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$100 for shaving beard: ISIS imposes new fines, taxes

Gunman dead after 'random' rifle rampage in Houston suburb

At the risk of alienating some of you good folks......

Will President Obama be at the convention?

'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' is mocked here as a Hillary gotcha. Do you have a clue who she was?

Kristol: Independent candidate will challenge Trump and Clinton

Michael Nesmith Is "Thrilled" with The Monkees’ New Album, "Good Times!"

Venezuela: Eleven shot dead in Trujillo state

Venezuela extends shortened workweek decree for public sector

Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown

Video of Sanders' full interview w Chuck Todd this weekend.

The email report has been out since Thursday. Current odds for Hillary: 97% to be nominee.

What's for Dinner--Sunday, May 29, 2016

How You Know We’re The Smartest Dumbest Species On The Planet

Flummoxed and Desperate

NINA TURNER, 'Enough is Enough', Her Grandmother's Truth about Success in Life.

Feinstein: It is not Clinton's fault that people take her answers out of context.

Nigeria: We Are Negotiating Release of Chibok Girls - - Buhari

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Fresno California Rally 5-29-16 =*=

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Fresno California Rally 5-29-16 =*=

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Fresno California Rally 5-29-16 =*=

Prediction time: What will GDP look like sometime between 8 and 9 pm on June 7th

This Is How Zika Infects Placenta And Fetus

DC police warn proselytizing Christians not to hound atheists at Reason Rally or face arrest

15 US Congressmen support Colombia in its fight with drug giant Novartis

Cracked: 5 Reasons It's Difficult To Explain Racism To Casual Racists

Inside the Real Noah’s Ark buried on an Arctic Island

Sterilization victims organize campaign of justice in Peru

The Religious Right Should Study China To Learn What Real Christian Persecution Looks Like

Sterilization victims organize campaign of justice in Peru

Must be Sunday Night in GDP

Proof That Donald Trump's a Pathological Liar

2 Suspects Detained in Venezuela Linked to Murder of Ex-Officer

Man drops bid to be Libertarian party chair by strip dancing live on CSPAN

If I were President Obama, I would be righteously pissed off at Hillary

What's the difference between Donald Trump and a bag of Cheetos?

Aloha! Day 2 from Hawaii! We just gained ANOTHER SUPER DELEGATE!

"Wall Street may not get the president it wants, Hillary Clinton"

Brazil's Rousseff says impeachment aimed at corruption probe

Brazil's Rousseff says impeachment aimed at corruption probe

In San Francisco, Bernie Sanders’ message makes believers out of the skeptics

Take Me To The River - Mavis Staples and Sam Moore

Barney Frank nails it! (UPDATED)

Bernie says the GOP claims that he improperly pressured a bank to lend money

How Bernie Sanders made himself irrelevant

The Staple Singers - I'll Take You There

For all the guys who never made it home ...

NBC Host To Sanders: Your Take On Superdelegates Is A Bit 'Hypocritical'

I'm looking at a box of crackers...

Salon..Let’s blow up the Democrats:

Salon: Let's blow up the Democrats....

The problem of Shouganai: What can be done?

People's United Bank is Bernie's Bankster


They thought they were going to religion school. They ended up slaves.

Hillary will be our nominee June 7th.. Happens every election... they're called rules.

May 28 Virginia POLL: Clinton 45% Trump 41%

If you haven't seen the documentary "The Champions" watch it tonight.

Request for input from Hillary Group (HCG)

Trump supporters

Have you seen this?

Dog Missed Having a Cat, So They Found Him a New Friend

Don't they realize Hillary's going to be indicted and Biden's gonna have to step in...?

This seems like a new slant. Have others been reading about a racketeering charge?

TCU wins the Big 12 Baseball title!

I don't think Barney Frank should lose his platform gig...but he brought all this on himself.

When we adopted him, he had no place to stay that night

To win true and lasting victory for the cause of "Justice for all"...

"I am the storm"

When we adopted him, he had no place to stay that night

In Sanders Fields: Will Bernie Work Hard to Unite the Dems?

Fact check: Trump’s misleading attack on Gov. Martinez

Bernie Rally in Fresno, CA-from one of the Reddest cities on the West Coast

Ultimate Like a Boss Compilation

Apparently the Democratic Party isn't the only organization that Sanders is exploiting.

EXCLUSIVE: The secret Arab plan to oust Palestinian leader Abbas

Sanders wraps up Kern County visit in Delano

Sanders: Israel’s Right to Exist in Peace & Security Not Up For Debate

Bernie Has The Advantage in CA Because He Can Draw On Independents

Did Sanders just concede the nomination?

Sanders breathes life into a Florida professor’s unlikely bid to oust the DNC chair

Now TCM, 'The Best Years of Our Lives' 1946, Three World War II Veterans Come Home, Best Picture

Lufthansa to Suspend Flights to Venezuela Starting Next Month

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-28-16

Two Men, Two Legs, and Too Much Suffering - America's Forgotten Vietnamese Victims

Rubio kneels before Zod

Clinton campaign faces a deficit of a vital commodity: enthusiasm

Psssst! Hillary supporters! The deer goes to the water at midnight.

Small business used by Argentina's Macri in a propaganda spot reports having laid off all employees.

Math - Hillary will have a heck of a time winning the required PD#

Definition of a Libertarian

As tension and war rhetoric mounts between China and the USA, China claims its a tourist event

Hearing on CA primary emergency injunction set for Wednesday, June 1.

The Best Decision I Ever Made | Bernie Sanders

The Best Decision I Ever Made | Bernie Sanders

How come the Sanders camp acts like winning California will be a game changer?

100,000 From Dixie Fought for the North in the Civil War

Vermont transgender man dies after attack

Hawaii state Dems pass resolution for end of super delegates!

Tribute by freed slaves long-worth remembering

The Best Decision I Ever Made | Bernie Sanders

This Vid cannot be posted enough times -why Trump will Crush Hillary!

Dick Van Dyke Introduces Bernie Sanders

What are the Clinton supporters most mad about? #1, or #2?

Dick Van Dyke Introduces Bernie Sanders

Where will all the Hillary haters go

Dick Van Dyke Introduces Bernie Sanders

Hubbardston man's great-grandfather's Camp Sumter experience

Energizer Bernie: How does Sanders keep going, and going, and going?

Snowden mocks Trump for refusing to debate Sanders

Here, the bottom line on Hillarys email server folks (Posted on GD–P)

Editorial: Shunning stars and bars (Boston Herald !!1!!!11)


538 Sacrifices Integrity to Go After Sanders on Independents

Here's the bottom line on the email server folks (Posted on GD-P)

My new cat dilemma

Dining in small town Indiana (pics).

What happens to people with more than 5 hides when we are in GE mode.....

Gaza Residents Fear Dying As Human Shields

Newsflash: The Primary Ends at the Convention

We Must Address the San Joaquin Valley's Needs | Bernie Sanders

Once again, as a Bernie supporter I will say Trump is 1000x worse than Hillary.....

We Must Address the San Joaquin Valley's Needs | Bernie Sanders

We Must Address the San Joaquin Valley's Needs | Bernie Sanders

Celebrate Hillary Fans, & Dance To The Music

Tim Canova: Let other entities issue currency


Fear of the dark.

Here's the bottom line on the email server folks

She's just a girl whose intentions are good...

HUGE Sanders Rally in Fresno CA

WA state-based Sakuma Bros. Farms...Driscoll...pays workers $6 DAY. so we can have cheap food.

Make Scotland Great Again

Prediction: At some point in this campaign, Donald Trump will make a joke about rape

Due To Mature Subject Matter, Hillary Has Won The Nomination

Clinton Stops Roll Call, Calls To Nominate Obama - 2008

‘I just felt like I needed to’: North Carolina man drives to Edmonton to help fire evacuees

WikiLeaks Says Secretive Trade Agreement Paves Way to 'Corporatization of Public Services'

Minimum Wage Workers Can’t Afford Rent Anywhere In The Country

Has Barney Frank lost his mind?

Japan parents left missing boy in woods 'as punishment'

James Weeks Strips at Libertarian Party National Convention Drops out of race for Chairman 5/29/16

Trump thought biker rally crowd would resemble ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

Tommy Flanagan for Trump VP!

If Sanders won EVERY pledged delegate in California, he'd still be 82 short of a PD majority.

Why midcentury Americans believed the suburbs were making them sick

So far, the 2016 election is looking a lot like the one that came before it ...

In Gorilla's Death, Critics Blame Mother, Cincinnati Zoo

anyone else having a little cognitive dissonance when you see a thread you think is brilliant...

Fact-checking Bernie Sanders on 'Meet the Press'

Here's the real bottom line on the server thing, folks.

Motorists' Preferences for Different Levels of Vehicle Automation: 2016

New IMF Paper Challenges Neoliberal Orthodoxy

What would we say to our Children if we replaced this man with this one?

When do you consider voting to be done?

Paws galore: vintage photos of Fido and friends – in pictures

20K Bees Chased a Car for 2 Days to Rescue Their Queen Bee

This gave me a chuckle, I wonder what the offspring will look like? Mowstangs?

X post of Eridani's:Minimum Wage Workers Can’t Afford Rent Anywhere In The Country

Why it is significant that Bernie keeps on outpolling Hillary against Trump

'Potty mouth': Nightclub urinal transformed into Donald Trump art

New documentary sheds light on temp workers killed on the job (Toronto Star)

Happy Memorial Day to all of you. I hope you reached your destination safely

Daily Holidays - May 30

Ugh! So typical! Look what some California ballots are like

Important info for Calif. "No Party Preference" voters!

Number of UK landlords rises to 1.75 million

Verizon Service Disruption Wreaks Havoc at Kennedy Airport

Does anyone have a count on the Superdelegates for Oregon

Kenya's new front in poaching battle: 'the future is in the hands of our communities'

Go Barney!

The 'pledged' delegates are in fact allowed to change their minds, and change their votes...

Caught sleeping by the boss

Just FYI. I don't just "feel" Hillary is the Dem Nominee.

To any pledged Hillary delegates thinking about jumping ship... watch what you say!

Krugman: Feel the Math

Delano, CA: United Farm Workers Union Gaggle | Bernie 2016

Delano, CA: United Farm Workers Union Gaggle

Pope Francis awards medals to [HRC supporters] George Clooney, Salma Hayak, Richard Gere!

Dick Van Dyke Introduces Bernie Sanders | Bernie 2016

Scientists Say Nuclear Fuel Pools Pose Safety, Health Risks

California | Bernie Sanders (Español)

Saboteurs of Sanders Campaign Lead to Clinton National Security Think Tank

In Remembrance on Memorial Day

Mystery of Forest Grove, Oregon, Noise May Never Be Solved

A-bombs taught U.S. how to justify attacks abroad

"Bible Emoji: Scripture 4 Millennials"

Top Democrat Uses Math To Show Bernie Sanders That It’s All But Over

Flooding, severe weather devastate Texas

80% of the country has been in a recession for 15 years...

Remember all the stupid innuendo about Sanders' honeymooning in Russia?

Teenage Rodeo Rider Dies After Being Trampled During Performance in South Jersey

Hillary the $250k "Inspirational Speaker"

Bill Kristol - Sasse/Haley, Haley/Sasse, they're both fine with me

The progressives will not be ignored.

Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!...........Yuch. Not Again.............Yay!

Politico Confirms: Hillary Clinton Has Kept 99% Of Funds Raised For State Parties

Wiley nails it again!

Everybody Knows

This is how the Revolution Ends.

Clinton Lead Over Trump Would Grow Without Sanders in The Race (Hillary 51% vs Trump 43%)

Sander's hypocrisy concerning primaries

Trump hasn’t expanded the Republican Party — he has exposed it.

Sorry Bernie, these facts don't lie:

A day for mourning.

Behind Venezuela's looming collapse

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Monday Toon Roundup 1-Memorial Day

Dan Abrams: Clinton has been lying to you

Monday Toon Roundup 2- tRump

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

A Post to Honor the "Colored" Union Soldiers Who Died at Fort Pillow

Salon: This is why people don’t trust Hillary Clinton

Memorial Day hero: Salaria Kea


This seems more devastating than I believed.

This bears reposting. This is how to act once one knows he/she isn't going to be the nominee:

Bernie Sanders Has Worn Out His Welcome in the Democratic Party

They don't think they're racists

Eight more days till the California Priamery or as Bernie says

3,000 knives confiscated at NRA convention before Trump speech

Does Trump really hate Mexicans and Mexican-Americans

Should We Require Licensing Tests and Graduated Licensing for Self-Driving Vehicles?

U.S. Machine Gun Ban Upheld by 3rd Circuit

Concealing guns without permits: Here’s what new law allows - and doesn’t

"I have a wet dream!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

3,000 knives confiscated at NRA convention before Trump speech

Sanders breathes life into a Florida professor’s unlikely bid to oust the DNC chair

Sanders appeals to Native Americans in California

Trump v Bernie Debate

In support of the soldiers.

Millennials and living at home: For the first time on record the most common living arrangement for

If you were going to make an anti-Trump ad, how would it go?

Why most drivers don’t want autonomous cars

Someday, We'll Stop Soldier Suicide

Update on the Gorilla murder story: ZOO WITNESS SAYS GORILLA WAS 'PROTECTING' CHILD

Libertarian STRIPS at National Convention (not making this up)

Texas flooding death toll rises to six as several people remain missing

I just uninstalled Windows 10 from my lap top and I'm able to use it again

Detroit: 'Man up, guns down' rally draws dozens after recent gun violence against kids

Sorry Bernie, Hillary Clinton is Clear Favorite, 3 Million More Votes and Counting

Sanders Candidacy Devolving into an Arrogant Insufferable Self-serving Disaster

Sanders Candidacy Devolving into an Arrogant Insufferable Self-serving Disaster

what sorts of charities and causes do the Saudi Royals support? are they contributing to campaigns?

Apicius Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome

Toon: Animosity Orb

Does anyone know where I can find searchable transcripts....

I'm a shoo-in...

The Religious Right: Not Right, Not Religious

Why Clinton Will Not Secure the Nomination, According to Math

Passport shame: What's really at the heart of the California textbook row on Hinduism

Clinton teeters on brink of nomination with superdelegates

One week from tomorrow Hillary Clinton will be the first woman presumptive nominee of a major party.

German Catholic Congress closes with appeal to support refugees

Clinton' Global Initiative

TOM TOMORROW TOON: Even more primary phenomena

Rep. Blackburn’s abortion providers panel draws fire

Benny Goodman

Seen this morning on Facebook: Of course Donald Trump backed out of the debate...

Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster

A week from tomorrow Hillary will be the 1st woman presumptive nominee of a major party, period.

We Are Now, As Ever, At War With Eastasia. Happy Memorial Day From Yr Wonkette.

"Take Back Your Power" is an eye opening documentary...even more so than Moore's

Benchmark Politics model for California: Clinton 56% - Sanders 44%


Even in victory, Donald Trump can’t stop airing his grievances

Rise, Hillary. Rise.

NYT: Jane Fawcett, British Decoder Who Helped Doom the Bismarck, Dies at 95

Obama Former Speechwriter Jon Favreau Tweets Top 5 Reasons Not to Vote for Trump (HRC GP)

Enough of the elitist purity. Hillary Clinton will be our PROGRESSIVE nominee.

A commenter's view.

A commenter's view.

"No, I Won't Work for Hillary Clinton: A Response to Robert Reich"

Donald Trump Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President or VP in 2008 (HRC GP)

They just showed Hillary marching in a Memorial Day parade on MSNBC

Rent A Family

Rosie the Riveter's real-life inspiration likely uncovered by Nebraska native's exhaustive research

Either support the Dem nominee to defeat FrankenTrump, or you are NO "progressive."

What's five deferments Don the Con doing today?

Chairman of Quapaw Tribe endorses Democrat Hillary Clinton

"Arrogant Insufferable Self-serving Disaster" perfectly describes Hillary's candidacy

93% of Americans have glyphosate in their bodies - UC Cal

After 72 years, WWII soldier's remains identified, returned to family with help from Offutt's lab

Are Millennials Actually Going to Vote for Donald Trump?

Criminal Intent - That's what's missing and why no indictment will ensue.

Hillary, Honduras and my late friend Berta

Democratic Party Leaders Courting Disaster Backing The Only Candidate Trump Could Beat, Clinton

The Awesome Five!! Bernie's DNC Platform Committee Picks

Will be SO glad after next Tues. Some Bernie fans actually compare Hillary to Trump. INSANE!

Charlotte Observer editorial: "Why Hillary Clinton’s real problem is more than just emails "

Anyone who would actually compare Hillary to FrankenTrump has lost all touch with reality.

Damn. Ugly 'round these parts today.

Bernie or Busters think they are special, but in truth, Trump has tens of millions of supporters.

"Iraq has nothing to do with Memorial Day"

This is pretty awesome!

I have nothing but sympathy for the Cincinnati zoo staff

12 great inspirational quotes... by the world's worst people.

South African Firefighters Sing in Canada

Backing out of debates? Well, yeah.

Fricking awesome: Nelson Mandela's wife just wrote me! She needs my Help!

Dozens of kids die as boat tragedies claim up to 700 lives

A question: What is the psychology of people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person? nt

Will Johnson/Weld be in the debates after all the candidates are selected.

I absolutely blame the Cincinnati Zoo.

Remembering Hillary's Foreign Policy "Experience"

Former Zurich Insurance CEO Martin Senn kills himself

Specifically -- what are the views of fellow Bernie supporters out there in SWING STATES ...

Rise of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism

Student loan debt swaps under Hillary Clinton reforms?

This made me laugh: Stephen Hawking baffled by dynamics of Trump's popularity

'A wake up call': child-related shootings fuel Detroit's tough gun safety stance

Caption this photo

Clinton Lead Over Trump Would Grow Without Sanders in The Race

At NRA Convention Trump Helps Stoke Fear, Feed Gun Industry Profits

An interview w/historian Thomas Frank - A Nick Nowlin Special Presented by The Benjamin Dixon Show!

Gay kiss upsets neo-Nazi march

Those who are concerned about Hillary's email situation with respect to


How to Explain the Sanders Campaign to an Idiot, Paul Krugman or a Clintonite in 8 Sentences

Throngs gather to hear Bill Clinton

The White House Is On Lock Down

No, I Won't Work for Hillary Clinton: A Response to Robert Reich

As we remember the fallen on this Memorial Day, please let us also think of the living.

A Thousand Rivers-

Buchanan Calls Trump “The Great White Hope”

Physicist Stephen Hawking bewildered by Trump

Chad's ex-leader Habre, Cold War-era ally of West, gets life in prison for atrocities

An Easy Memorial Day Menu

What Bernie Wants for Us Michael Moore Went to Italy to Find Out and wow just wow!

In remembrance of Dad.. all the fallen and all those who serve

"Internal Exile," Wire

What a shock, Gorilla Killa Mom is a Jay-sus freak

UK is most corrupt country in the world, says mafia expert Roberto Saviano

Leaked emails show new Trump aide used to scorn him

What we can expect in the week ahead.

Secret Clinton Campaign Plans -

Confederate flags have no place over national cemeteries

The FBI just cost me $5 and a pizza.

Clinton counting on N.J. delegates

Like Clinton, Trump Chickens Out of Debate with Sanders 'Well, I say to Mr. Trump, what are you afr

You were so anxious to leapfrog our Democratic process that you agreed to partner with a demagogue

Evidently needs reposting: Hillary is NOT winning the popular vote. That's not how primaries work.

Krugman: Feel the Math

German Medical Assembly says glyphosate should not be re-authorized

Hillary Clinton marches in hometown Memorial Day parade

In a parallel universe, somewhere in space, somewhen in time,

MUST SEE MEMORIAL DAY VIDEO: "War is a Racket" by Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler

Suspicious package outside the WH

Taking down drones with eagles

Phone chat with a Bernie organizer in Texas

Rise, Hillary, Rise – A Poem By Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

If Bloomberg changed his mind,...

Definition of Entitlement

What the PUMAs of 2008 Think of the #BernieOrBust Movement of 2016

Deep, old water explains why Antarctic Ocean hasn’t warmed

Why did I fall for that?

Posted without comment

Hydropower dams worldwide cause continued species extinction

Progress after 1 year back in the saddle

Super delegates exist to help PREVENT someone under threat of indictment from getting nominated.

The last time a punk smart-ass know-nothing "outsider" was elected to high office was Arnold

A visual love letter to New York - National Geographic Traveler’s photographer of the year contest.

Bernie’s Backers Prevail At Democratic State Convention

How are my friends here doing ?

Bernie’s Backers Prevail At Democratic State Convention

Memorial Day

Clinton supporters-check in

Appalachian Coal Ash Richest in Rare Earth Elements

History of the holiday

June 4-7 Virtual Support of Hillary via the 2016 Presidential Democratic Nomination Process!

Former Colorado sheriff turns self in after extortion and kidnapping charges

Time to feed the fish

Cenk Uygur to Sanders Supporters: Barbara Boxer Deserved To Be Booed -- It Is Time To Get Louder

The Clinton Supporters Projection

Arguably Hillary's greatest failure, Libya, illustrates why so many question her judgment

Product research tip, USB/wireless mouse for smart tv.

Extreme Parenting: To Leash or Not to Leash? (Video at link)

This election is Battle of the grandparents. Grandpa who thinks they made a mistake

Donald Trump will win the US presidency by a landslide against Hillary Clinton

A product research tip, USB/wireless mouse for Smart TV

Disabled NH couple face eviction — and homelessness — after misdemeanor weed citation

Has anyone noticed how much focus the Sanders folks are giving to the email story?

Think TTIP is a threat to democracy? There’s another trade deal that’s already signed

'Energizer Bernie: How does Sanders keep going, and going, and going?'

Question: Has anyone seen Tad Devine lately?

Simple Barbecue Sauce

May 25, 2016 Democratic Nomination Battle is Not Over Yet

Coining new terms; like Dickless Donald:

It's pretty sad that you can't go into GD without seeing Bernie propaganda...

1/3 To 1/2 Of Northern & Central GBR Corals Dead Thanks To Mass Bleaching Event

Experts: Expect Continued High Arctic And Sub-Arctic Temperatures Through October

May we have a lot to be THANKFUL FOR on THANKSGIVING DAY!

Question: Has anyone seen Tad Devine lately?

No Muslim family should engage in birth control: Turkey's Erdogan

"The good of the few outweighs the good of the many"

Volvo's self driving car, with no human assistance needed, will be ready in 2020! 4 Years!!

The Bernie Congress: meet the insurgents trying to recreate Sanders's movement down ballot

Groucho Marx sings an Anti-War Song by Irving Berlin

FAA, NATCA Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

Amazing voter registrations in CA in the last few days

The inherent difficulty of Science

Daallo Airlines blast: Somalia sentences two to life in prison

I found a dream

Turkey's Erdogan warns Muslims against birth control

Depressing 1930s chart shows what happened the last time we had Trump-like trade policy

Data watchdog rejects EU-US Privacy Shield pact

A lot of stuff about the e-mail issue.

PEOPLE GET READY: The Fight Against A Jobless Economy & Citizenless Democracy, By McChesney, Nichols

=*= LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Community Conversation in Oakland California 5-30-16 =*=

Flag Lovers

=*= LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Community Conversation in Oakland California 5-30-16 =*=

Yes there are some Hillary Haters, and not all of them are Republicans

=*= LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Community Conversation in Oakland California 5-30-16 =*=

Scandal Over Clinton Emails Still Isn't A Scandal

No, Hillary is NOT Going to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

GDP is a sewer right now

Clinton takes big lead in Wisconsin poll

If you rejoice at the thought of the Democratic nominee losing

Bay of Fundy tides could generate massive amounts of energy

Augusta Chronicle editorial: Of hypocrisy, imperiousness and accountability

A Town at the Intersection of Trump and Sanders

Got my first hide in ~12 years. Partisan hide.

Former leader of Chad sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity

Poor polls, scandal, a cussed rival … how it’s all going wrong for Hillary Clinton

Could Romanian hacker ‘Guccifer’ assist FBI’s probe of Clinton?

by Robert Reich:

So any Led Zeppelin fans around here?

HI everyone. If you deal in antique linens, can you help?

Donald Trump’s Campaign Is an Absolute Garbage Fire

Joni Mitchell - The Magdalene Laundries (Live Toronto 1994)

Is an Ice Age Coming? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Lots of things don't taste right anymore - a lifelong tea drinker,

Bernie supporters: Are you going to "Bust?" If so, for whom?

A same sex couple

The Real Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

Person said they finally figured out the election.

The End Is Nigh

The Best Choice

Snopes on the RW smear job that is being posted here on DU...

Primatologist: the barricade around the zoo's gorilla enclosure was inadequate.

Kitten licks his paws (warning: extreme squee)

Where's the Obama coalition?

Trump suggests U.S. should bomb Libya

Sydney Telstra 500 - Slot car V8's Tilt and Shift

If Bernie were a female

Big airline LATAM suspends flights to Venezuela

Appealing a 4-3 hide that was premised on a factually inaccurate complaint

Trump: Those in U.S. illegally treated better than veterans

Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Deletions, in Detail by Ming Chun Tang

Late Thurs, DoJ filed document to prevent HRC from testifying in FOIA case.

Here is why they need us Bernie supporters.

What's for dinner NOW!

On Cutting-Edge Voter Data, Trump Critically Behind Clinton

GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push

White House Lockdown Lifted After Suspicious Object Thrown Over Fence

Shanghai Photographer Spends 3 Years Capturing Kissing Couples On Shanghai Metro

Republicans Deny Benefits For Veterans

Report: Almost 50% of Democrats feel disconnected with party; despondent, helpless about election

Can someone show me an newspaper editorial cartoon

The Brazilian Coup and Washington's "Rollback" in Latin America

Yearbook photos with guns, knives, bombs

The Brazilian Coup and Washington's "Rollback" in Latin America

Is A Mystery Anti-Trump Candidate About To Enter 2016 Race?

St. Paul Police: Woman Doused With Gasoline, Set On Fire

Yearbook photos with guns, knives, bombs

Clinton Fans in California Torch Sanders as Egotistical and Destructive

Venezuela: Pro-Govt Supporters Being Killed in Record Numbers

For all the sturm und drang over Hillary's emails and server, it's another tempest in a teapot

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: Why Hillary Refuses to Debate Sanders Before the California Primary

Bernie Sanders Has Worn Out His Welcome in the Democratic Party

China Lashes Out At US Defense Secretary Criticisms

Rich Eating Well in Venezuela, Basque Executive Shows

does it seem that all talks on inequities always boil down to

Clintons March in Hometown Memorial Day Parade

A Close Encounter for Earth and Mars

A Close Encounter for Earth and Mars

Sydney Telstra 500 - Slot car V8's Tilt and Shift

PHOTOS: Bernie Sanders walks in a Memorial Day Parade in San Francisco this morning.

PHOTOS: Bernie waits on line to get tacos in Fresno, California.

The Seven Lady Godivas: Dr. Seuss’s Little-Known “Adult” Book of Nudes

Hillary is more trustworthy than Bernie.

We Did It, They Hid It: How Memorial Day Was Stripped Of Its African American Roots

NewsWeek==> New Hillary email report- Another monthly Nothing Burger

I'm looking at a box of crackers...

This poll is because we are just not divided enough here in GD: P

Cloud Iridescence

One hour till the doors open for the Oakland rally, and the line is going around 2 blocks!

All the world loves a clown ... (Not !!! )

Japan Puts Military On Alert For Possible North Korea Missile Launch

Jeff Corwin: "Zoos are not your babysitter."

Latin America’s Revolution Under Attack

In modern Britain, tradition is no excuse for retaining religious privilege

Starving Iraqis Risk All To Flee IS's Crumbling Rule

EVATRA FEAT IVAN F.DEVOTA - RELIANCE -check out this Indonesian Metal band!

EVATRA FEAT IVAN F.DEVOTA - RELIANCE -check out this Indonesian Metal band!

So the only way Bernie can win the nomination

On Memorial Day Religious Right Radio Host Calls 'Every Government Job a Drain on the Economy'

I have finally gotten back to DU. What a busy couple of months!

How much $$$$ have Bernie and Jane cleared from this primary?

This long weekend of BBQs, friends, family, and freedom brought to you by ,,, our Vets

I look like a stick!

Bernie LOST governor and senate races in '72, '74, '76, and '86. Were those "rigged" too?

About those transcripts, any word on them yet? nt

A thought experiment regarding pragmatism....

Memorial Day Crocodile Tears from Those Who Create Wars

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 31 May 2016

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Oakland California Rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza 5-30-16 =*=

Well, I finally got around to assembling my Bernie sign! *pics*

I have to be honest with you, O.K.?” Mr. Trump added. “I always liked the limo better.”

Hillary, Honduras, and the Murder of My Friend Berta

Flint Water Crisis Update: Eight Months After National Reveal Nothing Changed On The Ground

Hillary, Honduras, and the Murder of My Friend Berta

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Oakland California Rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza 5-30-16 =*=

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Oakland California Rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza 5-30-16 =*=

Bwawahh ha ha ha. Trump Bankrupt Again. Funny.....

LOL, this is the perfect Bumper Sticker for Hillary vs. Trump......

Sanders lost senate and gov. races in '72, '74, '76, and '86. Must have been RIGGED!!! ARGGG!!!!

Dead whale found on bow of cruise ship entering Alaska port

Godwin's law should be officially suspended during this general election

The proper punishment for the negligent mother at the Cincinnati Zoo

Game of Thrones *Major Spoiler*

"Who is the Hillary voter?"

Bernie's Backers Prevail at Democratic state convention (Hawaii)


Not to miss photos of New York from the city that never sleeps

Trump Bugs and Spies on his own campaign staff

Reprehensible: Using soldiers who died for their country to score cheap political points.

Clinton-Lazio First Debate, 2000

Liberal/progressive message boards

Sweden's men now outnumber women, since records were first kept in 1749.

Sanders seizes on Clinton’s email scandal in bid to sway superdelegate

How the NRA and gun manufacturers work together to scam gun owners

Clinton adds more campaign stops to avert a Sanders upset in California

Some pics from Oakland

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-29-16

General Notice: As of midnight, May 31 it will be time to stop posting about

Americans and Canadian held in UAE acquitted – but 'nightmare' continues

Jeff Weaver Pimps Bernie Sanders on Fox and Friends, Gets Punked For His Trouble


Illinois legislature overrides veto of bill to ease Chicago pension payments

TiSA Will Generously Give Away American Jobs in America to Foreign Corporations to End Discriminatio

If Clinton Wants To Be President, She Needs To Explain How She Could Make Such A RECKLESS Decision

Bernie Sanders Slams The New York Times for Ignoring ‘Real Issues’

Repotted an aloe plant using regular potting soil.

"The Clintons have thrived within a corrupt system and have become obscenely wealthy because of it"

Trends in hair styles

Netanyahu says willing to discuss Arab initiative for peace with Palestinians

HRC will campaign five days straight in CA beginning Thursday until primary eve

Has anyone seen the photo of Bernie snoozing away at the Memorial Day event?????

For My 15,000 Post On DU, Let Me Just Say

Donald Trump Hopes for Boost From Bernie Sanders Supporters

Using your Trump card

I am SO glad that DU (tm) has NEVER embraced that whole "revolution" concept.

Welcome to Israel's Post-Liberal Democracy

Uh-oh, gotta go: public restrooms not available in parts of U.K.

I'm good with the honey bee and bumble bee, but yeah, the rest can fuck the right off. :/

New Bernie Sanders Ad Quotes Ghandi.

New Bernie Ad quotes Ghandi

Don't stop, don't st . . . .