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5-6-16 Taking an Ax to Poverty Wages in 2:00

5-6-16 Taking an Ax to Poverty Wages in 2:00

5-6-16 Taking an Ax to Poverty Wages in 2:00

Fox News Asks For Respect and Acceptance as they Transition from Racist to Sexist News Organization

LA Protests target Clinton's record of imperialism in Latin America and around the world

Union workers protest outside Tropicana casino

Union workers protest outside Tropicana casino

Union workers protest outside Tropicana casino

Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox - now linked to aortic defect - even past users

"Waving the White Flag" just to say.. Happy Mothers Day

Psychologists explain Trump: He's literally a narcissistic psychopath

Clinton congratulates newly elected London mayor

Courage: Iconic Image of Female Hillary Supporter Running Gauntlet of Male Protesters

Is Donald Trump Lyle Lanley from the Simpsons

Please recommend this post to wish Hillary Clinton a "Happy Mother's Day"

A Conscience of Convenience

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Testing 1 2 3 Edition

Bernie picked up 31 delegates in Washington Astaire!

Trump tells crowd Clinton wants to 'abolish' Second Amendment

Oklahoma is ending contracts with Planned Parenthood

Charlie Brown and Lucy toon---AKA--HRC & BS

This is way off topic, but I wanted to share it anyway. (CLINTON GROUP)

More layoffs coming to Goldman Sachs - Sales and trading unit to lose about 10% of its staff

Sanders on Combating Corporate Media Dems Should Be ‘Funding the Equivalent of Fox’

Sanders on Combating Corporate Media Dems Should Be ‘Funding the Equivalent of Fox’

5-7-16 Bloody Tuesday in 2:00

Post-Primary Possibility: Bernie should make a play to take over DNC

5-7-16 Bloody Tuesday in 2:00

5-7-16 Bloody Tuesday in 2:00

Massive Alberta blaze could take months to extinguish: fire officials

Jean-Paul Sartre takes his seat at the cafe, "Coffee please, no cream". The server replies,

A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says "Five beers please!"

I hate protestors

GD:P Meta Lesson 101: Trolls: Don't feed them, don't accuse them.

Pavlov is at a bar enjoying a pint. The phone rings and he shouts "Oh! I forgot to feed the dog."

I want to start a fund for the safety of bridges while their "protectors" are busy posting on here

Happy Mother's Day in the Land of the Free.

How do you tell the difference between a plumber and a chemist?

And we lose another GREAT one

I received a call from the Sanders campaign

Those pre-pledged delegates sure are in an awkward, embarrassing position...having

A programmer's wife asks him to pick up a loaf of bread and,

Which candidate will fight for justice and equality?

Helium walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve

there is a difference between protesting famous people and candidates

Self-promotion works: Donald Trump and the Political Benefits of a Narcissistic Personality

Trump and Canada

Uber-Lyft election!

Washington Won't Discriminate

They’re still not telling the real story: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the analysis you won’t

I don't blame the dog for sliding out of bed.

Trump said, "Clinton's got this goofus friend, Elizabeth Warren。。。。。"

Jolly's folly: Lawmakers still beholden to funders (by Lawrence Lessig).

Brooks: GOP produces "leaders of jaw-dropping incompetence" (pssst, it's the philosophy)

Giglioli's Whale

Saturday Special: Bernie Campaign Brochures (English), Bernie Message Ink Pens,

Real Time with Bill Maher - Some Clips/Overtime

AP: Hillary on Track to ‘Clinch Nomination’ Within a Month

What's under that orange furry blow-dried thing?

If I REALLY wanted to be left ALONE, I wouldn't go to the Kentucky Effing DERBY. Right, Ted?

The hate behind the Don's success

"Black Satin" by Katie Webster

Two Standards of Incrementalism: One for the 1% and corporations, one for the people

with the extra WA delegates divied up and guam over... what is the actual pledged delegate count now

I think some people are nuts to not vote for hillary over trump.

Hillary Clinton Courts Bush Mega-Donors Instead Of Bernie Voters

They’re still not telling the real story: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the analysis..

Nothing to see here...

Nyquist wins the Kentucky Derby

East L.A. Protests Hillary Clinton 5/5/2016

Some touching and haunting photos from History - Colorized.

Apparently we need to trot this out again...I defer to his advice and counsel over yours:

Can someone post an example?

Rights of protesters, yea or nay?

President Obama's speach good advice to Sanders' supporters

Obama let Sanders have it!

How about a John Murphy appreciation thread?

Hillary adds Animal Welfare Issues to her Website!

Just cast my California primary ballot for Hillary!

Is Donald Trump a conservative?

Artist threatened with lawsuit if she sells Drumpf nude painting (graphic warning)

NYT: Clinton pivoting to court GOP Donors and White Republican "Megachurch Moms"

Trump Vs Sanders – Sanders Wins In Every Poll

How about abolishing all primaries and caucuses?

I want to take the time and wish all the moms on DU, a very special Happy Mother's Day!

Here lies the Republican Party...

In case we don't win the primary, be prepared:

SAC on Scene - #Feel the BS

David Brock's $1 million operation is in full swing.... many egg avatar

Happy Mother's Day to all who are caregivers!!!

Hungry for Power. Power Games: Ted Cruz Edition (Colbert)


In a nutshell...:

Drop out, Hillary!

One homophobic and one transphobic alert, both allowed to stand, thanks to the wonder that is DU now

If a democratic candidate covets Republicans.


Sat nite giggles - Grandma Potty Mouth mixes drinks for the candidates - Language warning


No Longer a Market Like No Other, Fairway Fades

Huge Panama Papers search database goes public Monday

Jack Russell In A Life Jacket Rescued After Swimming For Three Hours At Sea

What is the proper forum for posts about the General Election?

Post here if you are united with the protesters! No deportation of children! Justice for the human

Something to help you chill out. :-)

Question for Bernie supporters..

Whatever Happened To The D.C. Madams Lawyer?.....

Uber, Lyft spend big, lose big in Texas vote on driver fingerprinting

Urgent petition to the DNC

Nick Drake - Pink Moon (VIDEO)

Like I'm not Surprised...Wants to Be More Aggressive.............

Fixed my neighbor's sign today.

So legislation to benefit the 1% & corporations to the detriment of the people is a compromise?

Bright dusty galaxies are hiding secret companions

RUMOR: Could Indie Filmmaker Emily Carmichael Be Directing ‘Captain Marvel’?

God, did you see 'President Barbie' on SNL??

IL-SEN: Mark Kirk Embraces Trump

What is the best part about watching Chelsea become a mom? | Hillary Clinton

Did you learn anything from your mom you want to pass on to your children? | Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Amy Poehler Discuss A Leslie Knope Presidency | Hillary Clinton

NIU moving to rescind Hastert's honorary doctorate

Canvassers needed in New Mexico ahead of June 7 primary.

1 Winning Ticket Sold in $429 Million Powerball Drawing

Sympathy for Palestinians over Israel up sharply among younger Americans

TYT Most unpopular candidate DNC has ever had...Cenyk

Donald Trump Doesn’t Think Republican Party ‘Has to be Unified’


Australian Prime Minister Makes July 2 Election Official

Bernie Sanders Comes to Montana

Awesome Pic Of 2 People To Keep America Great!!!

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Babka for Bernie: A May-Day Bake Sale for Bernie Sanders

After Indiana Win Sanders Declares: 'I Say We Keep Fighting. Are You with Me?'

Even a Time Finance Columnist Is Now Questioning American Capitalism

Neo-Nazis alive and well

Bernie Sanders will be well-equipped to upend Democratic convention

Why Activists Today Should Still Care About the 40-Year-Old Church Committee Report

The Bernie Sanders question

Thank God Hillary Is Asking Support From Republicans,,,

Huge 9.0+ Earthquake/Tsunami in Cascadia Region Could Devastate Pacific Northwest

Earthquake swarm detected beneath Mount St. Helens

Wall Street Whistleblower Analyst: "Clinton Foundation Charity Fraud"

Ann Day, former Pima County supervisor, killed in head-on crash

Defense Ministry Plans on Establishing New Israeli Settlement in West Bank

of possible use

President-Elect or Not, Trump Is Going to Trial This Year in Trump University Fraud Case

Former US Diplomats Decry the US-Backed Saudi War in Yemen

Students Take Lead to Reclaim US Public Education from Corporate Assault

We Won’t Improve Education By Making Teachers Hate Their Jobs

It's Illegal to Import Products Made With Prison Labor. Why Is It Still Legal to Use--

Some people are so gullible

Syrian Refugees Are Helping Fort McMurray Fire Evacuees

Will European pressure push Netanyahu on right track?

I will never, ever vote for Sanders, even if a miracle made him the nom

the week's update on the FOIA suit under Judge Sullivan's supervision.

Hillary given a gift by rabid BS fanatics in Cali

No Minds Are Being Changed

I'm way to Obama's left but I appreciate and admire him.

Grace and Frankie - on Netflix starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

The huge 'Panama Papers' data dump is about to drop

Reuters: Exclusive: Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: 'To stop Clinton' - poll

Documentary About Peru's Bagua Massacre Wins Award in Madrid

Daily Holidays - May 8

Mexican drug boss 'Chapo' moved to jail on U.S. border

Keep Bypassing Corporate Media with Social Media


Lawsuit Claims A Transgender Girl Is Ruining Her Classmates’ Lives By Peeing

The Small Town Judge Who Sees a Quarter of the Nation’s Patent Cases

Rhode Island News - 5/8/2016

Michigan: Leaving dogs in cars could escalate into a felony under Senate bills

A village made entirely out plastic bottles is being built in Panama

Michigan: Leaving dogs in cars could escalate into a felony under Senate bills

A village made entirely out plastic bottles is being built in Panama

When a White female Hillary supporter called Obama an "inadequate Black male" did that "define" her?

There’s a sloth institute which takes care of baby sloths who have lost their mums

There’s a sloth institute which takes care of baby sloths who have lost their mums

Launch of Curiosity Stream - documentaries

NOAA Live Video Streams Reveal Secrets Of Mariana Trench

The moose is loose

US-funded Somali intelligence agency has been using children as spies

Pure class

Noam Chomsky Predicted the Rise of Trump Six Years Ago

Hundreds march across New York bridge for stricter gun laws

Our awful elites gutted America.

33 protesters arrested in clash with San Francisco deputies

Connecticut News - 5/8/2016

Ohio home egged more than 100 times to get new paint job

Bernie Sanders will not be the nominee. It is called MATH.

Afghanistan fuel tanker crash kills 52 in Ghazni province

No lies are being told

Iraq firefight in which US navy seal died reveals intensity of battle

Afghanistan fuel tanker crash kills 52 in Ghazni province

Language, gun culture, and the meaning of the word "skittles".

Massachusetts News - 5/8/2016

 "Why Bernie Didn’t Get My Vote"

U.S. reveals troops on the ground in Yemen

Kurt's Camera Corral

Do I sound like a snob? The rise of Trump correlates directly with the abysmal degradation

Is it acceptable to accuse DUers of malpractice?

If Hillary was Hillaire and Donald was Donaldina

Hillary Clinton Plans To Have A 'Climate Map Room' In The White House, Podesta Says

Game of Thrones 6.3 "Oathbreaker" (spoiler alert)

New Hampshire News - 5/8/2016

Fear the Walking Dead 2.5 "Captive" (spoiler alert)

Gunmen kill eight police outside Cairo, Islamic State claims attack

The Dust Bowl Years

Shameless publicity... seeker, Azealia Banks, offers batshit crazy endorsement of YamMan

Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds

The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies

Black Label beats retirement planning

Italy: 'People before profits!' Thousands decry TTIP in Rome

India stares at complete breakdown of ties with Nepal

Panama law firm used charities’ names as cloaks for clients

The Alberta oil sands fires are a global concern.

Ireland: 'EU, shame on you!' - Anti-TTIP farmers picket EC offices

Pakistani activist murdered after praising London for electing first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan

Hillary blowing Bernie away in Reuters national tracking poll 67%-30%

Oregon occupation 'reporter' has history of bomb making, illegal weapons

After seeing this on Tumblr I've seen everything

"You will enjoy a certain moral security"---Check your privilege.

Vermont News - 5/8/2016

Venezuelan UN Ambassador equates Israeli actions to 'final solution'

Video of Axl Rose fronting AC/DC last night in Portugal. Meh.

I went a week without speaking about the primary! Just back from Sicily...

The claim that someone fears gun owners so much that they would flee without paying for food

14th Amendment laid foundation of civil liberties

Free Hugs Guy Compilation Video

This is the mentality we are dealing with..

On “SNL” Dana Carvey’s Church Lady Returns To Interview Trump and Cruz

5/5/16 - Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings are record breaking

Elites are completely hopeless: They still can’t acknowledge the real reason Donald Trump happened

WashPost: Conservatives willing to give the election to Hillary to preserve their integrity.

Trump and the End of the Road

Some of the best Trump slams come from Republicans

America loves women like Hillary Clinton–as long as they’re not asking for a promotion

We can’t vote for either one:

Trayvon Martin's Mom, Sybrina Fulton's Mother's Day Message

"Happy Mothers Day", from a Florida Gun Instructor.

X-Post GD.P - 5/5/16 - Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings are record breaking

USA: Stevie Wonder leads Prince memorial concert in LA Ruptly TV

Maine News - 5/8/2016

Hillary Talks Parenting for Mother's Day: Watching Chelsea Mother Charlotte Is Just the Greatest Joy

"Hillary could lose every single contest by a landslide and still be the nominee"

Hillary 'Watching Chelsea Mother Charlotte Is Just the Greatest Joy'

I'm curious: What is your end game with Bernie?

President Trump Promises Debt, Default And Depression

Jennifer Lopez and Hillary Clinton "Ain't Your Mama"

Reuters GE tracking poll: Clinton has big lead over Trump 46-36

Most of the Hillary superdelegates are probably parents.

"The Reagan Revolution"

Another updated Delegate count after Chair & Vice Chair in Guam announce they will vote with #Guam

This Election Is Going To Be An Awful Election The Way Things Look.

Sunday Morning Laugh

The CIA Waterboarded the Wrong Man 83 Times in 1 Month

Today's Google Doodle: Happy Mother's Day!

Grrr. Snuffalopoulis is giving YamMan a complete pass.

Italian police, demonstrators clash in protest against Austrian fence

Happy Mother's Day to all who cared for us

All of Donald Trump's Four-Pinocchio ratings, in one place

California high school faces backlash after canceling student elections to force diversity

Hillay clip-buying Girl Scout Cookies. ..

Hillary talking with Girl Scouts. Lovely

Italy: pro-refugee protest turns violent over Austria's border fence plans

Trump says there’s no reason for Republican Party unity

Donald Trump breaks the GOP

corporation tries to bully city and loses :Uber in Austin

IMO, Trump will force the convention to pick his VP. That will give

Young girl named Bayan Zehlif called "Isis" in her high school yearbook.

she's baaaack! Palin will work to defeat Ryan in primary for Trump stance

Trump is far worse than Bush, Reagan, or Nixon.

In the context of a "contested convention": Sanders's best case scenario moving into Philadelphia

Hillary will be on Face The Nation (CBS) today.

EPA removes report that glyphosate does not cause cancer from its website. " Carcinogenic or Not?"

Obama’s Critique of Sanders at Howard Univ Commencement Speech--Great job Pres. Obama

At some point, and before long, we will have

Obama’s Critique of Sanders--at commencement address to Howard University

Christie for Veep?

Isao Tomita, Japanese pioneer of synthesizer music, dies at 84

Isao Tomita, Japanese pioneer of synthesizer music, dies at 84

Donald Trump Said A Lot Of Gross Things About Women On “Howard Stern” In the hours of audio reviewed

Hillary needs a Campaign Theme tune...

Hillary Clinton campaign opens office in LA--Mayor, Dolores Huerta, Labor at event....


‘Choose me’: Sarah Palin says she’s ‘as vetted as anybody in the country’ for Trump’s VP

Planned Parenthood helping transgender patients with sex changes by offering hormone treatment

RC: Bernie in Sacramento! Tomorrow!

RC: Bernie in Sacramento! Today!

RC: Bernie in Sacramento! Tomorrow!

Canadian North airline transports hoomins, critters to safety

RNC and DNC Both Alike in That They Are Trying to Control Election Outcome

Bernie Sanders Condemns Disruptions, OK With Protest | MSNBC

Bernie Sanders Condemns Disruptions, OK With Protest | MSNBC

Only a little more than a month. Interesting question & response:Ask the Administrators

Massive Nationwide Recall Of Frozen Veggies, Fruits After Listeria Outbreak

Bernie Sanders: Absolutely No to the TPP! (Mix) #Bernie2016

IS Caroline Kennedy's daughter Rose the split image of her grandmother?

Happy Mother's Day

How can I put an image (picture, etc) into my post??


Goold old Windows 10 upgrade AGAIN-WTF!

How many of you have your ballots?

Hillary embraces the praise of Republicans for her foreign policy...

Hillary now leads Sanders by 747 delegates

Contrasting Reactions on July 29, 2016

By this time in 2008 Obama needed 283 delegates to secure the nomination.

The American Public and Extreme Policy Positions- (HRC GP)

It seems to me that Hillary is done

Enzyte CEO Steven Warshak named as Trump’s VP

If having an affair made you a terrible president...

EconoMinute: Banks and Car companies

Bernie Sanders | Do Democrats Stand with the Poor or with Corporations?

I've been in your position, Ted Cruz. Here's some post-campaign advice

Kentucky primary likely a big Hillary win.

President Obama sends clear message to Bernie or Busters ...

McCain Might Campaign with Trump If He Apologizes

On dying - The value of a good wife

Bernie Sanders 2013: In McDowell County, Poverty is a Death Sentence

Hillary Is Reaching Out to Jeb Bush & Other Republicans, NOT to Bernie Supporters!

Why doesn't Trump rock American suits?

Bernie Sanders 2013: In McDowell County, Poverty is a Death Sentence

Obama: 'Be Confident in Your Heritage. Be Confident in Your Blackness.'

POLL: If they gave the nomination to Biden, should Bernie run as an independent?

The National Democratic Party Organization and the

New Jersey Journey 4 Bernie | BlackMenFor Bernie

'I've been silent': Harvard's Clinton backers face life on a pro-Bernie campus (HRC GP)

"I'm ready for those gosh-darn nuclear codes, you bet!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!

New Jersey Journey 4 Bernie | BlackMenFor Bernie

Feel The BERN to the DNC Tour | BlackMenFor Bernie

Hillary#loveandkindness--Let the others do the (vile) yelling--We have work to do..

The game doesn't end. It continues in 2017 and far beyond.

Clinton does not own "Compromise." Sanders and his supporters believe in that too.

Feel The BERN to the DNC Tour | BlackMenFor Bernie

The Republican Party is dead

What's Bernie Sanders' next move?

Trump: Reminds you of Hitler, Mussolini or who ?

Trump Won't Rule Out Effort to Remove Ryan as Convention Chairman

Donald Trump today: "Happy Mother's Day! Carrie is one of my favorite movies!"

Sanders Charged Taxpayer $43,500 to cast a single vote....

How do you like you burgers and what do you put on them?

First Mother's Day since losing her

Clintonomics will hollow out the economy and shrink, not grow the US middle class

Wednesday morning Hillary will lose ANOTHER super delegate that endorsed her last year

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 10: Happy 75th Anniversary

So Bill Maher is afraid of being drone-striked or disappeared by Trump. Probably a teachable moment.

Trump: "Men are petrified to speak to women anymore! Women get it better than we do"

Assad/Russia warplane bombed refugee camp & now Russia blames terrorists (who have no planes)

Roy Moore for Governor!

What 20,000 seat arena is Hillary at today?

Sunday Toon Roundup 1- Mother's Day

Sanders supporters concern troll on Clinton being investigated, tRump will be on trial for fraud

Is the TPP your idea of democratic compromise

Only time in my lifetime!

Sunday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Ed Rendell, Dem Convention Host: Bernie Supporters Better Behave Themselves *When* Bernie Loses

Once again, I have two new residents in my bathroom (Squee Photos)

Dem #1 strategy: Keep running this footage of "self-funded" Trump

Against Fortress Liberalism

A Puppy Mill Mother On the Road to Healing (trigger warning!)

Wage theft a big problem for low paid workers

You bee the judge:

Another Prince fan pays tribute

Wage theft a big problem for low paid workers

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Churchill Downs Distaff Turf Mile

ok...grab a kleenex ......

Wise Words From - President Obama : "Not just awareness, but action. Not just hashtags, but votes."

Putin gov't blame terrorists (with no planes) & spins conspiracy theories for airstrike on refugees

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-7-16

Would ANYONE on DU suggest a Trump presidency is better or the same as HRC?

Remember what George Carlin said about God and money?

The Democratic party needs to *compromise*!

Please weigh in: Will the phone company come today? They said they would.

East LA Protesters Say Hillary Clinton Go Home

Amazing photo symbolizing Hillary supporters' strength and maturity. Love conquers hate every time!

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #26: Why Would God Let Trump Happen? Edition

Sunday Bernie Group Toons

"She will win and we don't care how, and you will submit!"

‘You Are Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare’: John Kerry’s Inspiring Message To Graduates

This is pretty impressive for both Bernie and Hillary

Dem convention host: Sanders supporters better 'behave themselves' when he loses

Dem convention host: Sanders supporters better 'behave themselves' when he loses

“I think Paul Ryan is soon to be ‘Cantored,’ as in Eric Cantor,” Palin said in an interview...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 11: Drug Rings

Alabama Inmates on Strike, Say They Will "No Longer Contribute to Our Own Oppression"

What is Mothers Day really about?

Trump calls for end to federal minimum wage as views shift

Mother's Day Was Movement for Peace! Bernie Brings Peace & Prosperity, HRC Endangers World Peace

5 elderly holdouts fighting closure of assisted-living home

TRN: Sharmini Peries and COL Wilkerson discuss the dymanics of the 2016 election

How does one tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles????

Thousands demand legalisation of cannabis in South Africa

Sanders' only path to victory is to flip super delegates who have already committed to Hillary ...

Doctors Baffled By Two Brothers Who Become Paralyzed in Vegetative State After The Sun Sets

Humans May Have Killed All But 3 Of These Animals In The Wild

Why is climate-change the only topic where "the jury is still out"?

I didn't call Bernie supporters terrorist


Happy Mother's Day to all the fierce, fearless women of DU.

Where's My Star?

Offshore finance: more than £12tn siphoned out of emerging countries

Offshore finance: more than £12tn siphoned out of emerging countries

Trump refuses to pledge to release his tax returns before the general.

Interesting read from Pravda: Will the USA survive the death of the American dream?

Nat'l music education director: "Blacks and Latinos lack the keyboard skills needed for this field."

What are you reading this week of May 8, 2016?

To these mommies happy mothers day

TRN (May 8): Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism

husband will be home later this afternoon

Comparison chart of BS and HRC Congressional Records #s (HRC GROUP)

Thanks Mom!

The Founder of Mother's Day Later Fought to Have It Abolished

Doctors Without Borders Pulls Out Of World Humanitarian Summit, Says It No Longer Has Hope

WaPo - Overselling the importance of independent voters

It’s Official — the First Democratic Convention Just Abolished Superdelegates!!!!!!

Marta is blonde, but knows I have a thing for red heads

Trump Reverses His Stance On Raising Minimum Wage Takes the Liberal idea

Wildfire that ravaged Fort McMurray may last for months – Canadian officials

I've exhausted my Kindle library. Anyone have any good book suggestions?

Dem convention host: Sanders supporters better 'behave themselves' when he loses

Bernie Sanders Blasts Hillary Clinton for Seeking Funds from Bush Donors

You know what is vile and obscene? The disgusting endorsement from neo-con Max Boot.

'Captain America: Civil War' Beats 'Batman v Superman' In Box Office Open

Crying to please my mother.

a perfect way to neutralize tRump's "enabler" comment about Hilliary

Well, hell, THIS explains everything.

Hey, Sci Fi fans

"Happy Mother's Day" threat from Florida gun instructor

Land of the Strays

A Doctor Delivers Bad News--today's LA Times.

Why is Google sponsoring Trump’s hate?

Clinton Tacks Hard Right / Maddow & Corporate Media Move to Bring Sanders & Supporters to Heel

"Sport fisherman angry over salmon season shut down"

"Sport fisherman angry over salmon season shut down"

Sign the petition to tell Congress: hold gun industry accountable.

Four Ways Donald Trump Would Roll Back LGBT Equality as President

Is there a way back machine that can take me back to 2006?

Gallup: Obama's Approval Rating Highest Since First Months of His Presidency 53%-43% (+10)

Israel Tourist Board defends its “controversial” Tel Aviv Pride advert

It does appear Trump is trying to move "left" to pick up disgruntled Bernie supporters.

If nominated, HRC has an obligation to STAY clearly to the left of Bill.

Good news not making the 'news'

Who is Gorn?

The Next Progressive Hope? The Man Trying To Unseat The Democratic Party Chair

Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault

Who are the best DU essayists of all time? I have a several favorites, but I put...

Berlin's Bernin' mixtape features all of Bernie's talking points.

Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal's TED Talk

Sorry kids, uncle Bloomie and aunt Shannon forgot about you...

Publix Is Recalling Two Items That May Contain Listeria

Jan Brewer calls for fewer female candidates: ‘This woman thing has gotten way out of control’

Tracking a beast (equivalent of $1.1 billion in damage, one of the costliest in U.S. history)

Why we fight: girl shot in face by the Taliban returns to school

China says 41 missing after landslide

Israel Indicts Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu

Philippine mother's plea against 'death squad' Duterte

why we fight 2: girl from school bombed by the Taliban wants to be a pilot and bomb the Taliban

WV super delegates mostly siding with Clinton

MSNBC: Hillary to meet with AIDS/HIV Activists; Sanders won't return their calls

We have some hugely important contests this month! Can you

Hillary to meet with AIDS/HIV Activists; Sanders won't return their repeated calls

For Clinton, the general election is about married women. Starting in swing-state Virginia.

This about sums it up.

Comparison chart of BS and HRC Congressional Records #s


Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother After Being Separated by the Tourism Industry for 3 Years! VIDEO

Frack OFF, Rendell: Investment Banker, Fracking Advocate, DNC Chair In 2000 Urged Gore To Quit

Been visiting Louisiana, have had a great time, but thought I should share this:

Who will win the epic Paul Ryan vs. Sarah Palin smackdown???

Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother After Being Separated by the Tourism Industry for 3 Years!-VIDEO

Have to leave for a little bit...........

Bashing Uber and Lyft?

What's for Dinner, Sun., May 8, 2016

Bringing people (and beagles) "to heel" isn't easy.

Trans folks are not deadly weapons. The comparrison is dehumanizing.

Federal Judge Throws Out NW Salmon Plan; Feds Must Consider Breaching Snake Dams

The saddest thing about her supporters is they acknowledge the fact she lies,

Chilean military base poses threat to Bolivia: Morales

Had this problem just the other day............

5 passengers survive after Tesla Model S flies 82 feet through the air in an insane crash

“The evidence is pretty incontrovertible that he doesn’t exist”:

How Ancient Religion Got You High

Well, apparently the infamous "Florida Man" made popular on DU is a tRump fan...

Hillary Clinton Is A Progressive Democrat, Despite What You May Have Heard

Hillary Clinton Is A Progressive Democrat, Despite What You May Have Heard

Berrigan's life lesson: fidelity has its payoffs

Birding on an overcast day

Scientists Discover The First Ever Safe Way To Send Medication Into the Placenta

The financial crisis has been a cash cow for central banks.

I sure do love hanging out at Redstate these days

US risks nuclear war with Russia over Syria

My 10,000 Post & Almost 12 years on DU!

Happy Mother's Day!

We can’t vote for either one: On world stage, Clinton and Trump present different, but serious,

Starfish babies return in droves following massive die-off

=*= UPDATED RECORDED VERSION: Bernie @ Rutgers, New Brunswick, New Jersey=*=

=*= UPDATED RECORDED VERSION: Bernie @ Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey on 5/8=*=

US risks nuclear war with Russia over Syria.

Officer in fatal shooting accidentally fires into baby's crib during routine parole visit

A very pretty math word

The saddest thing about his supporters is they acknowledge the fact that he won't win.

Trump calls for an END to the Federal Minimum Wage.

Will Ted Cruz Endorse Trump? - One Tweet Sums It Up

Let's hold the media accountable for Trump

Residents trade guns for groceries at San Fernando Valley gun buyback event

Facebook struggles to stop network use for illicit weapons sales, kidnapping and extortion

my daughter told me Prince died from an overdose of Percoset. Is this true?

Did you get it right away????? ( took me a minute)

US gun lobby responsible for nation's gun violence

Trump Confronted With Reality That His New Economic Idea Would Destroy The Global Economy

This is so bad it's gone back to bad again

"Hillary Doesn't Need Bernie Suppoters"

Jill Stein SAVAGES Hillary!

Massacres of Native Population Condemned in Indigenous Congress

What My Mother Taught Me

Secretary Clinton.....

Make no mistake--I have had great pleasure tweaking the BSers.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst how bad is Trump's plan to end the federal minimum wage ?

Do you think superdelegates will swing en masse to the losing candidate?


Andrew Sullivan is in denial: America’s elites brought this on themselves

tRump was just on my local radio.

US Ignores Disappearances in Mexico to Maintain Financial and Military Presence

The South’s Confederate-monument problem is not going away

Glenn Greenwald: President's Impeachment Process in Brazil is a Trojan Horse for Neo-liberalism

Preakness Field Beginning to Take Form

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