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The White House will be occupied by a person with oligarchical levels of wealth and income...

Trump's former butler seems nice ...

Should updating a year+ old OP 'kick' it?

Clinton abandoned secure line to use home phone, new email shows

12 weeks from Today..the General Election will be offically on

'MONEY MONSTER' with George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O'Connell, Jodie Foster director.

Venue for Bill Clinton's rally tonight

US planning new wave of deportation raids: report

SitRep: U.S. Tanks in Putin’s Backyard; Stealth Planes to South China Sea

Are there active White Supremacists

To Those Who Think Trump Will Self-Destruct Before November, I Say: You Might Be Right...BUT

Which is it, Bernie? Can Hillary 'absolutely' defeat Trump, or are we 'courting disaster?'

Will the birdie get thrown under the bus?

Hillary's doing what Bush, Cruz, Rubio, and others couldn't do

Wendy's Increases Self-Service Kiosks Due To Minimum Wage


Bernie tax issue better have a better story behind it, if he wants to

Navy officer fired amid fallout from U.S. sailors' arrest by Iran

Scam artist Tom Brady's cookbook will cost you- $200

explain this to me

Alabama governor signs bill to regulate abortion clinics like sex offenders

Secret area of Guantánamo could be opened to UN watchdog for first time

Pope Francis calls for study on ‘reinstating’ female deacons

WaPo: Clintons' "Charitable" Tax Deductions Went to Clinton Foundation, for Several Years:

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-11-16

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Joining Us Tonight . . .! & Uncensored & Live & a

When will the party have a talk with Bernie and Jane?

Live, Love, Meow

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Pine Ridge SD about his plans for Native American Rights (5-12-16)

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Pine Ridge SD about his plans for Native American Rights (5-12-16)

Storm Clouds Form: Bob Woodward Compares Hillary Scandal to Watergate

All agree that it’s time to end the embargo on Cuba

The Clinton Email Scandal Timeline

The erasure of Malia Obama, or why we question the accomplishments of a 17-year-old

Paul Thompson (author: Clinton Email Timeline) guest on Mike Malloy tonite (on now: 9:25 PM EST)

Worry beads!1 Are they anything?!1

A preview of the post-primary jury system.

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 13, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Robert Ryan

Hillary Vows To Expand PrEP Availability In Meeting With HIV/AIDS Activists

Welcome to the 2016 Comcast Democratic National Convention!

You think Franklin Graham is a total SOB? Wait until you meet his sister!

Sanders at Pine Ridge Reservation Calls for ‘New Relationship’ with Native Americans

Media Protects Trump at all Cost “The Money Maker” Trump is the cage match, the big show,

Oh Holy dhit!

Chelsea's husband is a vivid illustration of crony capitalism. In fact,

Did anyone catch the Segment on Rachel "Sanders giving up on California?"

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Pine Ridge SD about his plans for Native American Rights (5-12-16)

5-12-16 Fighting and Winning the 8 Hour Day in 2:00

new shows spring and summer 2016

5-12-16 Fighting and Winning the 8 Hour Day in 2:00

5-12-16 Fighting and Winning the 8 Hour Day in 2:00

Now the Benghazi nutcases are fighting...

Maryland Passes The Most Sweeping Birth Control Access Law In The Country

Maryland Passes The Most Sweeping Birth Control Access Law In The Country

Maryland Passes The Most Sweeping Birth Control Access Law In The Country

Looks like the refs won't have to give OKC tonight's game...

New Utah Law Will Require Abortion Doctors To Lie To Their Patients

With a Heavy Heart, I Will Be Voting For Bernie Sanders in June and Not Hillary.

New Utah Law Will Require Abortion Doctors To Lie To Their Patients

So Donald Mudflap Dump wants to do away with the VA.

New Utah Law Will Require Abortion Doctors To Lie To Their Patients

Bernie Sanders Blasts Republicans After Ruling That Jeopardizes Healthcare For Millions

The Latest Strategy To Prevent Women From Getting A Safe Abortion

Lung cancer “breathalyzer” wins $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

The Latest Strategy To Prevent Women From Getting A Safe Abortion

The Latest Strategy To Prevent Women From Getting A Safe Abortion

NEW POLL 5/10: Voters Think Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Would Make Bad Presidents

What we need to know about neoliberalism (before it's too late)

KFR chases Miami’s corrupt officials — for their political contributions

Then and now...

Funny cartoon .......After his done........ sale LOL

Little Donald Trump hahaha

Dodger Stadium

Tomorrow Friday 13th is not going to be good for Christie

BeForU - Strike Party!! PV

Senate panel calls for women to sign up for military draft

US poultry workers denied toilet breaks resort to diapers: Oxfam

Alabama governor signs bill to regulate abortion clinics like sex offenders. Really.

Mission 2016: Strategic Mineral Management

Nothing to learn from Trump's taxes? Experts beg to differ

Paradise Go! Go! - Faraway

Canada wildfires in 'bullseye' of warming planet trends

Politico makes me sympathize...

Aaron Hernandez friend acquitted of murder, found guilty as accessory

WaPo Factcheck - Recidivism Watch: Trump’s false claim that he opposed the Iraq war

Kansas to toughen rules on transgender birth certificates

Because it makes me nauseous to see his name here, fuck you Hayden

Sign the petition to tell Congress: hold gun industry accountable.

When You could order/build a house ordered from Sears

Secret Service to investigate Trump butler's calls for death of Obama

Missing Tennessee Girl Carlie Trent Found, Uncle Nabbed

The Pentagon is building a ‘self-aware’ killer robot army fueled by social media

Keiser Report: The End Game (E913)

SweetS - Lolita Strawberry in Summer [PV] HQ

Trump Promises Paul Ryan That He’ll Sound Slightly Less Like Hitler


Bernie Sanders Weakened Heading Into California

US Supreme Court maintains execution stay for Alabama inmate

Trump will destroy Cleveland Economy ... Cleveland Clinic

Clinton Cash: A Scathing Broadside Aimed at Persuading Liberals

Dan Quayle: Trump is 'more qualified' than Clinton in this election

Criminalising abortion does not cut number of terminations, says study

Criminalising abortion does not cut number of terminations, says study

Person on bridge conspiracy list wants it kept from public

U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms

Criminalising abortion does not cut number of terminations, says study

Online neighbors forum alters rules to stop racial profiling

Trump, Ryan tout unity in wake of meeting

lawrence o'donnell kept referring to

Sell a state

Fast Company - "Inside Bernie Sanders's Social Media Machine" - Ready To Beat Trump!

Elephant ears, anyone?

Donald Trump Adviser Signals Plan to Change Veterans’ Health Care

Lawerence O'Donnell we're on the same page! (HRC Group VP Talk)

Lloyd Bentsen puts down Dan Quayle

Trump-trolling posters

Texas businessman gets year in prison for failed Gambia coup

Agency: Dolphins' cause of death unclear, human role likely

Speaking of Rachel Maddow... anyone remember this? Can anyone tell me where to find this Rachel?

Clinton Lays Out Agenda For Making Child Care Better — And More Affordable

Voting for the Democratic nominee in November is critical

Mike Malloy - FBI Director Rips Hillary Clinton´s Description Of Email Probe

Meet "Correct the Record"'s new online media consultant assistant to David Brock:

Mke Malloy - Bernie Sanders Tells Andrea Mitchell Not To 'Moan' About Hillary Clinton

Republicans will unite behind Donald Trump.

Keep looking

It's NOT a right wing smear.

Look what somebody just did for the DU Bernie Group

The Benghazi Feud: Who Gets ‘Credit’ For Failed ‘Investigation’

Sanders aide : Democrats 'court disaster' with Clinton

Sanders aide : Democrats 'court disaster' with Clinton

Are you an independent contractor, or a full-time employee?

My neighbor kid calls them oreos

VIDEO: Sanders answers questions about Pine Ridge reservation, his quest for delegates and Trump

WSJ - "Saved by the Superdelegates: Sanders keeps beating Clinton, who looks weaker against Trump"

Atheists file lawsuit against Bradley County Tenn. and Sheriff Eric Watson.

Bernie Sanders decoded quirky N.J. ballot system in quest for delegates

Secret Service investigating Trump’s butler for urging assassination of Obama

Reid: McConnell must also think women are 'dogs'

The Trend of GE Polls: HRC vs Trump and Bernie Sanders vs Trump

Nestlé Just Gained Control Over This Town’s Water for the Next 45 Years

'The Republican Party is going away like the Whigs.'

Argentina's Macri First World Leader to Back Ouster of Rousseff

Pic of Bernie in Sioux Falls, SD today.

Malheur refuge standoff defendant can be his own lawyer

Berners - heads up.... activity for Fri the 13th....

Malheur Occupier Pleads Guilty To Federal Theft Charge

Rancher spots first wolverine in North Dakota in 150 years — so he kills it

"Bernie Sanders Could Still Win the Democratic Nomination -- No, Seriously" says Huff-Post

My "Give a Moose a Muffin" life . . .

Brazil's new acting leader Michel Temer mistakes a journalist for Argentina's Mauricio Macri

Guess who is going to announce Bernie at his rally tomorrow in Fargo, ND?

When Rick Perry was indicted was it a LEFT WING conspiracy?

Judge in Bolivia rules president does not have son with ex-partner

When our party leaders push for centrist(conservative)candidates instead of progressives...

Tens of Thousands of Gallons of Crude Oil Spill Into Gulf of Mexico

Those who accuse progressives of calling for "purity tests" want this party to stand for nothing.

Bolivian Authorities Seize 11 Tons of Marijuana

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 14, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Marital Misunderstandings

Lupita Nyong'o In Talks To Join Black Panther

’Supergirl’ Officially Moves To The CW For Season 2

Mayor of Paris and Europe are laughing at Trump

Captain America: Civil War Could Beat Batman V Superman's Box Office By Sunday

Arkansas News - 5/13/2016

My appreciation for Bernie Sanders...

Watch Lawrence tonight

The GATS and South Africa's National Health Act: A Cautionary Tale (Threatens Affordable health care

HISD votes to rename schools with Confederate ties (TX)

The only promise Bernie would be able to keep is his promise

If you are not into socialism, then this is your guide to happiness

Hillary's take on privacy on the internet?

Unlawful case files (OR)

Rob Portman massive ad buy against Strickland

75 years since the bizarre odyssey of Rudolf Hess

Triumph the insult comic dog, hits the spin room after the Presidential debate

George Zimmerman auction

Anonymous Report in Pima County AZ, Voting Disenfranchisement

United Gun Group Running Zimmerman auction CONTACT

Voices: Who Is Vincent Chin? | NBC Asian America

Attacking Clinton today is the same as campaigning for Trump

Voices: Who Is Vincent Chin?

What are western women supposed to do with muslim immigrant males who have been accepted to Europe?

Asian Americans Respond To Racist Comments

Asian Americans Respond To Racist Comments

Oklahoma News - 5/13/2016

I'm Asian, But I'm Not...

Is Hillary blackmailable?

Elizabeth Warren Is On An Anti-Trump Tweetstorm. The Clinton Campaign Has Noticed.

26 Questions Asians Have For White People

21 Things Asian People Are Tired Of Hearing

So so proud!

Sanders follows misplaced footsteps of Obama from 2008

Solar plane on global trip completes Arizona-to-Oklahoma leg

Ask An Asian

New York Post has some fun on who's really in the driver seat turn left/turn right

No WONDER he doesn't want to release his tax returns!!

Awkward Moments Only Asians Understand

Ryan Goes Slow with Trump

Children Of Asian Immigrants Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made

For My Parents...

New Mexico News - 5/13/2016

Daily Holidays - May 13

How Hillary Clinton Will Fight Donald Trump’s Unpredictability

Amy Schumer Shows What Hillary Clinton Can Expect as First Female President

Maybe I am being premature, but I just want to say I Love President Obama!

Sanders leads very big in Oregon with 78.35%

Louisiana News - 5/13/2016

Cryosat spacecraft's ice vision is boosted

Russia cites videogame-screenshot as proof that syrian rebels have chemical weapons.

Here's a gem about trump I was unaware of.

Bernie Sanders and the American Flag

TYT:Hillary’s Lead Over Trump Has Completely Evaporated

Cruz had is old college roommate who dogged him. I'm puzzled why Donald has no

Did you realize that these sci-fi-technologies already exist as prototypes?

The only member of the MSM to consistently promote Bernie

Sanders allies plot post-primary war on Trump

I saw Donald Trump's tax returns. You should, too.

Trump charms GOP critics as unity test begins

The Bernie Bro Myth

Speaking of Monet...

Do you really want to risk it?

Washington post squeezes four anti Sanders stories out of one tax study

Straw Bear

In a New York minute. Is Trump going to throw his racist butler under the bus?

We lost another musician...

Mississippi News - 5/13/2016

John Oliver explains: Puerto Rico debt crisis

Why do Hillary supporters criticize her campaign so often? Even undermine it (?)

Bill campaigning in Kentucky

A Child's First Book of Trump

Priced Out of My Childhood Home (NY Times)

Question about writing style in a police blotter:

Jere Beasley tells Johnson & Johnson to end talc litigation

Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps About Puerto Rico’s Forgotten Debt Crisis

California Ruling Could Pave the Way for Smart-Gun Mandates

Does this sound ominous? the Women's Enhanced Reflection Act

This Could Be The First Election The Gun Lobby Doesn’t Stand By The Republican Nominee

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Wednesday the 11th of May

Statehouse gun reform rally ends shortly before Sen. decides to hold background check bill hearing

Real Time with Bill Maher; guests for 5/13/16

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Wednesday the 11th of May

Bernie is visiting the University of Puerto Rico on Monday!

Trump’s Biggest Nightmare: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Campaigning Together

Kudos to Hillary. She has thrown a wrench in the push for TPP passage this year

Alabama News - 5/13/2016

I'm so happy about this: Clinton Commits: No TPP, Fundamentally Rethink Trade Policies

He’s an Atheist. A Satanist. And He Wants Your Vote

Fact Check: Hillary Clinton still spinning emails CNN

Fact Check: Hillary Clinton still spinning emails CNN

Will DU ever get back to supporting Democratic Candidates and not attacking them? (HRC Group)

China - 3 Million+ Ha Arable Land Too Polluted For Crops; Largest Restoration To Date - 85 Ha

Germany says Russia probably behind cyber attack on Bundestag

TYT: Why Is Joe Biden Talking About Running Mates?

The Religious Right Is Really Anti #GiveElsaAGirlfriend

Zimmerman: My gun is an American icon and the Smithsonian is interested

Cruz: "Everyone who was responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, they will bear that responsibility

GOP 'Window Dressing"

San Francisco Catholic school teacher comes out as transgender — and finds acceptance

It Wasn’t Just the Butler Who Did It

Uh Oh,Forged signatures helped former State Rep. Keyser qualify for the CO. Senate R primary ballot.

Bill O’Reilly Pathetically Defends Trump: ‘Jesus Never Put Out His Tax Returns!’

(One of ) Best of Bernie Sanders

Georgia News - 5/13/2016

The Real Numbers: Oregon, Kentucky, & Beyond

Warren’s Trump Attacks Get Noticed by Clinton

Warren's Trump attacks get noticed by Clinton

Cognitive Dissonance

What's the difference between a political ideology and a world view?


Berners: Two quick thoughts for today:

San Francisco Hotels Booked with Bees | Associated Press

Anybody else getting asked to serve on DU juries more frequently than usual?

First EC map up !

Fair and unbiased poll

WOW!!! LA Times Editorial Board endorses Bernie?

War objectors' graffiti must be saved, says English Heritage

Tennessee News - 5/13/2006

Mark Lane, Early Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theorist, Dies at 89

For all her faults, Hillary Clinton is vastly better prepared than Bernie Sanders for the presidency

Luckovich: draws "Trump's Lady Liberty" dressed for the party

The HUGE Party

Every time you see one of these hateful memes come up about Hillary

There *is* a difference between Democrats and Republicans

Taco Bull

"On honesty and trustworthiness, she's losing by 9 points to DONALD TRUMP, a serial....liar"

L.A. Times editorial board endorses Hillary - 'Most likely to transform ideals into action'

Los Angeles Times Endorses HRC

Mark Lane, JFK assassination expert, has died.

Cruz and Trump are dangerous for almost the same reason

Hey David Brock, Go F yourself! "Bernie Breakers 2016"


Iran Says It Will Avoid the Hajj This Year, Blaming Saudi Arabia

South Africa allows silicosis class action against gold firms

1993 L.A. Times explains why Bill and Hillary Clinton are so close to Wall Street...

This Potential Change For Women In The Catholic Church Is Seriously Not Enough

Switching the cat from dry to wet food. Any tips?

Larry Wilmore rips POS zimmerman unmercifully in an editorial segment

Is it too much to ask that we do not nominate a person who is under FBI investigation?

The Friday the 13th Florida Man Update

Mergers Collapse, Bubble Deflates, Debris Hits Hedge Funds

World's oldest person, Susannah Mushatt Jones, dies at 116

Friday the 13th: Spanish Inquisition Day

Mainstreaming Trump:

Silicon Valley Commercial Property Boom Ends, Totally Exposed to Big-5: Apple, Google, Facebook.....

Lexington (KY) Herald Leader Endorses HRC

Interesting Twitter Follow: @pastfrontrunners

Lexington (KY) Herald Leader Endorses HRC

“The right to regulate has to be preserved” How We can make a bigger difference than anything else

Doctors Agree With Sanders on Universal Health Care

Obama to Bernie supporters: Don't let disillusionment set in

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-12-16 DU KICKED DONATIONS IN GEAR!!!!

Could the whole question over Trumps ability to unite the party be manufactured drama?

OK, Mira, now you've done it!

Bernie Sanders, the Zombie Candidate

Reminder--The Spring Contest--Submissions will open June 1st

Billions being spent to get your vote and you are gonna stay home?

"Morning Joe" Laughs At Clinton Camp's Claim FBI Investigation Is Actually A "Security Inquiry"

Another day another beating by the cops on a guy who was surrendering


My unintended experiance with being "uninsured"

Establishment Democrats Have A Reality Disconnect

The Clintons and the Demise of Working Class Families

YEA! Ring of Fire plans to go after Monsanto's Roundup big time in the next few weeks!

What cities need: More festivals, fewer stadiums and museums

Special statement from regarding the Zimmerman listing

Wall Street Journal Columnist Bret Stephens Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hilarious spoof on Sanders supporters

Jermaine Carby was killed while officer was trying to card him

Am I the only one to see Matt Lauer/Trump

Macy’s Reignites Retail Worries

Eight Turkish soldiers, 22 militants killed as violence widens in southeast

The Clinton campaign forgot the three most important letters in any primary season: ABC

American Ingenuity at Work: Finding new ways to get some help

The Ghosts of ’68 Haunt the Election of 2016

Recall petition filed against Harney County Judge Steve Grasty (OR)

Trump Attacks Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

What a simple lapse in judgment can cost.

Omaha Steve asked me to post this here - ActBlue contributions from a DUer to Clinton:

Arizona Politicians Call On Oregon Governor To Investigate Finicum Death

Sheldon Adelson endorses Donald Trump ***warning-graphic pic***

US Navy officer fired for leading sailors into Iran arrest that caused diplomatic debacle

Of George Zimmerman and the double tragedy of Trayvon Martin's killing.

To be so brave as a transgender child only to be blocked

I can't believe Zimmerman the creep is going to make mid 8 figures from sale of that gun

Fox & Friends has a full-blown freakout over Bernie Sanders ‘enslaving’ children with socialism

2 officers shot in New Hampshire; search on for shooter

Why Bernie Sanders is Speaking at the Old Train Depot in Bismarck

4,000 unable to gain entry to Sanders rally in Missoula because of overcapacity

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: False Economic Recovery, True Journalism (audio link)

Irony of ironies. Clinton and "Bernie Bros" vs Trump

Why Do Corporatists and Clinton Support Prisons For Profits?

give this hilarious video a look :)

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Week

More pix from the park

If you are an inmate at a private prison and you are shot dead by a guard...

The Vote


It's pure ignorance to say Democrats are the same as Republicans

A Few Question Concerning George Zimmerman's Gun...

Countering lies and vile attacks online is not trolling.

How to Fix Social Security? Expand It

Ben & Jerry’s creates new flavor for voting rights campaign with NC NAACP

The tax issue could be Trump's Achilles Heel.

Donald Trump masqueraded as a spokesman to brag about himself

Donald Trump/John Miller 2016.

Could Obama's actions against tax havens help Sanders and Clinton going forward?

Coal Industry dying but Republicans want to keep it an issue in campaign

Made you look

Pelosi Helps GOP In House Races

 The American Foreign-Policy Establishment Is a One-Trick Pony

DNC hires Wall Street-funded Politician to oversee Convention

DNC hires Wall Street-funded Politician to oversee Convention

Minor differences...

We're One Day Closer To Sanders Dropping Out

=*= LIVE Streams @ 2PM (CDT): Bernie Sanders Rally in Fargo, North Dakota 5-13-16 =*=

Predictive Markets now looking at Clinton's VP pick (Bernie makes the list!)

Trump says it's so low to talk about what he did in the 1990s

=*= LIVE Stream @ 2PM (CDT): Bernie Sanders Rally in Fargo, North Dakota 5-13-16 =*=

Re: The Transcripts:

Delegates who go to convention should be enabled to negotiate better party platform planks!

Trump Supporters Don't Care

The US Chamber Of Commerce Releases New Legislative Guide To Steal Workers Rights

"Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street, then getting hit by an airplane"

Bill Clinton talks coal in Prestonsburg

The US Chamber Of Commerce Releases New Legislative Guide To Steal Workers Rights

The US Chamber Of Commerce Releases New Legislative Guide To Steal Workers Rights

Trump tries so hard to be the tough guy

Update on Snickerdoodles

Fracking's Air Pollution Puts Infants and Children at Risk of Developing Heart, Lung Probs: New Study

North Dakota Native American Essential Understandings | Elder Team Promo

Donald Trump masqueraded as a spokesman to brag about himself

Petition: Clinton Must Drop Out Due to FBI Investigations; NO Joe Biden Indictment Replacement

Disappearing Sanders Votes in the Delaware Primary

If Hillary is the nominee and loses the GE you can blame me

Donald Trump Refuses to Reveal His Tax Rate: 'It's None of Your Business'

Obama ran vs. Hillary. Bernie is running against the corrupt system

Studio Enjoy: Supaman - 'Prayer Loop Song'

LA Times endorsement: For all her faults, Hillary Clinton is vastly better prepared

Why Do #Conservatives Still Support Slave Labor?

Business Opportunity (if Hillary is Nominee) - Investors Wanted!

Czech refs show up drunk for soccer-match

As consumers shift to non-GMO sugar, farmers may be forced to abandon environmental and social gains

No damage except power losses - my little car after the storm last night

Hillary has been under FBI investigation the entire time and no one knew it

It is going to be amazing seeing America's 1st black prez campaigning for America's 1st woman prez.

I had breakfast with two Superdelegate friends this morning...

'Status Quo': Shell Spews Nearly 90,000 Gallons of Oil into Gulf of Mexico in Latest Spill

This is democratic underground

Suggestion about Twitter feature

When Parisians ate the zoo

Talbot County Hit Over Talbot Boys Statue Decision (MD)

Obama Just Cracked Down on Pollution From Fracking

How the People's Party Lost Its Way (Excellent overview article)

Anybody upset that this is the last season of "Nashville"?

U.S. Retail Sales Rise Strongly, Boost Economic Outlook

Are the ideas that Hillary has been completely vetted, and

May 13, 2016 (Always the First Friday the 13th of the Year)-Blame Someone Else Day

Oil at $45 a Barrel Proving No Savior as Bankruptcies Pile Up

The Veepstakes 2016 Edition: Analyzing Potential Running Mates For Hillary Clinton

Accused tax dodger arrested (ID)

Wealthy Chicago EquityFunder & HealthCareCorp Ownr Bought LATimesGroup: Now LATimes Endorses Hillary

Clinton holds “heartfelt and productive” meeting with AIDS activists

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Jumps to Highest Level in a Year

on Monday May 9, I got a text from some purported tax company

Puppy Doe Defendant To Go On Trial in October

Puppy Doe Defendant To Go On Trial in October

Puppy Doe Defendant To Go On Trial in October

Hezbollah commander Badreddine killed in Syria

Putin Warns NATO Missile Shield Is Threat to Peace in Europe

"AMAZON IS DEAD to me !!!! I PRAY their stock is FALLING as we speak!!!"

Sign Up To Pose Nude At The Republican National Convention

Incredible mammatus clouds over Texas:

Has the security review evolved investigation?

Apple Invests $1 Billion In Didi, China’s Biggest Rival To Uber

An actual drug company ad. (May cause severe infections, cancer, seizures, death, etc....)

CLAUDIA RANKINE On Adrienne Rich’s Poetic Transformations

Worth it

Worker Cooperatives are more productive

Friday the 13th! Have a feeling this is not going to be a good day for Trump!

North Dakota News - 5/13/2016

The Republican Monster! the latest from Tom the Dancing Bug

The bombing of MOVE

Do you agree or disagree that Hillary Clinton is honest and truthful?

Decision Time Arrives for Controversy-Shy U.S. Supreme Court

LA Times endorses Hillary Clinton

Appreciation thread for Mark Lane

Hackers Target Think Tanks to Get a Peek at U.S. Government Strategy

Hillary Clinton Benefited From Alleged Voter Fraud In Several 2016 Democratic Primaries? Voters Sue

The Toast is shutting down :(

Trump Backpedals Muslim Ban as 'Just A Suggestion'

So Trump wants to use the Lewinsky affair..

Yellen Doesn’t Rule Out Negative Rates in Letter to Congressman

John Kerry is at anti-corruption summit in London, dealing with issues like eliminating tax havens

CBS News: Democrats press Bernie Sanders to leave race

Yes, Disaster Capitalism is a real, widespread practice

Sign Up To Pose Nude At The Republican National Convention

NY Daily News Nails It On George Zimmerman:

Reebok Denies ‘Israel 68′ Sneaker Amid Anti-Israel Anger

I have been falsely accused of saying that a DU user needs to be shot.

Top 2 Hedge Fund Managers Bankroll Hillary Clinton & Emanuel After Making $1.7 Billion Each in 2015

Pretty messed up when a Democrat gets headlines for taking a "Progessive Step"

14 billionaires made 150 billion over the last two years- - this is abhorrent

Bedtime for Democracy ... this time in Brazil

Hillary Clinton's friends

Watching Porn Is Making You Religious, New Study Says

The ORIGINAL Spoof: Hitler reacting to Hillary Feelin the BERN!

Report: Coordinated Attacks Have Led to Shutdown of Bernie Supporter's Twitter Account

Every idea ever noted by man was Bernie's idea. No one has ever had ideas other than Bernie Sanders.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz being asked a question about Tim Canova

Zimmerman's gun is still on auction and the current bid is $65,044,000.00 !!!

This is a post for the DUers who predicted that Adelson wouldn't spend a dime on Trump.

South Dakota News - 5/13/2017

Give GOP props, 25 years of relentless propaganda has worked brilliantly against Hillary.

With Hillary's Creditability on "It's a Security Review" Squashed, It's Time For Her To Bow Out

With Rousseff Out, Brazil's Interim President Installs Conservative All-White, All-Male Cabinet

In this election cycle neither policy nor facts not truth matter.

"It's her turn"

I'm going to a party tomorrow night.

Prince Appears To Have Had A Monty Python Style Sense Of Humor

Trump is a giant cartoon. I don't think he's actually trying to win. So what the hell is he up to?


Donald Trump is vetting women for vice-president. That won't fool us

Missouri, let's get behind Jason Kander

It all makes sense now re: Trump's tax returns.

Donald Trump is vetting women for vice-president. That won't fool us

Donald Trump is vetting women for vice-president. That won't fool us

Former Hillary Clinton press secretary: 'Peril' to underestimate Donald Trump

Surprise! I found even more facts about Libya under Gaddafi that you probably did not know about !

CWA Uncovers Massive Verizon Offshoring Operation in Philippines


CWA Uncovers Massive Verizon Offshoring Operation in Philippines

Hillary Clinton's former press secretary: "Trump can win the general election pretty damn easily"

Trump posed as his own publicist to brag about how many girlfriends he has

For Those Who Think Threats against Superdelegates Are Trivial:

Here is a pretty good narrative of the case against HRC

HRC Emails Show Betrayed Voters: Promised Oppose Colombia FTA, Then Lobbied & Voted For It:

Trump enabler/promoter MSNBC is VERY harsh on Trump today.

Donald Trump Goes Back To The ’70s With His Exciting New Enemies List!

So what exactly is Bernie's game plan at this point?

Democracy Now! (May 12) on the impeachment of Dilma

Who should we blame if Trump is elected President?

Got my California mail-in ballot last night

Retreat of the (Barents Sea) ice (sheet, ~20,000 years ago) followed by millennia of methane release

Lost in Translation

Donald Trump lies: Denies Pretending To Be His Own Spokesman

European Public Health Associatiion: Lack of Evidence that Int. Trade Deals Increase Trade+Investmen

Joe’s Crab Shack Tried Getting Rid of Tips. It Didn’t Last Long.

Lt. Gov. Patrick: Texas will forego federal funds over transgender bathroom policy

Does anyone know the breakdown of the popular vote % vis a vis the supers vote?

In Canada's concentrated banking industry, what we need is a public bank

Declassified documents detail 9/11 commission's inquiry into Saudi Arabia

Kerry is at the anti-corruption summit; countries are promising their actions against tax havens

Blackberry Cheesecake

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump announces Vice Presidential running mate.

Nebraska News - 5/13/2016

How Tuberculosis Shaped Victorian Fashion

Latest DNC talking point: Per DWS, It's not Hillary who's the target of the FBI investigation

DWS:"Secretary Clinton isn't even the target of this investigation/inquiry.Whatever I-word you want"

Sacramento Bee Endorses HRC

Free Jeanette Jing

Release of list of 'Bridgegate' co-conspirators delayed


Closed primaries make zero sense since they ignore the majority of the electorate.

Texas School Finance System Is Legal, Supreme Court Rules

U.S. court rejects bid to make full Senate 'torture report' public

Bernie is completely absent from Huffpro's front page. Four pro-Hillary articles!

A child swallows a battery every 3 hours. This remarkable pill-sized origami robot could remove the

Trumpism goes local: Montana Republicans are helping this white nationalist get into office

Man Who Starved Young Husky to Death and Left Dog to Rot Must be Properly Punished

Could Hillary Clinton win Oregon on Tuesday?

Viral Video from Chicago's Midway Airport

Hillary Clinton romps in world vote; Canada chooses Bernie Sanders; Donald Trump blown out

Hillary Clinton romps in world vote; Canada chooses Bernie Sanders; Donald Trump blown out

A new report from the Daily Caller News Foundation says that Persian Gulf states and their leaders..

Barney Frank in charge of platform and rules.

Trump Hints At Crackdown On Bezos, WaPo When He Becomes President

Colorado City To Use $1.5 Million From Pot Tax To Help Homeless

New bill aims to formalize ethanol blend wall, cap blending at E10

US navy officer faces trial for allegedly leaking secrets to Taiwan and China

Franklin Graham: School Boards Must Be Run by Evangelical Christians Instead of 'Wicked, Evil' Gays

The Zombie Doctrine (Neoliberalism)

what was CPT?

Strip & Flip Voter Suppression Exposed...

At this point, Bernie Sanders is helping Trump.

Epic Tweet: Trump Already Creating Jobs!

Rich People Have Access To High-Speed Internet; Many Poor People Don’t

Kansas News - 5/13/2016

HRC to return to Kentucky before Tuesday's vote

Trump drafts ardent climate change denier as top energy advisor

Hillary needs 309 PDs to become the presumptive nominee, the earliest she can clinch: June 7; 11 pm

Hillary Clinton Thinks the US Is Great. Why Don't You?

DU sql

Who here has read and has a copy of the 2008 and 2012 Democratic platform?

Democratic and Republican party platforms are pretty much meaningless documents.

Lineup for Bill Maher on HBO 10 pm EST---IMO it can't be Friday the 13th/ 2 favorites of mine are on

Why does DU allow BS supporters to use GD to make their points?

Sally Kern, Oklahoma asshole politician is quitting.

Oh snap. This guy totally defeated teh Atheist in just TWO MINUTES!

100 Naked Women Will Welcome Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention ​

Brazil's new government says it has backing for big reforms

Do you have a medical diagnosis of any illness or problem? Heart disease? Diabetes?

Editors leave Russian media group over Kremlin pressure: source

The High-Stakes Plan to Eliminate Deadly Superbugs

Saudi's grovel to houthis.

How The US Presidential Election Is Upending Pro-Israel Orthodoxies

Woody Guthrie's Lyrics From 70 Years Ago Still Appropriate Today For Donald Trump

The Dodge Viper ACR Creates So Much Downforce It Reduces MPG While Being Towed

Digital currency firm co-founder gets 10 years in prison in U.S. case

SCTV. I miss that show.

Bernie Talks to Press in Rapid City | Bernie Sanders

Bernie Talks to Press in Rapid City | Bernie Sanders

This has to be the weirdest senate candiate - ever

Dealer Alleges Fire That Destroyed Rare JDM Cars Caused by Illegal Marijuana Growing Operation

Auction for gun that killed Trayvon Martin possibly hijacked by fake accounts

The Pocket Trade Lawyer, 2006 Edition (Trade Deal Term Glossary)

House to hold IRS ‘impeachment’ hearing for Koskinen over Lerner emails

Ex-pastor in Sherwood faces child-porn charges

Venezuela looters target chicken, flour amid worsening shortages

HRCGROUP ..Clinton best candidate for Canada/ Hey Huffpost!!

As Sanders’s chances vanish, the movement behind him grows

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 13, 2016

What was or still is your favorite car of all time, The car you could not find nor afford. Your

Uganda: Museveni rival Kizza Besigye charged with treason

The Empire Files: Empires Feed on Congo's Treasure

National Association of Letter Carrier's "Stamp Out Hunger" Day May 14th (Tomorrow!)

Trump said smart women are manipulative killers

Attorney calls for Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan's impeachment

Alabama Prison Strike Organizer Speaks from Behind Bars: We Are Engaged in a Struggle for Our Lives

Flags Lowered on Reservation for Navajo Code Talker

Union Organizing Meeting Announcement

Student accidentally shoots self at South Carolina school

Donald Trump publicist “John Miller” is actually Trump himself with a disguised voice (HRC GP)

German Shepherd Saves 7-Year-Old Owner From Rattlesnake

Assault Charges Dropped for Alabama Cop Who Partially Paralyzed Indian Grandfather

Our central air unit is shot.

This weekend's earworm:

R Pie Hole and 3 MCSO deputies held in civil contempt.

Defiant Arizona Sheriff Has Been Found in Contempt of Court

How Elon Musk exposed billions in questionable Pentagon spending

Saudi family therapist offers advice on how to ‘beat your wife’

Black bear spotted in Fairmount Park (Philadelphia)

NY Daily News : GUN OF A BITCH! America's punk auctions off weapon he used to kill Trayvon Martin.

We romanticize manufacturing jobs when what we really miss are unions.

Trump Spokesmen Address Fake "Alter Ego" Controversy ....

The whole Target was dark sided too!

Wal-Mart Shareholder Suit Over Bribery Allegations Dismissed

Corpus Christi pastor seeks sanction against atheist after cross lawsuit

Wal-Mart Shareholder Suit Over Bribery Allegations Dismissed

Need more proof Trump pretended he was his publicist dishing dirt? He admitted it in own testimony

No, Watching Porn Is Not Going To Make You Religious

Non Profit Quarterly: The Philanthropic Problem with Hillary Clinton’s Huge Speaking Fees

House GOP Misses Self-Imposed Deadline to Help Puerto Rico

Who is more honest?

Prince Charles: I use homeopathy in animals to cut antibiotic use

Verizon strike picket line in Providence, May 12, 2016

It IS About Race.

The cops found 25 mature marijuana plants in a house in my neighborhood this week

Give me a dollar or I vote for Trump

The Clinton plan for child care could really help young working families

ISS and Mercury Too

No need to push: there's plenty of room for everyone...

Bernie Sanders Press Conference in Rapid City , SD (5-12-16)

Bernie Sanders Press Conference in Rapid City , SD (5-12-16)

Qur’an-inspired tips for beating your wife

Capitalism will eat democracy -- unless we speak up | Yanis Varoufakis

Arpaio in contempt of federal court, judge rules

Why would Trump pick Newt Gingrich as his VP?

Bernie Sanders Owns MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell : ' Please Don't Moan to me about Hillary's Problems'

"just a tad"?

Are staggered primaries good things?

Bernie Sanders On West Virginia Win, Path Forward Full Interview In MSNBC

WOW!!!! Eugene Register Guard endorses Hillary?

What are we supposed to do about illegal immigration?

Judge dismisses case filed by Sanders supporters against state Democratic party

'Self-funded' Donald Trump preparing to seek big-donor money

Bernie Sanders : 'I’m The Stronger Candidate To Defeat Trump'

Rangers call up Matt Bush seven months after release from prison

Bernie Sanders talks to press in Rapid City (5-12-16)

Wendy’s Serves Up Big Kiosk Expansion As Wage Hikes Hit Fast Food

Pfizer Blocks the Use of Its Drugs in Executions

People turned away at Bernie Sanders rally in Fargo

People turned away at Bernie Sanders rally in Fargo

Somewhere over the Rainbow, Bernie had another group session with his groupies

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows..."

FEC Violations!

Donald Trump’s Chief Fund-Raiser Heads Straight for Las Vegas

What Does Sanders Do If Hill Wins OR?

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Today is Trump Day

Reality Check: What Donald Trump Has Said About Taxes And The Wealthy

WATCH: Bernie Sanders makes surprise stop at UND - Grand Forks

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Trickle Down Economics Explained:

The Lost Gardens of Emily Dickinson

How terrorism starts...

New Jersey Mom, 7 Kids Win $429.6M Powerball Jackpot

Next up: Can a sitting president run a casino on the side?

Why Are Republicans Hosting the 'Dem’ Convention?

The Lost Gardens of Emily Dickinson

Outside of the DU echo chamber... Enthusiam for candidates...

Democrats no longer FIGHT, now we COMPROMISE

"LipStick On A Pig"

Prince’s Death Spotlights Overdose Antidote Dilemma

Credit: Yea or Nay?

Why not just pay parents to raise kids?

This “nanocavity” may improve ultrathin solar panels, video cameras and other optoelectronic devices

'It's Bernie or bust for me': Sanders rally expected to draw Grand Forks guests

Dodged A Bullet - Lab Error (Whew!)

Coming Soon......a double feature!

Judge: Law Doesn't Cover Gay Hate Crimes in Ex-Player's Case

Carbon capture is substantial in secondary tropical forests

'Sister Wives' to Appeal Polygamy Ruling to US Supreme Court

A look at future White House press briefings with Press Secretary John Miller.

States Dig In Against Directive On Transgender Bathroom Use

HuffPo: 10 Reasons Why Bernie Thumps Trump

Dem Officials Keep Sanders Delegates Off Convention Standing Committees! Only 3 on list of 75!

Enough with the "Poor Hillary (but she's such a Fighter)" posts --

Pacific stores the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide at depths of thousands of metres

Filipino Bakery Workers Win $15 Million in Trafficking Suit

A good friend of mine told m he walked past Trump's building

PHOTOS: Plus 5:32 minute video link Bernie Grand Forks Surprise Visit at UND May 13

Why do so many European vocalists sing with an American accent?

November 23, 2016 will be a momentous day.

Argentina's Fernandez Charged With State Fraud

Argentina's Fernandez Charged With State Fraud

Why We Need A "We, The People" Amendment!

White House defends deportations after Democratic complaints

Bernie will be working his ass off to stop Drumpf.

Hillary’s Hawkishness Out of Sync With Women’s Concerns

Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His 1996 Welfare Reform Is True

'This is America' air traveler says guilty of yanking Muslim's scarf

Two old English guys shooting the breeze.

With friends like these...

=*=LIVE Streams @ 9PM: Bernie Sanders - Bismarck, ND (5-13-16) Northern Pacific Railway Depot =*=

Who here works in government?

New York officer linked to corruption probe dies in apparent suicide

=*=LIVE Streams @ 9PM: Bernie Sanders - Bismarck, ND (5-13-16) Northern Pacific Railway Depot =*=

What has become of WillyT?

Feeding the Bern

After delay, calorie counts to hit U.S. restaurant menus in 2017

What Is The Sun? An Explainer for DC Locals

Loss on Obamacare Subsidies Case makes Bernie Victory All The More Important

You say you want a revolution...

Trump taps climate change skeptic as energy adviser, pushes back on taxes

Nickname for Trump - Circus Trump, here is why

What Is The Sun? An Explainer for DC Locals

GM halts some U.S. SUV sales after fuel economy overstated

Hello all, my 10th post

Now make him wear pink underwear

"You're almost as big as Lassie!" . . . Please come CAPTION Neil Cavuto!!!

Federal Lawsuit: Farmers Claim Monsanto's Controversial 'Roundup' Weedkiller Gave Them Cancer

Bangladesh Bank heist similar to Sony hack; second bank hit by malware

Puerto Rico debt bill due in 'coming days': House Speaker Ryan

Puerto Rico debt bill due in 'coming days': House Speaker Ryan

Bill Clinton: 'I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state'

Right-Wingers Pledge to Carry Guns to Bathroom to Fend Off Trans Folks

Judge dismisses case filed by Sanders supporters against state Democratic party(Nevada)

Why are Republicans, Lobbyists, Corporations, Hosting the Dem. Convention?

Air Force general becomes first woman to lead combatant command

i got my husband out of the house yesterday

Trump's spokes thingies now walking back the denial that he impersonated

Family Dog Takes Rattlesnake Bite For 7-Year-Old

Suspected home invader dead after being shot at by victim; 2 cohorts arrested in Pike County

The Origin of Trump.

Drone captures Nyquist workout this morning at Pimlico....

I am frustrated with a friend about exercise, diet, high cholesterol and science.

MISSING IN ACTION: Bravenak, MaggieD, KMOD, and others ...

Dirty Donald Trump is such a liar and flip-flopper that soon he will say he never promised to make

Why doesn't Sanders focus the rest of his campaign on Donald Trump...

Hi Skinner. Isn't there a "whitelist" of acceptable news sources?

Get the MFing money out of politics.

Okay, I have a very real alert stalking problem and Things are worse than I thought, Updated!!!

Bernie Sanders Is Already President Of Liberals and Populists

New Brazil Finance Minister to Tackle Pension, Labor Reform

Making public bathrooms accessible (I'd suggest bullet proof stalls!)

Christina Aguilera, John Legend to Perform at Hillary Clinton LA Concert

Best shade trees, on the medium to smaller side?

Roundup toxic to soil fungus at doses well below agricultural dilution

When someone hosting a program where Trump shows up snaps and says

Who the **** is this Donny Deutch clown on MSNBC today? I hope he is just substituting for someone.

Replacement Verizon worker charged with running over striker, hitting officer

Cabinet Maker

Judge dismisses case filed by Sanders supporters against state Democratic party

California Voters, Here's A List of Bernie Supporters Also Running for Office:

Bernie Sanders : " We have received 7.5 million individual campaign contributions "

Bernie Sanders : " We have received 7.5 million individual campaign contributions "

Bernie Sanders : " We have received 7.5 million individual campaign contributions "

DNC Chair Wants to Exclude Independents From Democratic Primaries

Proof That Koch-Backed Professors Are Using Universities To Spread Right-Wing Policies

Trump: "My Tax Returns are None of Your Business"

Trump Needs Time to Understand ‘Complex Policy’

I don't care if what she did was illegal or not.

Are you serious Chris Matthews?

Go Joy Reid!

Fearing Trump, some Democrats up pressure on Sanders to exit (This thread was locked earlier in LBN)

Bernie Sanders still millions of votes behind Hillary and Trump.

Is There a Hillary Doctrine?

No oil spill discussion? I wonder if Shell will profit more from spill than oil on market?

Alabama Sorority Prints T-Shirts with Racist Image

So it would have been ok if hillary used yahoo email?

How much must Trump pay to avail himself of

Hillary and Bill holiday with Kissenger

Replacement Verizon worker charged with running over striker, hitting officer

Replacement Verizon worker charged with running over striker, hitting officer

Trump signals backing for cuts to Social Security, Medicare

WSJ: Clinton... will give Bernie Sanders much of what he wants on the party’s platform

Ebb and Flow.

Rumors in the Kingdom: What elites are whispering about the increasingly shaky Saudi regime

PolitiFact: What we know about the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails

Maverick Meets Big Papi.

I never thought I'd see the day when Fox News was gleefully accepted by DU posters

Memento Mori - 18 Creepy Post-Mortem Photos From The Victorian Era

We can now count ONE VOTE for Bernie Sanders in the California Primary

Asheville Brewery Has A Profanity-Filled Message For The North Carolina Bathroom Law

The Atlantic: The Donors Who Love Bernie Sanders A Little Too Much

Chow all around!