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Archives: May 6, 2016

Ha ha ha! ROTF! Best one today:

Map: National results by county (Post Indiana)

New generator can halve cost of hydrogen used to power buildings, cars

Community Questions Delay in Amber Alert for Navajo Girl

Community Questions Delay in Amber Alert for Navajo Girl

Map: National results by county (Post Indiana)

Warren Gunnels (Policy Director for Bernie Sanders) just went on a Twitter-rant against Nate Silver

Donald Trump backs Brexit, saying UK would be 'better off' without EU

Richard Dawkins Recalls the “Passionate Hatred of Religion” of Nobel-Prize-Winning Chemist Harry Kro

Benghazi Biopsy: A Comprehensive Guide to One of America’s Worst Political Outrages

Really, Chuck?

Just watched a woman named Linda Stasi on Chris Matthews HardBall. She hurled the most disgusting

Child told Paterno of sex abuse in 1976, decades before official action

Game Changer? "FBI Confirms They Will Question Hillary Clinton"

London may elect first Muslim mayor, after ugly, 'dog-whistling' campaign

The Religious Heart of Bach’s Music

Donald Trump tweets about Tacos and Hispanics

Email Scandal Crushed as FBI Finds No Evidence Clinton Broke the Law

Hillary Gets Guccifered, If a taxi driver from Romania knew about Hillary’s server, so did China

Sources: "FBI - no evidence that Hillary willfully mishandled information" re email server. CNN

Trump's Cinco de Mayo post draws ire from some Latinos

Trumps “Trumpeteer” Fans, USA, USA, USA- Yes they are Free to be Less Self Aware than a Pig…

Reminder: Mercury transits the Sun this coming Monday, May 9th.

Check in if you're sick and damn tired of Driver 8 taking so many breaks.

Vatican trip not covered says FEC?

Ted Cruz: "I am Job": A reading from the book of Two Trump.

Federal prosecutors in Virginia assisting in Clinton email probe

Now that the email scandal is all behind her now, can we move on to talking about


Senate Republicans kill bill to retain "Mile High" in stadium's name

Sandy Hook victims’ families get access to gun manufacturer marketing records

Sources: Reports of No Evidence Found Are False

If Bernie isn't a "real" democrat

Capitalism Will Eat Democracy...Unless We Speak Up. Yanis Varoufakis

Bernie Supporters Are Still Fighting, and Heckling, for Washington Superdelegates

California's Kern County settles $3.4m civil lawsuit in death of David Silva

I'm trying to wrap my head around Trump's thought process with the taco bowl tweet....

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Mum’s the Word! & Uncensored & Live & a

Donald J Trump Responds to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan


Ok, I know HRC will most likely choose Castro (sorry) as her running mate, and this might be a sore

CNN: FBI Likely To Interview Clinton Soon In Emails Probe

WAPO: scant evidence against Hillary, no indication of grand jury, claims by Guccifer dismissed

Feel the Math has launched....

Robert Downey Jr. Says Tony Stark Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

Help send Kansas City students to California to canvass for Bernie Sanders

A Shot of Chinaco Anejo for bartcop this May 5th

“Why should we work within the Democratic Party … ?”

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens Tells Senate To Get Moving On That Supreme Court Nominee

Mary Matalin, Republican Strategist and Pundit, Changes Political Parties

Bernie Sanders Says He's Staying In And It's 'Good For The Democratic Party'

Why is Hillary smiling?

Pro-Sanders protestor tells Latino union organizer: Fuck you white washed

Caitlyn Jenner To Pose Nude for Sports Illustrated Cover (w/Olympic Medal)

@billmon1: Democrats for Kissinger, Democrats for Nancy Reagan, Democrats for Contras,

Hillary Clinton Is Statistically The Most Favored Presidential Candidate In Modern History

First to be cited under Colorado Springs' 'sit-lie' ordinance could face fines of up to $500 each

Plan C: Third-Party Run A Daunting Task For GOP Establishment

TPM: The Electoral Map Is Looking Pretty Darn Good For Clinton Right Now

The End of prison visitation

It's not only CNN, Officials: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails

Hillary and Bernie still in primary/caucus mode and the Donald on the sidelines..

Democracy is Dying

Historical Revisionism: Conservative Civil War Delusions

Hillary's aides were interviewed by FBI the last few weeks (CNN) why did she say that they weren't

Is Bernie hiding his tax filing because of the Jay Peak scandal.

Ahead of Omaha rally, 'Dump Trump' graffiti appears atop grain elevators flanking I-80

I think they are upset the email thing isn't working out.

Best OTC cough syrup?

A Brief History of Accusations That Donald Trump Cheats at Golf

Tim Cook charity auction raises $515K for human rights

Hillary Clinton Gives Bernie Sanders a History Lesson in Dropping Out


Let's be clear: You are no longer a progressive if you are supporting Trump in the General

I proudly put my trust in Hillary!

A great documentary on Netflix streaming

Bernie will endorse Hillary at the convention

Pattern of smearing sex abuse victim: 28 July 1975, #Hillary2016 smeared a 12-year old rape victim

What could republicans do to turn it around before November?

Game Changer? FBI Gave No Shits About Hillary's Emails...

This election is about overriding the Gerrymandering of the House of Representatives.

Bernie or Bust won't happen.

O'Donnell on MSNBC: "Once Trump is GOP nominee, he starts getting National Intelligence Briefings"

Ben Carson: Attorney General Cruz could "prosecute Hillary, and then go on the Supreme Court"

I know what republicans will do after this election

What’s at stake in the 2016 election

Hey Omaha Steve, what's the deal with this Ben Sasse guy?

Mike Malloy - It’s Donald Trump’s Party Now

Talking while female: an expert guide to the things you definitely should not say

A comment from a middle aged aged women on this election.

Talking while female: an expert guide to the things you definitely should not say

Talking while female: an expert guide to the things you definitely should not say

Plans for coal-fired power in Asia are 'disaster for planet' warns World Bank

Mike Malloy - Ted Cruz Suspends His Campaign And Explodes At Donald Trump

‘They’: the singular pronoun that could solve sexism in English

cant decide on acoustic guitar

‘They’: the singular pronoun that could solve sexism in English

‘They’: the singular pronoun that could solve sexism in English

Trump dons hard hat, then bemoans regulations on hairspray

China to release last prisoner jailed over Tiananmen Square protests

Hillary indictments, Clinton Cash, Rasmussen Polls, FOX News.

Shut down the Yulin dog meat festival!

Say the Senate Repukes suddenly decide to put GARLAND on SCotUS. A sign DRUMPF loses?

'We need fundamental changes': US doctors call for universal healthcare

"Law enforcement officials said the FBI investigation into Guccifer found no sign he got into the C

Bernie Sanders fans seek to lure Cruz supporters to their side

Poverty in America | Bernie Sanders at Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food Bank

Panama-based Balboa Bank & Trust seized following U.S. probe

Panama-based Balboa Bank & Trust seized following U.S. probe

Poverty in America | Bernie Sanders at Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food Bank

Community voices disapproval of public funds for veterans memorial featuring Confederates (SC)

Confederate monuments are about more than just the Confederacy (AL)

Mike Malloy - To My Friends Supporting Hillary Clinton

Far From Over- Reuters: FBI Likely To Interview Clinton Soon In Email Probe Per CNN...

Are you aware of RT America? If not, you should be. Turn off Msnbc & CNN. RT America discusses

Officer Tammy Cox: Proud member of the bathroom police

Hacking of Florida elections websites brings criminal charges

Bernie Sanders : Poverty is a Death Sentence

Bernie Sanders : Poverty is a Death Sentence

The Sun Has Set Dear Bernie: Thanks, but…I’m done. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more disappointed in

Hillary forces target Bush donors

Simple question for the HRC supporters:

Pat McCrory in NC

Pakistan teen poisoned, choked and burned alive in 'honor killing'

Oldest US World War II Vet Passes Away at 110

Bernie Sanders on Trump's presidency : " Ain't gonna happen "

Bernie Sanders on Trump's presidency : " Ain't gonna happen "

Michigan State QB drops in the draft because his dad is a conservative

As the U.S. expands access to Cuba, Macri cancels Aerolíneas Argentinas route to Havana.

To My Friends Supporting Bernie Sanders......

Carol Blood - Candidate, Legislative District 3 (GOP & Koch's on the attack)

Trump's Taco Bowls? Apparently not the best. Not even close.


Chris Hayes seamless transition from BS vocal supporter....

Democratic Senator Warner Urges Business Elites to Get More Involved in Politics

Annoying Windows Security Alert

Hillary Clinton forces target Bush donors

If you have a spare moment to have some fun -

Why are you still in the race, Bernie?

God's first name

Duggar-Linked Ministry Building A ‘Retreat’ Where Christian Dads Can Trade Their Teen Daughters

Thomas J. Adams: Which Democratic Party? Bernie Sanders and FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Audubon: Where Do Hummingbirds Get All That Energy?

Audubon: Where Do Hummingbirds Get All That Energy?

Let's get one thing clear: Who I'm voting for is...

I have a VERY serious question about political discourse for the next four to eight years.

5-4-16 The Day that Changed the World in 2:00

Nuclear Waste: Drone buzzes Fukushima temporary storage facility

5-4-16 The Day that Changed the World in 2:00

5-4-16 The Day that Changed the World in 2:00

Has anyone posted about "feel the math" yet?

5-5-16 The Battle of Harlan in 2:00

5-5-16 The Battle of Harlan in 2:00

5-5-16 The Battle of Harlan in 2:00

Bubble Burst Bernie lives!!

Alabama News - 5/5/2016

Hillary raises concerns Obama's church associated with terrorist group Hamas

Breaking: Zodiac Killer clue found on CNN

Photos from the Morgantown, WV rally

More Sanders layoffs may be coming

Independents can't stand Donald Trump. 67% unfavorable ratings to 19% favorable.

Social service groups sue Rauner over unpaid bills

CNN and MSNBC shift their focus entirely to Hillary vs Trump

Prediction: Hillary's "Legacy" will be the first one-term Democratic President since Jimmy Carter.

Mississippi News - 5/5/2016

243 previously unseen HRC emails released today.

What gives me hope...

WashPost factchecker shreds Sanders superdelegate math:-->Four Pinocchios

Soothsayers predict doom and gloom

How would the vast right wing conspiracy respond to Hillary in the GE?

Should Bernie pick a VP? Who would give him a boost?

Teen political blogger C.J. Pearson suspended for cyberbullying

Mary Matalin, Republican Strategist and Pundit, Changes Political Parties

Soooooo ... if tRump doesn't have the required number of delegates ...

SpaceX landed another rocket on the barge, this time super high reentry.

SpaceX just nailed another barge landing!

HRC Campaign Surrogates Spreading the Word: Bernie, Don't Drop Out

Trump's children's book:

Fake Bernie hugs kitteh photos

Have you seen the garbage that is being sold at Trump rallies?

Four of Hillary's 10 highest paid staffers are women. ZERO of Bernie's top 10 staffers are women.

It's OK to run away. Don't let the internet lawyers show you down.

Hillary Clinton speaks at East Los Angeles College amid protests

Georgia News - 5/6/2016

United We Stand Campaign

In Brazil, a New Nostalgia for Military Dictatorship

Instead of trying to pick our nominee for us, why don't "Independents" form their own party?

Following Haaretz Reports, Israeli NGO Halts Support for Families of Jewish Terror Suspects

Colton Haynes Officially Comes Out

Best of the Best Republican Endorsements of Trump, a Short Compilation.

Is this election going to be about ethnic groups stabbing at one another?

Pets and property lost in Alberta fire

5/5/2016 State Dept to withhold docs related to HRC email until after election

Tennessee News - 5/6/2016

Casino Magnate Adelson Endorses Donald Trump For President

I wonder why!

Politico: Hillary forces target Bush donors

I'm seeing a new HRC tactic being discussed on social media

Stop worrying about the rust belt

The Double Talker with FREE Media phone access answers in Gibberish

Loved The Daily Show tonight! Trevor totally attacked Bernie...

Trending on Facebook...Tweety's OgleGate ("caught on hot mic ogling Melania Trump")

Donald Trump backs Brexit

GOP To Copy 'Tonight Show' Concept for Picking Next Candidate

Captain America: Civil War

Jonathan Franzen : "Si vous n'avez pas de problèmes, vous n'êtes pas vraiment intéressant !"

Review: 'Captain America: Civil War' sets standard for superhero team-ups

Daily Holidays - May 6

The mind numbing vulgarity. The ignorance. The lies. The distillation of the

Facebook loses first round in suit over storing biometric data

Kansas News - 5/6/2016

Rome, Berlin in 'total opposition' to Vienna's border fence plan

Pathetic John McCain offers weak endorsement of tRump

Police: Gunman killed estranged wife outside high school

GIF.....It's raining fire in Fort McMurray as citizens are trying to flee the wildfire

Police: 2 in custody after shooting near Derby parade

Scotland's pro-independence party scores big gains in vote

3 nations move against alleged big money launderer in Panama

Judge to consider timing of Trump University trial

North Korea stages first party congress since 1980

Pakistan treating 2 brothers who become paralyzed each night

'Boaty McBoatface' polar ship named after Attenborough

Churchill Downer: The Forgotten Racial History Of Kentucky's State Song

The Nation: A Contested Convention Is Exactly What the Democratic Party Needs

Ted Cruz video from cnn in December 2015 (makes my skin crawl)

Stirred by Sanders, Democrats Shift Left on Health Care

Bernie Sanders’s Legacy? The Left May No Longer Need the Rich

Bernie Sanders: "The Democratic Party Must Make a Stand, and the Stand Is That

Which Democratic Party? Bernie Sanders and FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Going Offshore in the 2016 Election Campaign: Sanders

Ted Cruz the family man with his daughter

Trumpetic morons think Hillary's devastating new anti-Trump ad is great

Going Offshore in the 2016 Election Campaign: Clinton

Going Offshore in the 2016 Election Campaign: The Donald

Noam Chomsky Predicted the Rise of Trump Six Years Ago

Trump as Unifier: Are Hillary Clinton and Neoconservatives Ready to Join Forces?

Robert Reich: David Brooks Discovers Income Inequality

The Circles of American Financial Hell

Federal Reserve Tries Wizardry to Cure Derivatives Problem

Nebraska News - Omaha police bomb squad detonates device found near office

Fort McMurray fire spreads to 850 square kilometres; thousands being airlifted

I see where Berners protested at a Hillary rally.

With China pressing south, U.S. ships return to the Philippines’ Subic Bay

(Former Ron Paul Staffers) Guilty of Concealing Campaign Expenditures to State Senator

Government's alleged secret slaughter of animals exposed

Dubai imports sand

Hoping every inch of tape frump has said is being kept for commercials


The past 20 years were better for poor and middle class Americans than the 20 years before that

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Triumphant

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Jon Stewart May Be on HBO Before November Election, Says CEO Richard Plepler

7 Ways Trump Is About to Turn the GOP into a National Freak Show

NPR article on smart guns.

Bombing of Syrian refugee camp could be war crime, says UN chief

Hillary Clinton speaks to the L.A. Times editorial board about war, women and her ability

Syria accused of airstrike on refugee camp as Assad pushes for 'final victory'

Stopping guns and skipping stones

Tax Avoidance by the Wealthiest, like Hillary & the Donald, costs US $130 BILLION/year

Syria refugee camp bombed, killing 50+, whilst Russian orchestra play in Palmyra w/Putin live feed

Katie Couric Narrates Gun Control Documentary

Pls settle an argument for me

Women pose biggest threat to Trump, Republicans in November

Oklahoma News - 5/6/2016

Charlie Pierce translates the "zombie-eyed-granny-starver" for us:

🐦 FYI: Bernie in New Brunswick, New Jersey at Rutgers University on 5/8

Democratic party insists on maintaining suicide pact with Republican party

Militants Attack Chevron Oil Facility in Nigeria

North Carolina election board investigating Durham voting

What does the future hold with a possible Trump Presidency?

North Carolina election board investigating Durham voting

NC To Defy Federal Government Over LGBT/Transgender Law. More Red States Go Rogue.

Exclusive - Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: "To stop Clinton" - Reuters poll

🐦 Bernie Sanders to campaign in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Monday May 9

Rookie-cops arrest attorney for exercising "right to remain silent".

Republicans introduce "Improving child nutrition" bill that takes food from 3.4 million kids

South Dakota News - 5/6/2016

More and more likely: A third-party "real Republican" candidate for president.

Bernie Feels The Burn

How to help in swing states?

I'm with her.

I think the worst thing about Sanders staying in the race

I think much of Trump's appeal is his stupidity.

Somebody check on HA Goodman!

Officials: Scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in handling of emails

Apparently, the FBI is wrapping up it's investigations and bad news for the Bernie Bros/GOP!

WI Newspapers Omit Facts In Coverage Of Proposed Drug Tests For Public Assistance

The top 3 most liked responses on Facebook to Trump's "taco bowl" message.

Voters DESPISE both Clinton & Trump...yet Sanders is *unelectable*

Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement

PREDICTION: Oligarchs Win Oval Office 2016

Hillary came out to speak because gym was full!

Bernie Sanders got ice cream at Graeter's after Lexington speech

Pierce translates Ryan's long-winded nonsense on supporting Trump.

"a M E r i c a"

The Party’s Over in Alaska

“The Old Mansplain and the Sea”: Twitter reacts to a book club only for men

Wrath of Draghi Hits Germans who Refuse to Blow their Savings


US Commercial Bankruptcies Skyrocket

Why the Clintons Don’t Fear the Coming Armageddon With Donald Trump

Payroll employment increases by 160,000 in April; unemployment rate unchanged at 5.0%

Donald Trump wrong that Hillary Clinton 'doesn’t do very well with women' ~ Pants on Fire

THIS is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party ...

Here's an idea: if Bernie Sanders is going to keep saying he's a better canddate against Trump...

Pakistan -1000 killed in honor killings last year

On the one side you have Hillary

In Cowboy Capitalism, High Technology Worsens Economic Inequities

Trump as a Buddhist . . . .

So will a Caitlyn Jenner nude SI cover get hidden/locked in GD? Based on our SI history

"I love women" too.

My kid's generation doesn't really have a shred of hope, does it?

2,000 US doctors endorse Sanders' single-payer healthcare proposal

'A born natural orator': Irish student's account of Hitler in 1921 emerges


Trump slams Ryan: I didn’t inherit GOP, I won it

Brad Evans of the MLS Seattle Sounders responds to Trumps Cinco de Mayo tweet...

Gov. Deal orders flags half-staff for Fort Valley student Donnell Phelps Read more here: http://www

Can we get a GD: Trump?

Trump supporter — and former KKK leader — David Duke says Jews are the ‘reason why America is not

Through team effort, ducklings rescued after falling into Omaha storm sewer

The trend is undeniable..

The Clinton/Bush Family Ties....

I've eaten Russian food once, I'd be an excellent Ambassador to Russia!

Mary Matalin just announced that she officially left the GOP today

Any Bob Seger fans, in the house?? Today is his 71th Birthday!!

Get ready to protect your eyes. Invisible dust storm is on its way.

Catholic order covered up for Irish priest who molested 100 girls

The man who delivered Florida to George W. Bush in 2000 says that Donald Trump must be stopped.

Congress Sued for Barring Atheist From Delivering Invocation

Hillary Clinton’s Cinco de Mayo LA Rally Anything but Festive Due to Protesters

Trump hinting at US default on debt?

Today's Google Doodle: Sigmund Freud's birthday:

Heard today on Joe that many Oligarch's are going to fund Hillary in GE many Repubs.

hillary is a liar. so is bernie

Republican-dominated states benefiting from shift to wind and solar energy

The party’s over in Alaska

The mainstrean/establishment wants Bernie gone. He needs us to support him now more than ever

Is Sanders the Better Candidate to Defeat Trump?

Asking again a month later.. When the primary is over will you

The political scientist who saw Trump's rise coming

The craziest thing about Trump's Cinco de Mayo tweet.

One Week in April, Four Toddlers Shot and Killed Themselves

Racist Horowitz tries to defend racist stance at SDSU

if there is no difference between contributors, what differences can we expect?

Classic Black-and-White Photographs In Color: Interactive Time Travel

birds,birds and more birds

Would there be an FBI investigation and numerous FOIA lawsuits if SoS had followed normal protocols

Pastor Recounts Harrowing Details Of Violent Assault By Chicago Cops

Hillary sends message of support to transgender woman who recorded herself being attacked on subway

"Poll: Most Voters Heading To Polls To Prevent The Other Party’s Candidate"


Clinton likely to win Presidency... so media invents new definition of "winning", just for her.

Pic: smoke from Canada fire has traveled all the way to Gulf coast...

Baltimore Election Under Intense Scrutiny

US Commercial Bankruptcies Skyrocket

You soon may be able to sue your bank. Watch Wall Street heads explode

Victoria's Secret is out—Two women slam sexist marketing & and it's brilliant (NSFW)

Please watch this video.

I understand sore losers. I don't understand sore winners

Anthony Bourdain to open giant Blade Runner-themed food market in New York City

Phil Gramm united Democrats and Republicans @ UBS Wealth Management

Carson advising Trump on VP pick

Former KKK's David Duke Celebrates Trump's Victory Over "Jew Supremacists"

did Hillary's online support hinge on previous detractors flopping and flipping?

This is how the Canadian Gov handles wildfires and helps people.

How new research may extend your dog's life

Thom Hartmann: Do NOT Discount Donald Trump!

Bernie Sanders : "Secretary Clinton, Please Support our Tax on Carbon "

Bernie Sanders : "Secretary Clinton, Please Support our Tax on Carbon "

Sanders poised for May win streak

#CincoDeMeme #TacoBowlGate #Bowlghazi #Tacogate

UK mosques ask women to shun Facebook, trousers: Report

A very cool Sanders segment last night on TDS.

Exact same things.

Bernie Sanders : "We Need Trade Policies that Protect the American Worker "

Bernie Sanders : "We Need Trade Policies that Protect the American Worker "

Samantha Bee destroys Cinco De Mayo Taco

Comparing polls of Hillary vs Trump with those of Bernie vs Trump is extremely silly.

This morning at the park.

Here’s how much money was burned trying to stop Donald Trump

Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor Reportedly Close to Vegas Boxing Fight Deal

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah: Bernie Sanders Stays In The Race

Bill Clinton on the stump and lookin' good!

Turkey's Erdogan to EU: We'll go our way, you go yours

Good one

Dare I say that I don't trust the Republicans???!!!

Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church

Still Feeling the Bern

Can We Stop The Arctic Death Spiral?

Why I’m Still For Bernie: It’s not about winning battles, it’s about winning the war

In Hillary versus Trump, Trump WILL Win. It's about the blood on her hands.

As a Bernie supporter, I wish Bernie fans would stop interrupting Hillary speeches....

Russia seeks bigger Middle East role through alliance with Israel

Asssailant attempts to shoot Turkish journalist Dundar outside court - witness

President Obama gets to decide what’s included in Donald Trump’s daily security briefings

Let's do some Hillary math.

Why Putin could be completely wrong about Trump

Video: Welcome To Hell - Driver Escapes Fort McMurray Fire

Does Donald Trump cheat at golf?

Bangladesh documentary on blogger murders wins The Bobs award

Pic Of The Moment: Happy Friday! Today's Politico Headlines Should End Your Week On A High Note

Bernie Refuses to Say That a Democratic Presidency Is More Important Than a Sanders Presidency

Ken Livingstone blamed for Labour losses in Jewish areas

The Primary System is Terrible — We Can Do Better

Venezuela health care crisis: Shooting is just the first pain

Absolutely Free: Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention

Child recites Quran, Chinese govt orders religion out of school (VIDEO)

Arsenio Hall sues Sinead O'Connor for $5M over allegations that he "was Prince's drug dealer"

Media Myths Regarding Campaign Spending & Negative Campaign Advertising.

Deniers blaming eco-terrorists for starting Ft. McMurray fire.

Bernie Sanders : "Large Corporations Should Stop Lecturing Congress"

Bernie Sanders : "Large Corporations Should Stop Lecturing Congress"

Highlights of the Rockies-Giants fifth inning last night:

VHSL votes to move most state championship events from Liberty University

Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL 'Hillary won' counties

Cagney and Lacey’ actresses reunite for Hillary Clinton fundraiser

State Health Care Reform Flatlines

Rush Limbaugh's vacuum of a brain finally fills the void

A President Donald Trump will be responsible for the next Hiroshima

Mozart on Death

Striking Union Workers Protest at Verizon Shareholder Meeting

Striking Union Workers Protest at Verizon Shareholder Meeting

Donald Trump plans his Inagural Parade

Striking Union Workers Protest at Verizon Shareholder Meeting

David Duke Wants To Give Trump Space To 'Dispose Of The Jews'

Picture you wish you hadn't taken

Democratic advertising blitz awaits GOP's Trump

Belle Gibson, disgraced 'wellness' advocate, facing legal action over cancer claims

"'Logic' is rather a small word, don't you think?" Please come CAPTION Fox's Catherine Herridge!!!

Hillary supports are you just going to rubber stamp whatever she does?

"I'd Sooner Vote for a Rat Crossing the Railroad Tracks"

Atlanta Mayor’s Column Ripping Sanders Drafted by Lobbyist, Emails Show

Watch Trump destroy an upstart professional football league over ego and greed.

The Problem with Hillary's Math

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Would Have Tanked The Iran Nuclear Deal

Congressional Republicans Attach North Carolina-Style Discrimination To Defense Budget

Nearly half of Americans plan to vote for Hillary or Trump just to torpedo the other candidate

Sanders leads in Oregon! Yes!!!

Reality check on jobs..

At Maine convention, Democrats to vote on eliminating superdelegates

Leopards in Decline, Losing 75 Percent of Their Historic Range

Employers in U.S. Take on Fewest Workers in Seven Months

Lee Fang: Hillary is the only candidate to openly and directly coordinate with her SuperPAC.

U.S. Doubles Down on Egypt’s Dictator

14 Things You Never Knew About ‘The Golden Girls’

Hacking of Florida elections websites brings criminal charges

Many Americans Renounce Citizenship, Even Before President Trump

If I lived in a swing state, I'd absolutely feel it was my duty to vote for Hillary

U.S. Chamber Thinks Your Safety Is Less Important Than Corporate Profits

Ohio Republicans Want You TO PAY TO VOTE, Introduce Bill Saying as Much!?

Freaking wingers...

New generator can halve cost of hydrogen used to power buildings, cars (xp from EE)

Election analyst flips 11 states toward Democrats due to Trump

Photo of BS and HRC supporters says it all! from Today's HRC Rally/BS Protest (HRC GP)

Here comes the Neocons for Hillary!

How to Watch the Rare Transit of Mercury Across the Sun on Monday

Anybody watch "Marseille" yet?

Half of all Americans earn less than $30,000 have you seen the price of medical and housing costs?

"Fuck the rules" has its down side

Angela Davis

Sanders Threatens Floor Fight at Dem Convention

Loudoun Planning Commission backs AT&T’s data center plans for Short Hill Mountain

I think Marsha Blackburn will be Rump's veep.

The POTUS is on the TeeVee right now - opening a can of whoopass on anonymous offshore tax cheats

Combined/Rolling Demographics 2016 Democratic Races

For everyone who doesn't know; today is A HERETIC I AM's birthday.

North Korea invites reporters to rare ruling party congress, but won't let them in

My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority

Erick Erickson: Republican Backers Of Serial Adulterer Donald Trump Owe An Apology To Bill Clinton

Now CNN, Obama Comments on Presidential Race---

Donald Trump-supporting tow truck driver says God told him to abandon a disabled Bernie supporter

Doctors call for single-payer healthcare to improve on Obamacare

White Supremacist YouTube Channel Promotes Donald Trump

Did Bill Clinton withold his Intelligence Briefings from Hillary before she cast her IWR vote?

Justice Department releases report on 2014 ambush that left two Metro officers dead (NV)

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 6, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Robert Ryan

Just until recently many on Du were advocating that we vote for Bernie

Did Hillary vote against kid locks for guns? Did bernie vote for kid locks for guns?

Huff Po Echoes NYT: Hillary's Enthusiasm For War

.@BernieSanders writes letter 2 DW Schultz asking her not to stack deck against him at Convention

Enda Kenny wins second term as Ireland's prime minister

Sad Animal Facts with Cute Illustrations

A Musical Breaktime from the Primaries. "Chamak Cello"

Hillary Clinton to speak at Fort Lauderdale gala for Trayvon Martin Foundation

Panama Papers source breaks silence over 'scale of injustices'

The offensive, sexist, anti-Clinton badges for sale at a Trump rally

Researchers: Mike Malloy noted a possible connection between..

Immigration: an invalid excuse for U.S. childhood poverty

May Looking Bright for Sanders as Political Revolution Marches On

Can we agree that the Deep South is a unique region within our country and shares many issues?

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee.

Reagan was pretty corrupt

Atlanta Mayor’s Column Ripping Bernie Sanders Drafted by Lobbyist, Emails Show

#BernieOrBust: Sanders Fans Debate Whether to Vote for Clinton If She is Democratic Nominee

Java v .NET

Trump Advisor is a security risk

Cologne sexual assault case collapses

Check out this Democratic Convention poster

Election 2016: Not Donald Trump vs Not Hillary Clinton

Prince did not die from pain pills — he died from chronic pain *RAW STORY*

'Racism from cradle to grave': Texas cemetery sued for 'whites only' policy

Shootings reported at Westfield Montgomery Mall, Giant grocery; at least 3 injured

The B*tt Plug Stops Here

It didn't have to happen. It doesn't have to happen again.

CNN Reports FBI Has Found ‘No Criminal Wrongdoing’ in Hillary Clinton Email ‘Investigation’

CNN Reports FBI Has Found ‘No Criminal Wrongdoing’ in Hillary Clinton Email ‘Investigation’

Watch: The Daily Show tries to reason with overzealous Bernie Sanders supporters

79 years ago today...


Chris Hansen: Stop 'vile' sexist comments against Seattle City Council women

Bernie will endorse Hillary at the convention

JC Penney cuts employee hours after 'expense challenge': NY Post

Republican Joke of the Day - two Republican roofers

Bernie needs 4.5 million in air time a week just for CA ....donate!!!

David Duke Hails Donald Trump For Thwarting The 'Jewish Supremacists Who Control Our Country'

After presiding over bin Laden raid, CIA chief in Pakistan came home suspecting he was poisoned by I

Obama Weighs in on Democratic Race for President ABC News

Sanders doing permanent damage to his "revolution"

It’s Happening: Democratic Party Officials to Vote on Eliminating Superdelegates

Obama on Donald Trump GOP Candidacy ABC News

Thomas Frank: What ever happened to the party of the people?

DC Metro will shut down sections of lines for year-long subway repair work

WV looks good for Sanders

Clinton Email Probe | Hillary's Aides Questioned by FBI - ABC News

Feds Indict Cop, (48) Alleged Members of Gangster Disciples

Add Lindsey Graham to the list of Republicans who won't vote for Trump

"Don't stack the deck" Bernie.

$5 Billion in Political Contributions Bought Wall Street Freedom from Regulation, Restraint

It is like the Gov. of Maine goes out of his way to be an awful SOB.

Someone please reassure me

Does anyone feel as uneasy as I do

The GOP now belongs to Trump.

Corey: 5 Serious Questions I Have For Christians Who Support Donald Trump

Minimum wage hikes were followed by employment increases

Minimum wage hikes were followed by employment increases

33 states involved in Hillary Victory Fund they were positive so funneling money to her campaign

What Bernie has done is extraordinary and magnificent. And he ain't going to fade away.

Turkey jails Cumhuriyet journalists Can Dundar and Erdem Gul

History made: Four first-place teams play on same night in Chicago

No MSM for Bernie but Boston Globe says he's 60+ %

Update RE: hip fracture, loss of income, pending eviction and two sweet kitties

IMF threatens to pull out of Greek rescue

It's not okay to...

HPV Vaccines Effective But Ethnic Disparities in Access Still a Problem for US, Study Reports

Confederate statue site disputed (KY)

People claiming that Trump will beat Hillary are missing something important:

Idiot drivers. Please don't be one! Almost head-on crash at 70 mph avoided.

The Pope has NOT endorsed Bernie Sanders

2 Dead, 2 Injured in Maryland Shootings; Police Probe Link to Earlier Incident

Closed Primaries should be paid for by the parties, NOT the public

Another republican jumps from the sinking ship.

Mythical and toxic romance with a Confederate banner (SC)

The number of "democrats" on this board who hate democracy is appalling.

Trump Spox: If Paul Ryan Can't Hop On The Trump Train, He Shouldn't Be Speaker

Trump wants to put the US through bankruptcy. WTF? How does that make America great?

Little Rock Settles Lawsuit Over 2010 Police Shooting

Hampton's Confederate school names subject of two public hearings (VA)

Everyone here realizes that the 2008 Dem convention was held a month later than 2016 ail be. Right?

JCPenney Tumbles Amid Report Company Is 'Taking Emergency Measures To Stay Afloat'

APNewsBreak: Ranch Buy Adds to Huge Montana Wildlife Reserve

This 7-year-old girl without hands won a handwriting competition

Anybody ever had or seen the Bernie Bug?

Former CIA Deputy Director: Trump Would Be a "Hard Brief"

President Obama’s Message to Bernie Sanders: ‘Everybody Knows’ Delegate Math

Let us not deny Hillary Clinton's appeal

Who needs a Bern fix?

Police Hunt For Homeland Security Officer After Shootings At Two Maryland Shopping Centers

Sanders poised for May win streak

Calling all DU physicists, theoretical, astronomical, meta-, or other

"Clinton Super PAC Coordinated with Lobbyist to Ghostwrite Atlanta Mayor's Anti-Sanders Oped."

Rep. Ellison Predicts Trump's Success; Beltway Insiders on "This Week" Panel Laugh in His Face

So, used this in another thread, but had a thought- You know what all these people have in common?


Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: 'To stop Clinton' - poll

FBI Confirms They Will Question Hillary Clinton

Churchill Downer: The Forgotten Racial History Of Kentucky's State Song

Gimme Shelter (From the Tax Man)

Elections: Labour's Sadiq Khan 'set to win London mayoral race'

Dick Van Dyke comments on Bernie again..

He knows words.

Atlanta Mayor’s Column Ripping Bernie Sanders Drafted by Lobbyist, Emails Show

I saw something else today that nauseated me.

Sanders will be on Rachel's show for the full hour tonight (so much for media blackout).

Happy Nurses Day To All The Nurses Out There! (Please Add Your Toast!)

Most Democratic voters do NOT want Bernie to drop out.

per recommendation

"Sanders tells DNC Chair not to Stack Convention Deck in Favor of Clinton"

Hordes of Sanders supporters disrupt Clinton event in LA

Ted Kennedy, Bernie, and history repeating itself right now

Treasury rejects a plan to cut pensions for Teamsters

They govern to cash in, not to do what is right for this country or its citizens.

*Senator Sanders with Judy Woodruff, PBS, @ 3.

Democracy Now! (May 6): Torture lawsuit against EIT program designers move forward

I seriously want to know if Bill Clinton will submit recipes, like other 1st Ladies do.

If Elected, Trump Offers Solemn Vow To Free Prince Albert From Can

The Young Turks (TYT) show that the DLC has lost their minds:

Maryland Shootings Suspect in Custody.

Would A Trump Presidency mean the Death of Reality TV?

Obama Urges Scrutiny Of Donald Trump’s Record: ‘This Is Not Entertainment’

who does SAUDI ARABIA want to see in the oval office next year?

They finally meet!!

Clinton 'More Conservative' than Trump

This Week's OC Weekly Cover Features a Donkey "Drumpf-ing" Trump, Mocking His Anti-Immigrant Hatred

Hillary Clinton Meets With Animal Advocates, Adds Animal Welfare Issues To Website

May 7, 2010 - McCain vows to "Complete the Danged Fence." 2016 - McCain whines about Trump.

Can we have Glenn Beck involuntarily commited?

Small U.S. military team in Yemen to aid UAE push on al Qaeda

Trump tells West Virginians not to vote in Tuesday’s primary

Heard in the HRC group: Susan Collins is being vetted for VP. Pass it on.

"57% of Democrats and Democratic-leaners want Sanders to campaign until the Convention"

Truth and Trumpism | Krugman - NYT

Chuggo unplugged.

Kerry today at Northeastern University...

Trump Twitter-Trashes Scarborough, One of His Biggest Media Defenders

The bromance is over: Scarborough and Trump get into insane slap-fight (twitter, not literally)

One question, a million answers. Can you give me advice?

Suspect in custody in shootings at mall, grocery store, high school

Why Do We Allow Fossil Fuel Billionaires To Kill Our Children?

Obama Makes Case Against Donald Trump, Saying Presidency ‘Is Not a Reality Show’Article title

Hillary's women's rights speech featured in JLo's new video!

94% of surveyed elite US universities require vaccines for enrollment

One of life's great questions:

Hillary Clinton's Cinco de Mayo Visit to L.A. Attracts Latino Protesters

Woman Quits Her Job And Sails Around The World With Her Rescue Cat

Paul LePage Breaks A Woman’s Heart By Skipping The Line To Adopt The Dog She Wanted

I just got a call from the DNC and I'm PISSED!!

Cashing in On Charter School Failure

color me shocked, not.... Cheney says he will support Trump

Latino Groups Celebrate Cinco De Mayo By Protesting Hillary

Use the In God We Trust signs on police cars as evidence of govt bias against nonbelief

Intervention: Can America Stop Enabling the GOP?

Drumpf knows social media? Is "changing" the landscape- LOL- He is a social media fucking joke

Brooklyn subway fix could derail real estate boom in New York hipster capital

Class of 2016 faces record levels of debt

Political Deadlock Leaves Lebanon to Unravel

Reince Preibus Talks Trump Taco Bowl, Minority Outreach "He's trying"

Lindsey Graham won't vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016

Brazil senate committee backs Dilma Rousseff trial

Great rant by a GOPer against Trump

Eric Erickson: "the angry Republican electorate has made a terrible miscalculation."

If a candidate claims "God told me to run" or "God is on our side" ...

The Persuasion Gauntlet

President Obama: I think everyone knows the delegate math..

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 6, 2016

Seagull basically forces family to accept it as their pet

Trump spends his afternoon as GOP nominee kicking Joe Scarborough.

Conservatives suck no matter what religion, race, ethnicity, etc

Watch: You Won’t Believe This Adorable Bear Cub Was Mistaken For A Dog

The May Photography Contest Theme is Here!

From The New Yorker's devastating profile of Melania Trump:

Florida mom, shot by four-year-old, won't face charges over gun

Trump as Unifier: Are Hillary Clinton and Neoconservatives Ready to Join Forces?

Hahaha Bill For First Lady!!!

Saw a post earlier in GDP

Why Trump v Clinton will be an unpopularity contest -- TheGuardian

Starbucks, Barnes & Noble Join Target In Instituting Trans-Friendly Bathroom Policies

back in the er with the husband *update*

Don't assume a revolution will be a leftward revolution.

Erick Erickson Demands GOPers Apologize For Impeaching Bill Clinton

Tom Brady - Man of the People

"...People like you always victimize yourselves soloed on the basis of skin color."

US Takes Tougher Tone on Israeli Settlements in New Report

Joke I heard yesterday about Trump.

Bernie Sanders won Albany, NY — but the dominant local newspaper didn’t let its readers know

President Obama’s Message to Bernie Sanders: ‘Everybody Knows’ Delegate Math

Jeb says he won't vote for Trump

How Is Trump Any Different Than Anyone Else On Any Social Media/Debate Forum?

"Hillary is going to be exonerated on emails"- was always GOP trick

Some of the right’s most prominent conservatives are getting Ready for Hillary.

Cops Tried To Memory-Hole Hasidic Jews' Beating Of Black Man In Williamsburg

"Madam President"...

Jeb Bush joins the Never Trump list

Hiring Slowdown In April May Signal Caution About US Economy

"The arguments suck now that Scalia's dead!"

MLB Moves games from Puerto Rico due to Zika Virus

Alleged Medical Expert Mike Adams Attacks Respected Cancer Doctor

Voting Patterns for Premium Cable, Netflix, Hulu, AMC, etc. watchers vs. Only Network TV Watchers

Can anyone explain how Trump doesn't win the electoral college against Hillary?

US Consumer Borrowing Jumps 10 Percent In March

Sanders: DNC Stacked Convention Committees With Clinton Supporters...

Sanders accuses DNC of tipping convention toward Clinton

About the jury system...

This is the most-liked Instagram post of the presidential election

Donald Trump just threatened to cause an unprecedented global financial crisis

Prison Labor Strike in Alabama: “We Will No Longer Contribute to Our Own Oppression"

Dems Hope State Conventions Can Unite Sanders, Clinton Fans

Pat McCrory Says HB2 Didn't Cause Backlash – 'This Was Started by the Left'

She would sink faster than the Hindenburg, if only...

At the starting gate: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits

Agency: Bars Can't Ban Pregnant Women Or Refuse Them Drinks

EU University Association Laments US Trade Policy Threatens Existence of Public Higher Education

I asked this question once in The DU lounge...but got no reponse....

Hillary: "I have been a critic of NAFTA from the very beginning"

US Officials Report No Evidence Hillary Clinton Broke The Law, Will Right-Wing Media Listen?

Panama Papers' Source Explains Motivation Behind Leak

Will Bernie give us another Ralph Nader moment?

'Why? And Why Now?' Panama Papers 'John Doe' Steps Out of Shadows

Most wanted fugitive captured in Harris County (TX)

White supremacist headed to federal prison (TX)

Thomas Perez Sec. of Labor on MSNBC for Hillary

Colombia to send jets against criminal gangs

Anti-Semitic graffiti appears on Holocaust Remembrance Day (NJ)

Colombia to send jets against criminal gangs

Can rugby tackling help save football? Rod Woodson believes so

In Search of the End of Bernie’s Campaign

HRC Campaign spreading false meme on social media that FBI has cleared her of everything

The Pixies "Where is my mind?" performed by famous Internet pets

These West Point cadets are being investigated, mostly for being black

In Search of the End of Bernie’s Campaign

New Charges: Guatemala's Imprisoned Ex-President Allegedly Received Millions in Bribes

New Charges: Guatemala's Imprisoned Ex-President Allegedly Received Millions in Bribes

Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders — and cast themselve

US Takes Tougher Tone on Israeli Settlements in New Report

Lessons on Bankruptcies in Oil and Gas in US. Spoiler, it's a house of cards.

Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders — and cast themselve

Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders — and cast themselve

In Search of the End of Bernie’s Campaign

Jay Carney and Allen West Find Common Ground

Good news: "Christian" arranged marriage event has been canceled...

As of this moment, and from now on, the leader of the "Not Hillary" Party is Donald Trump.

Doctors call for single-payer healthcare to improve on Obamacare

World's Longest Insect Is Two Feet Long

If Hillary loses

Nailed it: scientists describe weird ancient hammerhead reptile

Puerto Rico could be just the beginning.

Jon Stewart May Not Sit Out The 2016 Election, After All

Happy National Nurses Week.

The New Wave of Repression in Puerto Rico

The New Wave of Repression in Puerto Rico

Prison Labor Strike in Alabama: “We Will No Longer Contribute to Our Own Oppression”

Letter to DNC from Bernie Sanders.

NYC makes it illegal to refuse to serve a pregnant woman alcohol

The Wall Street Journal is Playing Dirty in El Salvador, Again

The Wall Street Journal is Playing Dirty in El Salvador, Again

OMGOSH.....filly that just won the Kentucky oaks.....her trainer was the same one as Smarty Jones!!!'s what it Come's Down to in this Election...So Far!

Granola That’s Packed With Clusters

Michael Moore on trump

Hillary Clinton is going to be exonerated on the email controversy. It won’t matter.

Clinton going after Bush donors (Republicans) and Bernie has something to say about it.

Sanders will be on Rachel's show for the full hour tonight

Bernie Sanders Supporters Force Early End to Hillary Clinton Speech (5-6-16)

Bernie Sanders Supporters Force Early End to Hillary Clinton Speech (5-6-16)

Matchsticks Once Sickened and Deformed Women and Children

Pro-Clinton Super PAC Caught Astroturfing on Social Media, Op-Ed Pages

Why is GDP filled with pro BS posts? Bc hillary voters already know it's over

She's a Republican at Heart or it seems she wants their support forgetting about the left

Angelo Faticoni

Officer arrested after three killed in Washington-area shooting spree

Candidate Opportunity Profile: Hillary Clinton

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will Hold Fundraiser in Israel on May 17

Harvard to ban members of single-sex clubs from leadership roles

Florida mom, shot by four-year-old, won't face charges over gun

Sanders may still technically be able to get a majority of pledged delegates, but it's over ...

Hey Megan - Sarah Palin was your daddy's candidate for VP

Administration Tightens ObamaCare Sign-Up Rules

California residents who wish to vote in the Democratic primary have until May 23 to register:

California residents who wish to vote in the Democratic primary have until May 23 to register:

Erick Erickson to GOP: If You’re Going to Embrace Philanderer Trump, Apologize to Bill Clinton

beware of posts using veterans today as a source. It is a hate group according to

The Electoral Map Looks Challenging for Trump

If Republicans had to design a perfect Democrat candidate to run against, Bernie would be it.

Does anyone else freak out when you get a phone call and the caller ID says, "Card Services"?

What happens to your ignore list after the convention

"Is Sanders the Better Candidate to Defeat Trump?" TRNN--Robert McChesney

Ever try these? "baby corn"

New Data Show U.S. Trade Deficit Doubled, More Jobs Lost Under Obama Trade Deal That Was Template

'It became necessary to destroy the town to save it' is...

Huge Amount of Oregon Registrations.

Bernie on PBS News-Hour this evening n/m

Donald Trump represents the party base. Leaders must finally admit it

Let's play Cut-n-Paste Comments!

Labours Khan Becomes First Muslim Mayor of London After Bitter Campaign

Hillary demanded a Secretary of State appointment in exchange for calling off her PUMAs.

UEFA Final

Sanders Leaves Door Open To Being Clinton's VP

Here's What Happens When Trump Refuses To Denounce His Racist Neo-Nazi Supporters

Get Fucked, John Kasich

President Obama’s Message to Bernie Sanders: ‘Everybody Knows’ Delegate Math

Tonight the weakness had a real effect.

Taxpayers Cover $34 Million Arena Renovation, Hockey Team Leaves Two Years Later

PBS VIDEO Bernie Sanders Interview May 6, 2016 (Resolute Sanders on strategy, foreign policy, DNC)

*Senator Sanders with Judy Woodruff, PBS, NOW.

Hillary's surrogates telling GOP insiders that she represents them more in hunt for donations

Resolute Sanders on strategy, foreign policy and the outlook for the DNC

Labour's Sadiq Khan elected Mayor of London

If you support Donald Trump, after all the racist things he has said, then you are a bigot as well

Trump just robo called me for a donation. Is that legal if I am on the Do Not Call registry?

NOW, Bernie on PBS: Coal, WV, Clinton on Sanders foreign policy, DWS, Convention..

Email Prediction

Lecture #9

Trump going after Elizabeth Warren now on twitter ...

After presiding over bin Laden raid, CIA chief in Pakistan came home suspecting he was poisoned by I

Oh oh 08 knows she had been investigated... doesn't want to do emails....then

NC's GOP House Speaker Falsely Claims DOJ Told North Carolina to 'Repeal' HB2 'Before Monday'

Fish Cakes With Herbs and Chiles

ME Gov. LePew (R-Pond Scum) suggests job in a Trump administration would interest him

Trump Will Testify After Election in Trump University Suit

Russian, Syrian Officials Deny Their Planes Hit Refugee Camp

Yo Boston Globe we think you mean to put us above the fold. Love you<2

Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: It's Personal. Very Personal.

More evidence that drug companies helped cause the opioid epidemic — for their own profits

We R off-line until sometime Saturday

Bernie and CA

Did Prince Overdose? And Will It Affect Pain Management If He Did?

Oregon lays out sweeping protections for transgender students

We R off-line until sometime Saturday

Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump at USO 75th Birthday Event

Bernie: PBS interview "DWS loading convention committees with HRC supporters"

Shields and Brooks on Trump’s nomination triumph and why the Democratic race isn’t over PBS NewsHour

Protesters interrupt SF Police Commission meeting

Oregon outlines sweeping protections for transgender students

We B off-line until sometime Saturday

New Radiohead Album Available for Download 5/8

Overheard during the floor vote at the 2016 DNC...

Trump's SCOTUS picks?

NATO Aims To 'Destabilise' Caucasus With Georgia Drills: Moscow

Presidential Candidate Security Clearance