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Archives: January 18, 2017

'You literally caused the Iraq War': Internet rips Judith Miller for blaming war deaths on Chelsea..

DeVos confirmation hearing

Happy 95th Birthday Betty White

Joe Biden: 'I Wish to Hell I'd Just Kept Saying the Exact Same Thing'

Why Chelsea Manning but not Edward Snowden?

Will T**** do the Inaugural "walk" or hide in the limo?

ACA's repeal would devastate fight against opioid addiction, researchers find

Breaking News: Little Elm police officer shot; authorities in standoff with suspect

Went to VA hospital in Denver today with my husband.

Obama Commutes Sentence for Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera

Anybody see Hardball with David Corn and the Republican in a heated argument


Was the chef's lawsuit settled? I heard it was, but no details.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Beacool?

A far-right Austrian leader who just signed a pact with Putin says he met with Trump's national

Can we please stop with this 'Fake News' bullshit.....

Talked to a friend today about going to my local woman's march on Saturday

Texas sues federal government one more time over coal rule

While I don't have all my ducks (teachers, mentors, etc.) yet, I want to know

He might be "the" president, he's not MY president....

Member of Republican leadership booted off stage back home in red district over Obamacare repeal

There seems to be a sustained attempt to try and frighten DUers into not marching on Saturday

"Come too go back."

Another MASSIVE act named for an inauguration event

The MOST brilliant thing I've read about trump

Pork tenderloin. The old standby.

Place your bets: Comrade Trump will order his Atty General to re-arrest and charge Manning

370 Cities Across The World Just Announced Trump Inauguration Protests

Whoopi: You can't do it for 8 yrs & then be pissed off that someone does same thing to you-COMRADE"

IMO, I still believe he will be ready to quit on April first and blame it on

Davos interview with John Kerry

I saw that in an emergency a crayon will burn like a candle for 15-20 minutes.

If you support him, that's all I need to know about you, 'nuff said.

Interior nominee Zinke disputes Trump on climate change

Oregon's Walden heads key Obamacare repeal committee

Judge: Planned Parenthood videos 'baloney' in Medicaid fightd

Mississippi sues Google, saying it violates student privacy

Apparently, for the next 4 years anything trump doesn't agree with will be deemed "fake"

When you give no respect, you don't deserve any respect.

Evidence against Florida officer charged in killing released

Putin's Revenge (II)

So I consulted the I Ching, ancient Chinese Oracle...

Pence calls for unity.

People who use profanity may be more honest than those who don't.

Ex-Iowa senator gets prison in pay-for-endorsement scheme

U.S. allies abroad fear the consequences of a Trump presidency

'Join Me at the Women's March on Washington.'

Video from tonight's Hardball: David Corn vs John Feehery Hardball Trump is our President

Caroline Kennedy leaves Japan after 3 years as US ambassador

Reports: Carmelo Anthony tells Phil Jackson in meeting he wants to remain with Knicks

Sanders to roll out bill letting Medicare negotiate drug prices

Barack Obama: the most successful US President since FDR

Sanders to roll out bill letting Medicare negotiate drug prices

Trumps performance with foreign press a chilling preview of major geopolitical upheaval

Explaining Toni Morrison as she explains Donald trump.

"You literally caused the Iraq War: Internet rips Judith Miller for blaming war deaths on Manning"

Checkmate in four moves...

My trump voting sister said to me, as I was educating her about her vote

The word "Fake" will be used again and again by the right

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Chelsea Morning! Live, Uncensored & a new

Here's the plan Trump's health secretary pick doesn't want to discuss

Trump, "The approval polls are rigged"

Trump vs. Lewis; "I like blacks who don't get beaten while marching for freedom."

Ralph Nader: 'Even Al Gore Knows I Didn't Cost Him The Election'

Non-linear War: Putin and the man behind his mission -- Vladislav Surkov

Sheriffs Department Posts Pics of Weed Bust on FB Gets Instantly Destroyed

Heads up: PBS Frontline on now - "The Divided States of America"

Why China could lead the next phase of globalization

Bristol, Plymouth county jails to screen inmates for deportation

People, if you are not watching Rachel's history lesson RIGHT EFFING NOW, you are missing out

How to deal with fascists lessons from history

If this doesn't make you smile nothing will

Who would be the worst person who could be inaugurated on Friday?

Even though Man-Baby wants to wake up in his own gold-encrusted bed in his eponymous tower,

State lawmakers revive plan to raise their pay

US press corps fights back with open letter to Trump: You wont set the rules for us

Were off the map now: Ex-CIA head warns Trump can shut down all intel investigations into Russia

Cory Booker Made the Right Call

Inauguration day, what channel to watch?

Cory Booker Made the Right Call

Don't offer employee insurance? Mass. firms may face penalty under Baker's plan

Trump interior secretary pick on climate change: 'I dont believe its a hoax'

After arson fire at a mosque, Bellevue, WA residents pack meeting to show their support.

George Lakoff - framing Trump

Full list of President OBAMA's pardons and commutations today

So my school administrators just sent an email telling us not to slam Trump to the students

Van Jones slams Donald Trump as a 'pathological liar with a Twitter addiction'

A sonnet, in (dis)honor of our President-Elect

It won't make the problems go away

MSNBC just went off the air for me

So "the Media" penned an open letter to MiniPoot. Meh! Big Fucking Deal.

"Hail Trump? White nationalists already losing faith in President-elect"

Richard Spencer Launches 'Alt-Right' Website on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

Jacobin Takes On the Execrable Kos

VP Biden will give major and last speech tomorrow,

Does anyone have a source showing

I'm Back. And I Was Right.


Cross-posting: MLK Talks about Institutional Racism

The Mind of a Trump Supporter...

Lieberman, Introducing DeVos, Fails To Disclose That His Law Firm Represents Trump

GOP Says Blue States Can Keep Their Health Care. Red State Deplorables Are on Their Own (WOW)

California Central Valley January

Willie McCovey pardoned by Obama

Where should we donate money for the anti-trump protests?

For me, Friday is show day

Trump's New World Disorder

A new marijuana study confirms Everyone Knows You're High

If ya wanna fuck with 'em on installation day . . . .

Anyone Want To Bet On How Long The Republicans Will Keep The Congressional Budget Office?

Biologist names moth with yellowish-white scales on head after Trump

Ralph Nader: An Open Letter To President-Elect Donald Trump

WikiLeaks' impact: an unfiltered look into the world's elite and powerful

Donnie will get sticker shock

I Think Mark Cuban Should Start Saying: "I've Sent Detectives To Moscow, And You Will Not Believe...

The 2017 President's Budget

" We Must Not Be Silent"

Lawrence O'D live now.

Al Franken Grilling Betsy Devos and Exposes Her Ignorance:

Know who else uses bikers as protection against protesters?

from Chris VanHollen:

So, the Russians have all sorts of financial and personal stuff on Trump (that's what they say)

Are the protest marches, the day after

The more I learn the more I realize I don't know shit.

Booker and the Big Pharma Dems Have No Excuse. This Vote Proves It. - Common Dreams

Inauguration Week Resistance Events in Seattle to Fight Trump

'Death Race 2000' Feels More Relevant Than It Ever Was

Eric Trump takes a victory lap for "incredible" Golf Digest "Golfer in Chief" article on his dad

RACHEL MADDOW SHOW Trump attempts to intimidate NBC News with misguided tweet

Journalist shot dead in Honduras

No one's scaring me away: Protests are great. I can't wait: NYC, baby!

Journalist shot dead in Honduras

Bill Nye tours the Ark Encounter

Cory Booker on working with Betsy DeVos' school privatization organization:

Identical twins play a mirror prank. Hilarious!

We Cannot Wait for History to Judge. We Need the Truth About Trump and Russia Now.

The Worlds Greatest Smoke Off!!

Award-Winning Mexico Indigenous Environmental Activist Murdered

Award-Winning Mexico Indigenous Environmental Activist Murdered

Barack and Michelle (please caption this funny photo)

How Donald Trump Spent His MLK Weekend

Bernie questions Betsy de Idiot Vos.. Scary S**t.....

Top 10 Ways Your IMAGE of the SAMURAI is WRONG

Can Republicans be deprogrammed?

White House: No Snowden clemency request

JoeK3: Democrats, heal thyselves

Did You Know Obama Sent Troops To Norway & Poland?

Mayor Walsh calls Boston 'stronger than ever'

Internets Top Nazi Blogger Quits After People Find Out His Wife Is Jewish

Unbelievable! That an Obama employee said he/she didn't know about the Caucus Room Conspiracy until

Lieutenant governor's vehicle parks in spot for disabled

Years ago, I was accused of being a sockpuppet for Nance Greggs

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 19, 2017 -- Star of the Month - Jane Wyman

And this man will have the nuclear codes Friday.

Raimondo Unveils Free Tuition Plan For URI, RIC, CCRI

Former Rep. Carnevale Pleads Not Guilty To Perjury Charges

Secret Service agrees to pay $24M in decades-old race bias case brought by black agents

Raimondo seeks to 'rebuild and reinvent' RI manufacturing

And the 2016 Ralph Nader Award Goes to Bernie Sanders -

i mistakenly set my jury to not willing. I reset it to willing and am being accepted for jury again.

Russian eye witnesses report on Kompromat (unverified)

Trump inauguration boycott escalates

Man Set Himself on Fire in What Appears to be Anti Trump Protest

Please, California, please do not let this DT supporting billionaire get even a foothold

The Immigrants--National Lampoon Radio Hour

Personal Complete Blackout Friday. All Day Coverage. Puke! My Brain Will Fry.

Holy Shit..This Rolling Stone Article?

I am going to see my oldest 'partner in crime' for the last time tomorrow.

Some fans not buying country star Garth Brooks reason for not playing inauguration Country music

take a look at this FOX News screen capture

Corey Booker's statement about his vote on reimportation.

Helped my 15 year old with his homework on MLK Day

Three-person IVF baby for infertile couple

Connecticut lawmaker aims to ensure Millstone nuclear power plant stays open

Advocacy Group Asks Lawmakers To Consider Raising Revenue To Balance Budget

Democrats Seek To Make Good On Campaign Promises

Deutsche Bank Agrees to Pay $7.2 Billion for Misleading Investors

McKesson Agrees to Pay Record $150 Million Settlement

Teachers Union Critical of Charter School Executive Pay

Imagine a political party taking leaks from a foreign government

Former Pharmaceutical Salesman Pleads Guilty in $13 Million Money Laundering Conspiracy

Fake pro-Trump protest-organizer epically trolls Fox News in interview

Chinese-Based Network Possibly Behind $2M Online Theft From Farmington

Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized: media

Mohegans, Malloy Detail Plans For Old Norwich Hospital Site

Are there any linguists or psychologists here who can make sense of this?

State Budget Outlook Improves, But Problems Persist

Corey Booker's statement about his vote on pharma reimportation.

States, Feds Settle With Moody's; Connecticut To Receive $31.5 Million

The Atheist Lobbys Leader in Washington Reflects on His First Year in the Position

Saudi Arabia's strict religious rules cost its economy tens of billions every year

Texas lawmakers release budget proposals

High-ranking Catholic priests push for an end to celibacy

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Republicans Move to Repeal Obamacare

WTF? Three more quakes in Central Italy

400 Fort Bliss soldiers, 24 helicopters set for Europe

"Trump has skin thinner than his wife and an ego bigger than my ass." says Helen

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1: What an entertainment lineup!

Hearne meeting ends abruptly as three council members walk out

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: The rest

2 Texas A&M professors arrested in Downtown Bryan

Judge calls Planned Parenthood videos in Medicaid fight 'baloney'

Obama approval hits 60% as end of term approaches

Joe Scum is full-on Trump:

Mali car bomb 'kills at least 37 people' in Gao

Mosul battle: Iraqi army retakes city's east from Islamic State

Exxon Mobil buys Bass family holdings in Permian for $6.6 billion

More than 1,600 factory workers are being fired after Trump said hed save their jobs

Daily Holidays - January 18

Pres. Obama is laying a fine trap

The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump the Election Has Been Revealed

DeVos asked by Sen. Murphy "Guns in schools"? ...."Grizzly bears"

Grizzzly bears (x-post from Media)

Trump: "I don't like tweeting. But the lying media is making me do it."

"Trump Disgusts me-but the fact that he doesn't disgust you that will stick with me long after this"

Betsy DeVos, Trumps education pick, lauded as bold reformer, called unfit for job

Betsy DeVos, Trumps education pick, lauded as bold reformer, called unfit for job

Congress is considering an extremely dangerous idea almost nobody has heard of

Carrier Worker:Trump stood on stage & lied about 1,100 jobs being saved at Carrier in Indianapolis

Zinke: Warming Not A Hoax, Loves Coal; Voted To Sell Public Lands, Now "Absolutely" Against It

If Trump was to order a nuclear attack in a pique would the military fulfill his order?

Museum Of Natural History Trustee - Rebekah Mercer - Shovels Millions To Climate Liars

Biden speech at Davis today - a warning about Russia, NATO, Western values...

Russian company minting "In Trump we trust" coins

(Another) Crucial Question Trump Refuses to Answer

The next ISIS-style civil war will be fought in Saudi-Arabia in 20 years:

The "TrumpRegrets" Twitter page is where the REAL Inauguration "ceremony" is being held.

Big Sugar's slime flows north to Florida's Capitol

Has Trump ever said anything we like? Just saw a brilliant ad

I'm not laughing...

Obamacare Hasn't Just Made People Healthier, but More Financially Secure

Kevin O'Leary enters Conservative leadership race: 'I'm in'

January 19, 2013---Republicans to skip Obama inaugural, head out of town

Julian Assange ready for US extradition, one of his lawyers suggests

Clintons to attend Trump Inauguration..... toon

Religious Zealot Betsy DeVos' Plan To Turn US Schools Into Indoctrinating Churches

"Grizzlies secretly enrolling. Wearing jorts, carrying backpacks, using slightly wrong names"

New inflation rate numbers at 7:30am CST...

Russians Mint In Trump We Trust Coin Ahead Of U.S. Inauguration

NYT - And The Davos Band Plays On

Get me my lawyer! the president-elect shouted. Trump has his 2020 reelection slogan ready.

Interior Nominee Made $85k Consulting Company W. No Clients, Eight-Cent Stock Price

Trump's education secretary spars with Bernie Sanders in contentious confirmation hearing

Christie hit by the bus. Again.

Trump having Twitter-fit this morning over NBC reporting companies' "new" jobs are recycled

Global Sea Ice @ Record Lows; Likely Lowest In Thousands Of Years - New Scientist


Trump says won't move White House briefing room, will pick who gets in


Interesting About February 2017

Russia Is Already Winning If you understand what the Kremlin is up to, the news is grim.

Trump thinks "being a great president" means more military displays/parades in American cities

Betsy DeVos tries to weasel out of giving honest answers to Tom Kaine.

Heavy rains bring high water, flooding throughout Houston

January 18th is Winnie the Pooh day!

Flashback Obama Post #5: 'Comforter-in Chief'

My low power stations new logo

A question about TRUMP for Those on Twitter

Trump: 'I don't like to lie'

1957 reaches out to warn us about TRUMP...eerie

Donald Trump has a lower favorable rating than flatulence


GOP Can Commit Treason But Manning Should Stay In Jail Forever.

Freudian slip? Trump's denial of pee-pee-gate surely has an odd wording:

America's terrible error about to be inflicted on all of us

According to the Weather source I monitor...

Trump gets no respect. Thats because he hasnt earned it.

My Trump driver

Further Attacks On Liberty And Freedom By The Incoming Administration

anti-vaccine propaganda

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, Im a GYN and your vaginal jade eggs are a bad idea

Seattle's Mayor Murray kills city-run bike-share program

New Trump Adviser Being Sued for Hiring White Men to Attack African Americans

Expect more of the same. Tactic used to control perceptions of an event.

R meme of the day re ACA: only sick people sign up

Will not be watching Inauguration speech Friday.

China Cancels 103 Coal Plants, Mindful of Smog and Wasted Capacity

The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All

What no tennis???

As 'The Black Time' of Barack Obama Ends, Russia Celebrates Trumps Inaugural

Are there Dems in office that are actually Repubs?

Betsy DeVos gets 1 thing right: "YES" -What Trump is describing in the leaked tape is sexual assault

Frontline: Divided States of America - Did anyone else watch?

Truth in the Age of Trump - by PNACer Eliot Cohen

Edward Snowden's Russia Residency Extended

The name of one of the Russian prostitutues has been released

SHOCK: Leaked Memos Expose Trump Russia Quid Pro Quo

KLEPTOCRACY: Trump Cabinet Pick Invested in Company, Then Introduced Bill to Help It


Trump praises Tillerson: "He goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country...

History predicts that Trump will be a One-Term-President plagued by lack of mandate.

DeVos Acknowledges Trump Described Sexual Assault In Lewd 2005 Tape

Leader Of Nazi-Founded Austrian Neofascist Political Party Invited To Trump Inauguration

Required reading: Dear Democrats: Nobody Cares About Your Feelings


Trump Says He'll Show Off The US Military In Parades

More than 1,600 factory workers are being fired after Trump said he'd save their jobs ...

What's in Putin's pocket, you ask?

Turkey plans to nationalize information infrastructure, says minister

People Are Sharing Fake Pictures Of Bikers For Trump Heading To The Inauguration

Guns Needed in Schools to Protect Against Grizzlies says DeVos'

Trump offers odd denial of pee-pee-gate: 'I was never even in that room for that period of time'

Will The DeVos Education Model Bring About The End of Public Schools?

Conservatives Framing Liberals for Violent Protests (w/guest Lauren Windsor)

Luke Russert says Trump's "joke" about Tillerson taking the oil "should get more coverage"

Making America Suck Again, Again

Dem senators harder on DeVos?

John Mulaney on Donald Trump

Texas restaurant owner "regrets" MLK Day Chicken, Waffles & Watermelon "Special"

From FB this morning

The Swearing-In: The Official GOP Oath of Office

Daily Show: Lewis Black weighs in on Trump's inauguration performers (video)

State Department: John Kerry Will Not Attend Friday's Inauguration

Terrorists are winning the digital arms race, experts say

Where's Drumpf? Lowe's reducing workforce by 2400

CNN: Trump gets facts wrong in attacks against NBC's "Today" show

Protester Hospitalized After Trying to Light Himself on Fire Outside Trump's D.C. Hotel

Stephen Colbert rips GOP on Obamacare repeal 'beautifully covered by 6 feet of dirt' (VIDEO)

Infomercial on FB for Assfaced Shitgibbon's empty venue on Jan 20. Comments are priceless

Putin's Incitatus will be crowned Friday.

Michael Eric Dyson Compares Police to ISIS: Black People Were Terrorized 'Long Before 9/11'

Fiona Apple's New Anti-Trump Song "Tiny Hands" Is the Perfect Women's March Chant (audio)

6 state AGs urge rejection of Sessions for attorney general

In all the chaos the american people, the press have ignored a real threat that will happen.

One day maybe we'll be grateful to Putin

Yuuge changes underway: Earth Sets a Temperature Record for 3rd Straight Year

At 73 Not Looking Forward To 4 Years Of Political Combat.

Federal Ethics Chief Wants Meeting With GOP Oversight Chair To Be Public

Glamour Exclusive: Republican Policies Are Keeping Women in Poverty (Rep. Keith Ellison)

TRUMP's: "Everyone will be covered" plan revealed...

U.S. scientists officially declare 2016 the hottest year on record. That makes three in a row.

Apparently the era of the "C-Span face" is over

File this one under, "Just kidding"

"TRUMP REGRETS" a Twitter Story

Lamar Alexander is dragging Betsy DeVos across the finish line to become secretary of education

Why was Joe Lieberman sitting just behind Betsy DeVos @ her hearing?

Leonard Peltier should be released in the interest of justice

The hidden reason Republicans are so eager to repeal Obamacare

Young Americans Need To Boycott Military Service. Starve The Military Beast.

Updated weather forecast for DC: rain starting earlier

Business euphoria over Trump gives way to caution, confusion

Bernie at Price's confirmation hearing

Trump's protectionist policies top risk to U.S. economy in 2017: Reuters poll

What can Donald Trump hope to accomplish with a blizzard of misinformation? Just ask Josef Stalin.

Bernie Sanders - Confirmation Hearing for HHS Nominee Tom Price

Assange lawyer: Manning commutation doesn't meet extradition offer's conditions

U.S. sues JPMorgan for alleged mortgage discrimination

Question about formatting

Reporters Can't Stop Laughing Compilation

We should have guns in schools, 'cause you never know

Only One Person Can Save Us Now

Tom Price Hearing

Some of the significant historical events that set the stage for Trump's election

"Unlike Lincoln, the better angels of our nature, he appealed to our worst demons and got elected."

Found a great way to show the kids who the new president is.

President OBAMA's final Press Conference at 2PM eastern

Price: Everyone Will Get To Keep Their Coverage Under GOP Health Care Plan

Why even country singers wont play for Trumps inauguration

Christie Cites Wifes Refusal To Move To DC As Reason He Didnt Take WH Role

Christie Cites Wife's Refusal To Move To DC As Reason He Didn't Take WH Role

Priorities USA relaunches, hires Brian Fallon and Symone Sanders.


Dick Cavett: Mr. Trump, for weeks some snotty, unbalanced teenager has been tweeting under your name

Russia makes plans to attend the inauguration

Bernie Sanders - Tom Price Hearing, Addresses Social Security and Medicaid Cuts

Shark gives birth without having mated

Richard Wolff on Tax Breaks and Companies

Margaret Atwood: What Art Under Trump?

Singer Sam Moore will perform Friday in D.C.

Rachel Maddow asks our help to name Trumps 6 Sachs Picks - That Sucks

Japan to implement standard symbols for high-tech commodes

Unleash the Biden (Mark Alderman, Politico)

Beside the passing of a family member and some others Friday will be the saddest day in my life.

silly important flash drive took a ride in our washing machine

Rivers of Fog - Ethereal and mystic imagery

Republicans old/new Health insurance program.

Pic Of The Moment: America To Trump: You Suck

Vietnam vets group asks Obama to also pardon veterans

Senator Bernie Sanders Face to Face with Bill Press: From Inauguration to the Way Forward

Senator embarrassesTrump's Education Appointee as incompetent with simple question (VIDEO)

Trump 'Troubled' By Chelsea Manning Commutation, Spokesman Says

Bill Moyers: We Cannot Wait For History's Judgement-We Need The Truth About Trump And Putin Now.

Senator Bernie Sanders Face to Face with Bill Press: From Inauguration to the Way Forward

I knew this would happen...

Top Designers, Hollywood Stylists Say "No Thanks" to Dressing Melania Trump for Inauguration

Always waiting...always watching

Mother Jones: Here Are Just Some of the Stunningly Bad Moments From Betsy DeVos' Confirmation Hearin

You know who else built a regime of lies

Business euphoria over Trump gives way to caution, confusion

E-cigarette explodes inside Iowa man's mouth

Irony on parade at Facebook:

E-cigarette explodes inside Iowa man's mouth

The Millennials God

Trump's proposed 2020 slogan is familiar because it's the exact tagline from 'The Purge: Election'

Haley slams Obama for not blocking UN measure against Israel

In Truth GOP/Voss Aim To Turn Public Schools Into Christian Madrassas & Fund Christian Schools.

Guns and Grizzlies and schools

Joseph Cannon published a previously censored piece on Putin's dark rise to power on his blog today.

Bernie just kicked Pruitt's ass re: fracking

AR-15 stolen from unmarked Ramsey County squad car

Need a caption

Uber challenges Seattles driver-unionization rules

Nebraska encouraged to repeal ban on religious garb in classrooms

Jewish Centers Across U.S. Evacuated Amid New Wave of Bomb Threats

Trump Pledges War on Radical Islamic Terrorism

Despite All Obstruction/Cruelty/Mayhem/Racism The GOP Got Its Way Even Were Rewarded.

Sen. Murphy (D-Conn) just compared GOPee

trump's twitter account is a global menace.

Is Donald Trump a "legitimate" president? Yes and no - it depends what we mean by that

Your Fired. Unless You Praise Trump As A Reporter You Won't Get Into Press Room.

Trump's D.C. hotel bans press during inauguration week

There May Be Open Clashes In The Streets Started By RW.

Fight for the Affordable Care Act!

Go, LIZ!!!

Obama expected to defend Manning decision at news conference

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #2-9: The Election From Hell: Wall Of Meat Edition

Senator Sanders, Scott Pruitt Hearing

United Way Study: 42 Percent of Wisconsin Households Teeter on Financial Brink

Anyone know any doomsday preppers?

Assange lawyer: Manning commutation doesn't meet extradition offer's conditions

Some First Amendment Tips

When I Think Of Inauguration I Think Of The Look On Crew From Movie "Poseidon Adventure" -------

Corporations, "dreading being the subject of a tweet", are recycling jobs announcements to please...

Senator Sanders, Scott Pruitt Hearing - Climate Change

As Bad As Pence Was Indiana Still Elected A Republican Governor.

I will dress in black on Friday for the funeral for America. eom

I don't want this country to be run by a group of mostly

NASA, NOAA Data Show 2016 Warmest Year on Record Globally

Post a Great Music Parody Video

Borowitz: Moving Vans Arrive At White House To Remove All Traces Of Competence, Dignity

Kawasaki to Stop Sponsoring 'Apprentice' Because of Trump Involvement

I am proud of the Democratic Senators questioning Price.

That stupid f*ck Bill Cassidy

I won't be watching the anointing of the High Pisser because---

Joe Lieberman disses the entire education establishment at Betsy DeVoss confirmation hearing

P.T. Barnum put out his obituary two before he died, What a Great Hoot on your Life! That's a Sho

Pruitt says he hasnt looked at scientific research on lead exposure & children.

Trumpler scares the bejesus out of Nixon's lawyer John Dean!

Price voted against an Orrin Hatch (conservative) health initiative for children

Jewish Centers Across U.S. Evacuated Amid New Wave of Bomb Threats

Bill Moyers: We Cannot Wait for History to Judge. We Need the Truth About Trump and Russia NOW

What was Skittles doing in Beaver Dam, WI?

Question: Protest signs at inaugural

Italian conservative Tajani wins race to head European Parliament

Conservative writer believes a President Trump makes nuclear war more likely

Elizabeth Warren GRILLS Tom Price at Senate Confirmation Hearing for HHS 1/18/17

Texas Cop on Trial After Caught on Video Illegally Searching PINAC Reporters Car

NRA, Republican leaders shape gun law debate

Drumpf begs people to come to inauguration on Facebook video. Hilarity ensues in the comments!

Watch President Barack Obama hold his last press conference from the White House

Ex-president George H.W. Bush moved to intensive care; wife hospitalized

John Oliver returns!

Heads Up -President Obama's last press conference coming up at 2.15pm

Who's Bull Shitting Whom Walmart Close 200 Stores But tell Trump add 10,000 Jobs

There is one Trump I actually feel sorry for....

GHW Bush in ICU and Barbara Bush admitted

Climate change to shift global pattern of mild weather

Trump wrote inauguration speech himself


One Year Ago Today, Sarah Palin Made A Complete Horses Ass of Herself On Stage

I feel like I'm watching the Hindenburg approaching that mooring mast in Lakehurst.

Trump's education pick says reform can 'advance God's Kingdom'

Anybody want to sign up for free tickets to Trump's inauguration?

And for the last time. Here's my plea

Pressure mounts on GOP for post-Obamacare plan following CBO report

A couple more from yesterday's drive.

Rep Tom Price was offended - boohoohoo

Six astonishing things Betsy DeVos said and refused to say at her confirmation hearing

Jimmy Kimmel humiliates confused Americans who love the Affordable Care Act- but hate Obamacare

My wife and I will be marching in STL Saturday

How the Republican plans to replace Obamacare could affect you

Actually, Betsy DeVos, guns are a pretty lousy way to ward off grizzlies

Al Franken Would Make a Great President

Trump's EPA Pick Hasn't "Looked at the Scientific Research" on Lead Poisoning

Obama holding his final press conference right now

To a young person making a career choice soon.

As of Friday, no more fake news from the press, only the truth.

Lets All Partake In A Liquid Beverage Jan. 19th 2017

Betsy DeVos, Trumps education pick, lauded as bold reformer, called unfit for job

Obama Press Conference. Everything he's doing is sending a message to the incoming.

Trump Entering White House Unbent and Unpopular

Rally supporting social services, 1/21 in Beaver, Pa

2000 GM workers getting canned on Friday....

Trump team says they turned down an A-list rock band

Worst President Ever

Press banned from Trump's DC hotel

Betsy DeVos apparently confused about federal law protecting students with disabilities

President Obama Holds his Final Press Conference

Monsanto, California Battle Over Listing Glyphosate as a Carcinogen

There goes a great man.

Whistleblower Snowden can apply for Russian passport next year: RIA cites lawyer

How long until Twitler has another Twitter meltdown

Question about seasonal contests.

Reporters have worked from the White House for over 100 years. Will Trump evict them?

Statesman now-------------- S**thead in 2 days

Today's petitions

Small businesses hope to see some Obama-backed rules scrapped

So, what will be the lies surrounding the Obamas leaving the WH?

What Trumps final tweet should say

This is a color photo

Trump Supporters meet the Daily Show..

Has anyone ever heard of a $39,000.00 per year health insurance premium ???

WH downplays possible Snowden pardon

Gosh...what a happy looking soon to be POTUS....

Obama: Chelsea Manning Commutation Was 'Entirely Appropriate'

We should not be surprised about Trump's nominations, but angry

Trump picks the perfect time to show off his ignorance about black Americans

Trump Pick For Budget Director Failed To Pay $15K In Taxes For Babysitter

Obama To Attend Trump's Inauguration, Won't Comment On Dem Boycott

Pruitt: Human role in climate change subject to continuing debate

Trump Brags About Not Sleeping Much: Here Are 6 Catastrophes Caused by Sleep Deprivation

Everett ready to sue OxyContin maker over opioid deaths, crime

FBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump

I was down on my luck

Nikki Haley says U.S. can't trust Russia, must be cautious

I wish that we could all get together for a cup of coffee on Friday.

Conservative Con Artist James O'Keefe Busted for Dirty Tricks Against Trump Protesters

This may be the last civilized news conference we see

African-American judge denies saying police execute black people

Democrats: Left in the Lurch.

Charter School Failure (The Schools, Not The Kids)

Lapid urges Palestinians to 'grow up,' build a future

If you understand what the Kremlin is up to, the news is grim.

The 10 "Obama conspiracies" that never happened...

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People If They Prefer Obamacare Or The Affordable Care Act

Trump Is Not Obama's Legacy. He's the Legacy of Anti-Obamaism.

President Obama "Voter fraud is .... its fake news. It harkens back to Jim Crow"

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make great (in there own minds).

I weep for The Unite States of America

Is everybody here in as shitty a mood this week

Censored document

Obamas Have Started Moving Out of White House and Into New D.C. Rental Home

You have to love the irony about the CIA and Civil Rights at this moment in history.


Thoughtful intelligent, reasoned, logical. Obama's press conference shows us exactly what

Why Hillary Lost: An Exhaustive Look

CNN announces DC team for Trump admin-Jim Acosta & Jeff Zeleny will be SR WH Correspondents

This Millennial Rant Deserves A Trophy For Being Most Wrong

The power of the written word - magnificent

Elizabeth Warren Grills Trump's Health Nominee on His Efforts to Slash Medicare and Medicaid

Betting Website Gives Trump 4-1 Odds of Being Impeached Within Six Months

So No Tape was released (Alex Jones must be pissing himself laughing)

Israel deploys 'Star Wars' missile killer system

Someone tell LYIN Williams and that hack that 41 was the first CIA President

Why progressives shouldnt despair over Trump

Shitler Trumpolini

6 Agencies Are Investigating A Russian Money Trail That Could Bring Trump Down... photo lol

Utah voters to Chaffetz: Do your job - By Jennifer Rubin

Julien Baker's new Single-"Funeral Pyre" along with tour dates...

We don't talk much about guns here

We Were Made for These Times

Colbert Trashes Trump's Approval Rating In Latest Monologue

David Letterman foiled a blackmail plot by coming clean, does Donny think there is another way?

Another congressman boycotting the inauguration

Will Your Next Meal Be Prepared By A TB Patient?

Is Health Care a Privilege or a Right? (w/guest Steve Beaman)

Sanders grills HHS nominee on health care as a right: "We are not a compassionate society" (VIDEO)

No Shit...

Keep hearing (on the interwebs ya know) that "bikers" are going to the inauguration. This biker

Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard just took a secret 'fact-finding trip' to Syria

Senate panel overwhelmingly approves Trump Pentagon pick

Trump writing his own speech? Who does he think he's fooling?

Ha ha wishful thinking

Trump on Lincoln(from Bob Woodward interview)

In 2016 the Arctic was 1 degree Celsius hotter than in *any* previous year

Dem Senator On Republican O'Care Replacement: 'They Are In A Panic'

Probe into Trump Campaign's includes Numerous Agencies

Over half of world's wild primate species face extinction, report reveals

I have a question maybe you guys can answer.

How long before Trump starts his first war?

How do you take your coffee?

In final remarks, Obama says chance for two-state solution passing by

Generation Gone: Where are all the Gen X Democrats?

HEY Bay case you haven't noticed.

In his recent interview, Trump kept saying, "There are no videos, there are no videos" (of Golden

"I love Wikileaks!"

Pence Clarifies What Trump Meant When He Said 'Insurance For Everybody'

Sizzling Gambas Filipino dish over rice...

Dress Rehearsal of Trump's Inaugural Address

The Minion

Janelle Monae Among Those Slated To Perform At Womens March

Sizzling Gambas Filipino dish over rice...!!

This is SO IMPORTANT!!! How come I'm not getting any views/replies????

Math is math Trump and Pence are not allowed to say Day 4 is Day 1 Let's get this straight right now

Woman says she was fired due to sexual orientation

What did I miss?

Scott Pruitt, Testifying to Lead E.P.A., Criticizes Environmental Rules

Trump, Clinton Voters Divided in Their Main Source for Election News (Trumpeteers: 40% Fox)

Mom gives blessing to kids attending church with grandma

Bleeding Heart Liberal AND he played Abbie Hoffman in movie

A Demand for Russian 'Hacking' Proof - Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Conway Says Democrats Trying to Humiliate Trumps Picks

Religious children arent less generous after all

Obama's parting words: 'We're going to be OK'

FBI Probes Possible Covert Kremlin Aid to Trump

White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election

Donald Trump's Hotel Bans Press For The Inauguration, Raising First Amendment Concerns

Barack Obama Appreciation Thread

A 30 yrs' friend(?) has revealed herself as a Deplorable, but the signs were there before

Don't worry, Donald Trump won't sign any bills when he's President...

Scientists Encourage Trump to Support Iran Deal

Drinking counterfeit bath lotion kills at least 48 in Russia

Newt Gingrich thinks Donald Trump should cut the left-wing, corrupt Congressional Budget Office

"I voted for Trump, not against Planned Parenthood"

Trump prepares preemptive falsehoods about his inauguration

The Systemic Failure that is Fake News

Lee Greenwood doesn't want his annoying, jingoistic POS novelty hit to be "used politically"

Went to Chevy Chase, DC, to see Hidden Figures today.

George and Barbara Bush are in the hospital

Gabbard won't disclose who's paying for secret trip to Syria

Faster recharging batteries possible after new insights

Funniest Barack Obama Memes of All Time

Which of these players would you put in Cooperstown?

Well America: In less than 48 hours your abusive, narisccistic ex will be president

US must release Abu Ghraib photos, judge says

The hidden reason Republicans are so eager to repeal Obamacare (YUGE tax cuts for the rich)

A Big, Beautiful Band Will Play Trump and Melania's Inaugural First Dance

LOL!! The thing Americans want most, this is tied for third in the new CBS poll and 32% approval!!!

BUSTED! Behind the scenes photo of Trump's inaug speech photo:

Another sharp John Fugelsang observation

Is it Time to "Go Low?" Not According to Obama.

I hope former President Bush and Barbara get well soon.

JANUARY 18: Please keep the Russian hack of the US election on the front pages! Click these links!

It's a morbid subject but if Poppy Bush were to die

So - my husband gets emails from...

Baseball HOF elects, steroids, cocaine and steroids to the hall. Edited Duh!

anyone in D.C. seeing an uptick

Can't top this one:

Christie: 'I will be there' for Donald Trump's inauguration

Prosecutor who disarmed shooter stops carrying gun to work

Yep, America. He's really going to be our president. Really. He is. This guy.

Goodbye 2016 Postmortem (Forum)

Joe Biden at World Economic Forum on fracturing Liberal Economic Order by Russia

Press banned from Trump's DC hotel: report

Supreme Court nominee returns to bench as judge, not justice

What do you believe "draining the swamp" means To Deplorables

Goodbye 2016 Postmortem (Forum)

Rabbis plan response to white supremacist threats in Montana

Clemency Denied for Leonard Peltier today

Colombia leader says peace talks to start with rebel group

Colombia leader says peace talks to start with rebel group Joshua Goodman, Associated Press Updated

CBS News Poll Trump only 32% approval

Clintons should be with George and Barbara and skip Trump

New England's 1816 'Mackerel Year' and Climate Change Today

Charles P. Pierce: The Betsy DeVos Hearing Was an Insult to Democracy

German vice chancellor condemns populist's Holocaust remarks

George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, hospitalized in Houston (sedated to clear airway)

Cummings: I will attend Trump's inauguration

Most deplorable Trump cabinet nominee

Jan 20th Any Marches Planned

UCI researchers map oceanic troughs below ice sheets in West Antarctica

Trump's strategy on Mexico could be 'dagger at Ohio'

Forgive me I just turned on MSRNC and Greta is on

Republican Men Say Its a Better Time to Be a Woman Than a Man