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Ever hear of a bicycle race named the Tour de Trump?

Nominating a Presidential Candidate Under Active FBI Investigation Is An Incredibly Risky Gamble


Message to DNC; Next time protect the brand and let independents run

Bernie is subjected to continuous negative ads: It's called the corporate media, their hacks and

DWS should withdraw for re-election, focus on her job at the DNC.

How big tobacco lost its final fight for hearts, lungs and minds

Tim Canova Explains Why He Will Represent The People Of Florida Far Better Than Debbie Wasserman Is

There is no way Hillary will be indicted. No. Way.

Can we PLEASE ditch the idea that the left and the right are EQUALLY to blame?

Matthew predicts presidential winner

Trump slips by Clinton in a virtual dead heat in new poll

Dem. Establishment: So afraid of Trump they are working overtime to nominate the weakest candidate

IF Hillary gets indicted, what will her supporters say then?

To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents

This picture of Bernie from the Carson rally was featured on a CNN slideshow of the week's top photo

"Sounds of Silence"....Once We Move Forward...

Someone fainted at the National City, CA rally. Bernie stopped everything.

Bernie staying in the race adds one very important aspect that Hillary (& msm) supporters ignore.

From the assholes that gave us 8 years of Bush...

Hillary spotted palling around with a bigoted, sexist, Islamophobe

Bernie rally Verizon amphitheater Irvine, CA

Bill Clinton encouraged bigoted, sexist Islamophobe to run for president

A Borowitz Bundle

Why the Germans never win a dog sled race

OK, this is funny.

Danish Meteorological Institute - Arctic Ice Extent Collapsing After Record-Low April

Just had a yard sign stolen.

What do you guys think of this bumper sticker I just created?

So apparently Bernie only cares about democracy for people who are loyal to him. The California GOP

For those of you with furbabies and ROKU

How a Clinton-signed deal hijacked affordable health care in South Africa so badly its still broken

Cartoon: Donald Trump's Same Old Party

The Bernie Clown Show Continues: He rails against superdelegates, then says they should support him

The Demented Mind of Donald Trump In 30 Seconds

And I'll tell you something else

Girl has Sex With 25 Guys But It is Not A "Whore" Problem; It is A Mental Health Problem

So, one of our three critters successfully dispatched a rodent.

Should this be the last time we have superdelegates?

"Someone said" the media is in Hillary's pocket?

From the Houston Chronicle

If HRC gets nominated, she should accept the Sanders movement as equal partners for success.

Democrats Must End Trump's Terrorism Advantage

I saw something new at farmers market today...


Hillary Clinton's NeoCon Resume

Did Obama just endorse Bernie?

Clinton mocked for misuse of Venn diagram

George Stephanopolos asks Sanders about being Clinton's running mate.

Cartoon: My diet is working

Singing kittens.

🐦 A Future to Believe In East Los Angeles on 5/23 - Lincoln Park

17 schoolgirls die in dormitory fire in northern Thailand

🐦 A Future to Believe In Santa Monica Rally on 5/23

Trump Beats Clinton for First Time in Average of Recent Polls

60 Minutes Interview with Valerie Jarrett

New poll results

Poached apples are delicious.

State opening of Parliament

David Attenborough: Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird

bad medicine!


Whoa. This is very upsetting. An open anti-semite has been given a pass due to amnesty.

A Future to Believe In Santa Monica Rally on 5/23

A Future to Believe In East Los Angeles on 5/23

Spotty Bottom Photo Montage

I am not a big DWS fan

Dayton Signs Bill Switching Minnesota To Presidential Primary

Mike Malloy - Millions More Americans Now Eligible For Overtime Pay

Mike Malloy - Paul Ryan Threatens to Take Away Overtime Pay From Workers

Hillary Clinton on facebook:

The Superdelegate System Isn't Just Rigged—It's Designed to Destroy the Will of the People By Donova

Soon It Will Suck to Be Donald Trump

Reason #97 to vote for Bernie

How the Hell We Got Here: Why the Democratic Party is Splitting

Where are the transcripts, already?! She just walks away without MSM following up? Not surprised,

A Cover-up Cover-up? Establishment Dems Fight to Defeat 'Medicare-for-All' in Colorado

I don't know where I am any more.

Being Asian

A Future to Believe In Anaheim Rally on 5/24

Fan Stabs Japanese Pop Star Dozens Of Times

The word "douche'

Hillary should offer Bernie the Veepship...

EXCLUSIVE: Brazil, the World’s Second-Largest Black Nation, Has Been Taken Over by an All White Male

The battle for Fallujah is starting......again.

Have any of the 58 Sanders Delegates come forward to clear their name?

California!!!!!! Monday May 23 Last Day to Register to Vote!!!!! Online Registration Here:

Kasskara: Sunken Land of the Hopi Ancestors/Oraibi and Hopi History in North America

Guess who initiated the investigation into Clinton's emails? John Kerry

Time for Counter-Coups in Latin America? – and Europe?

NorCal Asians VS. SoCal Asians

Time for Counter-Coups in Latin America? – and Europe?

Pete Seeger's final recording. Live.

Ok, that's it I'm done with 60 Minutes ...

Eleanor Clift: Inside a Senator’s Crusade to Release the Missing 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report

Saw this movie tonight: The Pianist (2002 film)

Bernie With Students at Rally @CSUDH Stub Hub Center, Carson, CA 5/19/16

Radical tourists have been deluded pimps for Venezuela

Update Regarding RushIsRot: The Rascal Rescue

GWB overturned a big part of LBJ and MLK's legacy

Party Chief Takes Rap for Keiko Fujimori in DEA Investigation

The 17 year (Brood V) cicadas are here in eastern Ohio, just saw the first sign of their

Democrats should ask Trump if he is going to be a patsy dyslexic like Ronald Reagan

About those Tax Returns. Has Sanders release his 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 tax returns?

UK historian declines Israeli prize, citing conflict with Palestinians

Hillary vs. Bernie performed by children


Bernie Opposes "Promesa (Promise)" Bill for Puerto Rico (lowers minimum wage by $3/hr)

Eating full fat foods 'can lower chance of obesity'

If you want a balanced view of the Clinton email scandal here's a suggestion

Which major candidate from the past 25 years have you felt the most passionate about

From FB: Bernie Speaks to a DEPORTED VETERAN at the US Border

Unexpected Bernie Supporter

Thailand: 17 dead in school dormitory fire

Jeremy Corbyn preparing to call for Tony Blair to be investigated for war crimes

Who Reaps The Profit? Who Pays The Price? (Leon Rosselson)

Does anyone know if Oregon ever reached 100% in counting their votes from this past primary?

Bernie Sanders : Secretary Clinton Agreed To Do A Debate In California!

Bernie Sanders : Secretary Clinton Agreed To Do A Debate In California!

Bernie Sanders : Secretary Clinton Agreed To Do A Debate In California!

From the "Friggin" Orange County Register

Peruvian farmers harvest water from fog

Peruvian farmers harvest water from fog

"Neutral" DNC Vice Chair tone polices Bernie Sanders for saying "lesser of two evils"

Sanders and Class Struggle in the Democratic Party

Daily Holidays - May 23

Something we can do now.

Jimmy Kimmel: Confusing question of the day

Bernie Sanders | This Week ABC News Interview (5-22-16)

Bernie Sanders | This Week ABC News Interview (5-22-16)

Bernie Sanders | This Week ABC News Interview (5-22-16)

Donald Trump thinks you are Stupid

Bernie Sanders : 'Many See Hillary as ‘Lesser of Two Evils" This Week Abc

Bernie Sanders : 'Many See Hillary as ‘Lesser of Two Evils" This Week Abc

Bernie Sanders : 'Many See Hillary as ‘Lesser of Two Evils" This Week Abc

Your electoral system is so long! How come the Super Delegates endorsed

IS fanboys tweet support and give away their location.

Should Bernie heel to save the Dem party?

Iraqi prime minister announces military operation to retake Fallujah from Isis

Congress Approves A Major Step Forward For Medical Marijuana

Why Bernie Is Helping, Not Hurting the Democrats

Both Bernie Sanders And Obama Agree: The Role Of Superdelegates Must Be Changed

Doctors With Enemies: Did Afghan Forces Target the MSF Hospital?

Former Tesla Contractor's Lawsuit Details Visa, Labor Law Violations

Well the Saudis are now blaming the US for 911

Jonathan Pie covers all the right wing points the Queen expressed in 'the queens speech'

Inside the Clinton paid speech machine

NYT 5/23: Possible Conflict At Heart of Clinton Foundation

One more Superdelegate for Hillary!

One Chart Shows Why All The Trump Leading Clinton Polls Are Completely Worthless

Any minute now, Chris Christie is gonna flip out and sucker punch Trump

We must weed out ignorant Americans from the electorate (Washington Post Op-Ed)

Bayer announces $62 billion cash offer for Monsanto

Obama to focus on TPP, arms embargo on Vietnam trip

The Washington Blade: Clinton for President #DCforHRC

Obama lifts US embargo on lethal arms sales to Vietnam

'More than 100 dead' in Syrian bomb blasts

India launches mini space shuttle

New evidence of Trump trolls plotting to divide Dems

Email-gate began with a 2012 letter from Darrel Issa to Clinton regarding her use of private email.

NYT: Do Sanders Supporters Favor His Policies?

How Microsoft's tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading

The real world vs. the world of many of the Sanders supporters.

Why This School District Became The First In North America To Go 100% Organic & Non-GMO

BUSTED: Trump-loving comment trolls pose as Sanders and Clinton supporters to divide Democrats

Guess What Occupation Is Most Frequently Cited In The Panama Papers?

Sweep the leg, Bernie! n/t

Juan Williams: Electoral map looks grim for Trump

The Hillary Camp is incorrect to insist that *72% of Sanders supporters will vote for Hillary*

Respectfully requesting that a rampdown from primary mode start sooner than later.

Mushroom hunters scour US wildfire maps in search of elusive morel

Obama lifts U.S. arms ban on Vietnam

Bhagat Singh lives on in motion comic

As religious leaders defend mosque, a N.J. suburb squirms | Editorial

Sanders stands with the NRA: NRA lobbyist: 'Bernie's right' about lawsuits against gunmakers

Hillary Clinton Suggests Sanders Has Largely Avoided Scrutiny...Trump cartoon...

One Catholic Teaching Resolves 16 Issues

Bernie Loses His Halo

“What do we want? Gradual change! When do we want it? In due course!”

I wonder who Hillary's supporters want to see her pick for advisors and cabinet members...

TODAY is the DEADLINE to REGISTER in California. Register Dem, not NPP. Tell everyone!

‘Negro,’ ‘Oriental’ and ‘Indian’ to Be Scrubbed From All Federal Laws

Trump and Clinton on guns: two visions of race, justice and policing in the US

Hillary and Hillary Media's new talking point.

If someone is willing to scrub you from the Voter Rolls

Trump warns of dire effects of global warning in application to build sea wall

"Bernie Loses His Halo. Even progressives are criticizing him now after he’s shown a harder edge."

"Bernie Loses His Halo. Even progressives are criticizing him now after he’s shown a harder edge."

Green River College faculty poised to strike over mismanaged funds

***MAY DU PHOTO CONTEST; ARE YOU ON BOARD?*** Deadline approaching fast!

Green River College faculty poised to strike over mismanaged funds

Primaries and Elections are when parties define themselves. The current "fight" is a good thing.

Green River College faculty poised to strike over mismanaged funds

***MAY DU PHOTO CONTEST; ARE YOU ON BOARD?*** Deadline approaching fast!

In the real world every wealthy nation has universal healthcare except the U.S.

Lyin' Donald, Lazy Media

The former top GOP Benghazi lawyer says the military ordered "exactly the right forces" in respondin

POLL: Meme of the Week – May 23rd

Policy-wise, would President Hillary Clinton actually be a significant difference from Obama?


Today's Hillarious meme has a religious theme: "Bernie lost his halo". Send out search parties NOW!

My nightmare...

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Monday Toon Roundup

Just Like His Mentor - He too, is good with words.....

Congressman Says 'Release The 28 Missing Pages!"

Yes, Trump Is to the Left of Hillary on SOME ISSUES

Mom calls cops to help son; of course they kill him instead

Bernie Sanders supporters sue to have California's voter registration extended until election day

Want to help Haiti? Act like a tourist

"Who needs new ideas when your old ones got me this far?!"

NRA facing member backlash over Trump endorsement

"You are what's wrong with America today."

He is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States:

A Neoconservative Plan That Will Cripple U.S. Interests

Sri Lanka floods expected to cost at least $1.5 billion

Has Bernie donated to ANY downticket Democrats? Hillary has.

Vt. Democrats Unanimously Endorse Sanders for President. (nix super delegates)

Signs are so much fun

Cash for kidneys? Lawmaker wants you to be able to ‘sell’ your organs

Legislating for Religious Millinery

Colin Powell says he’s only still a republican because “it annoys them”

When 14% of Brooklyn Democrats are purged from the voter rolls that's fraud

Bernie Sanders breaks with White House on Puerto Rican rescue plan

CNN - 2016: The year of the unlikable candidate?

Here’s What Bernie Sanders Should Ask For At The Convention

The Libertarian Party Could Provide Insurance for Hillary Clinton

Axl is standing again..."Touch Too Much" with AC/DC, recorded yesterday (VIDEO)

Amy Goodman at the Brooklyn Historical Society - May 24

The Moment When The National Rifle Association Shot Itself In The Foot

A refugee who fled the Balkan wars, for a new life in the US, reflects on Campaign 2016

Climate Change....Or not..........6.9 million in Contributions from Oil/Gas

Trump trolls trying to divide Bernie and Hillary supporters

DU was informed that JeffR passed away one year ago today

Unions refuse to endorse Murray, 3 Democratic House members

Bernie people are volunteering to help elect Hillary in OH

Clinton Fires Back at Trump for NRA Remarks-- Clinton accuses Trump of pandering to the NRA

Untold Damage: America’s Overlooked Gun Violence

Future Democratic Presidential Primaries - No Caucuses in Minnesota

The Best Deal in America

What's for Breakfast Today? It's the most important meal...

Steve Kornacki "I guess I should just put my thoughts on the Dem race in one place..." (HRC GP)

Venezuela, where a hamburger is officially $170

Nate Silver on the Democratic Race. Start from bottom up! (HRC GP)

Venezuela food shortages cause some to hunt dogs, cats, pigeons

Another newbie on May 17th with 200 plus posts.

Has a Bernie Sanders supporter taken the time to go state by state

NYT op-ed: Do Sanders Supporters Favor His Policies?

Bernie's Campaign Manager Says Donald Trump 'Speaks the Truth' When He Attacks Hillary

TRUMP warns of dire effects of global warming on his application to build a sea wall at golf course

Bernie's Campaign Manager Says Donald Trump 'Speaks the Truth' When He Attacks Hillary

My congressional race. (CA7). How can I vote for the Democrat?

Washington Post: "Never have the 2 major party nominees been viewed as harsly as Clinton and Trump"

Check Out That Bern Rate

Driving from Birmingham to Connecticut - Looking for corny stops

So, the NRA saw what Trump's open racist gunhumping misogynistic xenophobia is doing to the GOP...

The FULL List of 92 Paychecks Hillary Collected From Wall Street

Bernie Sanders: "What Democrats need to say to working class people is - we are on your side"

While Bernie was in Puerto Rico Hillary was

The Sit Down and Shut Up Award and Other Realities*

Watch Bill Clinton, Larry Summers, and Phil Gramm Have a Love Fest Over Repeal of Glass Steagall

I heard something on Morning Joe that, really, was/is spot on, regarding ...

So we need to work hard to get the 1% candidate elected or Bernie's revolution will be undermined?

The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (3/3)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Primaries and Caucuses (HBO)

"Finding nothing PROVES there's something!" . . . Please come CAPTION Trey Gowdy!!!

The White House in 1970

Jon Stewart-ish: "Let me get this straight." "'re basically voting for Trump?"

Austria far-right 'narrowly loses poll, electing Van der Bellen president'

Inevitably over as he is, Bernie supporters are still pushing hard.

Clinton and Sanders Amass Appearances Before California Fight (California Dreamin) song & photo

At this point, I think the SDs would vote for Hill if BS won the pledged delegates

Mad About Rigged Elections? Mainstream Media Says YOU Are the Problem

Former Obama intel official: Hillary Clinton should drop out

This place is really getting weird.

Democracy is OK if the votes go MY WAY.

Snow Leopards love their tail

Trump: "Global warming is a hoax. Except when I need it as a legal argument. Then it's real."

Latinos favor Clinton over Trump by 39-point margin,....Latino poll finds May 20, 2016

Vermont Democrats Oust Superdelegates

Racist Bigots and Misogynists: The Extent of Trump's Voter Base

Glenn Greenwald Sums It Up Very Nicely

Officer Acquitted in Freddie Grey Case

U.S. Lifts Arms Ban on Old Foe Vietnam as Regional Tensions Simmer

Trump acknowledges climate change — at his golf course

Remembrance of Booms Past | Paul Krugman Op-ed NYT

Univision Draws 100,000 Hispanics to Voter Events Before Election

The universe and all that stuff explained

Hating Republicans Will Not Help Progressives Build a Future For America

Chris Hedges: Reform or Revolution

Trump's own campaign is now a legit source on DU

The main problem with this election season is there are likely more flames of disillusionment and

What does the term rainbow oligarchy mean?

Baltimore officer acquitted of assault, other charges in arrest of Freddie Gray

I went to Ohio and found Bernie people volunteering for Hillary's general election campaign

I blame those of you who deny the influence of race and gender on the lives of women and POC

Bernie lost the primaries because he failed to see the importance of social issues

Supreme Court throws out death sentence from all-white jury

ABC National poll HRC 50% Trump 40%

KCAL9 Political Reporter Dave Bryan Goes 1-On-1 With Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

KCAL9 Political Reporter Dave Bryan Goes 1-On-1 With Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

How should you judge a candidate?

So Trump is going to bring jobs back to the U.S. he says.

In His Own Words: Bernie Sanders Talks About His Chances, Thoughts About Sen. Clinton KCAL9

Do Sanders Supporters Favor His Policies?

In His Own Words: Bernie Sanders Talks About His Chances, Thoughts About Sen. Clinton KCAL9

Supreme Court Throws Out Death Sentence From All-White Jury

Is it true that the new name of this site will be "Flame Wars"?

Democracy Within the Democratic Party: Presidential Elections - Part 1 of a Series*

Hillary Clinton's 'She's With Us' Spotify Playlist

Hillary Clinton's Event schedule in California this week

Tim Canova Explains Why He Will Represent The People Of Florida Far Better Than Debbie Wasserman Is

If you are a Hillary supporter, I would not look at Trump's twitter feed today.

Virginia GOP Filing Lawsuit to Block Felons From Voting

Democratic Buyer’s Remorse: Hillary’s Poll Numbers Against Trump Keep Dropping

I guess Bill Hicks was wrong about George Bush.

Crooked Hillary. Juvenile - Definitely, Effective - Probably

Shuttle Tank ET-94 Arrives At Its New Home CBS Los Angeles

To all the people who pushed Hillary on us even though she is less electable

My dear friend Frank posted a Reagan meme on Facebook. Do you think my response is too harsh?

Warriors Monitoring Draymond Green’s Foot After Brutal Attack by Steven Adams’ Groin

Yay! That was close. Far right candidate narrowly defeated in Austria

Hacker who got some Clinton emails set to plead guilty

Any avid hikers here? I am looking for a decent hiking gps. Lots out there but would like

Trump takes national lead from Hillary in new ABC poll

A look into the mind of a Donald Trump fan

"a picture of the entrance at Auschwitz with the words “Trump for President”

Hillary Clinton in Detroit today for speech to SEIU

Share Buybacks Now Bought Out, American Enterprise in Decline

Let's talk about white privilege.

Give me some advice, please. I'm having a hard time.

Thousands in Carson, CA for Bernie!

Lt. Gov. Newsom attacks trans woman on Facebook who opposes his anti-gun measures

Police: 'Unknown Substance' In FL Planned Parenthood Makes 6 Ill

Petition to investigate this Primary and conflict of interest of AG.

Robert De Niro on Vaccines: 'Harvey Weinstein and I Are Working on Doing a Documentary'

Voters want candidates that are outsiders?

John Oliver explains that Hillary won

A child's happiness is priceless especially on a b-day...corrupt as hell the MSM is!

"Looks like the NRA isn't transphobic"

NY Times "A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening"

Hillary Clinton wrong that no negative ads have hit Bernie Sanders

Bleach is the miracle chemical.

Secular Talk: Senators Call Bernie A 'Loner' Because He Won't 'Hang Out With Lobbyists'

That movie that Katie Couric was pushing for moms demand action...

Pic Of The Moment: Funny How That Works

John Oliver---Hillary won

Germany: right-wing violence rose over 40 percent last year

Hillary's long list of racist comments should disqualify her from the Democratic nomination

Mexico’s President Peña Nieto backs legalizing same-sex marriage

Sanders to have major input in writing of Democratic Party platform

This is where politics and the corporate world meet. You are not invited

San Diego Gay Men's Choir national anthem at Padres game drowned out by wrong recording.

one more time What happened at the Nevada Democratic convention?


Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Surging. Is Bernie Sanders to Blame?

John Oliver explains that Hillary won--"Last Week Tonight"

When Bernie raises money for down ticket Democrats they actually get the money.

Appeals Court Throws Out $1.27 Billion Penalty Against Bank of America Petition: “Naturopaths are not physicians: stop legitimizing pseudoscience”

President Obama grabs lunch with Anthony Vietnam

Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.

I love my 2006/07 white iMac 24" too much.

Monsanto is constantly slammed here, but this greedy company never gets mentioned.

Ladies and Gentlemen...The Brockettes!

Know Clinton, No Clinton. Know Trump, No Trump. Know Bernie=NO Clinton, NO Trump!

Sanders will get one-third of the seats on platform committee

BREAKING: Six People Sickened, Hospitalized at Fla. Planned Parenthood, Unknown Substance Found

Election Officials Tossed 90,000 Affidavit Ballots From Last Month's Primary

Hillary wonks out with a New Jersey nurse about Clean Cookstoves

Why police and prison groups worry about California legalization

Why are Sanders supporters suing California on the eve of their primary ...

Men Are Sabotaging The Online Reviews Of TV Shows Aimed At Women

New Poll May 23: Trump Ties Clinton In Virginia. Trump 38% Clinton 38%

The U.S. is 'basically at full employment'

Did the DNC have the authority to NOT allow Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat?

Judge: Noise ordinance can't be used vs. abortion protests

When it scares the bejeesus out of Stephen King, we KNOW we're in a LOT of trouble

The Latest from Big Pharma- Gummy Drugs

All gave some. Some gave all. One earned a lot of money from it.

Genentech accused again of cheating health care providers

Like I said about Jim Bakker...

Cheap Beef Is Here for Summer Burgers and $1 Taco Bell Burritos

Religion in the Comics - 53

Peanut Death Restaurateur Jailed For Six Years

Current Global Reef Bleaching Event Longest On Record

Sanders to Have Major Input in Writing of Democratic Party Platform

USDA Issues Historic Fine Against Biotech Company in Animal Welfare Settlement

Was Hillary's bigger mistake underestimating Sanders' strength or overestimating her own strength?

Home for sale in Wisconsin along Lake Michigan

Bernie Sanders to Senate Democrats: Do You Stand with Puerto Rico or with Wall Street?

A Red Menace in the Mirror

Civil Antitrust Lawsuits Reinstated Against 16 Banks in Libor Case

No one gun control law will have much, if any, effect on gun violence BUT

Time for Tyler (Graphic details)

Hillary wonks out with a New Jersey nurse about Clean Cookstoves (Hill Group)

Woman learns her parents are right wing racists.

I just posted my house for sale in the du marketplace.

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Los Angeles California Rally (5-23-16) =*=

The number one Latino music star supports Bernie.

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Los Angeles California Rally (5-23-16) =*=

The simple reason why Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton polls tightened

Those gosh dang Bernie Bros!

Venezuela is running out of sugar

Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer

U.S. justices rule against Virginia Republicans in black voters case


Photo of Bernie looking at his campaign's checkbook balance

Venezuela is running out of sugar

Vermont Democrates Oust SuperDelegates! Effective immediately!

Judge axes home confinement for ex-cop in Katrina shooting

Sir Richard Dearlove is right, visa waivers for Turks are dangerous

Padres discipline employee after gay men’s chorus drowned out singing national anthem

The FBI complaint against Kahlil Abu- Rayyan.

We pay politicians to manage our money, and they give it away to the rich

Venezuela's Government Must Carry Revolution To Its End

The U.S. is 'basically at full employment'

John Oliver Shows Why U.S. Primaries And Caucuses Are ‘An Erratic Clusterf**k Every 4 Years’

'I'm not with her': why women are weary of Hillary Clinton

Bombs kill nearly 150 in Syrian government-held cities: monitor

=*= LIVE Stream @ NOW: Bernie Sanders Los Angeles California Rally (5-23-16) =*=

"Blue Lives Matter" Bill Making Attacks on Police Officers a Hate Crime Set to Pass in Louisiana

If you are for TRUMP you are for bringing RACISM BACK! ALL THE WAY! (HRC GP)

Obama signs bill striking offensive ethnic terms from US law

U.S. Supreme Court again rejects Illinois ex-governor's corruption appeal

Democracy is OK if the votes go MY WAY 2.

Again with the PsyOps. "Optimism"? Is that the new Hope and Change?

As Trump and Clinton Clash, 2 Operatives Duke It Out in Their Shadows | NYT

Fallow year for front yard veggie garden - help!

Why is Justice Clarence Thomas such a prick?

US senator says military sexual assault cases show 'troubling command culture'

Hillary Clinton’s Energy Initiative Pressed Countries to Embrace Fracking, New Emails Reveal

Two dozen Guantánamo detainees poised for release under Obama deals

Daily Kos: 11 reasons why Bernie Sanders lost this thing fair and square

"Except Maybe"

Unpaid Hotel Bill Awaits Democrats at Green Bay Convention

Sanders' hypocrisy wanting establishment to choose him over the candidate w/more votes & delegates

Koterba toon: Egypt

Use this when HRC supporters try to claim Bernie is spending more money than her but still losing...

BREAKING NEWS: California poll shows Hillary leading Bernie by 18 points

Facebook apologies for plus-size ad ban

Clarence Thomas dissent in decision on striking black jurors:

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 23, 2016

Bernie is changing the face of the Democratic party & this is what it looks like!

Maybe a GoT question? Maybe a spoiler? Maybe?

Pope Francis meets top Sunni cleric after five-year freeze

Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties To The Mob?

Imagine if Hillarys and her supporters demanded sanders be vetted

R Borosage: What Does Bernie Want?

Grand Old Patty Hearst Syndrome

Guccifer expected to plead "guilty" on Wednesday.

Clinton: Trump Could Bankrupt America Like 'He's Bankrupted His Companies' |TPM

Are Democrats More Hostile Towards Independents Than Republicans Are?

Bill Clinton back to dissing Obama?

VA Secretary Comes Under Fire For Comparing Wait Times To Disneyland

Our VA Secretary is a moron. VA Secretary Disneyland-wait time comparison draws ire

Conf. Call on Clinton Victory Counsel program

11 reasons why Bernie Sanders lost this thing fair and square

Briefing: This week in Donald Trump Land

EU suspends plans to extend visa-free travel to Turkey

Kos Scorches Bitter Bernie in latest blog entry

Written by a friend and posted with her permission for discussion here in the Bernie Sanders group

Canada's Snowbirds Will Fly Over D.C. And Dulles Tomorrow

Republicans are blaming President Obama for creating Donald Trump

Richard Dawkins: Atheist academic calls for religion 'to be offended at every opportunity'

Survey USA Poll (5/23): Clinton Poised To Defeat Sanders in CA 57-39

Germany right-wing party AfD walks out of Muslim meeting

Hillary Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare

Survey USA Poll (5/23): Hillary Poised To Defeat Sanders In CA 57-39

Bill Cosby admits to sexual encounters with teens and says agency sent him young models

When is the next primary?

Inside the West's Cynical Plan to Keep Refugees out of Europe by Trapping Them in Libya

A Rated Survey USA Poll-California Clinton 57 Sanders 39

Democratic Buyer's Remorse: Hillary’s Poll Numbers Against Trump Keep Dropping

The school where my wife teaches got a bomb threat today. Looks like they are far from the only one.

Bernie sent out an email and Tim Canova raised $250,000 dollars over the weekend

Horrific injury: Pirates' Ryan Vogelsong hit by pitch in head, carted off

'We Wanted to Make a Film About Our Nation’s Failure. This Is Our Opportunity ... as a Society ... t

Hillary Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare

CNN breaking news: Terry McAuliffe under FBI INVESTIGATION

There's some great new stuff in Hillary's speech to SEIU today

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions

Some Macro images

DNC agrees to give Sanders greater influence over party platform

The Onion: The Arguments For And Against Bernie Sanders Staying In The Race

Austrian Far-Right Candidate Narrowly Loses Presidential Vote to Pro-EU Green Party Candidate

DNC Agrees To Give Sanders Greater Influence Over Party Platform

one of the most influential climate change activists will be on the platform committee

Gee, this sounds familiar..can't quite put my finger on it tho

Republicans Lose at U.S. High Court on Virginia Voting Map

Help Bernie Get Out The Vote!

Should Democrats Be Freaking Out? In First, National Polling Average Shows Trump Over Clinton

The Day American Democracy Died (January 21, 2010)

Michael Joseph Finicum sentenced to prison for assault (AZ)

Survey USA California Primary Poll: HRC: 57% BS: 39%

On Democratic Party Unity

Did DWS unintentionally do us a favor with the DNC platform commitee picks?

U.N. Worried About Falluja Civilians Ahead Of Iraqi Offensive

Peru declares emergency over mercury contamination

Canada's Snowbirds Will Fly Over D.C. And Dulles Tomorrow

Defense Attorneys Argue Some Malheur Charges Unconstitutional

Establishment Dems Fight to Defeat 'Medicare-for-All' in Colorado

Dentist Turned Offshore Deal Maker Pleads to Conspiracy

Mike Malloy - How To Smear Bernie Sanders On NYT’s Front Page

Dentist Turned Offshore Deal Maker Pleads to Conspiracy

Google Tilt Brush

Nevada Dem Chair tries to tweet about baseball, is mobbed again by pro-Bernie conspiracy theorists

Overnight Regulation: Supreme Court rejects GOP redistricting challenge

"It would have made no difference to the outcome."

OSBI investigates 2 weekend deaths at Oklahoma County Jail

Bundy's Lawyer Wanted Koch Brothers to Pay Defense Fees

Harry Reid on a VP from a GOP-governed state: 'Hell no'

Yep! But hopefully not for long...

Al Gore on the 10th Anniversay of Inconvenient Truth: Shocker No Endorsement

Strengthening the Miskitu and Mayangna Languages in Nicaragua Through Digital Media

Sanders wins greater say in Democratic platform; names pro-Palestinian activist.

Anonymous Cows.

Bernie supporter wishes death upon the Nevada Democratic Chairwoman and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Al Gore On 2016 Campaign: ‘Sometimes I Do A Double Take’ | TODAY

Clinton: Trump’s policies would ‘start trade wars’

Democrat Senators Threaten to Punish Bernie Sanders

Brazil minister in latest corruption scandal to step aside

EgyptAir: Crashed flight MS804 'did not swerve'

Brazil minister in latest corruption scandal to step aside

Sanders: "not all of my supporters go to these fancy fundraising dinners, they're working people..

Can you help me here........

Tortoise injured in a forest fire gets a 3D-printed shell

Tortoise injured in a forest fire gets a 3D-printed shell

Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders in California by 18 points, poll finds

Mike Malloy - Four Examples Of Republican Sickness

Conan O'Brien on Trump and Nazis

=*= 4 Live Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Monica CA. (5-23-16) =*=

=*= 4 Live Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Monica CA. (5-23-16) =*=

At the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. - Pine Ridge Reservation...

=*= 4 Live Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Monica CA. (5-23-16) =*=

THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER GET IN BED WITH CLINTON PEOPLE: Terry McAuliffe under investigation by the FBI

Moody's Analytics Election model predicts Clinton over Trump | The Hill

I am so mad at Terry McAuliffe right now I could spit

*MAJOR popcorn order* O'REILLY suing his ex-wife for $10M for "cheating"!1

How do you know when it's time for change?

Uh oh, remember when Rove/Fox were beside themselves when Obama won, election night?

Flashback: McAuliffe defends Clinton Foundation's acceptance of foreign funds

Kim Davis lawyer ‘taking a gun to women’s toilet’ to scare off transgender ‘perverts’

What do you think of the new Clinton campaign slogan?

Sanders names Cornel West, Keith Ellison to DNC platform committee

New York Bernie Delegates: IMPORTANT- Correction to false info being disseminated

So I noticed the opposition is back to pimping polls but I have a question.

Kim Davis lawyer ‘taking a gun to women’s toilet’ to scare off transgender ‘perverts’

Kim Davis lawyer ‘taking a gun to women’s toilet’ to scare off transgender ‘perverts’

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 May 2016

DKos: Sanders to be given "unusually high" say in the Democratic Party platform moving forward

Indiana court hears woman's appeal of feticide conviction

Venezuela’s Murder Epidemic Rages on Amid State of Emergency

What's Trump Hiding in His Tax Returns? Here's A Hint from Steve Ratner

Just watched the news. I saw Hillary attacking Donald Trump. I saw Bernie Sanders attacking Hillary.

Mexican-American textbook stirs cultural debate in Texas

Prosecutors: Peterson offered $10,000 for prosecutor's death

#FreddieGray & #TimothyFoster - Is This What Our Justice System Looks Like For #Black Men?

Caller Lisa: Watch Out, The #FAA Privatization Is Coming To The US!

Florida police say officer shot man after car chase

You are beloved in HCG, Nance Greggs.

Venezuela: The Treatment Chavismo’s Fellow Travellers Deserve

WWII female pilots (WASPS) now can be buried at Arlington (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Joel & Ethan Coen - Shot | Reverse Shot

WWII female pilots (WASPS) now can be buried at Arlington (but, there is NO war on women!!)

WWII female pilots (WASPS) now can be buried at Arlington (but, there is NO war on women!!)

WWII female pilots (WASPS) now can be buried at Arlington (but, there is NO war on women!!)

Donald Trump—a psychiatrist's opinion and concerns

Vermont Democrats Oust SuperDelegates

Sanders Backing Brings Big Dollars To DNC Chair's Challenger

Poll: Americans more negative against Clinton and Trump than Putin

If Sanders put half as much energy into unseating repubs as he does into unseating elected democrats

Reporter: Sanders wants say over Clinton cabinet picks

The World's First Metro to Run on Solar Energy Powered by Total and SunPower

I love what Brian Fallon is saying about Hillary's tax plans

The World's First Metro to Run on Solar Energy Powered by Total and SunPower

The Elephant vs. Donkey

Environmentalists are very worried about Brazil's new government

Donna Brazile: 'We Democrats Don't Call Each Other Evil'

Environmentalists are very worried about Brazil's new government

Finger on the Pols - WTF Do Americans Want?

If Hillary is the nominee

The Drone War Crosses Another Line

Trump And Gingrich Totally Understand Women, Just Like Beloved Monarch Henry VIII

Right-Wing Extremists Hail the Ascension of ‘Emperor Trump’ as GOP Nominee

Flashback: State Dept. Watchdog Subpoenaed Clinton Foundation Docs

LePage says Deering student overdose story ‘was not fabricated

The McAuliffe investigation highlights, in one word, why Sanders can't give up...

Bernie Sanders Question? Achievements?

Reminder: the FBI is a large organization.

Look at these Gorgeous Leeks I Just Dug Up!

Regarding Obama's drone hit on a man never convicted of anything. Or given any due process.

Norman Goldman finally woke up.

Computer tech help needed for a Bernie thing. How do you post the letters

That time when Clinton refused to drop out of the race because Obama could be assassinated

Bernie supporters being proven right

Anti-transgender fliers with KKK contact info left at homes (AL)

NBC: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Under FBI Investigation For Possible Campaign Violations

In 2000: People said there was no difference between Al Gore and George W Bush

32 Arrested (including a children’s minister) in Knoxville Human Trafficking Operation

Clinton attacks Trump at SEIU rally: we don't need a 'bully in the pulpit'

NBC: Guccifer to change plea to guilty on Weds.

Sanders wins greater say in Democratic platform; names pro-Palestinian activist

Asian-Americans Like Clinton, Don’t Like Trump

It's been 5 years now...

Muslim woman becomes media darling, turns out she hates Jews.

Tweety has hate monger Coulter on his show

Iran And India Sign Port Deal, Other Economic Agreements

Brazil To Start A 'Roadshow' To Privatize State Assets

Brazil To Start A 'Roadshow' To Privatize State Assets

I would like to think Drumpf is unelectable.

What about Bernie's campaign violations?


Civil Rights attorney A. Dwight Pettit responds to the acquittal for the death of Freddie Gray

Georgia Ammosexual gets metalic penis back

Our Diversity is Our Strength | Bernie Sanders

Three Months Family Leave | Bernie Sanders

The Establishment Wants You to Think Small | Bernie Sanders

As usual, Jeff Weaver lying again.

International Friendship Park Gaggle | Bernie Sanders

Our Diversity is Our Strength | Bernie Sanders

The Establishment Wants You to Think Small | Bernie Sanders

Three Months Family Leave | Bernie Sanders

The Youngest Mayor In CA Is A Bernie Supporter From Deep Red Orange County

Did my eyes just decieve me?

I just watched 'Where to Invade Next' and one thing really bothers me.

Tweety: Networks will name HRC the nominee before CA polls close

Family of Tony Gwynn suing tobacco companies for


I think they should be called Trumphumpers, not Trumpers, Trumpeteers or Trumpeters.

The RW elite are getting pumped up over these May polls

TSA Replaces Head of Security as Airport Lines Keep Getting Longer

Hillary Clinton declines invitation to debate Bernie Sanders in California

Ron Paul: "There is a 'Kinship' With Bernie Sanders"

Watch out for this woman.

Puppy addicted to meth, heroin, on path to recovery, police say

Sanders Tells Deported Immigrant: ‘I Would Like You On This Side Of The Border’

One Of The Most Aggressive Gerrymanders In The Country Just Lost In The Supreme Court

Sanders: Democratic convention could be 'messy' (HRC GP)