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Fuck Adam Hamari

Discover America's Bloody History at Five Famous Dueling Grounds

Compromise proposal- We give Hillary four years to serve America.

Tony BLIAR - go away - preferably to the Hague

Trump Has Overtaken Hillary in Polling Averages; Only Bernie Can Beat Trump

Enslaved in Scotland

JUST IN: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Hit With Federal RICO Lawsuit For Flint Water Disaster

$152.29 UPDATE!!!!!!!

I have a theory about that DMX kill the gays song being supposedly played at Bernie rallies.

I’m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I’m Not A Human Tire Fire

Bernie intends to take action at convention. B. Frank: Bernie is setting up claim that he was robbed

John Oliver

Mike Malloy - Louie Gohmert Says No To Gay Space Colonies (w/Kathy Malloy)

i just posted this in a thread, but i thought i would post it here.

Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral Standpoint:’ Report

I want a culture-jamming app.

Don't let other posters lie to you, Secretary Clinton beating tRump in polling averages

Hillary Clinton is now ahead of Donald Trump in revised Rasmussen poll..

#California's Black Leg. Caucus endorses #HillaryClinton !!! for #POTUS

Quiz: Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?? (70 questions)

San Fernando Valley, So Cal : Latino Voter Guide: No mention Bernie, Wrong Address, Frm HRC Supporte

Lee Camp of Redacted Tonite discusses MSNBC's plans to announce Hillary the Dem Nominee on 6/7 by

Desenhos Realistas

"Only the little people pay taxes"

*The Shop Around The Corner

Ann Coulter goes full birther to slam President Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima

Satanic Messages Found in Sanders Speeches

25 Photos That Prove There is Always Hope

UCLA Med Center's Dr. Francisco Durazo,Chief Hepatology/UCLA Liver Transpnt Phonebanks 4 Bernie!

"Being in Charge Isnt What it Used to be."

Bernie Sanders: Democratic primary not "rigged," just "dumb"

Libertarian Debate on CSPAN

Donald Trump’s Campaign Stumbles as It Tries to Go Big

Left Critique of the Minimum Wage

Do Confederate flags belong in military cemeteries?

Ex-McDonald's CEO suggests replacing employees with robots amid protests

Question about Captain America - Civil War (SPOILER)

Canada Reels at Cancer Diagnosis for the Tragically Hip’s Lead Singer

Bookings at Trump hotels down 60%. Is this why he is hiding his income taxes? Cause

Just the two of us we did it!!!!

Judge directs internal Trump University documents to be released

The Great Dem Party Stands Stronger Today

In next few weeks, body cameras will hit the streets with Omaha police officers

Trump's San Diego rally draws more than 1,000 chanting protesters

Dog Saved from Euthanasia by Quick Thinking Intern

#Bernie Says Democratic Primary ‘Not Rigged, We Knew What the Rules Were’

17 Crazy Things Women Couldn't Do in 1960

Yes, I do want a female President and I am not ashamed of it (HRC GROUP)

Ecuadorians tired of waiting for a cleanup of Guayaquil’s filthy waters

Feds reach agreement on South Dakota IHS hospital funding

NASA Successfully Inflates New Space Station Room

Bar bets

LIVE STREAMING NOW : Bernie Sanders Pre - Rally Meeting Bakersfield, California (5-28-16)


"I know [student loan forgiveness] works because Bill and I did that!"

The new Avatar album is excellent.

Mercury News editorial: Hillary Clinton is the best choice for California Democrats

He is now the Nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States

Itchy on Yahoo News: A new focus on John Bentel in e-mail scandal

Just curious....Whatever Happened to Jane????

Someone tried to blow up Gilt Nightclub (Orlando) last night

At the end of the first term whoever is in the WH will be facing a jobs crisis

Iraq Begins 'Liberating' Heart of Fallujah

DNC to Bernie Sanders: LOL No

I realize I'm getting on in years.

Poor polls, scandal, a cussed rival … how it’s all going wrong for Hillary Clinton

Five key takeaways from the TTIP leak for food and farming systems

Investment adviser accused of misappropriating more than $1 million killed himself Saturday

Can Democrats soothe the Bern?

Never Mind Trump, GOP Uniting Under Banner: 'Never Hillary'

The real reason Bill Clinton thinks Hillary should be president

Bernie pressured the bank to give Jane the loan

Hillary's ignorance of technology may be her achilles heel.

Mike Malloy - Why So Many People Dislike Hillary Clinton

“Networks are Colluding” to Declare Clinton the Overall Winner Before California Polls Close

East Coast Invasion Imminent

Leaked document may offer glimpse of how healthcare would be globalized by a second Clinton Administ

Santa Barbara rally remembered the candidate's wedding anniversary( pics)

Chomsky on socialism

European municipalities join the battle against TTIP to protect sovereignty and public services.

For the Hillary Group. For the women, for us all.

Jane lets some news slip out?

30 question quiz.

It is laughable that Bernie thinks he has any influence on Hillary's VP pick. nt

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku

80% of my CA phonebank respondents voted for Bernie!!!

Loss of Manufacturing Jobs hits minorities hard.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku

Newsweek explains very well why the email scandal still isn't a scandal

Chuck Todd's wife's company, Maverick Strategies and Mail, got $1,342,293 from Sanders campaign:

Pending Pact Will likely "roll back" ACA, and make all Sanders platform impossible

If anyone thinks this post I responded to is antisemitic, please feel free to weigh in...

Memorial Day

Dick Van Dyke introduces Sanders at rally - The Hill

Someone's California's Democratic Voter Guide (not mine)

Party Food Ideas For June 7th Bernie & Hillary Showdown

The stump speech

The Sanders-Clinton distinction: Running to do, not to be something

Is Hillary trying to shame me into giving her a donation? How did I "join Team Hillary"?

Report: Trump campaign indicates it's 'not going to have enough money' to fight Hillary Clinton befo

Idiotic Sanders supporter claims he created fake homophobic video as a social experiment.

Just a heads-up

Just 500 more votes is all we need.

President Obama at Hiroshima. (Obama Group)

Barney Frank Sees Sanders Smackdown Attempt as Ploy to Claim Election Was Stolen

Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral Standpoint:’ Report

Sweet Jane

P-47 Thunderbolt Retrieved After Fatal Plane Crash On Hudson River

HUFFPOLLSTER: The Election System Didn’t Doom Bernie Sanders

Friend shoots man holding his ex-wife in chokehold, deputies say

MUST SEE VIDEO! Real Time with Bill Maher: Bernie Sanders Interview – May 27, 2016 (HBO)

The Unsinkable SS Clinton has hit an Iceberg

Los Lobos - Kiko And The Lavender Moon

Los Lobos - Kiko And The Lavender Moon

Bernie Slams Giant Food Corporations: "We can grow food in this country that is healthy."

Bernie Sanders: Primary isn't 'rigged,' just 'dumb'

Oh, so THAT'S why!

How do we combat Trump?

A President Trump will doubtless give the go ahead to launch

Koterba toon: June 6th

new TiSA Agreement May "Roll back" ACA, heads up it will also preempt Bernies whole platform


"Whistle-Blower, Beware". OP-ED NYT

If you are Bernie or Bust you are no hero!

Virgin Islands votes next weekend.

10 reasons TTIP is bad for good food and farming

The Latest: Wyoming splits delegates 7-7 to Clinton, Sanders

So if Hillary is elected

Frances Fox Piven on Bernie Sanders and Socialism

Arab League endorses French peace initiative

DUers that speak French, I need some help with a screenplay I am writing for the production company

I have a new DVD player. My old one could not play some store

For those who are supposedly so worried about a trump presidency.

Bernie thinks he can dictate terms at the convention and to who Hillary

"...I'd take a Flame Thrower to this place!" - Scent of a Woman

A Different Game

Pakistani Islamic council: Men are permitted to beat their wives "lightly"

The Latest: Wyoming splits delegates 7-7 to Clinton, Sanders

Bernie Sanders Warns Hillary Clinton on Running Mate Pick

Hillary: "Iraqis given the greatest gift that a human being can give another-the gift of freedom"

My Choice for President


Bernie and Hillary are the most HONEST of all

Virginia cancer victim’s obituary: I choose death over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

can you help rebuild my classroom warchest

Obituary gets the last word...

do you love education-need a feel good deed-read on PLEASE HELP

can you help me rebuild my classroom

Daily Holidays - May 29

Another lie about Bernie Sanders; He never used that anti-gay rap song!

Rendell: Dems short $10M for convention

Rendell: Dems short $10M for convention

Communications Director for DNC tells CNN to STOP counting SuperDelegates in totals

Jane wants you to watch this video.

Meghan Trainor's "No"-a dramatic reading by Disney Stars

(In Secret) Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral Standpoint:’ Report

5/28, This is where we stand (John Laurits)

In the Alternate America Where Bernie Sanders Dropped Out Already

who is Hillary Clinton's TOP political adviser?

NBC Admits: Hillary Is the 2016 Favorite

Tears for the state of the planet

Tears for the state of our planet

History often turns on small things, there's a famous proverb about for the want of a nail

Framing up Donald Trump. Dems are doing a good job. Here is how you can help.

Clinton vs. Sanders 2016: the desired end goal, a line in the sand, and a July 1st deadline...

If the system is fair in the US, I am very sure that Mr. Sanders will win the nomination.

Indus Valley Civilization is at least 8,000 years old, and not 5,500 years

Top dems worried about Clinton's ability to effectively fight Trump

Mother Jones nails it with this video.

Bernie Sanders is ignoring Hillary Clinton. It might be the nicest thing he can do for her.

Statement on Trump Debate | Bernie Sanders

Statement on Trump Debate | Bernie Sanders

Poverty and boredom gnaw at Japan

Iran not to send Mecca pilgrims, blames Saudi: state TV

Politico: The fall of

Hillary Clinton's Imperious Brush-Off of Email Rules

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Starry Starry Trek Edition

People Magazine weighs in...Hillary's national security problem is going to reach a wider audience

Mountain Jam 2016 to Stream Live Webcast (with Train performing complete "Led Zeppelin II")

Game of Thrones 6.6 "Blood of My Blood" (spoiler alert)

There is no doubt in my mind that if Warren had run, she'd be the nominee

Starting Grid for todays 100th Indianapolis 500;

Statement on Trump Debate | Bernie Sanders

Between Greece and Russia, faith and diplomacy connect in curious ways

Sailors take warning!

If anyone thinks the Democratic Party is not owned by money interests, ask yourself this:

Wrong Forum

Healthy Soils, Healthy People; The Legacy of William Albrecht

as we come to the last days of May, I present:

Dick Van Dyke: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the sanest man in America

The Biblical Laws Bleeding Your Schools

Loris Francesco Capovilla, key aide in Catholic Church, dies

Blair, not Corbyn, was Dangerous Experiment

Former N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson pleads no contest

Democracy Within the Democratic Party: Presidential Elections Part 3 of a Series.

LGBT gun group fires back against Newsom's gun control initiative

Mr. Fish Toon- Money Talks

Hillary Clinton has sensible attitude on guns, gun owners

What did Hillary do as SoS other than screw things up?

Uh oh. Seems Bernie has quite a scandal on his hands with the collapse of Burlington College.

Mr. Fish Toon- #1

Drunk man waved gun around New London nursing home, had more weapons in his car: Police

after virgin islands and Puerto Rico.

Hillary has been Branded: "...the ongoing FBI investigation..."

European migrant crisis:: Shipwrecks 'kill up to 700 migrants'

Ramapo cops returned gun used in murder-suicide: lawsuit

Hampton Roads communities wrestle with Confederate legacy, history

"It's not deceit. It's making a sale." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

In preparation of taking the parting hand...

Bernie has lost, and Trump will lose too, BIG TIME.

Eight! Eight more days! Ah-ahh-ahhh!

Murder-accused woman 'leader' of white supremacist group (Australia)

You know, if you want to mix fake audio into footage of a Bernie rally...

Donald Trump’s Campaign Stumbles as It Tries to Go Big

Amish for Trump ???

Bernie admits he doesn't know best strategy to use against Trump's "unconventional" campaign...

Rogue Justice review: Bush, 9/11 and the assault on American liberty

What Trump's America Inspires:

SpaceX Lands Third Consecutive Rocket, And the Video Is Breathtaking

Sanders on Clinton email server: Superdelegates 'keeping it in mind'

The Surge Of Trump-Fueled Anti-Semitism Is Hitting Jewish Reporters Who Cover Him

Today would have been John Kennedy's 99th birthday.

Dear Leader, 2017

Desert cammo of Luftwaffe

.....because all they care about is ratings.....

Failing to understand the problem(s)...

More of the 2016 disastrous CO2 climate year, May 22, 2016 4.54 ppm worse than May 25, 2015.

Failure of Burlington College is a big problem for Bernie and Jane Sanders

List of The Artists and Cultural Leaders for Bernie Sanders

Will Primary Season end on June 7 or June 14?

"You'll NEVER Be Able To Turn Me Off"

So glad I finally figured out what Bernie or Bust means.

Operation Condor - criminal conspiracy - (at least in Argentina...)

The Declarations of the Bernie Sanders Alternative Universe:

Dreams Stall as CUNY, New York City’s Engine of Mobility, Sputters

Dreams Stall as CUNY, New York City’s Engine of Mobility, Sputters

How many more days until the superdelegates vote?

the real scandal about Where the Hood At

This is the Freak Who Could Be Our Next President!

What it means for a Millennial to be "In Her Corner" by Trevor LaFauci |

Expecting Sanders Supporters to "Close Ranks?"

'The Great White Hope' By (Surprise!) Pat Buchanan:

Feel This Bern, Pal!

Frank Says It's False He Has "25 Year Vendetta" Against Sanders. Hell, He Even Fundraised For Him

Coward Bundy doesn't just toss militants willing to die for him under the bus, he drives over them

After all the dust settles...

is it JUST a class division?

State’s top judge pushes for criminal justice changes

Video: EVITA (Broadway) - And the Money Kept Rolling In (2012 Tony Awards)

Of Sanders’s highest-paid employees, 10 are male and zero are female:

If Clinton supporters had a smidgen of sense....

EVITA (Broadway) - "And the Money Kept Rolling In" (2012 Tony Awards)

Just Puked watching Mitch McConnell on CBS Sunday Morning


Surprise: It’s Not Just Bernie With Money Problems — Donald Is Running Low on Cash Too


Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism

Things that are conservative now according to Berners

Feinstein: ‘All but over’ for Sanders

People who propose risking the lives of others should be willing to take the risk themselves, right?

Laurel Hill Cemetery's legendary 'witness tree' is felled

Feinstein: ‘All but over’ for Sanders

Just saw a story on CBS about Mitch McConnell

#VettingHillary- Hillary received massive donation from Walmart heiress

Dear Gawd! We gone drown again.

Rubio Personally Apologized To Trump For Implying He Had A Small Penis

‘A capacity to move voters’: Will California be Bernie Sanders’ golden state?

Hillary still wins. Every time!!

Hillary still wins. Every time!!

Joan Walsh on Joy Reid

Just a reminder: It's a long time until a nominee is chosen.

Republicans Claim Sanders Used Senate Office To Help Wife At Burlington College

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 31: TCM Guest Programmer: Matthew Broderick

This Harvard Student's Graduation Speech Will Give You Major Chills

Bloomberg Poll: Clinton Leads Trump in the Rust Belt

Sanders Says It’s Clinton’s Responsibility To Bring His Supporters Into The Fold

Fair: 538 Sacrifices Integrity

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 1: Stage to Screen

spineless politician: Rubio: I apologized to Trump

Sanders says Clinton’s email situation has changed

Arrest made in destruction of Memorial Day display...

Arrest made after 160 Memorial Day crosses were damaged at Henderson park

Here's a list of Republicans who won't support Trump - They fit on one webpage

The LBJ 1964 genius ad men "behind the greatest ad campaign in political history" talking 2016

NY Times: Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race

NY Times: Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race

Everyday is a Whining Road

Playing with math in New Jersey polls

Cluck. Cluck.

What are the odds of a Dept head keeping their job in the wake of an OIG audit like Hillary's?

Israeli Arab ballerina takes crown in Israel's first transgender beauty pageant

Just checked out a list of "what's new on NetFlix" for June

Hillary Sent Classified Info to Someone w/ NO Security Clearance: Sid Blumenthal

Sub sailor's photo case draws comparisons to Clinton emails

Bernie accused of funneling campaign $$$ to family members.

Clinton's ace in the hole: Obama

Hillary receiving millions from former Ted Cruz billionaire donor

Sanders Candidacy Devolving into an Arrogant Insufferable Self-serving Disaster

Can one contact MIRT directly?

Rubio Personally Apologized To Trump For Implying He Had A Small Penis

We are in Alaska now!

America’s Seniors Can Count on Hillary Clinton

Escalation of Tory division over Europe

Is trump the worst example for children imaginable?

Trump's been lying about his opposition to cutting Social Security

Mets' Syndergaard ejection (Mets vs Dodgers): Are you kidding me?

Sanders Goes From 'Don't Give a Damn about Emails' to 'Take a Hard Look.' Pathetic.

Let's review what took place regarding the DMX-Sanders Rally story.

Mysteries of the wild that redefine our understanding of nature's pecking order.

Bernie or Bust Faithfull are Heroes to Me

NY Daily News: After latest email disaster, time for Clinton to drop out

A look at how cartoonists in the last week have portrayed Hillary emails

NY Daily News: Clinton has been caught lying for a year in email scandal

Japanese People VS Salty Liquorice | BatAAr

Japanese People VS Salty Liquorice | BatAAr

Sanders: Voters should take a "hard look" at Clinton emails report

What Jane did to Burlington College is what Bernie would do to America.

Yahoo: Clinton campaign faces a deficit of a vital commodity: enthusiasm

Voting the lesser of two evils is blackmail

CO Gov. "As a super I will do what I feel is in the best interests of the Democratic Party & vote fo

UPDATE: Active shooter situation in west Houston

The Real #Newsroom - Bern Edition - 5.29.2016 - #Forgainst

Does anyone else use photobucket to embed graphics & photos on DU?

****May Photo Contest FINALS****

Hillary Favors MeansTesting Social Security (So, Too, Does Paul Ryan)

****May Photo Contest FINALS**** have been posted in GD

Donald Trump Campaign Manager Defends Attack On Republican Latina Governor

Latest Bernier lie: no, Ted Cruz donor Robert Mercer is not donating to Hillary.

Clinton Fans in California Torch Sanders as Egotistical and Destructive

Scott Walker's latest, greatest power-play scam

The Week End Economists Turn to Marx. May 28 - 29 - 30, 2016.

Colonel Erik Goepner (Ret.): Trump Is Unfit to Be Our Commander in Chief - OPed Newsweek

Did anybody catch Hickenlooper on FTN this morning

Clinton Lead Over Trump Would Grow Without Sanders in The Race

Refusal in Bernie Sandersland to accept reality is really unreal (From The Seattle Times)

Even when it's pouring down rain...

Clinton Supporter, Wendell Pierce of ‘The Wire’, Arrested After Attacking 2 Sanders supporters

News from Brownbackistan: Real possibility now that schools won't open in August

Progress on Ukraine reforms can boost case for Russia sanctions - Rasmussen

The Real Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

Something I think we can ALL get behind... Hillary stepping up to a podium this afternoon and...

Kyiv Says Fighting In East Intensifies

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #29: Springtime For Trumpenfuror Edition

Feinstein begging Bernie to screw her states' voters; and begging media to shut up about e-mail.

Thomas Frank on Clinton's record as Secretary of State and Predatory Microloans

Does Hillary Clinton face a different standard for honesty?

Feinstein: A Democrat who LOVES the status quo. Can you guess why?

The Nazi Tweets of ‘Trump God Emperor’

Reich, Moore etc folding like a cheap suit hardly furthers the causes they profess to support.

WaPo - Does Hillary Clinton face a different standard for honesty?

Bernie shooting hoops after his speech today in Santa Maria, CA.

Will HRC debate anyone?

The Depth of the Trade in Services Agreement

Tim Wise on Bernie or Bust, elections and harm reduction

"Too Liberal" - Attack Ad Against Bernie Actually Makes Me Want To Vote for Bernie

Thank you, GOP, for destroying yourself and making Trump the nom.

This is what Reddit poster saw at a diner he/she was going to eat at in Washington D.C.

Speaking to huge California crowds, Bernie Sanders now has 55,000 volunteers in state!

Sanders says campaign isn't over if he doesn't win California

Sanders says campaign isn't over if he doesn't win California

Shaun King: Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign

Over 7,500 'feel the Bern' as presidential candidate Sanders stops in Santa Maria

Another Email Mess for Hillary Clinton: These Reveal She Opposed Pro-LGBT Changes at State Dept.

Random thoughts on Clinton's email server

Sanders Draws Big Crowds at California Rallies. Aiming to speak to more than 200,000 before June 7th

"What are you doing for others?" | Bernie Sanders

The email scandal is no one else other than Hillary's fault

This lesser than two evils meme..

Garamendi on MSNBC saying unity is up to Bernie

Fiore’s firearm fiasco

‘A capacity to move voters’: can California be Sanders’ golden state?

Hi to all my Bernie friends!!!!

I am no longer reading threads on Sanders. (In the HRC group either) The primary is done.

the Raid - ZERO PV (FULL)

Anyone else remember Larry Agran ?

Leonard Pitts: Bernie Sanders looking more like a sore loser



Whose chair is it anyway?

The Disturbing Truth About How Airplanes Are Maintained Today

Here's the flaw in the super delegate argument by Sanders:

What are you reading this week of May 29, 2016?

"America is in Your Hands"???????

It's 8:00 at night for me...had a couple of beers, my daughter made us

Video: Andrea Mitchell: E-mail scandal is "devastating". Mika Brzezinski "she's lying, straight out"

Has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

The Corporate Media Does a Horrendous Job | Bernie Sanders & John Boehner 1993

Here is the current status of 2016 Democratic Nomination race.

Buck-Tick - FLY HIGH

The Corporate Media Does a Horrendous Job | Bernie Sanders & John Boehner 1993

Any Way You Look At It, Hillary Wins Fair and Square

Buck-Tick - FLY HIGH

The Corporate Media Does a Horrendous Job | Bernie Sanders & John Boehner 1993

Redistributing Wealth

German rightwing party apologises for Jérôme Boateng comments

You wish that you could be this fabulous...

Here is the scenario---Bernie wins California and Hillary's email problems grow larger

Who should be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention?

Donald Trump exposes the GOP’s dirty secret: They build everything by nurturing white rage

Trump already helping crumble the Paris Climate Accord

Family of driver killed in US strike on Taliban leader file criminal case



The brain of schizophrenia patients attempts to repair itself

Chinese detergent firm says media 'overreacting' to racist ad

Jane Sanders didn't do anything intentionally wrong.




Random thoughts on Clinton's email server

A reminder

Some Tips to California Voters to Avoid Being Disenfranchised

Go Terps! Flush NC!

IMO, Trump will dropout before Bernie. Trump will cut a deal to be VP.

!Pendejo! !Hijo de puta! !Torres!

What would it say to our children.....

So Tired of Sanders Saying "the Ds Needs To Start Looking Out For The Middle Class"

Tremendous Idea

"Bitter, broke and hated by his former allies: how Bernie Sanders made himself irrelevant"

Sanders moves toward fight over Israel, forcing Hillary Clinton to navigate splintered party(HRC GP)

When did the United States get so damn uptight?

Doesn't it get tiring for Hillary supporters to keep on doing mental gymnastics?

We may be just this screwed: Drumpf has an easier path to victory than you think.


Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person

Dear screwed-up government, please take a look:

Here's another scenario---Hillary wins California and Bernie's FEC problems grow larger

Estee Lauder, Avon and Mary Kay have Resumed Animal Testing after a 20 year Hiatus

Too many freebies on their minds

Air Swimmers.

New World Order and the 2016 Election

Donated money to Hillary...and also bought some swag!!!!!

California | Bernie Sanders

California | Bernie Sanders

California | Bernie Sanders

TheYoungTurks 2nd interview w/ @BernieSanders 5/27/2016

Clinton Surrogates Attack Sanders' Wife

U.S. agents arrest suspect in 2007 North Carolina Walmart bombing

U.S. agents arrest suspect in 2007 North Carolina Walmart bombing

Teen girls charged with throwing bunny against a wall

We shall overcome, We shall overcome, We shall overcome on Tuesday

Is democratic underground,

Peru's Fujimori seen winning presidential election next week: poll

Veterans sites in California, Kentucky, Virginia damaged

Who is your favorite living film director?

Fear and Loathing '16

Shout out to British driver Pippa Mann: 18th Place at the Indy 500!

Texas Builds a Wildlife Highway to Help Endangered Ocelots Survive

Sometimes I have to question the thinking processes of people who use twitter..

The world's longest rail tunnel, in numbers

Enough is Enough’: Feinstein Unequivocally Defends Clinton, Urges Media to Drop Email Controversy

Does Donald Trump have Alzheimer's? Isn't the answer all too obvious?

A question about the negative poll numbers of Hillary and Trump?

BS cheerleaders feel Bill Clinton is fair game, get the vapors over Jane Sanders

Philippine police kill three more drug suspects

If Bernie was a Female

U.S. Special Forces will soon have a new weapon at their disposal: Stealth motorcycles

G7 nations 'stand ready to take further restrictive measures' against Russia

An Example Why AR-15s should be limited use

Earth and Mars Are About to Get Very Cozy

Respected Moody's model, right on every election since 1980, predicts Clinton win in November

Battle of Verdun remembered as 100-year anniversary hits (Globe & Mail)

Rigged? Not at all

I'm waiting for one brave host

German soccer fans respond to comment about black player: ‘Be our neighbor’

Trump Makes Rubio Apologize: Rubio Capitulates

Just before Ollie the collie was to be euthanized, a sharp-eyed vet intern spots the problem: A tick

Does Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resent Bernie & Jane Sanders because of their interfaith marriage?

No likes for Salt Lake City complex’s Facebook requirement

Diane Feinstein is afraid of what her own voters are feeling

What Barney Frank has to say about Sanders' criticism of Democrats

U.N. concerned about rising political tensions in Cambodia

The discussion we should be having is is about Sid.

I've gotten banned from posting in

Feinstein's alleged comments reveal how TOTALLY CORRUPT Dem establishment is.

Russian 'chessboard killer' bombarded with letters from admirers. He's trying to marry one of them

The new anti-Sanders ads are funded by anti-Clinton donors.

Chris Wallace told us today EXACTLY how to attack Repukes

Bleaching May Have Killed Half the Coral on the Northern Great Barrier Reef, Scientists Say

Has either Clinton ever explained why the Clinton Foundation was paying Blumenthal for work

Tim WISE *nailed* DRUMPF's dog whistling on racism

On 28th wedding anniversary Sanders recalls proposing to his wife Jane: "Best decision I ever made."

Everyday is a Whining Road

Is Bernie under federal investigation?

Seems like sanders followers around here are going into extreme

Do readers realize many Opening Posts turn up in Google searches? Who is DRUMPF?

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Visalia California Rally at Groppetti Community Stadium 5-29-16 =*=

An Indoor Cookout

I have a question for Hillary supporters. Since you all feel that Hillary is the presumptive nominee

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Visalia California Rally at Groppetti Community Stadium 5-29-16 =*=


=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Visalia California Rally at Groppetti Community Stadium 5-29-16 =*=

Wall Street Gears Up Its Stealth Attack

Post your derisive nickname for Trump!

Sanders supporters up in arms over Puerto Rico polling locations

New species of snake found in Bahamas

This is the kind of garbage that some low information voters who have the

Thank you, Hillary!!!

France 'to go all the way' to make multinationals pay their taxes

"Congratulations, (Iggo's Real Name)! Your loan is paid in full."

Clinton Lead Over Trump Would Grow Without Sanders in The Race | MTP 5-29-2016

A baby girl in our parish was baptized today

WSJ editor: Trump needs to be destroyed in the November election to teach GOP voters a lesson

An interesting discussion on FB this morning.

GoT to America today: We have Cerci, Ramsey and Tyrion running for office. Guess who's who?

Gary Johnson wins Libertarian presidential nomination

WSJ editor: Trump needs to be destroyed in the November election to teach GOP voters a lesson

Bernie's problem: nobody believes he would be a strong GE candidate.

Just a Reminder, it's not long until the nominee is chosen.

Feinstein Dismisses Clinton Email Controversy: ‘Enough Is Enough’

"Longtime O'Malley backer touts him as next DNC chair"

Sen. Feinstein: "Hillary Clinton broke no law. I read all 42 pages of the report" Hill GROUP

NEWS FLASH TO DIFI. There are TWICE the number of pages in the IG report!!

Lets list the mental gymnastics that Hillary supporters have to do...

Star Wars: Rogue One

Gary Johnson, Trump spoiler, Koch supported, wins Libertarian nom

Bakersfield, CA Community Meeting | Bernie Sanders

Bakersfield, CA Community Meeting | Bernie Sanders

Online poker offers new insights into the mind-set of scheming Machiavellians,

Patricia Derian, Carter administration diplomat who made human rights a priority, dies at 86.

Yesterday a farmworker in tears said "We love you Bernie, we really do". Here's why.

Yesterday a farmworker in tears said "We love you Bernie, we really do". Here's why.

Patricia Derian, Carter administration diplomat who made human rights a priority, dies at 86.

California is my home state, and I'll be damned if anyone but Bernie wins it.

538 Sacrifices Integrity to Go After Sanders on Independents

California is my home state, and I'll be damned if anyone but Bernie wins it.

Oh, thank God. Obama has set tomorrow at noon as the time to take your guns

Clinton has been burying emails since she was First Lady

A "Final Solution" to the Trump-troll Immigration Policy

My new cat dilemma

Someone raising awareness for Bernie in California.

Another Anecdotal Story

Repeat After Me: 2383

Sanders: "My job is to make sure that Trump does not become president."

Yo Sidney! No diving in the Shark Tank!

Taxpayers to foot bill for Arpaio's defiance of court order

Go Barney......

Ned? Ned...Ryerson? NEEDLE NOSE NED???

Bernie Sanders calls out ‘dumb process’ Democrats use to pick presidential nominee

UAE media say US businessman gets 15 years prison

Authoritarian Hillary supporters think they can make Bernie supporters heel...

I wish Hillary hadn't used a personal email server.

Brains Of People With Schizophrenia Attempt Self-Repair: Study

12 Fringe Conspiracy Theories Embraced By A Man Who Might Be The Next President

The State of New Mexico appears to have doctored emergency food stamp applications to deny aid

Know what amuses me about this email thing?

I saw this today.

I am totally amazed that so many think the future is already written.

Rolling Thunder Tribute to US Military Turns into a Trump Rally

Bernie Sanders moves toward a fight over Israel

Chris Wallace Loses His Cool With Rep, Adam Schiff (D)

When the media declares Hillary the winner before the polls close in CA

90% of my CA phonebank respondents voted for Hillary or planned to.

Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017

"Sanders can beat Trump. And Hillary can’t — not anymore."

Democratic Party officials in Puerto Rico Cut June 5th Primary Polling Places from 1,510 to 455!

Does Hillary Clinton face a different standard for honesty?

Just seen on Facebook:

So you have to be this out there for HuffPost to pull your slander article

Good read.....The Sanders-Clinton distinction: Running to do, not to be something

Undecima ! Real Madrid wins their 11th European Championship title

Police: 5 Teens Arrested For Racist Graffiti At Arlington, TX School

Bernie Sanders on Face The Nation: Voters should take a "hard look" at Clinton emails report