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Openly Gay Rock Singer Changing Tune on Mormon Religion

So is every Yankees / Red Sox game going to be on national TV again this year?

Time to say goodbye to my mother.

2014: HRC got $10.2 million speaking fees, including $4.6 million from groups lobbying Congress

Christos Anesti! A happy and blessed Easter to all Orthodox Christians on DU!

Why did Hillary vote with every Republican in the Senate to continue cluster bombing civilians?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-29-16

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-29-16

Thomas Frank: Dems Aren’t ‘Party of the People,’ ‘Do Not Give a Damn About Working Class Americans’

Clintonism screwed the Democrats: How Bill, Hillary and the Democratic Leadership Council gutted pro

To me "Bernie or Bust" means two things

Isn't Hillary at the Correspondents Dinner?

Are there any fundraising goals for tonight? I just donated another $20 to

Remember the WH Correspondent's Dinner in 2011?

Mitt Romney was more transparent than Bernie when it came to releasing tax return information

Virtually no rain in Sao Paulo State, Brazil in April

Millennials who support Bernie may sit out election

Al cracks me up

NY Daily News - Gonzalez: After 29 years of digging for the truth, I say adios to my readers

Irish university starts world’s largest crowdsourcing project about Vikings

If Sanders does not bring the party back, one must realize the party will complete a REALIGNMENT

Anyone know who is at Bernie's table at the dinner tonight?

Shots Fired as Mutiny Breaks Out in Guatemalan Prison

About those pinocchios.... here's a few more

White House Correspondents Dinner seating...

Gave the cat some math work

Today Hillary Would HATE 90s Hillary

The New Yorker: The Bag Bill Taking action on a ubiquitous ecological blight.

For the last 30 years

The New Yorker - The Bag Bill Taking action on a ubiquitous ecological blight.


Lots of crazy nuts in this country. Hope everyone stays safe regardless of the election outcomes

Southside with You Movie Trailer

How much would you pay for a dinner with HRC?

All these imperialist capitalists torturing me with their champagne and caviar.

'Fuck the White House Correspondents Dinner'

You're NOT Helping: Bill Clinton Calls FBI Criminal Investigation Of Hillary " A Game"...

A little classic Jethro Tull for a Saturday evening

"Ask a Mexican" says: Why is it OK for whites to riot but not when Mexicans do it?

Petition: Indict Casey Champagne for child porn

Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Secure the Nomination, According to the Math

Enjoy His Greatness: Live Open Thread for President Obama's Last White House Correspondents' Dinner

Jesus H. Christ! Joe Buck and Bob Costas. Whatever happened to Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese?

Look Out Lucifer! Boehner Plans to Roast Enemies and Settle Scores at WH Correspondents' Dinner

A history of fiery conventions

Anyone want to waste time alerting on this thread

Black Elders For Bernie Sanders

Cruz waxes philosophical over "predators and any adult man (who) feels like a woman at that minute"

Chomsky on Sanders

Stunning jellyfish, captured on film by the NOAA

The lounge is lacking energy.

*POTUS coming up on WH Correspondent's Dinner

In before DU Hillary supporters create a new "scandal". There are other men without a tux.

"If this material works, I'm going to use it at Goldman Sachs next year. Earn me some . . . .

Obama: CPT stands for "jokes that white people should not make"

WH Correspondent -- Obama

"It's anyone's guess who SHE will be".

It's pretty hard to believe the former Senator from Wall Street is going represent working class.

A look at the world-wide drought (now with recent news links)

Last time I was this high I was trying to figure out my major!!!

Pres. Obama at WHCD: "This time next year, someone else will be standing in this spot"

Helen Mirren IS awesome!

Trudge up the Hill!!!

a basketball RING!!!

OMG Obama just scorched Ted Cruz

President IDGAF

Oh shit, DC DMV!!!!

RIP PRINCE. It's a purple rainy day...

Obama Out

"Obama Out!" and he drops the mic. I'm so sad he's leaving. Larry Wilmore up next. Correspondents'

Damn. I'm gonna miss him! n/t

Grace Parra at the WHCD...

"We have one of our priests in prison right now,

Larry Wilmore is bombing--It's painful to watch

Working full-time on food stamps

Chrome rims

Nyle DiMarco and Bernie Sanders at the WHCD...

Bernie's so old his first campaign's slogan was "Fire"!!! (Larry Wilmore White House Correspondents'

Saddest moments in TV History - Homer Simpson "Don't Forget Me."

DAMN...Larry went there!

Saddest moments in TV History - Philip J. Fry "He Forget Me A Long Time Ago"

Sanders skips the tux at WHCD

Saddest moments in TV History - Archie Bunker "I Just Wanted One More Time to say I loved you."

WHCD: Larry Wilmore uses the n word and Don Lemon flips off Wilmore on camera

What I'm about to say is ABSOLUTE FACT, and can not be refuted by ANYONE here...

Jim Hightower: Why Bernie Sanders Will, Should and Must Refuse To Drop Out--

When you show up to the WHCD without a tux because you don't play by the billionaire boy club rules.

President Obama: A movie on holding the powerful accountable - Best fantasy film since Star Wars.

3 Next Steps in the Political Revolution

Sanders Calls for 50-State Strategy to 'Revitalize American Democracy'

Larry Wilmore

After Bitter Tuesday, Progressives Ask Democratic Party What It Stands For

Kudos to Larry Wilmore for calling out the corporate media puppets.


Millennials Poll Shows Sanders' Revolution Reshaping US Electorate

Sanders Warns: Republicans Will Go After Hillary on Clinton Foundation

Bundy brothers back in Multnomah County jail

Robert Reich: The Endgame of 2016′s Anti-Establishment Politics

Fourteen to Go: Sanders Set on 'Transforming Nation'

Bernie Sanders Slams United Technologies’ Plan to Outsource U.S. Jobs

Conservative Group Is Trying to Take Down Top Environmentalists

Pres. Obama jokes that Clinton's slogan doesn't work as well as #FeeltheBern

Long-time DU member RushIsRot is in the hospital.

I just watched the Correspondents' Dinner.

Does anyone watch the Outlander TV series? Tonight was exquisite!

CSpan is repeating the WH Correspondents' Dinner

The House in Cypress Canyon

Helen Mirren is the coolest woman on the planet

Sen. Sanders on Face the Nation

Plenty of Solid EVIDENCE For Bernie Sanders To Continue On Into What Will Essentially A TIED Race...

Obama Out. My President. My heart hurts.

Giant walking Bernie Sanders "float" part of Downtown LA rally

WHCD: Obama's Last Mic Drop - In Full

Obama was correct

The majority of young voters will vote for Clinton in the GE

Bernie's Way or the highway!!!!!!

Going downhill

President Obama Might Have Just Predicted A Hillary Clinton Presidency in WHCD Speech

Statement from Democracy For America on the April 26th primaries and Bernie Sanders road ahead..

Sanders Warns: Republicans Will Go After Hillary on Clinton Foundation

Can Bernie Win It ? ( Yes, and here's how.) Part One

What if I told you that...

"I comb my hair with a balloon."

Can Bernie Win It ? Part Two ( A summary and some additional info )


Larry Wilmore Roasts Bernie Sanders - White House Correspondents Dinner - April 30th 2016

LOL, WHCD: Obama Leaving The White House, With John Boehner

Dear Democrats: Stop Bullying Sanders Supporters into Backing Hillary Clinton

Obama was funny at this WHCD but could he top the time bush looked for WMD under the table?

God Will Use Russia To Nuke America Over Transgender Rights

Obama: Bernie Sanders at Correspondents Dinner

Classic Shrimp Scampi

Latest Polls April 29th Show Sanders Doing Better Than Clinton Against Republicans

Tax Policy Is Written By Experts In Tax Dodging

To my fellow Hillary supporters: this isn't the time to gloat.

Vote for Democrats.

Germany: 400+ arrested as right and left wing protesters clash; political tensions heat up

Election Fraud Special Report! (You Won't Believe This)

California Widow Sues Monsanto For Killing Her Husband

Right on, Sharon Stone! (HRC GROUP)

Re Rudyard KIPLING. The dismissing as racist and colonialist

Watching the correspondents dinner (yeah, I know...)

MAY DAY March & Rally 2016 Bernie Sanders Brigade


MAY DAY March & Rally 2016 Bernie Sanders Brigade

Obama takes aim at Trump and Republicans at final Correspondents' Dinner

Obamas full speech at WHCD

A Prince Tribute by Luna Lee

Obama jokes about Trudeau at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Europe's First Islamic Constitution? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

~~~ The WINNERS of the April Photo contest are~~~

Venezuela hikes minimum wage 30 percent amid economic crunch

And the April Photo Contest winners are

Hillary Clinton’s Damning Emails: the potential for blackmail

Massacres of Native Population Condemned in Indigenous Congress

Ready for the Final Primaries? - Bernie Sanders

Ready for the Final Primaries? - Bernie Sanders

Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already

President Obama failed...

Giant walking Bernie Sanders "float" part of Downtown LA rally

Report: PM making Germany wary of unconditional support for Israel

Rare rallies in Vietnam over mysterious mass fish deaths

Thousands Plan May 1 Marches in US in Heated Election Year


Prince - FULL Performance at SNL40 After Party

President Obama pokes fun at Hillary during speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner

4,800-Year-Old Fossil Of Mother Cradling Child Unearthed

Competition between men drove evolution of deep voices, researchers say

Mystery surrounds Burren settlement excavated by archaeologists

New Geoglyph Spotted in Peru’s Nazca Desert

New Geoglyph Spotted in Peru’s Nazca Desert

A Monster Black Hole is Forming From 3 Colliding Galaxies

An ancient astronomer's observations of a 1,000-year-old supernova have just been unearthed

Mysterious blue flashes in space and upside-down lightning have been caught on film

'Brick' of original Earth returns

"I Dub Thee, 'Sir Hippity of Hoppity.'"

Unique Tailless Comet Was Made At The Same Time As Earth

Kentucky Confederate monument to be removed after 120 years

Probing dark energy with clusters: "Russian doll" galaxy clusters reveal information about dark ener

Baby sauropod dinosaurs did not require parental care

Small earthquake strikes in western Kentucky

Head of Ted Cruz super pac endorses Sanders!

Poor Harvard Hillary Supporter

Has NetFlix eliminated cast info from its listings?

Speaking of two-dollar bills, I wonder why they've never caught on.

Suspect steals gun from victim at valley McDonald's

Texas News - The Paxton Chronicles

Rock Hill police: Don’t use gun to shoot at snakes

Texas News - LGBT Issues and Excuse Me While I Pee

Chicago Police confiscate 2,800 guns since start of 2016

Daily Holidays - May 1

Texas News - West Texas

Texas News - South Texas

Texas News - Central Texas and the Brazos Valley

Texas News - North Texas

Texas News - East Texas

Evidence from Curiosity Rover Shows Mars Once Had Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere

Texas News - I Can't Believe We Keep Electing These Idiots

Texas News - Giving People The Business Section

Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle:

Eugene V Debs was a member of the Democratic Party: wonder if he knew Upton Sinclair?

Does anyone know why Upton Sinclair would be not verboten in GD? Reason I am

30 Years? That's hilarious!

Who do you want to be President?

Speech at Bernie May Day Rally in Down Town Los Angeles

Speech at Bernie May Day Rally in Down Town Los Angeles

Annual May Day rally seeks labor reform and inclusion in 2016

Janitors Peaceful Protest March Los Angeles

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) One More BYO Edition Plzkthnx :)

Let's talk about bathrooms.


Carrier was awarded State and Federal Grants

Gov. Pence will review Grant Money the State has given to Carrier

CryptoWall ransomware removal instruction and ways to restore the encrypted files

Sanders skips the tux at WHCD

Ransomware: normally I try not to post this kind of superduper ultra-geeky thing in GD but....

Breaking - CSX train has derailed in DC Hazardous Material Leaking

I simply don't get how a person who said "we came, we saw, he died" can be considered a good choice

Is Hillary's Silence on H1 Visas Golden?

Chicken Wings

Handlesblatt: Germany has a big new problem, dealing with its failed wind turbines.

Sanders Calls for 50-State Strategy to 'Revitalize American Democracy'

Happy Beltane

Game of Thrones 6.2 "Home" (spoiler alert)

Mapping with the stars: Nuns instrumental in Vatican celestial survey

Fear the Walking Dead 2.4 "Blood in the Streets" (spoiler alert)

May day.....

UTEC moving to Mexico, Huntington Indiana to lose 700 jobs

UTEC moving to Mexico, Huntington Indiana to lose 700 jobs

Michigan: Dematic may move jobs to Mexico; will others follow?

Bernie, the archetype - a little inspiration

Hillary Clinton to Travel Country Roads on West Virginia Stops

Larry Wilmore’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner Performance Went Too Far, He Should Be Fired

Indiana Senators: UTEC still moving jobs to Mexico

New NBCnews/WSJ/Marist Poll: Clinton 50, Sanders 46.

Hold the phone, kids! Sanders has a good and realistic idea!

What's up? I used to see lots of posts with the latest long lines and big crowds for Bernie

Indiana Senate Candidate Paid Bro-In Law $170K For Campaign Work

NBC News Poll Shows Hillary Weak...

A manned and suicide bomb

Why Hillary will lose to tRump

State of Emergency Declared in Iraqi Green Zone ABC News

61% of likely voters age 18-29 say they would vote for Clinton, while just 25% Trump

Drunken driver crashes into Alaska Governor's Mansion

NBC/WSJ/Marist poll of Indiana : Clinton 50 % - Sanders 46

Sanders campaign only raised $26 mill in April, $ 20 mill Down from March

On This Day~May 1, 2011

Workers Turn Support Towards Bernie Instead of Trump

Workers Turn Support Towards Bernie Instead of Trump

Happy May Day

Hillary will show where she is really at with her VP pic.

LIVE: French capital faces new wave of protests on May Day over labour reforms

Nicholas Kristof: Trump Plays the Man's Card

Russia: 100,000 march on Red Square to celebrate International Workers' Day

I just don't believe that fence-mending will be possible.

Why Hillary Wins in 2016, or 'It's the economy, stupid' or 'It's morning in America... again.'

Brazil: Thousands protest capitalism at 'anti-fascist' rally in Sao Paolo

I think David Brock should be in Hillary's cabinet. He's very presidential!

Do you socialize with misogynistic racists for fun? I don't.

Switzerland: 'Robots' protest to demand free basic income in Zurich

May 1st - /r/HillaryClinton featured as subreddit of the day.[ SRoTD Town Hall ]

An Urgent Message to Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

Top Democrats Just Joined Big Pharma to Derail Obama’s Drug Pricing Plan

Bernie Sanders’s fundraising drops off sharply in April

The South is holding America hostage

Trump to Use Sanders' 'Unqualified' Comment Against Clinton.

Sorry Bros, But Bernie Doesn't Have a Chance in California

Fallacious techniques in media, think "false equivalence". I've identified another.

Hillary: 'It's Hard' To Quit A Race To The White House'

I'd like to wish all Eastern Orthodox Christians a happy Easter!

Paiute good stewards of Malheur land

Haymarket Martyrs--Origin of International Workers Day - Parts 1, 2, 3

Hillary Clinton Calls on Congress to Fight ‘Serious and Urgent’ Threat of Zika Virus

Fox News Contributor Who Claimed Hillary Clinton Was A ‘Criminal’ Pleads Guilty To Felony Fraud

Clinton Foundation fact sheet

Decades-Old Lands Debate Flares Up in the West

I love Bernie he is so real, honest and funny...and would make a great President.

Oregon's Malheur wildlife refuge is returning to 'a new normal'

Trump Allegedly Tried to Hire Latin American Election Hacker - Fortune

NY Senator Fred Akshar & Girlfriend Exposed for Corruption

Any gamers here with limited/no use of their dominant arm?

Putin reshuffles Russia's law enforcement structures

Random stuff your pet does to drive you crazy?

Ask The Administrators' Reply. Interesting read.

Bulldozer fight!

She said these things. You cannot undo what she has said. The laugh made me sick, dead soldiers.

"The billionaire class is very religious. Their religion is greed". . . .

For April 2016, the average weekly increase in CO2 levels compared with April 2015 is 4.16 ppm.

"He says we threaten him when we say he should then be fired."

Oh, what could have been...

I am so sad to be posting about the loss of our cat Scout

Based on the most recent Indiana poll. (50-46)

I think I ask you this every 4 years

Obama last night "If this material works well, I’m gonna use it at Goldman Sachs next year"

When They Come For Our Vote

Malia Obama will be attending Harvard in 2017*

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 5.1.2016 - #NeverHillary

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 5.1.2016

‘He started crying like a little baby’: 11-year-old brags about shooting suspected home invader

The artic suicides / it's not the dark that kills you.

Face the Nation with Bernie Sanders

WH issued the statement about Malia without fanfare or advance notice

PHOTOS: 33 Rescued Circus Lions Airlifted From Peru To South Africa Sanctuary

"We don't need no stinkin' badges."

When Secretary Clinton runs in the General Election, will 'age' become an issue again?

Obama's Speech at White House Correspondents Dinner

It’s Official: Maine Will Be Voting On Marijuana Legalization This November

Minnesota's Northwest Angle, an American geographic oddity

Equatorial Pacific temperature anomaly approaching neutral

Our middle class is what made the U.S. the envy of the world.

Obama Roasts Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton At 2016 WHCA Dinner

Theorists perplexed by hints of unexpected new particle

Full text of Larry Wilmore's performance at the WHCD Saturday night.

Progressive candidates abound in Oregon primaries.

INDIANA: CLINTON, SANDERS In Statistical TIE, 50-46, New NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll.

Donald Trump Leads Cruz by 15 Points in Crucial Indiana Race

Post Nomination healing/cooling off time question

Cruz Insiders No Longer Confident They Can Win

Carolina theater will be having a free airing of Purple Rain on May 5th

Bernie Sanders is on pace to take more than 60 percent of the vote in the Cal's June 7 primary.

Can Clinton win Mississipi in the GE?

Colorado woman who cut stranger's baby out of the womb given 100 years in prison

I believe Bernie is one who passionately cares

Mother's Day flowers

What should have been the REAL story from last night's WH dinner...

Women sues Starbucks - Too much ice in the iced coffee-Wants 5$ Million

Hillary for Brunch

The President's Speech at the WH Correspondents Dinner

Email from Bernie...

NYT: Bernie Sanders’s Fund-Raising Plunges Amid Campaign Woes

Wishadoo!: Mutual Benefit Community

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #25: Wheel O’Corruption 3: Dark Of The Moon Edition

Seems to me that most of you don't get it

Sanders Raises $26M in April and Breaks $200M Raised for Campaign

Police suspect arson after Muslim prayer hall burns in Corsica

If you could design a perfect primary, how would you do it?

Plea for help! I am in need of cash for Craft Beer. Please donate to my GoFundMe page immediately.

Wausau police: Man shot by officer wielded knife

Body of American Missionary found in bushes in Albion Mountain, St Mary, Jamaica

Bernie Sanders catching up to Hillary in California! Clinton's lead has shrunk to two points!

Are you offended by this image?

China will launch a Mars rover in 2020

Alabama Boy, 11, Shoots Burglar, Mocks Him for “Crying Like a Little Baby”

Conclusive proof: Rick Scott is an asshole!

PRES. OBAMA: 'SANDERS, the Bright, New Face of the Democratic Party!' WH Press Dinner, WATCH :)

Why I hold no one to blame for the planetary predicament

Crosspost from GD:

GDP is a lot like the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812

Don't blame Bernie for your shitty candidate

The glass slipper

Sanders raised nearly 26 million in April

A couple of quotations I thought were from Samuel JOHNSON but weren't

"Want a laugh?" . . . Please come CAPTION Larry Wilmore!!!!

I bought some shoes from a drug dealer.

Elizabeth Warren: "I’m still cheering Bernie on"

Malia Obama chooses Harvard, after a gap year

Trump to Use Hillary's 'Unqualified' Comment Against Sanders in November Election

**Crosspost from GD to AA Group**

Bernie's stance on Israel, I'm a Hillary voter who agrees with Bernie

Sanders on the future of his campaign: "It's an uphill fight"

Could the NSA blackmail a potential future President Hillary Clinton?

Demand that the major news networks cover voter suppression (PETITION)

PRES. OBAMA: 'BERNIE SANDERS, The Bright, New Face of the Democratic Party' WH Press Dinner

NYT: OpEd: The Racist Roots of a Way to Sell Homes (Wall St Involved Again)

How many here at DU are tired of both Trump and Cruz?

What Happened When Venture Capitalists Took Over the Golden State Warriors

Larry Wilmore at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner

It's May Day. Let's All Dance around the Maypole!

Lindsey Graham: ‘Lucifer is the only person Trump could beat in an election’


Leaked TTIP documents cast doubt on EU-US trade deal

Leaked TTIP documents cast doubt on EU-US trade deal

Jason Vieaux: Antonio Carlos Jobim's "A Felicidade"

Imagine current candidates doing WH correspondents dinner

=*=LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Speaks at The National Press Club (5-1-16) =*=

What are you reading this week of May 1, 2016?

=*=LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Speaks at The National Press Club (5-1-16) =*=

Iraqi PM orders arrest of protesters who stormed Baghdad's green zone

Look at the 10th burger down

Jane Sanders On Bernie Sanders Campaign Spending | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Not sure who to ask, or how

*OBAMA: BERNIE SANDERS, "The Bright, New Face of the Democratic Party!" (VIDEO) WH Press Dinner

Jane Sanders On Bernie Sanders Campaign Spending | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Detroit schools can't meet payroll after June 30

Media keeps Bernie propped up so they can get all those $28 donations

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now: How the Media Is Ruining This Election

Pennsylvania: Get ready for loud and large cicadas

Pups 21 days

May all who BERN be able to vote....

Hillary's new slogan

Bergdahl defense can access classified information: ruling

A Time Laspe Video On Climate Change

Iraqi protesters end Green Zone sit-in for now after issuing demands

Tulsi Gabbard: Experience and Judgement

The Fight

Excellent piece about Gov. McCrory and HB2

State Workers (NM) Admit Denying Food Assistance to Qualifying Families...

Bernie Press Conference....

Why 2016 isn't 2008 *for me*

District Convention Results

China steps up Panama Papers censorship after leaders' relatives named

Fuckin CNN -- Asking what Bernie is talking about while he's talking

Did Maddow ever point out in OH Clinton received 44.69% less votes than in 2008(569,281 less votes)?

Former Tarentum(Pa.) falcon feeds 1st hatched chick

Putting some numbers on Bernie's path to the nomination

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 1 (May Day), 2016

What is your interpretation of the Chicago audit of Democratic primary election results?

The next time somebody says the DU isn't on somebodies radar show them this

LOL. 'Smug' jurors in GD:P unknowingly tell Skinner to "go read the TOS"

Always remember the other evil is worse than your candidate

Primary blog: Hillary Clinton visits Indy today

What kind of breath-taking arrogance would lead to a candidate screaming across the airways

If you're looking for a real cause to donate to

What week is it?


Leave it to Carly to ruin a perfectly good show tune.

Jail didn't save video footage showing cell of man who died

Bay Area's Middle Class Is Being Squeezed Out in Droves: Report

Top UN Advisor: Hillary Threat World Peace; Blocked Syrian Peace Accord; Compulsive Misrepresentatio

New Hillary supporter

What Can Stop Kids From Dropping Out

The Donald Threatens to Sue Artist Over Her Trump Micropenis Portrait (now definitely NSFW!)

The lesser of two evils...

Ted Cruz Wins 10 of 13 Delegates at Virginia GOP Convention

Hillary Clinton's Sunday visit

I'm at my Island County Convention and LD Caucus

South Africa: Rescued lions explore new home in sanctuary

South Africa: Rescued lions explore new home in sanctuary

Video: New Guiness hoverboard flight record in France

Regulators Consider How to Save Southern New England Lobster

How Many Bernie Supporters Are Here on DU?

WOW! See Aretha Franklin Sing Prince's 'Purple Rain' (& more) at White House

‘Tehran’ Tom Cotton Throws Tantrum After White House Exposes Him As Clueless Obstructionist

Hate crime in Idaho but can't be prosecuted as such

=*=LIVE Stream @6pm/7PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in South Bend, Indiana 5-1-16 =*=

=*=LIVE Stream @ 6PM/7PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in South Bend, Indiana 5-1-16 =*=

Derailed train near Washington leaks hazardous material

Derailed train near Washington leaks hazardous material.

Rousseff says opponents plotting to water down Brazil labor laws

May Day Parade New York City 1949

Anyone have experience with Google's Project Fi?

A horrible feeling

A Sanders Comeback

Top L.A. County sheriff's official resigns over emails mocking Muslims and others

Can Bernie Raise $$$ his Way Into the VP Slot?

Run on a Ticket With Donald Trump? No, Thanks, Many Republicans Say

Conflict Resolutions

Trump's mentor - by digby

The colors of spring slightly out of focus

Has the seed been planted for a new political Party in this country?

What the Republicans have done to Kansas should be all over the news every day.

Letter from Barbara Ross of Texarkana to Senator John McClellan, 1967

OMG! Today's Dilbert: voting machines

GOP: "We must protect the children""

TTIP Documents Revealed

Sanders to Democratic Party: Whose Side are We On?

Kansas is a Cautionary Tale of Big (Koch Industries) Money Drowning Out Voters Voices

New Mexico Human Services denied food assistance to hungry families to meet deadlines

Here's what US trade policies supported by some candidates are really about

Bernie Tweets..

I don't see many Bernie supporters disappearing

Editorial cartoon in the RG encapsulates Oregon's role in the primaries.

Hero Dog Dayko Dies After Rescuing At Least 7 People From Ecuador Earthquake Rubble

Bloomberg TV Debate on Implications of Brexit

And the politicians bowed and prayed to the Corporate Gods they made.

Chihuly in the (Atlanta Botanical) Garden

In 2008, Clinton didn't concede until four days after the last primary.

Tell the Senate GOP to do their jobs and give Merrick Garland a vote

We're about to transition into General Election mode soon, or as I like to call it:

Apparently, NO ONE 'Wants Bill' : Pro-Clinton Chant Fails At Clinton Rally...

Congress Likely To Get Its Only Openly Atheist Member In November

The TSA Made $765,000 From Your Loose Change in 2015

Brand New Congress...

How to get HUGE crowds

Brand Spanking New North Carolina Poll-Clinton 49% Herr Drumpf 37%

What does Bernie want?

A gift

Fight breaks out between Fox News and HuffPo reporters at Correspondents' Dinner After Party

Tear Gas In Paris, Istanbul As Tensions Erupt On May Day

Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana

US Once Again Forced To Turn To Russia For Help On Syria

I loved the way Obama thanked the media for helping to create Trump

The Cavity in Health Insurance Coverage: Oral Health

The ‘Urabá Diaries’ Lay Bare the Struggles and Hopes of Young People in Colombia's North

Sanders fund-raising shows steep decline from March

Apparently it's legal for ER in Brazil to video tape patients and upload videos to the internet

Why the People Picking California's Tomatoes Can't Afford to Eat Them

Argentines protest

Dancing on the Ruins of Multinational Corporations

Brazil's embattled Dilma Rousseff vows more Brazil spending in appeal to base

Tony Blair lobbied Chinese government for Saudi oil company while Middle East peace envoy

Toddlers have shot at least 23 people this year

You can be progressive and support Hillary

Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff // Empire_File022

Bernie Sanders holds press conference in Washington, D.C (5-1-16)

For the Hill fans projecting Bernie needing help with campaign debt, Hill took 5 years.......

Maine News - 5/1/2016

Bernie is the Amendment King

New Hampshire News - 5/1/2016

It's mah birfdee. What did u get mee?

Share what you think is the "best" cover of a well known song.

Snowden: Without Encryption, Everything Stops

The Current Delegate Count Means A Contested Convention

Vermont News - 5/1/2016

The floods in Louisiana and east Texas - great grandma and her four grandkids

Massachusetts News - 5/1/2016

Connecticut News - 5/1/2016

Does anyone know the Voting Demographics for Indiana?

This is no more a contested convention than 2008 was. Obama didn't have an outright majority, either

Political cartoon about Oregon in the Primaries...

Rhode Island News - 5/1/2016

I've seen repeated OP's about starting third prates or going third party

Sorry, but I hate what the producers have done to Game of Thrones

Chuck Todd pummels Cruz for blaming loss on ‘media conspiracy’: ‘Republican voters are rejecting you

Did anyone see this photo of Teresa Heinz-Kerry at the WHCA?

Gary Spivey - Psychic.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 4-30-16 FANTASTIC

Bloodline and Peaky Blinders fans

Beijing training 'fishing militia' for South China Sea

One Top Taxpayer Moved, and New Jersey Shuddered

Heatbreaking! Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava Manhattan is burning on Easter Sunday.

"No, Jon Favreau: We Will Not Learn To Love Hillary Clinton"

There was an awkward moment when Sanders made a Freudian slip...

Will there be…?

Never mind Bernie Bros finger-pointing populism. Here Come the Swing Voters in battleground states.

Refuge takeover a casual topic at Harney County branding

Uber, blind riders reach settlement over service animals

I made a mistake

just returned from caucusing for Sanders delegates in norcal district 2....

"In some ways Sanders contradicted himself during the press conference."

Warren slams Trump: "Asking if Trump is sexist is like asking if he has bad hair”

Henry Hudson

Trump uses Bernie criticism against Clinton

'Kill them wherever they are': ISIS hackers publish 'hit list' of 70 US military personnel

If Clinton wins a clear majority of pledged delegates, does anyone think Sanders will be nominated?

Poll: If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, will you ...

Principles. First, do no harm.