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WikiLeaks: Brazil’s Acting President Michel Temer Is US Diplomatic Informant

WikiLeaks: Brazil’s Acting President Michel Temer Is US Diplomatic Informant

GOP's #NeverTrump draft picks: Tom Coburn, Condi ( ! ), Mark Cuban...

Clinton Controversies Drag On as Next Phase of Campaign Begins

Wow-Trump flip flopped on SS and Medicare , previously said he would leave both alone.

Let's abolish primary elections altogether.

Boko Haram May Be Sending Fighters To Islamic State In Libya - US Officials

Washington’s ‘Fingerprints’ All Over Rousseff’s Impeachment

Washington’s ‘Fingerprints’ All Over Rousseff’s Impeachment

IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Clinton opening battleground state General Election offices

Trump's thin skin is legendary. This is still revealing

Something's in the air!

Trump confirms my theory that policy is only for political wonks.

Some pics from the Nevada Dem Convention today:

Maduro in crackdown under Venezuela emergency decree

Moscow: cemetery fight ends with 90 people arrested, 3 dead

Brazil rebuffs Latin American leftists over Rousseff suspension

Big Papi is going to retire???

Moveon.Org Petition Calling for Bernie to Drop out

HuffPost/Pollster party affiliation chart: Dems: 36% Indies: 31% Repubs: 28%

Network Newscasts Ignore Global Warming’s Role in Canada’s Wildfires

With Rousseff ousted, vice president assembles right-wing government in Brazil

Trump open to Social Security changes if elected: adviser

Will One of the World's Most Endangered Whales Be Saved Before It's Too Late?

I briefly phone banked Oregon just now

Proof That Koch-Backed Professors Are Using Universities to Spread Right-Wing Policies

George Zimmerman taps into Murderabilia

Ukraine wins Eurovision song contest with politically charged 1944

Violence Erupts At NV Democratic Convention Amid Tensions Between Clinton And Sanders Supporters

I think I have figured out this bathroom think

If Trump wins, will there be blood?

Alan Grayson Humiliates GOP Flying Monkeys Over Bathroom Controversy

LOL-Reports from the Nevada Convention

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-13-16

The value of being sweet

Venezuela crisis: Maduro threatens seizure of closed factories

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-13-16

Clyburn’s Citadel Confederate flag fight to rekindle

Hillary's new ad on Trump taxes, "What is Donald hiding?"

Anyone remember George W. Bush?

just, yuck...

Uber settlement attacked by drivers saying lawyer sold out

Court unyielding to demand of ‘sovereign citizen’ squatters (AZ)

Trump Airlines

Fair and unbiased poll for Sanders supporters.

Archer County Sheriff's Weekly Report (TX)

Vast number of Americans have stopped using Internet as before

Trucker-turned-prophet killed two on hog farm and said God made him do it

5-14-16 Fighting for BEER!!!! in 2:00

5-14-16 Fighting for BEER!!!! in 2:00

5-14-16 Fighting for BEER!!!! in 2:00

Man pleads guilty to removing Muslim woman's head scarf during flight

NYT: Crossing the Line -- How Trump Behaved with Women in Private

Democrats fear Sanders is undermining efforts to beat Trump

NZ PM ordered out of parliament

Reading some of the NV convention threads....

CSET Test - English

From Nevada - what happened to day

Danish PM toasts Pres. Obama: "You're the best President..."

Delegates at Nebraska GOP convention smack down Ben Sasse's call for third-party candidate

For those suggesting HRC's success is based on being FLOTUS

CO-SEN: Jon Keyser is on the Ballot (the remix)

Wisconsin GOP Ignores Trump

Early man in Florida 14,550 years ago

I'm With Her...

In 2010=388 2011=177 2012=159 2013=92 2014=80 2015=62 people owned the same as half the people in th

Sanders Presses McConnell to Save Coal Miners’ Pensions | Bernie Sanders

Texas GOP Flirts With Secession

Sanders Presses McConnell to Save Coal Miners’ Pensions | Bernie Sanders

The sounds of empty brandy snifters

Bernie Sanders is only candidate actually organizing to demand Obama to stop deportations,

More cities — of all sizes — taking the plunge to use 100% renewable energy

This was a 4-3 leave

Prom Night!

The negativity

I highly recommend the new Michael Moore film "Where to Invade Next."

Hillary Clinton’s top five vice presidential picks

This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton’s problem isn’t Bernie Sanders. It’s Hillary Clinton

Is it her turn? Is the DNC cramming her down our throats?

Alan Grayson gets into heated spat with MSNBC anchor

Horrific Violence Erupts At Nevada Democratic Convention Between Sanders & Clinton Supporters

Well, the sheriff was gun down(not literialy shot) in a battle with a district court judge!

LIVE from #BreakFreeLA

LIVE from #BreakFreeLA

I'm dyslexic. It takes me forever to learn some new system. Donald Trump is dyslexic. He doesn't

It's just not fair!!!!!

PoliticusUSA: Donald Trump’s Candidacy is a Symptom of a Much Larger Disease

Democrats and Progressives: Don't Take the Jewish Vote for Granted

Do you like Kit Kat candy bars?

Sanders hometown newspaper:Burlington VT-->Senator, the contest is over. It is time to stand down.

Support For The Republican Party’s Plans For The Supreme Court Has Collapsed

I understand that you don't generally overturn jury results...

"Saying Goodbye to Another Single-Payer Warrior, a Shooting Star"

Paul Krugman: Trump Won't Release Tax Returns Because He Has Been Lying About His Wealth

A commonly used herbal remedy can cause kidney disease in up to 10 percent of the population

Democrats’ mixed messages on Trump

Gray (a video game)

New Hillary ad on Trump and not disclosing his tax returns.

Billy Graham’s daughter: ‘9/11 was God’s punishment for trans people, evolution, and secularism’

Rifle owned by Apache leader Geronimo's captor sells for record $1.2m

IMO, no candidate from both parties addressed the real problem. Technology.

you can be arrested for dancing in the Jefferson Memorial

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 17: Robert Osborne's Picks

‘This is America!’: N. Carolina man confesses to yanking Muslim woman’s hijab off

This is why we need Medicare for all.

64 Bernie Delegates VotesApparently Were Not Counted In Nevada (So Hillary Could Win?)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 18: Mountain Men

Trump’s Creepy Obsession With His ‘Hot’ Daughter Started When She Was A Young Teenager

Hillary Clinton tweets praise for JLo's 'Ain't Your Mama' video

Clinton widens delegate lead at Nevada Democratic convention

Trump's women problem

Trump Hangs Up On Reporters And Hides After Being Busted As His Own Fake PR Person

Will the poor LOSE benefits, if the Minimum Wage is raised dramatically?

El Salvador Will Not Recognize Brazil's Coup Government

Cringeworthy Men’s Fashion Ads From the 70’s You Can Never Unsee

Judge tosses part of Sanders backers’ lawsuit against Nevada Democrats

Bernie can win the nomination.

Hillary Clinton's Unfavorables Keep Going Up.

Super delegates "are worrying about their decision to nominate a deeply flawed and wounded Clinton"

Profound Transformation of a Rescue Dog

Alaska Democratic Convention

Why isnt Bernie ambitious enough?

It's spring, right?

About those Sanders delegates not counted at the Nevada convention

Hillary Will Be The Next President Of The USA

TSA delays of 3 hrs for a 2hr flight

Democrats should not focus all their attention toward Donald Trump.

LOL, now Hill fans are BRAGGING about only losing 11 of the last 25 states!!!

"She's deeply flawed!" "Shes weak!" "Shes too ambitious!" Etc.

Profound transformation of a rescued dog


Regarding Nevada

I Hate Hillary, Said Republicans And Who Else?.....

That Hillary supporters are quickly banned from Sanders group is a given

Reporter From 1991 Audio Recording Says Trump's Denials Raise Questions About Character

Live! Periscope From NV State Convention... Appears They Are Stalling; Hoping To Win By Attrition?

Why didn't the Sanders campaign know the process in NV?

‘Not about bathrooms’: Critics decry North Carolina law’s lesser-known elements

Kurdish militants reportedly shoot down Turkish security forces helicopter

Just a Reminder of the last months...short video

I just read why 64 Bernie NV delegates had their credentials stripped--and I shed a tear or two

Nevada is not over!!!

Abby Martin Blasts Hillary on Foreign Policy

Burying the White Working Class

Don't you love an ad

Happy Saturday night, Sunday morning

Donald Trump’s plan for the economy: Let’s copy Greece.

It's going to be a bad week for Trump and Bernie.

The danger for the "super delegates" is "Throw the Bums Out!"

HRC is this years Martha Coakley

And the Nevada state convention ends

Hillary's Lackey Just Ignored Multiple Motions, Adjourned, and FLED Out The Back...

(UPDATED) The ugly side of the Sanders revolution finally comes to light.

A Disgusting End to the Democratic State Party Convention in Nevada

This is what Democracy looked like in Nevada tonight.

Want to see what Democracy looked like in Nevada tonight?

Home from Nevada Democratic Convention...

Another video of the Nevada Convention. These can't be posted enough.

I'm with her.

Alan Grayson is a loose cannon!

Women Swept The 2015 The Nebula Awards

Here Comes Bernie and the Locomotive


Bernie Sanders Opposes New Round of Deportation Raids

Make derivatives illegal now!!

FACT: Sanders supporters at the NV convention did NOT have the votes. Period.

Connecticut News - 5/15/2016

x post from: Snarkoleptic::economy::omaha steve labour group:restaurant+bankcards stiff workers

x post from: Snarkoleptic::economy::omaha steve labour group:restaurant+bankcards stiff workers

I'm with her

someone on Discussionist suggested the GOP are trying to recruit Mark Cuban

Last surviving Casablanca actress Madeleine Lebeau dies

Daily Holidays - May 15




Maine News - 5/15/2016

How does humanity move beyond the value of human labor?

Former New York State Senate Leader Dean Skelos Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison (son sentenced too)

Business Owner Indicted for Failing to Establish an Effective Anti-Money Laundering Program

Benchmark Politics: Busting the Myth of the Closing Hillary-Trump Race

They didn't need to do it. They did. Now I don't see how they can heal the breach

Don't worry about Trump; "he'll change"; "we'll Tame him"......

Massachusetts News - 5/15/2016

Robert Reich: Wasserman Schultz "Insider Politics Run Amok"

Why Multinational Corporations Aim to Deconstruct National Government

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dashboard Puppeh Edition

industrial strength delusion: Ivanka says dad has elevated politics

Shameful rudeness at state conventions does Bernie's cause no good.

This picture of trump and daughter is so creepy it deserves a warning

Monopoly’s New Era JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

Fear the Walking Dead 2.6 "Sicut Cervus" (spoiler alert)

Game of Thrones 6.4 "The Book of the Stranger" (spoiler alert)

Venezuela has fallen/been pushed over the cliff.

The Witch, Grace Pitt

New Hampshire - 5/15/2016

"A Broken Prize" that's what it was called when Humphrey won the nomination in 1968

Locomotive Drowns Out Bernie Sanders in KY. (5-14-16)

A choice video clip of one of our "democratic" elite: When they say it's over, it's over!

A "rigged" primary election? No! Enough of the DELUSIONAL conspiracy theories.

Final Nevada Delegate Count: Clinton 20- Sanders 15

In case you're wondering about those 64 delegates who didn't get seated.

An excellent breakdown of what happened in Nevada.

Bernie Sanders' Message for Puerto Ricans

Never Forget: America’s Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 Black Sharecroppers Were Murdered In AR

How the CIA got Mandela arrested: Agent provided tip-off that led to Nelson's arrest and 27 YEARS in

Bernie Sanders on Puerto Rico - WAPA

CIA helped racists arrest Mandela because "communism"

Hillary is one weak candidate: Clinton’s problem isn’t Bernie Sanders. It’s Hillary Clinton

Nugent's video of Bernie & Hillary "doesn't violate (Facebook's) Community Standards."

There are two types of Bernie Sanders supporters

Head of Iran’s hate cartoon fest equates Holocaust with Israeli actions in ‘Palestine’

Rhode Island News - 5/15/2016

People who want Trump to win the GE in order to "Bring on the Revolution" are no different than...

Congressman Peter King Uses Anti-Asian Slur On TV

Should Bernie still endorse Hillary?

Army chaplain quits because of drones

Sums it up

MSNBC: Alan Grayson Blows Up Over Questions About His Offshore Hedge Fund

Ponzi scheme architect asks court for $100,000 a month for living expenses from frozen assets

The new Trump order: global trade growth stalls for first time since WW2

Scientists' goal: Make the rare American shad less rare

Vermont News - 5/15/2016

A note from Camp Hillary...

Poll: Majority of Democrats Want Sanders to Stay in Until Convention

Army chaplain quits because of drones (X-posted from GD)

Big solar worked to kill Maine solar energy bill

Bottom line in Nevada.

Bots Unite to Automate the Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton's UFO investigation plans unlikely to achieve liftoff, experts say (not the onion)

Aren't omelets great?

Clinton widens delegate lead at Nevada Democratic convention

Rude, Shameful behavior from Bernie fans in

Does this make sense? Add up? About Nevada. (HRC GP)

This is one weak nominee lol

It wasn't me. Honest, it wasn't me.

Al Franken on Super-Delegates

Insight on Super-Delegates

Climate activists in New York, Washington state protest fossil fuels

Sanders starts petition against surge in Obama deportations

Kerry in Saudi Arabia for Talks on Syria, Libya, Yemen

Islamic State Yemen suicide bomber kills 25 police recruits: medics

This may be the week that gets Trump to call it quits?

Feel The Bern.

Trump's mouthpiece, Paul Manafort, looks like a croupier at a 2 1/2 star Vegas hotel and casino

Bots Unite to Automate the Presidential Election

Was Obama a weak candidate by winning by only 62 pledged delegates?

Was Bill Clinton a force behind Trump's run?

Donald Trump delegates drop out after backlash in California

What Does a Socialist Movement Look Like?

"Bernie Squad Major" finds out war is hell....

It's Sunday morning, and Black church folks are the cops! (X-posted from AA)

Professors, students to boycott Madeline Albright’s speech at college graduation

Palin is on Trump VP short list

Tony Barrow, PR man for The Beatles, dead at 80

Sherrod Brown would make an excellent vice president for Hillary Clinton...

Happy Sunday, fellow Sandernistas!

Documented fraud in NV and here's the proof!

Sunday HRC Group Game: "I Never Thought"

Will you be shocked or even surprised if Dirty Donny wins the general election?

Please read this comment from the Political Animal blog

Freaking wow - Serena Williams speaks in Italian

Thomas Frank (1993)- The commodification of rebellion

Obama supports Clinton, but IMO he resonates more with Bernie's message and goals

New World - HRC ad airing in Kentucky

Train engineers are all in the bag for Hillary, apparently

Even Nader thinks Bernie is terrible at politics

Inside Germany's Most Harmful Energy Source: Brown Coal Blues

Why DWS doesn't want Independents voting in primaries-in one chart

So much of this election is coming down to: What if women were people?

Top scientists hold closed meeting to discuss building a human genome from scratch

Barbara Boxer & Hillary

Transgender policies: What I hope Hillary says.

Hillary Clinton the Banker's Choice - I'm wth Her!

Transgender policies: What I hope Hillary says.

Merle Haggard - Mama Tried (VIDEO)

Jimmy Carter helps bestow degree on Gregg Allman

MICHAEL MOORE: Bill Maher Real Time HBO, Full Interview, Friday, May 13.

LobbyWOW! – It’s Like A Bribe, But 100% Legal!

Entering Philadelphia

Kerry meets Saudi king to discuss Syria before Vienna talks

Rules don't matter! It's a Revolution!

You know "the Hispanics" hate you when you're more disliked than the lady who murdered Selena.

HuffPo: Here’s Why Hillary Clinton’s Federal Reserve Plan Is A Big Deal

Eerie silence on MSM re. Nevada this morning

I provide for some squirrels, some are just nuts instead of eating them

Likely why some voters have their voter registration screwed up. (BMV)

Boston Globe (Dr. Jeff Sachs):The Age of Impunity...Clintons long ago perfected the art of impunity:

BNR - 'Sanders Storms Kentucky With A Focus On Local Issues' & 'What The Youth Get About Bernie'

Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they’re worried it’s cold

We’re At War In Yemen & It’s Under Media BLACKOUT

Assholery in Nevada Over a Lost Primary

" trick at all...."

A giant in the sky

" It’s not easy being a straight, white man.”

Sorry, We Don’t Take Obamacare

From Reddit about the Nevada Mafia convention

Another Georgia poll showing Clinton vs. Trump a tossup

"I used to LOVE getting wedgies!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!


Awesome Sunday Morning Laugh

Oh, my goodness. I've seen three different interviews with Reince Priebus this morning.

"Is Death Penalty The Best Way To Fight Corruption?"

GALLUP POLL: Sanders favored over Clinton & Trump by millennial women, Blacks, Hispanics and men.

Trump Used His Aliases For Much More — And Worse — Than Gossip

GALLUP POLL: Clinton's Image Among Democrats at New Low

Some thoughts on lying and the latest version of flash.

Obama Running Out Of Time to Confiscate Guns, Install Dictatorship, Enact Sharia Law

The Opiate crackdown and me

Clinton-Supporting Actor Who Played Clarence Thomas Arrested for Assaulting Bernie Supporter

=*= LIVE Stream @ 2PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Paducah, Kentucky (5-15-16) =*=

=*= LIVE Stream @ 2PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Paducah, Kentucky (5-15-16) =*=

Sunday toon Roundup

We need more pipelines like this

Therapy Wars: The Revenge of Freud

Manchester United abandon final game after suspect package prompts Old Trafford evacuation

Mr. Trump: On your Cinco de Mayo “taco bowl"

Newest New York Daily News

Since when did DEMOCRATS support blocking IG access to ALL records?

The Hillary Clinton/Neocon Merger

GOP Spine

Would these people pledging NOT to vote for Hillary be in violation of TOS ?

If you only believe in 12.5% of what the Bible says, what does that make you?

Barbara Boxer's daughter, Nicole Boxer, married Hillary Clinton's brother at White House cerremony.

Sanders supporters rampage. NV Democrats Kicked Out of Hotel That Held Convention.

MSNBC playing soccer? So now they're a sports channel.

Police recover priceless stolen WWI-era cannon

Police recover priceless stolen WWI-era cannon

Trump is indecisive. He blows whichever way the wind blows him.

538 - "Hillary Clinton Was Liberal. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal" - Really?

For Inspiring 'A New Agenda,' Naomi Klein Wins 2016 Sydney Peace Prize

Bernie Sanders Rally - Pikeville, KY

Bernie Sanders: "We're Seeing A Two-Pronged Attack on Our Democracy"

Sanders steps up in California — will Clinton?

Just checking...

Elizabeth Warren Drops Mic In Twitter War With Trump

New Georgia poll out from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution...

DNC & Debbie W. Schultz Quietly Lift Obama Ban On Lobbyist Donations To Party Convention Committee!

Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Can Easily Happen In America

Elderly terror victims: Arabs refused to help us as we bled

KTVZ talks to Bernie Sanders

Is Barbara Boxer a Corporatist or a Progressive Democrat?

KTVZ talks to Bernie Sanders

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #27: The Butler Did It (A Bird In The Hand) Edition

Equating a State D Party With Nazis Now A-OK on DU!

This week's Top 10 has been posted in Good Reads.

Bigger Difference Between Sanders and Hillary, than Hill and Trump

"Reinstate the 58"

Another Christian anti-gay pastor arrested for child porn

Donald Trump could soon be getting intelligence briefings. "It could be a disaster," a former CIA an

Instead Of Renting An Apartment, Sign A Lease That Lets You Live Around The World

It is more important for Bernie to be president than Hillary

Had a close friend on Facebook say how tired she was

When EVERYONE Is Eligible To Vote...Hillary CANNOT WIN!

Hillary Clinton’s plans to open up the UFO files may never see the light of day

Argentina's former president Kirchner charged for manipulating economy

Robert Parry, lately of RT and Consortium News, has made a claim:

DNC thread - planning, organizing, sharing

:D Zimmerman's gun auction...

Koterba toon: UNITY

More Clinton Election Fraud? Eyewitness accounts needed.

The Clinton Administration OPPOSED SCHIP. People here are trying to re-spin the history of SCHIP.

Goodbye everybody, I now know GDP has Hillary supporters locking my topic posts that are on topic

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update FOR 5-14-16

Saying "let it get worse" is immoral.

Stolen from a Salon article comments thread...

GIf Space X Falcon 9 rocket heads back to the cape on its trailer

As Bernie’s reasonable fans pivot to Hillary, his fanatics have gone nuts. They can’t hurt her.

Politifact: Mostly True that Sanders (currently) beats Trump by bigger margins than Hillary

Strict state gun-control measure close to making November ballot

More of the 2016 disastrous CO2 climate year, May 8, 2016 4.01 ppm worse than May 8, 2015.

Here is your ‘Donald Trump Hunger Games Veepstakes Fight-to-the-Death’ scorecard

Iraq conflict: IS suicide bombers hit Taji gas plant

NV DNC live protest on Periscope

Let's give some DU love to Senator Boxer. She deserves it

Nelson Mandela: CIA tip-off led to 1962 Durban arrest

Homer Simpson LIVE! - tonight

Eugene McCarthy

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-14-16

The finance chair of the DNC Host Committee is a Republican donor and the CEO of a health insurance

Wonkette: Sanders Fans Take Massive Dump On Nevada Democratic Convention Floor

Georgia #math

Are the cries of "bitch" at Sen. Boxer and the general dickish sore-losership in Nevada a preview

(Hillary Group)Bernie Sanders Fans Take Massive Dump On Nevada Democratic Convention Floor

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Poll: Bernie Will Turn Georgia BLUE... Hillary Will NOT.

China Is Pissed About the Pentagon's New Report on Its Military Activity

MICHAEL MOORE: Bill Maher Real Time HBO, Full Interview, Friday, May 13.

Rachel Maddow on the Alabama Drag Queen Driving Roy Moore Completely Nuts – WATCH

Grieving in Silence, Grieving Out Loud.

It's not Bernie's fault that the Democratic Party is being split

NV Democratic Credentials Committee Co-Chair: Action To Exclude Sanders Supporters "Violate ...

Why Trump Can Lie and No One Seems to Care

Are you attending or have you attended the Democratic National Convention?

Georgia poll shows tight presidential race

Oregon's 'Motor Voter' Law A Success, With A Hitch = three-fourths cannot vote in primary Tuesday

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer hospitalized, Irvine appearance canceled, venue says

NEW poll is out

Here is the Real Math not the Bernie Math

Rancher grows healthy, nutrient packed soil while running a profitable ranch/farm without chemicals

Bernie folks rushed stage, yelling obscenities, throwing chairs and bottles

My opinion is that this drumbeat for Bernie to drop out is simply because it is

Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need To See... ( Excellent Analysis/Compilation)

Forwarded to me by a Trans friend: Seven things I’m learning about transgender persons

Slavery conditions in chicken industry show that robots are ready to take this sector too

Here's the problem with a rigged economy – We make it, they take it.

Say It to My Face! I Met With Evangelicals Who Oppose Trans Rights

Nevada - what am I missing?

Extremism Explained by John Cleese

I'm looking for an online photo gallery

Serious question - how many elected or unelected officials at any level

Oregon: Clinton leading Sanders + 15 - Clinton 48, Sanders 33. Ballots due at 8 p.m on May 17

Trend: latest opinion poll - Clinton 53,5 %, Sanders only 39,9 %

TOON: The Donald's Ego

Crazed Hillary Fan Arrested in Violent Attack on Bernie Supporters

German politicians say Merkel left EU exposed to Turkish blackmail

LOL Trump feelin the Bern!

52 Climate Activists Arrested in Washington Railroad Protest

Bernie is simply smokin!

When a Sanders delegate to a state convention

Checking In: I, We, Together (Bernie forum)

Beijing blasts Pentagon report on Chinese military as damaging trust

Speaking of eggs . . . breakfast at my house.

Did anyone catch Dr. Carson being interviewed on MSNBC, this morning?

POTUS to Rutgers grads: America is better than it was 50 years ago—"or even eight years ago."

Netanyahu tells France's Ayrault he still opposes peace conference


Another Day, Another Superb Commencement Address by President Obama

Are you getting over the Hill and worrying about your future?

Are you getting over the Hill and worrying about your future?

New Rule: It's not nepotism if you have to diagram out why it's nepotism

Netanyahu lashes out at Iran for 'mocking' Holocaust in cartoon contest

Has Sanders issued a statement about what happened in Nevada?

Reply from the gov's office

Has anyone had a crock pot (slow cooker) blow on them?

Johnson Invokes Hitler as Brexit Debate Heats Up

Wash.Post - Here’s what happened at Saturday’s dramatic Nevada Democratic convention

SNL Cold Open Spoofs Trump fake PR guy & VP picks


Man shot in the back after being baptized in Honolulu church

Yin & Yang: Defense and Offense: Yin-absorbs, Yang-channels power outward like the striking tiger!

Look who tried to make election day a national holiday--OVER a decade ago!

One does not simply -

Wow! What a coincidence. Upcoming CA Primary, Boxer Incident in NV

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to say two words to Donald Trump

Germany: Police arrest over 100 people at anti-coal protest

For those who are desperately begging for Sanders to get out

Which of the 11 American nations do you live in?

Nevada Caucus: Hillary Operatives Utilize Common Thuggery to Deny Sanders Delegates/Supporters Voice

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 15, 2016

Philippine president-elect Duterte vows to kill criminals

Nina Turner addresses Nevada

58 Bernie Delegates in Nevada not properly registered Democrats before deadline

Hillary Is Repeating the Auto Industry Bailout Lie As She Campaigns in Kentucky

"White People are Not as Important as Bernie Sanders Thinks"

Hillary's brothers could cause major problems for her presidential campaign.

The Harmon (beauty products) cashier askes me if I go to church

Bernie Supporters call Barbara Boxer a "B"

CIA spy tip-off led to arrest of Mandela: report

Nevada GOP leader asks state convention delegates to unite for Trump

Nevada, Wonkette style

24 pilot whales die after beaching in Baja California

Are you attending or have you attended the Democratic National Convention?

I'm with her

What legacy to ‘these honored dead’ ?

Eric Holder Hosts 'Lawyers for Hillary' as FBI Investigation Goes On

Nasa's Juno spacecraft becomes 'fastest object ever made' during mission to Jupiter

‘Wire’ star Wendell Pierce arrested for attacking a candidates supporters in Atlanta hotel

Editorial: With malice toward none (VA)

Hillary Clinton talks with working families in Virginia

Chelsea Clinton campaigns for Hillary in N.J.

Donald Trump has torn my family apart

Gabriel Domenzain on MSNBC was advisor to O'Malley, Now Lying about Hillary

Thomas Frank: Bill Clinton's Five Major Achievements Were Longstanding GOP Objectives

Hillary Clinton to come out on top at Nevada Democratic Convention

El Salvador refuses to recognize Brazil's new government

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump Tax Plan: 'Written by a Billionaire for Billionaires'

The Ghosts of 1968 Haunt the Election of 2016

Another Russian fails a drug test

Hillary Clinton Rally New Jersey (5-11-16)

Dilma Rousseff's impeachment was led by the white, wealthy men who now make up the Brazilian cabinet

Dilma Rousseff's impeachment was led by the white, wealthy men who now make up the Brazilian cabinet

The 2016 Eastern Pacific hurricane season officially begins today May 15, and should be quieter

Astronomical software accurately dates 2,500-year-old lyric poem

Winnipeg could have a climate like NorthTexas by 2080. CTV News. What will Texas' climate be like

"I'm not stupid, Okay" - Trump tells British PM Cameron

Continuing collapse of Antarctic ice shelves will affect us all

Over/under on whether we'll hear about how vote by mail is a corporatist trick on Wednesday?

Trading Lives: Democracy, Health Care and Trade in Services (2007 - 59 pages)

What are you reading this week of May 15, 2016?

Because #math

To learn what happened in Nevada you could start here: (HRC GP)

Phil Robertson (Of Duck Dynasty) To Star In Insane New Documentary From Citizens United

The Fake Outrage at the NV Democratic Caucus

How Clinton Won the Nevada State Convention

Bernie or Bust: Bernie Sanders Supporters More Determined Than Ever After Chaos

Trump's Wall, a video game. I only wish this were fake.

GOOD Trumps hate & fear

Samford University Apologizes Over Sorority’s T-Shirt (AL)

Jon Ralston tweets about the Nevada convention.

Jon Ralston tweets about the Nevada Dem convention.

Obama gives commencement speech at Rutgers:'Ignorance is not a virtue'; attacks Trump's isolationism

Best quote of the 2016 Primary season came from Jon Ralston

Hillary or Bust

A word of warning to Republicans concerning Donald Trump and the late Jeffrey Dahmer.

Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina (R) ran for office after hearing Hillary Clinton speak

Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump for Not Releasing His Tax Returns... Irony is Lost on Her

Did you know DU has a marketplace?

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren, "Pocahontas".

Ed Rendell, Democratic National Committee chair warns Sanders supporters to behave at the convention

This is the appropriate way to greet, point out Bernie or Busters or Hillary or Busters

If GD:P is important to you, start downloading and saving it now before it closes

The actions of the Democratic Establishment is turning young voters against them.

I noticed that I hadn't seen any posts from Beam Me Up Scottie

No wonder it wouldn't start!

Barbara Boxer's net worth is $3.2 million

Flashback: Caught On Tape Bernie Voters Purged, Hillary Supporters Vote Without Registering

Carson: Palin on list of potential Trump running mates

I've changed my mind about Bernie accepting a VP slot with Hillary

Trump: Immigrants will commit new 9/11’s using ‘cell phones with ISIS flags on them’

Chomsky: The Majority of Today's Elected Democrats Are Moderate Republicans

Say it Hillary supporters. You don't think Americans deserve economic security...

Post from Greg Palast on Facebook

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Donald Trump's Controversies: 'People Just Don't Care'

So, Bernie supporters... what are you looking for on Tuesday?

The real entitlement affliction is the one Bernie has

Israel Tells France It’s Not Interested In Multilateral Peace Talks

Good afternoon Hillary supporters.

I’m An Auto Worker — And I Only Get By Thanks To Welfare

What Happened at the Nevada “Democratic” State Convention?

What Happened at the Nevada “Democratic” State Convention?

Unearthing the Secrets of New York's Mass Graves

Mitt Romney Is Trying To Recruit Mark Cuban To Thwart Donald Trump With Third-Party Run

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 16 May 2016

Unearthing the Secrets of New York's Mass Graves

Leaks Show Senate Staffer Threatened Colombia With Loss Of Foreign Aid Over Cheap Cancer Drug

“Gronk up your Life"

Love trumps Hatred | Bernie for President

Today's PredictWise - 2016 – Democratic Nomination - Winner - Hillary 97% - Bernie 3%

Woman bitten by shark in Boca Raton, FL; transported to hospital with shark attached to arm

OREGONIAN Editorial Cartoon

Feeling the Bern? Not us | LAT Opinion Newsletter

MLK on economic justice: ''What good does it do to be able to eat at a lunch counter..."

Lexington Herald Leader Endorsement: Clinton best choice for Ky. Democrats

Can someone point me to Bernie Sanders' complaint about the alleged Convention problems in Nevada?

Palestinians March To Destroyed Village In Haifa To Mark Nakba Day

Iran In Talks With Russia To Buy Naval Hardware: Commander

Sanders supporters attempt to 'Occupy' casino after being asked to leave.

Odor vs Bautista---Whoa.

I hear knees knockin

While college students 'feel the Bern', university workers support Hillary.

That Moment When You Suddenly Realize

MLK on economic justice: ''What good does it do to be able to eat at a lunch counter..."

Could Hillary Clinton win Oregon on Tuesday? Here's a closer look at the numbers.

Never Forget: America’s Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 Black Sharecroppers Were Murdered

Ignorance might be bliss, but it will destroy us. The most honest on air rant I have ever heard.

Ukraine May Receive $500 Million From U.S. To Provide Security, Lethal Assistance

According to my ex-BIL, Planet X was supposed to destroy us yesterday.

Community remembers pilot Greg Connell killed during air show...

An American ISIS Cell: The Story of 3 U.S. Recruits

Nevada shenanigans from April...

From belief to resentment in Indiana

Huge Brawl Erupts During Ranger-Blue Jays Game

From belief to resentment in Indiana

The "Independents are the majority" myth.

ATU students get grant to start food-recovery program

How Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination.

Can you imagine what it would be like to hold an adult political conversation?

Hydrogen Refueling Gets Boost From Norwegian Company

Kristina Olvera Says She is a Woman. The Prison System Says He is a Man.

1717 to 1437...

My new gadget

Tour of California

Another conspiracy.

Editorial: 'Reason' and religion have mixed for centuries

Mike Malloy - Is Hillary’s E-mail Nightmare About to Explode?

Net Neutrality

Daily Beast editor documents chilling story of son assaulted by cops for selling his laptop

How Olive Garden & Banksters Are Stiffing Workers...

Gallery: Spring in the last, best place

What the hell is a kakistocracy? It's Alabama

In their own words "most of us cant bring ourselves to vote for Hillary"

What’s Wrong with the Redskins

Just Voted For Bernie!

Elizabeth Warren. Barbara Boxer. Kamala Harris. Rachel Maddow.

Self-Defense Gun Use is Rare, New VPC Study Confirms

Biden and Boehner, teary and grateful, receive high Catholic honor