another country, this is the scariest thing Bernie Sanders has said

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-6-16

Just a small reality check...

Joe Sestak's last stand against the Democratic Party

L.A. County violated Constitution by putting cross on seal: judge

Willie Nelson on Merle Haggard: "He was my brother, my friend..."

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-6-16

Qualifications: You don't get a free pass because you are a woman.

Anti-abortion groups call on California attorney general to resign, stop Senate bid

Life will never get better.

87 degrees today in Portland Oregon. This is April 7th, not the middle of August.

Former U.S. sailor cleared of murder, rape after 33 years in prison

Clinton Ignorance: "I’ll tell you another story about a place where Black Lives Matter: Africa"

Mother Jones: 3 reasons why "#NeverTrump Republicans Shouldn't Celebrate Yet"

WaPO: Hillary Questions If Bernie QUALIFIED For Presidency; Calls Sanders Out For Repeating It!

Daily News Bernie Interview A Sham

NYC Council passes bill to crack down on Elmos in Times Square

Storm clouds and sunlight

What Clinton/Sanders Did/Didn’t Say About Their Opponent’s Qualifications - Washington Monthly

Just watched a part of Charlie Rose interview of Sanders.

New York police commanders transferred in widening corruption probe

Bernie Sanders endorsed by Maryland activists

Bill tells a story about a "place where black lives matter, Africa" on Rwandan genocide anniversary

Truth has been Berned

Hillary Clinton Has A New Anti-Bernie Attack Ad | Secular Talk

do the clintons spend more on tax advice than Sanders makes in total?

Clinton Laughingly Responds With "Read the Articles" When Asked to Refuse Fracking Money

Have you had an abortion? Missouri Republicans want to know. Planned Parenthood official could be ar

KC Mayor Sly James on With All Due Respect on MSNBC

Bernie Gets First Wisconsin Superdelegate, State Rep. David Bowen of Milwaukee

I've decided I cannot wait.

The Obama administration is quietly taking decisive action to cut banking down to size

Bill Clinton is now #1 Trend on Twitter and it ain't pretty!

The GOP black exodus

Gary Kubiak, Broncos talking to Johnny Manziel

The one percent always ate us alive: How human sacrifice led to our society’s gross inequality

Now Here’s Some True R&R: Reuniting and Reminiscing with WWII Buddies, Joe and Max

Now Here’s Some True R&R: Reuniting and Reminiscing with WWII Buddies, Joe and Max

Ex-staffer: Wisconsin GOP intended ID law to disenfranchise Dems

USA Today Wash. Bureau Chief Susan Page: Of Dems. Who Are Voting, 6 Out of 10 Are For SANDERS

Titan's Hidden Surface: Global Map Shows New Details (

ABC News: Hillary Clinton Questions Bernie Sanders as a Democrat

Bill Clinton’s Claim That College Loans Can't Be Refinanced Is Mostly True

Hillary's Free Trade Agreements = Sweatshops & Misery for Lower Wage Workers in other Nations

Bill Clinton signed a law that one of the stars on the Arkansas flag stood for the confederacy

Earth to Camp Clinton: Sanders has ALWAYS been there for the people, so we are there for him.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says her state doesn’t need transgender bathroom law

New York New York (and a reminder to watch Bernie tonite on Seth Meyers)

Latest Saturn Photos From NASA's Cassini Orbiter (

Bernie Sanders Just Picked Up Support from America’s Greatest Folk Singer

So much for the over used BS standby that the media is ignoring the Sanders campaign.

Bill Clinton Heckled in Philadelphia:

Bernie Sanders Philadelphia Pa Press Conference.

Bernie Sanders’ PUMA Moment: Hillary Clinton ‘Not Qualified"

When will Hillary fire Christina Reynolds?

"Qualifications" for President - Everyone is Correct

Clinton Responds "Read the Articles" When Asked to Refuse Fracking Money, Laughs condescendingly

Qualifications: You don't get a free pass because you are a man.

How the DLC Saved the Democratic Party

The Bernie campaign is modeled after the underwear gnome's profit plan

Oil Corps Donated to Clinton Foundation While Lobbying State Dept

Hillary Clinton Is Gaslighting Bernie Sanders and It Is Abusive

The best evidence I've seen that Bernie Sanders's political revolution might be possible

Clinton's connection to the Panama Papers confirmed - In case you missed it

Sanders Camp Says It Will '100 Percent' Contest Convention If Clinton Doesn’t Clinch Delegate Majori

"Qualifications" is the wrong word and distracts us from the important issues of the campaign.

Starting to see more Hillary ads on TV here in NY.

So Sanders is "against" Wall Street

Hillary will never have a Brooklyn accent!

It will be a challenge for the Red Sox ...

Twitter erupts after ESPN host wears ‘Caucasians’ shirt to call out Cleveland ‘Indians’ logo

Who do you think is more qualified, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? - Poll

Empirical study finds Clinton more effective lawmaker in Congress than Sanders.

Texas News and Lots of It! (4/7/2016)

Ray Lewis Makes Uninformed Condemnation of Black Lives Matter Movement in Couch-Side Sermon

Some Democratic Lawmakers Are Open to Removing Lobbyists as Superdelegates

Empirical study: Clinton more effective lawmaker in Congress than Sanders.

Press Conference where Bernie addresses the "Qualified" issue

Why one family keeps turning down millions for their simple house next to Augusta National Golf Club