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Help! Can't find the post about Sanders FEC disbursement filing to Keelan Sanders (superdelegate)

Robert Johnson was born on this date.

Convention headline: Clinton Nominated by Acclamation!

John Stabb of Government Issue dead at 54

A natural poison ivy eradication?

Why are we supposed to care that some anonymous person behaved like an asshole?

Posted this in General Discussion and someone said they would alert it because

Click to check out the Potomac at Great Falls after 12 days of rain:

Happy Mother's Day:


The Wrong Model: GATS, Trade Liberalisation and Children’s Right to Health (2001 but more relevant n

Before this election cycle began I had two people on ignore.

It's safe to say DU BSers hate Hillary more than they hate Trump

About those Bernie Sanders protesters.....

Gee Bernie

Ready for Plan B? Here it is.

PALiN: "Choose me as VP"

Anyone else bothered by the de-facto CBS plug for Trump?

Any possibility Trump will offer Bernie the VP slot. And will.............

Why wouldn't the convention be framed the way the WINNER wants?

Greek lawmakers pass painful reforms to attain fiscal targets

Dayton: little girl stabbed on playground

Jeff Weaver making threats again...

The GOP’s electoral-map problem is not about Trump. It’s about demographics.

Decision time for FBI on Clinton

Desperate posts trying to trash Bernie seem to be escalating


Just an observation of the new Clinton tactic.

Unusual Friendship Between Wolf and Bear

Who's watching The Good Wife finale?

FINALE EPISODE of The Good Wife on NOW.

Distressed Atlantic City Backdrop for Sanders Anti-Poverty Stage

Huge Bernie Bumpersticker now available.


I no longer feel like I'm dying.

The ultimate perjury trap question

After warning them for months, Hillbots are now in a panic, calling predictions "threats"...

Big News: Sanders Gets More CO Delegates: Hillarians Pissed

Mattel Introduces 'President Barbie' - SNL

The rise of William Pelley during a different time in American

Atlantic City casino workers union backs Sanders

HRC GROUP. Happy Mother's Day. May 2017, they will celebrate it in the White House

ABC (2012): Frenemies Unite: Former Anti-Romney Candidates Endorse Their Rival

Atlanta Mayor’s Column Ripping Bernie Sanders Drafted by Lobbyist, Emails Show

Chomsky: If Trump were to become President

Blogger Gary Welsh Dies In Apparent Suicide

the internet SAVAGES Jill Stein in response

My Loving Pitbull puppy rescue by Anonymous Milton, VT

Atlantic City casino workers union backs Sanders

I feel sorry for Sanders' "true believers"

Bride won’t sign prenup, throws ‘wedding party’ for poor kids instead

5-8-16 Organizing the Rails in 2:00

5-8-16 Organizing the Rails in 2:00

5-8-16 Organizing the Rails in 2:00

LOL, ok Hillary supporters, what would you suggest we Bernie supporters do?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-7-16

To those of you liberals who don't understand the Bernie or Bust movement (*Bernie Sanders Group*)

ABC: HRC Didn't Want to Leave A Trail, Later Criticized Those Who Used Non-Gov Email

Lawsuit failed. New York Elections Board on Friday released its certified election results.

67 year old Ozzy runs around on Sharon and gets kicked out of the house

'Donald Trump' reads a poem to America

Our Cake (finally got hitched)

Re: Protesting outside a political event

Interesting post from reddit about a Cult Classic movie "They Live"

Did anybody else see THIS????

Our group just did something great.


Hillary's reckless regime change in Libya strengthened Africa's deadly Boko Haram terrorist group

The only hope Sanders has is flipping the Super Delegates - Hillary Clinton Group.

The "I Side With" political quiz has been updated again with new questions

I predict Trump's hats will change. His hats are "poofy" at the temples

2013: Amy Goodman ; Phil Donahue on the Corporate Media

Hungry Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out

Mother's Day is for animals too.

Deal Me In!

I just heard something very funny!

Mike Malloy - Donald Trump's Philosophy On Success Inspired By 'Twilight Zone' Episode

SNL...The Church Lady returns!

Just got back from 'Captain America: Civil War' (NO SPOILERS)

If indicted Hillary should stay in the race.

Another bitch for Hillary!

The Good Wife

Has anyone else noticed lately...

I'll agree to end protesting Hillary to keep children from crying.

The Conservative Lorax

Kentuck Berners! FREE "Stand with Bernie" Campaign Brochures, Message Ink Pen.

Math is Math.

Abortion right question for Clinton supporters

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE - Hatchlings Mother's Day Greeting (HD)

She said yes!

Blondes over in GD

Oregon Berners! Free, "Stand with Bernie" Campaign Brochures, Message Ink Pen.

Greetings from Charlotte - a very short walk from car to destination

From me to you.

Is it real or is it Malcolm-X?

HRC GROUP / Dear Rosario Dawson: 2011 You Had A Dream. Well, It's About To Come True. Congrats!!!

Ted Cruzifer at a Crossroads as He Returns to the Senate

"Hillary Clinton: Republican For President" Documentary

60 Minutes - Earthquake Alley (Oklahoma)

What states should Obama campaign in for Hillary?

Non-Jewish, Caucasian-looking JESUS-face in Denny's mashed potatoes, imported from UFO crop-circles!

Putting a cat of a diet

Canada's only gender-confirming surgery clinic firebombed, closed for now.

As A Bernie supporter, I am fine banning any poster who thinks Hillary = Trump.....

Deeply Moving Message from Bernie Sanders

Man charged in crash that killed sister of retired Supreme Court justice

John Kerry For Vice President 2016!

HRC GROUP / AP: Hillary on Track to ‘Clinch Nomination’ Within a Month

Why are you letting GD-P worthy videos circumvent the rules and show up on the front page?

Mercury rising: Astronomers gear up for planetary alignment

HRC GROUP. / "Hillary Clinton’s American Quilt" (Worth the Read time)

Fist Up With Attitude!

US Hits Back At 'Ungrateful' Allies

U.S. President Barack Obama warned on Friday that occupying the Oval Office "is not a reality show"

May 2016: Hillary Takes More Wall St Donations Than ALL OTHER Candidates COMBINED...

Police: Driver shot would-be robber dead at McDonald’s

Another Leftist Colombian Leader Survives Assassination Attempt

A Dying Life

Do you support fracking, or coal?

Autonomous Robot Surgeon Bests Humans in World First

Changes | Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles ~ Band of Gypsys

A Slice of the Confederacy in the Interior of Brazil

Japan court: Vagina kayak display OK, data sale is obscene

Trump Pie! Jonathan Pie can't stop throwing insults at Donald Trump between takes.

Bernie Sanders’s Legacy? The Left May No Longer Need the Rich

So touching. Students give teacher two kittens.

My new Election prediction

The Obama Coalition is coming after Trump.

The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election

Hydration at end of life

Ending Tax Break for Ultrawealthy May Not Take Act of Congress

Maintenance Work to Disrupt Washington, D.C., Metro for a Year.

In Syria, Russia Plays Bach Where ISIS Executed 25

Daily Holidays - May 9

Helicopter flyover shows scale of destruction in Fort McMurray

The massive U.S. bombing of a MSF Hospital in Afghanistan was a war crime

Russians Play Bach in Ancient Syrian City of Palmyra, Devastated By Terrorists

The Israeli general who compared the Jewish State to Nazi-era Germany

Sanders' problem: Winning over Clinton's superdelegates

Practically the entire world wants Hillary to become president

North Carolina gov. faces Fed's Monday deadline on LGBT law

Hell yes! Daily Kos top diary: We will not be brought to heel

Where is the action NY?

Only Sanders Defeats Trump the Old Fashioned Way: With Truth-telling, Character & Competence

Noam Chomsky: Sanders platform similar to that of Eisenhower.

Koch Brothers Struggle to Block Climate Action in State Legislatures

Fred's innocuos post got hidden in the Hillary Clinton Group.

Blizzard of 1941

When your journey seems too hard...

Disclaimer: If Trump runs to the left of Hillary, we could be in big trouble

Israeli soldier goes on trial for killing wounded Palestinian attacker

Mike Malloy - Republicans For Hillary (watch the Malloy rage attack!!!)

Pentagon report reveals confusion among U.S. troops over Afghan mission

New Prison for Drug Boss 'El Chapo' Seen as Less Secure

"I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding"

Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism TheRealNews

Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism TheRealNews

Iranian minister denies recent mid-range ballistic missile test

Bernie Sanders Rally In Rutgers (5-8-16) | Opening Speakers

Bernie Sanders Rally In Rutgers (5-8-16) | Opening Speakers

Rutgers Greets Bernie Sanders

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - Higher Ed?

Rutgers Greets Bernie Sanders

Because of Climate Change, Five Pacific Islands Have Vanished

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - South Texas

U.S. To Ship Peanuts To Feed Haitian Kids; Aid Groups Say 'This Is Wrong'

Hillary fans have convinced themselves that she is a progressive. You really have to willfully

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - West Texas

Shock as Austrian Chancellor Faymann quits

Bernie Sanders Enters at Rutgers NJ Rally 5-8-16

Bernie Sanders Enters at Rutgers NJ Rally 5-8-16

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - Central Texas

Trump v. Ryan: The Anti-Diss-the-Establishmentarian

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - North Texas

With +/- 90% Of GBR Bleached, Reef Tourism Operators Urge Climate Action

Bernie Sanders at Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ 5-8-16 | Opening Remarks

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - East Texas

Bernie Sanders at Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ 5-8-16 | Opening Remarks

Be nice to Hillary Clinton online — or risk a confrontation with her super PAC

Apparently, Donald just called Chris Cuomo on CNN and atacked him on air...

Hillary Clinton's message to Democrats, Independents, & thoughtful Republicans:

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - The Politicos

political journalism today: the need for old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting.

Texas News - 5/9/2016 - Statewide Concerns

The GOP's Awkward Family Week Is About To Commence

Field guide to defending Hillary Clinton against every fake scandal

Where is Hillary's detailed plan to "increase opportunity and decrease inequality?"

Our fictional pundit predicted more correct primary results than Nate Silver did

this is something I posted a couple years back

Atlantic City, NJ: People were lined up early outside Boardwalk Hall this morning.

Brazil Senate committee votes for Rousseff to stand trial

“An Objective Look at the Collapse of WTC 7” by Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti/AE911Truth


"The Force Behind The Motion" - Civil Engineer Jonathan Cole talks about 911, physics and more...

Donald Trump’s Finance Chair Is the Anti-Populist From Hell

POLL: Meme of the Week – May 9th

Donald Trump's kryptonite: millions of active – and furious – Latino voters

Philippines:10 dead in election day violence, VCMs stolen

The Democratic Convention in the Wells Fargo Center

President Barbie

Unveiling The New Single Payer Plan

A healthy Economy Has Well-Paid Workers

Philippines' Duterte leads with 40 percent of votes in presidential election

Panama paper trail goes online with massive searchable database

EU referendum polls - a consistent difference between phone and online polls

Is this Progressive? Hillary fought to cut the Haitian minimum wage of $0.61

Hillary and Trump tied...IN GEORGIA!

Trump's interview on CNN this morning did not get off to a good start:

Hi, yall. I was in your fair state on Thursday and Friday. It was the first time I’d ever been to

I made it through Atlanta--twice. At rush hour, even!

Bizarre : Woman Arrested for Having Loud, Racist Sex.

GOPed- on

In The Art of the Deal, Trump boasted about bedding other men’s wives. (HRC GROUP)

The top 66 groundless accusations...

Muslim leaders deny ISIS’ religious claims, stoking group’s anger

"the idea that technology will create a new job to replace the one it has destroyed is no longer..."

Was Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, Running a Secret Spy Network?

Seen Joy?

Omaha pastor stopped for second time at airport with gun in carry-on

Clinton’s VP Trial Balloon: Can She Really Be This Full of Air?

Monday Bernie Group Toons

A Billionare and a multi tens of millions-aire in a year of populism and outsiders

Monday Toon Roundup

Omaha pastor stopped for second time at airport with gun in carry-on

Workers, business owners urge swift passage of sick time ordinance

Workers, business owners urge swift passage of sick time ordinance

Workers, business owners urge swift passage of sick time ordinance

Anniversary conference to celebrate 150 years of the National Secular Society

"So, for seven years we won't get credit. . . Big deal!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

How Wall-Street Hocus-Pocus Inflates S&P 500 Revenues

Conwoman Belle Gibson faces $1m fines over cancer scam fundraising fraud

Clinton courting Republican donors. Trump calling for raising taxes on the rich and businesses...

Devout Catholic catalogues clergy's crimes, offers victims comfort

Another Condo Bubble Bites the Dust

Alabama Inmates on Strike: "We will no longer contribute to our own oppression"

California Berners: If you registered to vote at the DMV, check again


How much for the sustainable energy transition? A "back of the envelope" calculation

Faith groups in Geneva issue interfaith statement: urgent action toward nuclear weapons abolition

Bit By Bit, Trump is Going to Adopt Bernie's Platform for the General Election.

Am I out of step to not want a president who can just "make deals"?

G.O.P. Has Only Itself to Blame - by Charles M. Blow Charles M. Blow

Boston: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the MBTA's Operations Control Center

The hummingbirds are back...

Media as a Shark’s Pilot Fish

=*= UPDATED VIDEO =*= Bernie Sanders Rally Atlantic City NJ. (5-9-16) =*=

At the park this morning ran into another Basenji.

=*= UPDATED VIDEO =*= Bernie Sanders Rally Atlantic City NJ. (5-9-16) =*=

The next several weeks will likely be insufferable here on DU.

Evangelicals feel abandoned by GOP after Trump’s ascent

OK, this is a work in progress.

"If Trump You Are For"

Same Old Party:

Funny How That Particular Fox Typo Still Hasn't Been Corrected Everywhere

New Nikon D3200

Whiny Bundys complain about prison food

Congressman Steve Knight (R-CA) says he thinks Social Security was a mistake

Palin: GOP-ers should "respect the will of the people" or lose their seats.

NC Gov. states "We can definitely define the race of people."

We won another one!

Hillary Clinton and the Kissinger Wing of the Democratic Party

California News - 5/9/2016

Hillary supporters launch internet feud with Green Party candidate Jill Stein

KRUGMAN: Oh, and just for the record: No, it’s not the same on the other side of the aisle.

Attention DU economists

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in Kentucky on Tuesday, May 10

Hillary Clinton to Campaign in New Jersey on Wednesday, May 11

Hillary Clinton's Powerful Message to Jordan Davis’ Mother During VH1’s 'Dear Mama'

Oh, John McCain. You are STILL a maverick. Trump "could be a capable leader"...

Two terrier comforter

2012 TX GOP platform rejected teaching "critical thinking" in schools. Saves DRUMPF work.

Tom Brokaw Calls Out Media: Trump "Has Never Been Held Accountable" For His Lies Brokaw: "

I just bought a new computer chair from Office Depot.

George Clooney for VP

North Carolina files lawsuit against the federal government over ‘bathroom bill’

Please Don’t Pretend Hillary’s Negatives Are the Same as Trump’s

"He can't be that ignorant, can he?"

Conservative writer P.J. O'Rourke endorses Hillary over Trump

'She’s smart, extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and unflappable. In a word, she’s presidential.'

Bernie's April Winning Streak Didn't Give Him Any Momentum

Fort McMurray, a Canadian Oil Boom Town, Is Left in Ashes

How badly would Obama beat Trump, if he was allowed to run for a third term?

What it is that Romney, Brooks, Kristol, Will, Rubin, etc hate most about Trump:

UPDATE: Honeywell union workers locked out

UPDATE: Honeywell union workers locked out

UPDATE: Honeywell union workers locked out

A DU gun advocate pointed out a Gun-Toting Mom to me yesterday on Mothers Day.

This place has jumped the shark. I got a hide for referring to Jill Stein as excrement. (HRC GROUP)

"I know what I said, but now I know. . . ." Please come CAPTION John McCain!!!

John Oliver Exposes The Real Research Behind "Recent Studies" & Gives His Own Todd Talk

Prince Was a Champion for Working People (union member fought the music industry)

Prince Was a Champion for Working People (union member fought the music industry)

Were the Rhoden family murdered by their neighbors?

Prince Was a Champion for Working People (union member fought the music industry)

Talk me down~~VP seems to me to be a way to suppress the revolution

Wherever possible there needs to be a strong absentee mail & early vote campaign.

Breaking -Acting speaker of Brazil lower house annuls impeachment process against President Rousseff

Question: if the Revolution "isn't about Bernie Sanders"...

Religious Right "lawyer" uses phrases I saw used in "Eyes On The Prize."

East Jerusalem Social Activist Murdered by Unknown Assailant

More FREE media phone time for the Obnoxious Bigot

Invictus Games Opening Speeches: Prince Harry & Michelle Obama

A former colleague's memorial was yesterday. She wrote her own incredible eulogy.

Switching to 100 Percent Renewables

Who's caring for your mom?

China's love affair with Trump

My prediction: Ryan issues a reluctant, teeth gritting "endorsement" of Trump as a nominee...

FINALLY a petition to DUMP the SuperDelegates SYSTEM Nationwide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the media will lift Trump up and tear Clinton down

Trump names Gov. Christie to head transition team.

Pity Porn For Racists: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For Trump Supporters. Don’t.

Clinton Has the Map on Her Side, But History Working Against Her

Arguing with a libertarian is like arguing with a brick wall.

"THE BIGGEST 'B'" Just sharing this great graphic. Happened upon it in Google Images.

American Power Under Challenge

Community Conversation on Poverty

FUN: "Chelsea's Mom"

Europe’s “Hot Spot” Refugee Registration Centers are “Concentration Camps”

ABC News: What's Next in Clinton Email Investigation

He comes by it honestly: Trump's father was a crook and a bigot who marched with the kkk

Can anybody photoshop DRUMPF's face onto this Kim Jong UN .gif?

Ok, back to firmly believing Trump wants to lose.

Trump throws a bone to his dog Christie...

Russian offer to send heavy water bombers to Fort McMurray in limbo

Hillary Clinton Rally at Camden County College on Wednesday

New US Health Tourists: Parents Desperate for Legal Cannabis for Their Suffering Kids

Bob & James

Are medical errors really the third most common cause of death in the U.S.?

Sadiq Khan takes over as London mayor - as it happened

Good Times. Trump's family vacation in Aspen (the Love triangle story).

How do you think Sanders could fit into a Clinton Administration?

choked on my cheerios -- The Sexy Side of Hillary

This morning Steph Miller ripped the puny cheeto off Trump.

One Weird Trick To Lose The 2016 Election: Alienate Women

Infamous rip-off artist Trump calls someone else a crook?!

Look at this before you worry too much about Trump

Ryan "willing to step down as Republican Convention chairman if Trump asks."

What is Trump talking about?…..

Muslim girl called 'Isis' in high school yearbook

Hillary Clinton has more votes than than Bernie Sanders because...

Cats- Masters of camouflage and deception

About Time: Ferguson's First Black Police Chief Delrish Moss to Be Sworn in Today

Saw The Temptations on Saturday night.

Tufts urges students to stay indoors amid threat, car fire investigation

Blogger source of picture of Rafael Cruz in Dallas 1963 commits suicide in a stairwell

Atlantic City symbolizes ugly American greed, Bernie Sanders rails

A possible outcome no one is talking about in the GE

5 Reasons Why I Hate Religious Christianity

It's Free Cone Day At Häagen-Dazs Tomorrow

A compilation of wrongdoings by Hillary Clinton (*Bernie Sanders Group*)

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren Hillary's flunky.

Man charged with attacking West Virginia Senate candidate

Got stuck in front of a tv this morning

Hillary Under FBI Investigation For More Than Email:

Has Trump thrown insults at BS yet?

Iraq Inquiry: Chilcot report to be published on 6 July

When hospitals run out of Ipecac ....

West Virginia: 29 PDels. 8 SDels = 37 Total ~ Semi-closed : Tues May 10th (HRC GP)

Russian offer to send water bombers to fight Fort McMurray fire in limbo

West Virginia state Senate candidate, a veteran, brutally beaten

Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank

Pic Of The Moment: How Trump Compares To Previous GOP Candidates Among Crucial Voting Blocs

'Sesame Street' Parodied Donald Trump As A Garbage Grouch

Let them (Clinton group)

Restoring The Voting Rights Of Felons

Nestlé Wants to Sell You Both Sugary Snacks and Diabetes Pills

(As Expected) “I’ll do whatever he asks me to do.”: Said Ryan

Judge OKs U.S. extradition of Mexican drug boss 'El Chapo' Guzman

Tax havens have no justification, say top economists, calling for their abolition

Chomsky writes, as world public opinion becomes a ‘second superpower’

Governor Bathroom speaking live on teevee now.

Thinks he is a peacock, so does the neighbors kid and bonus...bath time for a super hero

Blocked from the "Democrats" Group

Bern the Convention on reddit

Man seeks restraining order against God

National Goegraphic Photo entries

what is progressive about wanting a no fly zone in Syria?

So I have been blocked from the Democrats group

Vote to Impeach President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil Is Annulled

HRC is selling what amounts to a cult.

Just a report, my Cruz-supporting inlaws are supporting Bernie!

How to make those dearly departed memories last

Sofia is 5,

Hillary Clinton only needs 17 percent of remaining delegates to clinch nomination

Ted Cruz made me very happy

Waste 4 min. admiring the genius of this

Sanders condemns disruptions, ok with protests at Clinton events / Rachel Maddow Show (HRC GP)

It's the Clintons' party again. But this ain't the nineties.

Democracy Now! (May 9): Direct Action against Trump in Lynden, Washington

Rob Reiner Says He’ll Do Whatever He Can To Help Hillary Clinton Win In 2016 (2014) (HRC GP)

I am not a healthcare professional

General Election: The Looming Choice Between Oligarchy and Kakistocracy

Wall Street Donors Flocking to Clinton

Our Path Forward to Defeat Trump | Bernie Sanders

Our Path Forward to Defeat Trump | Bernie Sanders

Trump and Clinton Tied in Georgia

Newspaper chain sending IT jobs overseas~McClatchy

NBC Dateline interview with Guccifer

Isn't Christie as transition head as previous

As the FBI finishes up it's investigation into Hillary's email sever

California drought rules eased significantly

$12 Trillion Looted from Developing Countries and Hidden Offshore

When Hillary Clinton Locks down the Nomination,

Panama Papers affair widens as database goes online

Did Facebook bury conservative news? Ex-staffers say yes.

AC Transit Prohibits Travel to North Carolina

Redstone Wins Fight With Ex as Judge Tosses Competency Suit

Sanders Takes on Trump in Atlantic City

Sanders Takes on Trump in Atlantic City

Why billionaire Trump faces a funding disadvantage against Clinton

Sanders’ next fight: A more liberal Democratic Party platform

Is there a way to follow friends? Or easily find where they have been posting....

North Carolina Minimum Wage Bill/Affordable Housing Kill Bill (aka the Bathroom Bill)

Making hats great again

William Schallert, actor and union activist, has died at 93

Preliminary findings of police bias probe find SFPD lacks discipline, oversight

West Virginia Election Polls 2016: Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton Ahead of Dem. Primary Vote

Wall Street Donors Flocking to Clinton


Bay Area family booted off plane over son's peanut allergy

Conspiracy theory regarding the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

IDF general triggers outrage comparing Israel to Nazi Germany

How Trump clarified his position on taxing the wealthy

Study: Sanders' economic plan piles $18 trillion on federal debt & raises taxes by $15 trillion

Tree removal for Minnesota solar project prompts legislative action (Countywide moratorium)

Prison Charges Dropped Against Former Governor Don Siegelman Without Explanation

I'm listening to Bob Cesca say a Clinton/Sanders ticket

Michael Bloomberg Contributes $250,000 to Oregon primary SoS candidate Val Hoyle.

GOP operatives on the prowl for secret Clinton transcripts

PBS Frontline compares 5 nations' health coverage systems - their plusses and minuses

Trump has a bad case of VP pickin blues.

Comment if you can. ~ Thanks. It's getting a bit wild and fun! :)

From reddit, a post I love

I'm shocked Donald Trump ran his company into the ground four times. Totally, completely shocked.

Obama moves to open colleges to ex-convicts

North Carolina sues for right to be bigots

Hillary Clinton Goes On Wall Street Fundraising Spree, Picks Up Bush Donors

Justice Dept. to announce action against North Carolina at 3:30 Eastern

Shock poll: Hillary Clinton and the Don are in a dead heat -- in Georgia.

Now that Bernie has won the Democratic nomination, who should he pick as his VP?

Try this quiz!

Clinton Tacks Hard Right


Clinton Tacks Hard Right

Saw a cute summary of Sanders policies

Gaza Sewage Crisis, Festering In Conflict, Poisons Coast

Do you WANT Hillary Clinton to be indicted?

Hillary Clinton's climate and energy policies, explained

Well, well, well, STATE DEPT HAS NO PAGLIANO EMAILS!(+ Attacks WERE Made on Private Server in 2011)

Clinton’s wonky policies of fine-grained complexity contrast with rivals’ grandiose ideas

The Evidence That Makes The ‘Bernie Bro’ Smear Look All The Worse

=*=LIVE @ 7:30: Bernie Sanders Sacramento Rally, California 5-9-2016 at Bonney Field=*=

=*=LIVE @ 7:30: Bernie Sanders Sacramento Rally, California 5-9-2016 at Bonney Field=*=

Who is Gord?

State Department Lacks E-Mails From Clinton Aide During Key Time

SleepBus runs overnight between SF and LA for $48

I have never seen a rest room bouncer anywhere.

Trump's Latino outreach surrogate just said Latinos oppose him because they're emotional

You can now search the Panama Papers – the secret accounts of the global rich – yourself


A neighbor of my friend bought a donkey...


61,000 people voted in Hannity's poll RE: a VP pick for Trump. Here are the results.


Deception Experts: Guccifer Telling Truth About Hacking Clinton’s Email Server

Squirrels suck at math.

Captain America or Iron Man?

Bernie Sanders on the Yuuge Problem with Corporate Media in 2005

We Investigated, Donald Trump is Named in at Least 169 Federal Lawsuits

Sanders: superdelegate system must be abolished at national level

Republicans Have Been So Busy...

Paul Ryan offers to step down as GOP convention chair if Donald Trump asks

Artsy fartsy stuff

When Art and Love Save an Innocent -- from death row.

Is it wrong to respond to the Hillary email "scandal" threads

Ammon Bundy is an 'originalist' just like Antonin Scalia, says defense

Thank you, General Lynch!

Atty Gen. Lynch fires back at North Carolina with counter-suit. Breaking now...

DOJ Sues To Block North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Bill

CBS News-- Hillary Clinton On Email Server: "It Wasn't My Best Choice"...

Sanders decries 'casino capitalism' on Trump's turf – a decaying Atlantic City

Holy Moly. Did anybody watch Loretta Lynch's 3:30 presser?

Take That North Carolina

Recordbreaking consecutive days of rain,

Man refuses to leave hospital, asks to be arrested instead, dies in jail

We need to pay attention to what is going on at The University of Akron

Jon Stewart returned to deliver take down Donald Trump in a way that only he can.

HILLARY CLINTON ... Who can turn the world on with her smile?

So, Paul Ryan allowed Trump and Palin to scare

Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report, May 7): Why the Republican Establishment Won't Back Donald Trump


Michael Moore: I’ll support Hillary Clinton if she’s the nominee

Mining plans threaten habitat of Monarch butterflies in Mexico

Wealthy Cruz Donor Pours Millions into Hillary Clinton Campaign

Mining plans threaten habitat of Monarch butterflies in Mexico

Confirmed: Sanders is selling a fantasy agenda

Why Are Democratic Consultants Fighting Universal Healthcare?

Higher education, Republicans, and Privatization

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 5-8-16

Olympics 2016: Brazil World Cup winner Rivaldo warns tourists to avoid Rio

Olympics 2016: Brazil World Cup winner Rivaldo warns tourists to avoid Rio

The argument that this country needs to be run like a business is maddening

Study: Sanders' economic plan piles $18T on federal debt

Mexico: Indigenous environmental activist named ‘prisoner of conscience’

Mexico: Indigenous environmental activist named ‘prisoner of conscience’

POLITICO: Pagliano's Missing Emails Were Not Because He Didn't Use His .GOV Account

Senior Islamic State official in Iraq killed in air strike: Pentagon

VICE: Why I’m Glad My Bipolar Dad Was Institutionalized

Brazil Senate moves forward with impeachment process

NewPanama Papers: Son of a man who killed Emmett Till named in latest leaks

No one is giving Bernie Sanders the nomination, stop it.

Sane Progressive/The Humanist Report Interview Part 2: Mike on Bernie or Bust

Nautical and Nice (May Contest Theme) Temptation

Trump Foes Running Short on Time to Find GOP Alternative

ACLU files lawsuit over Mississippi anti-LGBT law

ACLU files lawsuit over Mississippi anti-LGBT law

Husky demands bath instead of a walk--throws tantrum.

Three chicks have hatched in a peregrine falcon nest in downtown Boise

Justice Department sues North Carolina over transgender 'bathroom law'

Can anyone start a DU group?

The Cheap Labor Parties

What was the State Dept.'s protocol for maintaining and archiving emails?

Oh wise and Omnipotent DU, tell me, what's up with Brazil?

Bogota seeks to privatize public telecommunication company ETB

New York orders nail salons to pay $2 million in unpaid wages, damages

Uber drivers, if employees, owed $730 million more: U.S. court papers

Big F4 tornado heading right for Joy, Oklahoma.

Tornados in Oklahoma. On the ground now. Vibes to one and all.

'I have to be taller': the unregulated world of India's limb-lengthening industry

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 10 May 2016

HBR article Why We Pick Leaders with Deceptively Simple Answers

Ammon Bundy is an 'originalist' just like Antonin Scalia, says defense

25-year-old Indian maid allegedly tortured to death in Saudi Arabia

Sanders is biggest spender of 2016 so far — generating millions for consultants

Is the General discussion Primary group getting even more nasty or is it just me?

Wall Street To Trump: We're With Her

Panama Papers Goes Live with Searchable Database of Tax Evaders

Why Opposing Religion Via A Politico-Secular Discourse Is A Blunder

Officials: Air passenger caught with dagger, throwing stars

Student, 16 when he stabbed classmates, to face adult trial

Hillary Clinton Is Not The Right Candidate to Face Donald Trump

This is one old time cold remedy I want!!!!

Islamic State car bomb in eastern Iraq kills 16, sources say

Police: Man seeking revenge causes damage at wrong home

Why So Many Women With ADHD Never Get The Help They Need...

Alberta Fires Worse for Canada Economy Than Katrina for U.S.

U.S. to bring new charges in ex-U.N. General Assembly president's case

Now Trump Is Just Openly Attacking The Religious Right

Ted Cruz Couldn't Capitalize On Republican Bigotry

South Dakota tribe seeks children's century-old remains

Home Prices Climbed in 87% of U.S. Metro Areas in First Quarter

Austin board to chose among these three names to replace Robert E. Lee (TX)

Questions about starting a DU group

2 yr old killed a student was called out of my class this afternoon.

America's opioid addiction: 'I ended up selling all my valuable stuff to buy pills'

Philippines' Crime-Busting Mayor Claims Presidential Victory

Republican Rubio distances himself from Trump VP talk

So my husband has decided to take a chance on me....

Even after Emanuel, legislators’ love affair with guns knows no bounds (SC)

I watched Captain America: Civil War yesterday

Clinton Campaign to Republican Donors: Hillary Shares Your Values

Compelling evidence suggests the Democratic Primaries are rigged... against Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump on guns

Some thoughts on getting older.............

Colorado Springs officer cleared in shooting of 211 Crew member

How Donald Trump Is Running To The Left Of Hillary Clinton

After all the shit this primary...

Bernie's proposals stick it to the poor and the middle class

Confirmed: Sanders is selling a fantasy agenda of epic proportions

Forgotten Mayan city 'discovered' in Central America by 15-year-old

Forgotten Mayan city 'discovered' in Central America by 15-year-old

Bernie Sanders spurns meeting with HIV and AIDS advocates

The Hill: Study Shows All Except Wealthiest Would Benefit From Sanders' Proposals

Recidivism Watch: Clinton’s claim on ‘material marked classified’ (The Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders' idea for free tuition at public colleges deserves an A

California chiropractor shows more evidence chirpractors are quacks...

Effort to impeach Brazil's president thrown into chaos

5-9-16 Fighting Exploitation in 2:00

Mystery: Emails From Hillary’s Top Geek Are M.I.A.

"Goddamn it, Bernie Sanders, will you please concede already!"

5-9-16 Fighting Exploitation in 2:00

5-9-16 Fighting Exploitation in 2:00

Infectious Illness Sweeps Canada Evacuation Center After Wildfire

At least 4 women survived abuse in couple's German home

Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin

"Christian" version of ISIS in Arkansas...

Unofficial Vote Count Shows Rodrigo Duterte Has Won Presidential Election in the Philippines

(the transcripts) "would be like a bomb going off..."

SNL Market Tests New Mattel Product: President Barbie

How you know it aint about emails or security of the nation.

Top Aide to Hillary Clinton Questioned by FBI in email Server Investigation

What is the heart and soul of the Gop?...

Florida Judge: New Death Penalty Law Unconstitutional

Strong storm in Lincoln produces rain, at least one tornado and baseball-sized hail

Visiting Woody Guthrie's small Portland apartment 75 years later

"It's like somebody went to Woodstock and then decided to run for President..."

‘Forget The Laws On Human Rights’ Says Likely Winner In Philippines Presidential Elections

Pennsylvania's coming Minority Report > The New Science of Sentencing.

7 Reasons You Might Not Want to Teach Anymore

Tuition fund for Tordil daughters

Brian Fallon is a sexy Babe!

Trump Will Focus on Policy After the Election

Vacant California prison could be turned into cannabis production site

So, if you respond to a post attacking Hillary, then you're afraid ...

White House On Damage Control After Aide's Magazine Profile

Where are Bernie's tax returns?

Before I die, I'd like to feel admiration for a living President

Favorite Speech?

Jon Stewart on Donald Trump


Message from the Sanders supporters

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards defending HRC to Andrea Mitchell

This election is not about YOU...

Do you scour the Bernie group looking for posts to alert on?

It seems I spend half my day in the material world telling people....

Went to the Beyoncé concert

Where's My Star?

Our Immigration Policy Is Not Only Unjust - It’s Un-American.

Do people here know what the GOP talking points are?

Where are the Geekmails, the transcripts, the REAL tax returns for the Clinton Foundation.

Is Wall Street Monolithic?

Russia wants to be the worlds top exporter of Non-Gmo and organic food

"There is something rotten in Denmark" The Trump attacks on Clinton

Panama Papers report alleges NZ prime place for rich to hide money

Truth Be Told At Last

Sorry, off topic. How do I suggest something to Skinner or the moderators?

Sidney Blumenthal On Hardball And Chris "Actually" Asked Him If He Was Interviewed By The FBI..

BTRTN Addresses Bernie's Fans' Complaints of Pro-Hillary Bias...By Looking at the Numbers

Jeopardy regulars - Jill Biden

TYT (May 8): Hillary Forces Wooing Jeb Bush Donors

Leading the news in Loudoun County in battleground Virginia tonight...