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Now Live, ED SCHULTZ News: Hillary Clinton Email Issue; Guest Jeff Weaver on Sanders Campaign;

Colombia: Missing journalist may not be hostage of rebels

Chris Hayes on Trump and the real estate crash

The missing Pagliano emails and the IG report today...

How is this even allowed on DEMOCRATIC Underground?

Hosting of Contests: Name Bank of Willing Substitutes

Bernie Sanders supporters chanting "Blood on her hands"

The work of Neanderthals: Ancient ring-like structures date from 176,000 years ago

Obama Overtime Plan Won’t Hurt Businesses, Executives Admit

Imperialism’s Junior Partners

Freeing Cliven Bundy Too Risky, Judge Rules

Imperialism’s Junior Partners

Nearly half of U.S. households would struggle with an unexpected $400 expense, Fed study finds

Hillary on facebook:

How do your friends prefered candidates break down on Facebook?

More than 600 American authors are trying to stop Trump (HRC GP)

The Right Marches on Brazil

The Right Marches on Brazil

Mike Malloy - Ken Star Fired As Baylor President For Sexual Abuse Scandal

Just wait for America to see through Don the Con

Is there anyone here NOT troubled by Hillary's not cooperating with the IG investigation?

"To stop Trump" is a really really great reason to vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump spent much of a big rally thrashing Republican rivals who no longer threaten him

House Democrats blast US Trade Rep for pressuring Colombia over Novartis patent

House Democrats blast US Trade Rep for pressuring Colombia over Novartis patent

Happy Geek Pride Day!

WA State superdelegates strongly favor the Export-import Bank that Bernie opposes,

Cliven Bundy vows to take fight to Supreme Court

Fearful of protests, Argentina's Macri closes Buenos Aires' Plaza de Mayo on Independence Day.

Britain’s Secret Drug-Running Operations in Colombia

Britain’s Secret Drug-Running Operations in Colombia

Police: Uber driver arrested after attempting to murder police officers

Louisville's Confederate statue debate plays out in court (KY)

Accusing Senator Boxer of "faking it", really????

Bernie's coming (venue changed)

Project538: Clinton Will Likely Clinch The Democratic Nomination In New Jersey

Appeal argued before Virginia Supreme Court in Danville Confederate flag controversy

Hillary, just for laffos, should promise her administration will be the most open and honest evur!!!

Confederate flag supporters confront Gov. Bentley at park dedication (AL)

Missouri Man Charged in Shooting Death of 8-Month-Old Son

Venezuela minimum wage is about 9 hamburgers a month

GoT fans: too soon?

The reason Hillary will not be indicted is the same reason Bush et al. were not tried for war crimes

ExxonMobil CEO: ending oil production 'not acceptable for humanity'

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Et Tu, NYT?! & Uncensored & Live & a

The Trump Network - bogus supplements -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahha

Jeffrey Sachs: Bernie Sanders easily wins the policy debate

Longtime O'Malley backer touts him as next DNC chair.

Guccifer News (Warning: from FOX)

Another one for the "Duh" file from the crack journalists at Yahoo....

British special forces 'blew up Isis suicide truck in Libya'

Updated Washington State Primary numbers.

Why atheism doesn’t make sense

Here is a link to an article in The Daily Beast showing another Trump Scam

Muslim Employees File Religious Discrimination Complaint Against Wisconsin Firm Over Prayer Dispute

Music Festivals’ Glaring Woman Problem

So why did Sanders win the WA state caucus but Hillary win the primary.?

Sanders/West Head to the white house!

I'm So Glad

Spray-painted swastikas found at Cranston Stadium (RI)

Clinton CANNOT clinch the nomination before the convention. Feel "the math"!

Rachel talking about Sanders' loss in the Washington Primary

Rachel Maddow did a short segment about the Washington Democratic Primary. LMAO

A Reminder That The Ocean Is A Big, Terrifying Place

Kicks and Giggles for Zelda/LOT fans

Hillary at rally: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!

New Mexico's Governor Fires Back at Trump, Won't Be 'Bullied' Into Endorsement

Brazil senate head recorded proposing to weaken bribes investigation

Trump Gets Pummeled in New Jersey

Confluence of Opposition to Hillary

New Yorker cover hits the nail on the head for new graduates

Here’s Why Clinton Should Still Be Worried About Sanders

So Bill Clinton pays a visit to his old nemesis...

Rachel is showing how the State Dept.'s "print and file" system for preserving emails would work.

Here's my dirty little secret: I really want to be able to get behind Hillary.

Idaho family sues school after alleged sexual assault of black football player

Rachel just discussed the State Department email system

Jack Up Those Buses, Rachel Maddow Just Mugged the OIG Report

Recordings put pressure on allies of Brazil's acting leader

Donald Trump calls global warming a hoax, until it threatens his golf course

3rd person charged in investigation of coal exec's death

The Girl Who Ran Away to Fight ISIS

Never give up! Never Surrender!

George W. Bush Paved The Way For Our Next Stupid President

Someone better tell NBC that this is a vindicating report.

Wasserman Schultz fights to keep her job

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Invited Chinese Donor to Hillary Clinton’s Home

Clinton campaign defends Hillary's refusal to cooperate with Inspector General e-mail investigation

GOP budget bill would kill net neutrality and FCC’s set-top box plan

GOP budget bill would kill net neutrality and FCC’s set-top box plan

Suspect in shootings on Phoenix-area highway had body armor

Following tricky triclosan—Antibacterial product flows through streams, crops

More and MORE Bernie bumper stickers being spotted in Los Angeles!!!

How Elections Work: A Few Helpful Hints for Bernie Sanders And His Less Earthbound Enthusiasts

Yes, Donald. Elizabeth Warren has "gotten nothing done in the Senate."

Exposing Trump's Decades of Deep Ties to Organized Crime

Kutna Hora

Amy Goodman interviewed, discusses election coverage

Government Report on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Much Worse Than Expected

What Our Super Delegates Must Consider

3 journalists disappear in Colombia within days

Alabama speaker's former chief of staff takes stand

A Taxonomy of the Ass-Clown: On Donald Trump Showman, Salesman, and Major Bullshitter

My line in the sand is I cannot vote for someone who jeopardized National Security and

Azerbaijan frees journalist whose case raised outcry in West

Sanders Backs California Ballot Initiative to Rein in Drug Prices at Meeting with HIV/AIDS Advocates

Hunting trip shooting prompts Portland chief's removal

Appeals court affirms 45-year sentence for cancer doctor

TYT: Inspector General Issues Scathing Report On Hillary's Emails

Hillary posts (the wall and veterans) on facebook:

Lions lick tent while campers inside it in Botswana park

Wisconsin appeals court grants stay, reinstates right-to-work law

Wisconsin appeals court grants stay, reinstates right-to-work law

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC splains 'The Math.' Take a look. California here we come...

Which group of gun owners are the control folk most afraid of?

Louis Brandeis

Maybe She IS Just Like Mi Abuela... After Mulitiple Hacking Attempts, Hillary Turned Her Server OFF

Do schools still use ditto machines?

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Invited Chinese Donor to Hillary Clinton’s Home

U.S. airports still understaffed for peak travel: TSA head

When a break-up is really really good.

Brazil orders diplomats to rebut impeachment critics abroad

High tech hyper partisan gerrymandering on trial in Wis.(PR Watch)

Canadian billionaire allegedly identified in Panama Papers

Trump fires his national political director: campaign sources

Hundreds of writers sign anti-Trump open letter and petition

Mike Malloy - Shock Poll: Sanders Ahead Of Trump by 15 Points - Part 1

So we have a mostly white group of disgruntled voters

Mike Malloy - Shock Poll: Sanders Ahead Of Trump by 15 Points - Part 2

It is the flagrant skirting of public records law, not security, that is the problem.

Charlie Rose is covering the Clinton email scandal...FWIW.

Kentucky judge rules Louisville can remove Confederate monument

If HRC loses her security clearance, can she be President?

Hillary Clinton in 2015: Email server was permitted

She didn't talk to the State Dept because she was prioritizing the FBI which hasn't contacted her?

B’Tselem to stop filing Palestinian abuse complaints with IDF, police

Um. Does anyone else find it creepy that Hillary jokes about averting her eyes from shirtless

Banking expert Bill Black joined the Bernie Sanders campaign (April 13th)

South Carolina governor to sign ban on abortion past 19 weeks

Carl Bernstein was on CNN talking about the OIG report

Wisconsin appeals court grants stay, reinstates right-to-work law

Congress moves to revamp toxic chemical law

We lost another giant of the movie industry today...

A Split Over Israel Threatens the Democrats’ Hopes for Unity

When do DUers think we will see a kinder more gentle Trump who actually talks about issues?

A Split Over Israel Threatens the Democrats’ Hopes for Unity

Three officer-involved shootings in one day in Miami-Dade; one dead

I’ve Worked for Both Clintons and I Know Exactly Why Donald Trump Is Assaulting Their Marriage

Oh my! CNN didn't get the memo that Clinton was vindicated!

Media Outlets Calling the Race for Hillary June 7 8PM EST...Tweety

In light of its Big Backers, can Democrats really criticize Trump's awful remarks?

The superdelages dilemma of Bernie

Media Outlets Calling the Race for Hillary June 7 8PM EST...Tweety

Can anyone sanely argue the server was not hacked at this point?

Kimmel booked Trump (tonight) then Bernie

Ex-McDonald’s CEO says raising the minimum wage will help robots take jobs

BOOMER LOVES THE WATER !!! Boomer the Skimboarding CAT

Former State Dept. adviser pinning counterterrorism failures on "sloppy" Clinton communications...

What the State Department Email Report Means for Hillary Clinton (NBC)

drip drip drench deluge deny

Watching G7 live on TV Japan, showing them walking around Ise Shrine...

Here is how Trump the Pig attacks Elizabeth Warren


Damn, it seems like everything we have is falling apart.

17 year old arrested after forging Dr. notes to excuse absences

I Think the Prospect of Hillary Dropping out of the Primary Race is Very Real.

From Bernie on twitter - he and Trump may debate:

We have officially entered a new level of mass stupidity

Rachel Maddow explains what it took for Hillary Clinton to be in compliance with State Department

Nina Turner and Chris Cuomo debate whether Sanders supporters threw chairs

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley signs law banning abortion at 20 weeks

This is horrific. Man BRUTALLY attacked by baby seal

not a single one

Did anyone happen to catch Cross Talk tonite on RT America?

it certainly appears that congress is going to get away with no SCOTUS vote

Very Painful Truth . .

Trump fires his national political director -campaign sources

There must be concern for Hills supporters, not the Bernie crowd.

Can we say awkward? Mark Toner on Hillary's email server

"My time as a fake boyfriend to China's 'leftover women'"

Isn't it striking how all the major countries in the world are battling MAJOR levels of CORRUPTION

Disney ditches its iconic dollar

Seems Every DU Post Not Made In the HRC Group is Hillary Hate

Hillary is going to be the next President of the United States!

Obamas’ Next Home: 9 Bedrooms in a Wealthy Washington Neighborhood

Is there any other legitimate reason for the Clinton server other than blocking transparency?

Sanders on Trump's Willingness to Debate: "Game on"

Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Assange

The Kubrick Site: The Case For HAL's Sanity by Clay Waldrop

U.S. Says Israel's New Government Raises 'Legitimate Questions'

U.S Socialist Party: Bernie a warmonger, imperialist, pro-apartheid, status quo

Questions over how Michele Fiore used campaign funds for Oregon standoff trip

Finicum's 9 mm among 14 firearms subject to forfeiture

What if it's not Biden but Warren that steps in?

Fight Against Brazil Coup Is Now to Be 'Fire Against Fire'

Debate Over 'Rebel' Mascot, Confederate Symbols Roils Arkansas School District

"She is a horrible, wretched, self-absorbed woman."

Have people been claiming that Clinton will reach 2383 via pledged delegates alone?

Sanders’ Challenge to Clinton and Democrats: Palestinian Lives Matter

Teamwork: Elizaeth Warren Steps Forward to Hammer Home Messages on Trump's Selfishness

False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton’s victory (in Washington Primary)nevertheless puts Sanders in an awkward position.

Barack Obama secured the nomination on June 3, 2008, BY ROLLING OUT 60 SUPER DELEGATE ENDORSEMENTS

Karl Polanyi for President

WAPO EdBoard:using..private server, Clinton circumventd policies desgned 2 follow federal record law

Canada has a serious problem with old school barbers retiring Here is the solution

Here is Everyone Who Has Emigrated to the United States Since 1820

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Agree to Debate

Elizabeth Warren for DNC Chair!

Skinner: When the voting is over the primary is over on DU.

Bad Government Has Consequences: China's Great Famine: A mission to expose the truth

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Trump?

Bernie Sanders Rips Disney's Practices While in Anaheim

Bernie Sanders Rips Disney's Practices While in Anaheim

Bernie Sanders Rips Disney's Practices While in Anaheim

Game on!

NYT: Emails Add to Hillary Clinton’s Central Problem: Voters Just Don’t Trust Her

US nuclear force 'still uses floppy disks'

Hilarry ignored her IT people, and why that's serious.

Daily Holidays - May 26

Integrity, forthrightness and trustworthiness

The coolest stamps ever? Royal Mail marks Pink Floyd's 50th anniversary

If Bernie slams Hillary in agreement with Trump during their debate will

Neanderthals Built Mystery Cave Rings 175,000 Years Ago

Oil hits $50 a barrel for first time this year

Solar Impulse lands in Pennsylvania

WaPo Editorial: Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules

Emails Add to Hillary Clinton’s Central Problem: Voters Just Don’t Trust Her

Der Spiegel: high-ranking US govt official reveals how the DOD retaliates against internal critics

It's impressive. A politician who tells Obama to go to hell is his heir.

NBC New's Scathing Report of Hillary's Email Problems - Must Read

Just take a look at these twitter trends

The presidential election won't be over until December 19th.

Poll: Clinton and Sanders in dead heat in California

But, but, "it was allowed!" Translates into, "but, but, nobody stopped me, so it was OK!"

"What I did was allowed by the State Department. It was fully above board."

Hillary Clinton's email server violated state department rules, audit finds


Hillary Clinton Is Criticized for Private Emails in State Dept. Review

New poll: Clinton and Sanders in dead heat in California

The Email Thing: So much ado about so little.

According to MSNBC Hillary is under not one, but two criminal investigations.

I think I actually might hate politics.

(Czech Republic) Monitoring team created in response to perceived growth in Russian web presence

Here is a wonderful ralley for Hillary in Salinas, with focus on immigration

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Essentially Agree to a California Debate

MSNBC: "Has She Told the Truth? It depends on whom you ask."

What difference does it make if Clinton is called the "presumptive nominee"...

Don't let Sanders Bully DWS and the DNC!!! Spread this

Good Morn. America now talking about emails "firestorm" - it HAS impacted her campaign -

This message was self-defeated by its author

Bwaaahaaaaa! "Is Trump purposely blowing up his own campaign?" Whole segment on this

Why are Greatest Threads about the email report kept off the Home page?

OOPSIE! CIA/Pentagon accidently destroy YET ANOTHER incriminating document.

GOP budget bill would kill net neutrality and FCC’s set-top box plan

Donald Trump admits to using aliases two weeks after denying it -this fugger is sick

78 more delegates and Hillary achieves the "presumed nominee" status

DNC Chair too toxic for the party? Democrats increasingly fed up with leadership RT America

A man, a dog and a hummingbird

42 Out of 46 Senate Democrats Have Endorsed Hillary Clinton Compared to 1 for Sanders

Lol. Newly powerful Sanders flexes Senate muscles

Texas teen sentenced to 38 years for murdering Iraqi immigrant

Texas teen sentenced to 38 years for murdering Iraqi immigrant

Ohio legislature votes to allow limited medical marijuana use

LePage joins Texas lawsuit against Obama’s decree on transgender rights

Sanders, now a reformer, once boasted of being tough on crime

So Sanders is going to hold a rally in my home town on Saturday. Guess who is not going.

Cenk Uygur (TYT) Introduces Bernie In Anaheim, CA

Cutest female street drummer ever! Amazing korean girl

🐦 Bernie Sanders - Thursday May 26: Ventura College and Ganesha High School

Trump, BS, Release the Taxes! before the FOX DEBATE! (HRC GP)

"Don't do stupid shit"

Chris Matthews Browbeats Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Over Delegates

Chris Matthews Needs To Be Fired NOW

"I've always tried"

Bernie and tRump are debating???

Fortune: Polls Show Trump Winning in a Clinton Showdown, and They May Be Right

Raging Bullshit, part 3: Antivaccine celebrity Robert De Niro to make a vaccine documentary


Opera Software shareholders greenlight sale

UK TV Channel Coming Out With Documentary About "Pup Play" Fetish

Stephen Curry, the Warriors and the struggle to stay superhuman

Poor, elderly Mainers owe $2.7 million because of DHHS errors

🐦 Bernie Sanders Friday, May 27 – San Pedro, CA - Sponsored by Harbor Area Labor Unions

Student Arrested For Drinking Milk While Black!?!?!

So when does blaming Bernie for the lies exposed in the State Report begin?

"Oh My Lord Jesus, No. It Did Not Happen." (Nina Turner on "Chair Throwing" At Nevada Convention)

Caller Mary: Kids Are Bad Because We Don't #Pray In #Schools!

Venezuela sells gold reserves as economy worsens

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-25-16

California Up for Grabs, Poll Finds, as Clinton and Sanders Battle

Growing discontent on Venezuela's streets

Majority Report : ObamaCare : Progress and Problems, Pros And Cons

Sanders' campaign manager on the state of the Dem race

Sanders' campaign manager on the state of the Dem race

Sanders' campaign manager on the state of the Dem race

Bernie Or Bust Debate : Sam Seder (Majority Report) vs. Jimmy Dore (TYT)

WARNING!! I watched the whole Trump rally in Anaheim yesterday and I suggest

When will MSNBC call the race?

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Invited Chinese Donor to Hillary Clinton’s Home

Please vote here!

Do the unethical.actions of HRC dirty Obama's legacy?

Clinton favorable/unfavorable as of May 23: 43/54, 41/57, 31/52, 37/61, 36/55, average = 37.6/55.8

The good old days.....

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Tinfoil Dictator

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Thursday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

She wore Raspberry Beret, like the kind you find in a second-hand store.

Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules

The Religious Right: Part Two | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Democrats Discuss Dropping Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Clinton going on air w new TV ads in California starting Fri: Morgan Freeman & Dolores Huerta

Most Hated Ever: 60% Hate or Dislike Trump & Clinton

If Hillary Clinton cared on iota about this nation she would suspend her campaign immediately.

What is Mass Incarceration?

That new CA poll from PPIC might be an outlier.

California Up for Grabs, Poll Finds, as Clinton and Sanders Battle

Kimmel interjected and asked, “So you were full of shit?” Trump’s response? “A little bit.”

Clinton Beats Trump With Middle-Income Rust Belt Voters

Trump: "Mitt Romney walks like a penguin."

Doesn't matter which party wins?

‘Game On’: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Just Agreed to Debate

Talking Heads - "Once In A Lifetime"

DOCs SHOW: Conservative hero ’American Sniper’ Chris Kyle grossly exaggerated his military record

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It Official Music Video

Could they want DWS out to put in an Obama/Biden puppet?

The Weeknd and Belly cancel 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' performance because of Trump appearance

Sister, Soldier, Voter: Tapping Into the Hidden Vote of the Black Military Woman

Tears For Fears - Mothers Talk

Maddow's shameful lies last night

So Vince Foster had 5 separate inquiries of his suicide?

Hillary and the new Ghostbusters!

Anti-Choice Groups Use Smartphone Surveillance to Target ‘Abortion-Minded Women’ During Clinic Visit

"You call it insomnia. I call it opportunity!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!

Optimism Brewery in Seattle solves the gendered bathroom "problem"

What does this say to our children?!?

Former Russian Prime Minister Caught on Camera Having Sex With Opposition Leader

Now, MSNBC Kornacki, NEW NBC/WSJ POLL: Clinton 19%, Trump 35% on Honest, Trustworthy

State Dept. spokesman Wednesday: 'There was no prohibition on using personal email'

Sanders fundraising for Russ Feingold

Venezuela Goes from Bad to Catastrophe

The Shock of Ordinary Gun Violence

May 26, Poll: Clinton, Sanders neck-and-neck in California.

"Everyone leave the room except Keitel, Krebs, Jodl, and Burgdorf..."

Forbes: OIG email report vindicates Clinton

What about Hillary Clinton and the Ukraine? Hillary Clinton’s Ukraine Problem

All in for Bernie: How Bernie Sanders Is Changing The Face Of Vermont's Democratic Party

Women Are Leaving Church, And the Reason Seems Clear

Turns out Hillary didn't file her TPS reports. Outrage!

So whats the over/under on hrc trying to force her way back into

HRC supporters: Please stop saying that it doesn't matter if Sanders wins a state. IT DOES MATTER!

Don't Let the Doorknob Hit Ya

This Is How a Revolution Ends

Christian Rock Singer Stops Believing after Reading Richard Dawkins’ Book

This Is How a Revolution Ends

Evidence from the IG Report: Clinton violated the law, but committed no crime.

L.A. Metro and City of Los Angeles to Officially Launch Bike Sharing in Downtown Los Angeles

The poll to watch in regards to California is the Field Poll

Rigged voting process? No doubt about it!

Rigged voting process? No doubt about it!

Hillary's 'She's With Us' Spotify Playlist

Why the Sanders/Trump debate is great news

Clinton Beats Trump With Middle-Income Rust Belt Voters: Bloomberg Poll

Sanders-Trump debate and the butt-hurt in Camp Weathervane.

The most striking thing about the State Dept. IG report.

White Clover

Bernie fundraises for Russ Feingold.

Genius by Stephen Hawking - 6 episode series

Key Democrat Incensed Over ‘Intimidation’ For High Drug Prices

HRCGROUP / CA Latino Legislative Caucaus Endorses Hillary Clinton

Virginia: Construction of Roanoke's Amtrak platform expected to start this fall, state says

This PBS: Frontline episode "Two Families" shows the true face of the Clinton "Recovery"

The Racist Side of Bernie Sanders Supporters

Man shoots male doctor for assisting his wife’s delivery in Saudi Arabia

Good question.

Video of Rachel Maddow's segment on the IG's report

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration Has Passed the Point of No Return

Father beaten up for taking 5yo daughter to men's room

New York Times: Emails Add to Hillary Clinton’s Central Problem: Voters Just Don’t Trust Her

Hillary & DWS Pick Influence Peddlers to Guide DNC Platform, Including Albright's Stonebridge Intl

Who is appealing the Ohio Court decision to overthrow

Which peon will be Hillary's fall guy? Any guesses?

Trump's Political Director Rick Wiley Out After 6 Weeks

Trump has clinched Republican nomination

If Bernie actually debates the Drumpf he officially becomes an asshole

NBC New's Scathing Report of Hillary's Email Problems - Must Read

E-mail stuff " Non scandal''

"SDs Don't Vote Until the Convention" is the New "Once They Get to Know Him"

I can't believe people really think there will be a Sanders vs. Trump debate.

Should all who endorse Hillary demand a pardon for Chelsea Manning?

Attorney General on E-mail

Virginia: Construction of Roanoke's Amtrak platform expected to start this fall, state says

Location of Aristotle's tomb to be revealed at Thessaloniki conference Thursday

Now that sanders has moved to the GE

HRCGROUP / Hillary Stealing the "Rust Belt" from Trump..haha

Bernie gets punked by Trump!

Caught Across

Why hasn't Donald Trump ever finished a novel?

Anyone have a Tivo

Hillary up +3 vs. The Trumpser according to weekly Rasmussen poll

Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm for Southern Coast from Georgia through North Carolina

Donald Trump secures $6 million for Trump Victory fund

What do you think? Could constantly posting anti Hillary stuff day in and day out even though it

The Shock of Ordinary Gun Violence

Condoms, tampons and feces: Oregon fraternity suspended after 'disgraceful' trashing of Shasta Lake

HRCGROUP/ Sanders loses ground in California as campaign’s provocative behavior drives away voters

It’s About Time To Kick Wasserman Schultz Out The Door

French labour dispute: Widespread strikes cause disruption

Sanders: Yes, A Convention About Real Issues Might Be 'Messy'

🐦 Bernie Sanders - May 28 - Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Bakersfield

As Xi plans to murder the Dalai Lama, he destroys OUR right to read the truth about him online...

Josh Marshall: This was never more than some poor judgment overlayed by a big bureaucratic ...

Why Democrats Should Care About Hillary Clinton's E-mail Scandal

Obama “During the course of a primary, people say what they think might help them get some votes,”

Guccifer's Plea Agreement.

Clinton needs a good offensive plan.

Super Delegates CAN flip. Here are two Super Delegates who switched from Clinton to Obama!

No, the system wasn’t rigged against him The system was rigged, for sure, but in his favor. The fir

Hillary; "Anytime, anywhere"

too bad whichhillary was scared to debate bernie..... maybe she'll learn something from

What the hell are you doing, Bernie?

Outrageously miseducated candidate surprisingly loses Texas school board race

Getting the most bang out of your buck - cheapest/most expensive states

Twelve days and counting .. till the California Primary

You can't believe anything Hillary says. She lies all the time.

I would hope to have enough integrity that I wouldn't excuse

The US is dropping calls for Assad to go because the Syrian regime is a better bet than Isis

Obama: World leaders 'rattled' by Trump

Hillary is too much like Trump to debate him effectively. I think Hillary is also hobbled by Chelsea

I've walked around with toothpaste on my forehead all morning.

The president isn't elected on election day.

Breaking: Trump Was Joking About Debating Bernie

"The executive branch enforces laws." aka "Are you smarter than a 3rd grader?"

Bernie's debating Trump is consistent with Bernie's promise

There will be no indictment of HRC

Muslim mob attacked Christian homes in Egyptian province

A tale of 2 political hitmen: The similarities of David Brock and Roger Stone

Just a few juicy Trump tidbits from the DU archive

Trump campaign says IT WAS JUST A JOKE...He's NOT going to debate Bernie! Just reported on

Bernie agreed to appear on Fox News to coordinate attacks against Hillary with Fox and Trump

Bernie's campaign and his supporters, grassroots activists?

The assumptions about this hypothetical Bernie/Trump debate epitomizes the current problem

But... but... but... the Bush administration did it too!

Socialism is not what I though it would be.

He is named Birdie by that little bird now Trump is named THE FLY>>>>>I'm dating myself lol

Hillary has a busy schedule today.....

Does anyone know where the post is...

CNN: Hillary Clinton's shrinking email defense

if you don't know the difference between a 'private server' and 'private email'...

Time Magazine Dispels Myth of a Positive Campaign by HRC and that Sanders has not been Vetted

Another GOP'er shows her true colors...

Would Hillary follow in Bill's footsteps, destroying lives and families with excessive deportation?

Ammon Bundy retains former Utah State Rep. J. Morgan Philpot

Antlerman - a lifetime of collecting antlers

The huge price tag for missing warnings of L.A. teachers abusing students: $300 million and counting

I figured out how Bernie can STILL Debate Trump


BWHAHAHA: Trump campaign says the Bernie/Trump debate will never happen (it was a joke)

Heads Up: LBN forum no longer on the front page.

Game On! Sanders to Debate Trump. Hillary will be a No Show!

Why are some people here seemingly happy that Trump "punked" Bernie?

Why does anyone even care about the Dalai Lama?

He was "called" a War Criminal; but the interesting thing is; he actually IS one!

Senate votes to end USDA catfish inspections, which just got underway

Koch Goons, er, Bros, are spending on Senate races, even though they're sitting out the Prez

World's Greatest Democracy

Recent pieces on GMOs that I'm not willing to post in general forums.

"Young Turks" Invites Donald Trump To Debate Bernie Sanders

Art Briles, head coach at Baylor University is fired.

Some actions make me wonder WTH, but then I remember there are a lot of teams in play.

Another Windows 10 "upgrade" aggravation.

Jehovah's Atheists

****May Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 1****

****May Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 2****

****May Photo Contest Preliminaries--Thread 3****

Young Turks offer to host Trump vs Sanders debate

Report of two F/A-18 fighter jets crashing off the east coast

Nancy Dow, Actress and Jennifer Aniston's Mother, Dies at 79

The New Roots.

At what point am I allowed to celebrate Hillary making history? Photo & song

****May Photo Contest Preliminaries**** Now posted in GD

The Latest: Snyder halts some Flint water investigations

Art Briles suspended, athletic director on probation, Ken Starr moved to chancellor

Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth, says the new Congressional Voting Rights Caucus

Bernie endorses Russ Feingold!

Trump's campaign chairman says he'll pick a white man to be his running mate

Sanders camp praises RNC chairman for leadership

How pissed were you in June of 08?

CNN: In Trump attacks, Clinton finds her voice

ABC News, robotic restaurant, Nuremberg Germany

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Trump Says That Under His Leadership, GOP Will Become A "Worker's Party"

Bernie Sanders Fundraising for Russ Feingold

Hold on! It MAY be happening.. Sanders camp: Discussions underway for Trump debate

Neil Young is on Colbert tonight (Thursday) - fyi

Trump: If I’m Elected, GOP Will Become A 'Worker’s Party'

What if John Edwards had been the nominee in 2008?

Tax protestor who claimed 'expatriated' citizenship loses in court (MI)

Altercation Between Pedestrian, Off-Duty Cop; The altercation appears to have been over jaywalking

HRC supporters are outraged that Bernie agreed to debate Trump b/c This shows up HRC for ducking

Time to ask opinions on this possible scenario.

'Sovereign citizen' dispute ties up police, court (MA)

A different take on the odds....

Sanders Aide Says Backchannel Talks Starting on Trump Debate

My "WTF?" of the day, Ted Nugent edition...

A Bernie vs. Trump debate is akin to men telling women to leave the room while the men

Poll of Middle-Income Rust Belt Voters: Hillary 46, Trump 39

When it rains in Central TX, this is where the water goes

Archaeologists discover Aristotle’s 2,400-year-old tomb in Macedonia

Sanders Endorses and Fundraises for Russ Feingold!

Burnie math

65 Million Years In The Making

Wolfie B and Jeff Weaver are planning the Trump/Bernie debate right now!

Did TYT get punked by Trump too?

Just found on Twitter: KY vote shifted by just 13 votes.

🐦 Thursday May 26 Bernie to appear on Jimmy Kimmel

Sanders Endorses and Fundraises for Russ Feingold!

Anyone that expects Clinton to roll over and die on this email issue

Hillary Blatantly Lied Multiple Times To Democratic Voters About Private Server

Sanders Trump could get ugly

How far is too far with Hillary's E-mails.

Breaking: Trump about to address the media...

I got some good news today.

New PPIC poll shows a tossup in California

Cooking squirrel with blowtorch will cost Holland tenant $2M

Social media campaign asks whether you are "man enough" to vote for Hillary

The Hillary email "GOP created story" does have a scandal in it.

The Lie of "Disproportionality"

A mother is in custody after deputies found her fetus dead in a trash can in the back yard

Hillary wins Kentucky--> Recanvass shows no change in Kentucky primary results

The Latest: NYC police boss calls rappers 'basically thugs'

An early crusader against segregation

Rachel Maddow: early cross-party debates is a 'dramatic and creative proposal.'

Mom says her transgender first-grade daughter is making her way

Seeds of suicide

Voting rights under attack

Very cute Google Doodle today! Frankie Manning and the Lindy Hop:

Deconstructing the Green Revolution

The U.S. is still using floppy disks to run its nuclear program

Why Dylann Roof shouldn't be killed for killing

Kentucky recanvass confirms Clinton as winner

The strange saga of the Sanders-Trump debate that was, then wasn't

Trump Reaches the Magic Number to Clinch Nomination

Imperialism’s Junior Partners

Why do some people think the general election will be a cakewalk for Trump?

So Condi Rice didn't have personal or private email in 2008

Trump and Bernie....

Hillary needs Obama's campaign team, because her team

Hillary Clinton is about to break the ultimate glass ceiling on every level.

.@HillaryClinton just gave a shoutout to the workers at Trump's Vegas hotel fighting to unionize

Wolf Blitzer Grills Hillary Clinton Spox Brian Fallon on Email Report - She’s Got Something to Hide

US Class I Railroads: Why Are Coal Volumes a Concern?

Yes, the leader of the "Birther Movement." is the Repug nominee--Go register new voters.

U.S. Oil Companies Ignore Climate Change While the Rest of the Industry Evolves

Again, it is a question of her ELECTABILITY

TX Runoff Election: 3060 ballots issued, 10 people bothered to vote

The huge price tag for missing warnings of L.A. teachers abusing students: $300 million

Sanders camp urges Trump not to 'chicken out' of debate

Sky so full of chairs that it blots out the Nevada sun

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere

Can we please stop accusing President Obama of bribery, at least without any evidence?

Al Sharpton Calls Out Bernie Campaign Manager: You Didn’t Win Black Voters ‘Even In The North’

Has Hillary attacked anyone who endorsed Sanders?

If Bernie refuses to debate Trump, the Hillaryites will say he's afraid to debate Trump!

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Wins Ku Klux Klan Endorsement for Hate Bill 2!

Not every image containing the Clinton Logo is legitimate.

How to vote 3 times in the election!

What The Hell is Donald Trump Hiding in His Tax Returns?

Coexistence, is it possible and is it desirable?

Donald Trump rep: offer to debate Bernie Sanders was just a joke

Just observe the audacity of Clinton lies

#brazilcoup = Artists and cultural workers loud and clear: NOBODY WILL SHUT US UP!

US nuclear arsenal controlled by 1970s computers with 8in floppy disks

Hillary Clinton just gave a shoutout to the workers at Trump's Vegas hotel fighting to unionize

Even if HRC is not indicted. Trump will shred her over

It would have been something to see.

If Bernie Can't Read Trump's Joke, How Can He Read Foreign Leaders or the Country's?

Toronto police and drug squad raid marijuana dispensaries

Mika: It Feels Like Hillary Is Straight-Out LYING... Morning Joe/ MSNBC

Trump: I'll debate Bernie for $10 million

(Update) Trump: 'I'd love to debate Bernie’ to raise $10M for charity

Flashback, 2014: Dems turn on Wasserman Schultz

Clinton says IG report won't affect her presidential bid

Toronto police and drug squad raid marijuana dispensaries|X-post Canada

The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.

So, Bernie wants to debate Trump on FAUX News ...

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Ventura California Rally (5-26-16) =*=

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Ventura California Rally (5-26-16) =*=

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Ventura California Rally (5-26-16) =*=

Yes - media will call Clinton"presumptive nominee" before CA - not because of Superdelegates but bec

The only good white voters are Hillary voters.

HRCGROUP / UH OH! Trump just called E Warren a fraud, not a Native Am, AND said SHE HAS A BIG MOUTH

How to “Bernie or Bust” Responsibly

Kentucky recanvass fails to flip state to Sanders

Real? Fake? Video Shows Tesla Model S Driver Apparently Asleep At The Wheel, On Autopilot

Q&A: Bernie Sanders on the Future of the Democratic Party

MUST SEEK TRUMP VIDEO! Donald Trump's Children Book on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" segment. Very funny!


Democracy Now! (May 26): Young scientist presents climate petition to Exxon shareholders' meeting

Trump adviser: Trump wants a white male vice president to do all the presidenting he won't do

Hillary Clinton launches “six-figure” TV ad buy in California

Wow. Now Bernie Sanders, St. Bernie, is also FDR.

Black Ball Trump in The Media Says he's Bigger Then Super Bowl - Chu Ching

4 things Hillary Clinton got wrong in her latest statement about those emails

Bernie Sanders is Switching Teams

Bees, butterflies to get better habitat along Interstate 35

CNN: Egyptian officials have found airplane debris field. Narrowed it down to 3 square miles. NT

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 101 Trailer

They don't even TRY to hide it anymore.

'There Should Be a March on Washington for All of Us Over 60 Who Will Never Get a Job Again'

FDA Approves First Drug-Oozing Implant to Control Addiction

I keep noticing the same people reaching and trying to divide on behalf of Hillary.

Show of hands, how many people has Bernie made into white, middle class men?

His weakness isn’t that he’s a clown. His weakness is he’s a self-infatuated clown. He loves his o

The Pinocchio Test

Pants in flames alert: All of Hillary's emails for the first several months

Do voters in the last primaries deserve to have ANY say in who the nominee is?

Rush has a theory on women:

Poll: Clinton, Sanders in a dead heat in CA (with cartoon)

He doesn't give a shit about any of US.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 26,2016

Peter Staley re: meeting with the Sanders campaign.

free publicity for Bernie thru Feingold

She was just asked if she would interview with the FBI and blew past it again.

For 2020, the Democratic Party Should Take Back Its Nomination Methods

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Suspect in Navajo Girl's Slaying

A Sneak Peek At Charlie Daniels' Next NRA Ad

Clinton tells cheering union members that Trump is ‘urgent threat to our rights’

Another melt your heart away story, Axel Roads

How Elections Work: A Few Helpful Hints for Bernie Sanders And His Less Earthbound Enthusiasts

My basic observations on the Democratic presidential primary contest, where we stand today.

A friend sent me a 'beyond' hilarious and scary photo of a group of world leaders

Now Trump says he'll

Sanders attempt to reverse results in Kentucky rebuffed by requested recanvass

"Today’s Thinkers and Activists Oppose Hillary Clinton"

I'm concerned I may have to get rid of my 9 month old cat named Oliver.

This was nice to see!

Clinton tells cheering union members that Trump is ‘urgent threat to our rights’

Sanders Calls For Trump Debate In 'Biggest Stadium Possible'

Luckovich - Bathroom Politics

Bernie Sanders still trails Hillary Clinton after Kentucky recanvass

Sanders’ DNC Platform Team Pushes For Palestinian Rights, Blasts Israeli War Crimes

Mika: It Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is Lying Straight Out | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump agrees to debate Sanders; Fox News is 'interested'

Robert Reich is still trying to talk some damn sense into Bernie supporters

Bernie announced at Ventura rally that Trump *is* prepared to debate n/m

What do people think of this article from The Curve?

No need to watch the #BernieTrumpDebate! Already have a recap:

Imagining a Trump Cabinet. I'll start - Chris Christie Attorney General. Palin? Ann Coulter?

The proposed Sanders Trump Debate is Officially the new 'Bernie's Meeting the Pope'

Is Bernie really so aggrieved that he's now willing to explicitly campaign on Trump's behalf?

Newest Brock meme: Trump "punked" Sanders by agreeing to debate him, then chickening out.

HB2 - My kid's Teacher Promoting it in class...Response ideas?

A contrarian view: A Sanders v Trump debate would be a no lose proposition for Clinton

Behold the future of American rock climbing!

WSJ's Reporter Twitter Stream Of Trump's Big Energy Speech - Comedy Gold!

How is Bernie debating Trump not a positive for Hillary?

Wisconsin: Clinton 43, Trump 31

Leaks:Pending Trade Agreement on Healthcare Proposes Shipping Poorer Patients Overseas to Save Money

Bernie Sanders accuses US Trade Rep of intimidating Colombia over Novartis patent

They are getting SO desperate!

Bernie Sanders accuses US Trade Rep of intimidating Colombia over Novartis patent

"Trump too Horrifying for Stephen King"

State Department Email Report Complicates Clinton's Message

Did State Dept file a motion for protective order to prevent release of testimony by Lukens?

More Great Lakes States Middle Income Voters Would Pick Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump Today

The Clintonian Problem

Salvadoran gangs use Facebook to track down victims

Salvadoran gangs use Facebook to track down victims

I've never put anyone on this site on Ignore before. I just did.

Why Are Finland's Schools Successful? Sweden Failing Hedge Fund Privatized!

After Honduras Military Coup, Manuel Zelaya Considers Running For President Again

Neck-and-Neck in California as Sanders Virtually Erases 50-Point Deficit

Why Bernie Sanders is actually winning

For the Endangered American Eel, A Long, Slippery Road to Recovery

More questions raised about OPM’s response to hack of background, personnel records database

Worth the read .... why natives ... Ephemerals

Argentine President Admits Having Bank Account in Bahamas

Argentine President Admits Having Bank Account in Bahamas

Requiem For The American Dream. Noam Chomsky

#HIV #AIDS community meets with Sanders. We "feel used and abused" by Sanders campaign.

System of a Down's Serj Tankian on Bernie Sanders: 'I'm Rooting for Him'

Just got over Ebola, Zika on the horizon, now this shit

Trump's "You have to be wealthy to be great" line today....

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign: Donald Trump Debate Would Benefit Voters | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Nothing to see here folks, keep on walking (video) keep on walking..

Wall Street’s New Man in Brazil: The Forces Behind Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachmentv

Wall Street’s New Man in Brazil: The Forces Behind Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment

Donald Trump On Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s Got A Big Mouth’

Every Part ofthe US Government Has Probably Been Hacked; HS official: 600,000 cyber incidents thisFY

How to "Bernie or Bust" Responsibly

People. This focus on personal/private emails is a limited hangout.

Bernie Rally!!!!!!!! Friday May 27 San Pedro California!!!!!!

Bernie Rally!!!!!!!! Friday May 27 San Pedro California!!!!!!

After KY Announces Recanvassing, Hillary picks up 1 pledged delegate

Lobbyist says he can help GOP Rep raise enough $ to get on Ways & Means committee:

Fellow Liberals, Let’s Stop Doing These Things

so now let me get this straight

Loving vs Loving?

A Preview of the Sanders Vs Trump Debate...

Trying to break Kitty from treat addiction.

Chuck Todd: "Because of This Breach, I Don't Think She Could Get Confirmed For Attorney General..."

Josh Marshall at TPM: Ok, Enough. Just Pick Warren.

It's starting to look like Hillary's inner circle obstructed justice.

Kentucky declares Clinton Democratic primary winner after recanvass. She wins it twice!!!

Anti-Target transphobe arrested for shackling girl in basement

Josh Marshall at TPM: Ok, Enough. Just Pick Warren.

538: The System Isn’t ‘Rigged’ Against Sanders

The Coming Drone Blowback

Hillary beating the SHIT out of Trump in CA right now on CSPAN. WONDERFUL!!

Diane Ravitch: My Choice for President

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign: Donald Trump Debate Would Benefit Voters | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign: Donald Trump Debate Would Benefit Voters | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Disney’s Bob Iger Blasts Bernie Sanders on Private Facebook Post:

In the U.S. and abroad, more young adults are living with their parents

Weaver coming up next on MSNBC 3:28 PDT. nt

Seven (7) Days to Go!

TheYoungTurks will give $1 million to charity if @realDonaldTrump and @BernieSander debate on TYT

The League of Conservation Voters sent out a statement before Trump's speech was over. "LVC has hear

CNBC: "Trump-Sanders debate would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare" (It's not too late Hillary!)

Weaver on MSNBC: Direct talks between Sanders and Trump campaigns on the debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 27 May 2016

The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S. - WaPo

Learning to type in 1954.

Tornado warnings all over the place

Obama wanted to remove Debbie - and she abused identity politics Clinton-style

SpaceX trying another launch/landing with Thaicom8 in an hour.

Official: 19 people trapped by rising water in Kentucky cave

The problem with a Trump-Sanders debate is that Trump will try to co-opt Bernie's message

Tonya Couch indicted on charges of hindering apprehension, money laundering

Der Trumpenfuhrer Appearing at Rolling Thunder

1 student dead, 1 hospitalized after attack near school

Trump's speech on energy today.... well, let's just say I can't find the words to insult

California mayors press for freeway cameras amid shootings

Oregon Marijuana tax collections expected to be higher, much higher (no pun intended)

Hillary Clinton Defends Email Use, Discusses Potential Sanders/Trump Debate

Some of these political analysts are just off their rocker

Has the Fossil Fuel Industry Taken Us Off the Cliff?

MTP/ChuckTodd - Danielle Pletka

AIDS activists blast Sanders, say he “used and abused” them by lying about meeting

How To Make A Cheese Ball Machine Gun


There's a difference between a private EMAIL account and a private SERVER.

Video of Testimony in Clinton Email Lawsuit Ordered Sealed

The Clinton Show is growing old & tiresome. Time to pull the plug.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel the 2 musical guests walked out because of the Trumpus

The conclusion of the OIG report.

Broadband ISPs, CableCos Still Least Liked of Any US Industry (tied with healthcare providers)

It's not Bernie's fault his supporters think the system is rigged-the SYSTEM IS RIGGED.

Who cares about Hillary's emails, honestly?

BOG POST: I will miss him for so many reasons.

State judge in 'Mississippi Burning' trial dies at age 84

Program I Work in on Front Page of Newark Star Ledger

So they pulled the plug on Hilary's server when it was attacked by hackers.

It's not an exact parallel, but in 1980 Jimmy Carter refused to debate John Anderson

We really are going to let Trump win aren't we?

ATTN!! if a candidate cannot win the primary / caucus they are running in

Chicago's "Walking Man" Beaten, May Not Be Able to Walk Any More

B.B. King's Estate War: 15 Kids, 15 Moms and a "Totally Haywire" Fight

Bernie on the possible debate.

Trump's $10 Million Price Tag On The Debate Shows He Is Trolling...

The Latest: Medicaid officials surprised by budget language

Democratic Senators are unloading on Bernie Sanders for a courting a debate with Donald Trump.

UN committee denies credentials to press freedom group

Guessing game time! In how many "business hours" can we expect an indictment?

Donald Trump would allow Keystone XL pipeline and end Paris climate deal

Here is a link to a simple easy-to-follow discussion of the Freedom of Information Act:

I am confident that Bernie Sanders will endorse and campaign for Hillary.

Hill Supporters: In case of recommendation of indictment by FBI, do you agree she should step aside?

Trump has dug up the worst of the worst: Arthur Laffer and more

So, is "the system is rigged" nothing more than something that is in Bernie supporters' heads?

How perfectly apt the DNC's meme -- Everything is all Debbie Wasserman Schultz's doing!

State Dept. official: Clinton could not access State network without email account

Hillary Clinton Doubles Down on Email Scandal, Saying 'It Was Allowed'

OK, so she sometimes makes mistakes! So what!

Caller: Women Hate #Hillary Because They're Intimidated By Her...

Is #SocialMedia Ruining Our Culture?

OK. I finally have a kumbaya moment for Bernie. I want to quote him