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Hi. I am not really a newbie but have had to change my username and haven't been around for a while

Trump, Kissinger and Ma playing on a crowded chessboard

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and More Planning Anti-Trump Rally in New York Ahead of Inauguration

For anyone close to W. PA

While Trump screams about *a* dossier, intel agencies around the world are sharing *many* dossiers

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and More Planning Anti-Trump Rally in New York Ahead of Inauguration

life accordion to trump

Japans employees are literally working themselves to death

Georgia Dem Party: "Trump may be the most uneducated student of history to occupy Oval Office."

Israeli spies: Trump golden showers dossier only one of many troubling reports being investigated

Trump to follow John Lewis insults w/ MLK Day photo op @ National African American Museum

So, have we all finally agreed that the election was infiltrated by Russians and the FBI

Trump just went after John Lewis with another tweet

"The Golden Showers Burger-Topped with a very small pickle"

Trump doubling down on racism.

Cory Booker!

Smithsonian spokeswoman: There Are NO plans for Trump to visit the African American History Museum

Just for a smile!

Been contemplating retasking some of my artwork

Yes, but are YOU tough enough to do it?

These Democrats aren't attending Trump's inauguration

Trump people didn't order inauguration plates

Need some prayers for my brother in law... (update)

Donald Trump only ran for President to make a lot of money and then get out.

Democrats are not obligated to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Wachowski's art captures lost trans lives in vivid emotion

Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor

Medical marijuana clinic hacked.

Excellent article on Trump's lying...

Excellent article on Trump's lying...

No Racial Barrier Left to Break (Except All of Them)

Find a way to get in the way

Trump wants Putin summit in Reykjavik - Britain fears leak of its secrets to Moscow

How Vladimir Putin won Republicans' approval

Running list of Dem pols skipping Trump inauguration (31)

Venezuela's Maduro oversees military drill to guard 'socialist fatherland'

Prominent local Republican arrested for grabbing a public worker by her pussy

The Last 100 Days: Theologian-in-Chief Edition

John Lewis' Constituents hit back at Trump: Our district isn't in 'horrible shape'

Is this seriously what the Republicans wanted re the ACA repeal?

Yesterday President Obama extended the sanctions against Russia over Ukraine for another year

What happened to the Sea Chickens today?

An atheists guide to Scorseses Silence: You dont need faith to be astonished by the faithful

Back on the Mekong Delta, John Kerry finds a man who once tried to kill him and exoneration

Trumps Inner Cities Fetish Is Nostalgic, Messy Racism

Trumps E.P.A. Pick Backed Industry Donors Over Regulators

Heroin Industry's Future Looks Rosy Under Trump!

Poland welcomes thousands of US troops in NATO show of force

GOP Warns Dems NOT To Resist Them Or Trump. There Will Be Reprisals.

"The best way to be sure that 2017 is not 1934 is to act as though it were." - must-read

We are all Texans fans tonight.

Patriots looking sloppy in the first half

Watch out Europe, Germany is next

White House reporters rally for Trump era

Pennywise wants us to have fun at the inauguration.

Repukes at work - Legislating "YOU WILL USE COAL, DAMMIT"

Message from Dad

Montana bill would overturn bans on driving while using cellphones

Montanans want to allow some convicts to clear misdemeanor records

Slate - "Democrats Should Follow John Lewis Lead"

Dear God. Look at the image of Trump a RW propaganda site added to a Fox News screenshot:

High-rollers,risk-takers and rule-bender:Trumps unorthodox roster of overseas business partners

This Guy Said No One Questioned Obamas Legitimacy


Republican Jesus...

Montana: University of Great Falls to get new name, colors

Dear Donald Trump

Trump to meet Putin in first foreign trip as president: report

Can you even believe this crap!?

D.L. Hughley Smashes Trump For Daring To Pander To Black Celebrity

Trump to meet with Putin within weeks of his inauguration: report

Lawmakers propose slashing Montana health department budget by $93M

Montana couple pleads guilty to tax fraud

Bullocks $157-million infrastructure bill for Montana attracts support

Women's March on Washington: Inspiration from our 20th Century Suffragist Sisters

A Twitter rant from Don The Con is a badge of courage

Dems just sent this out from John Lewis

My email to Sheila Butt

Why I don't watch professional football

"You Focus On The Good": Women Who Voted For drumpf In Their Own Words


Conn. Republican arrested for grabbing womans genitals his lawyer says it was a playful gesture

Former CIA officer in Moscow says the claims in Trump dossier are exactly how the Russians operate

Cheney vote on federal public lands irks sportsmen

Why didn't anyone mention tRump finally has big-name acts for his coronation errr.. inauguration

Bill would penalize utilities for wind-generated electricity for Wyoming customers

What the Russians are likely to have (from a honeypot survivor)

German court calls synagogue torching an act to 'criticize Israel

This is who Dinesh D'Souza is

Looks like the waiver for Mattis to be Sec Def was approved.

If you've ever bought milk in Arizona, (and some other states) you may be eligible for some cash

APNewsBreak: Ringling Bros. circus to close after 146 years

Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written - BBC News

This is disturbing, on so many levels

Get the popcorn ready... tonight's SNL's gonna be a GOOD one!!!

For those incensed by Trumps tweet re John Lewis

Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food

Jim Irsay tried to hire Jon Gruden as Colts coach

Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food

I'll be flying my flag for the last time on Monday.

UConn women break their own NCAA record with 91st straight win


Donald Trump: Not exactly Hitler! But his Nazi Germany comments conceal a dark parallel pattern

Exclusive: The Trump Administration May Evict the Press from the White House

I reconciled with my neighbor over DRUMPF today

America tries to assimilate...

Ringling Bros., Barnum and Bailey Circus to cease operations after 146 years (WAPO)

What to wear to a protest march

Seem familiar?

True Love Really Lasts A Lifetime: Notebook Couple Dies Just 15 Hours Apart

On SNL: They're really into the "peepee party"!

SNL is on at my house

Is the new administration throwing stuff out there just to track the flow of information?

SLATE symposium: "Not the New Normal: How the Media Should Cover the Trump Presidency"

Could See An Alliance Agreement With Russia/Putin Comrade.

Michael Franti spreads "Sunshine" (for my fellow DUers who may need a little sunshine)

John Lewis standing 3rd from left.. March on Washington 1963..


First it will be the ACA

Now will it happen in Europe?

Is it my imagination or did some alt left people boo John lewis at the dnc?

John Lewis is the last person Donald Trump should be picking a fight with right now

Bills would allow concealed carry in government meetings and on college campuses

Red Dawn is on again

New Wyoming license plates to be mandatory in 2017

WATCH: Alec Baldwin returns to SNL to brutally mock Donald Trumps Russian pee-pee parties

Love the bed posts in Sack cartoon

Never Thought We Would Elect Someone Worse Than Bush By Leaps & Bounds.

I realize that this may not be the place to post however it is about a celebrity

You're at your childhood book fair...

started watching West Wing tonight

52 million W/Preexisting Conditions Could Lose Insurance.Senate Voted To End Pre Existing Protection

Why Boulder and Fort Collins Took a Dive in Best College Towns Rankings

Women's March: Not Just for Women

Since folks want to throw Cory under the bus...

Donald Trump flip flops, asks DC National Guard chief to stay past inauguration, but chief refuses

Trump Administration May Evict the Press from the White House

County Republican chair suggests castrating transgender people who use women's bathrooms

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Launches Opposing Trump's HHS nominee

Colorado Springs wrestles with sulfur dioxide pollution from central coal-fired power plant

Willie Nelson writes song about incoming Drumpf

Fresh for 2017...

8 things that connect Donald Trump with Russia

Climate Change Hostility Makes Crucial New Ice Breaker Replacement Unlikely.

The Booker bashing is why we lose.

ACLU: Going to the March? Know your rights.

How long until this idiot has us in a war?

U.S. Olympic Museum asking Colorado Springs for $500,000 from tourism tax fund

Paralegal moves to DC, throws Hail Mary pass in effort to stop inauguration.

Auctioned Boulder HUD home sells for $270K over list price, losing bidder cries foul

Psssssssssst! Singer Jennifer Holliday Withdraws From Trump Inauguration

Whistleblowers' 2013 suit 
ground Grand Junction airport to halt

Witness Russian propaganda in action

Construction defects bill introduced

I have a brother who is a pastor and has been sending gay people to conversion

Live Stream: Our Revolution - Our First Stand: Save Health Care

Dick Gautier, Hymie the Robot on 'Get Smart,' Dies at 85

A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media

Live Stream Jan 15: Our Revolution - Our First Stand: Save Health Care

Former presidential candidate O'Malley tells Utah Democrats that Trump ran on fear, scapegoating

Former presidential candidate O'Malley tells Utah Democrats that Trump ran on fear, scapegoating

Civil Rights Rally in Washington DC Jan 14, 2017

The Regrets of Lincoln Chafee, Failed Presidential Candidate

Republicans Gloat After Trump Kicks Martin Luther King Jr. Out Of White House

Harvard is putting its Photography classes on-line for free

Wouldn't it be more impactful if the Democrats all go to the inauguration, but protest

Santaquin man indicted in alleged fraud over health care billing

Primaire de la gauche : le revenu universel fait debat

These Are the Women Organizing the Womens March on Washington

BLM proposes oil-drilling leases near Zion National Park

The Chamber of Commerce is owned by ReTHUGs

A depressing compilation of what the Press and others did to Hillary

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Phone Home Edition

Ringling Bros circus shutting down

EPA says it can't pay economic damages from massive mine spill

EPA says it can't pay economic damages from massive mine spill

EPA says it can't pay economic damages from massive mine spill

Is this why Trump supporters seem tolerant of Russia/Putin?

Idaho voter intimidation case yields no criminal charges

Chaffetz wants to probe ethics of federal ethics director critical of Trump

The Root: Pipe Down, Bernie Sanders

I'm calling my House Representative Monday to urge him to NOT attend the inauguration.

Martin Shkreli Pelted With Poop At UC Davis As Yiannopoulos Event Gets Canceled Amid Protest

Alec Baldwin nails it again!

Esquire EXCLUSIVE: The Trump administration may evict the press from the Wh

Sunday's Doonesbury- Tweets

Sunday's Non Sequitur- Fact Based News

Toon- "I miss the old press conferences"

Funny photoshop---Melania Trump has landed a Russian designer & ball gown for Trump inaugural ball.


Atlanta Journal Constitution Fires Back At Trump: You are "WRONG"

I Spent a Month On Religious Dating Websites, and I Did Not Get #Blessed

Daily Holidays - January 15

Le Pen follows Trump's lead on social media bombardment

GSA refuses to state publicly whether Trump will be in violation of his lease on January 20th

A clause in the Constitution that could start impeachment immediately, (emoluments)

With the Death of One of the Last Three Shakers, a Step Closer to Extinction

Trump Changes Plans on MLK Day Visit To African American History Museum

Take a few minutes to read this and remember that we can do better

Could Drumpf blunder his way into a nuclear war with China?

One thing is for certain: President-elect Hillary Clinton would not have a 36% approval right now

Trump transition team says it asked D.C. National Guard general to stay

Great article on the rigidity of Christian fundamentalists and their racism

Trump-Lewis feud could be harbinger of new round of hyper-partisanship

Zhou Youguang, Father of Chinese Romanization, Dies at 111

Father Scanlan's legacy: a conservative Catholic citadel on the Ohio River

McConnell wants Democrats to grow up and treat Trump just like they did Obama...

Utah State Univ., Sigma Chi chapter deny allegations in fraternity house rape lawsuit

NBC News: How Bernie Sanders Avoided Disclosing His Personal Finances

Ad Praises Obamacare Replacement Which Doesn't Exist

Slaughtered Minke Whale Found On Ship In Antarctic; Crew Attempted To Cover It With Tarpaulin

'Marielitos' Face Long-Delayed Reckoning: Expulsion to Cuba

Russian Security Chief Says Country Seeing More Cyberattacks

More inanity and distraction from the Orange Twitler this morning, minutes ago

Trump first president in 150 years to not have a pet in WH?

Sanders: 'Would Not Be Bad Thing for the American People' if FBI Director Comey Steps Down

Sanders: 'Would Not Be Bad Thing for the American People' if FBI Director Comey Steps Down

What's Trump's obsession with pee?

Nowhere left to run away to: The final days of the circus

Atlanta to Trump: Wrong

John Kerry returns to site where he killed man during Vietnam war

Warren embraces her role as a top Democratic foil to Trump

That had to be one of best SNL openings EVER last night

The key to taking back Congress in 2018 is to combat voter purges

Who's side are you on?

Video: Bernie Sanders On ABC's "This Week" (1/15/2017)

Donald J Trump Proves That America Is NOT Dead

Bernie Sanders On ABC's "This Week" (1/15/2017)

Trump-Lewis feud could be harbinger of new round of hyper-partisanship

It is a great moment in U.S. history when the first black President is followed by the first orange

Do You Make Less Than $47,500 a Year? Help Us Investigate Overtime Pay.

Head of Finnish mil intel reacts to Trump denying Russian ties: "Lord, give me patience, AND NOW!"

Will the Benedict Donald and the GOP create a situation like the French Revolution of 1789?

All lives matter: North Dakota Bill Would Protect Drivers Who Accidentally Hit And Kill Protesters

Trump's Shouty and Insane Press Conference Reminded Russians of....Putin

6 Things Juggalo Culture Teaches Us About Trump

Caravan of cuckoo Evangelical Prelates And Prophets To Create Shield Of Prayer Around Dump

Facebook to begin warning users of fake news before German election

President Obama Makes Final Trip On Air Force 1 NBC News

Conservative's criticism of John Lewis backfires after CNN host points out Trump's birther lies

Human Rights Court convicts Colombia for Medellin war crimes written by Stephen Gill January 12, 201

Black lawmakers consider boycotting Trump's inauguration en masse after attack on John Lewis

Ewww...Are Comrade Comey and Moscow Mitch Piss People Too?

Trump team considers evicting press from White House: report

'Absolutely payback': Katrina Pierson claims Trump 'actually gains' power by attacking John Lewis

Killing of Colombias human rights defenders continues relentlessly

Chris Wallace Presses Pence: Was There Any Contact Between Trump Associates and Russia?

John Lewis Tells Chuck Todd He Wouldn't Invite Trump to Selma

Best news fails caught on live TV

graphic: Pussy Riot "Make America Great"

Explosive memos suggest a Trump-Russia tit-for-tat was at heart of the GOP's dramatic Ukraine shift

Instead of attending the Inauguration, Democrats should

Colombia arrests former govt official in Odebrecht bribery case

Booker & ALL Democrats Voted For WYDEN Amendment. Sanders Bill Didn't Do Enough

Democracy for Sale in NC---Zach Galifianakis

Upon being sworn in as President, will Trump ...

'God, youre an a**hole!' Internet erupts after 'douchebag' Trump attacks John Lewis yet again

For God's Sake .... Donald Trump is going to be President.

Man. Utd. vs. Liverpool today

Trump Changes Plans on MLK Day Visit To African American History Museum

Foreign policy expert Ilan Goldenberg summarizes what to expect of Trump's national security team

Spox Denies Report That Trump Will Meet With Putin On First Foreign Trip As Prez

This would be glorious...

Gun-friendly statehouses see occasional reckless conduct

Really, what crawled up David Frum's ass and died?

I'm not one to advocate vandalism --But --

Anyone have a link to last night's SNL cold opening...that works? - EDIT - got it! has to

Flesh-Eating Worms Reach Florida's Mainland

American News

There was a power outage in the San Fernando Valley

Ed: Strengthen gun store security to close off armories for criminals

Women's March on Washington set to be one of America's biggest protests

Kellyanne Conway: Details of Russia investigation should be kept secret to 'protect the public'

CIA director warns Trump to watch what he says, be careful on Russia

Budget woes cast shadow over 60-day legislative session

$38M sought in suit against former priest

N.S.A. Gets More Latitude to Share Intercepted Communications

'Comey acted in an outrageous way during the campaign': Bernie suggests FBI director should resign

Woman pulls gun on security at Cottonwood Mall

Governor assails cop-out budget proposal

Arkansas tries to strip Gen. Lee from Martin Luther King Day

Coffman surprised by turnout re ACA

10 Acts of Resistance on Inauguration Day - by Jon Pavlovitz

MTP is all about Russian hacking and Trump's illegitimacy.

British ex-spy behind dossier seen as cool.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, January 17: Stars Behind Bars

Feinstein: Russian Hacks, Disinformation Influenced Election Outcome

So since republicans are A-OK with election hacking....are you listening our European allies?

Mexico drug lord told to pay $1M in DEA agent's 1985 murder

Pence: Trump 'Has The Right To Defend Himself' Against Rep. John Lewis

Alec Baldwin was wearing a Russian flag pin during the SNL skit last night

Trump Tower Goes Bust in Canada...

Reince Priebus resorts to intimidation: 'The head of the government ethics ought to be careful'

GOP to announce sweeping plans to ensure Voting Rights...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, January 18: TCM Guest Programmer: Damien Chazelle

Controversial megachurch pastor Eddie Long dies at 63

On 20th of January, I' m dressing in a tux, getting champagne, eating caviar

Karaoke Machine Backs Out Of Performing At Inauguration (Andy Borowitz)

Victory for Guatemala's Mayan People

NC GOP is a corrupt, job killing machine.

LOL! Kellyanne Conway: Details of Russia investigation should be kept secret to protect the public

Robot arms replace factory hands

This Scottish newspaper's TV preview of Trump's inauguration is going so viral

Venezuela Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopezs Wife Accused Of Being Involved In Coup

Holy Mother of God.... the similarities are terrifyingly surreal.

Karaoke Machine Backs Out of Performing at Inauguration: Borowitz reports

Should the entire Congressional Black Caucus boycott the Inaugural for Drumpf dissing John Lewis?

Of course, Russia would try to interfere with US elections

State using $12M in frozen funds as leverage in talks with behavioral health care providers

The NC GOP is a job killing machine (cross post from GD)

10 inmates killed, some decapitated, in Brazilian prison riot By Andrew V. Pestano Follow @AVPLive9

When will hard evidence show up??

For the Record, I think they hacked Brexit too.


Inside Peru's modern-day Machu Picchu is this the best new building in the world?

The ACA offered insurance policies that cover Viagra

Ethics question: Milo Yiannopoulos or Martin "Pharma Bro" Shkreli - who gets dog shit in their face?

Republican congressman sneaks away from constituents demanding health care answers

Would be comical: PRIEBUS denied daily press briefings will be curtailed, just move to bigger place

Putin's Career Rooted in Russia's KGB

Breitbart spreading fake news in Germany

Brennan rips into Trump over tweets, Russia

LTTE: Standing in solidarity with Brazils Lula

The Jews had a word for it - hutzpah

The slave trade made Scotland rich. Now we must pay our blood-soaked debts

Flashback Post: President and First Lady's visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

Doomsday donald. I can predict this about his presidency

Donald Trump: Kremlin Employee of the Month?

Boycott LL Bean? Why not WalMart also?

Thorpe 'dreamers' proposal would withhold state university funding

Congressman Mike Coffman (CO-6) sneaks out of his own event rather face ACA repeal foes

Priebus Claims GOPers Never Questioned Obama's Legitimacy As President

The Twilight Zone returns - Trump inauguration

Governor O'Malley, speaking at Salt Lake City fundraiser:

I hope that the post-Presidency Obama allows me to see him curse like a sailor

How HARD does this evidence have to be?

Trump will be inaugurated on Star Date 47634.44

Texas congressman compares Russian hacking to Mexican singers campaigning for Clinton

He hasn't even started his term and I'm sick of him.

Gov. Doug Ducey vows action on Arizona's untested rape kits

Tyrannical Philly Mafia boss Nicodemo 'Little Nicky' Scarfo dies in prison hospital

Arizona Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva to boycott Trump inauguration

Huge turnout in Warren

Friday is the inauguration of President TRUMPUTIN

BTRTN 2016 Election Day Forecasts: How We Did and What Went Wrong

Arizona's budget: Just who are the winners and losers when cash is scarce?

A Call To Action: Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport

Trump's mind-boggling legitimacy woes.

Our next Democratic President MUST NOT lose Congress after only two years

The hypocrisy is stinking to high heaven.

Question for Seminole county residents.

25 years ago today, January 15, 1992, The San Jose Giants premiered ...

Feinstein Says Russia Altered Election Outcome

I think we should urge all democrats to NOT attend inauguration

A New Bill Introduced in Congress Would Constitute a Total Abortion Ban - WITH CONTACT INFO

Mohave County woman, widow of Oregon standoff leader LaVoy Finicum, carries on mission

Just made an error on my jury choice

The gulf between "us" and "them" is inconceivably huge

The press has to stop being polite to trump at news conferences.

Who's watching the healthcare rallies?

Nancy Pelosi / Chuck Schumer Rally Live Stream

At Paris meeting, major powers to warn Trump over Middle East peace

Iran Says It Will Not Renegotiate Nuclear Deal

Multiple intel agencies suspect Trump has been compromised

Live Stream Bernie defending the ACA...

What are you reading this week of January 15, 2017?

House needs a roof but we're ready to sell.

This Local News Segment Shows The Obamacare Danger Ahead For Republicans

Mods, this is probably not for general disc. DUers, I am asking for your help.

Building the Trump Honeytrapping case.

Megachurch pastor Eddie Long has died

Anybody remember the WRECK THE NATION boardgame?

Godspeed, brother. You did us proud.

Photos of Melania's plans to glam up the White House leaked!

'Wrong': Atlanta Journal-Constitution Front Page Highlights Massive Response to Trump, John Lewis

Thousands show up for Sanders health care rally in Michigan

Bill Moyers says Donald Trump isn't fit to be the carbuncle on Lewis' posterior.

Thousands brave cold for Sanders Rally in Michigan today to save Obamacare

Archaeologists unearth link to Anne Frank at camp Sobibor

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Colorado Republican secretly flees town hall to avoid constituents mad about gutting Obamacare

Bernie Sanders says 'it would not be a bad thing' if FBI boss James Comey resigned

HERE'S THE DOPE ON COFFMAN RACE IN 2016. We Are Jeffco Dems Activists Since 2008.


Paul outlines Obamacare replacement as Sanders rallies Democratic supporters

The Young Turks on Democrats voting against Bernie Sanders' amendment for affordable medicine

*Live feed* Lunch time for the Hanover Bald Eagles.

This guy is demented

Pessimistic Prediction: How Trump will make this go away

I am strongly asking people who did NOT vote for trump to STOP fighting each other,

Meanwhile, Canada's Health Minister advocates lowering their Pharma costs

Human Rights Watch Lists Trump as Threat to Human Rights

What is necessary right now is a progressive populist version of the Tea Party!!

If a receiver touches a football that is intercepted, should the QB be credited with the INT?

A memory flash from the Cold War

Larry Steinbachek of Bronski Beat has died at 56

What Chuck Todd should have said to Rience Priebus

Reality News TV

The musical guest on SNL sounded a bit like Joe Cocker...

CIA received a recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into Trump's campaign!

acceptable ??

Right renews push for term limits as Trump takes power

Danielle Pletka

Photo from Washington DC Airport of Trump's "Made In Mexico & China" MAGA swag

Barenaked Ladies - Call And Answer (VIDEO)

This was a riot - one of the best ever

The investigation of James Comey is exactly what the country needs

You Focus on the Good: Women Who Voted for Trump, in Their Own Words

Term Limits are not good

Joe Manchin (D-WV) on MTP: John Lewis skipping Inauguration plays into Russia's desire to undermine

Did we really elect Donald Trump?

Dinesh D'Souza weighs in on Rosa Parks

Can Trumps Cabinet save him from himself?

Rand Paul previews Cheeto Care.....

Are Ringling Brothers Closing Their Circus Because They Can't Compete With The Trump One?

History in the unmaking

"Zimmermann Telegram" holds lessons for today, historians say

Trumps feud with John Lewis echoes a long, difficult relationship with African Americans

My congressman Ted Lieu will not attend!!

Trumps Plan to Quickly Recall Ambassadors Is Risky Move: Experts

for info.Eric Cantor: What the Obama Presidency Looked Like to the Opposition

Kremlin counts days to Trump's inauguration, blasts Obama

Did defense secretary nominee James Mattis commit war crimes in Iraq?

Welp? Its starting.. Local Colorado Congressman Runs For Cover!...

Website "GOPocalypse" collects Tweets of Trump voters pissing themselves over losing healthcare

British spy behind the Trump dossier helped the FBI bust FIFA

Donald needs a briefing...

BUT HER E-MAILS! (Updated)

Late, but still funny.

Onion: Mike Pence Vows To Cut Conservation Funding After Discovering Elk Dont Mate For Life

Chaffetz Says He Won't Go On 'Fishing Expedition' Into Trump's Conflicts

SNL Trump Press Conference

Davos Gets A Clue - Environmental Threats Dominate Global Market Risks

GOPer Who Vowed To Stand Up To Trump Flees Constituents At Community Event

Jason Chaffetz

Another Dem boycotting inauguration because of Twitless' attack on John Lewis

Facebook LIVE-Stream 7pm Jan 15: Bernie Sanders at The Ferst Center for the Arts

Still No One Nominated For Secretary Of Agriculture; Potentials The Usual Right-Wing Clowns

Make Cauliflower and Broccoli More Compelling.

The Senate intelligence investigation must tell us if Trumps team conspired with Russia...must read

Mar-A-Douchebag And Its Exquisite Vulnerability To Rising Seas

Maybe Nazi sympathizers got the Faceborg to ban Janis Ian.

UC Davis shut down Yannopoulos, Shkreli event. Free Speech questions abound

What's for Dinner, Sun., Jan. 15, 2016

Tomorrow's New Yorker Cover- MLK, Jr.

To understand Obama's legacy, walk in his shoes on the day it all began

Life Accordion to Drumpf

The Greatest GIF Ever...

When Trump Planned "Two Trump Towers" in Midtown Atlanta - John Lewis District

So, Why Is Russia Today Featuring an Attack on Cory Booker?

The Legitimate President - offers a prescription for America's Shame

Dozens of DC Restaurants Will Pledge Inauguration Profits to LGBT and Womens Causes

Controversial Wrestler Jimmy Superfly Snuka Dead at 73

Should I take my daughter to the circus?

"Sane Progressive" Youtube Channel - Pro-Russia/Anti-Democratic Party Progressives?

Trump will be happy to arbitrage our national security to put more money in his greedy little hands.

Jaiden Animations: Stupid Lies I Believed for Way Too Long

"These are the times that try men's souls ..."

Trump and his flunkies' full court press to blunt John Lewis' stand

Trump Shows His Racism in So Many Ways

STAR WARS Icon Mark Hamill Continues To Send Up PEOTUS Donald Trump In The Style Of The Joker

Packers starting strong

In a Small Texas Town, a New Private Detention Center for Transgender Migrants Brings Jobs and ...

So DU are the war mongers?

Schumer puts GOP on notice over ObamaCare repeal

The Runt of the Twitter-Litter needs your help.

Walter Schaub? Get used to that name.

Hey I hope it's only one sick fucks post

Screwed again by corporate America

There is a 'sick' person about.

Sources: Raiders 'close' to filing for relocation to Las Vegas

The Dutch Reach for cyclist safety.

We Are Dealing With A Movement Where All Options In Self Defense Must Be On The Table.

*An American in Paris on TCM @ 6:00 EST.

Ken Paxton's lawyers fight SEC bid to subpoena 15 more in fraud investigation

I see mega pastor Eddie Long died

Another Russian troll bites the dust

Fake news? That didn't stop Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller from spreading it

This Machine Makes Clean Water Out of Air

My two signs for the protest next Saturday.

This Machine Makes Clean Water Out of Air

Question about ACA repeal

How much intolerance should be tolerated?


Congressman Lewis knows how to handle tRump.

More on Trump's clusterfuck NatSec transition

Anyone else getting their signs ready for Saturday?

'Bikers for Trump' to Form 'Wall of Meat' If Inauguration Protests Get Out of Hand

Unconvicted Inmate Warned Wife of Massacre in Roraima Prison

Pick a word for what the Dems will do to the GOP if the take away healthcare from 30 million people

So...what do we expect the Drumpfshirts to do to this site after 1/20?

Womens March Launches Global Mission For Equality

Japan Caught with Dead Whale in Australian Sanctuary

Hold on tight and don't let go!

Politico: Trump Eager to work with Putin

John Lewis/Donald Trump/Selma Alabama

Your appendix might serve an important biological function after all

Lula Sues So Paulo-Based Prosecutor and Demands US$ 313,000 in Damages

Trump hails 'great' Brexit and backs speedy UK trade deal: Times

All you who have declared that the Dems won't do anything to retaliate against the GOP and will just

In Berlin, thousands mourn Luxemburg and Liebknecht

Cities to Trump, Clinton and Sanders: pay your police bills

Trump Calls NATO Obsolete and Dismisses EU in German Interview