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Wish me luck. Applied for a job with

Stand Strong Berners and Don't Let Nevada derail our efforts

Congressional Republicans reject robust response to Zika threat - Maddow Blog - Steve Benen

Police Chief Greg Suhr resigns after killing of woman

No, recognizing a rigged election is ***not "tinfoil hat"*** thinking...

California sees flood of new voters spurred by presidential race

DUers here's your choice on M$Greedia

Yes, Clinton is winning the popular vote — by a wide margin

Three Queens and a King

Ex-U.S. House Speaker Hastert to report to prison June 22: judge

U.S. Ban on Gun Research Continues Despite Deadly Shootings

Math problem - reduce to the lowest common denominator

Bernie talking "Colonialism" in Puerto Rico

Wisconsin fraternity suspended after reports of racism

Uruguay's Mujica: Venezuela's Maduro is 'crazy as a goat'

The Hill: Democrats expect Warren to play peacemaker once primary ends

Eyeing Senate, Clinton directing money to 2016 battlegrounds | WP

The bizarre case of the 85-year-old doctor who tangled with feds over planting asparagus

Nevada Convention Rules (HRC group)

I can't stand Jeff Weaver.

Should Any CEO Make $6000 Per Hour?

Having some Greek food and plotting a weekend mic drop with Will Shakespeare.

Heeding Hillary Clinton Plea, United Methodist Church Rejects BDS Push

San Francisco Examiner Editorial Board endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Why China hopes to become a hub of halal cooking

NPR: Sanders Campaign Now Embraces Superdelegates As Key To Nomination

Watch: Hillary Clinton Delegate Reveals 'Manipulation' at Controversial Nevada Dem Convention

Wonder why the Republicans are so quiet about a Socialist running?

I'm just going to leave this right here.

Hillary said it's over and she will win...89 delegates to go!

Will "Do No Harm Act" Do Any Good In Religious Liberty Battle?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Doublespeak Dana! & Uncensored & Live & a

Traces of Ancient Mega-Tsunamis Discovered on Mars

Liberal pundits blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not Bernie Sanders, for Democrats’ division

Timmy is now an Angel.

Liberal pundits blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not Bernie Sanders, for Democrats’ division

Liberal pundits blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not Bernie Sanders, for Democrats’ division

No Chairs Thrown at Nevada State Democratic Convention

Hillary Tells CNN She Will Be The Democratic Nominee for President!!!! Bernie Sander's Response.

A favor - as a 15 year DU member I ask you to read this. BIG PHARMA "Pharma Bro" & Chariites

Hillary Talks about Trumps divisive rhetoric and why its bad.

Time to see if there is a Bernie ralley going on

In chaotic scene, Democrats chant ‘shame’ on House floor after switched votes Read more here: http:

NO Chairs Thrown at Nevada State Democratic Convention (video)

Bernie has won over 10 million votes, 21 contests and 1,499 pledged delegates

Video of Nevada Convention clearly shows NO VIOLENCE

Everybody needs to see this post in GD

People are already throwing around the N-word.

Ahhh...Those Pesky Income Tax Returns...Can't wait for Trump's returns...if he Ever Releases.

Martian Weather Forecast: Dusty

TYT: Barbara Boxer: Bernie Supporters Made Me Fear For My Safety

Canada to Legalize Pharmaceutical-Grade Heroin – As Science Proves Ending the Drug War Works

Urban farm in downtown San Jose transforms blighted acre into vibrant food hub

'It was God working through me,' says woman who came to aid of Omaha girl injured on carnival ride

People Power Just Trumped Corporate Power: Oregon County Rejects Nestle Water-Grab

Sanders is doing Hillary favors?

How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention Then Blamed Sanders For Chaos

Not Only Will Hillary Beat The Fuck Out Of Trumpf......

Thank you Rachel - all those deaths in Iraq and barely any coverage on M$Greedia

Perspective on Divisive Democratic Primaries

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-18-16

Bernie--It's Time

US Government's Own Report Shows Toxic TPP "Not Worth Passing"

Lawmaker Briefly Proposes Regulation To Ensure Strippers Are Young And Trim

Cenk...Barbara Boxer and her fear. i duped!


Trump is terrifying me today. Even more than other days.

The Nevada kerfuffle wasn't actually violent

How do you solve a problem like Maria Bernie?

IMO, guns in the cockpit is a big mistake. If I was a pilot I would not

Interesting paragraph regarding the FBI investigation of Clinton Foundation.

#Bernielostme on twitter highjacked by Bernie supporters; it is a thing of beauty. #Bernielovewave

There's no crying in baseball.

Why Bernie? He did not got to Washington to sell out and cash in.

Barbara Boxer feared for her safety the same way Hillary dodged sniper fire

Ipsos-Reuters General Election Poll: Clinton 41 (+5)-Trump 36

How to really break apart a party.

As just heard on Rachel -- more DNC concessions to BS?

Sports Authority to close all remaining stores

47991-424 that's his number

Is This the End for Republicans? by Matt Taibbi

Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child

Squeeeee . . . uh . . . .

Did Jeff Weaver Acknowledge The Primary will be Legitimate Tonight?

If you like flamenco… and even if you don't you have to see this documentary

The New Clinton Attack On Bernie: He's Ralph Nader!

Eugene Robertson: "Sanders camp is behaving like a 2-yr-old who can’t have ice cream for breakfast."

A Quick Taste of How an Online Troll Army, Like Hillary's "Correct the Record," Functions

Cenk Introduces Bernie Sanders At Rally

Oh, the horror... Edited.

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 22 - MOMA Double Feature

Candidates' infrastructure plans compared

Pelosi Defends Sanders...again.

WaPo: DNC going to offer convention concession to Sanders

Bette Midler Takes Hilariously Vulgar Shot At Mitch McConnell, And It is GLORIOUS (TWEET)

I think it is time to stop giving Hillary Clinton's opponent so much press in this group.

This Question Could Save Your Life, But Doctors Don't Ask It

"More for Gore or the Son of a Drug Lord? None of the Above, Fuck It, Cut the Cord."

TCM Schedule for Monday May 23 - Peabody Award Winning Films

Many ... now, many, many ... years ago ...

Earth to the Democratic Establishment: Not just ANY woman will do.

Hillary is up again in the polls.

DNC is using the NV lies for "rational" to reject fair treatment of Sanders at Philly Convention

"What My Mother Sees in Hillary"

So LO thinks a 6 point lead for Hillary is a tie? but 2 points is a disaster!

why does hillary have to be "inspiring"?

Poisoned Fields - Glyphosate, the underrated risk?

Stray Cat Gives Birth To Extremely Rare 'Werewolf' Kitten

Rude Pundit: Our Stupid Clinton/Sanders Battle Is Gonna Lose Us the War with Trump

Why Is The Establishment Smearing Bernie Sanders More Than Ever?

New New Jersey poll (Quinnipiac): Clinton 54 - Sanders 40

How to Attack (and Defeat) Trump in the General Election

Federal Judge in Texas Demands Justice Dept. Lawyers Take Ethics Class.

'Sovereign citizens' sign sparks uproar in Anderson County courthouse (TN)

Do you really think Republicans aren't going to unite behind Trump?

Oregon Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Vietnamese Neighbors, Interfering with Housing Rights

Hillary, To California: Your Votes Don't Matter

#HRCIsOurNominee she's fought for us 4decades.we should say thank you to her for agreeing to do it f

Now Livestream, Ed Schultz News, Coming Up, Guest TIM CANOVA, FL Congress Candidate,

Waldorf Man Indicted for Illegal Explosives, Illegal Machine Gun and Child Pornography

To anyone who thinks their vote doesnt count.

Snopes weighs in on Camp Clinton's chair throwing claim. Conclusion? UNPROVEN.

Security Guard Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Transgender Woman Trying to Use Women's Bathroom

Sanders and some of his supporter are hoping the super-delegates will overule the voters. HRC ROOM

Donald Trump has ties to the Russian Mafia

Don Lemon shows video of people booing and yelling as evidence of "violence". Nina Turner debunks it

Malice at Malheur: the Movement to Privatize America’s Public Lands

Clinton Campaign Slams Donald Trump's Rape Accusation Against Bill Clinton By Meghan Keneally

Clinton to Californians: Your Votes Will Not Affect the Democratic Primary Whatsoever

Calling the guy fighting for the people grade school names is NOT going to unite the party.

Oh dear.

Could be apocryphal so editing away...

Eugene Robinson: Sanders’s scorched-earth campaign is a gift to Trump

Canadian wildfire crosses border into Saskatchewan

Maryland delegate for Trump charged with child pornography and possession of illegal gun and

Bill Clinton stumps for Hillary in ailing Puerto Rico, vows to push equal treatment

Trump helps Chris Christie pay off his campaign debt

Serious question: Is there a significant increase in cops' use of deadly force or . . . . .

Barbara Boxer: Bernie Supporters Made Me Fear For My Safety

The Hill - "Liberal media turns on Sanders" - Oxymoron (not about content of the site)

Alabama church members smoke pot, eat mushrooms and peyote: those are the sacraments

Brazil’s Neighbors Warn of President’s ‘Dangerous’ Ouster–but US Press Isn’t Listening

Call it, Hillary!

Jimmy Dore on "DNC Boss Viciously Attacks Bernie By Saying He's Like Trump"

Brazil’s Neighbors Warn of President’s ‘Dangerous’ Ouster–but US Press Isn’t Listening

"Eyeing Senate, Clinton directing money to 2016 battlegrounds" - Presumptuous?

A terrible week for liars like Jon Ralston, Roberta Lange, and Barbara Boxer.

Guard Charged With Assault After Confronting Transgender Woman Using Women's Restroom, Police Say

What a pig. In 2006, Trump said he hoped the housing market would crash

Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

Exclusive: More than 100 lawsuits, disputes, tied to Trump and his companies

I'm pretty much homeless tomorrow

Vox’s CIA-Backed ‘Democracy’ Standard Is OK With Slavery and Women Not Voting

So have the elected Democrats in Congress started practicing their answers yet?

Male Hillary supporter assaulted a woman because she supports Bernie - THAT'S violence

I have an alternative thesis

HEADS UP!! Big Networks CANCEL Exit Polls in all the remaining states.

Ed Shultz, Nina Turner violence in NV

The Blaze? -"Sanders Campaign: Millions of Americans Have Growing Doubts About the Clinton Campaign"

Disappointed, Disgusted and Done.

Why Is The Establishment Smearing Bernie Sanders More Than Ever?

You will get your wish.

Get away from the hate....

How is it that another airplane has disappeared?

So what exactly happens here after the primary is over?

Legends of Tomorrow to introduce Justice Society of America in season 2

Calista Flockhart Future On ‘Supergirl’ Remains Unknown

House Democrats booed and chanted. Did Republicans fear for their lives?

The CW announces four-way crossover with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl

Sane Progressive's Advice to Bernie: Prove the Fraud, and Win the Nomination!

Mike Colter Reveals ‘Luke Cage’ Plot Details

Robert Reich suggested if Hillary wins the nomination we should all get behind her

4 Teenagers Win in Massachusetts Climate Change Lawsuit

Washington Times? "Sanders supporters readying protests for DNC convention"

Bill Press on CNN...

Okay - can't reply to the stuff - tornado in the area

IOWA: Trump up 3 over Clinton, white women (Clinton 38 Trump 47)

Who has watched "Damages?" I recently got Netflix and have been binging on

Any Virginians out there? Please tell me if someone pronounces

Venezuela: Mobs attack police as protests against Maduro turn nasty

Dozens of children from Peru school in outbreak of 'contagious demonic possession'

Say....since corporations are now people,

92 Children Believed to Be Poisoned by Monsanto Weed Killer in Peru

Bolivia's lower house OKs bill legalizing change of sex, name by transexuals

Argentine lawyer Alberto Nisman 'may have been forced to kill himself'

Argentine lawyer Alberto Nisman 'may have been forced to kill himself'

The monsoon, incidentally, is not the rain per se

Could someone please tell us how Hillary is growing the party?

Bernie Sanders: call on your supporters to stop launching small children from trebuchets

Yes, Clinton is winning the popular vote — by a wide margin

Mexican journalist shot dead, the sixth in 2016

Mexican journalist shot dead, the sixth in 2016

Philly Approves Four Massive Pro-Bernie Sanders Rallies During DNC Convention

Bernie ate at one of my favorite restaurants tonight

You might not see me posting much

Brazil's new lower house leader being investigated for attempted murder

Current Democratic Primary Exit Polling Visualized

Could someone please tell me how Bernie is growing the party?

More #BernieLostMe Tweets~

A poster has provided a wonderful link on why Exit Polls are not relevant for tracking fraud

Washington Post: Sanders Is Playing With Fire

Susan Tolchin, Political Scientist Who Foresaw Tide of Voter Anger, Dies at 75.

CHANING O.P. (IT) Phenomenon, as foreign agents control our computers, phones and more

POLL: Most Sanders Fans Want ‘Right Combination of Finger Wagging and Insults’ to Switch to Hillary

Hi, SDs! It's me, Bernie!

As Sanders Becomes More and More Irrelevant, His Supporters Make More Demands

Israelis Will Pay Dearly for Their Prime Minister's Reckless Appointment

Israel's defence minister quits over rift with Binyamin Netanyahu

Hillary, your incessant "victim playing" is a bad political move


Hahah Hanity you sucker!

How Morley Safer’s dogged reporting saved a black aerospace engineer’s life

Clinton says to consider this a job interview... (ok, then roll video)

Sanders fan admits she infiltrated The Party to vote for Bernie Sanders and doesn't love The Party

Victims of Sexual Assault in Military Are Being Discharged for Filing Complaints

Irregular work schedules in Seatlte? Please fill out a questionnaire

Robo-bee: miniature robot perches like an insect

Beer Company Develops Edible Six-Pack Rings That Feed, Rather Than Kill, Marine Life

The Moral Of This Story Is: When Liars Lie And Get Caught In Their Lies - By

Daily Holidays - May 20

The World Bank is eliminating the term "developing country" from its data vocabulary

A couple quick shots from Kotzebue

Thoughts of an old California Democratic woman on Sanders vs. Clinton

Today's PredictWise - 2016 President – Winner - Hillary 71% - Mar-a-Lago Madman 27%

I will never forget the hate and vitriol directed at my heroes

Hillary ahead of Trump nationally 47-41, NYT-CBS Poll.

"Rigged!" "Corrupt!" "Conspiracy!"... All a steaming load of horse crap!

Hubble Telescope Captures Incredible Up-Close View of Mars

Bask in the glorious future of augmented reality.

New analysis: Genetically engineered foods not a health risk

97 Boko Haram abductees freed in Nigeria

Who are those people and why are they saying these things?

Kremlin: NATO membership invitation to Montenegro risks fuelling tension

"What's the world coming to, that you can't rig an election without someone almost throwing a chair

First Oregon standoff defendant pleads guilty to federal conspiracy charge

There are still some good cops.

Oklahoma bungled drugs used in executions: grand jury report

Bernie Supporters Are NOT Sheep

OK that new horned dinosaur found is a freak

Chinese officials create 488m bogus social media posts a year, study finds

The Test of Leadership as Sanders Rolls in Oregon

The DEA Is Getting Dragged 'Kicking and Screaming' Into the New World of Marijuana

Keiko Fujimori loses key aide to scandal in midst of Peru presidential run-off

Jeff Weaver thinks the primary race has been "a legitimate process"

Bernie Sanders Takes Anti-Wall Street Message to Puerto Rico

Hi, Skinner! Question regarding the MIRT forum

Grammar fail, or do Texas Republicans believe most Texans are gay?

I put up a new poll in GDP that might give you a snicker

The Last of Hawaii's Wild Donkeys to Be Prepped for Adoption

Bernie. Don’t Do This.

Charge Against Ex-Arizona Lawmaker Caps Downward Spiral

What happened at the 2016 Nevada Democratic Convention?

India records its hottest day ever as temperature hits 51C (that's 123.8F)

Riddle me this... If Hillary controls all people every where

Univision draws 100,000 to voter registration drives in move to increase its political clout

New Taiwan President Omits One-China Principle in Speech

Krugman: I don't think Sanders has gone off the rails; I think this is who he always was.

Gallup: Trump up 17 over Clinton!

All the pundits & talking heads are weighing in against Bernie. Whatwill they dowhen we ignore them?

Friday Bernie Group Toons

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Don and his imaginary friend

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Defense Minister Ya'alon: Extremist Elements Have Taken Over Israel (Resigns)

Does anyone else think that Tad Devine

Wow - i just looked at GD-Pee

Trump just handed Clinton the presidency on a silver platter

What time slot should Bernie have at the convention?

Democratic Primaries in the Shadow of Neoliberalism

An excellent compilation of posts by Peace Patriot you should read in GDPee.

Should Progressives Unify with the Democratic Party Establishment? Hell No!

US Government's Own Report Shows Toxic TPP "Not Worth Passing"

Habitat Quality Drives Birds' Reproductive Success

Personally, I'm glad the people have a squeaky wheel.

Life satisfaction and electricity consumption

Canada approves genetically modified salmon for food

America is a centrist, capitalist country. We are not and will never be socialist.

‘99 Percent Chance’ 2016 Will Be Hottest Year Published: May 18th, 2016

Dying GOP Senator Apologizes to Muslims for Donald Trump

The Arctic Ocean is about to get spicier

Imagine the fate of a global climate treaty without the EU

Hillary supporters: please stop.

‘Debris from’ missing EgyptAir flight found in Mediterranean

241 years ago Clinton Supporters whould have been Loyalists

Whenever a host on MSNBC lets a talking head get away with 'Democrat Party'...

Bernie people think it's "his turn".

My Favorite Democrat is Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barbara Boxer Blows Kisses at Protesters As She Leaves Nevada Convention

Bernie Sanders in Palm Springs, surprises crowd downtown (+video link)

“Atheist” doesn’t mean “evil”

Political storm in Iran as Rafsanjani's daughter meets Bahai leader

I Can't Chase Big $$, And Still Represent You, So I Won't

the war you think you won is the war you just started

Cenk Uygur Gives The Introduction To Bernie Sanders at Bay Area Rally.

Bernie Sanders has been winning about 68.9% of the votes that are still being counted in Oregon!

The Hill: Clinton fury with Sanders grows

May 19, 2016 - Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton’s Comments

Signed Mass beginning of more outreach by archdiocese to deaf Catholics

New Study Confirms #TPP Will Kill #American Jobs! (Guest Lori Wallach)

Once again a US military person has murdered a Japanese citizen in Okinawa

So fingering fruits is a thing now... (TYT)

Anyone who has a Disability or knows someone who has one, should read this and pass it on....

Anti-Semitic Breitbart Calls Neo-con Bill Kristol "Renegade Jew"

Koterba toon: Graduation

Finland’s Lau Nau promises a kind of secular vespers

New Poll Shows Strong Support For Paid Family Leave Programs

US Rep. Mark Takai will not seek re-election due to cancer

Joe Scab has Trump on phone again.

Too Easy: How Republicans Would Tear Apart an Unvetted Bernie Sanders in the General Election

Clinton Directing Money to Senate Battlegrounds


Fine, Hillary supporters. This is how you want to play it?

Sore loser BernieBros resort to yelling after losing a vote--not even real democrats!

California sees flood of new voters spurred by presidential race

The difference between Clinton and Sanders. Says it all.

Carton from GD-P that I hadn't seen before.

Sir Paul McCartney, 100% class act.

Bernie Sanders attends downtown SF union rally

I like Bernie because he represents the people who are the foundation of America.

Buckingham Palace wall scaled by convicted killer

DNC Boss Viciously Attacks Bernie By Saying He's Like Trump

Parliament in Turkey backs lifting immunity from prosecution

Trump Spokeswoman Implodes on Live TV in Talking Point Coma

Is NC's Republican Governor the Worst in the Country?

India records its hottest day ever as temperature hits 51C (that's 123.8F)

TX Republican Party Platform includes an errant comma - suggesting majority of Texans are gay

#BernieLostMe When his supporters seemed more intent on bringing down the Democrats than Republicans

House Passes $81 Billion Measure for Veterans and Military Construction

Why Is The Establishment Smearing Bernie Sanders More Than Ever?

House votes to overturn Obama LGBT protection executive order in defense spending bill

🐦 Bernie Sanders will host rallies in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Vado - May 20 & 21

I support everything Bernie has been calling for. I hope he has a good place at the convention to

No group has claimed responsibility for downing the aircraft

If you are gonna be revolutin tootin against the Democratic Party and our Nominee

Bernie isn't hurting Clinton, and he isn't fracturing the party...

Trump caught on tape in 2006 saying he hopes the housing market crashes because it would benefit him

What we are now experiencing is the power of big money

MUST SEE. Trump further disqualifies himself--damning call-in to Morning Joe 20/05/16.

Does Donald Trump Know That He can't just declare bankruptcy if he destroys the economy?

Elite Australian King's School caught in sheep-tackling furore

MUST SEE. Trump further disqualifies himself--damning call-in to Morning Joe 20/05/16.


Clinton Campaign Instantly Smacks Down TRUMP's BIG LIE of the day.

James OKeefe tries to sting George Soros, forgets to hang up phone, ends up stinging himself.

Protests After Sheriff Calls Drowned Florida Teens ‘Criminal’

The problem isn't Bernie Sanders' supporters. It's Bernie Sanders himself

The Democratic Party has been Sinking for Decades

Paranormal Radio Show Podcasts

VOX says Hillary needs more than just the Bernie supporters.... by Matthew Yglesias

NRA members skeptical of whether Trump's gun rhetoric matches his record

Bloomberg: Sanders, Defiant on the Stump, Quietly Reassures Democrats on Unity

"You're absolutely, 100% wrong!!!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

I find I am having to trash more and more threads lately about inconsequential stuff,

I do hope the Democratic Party acknowledges the current primary process is almost entirely

If more Democrats were like Dick Durbin, there would be less of this divisiveness

Here is how Bernie Sanders became like Donald Trump

To Reduce Suicides, Keep the Guns Away

CNN Hosts Scream At Bernie Supporters for Rejecting Their False Info

Ring of Fire On Free Speech TV- GOP Obstruction Gone Wild

New York attorney general urges FERC to examine Constitution's alleged illegal actions

HRC GROUP. "Bernie's Endgame is Dumb, Delusional and Dangerous" Great Read from HillaryHQ

Hillary picks up 3 more supers!

Prime Minister Of Canada Gets Physical On Parliament Floor.

Donald Trump in 2006: I 'sort of hope' real estate market tanks

Cenk Uygur On Bernie's 40 Year Record

Meanwhile, Congress Has Done NOTHING this Year

Reflection upon another primary and general election.

I'm a Bernie supporter but a realist, not only will Bernie back Hillary. He will campaign for her.

Quick hosting question

The problem isn't Bernie Sanders' supporters. It's Bernie Sanders himself

Why do I get the feeling Correct The Record was behind the the #Bernielostme hashtag?

Democratic Senator Issued Shocking Statements About 1%ers Protecting Their Wealth at Oligarch Confab

Another flat tire

Bernie Sanders’ Real ‘Political Revolution’ Could Happen This Fall

Fracking Firms Frack More Near Schools With Minority Students

Javelina like birdseed too. This mornings visitor from our window:

Did Obama consider replacing DWS as DNC chair in 2013?

Krugman --Questions of Character (Sanders)

If you believe we're reducing carbon emissions, think again

NYT: Front Page Top Center: Record High Unfavorables of Hillary

Maryland delegate for Trump charged with child pornography and possession of illegal gun and explosi

Hillary reneges on California debate

How my inner nerd views this primary season

Bernie. Don’t Do This.

I Need Never Get Old. Jesus. People. Do NOT give UP!! GET REV'D UP !!!!

Bernie. Don’t Do This.

Won't you please help? Petition Bernie Sanders: call on your supporters to stop launching

When it's NOT Hillary...

Sanders Quietly Reassures Democrats

Sanders quietly reassures Democrats

A question for the HRC group

Sanders’s scorched-earth campaign is a gift to Trump

Anti-Toomey ad, with kittens! (PA-SEN)

McCarthy's back, Nixon's back, GW/PNAC never left.

Remember how Banksters Loved Socialism Back in 2008? When Main Street Bailed them Out?

So now we find out that in Nevada there was only one violent act

I know we are in the final frenzied stages of a passionate primary campaign, but

Where is Sabrina?

Primary Preference and GE Prediction Poll

OVERTIME: It’s about time.

Hillary had 18 million votes in 2008, yet she knew to step aside. The Bernie voters

Taiwan’s First Female President Is Sworn In, Pledges To Promote Peace

Bone Chilling. Sen Tom Cotton thinks there is an "Under-Incarceration" problem

Does the Democratic Party want what Bernie wants?

Intimidation: The Only Thing Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Actually Do Well

Intimidation: The Only Thing Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Actually Do Well

Nigerian army claims rescue of 2nd "Chibok girl"

Just heard of the discovery of the 5,000 year old man Otiz. Pretty fascinating.

Bernie Sanders: Smearing Supporters & Election Fraud Changed Rules of Game. Strategy now.

Mercury rising: India records highest temperature ever

Bad News for those hoping the Democratic party is hopelessly SHATTERED!!

Pic Of The Moment: When It Comes To Prison Population, USA Is #1 -- For GOP, That's Not Good Enough

Home Depot Staffer Gets Death Threats For “America Was Never Great” Hat

This is IMPERATIVE! Bernie MUST hire an EXIT POLLING COMPANY for California!

Whoever Wins The Democratic Primary Is Responsible For Party Unity

Here we go: Philly Approves Four Massive Pro-Bernie Sanders Rallies During DNC

Google Translation Of The French Legend Of The Wax Hand.

FYI, The deadline for 3rd party candidates has passed in many states. Many others are about to pass.

Tried to start rewatching Dexter last night...could not do it...

India inaugurates one of the world's biggest solar rooftop power plants

State Democrats Follow Clinton's Lead Against Single Payer Healthcare in Colorado

Clinton fury with Sanders grows

CLINTON Poised for big win in PUERTO RICO Primary..Hill 65%...BS 34%

Why I Went on Jeopardy

DKos: The problem isn't (just) Bernie Sanders' supporters. It's Bernie Sanders himself

Yes, please!

Sandra Oh reads Yuri Kochiyama

CNN update on Egyption air crash

Could We Save Democracy By NOT Having A New SCOTUS Judge?

Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

Sanders Speech to the Senate on Wall Street.



Rangers' Rougned Odor offered free BBQ food for life

Thousands have left California's American Independent Party in the last month

Some good news - edible 6-pack rings


Iraqi security forces use live fire to break up protests in Green Zone

Love Me, Love Me, I’m a Leninist (Clinton’s camp thinks it’s time for voters to step into line...)

Lake Mead, Water Supply For Las Vegas, SoCal and Mexico, Hits Lowest Levels Since Filling In 1930s

So. Amazon is opening a kiosk at the Green Acres Mall on Long Island.. does this

Clinton hasn't missed a debate this whole cycle.

Oregon State Police Request $2.5M for Standoff

Trump said "big percentages of the Bernie people are going to vote for Trump"

Nevada man pleads guilty in armed occupation in Oregon

NOAA Annual Greenhouse Inventory - Record CO2 Jump 2014-15; Methane Growth Rate Nearly Doubles

Elizabeth Warren: Trump trolls for Votes

Non-CO2 GHGs are rising 3.6x faster than CO2 itself

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Trolls for Votes

Todays secret word is

A New National Progressive Movement Is Emerging in the Shadows of the Sanders Campaign

Notice in this NYT poll...Bernie's name is not included in questions about

Hillary's healthcare industry super pac friends are trying to defeat single payer in Colordo

Recall petition against Harney County Judge Steve Grasty validated

What's Verizon Up to in the Philippines?

Hillary's classified email

Hillary has taken millions from 7 of 14 banks in a lawsuit for rigging interest rates

Our View: Harney County voters set an example (OR)

Joan Baez at Bernie Sanders Rally, May 18, 2016 at the County Fairgrounds in San Jose, California

What's Verizon Up to in the Philippines?

Toon: Confederate flag in US cemeteries

What's Verizon Up to in the Philippines?

A Hosting question regarding the phrase "Off Topic"

Sandra Oh reads Yuri Kochiyama

In 1998, he helped save her after a devastating fire. In 2016, he watched her graduate college.

Trade Deals - (TPP): Too much at risk

When does Sen. Elizabeth warren publicly chastise Bernie Sanders actions in

trump cartoon..

Why the Anti-Defamation League is calling out Donald Trump

First they came for the immigrants

It won't happen but a floor fight would be good for the party.

Bernie Sanders Is Hurting Himself by Playing the Victim

Bernie Sanders Is Hurting Himself by Playing the Victim

You all hardly noticed it, which is not surprising. House GOP SHAME SHAME SHAME!

Trade Deals - (TPP): Too much at risk

September 11- The New Pearl Harbor. A Full and Complete Examination of 911

Jerusalem in 1900

Trade Deals - (TPP): Too much at risk

Israeli Govt Threatens To Shut Down Human Rights Group

It’s Now Harder to Vote in Virginia Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act

Homeowner shoots, kills alleged burglar

Sanders and Class Struggle in the Democratic Party

CDC Reports 279 Pregnant Women With Zika in U.S.

time to lay in some supplies here

You know that scene, at the end of Iron Giant....

Los Angeles Times: Can superdelegates be convinced to support Sanders? Unlikely, but not impossible

Why Hillary Clinton’s Camp Should Be Scared

NYPD checking ammo after knifeman’s jacket stops cops’ bullets


Friday melt your heart photo - kitten under car

U.S. Previously Owned Home Sales Climb to Three-Month High

Girls on facebook Vs Reality

Google patent: Glue would stick pedestrian to self-driving car after collision

Delaware school where girl died after beating mourns another teen

5 Things You Need to Know About Israel’s New Putin-Loving Defense Minister

SFPD Chief Greg Suhr resigns after police killing of woman

Seth Meyers did a great job showing the hypocrisy against Sanders

Are Establishment Democrats TRYING To Lose Bernie Supporters?

Syria Asks Russia To Rebuild Its Energy Sector

#WhichHillary - It begins again as Hillary ducks California debates.

6 Movies That Audiences Walked Out Of

LA-area light rail now reaches from distant suburbs to sea (xpost from CA group)

Attorney taking Mississippi State Flag issue to Washington

Sanders brought more Oregon voters into the Democratic Party.

Oklahoma lawmakers OK bill criminalizing performing abortion (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Here are some scientific facts I accept. (re Climate Change)

"California Poll Trainers Instructed to Give Provisional Ballots to No Party Preference Voters-Demand Crossover Ballot!"

Oklahoma lawmakers OK bill criminalizing performing abortion (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Got My Woman Card Today!

Roadkill 50th Episode Special! 10-Car Showdown! - Roadkill Ep. 50

LA-area light rail now reaches from distant suburbs to sea

Oklahoma lawmakers OK bill criminalizing performing abortion (but, there is NO war on women!!!)

Oklahoma lawmakers OK bill criminalizing performing abortion (but, there is NO war on women!!!)

Jonathan Weisman's Twitter feed, something to bring us all together Hillary and Bernie supporters.

"Mrs. Clinton’s service to the rich and powerful has continued into the current millennium."

"When our state parties are strong, we win." *offer not available in 32 states participating in HVF

Benchmark Politics California projection: Hillary 56% Bernie 44%

Sexual Assault Survivors Care Bill before congress (trigger alert)

'We are like a bomb': food riots show Venezuela crisis has gone beyond politics

Sexual Assault Survivors Care Bill before congress

Sexual Assault Survivors Care Bill before congress

They still don't get it.

Sexual Assault Survivors Care Bill before congress

MSNBC's Morning Joe Lets Trump Falsely Claim He Opposed Libya Intervention And Iraq War

I am running for Oklahoma State Senate


Since Hillary won't debate Bernie

US Military Sexual Assault Survivors Unfairly Discharged as Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Assaul

How the Bros Are Undermining Bernie

US: Military Whistleblowers At Risk as Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Assault (NO war on women!!)

New Taiwan president: Country's first female leader Tsai Ing-wen vows peace, China dialogue

Why Voters Might "Respectfully Disagree" With Clinton's Declaration of Victory

US: Military Whistleblowers At Risk as Retaliation for reporting sexual assault

Disney World Staffers Share The Dark Secrets You're Not Supposed to Know About Working in the Parks

US: Military Whistleblowers At Risk as Retaliation for reporting sexual assault

A third of cash is owned by 5 U.S. companies

US Government's Own Report Shows Toxic TPP "Not Worth Passing"

Ex-U.S. soldier indicates he killed missing Okinawa woman

Joe Biden's letter to his 12 year old self...

What will it take to get YOU to unplug from corporate media's cable news channels?

True results in Oregon still not being reported

Oklahoma introduces measure to impeach Obama over bathroom rights

Oklahoma introduces measure to impeach Obama over bathroom rights

GOP Senator's dying wish to apologize to Muslims for Drumpf.

Gap to close 75 stores outside North America, including all 53 Old Navy stores in Japan

And here it is!- "A New National Progressive Movement Is Emerging"

Remains of Hachiko master's wife reinterred with husband, famously loyal dog

U.S. says no agreement on joint air strikes with Russia in Syria


I was just interviewed by a large news gathering agency

You don't know what "Libertarian" means, Millennials!

Michigan Uber driver accused of murder interrupts hearing

It seems pretty clear the oligarchy controls the Democratic Party so what next?

How many here would like it if Trump won so you could have your revolution faster?


New Bernie Website detailing interesting factoids about the Revolution!

Grotesque criminalization of poverty in America

What happened at previous conventions mean nothing. The past is the past

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Set for Clash on Gun Control

Rousseff's trial to run on during summer Olympics in Brazil

The Bard goes bare: The Tempest performed naked in New York

Sanders fans plan rallies near Dem convention

Hosho fights on at helm of noh school

I have an idea how we can decide who the candidate for "the people" really is.

Let's play Name That Kitten!

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Fe, New Mexico (5-20) Santa Fe Community College=*=

Thailand’s Buddhists Celebrate Visakha Bucha Day Nationwide

Arizona governor declares victory in $3.5-billion education vote

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Fe, New Mexico (5-20) Santa Fe Community College=*=

Establishment's anti-Bernie Sanders 'violence' smear is attempt to silence dissent

Global Child Sex Tourism on the Rise, Dispite Efforts to Fight it

Hillary Clinton to Speak at SEIU International Convention in Detroit

What's for Breakfast/Lunch Friday, May 20, 2016?

Remember when the use of "thugs" was considered a racist dog whistle?

Chinese trolls write 488 million fake social media posts a year and don't even earn 50 cents for it

Is anyone eager to see Spielberg's B.F.G.

How come there are not more "Democratic-Socialists" in Congress/Senate/State/Local ?

I love my cat - but.... YUKE

This is amazing! Bernie's NEW web site!

DNC Communications Director: Superdelegates "are likely to change their minds" on who to vote for" !

my husband is off the oxygen

I'm afraid America is broken

Eating disorders on the rise in Japan

Is there anybody here who *really* think Hillary will not be the Nominee?

There are so many Susan Sarandons on this site

Looking for the infamous chair clip.

Bernie has excellent taste

I drove by my former employer today...

One bush, 2 color roses (first time in 2 years,)

More violence from a Sanders supporter prior to the violence in NV by Sanders fans!

Beijing warns new Taiwan leader on independence

Unchained Melody Pan flute and guitar version Arranged by Inka Gold

Why Bernie Sanders Is Our Best Chance to Beat Donald Trump

Southwest Florida GOP congressman Curt Clawson won't seek re-election

Earl and Skinner, see my email about my name being exposed here

My oldest daughter lost her half-sister yesterday. She was only 23 years old. I met Shelley for the

Consider, if you will:

Yes It's Always This Crazy. Segment from Rachel Maddow for those that are concerned.

Comic: Democratic Party's Real Message to Youth Voters

People love watching nature on nest cams — until it gets grisly

Another Catastrophic Oil Spill Hits Gulf Coast, Corporate Media Completely Ignores It

Iraqi Forces Use Tear Gas as Protesters Storm Green Zone

Netanyahu and Lieberman Will Seek to Reeducate Israel's Military Brass

So MSNBC, CNN, CBSN are all carrying Trumps address to the NRA, which by the way just endorsed Trump

Trump once revealed his income tax returns. They showed he didn’t pay a cent.

Trump's hair looks pink at his NRA speech!

Homeopathic practitioner hacked to death in Bangladesh

Joe Biden Endorses Corporate Takeover of Party and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Even if Bernie did drop out (and he won't)...

The revolution isn't going to die. The People's Summit, June 2016! Speakers include Naomi Klein and

Sanders Fans Plan Rallies Near Democratic National Convention

The Washington Post REALLY Wants You To Know Something About Bernie Sanders

Good decent #California Dems will avenge Sen Boxer's honor-->the

It’s Not Bernie Sanders’s Job to Unify the Democratic Party

Another Catastrophic Oil Spill Hits Gulf Coast, Corporate Media Completely Ignores It

Bernie's Progression is Fantastic...scroll your heart down the page ..

I watched Hillary Clinton’s forces swipe Nevada: This is what the media’s not telling you

The 21st Century Cures Act: Still alive, and still poised to endanger patients

I just bought some gem lettuce at Trader Joe's...

Progressive Democrats’ Message To Clinton: This Race isn’t Over Just Because You Say it Is

Bernie is for superdelegates, after he was against them

(Right now on Cnn)Trump giving live speech for NRA....just spewing foolishness

Bernie pushing for revisions in the platform re Israel, elevating Palestinian rights

Sanders Delegates Brace For Philadelphia Convention Fight

California's Votes Will Matter! At the Convention, They'll Matter.

Top reasons to vote Hillary!

Kansas "pro-life" group wants to outlaw furrys!

Israel Has Turned Right And Exposed The Battle Within

Robert Scheer Interview: Jodie Evans- A Codepink Disrupter

This should thrill Hill fans: City Approves Four Massive Pro-Bernie Sanders Rallies During DNC

Survey Says Most Democrats don't want Sanders to drop out, poll finds

If you are like me and feel the msm owes us an apology for lying about NV

Strange Electronic “Glitches” in Jefferson and Pike Counties in KY Democratic Primary

Mexico approves El Chapo's extradition to US to face charges

Sanders pushing for changes in platform regarding I/P

Greek experiment: The puppet show continues

I don't know if this has been posted yet. Pelosi stood up for Bernie & PRAISED his campaign.

Why Won't Bernie Sanders Drop Out Of The Race? It's Not About Him Anymore

Happy Birthday silvershadow!!

Fatal EgyptAir flight suffered on-board fire minutes before crash

I just walked by CNN on in my office lobby....

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 20, 2016

Civilian shot after brandishing weapon near Secret Service location

If Hillary is such a great candidate, why isn't she filling

If Sanders runs 3rd party, Clinton wins. Here's why:

Keep it or toss it? Expired unopened Steel Cut Oats

Vox’s Puff Piece on Goldman Sachs Doesn’t Reveal Goldman Sponsors Vox

Trump SC will neutralize the Bernie Sanders movement...

Red Line Wedding: Metro Fires 20 Managers

A Shooting has been Reported Outside the White House, according to US Park Police.

So for the 2016 Democratic Primary- Florida counts. California can suck eggs.

San Francisco Examiner endorses Bernie Sanders for president.

Bernie wants to stay in the race until every single person has had a chance to vote

Republicans bravely defend the confederate flag

Congress’ fight over Confederate Flag takes an unexpected turn

Stop the Polling Insanity

Sky Pilot

We can all take comfort in knowing that if Bernie wasn't such a HUGE

"There were death threats to me, death threats to my husband, death threats to my 5-year old son"

I just wanted people to know ... there is one sick, twisted coward viewing DU ...

Kim Davis: I Ignored the Supreme Court Decision Because “That’s Not a Law, That’s a Ruling”

Bernie Sanders kicks off New Mexico campaign tour KRQE

Bernie Sanders kicks off New Mexico campaign tour

Masters Of War.

Why Did Votes ‘Disappear’ in the Kentucky Primary? Possible Recount

Old, but worth a read... "More Than Likeable Enough"

Kos: Bernie is for superdelegates, after he was against them

Black Girl at Mostly White Private School Arrives Home With Severe Rope Burn Around Neck

I asked 5 fascism experts whether Donald Trump is a fascist. Here's what they said.

The fraud in Nevada will not be forgotten. The results of that convention are invalid.

After all this is over and Sanders heads back to Vermont to be Senator

Pensions may be cut to 'virtually nothing' for 407,000 people

I'm wondering if it's fair to elect Feingold, shouldn't HRC have a senate sharing her philosophy?

You might want to k & r this one in GDP

Tower Of Joy Fight - Ennio Morricone Style....

"The Sanders Panic -- Democrats are loath to face their real problem"

Neocon-Bashers Headline Koch Event as Political Realignment on Foreign Policy Continues

The memes are all over the place

Seems there are 4 permitted demonstrations in Philly...anything FOR the movement?

BFFs Hillary and Trump are both betting

Peek Inside Tri Alpha Energy, a Company Pursuing the Ideal Power Source (i.e. Fusion)

Wednesday I almost lost my ass

Bernie RAISED $27Million in April, SPENT $38.6Million

Should every state have primaries instead of caucuses?

One of Trump's SCOTUS nominees said marriage equality opens door to bestiality

Nuclear Shutdowns Could Ramp Up U.S. Carbon Emissions

Black Panthers and black liberation, sponsored by .... Wells Fargo

Across The Great Divide -- How We Can Get To Party Unity Without Uniformity or Loss of Values

As Hamas Tunnels Back Into Israel, Gazans Fear They’ll Be Caught in the Crossfire

Sandy Rios: Openly Gay Army Secretary Can't Lead Men Into Battle

2016 Horse Racing - Free Preakness Stakes Past Performances from Brisnet


2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Black-Eyed Susan Stakes

Voter's Edge: The compass you need to navigate California's complicated ballots.

Surrogate admits that Trmp has been lying out his ass to whip racists and xenophobes into a frenzy

‘Urabeños plotting to kill Colombia police generals’

Gov. Fallin Vetoes Bill That Would Make Performing An Abortion A Felony

‘Urabeños plotting to kill Colombia police generals’

‘Canaries’ of the ocean highlight threat to world’s ecosystems

The corruption is so widespread, I have come to doubt the legitimacy of Hillary's delegate lead.

NGOs condemn US senator for allegedly pressuring Colombia over cancer drug

NGOs condemn US senator for allegedly pressuring Colombia over cancer drug

If Trump becomes president and his Secretary of State has personal, off the books employees...

Cold water on both campaigns'..sorry.. but its true...

Duterte death fears rise as Philippine mayor offers bounties

Dissertation: The improved Savonius wind turbine captures wind in the cities

Am I the only one fearful that Dems may be preparing to piss away ...

A hackable server is the safest way to let your sponsors read your email.

Fact-checking claims about the Nevada convention chaos

Dallas DA Susan Hawk has relapse, ‘continues to battle’ depression

As European glaciers dwindle, dams could replace them

Secret Service officer shot and wounded person outside White House

Secret Service shoot an armed man outside the White House and leave him in critical condition

"I'm terrified of this crowd....

Hillary won 57% of the vote but only got 54% of delegates...

Crystal Ball

How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention Then Blamed Sanders For Chaos

Pakistan city readies graves, hospitals, in case heat wave hits again

For Europeans the real story regarding Hillary as SoS is not about a private server or emails.

Fact-checking ‘Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight’

2016 Horse Racing -- Preakness forecast: Yuck!

Sanders superdelegate from Idaho: "He needs to get a grip on things."

Drumpfs deportation system will require internment camps.

Democrats Can’t Unite Unless Wasserman Schultz Goes!

Hell is freezing over...

Bloomberg: Sanders, Defiant on the Stump, Quietly Reassures Democrats on Unity

UPDATE: The Oregon Primary Strikes Back!

Democrats consider new rules to avoid convention chaos

Why Hillary's 90s Nostalgia is so dangerous.

Oklahoma Governor Vetoes "Insane" Abortion Bill

The proxy primary. Debbie W-S is a Clinton dem. Tim Canova is a Sanders dem

UPDATE: The Oregon Primary Strikes Back!

Obituary for Mary Anne Noland

Man-eating monster crocodile may be Florida’s newest invasive species

Does Air Pollution Cause Dementia ?

If Hillary is disgusted with lack of outrage towards Trump she should look in the mirror!

Atmospheric aerosols can significantly cool down climate

For Europeans the real story regarding Hillary as SoS is not about a private server or emails.

Hillary WON Nevada!!!!!

Sanders outraises Clinton, Clinton beefs up super PAC warchest

Anyone know the breed of this dog:

Compare & Contrast: Why Debbie Wasserman-Schultz deserves ignominious defeat

What attitude should the Democratic Party take towards the poor?

" However these rules are not the ones posted on NV Dems."

1/3rd of cash is owned by 5 companies

Up in Smoke: Man With Craigslist Ad Boasting 'I Sell Weed' Busted in Undercover Sting

Speaking of chair throwing . . .

Colombia set to begin production of medical marijuana

Colombia set to begin production of medical marijuana

Life Finds a Way Deep in the Mariana Trench

Manufacturing Consent

Looks like TN Dems got $176k from the Hillary Victory Fund on 4/25

Today in - History Rhymes, But Doesn't Repeat - Aristocracy: "The peasants are revolting!"

Will more snow over Antarctica offset rising seas? Don’t count on it

Sanders outpaces Clinton in fundraising for fourth straight month

If Hillary is disgusted with lack of outrage towards Trump she should look in the mirror!

Bill Moyers: Democrats Can't Unite Until DWS Goes

Hillary Clinton's campaign just released the worst Venn diagram of all time

University of Miami To Hire World's First Chair of Atheism Studies

The ignore button is my friend.

Colombia’s ‘last war’ a massive pillow fight?

Anybody remember the phrase "not a dimes worth of difference"?

In 2008, as the chair of Hillary's campaign DWS argued that SuperDeligates should switch

Why pro-Israel Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton could have a fight about Israel

China To Mobilize 1 Million Security Volunteers, Crack Down On Religious Cults For September G20 Sum

I side with

Bernie Sanders: America's 1% Aren't Patriots

happy ending

Wall Street Confidence Trick that Bernie didn't bring up but Trump will

Jimmy Carter: Citizens Can Still Be Powerful In Elections

Energy Department Announces Climate Action Champion, City of San Francisco, Embracing Hydrogen and…

New research shows some adults who never had ADHD as kids are developing it now

Al Gore Calls For 'AMERICAN SPRING' - We Can Afford Our Destiny (* Cue Bernie Bird *)

Is is just me...or has a whole bevy of international news correspondents

French festivals ditch Eagles of Death Metal over singer's comments

Congressman Rick Nolan (D-MN) Says #Bernie Should Stay In The Race!

Talk about bad optics!

Frozen Food Recall Covers Hundreds of Items from Many Stores (update)

Burning reactor fuel could have worsened the Fukushima disaster

Bernie Sanders 2016 - Mad as Hell

Collapse (Post-Amerika)

Color-coding system

Eric schneiderman is investigating what ExxonMobil knew and when re: climate change, lamar

Has anybody who wasn't a former President ever gotten $250,000 or more per speech?

=*= 4 LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico (5-20-16) =*=

=*= 4 LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico (5-20-16) =*=

Here it comes, kids. DWS pushes repressive NEW RULES .

Trump Said There Would Be No Housing Collapse

I've Got You Dave

Battle of the Bathroom

Director for the AfricanAmerican Economic Recovery Think Tank Pledges Support for Bernie Sanders.

France Decks Out Its National Railway Cars to Look Like the Palace of Versailles

Want Humans on Mars? Start With a Martian Space Station.

I've noticed that DU's Latest Threads page seems to recirculate the same posts

Alan Young, the human half of "Mr Ed," has died.

To Libya or not to Libya, Trump gives both answers

Cooling, time in the dark preserve perovskite solar power

If the GOP still control both houses after the Nov election does it

UPDATE: Palestine in the Platform is Poison for the Party and the General Election

The face of American fascism? Decoding sheriff Joe Arpaio’s anti-bestiality video

Couple lives the dream, marries in front of 700 cats at California sanctuary

Live Updates Link: Bernie Sanders rallies voters in New Mexico | KRQE News

Is there any use at all in our efforts to bring truth and enlightenment to DU?

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Sanders on This Week, FTN, SOTU. Clinton on MTP)

NRA endorses Donald Trump despite history of gun control support

Most mass shooters aren’t mentally ill. So why push better treatment as the answer?

Bernie Sanders Delegates Prepare for Philadelphia Convention Fight

Yep, He Is A Fascist, And We Can't Afford To Ignore It Like Germany Did

FDA Writes New Food Label Rules, Ignores GMO Labels

Sheldon Adelson backs Trump trip to Israel after $100m pledge, sources say

Pedro Julio Serrano withdraws his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-19-16

Kos: HRC loses two major endorsements in Puerto Rico in one day.

New Berkeley Lab Study Tallies Environmental and Public Health Benefits of Solar Power

Obit states: Given choice of Trump or Clinton, Lady Passes Away

The conservative crackup: How progressives can exploit the GOP's implosion and attain an "earthquake

Who is lined up to take DWS job, as chair of the DNC. Nobody.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: It’s not my fault that my racial profiling program cost taxpayers $40 million

Isn't Hillary the one who actually won Nevada?

Would anyone like to see a Clinton/Sanders Dialog group on DU?

BSS won't like this but apparently Bernie has been reassuring Durbin, Boxer

Diet Dr. Pepper "Lil Sweet" Ads

Lol. Vermont Democrats Poised To Overhaul Superdelegate System (Bernie supporters)

Democrats Divided on Hillary and Bernie: A Closer Look

Sanders outraised Clinton in April after all

Hillary loses two major endorsements in Puerto Rico in one day

Donald Trump Is Against 'Gun-Free Zones' But Guns Aren't Allowed on Many of His Properties, Staff

Brazil's Guarani Indians killing themselves over loss of ancestral land

Koch brothers give a megaphone to Anti-Israel fringe

Explain this, Cleveland and Toronto played last night and will play again Saturday...

Another pic of Lucy Lu, because you know you love her.

Why Hillary Clinton's 90s nostalgia is so dangerous

President Obama Blasts Congress Over Zika Funding

Heart - Dog & Butterfly (Live-HQ)