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Archives: January 11, 2017

That lying SOB Trump's approval rating drops to 37%

Will Have Most Criminal GOP Congress And GOP Trump Administration In History.

"My God, It's Full of Bubbles!"

Hungary Plans to Crackdown on All Soros-Funded NGOs

The DOD is testing a swarm of autonomous, 3-D printed drones

Republicans Used To Care About Cabinet Disclosures. Then Trump Won.

Rosie hummingbird nest live cam.....

Chrystia Freeland name Minister of Foreign Affaires.

Ex-Sen. D'Amato kicked off flight after rallying passengers against crew

KO:Heres Why Trump Wont Hold Press Conferences The last time he had one, he did something unthink

KO: Heres Why Trump Wont Hold Press Conferences The last time he had one, he did something unthink

Obama's farewell address 9PM tonight. On CBC in Canada too.

The Psychic Nightwatcher Predicts!!!!


OK, so who leaked the summary?

More musicians turn down Trump inauguration gig. Moby and Charlotte Church are a big no.

Beckman urges Judiciary Committee to restart Bentley impeachment hearings

In the Senate hearings with Comey

Snake oil salesman did not really deserve their bad rep

Mosses Mayor pleads guilty to ethics charges

Attn: Mr. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Turd

Summer heat for the winter

Kerry has given a large number of interviews and speeches in the last week or so.

Anyone else feeling almost giddy about the leaked intelligence reports?

CNN doing a panel on the Russian operatives compromising

Trump "golden showers" sexual perversion is what Russia has.

The MaddowBlog: On the Russia scandal, Trumps lies start to pile up

Report: Russia Has Trump Golden Showers Blackmail

Governor renews immunity claims in former ALEA secretary's lawsuit

These are brought to you by Meryl Streep

BuzzFeed publishes what it says is the full 35 page Intelligence dossier,

Airborne thermometer to measure Arctic temperatures

Not as entertaining as Green Eggs & Ham: Ted Cruz uses Sessions hearing to slam Obama

"A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump"

Rapid Arctic warming has in the past shifted Southern Ocean winds

Lesson #1 for Trump: Don't fuck with the CIA.

Trump lawyer Michael "Says Who?" Cohen implicated as one of the Trump-Putin operatives.

On health care, Trump seems deeply confused about policy and process

Man's meth arrest dismissed because he didn't have meth--it was kitty litter

If you need to ever burn a flag

I'm good and pissed at Trump and the Repubs...

Nice set-up, Donald.

How to break a cat-funny break time

Can someone make this an avatar?

There Goes My Hero

Trump's Tweet on Golden Showers:

Goldman Sachs racketeering can roil Trumps SEC nominee

The Russia-Trump document (PDF).

Republicans, Facing Pressure, Delay Hearings for 4 Trump Cabinet Nominees.

President Obama Was a Groomsman in a Wedding This Weekend

His Goldman Sachs ties were concerning, his Golden Shower antics are disturbing

Per CNN & Bernstien

This is how Hillary can become President

Multi Meta level joke

Monica Crowley caught plagiarizing lines in newspaper columns.

Let's make sure all alleged intelligence is verified before we get too crazy

Hey Y'all! Straight from the Redneck Rustbelt, "PISS ON YOU", Donald Trump's Anthem

All this talk about the russians and tRump

Bill to do away with marriage licenses will be back

The Dems shouldn't acquiesce in a Pence presidency...

Supreme Court temporarily blocks new NC districts, elections

Tonight's forecast: showers...

Obama Is Putting The Pieces Into Place For A Serious Investigation Of Trump


Chris Hayes covering the Explosive report on Trump-compromising information.

CIA to trump: You're in trouble.

If there are Trump sex tapes Larry Flynt needs to get in on it.

Uh oh: FBI applied for FISA warrant to monitor Trump team members

Protestors at the inaugural should bring camelbacks with yellow tinted water to salute DT....

Golden Touch! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Andrea Mitchell Has A Sad... Can't Spin This Away Easily As Nothing

Damn. They say it comes in threes. First, Trump's inauguaration, Second, the Cadbury Oreo egg

In light of the leaks (around and) about donald, post your favorite song about urination.

R. Kelly to perform at Trump's Inauguration

Russia targeted "educated US youth" and Jill Stein, among others,

Trump finally found performers for the inauguration:

WARNING: Do not click any link to a TRUMP LIVE STREAM

My impressions of the CIA and the FBI

Guardian: FBI applied for FISA warrant for four members of Team Trump last summer

Andrea Mitchell, go home to Alan and call your career quits

U.S. Spies Warn Trump and GOP: Russia Could Get You Next - Daily Beast

The Deplorables are giving "You're yellow" a whole new meaning.

Peaceful transition of power??

What will Kellyanne say?

Trump Tweets!! Hint: he's boiling!!

Trump quote of the day:

"My Russian friends are always glad to see me," Trump said.

Does anyone know if Camp David has a Golden Pond?

FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts - The Guardian

Remember NSA Rogers making a surprise visit to Trump after the election?

This latest news certainly puts the "soft sensuality" inauguration we were to expect in a different

Barack Obamas Legacy Is More Secure Than You, or the GOP, Think

Clinton warrior David Brock offers an apology - and his allegiance - to Bernie Sanders

"I never had golden showers with that woman."

#GoldenShowers is trending on Twitter. Bigly.


I miss the DUzys!

James Comey refuses to tell Senate if FBI is investigating Trump-Russia links - The Guardian

This is better than sex...nt

Sorry, Trump. This is what you get for siding with Bladdermir Putin.

Cuomo pitches 750-mile biking-hiking trail plan for NY state

Mr Fish Toon: The Lady Killer


Is it technically possible for Trump to be arrested before inauguration?

Donald: Urine big trouble now!

Maybe Herr Drumpf can get Lindemann to perform at his Inauguration

Instead of red states and blue states it should be blue states and yellow states.

Trump treason?

Trump Tells GOP to Repeal Health Care Immediately

Talladega police officer fired over racist Facebook posts lays out his defense

You now know why trump has an orange hue.....

Putin was afraid of Hillary. And Putin had nothing compromising on Hillary.

For my 15,000 post. #goldenshowers is trending on Twitter.

I admit, I do not remember any presidential farewell address

Is spreading fake news a sin?

Perched on a huge cactus

Breaking! Former Sen. Vitter to head Commission investigating Trump/Russia ties.

Hey, Donnie: Call me when urinetown!!

Trump's got trouble! With a capital T and that rhymes with Pee and that stands for...

saw on the tweeter machine "you can't spell trump w/o the P!" LOL

#PissGate is a non story, those Russian hookers had been stung by a jellyfish

El Salvador Gang Calls for Ending 'War' with Government

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Is this a gift of the CIA on Obama's last speech night?

No matter how long it lasts, this is the best mood I've been in since Nov. 7th!

Kerry's comments at the opening of the State Department museum

Page 8 of Trumpleak: evidence of Russian agents working within Democratic Party to hurt HRC

The following just made its way to my Facebook timeline

Urine Trouble Now, Donald Drumpf.

B. J. Thomas booked to play Inauguration.

Watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat that yellow snow!

If drumpf never gets to inauguration

And John Fugelsang weighs in on the "Golden"-gate controversy

Trump is pissed off! But better to be pissed off than pissed on, right? Oh, wait...

U.S. lists 17 nuclear reactors with parts from forge under probe

About that Explosive Trump Story: Take a Deep Breath

Not just pee...pee in the bed the Obamas had used. It's so Trump.

OK. I'll just say it here - he is a victim of yellow journalism.....

Four confirmation hearings are now delayed:

Watch out where the Huskies Go, please don't eat that yellow snow.

Can I unofficially christen this GoldenGate?

A word of caution on this "fluid" situation...

Trump Inaguration Song Chosen:

We're No. 1! We're No. 1!

Trump, the Ukraine and blackmail comments in the explosive report.....

1950's TV show predicted Trump as a conman who wanted to build a wall

President Obamas Farewell Address is starting soon.

Insurer drops CVS from network

This gives new meaning to the term: STREAMING NEWS nt

Jean Louise, stand up. Your (President)'s passing

Classified U.S. intel report: Russia gathered compromising info on Trump - CBS News

Lawmakers broach possible Trump campaign coordination with Russia

Seen on Twitter: "Tinkle, tinkle, little czar"

Donald Trump, Urine Denial.

Fuck you Groper Don the Con

Youtubes of Secretaries Kerry and Clinton at the Diplomacy Center - given today

We knew you didn't drink, but didn't know you were a peetotaler

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Make America Sick Again! Live, Uncensored & a new

My President About to Speak...

Donald Trump !! UrineIdiot !!!

Our President Obama Farewell Speech

One day before DT's first press conference in months, what happens?

Fun with Twitter hashtag #watersportsgate (an instant classic!)

Are you looking forward to President Obama's Third Term?

Was planning to post this visual after the President's speech,

Thread to watch the Farewell address together!

Trump, head of the GOPee...

And here we go! President Obama's last speech!

What the hell is some dumbo screaming at Obama's speech?????

President Barack Obama is living proof...

I love that man.

Trump is truly a FREAK, and as far as I am concerned NOT a legitimate president.

C'mon DU. The Trump story really isn't that bad...

President Barack Hussein Obama FINALLY gets to toot his own horn!

"The peaceful transfer of power from one Administration to the next"

yes we can

Are you all getting an echo?

Brazilian prison director fired for links with crime gang RIO DE JANEIRO The Associated Press Publ

"Trumped-up, trickle-down" takes on new meaning

Will Trump cancel his press conference tomorrow?

Bumper Sticker - - President Whizz Banger.

Univ. of Alabama - Birmingham employee sentenced to prison for $1.1 million theft

I'm sorry but I do not support transfer of power to someone elected by a foreign government.

Here's a fun fact: friends took my wife and I to lunch at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton...

SALON Article: "A spirit of petty vengeance"...

Is Pussy Riot playing at Der Twitler's inauguration?

Awaiting Trump's tweet trashing Obama's farewell speech

Jeff Sessions' face as he hears about Russia-Compromised-Trump story from Al Franken

Former small-town Alabama police chief sentenced to federal prison

Should his building be renamed "Trump Shower"?

What the hell are you talking about?

Trump will be crushed when he learns Wikileaks

FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts


President Goldmember.

Groper Don the Con might be on suicide watch

Volkswagen Set to Plead Guilty and to Pay U.S. $4.3 Billion in Deal

Is that a red herring tinkling on your head?

To pee, or not to pee - that is the question:

Question for Trump's presser tomorrow...

Listening to my President and watching Trump melt down on twitter

Real shit, real fan

So is he the pisser, or the one getting pissed ON? Did the Russians participate or just film?

Don't cringe when you realize this sobering thought....

The Onion: Obama Finally Reveals Nature Of His Work To Daughters

Let's all tweet to him

KellyAnne having a wee spot of trouble in the spin

John Kelly shies from Trump's wall and Muslim registry in confirmation hearing

President Obama, Please appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Trump and Russia.

Russia.... Putting the 'P' in TRUMP

Trump, PeeOTUS elect fires back. He's pissed.

with all these wonderful pee puns where is pinboy3niner?

I was totally good until he brought up Michelle

Love Story

Love you Obama

Obama: You have been my wife, the mother of my children

Civil activists fear new crackdown in Hungary after Trump election

Another Great Speech By The Most Honorable President Barack Hussein Obama

OK, we're ALL crying now!

And now Joe, too? Stop making me cry!

Trump has officially been christened


Aw damn. I think the President was biting his lip to keep from tearing up when thanking Michelle.

Rare show of dissent in Iran as millions mourn ex-president Rafsanjani

I hope that during his press conference he cries or says "fuck" a lot or breaks things made of glass

KO references the "pees-ful" transition of power, and donnie's "makewatergate"

Thanks Obama

Trump To Give Pisser On Yellow Cake Urineium

Transcript and video of President Obama's Farewell Address

I gotta tell you

Evan Davies ‏@efd I know people were talking about Trump being a Goldwater Republican but this is

Jeff Sessions could weaken police reforms on excessive force and racial bias

OK hackers, time to do some hacking.

The (r) now clearly stand for the russian party.

Obama, you Glorious Bastard!

Clare Hollingworth, broke news of invasion of Poland, dies at 105

Someone should nominate Obama for the SCOTUS.

Who'd have thought dumbshit don would be so sensitive to fake news?

Drumpf linking an Ingraham rag to refute pee pee charges

At least we now know why trump* uses gold as the primary color, in his decor

Where was Sasha?

And I thought "Trumped up trickle-down" was his economic policy...

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: new role as DC power couple raises alarm


Deviant Don

Kerry Lists Obama Era's Diplomatic Successes. (Trump Opposes Them All.)

it's not the pee thing, its the Russian contacts

Charleston, WV mayor makes controversial comment about Sanders

Brazil Neo-Nazi Claim Challenges Myth of Nation's Racial Harmony 01/10/2017 - 14H26

Respect. And great affection.

Best President of my lifetime

From first black president to first blackmailed president

Two New Reports Challenge GOP Criticism of Health Care Law

Brazilian Immigration Surges Increase as Trump's Inauguration Approaches

Brazilian Immigration Surges Increase as Trump's Inauguration Approaches

this was prescient

This is like the Larry Craig and Mark Foley scandals on steroids.

Holding a baby! I love this guy! NT

FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts

I feel fired up. Ready to go!

Remember, that wherever we are, when President Obama steps on Marine One

No way things will get crazier than in 2016!

George Takei, minutes ago: I wonder if Trump's press conference tomorrow will have a live stream.

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was meeting with Russian officials in August 2016

Inaugurination day is coming

Rye, a Grain With Ancient Roots, Is Rising Again.

STFU, Tom Brokaw. I new that some pseudo journalist would go negative. Mute button!

U.S. Senate hearings delayed for three wealthy Trump nominees

Your leaks have been leaked drumph.

Someone please explain: what with all the piddling threads?

Mike Luckovich Toon: Stay

My eight year old immigrant brown skinned child just cried her eyes out

So the crowed chanted 4 more years at Obama's farewell address...

Stephem King on President Obama's farewell speech (agree completely):

Savor tonight as long as you can.

TRUMP Now Books Major Recording Artist for Inauguration!

Franken confronts Sessions on the Comprimisation of Trump

Trump, Putin and the Hidden History of How Russia Interfered in the U.S. Presidential Election

Time for this movie to be remade....

Trump tweets opinion of Obama's farewell speech...

If he violated a bed in Moscow because M O slept in it imagine what he will do in the WH

The New Leakin' Bedroom

ICE Arrests Former Kaibiles Linked to Dos Erres Massacre in Guatemala

Introducing President Pee.

ICE Arrests Former Kaibiles Linked to Dos Erres Massacre in Guatemala

Donald Trump Denies That He Hired Russian Hookers For Golden Shower Party

Obama's marvelous farewell speech

Did Tom Brokaw really just say Trump could "kickstart the economy"? OBAMA ALREADY DID THAT MOTHERFUC

How will this Play in Peeoria?

President Barack Obama's Farewell Address (Full Speech)

Charleston, WV mayor on Bernie: Take "that Jewish guy" and "dump him in the Gaza Strip"

Pic Of The Moment: The Headlines Right Now

Thank you, DUers! First in two months that I am actually laughing

Seth Meyers grills Kellyanne Conway over report claiming Russia has blackmail on Trump

The big story is his STUPIDITY!

According to the Daily Mail, there is footage of Trump's voyeurism

Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen allegedly met with Russia in August over blackmail video

A golden opportunity for Trump to rebrand.

Obama's speech was on, I opened my iPad and saw the internet melting down.

Obama did not criticize Republicans enough, and he never has--until towards the very end of his term


Hmmm. Treason?

Thinking About All These Confirmation Hearings Going On This Week.....

In 2012 we opened our home to be a call center for President Obama's campaign.

One important part of #yellowwatergate being overlooked

Peeing in the Ritz

Didn't Ivanka go to eastern europe during the summer? Could she

Andrea Mitchell looks like she's having a meltdown

we interrupt Pee jokes - Important article - update on GOP efforts to toss ACA - from TPM

Welcome Me Back I Got PEE-D OFF

Don't forget the Tom Arnold tapes are coming soon.

Trump Briefing Materials Included Damaging Allegations of Russian Ties: Sources

I wonder if they're panicking in Trump Tower.

Obama gives a beautiful tribute to his family and friends.

The FBI applied for a FISA warrant to surveil

Today's Lesson, Boys and Girls: Don't fuck with the CIA.

Trump lawyer shoots down allegations of golden showers intel report

How come every single

Remember Donnie, PISS poor planning prevents proper performance!

Too much posting?

O' Dem Golden Slippers..

Where is Sasha?

Can we pretend to have investigators in Moscow, finding "amazing things" about Trump & golden showers?

Did Obama have to step aside before the Intel folks can step in?

So is this the reason James Woolsey former CIA cheif suddenly for no

So we've been told that Russia has Trump by the balls.

Doesn't matter what emerges. The rethugs will never remove Drumpt. We're stuck.

Tonight, my DU Friends, I go to bed with hope(and that's a good thing)

Trending on YouTube: "I Gave Donald Trump a Golden Shower"

Remember America---urination of laws, not of men.

Defiling the bed that the Obamas slept in at the Ritz

Trump nominees missing crucial ethics paperwork "We Dont Need any Sticking Ethics!" maybe Sarcasm?

Seen reference to make-water-gate

Hunters lived on Tibetan plateau thousands of years earlier than thought

Which Republican paid for this Opposition Report on Trump?

DUers, am at a loss about your voting system in the US.

*** Russian Video of Trump Leaked !!! ***

This is why I've had it with some "so called liberals, moderates, etc".

This should be here. The entire file- Repub. Trump activities in Russia & relationship /w Kremlin.

Check out Trump's new presidential portrait...

Intel says Donald Trump agreed to let Russia have Ukraine in exchange for hacking election

Berlin emblazons Israeli flag on Brandenburg Gate after Jerusalem attack

Twittersphere goes nuts over 'Trump golden showers' #GoldenShowers

LMAO at Stephen Colbert

Governor Perry In Charge Of Dept Of Energy. What Could Go Wrong?

That was a moving and incisive speech from a Constitutional scholar.

Penthouse offering $$ for trump tapes

golllllllden sho-wers fillllll your eyes...

My husband just made up a great riddle: What does trump (and his ego) want from EVERYONE?

At Russia hearing, FBI Director James Comey mum about possible Trump probe - Chicago Tribune

Memories of Barack Obama

Where was Sasha? I missed having a glimpse of the youngest Obama.

Kept hearing shouting at random moments in the speech

Deplorables are manipulating the news

The Guardian: source for 35 page "dossier" is "consistently reliable, meticulous,

Giving Back a Stolen Property to the Original Manhattanites.

Donald Trump Was Bailed Out of Bankruptcy by Russia Crime Bosses - Alternet

Golden haired buddies?

4chan Claims It Invented the Trump Golden Showers Story

Russia waging information war against Sweden, study finds

Comey's treachery

What are we gonna call it?

Please, please let there be no golden shower video.

R-Kelley said to be considering performing at tRump Inaugoration

I hear Trump is pissed.

Trump, Russian Spies and the Infamous Golden Shower Memo - Newsweek

Duke's Grayson Allen shoves FSU assistant while chasing loose ball

What Is The Thinking - Will Trump Show Up For His Press Conference?.....

When Did The Term "Fake News" First Enter Into The Main Stream News? And Who First Coined.....

Senator John McCain

Now we know how Trump keeps his hair yellow.

Trump's favorite movie?

Donald tRump's collusion mechanism with Russia

New Trump Logo

World Cup Field to Expand to 48 Teams

Obama says 'yes we did' in emotive farewell address

Bribes and kickbacks, sounds about right

Trumped-up, trickle-down.

Former Gov. William Winter Still Fair, Moved to Regular Room at UMMC

When a Golden Shower isn't enough.

#GoldenShowers trending on twitter right now

Early Learning, Third-Grade Gate and Vouchers: A Legislative Education Update

Intelligence chiefs allege Russians have compromising personal information on Donald Trump. 3hrs old

Haley Barbour Back in the Money, Will Lobby the U.S. on Behalf of Ukraine

Haley Barbour Back in the Money, Will Lobby the U.S. on Behalf of Ukraine

Hey, Kellyanne! Remember when?


Randy Rainbow Exit-Interviews Barack Obama

"Golden Showers" It's the new James Bond Movie. British spy does in a maniacal despot leader

Infrastructure: Can the State Afford to Wait on Trump?

Exclusive: Regulators criticize banks over Uber loan - sources

No Apologies: Confederate State Flag Likely to Fly Over Bicentennial Bonanza

China aircraft carrier crosses Taiwan Strait amid tension

South Korea scandal: Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong a suspect

Under the circumstances, with all of the circumstantial evidence, why isn't Trump being officially

Vicksburg NAACP leader claims police targets blacks; chief says no way

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 11/01/17

US charges three foreign exchange traders

Honda's air bag recall adds additional 772,000 vehicles

Bryant: State workers must take sexual harassment prevention

Sen. Sanders SOTU Essay Contest for Vermont High School Students

I see Palmer Report is back on DU

Guess what the top entry is for Jan. 11 in the Urban Dictionary?

Nutella maker fights back on palm oil after cancer risk study

What time is Groper Don the Con's

Lawmakers aim to reform child-welfare system after Sun Herald series

Trump takes shower addiction to exteme


Trump did this to himself.

Daily Holidays - January 11

Caitlyn Jenner to Attend Trump Inauguration

I'll say it. Pence will be worse.

Bill would stop wrongful birth lawsuits in Mississippi

Democrats elect their leaders in Senate

I don't want to hear the MSM spins today. They had all last night to get

Obama May Get Rejected From Golf Club Over Isreal Policies

The collusion between the campaign and the Kremlin

CNBC nails Trump's psychology perfectly....

Today's presser: I haven't been to the circus in years.

Texas AG asked to look at Hidalgo elections

President Obama's 'Amazing Grace': Sen. Cory Booker on the Outgoing POTUS' Legacy

Let's look at it backwards: What would Trump have done if Russia had blackmailed him back then?

am Joe attempting to cloud pee pee allegations in doubt of the messenger

Just what we need--another trickle down Republican

Remember Trump computer net link to Russian bank?

What's the difference between a garbanzo and a chickpea?

Knights of Malta condom scandal stretches from Myanmar to the Vatican

Remember the Trump-Pence T-P logo?

Create A New Show called "Fox News Unspun"

The events of the past 12 hours concerning Trump is something right out of Dallas.

What will Trump say? "Because I told the truth about the Intel community, this is their revenge."

US 'failures' emboldened Russia - Trump's pick Tillerson

Friedman: Trump will be 1st U.S. President who has to recuse himself from dealing with Russia. Sad.

Mitch McConnell needs to be questioned as to what did he know and when did he

Next Trump Victory Tour Stops: Climax Springs, MO; Golden, CO; Big Sag, MT;

This is now a full blown Constitutional crisis and needs to go to the SCOTUS

The Question on Everyone's Mind

We at last get a true Watergate.

Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

Will atheist Rev. Gretta Vosper obtain 'no-fault' divorce from church?

Poor Trump...

Whiner-in-chief tweeting this morning about this being "very unfair!" & quoting Russian response

"Visionary" Religious Right Activist Mike Farris Takes Over Alliance Defending Freedom

The Roman Catholic Dutchwoman Who Hid Anne Frank and Family

Liberals are reconsidering federalism in the wake of Trump

Kremlin official denies that Russia collects compromising information at all. (Not The Onion.)

Takei to Trump:

Trump tweet just now:

An unverified report about you is fake news and a total political witch hunt?


Hutchinson pitches tax cut plan, vows more coming later

The presser today

Will Trump cancel his presser today?

Comey Refuses To Say If FBI Is Investigating Trump/Putin And Gets SLAUGHTERED By Democratic Senator

If a centipede a pint, and a millipede a quart,

NSIDC - Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Levels At Record Lows Every Day In December

New nickname and hashtag

Yellow is the new orange.

Senate GOP blocks Sanders on preventing entitlement cuts

So the call girl says to Trump

Don't worry, The Donald. No one believed that Spy Magazine story about Chuck Berry, either.

The response to every denial from Trump about Peegate

Trump is melting down.

There's Something Godfatherish About This....

What's the latest in Goldwatergate?

"Pissed off" Trump tweets "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" PS: 9 days till he gets nuke codes.

But at least we now know how Trump got to be that weird color.

Trump Russia ties: Kremlin says it has no 'compromising' information

Yes I know this is silly, but my mind was wandering on a slow day at work..

Another Trump tweet. Blames intel agencies for leak, asks "Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

Ex-wife of Trump's labor nominee, appeared in disguise on Oprah as a victim of domestic violence

Forecast: Showers

Republican Senators gave a Standing O to a creep for having diaper sex with a hooker

Kellyanne says that media should not cover anonymous allegations. Like this one?

Mika and Joe are having hysterics this morning about the CNN/BuzzFeed story

I'm Not Getting Excited About The Latest Trump Rumors

"One Last Time" Hamilton at the Obama White House

Foreign policy experience

Hacking & leaking of Democratic emails was carried out "with the full knowledge & support of Trump"

Better to be hated than laughed at.

Pelosi on Obama's Farewell Address: "President Obama belongs among greatest presidents in history"

Larry Flynt and Penthouse Offer $1 Million each For Compromising Trump Tapes

Millionaire lawsuit smolders after arson at recording studio



Remember when Drumpf made that joke and got all titillated about Hillary going to the loo.

Ex-wife of Labor nominee leveled abuse claims on 'Oprah'

Donald Jr. refutes his father's denials about Russian ties

Does anyone know of a site to live stream DT's press conference today?

Refresh my memory.

***AND*** our voting machines were HACKED

Torture Allegations Shadow Rex Tillerson's Time at Exxon Mobil

Loser Trump Has No Famous Friends

SNL - Alec Baldwin's Best Moments as Trump in Cold Open 2016

Eww has become my most used favorite reply on FB lately.

Roy Innis, Black Activist With a Right-Wing Bent, Dies at 82

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Golden reliever

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

This is a Shakespearean tragedy: To pee or not to pee...

Couldn't Trump make this whole in debt to Russia thing go away

Trump's relying on Russia to vouch for him?

Groups Aim To Scrap Tennessee's Medical Malpractice System

Latest Trumpsky Tweet

This is funny

Actress Quietly Blended F*ck Paul Ryan Pin Into Pattern Of Her Golden Globes Dress

Tennessee employers share in record high tax breaks for hiring disadvantaged workers

Trump Cabinet Confirmation Hearing Gong Show Begins

President Elect Insulting Actress Via Twitter Days Before Inauguration

Will Trump' press conference

Army Leaker Chelsea Manning on Obama's 'Short List' for Commutation

Outcry over Northeast Corridor line

Carl Bernstein Called Kellyanne Conway "Minister of Propaganda" last night

Jeb Bush: I hope Melania takes Trump's phone away

T-Shirt Idea

This is different than the "debunked" Rather Bush AWOL story

BBC: East European intelligence service knew in August Russia had Trump-compromising material

McCain just released a statement confirming that he gave the dossier on Trump to Comey

John McCain just acknowledged that he gave the Trump dossier to the FBI late last year

2 p. summary "was presented as an appendix to the intelligence agencies report on #Russianhacking"

Hot-Mic moment during Trump's press conference

Daily Vocabulary Builder - Word of the Day Today is Urolagnia


bob corker just let us know that trump just met tillerson about a month ago....

The hits keep coming

Woman, denied abortion while in jail, sues Tennessee sheriff

Lost in all the hoopla, let's not forget there are hearings on Tillerson today.

When will CORKER *shut his trap*!1 These hearings are a farce. Senatorial chumminess is repulsive

'Waiting for Trump' a poem by Hilton Obenzinger, Dec. 30, 2016

To combat sexual harassment, Tennessee lawmakers required to watch 15-minute video

Did Putin get Trump's team listen to 1000's of hours of talk radio in 2014?

Not to be overly pedantic, but M16 is a gun. MI6 is British Military Intelligence-Section 6.

Hackers "The operatives involved had been paid by both TRUMP's team & the Kremlin"

Name the Official Lounge Cat.

If Obama did "apology-tours", what is Trump's trash-talking of US intelligence?

"Restore our standing in the World" WTF are they talking about? I want the press to push back on

First confirmed entertainer for inauguration


Bill would ban sex with pets, not other animals

rumor is Trump fills entertainer void at innaugaration

Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing is live on

Vatican's new guidelines maintain ban on gay priests

ACLU files lawsuit to block abortion bill

Now more than ever, Trump needs to deliver for his Russian overlords.

Sen. Durbin calls for special investigation into reports of Russia's 'compromising' info on Trump

Tinkle, tinkle, Little Czar

Andy Beshear won't defend one abortion bill

Imagine if 8 years ago there would have been a bombshell report that said:


Legislator, in liquor biz, files 6 booze bills

Steven McDonald, NYPD cop paralyzed three decades ago in Central Park shooting, dead at 59

Who, if anyone, gives Trump the news of his historic 37% approval rating?

I gotta wonder if this is Trump's favorite album

Massachusetts weighs doing away with winter time shift

Trump attacked Intel community for months in order that

Trump taps well of protest with calls for more drilling in national parks

Trump's russia interest sparked in the soviet years: Trumps russia deals and links multiply

Drumpt spews birther news for years and complains about

Kellyanne Conway won't deny Trump surrogates met with Russia but disputes new report as 'crap'

What People Dont Criticize About Sen. Jeff Sessions, But Should

Today Show, Rancid Penis, and Passports

Duckworth 'confident' she can work with Mattis

Would closing St. Louis homeless shelter violate religious rights? Board weighs appeal Thursday

Perez wants in-house cybersecurity expert at DNC

Does anyone know what time DJT's 'supposed' press conference is to be held? nt.

NSFW - Punk band DOA updates an old classic for Trump

State pulling workers out of 31 unemployment offices amid major cuts

Has Trump Claimed He Has Never Been in Russia?

Trump's new Russian scandal: We don't know how much is true - but we know James Comey behaved...

"Little Rubio" is HAMMERING Tillerson

North Dakota Senate votes down bill to amend state law to reflect legal gay marriage

Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter

History Repeats Itself - Extremists Turn to a Leader to Protect Western Values: Vladimir

There's more coming.

Seth Meyers Confronts Kellyanne Conway Over Trump Russia Briefing Reports

Did Marco Rubio just Deep 6 Tillerson's nomination?

Deficits don't matter (again)! Paul Ryan promotes Congress' upcoming spending binge

Bevin would have sweeping power to abolish university boards under new proposal

New Year resolution

Kellyanne Conway explains what REALLY happened...

Coretta Scott King in 1986: Jeff Sessions's judgeship nomination threatens "my husband's dream"

Today's the extremely rare day where we can unironically compliment Sens. McCain and Rubio.

Trump and Pence: Number one and Number Two

"Are we living in Nazi Germany?" asks donald trump.

America ♫ Sister Golden Hair

Beyond wild allegations, what's clearly true about Trump and Russia is disturbing

Did Deplorables at 4Chan create the Peepeegate documents ?

Jeff Sessions Not Sure If Secular Americans Understand Truth

Looks like the press conference is a go.

Has Traitor Trump never seen a James Bond movie?

Full Remarks by the President in Farewell Address

No, That Trump/Russia Dossier Isn't an Elaborate 4chan Hoax

Five questions that Trump must answer at todays press conference

Donald Trump is 'gaslighting' all of us

The Zen of road making

Interesting- MSNBC says Trump cannot be given copies of any security briefing IF...

Bill Nelson campaigning for Stephen Bittel

For Russia, U.S. election meddling claims strip Trump win of luster

I've got my bowl of cheetos ready

Remember this is based on a Republican contracted source.

Okay, I couldn't not share this.

Let's watch DTs first Presser as Peetus together!! Nine flags behind him!! On NOW!!!!

The NY Times "goes there" ..... Treason

It's on. Drumpf presser thread

Russia waging information war against Sweden, study finds

tRump's first international crisis is already forming.

Tillersons priorities are backwards! WRONG!

IRS: Fewer paid ObamaCare penalty in 2015

Treason has been committed.

This should be a question for Trump.

NBC has Holt, Todd etc waiting for presser if you don't have cable.

Could someone please squeeze up on the stage a Russian flag or two

I'm an accidental prophet

If these stories are true, the psychological damage will be irreparable

Don't expect much from Trump's presser.

Presser by Trumper now

Oh boy! Deny, Deny, Deny

TN woman freed after coathanger abortion attempt

"The View" on the Donalds inauguration Dress Issue

BBC correspondent: Ex-British intelligence officer not the only source for Russia's Trump dossier

Funny. Several weeks ago Spicer was in a shouting match with Smerconish

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah bawl Pence bawl

So Pense starts presser by insulting everyone in the room!

I'm Going To Puke. Excuse Me.

Blah, blah,blah, blah (weak applause). More blah,blah,blah.....

After promoting birther lies against President Obama for years, I'm not feeling Trump's outrage

Bill O'Reilly likes to beat his meat on the phone while women listen in:

It's a yellow stream of consciousness press conference

He sounds like someone who has been medicated rambling from one topic to another.

Oh, Shut The FUCK Up!


Lying pile of shit rambling and snorting in "news" conference.

NPR is streaming the press conference too.

My Gawd.

Listening to the missing meat of the "presser" opening statement of Mister Trump

I hope Malcolm Nance will be available today

This was a classic Bully being butt hurt.

BBC correspondent: Ex-British intelligence officer not the only source for Russia's Trump dossier

Ladies and gentlemen, watch, right before your very eyes, the

Trump just called Air Force One an aero-plane

Quick, We Need More Rope, Stat! -

J.K. Rowling Says Criticizing Donald Trump Is Both A Pleasure And A Duty


Microsoft-employees get PTSD, being forced to watch torture-videos and child-porn

Trump asked if he'll release his taxes. All he's doing is denying he has loans, deals

Trump Is Starting To Sniff Again....nt

"These People Are Dead!": Marco Rubio Aggressively Tears Into Rex Tillerson Over Putin


There's your GASLIGHTING. "As you know, I have no conflict of interest."

He is truly nuts

Trump Opens Presser by Slamming Media Outlets For Russia Stories: 'A Tremendous Blot on Their Record

Trump lies all the time...What is going to stop him discussing his business with his son's?

A total of three questions

This is a remake of The Wizard of Oz

Russia's master plan - The Bible

Who takes seriously unsubstantiated anonymous claims, anyways? (pic)

Senate splits 49-49 on amendt based on Trump's entitlements campaign promise

Job openings (5.5 million), hires, and separations little changed in November

we's fucked, folks!

Now why would Trump need a lawyer to answer questions @ a Presidential Presser?

"Liquid Assets"?

Are Those Files & Folders Next To The Presser Podium....

John McCain Confirms He Delivered Trump/Russia Dossier to James Comey

Andy Griffith's on TVLand, if anyone's interested..

God and Santa Claus Trump Trump: A Christmas Tale of Generosity, Love, and Redemption

Ok, press....

So, when do we start, all of US, marching in the streets

Tell me about olive trees!

The guy standing in front of trump to the left at the press conference

My question about the press conference is:

Wow, This Thing On TV Is Exciting

Thank you for listening to me Gish Gallop two questions.

Trump Attorney talking longer than Trump...

They could have given all this technical stuff to the media in a memo.

This is a lawyer press conference?

Who the hell are these people applauding st a press conference?

OK Foreign Governments - Let That Be A Warning To You....

his vocabulary is limited...

I told you, but it goes deeper than this, Trump and his Underlings are working with Russian Spies


Randy Rainbow and Tweets

This man is INSANE!

Explosive memos claim Trump's lawyer met with Kremlin officials but he may have been mistaken for

Let me get this straight. Did dump really hold this whatever it was to tell us he can violate the

Trump Called Himself An "ASSET" Regarding Putin.

So Donald Trump thinks car companies have been smuggling CARS over the border?

PLEASE DON'T GO -- Liberty hanging on

He just called Intel disgraceful. What a complete piece you of shit and did he just out a Intel

Trump Said Ready to Turn Business Over to Trust Run by Sons and Associate

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-8: The Election From Hell: Donald Trump In: Goldmember Edition

The Opportunity of Climate Change

Hey Media, don't you regret all that free press you gave this abomination?

DAVE LINDORFF: Real Russian Threat--invading or trading with neighbors?

The SNIFFING is anxiety

Snorty: No I won't call on you, you are fake news

Can you imagine the horror that Trump is experiencing at this moment.

Manatee County Woman Shot, Killed By Neighbor While Looking For Lost Dog

Trump: 'Maybe' US Intel Community Passed On Claims Of Compromising Info

Has a bigger asshole ever walked the Earth?

I'm seeing lots of praise for CNN's Acosta on Twitter right now

Donald, let me get this straight. You are stopping jobs from going to foreign

Just turned on the TV and Trumps mouth is moving

"office of the president-elect"??

My "WTF?" of the day, Florida Man edition...

The reporters on MSNBC are PISSED!

Well, he never answered when asked if he or his people had contact with Russia

Just saw someone on Facebook posting about PEEOTUS

the rumors on the other side. 4chan

I'm watching MSNBC and a guy is tearing apart what the lawyer said

Fox employee says Bill O'Reilly appeared to be masturbating when talking on the phone with her

Profits of Policing: Arizona asset seizures net $200M in past five years

Trumpees want to shout Fake News? Time for a full-length documentary on Moonie News.

Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson says risk of climate change does exist

Creative sign ideas for marches, protests etc...

Did anyone ask Groper Don the Con how much money he owes to

Is there not some threshold regarding mental stability that could be invoked to prevent this

DribbleGate is huge distraction from the real issues like Trump trying to return our economy back to

Support CNN. Obviously Trump strikes latest blow at Freedom of the Press


Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner 'died in Syria basement in 2001'

Team Trump lied about Rockefeller at "press conference"

I'm sure I'm not the first one to make this connection

Hallie Jackson

New report suggests Donald Trumps debts are $1.5 billion higher than previously indicated

Compare Obama's and Cheeto's last words

High court may put more bite into law for disabled students

Bob Gates? This guy will do any thing for a check

So asking questions will get you thrown out of a Trump Presser?

Trump Refuses To Let CNN Ask Question At Press Conference

He's fucking crazy

Trump acknowledges Russian involvement in meddling in U.S. elections

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada responds to Trump...

Call your Senators and urge them to vote Tillerson down

Donald Trump to Place Business Holdings in a Trust Run by his sons, Uday and Qusay

Sean Spicer told CNN reporter Jim Acosta that if he tried to ask a question at the presser...

Why Most Economists Are So Worried About Trump

Police Officers Overwhelmingly Agree That Bad Cops Arent Held Accountable

The New GOP Plan for Obamacare

Does it feel a little bit like America has turned into Nakatomi Tower?

OK, I watched it. And had to puke...

Where is Melania?

CNN (My New Fav Cable News Channel)

If it's true that Trump and his campaign committed treason,

US official: Michael Cohen WAS in Prague.

We Need To Urge IRS To Complete The Audit Of Trumps Taxes So He Can't Use That As....

What the hell was that. Trump news conference.

Donald Trump had his press conference but still didn't say anything, and never will

One more question about yellowwatergate

News Media Contact Numbers

Tomblin to Deliver Farewell Address at Capitol

About the wall and Obamacare replacement...

This Dropkick Murphys song on the new album describes Trump to a T!

Watch Donald Trump explode on CNN journalist at press conference (VIDEO)

"Trump team denies skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was asked to head vaccine commission"

So we are to believe that pisshead

Trumpster can not get through a chaotic news conference without dissing on Hillary..

Trump: "Do you really think Hillary...."

Trump will enter his Presidency with what is likely the lowest favorability in history

Anyone ever build their own guitar?

I listened to about 10 minutes of the buffoon's presser. reminded me of...

Fact-Checking Trumps Claim That He Has "Very Little Debt"

It's not the Sex Videos, People! Keep Digging for the REAL Smoking Gun!

On the phone right now with my investment counselor . . .

***Booker, Lewis testimony against Sessions thread***

"What'll you give me for this low mileage beauty?"

Tom Brady's Agent is Starting a Football League for college-aged players

"Sharing a Word Salad With Friends" does not a Press Conference Make.

Sessions conf hearing - Booker and Lewis up next!

D.C. to pay $1 million to settle families claims for homes taken by tax-lien program

TrumP lawfirm won Russian law firm of the year 2016.

Rep. John Lewis and Sen. Booker about to speak against Sessions (msnbc). turn in...

Meanwhile at Jeff Sessions' Hearing: "how black Democrats stole votes"

Nicholas County superintendent calls for consolidating flood-damaged schools

REINS Act - The Most Dangerous Bill You've Never Heard of Just Passed the House

CNN reporter: Top Trump aide threatened to throw me out


Cory Booker is ON FIRE!

Letter to Obama regarding pardons...

I proudly stand with Cory Booker in his opposition to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Mr. Trump - During The Campaign You Used 'Fake News' To Your Advantage Against Hillary....

TIME: Trump's many, many, many ties to Russia (8-02-16)

Can someone confirm/clarify this?

Trump to let Russian Spies Cyber attack the US

Could we PLEASE stop referring to Meryl Streep as an "actress?"

The media are doing to Kelleyanne now what they have been doing to Cheato

2 drug distributors to pay $36M to settle West Virginia painkiller lawsuits

Don't you like how Grassley just managed to forget to welcome

Donald Trump Wasn't Told About Unverified Russia Dossier, Official Says

FYI - Morgan Lewis named "Russia Law Firm of the Year" - May 2016

What can President Obama do to expose the truth on Donald Trump?

Ok. So, who is this black guy who is bffs with Jeff Sessions?

Sickening watching Afro Americans defending Sessions

Schumer to Trump, Tillerson: Back new Russia sanctions

Entertainment Meryl Streep overrated? Donald Trump picks a decorated star

Yay! Protesters!!

Donald Trump Wont Divest From His Business Interests, Is this legal?

Pic Of The Moment: "If Putin Likes Donald Trump, Guess What, Folks? That's Called An Asset."

On January 20th...

William Smith

Ok. So who invited all the token negroes?

So the country really is going down the toilet.

Finally New Voting Machines will

"Are we living in Nazi Germany?". OMG

Four Years After Sandy Hook

remember, the russopublicans were insisting hillary shut down her charity that saves lives.

What's with the stupid countdown click on CNN?

What Jeff Sessions's Role in Prosecuting the Klan Reveals About His Civil-Rights Record

UPDATED - CNN strikes back at Trump after he attacks them: We are confident in Russia dossier ...

Trump Ran His Own Leak Check On Intel Briefers

Was It All Just A Setup

Van Jones has his own show on CNN tonight in 6 hours.......

Donald Trump: BuzzFeed Will 'Suffer the Consequences' for Posting Dossier

In 1974, Nelson Rockefeller allowed Congress to "scour" his business dealings

Hoyer: Dems 'wary' of giving waiver to Defense pick without testimony

Listening to a bit of the pisser...presser...on the radio, this shocked me

Dem Rep.: Having Our Sessions Testimony at End of Hearing Equivalent to Sitting at Back of Bus

Idea: create a fund that can pay a reward...

Six Volkswagen executives indicted in emission scandal

Broncos hire Van Joseph (Dolphins Defensive Coordinator)

Is there anything in the 35 pages that surprised you? Not me.

Chuck Todd: Trump Presser Shows 'How Normal a Circus Is Now to Us'

He's not a clown. He's not a buffoon, or a boor, neither an egomaniac nor a cheater.

Baby Loves Dallas Cowboys

Before it gets deleted, the law firm representing Donald Trump during his "press conference" earlie

While we were watching hearings and a bizarre presser, look what China did

Tillerson either has a booger in his nose or a lot of hair in his left nostril.

Breaking Tradition, World Series Champion Cubs to Visit White House Before Obama Leaves, Avoiding...

Social media erupts in laughter at golden shower Trump memo

Army Leaker Chelsea Manning on Obama's 'Short List' for Commutation

I'm not sure this is even worth posting as it would require some integrity and courage from

Who is the recent Secretary of State that Corker said was worth a billion dollars?

Despite Claims that Said Otherwise, Trump Confidently Admitted Back in 2015: 'I'm Not Germophobic'

The story of the Trump dossier: secret sources, an airport rendezvous, and John McCain

The story of the Trump dossier: secret sources, an airport rendezvous, and John McCain

Luxembourgs Bid to Become the Silicon Valley of Space Mining

A List of Republican Family Values

Now Is The Time To Be Indivisible Against Trump! (w/guest: Angel Padilla)

The Latest Trump Scandal Is Getting Very Weird, Very Fast...

LINK Happening now C-Span : Sen. Sanders addresses the high cost of prescription drugs.

Venezuelas Awful Economy Got Even Worse in 2016 got called upon by Donny today....

After the Big Cons press conference...!!!

Venezuela's Awful Economy Got Even Worse in 2016

A breakdown of trust between Donald Trump and Americas spy chiefs

Fire breaks out at Watergate complex

An easy way for the Republicans to win on healthcare:

Hey POTUS Pisswater....welcome to the biggest failure of your life

Hillary Clinton Speech at Celebration of the Completion of the US Diplomacy Center (1/10/2017)

Bernie Sanders on Morning Joe tomorrow

Christopher Steele, Ex-British Intelligence Officer, Said to Have Prepared Dossier on Trump

He got a law firm that just won Russia lawfirm of the year

Donald Trump's colossal error on jobs during his press conference

Looks like Orange Julius Caesar is getting a pet after all.

Be careful on ice! Hwy 41 dashcam video from Tuesday. (No one hurt)

What did Trump say about Putin NOT being afraid of Hillary?

Trump Tanks Pharma Stocks With Sudden Threat to Fight High Drug Prices

Wow. Jim Mattis just canceled his planned appearance tomorrow before the House Armed Services Commit

I thought Trump's attorney's speech went well, considering---

Donald Trump to America: I Won, Accountability Is Over


The tRump pResidency in one gif.

Morgan Lewis, was named "Russia Law Firm of the year". Overseeing Trump business trust.

Someone needs to come up with a flag combining the USA flag and the one of Russia

Trump Announces David Shulkin As Pick For Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

White House press secretary says Trump hasnt tried to disprove accusations

I truly don't understand this...any legal scholars here?

Trump in THR's 2015 interview: "I'm not germophobic."

The untold abject horror of the turn of events at today's press conference.

Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, has been identified as the author...

Why Isn't It Called Fake News When....

Hallelujah. Leak everything, please.

Jill Watson, Round Three -- Georgia Tech course prepares for third semester with virtual TAs

Anti-Defamation League blasts Trump for invoking 'Nazi Germany'

Multiple sources knew about Trump being compromised by Russia

Donald Trump has his own 'birther' crisis

I was sorta recovering from the election, and then this

Jeff Session lies to the Senate confirmation hearings. Lied under oath!

Apparently The Paid Russian Internet Trolls Like Trumps "CNN Is Fake News" Tantrum.

Cartoon Donald live tweets farewell speech

Trump's notes from the intelligence briefing:

Law prof Kathleen Clark on MSNBC just suggested perhaps DT cannot divest.

Trump finally announced his plan to avoid business conflicts. Its a sham. -

Norway is the first country to kill its FM radio network

Colonel Kurtz, how do you envision the next four years?

How to Make Soup (for those who don't know! :-) )

Seth Myers has a sit down talk with Kelly and its not really pretty

RATED FALSE!! Reality Check: Trump on 96 million out of the job market (LIED during "news" conf)

Fox Settles Sexual Harassment Suit Against Scumbag Bill OReilly

I am watching German News right now. They are reporting on Trump.

Buzzfeed Is Selling 'Failing Pile of Garbage' Shirts Now

"I'm the President....I can have no conflicts of interest"...

Rolling Stone: How Trump Misled America About His Plans for His Companies

Just heard on BBC World News radio that trump had another hooker-hookup in

20, 30, or 40 years from now, no one will ever believe the movie

The War Between Intel Agencies and the President-Elect

Who's afraid of peepee? Donald Trump says he is "very much a germaphobe."

one futher thought about goldwatergate --

Warren Allen Smith, author of Whos Who in Hell, has died

How about some credit for Trump's cheering section?

Researchers are giving religious leaders psychedelic drugs in the interest of science

I have a dream


Trump and Pence to lay wreath at Arlington Cemetery

Richard Wolffe: Trump's trainwreck press conference ushers in a clueless presidency

The Guardian: FBI had Trump report in summer but were obsessed with Clinton's private email server

Recommended watching: PBS: American Experience, Command and Control


Tillerson Shaky at Confirmation Hearing

GOP Promises Americans Will Be Able To Keep Current Medical Conditions If Obamacare Repealed

Where was Sasha?

'Your sheet is showing': Internet pounces on Tom Cotton for saying Cory Booker sounds like 'T-Bone'

Just heard - News about the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House

Who knew we would one day miss the sunny disposition of Richard Nixon ...

Was there clapping and cheering during the presser today?

Fact-checking President-elect Trumps news conference

Trump Staff Laughed, Clapped Along During Adversarial Press Conference


Remedy for Russian meddling should be new election

so if this is like the 3rd or 4th story of some

Government ethics chief blasts Trump business plan

Army Leaker Chelsea Manning on Obamas Short List for Commutation

Today We Saw a Live Performance from an Aspiring American Dictator- Charlie Pierce

Where's their pension money? Was foul play or Wall Street greed to blame?

Those boots don't seem reich

Trumptin Presser today - 2Billion Dubai deal and no moles in my administration

Geoengineering Gets Green Light from Federal Scientists

Paul Offit: Trump Needs Vaccine Experts, Not Conspiracy Theorists

What needed to happen at the press conference --- maybe we can learn for next time

Fox's Shepard Smith Condemns Trump's "Belittling And Delegitimizing" Of CNN Journalist

Turns out Trump loves Three Dog Night.

Thee Con just said the relationship between the President Elect and the Intelligence Community

Squawking, flapping, and leaving a mess, Donald Trump is the epitome of a seagull manager

CNN: These are Trump's ties to Russia

BBC details the most explosive allegation -- and it's not about sex.

l Heard MSM Describe This 35 Page Dossier On Trump As Opposition Research.....

National Press Club on Trump

I call em like I see em. Thank you, Senator Rubio, for asking Rex Tillerson about Rodrigo Duterte

Buzzfeed Editor coming up on msnbc-to discuss why he published Trumpy Oppo papers

He doesn't WANT to be President. He HAS to be President.

A DC Area Restaurant Is Serving a Golden Showers Burger

STFU Fuckie Todd

Did The Trump-Russia Dossier Grow Out Of Jeb Bush's Super PAC?

Tommorrows Front page of a UK Daily Newspaper

Trump Plane gets showered by pair of golden firetrucks

Amid Hacking Blowback and Golden Showers, Moscow Fears Losing Trump

Terrifying presser

No Shit...

BBC: Multiple sources say Russians blackmailing Trump with sex tapes (update: UK leak source IDed)

What disturbed me most; re 'Golden Showers'

Conway explains what happened in the hotel room....

What's for Dinner, Wed., Jan. 11, 2016

Today, January, 11, 2017, I predict that Donald John Trump, will be impeached.

I'm convinced Kellyanne is a Sufi Mystic

What are YOU watching on January 20, 2017?

Mexican drivers flood into Calif. to buy cheaper gasoline

Rex Tillerson can't pass muster with Marco Rubio but he can pass muster with Chris Coons.

Eric Holder to Lead Democrats Attack on Republican Gerrymandering

Trumps Sec. of State nominee has a plan to defeat ISIS, and its not very good

Another Indigenous Rights Leader Killed in Colombia Published 11 January 2017

Greta, Greta, Greta.

GOP Rep. Says 'War On Whites' In Part To Blame For Sessions Criticism

Just decided to watch Greta to see what she has

Nearly 3,000 Paintings Of President Obama Are On View Together In NYC

Trump's team blocks U.S. House appearance by Pentagon pick Mattis: officials

Will umbrellas be allowed?

Sonic Tomfoolery and Rhythmic Savvy From Systema Solar

Video Evidence Video Evidence Video Evidence

These things happen: Rex Tillerson refuses to blame Putin for murders of political opponents

Chile Approves Plan for New Period of Antarctic Activities

Office of Government Ethics director blasts Trump scheme on his business conflicts

PM Colombia rescues rare fish, then slaughters them a week later

Nationalists rally as U.S. drug case threatens to close Panama's oldest newspaper

I can't keep up with the latest Trump News

Remedy for Russian meddling should be new election

tRump is beyond incorrigible.

Care for the Vulnerable vs. Cash for the Powerful Trumps Pick for HHS

BBC Correspondent On PeeGate: "He is NOT, and this is the crucial thing, the only source for this.

I came back here, and there aren't enough piss jokes

Sam Stein Tweet:

The Even Scarier Thing About Brazils Prison Violence

Thing about accusations of misconduct