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The Russia Story Reaches a Crisis Point


fun tool- urban farms and gardens in chicago

Are the voters in Louie Gohmert's district really this stupid?

The Art of the "Steal"

cross posting from lounge. fun tool.

cross posting from lounge. fun tool.

I'm ready to give up

just in case anybody even knows this group exists- from paul wheaton

from paul wheaton- permaculture

All the celebrities who'll be performing at the inauguration vs. protesting it in one beautiful grap

After reading some tweets posted online I now understand.

Does Donald Drumpf realize how much controversy surrounds him?

It will only get harder for Republicans aiming to repeal Obamacare

3 Doors Down, Toby Keith Added to Donald Trump Inauguration Concert

puuullleeeeeeze stop saying pence is as bad as cheeto.

Martin Luther King day called "Great Americans Day" in Biloxi MI?

The Spy Who Wrote the Trump-Russia Memos: It Was "Hair-Raising" Stuff

Senate Panel To Probe Russian Hacking, Links To Campaigns

US intelligence regards Trump compromise by Russia as 'credible'.

Ducey's budget proposes 2% raise for teachers, phased in over 5 years.

The generous governor of Arizona proposed a pay hike for teachers

Evanston, Ill. police violently arrest man "stealing" his own car

Comey Is Covering Up GOP/Trump Treason.

Cool article about Kerry's chief of staff, Jon Finer

Friday the 13th Moon --Post yours

Judge dismisses largest case in 2014 SXSW crash

Does Russia have "kompromat" on James Comey?

Egypt steps up 'unprecedented' crackdown on NGOs

Collin County taxpayers' tab for Ken Paxton case tops a half-million dollars

Right wing jackass Tomi Lahren's humiliating tweets from the past resurface.

Who's taking bets the repubs will blame Obama for people not having insurance...

The feeding frenzy on Booker has nothing to do with prescription drugs

Ayn Rand's Virtue of Selfishness is the ideology of the Republican party

This whole thing feels like Joffrey Baratheon's ascension to the throne

Here are the lies Paul Ryan told about Obamacare during his town hall meeting

Milwaukee sure has some dandy people in government...

Nasty Women art exhibit aims at taking power back from Groper Don the Con

Not One City In Northern India Meets International Air Quality Standards - Guardian

GOP governors fight their own party on Obamacare

LA Times -- Did Latino voters actually turn out for Trump in the election? Not really.

Paul Anka bows out of Trump inauguration to spend the day with his son

Pillars of religious bullshit

Rice University mural, monument vandalized with pro-Donald Trump graffiti

Anyone else tired of hearing "We can't discuss what we know because it is classified"

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele's frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months

Loretta Lynch will leave office without Eric Garner case being resolved

One more observation regarding the Michael Flynn phone call

"Orange is the New Bleak"......that about sums it up

Russian Ambassador Invited Trump Administration to Syria Peace Talks as US Issued Sanctions

Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life

Saw a partial list of performers at the concert

The Sound of Silence. May it open your mind.

Superstitious about Friday the 13th?

Dan Patrick Says the Only Opponents to Bathroom Bill Are Members of the Media

I'm Going to Leave Politics Alone for Now, Julian Castro Says on HUD Exit

Bathroom Bill Could Cost San Antonio $243M if Final Four Moves

C-Span is hacked by the Russians but then says it "doesn't believe it was hacked"

Light Painting

Cowpies/Peckers game upstaged by Cheaps/Squealers.

This is freaky, from 1958.

The New Yorker's inauguration cover... CLASSIC!

Paying for an ACA replacement becomes near impossible if the laws tax increases are repealed

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! Pissed! Live, Uncensored & a new

Hungarian Miss Universe Contestant Says Donald Trump Grabbed Her

It would be fantastic if this group performed at the 1/21 march

My Inagural Post - Company supplying the porta-potty units for the inagural activities

NCAA officials to consider new metric in tourney selection process

Shepard Fairey's Inauguration Poster:

What are your porta potty companies named?

GOP Governors Privately Urging Congress To Reconsider Full Obamacare Repeal

A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion Ban

No Shit....

"You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong"

Death Cafes: The movement is growing in Connecticut

Rachel is great tonight! If you aren't watching it, catch the re-run, and if you

Religious freedom advocates are divided over how to address LGBT rights

Ethics officer, unfazed by republican threats, tweaks Trump on endorsement ban (L.L. Bean)

Friday Talking Points (421) -- Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

What did the President Elect know and when did he know it?

Moonlight is back in the theater now that won a Golden Globe

Some Macro images

has anyone been watching designated survivor?

If a Progressive TV show beat the Trump-Extravaganza, that would be GREAT!!!

Senator Warrens advice on how to help save the ACA !! Do it!!

Price tag rising for Oklahoma House on sexual harassment settlement, inquiry

RACHEL MADDOW tonight ...... SOOOO INTERESTING. russia, spy guy and trump /// link

Bill would free up Oklahoma nurse practitioners from doctor supervision

John Lewis is the real deal. A truly great man.

Oklahoma House speaker endorses $6,000 teacher pay increase

We must file civil suits against Comey

Oklahoma Medicaid agency seeks $200 million funding boost

Criminal justice task force says it can save the state nearly $2 billion

#Anonymous squeals on Wikileaks & Julian Assange


"Popular Vote Loser Donald Trump"

The bigger picture of this coup goes back 80 years

Seven Stages of Grief Over Trump

Norman North wrestler's rape case dismissed

Has Mango Mussolini been on his twittmobile lately??

Puerto Rico Turns to Lewandowski to Lobby Trump on Debt

John Lewis doesnt think Donald Trump is a legitimate president

AI is eating our world

What You Really Need To Know About Obamacare Because Its Not Dead Yet

We are on the verge of a Constitutional Crisis and it may be what we need.

Donald Trump Never-Dry (from Twitter)

Woolsley on CNN Says Comey Should Resign

OK Man Ordered To Pay Child Support Despite Not Being Father

Co-owner of Charleston's only cat cafe discovers she's allergic to cats

Paris summit to declare two-state solution only way to peace

The tRump administration now has a theme song, way cool!

GOP Racial Hatred So Bad. Will Sacrifice Thousands Of American Lives For Revenge.

Obamacarefacts - good talking points for ACA anti-repeal efforts

House Republicans Try to Bully Ethics Office

Transition Team: Trump Has Too Many Conflicts Of Interest To Favor Any Specific One (Onion)

Don John's Port-a-Potties not going down without a fight!

Expect Trump/GOP Reprisals For Protests, Dissidence, Or Criticism. Will Sic On Their RW Goons.

Al Franken Tears Into Sessions Over Civil Rights Claims


Elusive Ruby Seadragons Show Off on Camera for First Time

Could the pearl-clutching nervous Nellies here just please find someplace to quietly wet

Woman sues ex-husband for $1.1 million for allegedly giving her herpes

I thought it was one man bringing fascism to our country but I was wrong.

Guy who says Obamacare Saved his Life on CNN with Don Lemon. Says he wasn't a good person before

Every morning in New York.

Kansas National Guard seeks federal review after allegations of misconduct

Why Donald Trump tweets like a little child

Trump's Russian lobbyists and laisons

Put The Following Commercials On TV Showing The Following.

Betsy DeVos omitted $125,000 anti-union political donation from Senate disclosure form

Graphic essay: What the Civil Rights Movement can teach us about surviving Trump

Trump suggests he would be open to lifting sanctions on Russia


Robert De Niro says Meryl Streep's Globe speech was 'great'

TMC speaks out about repealing of Affordable Care Act

I cannot recall when I slid into the alternate reality.

Netanyahu is what we thought he was...A corrupt piece of crap

Here are the lies Paul Ryan told about Obamacare during his town hall meeting

Chargers' move shows California is done spending public money on the NFL

Codelco Chairman Suffers Minor Injuries After Package Explodes

I Really Thought That When The Repugs Regained The Presidency &....

What the Civil Rights Movement can Teach Us about Surviving Trump...

The Market Has Already Started to Dump Trump

Newt Gingrich: Trump Should Use The CNN Confrontation As An Excuse To Break The Press

Second Source Confirms Donald Trump is compromised

Peru to begin cleaning up South America's largest lake

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Augmented with a couple of shots of vodka.

Taraji P. Henson On 'Hidden Figures': A Mind Doesnt Have A Color Hardball MSNBC

Drink NOW.......please.

A woman in Trump country TN pleading with GOP Congress to not take away Ocare covering her chemo

Colombian Campesino Union Leader Huber Ballesteros Freed

Here are all the lawmakers boycotting Trump's inauguration

Kodak to re-introduce Ektachrome in 4Q2017

Pipeline Protesters Decry North Dakota Bills That Criminalize Protests

I think, just maybe, the worm has turned with the MSM.

Supreme Court To Consider Lifting Class-Action Bar For Millions Of Workers Existing federal labor la

Venezuelan Opposition Deputy Arrested With Explosives A substitute deputy in the National Assembly f

I ask my friends here..... According to what was released..

via Palmer Report: Have fun: CBS wants you to leave a voicemail about what you think of Donald Trump

The dilemma we face with comey

US soldier commits suicide at Kuwait base: ministry

Ex-Honduran Soldier Linked to Berta Caceres Murder Arrested

How can we all meet someplace.......

Republicans Health Care Plan..

CBS wants you to leave a voicemail about what you think of Donald Trump.

MI6 Spy So Concerned He Ended Up Working For Free

Pink Floyd ♫♥♫ Comfortably Numb

Crappie University wades into northeast Kansas community college

According to Ryan's explanation of Why a Wall, "It's the New War on Drugs"

Kansas state government bond debt surges $2 billion since 2010

Brownbacks budget remedy dramatically hikes KPERS unfunded liability

Trump Meets With Physicist Who Says Benefits Of Climate Change Outweigh Any Harm

Ex-Brix worker accused of stealing $110,000 in gift card scheme; unclear if case is related to ...

"Magic Alex" Mardas, Beatles' Apple Corps Inventor/Electrician, Dead at 74

I'm annoyed

TWITTER #ElectionDoOver #BogusElection #StopTheInauguration

1 million signatures collected in support of Snowden pardon

Bill would allow people to buy handguns in Nebraska without a background check

CNN: Trump open to end Russian sanctions and meeting/negotiating with Putin - Surprise

Lawmaker makes renewed push to establish paid family and medical leave program in Nebraska

Critics say Ricketts' plan to cut income taxes is too drastic, but his plan to cut property taxes is

Trump Adviser Michael Flynn Had FIVE Calls With Russian Ambassador On Day Of Sanctions:

Legislator wants law governing bathroom use in Wyoming

Cops violently arrest black man suspected of stealing car that turns out to be his own

Obama adds bumblebee species to endangered species list as one of last acts

NHS crisis: 20 hospitals declare black alert as patient safety no longer assured

Labour's Tristram Hunt quitting as MP to head V&A Museum

Former detective pleas in fraud case

FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months

Senate leaders send message to lobbyists: Stay out

Joe's medal...

SD med board to push lawmakers to expand Medicaid expansion but opposes "lay midwifery"

Lawmakers vote against barring 'sexual contact' with interns

So let me get this straight

Weekly Address: The Honor of Serving You as President

Daily Holidays - January 14

Moody's pays $864 million to U.S., states over pre-crisis ratings

Repubs are so drunk with their power in the legislative, executive, and soon to be judicial

Bill would prevent North Dakota state agencies from filling vacant spots

ND committee unanimously signs off on proposal to limit bonuses to governor's staff, appointees

Anti-Porn Activist Flips Out After Censorship Bill Withdrawn in ND Legislature

PA to test new payment model for rural hospitals

Motorist liability introduced in response to pipeline protests

Former trucking company owner to plead guilty to fraud

New York firm founder pleads guilty to $23 million fraud

Unhappy with Bismarck mayor, group starts recall petition

SpaceX rocket set to return to flight

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele's frustration as FBI sat on Donald Trump Russia file for months

'Lunacy': US ambassador warns of Trump backing EU breakup

Rare albino deer spotted near Sacramento sanitation plant

Florida man facing felony for using remote-controlled device to avoid $1.25 toll

Fillon election favorite despite plotting Thatcherite course

Louisiana woman gives up having children after birthing 14-pound baby

🐦 Jan 15 - ABCs 'This Week' Sunday Guest Lineup - Sen. Bernie Sanders

The Guardian: Dont treat Donald Trump as if hes a normal president. Hes not

Spy Agencies Around The World Are Digging Into Trump's Moscow Ties

He's up.... and, as expected, has an issue with John Lewis

How many of you think Goebellsvision, aka Fox News , knew all about Trump's Russia issues?

Why do Republicans want to repeal Obamacare so much? Because it would be a big tax cut for the rich.

Krugman: The FBI has become America's Praetorian Guard, and they installed Caligula as emperor

What I have NOT heard about with Trump's hiring Russian Hookers

Trump just attacked John Lewis on Twitter

Some inspiration for these days.

Pathetic. Trump's response to serious stories about Steele/dossier is to point to One America News

Trump is tweeting on the toilet again...

Trump rips John Lewis: Worry about your 'crime infested' district

Big Worries About Betsy DeVos

Happy 48th Birthday, Dave Grohl.

Construction Company Owner, KC Veteran Indicted in $13.8 Million 'Rent-A-Vet' Scheme

Former CEO of Essex Holdings Inc. Convicted of $29 Million Ponzi Scheme

It's on !!!! Comrade Drumpf took the bait and attacks civil rights icon John Lewis !!!

Colbert on Trump's Springsteen Tribute Band: "I'm Not Convinced You Were Born To Run In The USA"

Medstar Ambulance to Pay $12.7 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

Drumpf Was Confronted About Sex With Russian Women in 2001 Howard Stern Interview

Manhattan Woman Pleads Guilty To Commodities Fraud More Than $23 Million

By the way, Trump on John Lewis this morning (MLK weekend)

"He came to believe there was a cover-up, that a cabal within the bureau BLOCKED a thorough inquiry"

Replace Obamacare with "market based polices that put patients first" it's time to hit the phones!!!

Sheila Butt (R-TN) filed a bill that would fine food stamp recipients $1,000 for buying cake.

Why did Comey bury the Trump Russian Ties investigation and publicize the Clinton Investigation

Laurie Garrett On Trump, RFK Jr. And Who Dies When Antivax Nutbags Are Believed

"The worst part about these ACA debates...

Why did Obama appoint Comey to be FBI Director?

Concerning the credibility of the Dossier: Rachel Maddow

John Lewis has infinite credibility. Christopher Steele has great credibility. Trump has ZERO cred

Who owns the earth?

Over Course Of Human Civilization, Global Ice Cover Has Never Been This Thin And Shrunken

Trump cites "One America News Network" as PROOF that Pee-Gate is "A COMPLETE FRAUD!"

80 Fantastic Twitter Writers Fighting Fake News One Tweet at a Time.

Activist Files Federal Suit to Declare Electoral College Unconstitutional Under Slavery Ending Amend

Come on. This was obviously a coup d'etat. Trump. GOP. FBI. Mother Russia.

John Lewis spent a good portion of his life confronting bullies

The Trump Dossier: This "Fake News" Is Real Enough To Investigate - by Joe Conason

Fair And Balanced James Comey question

Behold A Pale Horse

President Obama: The Honor of Serving You as President

Doonesbury's Roland B. Hedley Jr.'s twitter!!!!

Trump agrees the voting system is broken. Here's how he can fix it - By Martin Luther King III

A Cuomo Ad featuring Bernie Sanders, running in...suburban Philadelphia

STFU Pussy Grabber!

Who is going to save us? Seriously.

On MLK weekend, Trump smears civil rights hero John Lewis as a slumlord

The Russians could have never pulled this off without the help of the Deplorables.

Malcolm Nance: I'm calling it now. @Wikileaks is finished. Works for Russian Intelligence & Trump.

GOP Congressman introduces federal heartbeat bill to effectively ban all abortions in the US

A Call for Vigilance -- and Honesty from former McCain Chief Of Staff

Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) tells Trump: You're not half the man John Lewis is.

Direct Action on Affordable Care Act

Obama: Limbaugh, Fox Helped Create Environment for Republicans Refusing to Work With Me

David Brock will join group of Democratic leaders in Florida for Inauguration.

Supreme Court takes up suit over 2001 detention of Muslims

Some are saying that Trump will convert the Lincoln Bedroom

Sorry, liberals: Donald Trump really means what he says -- and plans to silence and intimidate...

'You sir, are not half the man John Lewis is'

Sorry, liberals: Donald Trump really means what he says and plans to silence...

Americans overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders' economic policies -- so how'd we end up here?

Congress will consider proposal to raise H-1B minimum wage to $100,000

Uncle Sam to Donald Trump: Please explain these shady practices and dubious donations

As my dear Dad would say, "How low can you go!" Drumpf's outrageous tweet

DON'T FORGET! Click on every linked story that reports negatively on the Russian coup!

Dear Mr. Trump

Putting on the pressure

Talking about the cedibility of the PissPapers lets THEM frame the debate

Rallies across the Country on Sunday...

Silently protest the PGEIC!

"Manchester by the Sea" (some spoiling)


So, if Trump is not a legitimate President, is he a Bastard President?

Planning for the downfall of President-elect: Democrats to the rescue.

Word of the day: oenophilia. Use it in a sentence.

Human Rights Watch lists Trump as threat to human rights

Can America survive four years of Donald Trump?

Pics of Malia and Sasha's first visit to the White House.

As I was working out, the historical analogy finally hit me.

I spent much of military career in Europe preparing to defend Germany

Trump didn't drain the swamp, he created these swamp monsters

Ana Navarro: "Today's Trump Twitter Tantrum: American psycho attacks American icon."

After 2016 campaign, more Americans consider Russia a threat: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Merkel urges United States to stick to international cooperation

All Democrats should join John Lewis in boycotting Trump's inauguration

Palestinian President Abbas says U.S. Embassy move would hurt peace

Hey you Asshats posting about so called welfare abuse...

What has 14 teeth and an IQ of 50?

Gun nuts - Hunker down, draw the shades

790 Gigawatts of Cost-Cutting Renewable Energy Potential in South East Europe

"Donald Trump Is A Quisling"

GOP senator slams Trump: John Lewis's 'talk' changed the world

80 Fantastic Twitter Writers Fighting Fake News One Tweet at a Time

80 Fantastic Twitter Writers Fighting Fake News One Tweet at a Time:

Holst's "Planets" with big screen HD NASA film, also Strauss' "Music of the Spheres"

Juan Williams: 'It's Really Up to Donald Trump to Prove He's Legitimate'

"Youre not 1/4 of the man he is": Internet shreds Trump for smearing civil rights icon John Lewis

From Pete Souza

Alternatives to Obamacare if you lose your medical coverage...

Trump Could Address These Legitimacy Questions - But He Won't - By Joy-Ann Reid

FPL announces completion of three new universal solar energy centers and plans for substantially ...

The IG investigation is a threat to some Republicans.

Donald drawn as comic book characters using his quotes

What Happened To Those Women

Donald Trump open to lifting sanctions on Russia (Which surpri$es no one)

God's Away on Business

If youd like to contact your elected Senator(s) or House Representatives..

Electing the golden dragon is the beginning of armageddon...

Biloxi, MS Sends Out Tweet Renaming Martin Luther King Day "Great Americans Day"

The Chiefs drafted an abuser, who turned out to be a star. How should fans feel?

Reality can be brutal. For many months i watched millions of americans ignore reality.

NY times: white women Trump voters in their own words......

Just hanging out w/ Bernie in Burlington. See it @NBCNightlyNews Sun & @MSNBC Mon

Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Trump Inauguration, Apologizes to LGBT Community (Exclusive)

GOP senator slams Trump: John Lewis's 'talk' changed the world

Cool President Obama Posts

In Vietnam, Kerry met one of the Viet Cong who was in the ambush that led to Kerry's

I think I'm feeding the cat too much

Donald,Donald, Donald - Russia, Russia, Russia

Here is How John Lewis ACTS (While Trump Was Evading National Service)

Orange Menace links to OANN, a Faux News wannabe that just hired Lewandowski.

Ouch, Bill Kristol slays Trump

Facts vs. Trump: Yes, We Do Make Wind Power Here

14 Characteristics of Fascism - #6 begins

Pro-Trump Christian group announces march to 'destroy' Obama's 'spiritual walls'

Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Trump Inauguration, Apologizes to LGBT Community

Kansas election officials threw out thousands of ballots

I want to invent a trump survival kit. What would you put in it?

Green Netflix

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Pissing on all of us

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: Their Plan is for you to Die

unconfirmed rumor "Tex" Hall to be Trump's Bureeau of Indian Affairs head...

Weekend Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Hanover's Bald Eagles, Liberty and Freedom, are cleaning up their nest for 2017.

Could connections with Russia lead to impeachment?

Nobody* is saying The Deplorables shouldn't get health care.

Duckworth: Eroding Civilian Leadership of Our Armed Forces Is a Dangerous Precedent

Trump's Inauguration workers tape over name of Port-o-Potty provider ("Don's Johns")

Ex-RNC head Michael Steele slams Trump for Lewis tweets: 'Trump has never walked the walk'

In Vietnam, Kerry met one of the Viet Cong who was in the ambush that led to Kerry's

The Secret Source of Putin's Evil

An early 1 year anniversary, RIP Concepcion Picciotto

I can hardly wait to hear Ms. Gish Gallop testify in the hearings.

In No Uncertain Terms

How much would porta potty stickers cost?

Link: DNC Future Forum Live stream (Now)

An open letter to cable news

A normal president would have said he wants to be president of all the people.

Jennifer Holiday backs out of Trumps Rodeo..

Trump's Scotland golf resort proceeds with expansion despite business pledge

Trump's Scotland golf resort proceeds with expansion despite business pledge

Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Trump Inauguration : Can Don King sing?

OK, When Will Congresspeople Stand Shoulder to Shoulder

Senate intelligence panel to probe Russia hacking

Senate intelligence panel to probe Russia hacking

Dem joins inauguration boycott over attack on John Lewis

Cruz and Cornyn - Repeal Obamacare - Republican (undisclosed) Plan will be Great

Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party

FBI had Trump-Russia report in summer 2016, Senate to investigate

Grasp the reality of it

Robert Reich: Donald Trump doesn't have the moral stature to kiss John Lewis's feet.

LIVE NOW on Politics Done Right - Stop suffering in silence! Get busy forcing the political change

Senate intelligence committee to question Trump team on links with Russia

Senate intelligence committee to question Trump team on links with Russia

It's all about the oil deal

Donald Trumps unorthodox roster of overseas business partners

Just watching the Blues Brothers (1980)...

Symbolism on January 20

How much can a tRump administration shut down?

WTHell?... There shouldnt be any Dems at all

PEOTUS Trump - Dear God, are we being punished?

Dear Mr. Trump - -

Jason Chaffetz defends warning letter to ethics chief

these are the kind of laws the gop is putting forth.....

US truck driver slides down icy road

China Warmly Welcomes a Giant Rooster With Trumpian Characteristics Anti-Trump Shirts Being Sold Now.

Bernie Madoff cornered hot chocolate market in prison.

N.D. - This Bill Would Allow Accidentally Driving Into And Killing Protesters

Trump once planned to build Trump Towers Atlanta in John Lewis's "crime-infested" district

Steve King (R-IA) says we shouldn't get "bogged down" worrying about people losing Obamacare.

Kristol tweets on Trump / Lewis comments

My brother voted for TRUMP because he hates feminists

Trump spits on civil rights icon, John Lewis

Let this be your guide for insulting names for Pennywise.

Everyone should send a tweet to Trump asking for his resignation on 1/20 during his inaurguration!

6 month evaluation of Precision Nutrition program

John Lewis used to be my Congressman.

"Worst transition ever"

what if we all filed a class action civil suit

Shaun Micallef sees a religious zeal in atheism

State by state, we need referendums to eliminate the elected Reps healthcare and pensions

Human Rights Watch lists Trump as threat to human rights

Donald Trump open to lifting sanctions on Russia

10 Discworld Quotes You'll Desperately Need for the Next Four Years

Wow! Joy Reid nails RWNJ sleaze Dinesh D'Souza for attacking John Lewis

Obama speech that I had my 10-yr old son watch today. Highly recommend.

Looking for sign ideas

Religious Leaders Bless Planned Parenthood Health Center And Its Mission

Now Playing

Remember that Miami Vice episode where Lee Iacocca stagedived?

Thom Hartmann reports Penthouse Magazine offering a million dollars for the tape

Today's petitions

Trumps rise and GOP economics may shift Catholic Churchs priorities

We Have To Be Ready To Go To Outright Disruptive Political War Against Trump/GOP.

Fire burns Eastside (Bellevue, WA) mosque; one arrested

Trump Could be Arrested by a Senator right now... today.

What was the date that DU became a Bernie Sanders worship site?

SpaceX Returns to Flight with 10-Satellite Launch, Rocket Landing


New A.K.A. KRATOM Petition - A Bipartisan Effort

So how long before Trump declares martial law?

Trump once again attacks those who he fears the most. Shame on us for allowing him.

Biloxi, MS shows how classy they are...

A recent study on gun purchases and background checks shows that 20% of purchases in the last two

The Luckiest People in the WORLD

Did Raider's majority owner Mark Davis pull a fast one on Vegas' Sheldon Adelson?

Report: No one is sure if Ken Bone will be at the inauguration

I just sent RFK Jr a message...

Dems Defend Rep. Lewis as Hero After Trump Slams Civil Rights Icon as No Action

Light blue tent and Maru and Hana:

How long before Trump invites Russians back to America?

Should Hillary and President Clinton

3 Cleveland Police Officers Facing Administrative Charges in Tamir Rice Case

Republicans Were All About Holding Obama Accountable But Trump is Somehow Exempt

Beijing sets 2017 air pollution goal at more than double WHO's acceptable standard

Massachusetts judge requires Exxon to hand over climate documents

Drone crashes into Seattle's Space Needle

Teachers in Philadelphia plan a Black Lives Matter week

Nicknames of Presidential Cabinets in US History:

Two Trumpies Separated at Birth ?

Venezuela slams Obama declaration of national emergency

Trump's CEO meetings raise ethics questions

Twitler tweeting at what looks like an alt-right news source

With Trump in office, there will be no anti-bullying training in the schools

John Lewis also won the National Book Award last year

City slammed as it declares Monday 'Great Americans Day'

New Yorker Magazine cover - Inauguration week. LMAO.

Photos of Obama Being Awesome: A Farewell Salute

Stand with John Lewis, skip the inauguration

The Meaning Of Sasha And Malia Obama

Loretta Lynch could file federal charges against Trump for High Treason NOW!

Trevor Noah Does Some Trump Role Playing

Washington protesters vow to fight for civil rights under Trump

Saw a funny bumpersticker yesterday.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 14, 2017

Watching DNC Future Forum

How much news coverage will the March get?

Painting Of Michelle And Young Sasha Obama Is Making Us Yearn For 2008

Midnight health care massacre: Republicans take middle-of-the-night vote to pave way to kill the ACA

Having trouble

Drumpt Trashes a Living Legend Like John Lewis. imagine this scenario if you will.

A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion Ban

A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion Ban

The Republican Obsession With Dismantling Social Security And Medicare

Are there 3 Republican Senators willing to change the balance of power?

Jolted by Deaths, Obama Found His Voice on Race

If the ACA is repealed, we should start and maintain a casualty list thread.

Maybe when Drumpt say he will protect and defend the

"Good morning, Mr. Phelps."

Don't ever forget Birtherism was the Deplorable's Original Sin

You want circumstantial evidence Trump is Putin's puppet-Click

Is anyone else having trouble loading

Arizona Republicans move to ban social justice courses and events at schools

Pledge Here To Not Watch Any Trump Inaugural Events....

Arizona State upsets #10 Ohio State @ home

Obamacare saved my hubby's and my financial lives. MY STORY.

Who needs ACA? "Pay medical bills with a chicken," says GOP candidate

14 Fake News Stories Created or Publicized by Donald Trump

RW Christians Want Abortion1st Degree Murder. Indiana Pushing Legal Rights For Ferilized Eggs.

Correct me if need be, the word "Deplorables" was specifically for hate groups

FB post today

GOP "Triage" Health Care Plan Is About Deciding Who Deserves To Live And Who Will Die.

A Modest Proposal

Popping Popcorn at 30,000 FPS in Ultra Slow Motion [ Part 2 ]

Trump Could Use NG To Stop DC Protest And Cordon Off City. You Wonder.

What distresses me is to see that human genius has limits and human stupidity none. Alexandre Dumas

Senate intelligence committee to question Trump team on links with Russia

How does congress get health care?

Hideaki Anno wins Kinema Junpo's Best Screenwriter Award, Shin Godzilla Ranked a Top 2016 Film

CNN is a fake news outlet. OANN, according to Trump, is chock full of truthiness

TOMORROW: SUNDAY, JANUARY 15TH: Activists and Leaders To Rally Against Republican Plans to Overhaul

Amazon sells out of Rep. John Lewis biography after Trump attacks him

Two+ old ladies coming to the Atlanta march on 1/21. Need

The incoming President of the US is

Now we have Trump and most likely his blessing to expand the private prison system

Michael Moore backs up John Lewis with 6 reasons Trump is an illegitimate president

Hideaki Anno wins Kinema Junpo's Best Screenwriter Award, Shin Godzilla Ranked a Top 2016 Film

Trump said he'd do a lot -- fast. Expectations, meet reality

I'm working on the new lyrics - help

Rachel Maddow: Trump tries to stick SC taxpayers with bill for Trump Jr's mess

Amazon sells out of Lewis bio: Order yours today!

An episode of the 1950s western TV series 'Trackdown' featured a character named Walter Trump

Evanston police violently assault and arrest black man for stealing his own car (VIDEO)

Reactions To Trump's Attack On John Lewis: 'Your Ignorance Is Astounding'

Trump's Education Secretary Nom Failed To Report $125k Anti-Union Donation

"I've been a miner for a heart of gold"

Israeli spies: Trump 'golden showers' dossier only one of many troubling reports being investigated

Military's shift away from oil clashes with Trump's promises

Security force for Trump's inauguration contemplates truck attacks, dirty bombs

To Understand PTSD, Send Scientists to War

Love this: John Lewis's constituents post pictures of their houses on Twitter-

Uber fighting potentially landmark court case in NYC -- hearing in February.

Relevant Op-ed from the Guardian

Their last Saturday night in the White House

United Against Hate-Inauguration March Los Angeles -January 20th

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Resist From This Day Forward!

Obama and His Movement Prepare to Challenge President Trump

Zero-emission boat prepares for round-the-world odyssey

Trump wishing Hillary a Happy Birthday...

he's not even in office yet! Mexico!

just got an ad on FB to like DJT FB page..

Live Stream Jan 15: Bernie Sanders - Our First Stand - Rally to Save Healthcare

Is anyone else concerned that the change of the National Guard leader might mean for the March?

The GOP will never find a plan it likes more than Obamacare and Republicans can never admit it

Do you have a pension?

2017 Horse Racing - 2017 La Canada Stakes

Grover Norquist: The banal scourge of rational people everywhere.

Trump is at 37% approval. It is crucial we keep him there or lower. How?

What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion?

Carrie Fisher and The Blues Brothers tonight on SNL.

Trump to Visit Smithsonian African American History Museum on MLK Day Amid Fight With Civil Rights..

Estonian foreign intelligence eavesdropped on Russian official meeting Trump associate

Kristof's Sunday NYT column: "Donald Trump: Kremlin Employee of the Month?"

Senior British politicians targeted by Kremlin for smear campaigns

Remember when Stephen meets Django in Django Unchained*

Girl Held At Gunpoint Refused To Give Up Chicken McNugget, Police Say

Hey, does anyone remember...

Remember when Stephen meets Django in Django Unchained*

Still no ACA replacement plan, but GOP ads say it exists and is awesome

It's a small action, but important :