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Union Leader: "We begged Hillary to speak out against fast track trade authority, and she wouldn't"

Bernie in Greenpoint (photo)

PRESS RELEASE: "Documenting Hope" Medical Director Publishes Important New Study in Autism

Julia does bouef bourguigon

Open letter to Pope Francis: Please please please meet with Bernie when he's in Rome next week!

Lets make this abundantly clear. The person who invited Bernie is a BISHOP!

On The View today-Sanders said he was going to meet with the POPE

Why Cruz Is Worse Than Trump

Yup, pretty much debunks the whole "voting with your vajajay" fallacy

This statement might just sum up what we Dems are experiencing.......

Here's one reason why I am glad I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton in the Illinois Primary

How Panama Papers are just the tip of the iceberg

Florida Governor Rick Scott's PAC Makes an Ad Attacking Lady Who Yelled at Him at Starbucks

Anybody hear about the Super Delegate Hit List?

So camp weather vane stepped in it WRT Bernies invite

Argentina: Protesters target Macri over cash stashed offshore

I was just on a

London, England ~~ Rally for Bernie

Cecile Richards: 'I'm Sick Of Men Telling Us What To Do With Our Bodies'

London, England ~~ Bernie Rally

Cecile Richards: 'I'm Sick Of Men Telling Us What To Do With Our Bodies'

Fraud alert----heads up, folks....

Cecile Richards: 'I'm Sick Of Men Telling Us What To Do With Our Bodies'

Cecile Richards: 'I'm Sick Of Men Telling Us What To Do With Our Bodies'

Hillary Clinton Lawyer-Speak on Fracking National Ban...

What kind of campaign pulls this kind of stunt?

Breaking News: Clinton And Trump Defeating Sanders

Did the Vatican just gaslight the Hillary Campaign? I think so...

Maybe Bernie knows that it doesn't matter

Harry Reid trades insults with Cliven Bundy's wife in battle over standoff site

Intrepid Bernie Sanders - The Force Awakens

A possible candidate for a third party might be the scariest one yet!

It's mighty tempting to have all of us

Pentagon: U.S. Needs Up To 18 More Russian Rocket Engines

My bro, who I'm continuing to 'splain Bernie to, texted me today about the awful interview with

Latest New York poll. Clinton 56, Sanders 38, Clinton +18

POLL: Potential Title for Bernie 2016 movie?

GOP Date: The Dating App For Discriminating Republicans

Report: Hillary Clinton Used Static Noise Machine to Block Reporters from Hearing Fundraising Speech

Bernie and the Pope from Sept. 2015 (Seems appropriate today)

LOL. So Bernie gets invited/invites himself to some obscure conference and tries to

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Cheeseheads of the World, Unite! Uncensored & Live

Wisdom influenced by heart rate variability

Volunteer Event: Berning Man at the Beach...San Pedro, CA

Public Services under GATS and NAFTA: Striking a Balance between regulatory Autonomy of States and..

VICTORY: How Millions of Voters R Demolishing Anti-Hillary Narratives

Volunteer Event: Berning Man at the Beach...San Pedro, CA

Politico: Sanders visit to Vatican sows confusion

So we saw Cruz making Matzah and I wondered whether Trump

First they said Bernie invited himself now they're saying bernie shouldn't even go

Need some cleaning advice

Finishing 10K in 7 hours with.... exoskeleton

Will We Ever Be Able to Trust 'Ambitious' Political Women?

Will We Ever Be Able to Trust 'Ambitious' Political Women?

Will We Ever Be Able to Trust 'Ambitious' Political Women?

Bill Clinton Says He Regrets Showdown With Black Lives Matter Protesters

New York: Bernie Sanders Is Our Last Chance

Perhaps, if Hillary had denounced the worship of Money

Friday Talking Points (386) -- Marijuana Policy Questions For The Candidates

Bill Clinton's Welfare Reform Law is Kicking up to 1 Million People Off Food Stamps. Source:

SpaceX Falcon 9 - Successful Drone Ship Landing - 8th April 2016

BTRTN: Wyoming Will be The Last Hurrah in this Bernie Run

To squelch an ugly rumor, Hillary will ~not~ be going to Hong Kong while Bernie is in the Vatican

2nite, heartily sick of political/media yammering (including our side) I played RIMSKI-KORSAKOV

Clinton did not say Sanders wasn't qualified to be president.


Meet Hillary's foreign policy advisor. Michele Flournoy

Maddow talking of how Sanders has not raised any $$ down ticket for Democrats...

End of the Corporate Age - Intrepid Bernie Sanders

Fantastic picture of Bernie from one of the NY rallies today (really is a terrific photo)

Here is the "major conference" Bernie announced he'd scored an invite to,

Guardian editorial: Obama passed the Panama Papers test; Cameron failed

Shadow of jailed ex-president cast over Peru polls

Hillary never said Obama was unqualified either

I've been reading HRC group posts....

Why I think Clinton and the Country Owners have decided to take Bernie down now

Is the need of salvation an evil lie from religions?

All Hail the Dark Lord of Blueberry Pancakes!!!

Venezuela arrests Interpol detective over cocaine haul

Sanders thanks Bill Clinton for 'being my psychoanalyst'

2014 Interview with Joni Mitchell

Brazil: Region’s unions denounce efforts to impeach Rousseff

Bernie Sanders- America's 1% Arent Patriots

Big Union Leaders Betray Sanders and Workers Published on Friday, April 08, 2016 by Common Dreams

Screw SHAKESPEARE & First Folio, is this a pic of *Peter O'TOOLE*?!1

Oh yeah, this is going as planned...

More Maddow Hackory

Peru crash kills 23 after bus plunges into river in Andes Mountains

From the UK: Trump isn’t just a US problem, he’s a global concern. 1.5 million sign letter.

Evo Morales Says US Social Network Experts Plotted in Bolivia

Cost of mailing a letter drops to 47¢ Sunday

Bill Black is "now officially an economic advisor to Bernie Sanders"

At the beach...

It's been about a year since I've been to Italy. Bernie's going to LOVE it!

Kirstie Alley endorses Donald Trump

Who wasn't in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?

Huff Pollster: 2016 National Democratic Primary

Bill Clinton's Black Lives Matter Comments Were Revealingly Honest

Bill Black is "now officially an economic advisor to Bernie Sanders"

Divorced Catholics cheer Pope Francis' views on modern family

Divorced Catholics cheer Pope Francis' views on modern family.

A Few of Your Friends Are Feeling Bernie (video)

I did an analysis of pledged delegates left in the race

Of Jews, Jewish candidates and the question of minority status

Friday night wine-buzz: Yellow Tail Big Bold Red. Talk dirty to me.

you know that part in Kill Bill

Illinois illegally seizes bees resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup; kills remaining queens

Sanders Surges In California

Bill Clinton and BLM confrontation.

"Right to work" law ruled unconstitutional by a Wisconsin Circuit Court judge!

FYI, as an ex-catholic and a current atheist, I think it is a big deal that Bernie has been

Here is an interesting read about the invitation, breaking it down.

I just discovered Gotan Project

Has Hillary ever said this?

Mike Malloy - They’ve Marginalized Bernie At Every Turn

Why the Attacks on Jane Feel so Personal

So, is Hillary now for a national $15-an-hour minimum wage, or not?

Mike Malloy - GOP Nears The Breaking Point

Obama at glitzy fundraiser in Bel-Air

This is how change happens!!!!

Clinton Campaign uses Noise Machines to Block Reporters from Hearing Fundraiser Speech

“We won’t see a presidential candidate like Bernie again in our lifetimes.”

So I'm watching a documentary about TOWER RECORDS...

i am the *worst* wife ever

Ecuador: Rally Defends Reform and Correa Against Anti-Tax March

Wow! The Guardian: Bernie Will Speak Against the Idolatry of Money, at Vatican Conference

The moment 22 abandoned dogs realize they're being rescued is priceless

Bernie Sanders’ Candor on Israel Shows American Voters Are Changing Their Tune

Occupy activists launch “Battle of New York” to fight Clinton machine, anti-Sanders bias

If you find the segment about WJC on Don Lemon tonight...


In 15 Tweets Bernie Sanders Clobbers Clinton Welfare Reform

Uber is paying at least $10 million in fines for making misleading safety claims

Trump extends his lead among Republicans with 42 percent support

My husband died by suicide. Here’s what happened during my awkward call with the NRA.

Hillary Clinton Used Static Noise Machine to Prevent Reporters from Hearing Fundraising Speech

LOL. Pope Should Invite Clinton to Speak as an Authority on EXACTLY the same Topic:

I worry for the Clinton people. This obsession over a quick trip is not healthy.

WikiLeaks Claims the U.S. Government Funded the ‘Panama Papers’ Against Russia (Video)

I get very confused when people bring up Obama, or Kerry, or Gore, et al in reference to 2016.

will current HRC supporters who flipped from their staunch (and vicious) 08 opposition

Since this election cycle is so awesome, you know what we need!

So, to clarify... Bernie DIDN'T SOLICIT AN INVITE, and he IS GOING TO SPEAK? Zat true?

Clinton employing noise machines against journalists during fundraiser in Colorado

I don't get it. Why are so many HRC supporters so frantically belittling Sanders' Vatican invite?

Terrific, diverse, long form news reports on Al Jazeera - Live Stream

Bush v Gore May Come Back to Haunt the Voter Suppressionists

There's one thing wrong with this headline...

There's one thing wrong with the headline here...

The Convention this year versus 1968

Bernie Sanders- Americas 1% Arent Patriots

April's Photo Contest

Ha Ha: Bain Capital Reorganizing

April Photo Contest info

In 15 Tweets Bernie Sanders Clobbers Clinton Welfare Reform

these new bathroom laws are shit. Sometimes people just can't help it

Video:Bernie in 1985. He's had a longstanding and passionate interest in Latin America and US policy

Pope Francis to visit Greece April 14-15: government official

Bernie Sanders is trying to retroactively steal Missouri from Hillary Clinton as we speak

My day started today being told Sanders was invited to meet the Pope.

Wisconsin is no longer a Right-to-Work state

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 9, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Jane Wyman

The Panama Papers: Oozing Slime

The Panama Papers: Oozing Slime

Its a bird nope , its the Vatican

Something to lighten the mood here from Bernie's Brooklyn Rally...

U.S. newspapers threaten to sue Brave browser maker over ad-blocking scheme

Tucson Man Sues Over Arizona Election Results

Two Great WWII Drama Series:

Do you Feel The Bern? Bernie Sanders for President in 2016!

Sister Soulja moment in 92 wikipedia

Yet Another twitter funny. When will they ever learn?

BS gets Backlash in Comment from a former fan in the NYT

Georgia News - UHC leaving insurance exchange, Michelle Obama visits, Bananas Split and politics

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 10 - Cinderella Stories

The charade of neutrality that 538 exuded has been exposed.

TCM Schedule for Monday April 11 - The Best of the Barrymores

The Right Baits the Left to Turn Against Hillary Clinton

Warren Blasts GOP For Blocking SCOTUS Nom, Giving Rise To Cruz And Trump

There is one thing we all can agree on. This is funny shit!

Koterba toon: Grassley-Garland breakfast

Did you hear the one about the invitation to the Vatican?

My day started reading outrage and weak mockery about Sanders meeting the Pope.

Hezbollah goes corporate

Dodgers rookie Stripling pulled with no-no in 8th, next batter homers

9/26/15 -Pope Francis turns DOWN Clinton Foundation invitation

Write in candidates, I understand that 42 states allow write in candidates...

Bernie can't use campaign cash to travel to Rome. Uh oh.

To answer geek tragedy

Bernie was invited to open up a dialogue between North and South Americas. Post your problem with

more republican crap from David Gowan

Bernie's gonna need a bigger bird, because he can't fly to Rome otherwise

Alabama News - We hear you, Gov. Bentley, but nobody believes you

538: Thinking They’re ‘Unqualified’ Is A Big Reason More Women Don’t Run For Office

Man in torture-death case who fled hospital caught by police

Learned on MSNBC tonight that Jonathan Capehart formerly......

Face it: Ted Cruz is as far from the Republican mainstream as Donald Trump is

by Robert Reich

Grass Roots Revolt Against Hillary

US Elections: Vatican trip could boost Bernie Sanders' fight against Hillary Clinton

Group Hug

Did Hillary even campaign in Wyoming?

So the Pope will be in Greece on April 14-15

The melting of Greenland and Antarctica is changing the Earth's rotation

APNewsBreak: Officer in fatal shooting was disciplined twice

Transgender Advocates Fight Back With First Political Group of Its Kind

The Latest: Filing says Hastert claimed he was extorted

A scientist figured out how to get data from farts, and it could save lives.

Bernie's Old Neighborhood Has Doubts About the "Democratic Socialist"...

Bill Maher guest: Progressives must address ‘White man not getting a shot narrative’ (VIDEO)

Mississippi News - Religious freedom and a boa on the loose in Starkville

California is 39% Latino, and overall 28% Catholic.

Ethics Commission Approves Legal Fund For Embattled Oregon Sheriff

Check this out - this is a cause worth donating to if you can. Indie Media in NY to report on Bernie

Carnival worker named "Zombie Mike" on the run after raping woman in a wheelchair and another woman

i think i am done

Donna Needs Boots on the Ground!

Donald Trump cancels California trip amid signs of campaign trouble

Pope Francis turned down Clinton Foundation invite

CSU, faculty reach deal on pay raises, avert 5-day strike

Russell Simmons Demands An Apology From Bill Clinton

Is Cameron in serious trouble over his taxes, or will this blow over ?

So wasn't Hillary Clinton supposed to be taking the gloves off?

Man pleads guilty in Arizona shootings that killed 1, hurt 5

Daily Holidays - April 8

Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His Welfare Reform Is True

ExxonMobil seems to be trying to revise history with new ads

In Venezuela Amnesty Bill Right Wing Confesses To 17 Years Of Crimes

Nashville Voted To Give Poor People, Locals New Construction Jobs. But the State GOP Blocked It.

The Panama Papers Prove It: America Can Afford a Universal Basic Income

“Hard Choices” The Overthrow of an Elected Government and the Murder of Berta Caceres--

Chomsky and Pilger Back teleSUR Against Macri's Attack

Charles Pierce: Bill Clinton Fundamentally Doesn't Understand What Black Lives Matter Is About

Vatican trip could boost Sanders' fight against Clinton

Bernie’s Surging and a ‘Political Revolution’ Could Be in the Offing

Syria's Assad shows no willingness to compromise

WARNING~Check your windows & doors RIGHT FUCKING NOW~Northern District of New York

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio enacts city-funded travel ban to Mississippi

Ted Cruz adds 21 delegates with Colorado sweep

World War Three may have already begun in Iraq and Syria

Republican businessman challenges Paul Ryan for congressional seat

Turn it up! Bernie Sanders "Bern It Up" Remix

Tennessee News - Republic Parking System, Gannett buys newspapers, Knoxville PD racial profiling

A Mason-Dixon Line of Progress

Reaping as they sowed: How the culture wars are smiting the GOP

Part of Sanders "immoral economy" is-->"Remington's.... immoral marketing campaign."

A taste of how tRump plans to attack Bernie Sanders

"Bernie fans: stop bashing Hillary over trivial crap – because they’re helping Trump."

Bernie in Albany, NY Monday

Stubborn. Love. Genius.

Finding out Bernie is going to the Vatican ruined Hollingsworth Hound's entire day

Political ‘Hunger Games’ roils Trump’s inner circle

NY Muslims Heart Cranky Old Jew


Will President Obama endorse Hillary Clinton after she wins New York?

Bernie Sanders is trying to retroactively steal Missouri from Hillary Clinton as we speak

Dennis Hastert 'paid hush money to cover up sex abuse'

Sanders Back in the Old Neighborhood to Make His Case

Brooklyn Dodgers | Bernie Sanders

Momentum in Laramie, Wyoming | Bernie Sanders

The Pragmatic Tradition of African-American Voters

New York News - WARNING: Plenty of politics in this thread

Question: NY is what number "firewall" for Hillary?

And again...Video: Illegal traffic stop leads to beating and illegal medical procedures in S.C.

Bernie in Albany on Monday!

How Hundreds of Superdelegates were "bought" by the Clinton Campaign.

It occurred to me this morning that Bernie is not only bringing THIS country together --

My prediction: Hillary wins 14 of remaining 21 states and finishes ahead by 347 pledged delegates.

I got 2 emails - one sent today from the campaign said Bernie will be at 2 NYC events today and

Bernie Sanders, Wife Attend Broadway Musical 'Hamilton'

Sanders Supporter Creates Superdelegate 'Hit List'; Superdelegates Not Amused


The Volcanic Core Fueling the 2016 Election

Bernie Sanders Will Win NY -- Sanders addresses crowd of 18,500 in the Bronx

How ‘Citizens United’ is helping Hillary Clinton win the White House

Tweet about fool who didn't want gender neutral bathrooms in SC. Bwahahahahahahaha

Interesting paper on neurotoxicant bioaccumulation - Gives refs for reversal of toxicant bioaccumula

Bernie Sanders Nearly Catches Up With Hillary In California

World War Three may have already begun in Iraq and Syria

Weekly Address: Playing by the Same Rules

Austria 'plans to seize' house where Hitler born

Jeffrey Sachs admits he "helped the Vatican reach out to Sanders."

Weekend Bernie Group Toons

Campaign Commercial Idea

Rhode Island News: Various bills, Hillary opens HQ in Providence

Why now does my computer not show the whole page, only loads half or sometimes only a third

Facebook users:

Why was my OP Thread on the Vatican Visit Invitation Deleted last night!!!!

=*= LIVE @ 12:00PM - Bernie Sanders Washington Heights New York Rally at United Palace 4-9-16 =*=

Connecticut News: As Many As 2,000 State Workers Could Lose Jobs


Pope Francis on care for our common home.

Democracy Spring Protesters Stop in Baltimore En Route to DC

My Republican Brother

All together now " Hillary & Bill '

Americans Named in Panama Papers Leak

How did I miss the Uranium One deal?

Transforming Union Station from a transit hub to an urban destination

Re: Vatican: Let's talk hypocrisy. For 8 years, many have given President Obama grief for inviting

Experts Tell US Agency to Slow Down on Self-Driving Cars

A summary of Vaticangate

A good idea, but...

Massachusetts News: Wellesley College on boil water notice due to E. coli

EXCLUSIVE: NYC security guard funding plan for religious, private schools

Pres Obama called out reckless GOP: Trump & Ted Cruz aren't "outliers" they are parrots

This is HILARIOUS - Pundits are just STUMPED SILLY that some things are more imp

Niagara police charge 20 Uber drivers

David Cameron protest: Live updates as thousands call for PM's resignation

FULL SPEECH VIDEO - Bernie Sanders and Susan Sarandon Rally in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (4-8-16)

What if the problem is that poverty is profitable?

US warns of 'credible threats' to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya: embassy

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert abused 4 boys, prosecutors say

It's not just Trump spewing RW racist hatred amongst Repub candidates:

Where can you find the best online video/blog commentary on the political primaries?

"I'm going with the Jewish Guy."

The Pope is now going to Greece on April 16th...

We The People | Bernie Sanders (Fan Video)

Bernie gets big applause in hipster Brooklyn

No lame ducks here:

Popegate has become one of my favorite Bernie campaign screw-ups.

TAIBBI: Bernie or no Bernie, 'Times' columnist Paul Krugman is wrong about the banks

Clinton campaign chair: Americans 'can handle the truth' about UFOs - seriously?

Foreign Policy

Papal vs. PayPals

#MemeOfTheWeek: Hillary Clinton, The New York Subway And Authenticity

Interesting map of Clinton vs Sanders by margin of wins by county.

Hillary getting good local newspaper coverage in NY-western, upstate

This group now has 1000 subscribers!

Arizona Republican’s Vote Against Airplane Seat Comfort Hilariously Bites Him In The Ass

Quick recap of the 2016 Democratic primary campaign thus far.

Bill Clinton Black Lives Matter Clash Reveals How The Clintons Really Feel About Black People

Have we got a rally scheduled in Harlem yet?

Hillary Clinton's Two Foreign-Policy Catastrophes

Rick Scott Releases Attack Ad On Starbucks Woman Who Called Him An ‘Asshole’

Calm down Hillary fans, jealousy is not a good look

Why is discussing this or that candidate's religion suddenly in vogue in GDP?

Bernie Sanders Says He Would Renegotiate NAFTA, Not Violate it

It’s Not Just The Supreme Court. Republicans Are Screwing Lots Of Other Courts Too.

SacBee: Could Sanders be a stronger Democratic nominee than Clinton?

Bernie offers little beyond making us 'mad as hell

So many small wonderful things

Clinton Faces New Challenge from Fractivists After 'Insulting' Comments

Looks like the moved the Pope's visit to Greece to the 16th instead of the 14th and 15th.

The Week End Economists break out the reading glasses. Apr 09-10, 2016.

The hummingbirds are back!

They moved the pope's trip to the 16th. HRC room.

Wyoming Caucuses

The Vatican visit - a truce?

I finally figured out my problem with the American presidential race!

Man gets cup from St. Augustine Starbucks that says 'DIABETES HERE I COME' on label

The man who would be both!

The Panama Papers: Oozing Slime

Harvard Law Review: "Securing Indian Voting Rights"

Bernie HQ Grand Opening This Weekend

Pope Francis will make lightning trip to Greek migrant island of Lesbos

LET GO: The Media’s Futile Obsession with Hillary’s ‘Likability’

BULLIED: Hillary Supporters Launch #EndCyBernBullying

Bernie Rhode Island HQ Opens This Weekend!!!

It’s Not Just The Supreme Court. Republicans Are Screwing Lots Of Other Courts Too.

Get your asses to the caucuses!

Families of gun violence victims protest Bernie Sanders in New York

"I was invited by the Vatican"

about those "popular vote" totals.

Public Services and the Scope of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS): A Research Paper

Dragon landing in 4k

Andy Richter recalls Hastert sitting in 'Lazyboy' chair near boys shower

About that Vatican conference: in-depth from Catholic newspaper

Who Has Two Thumbs And Is Wrong About The Financial Crisis? ... This Krug man.


Will there be any female Catholic priests at Bernie's conference?

Hillary's Prayer: Clinton's Religion & Politics

Why A Conservative Legal Organization Is Desperately Trying To Kill The Indian Child Welfare Act

Michellle Alexander Responds to Bill Clinton

Bernie predicted Panama in 2011

Once again: Why the Indian Child Welfare Act matters

Bernie Sanders Is Even Less Competitive Than He Appears

An Important Reminder To Black People About Your Friend Bill Clinton

Interesting map of wins by state

Wow! Panama Papers Shows Podesta Group also Works for Russia's Sherbank

HRC at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY

If I were going to attend that conference at the Vatican, which

Brooklyn Dodgers | Bernie Sanders

Bernie should ask to borrow the Pope mobile

Need fellow Asian Americans to canvass the biggest Asian community in NYC . NPR will be there.

HRC Lobbied Panama FTA: Paved Way for Deutsche Bank to Skirt Laws: Deutsche Paid HRC $485,000 in

Life in a "At will" employment state - having to ask if you're fired

Did Bernie invite himself to the Hamilton play on Broadway?

Well we finally found all of the missing Clinton emails...

Please Meet the World Famous Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (One of the Participants in Bernie's Conference)

New hat in the Bernie store...

Local Democrats are mourning today

No planet for optimists: Coastal flooding may come sooner than we fear

Bill Clinton's clash with protesters sparks CNN blowup

4 Sanders events today including evening one at Apollo with Harry Belefonte, Nina Turner,

The Fix: "Bernie Sanders had the Worst Week in Washington"

Hillary has a history of promoting Henry Kissinger

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists...

A Key Similarity Between Snowden Leak and Panama Papers: Scandal Is What’s Been Legalized

Just another Bernie Bro...

Saudi Arabia is killing children women and men in Yemen with US supplied arms

People Over for-Profit Prisons: A Social Movement in Gary, Indiana

"You're meeting with the Pope?" "Yup".

Center for Public Integrity: How ‘Citizens United’ is helping Hillary Clinton win the White House

Overseas Accounts: What about the 47,550 AMERICAN accounts that remain hidden at UBS in Switzerland?

Gov. Scott releases ad attacking woman who chastised him at Starbucks

If I had to guess I'd say Hillary is going to cancel on George Clooney because the optics are awful

U.S. deploys B-52 bombers to Qatar for fight against Islamic State

Re: Springsteen's decision to cancel his concert in NC

Brooklyn, New York: Organizing Event with Hillary Clinton, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez and...

We were warned

If you don't like capitalism or state socialism, what do you want?

Bernie at the Apollo tonight! Anyone else going?

Local & state union chapters across the US have defected from national leadership to endorse Sanders

Kerry aims to ease crisis over Afghan unity pact during Kabul visit

Why the nastiness from some Hillary supporters?

Psychiatrist of Ted Cruz Rescinds Clearance for Presidential Run

Debbie, Paul, Bill and Hillary...

Bernie Sanders’s Big Win: Tickets to ‘Hamilton’

Jilted woman from FBI list arrested in Mexico

Jilted woman from FBI list arrested in Mexico

Bernie's invitation to the Vatican conference has really got some people wound up.

Former Vanderbilt football player convicted of raping unconscious woman

Iowa GOP’s 3rd District Platform Is Totally Bonkers, Especially On Gay Rights

Needs a "REC" and a comment to compete on the DU Home Page. (Goose/Gander and all that.)

Former Vanderbilt football player convicted of raping unconscious woman

Trickle-down will be a success but raising the minimum wage, an economic disaster.

The Peter Principle Squared: Hillary's record is a trail strewn with failures and even catastrophes

Sanders thanks Bill Clinton for 'being my psychoanalyst'

AMAZING Whistling Solos! Buskers perform On A Slow Boat to China in NYC Subway

Thoughts and a DESPERATE APPEAL!

Jeffrey Sachs on the Clinton Foundation and on the sense of entitlement of Wall Street

Says it all

Defamation lawsuits involving U.S. lawyer Dershowitz end in settlement

Which matters more?

Bernie Sanders to Discuss Inequality at the Vatican While Clinton Hosts a $2,700 Plate Fundraiser

Horrific Tale of A Woman Accidentally Going into Men's Restroom

'With every day that passes, more and more of us rise..."

An attack ad against a private citizen. Doesn't that sort of make him an asshole by default?

NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Is In Emergency Mode

Sanders has 42 percent of the vote and 46 percent of the delegates so far

President Obama: 'Mr. Trump Is Not Succeeding Me'

NY Times LIVE Wyoming Caucus Report

Analysis: Black Leaders Supported Clinton's Crime Bill


On way to Emerald City Comicon

Which event has better Optics?

Yes, Sanders is speaking at the Vatican. Yes, he was invited.

The “Hastert Rule” takes on a whole new meaning.

Daily Beast: Obama Will Address Hillary’s Email Scandal on First Ever ‘Fox News Sunday'

Going in for cataract surgery on Thursday, can't believe......

Bernie is visiting the Vatican. Therefore he is responsible for the Spanish Inquisition.

So what's up with the racism from Hillary supporters?

North Carolina Congressman: Bruce Springsteen Is a "Bully" for Canceling Concert

Missouri hasn't flipped and can't flip. The primary result is binding.

Obama can appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court if the Senate does nothing

Skepticism of Bloomberg's magazine bans, in the Los Angeles Times.

Thanks Obama!

Great job by Tulsi!

Three (3) more pinocchios delivered to Sanders. He's gonna need a bigger cabinet to store them all..

Bernie answering yes twice on TV to the question of is he meeting

Provo man seeks release ahead of Oregon refuge standoff trial

Amazing photos capture how faces change after 1, 2 and 3 glasses of wine

Wisconsin and the Establishment Democrat

Bernie's back in the Bronx this Afternoon; 1:30 pm.

Michelle Alexander Just Responded to Bill Clinton

Wisc. Voter ID Suppression & The Truth behind it...

U.S. deploys B-52 bombers to Qatar for fight against Islamic State

Bernie's in the Bronx this afternoon at BCC at 1:30

Let Confederate emblem on Mississippi flag go

If Bernie Sanders Says It...

My how things change!

Congressman Initiates ADA Reform

Thinking They’re ‘Unqualified’ Is A Big Reason More Women Don’t Run For Office

#MemeOfTheWeek: Hillary Clinton, The New York Subway And Authenticity


What Will Happen When Genetically Engineered Salmon Escape Into the Wild?

Iraq, Trustworthiness, and the FBI Investigation Make Bernie Sanders More QualifiedThan Hillary

=*= 2 LIVE streams @ NOW & 3PM: Bernie Rally University Heights - Bronx Community College 4-9-16 =*=

Three (3) more pinocchios delivered to Sanders. He's gonna need a bigger cabinet to store them all..

US Navy Officer Charged With Espionage

the kids are getting big!

Bill That Would Ban End-to-End Encryption Savaged by Critics

Wow! "I'm Ready for Hillary, I'm Hoping for Elizabeth, and I'm Voting for Bernie."

A summary of Qualified/Token/Vatican... Gates

Hillary Has a Hit List - Keeping track of her friends, and enemies - Are You on the List??

"Target practice"--crashing the Colorado GOP convention with a cardboard Hillary Clinton

Fair game

Perfect illustration about why Hillary Clinton's elect-ability argument is bunk

Obama Will Address Hillary’s Email Scandal on First Ever ‘Fox News Sunday’

Frank Black "White Noise Maker"

Bernie Sanders Rally at Bronx Community College Live

Will Bernie Sanders Get "Swiftboated"?

TYT: Hillary Clinton’s Hit List - Keeping track of enemies

What exactly is the hullabaloo over Bernie and the conference?

Hillary Clinton announces endorsements from Maryland women

Bill Press: Hillary's Hit List

"A 17 Year Old Meets Mrs Clinton in 1991 And It Changes His Life..."

Bernie's big bad lie. >insert scary music<

A statement from Bruce Springsteen on North Carolina

Sanders campaign releases internally calculated delegates counts (1302 H to 1088 B)

There is NOTHING that makes opposition to a minimum wage increase for Haitians acceptable.

MSNBC: Reaction to Hillary's 'Hit List' Sexist

Max Scherzer adopts a dog just like him.

All I ask from God - Mercedes Sosa & León Gieco

Sanders Campaign Cites Higher Tally of Pledged, Superdelegates


Bernie issues new challenge to Hillary in Washington Square speech

From one of the Wyoming Caucus precincts! Feel the Bern!

Hillary gives Cuomo credit for workers struggle. Gets boos.

You can either stand with the folks in the streets...

What are they putting in the food these days?

Here's the fun Tracker for Wyoming

Seth MacFarlane tells Bernie fans to stop bashing Hillary over trivial crap – they’re helping Trump

For the last 2 days there has been a pattern here. The majority of the threads are about Bernie.

The 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill did not create mass incarceration.

Throwback Saturday

Everything Wrong With Donald Trump

I've noticed a correlation between how badly Bernie is doing, and how far back

LIVE Bernie Sanders University Heights New York Rally at Bronx Community College (4-9-16)

CNN: Clinton Book Author- HILLARY'S 'HIT LIST' -- Keeping track of friends - and enemies --

Not time for Hail Mary's

"Do You Support Fracking?"

Dallas Food TV reporter stabbed to death by son

One way for Bernie to salvage something from Popegate.

Coon Rapids Burger King employees smash windows after prank call

Overflow on the Bernie side in Cheyenne!

A Political Revolutuion In The Making? The Pieces May Well Be Falling Into Place!

Bill Moyers: Why are there so many anonymous corporations in Delaware?

"You Can Still Become A Super Rich Asshole..."

Robert Scheer: How Clinton Democrats Killed Roosevelt’s Dream of the Affordable Home

Bill Moyers: Why are there so many anonymous corporations in Delaware?

Were Hillary folk this upset when she left New Hampshire to go to Flint?

LIVE Bernie Sanders University Heights New York Rally at Bronx Community College (4-9-16)

Should I boycott Mississippi?

I am in Sunset Park canvassing again and Hillary will be here in a few hours. HRC

Preview for a new Bernie ad dropping today....

PSA: Hosts please consider pinning

A pic of the Wyoming Caucus

MDMA (aka "ecstasy" or "molly") Could Be Sold as a Legal, FDA-Approved Drug in Just 5 Years

Bernie collects more pinocchios.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - April 9, 2016

I'm done with Bernie Sanders Salon piece written by a 2008 Clinton Campaign staffer

Tell the Treasury Department To Investigate U.S. Links in the Panama Papers (Petition)

TYT’s Cenk Uygur booted from American Airlines flight because pilot wasn’t ‘comfortable'

Bernie Sanders just proved he is no better than Republicans

It's no wonder why her campaign strategy is Disqualify and Destroy - take a look at this.

Hillary's main campaign strategy is tone policing

Hillary's "Establishment Politics" Has Already Delivered Some of the Paid Leave Sanders Promises

A huge number for Wyoming (embarrasingly red state), they were originally going to have it in a 200

Clinton wins Laramie county in Wyoming!

Report Wyoming problems here.

The good scenario against “robo-Capitalism”

from twitter-apparently clinton is cheating again

Hillary wins Larame County caucus

Just wondering whether the hillary folks realize how asinine their pinocchios thing is.

=*= 2 LIVE Streams @ *NOW*: Bernie Sanders - Laguardia Performing Arts Center, LIC, NY (4-9-16) =*=

From The Sanders Campaign: Sanders has 1,088 pledged delegates. Super delegates moving to Bernie

Public Citizen: "Panama Papers Leak Proves FTA Has Done Nothing to End Country’s Financial Crime"

Can Anyone Help in Baltimore?

Talking to the Young in a World That Will Never Truly Be ‘Postwar’

Crowd-sourced Wyoming Results

sanders is stumping on show the speeches, no candidate ever has but tax returns, HELLO!!!

Four ounces moves a thousand pounds.

Andrew Bacevich: America's War for the Greater Middle East Cannot Be Won 4/8/16

Ex-Argentine President Fernandez charged with money laundering: media

Someone has posted something in a group that is not true about FMLA !!!!!

Spin is coming in already about WY - it's a white state. Ya know what? So is PA!

TGIF? Fridays off, but Venezuelans not exactly happy

• MSNBC says in Cheyanne County, Wyoming Bernie had more live people show up but Hillary had more

A photographer hung out with the KKK in Tennessee and Maryland. Here’s what he saw.

Guns in cars’ bill one step closer to law in Alabama

2 new Wyoming results links....... Hillary 6 bernie 8

What could possibly go wrong?????

something smells about these surrogate ballots

Clinton: $350K per couple elite event vs Sanders: Speech on inequality

The outside of my apartment caught fire.

... bringing together world leaders, including US Senator Sanders, Ecuadorean President...

Hillary's target for Wyoming is only 5 pledged delegates

Fareed Zakaria: Obama pursued transformation as Republicans chose self-destruction

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Ashland Stakes

Religious Sister Charged with Shoplifting Coffee, Soap

Tough Week For Hillary As Bernie Talks To Vatican

At 6 tonight, Bernie will be speaking with Belafonte, Erica Garner, Spike

Have YOU Verified Your Registration Status in California? [link]

Wyoming Results Coming In!

This is the turning point. A new chapter of American history will be written.

The Next Enron? Pentagon Bankruptcy Could Lead to Global Crisis

🎆🎉 🎊🎆 WYOMING 100% Reporting Bernie WON 55.7 - 44.3 🎆🎉 🎊🎆

European Union is threatning to require visas from Americans and Canadians

Wyoming - With 43% reporting


Thinking They’re ‘Unqualified’ Is A Big Reason More Women Don’t Run for Office


Abby gets it wrong



Poll: Denying Trump nomination would cost GOP in November

What it’s like to be black on campus: isolated, exhausted, calling for change

PAMI (Argentina's Medicare) reduces list of free drugs for the elderly.

If Hillary supporters have a problem with mostly white states

Black Woman Found Dead In Jail Cell After Arguing With Detention Officers

Wyoming: target for Sanders to win nomination is 11-3 split in delegates

Some thoughts on those who won't support the nominee ...

Wyoming caucus results: track the votes, county by county

First Iceland, now Britain?

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 9, 2016

Tulsi Gabbard: Important for Bernie Sanders to contrast himself with Clinton

Regarding those attacking the Vatican to attack Sanders....

Black culture isn't the problem – systemic inequality is

How's that Hoppy Wheaty working out for ya?

Panama Papers prove Mr. Sanders was wrong about a trade pact with Panama

Big ups for the Clinton organizers in Wyoming.

**BREAKING** Bernie Sanders Projected To Win Wyoming Caucuses, Keeping Momentum Alive

Tulsi Gabbard missed veterans hearing to surf with reporter

BIG: Bernie Admits Hillary NOT Accountable for Iraq Deaths, Attacking Her Is ‘Tit for Tat’

The "Mad Scientist" (SMU Physics major actually) at The Masters - golf

Make History | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders had the Worst Week in Washington -Wash PO The fix

Make History | Bernie Sanders

Would like some travel suggestions

MSNBC says Bernie wins Wyoming

There is a new--

So it looks like WY will be a 8-6 SBS delegate victory or 7-7 split

LCD projector question.

Here is a video of Hillary talking about religious beliefs:

Check this out:) The Pope and Bernie have a lot in common.

The Queen Mother and The High Sparrow

New Paris protest has no plans and no leader but still 1,000 protesters turn up every night

World Pulse--connecting women and girls through global digital communication

World Pulse--connecting women and girls through global digital communication

Former Republican Speaker Hastert was a Serial Child Molester

Hang on . . . .

All about shelter cats

Happy Birthday Brother Robeson

CNN just projected Bernie to win the Wyoming Caucus.

Hillary and Bill and Paul Krugman Race to the Right to Stop the Bern

Scofflaw or Not? Hillary Clinton Broke the NY MTA Rules - No Political Campaigning on the Subway!!!

The Clinton-Backed Honduran Regime

MAJOR UPDATE!!! The number of ACTUAL PEOPLE vs SURROGATES in Laramie County

A summary of the Primaries/Caucuses as of today's Wyoming Caucus.

Stuck behind Wacko In Traffic

Watching for a delegate tie in Wyoming - 56.3% is the threshhold

Block Party at Opening of Sanders Harlem Office - prior to Conversations at the Apollo

Twitter agains tries hillaries patience

Spring Rain in the Bay Area

Have you seen the Guardian US animated election results for Wyoming?

#Resist Capitalism

Ted Cruz's Dad's Connected to Lee Harvey Oswald, New Orleans "Hands Off Cuba" Sham & Dallas 1963

Live results from the Wyoming caucuses

The Russian Orthodox Church Released a Propaganda Film with a Harry Potter-Like Enemy

Terror suspect Abrini admits he was 'man in hat' at Brussels airport

Venezuela energy crisis: President tells women to stop using hairdryers and go with 'natural' style

Once Again You Must Be Told Hillary is Most Honest Candidate Running in

Tiny British Virgin Islands has big role in leaked documents

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on SOTU, MTP, FTN, THIS WEEK!)

Wonderful Inspiring New Sanders Ad using footage sent in my real people!

WY -96% Reporting SBS -56% HRC 44% -might be a 7-7 delegate split

why was the Wyoming caucus so much closer than other caucuses? Democrats only.

So considering that Wyoming has only one precinct per county...

Bernie Sanders Prevails In Wyoming, Continuing Winning Streak Against Hillary Clinton

What's your favorite Robert De Niro movie?

Get Your Memes Right: The 1994 Crime Bill Didn't Create Mass Incarceration- Mother Jones

Sestak/Senate debate tonight at Penn State - link to live stream

The Latest: Sanders Wyoming win doesn't yield many delegates

Cheyenne and other pics

Hillary keeps a Hit List of friends and enemies....And uses it to punish people who step out of line

Spike Lee is making ads for Bernie

Unimpressive win for Sanders in Wyoming

Wonderful Inspiring New Sanders Ad using footage sent in my real people!

Who cares right?

Make History | Bernie Sanders

Now, MSNBC "The Future of Democratic Race Rides on New York Primary" :)

In Wyoming Bernie has failed to meet 538's delegate target; Hillary has exceeded hers.

Poverty line divides Peru in presidential vote

We often use this picture when discussing Poverty. We are settting up a monument to dedicate the

Congratulations to Senator Sanders on his popular vote win in the Wyoming Caucus

What will the women on "The View" have to say on Monday?

Don't dox me, bro

Melting ice sheets changing the way the Earth wobbles on its axis, says Nasa

Poll: Improved Economic Outlook Boosts Approval For Obama

Bernie's Camp Release on WY win

Looking at the Wyoming map, how come Goshen county hasn't chimed in? Anyone got a clue?

How I got through grief and came out whole.

Arianna Huffington on How to Get More Sleep—And Why It Will Transform Your Life

Anti-gay pastor goes on rant: "I refuse to pledge allegiance to sodomy and abortion"

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders in New York: what’s the deal with the wacky polls?

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Wood Memorial

Green Papers Bernie wins...56.49 - 43.51 Clinton *** Bernie wins 8 Delegates - Clinton 6 Delegates &

Obama Officials 'Are Reviewing' Mississippi Anti-Gay Law And May Cut Billions in Federal Funding

An appeal for the release of Milagro Sala

Huge Anti-Government Rally In Iceland Amid Panama Papers Scandal

How I got through grief and came out whole.

Texas teacher arrested after video shows her repeatedly hitting student

So if Goshen county is a tie or goes Hillary its 7-7 virtual tie as my Sanders people say

Prediction: SNL will have something about the Pope flap

Nags Head, NC votes to openly oppose so-called bathroom bill

Just heard a Bernie ad on Hot 97

=*= LIVE @ NOW: Bernie with Spike Lee, Nina Turner, Erica Garner, Harry Belafonte 4-9-16 =*=

new conspiracy theory: something off because surrogate ballot voters didn't show up

I just found out it is Unicorn Day! lol!

A picture I took of my new car

MUST SEE VIDEO: New Spike Lee Video Supporting Bernie Sanders Airs On New York TV Stations

A summary of the Primaries/Caucuses as of today's Wyoming Caucus.

Violent Right Wingers Threaten To Murder Trans People For Using The Bathroom

Surrogate votes are the same thing as absentee ballots..

Hi everyone!

I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump! Trump! Trump!

Jane Sanders tells Bernie he just won (video)

How Hillary Clinton Militarized US Policy in Honduras

We’re out of time on climate change. And Hillary Clinton helped get us here

period police, used menstrual products and perv pence

Wow! Trump Gives $100K to 9/11 Memorial. Whutta Guy!

Bernie Sanders Urges Hillary To Back A Plan Raising Social Security Benefits To Help Seniors

period police, used menstrual products and perv pence

First Wisconsin superdelegate sides with Bernie Sanders

Two high-profile murders in Honduras have led developers to suspend funding

Robert Reich on the American system for nominating candidates:

27 Things Only People Who Grew Up in NYC Understand

The meme today is...winning Wyoming continues "Momentum"

Honduras: Massive rise in homophobic killings since Zelaya toppled

Aaand they're back

No Miss Hastings no - you cannot do that

Bernie Sanders’ powerful new ad is going viral

Sanders 56.2% 154 7 H. Clinton 43.8% 120 10

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Blue Grass Stakes

Clinton aides feeling pretty good about upcoming states.

Ted Cruz: How America’s most detestable senator is repackaging himself for November

Former Wyoming SoS Talks About Clinton's "Suprise" Victory in Laramie County.

Hillary Clinton wins Goshen Cty, Wyoming!

Nor a Lender Be - Hillary Clinton, liberal virtue, and the cult of the microloan (Harper's)

Please sign Tim Canova's petition, seeking debates with DWS.

★ Michelle Alexander Responds to Bill Clinton's Attack on #BlackLivesMatter

Hillary is Hermione: a brilliant, hard-working, conscientious MUGGLE.

As Campaigns Seek Delegates, Ordinary Voters Feel Sidelined

Poopgate has become one of my favorite Hillary campaign screw-ups

Clinton also "won" Natrona County using surrogate ballots.

When a father wants the BEST future for his Baby!

Final Wyoming result: A TIE: 7 to 7.

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Santa Anita Oaks

Explanation for Wyoming's 7-7 delegate split even though Sanders won by double digits.

Bill Maher: Cruz has "all the appeal of Jared Fogle, minus the inspiring weight loss story"

El Quemazón (The Burn)

Ha! Hillary Wins Wyoming Delegate Count: 11-7

Don't the Sanders supporters understand the facts on the ground?

Charts of Global 'Governance' Institutions as of 2011 by noted expert on International Trade Deals

Looks like Hillary is gaining steadily on her delegate targets!

Venezuela leader threatens to cut opposition legislature's term

Macri's media law decrees debated at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Macri's media law decrees debated at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

How is today like yesterday?

An analysis of the Superdelegate issue:

16 of Our Most Popular Lemon Desserts NYT

Bernie Talking Now at Conversation with Community in Harlem at Apollo - LIVE LINK

Abby Martin with Dr. Jill Stein

Belt Popper Sandoval

Indigenous, Campesinos Rally in Mexico Against Canadian Miners

Chicken Cacciatore With Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Wine

Live Stream at the Apollo

These Are Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters

Brazil: Region’s unions denounce efforts to impeach Rousseff

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Santa Anita Derby

To Promote Economic Stability, Nations Must Free Themselves from WTO Financial Deregulation Dictates

Hillary Clinton telling us she'll be truthful? Or not?

Cenk Kicked Off American Airlines Flight

Obama Will Address Hillary’s Email Scandal on First Ever ‘Fox News Sunday’

Do folks think all bathrooms should be de-gendered?

Bernie Sanders wins Wyoming caucus but Hillary Clinton picks up delegates.... here we go

Bill Maher to the GOP: "Punt! You're going to lose the election!"

Bernie got that Brooklyn Swag!

I think Obama should have gone on Maher while he was in L.A. before he went on Fox news

New Bernie ad

Jhene Aiko Feeling the Bern in Harlem!

"Almost" Persuaded


This Cameron hiding of money is disgusting - how mommy gave Darling David 200 thousand pounds

Something that I've been thinking about should Hillary become President...

Tone deaf Hillary using noise maker to hide her policy positions from the public...

By the Numbers

Hillary Clinton Accused Of Using Static Noise To Conceal Fundraising Speech

Two simple numbers...

These Are Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters | Bernie Sanders

Colombia to import four crude cargoes in April for Cartagena refinery

These Are Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters | Bernie Sanders

Colombians March Today for Peace, Says Political Scientist

Wyoming caucus results: track the votes, county by county FINAL

How many months ago did Bernie enter?

Don Quijones: Colombia Pays the Steep Cost of So-Called “Free” Trade