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Archives: January 20, 2017

Inauguration Committee Chairman Says Kanye West Wasnt Invited to Perform Because Its a Typically

Toby Keith just sang this at the inaugural concert

Unemployment rate- 1/20/18

Will Trump appoint El Chapo to head the DEA?

Drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman extradited from Mexico to US

Kremlin Said to Fear Trump Wont Be a Great Deal After All

Hunker down my DU brothers and sisters.

Republican Governors Balk as Congress Races to End Obamacare

My friend just said that tomorrow is Take Your Flask to Work Day

BREAKING on CNN: Trump will let DACA authorizations expire

Wayne Barrett, Donald Trump biographer and decorated New York City investigative reporter, dead

I have become positively vicious on social media...

First time called, long time listener

Trumps Economic Cabinet Picks Signal Embrace of Wall St. Elite

Where was Baron tonight?

Many Goodbyes For Obama In Last Days Of Presidency

Democratic Politicians cannot support such an amoral President like Trump

I would have told Senator Roberts to make his valium into an enema and stick it up his ass

Tech firm creates Trump monitor for stock markets

You will not win elections unless you can count the vote

POWERFUL ad against Trump Treasury Pick Steve Mnuchin (yet another psychopath)

I was just thinking of Mr. Khizr Khan at the convention

Just arrived in DC for the march

Would anyone please tell me their experiences with Zoloft?

Alec Baldwin Does Donald Trump Impression At Michael Moore's Donald Trump NYC Protest

(Hand) size matters to Packers' Aaron Rodgers when protecting the ball

Proof that I can't write a decent joke (Trump walks into a bar...add your own)

Words of Wisdom from Kos

Net Neutrality-Netflix safe, but not small video providers.

Michael Moore UNHINGED Speech at Anti Trump NYC Protest

Sherrod Brown wants FBI to release info on Trump Treasury Sec pick, Steven Mnuchin

Trump Wanted North Korea-Style Parade'

Photos: NYC Anti-Trump Protest Jan 19

In search of Jealous Douchebags

Sanders backers take over CA Democratic party

I Hope People In D.C. For The Saturday Women's March Won't....

Hillary Clinton Left Off List of Honorees

When you bury your head in the sand you leave your ass exposed to get kicked

Please share this NSFW Trump meme

Bill Maher returns tomorrow night on his 61st birthday. He has an excellent lineup of guest;

20 per day homophobic hate crimes in England and Wales

Don't let him forget

So wheres this fuckin video we have been promised

Question by FeelingtheBern

CNN or Faux who is more dangerous

LIVE: We Stand United #NYC Rally

Ex-House speaker sues sex abuse accuser for $1.7 million

Ex-House speaker sues sex abuse accuser for $1.7 million

Okay Reality time, the first year

U.S. transfers four Guantanamo inmates in waning hours of Obama tenure

It is very tempting to give in to darkness

Question about code

New York resident pleads guilty to trying to support Islamic State

U.S. judge delays Texas plan to cut Planned Parenthood funding

U.S. judge delays Texas plan to cut Planned Parenthood funding

I've been getting this a lot lately.

Ex-Visium fund manager convicted of fraud by Manhattan jury

Do campaign statements and tweets add up to a Trump foreign policy strategy?

Last day.

Obama commutes prison sentences for 330 before leaving office

Anti-Trump Protest - Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Robert DeNiro anti-Trump rally in NYC

Wayne Barrett, Fierce Muckraker at The Village Voice, Dies at 71

The Official Donald Trump Inauguration Drinking Game

When you go to bed tonight , don't forget

Warren: "When Mnuchin makes a mistake, he asks forgiveness. For his customers, he takes their homes"

Obama grants final 330 commutations to nonviolent drug offenders

Trump exec actions ready to go

Nearly Half of US Men Have Genital HPV Infections

Look at Washington's '90s debacle before killing Obamacare, Kreidler and insurers tell Congress

Can Anyone Tell Me Where to Look for Livestream

The only positive I will take out of this.

My plan tomorrow

Trumps treasury nominee defends foreclosure practices, ties to offshore entities

Sen. Franken to Rick Perry: I dont think youre ever going to be a climate scientist

Tens of thousands protest Trump in NYC right now

Can he shut off our internet?

Sen. Franken and Rick Perry "SNL moment" today

On BET tonight Through the Fire: The Legacy of Barack Obama.

Surviving Trump

Any Facebook folks here

Protestors swarm National Press Club

Trumps Cabinet doesnt look much like America. It looks more like his voters.

#AddHerName: Include Hillary Clinton as a Women's March on Washington Honoree.

how could we sink so low ????

Uber Agrees to Pay $20 Million to Settle FTC Charges That it Recruited Prospective Drivers with Exag

Uber Agrees to Pay $20 Million to Settle FTC Charges That it Recruited Prospective Drivers with Exag

C-Span will show the Women's March on Washington.

Trumps inaugural concert: The weird, the patriotic and the weirdly patriotic

#AddHerName: Include Hillary Clinton as a Women's March on Washington Honoree.

What bothers me most about the primary wars

#AddHerName: Include Hillary Clinton as a Women's March on Washington Honoree.

If you're still casting about for something to fill the endless empty hours tomorrow

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Chelsea Morning! Live, Uncensored & a new

U.S. regulator finds no evidence of defects after Tesla death probe

Luckovich Toon: Casual Friday

Every speech Trump has given today is rehashing Election Night

He thinks he is still on the campaign trail

Trump must be the most ignorant man in the world.

Provocateurs stage disturbance at 'Deploraball' protest in D.C. - Arrests, Injuries

Ex-governors want environment to be a priority in N.J.

The Trump Camp didn't invite Kanye to perform because his music ain't "traditionally american"...

BuzzFeed, Joey and Rachel?

The Achilles' Heel - Obama "reaching across the aisle" and appointing Comey

PETA Calls for Boycott of A Dogs Purpose After Disturbing Video Surfaces

Thank you, Mr. President

Kremlin Said to Fear Trump Wont Be a Great Deal After All

Just beyond speechless

Cartoon from a swiss newspaper

Al Sharpton sends a message to Trump: America's already been great

Stocks stumble ahead of Trump inauguration

Trump inaugeral committee wanted Soviet-style parade.

Trump Practicing Inauguration Speech

I was making cookies tonight and just started bawling. Have not had my TV on at all

New attorneys added to Bridgegate case

I actually would watch the inauguration: I just don't get the "Chiller" cable channel.

It is a profoundly sad day when Ana Navarro is more anti Drumpf than Van Jones

Obama's inaugural concert in 2009 vs. Trump's Inaugural concert today. Sad.

Oakland Raiders Apply to Move to Las Vegas

Dalai Lama: 5 things to keep in mind for the next four years

Police mace, teargas anti-Trump protests outside National Press club. Happening now.

INAUGURATION FAIL: The numbers are coming in and Donald Trump has an unbelievably small crowd

CNN Exclusive: Inflammatory pastor scheduled to preach to Trump before inauguration

Trump apointments: Malqualified

Trump protests in NYC: Photos of Inauguration Day demonstrations

Trenton fire official who cost city $1M promoted

Rachel Maddow

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie...

Western PA voters weigh in

It feels like the ground is shifting.

Hastert to assault victim: Pay back $1.7M in hush money

Van Jones implied that Obama's pre Inauguration was only slightly larger than Drumpf's

"Republican Arrested For Grabbing A Woman By The You-Know-What" Dr. Benjamin L. Corey

"Let's give Obama a chance," said no Republican EVER.

The Stranger: Live from DC: Our Best Tweets About the Inauguration! (Better Than Any Trump tweet)


Michael Moore leads massive anti-Trump protest in NYC

State: Pain doc used, shared drugs with patients

Washington residents outside the White House holding up "Thanks Obama" signs

Goodbye, America.

Goodbye public lands

Words of wisdom from a truly great person

It wasn't the emails...

Pushback over proposed Delaware cigarette tax hike

i am sick and tired of "you didnt like it when people did it to your president"

Photo: Our friend Oscar at the NYC Rally tonight :)

George Soros calls Trump a 'would-be dictator' who 'is going to fail'

State overhauling unclaimed property law

Trump, my first day in office starting at noon, 01/20/2017!

young Father James

If I'm a Palestinian I'm insulted that Drumpf is sending his freaking son in law to be a M E envoy

Happy Trump inauguration day......

*******BREAKING******Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates

I will not watch

What current threads are going to be closed down on 1/20? How can we tell?

Carney wants new economic development plan

"sparkling water beverage" - Zero calories/fat/carbs/sugars - how? Is it making me fatter?

The Biscuit


I hope nobody minds if I just leave these here for now.

If America is to ever get better it desperately needs to ditch certain childish ideals...

How great would it be

Any word from Standing Rock?

Another response to my Breitbard ad crusade

One Last Trip With Joe Biden

I think I (and perhaps many others) have been going at Trump all wrong

Fireworks At Donald Trump Pre-Inauguration Event Seemed To Spell Out 'USR'

I seem to be under special scrutiny, i hope Breitbart people have not decided to join DU

Reading the NYT article about Manafort et al and Russian contact, and payments,

A reminder to Twitter users

Michelle Obama Appreciation Thread

I have a broken heart tonight

"If the Feds have to cuff Trump on the inauguration stand, it'll be really awkward for everyone."

What Donald Trump Promises and What He'll Deliver!

Drumpt Speech and Movie Mashup

Idaho multi-truck crash results in amputation

TCM Schedule for Sunday January 22 - Pink Panther Double Feature

"Next time we'll win the old fashion way"

If you MUST watch the inauguration - here's a sing-along for you:

TCM Schedule for Monday January 23 - James Mason in the '40s

Hogan proposes Maryland government ethics reforms

Trump Has The Biscuit - We Are Now At DEFCON 1. That Is All.

Hogan budget would cut aid to Baltimore, freeze state worker pay, downsize prison, delay hospital

Baltimore lawmakers vow 'any means necessary' to regain state funding

January 20, 2017: Goodbye class, hello crass

Body of Lutherville man wanted in $50 million mail fraud case found

In 41 minutes Donald Trump will be President

Legislative aide in Annapolis fired after Times reveals him as fake news mastermind

History. Historic Moments. It - and they can be great - and they can be awful.

Colombias largest neo-paramilitary group AGC claims to have 8,000 members written by Adriaan Alsema

Welcome to the Trumptrashian era

Maryland settles lawsuit with drug maker accused of creating a monopoly

Major Kong Rides the Bomb


Slate on Kellyanne "A Bulldozer and a Ballerina"

We Will Sing One Song

Annapolis housing authority liable for $3 million in federal money

Larsen ice crack continues to open up

So Which Congressional Repug's Wife Will Trump.....

Bolivia and Peru Indigenous Defy Borders, Link Arms

What will your response be when the Cheeto calls for unity?

Anti-Trump Protesters Set Off Smoke Devices, Light Fires on Inauguration Eve

KEITH OLBERMANN: Boycott the inauguration!

edited, concert just a poster, Keb Mo sings America the Beautiful in White House offstage hallway!

Anti-Trump Protesters Pepper Sprayed on Eve of Inauguration Outside DeploraBall in D.C.

Trump limerick contest


Russin National anthem

Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ

So, who's going to slap Trump with

Trump poised to reinstate 'global gag rule' on Roe v. Wade anniversary: report

Is the lack of gender diversity in Trump's cabinet and cabinet level choices is a problem?

When the CBC says everyone would boycott the installation

Is the lack of racial diversity in Trump's cabinet and cabinet level choices is a problem?

The 500-year Secret Conflict In Chile

Elijah Cummings: If Americans Knew What Congress Knows They Wouldn't Attend Inauguration Either

Honey Boo Boo goes to Washington.

We come on the ship they call the Mayflower

Why didn't Obama allow electors to be briefed on Russian interference in the election?

My life is going to change tomorrow

Corpus Christi mayor resigned after just 37 days on the job.

All of TV is a cesspool

Indirect Democracy, complacency, and the Fall of the Roman Republic

Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Extradited To U.S.

Praying for high winds in DC tomorrow

Sea lion hitches rides on backs of boats to beg for fish in Mexico By Ben Hooper Contact the Autho

The Orange Shitbag can't give one speech...

It is now January 20, 2017. The day we officially become

Texas Dem: Migrant students were called "beaners" by Trump inauguration attendees in DC

Mein way

Book Reveals New Details in Murder Plot of El Salvador's Archbishop Romero

How long before Trump is impeached by the House & convicted by the Senate?

Book Reveals New Details in Murder Plot of El Salvador's Archbishop Romero

Fleeing gang warfare, more Central Americans seek refuge in Mexico

A song for the Cheeto.

Texas House speaker pans bathroom bill, exposes GOP divide

Car ploughs into pedestrians in Melbourne, police say

Toronto Star Reporter Tweets the Idiocy of Inauguration Attendees

Honduras Arrests 18 Gang Members in Murder of Journalist

If you need a musical diversion...(aka An Otis Redding kind of night)

Another Activist Murder Linked to Canadian Mining in Guatemala

Another Activist Murder Linked to Canadian Mining in Guatemala

Elizabeth Warren on Steve Mnuchin

Popping corn in slow motion

Someone needs to crash the inauguration and hire movie trailer, deep voice guy...

It Will Truly Be The Blackest Of Fridays. Should Be National State Of Mourning From Now On.

Found! Trump "glamor photo" from late 90's

May Never Be Able To Watch Regular MSM Again.

Trump supporters wish rest of the country shared their enthusiasm for the inauguration

January 20, 2017 - RED DAWN

The Twittering Twit - Author Unknown

Right now I'm watching a TV show on the Weather Channel about plane crashes.

Curse Trump Supporters And Their Families For All The Hell They Will Put Us Through

Think I found Trump's signature tune (from "The Lion King")


Article - Jews Failed to Spot Hitler's Menace

North Carolina Mayor Warns Texas of Manmade Recession If Bathroom Bill Passes


We are seeing something completely new. Not personality politics. Personality Disorder Politics.

has anyone had or known anyone with pancreatic cancer?


My TV viewing for tomorrow: Rebel Without a Cause - it's on TCM on Demand

protest in new york video w/michael moore

Anyone want to split a Rosetta Stone Russian language course 6-ways?

What To Expect From Trump's Defense Policy Based On What He's Said So Far

Trump Sought Military Equipment For Inauguration, Granted 20-Plane Flyover

Frontline Divided States of America

Hard time believing Trump even has a "childhood Bible"

Hundreds protest outside US embassy in Manila against Trump


Could you live in a "floating UFO home"?

OMG, he said it again: We will win the old fashioned way next time

Brazilian Decree Seen as Damaging to Indigenous Land Rights

Brazilian Decree Seen as Damaging to Indigenous Land Rights

What was so ironic to me was when Trump and Melania

Jerusalem Mayor Posts Video Praising Trump, Slamming Obama

Why Health Care Repeal is a Stealth Tax Break for Millionaires

West wing week

Bomb threat clears Walmart in Midlothian, but 'no devices found'

Resisting the Lynching of Haitian Liberty!

West wing week

Resisting the Lynching of Haitian Liberty!

No Shit...

You can't blame Russian Propaganda without acknowledging it was tailored to white people. (tweet...

Workers Party Expected to Launch Lula as Candidate in April

One Nation lies about Trump invite, gets caught out, cries 'fake news'

Federal judge: Planned Parenthood can stay in Texas Medicaid program until Feb. 21

Detroit student travels to Washington DC to deliver anti-DeVos message

In Passionate Speech, Detroit Teen Details Importance of Education to Betsy DeVos

Ivanka Trump: Speculation Over First Lady Role Inappropriate

First line of Trump's inaugural speech

Dawnna Dukes Indicted on Charges of Misuse of Public Funds, Tampering with Public Records

I hate to tell you this Trump because of how you may probably react with all your new found power,

Trump to start vacation after inauguration

maybe lewis black can cheer you up for a couple minutes

What Color Will Senor Trumpanzee Be?

November 20, 2017: National Absurdity Day (for real)

BREAKING--AP reports a Russian hacker arrested

Remember when you were a little kid

Ricky Gray's lawyers say his execution may have violated the Constitution

Let America Be America Again

Western Union Admits Anti-Money Laundering and Consumer Fraud Violations, Forfeits $586 Million

Rudy "a-noun-a-verb-and-9/11" Guiliani is now telling 9/11-sex-jokes about the horror of 9/11:

The country formerly known as America will be "governed" by at least 10 Trump Rules

Sheriff Clarke asserts his right to "pre-emptively" beat up anyone who gives him a weird look.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces $50 Million Settlement With Walgreens For Paying Kickbacks

Costco Wholesale to Pay $11.75 Million to Settle Allegations of Lax Pharmacy Controls

Virginia Beach, Norfolk concerned about broadband internet bill in the General Assembly

Remember when Trump considered taking the day off after inauguration-day a bad thing?

Eve Of Destruction by Barry McGuire

Uncle John's Band

Investment Manager Arrested On Fraud And Misappropriation Charges In Swindle

Koerber Charged With Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, And Fraud

The complete guide to every inauguration-protest in the DC area

California Man Pleads Guilty To Defrauding A Native American Tribe, Investors- Over $60 Million

Back to the Future Part II was right.

Senators skeptical of need for new Virginia ABC warehouse

No safety issues that would prevent license for North Anna reactor

Uber is paying $20 million to settle a government lawsuit over driver pay

Richmond investment firm asks court to dismiss widow's suit alleging former partner stole millions

Teens Passionate Poem Inspires Americans To Rise Up Together

Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet

Virginia House approves 'Day of Tears' resolution to encourage half-staff flags over abortion

Set your tv to a non-news channel before work!

White House Lit in Rainbow Colours for President Obama's last night.

Is treason punished these days?

This song and its album could not be more appropriate today:

Florida Man accused of repeatedly having sex with family dog

Dance protest across from Mike Pence's house

Daily Holidays - January 20

It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.....

Handicapping Trumps first 100 days

Uncle Sam Says

What are the odds on the Bible bursting into flames

4 Detainees Transferred From Guantanamo on the Last Full Day of Obama's Presidency

I'm up at 4 AM in San Francisco- Thunder, Lightning, Rain, and charged air!

This Time We Have a Head Start

Thank goodness. Star Trek Next Generation is on BBC America, followed by

Military veterans occupy John McCain's office

ANTI-INAUGURATION TV: If you have Cable/Smart TV, turn them ON--just NOT to Inauguration coverage!


Live cams of the National Mall area:

Obama's Last Interview as president

When they call for unity, remind them of their own track record...

Today, Trump attends "the classified briefing that explains how he can order a nuclear attack."

So annoying to watch some people who claimed there were no real differences btw HRC and Trump

Is Black Attire Being Worn Today

Patti Smith-People Have the Power

How to Survive Trump A handy guide for liberals!

Rigopiano avalanche: Eight found alive in Italy hotel after two days

The Holman Rule Once Allowed Congress to Purge Leftists From Government Agencies - Now It's Back

Police Taser their own race relations adviser in Bristol

Argentine Scientists Watch An Ecosystem Falling Apart As Antarctic Melt Speeds Up

The Trumps' WTF entrance last night to the Rolling Stones' "Heart of Stone" the effing LYRICS.

If you absolutely cannot turn away from this trainwreck, I recommend

Michael Flatley Dead To Us Now, Says Ireland

Guides on How to Resist the Trump Agenda

Researchers identify criteria for 'secular hymns'

Is this something new: rental of driveways on top of rental of apartments?

Women and minorities, especially Blacks, are never given the benefit of the doubt

CNN Exclusive: Inflammatory pastor scheduled to preach to Trump before inauguration

Why Sanders could--or couldn't--have won

This feels like Sitting Shiva.

Beware: new sophisticated Gmail phishing attacks

Meet the woman who helped revive Catholic art after the Reformation

"There will be hell toupe, but we shall overcomb."

Some thoughts from The Rude Pundit

Edelweiss. A good song for today.


A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

The numbers are rigged"

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Orange Julius Caesar


So will Michael Moore do anything today? He said he would. He called for obstruction. He

To all interested

Jon Stewart - Twitter War with Donald Trump

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest

What's Israel's game plan?

End Of The Line

Call Your Senators Office to Confirm or Not to Confirm any Cabinet Position (202) 224-3121

I know I will have to answer for this one day but I loathe the Deplorables who did this to us.

Trump's "It all begins today!" tweet receives a fitting response.

Bloom County never lets me down

Is there ONE, just one

well, we got our fortunate son in the white house now.

Like everything else at college, campus dining halls have become shockingly expensive

The End

Comparing Melania to Jackie Kennedy now?

It's all your fault

Talk about crazy...listen to some of the callers on cspan. They are

Free Speech TV

Inaugural Balls Bring Together Politicians And The Corporations That Can Pay For Them

The dawn of the darkest day in nearly a century

82 (*eighty two*!1) lies from DRUMPF, counted only during the transition

Lewis Black on The Trump Inauguration.

Just "Unfollowed" POTUS, FLOTUS, VPOTUS,

We need a Port Huron Statement for our times

WSJ: Flynn already "overreaching" and fighting with Tillerson, Pompeo for power at State, CIA

Noon Today DOOMSDAY!!!

BLM Activists (and Others) Chain Themselves Blocking Gate(s) to Enter Inauguration (pic heavy)

Rand Paul just described his "replace" ACA plan

George Soros calls Trump a 'would-be dictator' who 'is going to fail'

It's 9am and President Obama Is STILL OUR PRESIDENT-

In honor of our new president, I give you their first group photo...

David Corn: Lindsey Graham wants a full investigation into latest revelations on Trump/Russia ties

Joey Gallant sings beautiful tribute to President Obama.

Conversation at Work this AM

Ever have to bury a loved one?

What Facebook sites do you recommend for vigorous examinations of trump

The Political Cost of Obamacare

We Have More Than Super Rich Around Trump WE HAVE THEOCRATS.

Haberman: Senior Congressional GOP saying privately Trump "seems to have no clarity" on major issues

Democracy Now! Is airing live coverage on LINKTV

Currently watching the movie

Schindler: If Trump tries to shut down IC investigation, the phrase "Russian coup" becomes operative

Gingrich Calls For Firing Of Federal Employees Who Voted For Hillary.

My TV's off right now

Silver Lining: Between the orange one & Melania, I am sure to get lots of exercise in the future...

Thought this song had become irrelevant, it's more relevant than ever!!


A New Presidency Of Disrespect And Disinformation Begins

African-American guy who normally sells socks and scarves in the plaza outside my office...

The talent list for today

Will tRump feel compelled to piss

Americas Trial by Fire Begins Today - Michael Tomasky

Intercepted communications suggest three Cheeto advisors directly linked to Russia: report

After performing 6,000 exorcisms, this priest says the devil fears him

It's going to be a rough day...

Trump as Icarus

Inauguration 2017: Your guide to Metro, road closures, biking, buses and more

Congregate, activate, rejuvenate

Rand Paul: Dumb to buy really sick people any form of insurance

Never fugging forget that ReTHUGs and M$Greedia demanded a peaceful transition

Every excuse performers used to avoid the inauguration

Not to be alarmist but...

Republicans quickly kill Virginia transgender bathroom bill

Helpful traffic information...

So, if you don't want to watch the inauguration or news today...

Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates (NYT)

ACLU files its first FOIA request ("first of many") for info on Trump's conflicts of interest

"The Second Coming"

Just had to enter a date into a document - UGH! - January 20, 2017 . . .

Nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers now skipping Trumps inauguration

A guy walks into a bar.

Well ain't it *spesh-ul* - the judge who torpedoed OBAMA's Dreamers order now says never-mind!1

Gloria Allred Seeking Public Donations to Support Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Trump

The much derided middle did bring down a dictator, one who even declared martial law


Why pink hats at the womens' march?

Now for the really important stuff:

The day after the election I listened to the songs of Leonard Cohen...

BOMBSHELL: 6 Agencies Investigating Russian Aid to Trump Election

The danger of Republican indifference.

Lie or Comedy Gold? Trump Claims to Have Written Own Inauguration Speech

Remember all the stories about how the Clinton's "vandalized" the White House on Faux News in 2001?

Welcome to Donald Trump's Ignorant America (Jesse Berney, Rolling Stone)

I'm speechless. Listen to this intro on pre-inaugural. Outrageous!

Democrats on the Senate intelligence committee threatened to walk out,...

How fitting. 1984 is on Viceland

Currently, there are 2,226,540 people signed up to march tomorrow around the world.

Isis destroys more of Palmyra including Roman amphitheatre, say Syrian authorities

I just looked at the White House website for the last time.

I feel like someone has broken up with me, and I'm not ready for the breakup yet..

So, no more tweets from the horse's ass since he had give up his

I am sorry but Kellyanne has on the ugliest outfit. She looks like she is dressed like

Friday with FRANGELLA!!! is ON!

Zero Political Talk at the Barbershop

Kellyanne Conway looks like she's in the Continental Army

Goodbye America...

Time Zero

"The worst human being ever to enter the presidency, and I include all the slaveholders."

Ashes to ashes, all fall down (Music for today)

Okay. This outfit Kellyanne has on is something my second grader would love

In the NYT article about the investigation into trump's minions, if they didn't have concrete

Obama Says 'Thank You' To Americans As He Leaves Oval Office For Last Time

The Obamas Greet Donald Trump At The White House


Trump trades Android for an unidentified locked-down phone

"If someone was watching from overseas, they'd think a military coup was going on!"

Celebration of the Lizard King - Jim Morrison

Sir Tweetalot and social media ...

Blues For A Blue Day

If you follow Pres Obama (POTUS) /Michelle (FLOTUS) on twitter....unfollow now!

Shocking crime surge THE TRUTH: England, Wales stats now include hacking and fraud

Animal Planet Has Puppies On Until 4 Eastern...

Trump plots re-election 'the old-fashioned way'

Chinese chip shop looks hot to trot as Tsinghua drops $30bn on factory

Blues For A Blue Day

Now is a good time to call Sen Warner's office: he led resistance vs exclusion of tRump collusion

Lewis Prothero... happy day.

Protesters make their mark on Trump's inauguration

Life imitates Art...

Newt Gingrich wants to fire federal employees who voted for Clinton

Democracy Now

Popular vote winner Hillary CLINTON looks *smashing* and in high spirits!1

If he does not bray like an ass, he will have exceeded my expectations nt

Rev. Barber: Its time to prepare for #MoralResistance

The butcher's bill has come due: President Donald Trump is about to victimize his own voters

Schumer: Democrats will fight Trump 'tooth and nail'

That is one sparse crowd.

LOL: The Lonely Inauguration

Blessing for the Women's March

Pic Of The Moment: Farewell, Mr. President

Trump's Inauguration Speech is supposed to be about 20 minutes long -

We Are Not Giving Up - Bernie Sanders

Please tell me

We Are Not Giving Up - Bernie Sanders

Jared, Ivanka: You're our only hope

Anyone remember the show Carnivale ??

The story of a gullible chump who is getting Trumped

How many of you will wake up...

Brokaw is gaga and Todd's in way over his head.

Trump looks like a slob next to POTUS

The Calendar for 1950 is the same as 2017!

Even GWB looks mortified

Wow. George Bush looked like he was fighting back tears.

Keeping it real

The toes they stepped on yesterday will be attached to the foot that goes up their ass tomorrow


Kellyanne Conway wearing Paddington Bear

Time to give them a taste of their own medicine....

Am I the only one crying?

Time to give them a taste of their own medicine.... II

The beatings will continue until you join the normalization process.

2 Photos: Bernie Sanders at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.

Hillary Clinton has more class, dignity, honor, and integrity in her pinky finger...

Anonymous To Trump: You Are Going To Regret The Next 4 Years

Did you just see W snub Bill and Hillary?

RT on SlingTV? betcha

Corporate Take Over

OMG, Baron looks so uncomfortable, almost terrified.

Oh @KellyannePolls, it's #Inauguration Day: not a costume fitting for community theater revival

Raiders' Derek Carr wins AFC offensive player of the year

Raiders' Derek Carr wins AFC offensive player of the year

Am I the only one here who's


Don't forget!

Obama Signs Off From @POTUS Account, Rolls Out New Website


The man about the become president had to pay $25 million to Americans he ripped off

A friend's FB post just now:

Hillary Clinton Arrives Wearing Suffragette White

House Dems Wear ACA 'Protect Our Care' Pins To Inauguration

Wow, the crowd is SPARSE

Just wanted to start one last thread while the Obama Administration still exists.

Reich Wing Didn't Invite One Person to Putin's Puppet Installment Who Embodies Their Values

If you need strength today, be like Daphnis

I've added some more about my 2016 misadventure to my journal.

Obama tweets final message from White House, announces new website

Paul Ryan

Window-breakers dressed in black

My state has a sense of humor

What a miserable looking piece of shit.

CBS: Joe Biden will go home to DE...on Amtrak

In Last Tweet, White House Features John Lewis Who Skipped Inauguration

Some Last Words On The First Black President

One moment of sweetness...FreeRepublic DOWN!

Twelve Movies About American Demagoguery

It just started raining here in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The angels are crying!

LOOKS like its time for another TEAM UP!

Don Jon Il is on the podium.

Whenever Trump gives his signature thumbs up gesture

Jeezus H. Right wingers really don't get sarcasm do they.

He kissed poor Michelle. That would be like getting kissed by ______________

Austrian party founded by Nazis is in D.C. for political meetings

Soros Says Markets to Slump With Trump, EU Faces Disintegration

THIS is the ACTUAL photo of the mall as Trump appears:

Can't stand listening to the MSM today

Fuck You, Mark Burnett.

I feel her pain...

Crowd Baselines

Lack of a Message and Overconfidence are Reasons Hillary Clinton lost in 2016

This msg has been flown over New York harbor twice this morning: "We Outnumber Him--Resist!"

It's my turn to read from the fairy tale book

I KNEW IT! The excuses for low turnout are already popping up from the Trumplodytes

I turned it on. So far 3 Christian pastors giving Christian prayers

oh GAWD.... KellyAnne Conway..

Former Bush staffer: Trump is worse than all the slaveholder presidents

I keep flashing on this...

All 3 Sierra mountain snow sections well above normal for the date

Schumer is speaking at Inauguration

Drink of the day

Trump will try to get revenge on America for this:

"I, Dickhead Trump....." Wait, what's that? Is it, my god, it's

'In this man I see my abuser' Sexual assault survivors project powerful messages to Trump supporters

Into the sunset - Thanks for the memories-It ended too soon

I can't watch

No Retreat....No Surrender...

Hillary Booed?

Photo: POTUS and FLOTUS receive their flags from the first and last day.

So *that*'s what Clarence's voice sounds like!1 n/t

If he says, in his speech that he wrote 'like family, we should learn to get along'

Trump's swearing in will held up 1to 2 hours

All at one time -

Thanks Joe!

BREAKING: Metro system for Washington DC just tweeted....

Kellyanne CONway showing to whom she's really pledged her allegiance.

"Dictator" by Diaura-- Sung in Japanese, Lyrics listed in ENGLISH

'Jazz funeral for Lady Liberty' leads morning protest Jan. 20 (New Orleans)

After me....the Deluge. Jeebus H Christ.......Some White People.

Michael Moore In TrumpLand: "Trump is the Human Molotov Cocktail"

The only thing of beauty I've seen today...a new beginning

Metro transit in DC trolls Donald Trump during his inauguration

one of these days i'm gonna lay this hammer down.

Melania Trump Victory Tour CNN (PARODY) Interview

For those of you who are NOT watching the inauguration...

January 20, 2017, 12:00 Noon EST ...

Our long national nightmare has now begun

1,459 days left nt

"Trump has a dream Too" - Mark Fiore,...

Happy birthday DU :)

Trump sworn in, marking a transformative shift in the country's leadership

"People of the World... thank you."

America Held Hostage - Day 1

As Trump begins to speak, the rain begins......n/t

Jesus Christ. The orange oaf is giving a campaign speech, very divisive.


Mendelsohn to take us 'through' the moment, and more coming up.

Inauguration Day 2017: Celebration and chaos greet Trumps ascension


Josh Marshall TPM - "A Few Thoughts on Entering the Trump Era"

Wishing this was his last look at freedom....

Is America great again yet?

i see white people....

Is it just me, or is he still speaking like he's campaigning for the partisan primary? nt

So it starts to rain as soon as Trump takes over

What a fucking liar !!!!

Here comes the sniffing!

He only snorts when he lies

Trump Welcomed To The White House With Legal Action Related To Violations Of The Law

Bookmakers: Late Flood of Pre-Inauguration Money on Trump Being Impeached or Resigning

An Inaugural Celebration That Rings Hollow,...

I just changed my avatar to the upside down flag.

Another campaign speech

The new website

This is bad, he's specifically targeting black people as the cause of all problems. nt

trump shits on Obama Presidency...a rousing FUCK YOU don trump.

My GOD. This is the most anti-Amerian speech I have ever heard. Carnage?

The Idiot in Chief is blustering the most outrageous, despicable excuse for an inaugural speech

Amazing, that Vladimir Putin.

Good,Lord! Trump's Speech!!!!

Chants of "Lock her up!" heard from crowd

The weather looks better for DC tomorrow

Hillary Clinton Tweets She's at Inauguration 'To Honor Our Democracy and It's Enduring Values'

In recognition of post #5,000, may I just say...

Oath of office

Remember: Trump wrote the speech himself!

Did he just launch a holy war?

I am no expert but how can the markets go up after this mad speech? He is really Putin's pawn.

Michael Smerconish nails it...

"We will be protected by God!" Jeebus, save us from a theocracy. nt

Its sad for all the the vetrans

Absolute proof there is no God.

Maybe Trump did write this speech

Not. My. President.

Just curious. Why do you think that so many elected Democrats...........

BTRTN: Blind Transition: Assuming Power the Trump Way

This speech sounds tailor made to incite a terrorist attack...

Classless SOB took a damn curtain call!

No more words needed. #trump #inauguration #InaugurationDay2017 Pic 2009 vs today

Chill out - Cool pixs of Walking On Frozen Baikal, Deepest And Oldest Lake On Earth

Robert De Niro Blasts Trump: Hes a Bad Example of This Country FULL: Anti-Trump Protest youtube


Rain is God's Blessing.

January 23rd... when the tRump wrecking crew...

Boy that Christian fundamentalist thing went WAY too far. Not my America.

Fuck Franklin Graham

In Trump We Trust: Inauguration prompts celebration in Russia

Read The Letter Chuck Schumer Read At Trump's Inauguration

Damn, how many more preachers and prayers are there going to be ???


Need I Say More

Now that Obama is done... Did you get your pony?

Donald Trump has Finally Spoken the Truth

End of an Error Countdown Clock

How can you give a speech where you try to insult President Obama? You dick!

I am at work. Did the jerk walk?

Who the hell chair dances to the "Star Spangled Banner"? Only an F'ing lunatic!!!

Wow! Hillary just shook hands with Jason Chaffetz n/t

Amerika Uber Alles

There was a "lock her up" chant-Fuck the Deplorables

Obama Must Have Been Cringing. I Am Sure Hillary Was Cringing Too.

Are Twittler's supporters wearing

it's official, trump couldn't care less about you, if you didn't vote for him.

Ellen DeGeneres Pays Tribute To The Obamas,...

"Do you believe this shit?"

Damn, what a bad time to be out of weed.

Next up: Obama departs.

Perhaps Barack and Michelle Obama have left the White House, but their not done yet....

To quote Star Wars...

update of unfollowing POTUS and FLOTUS on twitter

market reacts to donnie taking over:

Fuggen Kool-Aid drinkers.

Try again. Good words

Welp friends...

My daughter was at the inauguration and was reduced to tears.

Trump's new @POTUS Twitter account is using a stock photo from Obama's inauguration

Michelle looks unhappy. Being genuine, knowing what's coming into office.

Well, there went a half-hour I'll never get back

I'm glad the Obama daughters were not around drumf today

While away this dreaded Day - Top 100 songs of 2016

CREW files complaint against Trump over hotel before inaugural speech is over.

Trump's inaugural speech transcript:

Ca is the resistance for the next 4 years

Is there going to be a big parade where Trump tours DC?

That was a warmed over campaign speech

It's a riot at 7th & Pennsylvania Ave NW

Seen in the comments on 538 live blog:

Michelle sure as hell didn't like the orange anus mouth kissing her.

WE are the silver lining

'Tiny hands, tiny crowds': Internet laughs at puny crowds at Trump's inauguration

Trump's new Twitter background is a sad dupe

Meanwhile at the Inaugural

Saying F that guy for the next four years

Now the countdown begins to our version of the Reichstag fire

Gee, right at 12 noon...

Chuck Todd on Trump's Speech: 'It Felt as Though He Almost Was Insulting Every Living President'

Well, we are waiting. What's the holdup?

Trump's Ball a Bust-(Forgive me for bringing up his name here today)

Has anybody heard the speech in its original German ?

My new Twitter avatar

And he's already tweeting.

ACLU Officially Filed Their First Legal Action Against President Trump

I don't think america is a shit hole.

Melania giving Michelle her speech back

Trump said to elevate Ajit Pai to FCC chairman

I just took these photos of President Obama flying away in Marine One

"Dark, scary, authoritarian. Legally the president, not legitimately. We outnumber if band together"

In honor of today's inauguration

The official George W. Bush/Trump inaugural reaction shot thread

298.6-That's what the scale said when I hopped on it today.

White House climate change webpage disappears after Trump's inauguration

All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website

How did we just swear a President in that paid off

Dubya was prepared for anything, even golden showers

I hear there's a really great community organizer looking for work in DC

DOW's been dropping since 12:04 EST

He Xeroxed the Convention Speech do I change my avatar to the upside down flag.....

East Timor punished for changing birth certificates to hire Brazilian players

How int he world do the pundits get the analysis of what they think

Wired: Rogue scientists-turned-heroes race to save climate data

Every time I see Twitler's name , I say " who ?"

Obama speaking LIVE msnbc

Propane tank detonated by Boston police car, no one hurt

Propane tank detonated by Boston police car, no one hurt

Trump's official picture from

Nancy Sinatra is no fan of the Orange man/child.

Photos: the crowd at Donald Trumps inauguration vs. Barack Obamas

Sad, Trumps New Twitter Background Is a Photo From the Inauguration of Barack Obama

For the first time since 1970, Joe Biden is not an elected official

Hillary meets Darth Vader on stage - Beauty and the Beast

If Trump wants things to be "made in America" why is all his stuff made in China ?

President Obama still live on span online

Donald Trump Plagiarized Bane in His Inaugural Speech

My heart breaks

U.S. air strike in Syria kills more than 100 al Qaeda members: defense official

Please grade Donald Drumpf's Inauguration speech

To those of you watching the great American horror show

Trump is signing a proclamation for a "National Day of Patriotism"

So, on the farm, when a dog keeps killing chickens...

How Most Of Us Feel Right Now

There will never be a tangerine shit gibbon like this one.

God is not against building walls! The sermon Trump heard from Robert Jeffress before his inaugura

Barron is charming playing with the other kids

"Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan

Just watched Barron Trump playing peekaboo with an infant.

Large police presence on CCC might be related to search for suspect in officer killing (New Orleans)

With credit to my dear friend J Han

The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun


Can tRump maintain fidelity to Melania for four years?

Trump Is In Violation Of His Oath Of Office. He Didn't Divest. He Must Be Impeached.

KO: Trumps Devious Plan to Destroy the White House Press Corps Increase the number or reporters? W

Trump's First Budget Hacks at Women, Minorities, and the Environment

One for the history books...

White House climate change webpage disappears after Trump's inauguration

Democracy has FAILED

Photos: Farewell Wave from POTUS 44

If you are feeling down, watch 2009 inaguration videos.

Trump quotes Bane (Batman villain) in inaug speech!

And it begins

Duty Calls Us

'America First': Trump uses slogan once aimed at appeasing Nazi regime

Hello fellow Atheists. How welcome do you feel in your country

KO: Boycott the Inauguration Nothing irks Trump more than you not paying attention to him

The White House has already taken down the climate change page.

The family's all here - Barron, Tiffany, Vladimir, Jared, Ivanka #Inauguration

Trump Signs Measure Granting Mattis Waiver To Serve As Defense Secretary

Who is the woman seated between Schumer and Melania?

These last 2 months have really sucked

Watchdog: DT is already in violation of his hotel lease with the Fed govt.

"Keep America Great"? - Heard this before...

Survival is not the answer to the challenge we face

US airstrike said to kill 100-plus al-Qaida in Syria

Which Batman villain does Donald Drumpf remind you most of?

Departing Obama Tearfully Shoos Away Loyal Drone Following Him Out Of White House

Gambia crisis: Jammeh misses second deadline to step down

Did anyone notice how sparse the National Mall looked?

103 protest permits issued today- usually its 10-12 ...

Trump: "Buy American! Hire American!"

11 Facts That Matter Even More Now That Donald Trump Is President

Trump's ultranationalism will not serve us well

I have Medicare and I have a

The We the People Petition page is still up!

MSNBC showing a protest turning violent

Trump Wanted Soviet Style Inaugural Parade with Tanks and Missiles

Your Day-One Guide to President Trumps Conflicts of Interest

MSNBC: Protesters clashing with police!

CBS, CNN: Mrs Trump is the new Jakie O

UPDATED Photos INFO: Police use pepper spray on protesters in Washington DC

Anyone have any experience with debt reduction firms?

I just saw Chris Christie.

Fallen officer Michael Louviere was war veteran, father of two, Westwego police chief says

Climate change prompts Alaska fish to change breeding behavior

What are the best sites to watch the protests on the internet? Thanks!

Elizabeth Warren just filed a bill that could lead to Trump's impeachment

Our new symbol

Raw: Anti-Trump Protesters Pepper-Sprayed

My new name for the new "first couple": Vlad's Vassal and the First Floozy.

Donald Trump inauguration protests: Violence breaks out as protesters smash windows and clash with p

How to stay involved in politics between elections (article

Ed Schultz is talking up Donald Drumpf on Russia Today.

Get Angry! Get Outraged! Get Pissed!

Today's petitions

In this era of Fuckeries, Maxine Waters is my Patronus

Jackie Evancho singing at Inauguration

Resist! For Baby Boomers

If you don't follow Swear Trek on twitter, you absolutely should...

"I'm keeping my eye on you, Donald."

I thought Trump's inauguration speech was very touching.

O'Keefe found takers for his pay to riot offer. Trump's strategy to block tomorrow's Women's March?

Don't we need something to replace 2016 Post-Mortem?

I'm devastated

Why not Howard Dean to head the DNC?

BTRTN: Blind Transition: Assuming Power the Trump Way

Watch this video. Nobody to greet the King.

By Sunday, Trump will have set a new record:

Reaction by Law Enforcement and Security to Protestors

In one of first Trump admin. orders, Dept of Housing & Urban Dev. suspends reduction of FHA annual m

Donald Trumps First Twitter Background as President Was Photo From the Inauguration of Barack Obama

Freepers still hacked - the only good news today

What has Trump done for you lately??

Johnny Manziel claims to be sober, wants another chance at NFL

Joe did us proud, friends, and shows how we called it right for all these years.

My friend, a vet with one arm, took on a Cheeto jackass by the blueberries this morning

Someone has been flying this over the New York Harbor today..

I think it is safe to say that the Congress members that chose to not attend the inaugural...

LGBT rights, Civil rights, Climate change, Health Care - gone from

Pro-Marijuana activists hand out 4,200 free joints to Anti-Donald Trump protesters

"Pride(In The Name of Love)" -U2

The cat head buttons on Kellyanne Conway's military coat seem to be sending a message

morford: The day democracy died: An epitaph

Libyans say Trump reminds them of Muammar Gaddafi: NBC foreign correspondent

This House of Cards season 5 preview feels appropriate right now

How Much Drought Can a Forest Take?

Obama administration's parting shot to Trump: Obamacare ads will run through end of January, well af

Flowers of the Night - Kantner, Slick and Freiberg

Trumps Dark, Weird, Inaugural Campaign Speech

White House removes climate change web page, along with other key progressive sections

Virginia House approves 'Day of Tears' resolution to encourage half-staff flags over abortion

Donald Trumps Dark, Narrow Inauguration

Fair and balanced poll

Violent protesters MASKED!!!??? at the Inauguration! False Flag?

Violent protesters MASKED!!!??? at the Inauguration! False Flag?

So Did Trump Write His Own Speech Or....

Planes full of Nasty Women headed to DC

Guardian editorial: Trump's inaugural speech "a declaration of political war"

This is my president...

Who will be the first soldier, sailor, airman or marine to die at tRumps behest?

Awesome - tRumps first petition online now - please sign

Mantra for the Day: does this work? Are the 1st wives kids the 1st children, and the others are

From FB from a former Republican:

for $800 in the category "US Presidents":

Any SoCal residents online.

Can I post a submission from my smartphone?

Bernie Sanders arriving to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration

White House LGBT rights page has disappeared. EOM

From a FB post - sums up my feelings.

Just checking to see if President Puss-Pocket....

Right out of the box, P. Pussygrabber makes it harder to own a home

I'm confused about when all crime will stop.

Off. Then on. Off again.

The Postmortem forum is closed.

Time To Get Revenge

Games of Thrones called it

Fuck the President.

Nigel Farage to become commentator on Rupert Murdoch's Fox News

Trump's Speech Gave Us America the Ugly. Don't Let It Become Prophesy - By Frank Rich

LOL, Trump fans say few attended inauguration because "we work."

"The new White House website making shit really clear"

The System Has Failed and a Con Artist Has Won - By Jonathan Chait

That "other" website is fitting.

Honeybees appear to be swarming in W. PA

New poll shows Obamacare is more popular than Donald Trump

SCTV: DiMaggio's On The Wharf

"Respect for the Office"

Donald Trumps First Twitter Background as President Was a Photo From the Inauguration of Barack Oba

Trump Says He Was 'Very Honored' By Clintons' Attendance At Inauguration

The most powerful man in the world is Petition to Release the Tax Returns

Dear Mr. Trump: Heres what readers hope to see from your presidency

In my first and second acts of rebellion

In the next few days, watch the inside pages of major

"And what is important...ESPECIALLY for THIS first lady...the GLASS is from SLOVENIA!"

Some wise words from Rev. Barber (Moral Monday & NC NAACP)

Eugene Robinson: The Trump era is a leap in the dark

The ultimate crowd comparison pics

Trump speech transcript........

Anyone else noice this?

Why I Hate Republicans

Did Pence ever acknowledge Biden?


How much you want to bet he gets out of the car in front of his hotel? Or not at all.

Secret Message was found in Trump's Speech :)

All hail the President of the Twelve Colonies, Gaius Baltar.

Trying to sign the petition for Trump to release Tax records at the WH page...


So did anyone cry besides me?

For the first time...a donor gets invited to the traditional Congressional Lunch with the President

well, I'll say this...

Nigel Farage, Who Helped Lead Brexit, to Be Fox News Contributor

Any pictures anywhere of the zillions of motorcycle guys and the wall of meat?

The Damage Already Done by Trump's Presidency

Watching C-Span....tight, tight security.

I just came across this drawing of trump and Lady Liberty:

Build A Levee

More Than Three Hundred Million Americans Now Enrolled in Trump University

WaPo's Jennifer Rubin's ripping today...

TPM - "He Xeroxed the Convention Speech"

Trump's inaugural address offers nothing to soothe the worst fears about him

Trump adviser cancels veterans ball, citing security reasons but money was an issue, too

The pee-king gotta be fuming...

Activism Planning Is As Important As Showing Up (w/guest Christina Gorczynski)(Pt 2)

White House website promotes Melania Trump's modeling and jewelry line

The Trump Sexual Assault Case Isn't Going Away... (w/Guest: Gloria Allred)

Proud to say, I have not watched one second of our National Farce today!

Sundance has gone.

Trump on parade route: jeering protesters, anti-Trump signs

Long in the market? Still time to get out, b4 nxt TrickleDownDereg disaster

As far as I'm concerned Obama is still President

Can we get a subgroup of LBN that is a single spot to post threads that summarize executive

It Can't Happen Here!

Is he getting booed? Hard to tell from the TV.

Doing better

NOW: Thank you protestors!

I guess Obama won't get his security deposit back

The Guardian: DT's speech was bitter, blowhard, and banal.

Tweet from DeVos

The United States taking out the Trump

president pindick stole obamas inauguration photo

Trump Inauguration Speech: God's people live together in unity.

I'd rather watch a Guy Fieri marathon than one second of tRump. n/t

Watchdog Group Urges GSA To Find Trump Hotel In Breach Of Lease

CNN has just turned into Faux

Seward, Alaska-a photograph that reminds me of what's ahead for Trump

Trump, Russia, and the News Story That Wasnt (Why did the New York Times sit on the story?)

This, in case there was any confusion, is an actual Piece of Shit Used Car Salesman:

First Petition: Immediately release Donald Trump's full tax returns, w/ all information need

Tweet from former adviser to Ronald Reagan

What's for Dinner, Fri., Jan 20, 2017

Stephen Colbert: Trump's Inauguration: This is Really Happening

Potemkin on the Potomac greets Trump on his inaugural parade. nt

Guess Trump doesn't want to chance getting that squirrel nest hair wet so hiding in the limo...


Some say what worries them about DT is they don't know what he will do next. That's not what bothers

Anyone heard from Cornell West and "his take" on Pres trumps?

What is truly disheartening....

Limo on fire in D.C. Anti-Trump protest

Obama's has been archived

Are you reading the parade comments?


Who needs a beautiful song to help get through this? Here is it. "You Can't Kill Light"

Limo on fire outside the Washington Post...

Melania is going to demand a foot massage after walking in heels all day. Job opening for 'murican!1 pages for climate change, healthcare, civil rights and LGBT no longer exist. THIS IS

Israeli Intelligence Agencies to Netanyahu: Dont Push Trump to Revoke Iran Deal

Cliff Notes of Trump's speech

ProPublica: NO record in FL, DE, or NY of Trump resigning from his companies

Quote of the Day

Great to see our media continue to NOT do it's job...

Something's Up with Twitler wanting to be Compared to the Kennedys

I want some of whatever the people who created "A Dog's Purpose" are smoking.

Remembering Jim Letherer--Selma, 1965

Lawrence on MSNBC now..

The con just got in the limo to ride back to the WH. Don't they usually walk the whole way? nt

stop calling them conflicts of interest!

A tribute to a great President. OBAMA - not the new one.

just scanning thread titles here. This is a perfect time to remember the media bubble

We'll be watching horror movies to avoid listening to the Trump crap. What about you?

So which is greater, Clinton votes over Trumps or his supporters who showed up today?

Words used in speeches - just a reminder of Trump and Hitler's collected speeches

Make America great again.

Trump supports the "forgotten"

Even Seats In FRONT OF WHITE HOUSE Are Empty.

This Woman Flipped Off Trump During His First Speech As President -

Trumps First Act As President Is To Raise Mortgage Rates On Struggling Homeowners

No Joke, Trumps New Slogan Is The Same One From The Purge

The viewing stands in front of the White House

1929 when America was great.

How Democrats Paved the Way for the Confirmation of Trump's Cabinet

The Trumpster Strikes Back! The Trumpster Threatens Gotham!

LOL! The insecure one has an incredibly smarmy bio at

Joe Biden welcomed home...

Cannot Wait For State Of The Union Speech. It Should Really Be A Doozy.

Chaffetz thanks Clinton for her service while promising the email 'investigation continues'

One Of President Trumps First Acts Will Cost Homeowners Millions Of Dollars

BREAKING: Crowd count for inauguration...250,000

Obama says Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson was the 'Designated Survivor' who skipped the inaugur

Claire McCaskill Scolds Rioters: Nothing More Un-American Than Protesters Who Arent Peaceful

Redesigned White House website plugs Melania Trump's QVC jewelry line

Made America Great Again


best photoshop of the day

"he betrayed those who voted for him."

US soldier Bowe Bergdahl seeks charge dismissal over Trump comments

They're PISSING AND WHINING that we won't get along with him

piss off the yam...share this (& that homophobe Pence)

Waiting for my ride -- just checking to see that DU is still here

Jesus Christ, they can't put on a parade. Late, getting dark, stands empty.

Concert For America on now live:

Teens Passionate Poem Inspires Americans To Rise Up Together

This whole damn inaugural whatever is an F'ing circus!

Ooh...bad camera angle

Senate confirms retired Gen. James Mattis as defense secretary, breaking with decades of precedent

How Democrats Paved the Way for the Confirmation of Trump's Cabinet

Trump calls himself the unity POTUS..look at what he is doing to "unify" the country.

How do we stay hopeful?

President Barack Obama Exits With Long List Of Accomplishments Rachel Maddow MSNBC

Button yer fucking coat and at least try to look like a president instead of a fucking wise guy.

Who will be trump's taste tester???

Trump's claim that Obama is the worst president ever is destroyed!

Trump Department of Justice Seeks to Postpone Hearing on Texas Photo ID Case

BREAKING: Senate has approved appointment of Gen. James Mattis as SecDef

Obama opted not to act on presidential pardon request in Bowe Bergdahl's desertion case

Chuck Todd: Trump Insulted Every Living President; Brokaw: He Insulted All Politicians Point Blank

A most dreadful inaugural address, George Will

I know some will be annoyed but

Whitehouse pages for LGBT and other social rights pages deleted...

It could be worse

President-elect Donald Trump: 'I don't like tweeting'

Did anyone else catch Roy Blunt dis the Mo. State Chorus?

First petition on

Barack and Michelle Obama wave goodbye to Washington

The Trump delivery system

At 10 pm you can turn on the tele / HBO / also streaming live on youtube / Bill Maher back TONIGHT

The incomparable Michelle Obama pretty much sums it up

Yes I do , yes I do.

Look on the bright side.

Pence wouldn't even shake Hillary's hand at the inaugurination.

Parade route from the Capitol to the White House. . .

Place Your Bets Everyone

Who was the Republican operative who paid people to act like Dems being violent?

So when is the first Black Lifes Matter Protest of 2017

OK... who needs a little pick-me-up? Click here and you won't be disappointed (WMoW)

I'm Scared- NPR seems all pro Trump now. Like Twighlight Zone!

Trumps Planned Elimination of Violence Against Women Grants Is Pure Cruelty

Did Trump get his 20 plane military flyover?

Larsen ice crack continues to open up

Omg, the lawyer who defended NC's anti-trans HB2 bill

Live: Athens,GA protest: #Inaugurate the Resistance

Today is when the people that piss about "participation trophies" will celebrate

Trump has not yet resigned from his companies...he lied again

So I read the inauguration speech.

I Am Somewhat Relieved and Hopeful

On purity, compromise, core values and moving forward.

Sheriff: Man fatally shoots wife he thought was a burglar

This Is Why Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Upset About the Womens March

Guy claims Trump protesters kicked his butt and gave him a black eye....

Charges: Cop left out gun that girl, 8, used to kill herself

Trumps epic inaugural failure - By Scot Lehigh GLOBE COLUMNIST

Best reaction to the Inauguration I have seen today ( pic)

I'm already counting down the days until this nightmare is over.

The Latest: Sheriff: Staff overpowered armed Ohio student

Best photos I could find to show how many were at Obama's inauguration vs Trump's

Trump requested missile launchers and tanks for the parade

I request an upside flag emoji for these next four years please. Thank you. eom

Mother sues to stop Bible classes in West Virginia schools

Broad City - Inauguration - Uncensored

Suggestion: Use ANY AND ALL funds left over from the campaign on voter registration/re-registration

The Trump Promise Tracker

hey asshole, it's day one, where's the wall?

How many here participated in Swearing in Trump?

Rover finds strange rock on Mars surface

I finally turned on TV to watch a little of the parade. It was absolutely pitiful.


that speech will go down in the history books, eh?

OMFG - House Of Cards Goes There!

Barack and Joes Secret Code


Pressure to show the inauguration again at my high school, even know the was not the case in 2008.


I just heard Obama's plane go by my house

Why does he never button his jacket?



Getting Happy with BET - a great escape

Some interesting quotes from an interesting man.

Seattle Council Mike O'Brian chairs meeting wearing pink 'pussy' hat

Is this true? I am being serious AF

George W. Bush lending dignity to the Inauguration.

'House of Cards' Drops Dark Season 5 Teaser on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day

Canadians traveling to inauguration turned away at U.S. border

Italy avalanche: ten found alive at hotel

Bright Light Social Hour drops unity rock jam Tear Down That Wall

Obama Foundation


Biden Bro Memes!

i swear it to you on my common woman's head,

Some pictures from the Inauguration Parade.

'It's made in Vietnam!' At inauguration, origin of red Trump hats shocks many

The GSA Canceled a Planned Statement About Trumps Hotel-Lease Issue

We all knew this day was coming.

I hope Obama took the nuclear codes with him or at least gave blotus the wrong ones.

Bernie Sanders Was the Only Appropriately Dressed Man at the Inauguration (Update)

Just a reminder, ULA launch tonight

Woman Who Gave Trump The Finger Has Given The Internet Strength

Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' pleads not guilty in U.S. court