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It makes me chuckle to think of the Bush years

Wow, London UK Fireworks Is Awesome...Video

Auld Lang Syne, Times Gone By. Happy New Year Democratic Underground

Roy D. Mercer: A funny distraction from the current news

Vet speaks the Truth...

Happy New Year!

Livestream NYC New Year's 2017

Why are there large number of Americans who believe we should not have regulations?

Top contenders for Trump's VA Sec (Cosgrove and Quinonez) withdraw their names from consideration

This is what I will celebrate tonight.

My guess for the Trump voters excuse.

***Official Seasonal DU "My dog and I hate fireworks" Thread***

Washington Post suspects Trump has secret business dealings, communications with Russia

Just remember. Woody Hayes and Clemson:

"We live in a world of radical ignorance" Robert Proctor

Well, this is the last night of 2016.

Surging stock markets say Trump is a conman and May a phoney

*for intelligent amusement, C-SPAN Romeo + Juliet Mock Trial

'CalExit' - state's economy is large enough for California to become a sovereign country.

SMH-Trump dissed Ronda Rousey

Do the Intelligence Agencies have the low down on Trumpistas' ties to Russia

The clawback begins: N. Carolina judge delays law stripping new Dem gov. of elections oversight

William Christopher, Father Mulcahy on 'MASH,' dies at 84

The Curious World of Donald Trumps Private Russian Connections

Koterba toon: Retirement community for Secretaries of State

Drop dead or arrested for treason!!!!

DHS: No evidence hackers infected Vermont power grid

What Everyone Who Voted for The Big Con Needs to Hear

The Rethugs are going to start killing Obamacare NEXT WEEK -- they're not waiting

Meaner than Nixon. More corrupt than Reagan. Stupider than W.


Any Harlan Ellison fans out there?

From His Home in Russia, #Calexit Leader Plots California Secession::

#ResistTrump today by hate-donating to an organization fighting Trumps agenda

Trump and his hiring American Hypocrisy

Strike video CWA Dist 1

Strike Video CWA Dist 1

Cyber-security expert: election machines are definitely susceptible to cyber-attack.

The loud, empty word that defines President-elect Trump.

Istanbul Governor: At least 35 killed in 'terror attack' in nightclub

The shortest inauguration speech ever

China says it will shut down ivory trade by end of 2017

Hawaiian electricity utilities predict 100% renewables 5 years early and 48% in just 4 years

Anybody Watching Kathy And Anderson On CNN...

Petroleum Giant Pulls Out of Tar Sands Projects in Favor of Wind Power

Rest in peace William Christopher

My 2016 secret.

Trump kicks biographer (who was golfing with one of the Koch brothers) off his golf course

Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)

The Bald Eagle Nest Cam That Hatched a Global Community

All the Big Cons decisions except for twitler...are going by UPS


To end 2016, a dog riding a tortoise.

I know! Let's get raptured!

Trump just intimated he has evidence Russia wasn't behind the hack.

House Speaker Paul Ryan Just Linked Directly To Russian Election Hacking

An ambulance just picked up my 100 YO neighbor

Yes, this isn't kumbaya anymore....

Chief Justice John Roberts will be America's savior.

The Big Con knows better than 17-18 intelligence agencies

DU was different then

What scares me is not so much Trump starting 2017, but directions of society

One more 2016 Death to Report....Mattie Smith Colin--what a remarkable woman

Does the U.S. President get screened for a security clearance?


A musical HappyNY to Lounge & I'm Pisces/psychic/we're going to be fine!1

I intend that to be my last cigarette

And another celebrity death to end the year.

Guy Lombardo's last New Year's Eve - 40 years ago tonight

If you couldn't afford the $545 ticket...

How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul

You might have thought 2016 was bad...ok, it was

Interesting WaPo art. about Trump's stand on Russian sanctions

An Andy BOROWITZ kicking of the 2016 *OUT*!1 (We're gonna be better a 2017!1)

William Christopher, Father Mulcahy on 'MASH,' dies at 84

Happy New Year, DUers!

Day two: The locals start to get suspicious

Happy New Year DU. When you are going through 2016 hell- KEEP GOING!

Jean Knight Not Invited To tRumps Dopey Inauguration


Trying to take portraits of people

Senator McCain says U.S. stands with Ukraine against Russia

James Harden first player in history with 50/15/15

Please don't post New Year spoilers.

Kinky is using a feather...

Happy New Year!

Reproductive and LGBT will be under assault like never before in 2017.


M.A.S.H.'S Father Mulcahy, Dead at 84

Bells of Rhymney

I already want 2016 back

Fear and Hate...

Anyone want to guess what Trump's first tweet of 2017 is going to be?

Trump's solution to cyberattacks: Send info via courier

Thoughts for the New Year

I don't have any more fucks to give.

BAWAAAAAHAAAA!!! It is pouring rain and cold as hell fireworks tonight.!!!

In my first post of 2017...

As we danced ....

Trump Promises a Revelation on Hacking

Is the CIA as trustworthy as we currently hope they are?

My Presidente...Happy New Year!!!

Roy Cooper sworn in as North Carolina governor

My New Year resolution is to oppose Trump.

Obama Just Put Trumps Childish New Years Tweet To Shame

I just heard of someone that will take Trump off our hands. On the CNN

Shame on you, NBC

That moment when...

Did anybody catch Mariah Carey?

Protest, women.

On January 20th...

Just another reason to love Garth Brooks!

Remember that gaslighting doesn't have to be hugely emotional. Sure

Lets be clear, Russian malware code was found on a Vermont utility company laptop

Happy New Year! We made it and so did these people.

I used to think that "The Running Man" was a fantasy...


The Big Con is Guilty...

Thank God 2016 is officially over.

I think Trump has been grounded again.

Warren Watch: Debbie Reynolds believed in Buffett

Nixons Vietnam Treachery

Need Something to Read on Your Way to the Women's March in DC? Try "Bitch Planet"

2016 takes Father Mulcahy

UPS hit with $73k fine for safety violations

Sanderson Farms, IBM: HB 1523 Hurts Businesses, Economic Growth

Burundi environment minister Niyonkuru shot dead

North Korea 'close to testing long-range missiles'

Mississippi Road Money Push Hits Pothole: GOP Tax Opposition

Daily Holidays - January 1

Tennessee retailers have new legislative goal: Wine sales on Sunday

Judge schedules hearing in security chief's lawsuit against Bentley

Alabama governor's former aide Rebekah Mason asks to stay civil lawsuit amid probes

Is This Picture of Trump Real ?

Former Alabama legislator Terry Spicer works at ABC store after bribery conviction

Mike Hubbard appeal probably not coming before February

Lawsuit seeks federal files on alleged foreign...

Lawmakers still want more access to driver's license offices in rural areas

From My DU Journal in 2007 "When Do You Call It Fascism?"

Let The Sun Shine In.

Joe Arpaio is no longer Sheriff.

Judge takes stand in Hinds County DA Smith's case

Mississippi lawmakers vague on tax proposals for 2017

The Russians will not stop. They know Trump will not investigate the hacking.

Happy New Year - You'll need this for 2017

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Roze Bole Edition

How Trump Made Russia's Hacking More Effective

Longtime 'Cornbread Mafia' fugitive in court

Attorney made millions off disability claims; former clients on the brink after government yanks fun

Trump: "I know a lot about hacking"

🐦 Bernie Sanders: Jan 15, 2017 7:00 PM - Atlanta, GA - The Ferst Center for the Arts

You know you're a Baby Boomer when

Closing out 2016 with the passing of William Christopher of M*A*S*H*.

Someone drove through my neighbors yard

Every year I seem to miss the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and

Patriotism means:

Proof of Nixon's treason. 30,000 died for his election

Happy New Year's Google Doodle: It's 2017.

Happy New Year from Trump:

*****UPDATE***** Trump casts hacking doubts again

Trump, the Deplorables, and the GOP are surrendering our sovereignty to Russia

In eastern Germany, the land of Luther, church pews are mostly empty

A New Year's present for you:

Rep. Davis: GOP a white, rural, regional party

Can we replace the "Postmortem" forum with an "Action" forum?

Chris Christie's Book of Hubris - by the NYT Editorial Board

Sunday's Doonesbury - New Apprentice

Treason: Trump asks Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email account.

Federal Judge Says Doctors Can Refuse To Treat Trans Patients Based On Religious Beliefs

Trump Says He Has Hacking Information Others Dont Know

I think I get it now.

Toon- Never try to inspire a banker

Dershowitz: Torture could be justified (2003)

Why You Need to Stand Up to Hate in 2017

Do you think Trump will put Barron in charge of cybersecurity?

A-List's Trump Snub Hits Him Where It Hurts - by Joy-Ann Reid

Guatemalan coffee growers find hope in Catholic cooperative

LITMUS TEST: Don Jr's NYE pick will either make you feel America is getting great again, or...

FFRF banner vandalized in Connecticut park

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 3: Stars Behind Bars

How Trumps savvy army won the internet war

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 4: Quadruple Threats

Caption melamie trump

Says it all about my Pop Culture Impairment: Can't tell the difference about Mariah's mess up!1

Amid Brutal Civil War, A Rare Glimpse At Life In Yemen

Why Tuesday or Wednesday?

What Would Carrie Do?

NYT, 12/31: Trump's Indonesia Projects, Still Moving Ahead, Create Potential Conflicts

Washington Post raises 'darker suspicions' about Trump's Russia stance

Is anyone watching Sean Spicer, DT's new press secretary, on "This Week"?

So what's this whole thing about Trump and hacking? Why doesn't he drop it?

Your New Years Resolution? Make These Muffins.

WSJ editor promises to publish Trump Lies - to keep the trust of people

IF YOU had the POWER to bring a TV or Movie show to Real life to affect the Next four years...

Sunday Toon Roundup 1: Unhappy New Year

Sunday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

"Get Out There And Show Them..."

PEOTUS is a mean sob

A song for all - We're all Swimming to the Other Side

Simon Schama today on Trump the Kremlin patsy, drivelling twerp, and ignorant poltroon

I think I just found my protest sign for the 1/21/17 DC march

IMAGINE if President Obama ...

Is America's default position "Republican . . until you work REALLY hard to convince me otherwise"?

Can we please set one strawman on fire?

Trump spox: We need to talk about punishing Clinton for trying to influence the election

An example of how the media should deal with Trump

2016 is over. 2017 is here. Make sure your pants are securely

Activist Alert: Lets Take DU Mainstream...

Here's two MANDATORY youtubes for Trump, for the love of God!

MEDIA (they are as ridiculous as Trump)

We may already be there.

Activist Alert: Lets Take DU Mainstream...How Can You Contribute?

Why draw a distinction between the working class and the white working class?

I never thought, in my life time, Franklin Pierce would go from the Gold of worst presidents ever

'Malpractice': Dem rep. smacks down Darrell Issa for trying to replace Obamacare with tort reform

Welcome to the Last 20 days of our Democracy,,,,

Sean Spicer on ABC's "This Week" sputtering, stammering and squirming re: Russia

Plane Carrying Russian 35 'Diplomats' Expelled by Obama Leaves Airport

My first waking hours screw up of 2017!1 (My yesterday's at DU don't count.)

I think the incoming President deserves a new title

Anybody seen FENCES?

Trump Throws Biographer Out of Golf Course for Writing About His Divorce Proceedings


Sierra Nevada range (California) chances of Snow/Rain for at least the next 10 days

Robert Reich: Be warned. 20 days to go. And Happy New Year.

My awful date with Trump: The real story of nightmare evening w/ a callow but cash-less heir

Tony Schwartz just recommended Peter Lance's new website,

Texas looks set to follow North Carolina with push for 'bathroom bill'

M*A*S*H star William Christopher dies at 84

When will the MSM realize that most of the country doesn't believe them?

You may claim you party hard, but have you ever

Wisconsin would scrap transgender health benefits for state employees following legal actions

Trump knows more about the hacking

Let's go Dolphins!

Today's sermon is on intolerance:

The Democratic Party ALWAYS Had Internal Contradictions


John Fugelsang From Facebook (nails it!).

Sixty-four years ago today, he died, but what a legacy he left.

John Nichols: Resolved: Resist Ryan and Trump

I LOVE eMail Scams

Was you bank hacked? What the banks won't tell you...

'Like taking a payday loan': Kansas lawmakers rip Gov. Brownback's shady new budget plan

"it's a fun game, but only when you play it"

Crazy Cruise III... Sailing home.

Amazing that MSNBC is what passes for a cable network that isn't in the tank for Trump.

Canada: avalanche dogs ready to save humans

Kasich strategist John Weaver, tweeting on uniting for battle against "the forces of darkness"

Russia is harassing U.S. diplomats all over Europe

Editor For Major Newspaper Promises: We Won't Call Out Trump Lies

Trump puppets Joe and Mika were at the Orange Ghoul's NYE bash

Everybody has his or her "3rd rail". . .

GOP pundit slams Trump: Tells all male panel autopsying media they missed the forest for the trees

Gingrich Worries Trump Team Won't Be Tough Enough

A New Way of Governing Martin O'Malley at TEDxMidAtlantic

Why are Republicans so in the tank for Putin? Hell, just LOOK at him.

How Nixon Scuttled Peace Talks to Win 1968 Election

"A picture is worth one thousand words." Napoleon

A New Way of Governing Martin O'Malley at TEDxMidAtlantic

The Return of Civil Disobedience

This just happened..."Hollyweed"

Sean Spicer: Let's stop talking about Russia and punish Hillary instead

Republican pundit slams Trump: Tells all male panel they missed the forest for the trees

Professional idiot and wannabe rap "star" shows just how stupid she is...

Celebrity Apprentice

What a modern day book burning looks like

America hates Progressives...

Senator McCain says U.S. 'must stand up to Vladimir Putin'

Useful and Easy New Year's Resolutions

What are you reading this week of January 1, 2017?

GOP Girds for Race to Repeal Obamas Final Rules Before Deadline

Now here is the A-lister...

Court Rules It Was Reasonable For Cop To Shoot Dog For Barking

McConnell Has To GO

Republicans Take Control Facing Internal Tensions

Obama is the first President to acknowledge that love is love. I'll never forget this sight!

Dorothy Thompson, 1935: "No people ever recognize their dictator in advance."

An open letter to GE/NBC...


Do Hillary supporters want HRC to come forward and lead (now)?

Let The Mockery Continue...

Almost 1 year since we lost David Bowie, and this is how I choose to remember him

And we thought W was dumb as a rock...

Leonard Peltier: A Special Appeal

Universal basic income trials being considered in Scotland

Der Kommissar

Couple of trump-related thoughts

Report: Lions Could Pursue Patriots Coordinators Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia

When the Gulf Stream stops and Europe freezes will 88 universities stop supporting GW denial?

Sanders, Schumer and Pelosi encourage anti-GOP rallies

NPR's Michele Norris: 'Make a America Great Again' is deeply encoded 'promise of white prosperity'

North Korea's Kim says close to test launch of ICBM

GOP Nothing But Hollywood Store Front Organization. No There There.

Trump trade policies could be devastating for states workers

Senator McCain says U.S. 'must stand up to Vladimir Putin'

HuffPo - This Photo Of A Trump Billboard In Mumbai Is Real, And So Is The Dark Irony

Trump trade policies could be devastating for states workers

How long before drones are used for terrorism?

"Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski from MSNBCs Morning Joe were also there."

In Red States, Businesses Gearing up to Fight Bathroom Bills

Editor of Wall Street Journal says he will not report Trump lies, even if helies

Let The Big Con lie and falsify....#6 on tyranny list

Bow to the Big Con

The Weapons Effect

Notice to all conservatives. You can NEVER ever again ask my candidates to prove anything to you

The New "Peace in our Times"

What are your Favorite Songs/Performances/Videos/Interviews/Anecdotes of Musicians who died in 2016?

Anyone hear any gunfire last night?

Wanna join in for this New Year's wish for Trump????

Trump's Incoming Press Secretary Questions Whether Obama's Russia Sanctions Are Out of 'Proportion

Resurrecting Dead Stars "Rogue One" Introduces Digitized Peter Cushing Looking As Alive As Ever. .

"Yeah, I'm lit. Who cares?" CNN yanks Don Lemon off the air after he says 2016 was awful

When the Big Con investigates Putin...LOL

We probably need a LeGarrette Blount thread

GOP pundit slams Trump: Tells all male panel autopsying media they missed the forest for the trees

I just found out that arsonist, car thief Darrell Issa was reelected

We Will Lose By Always Staying On The High Road. We Look Like Cowards.

Donna Brazile: Trump "Has An Enormous Opportunity" To Find Common Ground With Democrats

Does anyone remember Nixon or RayGun being as bad as Benedict Donald?

Has the Internet made politics worse?

Stoned Nudists sighted on the beach (graphic...warning)

Hurry ,,, Change the Oath of Office for POTUS

Social Security "reform": If you're under 50, watch out

Trumps Press Secretary Begs The American People To Stop Mocking Donald Trump

Give them enough rope

Memo Morales died while performing at a New Year's concert in VZ

Veeeeeeery simple "hacking"-question for Trump:

President-Elect Trump Promises Christian Theocracy

False equivalent ..., hacking elections et hacking debates...LMAO

Mormon Tabernacle Choir member resigns rather than sing for Trump

2017: Year of Liberation for Democrats/Progressives/Lefties- IF we want it.

Trump to 'repeal a lot' of Obama's actions on day one, top aide says

A musical message to Trump's supporters:

I Was There When it Really Began to Take Off

I don't remember this country ever being less enthused about an incoming President than it is now

Why the Democrats' 2017 comeback dream is like nothing weve seen before


Does anybody remember this one from David Lee Roth?

Trump Trolls are mass alerting on FB posters who criticize him.

Falling in love

Sad but true

The "check out protest" is real

I just sent President Obama an email

The Eagles - Tequila Sunrise (VIDEO)

Best news this year..

Forget the Inaugural Speech by Trump. I'm rocking on my hands, waiting for the SOTU Speech in

Did D.C. area private schools brush off Trump adviser? Reports about Kellyanne Conway are...

The comment I left on the White House Website

Fascism fact checking

They are Guilty...

How Dangerous is Breitbart Propaganda? Trumps Inner Circle F'ing Crazy!

New avatar please.

Question for my DU friends in deep RED places. . .


Where are the Returns???

How many new years resolutions have you broken so far?

The Amazing Facts...

Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT! Wittle Donald gots his feewins hurt.

The word of the year this year is "surreal"....what do you think the word of the year NEXT year will

Could we have a Kristallnacht with Trump as president with a different group as targets ?

A joke ...about a "Golf Cart"

You're more than them. You're smarter than them. You're more empathetic than them.

Can we have a text book discussion on the meaning of democracy

WSJ Editor: Calling Trump's lies "lies" implies "a deliberate intent to mislead"

Airline Bans trump suppporter For Life

*** Kick off for the January Photography Contest ***

Join the January Photography contest!

Join the January Photography contest!

Hold on people

Where is the media coverage of what the republicans are planning?

Does Trump's contempt for our intelligence services make a major terrorist attack more likely?

WTF? Trump spokesman: We need to talk about punishing Clinton for trying to influence the electi

2 good reads while you contemplate high dems who are already planning to appease trump -

#NoDAPL Protesters hang sign from rafters of stadium during football game

Town halls and other Congress critter meetups

Oaths of office

The Denier-in-Chief

Biographer says Trump booted him from golf course

An FB friend posted:

Putin Moves to Take Advantage