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After GOP pressure, Texas Supreme Court takes gay marriage case

After GOP pressure, Texas Supreme Court takes gay marriage case

Trump trades in Android phone for Secret Service-approved device

So... CNBC has this program on tonight...

take heart. Only 1,460 days left* in "its" presidency

Fox News Poll: Obamacare is more popular than Donald Trump

Had to turn Chris Matthews off and switch to a Gillian's Island episode

Chris Matthews needs a fact checker


I'm oddly not worried.

Did you see KellyAnne's costume today?

Obama's twitter account 81 million followers.

Now that the anointing is over, can we concentrate now on what is really important?

Night has fallen.

The violent protesters today did far more damage than broken windows and barrel fires.

George W. Bush fights with rain poncho at inauguration, strikes internet gold

Watch neo nazi Richard Spencer get sucker punched at inauguration.

I Will Leave You With A Prediction

There are no cans.

Graphic CCTV footage appears to shows blind and mentally ill man being shot dead by California polic

Van Jones: Obama fixed what Bush broke now Trump wants to break what Obama fixed

Trump signs exec order telling agencies to "ease burden" of Obamacare. No more details yet.

January 20 2017 is a day that will live in infamy in the annals of human history

Police Taser race group founder in the face 6 hours ago

Pope urges Trump to show concern for poor, be guided by ethical values

Pope urges Trump to show concern for poor, be guided by ethical values

Trump's Inaugural address in synthesis:

Revolution, ritual and pomp: Donald Trump's inauguration is pure political theatre

Mexican governor: Cancer children given water instead of chemotherapy

Mexican governor: Cancer children given water instead of chemotherapy 19 January 2017 Mexican auth

bill maher will be back that night. guests include

Trump supporters criticizing

A Face In The Crowd

WOW I just heard Thunder here in THE CITY by the BAY....

Asked why I did not watch the inauguration, I firmly said

Amazon culture clash over Brazil's dams

Amazon culture clash over Brazil's dams

LOL Here's the latest Maralix post!

How do you leave the woman who called out the bastard motherfucker for 12 months.

Chris Matthews just repeated the lie about Trump getting 29 percent of the Latino vote.

This 35-Year-Old Mayor From Indiana Is Wowing National Democrats

The PR POTUS: Trump signs exec orders, staff gives out headlines, won't give any details

From another time. Lest we forget (NSFW)

A metre of snow falls in the Sahara desert

Hillary's name needs to be chanted out at every opportunity tomorrow

Tasteless Trump has redecorated the Oval Office -- gold drapes and couches

Pete Souza's parting shot:

Cheetoman reminds me of this guy.

D.C. businesses embrace diversity for inaugural weekend but not white nationalists

Richard Spencer (Neo-Nazi) cold cocked:

Today was a terrible day. Time to chose sides, if you already haven't

Trump Signs Executive Order To 'Ease The Burdens Of Obamacare'

Hail to the Chief.

News reporting over 10,000 protesters downtown Portland.

Did not watch any of the "events" but news showed Hillary standing there

OZ Open - Jennifer Brady #208

Some text from Trump exec order on Obamacare -- can anyone decipher this?

It's Obama's LAST Day!!

Missouri Unions want public vote on "Right to Work"

Luckovich Toon - A Yuuuuuuge Crowd

Flights packed with women's march participants are cheering all the way to DC.

Obama bio on has been messed with

tRump grabs America by the pussy, carnage ensues.

Cuba says 'yes' to English as tourism flourishes

Without Democratic help, Republicans cannot govern.

How to tell if baby is awake back there

The Obama White House, from the man behind the lens - get your hanky

Honor Hillary with your heart

Conan: Trump calls Obama on the eve of his inauguration

Join me in saluting the new Commander-in-Chief

Hideous Trump a disgrace for European protesters

OUTSOURCED! to Heritage Foundation

Trump won't succeed unless we let him.

One of his more presidential moments....

So the Dump team booked a kiddie brass pop band for the Inaugural Ball?

2NE1 - '안녕 (GOODBYE)' M/V

I think everyone should participate in the march.

Some tunes for the inauguration....

FACT CHECK: Trump starts on familiar note: with exaggeration

The Co-Chair of the Womens March actively campaigned against Hillary Clinton

After Trump pledges America First, the world responds with protests and dismay

one of my idols Margaret Atwood on Don and the Arts

TIME: How the Women's March has united progressives of all stripes.

Obama Toasts Away His Presidency With Tears and Thanks

Watch Joe Biden Leave Washington D.C. on Amtrak After Donald trump's Inauguration

OMG.... watching the inaugural ball is like watching an episode of

The Latest: Defeated Gambia Leader Says Relinquishing Power

Richard Spencer gets his bell rung.

On the plus side, Richard Spencer got punched in the face today.

Trump begins with call to kill climate action plan

There's a bomber overhead.

There are two types of men in the world

WTF!?!?! Just saw this tweet from AP:

Texas Supreme Court upholds appellate court ruling in $9 million McKinney park case

An early warning for "President" Trump.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! America Held Hostage, Day 1! Live, Uncensored &

Face it. You need this.

Hillary supporters are upset about not honoring her at the march because its like a slap in the face

has anyone commented on his snorting today?

code word white people

American Carnage- Either A Heavy Metal Concert Tour -OR-

American carnage

I don't know about you but I am not one people with any Deplorable.

Rober Reich: Trump's infrastructure scam

This still works in many ways!

A daring escape? Concern leads feds to block release of Dallas couple in health care fraud case

So DT's 2 Rules are buy American and hire American

Decrying 'sanctuary cities,' Texas Gov. Greg Abbott threatens to cut millions to Travis County

Trump just fired the the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration and his deputy

The secret to surviving the Trump years with one's sanity intact...

I love Rick Steves: He has an inauguration special today: Buy anything and 100% goes to ACLU.

Check out this House of Cards teaser released today of all days!

Trump DOJ Signals Shift By Asking For Delay In Texas Voter ID Case

HB2 lawyer to be head of Civil Rights Division (Not Confirmed)

Please remember to unfollow @POTUS @FLOTUS @VP @WHITEHOUSE @PRESSSEC

Watch Former President Obama, Michelle Obama Announce New Endeavor

Trump parade empty seats explained - maybe the red MAGA hats have a cloaking device

It seems Canada and Germany are the only large western democracies left opposing Deplorabilism

Larsen ice crack continues to open up

Tip for Alec BALDWIN: Suggestion for the TIE, needs to hang down to the knees

Please stop doing this.

Words Donald Trump said for the first time in any U.S. inaugural address in history

Trump just said

Melania has bigger hands than generalissimo

WTF, Sinatra's Farewell Song- What A Sad Fuck

Umm...FUCK YOU, Chaffetz!

Afterwords, Biden took the train back to Wilmington.

O.K., all of the Children of the Corn family are dancing themselves into a tizzy - next, 50 Shades

I thought Republicans hate executive orders?

Biden meme. Friday edition

many of the stands were empty today

What SHOULD be in the Democratic platform in '18 and '20(in addition to what's there now)?

See Roger Waters Begin Trump Resistance With 'Pigs' Live Video

Why don't Canadians embrace Deplorabilism?

Why Hegel knew there would be days like these

Donald Trump's Pick to Enforce Civil Rights Is a Civil Rights Disaster

Crowds --- Obama - Trump - Stewart & Colbert

Is the LEAP Manifesto online?

Catholic concerns ahead of President Trump's inauguration

Federal judges rule Alabama must redraw legislative districts

Scientists Will Live in a Dome for 8 Months to Simulate Mars

There will never be a replacement...

Onion: Light Playing Beautifully Off Eric Trumps Gums At Inaugural Ball

My Daughter-in-law is taking her two girls to Montpelier to join the protesters.

Real Time With Bill Maher is streaming live on Youtube now. nt

This has been an awful fucking day! So....

Many of you will just never understand

Civil rights page also deleted from White House website

Have you seen the video of the vandalism of store fronts in D.C.?

Dan Rather Just Went Viral Shredding Trumps Inauguration Speech

Alt-right leader punched in face during TV interview

I need to move to another country.

Life Of Brian PFJ meeting to take action


slate - "America Furst"

Bill Maher is streaming on YT right now

The movement to elect Trump was the best movement in the world.

Most Dreadful Inaugural Address in history

anyone wathcing Bill Maher?

Harry Middleton, LBJ speechwriter and historian, dies at 95

So...Leonard Peltier will probably die in prison now.

Slate - All the Anger in America Has Come to Washington, D.C.

The primaries are over. The election is over. They won it all. And They Just Can't Leave Her Alone.

Does anyone know

Is it me, or did Melania unhappy to be so close to Agent Orange?

Imagine the response if Michelle had worn an inaugural ball gown with

Trump Issues Executive Order Scaling Back Parts of Obamacare

Your Day-One Guide to President Trumps Conflicts of Interest

Geez, I think he's actually gained weight since the election.

People wanting Trump to stop tweeting are the "enemy"

There Is No Mending Fences With Despicables. There Is Only Strife & Conflict.

FAKE NEWS MANIA! Don't listen to it!

There is a thing..,

Keith Obermann needs to have his own show. but where?

A Lot Of People At My Very Busy Kaiser Office Look Like Trump Supporters.

They should be celebrating in the streets! Already an executive order tonight is dismantling

FCC to be led by Ajit Pai, staunch opponent of consumer protection rules

PHOTO: Groper Don and Melania, just OOZING with chemistry

FCC Tom Wheeler (last day): Trump voters need fast broadband and net neutrality too

I have stopped watching news , I have

Richard Spencer, white nationalist spokesman, was punched in the face on camera in D.C.

Randy Newman releases new 45 to mark the inauguration

Inside the DeploraBall: The Trump-Loving Trolls Plotting a GOP Takeover

Would you criticize him if Obama did it? A daily thread for action?

HUD suspends FHA mortgage insurance rate cut an hour after Trump takes office

'Strong Arm' Texas lawyer Brian Loncar died of 'toxic effect of cocaine,' medical examiner rules

The Trump Factor in Companies Jobs Pledges: Analyzing the Numbers

Legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz creates farewell portraits of President Obama

There were three inaugural balls

Obama's White House Website Archive Found On

What can be said about Michael Moore? ZERO. His Trump doc ZERO. His promise to create

omg, that's hilarious

Despite the low turnout, Drumpf had triple the number of people

Real Time with Bill Maher (New)

quick heads up - Joy Reid is on The Daily Show now

Obamas Stock Market Legacy Is Hard to Beat

WaPo: From Obama to Trump: How the inaugurations looked in 2009 and 2017

My petition to Mr. Trump to keep ACA unchanged...Sign if you agree!

If you claim to be a feminist and you exclude the female candidate for president

Trump Failure Level

List of Speakers for the Women's March in DC tomorrow.

the military reception of him is scary

Every day I will do something.

We're coming up on the 12 hour mark since the Coup...

Life Isnt Great for the Overseas Factory Workers Making Ivanka Trumps Shoes

Two things I want to say as Amerika's first regime is installed here in our capitol


Trump's first executive action: Cancel Obama's mortgage premium cuts

Linda Sarsour is an ass.

Trump/GOP Most Likely To Use Military Against Citizens In US.

My friend made this hummingbird video a few years ago (MUST SEE!)

Trump White House takes down website pages about disabilities

I don't care who the women's march honors and who is does not.

Trump Will Be Miserable for the Rest of his Life and Die Miserable

slate - This is Who He Is

New York Times admits it quashed Trump - Russia story that the FBI asked it not to publish

Arguing over whether a name should be added to a list.

Stay angry. Read the news - right now, compare Slate and TPM to CNN

I detest the way the far left has treated Hillary Clinton, but....

Seattle- man shot at University of Washington

Fact-checking President Trumps inaugural address - WaPO

Let the Record Show

I was moved by President Trump's reference to "American Carnage".

Interior Department banned from Twitter after unflattering retweets on Trump

The Wrong Wing Media Wants Us To Wait For a Disaster Before Criticizing Drumpshit.....

The Obama Years...


Found on Facebook - Author Unknown - Ode to my dogs.

Trump Doesnt Want You To See These

Panel delays vote on DeVos nomination as education secretary

Trump, Russia, and the News Story That Wasnt (New York Times)

Whats your favorite line or scene from The Producers (1967)?

Why Trump and Putins relationship is headed for a divorce

How many Trumps does it take to screw in a light bulb?

The media is a much bigger problem than most Democrats realize...

Do they not understand

Can't be in DC, will be in Pittsburgh's Sister March event.

One photo, so many possibilities for captions.


I don't get the gratuitous lying.

Final Logan trailer released.

thursday night -- stephen cobert -- the word

what's my Prize? I called "My Way" as his dance choice

Mom (89 years old) says she'll be happy to NOT be here when Trump era is over

North American electric vehicles would be arriving in Cuba at the end of the month

I Bet Trump Is Eagerly Awaiting Some Act of Violence...

Gulliable Schumucks For Trump

Has anybody tried to own the "special snowflake" slur, or turn it around?

There are 2 narratives that the Democratic Party absolutely must change.

It has been raining in Arizona

Trumps epic inaugural failure

Bill Maher nailed it tonight. Call Trump supporters "Fucking Drug Addicts"

How many DU'ers are marching today? Check in.

Fellow DUers, Just checking in to see how you all are coping with this

'It's made in Vietnam!' At inauguration, origin of red Trump hats shocks many

My daughter posted this on facebook today

Who didn't love the Inaugural First Dance with President and Michelle Obama,

I can be corny and (as someone here once said) overly dramatic...

Just saw "Split", M. Night Shyamalan's new movie: Amazing movie!!

Anyone else notice how miserable Melania looks whenever she is near the Donald?

Trump Just Redecorated The Entire Oval Office With All Gold Everything

No Shit...


Obama Shows us How a Real President

America may have an even bigger problem than just Trump...

nice free concert at the Waikiki Shell tonight sponsored by womens march honolulu and

We Really Do Not Take The Radical Christian Threat Seriously.

Donald Trump Escapes FEC Punishment Over Paid Actors at Presidential Announcement

Trump Message Has A "Master Race" Theme Coined By The Nazis.

This just in: updated official pResidential portrait

Funniest Donald Trump Inauguration Memes

One of the worst things to come about is he will be signing legislation and executive

Is anyone sleeping in America

The butchers bill has come due: President Donald Trump is about to victimize his own voters

The White Nationalist Deserved A Punch In The Face. Fomenting Hate Has Consequences.

Trevor Noah: Michelle Obamas lack of a poker face most captured the feeling Friday

They even plagiarized the CAKE.

discussion in Post mortem

How did it happen?

Michigan Says 38 Underperforming Public Schools Could Close

THIS woman , says it all, look out all who support trumpollini...

Well, I didn't let this day - 1/20 - get ruined.

I expect we'll be at war soon.

caption time

No one to wave to?

Fantastic Anti-Trump art

Pakistan vegetable market bomb kills 20 and injures 40

What about the Bikers?

Expert analysis of what Trump's "minimize the ACA burden" EO means in practice

Daily Holidays - January 21

Anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield was at Trump's

Seeing Reince Priebus handing don documents to sign is a bit unnerving. They

Dallas Cowboys as a metaphor for Trump voters

In His Inaugural Address, Donald Trump Embraced Anti-Semites Slogan

In prayer, Franklin Graham sees rain at inauguration as good omen for Trump

Obama plane diverted from Palm Springs because of weather

Charlotte City Council member: HRC hypocritical for keeping NC LGBT gala in the state

So my mom had a test done today, and I went with her. I had promised myself not to watch

Now is the time to channel FDR

America Held Hostage - Day 2

You will never be as cool as this duck landing on a pond:

NC schools say they may cut arts, PE to meet new class size limits

Does anyone else think

For everyone marching today

Socit Gnrale Agrees To Pay $50 Million Penalty To Settle RMBS Fraud Claims

'An inaugural for Red America alone': Former Bush speech writer slams Trump's 'shocking' speech

Bill Maher How the opiate epidemic caused trump

Former FBI Employee Sentenced To 24 Months In Prison For Acting As An Agent Of China

Here in Philly early in the morning there are two groups:

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Settles Lending Discrimination Suit Against JPMorgan Chase For $53 Million

Petition calling for release of Donald Trump's tax returns reaches 100,000 needed for White House re

Only 3 inaugural balls

Jimmy Kimmel Vows To Grab 'Pumpkin' President Donald Trump 'By The Guts' For The Next 4 Years

You know, we could really use some strong, resolute smilies,

Businessman Joaquin Guzman nominated to head up revamped DEA

National Park Service Banned From Tweeting After Anti-Trump Retweets

A product of the people, by the people, for the people

I need some ideas for guerilla signage

Thousands protest Trump at Sydney "sister march"

Insecure Twitler starts the day pretending there were "so many" "GREAT" reviews of his speech

What Has Obama Done for the Wild?

First, the speeches, then Obama's inauguration photos, now he has to steal the cake?

Declaration of Inter-Dependence by Richard Blanco

Joy Reid To Trevor Noah: Media Must Study Vladimir Putin's Authoritarian Regime To Cover Trump

Sign up to stay in touch with Barack Obama

Write these numbers down for future reference

The honeymoon is already over for President Trump

Was orange describing America today, or the country he wants to create?

Trump is President Snow

Fired up and ready to go in San Diego!!

Trump Has Quietly Removed the Spanish version of The White House Website.

Forever stamps will cost more starting Sunday

Pseudo alt right hacks are trying to conflate Trumpist authoritarianism with social democracy !!!

Have you heard ANY Republican praise Trump 16 min American Carnage speech?

Were the motorcycle guys in D.C?

St. Peterburg's women's march quickly gained momentum

so far, so good, I thought blotus would be trying out the nuclear codes this morning

Propoganda already

So the first victim of Trump's presidency is the truth.

"What the hell are all those women doing? Wasn't the inauguration yesterday?"

Interior Department told to stop tweeting after unflattering retweets about Trump


Is this day one or day two of the Fourth Reich?

Live stream of Women's March (around the world)

Who Are These Protesters In Black And Why Are They Smashing Things?

"Can you plagiarize an outfit?"

Very cool! LOTS of groups of Marchers

F that guy

The idea we are one people with Deplorables is patently absurd.

Hollywood Spiritual Guru, Civil Rights Activists Preview D.C. Women's March-lovely Art postest sig

"This #pussy is ready to march!" (Great Outfit)

Mad Douche Donald?

Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry after sharing their plans

Our friend's on the right site is still down (WINK)

I live in Maine, but thanks to Trump

Trump ban on Interior/NPS tweeting forces Mount Rainier NPS to move road condition posts to FB

Fox News Fueling the Fire Protesters are Paid by Soros, BS

Trump signs executive order that could effectively gut Affordable Care Acts individual mandate

New Group proposal. America Held Hostage

I believe this is the GOP game plan

Are the violent protesters actually Blackwater agents provocateurs hired by tRump so that he

DT's FEC guy is a strong opponent of net-neutrality.


NYT: Trump, Russia, and the News Story That Wasn't

I expect Dump to start a conflict or war

Stephen Colbert, So Here We Are: Donald Trump Is Officially The President

Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry after sharing their plans

Trump is actually very excited about the Women's March

Image from the inauguration (warning NSFW)

If it can be proven that James O'Keefe paid anyone to cause trouble

I believe I saw the Green Mountain Boys' flag in yesterdays' protests

Transcript of Trump Inaug speech --with annotation...

Today's 'Women's March' is an Anti-Trump march

As Trump enters White House, California renews climate change fight

I think the pink pussy hats was a brilliant idea, and here are the women

Trumps inaugural address echoes anti-Semitic isolationists and a Batman villain

Toon- New Seal

I humbly request that we hereafter refer to the usurper as "American Carnage" rather than giving him

Joe Conason - Trump's Inaugural: A Hostile Transfer Of Power

Yeap, stupid and lazy ass'd Benedict Donald plagiarizes movie source !

This sums up how I feel

The Women's March Looks Absolutely Glorious

David Duke: We did it

How sadly appropriate...

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Doesn't Augur well for the future

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: S#!t begins

Weekend Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People If They Prefer Obamacare Or The Affordable Care Act

Austin, TX 1/20/2017


Deplorable on C-Span verbatim. "It's amazing all the jobs Donald brought in."

In his inaugural address, Trump leaves America's better angels behind - WaPo Editorial Board

"Thank you to @FoxNews and so many other news outlets for the GREAT reviews of the speech!"

Today, I am a Partisano. Oggi io Sono un partisano!

If Your Benevolent or Other Non-Profit Organization Depends on Federal Grants,

Venezuela 2016 inflation hits 800 percent, GDP shrinks 19 percent: document

Deplorable on C-Span verbatim- "People in California and New York want free things."

GOP Will Double Down On Making It Illegal To Vote For Minorities & Democrats & Non GOPPERS.

from Paris today

Sign at March- "Hands off My "Cunt'ry "

GOP Message Get Ready To Die For Your Country. And Its Not About The Military.

McCrory didn't hand over social media keys to Cooper

This Google Chrome extension will change every picture of Donald Trump to kittens

They should have a free anti-Trump concert with music from all genres

Crisis 1950 movie with Cary Grant

America Ferrera is on fire!

And So It Begins, Trump Botches First Libel Bully Media Attack

Prove It

C-SPAN streaming Women's March on Washington!

American-Israelis to hold anti-Trump sister rally in Tel Aviv

Cat Logic vid

Colbert last night - brilliant

MSNBC abruptly cut from the WMoW coverage to cover Drumpf in church and Joy sounded PISSED!

Didyou see him waving the tiny hand in the middle of the clergy procession

I want to watch Joy this morning. Instead I am watching a man who has never prayed, pretend to pray

Americas Dismantling Begins According to the Trump Heritage (Koch) Blueprint

At the church service now... why we're they singing God Save the King?

It's the urban-rural split.

The Women's March is not happening ..... on Fox News

Gloria Steinem LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!! eom

Do you think these protests and the attendant media coverage will get under the Deploreables' skin?

Pic of Trump ties made in CHINA.....

America First! Deutschland Uber Alles!

At the Indianapolis march!

Streaming or Periscope Links for Women Marches?

Did anyone catch that Torah reading about 10 minutes into the national prayer service?

Heres Why You Can Thank (or Blame) Meat Loaf for Donald Trumps Presidency

Clinton thanks protesters ahead of womens march

look for trump to shut down c-span after they broadcast women's march instead of the wannabe king

List of ironies in all the prayers DRUMPF has to hear but no matter

George W. Bushs Poncho Struggle Sparks The Photoshop Battle It Deserves

500,000.. Is that right?

OK, first, why was the hacker info there when I went to post?

I think I know a bit about business and I don't get CNN's and MSNBC's angle.

Wow. Just Wow! So much better

Donald Trump weighs 235 my royal Irish ass

Yes, America, you can resist the brutishness of the reign of Trump -- when progressives truly unite

Trump Does Not Pray

Canadians traveling to Women's March denied US entry after sharing plans

Women's march on Washington live on cspan!

Bring your Hillary signs to the march

What are the odds that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 83 years old and

Lookingat EarthCam now

I personally have met every Episcopal Priest and Bishop on that altar and...

Trump deserves this prayer service.

Need Help....Cant find picture here.

'Theyll pull the trigger': Rob't Reich explains how the GOP is playing Trump till they can dump him

11:30 a.m. in Seaman, Ohio. It is 66 degrees on January 21, 2017.

streaming video, WMoW

As women march in D.C., Cardin co-sponsors new Equal Rights Amendment

A prayer breakfast is not news!

Just drove by a womens march in my small town of 20k... a good handful of dozens with signs.

I bought some kitty litter, today, and came up with a great new name for it

Not particularly digging Moore's speech.

Now there are enough people to piss on Trump and drown that jerk.

It looks like they plagiarized the cake.

Wow!!! Ashley Judd is really giving a powerful rap that is going to make right wing heads

Ashley Judd on fire

chicago will be kickin it today. eta, w live comment

My daughter and several of her friends are marching in Boston today.

New Jersey law would require tax returns from presidential candidates to appear on ballot

Mars investigating hundreds of thousands of Skittles said to be intended for cattle

Breaking fake news: tRumps mouth sues his own asshole. Mouth claims asshole has taken over,

Particularly enjoyed Ashley Judd's speech.

New Jersey law would require tax returns from presidential candidates to appear on ballot

Big Al wasn't all bad - Maybe Trump won't be either

Why aren't conservatives complaining about "tyrant" tRump and his Executive Orders?

Photos from The Women's March. The signs are awesome!

Jugs and the NFL

Hillary Clinton wore white - a symbol of women's suffrage - to Trump's inauguration

Thus, the so-called conciliatory speech on election night was a fluke

I have had it with trashing Michael Moore

Ashley Judd's speech was AMAZING!

Thinking about the marches today

Is it a sign from god? My sesamoiditis is feeling much better.

Goldies Do Cookies Very Well

Sinclair LEWIS's "It Can't Happen Here" sales zoom 80 yrs later, thanks to DRUMPF

"American Carnage"-SMH

Cecile Richards (Planned Parenthood) knocking it out of the park.

Trumps inaugural cake was commissioned to look exactly like Obamas, baker says

Any news, sightings of Meredith McIver?

Fox News Not Even Covering the Women's March

Border guards been told to screen out anti Trump visitors to our country?

A TRUE energy drink - Radithor Radium Drink

What is the name of the singer or group

Months after her death, Phyllis Schlafly's followers and family still battle over her legacy

Any wide angle shots of the Woman's March? Please post here.


This gives you the idea of just how SPECTACULAR the WMoW truly is (pics):

Chuck Schumer sent a pretty pointed message to Donald Trump, right in front of him

Women Senators and House Reps on stage now - Harris of CA speaking first

MP-5 Missing From FBI Agent's Car

Get Ready For GOP Force Fed Crap Sandwich On Health Care

Stop Including Black Bloc Anarchists In With Non-Violent Democratic Protestors!

So has President Trump started the addition to Mount Rushmore yet?

Atlanta friends Women's march pushed back to 1:30p. Rep John Lewis will be there.

Who thinks DU needs some female emojis?

Trying to see what DFT's beloved biker boys are up to,

╭∩╮(︶︿︶) We Will Miss You ╭∩╮......toons

Here's some freedom for us.

California Chrome impressive in his final workout.

In.. L.A.

At the women's march in Oakland

Trump and his cabinet. A giant web of greed, fraud, lies and far right extremism.

BTW, did anyone notice something peculiar about the military soldiers from Afghanistan

My bus to the Women's March was canceled 3 hours before we were set to leave.

Thousands of people lined up at Shady Grove Metro station

Sophie Cruz!

Obama's final job approval from the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: 59 approve, 37 disapprove

EarthCam on Fifth Avenue is showing the NYC marchers live...there are a lot of them!

Vicente Fox to blotus

Strange Happenings - Corpse Flowers are blooming

The Latest: Too many protesters to hold march in Chicago

I think it would be really great if they developed a musical/spoken word album...

MSNBC - Crowd estimate in DC is 500,000

New chant

Europe's nationalist leaders kick off year of election hopes

Donald Trump's executive order on Obamacare will cripple the health insurance market

Justice Dept has cleared Jared Kushner to serve as advisor in Trump WH.

After Trump's Election, A Nonpracticing Muslim Returns To Prayer

If you had "White House" or "Potus" in your Twitter feed--

There Are More People At National Mall For Womens March Than Attended Trump Inauguration

National Mall right now:

Extremely powerful words just now.

Study finds air polluters more likely to locate near downwind state borders

Today's march and the ongoing horror


Women's March in Olympia, WA checking in

Dept of Interior's official Twitter feed shut down. And so it begins...

WH spox Spicer whines/admits "Event is over capacity 300+"

The Orange Menace is headed for the CIA today???

from Senator Ben Cardin:

Pope Franciss popularity in the U.S. on the rise, Pew finds

THANK YOU - What a difference a day makes. Today HOPE

Womens Marches Rally Thousands In Cities Around The World

Regional Sea-Level Scenarios Will Help Northeast Plan for Faster-than-Global Rise


Trump: Women 'get it better' than men

Harvests in the US to suffer from climate change

Check-in here if you attended a Women's March.

Protesters rally worldwide in solidarity with Washington march

Remind you of anyone from yesterday? Blazing Saddles.

Middle aged white guy at the Women's March mansplains the problem

US announces withdrawal from TPP

Today you are seeing trumps mandate.

Lets Get This Fucking Straight...Wow, this is beginning to Piss Me Off!

POC just gave Trump the biggest FU he could ever get.

Our speakers are always the smartest, most caring, selfless - we need focus on VOTING rights/regis.

How many people do you have on "ignore"?

Holy hell... Alicia Keys.

Those that predicted Trump would become president were just lucky

We can stop Trump's pick of Clayton to head SEC; but we need your help

couldn't make it to FW event today

The march in Chicago had so many people that they had to cancel the march component!

CHEENEE showed his contempt for Shrub who battled the Great Rain Poncho

Joycelyn Elders Clinic at Uganda Humanist School offers Sex Education, Free Condoms, AFRIpads

msnbc showing John Lewis speech now in Rally in Atlanta WomensMarch

John Lewis in Atlanta now. Now this is a speech for the ages

Dear black brothers and sisters....watching women's march

This is #Texas Anti Trump rally tonight: more attendees than his #Inauguration And a red state, too

Wow - CBSN just reported that there are now 150,000 people at Bryant Park Chicago

GoFundMe campaign helps oldest living World War II veteran raise nearly $90K

Could Trump and the mrs look any less happy?? (pic)

Emperor Trump

Wow what a difference between CNN and MSNBC's coverage of the marches

At March in Tallahassee - maybe exceed capacity UPDATE - 15,000 attended!

Just came back from the St Louis Women's March

Trump: I am honered to serve you

New president of the USA

Is trump corrupt?

White House Concedes That Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller Wrote Much of Trump's Speech

Here's another news bet that will both pick you up and make you cry. Welcome home Joe!

"They thought they could bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds."

Donald Trump can't build that wall, because his hands are way too small!

Woman's march in Antarctica!!!!

Sea-surface temps during last interglacial period like modern temps

Huge crowds in Northern California as well. This is amazing.


10,000 March in Tucson

I find it ridiculous that the Guantanamo Bay prison will survive Obamacare

Admiral Yamamoto in 1941 after Pearl Harbor said

Melissa Harris-Perry rocks.

Too Many Show for Womens March to Actually March

Wonder if Melania snuck out the back door to march??

60,000 show up in Sat. Paul

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! FUCK Yeah Madonna!

And to our detractors who say this march will not get us anything...FUCK YOU

Madonna appreciation thread!!!!

Wow - Madonna just dropped the F-bomb on Trump

Photos of the Shady Grove Metro station women's protest...welcoming President Tiny Fingers.

Survival of many of the worlds nonhuman primates is in doubt, experts report


Watch Live: Womens March on Washington (and Elsewhere)

President Id

Total worldwide tally of demonstrations and demonstrators?

Warren: 'I'm here to fight back'

Again, John Fugelsang 'hits one out of the park'!

Madonna is racking up a few thou in FCC fines...

Madonna just sang "Donald Trump suck a dick I'm not your Bitch".

Love the "Nasty Woman" shirts😁

Madonna just told Donald Trump to "SUCK A DICK" ...

"I am honered to serve you, the great American people..."

I am so disgusted to have a pu$$y grabber for president. I will not refer to them

Canadian news not waffling

Large crowd shows up at Lexington, KY march.

FYI not one Tweeter from the Toddler yet

Atlanta march looking like 100,000 it stretches for over 2 miles.

Beautiful crowd in Madison, WI.

If Trump pulls the money out of Sesame Street then...

and now all channels except CSPAN are covering tRump at CIA.

Magnificent women of America

Trump is such a dumb ass, he probably thinks they are celebrating him today! n/t

It's not too cool to be ridiculed but you brought this upon yourself...

I'm curious what the hell they're going to do with his 757 for the next....

Nowhere to move at the march. Too big.---David Corn

They're marching in Dixie!!!

The whole world is standing for us!

so pennance is on TV....seems he is sniffing too

Breaking: Mango-haired Shitgibbon about to speechify at CIA Headquarters

Hey Drumph....CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

Pence is on my TV doing the Darth Vader breathing thing now.

I'm at the New Orleans march

I reported on Obama longer than anyone else. Here's what I learned.

so trump at the CIA.....they are applauding him. He is saying he is their biggest fan

Trump thought his crowds were big. FUCK YOU TRUMP!

Pics & video of marches across the nation.

On 5th ave right now

Found under the title: Two guys not hating each other for having different opinions...

What's for Dinner, Sat., Jan. 21, 2017

I just can't keep from crying

Trump to the CIA: "I'm like, a very smart person."

Hillary Clinton's posting pro women's march tweets.

Today has left me feeling hopeful.

did truymp sign those papers before or after the "luncheon?"

There was a massive tornado in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

CNN airs Madonna saying "fuck" three times before cutting the feed ...

Aw...Trump not polling well in Antartica!

'Supergirl' Melissa Benoist to Trump: Don't try to grab my p**** its made of STEEL.

WomansMarch-about One half MILLION turnout-"dwarfing" Trumps inaugural gathering-via Cspan just

Favorite signs from the marches?

Mike Pence disappointed that Nasty Women were allowed to be seen in public shouting and marching..

** Trump addressing CIA.. brags he was on cover of TIME more than anyone.

Trump at the CIA---every freaking thing he says is a lie. Here's one:

Trump is bragging to the CIA how he won military votes & feels 30 y.o...while MILLIONS MARCH

There sure was a lot of unusually happy applause from Trump's speech at the CIA.

Derek Eadon elected new Iowa Democratic Party chair

Heading over to the San Francisco rally; I'm marching with the Harvey Milk Democratic Club.

Trump quote about war at CIA.

Good lawd.. I just tuned into MSNBC (CIA speech).

Shout out to President and Michelle Obama!!

Does drumph have control over mortgage interest tax deductions?

David Corn just tweeted Trump claims 1.5 million attended Inauguration

17,000 marched in Raleigh!

So this is what it looks like when America wakes up!

Trump at CIA.


GOP - Just Sore Losers. Get Over It Trump Is President Not Hillary You Lost.

Just got home from the Denver march.

Every march met or exceeded attendance today! Updating with numbers as people post them.

We don't just have a MAN-date....We have a WOMAN-date! We can do anything!

Wow. Still can't quite believe what I saw & heard from Pence, Trumpdump, & that audience at the CIA

didn't want you guys to miss this:

A repeal and replace plan I can support.....

Melania prays... for the Zoloft to kick in.

The Media has a job to do...If you keep repeating a lie, it becomes the truth...

New York march

Colts fire GM Ryan Grigson

I love all the marches-but can't hep but wonder

At CIA headquarters, Trump boasts about himself and promises support

Wonder how many small town marches are happening across the country as well

Join the Movement by sending a text to 40649.

What a difference from the March for Women's Lives, early 2000's

Austin, Texas: 40,000 people attend Women's March at Capitol!

60,000 marching here today in St. Paul, MN. Chills. #WomensMarch

15,000 here in Eugene

DOJ: Trump hiring Kushner doesn't violate anti-nepotism law

Trump's pick for CIA says he's open to waterboarding

Fox News Already Dissing Protesters As Terrorists, Anarchists. WE MUST DESTROY FOX NEWS.

Oh, STFU, Susan Sarandon

DC subway rides at 11 a.m. today surpassed yesterday's by 82k.

Photos: Bernie Sanders Montpelier VT Women's March Jan 21

Trump's 5 Most Anti-Science Moves

250,000 at the Women's March in Chicago!!!

The Marches Should BE Fuck The GOP And GOP Legislators.

D.C. Deputy Mayor estimate: 500,000 march on capitol.

Seeing more and more tweets (since CIA speech) saying Trump is clearly insane

Here's a shot from rally here in Lansing, MI. They were expecting 2,000. MSP estimates

Kind of weird crosstalk between Joy and Thomas Roberts regarding the "audience" at the CIA

actual faux dot com headline: 'Celeb-studded march bashes Trump despite president's call for unity'

L.A. L.A. L A. Please Come in with your numbers..

To the people who doubt that these Marches are anti-Trump,

old joke reworked for d.ump

Scenes From the Women's March on Montpelier

Re: Trump CIA speech: They don't know the people who were clapping and cheering

The Resistance is now more entertaining than Trump.

So, I guess all of the demonstrators/marchers worldwide today got $3,500 each!!! WOW!!! n/t

So... Is a new SNL on tonight?

I Won't Get Over It But Maybe YOU Should!

Is Sean Spicer really giving a press conference on inaugural crowd size?

Switch between CNN and Faux

Just back from the DC March

Anyone heard of the composer Ola Gjeilo?

Women's March - Antarctic Edition

In Chicago, the rally grew so big that the march was canceled

NBC just cut in with Breaking News about the Women's Rallies!

My sister was in the Olympia march...says turnout estimate is 10,000.

750,000 people attending Women's Rally downtown LA. Organizers expected 80,000.

Trump at CIA

Madison Wisconsin 75,000 - 100,000 march to the capital.


Just leaving for Women's March on Omaha

"BREATHTAKING" aerial views of protests across the country featured in PEOPLE.

What exactly do people hope the marches today will accomplish?

Sign of the day.

Man...I love this web site. It can make you laugh so hard you hurt!!

LMAO at Jake Tapper on CNN just now

At some point

This was the largest women's march in Texas history!

Raw Video: Women's March VT, Bernie Sanders (Value is in Audio of Speech)

The best thing, imo, about the DC ceremony, is that it didn't shy from ID politics.

Seattle Women's March is now 130,000+!

Heads up.....Fake News Alert! Fascists are spreading a new picture of the inaugural crowd

According to my not so humble opinion and calculations....

Dissociated Press reports on Trump melt down at CIA

Fox news keeps showing the same clip of the march

Trump Makes Bizarre Courtesy Call At CIA Headquarters

100,000 in Portland, Oregon now in the rain (live TV in link)

Madison, WI: More than 70,000 march

Massive women's march in downtown L.A. said to be largest in over a decade

Man stabbed brother 'for being gay' before running over four pedestrians

In 25 years, biggest crowd I've seen here (St. Petersburg, FL)...

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada responds to Trump...

Great crowd in Iowa City for the March

OMG. Hilarious. Propaganda Barbie (Kellyanne Conway doll)

Returned from Rally In Phoenix

Brian Williams is so delicate he nearly fainted when Madonna called Trump a "dick".

Womens marches: Millions of protesters vow to resist President Trump

PHILADELPHIA, PA: 50,000 march

This is a new day.

So proud of my U.S. based daughter today, and love her poster!

Gaslighting - we are about to all get a very important lesson

Geraldo just called out Fox for lying about and hiding the "largest protests in our history" today

If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy


Obamas ask Americans to help 'Obama Foundation'

I am so happy I was wrong

750,000 in LA

Pittsburgh, PA: 25,000 march

I have called Fox News Goebellsvision (After Dr. Joseph Goebells, Hitler's Propaganda Minister)

My personal favorite protest picture today: Antarctica.

DC protestors leaving their signs at Trump's hotel. Yuge pile, the best pile.

OZ Open followers

Oklahoma City, OK: 12,000 march

Boston: every MBTA parking lot was full

Honolulu- multi-thousands march thru capitol in wind and rain. march so long that the head got to

CNN: rallies around the globe

Lawmakers join women's marches in DC and nationwide

How Republicans Justify Unlimited Trump Corruption - (it's going to be the most corrupt admin ever)

Cory Booker: Women's march is 'not a Republican or Democrat thing.

Miami, FL: 10,000 fill park to be heard and seen (video at top of story)

Count on this Reich Wing Reaction to Rally Crowd Sizes

Ashley Judd @ Women's March, Washington DC, reading "Nasty Women"

DC cops posted across from White House are wearing pink pussyhats and posing for photos with

Anyone at the march in Oakland?

Time lapse of march in Austin TX, taken from offices of @TexasMonthly

We despise you Groper Don the Con

Based On Response From Deplorables I Sense Civil War In The Wind.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump claims "5 Trumpillion" people attended inaugural

Hey Teabaggers! THAT is a real grassroots movement

Pics from Olympia WA Women's March (dial up warning)

Share your individual protest moment today. When

Marching in Madison

fuck you sean spicer you petty shit

FFS - Sat afternoon and WH briefings on Twitter use?

Oh fuck they're whining already


Sean Spicer starts press briefing whining about media and crowd size.

Spicer's whining about the crowd count!

Oh my god!

OMG, Sean Spicer is hysterical

Fucking whiny little bitch !!!

Why is this fool fighting over crowd size?

Spicer has lost what's left of his mind.

Oh my GOD, Sean Spicer is throwing a full on tantrum in the press room.

Spicer is stammering and yelling.

First fallen "Classic Rocker" of 2017: RIP Mike Kellie, Spooky Tooth drummer.

Ride Him! Ride Him! Ride Him Hard!

MSM-Don't Fucking Fall it.

Tiny hands, tiny crowds, tiny dick.

the media better grow a spine quickly or he will eliminate them

The headline story on local media in Jamaica

President Snowflake doesn't like it when they say it's smaller than the black guy's

CROWD SIZE - Van Jones explained this 30 minutes ago

according to sean spicer's math, there were 40 million at the women's marches today.

Madison Wisconsin march estimate is 75,000.

Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with Womens March

I'm so grateful to DU. I can go cold turkey on MSM, but still know I won't...

"Sean Spicer just reminded millions of people why they marched today." Slate editor Franklin Foer

Kamala Harris: The women's march is 'absolutely personal to me'

In Donald Trumps Washington, corruption will be utterly shameless

Las Vegas Sun: "Over 1 million join anti-Trump womens marches worldwide"

OK... If the TV ratings and the crowd sizes....

Saw Drumpt giving his CIA speech in front of the Wall of Stars awarded

Thin skinned, insane, bloviating idiot.

Baghdad Bob Spicer will have a coronary before Easter.

We marched in tiny Florence, Oregon too!

David Maraniss: Spicer delivered most irresponsible, angry & scary statement I've ever heard in WH.

So his middle name is John is it?

Spicers Press Conference or Yelling was because Trump couldn't Tweet.

Fight for common sense gun-safety policies far from over

Trump's first full day

The talking heads don't seem to understand what these marches mean.

Trumpland Going Full-Nixon On Day One:

Elizabeth Warren riles up crowd at Womens March in Boston

What Spicer just said on Groper Don the Con's behalf

Stewart and Colbert's Rally to Restore Sanity had more people than Trump

Photos: Bernie Sanders Montpelier VT Women's March Jan 21

What is going to happen to us?

Patriotic photo of the stagggering, record-breaking, yugely big turnout for Trump inauguration

Sean Spicer just gave first press briefing at the WH: on crowd size

After today I would not put it past Trump to take military action

White House Press Secretary Rips Reporters In First Briefing Room Appearance

A co-worker who I am friends with on FB. Just posted a raffle notice for her

I thought they needed one straight jacket! After watching the Spicer rant, I realize the insanity

What's your favorite line from Pulp Fiction?

CNN wins. They didn't broadcast Spicer's media rants live. The WH reporter came on after

Imagine if everyone who showed up today

Joe Scum..

For the record with Greta

What am I watching on the NBC live stream?

For anyone who missed Sean Spicer's epic travesty, here's video

CNN: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claims it was the biggest inauguration crowd ever

For those of you who felt Sean Spicer's presser today sounded a little "familiar"

Greta just said Trump won among WOMEN. Hillary ACTUALLY won by 14%.

OK: Greta is on my official shit list forever

Here are some of the comments that Trump made to CIA personnel today...

Video: Trump at CIA

The Seattle March was massive.


First press briefing held is to whine

Tom Barrack Jr on CNN justifying Donald trump is pathetic! He is long time

Crowd size tantrum is the attention to remarks on Iraq made at CIA

Maggie Haberman says the Spicer tantrum was a deliberate distraction tactic


So, protests drive Donald crazy...hmm, whatever should we do now?

trump is declaring that this was the LARGEST AUDIENCE EVER for an inauguration???

The only explanation for Spicer:

Interesting video clip contrasting how Trump & Obama greet Bob and Elizabeth Dole.

WOW! Sacramento March was massive (for Sacramento)

Michael Moore is one of the Democratic Party's best assets

HEY BEAUTIFUL DEMS...Michael Moore on Smerconish and said 1 Million were there in DC

We Have To Root Out GOP Legislators. We Must Force Them Out Of Hiding And Force Them To Answer.


WTF is Cory Gardner blathering about

We Really Are In Crazy Land Now. Better Yet Looney Tunes Ala Roger Rabbit.

My friend marched in the rain at 38 weeks pregnant today!!!

Women's Marches Go Global: Postcards From Protests Around The World

Photos from todays Women's March in Washington *GRAPHIC HEAVY*

How do you reason with or even talk to the stupid. I had an encounter

Police: Up to 50,000 attended Womens March in Austin

Image- Something to aim for

This is heartbreaking- from today's march

North Texas Women March numbers

CNN: White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds

These marches are great, but where the hell were they three months ago??!!!!

Trump inauguration sees TV viewership decline from 2009...

Just back from the DC March: Saw fake news being made

An estimated 22,000 march in Houston to protest Donald Trump

Former CIA director Brennan outraged at Trump:

Around the world Women's March Photos from NYT

2 Videos: Bernie Sanders Speaks at the Vermont Women's March

2 Videos: Bernie Sanders Speaks at the Vermont Women's March

About 1,500 hit streets for womens march in San Antonio to protest Trump, march for equality

Republicans go ape shit when President Obama delivers a salute

Women's March Is The Biggest Protest In US History As An Estimated 2.9 Million March

Smerconish is saying will all have to come together.

Trump lied about the CIA meeting.

Erik Noble is Trump's NASA liaison

No, Donald Trump Can Never Be Made Normal - by Joy-Ann Reid

Breitbart to open bureaus in Berlin and Paris: report

Just got home from D.C.