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Hmmmm, Ms. Inevitable just lost another state. Weird.

Another way of visualizing the temperature

Latest David Brock Meme: Bernie Sanders Supporters Support Trump

LOL, On MSNBC just now "Trump has dispatched 16 other candidates, Hillary can't dispatch one!"

Chuck Todd just said something on Hardball that I have been thinking for quite a while

One thing Bernie supporters in WV and Hillary have in common...

I just got home. Looks like Hillary is ahead by 9 in WV!

Is it possible that HRC won't release the transcripts

Jon Stewart skewers Hillary. Of course the msm reported on what he said about Trump but ignored

CNN just changed WV to "too early to call".. Sanders only up by 9 points. 34% in.

MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan ‏visits the TTIP reading room

WV results prove that the rust belt wants progressivism, not pandering bs from Hillary.

Why Bernie's plan for Free College and make Wall St. pay won't work.

I'm confused: PBS said Bernie was winning in WV....

40% of BS fans will vote for Trump in Nov, the rest will vote for Justin Bieber -(just conjecture)

Idiot Smashes 120+ Year Old Statue

44% of Sanders voters in WV are Trump supporters

Only 9% of HRC voters would vote for Trump in Nov. The number for SBS? 35%!

Staples-Office Depot Merger Collapses After Block by Judge

This California desert town is experiencing a marijuana boom

ACLU Calls for Investigation into Catholic Hospitals Over Prohibitions on Reproductive Healthcare

Forward, my fellow Sanderistas

The Energy Return of Solar PV

Nebraska and West Virginia primary results: track the votes, county by county.

Sanders holds early lead in West Virginia

California US Senate Debate is tonight at 7 PM Pacific

Right now with hardly any votes in they're essentially tied at 45%

Math is math. Hillary Clinton is the preseumptive nominee.

Fmr. DOJ FOIA Director on Clinton Aide’s Missing Emails: ‘It Stinks to High Heavens’

We always get this preachiness from Sanders supporters about how progressive they are

The Donald Trump Of Beer?

Both Disliked, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Accentuate the Negatives

Thank You Home State West Virginia and Mountaineers ~ Go Bernie!

Decision time for FBI on Clinton

What's on your TV/stereo/headphones/radio?

A.P. calls Nebraska for Bernie

Canada Confirms Endorsement Of UN Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples

Trump Dump

Gallup: If McCain vs. Obama, 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain

It is not Operation Chaos. It is West Virginia Democrats that will NOT vote for Clinton.

So who is this 'Other' that 10% of Dems are voting for in WV?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Crappy Politics! & Uncensored & Live & a

On this day in 2008

Germany had so much renewable energy on Sunday that it had to pay people to use electricity

Oil Speculates Running up Gas/Oil Prices Media Silent Talk About Trump or Bills BJ Oil $45bl

Cheerleaders had more concussions than football players

If you have time, check out this

Donald Trump Projected as Winner of West Virginia, Nebraska Republican Primary

Amoeba versus paramecia.

Man faces hate crime charge in Scotland over dog's 'Nazi salute'

The 4th Largest Economy In The World Just Generated 90 Percent Of The Power It Needs From Renewables


It looks like Ted's comeback was short lived lol!

Hillary is leading the Nebraska Democratic primary even though it doesn't count. HRC ROOM

Watch this 2,000-voice choir fill Massey Hall for a Prince tribute

Sanders at 49.5% ?

Vincinte Fox responds to Donald Trump

A little bird told me the sky's the limit....

New Poll : Do You Still See A Path To The White House For Sanders?

Why, yes -- as a matter of fact, my new grand-niece IS half black and half Italian

Thank You, West Virginia!

Who are the other 10% voting for in West Virginia?

NPR - Is Donald Trump Playing The 'Man Card'? (Exploiting Gender Resentment)

Bernie Sanders Has Netted 3 Delegates Tonight!

Trump Spokespiece Katrina Pierson Says It Is Super Cool And Not Sexist To Call Women Bimbos

CNN projects Sanders beats Clinton

Trump Spokespiece Katrina Pierson Says It Is Super Cool And Not Sexist To Call Women Bimbos

Bernie ahead 57 % to 35 % in Monongalia County,

Bernie: Women 52% - 38%. Indies 61% - 22% Worried about economy 55% - 30% (WV)

Hillary Clinton is 28 points ahead in New Jersey.

EPIX Documentary : Under The Gun (Trailer)

Steve Kornacki: with tonight's WV win, Sanders has...

Coming Up CNN: BERNIE SPEECH From Salem, OREGON. In a Few Mins. Now 9:57 PMET

WV was possibly Sanders' best state outside New England.

North Carolina's bathroom law: an exercise in hypocrisy

Per The Green Papers the delegate breakdown is as follows:

North Carolina's bathroom law: an exercise in hypocrisy

How California Keeps Health Premiums Down Like No Other State

72-year-old woman becomes first time mom thanks to IVF

What 's up with the missing 10% of votes in WV?

Oregon Militia’s Request List Would Piss Off Even Santa

In 2012, 42% of voters in the WV Dem primary voted for a guy who was in jail over Obama

3 in 10 West VA DEMOCRATIC voters would vote for Trump no matter who is the Dem candidate.


Bernie Sanders wins West Virginia primary

Hillary limps weakly toward the finish line....another big crowd for Bernie.

Bernie Sanders wins West Virginia primary

I'm coming around to the argument that the Party has cheated to pick their preferred nominee.

What happened in Flint was horrible, but it's probably not as bad as you think.

Congress sued for barring atheist from delivering invocation

Nebraska is proving the problem with caucuses.

Anyone else find it bizarre that the *other*(?) vote in WV has remained steady at about 10%

Bernie Sanders is the most consistent and genuine candidate, Atlantic City supporters say

Career Opportunities with Shell Iraq, Shell recruits and develops the best possible professionals to

Hillary wins nonbinding Democratic Primary in Nebraska.

Bernie Sanders is the most consistent and genuine candidate, Atlantic City supporters say

To any lurking Republicans/Independents who can vote in the Democratic primaries

No DU user deserves to be shot.

Trump claims database error led to white nationalist delegate-BUT-Yesterday they sent congrats email

BREAKING: Clinton wins the Democratic #NebraskaPrimary. @AP race call at 9:49 p.m.

New Battleground Polls Show Democratic Win at Risk with Clinton - GULP!

Meet The Men And Women Behind Donald Trump

"Hope" is nice, but...

Why I bared my breasts for a school photo


More than 1,200 new planets discovered through Nasa's Kepler space telescope

Look at this Vote Map for W. Va. It's almost All Green for Bernie!

Bernie's speech from Salem Oregon live on MSNBC. Wow! nt

Missouri lawmakers pass bill to restrict viewing of police camera footage

No DU user deserves to be shot.

I guess Hillary is getting nervous now running ads again!

Panama Papers Go Online As Obama Pushes Global Tax Transparency

Sen. Sanders' statement on winning West Virginia and pics from Oregon

President Obama to visit Hiroshima

Wow Hillary is not going to break 40%?!??!

President Obama to visit Hiroshima

Bernie going after Trump tonite is dynamite!

Guinness World Records announces 30-year-old Scooter as oldest living cat

Wow! Bernie Won WV Female Vote 52% to 38%; and Beat HRC in All Age Groups

Yet again Sanders leads among voters who want "less liberal" policies than Obama's

*Livestream Now, WATCH BERNIE'S FULL VICTORY SPEECH From Salem, Oregon

Why the HELL does CNN

Did anyone see this tonight on PBS? The Armor of Light By Abigail Disney & Kathleen Hughes

Suspect dead after four stabbed at Massachusetts mall, home

My "Black Population to Predict Primaries" model is now 14 of 15 (93.3%)

Hillary Clinton Takes a Step to the Left on Health Care

Bernie Cutting Loose in Salem, Oregon...Crowd Wild...CNN Covers and MSNBC Cuts it Off

Suspect, 2 Victims Dead After Stabbings In Taunton

Top Trump Aide: GOP Convention Will Be The 'Ultimate Reality Show'

A little bird told me, the sky's the limit...

So far, black population of a state has allowed me to pick the primary winner 93.3% of the time

HIPPY program: supporting children and working families since 1985 | Hillary Clinton

Venezuela first lady's nephews getting help to cover defense costs: U.S.

For North Carolina conservatives, privacy extends only to public restrooms

Oh crap!

Ben Carson Is Off Trump’s VP Vetting Team

Clinton is no longer winning a single county in WV.

How far the once mighty bernie oaks have fallen . . .

Yglesias: A Clinton Victory Would Give Sanders Increased Influence

Black West Point cadets will not be punished for raised-fists photo

Black West Point cadets will not be punished for raised-fists photo

Opener for Bernie Sanders Stockton CA (5-10-16)

Opener for Bernie Sanders Stockton CA (5-10-16)

Tweet from Michael Moore congratulating Bernie....

Question: Did HRC secure he must needed, MUST secure 17% to secure the nod?

Trump, Truth and the Power of Contradiction

I just donated $27. Least I could do (and the most I could afford). In honor of W. Va. nt

Mike Malloy - The Republican Party Did It To Themselves

New York sued over anti-farm union law, refuses to defend it

Transcript of Jon Stewart interview by David Axelrod

Ever Heard of The Small Penis Gun Club? - Thom Hartmann

The good news is that this month I will finally get to cast a vote for Bernie

Can someone explain Nebraska to me?

Clinton loses to Sanders in coal state of West Virginia

Illinois Senate OKs school funding revamp with boost for Chicago

Psychiatric hospitals filling up with time travellers sent back to kill Donald Trump

Obama’s Legacy: History Will Not Look Kindly On The GOP

Gun permit owner shoots gun into bathroom because he felt the person was taking too long

The At Large delegate distribution went from. 3 to 3 to 4 to 2, advantage Bernie

Sanders Wins West Virginia Primary (And No, It's NOT Inconsequential)

I have come to the conclusion that Hillary does not need the votes of DU zealots

Powerful words from John Fugelsang

Spain proposes to leave $4B treasure on Caribbean seafloor to avoid conflict with Colombia

Spain proposes to leave $4B treasure on Caribbean seafloor to avoid conflict with Colombia

For Bernie & WV: Flatfoot Dancing in WEST VIRGINIA to Song 'ARKANSAS TRAVELER' :)

WaPo - Trump’s past crude sex talk collides with his White House bid

Despite the odds, my Enthusiasm for Sanders is Stronger than Ever. Can I get an Amen?

Here's a gif for y'all.

OFFICIAL THANK YOU for Bill Press on CNN!!!

This is why you cannot trust cats

HuffPo - Hillary Clinton Is A Progressive Democrat, Despite What You May Have Heard

Mingo County, WV -- Paul T. Farrell Jr. beats Hillary Clinton by 113 votes

Guess which Southern state is sporting MORE Democrats than Republicans voting?

More people voted for Hillary in the Nebraska Primary than participated in the Nebraska Caucus.

Poll: Nearly half less likely to vote for candidates who back Trump

Polls: Trump Closing In On Hillary

Since THE REVOLUTION isn't all about Bernie Sanders...and since WV is in vogue tonight...

Atlantic - Donald Trump's Economic Plans Would Destroy the U.S. Economy

congrats to bernie & more polll mania - poll shows hillary winning oregon primary next week..

Strong, Proud Black Women at West Point

"34% of Sanders WV primary voters declared they will vote for Trump in November..."

Colombia’s opposition calls for civil resistance to FARC peace deal

Bernie to visit South Dakota Thursday

Oregon senator probes Nevada businesses tied to Panama Papers

Bernie Sanders on West Virginia win: " We are in this campaign to win the Democratic nomination"

Dog missing for 3 years reunited with owner

tweet thread of "new studies" that found things Black people been saying all our lives

The results of W.VA are not surprising, really.

I am very confused by the 51% to 38%..

Nina Turner just called out CNN (Don Lemon) on the improper delegate counts

Bernie Announces The Big Win in West Virginia!

116 closed primary delegates up for grabs next week.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Dismisses ‘Foreigners’ Like Former Mexico Prez Vicente Fox

Emails show Hillary was lobbying for the ACA and its public option in 2009 -- as Sec of State.

If Sanders gets the nomination, despite having less pledged delegates and millions less votes

For WV & Bernie: Flatfoot Dancing in WEST VIRGINIA to the Song 'Arkansas Traveler'

The migrants buried without a name.

Macri to Veto Bill That Would Stop Layoffs in Argentina

Why The Superdelegates Need To Switch To Sanders IMMEDIATELY

Death to Old Fossils – But When Precisely?

California - Hyperloop Transportation says it cracked 760mph travel with magnets

Happy National Twilight Zone Day

The Clueless Corporate Media

Bill Press just said, as the former Chairman of the California Democratic Party, I think Bernie wins

North Korean Defectors Making A New Home In Chicago

Green Papers: Sanders Nets 2 Delegates in WV

How do BOTH candidates miss their targets?

My wife and I keep good company

Microsoft Revenue Quietly Surpasses $1 Trillion (and escapes many taxes)

Reports circulating that FBI Director Comey is holding a presser Wednesday morning.

Emma Watson named in Panama Papers

Warning; "Public Option" is a scam thought up by insurance comanies. It can't work for many reasons!

As if we needed more proof that Cruz is a jerk

Think Tank Walks Back Inaccurate Bernie Bash

New Polling Shows Sanders, Not Clinton, Most Formidable Against Trump

Baby starfish return to Oregon, California after massive die-off

Don't forget: Sanders also won 15 delegates in Nebraska, tonight's primary a beauty contest

Why I Would Never Vote for Bernie Sanders, Ever

To all my Bernie Sanders Sisters and Brothers

Some gunthusiasts on DU seem to think meta-discussions in GCRA are forbidden. They aren't.

Lost Stars - Adam Levine (from film Begin Again)

BMW car-sharing boasts 13,000 Seattle members in first month

Hillary Clinton Slams Methodist Church for Boycott Israel Push

Has the Left Run Its Course in Latin America?

Bernie Sanders celebrates West Virginia win at Oregon rally

Bernie Sanders celebrates West Virginia win at Oregon rally

Remember the old phone plans that used to roll over minutes?

West Virginia is all green! Bernie won every single county!!!!

Clinton and the DNC Are Not Just Colluding — They’re Changing the Rules for Superdelegates

Spain to make first exhumations from civil war mausoleum

Clinton and the DNC Are Not Just Colluding — They’re Changing the Rules for Superdelegates

So Robby Mook had an informal, unpaid role at the Clinton State Dept.

Trump just decided he really likes Oregon "Greatest state ... in the nation"

Targeting Big Pharma Price Gouging, Sanders Backs California Ballot Fight

Colorado News - 5/11/2016

Utah News - 5/11/2016

Clinton wins Nebraska primary, but gets no delegates

*ALERT* Estimated 100,000 NY City Voters Have Power to Contest Rejected Affidavit Ballots *DEADLINE*

This Attack on Sanders' Medicare-for-All Plan is Ridiculous

New Polling Shows Sanders, Not Clinton, Most Formidable Against Trump


This touched this old atheist/dog lover's heart.

MSF Say 75 Hospitals Bombed in 2015, Leave Humanitarian Summit

New Utah Law Will Require Abortion Doctors to Lie to Their Patients

CT and NH investigate public banking

Lucia Graves is a pathetic hack who dismisses the votes of desperate, poor WV voters in her column

HRC wins the Nebraska non-binding Democratic primary

Charles Pierce: The Utter Truthlessness of Donald Trump

As Lawrence just said on MSNBC

Daily Holidays - May 11

The After-MATH: West Virgina

Families seek closure, gather 20 years after ValuJet crash

'Oldest axe' was made by early Australians

‘Your mic is hot!’: Sean Hannity screams for Geraldo to stop insulting Bernie during victory speech

These Days - Jackson Browne acoustic

The 4th Largest Economy In The World Just Generated 90 Percent Of The Power It Needs From Renewables

Why Chuck Grassley Is Going All In On Trump-Appointed SCOTUS Justices

More simply put.

Bernie Sanders propelled to victory by Republican voters in West Virginia.

Trump Distorts Clinton’s Gun Stance

Nevada News - 5/11/2016

Ammo explodes during Phoenix house fire, man found dead

Wow. Every district in WV for Bernie. Hil didn't even try

How Germany approaches guns

ALERT! Estimated 100,000 NY City Voters Have Power to Contest Rejected Affidavit Ballots *DEADLINE*

How the Rest of the Democratic Delegate Race Could Unfold

The bluebird chicks in bird box #2 just started hatching. You can watch it live here:

Musical Break-time from the primaries.

Poll: Despite Bernie Sanders' Crowds, Hillary Clinton Ahead In Oregon--48-33

Bernie continues to fall behind...

North Carolina school system to allow pepper spray

Bernie Sanders to rally in Billings May 11

Bernie Sanders to rally in Billings May 11

Republicans hate Fairness Doctrine. Except when Facebook decides what headlines you see.

Trump supporters crossing over and voting for Sanders.This is why we like closed primaries.

Hillary silent on her church's anti-LGBT stance. Blasts it for position on Israel divestment

Jury Duty

This is the first primary season in which I'm following

There is a new internet-meme going around, misinforming about electric cars.

Powerful Veterans for Bernie Sanders Ad Will Move You | Vets For Bernie

Some delegate math from Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook's memo

Powerful Veterans for Bernie Sanders Ad Will Move You | Vets For Bernie

Bernie's campaign is over. It has been since Super Tuesday.

What's to stop someone from lying about having retreated?

FOX News, the appeaser.

Why did Nebraska have a Democratic Primary when the delegates were already committed?

All the MISERABLE Whining About Independents In WV Proves One Thing

Repression in Egypt

Rough night for Sanders. He needed to win WV by about 80%-

Conservatives absolutely INSIST on living in a world of lies

Vice President Joe Biden 'Confident' Hillary Clinton Will Be Democratic Nominee

So Sanders needed to beat Clinton by 52% in the WVa.Primary

Arizona News - 5/11/2016

39% of Sanders voters in WV

It sounded like an old early 1900s engine running

Millionaire Think Tank Walks Back Inaccurate Bernie Bash

Russert Dismantles Hillary's Bosnia Story

Russert Dismantles Hillary's Bosnia Story

Top 25 hedge fund managers earned $13bn in 2015 – more than some nations

Free Trade

Do Hillary supporters want progressive voices in the party?

Saw the best definition of Liberal political views ever on Facebook

Who's played the same live-action role onscreen the most times?

Defying church ban, dozens of Methodist clergy come out as gay and lesbian

At least 63 killed in Baghdad market car bomb attack

These hedge fund managers made $4.7 million last year. PER DAY.

Ted Nugent Shares Video That Shows Hillary Clinton Being Shot By Bernie Sanders

Trump's Post-Policy! ~ Rachel Maddow Blog (HRC GP)


Nearly Half of Sanders Voters in West Virginia Would Vote for Trump over Hillary

NC School system: pepper spray may be useful for students who encounter transgender classmates

Nuclear costs in uncharted territory

Almost Heaven

My dog is so obsessed with where other dogs pee....

Guess who's back on the music charts?

Luckovich - Bigotry

Coming Soon To An Atmosphere Near You - Permanent 400+ CO2 Content

Thousands Watch Pittsburgh Falcon Feed Young To Fellow Chick

Insurgency > Inevitable .... Every Single County

Oh, no.

Kudos to the Obama administration for blocking a Monopolistic merger. Hopefully a trend.

Fight Climate Change, One Bus Ride at a Time

Nate Silver rips Trump-Clinton polls in 8-part Twitter rant

Heidi Cruz Likens Husband's Campaign to Efforts to End Slavery

Wellpoint "really did" write the Baucus health plan

NSA up for congressional renewal. Meetings held in secret.

The GATS and South Africa's National Health Act | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The biggest economic development plan in VT history was the biggest fraud in VT history

Trump's tax advisors: Larry Kudlow and The Heritage Foundation.

Noam Chomsky: American Power Under Challenge & The Costs of Violence

Congratulations to Bernie for his win in WV.

Live Taping of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart, hosted by David Axelrod

Jon Stewart Devoured Hillary Clinton And The Media Ignored It

Interesting in WV

Hillary's Magic Number: 309; Bernie's Magic Number: 589 -- Neither will clinch until California

One of the very very best papers on clash between trade deals and health care reform

'I am a progressive, I like Hillary Clinton and I do not feel remotely conflicted about that'

Sanders' West Virginia win makes up little ground on Clinton

It looks like Bernie did hit his delegate target last night

How important was the WV primary? The Rochester newspaper covered it... On B2

The Panama Papers expose the hypocrisy of England’s oligarchs

Grosse Ile H.S. lacrosse team accused of killing animal before game

Bernie wins West Virginia, Hillary wins East Virginia.

The Progressive Case For Hillary Clinton Isn’t Much of a Case At All

Like Clockwork: Joe Biden ‘I Would Have Been the Best President

"Run Boy Run". Great movie.

Joe Biden 'Confident' Hillary Clinton Will Be Elected President

Have "Safe Spaces" Replaced FREE Spaces at Universities?

Egypt opens Gaza crossing for 48 hours after 85-day closure

Act more presidential.

Chinese state entities argue they have 'sovereign immunity' in U.S. courts

‘Your mic is hot!’: Sean Hannity screams for Geraldo to stop insulting Bernie during victory speech

Clinton Son-in-Law’s Firm Is Said to Close Greece Hedge Fund

After British corruption slip, Nigeria demands stolen assets back

Warning: "Bernie Glowstick Instructions" meme is trying to get people hospitalized or killed.

Calgary pilot breaks rules to fly Fort McMurray animals to shelter

The real math on Sanders' steep path to a pledged delegate win/ Maddow & Kornacki (HRC GP)

Native Americans in Oklahoma join forces to help monarch butterflies

Two quotes

Hillary's VP Choice

Nebraska, Bernie, and moral consistency.

Why Bernie Lost — And What to Do About It

Lose / Lose. May this fake or non alliance continue through the election.RNC and the Donald. ('toon)

Mentally ill man attempts suicide after clinic replaces his meds with Bible study

Is anyone else sick to death of the "Liberal Smugness" snarl that's going around lately?

Vox - Hillary Clinton wants to let people "buy in" to Medicare

Hillary Tweet~ Love trumps hate

Bernie needs to go to Puerto Rico and travel the territory with Residente and fight for their

May I suggest that we Boycott any BS posts and posters here at DU....

Chelsea's Husband to Close Greek Hedge Fund After Losing 90% of Value

Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Would Reportedly Make Ex-New York City Mayor Homeland Security Head

Challenge Everything: Eight Black Women Talk About Body Image

Trump: Maybe I should start focusing on 'Crazy Bernie'

U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2015 are 12% below their 2005 levels

Nate Silver rips Trump-Clinton polls in 8-part Twitter rant

It makes me sad. I just learned this morning that

Or wear a blindfold! LOL

Trash panda puts out the lights in Ballard

The Daily 202: West Virginia results show disaffection, not ideology, fuels Sanders and Trump

=*=LIVE Stream: NOW Bernie Sanders Rally in Missoula, Montana (5-11-16) Caras Park Pavilion =*=

=*=LIVE Stream: NOW Bernie Sanders Rally in Missoula, Montana (5-11-16) Caras Park Pavilion =*=

Why some suburbs are trying to be more like cities

Mean Tweets campaign edition with Senator Al Franken for suporting Hillary Clinton

High school lacrosse team accused of killing guinea pig, using blood like face paint

Cornel West for Veep

#NeverTrump Has a Hail Mary Plan to Block Trump: Romney, Perry, Walker, Russell, Eastwood

Trump: "I promise you that I'm much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz - I mean Jon Stewart...

"Happiness is a warm AK-47 with a full banana clip." . . .Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Trump vows not to release taxes

Even a Time Finance Columnist Is Now Questioning American Capitalism

U.S. to switch on European missile shield despite Russian alarm

LINK to Politico Delegate Tracker: HRC needs 14% of remaining delegates to clinch; Bernie 86 percent

Britain gets no power from coal for 'first time on record'

Germany to nullify convictions from years when homosexuality was illegal

Bernie would have lost West Virginia without the Trump supporters

Hillary weak bc of BS primary win in W VA? Uh, no

Donald Trump, Leicester City, and Why Predicting the Future Is So Hard

Mark Cuban Rips Donald Trump-Warning-it is lewd!!!- R rated

Why do I keep getting emails from HRC campaign?

Too Cool! Stand Up Paddleboarding Hydro Foil. Fun fun fun. 1:29 min You Tube

If party unity means that Bernie supporters have

Pic Of The Moment: Give 'Em Hell, Harry

Nobody seems to be talking about this any more:

I will vote for Bernie in November in a heartbeat if he somehow wins the nomination.

Crazy Bernie, Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted, Lil' Rubio, Low-energy Jeb... Trump needs a nick-name!!!

HuffPo: Poll Shows Voters Have Dismal View of a Hillary Presidency:

Hillary To Trump: I'll Take The High Road,You Take The Low Road

Poe's Law, meet Shia LaBeouf.

Bernie Sanders: 'we are in this to win the nomination' – video

Scotland's shame (just kidding): The Tiny Scottish Village That Spawned Trump

AZ man trying to be a 'hero' charged after opening fire on shoplifting suspects on busy street

Hillary’s Oakland Rally VS Bernie’s Sacramento Rally

The DNC Joins Arms with America’s Most Hated Company to Host National Convention

Op-ed: How Scotland will help me become President


Trump will not release his tax returns!

Welcome to the General Primary forum of Democratic Underground!!!

Washington News - 5/11/2016

Trump refusing to release personal income tax statements

Donald Trump, Claims ‘Mandate’ to Be Provocative'

Mustn't we reevaluate our party since it is is going through a right wing realignment?

Cook Political: The Numbers Favor Hillary Clinton Over Trump

Hillary Clinton campaigning in N.J. today

This story about Trump is devastating: His ugly history of screwing over small business

Angela Davis on Not Endorsing Any Presidential Candidate: "I Think We Need a New Party"


Trump begins outreach to Bernie supporters ...

New Reuters/Ipsos Clinton/Trump poll: Support surges for the talking yam

Glenn Beck Accuses Republicans Of 'Raping' Christian Conservatives

Idaho News - 5/11/2016

Election Fraud + Puppies !

West Virginia's Heir Apparent Has Been Revealed!

The door is open to an asshole, like Donald Trump, because the democrats haven't done enough

Trump's GOP Hitman Who's Stealing Your Vote....

Trevor Noah goes after Bernie on the Daily Show

Yet another demand from the FEC for information from the Sanders Campaign.

Trump keeps opponents on their heels with his attacks and insults.

Thermoworks sale

Full Disclosure - I am a longtime Hillary fan (HRC Group)

Michael Slager charged with federal civil rights violation, obstruction in Walter Scott shooting

Clinton Cash’ doc set to stir up controversy as it debuts at Cannes

Who will be the president that forgives the taxes on the $2.5 trillion corporations are holding

Hillary Clinton speaks to 'crowd' at campaign rally in Oakland

People Who Believe In Conspiracy Theories More Likely To Be Suffering From Stress

HEADS UP NEXT ON FOX @1:32 pm-Comey's Press Conference is still scheduled to happen this morning

Elizabeth Warren laughs at Trump’s wimpy insults: ‘That’s the best you could come up with?’

68 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Israel

Sanders Wins West Virginia Primary (And No, It's Not Inconsequential)

That Long-Lost Mayan City a Teen Found Isn’t Lost … or a City

Need advice, which internet streaming services do you find the best value?

An odd glitch that just happened.

Washington Post opinion: Sanders is selling a fantasy agenda

Sanders camp discourages supporters from voting Trump

Cliven Bundy Lawsuit Against Obama Demands $50 Million, Get Out Of Jail Free Card, And A Pony

New poll showing Trump and Clinton neck and neck don't

Think incrementalism is bad? Try outcrementalism

Bernie wants to send you to college for free...

Montana News - 5/11/2016

Would you vote for a Clinton/Sanders ticket

We know the US is ‘dropping cyberbombs.’ But how do they work?

Bernie on with Andrea Mitchell now...

Elizabeth Warren gives a non answer to VP question.

WV had 29 pledged delegates and Bernie took 18 of them. That is 62.06% of the PD of WV

"Remarkably, voters think Hillary Clinton is more dishonest than Donald Trump"

In February of last year we had a 'Honk for Elizabeth" movement in Iowa

Denial of anti-Semitism at the heart of the UK Labour party

Why I now don't want Hillary to release her speech transcripts.

15% of West Virginia Clinton voters say they will not vote for her in November.

Arkansas Gentleman In Jail Just For Loving Bible Too Much, Threatening To Kill Seven Mayors

Scientists urge caution over claim of link between pregnancy (folic acid & B12 excess) and autism

Trump vows to only appoint anti-choice justices

8 Steps That Explain Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

8 Steps That Explain Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

Bernie Could Still Win the Nomination — No, Seriously

8 Steps That Explain Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

I wonder if Marsha Blackburn's likability has been assessed on a national basis.

Jon Bon Jovi opens second "Soul Kitchen" location

NBC built up Donald Trump before he ran for president: study

"Hold your nose for Hillary!" = Not Inspirational

So when Bernie promised full tax return release tomorrow when is that?

Wasserman Schultz’s liberal challenger set to announce $1M haul

are there limits on how much of an article you can quote?

This is NOT snow. It is hail being plowed (& flooding)

Iranian immigrant fined for pelting UK Home Office with 90 eggs after failed asylum bid

Donald Trump blasts "Crazy Bernie Sanders"

Foster kitty video at last--

View to the Pier

Agencies seek to help Excel Homes employees in Rocky Mount find new jobs

Donald Trump blasts "Crazy Bernie Sanders"

The Citadel says no to hijabs

herr drumpf--the original "affluenza" creep

Joe Biden: "I Would Have Been the Best President."

Post WV Delegate Math...

Hillary won West Virginia in 2008 by a 67-26 margin! Bernie just beat her by 15 points ...

Google to Ban All Payday Loan Ads

Recession May Loom for Next U.S. President No Matter Who That Is

Brazil supreme court rejects Dilma Rousseff's last minute appeal – live

Wyoming News - 5/11/2016

Exclusive: Trump Surges In Support, Almost Even With Clinton In National U.S. Poll

Bernie is one of the least transparent politicians when it comes to releasing tax return info

NEW! FEC releases damning 639 pages of violations by Bernie Sanders campaign (HRC GP)

Oregon: Have You Voted for Bernie? | Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Supporters Boost Bernie Sanders in West Virginia

Alabama Political News website

Love Trumps Hate | Bernie Sanders

Did Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, or Larry Lessig campaign in Iowa last year? NT

Bernie Sanders Keeps Winning Primaries and Keeps Shaping the Anti-Trump Agenda

It ain't over, nope.

Love Trumps Hate | Bernie Sanders

Live Bernie or Bust Debate Jimmy Dore Vs Sam Seder

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-10-16

Major Hillary Clinton Donors Caught Up in Fresh Panama Papers Scandal

The concept of "flipping" Supers

Cheryl Mills Leaves FBI Interview, Briefly, Over Questions that Were "off limits"

Democratic Convention Hosted by Republican Donors, Anti-Obamacare Lobbyists

Oregon News - 5/11/2016

Bernie is right about this, among other things:

The concept of "flipping" Supers- XP in GDP

Alert: The European Financial Dictatorship seriously threatens France

Caught: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have Both Defended Hillary on Iraq

Just so everyone knows the earth shattering FBI conference has happened. HRC room.

They've really hit a new low...After the FEC violations for setting up their

Sanders Can Still Win the Nomination Fair and Square

The Names in the Panama Papers

Deadly West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Explosion Was 'Criminal Act': Feds

Muslim feminist 'waited til 29 to have sex and is making up for lost time'

I flipped four Sanders voters this morning! Well, Sanders kind of did it, but...

So, you want the SDs to go against the will of the voters based on polls six months out?

Comey: "I don't even know what a security review is. I don't know what that means....

Please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton's problems

Trump Promises to Deliver "four or five" anti-abortion Supreme Court Justices

Gun control - what's wrong

Carson leaves Trump’s VP vetting team

Sadiq Khan pledges to help Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump

Sadiq Khan pledges to help Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump

I am laughing my @$$ off over in LBN right now

Welcome to the Nightmare Election: Why Clinton vs. Trump [Would Be] About One Thing—Fear

Love Trumps Hatred

Trump: My SCOTUS nominee may try to overturn Roe v. Wade

Stakes of this election are huge because FastTrack lasts six years and trade agreements are almost

Bernie's message speaks to all, especially the working poor ...

Nearly $200 Billion in Savings if Minnesotans Demand Single-Payer Solution for Families, Businesses

Donald Trump’s Plan to Raise Taxes on Rich: Just Kidding

Facebook says no evidence conservative stories suppressed

It's easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled - MarkTwain

Its easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled-Mark Twain

Trump makes it clear he will harm women to gain and maintain power.

South Carolina Cop Who Shot and Killed Fleeing Man Now Facing Federal Charges

FBI's Comey: I feel 'pressure' to quickly finish Clinton email probe--Politico

Have you all seen this? MAN ON FIRE! Truly stellar! (not a parody)

Here’s the Real Reason Everybody Thought Trump Would Lose

Camel Eye of a Needle - Trusting Trump at Your own Risk without Reward.

Ah, populism.

30-Year-Old Siamese Cat Named World's Oldest by Guinness

Sometimes having money just magnifies being a kook...

5 Year Old Finds Grandma's Gun On Bed - The End

My exit comment to iHeartRadio upon Unsubscribing

Oregon | Bernie 2016

Operation Chaos in West Virgiinia? That's crazier than Trump Talk.

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

Rapper Lil Yachty has Lil B to thank for getting into Bernie Sanders.

Very promising Senate polls...

What is Clinton's plan to do anything about income inequality?

I wonder if "doing everything in my power to make sure Trump doesn't become President"

Flint Mayor Ordered Staffer to Divert Charitable Donations to Her Campaign Fund, Lawsuit Claims

Germany anti-gay law: Plan to rehabilitate convicted men

The lack of women in tech is more than a pipeline problem

Minnesota Democrats Unite Against Superdelegates

Gov. Martin O'Malley Joins Censeo Consulting Group Advisory Board.

Seth Macfarlane - The Roast Of Donald Trump

Earthbound Misfit posted this today

Sanders' California director leaves campaign

Another Way White Men Are Ruining It for the Rest of Us

This man is on fire.

I'm hoping Trump goes with Gingrich for VP. Why?

Transcripts will leak - and it is obvious why they have not yet.

Hillary Clinton will almost certainly clinch the Democratic nomination on June 7

Research Suggsts a New Way to Identify Who Has Schizophrenia

Trump absolutely dominates Appalachia (xpost from GD_

Equality for All HB 1078 filed yesterday

FBI Head Challenges Clinton's Description Of Email Probe

Italian MPs support introduction of same-sex civil unions

Ok, how do I keep the robins off of our oriole feeder???

Democratic Convention Hosted by Republican Donors, Anti-Obamacare Lobbyists

I just saw an OP titled " Hillary Clinton will almost certainly clinch the Democratic nomination

I dont have to be a political genius to know Hillary totally fucked up by ever suspending ad buys

Justice’s Reputation Hangs In Balance Of Clinton Probe

The Female Ghost Buster Who Rooted Out Spiritual Fraud for Houdini

I just saw the Sanders interview where he said: "Don't tell me about Hillary Clinton's . . .

Prosecutor: Claim that coaches saw Sandusky abuse unreliable

Trump: My SCOTUS nominee may try to overturn Roe v Wade

Police Rescue Florida Woman Stuck in Giant Tree

Who is responsibe for our HUGE Nadional Debt?

San Andreas fault is about to crack – here's what will happen when it does

This Donald Trump interview should set off all sorts of alarm bells for the GOP

Trump Welcomes White Nationalist As California Campaign Delegate

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz scarfs up $$$ from industry Google bars from advertising

Here are 9 reasons why America is a terrible place to raise kids

California's RNC delegates not happy with their hour-long commute from Sandusky

Question: The Political Center

WE WILL WE WILL BERN YOU! SING IT! OMG Bernie set to Queen's We Will Rock You.

Trump is starting to go after Bernie! Woot!! I see that as a good sign.

Bernie supporters asking Hillary supporters an "honest" policy question

Donald Trump Says He Won't Release Tax Returns Until After The Election

Watch the First Hyperloop Test Run

Racist Blowhard Geraldo Rivera Calls Black Men "the Hip-Hop Vote"

The Bernie Sanders campaign acknowledges that a large portion of their supporters like Donald Trump

The WV primary had me thinking of this lady (even though she is Kentucky)

Poll: Despite Bernie Sanders' Crowds, Hillary Clinton Ahead In Oregon

Puerto Rico News - 5/11/2016

Flint City Derby Girls roller derby team refuses to be broken by water crisis

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Had An In-Your-Face Exchange Wednesday With Rep. Alan Grayson

Paul Ryan: A sneaky little sh*t, just like Niedermeyer.

Virgin Islands News - 5/11/2016

Elizabeth Warren Won't Rule Out Being Hillary Clinton's 2016 Vice Presidential Nominee

Sanders' California director leaves campaign

Okay, let's play the game. Why didn't Bernie Sanders fight for the ERA?

Democracy Now! (May 11): Democracy Now! (May 11): Trump Picks White Supremacist Leader as Delegate

Sanders Whips Farrell, Judd and Rest of Field in West Virginia, Cuts Delegate Gap By 7

There is so much excitment yesterday regarding a story saying the FBI director will

Bernie Sanders trolls try to trick his supporters into blowing themselves up with fake, dangerous gl

From a Lefty to the self-proclaimed Lefties here: Seven Points (a rant from 2007)

Oops! Didn't see THIS happening...

Why Can't Hillary Clinton Lock Up the Nomination?

MSNBC: Bernie Sanders Coins New Two Word Attack That Spells Doom For Donald Trump!

Original Hitler Spoof is Hitler bemoaning The Bern! Of course, Hills team had to be copycats.

Breaking news: FEC 639 pages of Sanders "excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions".

LOL! Hitler Reacts to Bernie Sanders (Feel the Bern) - Satire

Hillary Clinton’s Oily Exxon Connections

The corporate media want Trump

Good Girl! Elizabeth Warren rules out any VP offers.


Wednesday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Harry Reid to Rep. Alan Grayson: 'I want you to lose'

Remaining Primaries/Caucuses - not exactly Sanders' wheelhouse:

Something for Sanders and Clinton partisans to consider: There are many sides to progressivism

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Bathroom Politics

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Yam Party

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Hillary Clinton Slaughters Bernie Sanders in West Virginia with Non-Trump Voters

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What the GI Bill Is (or Anything Else)

Tibet mulls blacklisting Chinese tourists who defaced Mount Everest site

Trump Is Falling Apart As He Flip-Flops And Promises To Cut Taxes On The Rich

NYT: F.B.I. Director Says He Won’t Rush Inquiry on Hillary Clinton Emails

Sickening that some on DU are defending Kissinger

TOON: National Secrets

Sanders: Democrats Will 'Defeat Donald Trump'

Trump spam and torrents, oh my

Is this Ted's message : "Let that be a warning to you, wifey..

Whats with HA Goodman on Huffington? He's like Baghdad Bob for Bernie. Every article.

Compromise sometimes means leaving something on the table.

Federal Election Commission releases huge list of illegal contributions to Bernie's campaign

What does it mean when it says "message auto-removed"? And

So which of these are a problem in the GE?

Why Did Bernie Sanders Cancel a High-Profile Meeting With AIDS Activists?

Berber,Oriental,Shag or Snake - not for the squimish

I got my CAT scan results.

Bernie Sanders : Love Trumps Hate

Bernie Sanders : Love Trumps Hate

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 12, 2016 -- What's On Tonight - TCM Spotlight: American International

Finally they are discussing the Man Card

Bernie needs to send a $27 tip to Ted Cruz

Wish me luck - I'm getting my first tattoo on saturday

Trump Tells BillO He 'Will See About Overturning' Roe v Wade

OMG!!!!!! I just received my ballot, and I know I sound like a conspiracy nut, but everything

=*= LIVE Streams: (LINK #1 LIVE NOW) Bernie Sanders Rally in Billings, Montana (5-11-16) =*=

The time is NOW or NEVER. Donate to Bernie.

Britain's MI5 Raises Threat Level From Northern Irish Militants

=*= LIVE Streams: (LINK #1 NOW) Bernie Sanders Rally in Billings, Montana (5-11-16) =*=

Has Bernie paid for his vacation to the vatican yet?

Despite Pressure From White House, Leahy And Sanders Will Vote No On Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

I'm tempted to say arrest him. Nugent posts graphic video of Bernie murdering Hillary

If the Beatles and Pink Floyd had a child

Woman Launches Hunger Strike Over How Princeton Handled Her Disability

White Nationalist Trump Fan Spews Hate on CNN, Says Donald’s ‘The Real Deal’

Largest Counselors' Association Cancels Tennessee Conference Over Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law

"Yo, Donnie Boy. How about your taxes from the years that have already been audited?"

Bernie Sanders campaign in disarray....California director leaves campaign

So, Comey had a press conference today. Officially Hillary is under Investigation by the FBI

Texas Republicans Inch Closer to Secession

Clinton Loss In West Virginia Signals Trouble In Rust Belt

Evangelicals stunned that they’ve finally alienated everyone, including those in their own ‘party’

Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose!

Jon Stewart is back with some strong words for "man-baby" Donald Trump

FEC records, Kos Media LLC made $497,964 selling ads/email lists to DCCC, Dem SuperPACs

🐦 Pine Ridge Reservation Community Meeting with Bernie Sanders on 5/12

"Donald Trump is now trying to cover up the bald spots in his economic plan, but women

Boone Pickens: I support Trump and his plan to ban unvetted Muslim immigrants

Queen Elizabeth Caught On Camera Calling Chinese Officials "Very Rude"

Veteran Journalists Call On Media To Challenge Trump's Lies

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 11, 2016

🐦 Bernie Sanders schedules Thursday rallies in South Dakota

Judge: Planned Parenthood shooting suspect incompetent to stand trial

Fishy Food Stamp Fraud in Florida - largest food stamp fraud ever

28 percent of US bees wiped out this winter — suggesting bigger environmental issues

I just found this great article about Hillary Clinton and the unfair attacks against her.

SFPD sergeant suspended for alleged sexual reference, ‘Negro boys’ comment

Comes the Democratic Convention.....

About women and advertising...

N.C. school board caught up in ‘bathroom bill’ debate after voting to okay pepper spray, mace

Wealthy Honduran Elite Implicated in Panama Papers

Ethereal Sculptures and Wearable Orbs Formed From Synthetic Fabric by Mariko Kusumoto

Are Democrats Over-Confident On Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton?

Plea for Zika aid brings Florida Gov. Rick Scott to Capitol Hill

"Sisters in the Brotherhood: A Film About Women Carpenters"

Bernie Sanders : We're Going to Take CA and Take it to the Convention

Two-Thirds Of Germans Want Merkel Out At Next Election

Colombia Rejects Campaign against Peace Promoted by Right-Wing

HILLARY GROUP: The Bernie Campaign FEC Violations ...

Bernie Sanders : We're Going to Take CA and Take it to the Convention

See the Royal Clothing Discovered in 1600s Shipwreck

(Australia) 51 Uber drivers fined in Transport Department blitz as ‘tougher laws’ come into effect

US chose to ignore Rwandan genocide Classified papers show Clinton was aware of 'final solution' to

Clinton calls for making DC the 51st state, blasts Trump for no position on issue of voting rights

Upcoming state conventions

EPA's Tie to Monsanto Could Be Disastrous for Us...

It's comforting to know that the ONLY thing Bernie's opponents

GDP Thread Blames Apartheid in South Africa on Hillary Clinton

Figurative Papier-Mâché Lamp Sculptures Illuminate a Room with Ethereal Elegance

Intelligent design professor earns tenure at Ball State

Now MSNBC, *DWS, Kornacki, 'Has the Primary Process Been Fair to Bernie?'

60 Minutes' Morley Safer retires after 46 seasons

UM Study: Wildfires to Increase in Alaska with Future Climate Change

Exclusive: Trump surges in support, almost even with Clinton in national U.S. poll

Cops: Barber shows gun, tells man he doesn't cut black hair

Middle Class Takes Financial Hit In Most US Cities This Century

DWS just got slammed on MTP Daily

Young girl finds gun under pillow in Detroit, kills self

Why Uber Is A Scam - Math Explains

Nate Silver's Bias Exposed

Why did Bill Clinton decide to ignore Rwandan genocide? Would Hillary do likewise?

Back to those pesky transcripts again...

My backyard smells like a latrine. Help!

So Hillary can't even endorse DC statehood without being trashed.

Humana Seeks 50% ObamaCare Premium Hike In Michigan

Prosecutors: Woman recorded sound of own slaying on phone

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 May 2016

Trump Woos Sanders Voters With 'Crazie Bernie' Nickname

Sorry Hillary, FBI Director Confirms Clinton Email ‘Investigation’ Not ‘Security Review’

Exit polls: Nearly half of W.Va. Sanders backers would vote Trump

Bernie's CA campaign shake-up was done on purpose. They replaced director w/ stronger one.

No, Sid, it's not a "security review"

U.S. charges 'Porn's New King' with tribal bond fraud

Can we all agree that Alan Grayson should drop out of the primary for the Senate?

Arizona grandfather jailed for leaving five-year-old in desert with gun

Wounded Veterans lobby Congress for right to have Children

Dogs In Flint Getting Tested As Well For Lead Toxicity

With Drumpf having been dragging up old history about his opponents . . . . .

Missouri to execute man who killed three, including deputy

Steep decline in U.S. recruits to ISIS, FBI chief James Comey says

Any Iannarone supporters for Portland Mayor here?

Charles Koch: 'Possible' Clinton could be better than GOP nominee

Within 7 hrs, Jeff Bezos' WaPo Squeezes Out 4 Anti-Sanders Stories From 1 Tax Study

Bwahahahaa.... Mitt Romney: Trump Is Hiding a 'Bombshell' in His Tax Returns

South Africa: Backlash against white judge who says black men believe rape is a "cultural right"

Trump IS a child and the MSM treats him like one

There aint no god, if there is may she strike this thread DEAD

Define security review

Anyone using the Playstation Vue service?

Mitt Romney said, "Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is “disqualifying.”

The cable guy took his break in our backyard and was he was so amazed dial up warning

The REAL exit poll story of yesterday's WV Democratic primary.

US Approves UN Use Of Force To Protect Civilians In Conflict

The plan to ban work emails out of hours

Smart GOOSE!!!!

Judge criticizes Pentagon suppression of thousands of Bush-era torture photos

Judge criticizes Pentagon suppression of thousands of Bush-era torture photos

Hillary Clinton Mocks Donald Trump Over Not Releasing Tax Returns

Consider reccing this one for civility.

Bernie Sanders to Andrea Mitchell: ‘Do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton’s problems’

What the "18 trillion in debt" attack forgot:

Donald Trump gets support from small right-wing Hindu group

Atheist upset he couldn’t set up in Warren City Hall

Bërnie...that's right, I added an umlaut, and it stays.

Judge rejects 'affluenza' teen's appeal to reverse jail term

Trump: Elizabeth Warren 'Didn't Have The Guts' To Run For President

But The Riot Inside Moves On

Argentine Justice Minister holds secret meeting with leading Dirty War apologist.

Argentina's Macri pressured newspapers to withhold Panama Papers story from headlines.

Bernie's top California guy has just parted ways with the campaign.

Pew study sees a shrinking middle class in major US cities

NYT: Hillary Mocks Trump For Not Releasing His Tax Returns

Trump loses another delegate as anti-Muslim pastor 'takes one for the team'

Virginia congressman’s bill would make it illegal for Donald Trump to ban Muslim immigrants

Planned Parenthood shooting suspect ruled incompetent to stand tria

Boone Pickens: I support Trump and his plan to ban unvetted Muslim immigrants

NYT: Hillary Now Promises She's in Favor of Public Option

Bush Wrecked the GOP Long Before Trump Appeared

The cable guy took his break in our backyard and was he was so amazed dial up warning

9/11 judge and prosecutors should step down over 'destroyed evidence', defense demands

Ted Nugent Shares Video That Shows Hillary Clinton Being Shot By Bernie Sanders

The Hypocrisy Of Trump’s Refusal To Release His Tax Returns

Car bomb attacks in Baghdad kill at least 90

Hillary Clinton reaping donations from Wall Street

3 oligarchs-turned-governors who are laying ruin to their states

Now,*TIM CANOVA Guest, The Big Picture, TH: Bernie's Influence Other Races

Michael Ratner, attorney for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, dies at 72

Bernie Sanders in San Francisco

Superdelegates Take Notice: Another Tight Hillary-Trump Poll. Here's What She's Doing About It.

Four Reasons Hillary Keeps Losing

Bernie Sanders in San Francisco

The Fort McMurray Fire: 'Absolutely a Harbinger of Things to Come'

About the convention

Sanders Makes Surprise Campaign Stops In SF Bay Area

Sanders Makes Surprise Campaign Stops In SF Bay Area

Bernie Sanders : 'I’m The Stronger Candidate To Defeat Trump'

Bernie Sanders : 'I’m The Stronger Candidate To Defeat Trump'

The attack on Bernie Sanders’ single-payer plan is 'ridiculous'

‘They don’t need the baggage:’ White supremacist resigns as Trump delegate

No, the Battleground States Are Not a Terrific Fit for Donald Trump

The Woman Who Hid That She’s Muslim For 15 Years

Not a typical post for me

AMC Said to Plan Bid for Guy Hands's Odeon Cinemas in Europe

since when in the 21st century has vote suppression been a go to Democratic practice?

Tokyo Olympics: €1.3m payment to secret account raises questions over 2020 Games

Tokyo Olympics: €1.3m payment to secret account raises questions over 2020 Games

NYC Airports: We Can No Longer Tolerate TSA's 'Inadequacy'

Video plus transcript

Just ask for links to back up the rhetoric from the BS posters

Well one things is for certain. By the steady stream of anti-Hillary hate rhetoric, it appears that