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Hillary Clinton broke the rules: Our view

Holder says Edward Snowden performed a 'public service'

Vermont Right-Wingers Threaten Bernie Sanders With 'The Legal Letterhead'

The Band: I Shall Be Released (The Last Waltz)

"Hero's welcome": San Jose ♥ Hillary

Van Jones live reaction at Oakland rally.

Van Jones live reaction at Oakland rally.

Bill and @HillaryClinton march in the Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua

Donald Trump Gets His Own October Surprise From Obama!

Today. My wife and I stood on our porch, we

Killed by friendly fire in WWII, the weeds on his memorial are three feet tall today

Robert Reich, wow there's so many of you. (pic) Introduces Bernie

Is Washerman Schulltz an evil Genius

The Universe Explained, in four minutes.........hilarious and a bit NSFW!

Today, Memorial Day evening

Let's Fight Islamic State, but Without Any Kurds: Turkey to US

60k in Oakland - is that for real???

Sandra Rein on Rosa Luxemburg: Reform as a Means, Revolution as the Goal

The unapologetic introvert: I had to leave the U.S. to stop pretending to be an extrovert

little bit...

Only you can stop the rain.

Compare & Contrast

Great! Parts of Fort McMurray covered in caustic ash from all the

Repubs are PISSED that Pres. Obama was in Japan for Memorial Day...

George Clooney Is Honored by Pope Francis at the Vatican

Photographer Creates Surreal Dreamscapes Inspired by the Brothers Grimm By Kristine Mitchell May 30

WTH just happened? Some young couple tried to attack Bernie. Sec Service got involved.

Just like when Bernie would win the MSM polls for debates at 80%+ now Clinton is

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Memorial Day! & Uncensored & Live & a

Worlds Greatest Physicist Stephen Hawking- Terrified of Donald Trump and his inane supporters

Well, shit. Augie Garrido, star college baseball coach, out at Texas

LIVE Stream: Bernie Sanders Oakland California Rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (5-30-16)

Howard Dean: Sanders Needs To Stop Giving Supporters "False Hope" That He Can "Undo The Rules" Of T

Presidential sign survey

"We may be just this screwed: Trump has an easier path to victory over Clinton than you think"

Lack of Diversity Faulted in Daniel Holtzclaw Story Disaster

Field Report from the Dick Cheney Hunting Instruction Manual

From Albrecht to Monsanto: A System Not Run for the Public Good Can Never Serve the Public Good

"No, not Trump. Not ever." Conservative columnist David Brooks rips Trump to shreds.

CIA past director Michael Hayden: Trump Is Helping ISIS

Hitler's older brother was in fact younger and died early, historian says

WOW!! ABC7 News: 20,000 Expected To Turnout For SANDERS Oakland Rally (OPD REPORTS 60,00 ?)!!

‘Don’t F*ck With White People’: Planning For The Muslim Invasion In The Lone Star State

alicia keys - fallin'

Prisoner not seen since CIA capture may appear at Guantánamo war court

This reply deserves its own post.

Big Turnout At Bernie Rally Today in Oakland, California

I wrote an OP for GD-P about my reactions to the email thing

Rise of Ad-Blocking Software Threatens Online Revenue

Bundy defendants want separate trials in Bunkerville standoff case

After seeing the barrier the kid got through at the zoo, I change my mind. The barrier is inadequate

Television Networks Struggle to Provide Equal Airtime in the Era of Trump

Bernie's surprise visit to honor the fallen in SF

Trump is playing the "Rich Man's Card"

Trump’s tragic, rolling bluster

Are There Any Circumstances Under Which the Party Would Disband in Disgrace?

Just finished binge watching the entire FX series "Justified" on Amazon Prime

Benji the bobcat snuggles his hoomin

Irish FM: BDS is a 'legitimate political viewpoint'

For your Memorial Day consideration; Lt Cmdr Ernest Evans

The Bernie Sanders Scandals Exposed! There are so many of them I can't keep up! Where's the media?

Now, HBO 'All the Way': Pres. Lyndon Johnson 1964 Civil Rights Act, Pres. Election GOP Goldwater.

Here's a curious item - Sanders' pledged delegates AND superdelegates don't even equal.....

When the country calls,right or wrong,DRUMPF&CHEENEE take deferments - that's what I'm talking'bout

Armed and Dangerous. "Don't fuck with white people"

Rick Wolff on Rosa Luxemburg: Reform and/or Revolution

I will be SO GLAD when it is June 8th!!!!! nt

Protester tries to attack Bernie Sanders at Oakland California Rally (5-30-16)

Protester tries to attack Bernie Sanders at Oakland California Rally (5-30-16)

A very happy wolf. Is this (belly scratching) all it takes for love?!1 (over thousands of years?)

Armed and Dangerous. "Don't fuck with white people"

The private server motivation is not hard to figure out.

Chris Hedges: Lock Up the Men, Evict the Women and Children

EU Hoping to Build Next Hoover Dam in US via procurement deal

Killed by friendly fire in WWII, the weeds on his memorial are three feet tall today

Is anyone watching Roots?

I heard Bernie threw a chair while sleepwalking.

No, it is NOT OK to electrocute children. Electrocution is a Republican idea.

In defense of Harry S. Truman and the decision he had to make.

Bernie's selections for the platform committee give speeches for money.

Bernie Sanders shows up at halftime of Warriors-Thunder Game 7

Secret Service jump on stage at Bernie Sanders rally amid commotion

PHOTO: Bernie Sanders, just another Golden State Warriors fan tonight

A level-headed article on Hillary's predicament from Law Newz

95 years ago today, white Tulsans burned down the richest black neighborhood in the country

It was Animal Rights protestors who jumped the barricades at Bernie rally

The Real Reason We Bombed Japan

Tulsa burned 95 years ago today. The Smithsonian has found a contemporary manuscript.

The larger ethical question is: Should zoos even exist? Do they have a real purpose?

When will Obama endorse Hillary?

What does it mean to 'clinch the nomination' when superdelegates are involved?

20,000 Sanders supporters in Oakland today "not ready to throw their support behind Clinton"

Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw

Line for Bernie in Oakland - May 30th, 2016

The warriors are headed to the NBA Finals!

If Berners don't want to be called right-wingers.


Bernie: "We Aren't Intimidated Easily!" Someone Tried to Attack Bernie at His Oakland Rally

papitese-have you heard of them

Wishing and hoping and praying for an indictment...

California rallies

Bernie Sanders was asked if he would consider being Vice-President-his answer “We’ll see”.

Salon: Bernie must drop notion that everyone who disagrees with him is corrupt or a dupe

It's hard to believe Steve Morse has been in Deep Purple 6 years longer than Blackmore.

Rush Limbaugh might get smaller deal amid struggling ratings

I know there is another thread about the Warriors winning but had to start a new one 4Bernie's tweet

Bernie On Way In to See GSW This Evening!!!! GSW Won!!!!

"Down ticket" Republicans weasel out

Fighting for CA Workers, Sanders Slams NYT for Ignoring 'Real Issues'

Oakland council on track to provide land to ex-Panther suing city

Former Clinton aide calls Trump a 'demented, pig demon'

Yikes. Visual Studio spellchecker sends your document unencrypted over the Internet

Yoshimi Tsujimoto - Smooth Criminal

Five Clinton vs. Sanders Policy Battles That Could Blow Up the Convention

The bottom line: Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine

Memorial Day 2016 Avenge US Military War Dead By Arresting Today’s US ‘Leaders’

CBS: Conservatve Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Hosted Fundraisr 4 Hillary & She Attended Fox News Party

Bicyclist dies after stopped, treated, shot by Tucson police

are Clinton supporters looking forward to a few more years of witch hunts and gridlock?

You have to win, in order to be the nominee of the Democratic Party

How Hillary Loses- Donald Trump can actually win if Clinton makes these four mistakes.

If Hillary is the nominee and loses in the GE, Bernie Supporters will say

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - 30 Minutes of Gameplay (1080p/60fps)

Criticism of Hillary is Sexism, Says Colorado Governor Hickenlooper

Israeli Firm Claims It Can Tell if You're a Terrorist by Looking at Your Face

Bill Blum: "Why Bernie Sanders is Still Standing"

Amid Election Chaos, Communities Show Where the Real Power Is

Bernie/Trump/Hillary On Trade Policy - When You Say You Are Against Free Trade Agreements

Hillary Clinton Won't Say How Much Goldman Sachs CEO Invested With Her Son-in-Law

Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Deletions, in Detail

Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster

Crying ‘Rape,’ Trump? Unseal Your Divorce Records

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders arrives at halftime

Soldiers die in Indian army ammunition depot fire

So someone looked up a fundraiser murdoch did, one problem

Sanders Endorsement Nets Pearson $60K for State Senate Bid

It's chilling how many 'progressives' favor mass incarceration

Why the Big Bang Definitely Happened | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Watching an oldie but a goodie, The Pelican Brief.

Arabic Version - Hotel California


The Isley Brothers - Hello, It's Me

Summer Breeze - The Isley Brothers

Why is the term 'race-baiting'

The Isley Brothers - Fire And Rain

The Isley Brothers - Lay Lady Lay

China is the reason behind climate change (TOON)

8 Amazing Images from the Peetz, Colorado, Landspout

Donny Diva....

Daily Holidays - May 31

Cheese-rolling contest in Gloucestershire sees people, cheese wheels take to the hills

Attempted North Korea missile launch fails: South Korea

Second minister in new Brazil government quits

Second minister in new Brazil government quits

Wow, Can't figure how to email??

Haiti election: Commission recommends rerunning election from scratch

The corollary to "praying for an indictment" is brushing off any wrongdoings no matter how bad

Gaza Strip: Hamas executes three as death penalty resumes

Feel It: History Is Within Your Grasp

New call in Poland to extradite Roman Polanski to US

France labour dispute: Hollande digs in as rail strike looms

How America’s wage theft capital became an unlikely inspiration for Ontario

Sept. 11 suspects' treatment a focus in Guantanamo hearing

NBC POLL: Clinton's lead over Trump widens once Bernie drops out.

Gunmen kill nine, kidnap 170 passengers from Afghan buses

Stop Squabbling and Dump Trump

Sanders: I'm Heading to the Convention Even If Clinton Sweeps CA, NJ Primaries

Sanders: I'm Heading to the Convention Even If Clinton Sweeps CA, NJ Primaries

Two Sentenced For Second Time For Daghestani Journalist's Murder

If the Left Won’t Support Hillary, Why Isn’t That Hillary’s Fault?

Sweden stirs debate with women-only swimming, in nod to Muslims

Soccer: "Dementia 'conspiracy' is a stain on the game"

So is a new trend? (IMAGE WARNING: ROASTING PIG)

Syria civil war: Russia raids on Idlib 'kill civilians'

Animal Rights Protesters Rush Stage at Bernie Sanders Rally in California

Is Joe Drunk

Effort to Expose Russia's 'Troll Army' Draws Vicious Retaliation

A New Memorial Day Tradition — Burning The Confederate Flag

For a Russian Couple, Safe Haven in Guatemala Is Fleeting

Michael Hayden: Trump Is Helping ISIS “He’s feeding their recruitment video.”

what it means to cinch the nomination

Major environmental group makes first ever endorsement of Hillary Clinton

The Girt Dog of Ennerdale

Great way to start the week- Golden State Poll- Clinton 51% Sanders 38%

sanders resolve not to accept his loss will more than likely effect any changes he would like to


A graying generation founded on peace and love finds its champion: Bernie Sanders

Oh my goodness, Bernie supporters, PLEASE READ

I proudly stand with the NRDC Action Fund in their endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Bernie pics

I think we can all agree that this represents Mark Hamill's best voiceover work

🐦 Wednesday, JUNE 1: Bernie Sanders Rally - Palo Alto, CA (+Tulsi Gabbard) | Davis, CA

Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with Help from Electronic Voting Machines?

How the candidates spent Memorial Day

"Since becoming president in 2014, Erdoğan has filed close to 2,000 defamation cases"

The worst, most telling part of the Clinton email scandal

Hacking Democracy

🐦 Tuesday, May 31 - Health Care Press Conference

The Inherent Difficulty Of Science

Oh, Bern!

"Sanders seeks to disqualify two great liberals from convention" by Kos

Venezuela: Patients dying as crisis hits hospitals

Major environmental group makes first ever endorsement of Hillary Clinton

As Molly Ivins would have said, I think it sounded better in the original German.

BBC: Exxon - An Inconvenient Truth

San Francisco

POLL: Meme of the Month – May 2016

California Dreamin

Here Are Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server Misstatements

Gun Control That Actually Works


A few questions about life on DU after GD-P

Tip Sheet for Presidential Campaigns: How to Interact with Single-Issue Advocates

Six (6) Days to Go!

"Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli: I would only vote Trump "if someone put a gun to my head"

Pig in a poke politics

Nature's Way

Poor Chris Matthews. He's been begging Trump to like him for years, only to realize

Hillary's server

5/31/16: New #CAPrimary Poll: Hillary Beats Bernie By 13 Pts! #Hillafornia 51% Clinton 38% Sanders

Completely random question: is anybody feeling less religious today?

For the Record: Trump blames immigrants for veterans' care

Hillary will soon be declared the winner. She's actually been the winner for weeks.

Clinton nabs major environmental endorsement

NBC estimates 8-point Clinton lead w/Sanders out.

Canadians on the current US elections

Stunning Flood Footage From Southern Germany; 4 Dead; Audi Stops Production

On shutting down GDP with a date certain

Bounce for Bernie :)

Heart of Gold

“We are the death merchant of the world”: Ex-Bush official Lawrence Wilkerson condemns

Should the Cincinnati Zoo fix the Gorilla Enclosure to prevent access from Zoo guests?

Under Pressure From Oz Gov, UN Removes All References To Country From Climate Report

It's Time for Bernie Sanders to Bring up Clinton's Top Secret Emails.

Email scandal must be the issue-o-the-day this morning. In the last hour...

Couple from Peter Tosh

‘The Judge, We Believe, Is Mexican’

Fandom Is Broken: Controversies and entitlement shine a light on a deeply troubling side of fandom.

Trumpy to have presser explaining why he stiffed Vet groups.

Scammers for Hillary (proPublica's story on a Hillary-promoting Super-Pac swindle)

Mom looked away for one moment... and America fell into the Trump cage

Texas Democratic State Convention-Message from Clinton and Sanders campaigns

Ow, my brain!

Gov Jerry Brown CA just Endorsed Hillary per msnbc

Wrote A Song For Everyone.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton

What's the opposite of a bucket list moment, because I just had one

EXCLUSIVE: Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform

Have you seen the racist post in GD?

High Hopes

I proudly... proudly stand with my governor, Jerry Brown, in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Just a reminder..........

A little Who.

Tuesday Bernie Group Toons

Gov Jerry Brown CA just Endorsed Hillary--His open letter...

California will be seismic

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Chicken Donald

Predictions: For the 2020 Presidential Election, there will be no more debates

Bernie Sanders Applied for 'Conscientious Objector' Status During Vietnam, Campaign Confirms

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Why on CNN is it always MISTER Trump, and yet Clinton or Sanders.

What Are The Three Pillars Of #CronyCapitalism?

Do #College Kids Know The #Koch Brothers Might Be Funding Their School?

Only 7 more days of Bernie!

They are spraying our wheat with Roundup-this is why 93% have glyphosate in their bodies

To strengthen an opinion, simply say it is based on morality

Hillary will not "clinch" the nomination unless Bernie drops out or the convention floor vote

Peshmerga vs ISIS. An interview at the front-line.

PHOTOS: Oakland Rally Activists

Anti-gay preacher with ‘you deserve rape’ sign gets hit with baseball bat (VIDEO)

On behalf of Trump I will now design Super Electoral votes

MAY 31 POLL: New Hampshire: Trump Ties Clinton Trump 44% Clinton 44%

a little sanders vetting post I did

Do you think Jerry Brown would make a terrific Attorney General in a Clinton administration?

Clinton loses her lead against tRump for 1st time in NH polling.

Glyphosate/gluten intolerance woo raises its head again on DU

You Are Two

Do you REALLY want to help fight climate change?

For those who don't remember

Republicans Stunned After Trump Reveals That His Presidential Campaign Is Broke (HRC GP)

North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary'

This is what happens when a candidate clinches a majority of pledged and overall delegates

Dick van Dyke "feels the Bern" with a little softshoe for the "Sanest Man in America"

California Gov. Brown praises Sanders, endorses Clinton.....and counting 72 delegates

Secret Service jump on stage at Bernie Sanders rally amid commotion

Will Jerry Brown help steal election for Clinton because he wants position in Clinton Administration

Katie Couric says sorry for 'misleading' edit in gun rights documentary

Claim: Bernie Sanders Dodged the Draft: Fact Check....False!

Have you ever been asked what the Humanities are good for?

Rep. Alan Grayson weds girlfriend running for his House seat

PARENTS are responsible for the safety of their children.

A bar as a national monument? New York's LGBT landmark vies for honor

Supreme Court to hear State Farm case over Hurricane Katrina fraud claim

Frederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson

Jerry Brown Makes Hillary's Case to California Democrats and Independents

$150 for a dozen eggs? The price of inflation and shortages in Venezuela

High Court Sides With Property Owners in Wetlands Case

The Poet Laureate of Bernie Porn Does Not Want To Talk To The Beast

Organization of American States Head Moves Against Venezuela

Trump campaign to file Chapter Eleven, seeking protection from creditors.

Nina Turner - Why She Feels Like A Rogue Democrat

Democratic Underground was founded after the stolen election in 2000

One solitary tRump supporter

Twenty Nine years ago.. I had my last chemo treatment

Sanders contributions drying up.

Trump Is Not a Scientist. Climate Change is Real | Bernie Sanders

Trump Is Not a Scientist. Climate Change is Real | Bernie Sanders

GMO free sugar makes about as much sense as organic cigarettes imo.

so, is it true, I cannot be totally deleted?

We May Just Be This Screwed: Donald Trump Has an Easier Path to Victory Than You Think

Poll: 50% Say Clinton Should Keep Running Even If Indicted

New signature?

Nina Turner - Are Bernie Bros Real?

Feds Arrest Virginia Woman for Unique Million-Dollar Handbag Scheme

Bernie Sanders compares his campaign to basketball’s Golden State Warriors

Feds Arrest Virginia Woman for Unique Million-Dollar Handbag Scheme

It's Not Just Us -- The World Feels the Bern!

Does lawsuit against Gawker create playbook for punishing press?

Posted without comment

Went to Hematology today

Protester that approached* Bernie from - Direct Action Everywhere

Pic Of The Moment: Well, Duh

I just got an email telling me my automatic payments have been reduced.

Trinity Broadcasting Network Co-Founder Jan Crouch Dies at 78 After Suffering Stroke

Euro 2016 venues are possible terror targets, US government warns American travellers

Question about moon-landing deniers: Why is it so all-fire important to them to believe that we

CWA, Verizon agreement includes hundreds of jobs, double-digit raises

CWA, Verizon agreement includes hundreds of jobs, double-digit raises

Global slavery index says 45.8 million people in servitude

I guess it depends on how you look at it . . .

CWA, Verizon agreement includes hundreds of jobs, double-digit raises

India has 18 million modern-day slaves: Survey

Bernie Sanders Pulls Slam Dunk at NBA Game

Describe your favorite, "God, I hope nobody saw that" moment.

I guess it depends on how you look at it . . .

Trump really irritates me when he talks.

Judge to consider punishment for Arizona sheriff in racial profiling case

Hillary's Senate Record: She Helped Wealthy Investors


CBS: Clinton's Full of B.S. Regarding Private Server

North Korea praises Trump and urges US voters to reject 'dull Hillary'

Bernie's moves at the Democratic Convention

Hillary in 2011: “It's time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity,"

Steve Forbes: IG Report Makes DoJ Inaction Impossible - Expects Biden to be Nominee

Trump will give more details about his donations to vets. Here’s what we still don’t know. (HRC GP)

Endorsement of Bill and Hillary Clinton by Nevada and California Establishment Democrats

Sending Republicans pro–gay marriage postcards cuts their turnout on Election Day

if Hillary is such a strong candidate....

Going to Sanders Rally today

Benchmark Politics NJ model: Clinton 64 - Sanders 36

Ex-Miss Turkey sentenced for insulting Erdogan

Latest CALIFORNIA poll out. Hillary +13%. Hillary Clinton 51% Bernie Sanders 38%

This video will make you angry...

Gorilla killing sparks federal negligence complaint against Cincinnati Zoo

Study proves that every Internet forum participant.....

Malaysia immigration: Officials accused of sabotage are fired

Trump Ramps Up Racist Attacks On Judge In Trump University Fraud Case (HRC GP)

20 Calif. Counties Scrap Electronic Vote Machines

Confession: I voted for Bill Weld many years ago.

"Smog is just air that got tired of hiding." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Doug McKelway!!!

Why Hillary Clinton Needs to Win California..(She doesnt..need to win...but like to see a end to BS

Thought Germs

what's the best case scenario for Bernie getting the nomination, and then what are

This is so true in this campaign season...

Do Liberal Democrats and Progressives tend to care more about ethics than Republicans?

Trump Hits the Panic Button at the Hint of a Third Party Run

Cowardly Donald Trump Is Afraid To Debate Someone With A Brain

Excellent graphic details timeline/events of the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure

Hillary Clinton Won't Say Whether She Backs Death Penalty For Dylann Roof

The Criminalization Of Black Girls In Schools - Monique Morris On Her New Book, Pushout

Al Baldasaro is the yammering fool that spoke on Trump's behalf about veteran's donations.

That's Sexist!

Kelowna woman warns others after terrifying ordeal at U.S. border

This episode of Sesame Street was brought to you by the letters G and S, and the numbers 233 and 10.

NRDC: We're proud to endorse @HillaryClinton, an environmentl champion who'll fight for our future

Let's Do It

What is Bernie Going to do Between June 8th and the Convention?

Can one challenge a jury alert decision which you feel is unjust?

Florida golf course that draws plenty of non golfers. And why you ask? New! Video!

Poll: Clinton narrowly leads Trump in New Jersey

Thanks for the warning

Why are you letting your children learn ancient math?

Pathological Liar Donald Trump Wants to Skate Into White House No Questions Asked

Former 'visionary' Virginia Tech President T. Marshall Hahn dies


Jerry Brown backs Clinton...An Open Letter to California Democrats and Independents

The Media's Focus Will Shift Dramatically on June 8

Jerry Brown backs Clinton...An Open Letter to California Democrats and Independents

What are the ticket, the platform, and the convention theme calculated to win back the Senate?

Trump Uses Fake Twitter Accounts

Walt Whitman born May 31, 1819

=*=LIVE: Bernie Sanders Health Care Press Conference, Emeryville California 5/31/2016=*=

Warriors prove Charles Barkley wrong (again) with game 7 win

=*=LIVE: Bernie Sanders Health Care Press Conference, Emeryville California 5/31/2016=*=

Hoover Institution Golden State Poll 5-31-16 - Clinton 51%...Sanders 38%

Hoover Institution Golden State Poll 5-31-16 - Clinton 51%...Sanders 38%

Jerry Brown endorses Clinton!

Hey, let's all of us Democrats jump on this bandwagon.

The ‘Woman Card’ Brings a Wealth of Disadvantages

Step 1: Tear Hillary down with RW talking points

USA TODAY - EDITORIAL BOARD: "Hillary Clinton broke the rules: Our view"

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Cruz, California (5-31-16) Kaiser Permanente Arena=*=

Event to Focus on Justice and Redress to Roma Victims of Forced Sterilization in the Czech

Did you know that Hillary will never win the nomination?

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Cruz, California (5-31-16) Kaiser Permanente Arena=*

=*=LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Cruz, California (5-31-16) Kaiser Permanente Arena=*

Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs


Markos Moulitsas: Sanders seeks to disqualify two great liberals from convention

How Bernie Supporters Can Survive DU These Days

Supreme Court rejects constitutional challenge to death penalty

Sanders caught snoozing at Memorial Day ceremony

Donald Trump has a "Melt Down" under pressure, acts crazy

Major environmental group backs Hillary Clinton in its first presidential endorsement

Major environmental group backs Hillary Clinton in its first presidential endorsement

If you can't stand any Dem besides Bernie, then you're the one who's a "fake Democrat."

Second airline suspends flights to Venezuela

How To Organize/Perform a Citizens' Election Verification Poll (Exit Polling)

How Citizens Can Organize/Perform Exit Polling

Two U.S. service members injured in Iraq, Syria: Pentagon

How Citizens Can Organize/Perform Exit Polls

OAS to hold meetings over Venezuela's dwindling democracy

TIME.COM: Hillary Clinton Has A Lot To Say About Her Emails...Much Of It ISN'T TRUE.

Earth to Donald Trump, you stupid dumbass.

Justice Department asks for hold on court sanctions in immigration case

UPDATE: Cincinnati Police Zero In On Parents in Zoo Incident

Did I miss it? Did Wolf ask Jane about when they will release their tax returns?

How to explain the Sanders campaign ...

is Hillary under surveillance?

Pressure rises on Marco Rubio to run for Senate re-election

Good fucking lord, what the FUCK are these kids "overcoming"?

List of Veterans Groups Receiving the $5,600,000 Raised from Donald J. Trump Veteran Fundraiser

If the leading candidate suspends their campaign, the runner up should be the nominee, agreed?

When is the presser about Trump "University" fraud?

Rasmussen: "50% Say Clinton Should Keep Running Even If Indicted"

A retired veteran tells CNN how Trump University scammed him out of $26,000

How Citizens Can Organize/Perform Exit Polling

'Shield' Actor Convicted of 2nd-Degree Murder

The presidential primaries are sort of like major sports playoffs.

Sanders supporters prepare for rally in Monterey KSBW Action News 8

With Clinton’s Nixonian Email Scandal Deepening, Sanders Needs to Demand Answers

Jerry Brown's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton Opened an Old Wound!

Wall Street Dems Would Love To Put Elizabeth Warren In Powerless VP Position

Attention DUers! Important traffic advisory!

How many Sanders supporters were Obama supporters in 2008

I feel sorry for the city of Cleveland, OH

Legend of Bernie Sanders

Hillary's VP options look bleak except for Elizabeth Warren, but Warren doesn't want the job.

Fucking Reagan and his fans

Teh Stupid It Hurts.

What were the best nick-names for Trump the other day on DU???

Holy Shite more rain heading for Texas and they're already

11 year old Iraqi boy has a critical question for all Americans

50% Say Clinton Should Keep Running Even If Indicted

Medical insurance companies screwing you over? Blame Obama and the ACA!!!

I am really tired of being told I am not a Democrat. And more tired of the sexism thrown at me.

Cleveland police in riot gear won't wear body cameras during the Republican National Convention

What's for Dinner, Tues., May 31, 2016

Canada PM Trudeau will not be punished for elbowing legislator

We Shall Overcome

Amazon ranks the most well-read cities in the U.S., and the winner is…

Thirty one countries adopt working definition of antisemitism

A Preview of how trump will treat the Press in a hypothetical trump Administration

American voters, Trump, Palin, mindlessness, etc.

U.S. court says no warrant needed for cellphone location data

I heard bernie went to the Warriors game yesterday.

Bernie Sanders reaffirms his lack of respect for democracy

Bernie Sanders reaffirms his lack of respect for democracy

Clinton server - Molehill or Mountain

UPDATE 3-Brazil's anti-corruption minister quits over leaked recordings

UPDATE 3-Brazil's anti-corruption minister quits over leaked recordings

Enough of this 'rules' vs. 'legal requirements'!!!

Oh no, Clinton only leading Trump by 3-6 points in NEW JERSEY!!!

Treating the Internet as a Public Utility

Five time deferments Dodgy Don the Con caught with his pants down

*Robert Reich LIVE.

Bernie Sanders reaffirms his lack of respect for democracy

Big Oil’s Favorite Governor: Jerry Brown: Fracking Champion Small Wonder He Endorsed HRC

Bernie Sanders is Still Standing--How & Why He Managed to Defy the Odds

*Robert Reich LIVE.

*Robert Reich LIVE.

Analog-A-Go-Go festival - Awesome one day music fest with great craft beer

I am working with a homeless vet/Bernie supporter...

Something Is Wrong with the Democratic Primaries!

Damn, Jerry Brown's under the bus!

So how would Les Nessman report on the Cincinnati Zoo thing?

First Latin American Cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo Decorated in Bolivia

Hillary will be on MSNBC today about 4 pm Eastern (HRC Group)

PoliticusUSA: An Outraged CNN Schools Wannabe Dictator Trump On The First Amendment

The Biden rumor shows how out of touch the Dem Party Leaders are

Here's hoping that Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary on the night of June 14th

From the 40,000 workers on strike for 45 days against Verizon

North Korean Editorial Backs Donald Trump For U.S. President

From the 40,000 workers on strike for 45 days against Verizon

I keep seeing Sanders standing in front of the Nader Nurses

From the 40,000 workers on strike for 45 days against Verizon

SiriusXM Suspends Glenn Beck After Guest Makes Comments About Trump

From the 40,000 workers on strike for 45 days against Verizon

CIA Veterans/DOD Officials Reveal Government Corruption/Hypocrisy in Protecting Clinton for Crimes

Retired ethics chief: Alabama speaker often got 'the drill'

Dear Black Parents

Cross country road trip funny!

The Donut Hole


For those wondering what the DU schedule is for calling the end of the primary period:

Check out the US Chemical Safety Board's YouTube channel

Krugman's making sense again

Hillary Clinton coming up on MSNBC

Consumer spending scores biggest jump in 7 years

How to Explain the Sanders Campaign to an Idiot, Paul Krugman or a Clintonite in 8 Sentences

Priest Who Wrote Vatican’s Anti-Gay Guidelines Accused of Sex With Male Seminarians

Drew Peterson found guilty of trying to have prosecutor killed

Philippine president-elect says 'corrupt' journalists will be killed

Televangelist Jan Crouch dies at 78

Relatives, others honor Nebraska Buffalo soldier who got military headstone 71 years after death

Red Skelton's Smoooooth Sketch (Guzzler's Gin)

Yet another PAC endorsement is getting passed off as a group endorsement.

New Extreme Climate to Hurl More Rain Bombs at Texas...

Sanders backers worry that Clinton will clinch nomination before California’s polls close

Basic Income Now Officially Liberal Party Policy

Another Day, Another four juries on DU

Bernie has endorsed.down ticket dems...has hillary?

Relatives, others honor Nebraska Buffalo soldier who got military headstone 71 years after death

Hey, you kids. Get the F off my lawn...

Those veteran charities that trump the goblin donated the money to should be investigated

Bernie Sanders jabs California Governor Jerry Brown....calls him the "Democratic establishment"

Here's what's gonna happen with the FBI thing.

After the Warriors defeated the Thunder, Twitter finished them off

Barney Frank on MSNBC Just Now:

Remember this hysterical video when Obama was running against Mittens???

Ex-U.S. soldier 'Rambo' gets 20 years in prison in murder-for-hire case

Ex-U.S. soldier 'Rambo' gets 20 years in prison in murder-for-hire case

Sometimes forgetfulness pays off

Massachusetts governor would sign transgender rights bill

Massachusetts governor would sign transgender rights bill

Photos of Bernie at Memorial Day Services

With the convention coming before we know it, we must prepare for the eventuality

Consequences of Weaponized Identity Politics

Oklahoma Republican wishes Mexican border was more like Afghanistan: ‘We were allowed to shoot ’em’

Inside the Trump University 'playbooks'

Sitting in the airport...

Where do Libertarians come from?

Confessions of a former dead ender

YES, Donald Trump DID contribute to Veterans' Groups....LAST WEEK

My Sweet Lord

Pro-Bernie Sanders posts to be banned on DU before Democratic Party has a candidate for President?

Pro-Bernie Sanders posts to be banned on DU before Democratic Party has a candidate for President?

Sanders Rally Added in Palo Alto Wed 6/1


AP sources: NFL moving Pro Bowl to Orlando in 2017

"the candidate is a vainglorious buffoon who has no clue what he's doing

"She’s not going to change anything because she’s part of the people in power"

Very sick kitty & CBDs

5 handguns stolen from U.S. Army Reserve armory in Worcester remain missing months later

Hillary's email server is a greater threat than Donald Trump?

It may not seem like it now, but Bernie's going to look like a real ass when

Very sick kitty & CBDs

Consumer Confidence Lowest Since Late 2015

This is pretty amazing (Democratic versus Republican party favorable rating trajectories)

Mysterious Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak Stumps Disease Detectives

U.S. Stocks Rise for 3rd Month, Dollar Jumps Most Since 2014


Alma telescope peers into space from Chile's mountains

Alma telescope peers into space from Chile's mountains

Hillary often gets blamed here for the coup in the Honduras, as if she was responsible

Crude Oil Caps Longest Run of Monthly Advances in Five Years

We Shall Overcome


Reason Rally organizes atheist vote

Donald Trump reminds me of Gorgeous George (vid - 6 minutes)

My god, he sounds like a kindergartener...

Senior EU lawyer backs workplace ban on Muslim headscarves

Kerry Clinches Nomination

Will we ever see Bernie Sanders do this for Hillary at the convention?

Just come out and say it! You KNOW you want to! At least get surrogates saying it!

Will we see Sanders do this for Hillary at the convention?

Downtown Santa Cruz feels the Bern, rally draws hundreds early

Transcript of Cheryl Mills deposition released

Skinner: DU switches to general election mode on June 16, 2016

Judge sentences Catholic to Baptist church pews

BREAKING: Bloomberg Politics has the name of Bill Kristol's secret Independent candidate...

Why does the media keep giving this mon sterling a free pass?

When Hillary Defeats Trump In A Landslide

This time in 2008, I was really angry that Clinton was not dropping out

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Job Losses Expected As Maryland Governor Stuns Solar Industry With Clean Energy Veto.

Not Bernie

Sanders supporters planning to rally at convention to...(Sanders would deliver a "victory statement.

'The whole problem of the world is

Predatory Peacekeepers – UN Soldiers Are Committing Widespread Child Rape

RandomThoughts on the pending indictment

Does Her Foundation $$ from foreigners, mean anything to Gov Siegelman?

Just curious

Email email email...bla bla bla. What a bunch of pathetic nonsensical bullshit.

Does anyone use a shared calendar app they can recommend

True Story

Cavs fan who said he'd eat his shirt if the Warriors won Western Conference delivers on his promise

Indicted for what?

2016 Hillary at Odds with 2008 Hillary

Transcript of Clinton aide's deposition (Cheryl Mills) released in email case

I can't help but think the "vets groups" to whom Drumpf claims to have donated . . . . .

Not sure where to post this, but here is an image for yesterday's Memorial Day

Pictured: Inside the house of horrors where murdered toddler Liam Fee was chained to a cage in a roo

Risky Reprise of Debt Binge Stars U.S. Companies Not Consumers

Lets be honest about Jerry Brown...

Alternative Bernie Sanders Chatrooms?

The gorilla enclosure threads are entertaining...

The American West, Part III - The Grand Tetons

Brand Spanking New Reuters Nat'l Poll-Clinton 46 % Trump 35%

Bernie photos @ NBA game

Starting today please never use the name Donald Trump in anyway shape or form

Alternative Bernie Sanders Chatrooms?

Why the plan to rename Pikachu has made Hong Kong angry

Barrio Logan residents complain about 'martial law' during Trump protest

Kristol Eyes Conservative Lawyer David French for Independent Presidential Run

“If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”

I think DWS would be the perfect VP pick for HRC.

After WEEKS of stalking Gov Brown- then rejected as JB endorses HRC, Sanders calls him Establishment

5:30 PM CST===> CNN reporting what we all know about Trump University

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Documents In Trump University Case Unsealed in San Diego

I believe that we may see that sanders extreme intrangenance may

You know what? Compared to the whole world, I'm a far left pinko commie.

Oh No. Cheryl Mills Testimony in Judicial Watch Case Released... and it's not good.

Meet the Bernie Sanders Supporter Who Debated Bill Clinton for 30 Minutes at a New Mexico Restaurant

Because there just aren't enough gorilla threads

martin Shreli is periscoping live right now.

Clinton: ‘It Took A Reporter To Shame’ Trump Into Coughing Up Donation To Vets

Obamacare's 2017 Insurer Rate Requests Are Mostly for Double-Digit Hikes

Powell & Condoleezza Rice used private accounts for classified emails - Dept of State concludes


Progressives put the People First, Moderate / Conservative Republicans put Big Corporations & the Rich First

What happens if a nominee is disabled/dies between the convention and the election? ?

Supreme Court rejects union appeal over Trump casino bankruptcy

Supreme Court Makes It Easier For Landowners To Challenge Environmental Decisions

Enthralled by Sicily, Again

Trump Gave to Vets on Day He Was Busted

General Mills Flour recall

It looks like another one of ESPN's most recognizable names is being shown the door

Europe And US In Race To Keep TTIP On Track

Clinton's Double Standard: OK that Veteran was Brutalized at Her Speech:

Bernie Sanders jabs back at Jerry Brown, ‘Democratic establishment’ ~ (HRC GP)

Cheryl Mills Will Be Forced To Testify. Crime-Fraud Exception Prevents Her From Claiming Atty Client

If you're Bernie or Bust, then arguing "we need Bernie to beat Trump" is disingenuous.

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Monterey Rally, California 5/31/2016 Colton Hall Lawn =*=

Sanders takes no questions from media at 'press conference' (HRC GP)

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Monterey Rally, California 5/31/2016 Colton Hall Lawn =*=

Sen. Boxer coming up on MSNBC Hardball

=*= LIVE Streams: Bernie Sanders Monterey Rally, California 5/31/2016 Colton Hall Lawn =*=

Tips for surviving a death attack...

Which of the following scenarios would best help lay the groundwork for progressive reform?

OK, listen up! I'm just gonna say this ONE time:

Smash the Control Machine

Hillary Clinton for President - Jann S. Wenner in Rollingstone

Why America Should Have A Universal Basic Income!

Boxer: Clinton is the one that can unite this country.

The Natural State of Humans Is #Tribalism! (And NOT #Libertarianism!)

Poll: Americans in both parties want the nomination process changed

Hillary Wasn't Close to IT Expert (Brian Pagliano) Who Managed Her Server

Number of mumps cases tied to outbreak at Midland U has doubled, HHS says

I am so tired of Bernie and his "Democratic Establishment" meme.

Clinton says her campaign talking to Sanders camp about unifying Democrats

DU's (tm) Theme Song After 6-16-2016

Instructions on how to come for me......

Please Donate to Bernie!!!!!!! Midnight Tonight EST Deadline for May Totals!!! $31 on the #31st

Should there be child leash laws?

The world's greatest drummer was born 68 years ago today

It appears

Clinton: Trump shamed into making donations to veterans groups

Trump has north korea endorsement

Can we get more guidance about the rules applicable to "general election season"?