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Oh my the collective sound of holding our breaths

Irony comes full circle...

Sanders' Indiana win keeps widening, but...

What Happens When You Elect Women, According To Science

The vote reporting appears to be irregular by being too regular, suggesting the running of an

Indiana primary results: track the votes, county by county

If Sanders wins Indiana, here's what he needs the rest of the way...

Takata to announce recall of 35 million-40 million U.S. air bag inflators: sources

Bernie is beating Hillary in Indianapolis!

United Airlines pays $37 million to ex-CEO who quit amid a corruption investigation

Get your Indiana returns right here!

The Trans panic seems to be completely GOP top down driven. See article below:

Benchmark Politics calls Indiana for Bernie Sanders.

Tweet from Danny Freeman (msnbc Bernie reporter)

The Origin of Trump.

Truth Bomb Sirota Tweet: Things I Learned From TV: Sanders Winning Indiana Means NOTHING, But

Sanders percentage of a lead hasn't changed as more votes come in

Carly looks and sounds like she has been crying

The counties along the KY border go for Hillary. What do you think that means? nt

Congratulations to Senator Sanders on winning Indiana.

Yeah, this is looking like a Sanders win.

Boy, Carly sure sounded like she was reading a eulogy there.

I think they should add a category under alert:

You know that whole 1:120 chance of dying from an Extinction Level Event?

Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Identified as an Arizona Native

Fellow Hillary Supporters... OK...No matter who wins Indiana today....

Heidi Cruz looks like she is fighting tears.

Cruz to End Campaign

Word Leaking from Cruz Camp that He Will Concede and Get out of Race

Ted Cruz suspending now!

Dear Ted

Cruz ends presidential bid

Ted Cruz is ending his presidential campaign

WH To Make Stonewall National Monument

Holy crap! I never thought I would see the day

Hawaii Bernie Delegates Released this:

The booger eater drops out!

How long before Ted starts saying that Trump is a great guy?

Ted Cruz Bows Out of the Race- Good news for Bernie because he shines against Trump

You know why they call us the Crossroads of America, Ted?

Cruz drops out!

do you see how cruz grabs his wife to hug him

Ted Cruz will not be the next president of the United States.

da da da=another one bites the dust

I have the appropriate music for Ted Cruz's announcement:

cRUZ SUSPENDS............

Cruz dropping out. Now Trump will go after Hillary like nothing else. Sanders needs to

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

'We are all human': Australian Atheist met with Muslim neighbours to create 'Faces of Islam'

I remember months ago Trump saying it could be Bernie

You know what's so pathetic about Cruz dropping out?

Sheldon Silver, Ex-New York Assembly Speaker, Gets 12-Year Prison Sentence

So the Rethugs are united now: Trump is the winner. But we're going to keep attacking each other.

Open primaries and caucuses have to go.

Democrats Just Won The White House, The Senate, And The House Of Representatives!

Brazil prosecutor asks Supreme Court to investigate Lula

Wow, it's really going to be Trump.

And lo and behold, from the excessive number of environs who had filled the Klown Kar...

Curious... on my spreadsheet, I gave IN to Sanders 53/47.

Jake Tapper nails it...

Bernie is ahead by 24,600 votes!

Haaahaaa Ted Cruz

Why does anyone believe what the guy who thought Palin was a good idea has to say?

In China’s Northeast, a Daily Jostle for Jobs Produces Mostly Despair

I just trashed GD:P.

The Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on Tuesday was identified as Charlie Keating IV

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Mr. Lonely! & Uncensored & Live & a

Venezuela’s Outages and the Western Press’s Confirmation Bias Problem

So the republicans after Cruz drops out raps up there primary before we do

The only reason I'm pissed tonight is that my one variable model finally missed on a state

If it's Trump vs. Clinton, does this endanger the anti-trans "bathroom bill" push?

do we get to hear a sad song from Carly?

Welcome back, cali.

On a Scale of 1 to 10...

Kansas budget woes weigh on state's credit ratings

RNC Chair Rinse Penis just called Trump their nominee.

What happens if Cruz and Rubio send all their delegates to Kasich?

Benchmark Politics: Final Margin Call. We Call Sanders 52.5% - Clinton 47.5% For Indiana Primary

Speedcore is Magic

Scott Tenorman, white courtesy phone. Ted Cruz wakes up, smells coffee, drops mic.

BREAKING: Reince Priebus throws in the towel...

Bernie Projected winner- Indiana Primary!

Bernie wins Indiana! MSNBC. No link yet. nt

Clinton wins Indiana.

NBC News projects Bernie Sanders the winner of the Indiana Dem Primary.

Bernie wins Indiana! No link yet. MSNBC. nt

Why would Trump choose to destroy Cruz on the last day of the campaign?

Massive May Day rallies show support for Brazil’s Rousseff

Hillary Wins Democratic Nomination!

"Well, that is one way to phrase it."

Well, I'm sure Ted Cruz's colleagues in the Senate will welcome him back

Trump as the real nominee sends a shiver down my spine

M$NBC - Sanders Projected Winner in Indiana!

Let's do this right. Congrats to Bernie and his supporters

MSNBC just called Indiana for Bernie

Bernie Sanders : Indianapolis Press Conference

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is projected winner in the Indiana Democratic primary

Bernie Sanders : Indianapolis Press Conference

I have watched CNN for the past 30 minutes

Bernie needs to drop out.

Bernie Wins Indiana!

Is HuffPo still only covering Trump in the entertainment section?

TYT & CNN call it for Bernie!

Bye bye, DU.


Indiana exit poll: 84% find Bernie honest and trustworthy

Before tonight: Bernie down 3 million votes. After tonight: Bernie down 3 million votes

Congratulations to my friends who support Senator Bernie Sanders!!!!!

Hillarys negatives are high, thanks to the Corporate Media. But there's good news...

Argentina: Massive Protest Against Macri’s government


Congratulations, Bernie supporters, staffers, and volunteers!

Wolf Blitzer: "Just In... Bernie Sanders IS The Winner Of The Democratic Presidential Nomination!"

So what does it mean that voters keep giving Bernie wins even though "it's over"?

Holy fucking shit. So this is really happening.

Hillary needs to drop out.

Goodbye and good riddance, Ted.

Washington Brings Regime Change to Venezuela

Cenk Ugyur: Dem party core plans to give nomination to BIDEN if Hilllary is indicted!

Sanders fell far short of what he needed in Indiana.

According to TYT

Obama to speak to Canada's Parliament around June 30th. Three Amigos Summit to take place in Ottawa.

Is it me or have HRC fans gotten more shrill, snarky, arrogant, haughty, aggressive


🔥🔥🔥 Thank You INDIANA! 🔥🔥🔥

Carry on, my fellow Sandernistas

Georgia governor vetoes 'campus-carry' concealed gun bill

Congratulations to Secretary Clinton on your loss.

If I start a thread and preview it through four changes,

Notice when he wins, even though polls indicated he might not

TYT, Cenk, just said if Clinton is indicted before the convention, word in D C. has it that

UN Needs $80 Million for Schools for Palestinian Refugees

Lucifer in the flesh is now a goner!!!!!!!!

🔥🔥🔥 Thank You INDIANA! 🔥🔥🔥

Has Hillary come out to congratulate Bernie on his win tonight?

KASICH: I'm staying In The Race Until Donald Trump Hits The Magic Number

haha the whining begins. look at this twitter nut. he is calling people pos and crying

I had to start drinking.


Indiana democrats choose socialism!

Latest from 538: Hillary has an 89% chance of winning in California!!!!

Washington Post delegate estimate as of a few minutes ago.

"I love winning with women."

The Sarah Palin of 2016: Twitter mercilessly mocks Carly Fiorina after Cruz’s crushing Indiana loss

Washington Post delegate estimate as of a few minutes ago.

Watch rescued dolphin's release into Gulf of Mexico

Andy Borowitz' post on Facebook

Three Former Soldiers Held for the Murder of Honduran Activist Who Wanted to Stop a Dam

Why does the GOP have a presumptive nominee before us? Bernie; DROP OUT!!

The Guardian: Bernie Sanders pulls off shock victory in Indiana Democratic primary

TYT Cenk: what if Bernie Sanders is like Jon Snow?

Hillary needs to offer Bernie the VP.

Cruz's Speech The creepiest speech in history

The Guardian: Bernie Sanders pulls off shock victory in Indiana Democratic primary

After Trump’s Indiana Win, GOP Loyalists Prepare for End Times

CNN, MSNBC still showing to deceive low info voters the Super delegate count and not

You know why Cruz dropped out? Because Trump kept winning. Something Hillary...


Los Angeles 'Grim Sleeper' serial killer case goes to jury

Los Angeles 'Grim Sleeper' serial killer case goes to jury

Bernie lost among democrats 54-46% according to exit poll. All primaries should be closed primaries

The timing of CNN calling Indiana for Bernie could not have been worse

Time to donate to Bernie again.

HRC's shills still shilling.

Facts are facts.

Sanders speaking now- MSNBC


NOW, MSNBC *Bernie and the Press* from Indiana, across the river from Louisville, KY.

Burn Baby Burn!!! Come on, Hilary supporters, give us some love!!!

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders Will Run This Thing Out Until The Very End

Hey, Megyn Kelly--Looks like Trump may get the last laugh

Mike Malloy - A Note To Bernie Sanders Supporters

Van Jones Tonight: "BERNIE WON!"

So Hillary wins New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, and she gets

Please Let’s Give Democracy a Chance

curiosity question

Once more with feeling ---

There are some who say that astronomy has no practical value for ordinary people.

Bernie Sanders : Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist

Bernie Sanders : Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Exist

Seem like God doesnt want Ted Cruz After all

Let us hope

For Exposure, We Give You... The Super-Delegates...

Call It Skinner.

Samantha Bee Demolishes Ted Cruz with a Single Tweet

SO thankful Indiana didn't give up on Bernie

Bernie's statement via twitter:

Based on your feelings right now, with the Drumpf win, come November, will it be . . . .

Hillary has shifted to the GE, Bernie to the super delegates.

What happens to Cruz' delegates?

The Bernie Omaha meet up tonight was cancelled

"Bernie Sanders pulls off shock victory..." (The Guardian)

Cruz isn't done with Trump yet.

Email from the campaign -

It's early yet but Hillary may come out of Indiana with more delegates then Bernie

"What is most important is not whether Hillary or Bernie becomes the nominee."

All of Fort McMurray ordered to flee wildfire in the largest fire evacuation in Alberta's history

Will Cruz just go away now?

CNN Wolf Blitzer just said that Sanders Indiana win will not change the delegate math and the only

This is a great day for the world

Wait a sec. We are all winners. NO MORE CRUZ!!!!!!!!!

Clip of Wolf Blitzer saying "Bernie Sanders is the winner of the Democratic Presidential Nomination"

Who does Trump pick for VP?

John McCain clinched the nomination in March of 2008 but Hillary kept a runnin'

For once Chuck Todd makes sense..."The two most unpopular public figures in America"

Hillary's cackle is her version of :rofl:

Well, the GOP has painted their selves into a dark corner!

Congrats Hamilton - 16 Tony Nominations

DRUMPF the mobster will stand trial, something Tricky Dick had the decency to resign about

German couple tortured two women to death, police say

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball: Preliminary Clinton-Trump breakdown by State

Trump Has Won and the Republican Party Is Broken


Hawaii Bernie Delegates Released this:

Local probes end in police shooting of man in wheelchair

Donald Trump kind of used him, ripped him up and abused him....

Calling for Bernie to drop out is silly


With Cruz dropping out, will the GOP run a 3th party candidate?

Let's break $70K tonight

Feel the Bern!

So trump is king of the clown car

Chris Mathews and some woman (I'm in the other room) tearing into Bernie...Go to hell.

Is Robert Dear a Lone Wolf? FMF Demands House Select Panel Investigate Anti-Abortion Violence

Hillary won Indiana in 2008 and it didn't help her

Joy Reid: Bernie is not a whole person. He's a place holder.

Exit poll: Men fuel Trump, Sanders Indiana primary victories

HI go fund me for Bernie Delegates

Is Robert Dear a Lone Wolf? FMF Demands House Select Panel Investigate Anti-Abortion Violence

Is Robert Dear a Lone Wolf? FMF Demands House Select Panel Investigate Anti-Abortion Violence

Cruz elbows and punches his wife.

Will trump be able to get away with refusing debates in the general?

Bernie Sanders Pulls Off Upset Victory in Indiana !

Clinton plots swing state ambush for Trump She's already organizing a shadow general election camp

Bernie Sanders Pulls Off Upset Victory in Indiana !

Is God wrong again?

Dearly Beloved

Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover: End of the GOP

Flashback (July 2015) - Democratic Candidates Announce Climate Plans

The Indiana result represents a continuation of the pattern.

Court files show bid to tar slain Honduran activist Caceres

Monsanto Goes on the Attack Following Resolution by Argentina

Should progressives use the word neoliberal to describe other Democrats?

50% of Kasich/Cruz Voters Will Not Vote for Trump-Only 18% of Sanders Voters won't Vote for Clinton

Colorado News - 5/3/2016

Nurse who refused to force feed at Guantanamo back to duty

Warning - for those who (like me) avoid GD-P

See you May 27th for The Ten Commandments!

NYPD officer adopts kitten she helped rescue from abandoned suitcase in Williamsburg

BEST NEWS EVER! TRUMP will be the nominee! And either Bernie or Hillary will DESTROY him!

Congrats to Sanders and his supporters!

For the good of the party, it really is time for Hillary to bow out. n/t

If Trump wins, he would be the oldest president ever elected to a first term.

So - what song is Carly Fiorina singing tonite?

Strong Majority of Democratic Voters Agree: Sanders Should Fight to the End

AP: Sanders: Clinton team thinks race 'is over. They're wrong'

Bernie's going to be interviewed on CNN, coming up.

Maddow looked sick when Brian Willams told her they needed to talk about..

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country"

Bernie Sanders full Statement on Indiana Primary Win

Bernie Sanders: "The Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They're wrong."

The BEST news for both Hillary and Bernie fans is this.......

O'Donnell: George Will to lead the Republicans for Hillary movement.

Bernie on CSPAN right now!!!!nt

Republicans for Hillary is bad news

Bernie Sanders Challenges Secretary Clinton To A Debate In California

Bernie Sanders Pulls Off Upset Victory in Indiana

So, it appears that even Lucifer in the flesh was unable to stop the Donald. nt

So Bernie gained 7 delegates tonight - UPDATE 5 delegates, not 7...

Bernie Sanders Campaign Calls Out Hillary Clinton On Fundraising | Rachel Maddow

Voters in CA have until the 23rd to switch parties. Must be Democrat to vote

Bernie Sanders Rally - Big Victory in Indiana - and moment word leaked that he was winning the state

Primaries: GOP Over, Dem ALIVE Because Math

Calls for Bernie to drop out because Trump

How many pledged delegates will Bernie net from Indiana?

It looks like Susan Sarandon's candidate won Indiana, if you know what I mean

NOW, CNN: BERNIE on Phone Interview w Jake Tapper, *IMPT. Questions, Issues.

FACT: Clinton won Indiana in '08..

Hillary needs 72.7% of the remaining pledged delegates to win

The media. Grab your popcorn.

Three kinds of voters

Bernie Sanders: We have a path to victory CNN

Glenn Beck is having a fit...

So forget the primary we just ran im ahead in a couple polls?

Bernie Sanders: We have a path to victory CNN

I feel good about tonight!

Kung Fu Visualization - power and grace

Bernie Sanders: We have a path to victory

President calls on Massa to vote against employment bill

Indiana Exit Poll: More White Women, Younger Voters and Liberals Deliver Victory to Sanders

he teddy- maybe you need to learn god's signals

Seriously, can you picture Cruz endorsing Trump??

Just When You Thought The GOP Couldn’t Sink Any Lower….

Ok, taking bets: how long before Trump PUBLICLY calls hillary the c-word or the b-word?

Trump is An Opportunistic Infection

I hearby invite Trump to my nightly Beerfest.

After June 7th...

Thanks to my friend Jeff....Trump

Kung Fu visualization

Are we now officially in general election mode on DU?? Do we have a nominee? nt

Haven't been watching Fox--Is their charade of not liking Trump finally over?

So what Bernie is essentially saying is --

Who here from day one never thought trump would last a month?

The close results of this primary season are prima facie evidence that Hillary is a weak candidate

Police begin wider body camera use after months of testing

Ted Cruz drops out, Donald Trump the presumptive nominee (VIDEO)

It's okay, you can take it off now.

Ted Cruz elbowing and punching hsi wife in the face

Here is why it's mathematically impossible for Bernie to win with pledged delegates.

So Ted Cruz has more common sense than Bernie Sanders

Trump's parade of Achilles heels

It's not over until it's over..................

There is not going to be a contested convention. Hillary wins the nomination on the 1st ballot.

Hillary Clinton Denounces Unusual Protester: Donald Blankenship, Convicted Mine Executive

Samantha Bee expertly shows Ted Cruz the door.


Hoosier Daddy! #Bernie #Bernie2016

Off Topic...

Some Non-Jews Think Manischewitz Wine Tastes Good, Befuddling Jews

NY Daily News Cover, Death To The GOP

Data from Indiana Shows Sanders Losing Badly with Inaccurate Psychics

Donald Trump, presumptive nominee, wins Indiana

Don't count on Trump showing up for any debates as scheduled.

Can I contribute something?

The GE will be about trade

Ted Cruz Drops Out (Glenn Beck on suicide watch)

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout

New "Why Bernie will win conspiracy" that will be making the rounds

Bernie Sanders should push for a new realism in foreign policy

Alaska News - 5/3/2016

Bernie won the majority of somewhat liberal and very liberal voters

Vermont's huge eb-5 scandal is likely the tip of the iceberg

I'm looking forward to summer


Good News In West Virginia Poll

Kansas City police officerer Pleads Guilty To Excessive Force -- Cops Caught On Tape

Ted Cruz is Gone and the World Celebrates

The Sanders supporters really need a "Dear John" letter right about now

Lone Justice - Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)

Question: Why can't Hillary win a Clinton?

Two good things for Hillary that came out of tonight...

The Singing Revolution

Hawaii News - 5/3/2016

Peruvian Court Rejects Alberto Fujimori's Final Appeal

Could Hillary actually beat Trump?

Peruvian Court Rejects Alberto Fujimori's Final Appeal


Legitimate criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism

Archaeologists may have solved mystery of Peru's 'band of holes'

The fix is in

Two suicides in the same week at my niece's high school

Twelve Green Berets, two tons of explosives...

*update Delegate Training* Nevada State Democratic convention on SATURDAY, May 14

Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches

Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches

ATTENTION: Future Democratic Primary state voters

Fair to say that the only person now standing between Donald Trump and this room is Hillary Clinton

This endorsement makes me so happy!!

Just an observation before going to bed ...

Apparently, you don't have to be a "whole person" to win state primaries.

Republicans consider Clinton over Trump

The Republican Party has made an antivaccine loon named Donald Trump its presumptive nominee.

Noam Chomsky On Bernie Sanders


Hillary needs just 15% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination

Tonight’s Win Is Not Likely To Help Sanders

Are quiet policies in libraries discriminatory?

Sanders: I will upset Clinton and defeat Trump in November

Risky skull surgery done for ritual reasons 6,000 years ago

Building on shells: Interdisciplinary study starts unraveling mysteries of Calusa kingdom

Video on al Aqsa (Hamas) TV glorifies suicide bombings.

Anthropologists Marshalling History: the American Anthropological Association’s Vote on the Academic

Why is Bernie disenfranchising Alaska delegates?

Vermont Lawmakers Will Vote This Week on Legalizing Marijuana

The Media Has Put Hillary And Bernie On Ignore.....

Pics: Protective orangutan fights off wild pig with a STICK as it closes in on baby

May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You

Let me get this right...Sanders' supporters don't trust the polls...

Bernie Sanders declares war on reality

Unfortunately, the people of the United States of America do not elect the President

I boycotted MSNBC

Republicans / conservatives already jumping ship hard:

Missile launcher that downed MH17 ‘DID belong to Vladimir Putin’, shocking report claims

It’s happening…

Bernie Sanders Should Push for a New Realism in Foreign Policy

Strong Majority of Democratic Voters Agree: Sanders Should Fight to the End

Can we all agree this would not be a change for the better?

Banks Assert Constitutional Right to Billions in Subsidies

Eta Aquarid meteor shower reaches peak activity this week

Washington News - 5/4/2016

We don't need to bridge the class divide — we need to end it.

The oldest crystal on Earth: Scientists say zircon formed in the craters left by violent asteroid im

Putin's bikers the Night Wolves claim 'secret entry' into EU on way to Berlin despite ban

Traditional Medicare Versus Private Insurance: How Spending, Volume, And Price Change--

An NFL Player Stands Up to Rape and Gives a Lesson in Consent


Robert Reich: Why is there no-lose socialism for the rich and cutthroat--

The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get to Absolve Itself for Bombing a Hospital

Robert Reich" Majority of Americans have less than $1000 in savings and checking combined.

After All He's Said and Done, How Does Ted Cruz Return To The Senate?

If Hillary can't beat Bernie, how can she beat Trump?

Seymour Hersh Interview: New Book Disputes US Account of Bin Laden Killing

Daily Holidays - May 4

Who will the bigger enthusiasm gap among their party: Hillary or Dumpf?

Hillary only needs 168 delegates, there are 165 undeclared super delegates,

Wow, they're pretty fractured over at FreeRepublic..

People Before Money:

Idaho News - 5/4/2016

Delamaide: "Sanders is a much better leader than Trump or Clinton, voters say"

Delamaide: "Sanders is a much better leader than Trump or Clinton, voters say"

Bernie Sanders wins Indiana, but doesn't get landslide he needed

When progressives fight for working Americans they can win

It's Official: The Christian Right Has Lost Control of the Republican Party

Oprah Winfrey To Star In HBO Films’ ‘The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks’

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz Dropout

The weasel that wasn't

Hillary Clinton coming to southeast Ohio on Appalachia tour

Why did Cruz drop out but not Kasich?

"third" parties

Bernie Sanders' Indiana victory speech (Full speech) CNN

=*= Bernie Sanders' Indiana victory speech (Full speech) CNN =*=

Sanders’ Indiana victory won’t slow Clinton’s advance

After Back Bench Bernie's Indiana win last night,...


I really don't think that it is time to panic yet.....

Nina Turner, Joe Madison: Bernie’s Indiana Win

Montana News - 5/4/2016

A quick estimate, how likely it is for Trump to win the national election:

"Are you sure Bernie won Indiana? I'm not seeing any headlines on Yahoo about it."

Why are Hillary supporters so nervous and angry?

Poll: Trump trails Clinton in head-to-head matchup

From the Thom Hartman Community Blog: RT America and Young Turks Blocked from Hulu

Where Were You The Night the Republican Party Died?

Clinton needs to start running against Trump now.

Look at all those Indiana voters so relieved that Bernie didn't drop out

Prince in his final Rolling Stone interview: “You’re gonna get a woman president soon”

An Elephantine Eulogy: NY Daily News Declares Death of ‘Once-Great’ GOP After Trump Win

Rachel Maddow confirms Bernie Sanders “contested convention” threat is a mere fantasy

So my cable is out how many points did hillary win by in indiana?

EU upholds tough rules on tobacco packaging

Evidence in picture: Ted Cruz doesn't know how to hug somebody.

Love to see Republicans finally admitting their party has lost its mind nt

Hillary, Get Ready for the Full Trump Treatment...

"He's prepared to share his life with you more than any other composer.

Bangladesh intellectuals speak against Isalmist extremists

Statistics question: how best to phrase this?

deeply disappointed in the president. he hasn't done anything even remotely marxist.

A friend of mine that works at the FDA got this email at work re: access to bathrooms by Transgender

Today's Daily News front page:

Georgia Governor Defies Party politics With Vetoes of Guns and Religious Liberty Bill

The DNC's new plan to Pledge and Initiate all "Real" Democratic voters and candidates

May 4 Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump 54% to 41%: CNN/ORC Poll

A short primer on why America distrusts Hillary

Yikes, four grays in the Kentucky Derby!!! Which one do I choose??

Transgender politician Geraldine Roman poised for historic win in Catholic Philippines

Sessions? Gingrich? Martinez? Who will be Trump's VP pick

Marion Palfi: A Meditation on Race in Shades of White

How an 800-year old Catholic ruling laid the groundwork for Hitler — and now Trump

Indiana doesn't count because it's a conservative RED STATE.

Hate Donald Trump supporters? You've got a problem.

From a Bernie Guy - relax - Hillary will be Prez.

1SBM's Sport Analogy # 2,1749 ...

Pope greets participants in interfaith meeting

Hillary's coal flip-flop

Did Bernie reach his delegate target or miss it again?

Kansan who went with kids to Oregon standoff arrested

Saudi Arabia Gives Women Right to Copy of Their Marriage Contract

Elizabeth Warren: "Donald Trump is now the leader of the Republican Party. It's real -"

OK, everybody out of the pool.

Earth fights back & goes after oil sands town forcing 80,000 people to flee

Alligator Caught on Video Attempting to Ring Doorbell of South Carolina Home

Blunt will support GOP presidential nominee, but is skipping trip to Cleveland

Via Twitter: Samantha Bee nails it on the termination of Cruz's campaign....

Fort McMurry, Alberta Evacuated; Downtown On Fire, Gas Station Explodes, 80,000 Residents Flee

Daily News: "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the GOP"

Opinion: Sanders is a much better leader than Trump or Clinton, voters say

Oregon Bar drops complaint against Ammon Bundy's lawyers tied to refuge visit

The reality of Trump makes me even more glad it's going to Hillary for the Dems.

Will The Last One Out Of The 'Klown Kar' End The Party?....

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 156,000 Jobs in April

Amazing! World Bank Notes That Water Shortages Might Hurt Economic Growth!

As Derby approaches, Kentucky battles over removal of Confederate monument

should be a fun Summer.....?

Good dog.


Accused Killer Back In Florida, Back In Court

So, which one was lying?

This feminist is sticking with Bernie Sanders: Why Hillary backers need to take another long, honest

Trump promises to obliterate Clinton’s record

Elizabeth Warren tweets and tweets and tweets.

Obama lead Romney by only 3.3% 2012

On Morning Joe they just compared Sanders to

Jurors to decide sentence in Fort Worth caulk-gun homicide

Elizabeth Warren tweets and tweets and tweets.

1704 to 1414

When #NeverTrump Becomes #ImWithHer

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: Ted no More

Would you rather spend $0 and lose 3 delegates, or $2Million and win 3 delegates?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The Yam Party

Stephen King got it right:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Couple of Bern Group Toons

Clinton plots swing-state ambush for Trump

Only one Senate Republican has endorsed Trump.

Trump ties up GOP nomination (humor)

Happy Star Wars day everyone.

"It's over for Bernie Sanders - he needs to stop attacking Hillary before he helps Donald.."

*****At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits -54-41*****

I cordially invite all Hillary supporters and rational Democrats

Productivity falls 1.0% in 1st quarter 2016 (annual rate); unit labor costs rise 4.1%

Bernie Sanders Delivers Remarks Amid Projected Indiana Primary Victory ABC News

No matter who we support: Please see the following.

Today's Google Doodle: Happy 100th birthday to Jane Jacobs

Trump: ‘Even I’ would have helped Carly Fiorina after fall

Obama’s Legacy Is Bigger Than You’d Ever Believe

For Sanders campaign, Indiana offers good news and bad ~ Rachel Maddow Blog (HRC BLOG)

This is going to be a "high-variance" election.

White Supremacist Letters In Downtown Sacramento Worry Residents (CA)

Today's Google Doodle honors urban planner Jane Jacobs:

Hillary supporters need to stop panicking.

Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Looks like a few more down ticket fundraisers are in order

Open primaries: If you believe there is cross party sabotage, you have bigger problems

analyze this:

A bit of photo manipulation ... apologies to George R.R. Martin

Perspective from a Sanders supporter: Last night makes unity less painful

Are Smartphones Doomed to the Same Fate as Personal Computers?

Google Growing on Fumes: Something Is Rotten in the State of Online Advertising

"Blood coming out of her wherever" and "some form of punishment"

The Trump nomination has the chance of making states become more extreme GOP.

Before the Indiana primary, Bernie trailed by about 3.1 million votes and 300 pledged delegates

Breaking! First place candidate Hillary Clinton to concede race at 3pm.

So, the President is coming to Flint, today, and they still haven't released an itinerary!

Are there any Hillary fans upset that Hillary didnt spend $$$ in Indiana?

US energy sources, uses, and waste: a chart

The analogy to this primary isn't to a sport, it's to chess.

This is Why No One Should Bail Out the “Smart Money” Stuck in Brick-and-Mortar Retailers.......

Ignorant, delusional, LYING asshat BULLIES who state or imply I support Trump...

Sanders and Trump vs Hillary

2016 Electoral map analysis

Coerced donations

GDP this a.m. is thread after thread of voting irregularities & disenfranchisement in Indiana

Conservatives are having a complete meltdown... Enjoy.

Sanders campaign is a lead weight around the neck of the Democratic Party

The Five Stages of Grading


Carly’s Run for Veep 4/27/16 to 5/3/16 …… One week that will go down in history.

What Hillary's doing while Bernie makes a vain grab for the remaining primary votes

Curious quick question. I keep seeing how many millions Clinton is ahead in votes;

Silent Thread for Kent State victims

A Contested Convention Is Exactly What the Democratic Party Needs

My teenager took off her Bernie sticker from her car

Bernie Sanders: We have a path to victory !

Bernie Sanders: We have a path to victory !

For most workers, real wages have barely budged for decades

Taxing Capitalists

Clinton plots swing-state ambush for Trump

It is not logical to think Bernie has one iota of a chance in hell to be the Dem Nominee

BERNIE VISITS WEST VIRGINIA: Huntington Feels The Bern! Rally Supporters Views from WV, KY, OH.

Significance of Sanders' win in Indiana last night:

There is little doubt that Hillary will be the nominee...

...and no one cared.

Look, everybody! A horserace!

The Haymarket Affair - 130 Years Ago Today

Prince died amid frantic plans for drug addiction treatment

There Is No "Contested Convention". Hillary Has An Overwhelming Majority Of Delegates

The Haymarket Affair -130 Years Ago Today

About that crazy Trump attack on Cruz saying his father was linked to Oswald

Ted Cruz releases statement about ending his presidential campaign

The Haymarket Affair - 130 Years Ago Today

Hillary is going to be taking on Trump and Bernie at the same time

What Republicans believe

Bernie Sanders Reacts to Indiana VICTORY (5-3-16)

Bernie Sanders Reacts to Indiana VICTORY (5-3-16)

Detroit: M-1 Rail Center Debut Marks Milestone for QLINE

Bernie wins MO after all. 51.4% in terms of delegates!

I can't wait to see the enthusiasm numbers from conservatives with Trump.

2016 will go down in history as the beginnings of a fundamental.........

"The Assassination Complex": Jeremy Scahill & Glenn Greenwald Probe Secret US Drone Wars in New Book

Is Trump going to have trouble getting a VP candidate?

NFL Players warned eating too much foreign-produced meat may lead to positive steroid test

The Trump nightmare is real. Clinton could lose this.

John Kasich Attempts 'Star Wars' Angle For May the Fourth Appeal

What will Congress do if Trump wins?

The latest Camp Weathervane attack

Kasich about to address media.

Google Growing on Fumes: Something Is Rotten in the State of Online Advertising

Found this on Facebook today.

Anyone seen this Spotify commerical about moving to Canada?


#DropOutHillary now trending on the Twitter...

Never underestimate the Republicans' capacity to shut up & fall in line behind the Leader (updated)

Courier-Journal: Takeaways from Bernie Sanders in Louisville

Now that Trump has won, Clinton vs. Sanders will be the story.

If Biden becomes the new presumptive should we change name to "Oligarchic Party" ?

Will Donald Trump Be The End of The Christian Right?

The Potty Party

I need to know why I must cast my vote for Clinton

I'm kinda thinking of just changing my sig line

Listening to Johnny Tillotson on YouTube. Somehow he seems a lot like Cliff Richard. I mean

Suspect admits to contaminating produce with mouse poison, hand-sanitizer

The N-Word is NOT a Term of Endearment!

Navy SEAL Killed in Iraq Identified as Grandson of Charles Keating Jr.

I saw Jane Sanders on tv this morning and I had a bit of an epiphany.

The next housing crisis is pending

2016 Electoral map analysis

If the Democratic Primary race is to be decided by the most recent

GOP > GOT ??

How the Kleptocrats’ $12 Trillion Heist Helps Keep Most of the World Impoverished

Help with Medicare?

Campaign 2016: Hillary Clinton Pitched Iraq As 'A Business Opportunity' For US Corporations

Was there more than just Indiana in Cruz' decision?

Sanders' Path to Victory After Narrow Indiana Win

Clinton v. Sanders is the most important class conversation in a century and it must continue.

Cherry-picking reactions to the Cruz cave-in from our Freepy friends

After studying OWH column, 'Flags of Our Fathers' author James Bradley says father isn't in iconic I

1SBM's Anecdotal Observation/Experience out in the real world ...

The Calm Before the Coming Global Storm

Copy this illegal number - and hide it

FiveThirtyEight: Tonight's win is not likely to help Sanders

Thousands Of Cheering Americans Packed Into Park For Ted Cruz Concession Speech

CHRISTIE's Bridgegate patsy subpoenaing his cell phone, which was never turned over to Feds

A Contested Convention Is Exactly What the Democratic Party Needs

Hey Californians! Register online at by May 23rd.

#DropOutHillary is trending - Really?

Today's New York Daily News

Elizabeth Warren's tweets after Cruz quits and Trump became the Republican nominee

“Free Trade” in Trouble in the United States

Why true single payer is the onlyway to do affordable health care now.

Trump wants to unite the GOP... except for "some people" he wants to kick out.

Even the worst Democrat is better than the best Republican...

Does anyone know the reasoning for Medicare not covering eyes and dental?

Hillary has a problem & it's not Bernie's fault. If she cannot turn this around

Bill Black: Free Markets Mean Zero Economic Profit – or a 99% Profit Markup

Question. PA ales tax

Hillary's favorite community bank, Goldman Sachs, wants to "help" average people

Do elderly cats need distemper vaccines? My vet didn't give my cat one because the cat is 17.

Chris Christie Says Equal Pay is Too Expensive--Here's A Solution

The Untold Truth Of Storage Wars

Ha! Holder Says He's Pissed: Who Dares Question USAG Flawless Record?

If HRC were to become president how many and whom...

Pic Of The Moment: Cruz Concedes, But Remains Optimistic

Can't decide what to name Trump's ascension?

Arizona Governor Blocks 31,000 Low-Income Children From Access To Life Saving Healthcare

John Kasich is going to Ohio this afternoon and will make an announcement at 5PM

AP Exit Poll:

John McCain’s Son Shuts Down Trolls Who Criticized Interracial Old Navy Ad

A t*rd in the punchbowl! . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!

Poor Erdogan!

Panama Papers: When mainstream information wears the anti-establishment mask

Quick reality check. Bernie is down 286 pledged delegates with 933 to go.

And now the real race -- between the conservative and the liberal wings of the Dem party

Wait a Minute

All Decent Things

Tough Police Tactics began as a Liberal idea

John Kasich cancels planned event, to make statement in Ohio Wednesday night

May 4, 1970....It can happen again, you know.

OK, now what?

I think we need to stop talking about "Red State vs. Blue State"...

....and Kasich is getting out

A new analysis of skeletons reveals that violence might not be hardwired

More on Hillary Clinton's felonies. She held guilty knowledge to sustain 18 USC Sec. 793(e) charges

Has Bernie Sanders Changed American Politics Forever?

At the Starting Gate: Clinton Leads Trump by Double-Digits!

Scientist have discovered new clues about the earliest known Americans

Operation Icarus: Anonymous declare a 30-day war on banking cartels

Did Hillary just convince Kasich to drop out to run as her VP?

John Kasich suspending campaign: Source tells NBC News

US servicemen catch mother and kids who fell from burning building in South Korea

Wyoming News - 5/4/2016

2016 Presidential Election Map

I just heard on Tom Hartman that Kasich is dropping out today

May the Schwartz be with you!

Putin's bikers the Night Wolves claim 'secret entry' into EU on way to Berlin despite ban

Why HRC is Called A War Hawk & Why Kissinger and Neo Con Kagan Endorse Her:

It is interesting so many here believe Trump will beat Clinton, but Conservatives think otherwise.

9 Maps That Show How Americans Speak In Different Regions

New book by NYTimes columnist sheds light on Clinton's role in middle east peace process

A Friend - An Avid Hillary Supporter - Is Now Freaked About Hillary's Chances.....

Donald Trump starts the general election behind Hillary Clinton by a mile

Clinton campaign reported to be saying

Donald Trump starts the general election behind Hillary Clinton by a mile

This 90-second time-lapse of evolving human faces is mesmerizing

New New Jersey Poll (Monmouth): Clinton 60 - Sanders 32

The Republican Party has made an antivaccine loon named Donald Trump its presumptive nominee

Tesla Powerwalls for Home Energy Storage Are Hitting U.S. Market

Burger King in Denmark vs Burger King in the United States..

Mississippi's gay adoption ban is dead

Kasich to end White House bid: US media


Why Is The Corporate Media So Damned Soft in Scrutinizing Donald Trump?

If Bernie comes up 50 delegates short would supers switch how about 20- how about 10?

Toxic lead still lurking in many Georgia homes

Two Losers have gotten out of the race. When will the third join them?

HRC "clarifies" position on coal extraction

will Democratic party take vote suppression and rigging seriously in November?

a thread that should not have been locked

U.S. uncovers $20M H-1B fraud scheme

Trump To Pick Running Mate

PIC: Carly Fiorina sets new record

Kasich is quitting

Kasich and Cruz dropping out could help Sanders quite a bit.

Email from Bernie: Last night was a historic win

Why I fear Donald Trump. Two words, one name: Allen West.

Daily News mourns the death of the Republican Party, 'killed by epidemic of Trump'

May the Fourth Be with all of my fellow DU'ers Today

Elizabeth Warren takes on Trump: I’ll ‘fight my heart out’ to keep him out of the White House

After yesterday, Clinton's odds for the nomination INCREASED to 98%

Let's Open Up the Democratic Party to Public Participation

This is my 4000th post. And I would like to use it to say how proud I am to be a Democrat.

Sometimes when I take trips, I get insights about my life. Anybody else notice this

"But...but...Ted wuz anernted by GAWD!"

BREAKING NEWS: Trump names running mate.

Blockbuster poll average: Sanders 54.7, Trump 37.2

Beyond Schadenfreude, the Spectacular Pundit Failure on Trump is Worth Remembering

Oregon News - 5/4/2016

Hartmann pleading that Bernie supporters not vote for Trump.

The MSM Will Help Trump With Billions Of Free Advertising To Get Him In WH.

I was REALLY looking forward to a night in my pajamas with popcorn and the GOP

Why do I own physical gold and silver? President Donald Trump.

CA Poll: Bernie up with independents, but Hillary still holds sway

I don't like Hillary's "Stop Trump" ad or argument. It assumes he is the default winner

Supreme Court may be filled due to Trump nomination

Mike Sington: Calling it now...It will be Bernie vs Trump and Bernie will win!!

There are things one should not eat

Inside the Bizarre, Racist Scheme to Import Siberian Workers to Hawai'i in 1909

As Trump Pimps America Self Funding Lies Money to Start Raining Down

Was THIS the birth of Trump?

To me, this 9-second YouTube clip captures the logic of the Trump campaign

Bernie Sanders Receives Endorsement from State Democratic Party Leader

Well, Trump has already lost...

KING: Bernie Sanders would be Donald Trump's worst nightmare; Hillary, not so much

Primary competition can help the Dems....The slugfest with Trump will get really monotonous

It's time for the Democratic Party to focus on Trump

TTIP Talks Are 'Likely To Stop', Say Officials, As François Hollande Signals France Will Reject Deal

TTIP Trade Deal Between U.S., EU Risks Collapse After Greenpeace Leak

How bad is it in Venezuela? Soldiers are stealing goats

By Jove, I think they've got it!

Venezuela's Maduro okays referendum if signatures validated

The force is with Bernie!!!

Pix from this morning

OPEC Gives Up on Its Oil Freeze Plan

Ted Cruz Concession Ignites Joke Storm on Social Media

Currently the second most highly upvoted post on SandersForPresident

Stephen King got it right:

Key & Peele Lose Their Minds Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Obama's Visit to Poisoned Flint Spotlights Economic Inequality

I made it to 75,000 posts!

Food for thought

Tesla Powerwalls for Home Energy Storage Are Hitting U.S. Market

HashTagWars #StarWarsSongs

Does the threat posed by Trump's nomination increase the chances of a Unity Ticket? ...

When Bernie Supporters Such as Thom Hartmann Have To Beg to Get Progressives To Vote For Hillary...

We Bernie supporters will come around

Fired employee kills co-worker, self at Texas company

Oil Town Americans Late On Car Loan Payments, Credit Card Payments

New Mexico Man Arrested in Abduction and Death of 11-Year-Old Navajo Girl Whose Body Was Found Near

Researchers nab millions of stolen credentials for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, banking

Last night changed nothing.

Sanders faces tough sell in persuading superdelegates to switch allegiances

Aeropostale Files For Bankruptcy, Plans To Close 154 Stores

All together now . . .

If Bernie is a leader, he will drop out of the race.

Legal Schnauzer: Don Siegelman out of solitary. Alabama House Speaker accepts 18 month jail term

Sanders Presided Over Veterans Committee While The Scandal Unfolded.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables Recalled Because of Listeria

Latest Delegate Count Shows Bernie Can Easily Win Nomination

The Path Forward For Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Path Forward For Bernie Sanders | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why do Bernie supporters think it matters how he polls against Trump?

I think we can all agree on this.. and its a place to start..

Merrick Garland and the SCOTUS! Does GOP want to compromise now?

If you have any frozen veggies/fruits in the fridge better check this YUUUUGE list!

Trump elegantly and coherently explains his "some form of punishment" gaffe.

Anti-Trump Republicans confront a dilemma: Are they ready to help elect Clinton?

Revealed: The Powerful Network Pushing Wesley Clark’s $3.7 Billion Gas-To-Liquids Plant

Why Are Hillary Fans So Afraid of Trump? Hillary And Donald Are Longtime Friends.

FIREFOX video and flash player question?

Trump winning means a Republican in the white house that means he can appoint heads to depts. That m

Hillary's Hedge Fund Donors Exacerbated Puerto Rico's Crisis:

Luckovich - GOP SUICIDE

What's up, Doc? . . . Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!

"Hillary sells herself to the electorate first and foremost as a woman, whose time has come."

If you remove Bernie from the mix, all existing prominent American politicians are compromised

Democracy Now! (May 4): Tom Robbins talks about the skeletons in Trump's closet

Clinton Times tries to stack the deck again

€500 'Bin Laden' of banknotes is to be axed

Hate to tell the BSers, But Hillary Won The Most Delegates Yesterday...Again.

The people putting their money where their mouth is.

People Power Shuts Down Prestage Slaughterhouse

John Kasich to drop out of the presidential race

Bernie's Path to the Nomination:

Russia To Form Three New Military Divisions To Counter ‘Growing Capacity’ Of NATO Along Its Borders

Clinton's Victory Fund Gives Very Little for Down Ticket Dems

GOP Gov. Charlie Baker won’t vote for Trump, may leave ballot blank

Politico: Enough opposition research to ‘knock Trump Tower down’

To My Friends Supporting Hillary Clinton

President Obama has arrived in Flint

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 4, 2016

CCSU Art Professor Remembers Kent State Tragedy

Bernie Sanders has a terrible idea - Seth Myers

US Judge: Clinton may be ordered to testify in records case

'67 Shots' dispels myths about shooting of Kent State students in 1970

Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria, to speak at Kent State May 4 commemoration

GOP in disarray?

Bobby Jindal: on second thoughts, let's help this dangerous guy get his fingers on the nuclear codes

U.S. Wasted $1.4 Billion To Stop HIV In Africa By Promoting Abstinence.

A musical break from the Primaries: First time ever in the World, a Grand Symphony of a 1000 Sitars

 Is War With Russia Possible?

Reagan needs to be taken down off his fake high-horse. He screwed this country

Despicable #DropOutHillary Hashtag: Only a Female Front Runner Would Be Told to Drop Out (HRC GP)

For The Good of The Party, It's Time For The Uncommitted Supers To Commit

ESPN Hires Ted Cruz as Basketball Analyst for Remainder of NBA Playoffs

Rolling Stones Ask Trump to Stop Playing Their Songs

BTW - note how well winning Iowa did for the Repub candidate again

So what would happen if The Drumpf just said FUCK IT! I wasn't planning on winning. I QUIT!

Trump's VP pick will be Norm Coleman, the bridge collapse loser from

An Army Captain Takes Obama to Court Over ISIS Fight

The score of today's Cubs Pirates game was...

Dear 1%, The Gig Is Up

Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders Before The FBI Reveals Its Findings

what are the favorability ratings of Sanders, Clinton and Trump? is there a site that keeps track?

Did that issue of guns at the RNC convention ever get solved?

Running to the populist left of Hillary

Getting People out of Prison Is Just the Start to Solving America's Incarceration Crisis

Asking A Candidate to Reach 2383 By Pledged Delegates Only = Asking Them To Win 59% Of The PDs

Trump was born in 1946, the same year as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Don't laugh at the GOP. Trump can win. America IS that brain-damaged and dickish.

Sources: John Kasich to drop out ~CNN

GOP Women Speak Out on Trump

Watch: After Bernie Wins Indiana, CNN Immediately Badgers Him to Quit

Clinton: It's About 'Hard Choices,' Admits Many of Hers Were Wrong

This election is going to suck: Why Hillary vs. Trump will be vicious, infuriating & bad for America

Ted Cruz Punches Wife In Face During Concession Speech

Clinton Superdelegate Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Corruption

'Supervised' robot succeeds in soft-tissue surgery

President Trump? History and demographics make it unlikely

Has Gerrymandering Turned The GOP Into Heartless Beasts?

New Jersey and California.

EPA Using Industry-Funded Research to Determine if Glyphosate Causes Cancer

Clinton: 'I have a lot of empathy' for Sanders

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reportedly set to be pushed out at AKP congress

Ed Henry off the air at Fox News after alleged infidelity reported

Hillary Clinton’s Growing Problem With Independents

BHP Billiton faces £30bn compensation claim over Brazil dam disaster

BHP Billiton faces £30bn compensation claim over Brazil dam disaster

Start looking at down-ballot candidates who support Bernie

Voter Suppression & Election Problems In The 2016 Primaries

A standard republican speech

Trump Campaign Hires Ben Carson, Fox's Former Favorite Candidate, To Head VP Selection Committee

Democracy Needs Transparency

John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Rick Scott, Mary Fallin, Nikki Haley or Susana Martinez?

US ceases efforts to end global trade of polar bear parts

More Than 1,000 Detained in Shocking Conditions at Counterterrorism Centers in Anbar in Iraq

US Judge: Clinton may be ordered to testify in records case

Michigan Residents Lose their "Right to Farm"

Obama Drinks Flint's Filtered Water During Visit to 'Shine a Spotlight' on Water Crisis

Anyone remember ABB? When are we going to crank up ABT?

Scarface, Yellowstone's Most Famous Bear, Illegally Shot Dead

Voting, in the current context, is about HARM REDUCTION.

Superdelegates and the notion that Sanders contradicts himself.

Oklahoma House Panel OKs Open Carry Without Permit, Training

Oscar De La Hoya hits Trump where it hurts, says he cheats

This is what Charles Krauthammer have to say:

Seal Killed in Iraq, grandson of Charles Keating Jr.

This is how Dems will fight the Donald

A brief overview of how the workplace is arranged in America, and how it compares to feudalism.

Would it be better for the Party if the Bernie and Hillary factions were to unite?

They are at it again...

Why Are Hillary's Minions Fighting Single Payer In Colorado?

Alabama city recalls ‘bathroom bill’ that would have punished violations with up to six months in ja

Amazing, Democratic Party = Establishment, GOP = Resurgency

Hi fellow DUers, as we all argue with one another, can we all pay attention to our other 'groups'?

Maine city reaches deal to establish New England’s largest solar farm

U.S. Diplomat’s Same-Sex Marriage Causes Stir in China

I love President Obama. He came, he saw, and he drank filtered Flint water

Trump will shit talk HRC starting today. 24/7.

Colombia prosecution officials caught selling seized drugs

Colombia prosecution officials caught selling seized drugs

BREAKING: Federal judge opens the door to Clinton deposition in email case

Kasich expected to drop out of the GOP race at 5:00 PM press conference. CBC News

Help me with the 'not voting for ___is a vote for ___' math....

Should superdelegates make Sanders the nominee even if he has fewer pledged delegates?

Skepticism About Climate Change May Be Linked to Concerns About Economy

Manual coca spraying will kill people: former top Colombia narcotics adviser

No, Bernie can't win the nomination

2050: Massive Droughts

Soldiers arrested for killing indigenous leader in Southwest Colombia

Soldiers arrested for killing indigenous leader in Southwest Colombia

just turned to C-SPAN to hear the rest of Obama's speech in Flint

The Real Reason the Religious Right Opposes Trans Equality.

Alabama city recalls ‘bathroom bill’ that would have punished violations with up to six months in ja

Bernie has a new megaphone to advance attacks against Hillary

'Y'all ruined my life,' says Texas man, killing co-worker, self

US government: North Carolina LGBT law violates civil rights

Trump’s former rivals split on his emergence as likely GOP presidential nominee

Is it actually plausible that Bernie will get 65% in the remaining contests?

Trumps Veep committee is being run by Ben Carson

JJ Abrams performs a Star Wars song with the dude from Hamilton

How many Republican will secretly vote for the Democratic candidate?

Thank You, Indiana!

One thing this election will do: Grow more Independents.

This is not a Dream. This is Real

Brazil President Impeachment Recommended in Senate

Brazil President Impeachment Recommended in Senate

Superdelegates: They have been unfairly USED AGAINST Bernie for months.

Honduras : opposition radio journalist narrowly escapes murder attempt

World reaction to Trump success

Hillary will beat the living crap out of the FrankenTrump.

We're gonna need the large popcorn.

Lawsuit: EPA Needs New Rules to Address Manmade Earthquakes

It has been a great primary. Bernie's campaign was essential to keep

Catholic priest visited girl's family home after she made abuse allegation

Indiana Tells Bernie Sanders to Stay in the Race, and Keep Talking About Trade

Honduran Authorities Identify Killer of Berta Cáceres

If we nominate Hillary, we give up a huge advantage we'd have with independents; she's negative 42%

Good news

The moment one woman stands up to more than 300 Nazis and refuses to let them pass:

The Undaunted is having his farewell moment

Good news

It’s Donald Trump’s Party Now

Trump’s America: Woman Who Painted ‘Naked Trump’ Beaten By His Goons

Honduras: Journalist Survives 2 Attacks on Eve of Press Freedom Day

Bernie Sanders Indiana Victory Speech Video. Must See Video For All Who Want To Defeat Trump

Let's be clear about some things

Ben Carson is heading Trump's VP search--in 2000 Cheyney headed W's search

Sit down and put all your liquor and a glass next to you before you click this link

Kasich Has OFFICIALY Dropped Out, Trump Presumptive Nominee.

A Musical Discovery

This will be our first Star Wars Day, without Han.

Why should the Democratic Party nominate a candidate disliked and not trusted by most voters?

Michael Moore coming up on GEM$NBComcast to discuss the President

CNN interview with Anderson Cooper - HRC GROUP

New Jersey Monmouth Poll: Clinton 60, Sanders 32

=*= LIVE Streams @ 6:30/7PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Lexington, Kentucky 5-4-16 =*=

=*= LIVE Streams @ 6:30/7PM: Bernie Sanders Rally in Lexington, Kentucky 5-4-16 =*=

Vermont town welcomes Syrian refugees

Flowers in Bloom

I'm thirsty for a nice craft beer. How about you?

Carly Fiorina's most memorable moments as Ted's running mate...a trilogy

"California marijuana legalization initiative has the signatures" to get on the ballot. too bad...

The Newly Emboldened American Racist

Colorado trying to start single payer but...

Feeling the Bern in Los Angeles:

Ex-Chemist In Massachusetts Was High On Drugs At Work For 8 Years

The Latest: Michigan Gov. Snyder Booed At Obama Flint Event

Just a little musical inspiration to help us keep marching

Prosecutors charge man in Wisconsin interstate shooting

Nikkei Haley preemptively tells Trump "thanks but no thanks"

Hillary +28 in New Jersey

Michigan's Snyder under siege over racial impact of strategy

Greatest opportunity in my lifetime!

Social service shortfalls hinder health, boost medical spending

Omg, the amount of vitriol in GD primaries is sickening

New federal rule would permit thousands of eagle deaths

Iranian Commander Threatens To Close Strait Of Hormuz To US

David Duke Hails Donald Trump For Thwarting The 'Jewish Supremacists Who Control Our Country'

While Drinking A Glass Of Flint Water, Obama Ripped The Heart Out Of The Republican Party

So this guy could be the next POTUS? (I'm not talking about Lee Mercer, Jr.)

Should we start a thread of people in the media that do not believe in democracy?

Latest Polls & Averages: Bernie OUT-Performs Hillary Against Trump in GE Matchup

2016 Horse Racing - Kentucky Derby Post Positions and Morning Line Odds

Gucifer says he hacked Hillary's server

Big Banks Just Claimed A Constitutional Right To A Taxpayer Subsidy

"that dog next door sounds like a needle stuck on a record" I say to Mrs. Lib

Why Is NBC Nightly News Broadcasting From Trump Tower?

Pony Pyjamas!

Clinto versus Trump debates

Maybe Trump isn't Hitler after all.

Duggar cult founder plans Kansas ‘retreat’ to set up arranged marriages for teen girls

At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits - CNN

Colombia to get U.S. support to fight crime gangs: Santos

HRC GROUP/Sanders' still profiting from Sierra Blanca nuclear waste dump, per their 2014 tax return

Colombia to get U.S. support to fight crime gangs: Santos

"California marijuana legalization initiative has the signatures" to get on the ballot. (xpost GD)

Trump Won by Turning Bigoted Dog Whistles Into Megaphones

OK, who was the first DUer to predict that Trump would win the nomination?

Hacker 'Guccifer': I Got Inside Hillary Clinton's Server

NBC News: Hacker 'Guccifer': I Got Inside Hillary Clinton's Server

 Indiana Tells Bernie Sanders to Stay in the Race, and Keep Talking About Trade

Pawnee name for Trump: "He Who Flinches from Eagles"

There are three tra -de deals whose names begin with T and none of them have "passed" yet

Regarding the General Election: Hillary Clinton knows how to fight, and she knows . . . .

The Guccifer story is now exploding. He we go!! (WITH NEW EDIT)

The perfect Tweet about that NYT sHill vs. tRump poll...

California teens abducted after prom but break free from captor

First Quote From Donald Trump In A New NBC Interview Is From Bernie Sanders

President Hillary Clinton just released an anti-trump ad - and it's brutal

Repugnants "for" Bernie still in love with debunked 'classified info' hysteria

Study: Trump's Grammar at Fifth-Grade Level

Kent State

Remember it is tic season

Meet the Clinton Republicans - GOPs endorsing Hillary!

Bush 41, 43 Have No Plans to Endorse Trump

'Little Miss Flint' gets a hug

Labour’s Anti-Semitism Issues? Sorry, Not Our Problem.

Tad Devine says "We do not accept that version of reality".

Any updates from Omaha Steve on fundraising? Also, can you pitch in a few $?

Best TV intro song ever

Is Fidel Castro Outside or Part of Mainstream Thinking? A Selection of Quotes


Is Fidel Castro Outside or Part of Mainstream Thinking? A Selection of Quotes

Politico: It's mathematically impossible for Bernie to win with pledged delegates

He called it back in 2011...

Tactically, It Should Be A Good Thing That Trump Is Our Opponent, But It Saddens Me...

I want that political ad tweety just showed about trump. IT is perfect

Hillary Ad: Republican party unifier: Donald Trump? | The Briefing

So, something interesting happens to weed after it’s legal (Washington State)

This is just the beginning

Police probe beating of black University of Iowa student

Hillary Clinton Calls for Bill Clinton to come out of Retirement ...

Jeff Weaver coming up next on Hardball. nt

Jeff Weaver coming up next on Hardball. nt

Listened to Trump commiserating for Bernie and how he feels the Dem Primary Process is corrupt.

Nurses Banner Ad for Bernie at LAX!!! Very clever! Can only be seen by air!

Now that Hillary has won the Democratic nomination, Bernie's approval ratings should stay high

Some Republicans burn voter registration cards after Trump's win in Indiana

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 May 2016

Cat mauled to death...Teens responsible must be punished (Petition)

Congressional Candidate Distances Himself From ‘Atheist’ Label

Plans to depose Abedin, Stephen Mull, Lewis Lukens, Patrick Kennedy, Cheryl Mills, Bryan Pagliano.

Nominate Hillary or Nominate Bernie: No Right Or Wrong Answer

Federal Judge Scratches the Surface with Hillary on "Adequate Search of Public Records"

So North Carolina's HB-2 Is A Direct Civil Rights Act Violation

National United Nurses Bernie billboard LAX

National United Nurses Bernie billboard LAX (can only be seen from the air!)

Tweety to Weaver just now: (David) Brock is for Hillary? ?

'God Help Us': Religious Right Leaders Mourn Ted Cruz's Defeat

If you are at the Lexington, Kentucky rally

If Pgh. is any example, I think many Republicans and Independents will be voting for Hillary.

It's looking like NBC sat on the Guccifer story for over a month.

The 7 best Bernie Sanders ads!

Virginia KKK Leader Calls Donald Trump ‘Best For The Job’

I, for one, am very impressed to see Ted Cruz rebound so quickly and return to public service.

Anybody listen to limpballs today?