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McClatchy/Marist national: Bernie's margin over all 3 Republicans is 11+ points better than Hillary

Did Bill have issues in PA today?

Anti-abortion groups call on California attorney general to resign, stop Senate bid (xpost from GD)

Do you find the "not qualified" remark to be sexist?

I'm not really a fan of these kindof shows, but on the Voice, there is a FANTASTIC singer, her name

Reach for the stars... Be all you can be... Give it your all... Dream big... Do your best...

How come Bernie Sanders never said John Kerry was unqualified to be President?

Four Horsemen documentary-- 139 min ad for Bernie Sanders

So President Obama wasn't qualified to be president? Bernie is a demagogue, not a Democrat

Sanders Catches Clinton

Scott Walker: "For once, I agree with Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is not qualified

Why is Bill Clinton doubling down on Hillary's super-predator theory?


Congressional Fundraising: Worse than you think

In this Democratic primary season, I'm grateful that

So Bernie thinks John Kerry, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are all unqualified to be President

A look at the audio for Bernie’s New York Daily News interview

Pat Robertson On The 700 Club: Islam Is A Dangerous 'Infection' That Must Be Eliminated

Hey New Yorkers! Where were you on Saturday, Feb.15, 2003

I love to hate Donald Trump

The Charming Doodles Charles Darwin’s Children Left All Over the Manuscript of...

POLL: "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are unusually weak, widely disliked presidential candidates"

Cruz's Bronx school visit canceled after student walkout threat

Bernie Polls: Hillary in His Sights, Sanders Makes Up Ground in Two Important Demographics

A Clinton finally did something Chris Hayes can't defend

Crisis in MO Delegate Count, Hillary Launches Dirty Gun Attack

Good weather for canvassing here in NY. HRC ROOM

Hillary laughs at the idea her ambition is destroying the party!

G.E. Chief Executive Issues Ill-Advised Response to Bernie Sanders

I love to hate Donald Trump

The worry that is wafting off the Clinton campaign

Nudge, Nudge, Nudge - Paul Ryan Going For Nomination in Convention? [video]

Broncos won't sign Johnny Manziel

Why did Bernie Sanders vote to confirm Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

Bernie Sanders Just Got One of His Most Unlikely Backers Yet

Maybe Bernie Is Contending That Hillary Was Delivered By C-Section?

If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Bill Clinton Loses It, Doubles Down on "Super Predator", 94 Crime Bill

Check this link out ........

Rudy Giuliani: "I'm gonna vote for Trump"

Bill Clinton Accuses Black Lives Matter Protesters of Defending Murderous Drug Dealers

MOYERS - Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland on the One Percent’s Power and Privileges

Could someone please make a video compilation of Hillary's inappropriate cackles

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Cheeseheads of the World, Unite! Uncensored & Live &

China's Great Firewall inventor forced to use VPN live on stage to dodge his own creation

The Simpsons - President Lisa Simpson.... Life in the US after a Drumpf pResidency....

*Jane Sanders on MSNBC in a few mins., Rachel's show. Bernie on Seth Meyers later tonite.

Despite What Corporate Media Tells You, Bernie Sanders’ Positions Are Mainstream

I am voting for Sanders because of his good judgment on crucial issues

California & New York, two of America's most liberal & progressive states

Ad made by Trump supporters --- Racists for Donald Trump

Did Hillary say Bernie isn't qualified?

Why Hillary Supporters Called Themselves PUMA’s In ‘08

** Posted To The African-American Group ***

Take the FU Train Ted

Top Hillary Clinton Campaign Fundraiser Lobbies for Offshore Drilling in Israel

Berners - Heads up - Rachel is going to be interviewing Jane.


Great News for Donna - One million dollars in donations!

Black Lives Matter Protesters and Bill Clinton repeatedly clash in Philadelphia

This is a stroke of genius

The candidate whose message is that the system is rigged now vows to win by trying to rig the system

Hillary Camp's latest moves are all about Bolstering her Weak Fundraising

Why did Bill Clinton berate Black Lives Matter?

Climate Change.. everything else takes a back seat

TYT: Bill Clinton Vs. Black Lives Matter

Aurora victim's stepfather blasts Sanders over gun views

Officials: Texas student's killing on campus 'horrifying'

Last week Hillary goes off on Greenpeace activist. Today Bill goes off on BLM activists.

I really like Martin O'Malley...

I went slumming in Sonoma today.

I'm watching Martin O'Malley on MSNBC ...

Several earthquakes recorded in Oklahoma on Thursday

Shout out to Retrowire!

I'm So Stoked! Really Pumped! Just Got Off a Conference Call. #ImWithHer #ShesWithUs (HILLARY GROUP)

Let's Dispel This Fiction that Sanders Doesn't Know How to Break Up Banks -- Roosevelt Institute

Indiana trooper fired for proselytizing on duty to motorist

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening --- by Donald J. Trump

Blankenship Will Serve 1 Week For Each Of The 52 Miners Who Died While He Was CEO

Why Bernie Sanders knows more about big banks than his critics are saying

We are looking for a home in FL

The Di Rosa Museum/Gallery.

Holy crap, Bill REALLY doesn't want Hillary to be President

I just put Jane Sanders on mute. Listened long enough. Nothing

Czech prosecutors charge US man with murder in 2013 killings

95% Of World's Most Pristine Reef Gone In Months; 60% Of All Coral May Die By July

What the frack is wrong with her?

Racists were trolling Twitter today, agreeing with Bill Clinton "for once"

Guilty at last…Undermining the very Foundations of Stupidparty

22 charged in Miami drug money laundering operation

22 charged in Miami drug money laundering operation

Bernie Sanders: Incarcerating a Country (4/13/1994)

Jane Sanders with Rachel: "They're NOT on the same page."

Illustration of why Hillary Clinton needs to keep Bill off the campaign trail...

(Intrepid) Bernie Sanders - We Shall Overcome

Businessman convicted of selling fake medicine slain in Rio

12 million Americans believe alien lizards rule us

Sanders Surprises New Yorkers Walking Down Midtown Street

USA According to the Mainstream Media and NPR...

Sanders tangles with Charlie Rose over Clinton's qualifications

Reid Wants NV Standoff Site To Be Nat'l Monument

First he exploits the Democratic Party, now he exploits BLM

Anybody else watch the finale of American Idol?

Humorous Cartoon (for DBZ Fans)

Federal Judge Blocks Sovereign-Styled ‘Lawyers’ From Oregon Occupation Case

Hillary's lie about New York guns coming from Vermont

Bernie vows to take $15 hr and progressive agenda to convention party platform

NATIONAL MONUMENTS: Reid pushes for designation where Bundy cows roam

Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist

Charlie Rose: Bernie Sanders clarifies comments about Hillary Clinton's qualifications

Any time...

Three more Pinocchios for #Bernocchio Hillary didnt call him unqualified

its not over until it's over

I've seen posts in the last

"Kids"... "I mean gang leaders"...

The Birther-in-(Wannabe)Chief – Trump’s Most Uninformed Statements

San Xavier priest prays for graffiti attacker

Hi kids ....

Remembering what Urban Crime was like in the '90's

"Don't whine.. for the love of GOD.. stop whining" I want to yell at the TV

Bernie fan age-shames Hillary supporters on Twitter

There's a better way than for profit prisons to help people find a way out of crime....good jobs

Donald Trump Won’t Leave Us Alone

Birders Flock To Harney County For Annual Bird Festival

Deep State (State of Michigan edition?)

'Devastating' bug pops secure doors at airports, hospitals

Super Delegates have been a party of the Democratic presidential nominating process since 1982

The Financial Industry Is Having Its Napster Moment

Who here is in Portland?

Ray Lewis loud and wrong on Black Lives Matter, crime

hillbots are trying to get Jane Sanders trending on Twitter

Sanders and his supporters understand something critical...

Gulf Spill Settlement Could Save BP Billions In Tax Breaks

Guatemala accuses 14 of forcing farmers to sell their land

Not Good, Not Good At All- by Josh Marshall

White noise at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser

Heads-up: Bernie will be on the Seth Myers show on NBC.

Panel makes right call to allow New Orleans to decide fate of Confederate monuments

Hillary Clinton uses static noise machine to prevent reporters from hearing her fundraiser speech

Sculpture replaces Confederate monument (NC)

I am regularly getting accused by Hillary supporters of being another user WillyT...

Illinois News 4-7-2016

The first Wiener-Kim debate frames an epic election battle (SF)

Good Front Page Press for Bernie from Portland Oregon!

I hold myself up to the judgment of this group regarding this accusation

'Why are there no whites?': The Wiz Live draws huge numbers for NBC with over 11million viewers desp

Bernie Sanders Statement on Israel-Gaza Conflict Corrects Distortion Of His Position

Padma Lakshmi calls Donald Trump a ‘racist buffoon’

Sanders campaign is talking about the convention and super delegates to make the case to stay in

Steven Leser implies younger voters, particularly younger women, are naive and gullible

TYT on the biggest fake controversy of this election cycle

An Open Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders

Dachshunds Play Ball Hockey!

The Wisconsin Primary Wasn’t All Bad News for Hillary Clinton

What a poutrage!

Missouri News - 4/7/2016

The DEA Will Decide Whether to Change Legal Status on Marijuana by July

Why doesn't Bill Clinton shut the fuck up?

POLL: Curious on who the DU thinks will be the GOP nominee......

Stand Your Ground, Unless You’re a Battered Woman

New Emerson poll has Hillary up 56% to 38% in NY. HRC ROOM

There is now a country where most political party leaders are openly gay or bi

Jane Sanders speaking in support of Bernie Sanders Rachel Maddow

Ted Cruz May Be Promoting a Debunked Idea

Dear Hillary, Madeleine and Gloria: Feminism Demands We Say No to America’s Deadly Imperial Wars

Hillary Clinton on NAFTA: "you can go back and look at what I've said consistently"

So Sanders was up 2 in the marist poll yesterday and down 9 today

NOW, BERNIE on Seth Meyers Show, NBC. :)

Reminder peeps - Bernie on Seth Meyers tonite (thurs), the Today show tomorrow (Fri)

But...But ...But that Tweet though...

Bernie is on Seth!

Would Paul Ryan Lose Tea Bagger Support If He Stole...

Hillary savaged for her Tweet on hedge fund managers (Warning: Don't read with liquid in mouth)

Now I Know Why The SOS Hillary Doesn't want Her Transcripts Released - Case in Point

No SPOILERS but...OMG! on ARROW!!!!

After all the shit Hillary has been throwing at Bernie

Another Path to Victory for Bernie Sanders

Righteous rant from BLM fighter on Bill Clinton and his horrible comments:

San Francisco police fatally shoot man carrying knife

Bernie Sanders's Successful Insurgency

The Repug convention

LOL@BS.. Now he's tellling SL that he has a "friendly relationship with PBO"..

Nation-wide radio station hack airs hours of vulgar “furry sex” ramblings

State police shoot, wound man armed with shotgun at Wal-Mart

Van Jones Tweet on Bill Clinton & BLM episode

Maduro asks Venezuela high court to scrap opposition amnesty

Venezuela: Regime change on the agenda?

It's Time To Make Another $27.00 Donation To Bernie.....

Report: Weak oversight lets dangerous nurses work in New York

Tesla's Model 3 sedan gets over 325,000 reservations

Why is Honduras the world's deadliest country for environmentalists?

Huff Po: Bill Clinton Got $800,000 for Speeches from Organization Promoting Colombia FTA (the one HR

Wisconsin News: 4/8/2016

Hillary's generation benefited from "free stuff"

Test drive

Dog has seen some shit

Bill Clinton: How to Protect America

Bernie Sanders replying to a caller on C-SPAN after the LA riots

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addresses the 1936 Democratic National Convention

Bernie - Then and Now

Time to warm up your best Frank Sinatra impersonation

Bernie - Then and Now

Minnesota News: 4/8/2016

WH: Clinton qualified to be president

Pressure piles up for independent prosecutor in Lockerbie (PAN AM Flt 103 bombing) case

Journalist Steve Leser: "Republicans have no Clue what Socialism and Communism means"

ISIS Captures Hundreds Of Syrian Cement Factory Workers, Report Says


Damage Extensive for Crippled U.S. Littoral Ship in Singapore

Sand Storm and heavy lifiting

I guess it had to happen sooner or later

Two Guys from Brooklyn. Spike Lee interviews Bernie Sanders

Dennis Davis - drummer for David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, et. al. succumbs to cancer.

Hillary Clinton and her record - Paying the Butcher's bill

OMG! NEVER SAW CENK LAY IT OUT LIKE THIS: Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Spar On Qualifications

Call for ban on Washington Post

An economist weighs in on MSM's willful misreading of Sanders interview in NY Daily News.

Mississippi boundaries redrawn to officially relocate state to the wrong side of history

Clinton team blasts reporters with noise machine during Hillary fundraising speech


Navy audit found gaps in ship service contracts

The Holocaust, the Left, and the Return of Hate

Daily Holidays - April 8

Bavarian town rescinds Hitler's honorary citizenship

Bill's attack on the BLM protesters: fair & defensible, or not?

Why these primary candidates are both better than the GOP candidates.

Anyone get the feeling it was all Bill could do to avoid saying

Key conservatives pushing Mike Lee for the Supreme Court

Bill knows BLM doesn't defend murderers.

Watching the media ignore Bill Clinton attacking BLM

Bernie Sanders Wins 3 Policy Victories, Media Shrugs

Bernie doubles down on HRC not qualified attack on the Late Night with Seth Myers show

Bernie Sanders Overpacks Philadelphia Arena as Pennsylvania Poll Shows Him Surging

Bill Clinton: "Black lives matter...are defending murderers"

Rare 1967 Martin Luther King press conference - MLK discusses Vietnam and running for President

Dean Baker: DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics

Bernie Sanders is Right—Regulation Isn’t Enough, We Need to Ban Fracking

Bernie Sanders endorsed by Maryland activists

Doctors, Nurses and Leaders Want to Restore Funding For Gun Violence Research

Have you ever heard of the US baseball-team "The Caucasians"? (pic)

Governor vetoes bill that would’ve allowed domestic violence victims to carry gun without permit

Kansas News - Schools, sex trafficking, George Tiller's killer

The mastermind behind the petition to make the Republican National Convention open carry

Nebraska News - 4/8/2016

CO2 goes up, ice goes down

Arkansas News - 4/8/2016

Emily's list misrepresenting the Sanders Clinton qualifications conflict.

Syria's Assad shows no willingess to compromise

Hypocrite Nina Turner, a Sanders surrogate: Attacks on Clinton don't apply to Obama

Sanders uses padded data to back up his claim

Sanders uses padded data to back up his claim - Cross Post GDP

Oklahoma News: OKC school layoffs, $1.50 cigarette tax proposal to fund Medicare, Switzer

U.S. military christens self-driving 'Sea Hunter' warship

🐦 Bernie's Brooklyn Rallies Today

Hillary runs white noise machine at fundraiser

Former Texas officer who fatally shot unarmed woman found not guilty

Former Texas officer who fatally shot unarmed woman found not guilty

Louisiana News - 4/8/2016

Pope calls for compassionate Church open to 'imperfect' Catholics

Mercedes diesel owners file new lawsuit in United States



Five Swipes to get on the Subway?

How Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen has made al Qaeda stronger – and richer

In Pennsylvania, Clinton's crumbling; Bernie's surging!

Steve Leser joins the ranks of John Lewis and Dolores Huerta.

California Field Poll: HRC: 47% BS: 41%

Seven killed, 15 injured in Sinai blasts

Morning Joe faults itself for not covering Bernie enough--should have been more critical!

Clinton Campaign uses White Noise to Cover Up Her Speech to Denver Mega Donors

How pathetic is Ben Carson????

WaPo Ed.-Mr. Sanders’s shocking ignorance on his core issue HRC ROOM

The PA Polls are tightening. Bill Clinton knew what he was doing.

New Hillary Clinton Ads

Note to Atheists: Low Incarceration Rates Are Not a Sign of Morality

Bernie is doing very Presidential on Morning Joe

The dog of war: Scooby the British military pup dons goggles and ear muffs as he takes part in Army

When Religious Groups Do What the Government Won't

Moring Joke is giving Bernie lots of time for all aspects of his typical stump speech.

'No one can be condemned forever': Pope Francis just signaled a big shift in Catholic thought

Just announced: Pope invites Bernie to Vatican to speak! about a moral economy!!

The Bernie camp is admitting they can't catch up with pledged delegates.

Some of the funniest stuff I have come across online I find more or less by accident

Give your business to firms in secular countries

This week, BS earned more Pinocchios than delegates, between taxes, "unqualified" "she started it"

Sanders to Attend Vatican City Meeting on Economic, Social Issues

Bernie's 'Two Visions' Ad on TV Today. It's been broadcast several times so far...

Eating disorders: Highest mortality rate of any mental disorders among Americans

Trump-campaign looking for new Chief of Staff (satire)

This Animation Was Created Using Old Photos from the Early 1900s

Bernie says we need a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Hillary is right: Superpredators must be brought to heel

TransCanada: Oops! SD Spill Wasn't 4 Barrels, It Was 400 Barrels! Heh! Our Bad!

guess she didnt do the research

Breaking: Bernie going to the Vatican to talk about income inequality

N. Korean staff in overseas restaurant in mass defection to South

*Hillary Clinton group

POLL: Meme of the Month – February 2016

Poll: Seven in 10 people hold unfavorable view of Donald Trump

This primary is about asking the megarich for pretty please a little help versus

Clinton’s Fossil Fuel Money Revisited Sen. Bernie Sanders uses padded data to back up his claim that

President Obama, it's not to late to condemn torture.

Georgia woos recruits as N.C., Miss., face fallout of LGBT laws

Klein - We're Out Of Time On Climate, And Clinton Helped Make It Possible

Clinton Collapsing? New Field Poll in California: Clinton 46 Sanders 41

(Pub. 3/27/16) Sen Nina Turner for Bernie in Brooklyn

Free market, my ass: How Kimberly-Clark fixed toilet paper prices in Colombia

Suspicion about current New York Times "letters to the editor" this Friday morning.

Free market, my ass: How Kimberly-Clark fixed toilet paper prices in Colombia

All this talk about whose supporters are more polite, who has more vitriol,

The shameful history haunting Peru’s elections – video

World Bank Finally Gets Memo, Will Dedicate A Whole 28% (ooh!) To Climate Project Funding

Pat Robertson, "Islam is a dangerous infection that must be eliminated"

ABC News: Battle of New Yorkers: Sanders vs. Clinton

WaPo: "Sanders’s shocking ignorance on his core issue"

The War on Democracy in Latin America: Interview with John Pilger

The War on Democracy in Latin America: Interview with John Pilger

Los Angeles County violated Constitution by putting Christian cross on seal: judge

Poll: Latino Voters Near Evenly Divided Over Clinton, Sanders

Reactions to Bernie Sanders' April Fools Day NYDN Interview

Oil spill estimate jumps to almost 17K gallons- Freeman, South Dakota

The dog of war: Scooby the British military pup dons goggles and ear muffs as he takes part in Army

Panama Papers: Questions for the Argentine President

"Behind nearly every bad policy decision our country has made in the last 20 years ..."

‘There’s Never Been a Drug Law That Wasn’t Tied to Race’

Female police officers subjected to 'attractiveness' inspections in Mexico

Female police officers subjected to 'attractiveness' inspections in Mexico

The Cone Of Silence

If you want the economic system to serve the people, you have to put the people in charge,

Gay slur aimed at hairdresser 'not homophobic' - French ruling

smells like victory


Another atheist murdered in Bangladesh

It's official!

Rick Scott confronted in Starbucks

Adobe Issues Emergency Update to Flash After Ransomware Attacks

Elton John, Pope Francis turned down Clinton Foundation invites

Two Guys From Brooklyn: The Bernie Sanders Interview by Spike Lee

Two Guys From Brooklyn: The Bernie Sanders Interview by Spike Lee

Spanish trial of soldiers who killed priests raises hopes of ending impunity in El Salvador

Donald Trump Skimps on Veterans: Charities Receive Only a Fraction of Funds Raised

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Spanish trial of soldiers who killed priests raises hopes of ending impunity in El Salvador

Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post is not an unbiased indepedent arbiter of truth.

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Dead Party

Resign David Cameron: Calls for PM to go snowball ahead of Downing Street Protest

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Taxes

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Psst...Clinton is now only +6 in California...

2016 Horse Racing - Nyquist return to training delayed

Well well Bernie just walked back his LIE--just said Hillary was qualified to be POTUS...

Death on the border: Family suing U.S. for “torturing and killing” Latino father at California-Mexic

Death on the border: Family suing U.S. for “torturing and killing” Latino father at California-Mexic

I would think that if Bernie Sanders spent 40 years identifying what the problems are,


Does anyone know what is going to happen at the Cleveland Convention?

Bernie town hall on NOW

1920s Berlin video

Productivity rises in 49% of manufacturing and mining industries in 2015

Critic of High-Frequency Trading Receives SEC Whistleblower Bounty Award

Bernie Sanders Announces Special Vatican Trip | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Campaign for alumni of UNC to cancel donations until UNC does an about face on HB2

Mike Malloy - Will The FBI Shut Down Hillary Clinton´s Nomination?

Mike Malloy - Why I’m for Bernie Sanders

Bernie invited to Vatican by Pope. "The Idolatry of Money...The Worship of Money"

World’s Largest Gathering Of Primordial Dwarfs

What Carole King ('a New Yorker by birth and by heart') wishes you knew about Hillary Clinton

Actually we really DO need a revolution of the kind Bernie Sanders is talking about.

Krugman: Bernie is becoming a Bernie Bro.

How can anyone still support Sanders?

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Is Showing The Youth A Future To believe In

Edward Snowden’s David Cameron Tweet Tells Public To Rise Up And Force PM’s Resignation

Things learned today:

Cruz stands by 'New York values' criticism

Get your Friday Puppy Fix on, because Puppiez Iz Luv!

(another) Secular activist murdered in Bangladesh

When I see a 10%er endorse Hillary by asking where is Bernie's plan, I know they really just

Just one conversation can reduce anti-trans bias, study finds

Rangel: 'Who the hell is Bernie Sanders to say somebody is not qualified to run for president of th

25 Of The Most Mind Boggling Questions You Will Ever Hear

Clinton is a taker, not a maker

These 200 people could decide whether Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination

Here's The Moral Basis For Progressive Taxation

Kerry makes unannounced stop in Baghdad to shore up ISIS fight

Perry & Friends Caught Red Handed. Election Law Broken, Investigation Called For.

Hugs for Derek the wombat! Squee for Tasmanian tourism

New Myanmar government frees scores of jailed activists

Sanders Over the Edge

Holds up to 11 Hours of Questioning by Republicons..

Damnit, Paul Krugman! Please put a sock in it about Bernie!

If neither candidate earns the delegates needed to clinch this...

Bernie Sanders Returns Home To Brooklyn

So, Sanders is going to Italy 4 days before the NY primary.

Latino vote Sanders vs Clinton ....

I have to ask myself why has the right spent more than 30 years trying to destroy Hillary and Bill

Fifteen life hacks using binder clips.

Oklahoma budget crisis opens door to criminal justice reform

Has Sanders joined the ‘Bernie or Bust’ movement? Nah.

The difference between Hillary & Bernie as told by the Front Page of Huffington Post

Bernie Sanders surrenders: ‘Of course’ Hillary Clinton is qualified

WTF happened to Clint Howard?

Complex sugars cooked up from 'comet ice'

Dellamaide: "Hillary Clinton’s ‘insurmountable’ lead is fuzzy math"

Teaching dogs to fly...

Dellamaide: "Hillary Clinton’s ‘insurmountable’ lead is fuzzy math"

Bernie Sanders bring me a dream!

7 Kissimmee officers criminally investigated in past year

Hyundai recalls 173,000 Sonata cars in U.S.: filing

Sanders Over the Edge.. by Paul Krugman~ Scorch!

"Going for the straighter, narrower gauge."

Please help Salem if you can (warning: Fund Raising Link inside)

Pope Francis is a brilliant man, I think he asked Sanders to speak at the perfect time for a reason.

Florida teacher disciplined over giving students form asking how "privileged" they are

Stephen Colbert offers new Ted Cruz campaign slogan, "Abandon All Hope"

GE CEO: Bernie Sanders says we’re ‘destroying the moral fabric’ of America. He’s wrong.

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street

President Obama- Fortunate to have worked with Hillary Clinton

Clinton vs. Trump: Even their supporters don’t like them

In light of Sanders invitation to the Vatican...

India in talks to buy U.S. Predator drones, has eye on China, Pakistan

Oh, my! Look what's on the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

15 Fortune 500 Companies Paid No Federal Income Taxes in 2014

Swiss finance minister offers defense for rich caught up in Panama Papers

Fox News and Newsmax are not regarded as credible sources of information at DU, right?

How bout we talk a little Pope visit political strategy.

Aerial Reforestation

Paris attacks suspect Abrini arrested: Belgian media

The Rise and Fall of 'Free, White, and 21'

Kerry visits Iraq in show of support

Active shooter situation at Lackland AFB

Ted Cruz on rat copulation (satire)

Active shooter reported at Lackland AFB in Texas

Victims from shooter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio: sheriff

We have two candidates one was invited to speak to the pope on the economy the other by Goldman Sach

Beauty business goes Big Brother: CIA funding skin cream that can harvest your DNA

Bernie Sanders - Today Show Town Hall

Anyone that believes politicians who take money from corporations will work

After Fairfax police ticket cars awaiting state inspection, Va. passes law banning it

Sanders snap rally today in Flatbush?!

empty suit.

Sanders' hit on Clinton not the first, or likely the last

Who convinced Bernie he needed to walk back his "quote-unquote" unforced error?

Hillary really wanted to join Sanders in the Vatican, but she has bills to pay...

Who here would be defending Trump, if

The New York Press is hacking into Bernie, fine, but do they have any criticism at all on Hillary?

NY voter registration barely increases for both parties

From the Montgomery County Md. Police Department:

Will you come to our clean energy rally in Kingston on Saturday? (an email invitation)


"The Promise" by Robert Crais

At What Point Does Bernie Sanders Submit to The Power Structure?

Health care for all in MO

Shrinking seats: Senate beats back effort to regulate airline seat size

Clinton team blasts reporters with noise machine during Hillary fundraising speech

This "qualification" smear is nothing new from Hillary; it is recycled from 2008

Arrest Made in Killing of University of Texas Student Haruka Weiser

NOW, Bernie NYC Town Hall LIVE On MSNBC, Outside With Matt Lauer, Willie Geist

NY City Is More Catholic than the Nation as a Whole

Bernie Sanders says ‘of course’ Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president,

"Sovereign Citizen" blows his hands off with home-made explosive...

Prominent Al-Qaida Figure Killed in US Drone Strike in Syria

Is Elizabeth Warren Afraid To Endorse Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders: ‘Of course’ Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president

Several Arrests Made in Belgium in Connection to Brussels Attacks

Bernie on Morning Joe - April 8th - Great interview!

It's interesting to see how popular the pope is on DU these days.

Lest another false narrative take hold

Alma Brown, Widow of Former Commerce Secretary, Dies at 76

Clinton campaign chairman: Americans 'can handle the truth' about UFOs

Brussels Bombing: 'Several' Arrests Made, Belgian Prosecutors Say

Grassroots revolt against Hillary: Occupy activists launch “Battle of New York” to fight Clinton

In case I can't come back later to finish

Russell Simmons Demands an Apology From Bill Clinton Over Black Lives Matter Comments

By the Way, Your Home Is On Fire: The climate of change and the dangers of stasis.

Michelle Obama-Named Public Schools Sprout Up Around the Country

HRC:"There is not even the remotest chance that (indictment) is going to happen"

Current state of primary delegates

I wonder how many who are thrilled with Bernie's invitation from the pope, were so upset when PP

The 7 Traits of Passive Aggressive Behavior as illustrated by the Clinton Campaign

Appeals court says Sunni Muslim trooper wrongly labeled terrorist should get cash

Jane Sanders is a Refreshing Bouquet of Sincerity

"The Brainwashing of My Dad." Must-see new documentary.

WAPO: OP-ED : Was An Asian Gov't Reading Hillary's Emails in 2009?

Uber Settles Lawsuit Over Background Checks in California For $10 Million

Hillary Clinton - Bernie Sanders' and Others Favorable vs Unfavorable Ratings Charts- Live Updated

Over 68 thousand votes...

Same sex marriage and fracking

She brags about her record on gun control --

cnn: Keystone leak 90x worse than first reported

Clinton broke the law by campaigning on a subway car

Links to graphs for major candidates tracking polls

Hillary says email charges ain't gonna happen. Says “Republicans’ fondest wishes won't be fulfilled"

Panama Papers Could Really End Hillary's Campaign

Vatican Academy Criticizes Sanders’s ‘Monumental Discourtesy’

After 3 years and 430 miles, Illinois family reunited with missing dog in Omaha

Why Do Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside

Bernie has been invited to the Vatican

A killer planet is rapidly heading toward Earth

So now that Bernie is going to the Vatican what will be the hit strategy from the other side?

No Blues for Bernie in L.A. Where Sanders Backers Are Still Making Happy Music

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Trump Is Truly Uniting America!

Clinton's lead over Sanders declines to six points in California's...primary (Field Poll)

Vatican says Bernie reached out to them to obtain the invite and it sounds like they are not

Larry Sanders (Bernie's Brother!) on Bernie & Healthcare

Ok to plant?

So you say you want a revolution? Alright.

Speak Up for Reason (June 4, 2016, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC)

Bernie Sanders: Prolific Democratic Party fundraiser

Democracy Now: Military Historian Agrees with Sanders: Hillary Clinton is an Unreconstructed Hawk

Neoliberal Economists: Against Bernie Sanders and Common Sense

Are we incubating a tea party of the left?

Bernie Wins Wisconsin on Honesty and Inspiration; Gets Shamed on Cover of New York Paper

Ah, yes, GRAVITY

All drugs are poisons, and that’s OK

Bernie Sanders Talks Hillary Clinton, Anti-LBGT Laws, More | The View

Psssst.... Check this out...

The little bird knew!

Did Sanders make a Papal boo-boo?

All drugs are poisons, and that’s OK

Was Ted Cruz having Good Christian Sex with his Prostitute?

The disturbing reason some African American patients may be undertreated for pain

538 ~ Bernie Sanders Is Even Further Behind In Votes Than He Is In Delegates

Panama Papers -Cameron is guilty as a legislator

Mind-twisting B&W Surreal Photos

"Grassroots revolt against Hillary: Occupy activists launch "Battle of New York" to fight Clinton

Happy birthday, Yip Harburg

California primary up for grabs as Clinton’s lead shrinks

Bernie Sanders Opens New Campaign Office in Harlem

Steph'los Banned Moderating Rep Debate b/c Donations Clinton Found, Clinton Donor OK for Dem Debate

Slippery Hillary

Source: No 'coincidence' Romanian hacker Guccifer extradited amid Clinton probe

Bernie was invited, he could also be uninvited. Did they not know he was running for president?

Bill Clinton: "It bothers me but I did something yesterday in Philadelphia..."

CSU strike averted after tentative agreement

Questions for Hillary Clinton: Trolling the Candidate on the Campaign Trail

Legally Sanctioned Tax Evasion for Millionaires: The Panama Scam

The Black Lives Matter movement needs more political savvy

Al Qaeda-linked group claims Bangladesh killing: SITE

Margaret Archer knew Bernie was running for president, so why did you invite him?

Wake up Black people vote Bernie Sanders!!

More love for Bernie supporters! Krugman's "Sanders over the edge" is trending on twitter but

NCAA hammer comes down hard on Southern Miss former coach Donnie Tyndall

So what do you think Bill meant when he said "I almost want to apologize"?

So, the kitties have been named: Castor and Pollux

#SandersOverTheEdge gaining steam on Twitter thanks to Krugman...

Bernie Sanders picks a dangerous New York fight with Hillary Clinton

Flint water system improving, but still unstable: agency

Meet the male student who says he suffers periods when his female flatmate does

UNC Petition Urges NCAA To Reverse Results of 2016 NCAA Championship

First Wisconsin super delegate sides with Bernie Sanders

I'm more than a little confused by this Vatican thing.

Bill Clinton made me throw up a little in my mouth with his comment

New York man threatened to kill Obama, presidential hopefuls: prosecutor

Science Says Superman Should Be Black

Hillary Tone Deaf on Inequality: Forgets that $14k per year in 1973 = $74,464 today

+30 point swing for Sanders in New Emerson New York Poll. Clinton 56% - Sanders 38%

So why is it Misogyny when we Dem's criticize Hillary on her

Jealous! Of course the establishment elite devoted to greed

I can't paste anything in any threads today. Are other people having this problem?

he isn't familiar with a particular case

Bernie Sanders says 'of course' Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president

Obama to the Berniacs: Do not become the Tea Party

New Emerson 2016 New York Democratic Presidential Primary H56, B38 (4/6-4/7)

Prediction. The Bern will burn out after NY and concede.

Hillary's Inability to Grapple With Inequality Is Making Her Vulnerable to Bernie in New York BS is even less competitive than he appears

Vatican Host: "We're delighted to host this conference ... including Senator Sanders

Where are the Americans??

The left needs it own tea party to kill crap like the TPP

Scientists who simply laugh at folks like Ted Cruz

Lesbian Journalist Robin Roberts Is Mississippi Tourism's Cover Girl

The Canary Party and Rob Schneider versus the Vaccine Court: Guess who wins?

Bernie invited himself to the Vatican...

Actual text of the the Vatican Press Release - (thanks Coffee Cat)

BSers go from praising the Vatican to cursing it in hours

Quote Unquote: "Not one word"

Yes, Sanders WAS invited to the Vatican. Latest from Bloomberg:

Yo! New Yorkers! Where were you on Saturday Feb. 15, 2003

Bernie Sanders on Upcoming Meeting With Pope | The View

Bernie Sanders on Qualifications to be POTUS, Hillary Clinton | The View

Cartoon: GOP punishment for abortion

My sources tell me there are NO public tickets for the Brooklyn debate.

Syria releases American freelance photographer Kevin Patrick Dawes

Bernie Sanders Gets Personal: Celeb Crush, Right Way To Eat Pizza, & More | The View

Russia made a propaganda-cartoon to brainwash kids into hating NATO and people who think different.

Bernie Sanders on Sandy Hook Comments & Gun Control | The View

Two dead in U.S. Air Force base shooting

Let's be absolutely clear: Bernie never stated he was invited by the Pope, he said he received an

Bernie Sanders on Remaining Delegates, Challenging Clinton | The View

Bernie is Lying about Meeting with the Pope Now -- WOW

South China Sea: claims White House 'gagged' US navy chief over China criticism

Bernie Sanders announces first Upstate New York campaign event

Sanders Campaign: "Our fundraising is slowing down a bit this month"

Malheur and beyond

Scathing illustration about the state of the race...

Islamic State begins releasing kidnapped workers: Syrian Observatory

The VATICAN has DEBUNKED the smear already concerning Bernie's invite.

Merle Haggard cartoon

Bernie cartoon

McGinty no-show at PA. Senate debate on national security!

Bernie's positions on economics and the environment fit

Bernie is about to take the lead in the HuffPost National Polling aggregate for the first time!

Iceland bankers freed from jail

Sanders Over the Edge

Vaticangate: Our First Look At Sanders' Diplomatic Acumen

Community reacts to Keystone leak - all connected downstream

Hillary’s world collapsing around her: Bernies surge poised to derail her White House bid

You wanna know why I left the Republican Party as it exists today?

Georgia 'campus carry' gun bill sparks heavy student and faculty backlash

The dust up between Hillary & Bernie proved one thing

Another Big Bag of Fail from the Hillarians

SpaceX to attempt launch/landing to ISS today at 4:43pm EST

‘Toni Tennille’: Her happy marriage (of 39 years) with the Captain was a lie

The Trump effect: Koch-linked groups abandon GOP primary for Senate races

"On behalf of of the President, Prof. Margaret Arch .. I am very happy to invite

Facebook provides a home for illegal arms sales in Libya

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ 4PM: Bernie Rally in Flatbush, NY 4-8-16 'Bernie’s Block' Brooklyn =*=

Clinton campaign chair: 'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs

FDA to revoke pig drug approval over human cancer risk concern

Vatican invitation dated March 30, 2016

Don't forget about the WY caucuses tomorrow

My take on the Pope's invite. I believe its legit and here is why

Bernie Sanders Is Even Less Competitive Than He Appears

O'Reilly sends out his asshole reporter to embarass college students...not so much

R U a Woman? Heavy Spotting? Better call Gov Mike Pence

Question about Hillary's vote in support of the Iraq Resolution.

EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Harris-Perry Interviews Anita Hill, 25 Years Later

HRC stumping Buffalo today!

US election: Bernie Sanders invited to Vatican by Pope

(New) Orleans judge halts prosecutions, orders release of 7 unrepresented defendants

Judge overturns Maine marijuana ballot question denial

Has Corporate America Already Won the 2016 Election?

Why says Bernie has no power?

It is really horrible that Sanders wants to attend a conference on Social and Economic Justice

Bill Clinton got so mad when confronted with the truth about his record and rhetoric

The facts surrounding Bernie's invitation to Vatican City

The Sanders crowd is highly emotionally invested in this Vatican story.

5 Ways To Prove How Willfully Ignorant Many Republicans Are

My answer to a Bernie or Bust caller (VIDEO)

New York Democratic Polls 2016: Clinton’s Lead Grows

I called the pope - told him - "hey man, I'm going to drop by - see you soon"

Was there ever any consensus on Hillary's major accomplishments, or Bill Clinton's for that matter?

Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His Welfare Reform Is True

*CALIFORNIA RISING: Sanders Gains on Clinton to Within 6 Points, 41-47 % The Sacramento Bee

Somebody just tried to tell me that Hillary had nothing to do with Bush's Iraq war, yet ...

So it seems Hillary broke the law on NY subway

Democracy Now! (April 8): Andrew Bacevich on the endless wars in the Middle East

U.S. demands Apple unlock phone in NYC drug case

So Team Hillary is using the Pope to hide the fact that Bill's racist roots are showing?

Postage prices set to go down, and the USPS isn't happy

 Seeking an Upset, Sanders Campaign Searches for Votes in Pennsylvania’s Lost Communities

Malheur bird festival tours selling out

Nothing Bill Clinton said to defend his Welfare Reform is true. Source;

In light of Bernie's invite to the Vatican, I want to post this quote from The Pope

Unruly cattle

Radioactive Boar Are Thriving And Causing Havoc Near The Fukushima Power Plant

Vatican Chancellor accuses Margaret Archer of LYING!!!

Charlie Pierce (Esquire) and Michelle Goldberg (Slate) on Bill Clinton's surrogate deficiencies

AP-GfK Poll: Many dislike Clinton _ but more disdain Trump

New Hillary hashtag in the works!

NYT‘s Krugman: ‘Bernie Is Becoming a Bernie Bro’

NYT‘s Krugman: ‘Bernie Is Becoming a Bernie Bro’

Welfare and warfare on the range

Public land management is fine as is

Disability Rights Ohio sues Gov. John Kasich, state officials

Papal official denies report Sanders invited himself to Vatican

The "Welcome Home Bernie" Mural is a few blocks away from the Greenpoint Rally

A Massachusetts state legislator has a big idea to ease the urban rent crisis

A Massachusetts state legislator has a big idea to ease the urban rent crisis (xpost from GD)

Don’t look for leaders to rename Stonewall Jackson High School (VA)

Bernie Sanders to Discuss Inequality at the Vatican While Clinton Hosts a $2,700 Plate Fundraiser

Sanders was invited attend the Vatican conference

The line to see Bernie in Brooklyn today

Obama warns Dems against 'Tea Party mentality'

Obama warns Dems against 'Tea Party mentality'

Climate Change is Altering How the Poles Drift

Bernie in Binghamton, NY

Clinton Leads Sanders 56%-38% in New York

DEA to reconsider marijuana's federal status

Trappe neutral on Talbot Boys (MD)

Rally set over Davis monument (TX)

September 2015 - Bernie Sanders Welcomes Pope Francis

Bernie can only win open primaries or caucuses?

Assault Weapons: Who Has the Courage to Get 'Em Off Our Streets

"Sorondo...which is hosting the event, said it was his idea to invite Sanders."

Nope, Speaker Ryan doesn't want to be President...

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chooses Nuclear Option: Bill Is Becoming Unhinged!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Embraces N.W.A, and Ice Cube Is Cool With It

Panama Papers: Argentina's Macri to put assets in blind trust to "dispel doubts."

Bill Clinton's BLM Meltdown -- #BlackLivesMatter -- Continuing Story

New York Democratic Presidential Primary Clinton 56, Sanders 38 Clinton +18

Krugman, 2008: "the venom I see is coming from supporters of Mr. Obama, who want their hero..."

Set the record straight....

Boy's trans-Atlantic text, fast police work save 15 migrants


Why is Bill Clinton ranked #15 with 185k tweets?

Sanders doesn’t regret calling his rival Hillary Clinton “unqualified” — because she started it.

Hedgehog cafe opens in Tokyo to promote animals' softer side

Oh my! HRC runs better than Bernie against Trump & Cruz in NY General election

Hope was for 2008. Justice and progress for 2016...

Sanders calls on his New York roots.

Republican staffer quit because colleagues were 'giddy' about voter ID laws preventing votes

Sherman, Set the Wayback - Keith Olbermann Special Comment: Clinton-Obama Assassination

Here's a Transcript of the Fundraising Speech Hillary Clinton Didn't Want Us to Hear 

Mark Ruffalo at Bernie's campaign rally in Flatbush outside Bernie's old home...

Neo-Nazi Hacker and White Supremacist Website May Face Fines for Trolling

Saudi King Unveils Bridge Plan to Link His Nation With Egypt

Hillary comment at rally..April 8...

Trump's Rise Signals the Renaissance of the Ku Klux Klan

What's for Dinner, Fri., Apr. 8, 2016

Shimmering Immaculate Republican Candidate Appears Before GOP Officials

Interesting rebuttal to Krugman's NYT article: Sanders over the Edge

Robert Reich struggles to cope with Tamron Hall's HillBot interview

Religious scholar Reza Aslan ponders Donald Trump, pop culture and faith in America

What You Don't Know About Hillary Clinton Can Hurt You, Part 1:

Ironically “Jane Sanders” is Trending as She is Being Attacked by Sexist HRC Supporters

Bruce Springsteen cancels upcoming performance in North Carolina due to new 'anti-LGBT' law.

Woodrow Wilson name debate at Princeton continues to sting

Serious question

APR 16 March For Bernie NYC--we are gonna win NY!

Missouri flips to Bernie at caucus.

Admit you were wrong

First Nation hopes to lure tourists to B.C. ghost town where Donald Trump’s grandpa ran a brothel

How to talk Bernie Sanders and Jeff Sessions

I'm Done Calling Him Bernie. From Here On Out, It's Sanders.

Police find ‘house of horrors’ with arrest of 'sovereign citizen'

Bernie fundraiser - South Texas (reddit repost)

Brandenburg faces wrath of Flying Spaghetti Monster

Who do you think is more qualified, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

If you can't use a card swiper correctly, how can you have your finger on "the button"?

OK, Bernie's going to a Vatican conference, by invitation.

Politifact: Fact-checking Bill Clinton’s Philly defense of his controversial crime bill

Anti-court protester pleads guilty (PA)

How Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

Hillsboro Man Considered Sovereign Citizen Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges

Largest industry union in New Jersey, UNITE HERE Local 54 endorses Bernie!

Lonnie Phillips, Aurora victim's stepfather, blasts Sanders over gun views

Oh I get it now lol keep it up Camp Weather-vane.

Vaticangate: What Sanders is doing at the moment is basically pulling a Kim Davis

This has been an interesting day on DU...

A message from President Obama.

What do you guys think of the T.V. Show "Prison Break?"

The 15 Minute Clip of Sanders Talking To The Overflow Crowd in Brooklyn who didn't get in to

"Black on Black Crime": Bill Clinton's heated defense of his and Hillary's record was reminiscent

Yes, the TPP sells us out. Pro business interests are all about the TPP

I thought gloves were scheduled to be removed. What happened?

Whatever the details of the Vatican flap...

A post by me in GDP re the Vatican flap.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. - ASL Ice Bucket Challenge Agents of SHIELD

Paris attacks: Key suspect Abrini arrested in Brussels

With Saudi and Russian ties, Clinton machine’s tentacles are far reaching, according to Panama Paper

GOP Policies Always Lead to Death and Destruction

Bruce Springsteen Cancels North Carolina Concert Because of HB-2 (Statement from Springsteen)

Offshore drilling: Why it makes economic sense to wait

Upstate NY (Canton) Telling it like it is

Why few Americans in Panama Papers? Lawyer doesn't want them

Bernie is finally going to get some Foreign Policy Experience to add to his resume

Hundreds of Thousands of Sander's Backers May Demonstrate At The Democratic Party Convention In July

#PapalGate was supposed to be the Friday news drop

More Enthusiasm Gaps Lead to Missouri flipping for Bernie (51.4% B - 48.5% H)

Sanders tells ADL he knows he got his Gaza death toll number wrong

For a group that has a purity standard for progressives to celebrate a meeting at the Vatican.

Syria releases U.S. freelance photographer Kevin Patrick Dawes

I would suggest we all blunt the political edge while discussing Sanders and the Vatican Conference

In First Place: 9,351,849 - In Second Place: 8,197,535 - Distant Third Place: 6,946,679

Launch of Falcon 9 rocket from Canaveral today at 4:43pm EST

Ted Cruz Embodies the Degeneration of Foreign-Policy Conservatism

How is this Bernie campaign not an extension of the Sixties?

Bill Clinton: 'I Almost Want to Apologize' for Exchange With Black Lives Matter

Gun Control Advocates Protest At Sanders' Hartford CT Headquarters

Matt Taibbi: Why the Banks Should Be Broken Up | Rolling Stone

Poll about super delegates

Leak of Senate encryption bill prompts swift backlash

a little chilly in Flushing this afternoon


Roland Martin Grills Bill Clinton #BlackLivesMatter Protesters: What Do You Want the Clintons to Do?

Roland Martin Grills Bill Clinton #BlackLivesMatter Protesters: What Do You Want the Clintons to Do?

Lincoln Chafee says Donald Trump should try running for governor

If you live in Wyoming and you plan on voting for Bernie your caucus date is....

Ray Lewis blasts blm for ignoring black on black crime

Sanders Walks It Back: ‘Of Course’ Clinton Is Qualified to Be President

Sanders Walks It Back: ‘Of Course’ Clinton Is Qualified to Be President

That BBC headline stands..

Over 30 Countries Tax Financial Speculation. Why Doesn’t the United States?

Well crap, it's gonna freeze

Bernie people are trying to say that Missouri flipped from Hillary to Bernie.

First ever Jewish candidate to win a primary election and first candidate to ever be invited to the

Anyone using MacMail?

13 North Koreans defect, seek asylum in South

You know what this feels like?

Dozens of political prisoners released in Myanmar

Bernie Sanders: 'Of Course' Hillary Clinton Is Qualified To Be President

Voyage to Planet Nine

Fidel Castro visits school in Havana

OMG Sunset Blvd sux!

Argentina to boost ethanol use in fuels

Hillary Clinton Did Much Worse Than Call Barack Obama "Unqualified"

Indiana state trooper fired for asking motorists about their religion, lawsuit says

Bill Clinton Reaches Peak White Mansplain in a Face-Off Against Black Lives Matter Protesters

Shark Collides With Man on Paddleboard

Phonebank Your Way to History | Bernie Sanders

Baby Bear 'Smokey Junior' Rescued From Brush Fire

Phonebank Your Way to History | Bernie Sanders

Amtrak Train Derails in Pennsylvania

Navy SEAL who claims shooting Osama Bin Laden charged with DUI

Caucus for Bernie in Wyoming!

Voter Registrations are Up in California

The U.S. Combat Ship That's Still Stuck in Singapore

Caucus for Bernie in Wyoming

The 'New York Values' Trump and Cruz Need

Caucus for Bernie in Wyoming

Judge: Quicken Loans, other Dan Gilbert companies violated National Labor Relations Act

Trump's new convention manager speaks out

Ok.....bets on the Masters winner.......I'm going fellow Irishman....Rory.

Judge: Quicken Loans, other Dan Gilbert companies violated National Labor Relations Act

Lindsey Graham: The future of the GOP is at stake

Judge: Quicken Loans, other Dan Gilbert companies violated National Labor Relations Act

Has anyone pointed out how we cannot look at Sandinavia

Cruz would be the most conservative nominee in generations

UnitedHealth Quitting Obamacare Markets in Georgia, Arkansas

Vice Presidential duties

Emerson - New York poll: Clinton + 18

Gun control is an effort which most controls those guns actually needing the least control.

Republicans Enrage More Voters As Ted Cruz Tosses Around Anti-Semitic Slurs In New York

Wait a minute, I thought Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz were the same?


Warren Blasts GOP For Blocking SCOTUS Nom, Giving Rise To Cruz And Trump

Big Union Leaders Betray Sanders and Workers

SpaceX Successfully Lands Rocket on Drone Ship

Restaurants will respond to Mississippi's new anti-LGBT law by hanging 'Everyone's Welcome' Signs

Q&A: This is why I went off on Florida Gov. Rick Scott at Starbucks yesterday

New Jersey man faces jail for refusing to take down Trump flag

There are FACTS, and then there is SPIN.

Desperation = Attacking Jane.

Papal official denies report Sanders invited himself to Vatican

Vatican is trending on Twitter!

Comcast's Cavanagh Is Highest-Paid U.S. CFO With $41 Million

Resource for the next time someone says MLK was "color blind"

Tennessee Lawmakers Just Passed a Bill That Would Allow Therapists to Refuse to Treat Gay Clients

Show your love to Bruce Springsteen! Post your favorite Springsteen song w/ video here

Questions About Bernie's College Plan

Out of pity, I will not post this in GD-P

Bernie Sanders says his campaign has released his past tax returns. Politifact: FALSE

Palestinians Seek UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements

Panamanians are sick and tired of being associated with the Panama Papers


Hey guys!!! Hillary Drops 15 Points in New Emerson NY Poll. Bernie Gaining in all NY Polls!

Currently, Hillary is at 107% of her delegate target.

"My Political Beliefs are Rooted in the Conservatism That I Was Raised With" Hillary Clinton [audio]

Wells Fargo reaches $1.2 billion U.S. mortgage settlement

Two ways the Bernie movement is like the Tea Party and Ten ways we are not

All About Jane

Netflix Standard Plan Rising to $10 for All Subs Starting in May

Colorado lawmaker aims to outlaw pot-laced gummy bears

Bernie Heads to the Vatican

Ann Coulter slams Pope Francis for urging acceptance of gays but not Donald Trump

Seriously, what does the Vatican want with a Jew who wants to feed and clothe the poor?

The Washington Post really needs to get their act together! (Funny, yet sad at the same time.)

The Anti-Noise Machine

TSA administrator wants bomb-sniffing dogs at all major U.S. airports

Michele Bachmann trolls Hillary Clinton’s struggle to enter subway station

The Pope weighs in on the invitation...LOL

So I was watching tennis in Houston when the announcer said President Poppy and Barbara Bush

Clinton Foundation Donor Will Moderate Debate

Between Bill Clinton and Black Lives Matter, a generational divide

Court Strikes Down Scott Walker's Right-To-Work Law As Unconstitutional

Are there women in any of the top leadership roles at the Vatican?

Anti-LGBTQ Mississippi law spurs backlash from around the country

Where we were, the choices we had,

‘Paramilitary’ threat puts Colombia peace talks on hold

‘Paramilitary’ threat puts Colombia peace talks on hold

Gov. Scott releases attack ad aimed at Starbucks screamer

Bernie on Seth Meyers: "I Want to Focus on issues but Clinton is trying to distract me

Wisconsin strikes down right to work IMPORTANT UPDATE

If the Pope were as racist as he is homophobic would anyone care what else he had to say?

Wisconsin strikes down right to work IMPORTANT UPDATE

Trump haters and Bernie lovers make the best TV ads, research shows

Is this True? Bernie speaks in the Vatican on same day Hillary speaks at Hong Kong fundraiser?

Dear Bruce Springsteen - Please come to NC and help us replace Pat McCrory with Roy Cooper.

Bernie speaks in the Vatican on same day Hillary speaks at Hong Kong fundraiser? Is it true?

The Never Ending Story!

PodRide blurs the line between bike and car

No Evidence Bernie will be "Speaking" at Vatican Conference

=*= 4 LIVE Streams @ 7PM: Bernie Sanders - Susan Sarandon Rally in Greenpoint, NY 4/8/2016 =*=

Wait wait is that Rubio supporting Obama's proposal to prevent Zika

Waiting for the Youth to Rise Up –is Like Waiting for Godot

Why Bill Clinton Is the Least-Deserving Honorary Black Person, Explained

Bill Clinton: U.S. has "one remaining bigotry," of people refusing to talk to those who disagree...

First-Quarter Economy Looks Bleaker By The Day

Forget who invited Bernie. Real question: WHY IS HE GOING?

Gov. Scott releases attack ad aimed at Starbucks screamer

Obama warns Democrats against a 'Tea Party mentality'

Margaret Archer

OMG. The Sanders Vatican trip is a giant, giant fiasco. (Hillary Group)

Visit Mississippi? Funny or Die tourism spot

The Clinton noise machine at Colorado fundraiser.

Backyard Visitor

Crazy woman is stalking a boy she was fired from baby-sitting for...

I am a liberal feminist. Also a political junkie. May I share an observation?

Is it time to throw President Obama under the Sanders bus?

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

After Clash With Black Lives Matter, N.Y. Activists Question Bill Clinton’s Apology

When Hillary will be in Hong Kong at a $2700 fundraiser, Bernie will at the Vatican giving a speech.

Beautiful photo of Bernie in Brooklyn (2 great rallies today!)

North Korea says leader Kim supervises engine test for ICBM: KCNA

South Korea missile-defense deployment 'going to happen': Carter

Did CNN just say that Bernie flipped Missouri?

HILLARY!! Let's not forget about all the American lives lost in the useless Iraq war

Justice Dept releases documents on 'Fast and Furious' gun trafficking operation

Bernie Sanders: 5 reasons why there is a path to victory

Clip Of Sanders Falsely Agreeing "Yup" He Would Be Meeting W/Pope Francis:

Vietnam demands China move oil rig from South China Sea

So Who Exactly Invited Bernie Sanders to the Vatican?

Why I believe Bernie was invited to Rome "Without Bernie, you’d see people in a lot worse shape

Down in the states, Republicanism isn't working out so well

Somebody called Iskra Lawrence a fat cow. She posted this:

U.S. hands over 1,100 pages of Benghazi records: House panel chairman

I think Bernie should stay stateside and Skype into the academia conference

U.S. hands over 1,100 pages of Benghazi records: House panel chairman

Researchers: Tiger mom's wrong about her theory that character/culture determine success

What Obama said about Hillary in 2008. She's still the same today, maybe even worse....

Moyers & Company on the media's unfair treatment of Hillary

Is a Great Resume Qualification Enough?

Panama Papers: With Saudi and Russian ties, Clinton machine’s tentacles are far reaching

Bill Belichick: Tom Brady is the 'greatest quarterback of all time'

Donald Trump "Off the radar" for two days. CNN story tonight. LOL!

US Missile Defense Will Happen in South Korea: Carter

Margaret Spellings, University of North Carolina’s Anti-Gay President, Will Enforce Anti-LGBTQ Law

Trump's 3rd son performing the Heimlich on a leopard choking on a water buffalo leg

89 Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Gets Wish, To Sing Anthem At Detroit Tigers Game In May

Senate bill draft would prohibit unbreakable encryption

Could Sanders be a stronger Democratic nominee than Clinton? BY DAVID LIGHTMAN

Does Bernie Sanders Submit to The Power Structure?

There have been some bizarre criticisms here, but going after the Vatican meeting is callous...

The Who's Who of Peru's Corruption-Plagued Presidential Race

The Washington Post News Headline: "Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president"

Greta from Faux News sucking up to Ryan

Bwahaha! " Vatican can't afford Hillary Clinton's speaking fees, so Sanders it is... :)"

Florida Gov. Rick Scott responds to coffee shop showdown

U.S. 'Fast and Furious' gun trafficking operation papers released

Bwahaha! " Vatican can't afford Hillary Clinton's speaking fees, so Sanders it is... :)"

The results from Missouri's county & city conventions are confusing but I think nothing has changed.

Justice for Dog Chained and Left to Die With Mouth Taped Shut (Petition)

Five dozen cases prosecuted in Knox under gang law deemed flawed

WTH, 7" inches of snow forecast for us tonight and tomorrow

Why would Bernie Sanders revitalize the economy? "Velocity of Money" - Gordon Gecko

Federally Operated Hospitals That Are So Bad, they Are Threatened With A Loss of Federal Funds

The View:-Sanders said he was going to meet with the POPE-but is NOT meeting him (Hill GRoup)

Bernie Sanders to Talk About the ‘Idolatry of Money’ at Vatican

WHOA!!! Harper's -- Clintons’ charitable enterprise is a vehicle to launder money and enrich friends

NSAA assembly rejects 'gender-at-birth' rule for transgender student-athletes

NSAA assembly rejects 'gender-at-birth' rule for transgender student-athletes

Bernie will probably meet the pope, but probably not in private.

by Robert Reich

In tense meeting, tribal leaders, IHS head talk solutions

I triple-dog dare

This is not a loyalty oath post

A clueless Vatican chancellor didn't mean to step into US politics and

Bishop Sorondo who invited Bernie is "a close friend to Pope Francis"! This says to me the Pope gave

While the two Dem camps skirmish, I am proud of both of them. About qualifications . . . .

Indiana abortion law: "It will only make my patients suffer."

Was in Brooklyn Heights canvassing today. HRC ROOM

Bernie Sanders: 5 reasons why there is a path to victory

I wish we could elect pundits. These shallow, smug, entitled blow-dried morons need to be replaced

Jimmy Dore on "Bernie Falsely Slimed By NY Daily News, CNN Runs With it"