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Pictures from the heartbreaking fire at the Cathedral of St. Sava on Orthodox Easter.

Bernie Sanders Announces Special Vatican Trip | Morning Joe | MSNBC ~ 4/8/16 (HRC GROUP)

Aunt Hillary -

Hey Senior DUers -Sleep-wake cycle: why it’s vital to watch your biological clock

Sanders fundraising way down in April

Hey does anyone know offhand how many Corporations are Superdelegates offhand?

International Workers' Day marches in Brazil turn into show of support for Rousseff

Two Reporters Squabble at WHCD Party

Brilliant discussion on Bernie, democracy, FDR.

Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton on Climate Change

Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton on Climate Change

2016 Spring Plowing, Glacier National Park.

Bernie Sanders begins making case to Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates

The colors of spring slightly out of focus


The colors of spring slightly out of focus

AG Loretta Lynch interviewed byAl Hunt.

Gun maker wants industry to give 'smart guns' a shot

In 1997 a woman filed a $125 million lawsuit against Trump for sexual assault.

Undrinkable Water And Air That's Worse Than Beijing - Welcome To Delhi

At least one of these happened while the GOP was passing a new bathroom law.

Elliott puppy rescue by Sally Miska Gahanna, OH

Oz Researchers - No Way GBR Mass Bleaching Caused By Anything But Anthropogenic Warming

U.S. Navy SEALS Parachute Team Jumps into Football Stadium

I am 100 Percent Bernie or Bust......

Leading the charge against big banks?

India's Pre-Monsoon Temps 4-5C Above Normal For April; 300+ Dead From Heat, Fires

Puerto Rico Confirms First US Zika Virus Death, 683 Cases To Date - NYT

Obama Declares Disaster Status For Marshall Islands; Worst Drought On Record - Guardian

The GOP’s lost generation of millennial voters

War. Yea or nay?

Why was this post hidden?

Two of them popped up down the street over night (FIXED)

Grandson's Windows 10 laptop

What inspired Hillary to join the board at Walmart?

Lt. Gov. Newsom says he has enough signatures for gun safety initiative

The Train Wreck Is Headed to California

Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie (spoiler alert)

America: We have a REVENUE Problem. Austerity? BULLSHIT.

Why Superdelegates Who Will Choose the Democratic Nominee Should Vote For Bernie Sanders

Clinton vs. Sanders: POLICY IS EXCITING!

Understanding the Tax Plans of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

Attention...I am about to:

Man to Serve 3 Years in Prison for Burning Puppy Alive

Mike Malloy - Colorado May Replace ObamaCare With Universal Coverage

The Real Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

Reich: It's unlikely that HRC will be able to win enough pledged delegates for nomination.

The Real Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

For many, Bernie will be a folk hero. For everyone, Hillary will be a president.

Kentucky tax payers forced to fork over $18 million for creationist’s ‘Ark Encounter’ theme park

heads up: How the developing world might frame Fight for $15 in the context of trade liberalisation-

Mike Malloy - Former Fox News Commentator Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Did the Party change under Bill Clinton?

Thousands rally for legalization in Massachusetts

In the name of unity, can we agree that history will look kindly on the Obama Presidency?

Lest we forget that there are some "Liberal" people who claim to support Warren over Bernie.

RCMP changes application requirements, with permanent residents welcome to apply

How Paris is stepping up its drive against the car (BBC Magazine)

State Workers Admit Denying Food Assistance To Eligible Families

Wall Street owns the Clintons: Why Hillary can’t outrun her husband’s presidency

Venezuelans lose sleep in bid to curb electricity shortage

Against any GOP candidate in the GE, Bernie destroys Hillary......

"hey hey ho ho corporate greed has to go"....IN...march!

Happy Easter Proletarian Jesus

Bernie Sanders At National Press Club May 1st "It will be a contested convention"

The Latest: Clinton: Don’t let progress fall to Trump

Humorous ways to convince disbelievers about global warming

Where do you stand on the Political Compass in relation to the candidates?

Hillary Clinton Group: Hmmm? Bill and/or his photographer having a little fun?

Policy Paper on Trade in Services and Sustainable Development: Domestic Regulation (Competition Poli

Bernie Sanders holds press conference in Washington, D.C (5-1-16)

Bernie Sanders holds press conference in Washington, D.C (5-1-16)

"You all look great. The end of the Republic has never looked better."

HILLARY CLINTON GROUP: A few thoughts on Hillary's career

Anybody see 60 minutes tonight on the "mother" in Tanzania

Baha'i Temple of South America

IDF: Private security guards killed knife-wielding Palestinian siblings

CV question: Why did Hillary Clinton resign as Secretary of State? ...

Deporting children. Yea or nay?

1st cruise from a US port in decades leaves Miami for Cuba

1st cruise from a US port in decades leaves Miami for Cuba

The Latest: Police arrest protesters in Seattle

Remember: Real Revolutions Don’t Stop When Critics Get Mad

Meet the DLC Leadership Team

So who is best for Wall Street? Trump, Hillary or Bernie? What do you think?


Tacos for everyone in the Lounge

GOP’s Stop-Trump fever breaks

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 3: Cinema's Exiles

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 4: Cinema's Exiles

Berrigan's message to peacemakers: Persevere

Watch Carly Fiorina do a face-plant off a stage while Ted Cruz ignores her

Heidi Cruz: 'Ted is an immigrant'

Some folks upset about this Old Navy ad.

Hillary at the NAACP Fight for Freedom, May 1, 2016

Bill Clinton draws boos from Sanders, Trump supporters in West Virginia

"Native Americans are the unseen victims of a broken US justice system"

Do you support the existence of unelected "superdelegates" having a say in who our candidate is?


New Jersey News - 5/1/2016

Based on demographics, Hillary seems strongest in Indiana and Bernie in West Virginia.


Did Hillary get a boost in her ratings thanks to Charles Koch?

Come on, kiddos!!!

TTIP: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Closed primaries are hurting Bernie Sanders. But they're not why he's losing.

On his Santa Monica mountaintop, a billionaire envisions lofty thoughts on politics and culture

 No Surprise: Trump Is a Union Buster at His Own Hotel

Bernie's News Conference on Important Delegate Math Issues - Today (video) May 1

Poll: Clinton, Sanders in statistical tie in Indiana

Dear DNC: I am not a Democrat.

One thing about it...just like the last time this country was in this similar place...

Bernie's News Conference on Delegate Math Today (May 1)

What do you think the current demographics of DU are in regards to political affiliation?

This face recognition company is causing havoc in Russia—and could come to the U.S. soon

Now it's the NAACP's turn under the bus.

Incremental Progess is No Progress at All

Copy of a letter I wrote the campaign about the super delegates:

Clinton AGAIN (2016) trying to take credit for children's health program Clinton White House fought

Pennsylvania News - 5/2/2016

Predator Jam!

Hersh: Hillary approved sending of Libya's sarin to Syrian rebels

GATS and Democracy

Roaring rescued lions free at last

Revolution -- The Beatles

Aurora Borealis anyone?

Jeno "Inside the Mind" from ToonTown@650 Howard summer of 1991

Important post by L Coyote, G.D.: Trump Allegedly Tried to Hire Latin American Election Hacker - For

What Is Bernie's Price for Playing Nice?

If any company had such serious injuries to its workers like the WWE

Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana

Jim Hightower: Crime Can Pay if It’s Big Enough

Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana

Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana

The Clinton Email Scandal Timeline

'Gun safety organizations' are no different from 'crisis pregnancy centers' in that...

New from 538 - Hillary Clinton has a 92% chance of WINNING INDIANA.

Zika virus: Risk higher than first thought, say doctors

Puerto Ricans leaving island for U.S. in record numbers

Saudi Binladin Group employees set fire to buses in protest

Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Bernie Sanders says contested convention is a certainty

Bernie Sanders says contested convention is a certainty

Say it, don't spray it

"As elders who support Bernie Sanders, we urge today’s youth to rage against the machine ..."

A thread for DUers that are MIA

New hydrogen-powered tram off assembly line in north China's Hebei Province

Cruz-allies want to turn US into ISIS-style theocracy with slavery and public executions

"The country (Scotland) is all over hydrogen like white on rice"

Toddlers have shot at least 23 people in US this year

Why I'll Vote for HRC in the GE

Bernie Sanders is not a sore loser: Our democracy is screwed unless we fix the unfair rules

Mike Malloy - Chaos Breaks Out At Trump Rally In California

Mike Malloy - If Not Trump, What?

Stolen police guns leads to policy change

Bloomberg Bloviates and gets Booed

Man whose gun discharged at swim lesson faces misdemeanor

Calling all neutrals. Do any of you genuinely want Spurs to win the League?

Bernie's on Good Morning America now - wont' last tune in!

Clinton v. Sanders: A Scorecard - 5/4/16 Update

Greenpeace puts secret TTIP-documents online (with link)

Just in case ... this wonderful video will be cross-post in V&M...

THIS Video...

Thank you, KoKo...

California News - 5/2/2016

Museums Association (UK) Faces Evidence Of Caving To BP In Exchange For Sponsorship Money

Reuters - Nearly Half Of World's Top 500 Investors Doing Absolutely Nothing Re. Climate

The Ariel School incident-- one of the best cases of apparent ET visitation known

Born Under A Bad Sign.

Top Sanders surrogate (Keith Ellison): Bernie supporters have "responsibility" to unite the party:

Bernie Sanders is delusional.

Bernie Sanders Pins Hopes for Momentum on Indiana

Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders: Comparing Two "Movement" Campaigns

Since Hillary supporters appear to be quite confident right now, perhaps I could finally get

How I went from middle class to homeless - CNN

The tough truth for Sanders: HRC would still be leading by 550 if superdelegates followed his rules

Hillary Clinton, the surprise populist

POLL: Meme of the Week – May 2nd

Off the Reservation

An artifact of Marcellus drilling's disruptive glory days

Bernie is being deliberately dishonest with his supporters ...

Clinton fundraising leaves little for state parties

If "news" headlines were honest. cbs "news:" "We came, we saw, we lied."

Boy at church rally yells at Cruz: "You Suck!"

Call for 'Revolution' Still Reverberating as Sanders, Clinton Head Neck and Neck Into Indiana

If "news" headlines were honest. cbs "news:" "We came, we saw, we lied." (repost HRC Group)

Civil Rights. Yea or nay?

Apparently Trump doesn't think women want

So, how many DU users do you think

CIA director says secret 9/11 report pages full of hearsay, inaccurate info

NSF Study - Atmospheric "Cap" Over Interior Greenland Limiting Melt Loss - For Now

Army open to returning remains of Rosebud Sioux

Liquid smoke, America's best kept secret?

Hillary 7 points behind The Donald in Indiana general election poll:

Reincarnation in Paganism and Buddhism

How Hillary Could Win The Election & Lose The Country

=*=LIVE @ 11AM: Bernie Sanders Evansville Indiana Rally 5-2-16 =*=

A Compendium of People Who Hate Ted Cruz's Guts Read more:

=*=LIVE @ 11AM: Bernie Sanders Evansville Indiana Rally 5-2-16 =*=

Third death prompts review of Ikea plan for unstable dressers

Proof of Lizard People.........

Bernie event tonight on Monument Circle.

Nice article on the secret early days of getting the Iran deal

Fears Of A Trump Presidency Drive Immigrants To Seek Citizenship

Monday Toon Roundup

Bernie Sanders outside the Indiana University Auditorium

White supremacists website complains about article on Melania Trump, "the wife of our dear leader".

How do they know that Prince's will is not in that sealed

What head-to-head election polls tell us about November

Contested vs. Brokered Convention

Hillary could wrap up the nomination this week

Bernie Sanders Indiana Primary 2016

Fried lasagna...

Chris Hedges: The Socialist Alternative

Hillary Clinton Raised $36 Million in April for Hillary For America, DNC and State Parties

Flip flop season is almost here...

For about a year now

Trickle Down Destroying Kansas' Economy

I suspect the Sanders super-delegates will not have the appetite for a contested convention

Now that the race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States is over...

TOM TOMORROW: The Forever Campaign

Doctors at war with chiropractors over treatment of babies and children

Clinton fundraising leaves little for state parties

Most Liked & Disliked US Senators In 2016

Buh-bye America

A "youthful protester" yells "You suck!" at Cruz rally, then Cruz schools us all on spanking

We need much more than a political revolution...

...of course folks HATE it when you point out hypocrisy.

Amtrak turns 45 today

If Bernie's Gonna Make it to The Convention, He Needs Your Help!!!

so, how should I paint the oil tank for my (almost) tiny house?

Amtrak turns 45 today

China’s Furious Stimulus-and-Debt Binge Backfires

Tom Tomorrow: The forever campaign

We need much more than a political revolution...

Female Ted Cruz Agrees To Porn Deal

Does tyranny stem from too much democracy?


Clinton fundraising leaves little for state parties

Chelsea Manning- Solitary confinement is 'no touch' torture, and it must be abolished

Buckeye State Poll -Clinton 45 Drumpf 42 /Clinton- 44 Cruz 35

Hillary could wrap up the primary next week.

Indigenous Affairs Minister says it’s up to Catholic Church to put things right

How to Create an "Ecology of Change" by Combining Movement Uprisings With Long-Term Organizing

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ Wife Elected Ted Cruz Delegate

"We can not allow Barack Obama's legacy fall into Donald Trump's hands."

ISIS sex slave kidnapped by 'new Jihadi John' suspect Siddhartha Dhar

Clinton outraises Sanders in April

Clinton outraises Sanders in April

Some Iowa families don't have coverage for autism treatment

Sorry. I can't be convinced to vote for HRC.

What Small Farms Need to Compete With Corporate Food

Bombs rock Baghdad, Shia pilgrims among 14 killed

Of course she will not...and will go right back to the RIGHT...if she gets the nomination.

Bernie’s Bad End...Paul Krugman

Bernie’s Bad End...Paul Krugman

WHCD was not what Bernie was looking for..

Florida poll: Republican ‘brand damage’ bolsters Clinton (Clinton 49-36% over Trump)

Florida poll: Republican ‘brand damage’ bolsters Clinton (Clinton 49-36% over Trump)

Bernie is staying in as long as he can. All the minute by minute insults of him

Scientology’s attempt to silence dad of ‘ruthless’ David Miscavige has only made his new book more p

Sunshine State Shock Poll-Clinton 49% Drumpf 37%

Bernie Sanders is not "in it for the money"

She's SUCH A LIAR. And she thinks people are STUPID.

Will Donald Trump drive Miami Cuban Americans from GOP? New poll says yes.

OMG! FBI Is Investigating More: "Coordinating her activities & ...Clinton Foundation"

Cat befuddled by magic trick - What the Hell !!!

Bono, Jimmy Carter Feted at Nile Rodgers’ We Are Family Foundation Gala

And people wonder why I am dead-set against Chiropractic?

This Is Why Hillary Clinton Can't Tell Bernie Sanders to Drop Out

How many pledged delegates will HRC be short by?

Naturopathic Colleges investigating 100% of their members for unscientific health claims

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Seattle minimum wage law

Q: Is Amanda Marcotte still writing for (HRC GROUP)

Sports Authority Abandons Hope of Reorganizing and Opts for Liquidation

Shakesville: Sanders says he's "entitled" to superdelegates. Oh.

Do folks realize why overturning the popular vote rankles some people?

Will your candidate support TPP?

Virginia GOP lawmakers to sue over felons’ voting rights

5 years ago - where were you when you heard?

Florida Poll: Clinton: 49% Trump: 36%

Bernie cartoon (Putting on the ritz)

Monday Musings: “Your Books Are So Good, I Shouldn’t Have to Pay for Them.”

Details of HRC's two-day swing thru WVA, KY & OH

Neuroscientists find evidence for 'visual stereotyping'

And people wonder why I have deep concerns about MDs & their drugs

GOP in Congress urge shutdown of tax-collecting IRS

where do you sit now in regards to party affiliation?

Fake Jerry Jones Draft War Room

Is there an ECHO Echo echo in corporate media conglomerate coverage?

Which candidate has won eleven of the eighteen open primaries and caucuses held so far?

25 Of The Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said

Captain James Cook's ship HMS Endeavour likely discovered off of Rhode Island

The TRUTH: Sanders did NOT say whoever won a state should get all the superdelegates.

I was suffering from postpartum depression. My licensed naturopath recommended beer and marijuana...

Flyboard Air sets world record for farthest hoverboard flight

Catholic church abuse victims pressured not to demand parliamentary inquiry

The investigation into Clinton's email server is very real.

The First Woman To Put Her Face On Packaging Got Trolled Like Crazy

Toughest Anti Trump ad Yet! Dems take note...

Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms

For those who say they can't vote for Hillary, I have 2 words. Supreme Court.

Sanders' fundraising down.

Trump Says U.S. Should Shoot Barrel-Rolling Russian Planes “At A Certain Point”


Our gun myths are all wrong: The real history behind the Second Amendment clichés

Oregon Approves First Recreational Marijuana Licenses

Honest NFL Headlines: 2016 NFL Draft

Atheist Penn Jillette Explains Why He’s a Libertarian

NH's first medical marijuana dispensary opens; buyers hope for relief

OPD officer arrested on DUI charges

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Asking If Trump Is Sexist Is Like Asking If He Has Bad Hair’

Bernie should get out now while the getting is good.

DU's greatest fan of homeopathy is digging deep today.

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 5.2.2016 - #ContestedConvention

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 5.2.2016 - #ContestedConvention

Pic Of The Moment: Running-Away Mates

Looks like there's going to be a drop in the weather system.

'It's ugly and dangerous': the inside story of the battle to be London mayor

Watch This New Ad That Explains Exactly Why Anti-Trans Laws Like North Carolina's HB2 Make No Sense

Feeling the Bern: Why Revolutionaries Love Spicy Food

Cher "If we don't stop him we deserve him."

Colombia Legalises Gay Marriage

I smell a major conspiracy....

Gay Marriage legal in Colombia!

No matter what Sanders says, there can’t be a contested Democratic National Convention.

People with Albinism in Malawi Face 'Total Extinction' -- Body Parts are Used in Witchcraft

Gay Marriage Legal in Colombia!

Election fraud feared as hackers target voter records

Watch Ted Cruz Argue With Disabled Man’s Family About Health Care

Bangladesh is in deep trouble

Trump embraces blunt sexism: His supporters love the absurd idea that even the smartest woman isn’t

Hillary’s statement on superdelegates

This is a Political Revolution!!

No selfies in voting booth, West Virginia says

Will we see the birth of a viable third party in the next 20-30 years?

Bernie Sanders: Politico Exposes Clinton Campaign ‘Money-Laundering’ Scheme

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Understand That He Can’t Win The Nomination

Sanders quote: Often "a child has an old bitch of a teacher (and there are many of them).....

If Hillary isn't indicted.

Clinton Competitive with Kasich in Ohio, Bernie Getting Blown Away in Ohio by Kasich

NYT OpEd: A Trump-Sanders Coalition? Nah. (I would make that a Big NO WAY.)

=*= LIVE Stream @ 2:30PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana 5-2-16 =*=

=*= LIVE Stream @ 2:30PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana 5-2-16 =*=

Clinton outraises Sanders in April

Tupac Amaru to Sue Argentina's Macri over 'Slander

Hillary's Unfavorable Numbers Contine to Climb:

Bernie Sanders. The only Presidential Candidate invited to the Correspondents' dinner.....

Trump: "The Indians Have Gone Wild" over Hillary's Remark.

Scientists discover three 'potentially habitable' planets

Watch rescued dolphin's release into Gulf of Mexico

Hillary Clinton has " become part of the oligarchy that is destroying American democracy."

Not Hillary....BUT Bernie!!

The Faithful

Workers fight for dignity in Trump's Las Vegas hotel

Early night tomorrow...

DNA secrets of Ice Age Europe unlocked

Path to getting the Iran nuclear deal - Kerry and Obama very proactive; Hillary cautious, ambivalent

Greenpeace Announces TTIP Leak

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Seattle minimum wage law

One-third ponder leaving Bay Area amid costs, congestion

How Marco Rubio negotiated to extend Venezuela sanctions

Sanders laughs with supporter who tells billionaire class to 'f--- off'

For Deadheads only: Phil's pad in Marin is for sale

How Marco Rubio negotiated to extend Venezuela sanctions

With unpaid $16,000 fine for violating campaign laws, Patrick Shannon is back on the ballot

The Republicans have a cuckoo in their nest

Kerry buys chocolate in Geneva, where he is working on Syria

230 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprint Found in North Spain

Breast cancer: Scientists hail 'milestone' genetic find

Judge temporarily blocks removal of Confederate monument

Incremental Change vs. Structural Change

Bernie's superdelegate theory makes no sense at all.

"Boots on the Ground" in Iraq: Here We Go Again

Atlantic City, N.J., avoids default on bond payment

I Despise Hillary Clinton, And It Has Nothing To Do With Her Gender

Court lifts ban on Arizona sheriff Arpaio's workplace raids

Student dead after shooting at New Jersey fraternity house

Delegate Scorecard: "Race hasn't been competitive for over a month"

You know, there's really no need to fight with Sanders supporters

Clinton's WTO Harmed Black Workers, And TPP Will, Too:

Chopper shock: Couple gets $60K bill for 25-minute air evacuation

Conservative Think Tank President Says Voter ID Helps Conservatives Win Elections

Growth at American Manufacturers Cools as Challenges Persist

OFFICIAL Bernie DU news

Astronomers discover three habitable planets just 40 light years away

Baghdad’s Green Zone Breach Exposes Iraq's Growing Political Paralysis

WTO Negotiations-Sanya Reid Smith Explains-New Meanings of Discrimination-Global Services Trade!

A Basic Income Should Be the Next Big Thing

On Thom Hartmann today: "Trump is running to the LEFT of Hillary on Trade"

Hillary is in trouble vs Trump. We NEED Bernie!

When It Comes To Israel, Even The Lives Of American Citizens Are Secondary

The Alert abuse continues!

Could we get Hillary to weigh in on these issues? Affirmative Action/Hire American carve outs ending

I can't remember two worse candidates in American politics

Congressman Alan Grayson Speaks to ROF About Taking Down Corporate Democrats

I have two questions about the email controversy

GDP on ignore, since the primary is over

The Hillary Victory Fund.

Be careful of what you name your Wi-Fi hotspot LOL.

Ted Cruz Campaign Staffers Are Reportedly Beginning to Panic

Trump 41%, Clinton 39%

Carly Fiorina falls off stage at Cruz event

Video shows how very very MUCH will change with services in trade deals! MUST SEE!

Please alert this post to the administrators.

If Hilary is indicted wouldn't VP step up

Watched Indiana Kid Cruz engage some Drumpf supporters on the teevee . . . . . . .

Late night Tuesday headlines

"How Hillary Could Win the Election—and Lose the Country | She’d be a status-quo president at a time

Sikh Man Dragged Off Greyhound Bus, Detained By FBI For 30 Hours – Only Crime Was Wearing A Turban

I prefer Trump to Cruz as the GOP nominee

Send a message to the U.S. Forest Service: Stop letting Nestlé suck San Bernardino dry!

Who Runs San Francisco? A Rogue Police Department that No Public Official Reins In

Ted Cruz Continues False Smear Campaign Against Transgender Americans

Hillary is leading Bernie by 3,167,708 votes according to RCP

Sanders lying to himself and his supporters...super delegates won't change

Hankie time! Video footage of the rescued lions and the wonderful couple who saved them!

Damn... All the good threads are getting locked today.

Pros and Cons to a politician of being HRC's Running Mate? Did she ever pick one in 2008?

'An Enormous Deal': A Look at Hillary Clinton's Promise of a Cabinet Full of Women

Solar Impulse 2 takes off from California, starts solar-powered trek across US

Bernie slam dunk.

Synonyms for idiot

Colorado Supreme Court rules state law trumps local bans on fracking

Here's why you hate the word 'moist'

Abby Martin on Hillary Clinton’s Hunger for Endless Wars

Where do you go to check your credit scores for free?

Trump Now Leads Clinton 41 to 39 per cent in latest Rasmussen Poll!

The USA only has one fiscal problem: Lack of political will to tax those who have all the money.

Runner’s high: the athletes who use marijuana to improve their training

Why is Hillary not in Indiana?

I don't even know what to say --

Why is Bernie Sander's hand on model Anne V's ass

Sanders Fights On for ‘the Strongest Progressive Agenda That Any Political Party Has Ever Seen’

The truth is, some Superdelegates will flip at the convention...from Sanders to Clinton

Great Kos Post: No Bernie Super's won't bail you out because you didn't get more votes

CNN: The origins of Sanders' ideology, in his own words

"Sanders laughs with supporter who tells billionaire class to 'f--- off'"

Kos: No Bernie the supers won't bail you out because you didn't get more votes

Chicago as a microcosm - its local elections look an awful lot like the presidential primary

L-lysine and feline herpes

What religion do Stoned Goats follow?

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 2, 2016

Hillary Supporters, surely you agree that...

Are Go Fund Me posts OK?

CA Democratic Primary: Clinton 57%, Sanders 38% (Survey USA has A rating from 538)

Marijuana industry group proposes overhaul of pot law (Colorado)

Tonite LIVE: Sen. JEFF KESSLER (D) Candidate, Governor West Virginia, Bernie Supporter, 7:30 PM

Bernie & Supporters Should Do What Dem Party Won’t: Advocate for Candidates of Color (Bernie Group)

President Obama's Gun Control Efforts

Did anyone report this thread?

StopRush Has Ruined Limbaugh's Business Model

Supreme Court Won't Release D.C. Madam Records.

Just my two cents on the repeated locks of OPs covering the church shooting.

Trump 41, Clinton 39

SUSA Poll of California: HRC: 57% BS: 38% (beats Trump by 22-points in GE)

I changed my mind. Why I’m not voting for Bernie in the Oregon primary~ DKos Article (HRC GP)

Elizabeth Warren: "Trump feels threatened by Clinton's qualifications to be president."

Indiana has had a record high early turnout this year, which could affect exit polls.

Bernie Sanders : We received more individual campaign contributions than any candidate

Keeping Wall Street Speeches Secret Speaks Volumes About Hillary Clinton

Blast from the past: DU's old rules!

Bernie Sanders : We received more individual campaign contributions than any candidate

The Chemist Sketch - Monty Python

Guy Clark - "Dublin Blues"

Fox News Fans Found Out Malia Obama Is Going To Harvard, So They Called Her A ‘N*****’ (SCREENSHOTS)

RW Christian Family Organizations No More Than Neo Nazi Institutions.

These Hospitals Make The Most Money Off Patients — And They’re Mostly Nonprofits

Trump and Hillary would both shift to the center in the general election if they are nominated by

You KNOW you want it!!! Hot off the presses, your latest H.A. Goodman rant!

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton opens up 19-point lead over Bernie Sanders in California

Cruz: "America is a better country..." Indiana Trump supporter: "Without YOU."

Research assist

What is the Dream that Inspires You ? | Bernie Sanders

What is the Dream that Inspires You ? | Bernie Sanders

Syria Conflict 'Out Of Control' Warns Kerry Amid Push To Save Truce

Chobani Shares Profits with Employees (or why I support a moral economy)

I think I have only ever had one post hidden in the 13 years! I have been on DU

****** A Rated Poll*From Survey USA- California- Clinton 57% Sanders 38% ******

I Get My Inspiration and Energy from You | Bernie Sanders

If Trump builds his wall, will American businesses be able to move jobs to Mexico?

New CNN/ORC national poll: Hillary 8 points ahead. 51 Hillary to 43 for Bernie.

Clinton needs 19 states (and D.C.) that every dem nominee has won from 1992 to 2012, + Florida. Done

I Get My Inspiration and Energy from You | Bernie Sanders

Bernie - Sound Of Silence

5 Years Ago The U.S. Killed Osama bin Laden. Did It Matter?

A climate warming warning (in Alberta)

State Party Officials Reportedly Displeased with Clinton-DNC 'Laundering' Scheme

Why is Hillary kissing a war criminal?

IS Files Reveal Assad's Deals With Militants

Why do Hillary and Bibi look like they need to get a room?

TOON:Insurance To Die For

Classic First-World-Problem Lawsuit: Woman Accuses Starbucks of Putting Too Much Ice in Iced Coffee

What makes the muskrat guard his musk? What have they got that I ain't got? Courage! PIX

The Side Of Prince You REALLY Didn’t Know [Truth&Comedy]

Judge Rejects Challenge to New York's 'Closed Primary' System

Detroit Teachers To Consider Next Move After Mass Sick-Out

Who Has Read "The Sympathizer" by Viet Thanh Nguyen, This Year's Pulitzer Winner For Fiction?

Climate-exodus expected in the Middle East and North Africa

Leicester City wins the Premier League

I'm Looking To Buy Xanthan Gum And I Only Need A Small Amount....

When should I trim a hydrangea bush?

Weaver on MSNBC now...

Argentine monthly inflation doubles to highest level since 2002: 6.9% (40.2% yearly).

Argentine monthly inflation doubles to highest level since 2002: 6.9% (40.2% yearly).

Election-year divisions rock North Carolina’s GOP

In California, new Survey USA poll puts Hillary up by 19 points, 57 to 38.

Leicester City wins the Premier League (xpost from LBN)

NY Man Arrested for Cutting Wires to Red Light Cameras After Exposing Gov't Revenue Making Scheme

Treating All People With Respect and Dignity | Bernie Sanders

What motivates this? Jealousy or desperation?

you know what's racist af? People implying that Malia got into Harvard due to her last name.

Treating All People With Respect and Dignity | Bernie Sanders

A question about DU jury service

US Conveniently Decides Bombing of Hospital Not a War Crime

Clinton emails continue to be non-scandal, disappointing Republicans - (check out this forum! LOL!)

Sanders has been treated gently, with no negative ads run

Marion County (FL) School Board Approves “Gender Inspection” Resolution

=*= LIVE Stream @ 7:30: Bernie Sanders Rally in Indianapolis, IN 5-2-16 =*=

Remember Hillary supporters, the Donald is counting on you!

=*= LIVE Stream @ 7:30: Bernie Sanders Rally in Indianapolis, IN 5-2-16 =*=

California population nears 40 million, up less than 1 percent

Senator Sanders, THIS is how it's done at OUR Democratic National Conventions!!

Why Isn’t The Former Speaker Of The House Being An Admitted Serial Child Molester

Guns Are Killing People and It is Not The “Bad Guys” Getting Killed: More NRA Propaganda Exposed!

'Today Marks the End of TTIP': Greenpeace Leak Exposes Corporate Takeover

Finger on the Pols - Political Scandals

The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

If You Love Underdogs, Then It's Time To Celebrate LEICESTER CITY, EPL Champions!

NY Post: NY primary results will stand. Judge denies Temporary Restraining Order

Maybe Indiana can’t save Cruz after all

My daughter graduated yesterday from the U of Alaska

Article: Clinton Fundraising Leaves Little for State Parties

Berniecrats: It is a day to rejoice and look forward to making history

Obamacare's November Surprise

Humor: Map of the Deep South (HRC Group)

California Youth Fuel Surge in Online Voter Registration

Welcome to bizarro world

I'm afraid.

Cenk Unyger TYT Invokes Holocaust Card to Herd to Hillary; Sane Progressive Counter

It's all about the Tubman's.

Jane Sanders on NY, Superdelegates, Gaffes, Taxes, and the Vatican Visit 4/11/16 (HRC GP)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Warning of Brooklyn Voter Purge Dates Back Weeks

US Defense Chief: NATO Ponders Ground Force In Baltics

The Richardson Spite House

Tonite LIVE, JEFF KESSLER Candidate for West Va. Governor, Bernie Supporter, 7:30 PM ET

Which Candidate Has Voted For More Wars and War Funding Than Anyone Running On Both Sides?

OK for men but not women?

Water Shutoffs Begin Tuesday In Detroit For Customers Behind On Bills

Clinton Email Scandal Timeline - don't blame the messenger

Doctor, Warned to Be Silent on Abortions, Files Civil Rights Complaint

California to Florida: We're better, and stop the stunts

Disappointing Prince Vaults Found To Contain 37,000 Hours Of Billy Joel Covers

Note the reason for alert: They fail in logic 101. I was not rooting for her loss to Trump - I was

These images of Japanese American incarceration were embargoed for almost 30 years

17 awe-inspiring Prince performances to watch right now (before they disappear)

What's Hillarys lead now

Golf ball sized hail in the DC area now.

Hillary Clinton keynotes Detroit's NAACP dinner

From Facebook (Yes, we fight back)

Hillary Clinton speaks in Indianapolis

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on MSNBC just said she doesn't want Independents and Republicans...

Hillary Supporters, surely you agree that...

Influence of sea-ice loss on Arctic warming is shaped by varying temperatures in the Pacific Ocean

Israeli military orders detention of Palestinian journalist Omar Nazzal

Having to admit you were wrong really sucks but here goes:

Why do people click on email attachments from someone they don't know?

Of $10.2 MIL in Speaking Fees in 2014, $4.6 MIL From Groups Lobbying Congress At Same Time

President Obama at the White House Correspondent's Dinner...

Prediction: Gen Colin Powell will endorse Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention.

Is a juiced ball causing MLB's large home run spike?

Utah tries to mediate disputes between ranchers, feds

Bernie Laughs with a Rally Goer Who Tells the Billionaires to "F... Off"

NY Magazine: Andrew Sullivan on Trump's "Extinction Level Event," & Democratic Complacency

Bernie Sanders : I Have Opposed Every One of These Disastrous Trade Policies | Fort Wayne (5-2-16)

Bernie Sanders : I Have Opposed Every One of These Disastrous Trade Policies | Fort Wayne (5-2-16)

Job Interview -- timing question

Working class whites - when did we lose them?

Did you know the Green Party has closed primaries?

Indiana Farmers, Please Vote for Bernie in the Primary on May 3rd [CC]

Governor Browns response to Governor Scott's attempts to poach business due to $15/hr min wage

In response to DWS's new mouthful of foot

Bernie Sanders : 'Who Do You Think You Are...' | Fort Wayne (5-2-16)

Bernie Sanders : 'Who Do You Think You Are...' | Fort Wayne (5-2-16)

Lou Holtz Endorses Donald Trump

Check your registration Californians!

At top universities, Hillary has gotten 83% of ALL faculty, administration, and employee donations,

Cicero speaks to the future Republican base...

Tennesse to allow guns on campus

Carly Fiorina And Ted Cruz - I really don't think they like each other...

I have a question.

Tennessee Campus Carry Becomes Law Without Haslam Signature

I do not want to read your final papers ...

Can Sanders Convince Hillary's Superdelegates to Jump Ship? (With All Due Respect - 5/2/16) HRC GOUP

Now Speaking, WV State Sen. Jeff Kessler (D) Candidate for Governor, with #WeThePeople

What head-to-head election polls tell us about November

comedy gold on MSNBC last hour

51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors

There Is A Hole in Bernie Sanders' Strategy For Winning The Nomination

Do you hate your mother? Get her this for Mothers

Why is Sanders trying to steal the nomination from the will of the voters?

98 Lawmakers Ask Paul Ryan To Disband Panel Going After Planned Parenthood Over Debunked Video