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Ok...Greta wasn't THAT bad.

Counter-Sting Catches James OKeefe Network Attempting To Sow Chaos At Trumps Inauguration

Howard Dean rallies the Internet with plan to destroy Breitbart and its already working

NBC News: on questioning of Trump appointments: "Democrats probing for explosive revelations"

Creep Degenerate Prick Trump Could Not Even Hold A Candle To Streep.

Point of Order amendment Legislation from Bernie Sanders

Post on Yahoo! regarding Trump's Streep comments:

Today, climate change -- tomorrow - international peace

Donald, hate to break it to you...

D.C. authorities vow to respect Trumps inaugural protesters if theyre peaceful

Chris Matthews had a meltdown over Kushner

Historic Pioneer Cabin Tree toppled in California storm - SF Gate

With clouds hanging overhead, GOP moves forward on Trumps cabinet

Ladies and gentlemen, you are such a wonderful crowd, we'd like to play a little tune for you.

Orlando police officer shot, killed; suspect still being sought

Man Tells Why He Supports Striking Bus Drivers in Dayton, Ohio - SOLIDARITY!

*DemocracyNow! including segment on government ethics issues.

Teddy Roosevelt quote:

Could the anti-Trump community pull off a pseudo-DdoS on the Trumpster?

"Civil War"-Guns N' Roses

Anybody body picking Clemson tonight?

Attack Trump from the point of view of an America Loving, Flag waving perspective.

Let's Play "Trump" Poker

Is there any precident for Twitter to shut down Trump's account?...


Twitler can go sit on a cactus.

Parallel between trump supporters and addicts.

If Trump Is Talking, Hes Lying: Fact Checkers Find 96% Of Trump Statements Some Degree Of False

University settles with student who wouldn't counsel gays

Condoleezza Rice endorses Sessions for attorney general

Report: PRB coal production could reach recent highs again by 2030

Robert Reich, was live.

O'Keefe's goons caught in a reverse sting!

Meryl Streep as Donald Trump

Jefferson Sessions was accused of trying to quash an investigation into a KKK lynching

Alex Jones and his cronies selling body armor using the Ft Lauderdale shooting...

Trump Vodka - Hand crafted by Trump himself

Have you taken your piece of Breitbart yet?

That Trump wants Kushner as his special advisor

Trump University is likely to be opening it's doors again soon. Let's name their sports team!

so-the C-Diff is back or never went away

Air Forces grants honorable discharge to 91-year-old gay vet

Please! I'm "effing" begging you. Stop watching the MSM

Conway dismisses need for independent hack probe

Here we go again with "dubious" benefits of mammograms

Post songs about your favorite city (Anywhere in the world) nt

Those bumper stickers are correct: mean people DO suck.

Confirmed: White Supremacist Troll Chuck C. Johnson Is Advising the Trump Team on Appointees

Did Trump know it was illegal to appoint son-in-law to his staff?

Kellyanne Conway: Stating the obvious

Energy official warns Trump gutting agency that safeguards nukes: We're so very, very f*cked

Axelrod warns Democrats against obstructionism under Trump

Schumer sends McConnell his own 2009 letter outlining nomination requirements

MSNBC: On the Russia scandal, Trumps lies start to pile up

The new mantra from

Smog Police: New Beijing Force Created To Tackle Air Pollution

After Jan 20 It Will Feel An Awful Lot Like Germany In the 1930's.

Poison pills

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Make America Sick Again! Live, Uncensored & a new


Town Hall Link:

Bernie Sanders Reveals How to Defeat Trump's Fascist Agenda

Stuck without a Trump job, Christie is back in New Jersey

Blitzkreig! The rush to get nominees confirmed and the safety net destroyed

Every day a new low is reached.

If you're more upset at Meryl Streep...

Is Alex Jones Financing Global Communism?

Music for the Presidential Inaugural Ball

Counter-Sting Catches James OKeefe Network Attempting To Sow Chaos At Trumps Inauguration

All but 3 climate stations in California now above average precip for the water year to date.

I support traditional Dems and nontraditional Dems and want both to support me.

Sore Winners. Email from Kansas Electoral College Member

Former Obama staffers launching anti-Trump site called 'Crooked Media'

Mike Luckovich: Moscow on the Hudson

I had two hours of root canal today

The fastest Dem gun on any TV delivers !

Donald Trump, the Dunning-Kruger President

A sincere request/question: What's with the hate-Rachel movement here?

Why Not Change Social Security/Medicare Eligibility To 75 or 80? Save A Lot Of Money.

Eugene Robinson: "What Trump is really saying in his tweets: I'm weak"

Go Bernie!

We don't tip black people, note to Virginia waitress said

August 2015: Meryl Streep takes #2 spot in Trump's list of favorite actors.

Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses (Mark Sumner, Daily Kos)

So, you think you voted?

4,200 Free Joints To Be Passed During Trumps Inauguration Address

At least Clemson is doing better than...

Breakaway Senate Republicans Push to Delay Obamacare Repeal

Conf Call w/ Elizabeth Warren & Chuck Schumer re: Saving ACA is LIVE NOW:

I Am with Meryl

Video: Bernie Sanders Town Hall LIVE - CNN

Obama on facebook (Great shot)

Bernie Sanders CNN Town Hall

The Russian government just tweeted an image of a white supremacist frog

Cory Booker to testify against fellow senator Sessions in unprecedented move-1st time senate history

I wonder if Donald Trump ever. . .

Did Putin help elect Trump to restore $500 billion Exxon oil deal killed by sanctions?

Trump could revisit Russia sanctions, top aide says

What's the over/under on Trump White House officials being indicted, convicted, and jailed?

Mini-unblock: "I feel drunk! Why do I feel drunk every night?"

KO: This Russian Obsession Shows How Trump Will Be Undone

KO: This Russian Obsession Shows How Trump Will Be Undone The crazy tweeting, the wild contortions;

Are there no American Hackers?

Ties between Best Buy's Geek Squad, FBI probed in child porn case

Ron Howard hits Trump fans hypocrisy over Streep Trump was a reality show star spewing birther lies

Business Backpage shutters U.S. escort ads after Senate report

Volkswagen Executives Trip to U.S. Allowed F.B.I. to Pounce

paid trolls are real..

Trump Attacks "Dishonest Media" For Failing to Report a Deal that Hasnt Happened yet

California Republican challenges state's hiring of Eric Holder to fight Trump policies

I never did acid but

Do the Trump Companies

New Mexico rekindles efforts to reinstate death penalty

My notes from tonight's live conf call w/ Warren, Schumer, MoveOn and PCCC re: ACA Repeal

Trump is a magician - distracting people from the real issue - Global Warming / Carbon Bubble

The Con iss a worse human being than I thought. Firing Charlie Brachman, the man who was Inaugural

52-million-year-old relative of potatoes and tomatoes discovered in Patagonia It's older than the An

No Shit...

52-million-year-old relative of potatoes and tomatoes discovered in Patagonia

Meryl Streep has hit on star-struck Trumps big weakness

Jags bring back Tom Coughlin as VP, hire Doug Marrone as coach, extend GM Dave Caldwell

Bolivia: 30 Cocaine Factories Destroyed

Bolivia's 1st Autonomous Indigenous Govt To Take Local Office

CNN town hall - Bernie good and angry

House prepares to give away our parks, forests watersheds, monuments

Obamacare Repeal Might Have Just Died Tonight

Reflections On George Michael and How He Inspired Carpool Karaoke

the longer I live in this country the more I hate it

High court questions why refunds arent automatic when a Colo. conviction is overturned

Donald Trump Pressures Republicans to Repeal, Replace Health Law at Same Time

We are playing the game, they are not. That's why we are loosing bad.

anyone else feel Roy Cooper and Chuck Schumer...

Muted Response From Health Lobby as Affordable Care Act Faces Repeal

New Yorker: Ivanka Trump's terrible book helps explain the Trump family's ethos.

Jewish Centers in Several States Targeted With Bomb Threats

WV teacher faces scrutiny for controversial, racially-charged tweets

Decline of the dentist's drill? Drug helps rotten teeth regenerate, trial shows

GOP plans to increase the debt by $10 trillion over next 10 years!

So, what's it like to go to Alabama when you don't win?

Clemson defeats Alabama to win the FBS college football championship!

Take that Joe Scarborough! Your Crimson Tide lost tonight! Hahahaha!

'If a person were to mock that reporter for real, they would make the exact movements Trump made.'

Union neighbor shocked me with Trump approval.

If anyone's seen "The Hundred-Foot Journey," w Helen Mirren and Om Puri,

Robert Reich: 12 ways to disrupt Donald Trumps first 100 days as president

One thing Trump and Sanders has proven it's that it's time to stop appealing to the centre...

Stiffed by Trump U? File a claim by March 6, 2017!

Feel apprehension and despair about the next 4 years?

A remarkable advance in actinide separations in used nuclear fuel has been discovered.

YouTube Pulls Push Jews Into Ovens Game

Md. Jewish couple gets racist note after hanging Black Lives Matter banner

Chelsea Handler to Lead Anti-Trump Womens March at Sundance


Man gives out cash in Miami Beach after allegedly robbing bank while on Facebook live

Street Dog Love in Istanbul

Daily Holidays - January 10

UFC President Calls Meryl Streep and "Uppity 80 Year Old Lady"

Lt. Gov Cagle Launches Task Force to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Democrat files bill to raise mandatory education age to 17 in Georgia

Operator Of Unlawful Bitcoin Exchange Pleads Guilty In Multimillion-Dollar Money Laundering & Fraud

Bobby Bones raises another $2M for St. Jude, thanks to Garth Brooks

New candidate for 'missing element' in Earth's core

Roll Tide Roll

Margaret and Helen: Ten Monkeys Tweeting On Ten IPhones Would Make A Better President Than Trump

WTF? Kushner to broker Middle East peace?

A secular State is best for religious and atheist citizens

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Russian Hacking and Trump Ethics

DHS designates election infrastructure as critical infrastructure

Cloning, stem cells and GMOs: How religious beliefs shape our thinking

"8 hours since the last report of corruption" "tracking 84 reports of corruption"

Pope throws down gauntlet to religions: No killing in Gods name

Should we tell them?

OMG - History Channel - Nixon 1968 - Paris Peace Talks

Don't WORRY about vetting the Cabinet picks...

Awww...Paul Ryan Can't Haz Cheeseburger? "That brings the total to nine..."

Laugh-out-loud hypocrisy-honesty from a Republican senator:

Dems force delay in confirmation of Trump Cabinet Deplorable

CA Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom channels Taylor Swift: Trump wall is never ever ever going to happen

Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ:

Jeff Sessions' views on special education raise questions about Georgia lawsuit

Latest Chinese Tourism Trend: Visits To Places W. Clean Air - Iceland, Maldives Popular Spots

That time Sonny Perdue prayed for rain

4 Crucial Stories To Focus On Instead Of Trump's Press Conference

Xi Jinping to become first Chinese president to attend Davos

FWS Polar Bear Plan Includes No Action On Climate: Admits Recovery "Unlikely"


Court rules Muslim girls in Switzerland must take mixed swimming classes

Sydney Ozone & Haze Already Exceed Gov. Standards For The Entire Year; Pushing 100F

Memo to Gov. Greitens: Heres how to KILL the middle class

Swiss Ski Season Worst In 100+ Years Of Records; Visits Down 25%, Season 1 Month Shorter Than 70s

How deplorable are the Deplorables?

Who the f*ck lies about dresses being sold out??

Warming Drives "Death Spiral" In Alpine Areas By Replacing Forest With Flammable Scrub

Congress Quietly Passes New Rule Allowing House Members To Hide Records From Ethics Probes

How can we know, "what's in his heart"? He shows us no records for anything.

Conservatives CAUGHT Trying To Pay Liberals To Disrupt Trump Inauguration

Dems knock one more Trump Cabinet nominee out of confirmation clusterfuck republicans plan for Wed.

Twitler's tweets keep referencing hacking the voting machines

U.S. intelligence agencies envision the world in 2035

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Thin-skinned blood orange

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing Live Stream 9:30 et

"That's All" Folks...

Hit hard by powerful storm, Albany Museum declared total loss

Car bombs kill 21 near Kabul's American University

I got some clarification on the House Res. 5 concerning ACA CBO estimates from someone in the CBO

Donations to journalism nonprofit surge after Streep Golden Globes speech

Energy boss: Nuclear dump reopens, but work remains

***PSA*** January 13, 2017 is a Friday the 13th, and the moon is one day past full.

The tao of the demagogue: the tweet as threat

Kellyanne Conway to speak at anti-abortion march

Has Keith Ellison disavowed this group?

These Are the Most Popular States for Retirees to Move To

Ban the box policy taken up by Augusta committee

Ice, Ice ... Baby

Normalizing fascism

Rep. Lewis to Join Sessions AG Confirmation Panel

What's on your bookmarks bar, newswise?

The tao of the demagogue: destabilizing the government

New David Bowie video and EP released.

Shitweasel pimp wannabe James O'Keefe BUSTED in false flag operation.

Goodbye, will be renamed "Altaba" after sale to Verizon

GOP's Rush to Rubber-Stamp Trump Nominees: Destroy What We Can, While We Can

NY Times Editorial calls out Trump for getting caught in his lies

Georgia deputy goes to perform welfare check, gets shot in forehead

Protester in KKK garb kicked out of Sessions' hearing

Counter-Sting Catches James OKeefe Network Attempting To Sow Chaos At Trumps Inauguration

Trump Now Asking TRUMPISTS, Not Mexico, To Pay for the Wall

Trump National-Security Pick Monica Crowley Plagiarized PhD Dissertation Too

Yeah: Trump Now Accepts That Russia Did the Hacking

No, We Dont Need to Be Fair To Donald Trump

Former union official, broker charged in $6.6 million fraud

Senators To Unveil Bipartisan Bill To Impose New Sanctions On Russia

Yes, Donald Trump absolutely, unequivocally and 100% most certainly did mock a disabled reporter.

ACLU Head on Bracing for Trump and America's 'Enormous Civil Liberties Crisis'

live--cspan 3 confirmation hearing on jeff sessions for attorney general

New Mexico seantors tell ACA stories on Senate floor, attack "Repeal & Run"

Jeff Sessions sought a criminal investigation against a liberal group for engaging in free speech

Unions Facing the Trump Era by Jonathan Rosenblum January 3, 2017

Gay Air Force Vet Honorably Discharged 68 Years Later

UnitedHealth buying Surgical Care for $2.3 billion

Someone check on Donny...he hasn't Tweeted yet this morning...

Barack Obama's Legacy Is More Secure Than You, or the GOP, Think

Protestors Dressed as Hooded Klansmen Crash Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing: 'GO JEFFIE GO!'

Sessions supported the use of chain gangs and life sentences for children under the age of 14

Seth Meyers: Trumps Unhinged Meryl Streep Tweets Are Meant to Distract You from Putin

Protesters Dressed Up KKK Robes Distribute Sessions Confirmation Hearing NTK Network

Gay Air Force Vet Honorably Discharged 68 Years Later

Have you ever seen a more obvious

Julian Assange "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit

How will Trump govern? Or will he even bother, while Pence and Flynn play two-headed Dick Cheney?

A Snowflake Manifesto

Barack Obamas Legacy Is More Secure Than You, or the GOP, Think

Who Broke Iran Sanction's while employed at ExxonMobil

This behavior - what we see from Trump and his minions - is a cultural game changer.

Do You Have Republicans in Congress?

Florida's Last Beach Bum Lived in a Van Until He Died Surfing

Where is the factcheck on Sessions' confirmation hearing?

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios is not a big fan of Trump, to say the least.

We Need A National Strike to Stop Trump.

About Russian Hacking attempts

This is kind of nuts. Guy unknowingly buys swastika boots on Amazon

Indiana court: Public records requirements applied to Pence

People will die and @RepSeanDuffy will have blood on his hands!! Duffy: Obamacare will die

Protesters Dressed in KKK Robes Interrupt Opening Minutes of Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Scott proposes freezing fees, Bright Futures extension

Nick Sa(t)an reminds me of Donald Drumpf and I'm glad he lost.

I will now sum up the tRump pResidency in one phrase...

So Jeff Session has always been a leading civil rights advocate. Who knew?

Democratic race raises questions about rural counties

These station ads that are on MSNBC are pathetic. Rachel almost apologizes to

To be honest i think the #1reason to block Sessions

Atlantic Beach fires city manager

In 2015 interview, Sessions praised 1924 Law to "end indiscriminate acceptance of all races"

May 26, 2017 is the day I predict that impeachment proceedings will start in the U.S. House

The Untold Truth Of The Purge

Danziger: With Friends Like This

What percent of Deplorables do you think believe it's appropriate to mock a physically challengd guy

Trump just met with RFK Jr. to discuss vaccines...

Russian Hackers Find Ready Bullhorns in the Media

Barely a fifth of Jewish Israelis think Obama was friendly to Israel, poll shows

What a joke! Grassley is walking Sessions right through his answers-a sham!


I hate that d*mn smirk.

Trump press conference: Will the media get played again?

Clare Hollingworth, reporter who broke news about start of World War II, dies at 105

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III said women and glbtq people aren't discriminated against.

Chuck Grassley just called transgender people transjester?

Watch 3 Englishmen Struggle To Free A Bike From An Electric Fence


Has the L. L. Bean flap gotten much traction here?

Celebrated war reporter Clare Hollingworth dies aged 105

Donald Trump's Mockery of a Disabled Man is Middle School Crap

Rex Tillerson and the Pursuit of Profit in American Foreign Policy

Final AP FBS poll 1/10/17

Bill O'really(?) living up to "Grab 'em by the.." settles new lawsuit

A Voter in His 20s Gives Up on Liberal Democracy

Commercial aircraft collides with a drone

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Senator Explains Ethics And Conflicts Of Interest In The Age Of Trump

So, America... if we can elect Reagan governor of CA and the Septic Sphincter...

"Should celebrities comment on politics" is the wrong question here . . .

AP FACT CHECK: Despite woes Obamacare not in 'death spiral'

Meeting turns into Monsanto protest

Damn those Russkies

I got yet another 'grow up and make up with trump* voters' messages, so I let loose a tirade

MargaretHelen: Ten Monkeys Tweeting On Ten IPhones Would Make A Better President Than Trump

MargaretHelen: Ten Monkeys Tweeting On Ten IPhones Would Make A Better President Than Trump

Orlando mourns deaths of 2 officers; manhunt in 2nd day

Jeff Sessions faces senators LIVE

What you wouldn't expect to see in India's largest city of 18 million

Jeff Sessions faces senators LIVE

As The Day Of Death Approaches For US Beginning To Feel Like Doomed Titanic Passengers.

Has OBAMA been subject to a global racist conspiracy?

Everything you wanted to know about Trump's son-in-law, Kushner and why he matters

Restaurants run by labor secretary nominee report 'disturbing' rates of sexual harassment

Me Trying to understand when the mechanic explains what is making the "funny" noise

Jammeh's Gambia election challenge postponed until May

Restaurants run by labor secretary nominee report 'disturbing' rates of sexual harassment

Restaurants run by labor secretary nominee report 'disturbing' rates of sexual harassment

Restaurants run by labor secretary nominee report 'disturbing' rates of sexual harassment

Interesting. The SLA, Patty Hearst, S.W.A.T. teams

Jamie Gorelick, Jared Kushner and Hillary

Ocean Ridge Vice mayor headed to trial on gun, resisting arrest charges

does anyone know anything about the calvert funds?

Visit Florida to pay $73,000 to CEO after rapper kerfuffle

Trumpcare is coming!

Sessions dancing around "Ah Cahn't believe you brought that up" bullshit..

Elizabeth Warren a liberal lioness with sharp claws

Go! Fight! Hamsters! Amherst College closes in on new mascot

Senator accidentally speaks his mind about Trumps cabinet picks

Elizabeth Warren To Introduce President Conflict of Interest Act

Opa-locka politician pleads guilty to bribery, as FBI continues corruption probe

Look what we missed in the Congress ethics pushback:

Take a break: Obama tribute by Joe Gallant

Here's some good news, teachers

Obama tribute by Joe Gallant

Russian agitation of anti-government groups on the left and the right.

Russian agitation of anti-government groups.

Germany names its 'ugliest' word of the year: 'People's traitor'

Woman says Chipotle owes her $2.2 billion for the unauthorized use of her photo

Trump meets with vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr.

Now this and Donald Trump gets roasted

But my name was on the case therefore

Alabama Republican (what else???) Wants To Give You A Hand In The Bathroom

New Apps Empower Workers, but Some Employers Are Wary

Trump Takes Credit For Fiat / Chrysler Expansion, Gets Smacked Down

Sessions Says Law 'Absolutely' Prohibits Waterboarding

Stephen Colbert Calls For A Million Meryl March

Donald Trumps first attempt to ignore the law

Dear Senator Sanders: Im with You in the Fight Ahead

Link to call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Fox News Settled Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill OReilly, Documents Show

My prediction for January 20, 2017

Senate will renew push to end major insurance industry tax break

HarperCollins pulls Trump pick Monica Crowley's book amid plagiarism revelations

Trump meets with vaccine skeptic Robert Kennedy Jr.

This clown deserves a boycott

Glitches leave Florida Blue policyholders showing as canceled in system

New bumper sticker: "Don't blame me. I'm 17!"

Fascinating! Bannon vs Trump

Publisher pulls Monica Crowley's book

Rachel Maddow making me feel good about my National Enquired guerilla campaign.

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 10/01/17

Video Link: Sen. Sanders will be live on the Senate floor discussing his Amendment:

Spotify Job Posting: 'President of Playlists'

U2 delays album release after Trump win

This is what happens when Donald Trump attacks a private citizen on Twitter

It seems I am not eligible for Medicare?

Session? Why didn't Trump appoint David Duke

Protests erupt in chamber at Jeff Sessions Attorney General hearings (VIDEO)

Poll: Over half disapprove of Trump's work as president-elect

Need help with a moral dilemma

Public assistance and Repub perception

Lawmakers set to take another stab at fixing insurance claims abuses

What A Great Eight Years It Has Been! "The Obama Presidency" In Pics

Will Trump Sell off National Parks to His Cronies?

Here's how Orlando plans to deal with the global threat of climate change.

Court Rules Meryl Streep Unable To Be Tried By Jury As She Has No Peers

We should counter voter suppression with a vote-by-mail drive across the country.

I am back.........

Robert Reich was live.

This shit is surreal...

Smoking costs the world economy $1 trillion per year, World Health Organization says

I often wonder how many email, etc. attacks on people who speak out against trump

MTV host deletes tweets mocking Asian-American granddaughter of AG-nominee Jeff Sessions

BREAKING NEWS Donald Trump wants Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act immediately....

Looking for analysis of recounts

Where is the Outrage?

Report on Russian hacking relied on human sources, technical collection: US spy chief

Senate Intel chair: 'No reason' to doubt Russia's election hacks

Hostages 'fine,' suspect arrested near University of Alabama

"Killing the Poor and Elderly" by Paul Ryan and Bill O'Reilly

Link: Sen. Sanders LIVE Now on repealing #ACA - LIVE on C-SPAN2

Sessions hearing: Ted Cruz eviserates Democrats during his questioning.

A question that should be asked of Sessions

Charlotte Church Shuts Down Trump Inauguration Offer In Bold Tweet

The WTF Factor, episode 873893030939

New Q-Poll, Trump's Honeymoon Ended Nov 9.

Harris County deputy accused of making video of sex act with small dog

To Sanders supporters FROM a Sanders supporter: please stop saying Bernie should've got the nom.

Explosion reported at DP&L Stuart Station

Streep for President 2020

anyone ever heard of territorial seed co?

Robert Kennedy Jr. says he will chair "vaccination safety" committee for Trump...

Remember what the disabled reporter reported ON?

Something to ponder

Dutch trains become 100% wind-powered

A python and a gator wrestled in Florida, the result was epic

Something from Gandhi to help us through this time

I'm doubtful an ACA repeal will be voted on soon

The Front Page Of Monday's Virginian-Pilot Was An Ode To Vanilla Ice

One of the interesting positive byproducts of all this is the media attention...

F#ck this austerity shit. I may end up in a cardboard box under a freeway bridge again.

Gov. Abbott meets Taiwan president, commits faux pas

Heritage Foundation preview of things to come...

Health Care Costs

Hegar gives lawmakers dour revenue estimate for 2017 session

Oh goodie vaccine critic asked to chair commission on vaccine safety.

Arctic Monkeys-"Do I Wanna Know?"

Robert Kennedy Jr. says he will chair "vaccination safety" committee for Trump

The only qualification for a trump cabinet pick is that they hate the agency they're being

How to Prevent Gun Deaths? Where Experts and the Public Agree

A Trump Fan Cheering Obamacare Repeal Just Found Out Hes On Obamacare. Hilarity Ensues

I just blew Trump off

Family devastated by loss of teen who shot himself in Austin police car Sunday

Georgia Tech swimmers race in snow wearing nothing but Speedos

Frozen waves at Lake Baikal, Siberia.

I'm thankful that the snow pack is deep and growing,

Herr Drumpf is at 37% approval. Let's him keep him there !!! *

Alt-Right "Mafia" Using Digital Brownshirt Tactics To Hijack Progressive Groups

He cut a deal with the Big Con and Russia for his freedom...

America Gets Screwed... Media Gets Rich By Helping Trump Win

The Crash of 2017 And The Social Instability That Lies Ahead.

What would you do if President Trump showed up at your front door?

Toblerone Alters Shape of 2 Chocolate Bars, and Fans Are Outraged

Women Plan Massive Run From NY To D.C. To Benefit Planned Parenthood

Facebook facepalm of the day.

Do you believe the benefits of vaccination outweigh the costs? *

The real John Kennedy would be rolling over in his grave over that oddball. eom

This new poll has all kinds of bad news for Donald Trump

RFK Jr to head up a committee on vaccine safety. Seriously?

Sessions as AG? Who will Trump appoint to SCOTUS?

Senate Intelligence Committee Member Suggests FBI Is Sitting on Information on Trump-Russia Ties

Robert Kennedy Jr. says he will chair "vaccination safety" committee for Trump

After announcing resignation, Dawnna Dukes confirms plans to serve another term

Tommy Chong is one cool dude

Trump's inauguration to have a "soft sensuality"

Jeff Sessions Has Spent His Whole Career Opposing Voting Rights

An armed society is a polite society

5 Different Types of Liars

It's Boogie Time!

Everyone, if you get a minute go download Christopher Titus' latest podcast.

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan 10, 2016

Wal-Mart is rolling back its workforce as layoffs loom by months end

Moby asked if he would consider DJ-ing at one of Trump's balls

It just occurred to me

How long can we have our internet?

Alabama Proposes Bathroom Vigilante Law Complete With Gender Cops

Tejano star Lopez receives approval for parole

Inverted America flag avatar -- one more time

Meryl Streep

MHZ Choice

DAY 3: Keep the Russian Hack of the US election on the front pages! Click these links!

Amtrak Studying San Antonio-Austin Commuter Service

Muslim Girls in Switzerland Must Attend Swim Classes With Boys, Court Says

Does it fart?

Final Box Office: 'Hidden Figures' Beats 'Rogue One' With $22.8M

150-pound Pet Tortoise Starts House Fire on San Antonio's Northwest Side

A question for Sen. Sessions

Paul Ryan surrenders on healthcare repeal: goal now is to repeal/replace 'concurrently'

Creative DUers: Please caption this super classy picture of the 45th President of the United States.

Kellyanne Conway Says Look At Trumps Heart, Not His Twitter Feed

Al Franken is ripping Beauregard a new face.


Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death in Charleston Church Massacre

2016 Canadian champion bull rider Ty Pozzobon dies at age 25

Try Diet Racism!

Dylan Rooof is a racist, fascist scumbag...and killing him gives him what he wants.

Have you signed up for the RESISTANCE? MoveOn is hosting meetings Sunday, Jan. 15.


Confirmation Hearings To Begin Before Trump Nominees Finish Ethics Clearances


Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him

Trumps Approval Rating Plunges To Historic New Low Days Before Inauguration

Sessions: 'Clearly' Grabbing Someone By The Genitals Is Sexual Assault

Poll: Sixty-Four Percent Of Voters Think Trump Should Delete His Twitter Account

Trumps Secretary of State Pick Tillerson Faces Huge Climate Lawsuits

Over/under on tommorow's press conference from the Madman going forward?

Trump Mini-Me

What we still need to know about Jeff Sessions' Justice Department

Michelle Obama goes unrecognized on walks outside the White House. Black women know why.

Just today on Amazon, my short novel God and Santa Claus Trump Trump...

Insects feel the heat: scientists reveal rise in temperature affects ability to reproduce

DAmato Removed From Plane After Urging Walkout Over Delays


In light of this do you think Comrade Trump will cancel his press conference?

on randi rhodes' show i just heard coomey say doesnt comment

CNN: Trump Briefed On Claims Russian Actors Have Compromising Info On Him

Obama: Orator In Chief

"Obamacare repeal might have just died tonight"

UMD Researchers Share Optimistic Vision for Paris Climate Agreement

Nicole Kidman is dead to me.

BREAKING: Russians have "compromising information" on Donald Trump

This is potentially bigger than the Rosenbergs:

Sorry to distract you from Colombias latest faux scandal, but we have a real problem

"Jeff Sessions Calls Voting Rights Act Intrusive

Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise

Obama: Netanyahu talks of two-state solution but his actions undermine it

What really needs to happen, but never, ever, ever, ever will.

Drumpf thought because he rolled Merv Griffin over a real state deal he could roll the CIA.

Will Trump still have his press conference tomorrow?

Giant telescope in Chile to seek habitable planets in Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Ear

The Democratic National Committee Announces Moderators, Additional Details for DNC Future Forum Seri


New Technology Will Cut Plug-in Hybrid Fuel Consumption by One Third

Governor Proposes Bills to Keep Medical Specialists in Puerto Rico

Giant telescope in Chile to seek habitable planets in Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Ear

Gonzalez-Colon Introduces Statehood Bill for Puerto Rico

Giant telescope in Chile to seek habitable planets in Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Ear

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 January 2017

"Unprecedented" must lead to "Unpresidented". Period.

Wastewater treatment upgrades result in major reduction of intersex fish

Questions for Comrade Trump at tomorrow's press conference if a reporter has the onions

The Rude Pundit: Donald Trump Is a Liar and You're a Chump If You Listen to Him

LOL! Screenshot of CNN with "Make America Kittens Again."

The POTUS has landed at ChicagoORD for his speech tonight . He will have a meal at Valois and go to

So does this Greta women only have Republicans lying

Jason Chaffetz is a horrible person.

Would Like To Find Barely Habitable Planet & Send GOPPERS, Racists, Bigots, Misogynists There.

Comey Says He 'Would Never Comment' When Asked if There's an Investigation or Not Into Trump and...

HarperCollins pulls Trump pick Monica Crowley's book amid plagiarism revelations

I want to know about the compromising info the Russians have on the Traitor.

Why does M$Greedia always call Clementa Pinckney Rev and not Senator

These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

Ted Cruz is a sanctimonious asshole.

Buzzfeed has the Trump report

The Lights Are On in Detroit.

Hays Eagle roosting in tree

This is so frustrating

How to destroy the business model of Breitbart and fake news site

State Legislature to Consider Bathroom Bill

How to destroy the business model of Breitbart and fake news site

How to destroy the business model of Breitbart and fake news site


Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

How many people is Bill Oreilly allowed to sexually harrassed

The key points from Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing

Here's hoping tRump's Twitter account looks like this after Jan. 20th

No Matter Your Age Illness Or Accident Can Strike Without Warning. OUR JOURNEY THRU ILLS.

Most Awkward Moments Caught On LIVE TV 2017

Trump Demands Immediate Repeal of Obamacare

The sex stuff is what grabs attention,

Follow-up: Spicer terminated from job at ABC

Liberal Disappointment with Obama Will Fade