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Excellent overview of what's going on...

Alternate Fact: Grizzly Bears hacked Betsy DeVos' Twitter account

From The Netherlands for our 45th President

Nick Offerman (March for Women):

Trying to get Kellyanne Conway to answer a question is like this:

We need to call our representatives and ask that they appeal to the military

YES. Trump actually DID blow Comey a kiss from across the room.

It begins: Top lawyers to sue Trump on grounds he's violating constitution through emoluments clause

I guess this is what a mandate looks like

Looks like Trump's hotel in DC is serving a purpose after all

Anybody else getting snotty good-behavior demands from Trump people, on Facebook?

John Fugelsang takes on Cheeto's performance at the CIA

The Journal of Alternative Facts

Here is transcript of Conway/ Chuck Todd interview..

SDG&E Seeks to Install Thousands Electric Vehicle Chargers in San Diego

Do not caption this photo...

The Patriots have to asking

"Nobody respects women more."

Huge Rallies May Signal an Anti-Trump Movement

Mike Pence Disappointed with the 200,000 husbands and fathers who permitted women to attend march

First days in office, and Donald has been a busy boy!

Hearing the Trump team lies is a privilege...

My .2cents for the media when trying to get straight answers from a trump surrogate.

a word on fake news and news in general.

In a very perverse way, I hope that Grand Wizard Donald Rump ISN'T impeached.

The traditional way of reporting on a president is dead & Trumps press secretary killed it.

Gambians celebrate as West African troops enter capital after Jammeh flees

White House vows to fight media 'tooth and nail' over Trump coverage

Listening to NPR news - to discuss the Spicer thing they interviewed Ari Fleischer (!!!)

British Reporter rants about Trump's Bizzare Inauguration

Trump's Data Team: We use the same techniques as Aristotle and Hitler"

CNN sucking up big time with a Normalization story

Melania and Donald together? Creeps me out!

For a populist Drumpfy isn't very popular. His idol Rodrigo Duterte's approval rating in the 80s

Trump may not enforce individual health insurance mandate: aide

Michigan says 38 underperforming public schools could close

People Are Calling This Song The Anthem Of The Women's March Movement

'Catastrophe' declared as wildfires rage in central Chile

What is Brady hiding?

Trump White House ringed by 'swamp' denizens despite pledge

FBI Director Comey, who angered Democrats, gets hug from Trump

Philippines' Duterte stands by his police chief amid resignation calls

Nigeria botched air strike 'may have killed up to 236 people'

Suspect in Boston police car propane attack arrested

NY governor seeks $2B to fix some of nation's oldest pipes

The skin cure fad threatening Myanmar's elephants

Lifehacker's guide to political action

Bogus bongs or bogus lawsuits? Pipe maker sues over fakes

Trump Disrupts the Western Spy Alliance

Is Barron "off limits," here and elsewhere?

'Good Samaritan' Dead, Suspect at Large After Texas Mall Shootout

'Good Samaritan' Dead, Suspect at Large After Texas Mall Shootout

Koterba toon: Consider a career in politics

Trump is Having Such a Hard Time

"I can't keep quiet"

Question - noon whistles

Alabama found guilty of racial gerrymandering

will the press ask Spicer about his rant

Rhode Island governor looks to pioneer free tuition for all

How 550 Facebook Users Spread Britain First Content To Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

Cute toddler with her own sign at march.

Southern Louisiana pipeline draws environmental opposition

Georgia needs to exit the Middle Ages

If Trump is indicted can't they get a warrant to see his taxes?

Journalism is printing what someone else doesn't want printed. Everything else is public relations.

Foreign Payments to Trump Firms Violate Constitution, Suit Will Claim

Trump strategy is to cast doubt on the press tells me all kinds of shit is going to hit the fan

Bullfighting returns to Colombia's capital amid protests Joshua Goodman, Associated Press Updated 4:

U.S. Eyes Michael Flynn's Links to Russia

Trump's State nominee raises doubts on Colombia peace pact

Report: Trump WH hiring Breitbart writer Julia Hahn

Trump's State nominee raises doubts on Colombia peace pact

Trump's Vainglorious Affront to the C.I.A.

Trumps fucks NAFTA: Mexico,Canada buy more than 1/3 of goods export, supports 14 million jobs,

Canadian anti-Trump protesters plan long-term activism

...speaks for itself...

Every President since 1977 has publicly released his full tax returns.

Onion: Biden Making Plans To Go Completely Legit After Vice Presidency

How long before we see Trump in a pseudo-miltary uniform?

News Media, Target of Trumps Declaration of War, Expresses Alarm

for all the hype about impeachment, it's historically unlikely.

Can't get Paypal to load through this site.

About 1,500 join Women's March in Gainesville

A trip across America

How the world reacted...

Please click on this tweet. Says it all re Trump.

Global Women's March against Donald Trump started with just one woman and a Facebook invite

More than 14,000 join Women's March on Tallahassee

How Joseph McCarthy henchman Roy Cohn became Donald Trumps mentor.

So I posted this pic bc they said it pisses off Twitler, and I know how he likes piss, so...

Vox - Vladimir Putin thinks Russian prostitutes are undoubtedly the best in the world

Why do they still have Roethlisberger in the game?

U.S. Eyes Michael Flynns Links to Russia

Biden Making Plans To Go Completely Legit After Vice Presidency

Woman arrested in connection with stealing $350K from dead man

Will Trump find a spot for David Duke?

Thom Hartmann and Richard Wolff: How Trump Could Cause Economic Meltdown.

Visit Florida salaries, contracts, soar over 4 years

New Yorker: Trump's vainglorious affront to the CIA

Should we change the name of this group to "Our Revolution on DU", or something like that?

What happened to Kucinich?

Received a death threat on another (non-political) site tonight

Eureka/the *ANSWER*!1 Ratings is what bugs DRUMPF most, the March, that's the key!

To the trump supporters (from Facebook)

The origin of superheroes: Batman

I Never Thought I'd Say This, But...

This is how trump supporters are trying to delegitimize the Womens March

Nathan Chen Becomes First Figure Skater Ever To Land 5 Quads En Route To His First National Title

R.I.P. Pete "Overend" Watts, bassist for Mott The Hoople, age 69

Saw Obamacare signs yesterday

Cat reboot

And the Number One Alternative Fact is...

A Republican driver allegedly sabotaged her bus

Harry S Truman

Guess the number of jelly beans

Correct me, post links, DRUMPF killed funding for PBS/NPR? n/t

I can just imagine President Obama and VP Biden right now....

WAPO "The traditional way of reporting on a president is dead.And Trumps press secretary killed it"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 23 January 2017

Never thought I would say this-I FEEL SORRY FOR THE CIA!

The Boston Globe's sports section snuck in a nice subtle shot at the Trump regime


Bad news in January...


This is not a stable secure person...

I laughed at a prayer in church this morning

Why the new US administration might not prove to be Israels best friend

Dear Mr. Putin: Let's Play Chess

So Richard Spencer doesn't want to be called a Nazi...

One dead, three others shot in fatal attempted robbery on San Antonio Northeast Side mall

From the Vegas Strip to Red Rock Canyon and back

Dollar slips after Trump's protectionist address, Asia shares resilient

In case someone says you're not being fair to Donald

Sen. McConnell: What Republicans want

because of my illness, I fluctuate a lot in weight tomorrow I am going through my clothes

Braves deal hinges on now questioned state incentives

Thousands turn out for Sarasota Women's Solidarity March

LOL. I just read a tweet about "djt" and initially mistook the abbreviation for a

Who has the video of the Trumps and Obamas posing on the steps?

Charge Dropped Against Man Who Burned Flag at RNC in Ohio

Timelapse of the National Mall on Inauguration Day (2017)

WSJ story about Michael Flynn's ties to Russia

Images from Lexington, Ky Women's March

Trumps Health Plan Would Convert Medicaid to Block Grants, Aide Says

Alabama joins the fight to bring back the American chestnut tree (

Creatin' Jobs! WANTED: 25 Million Eager Minions for Emperor's Traveling Claque

Ancestral Rituals for the Plurinational State of Bolivia Anniversary

Will Trump end crackdown on dirty cash in luxury real estate?

DC Metro (subway) ridership (actual) facts:

Piers Morgan is a Fucking Jackass

Turns out Trump may have drawn 1.5 million after all!

Trump and Melania at the Lincoln Memorial:

Photos emerge of Malia Obama on secret trip through South America

Kellyanne's New Nickname: Tingle...

Photos emerge of Malia Obama on secret trip through South America

Women's March on Miami overflows Bayfront Park venue

I don't give a shit what Moscow Mitch and Comrade Luntz want or say

MSM Needs To Blacklist Republicans And Trump Spokes People. Just Don't Have Them On.

Is it possible that the MLK bust was removed for the Churchill bust

Scrubbing Official Government Agency Data And Falsifying Data Is Criminal

I think a friend of mine is physically disabled, but he's being very stubborn about it.

Sean Spicer Remains Silent After Public Humiliation...

My new name for DT is KGB Agent Orange.

The Nation: The Fight Over a Trump-Putin Dtente Begins

Estimated 7,000 march in West Palm Beach

Democrats Attacking Barron Trump Is A Bogus Rightwing Meme

As it turns out ... Bentley's driver's license closures were racial, after all (

Saying Climate Change Now Forbidden. Geological Survey May Have To State Earth 6000 Years Old.

2011 Salon article, even more apt now: The infantile style in American politics

Sons of Talladega College grads to return degrees b/c band will play at Trump inauguration (

We Are The Laughing Stock Of The World. I Was Going To Say Becoming. That Was Wrong.

Montgomery judge suspended for jailing people who couldn't afford fines (

Women's Rally of Central Florida draws thousands at Lake Eola

Sometimes you just want to put a record on the old turntable...

After 'debtors' prison,' Alabama is a better place (

Women's March surpassed 20,000 protesters, making it largest in St. Petersburg history

GOP Looking At Passing Laws Making Protesting A Felony.

Josh Barro: Massive protests the day before the SOTU could drive Trump off message, into whining

Propublica - Trump Promised to Resign From His Companies But Theres No Record Hes Done So

Prison food contractor hit with $2M in penalties

AG Luther Strange instructs City of Huntsville to allow guns at library (

Let's say it is found out that Trump was taking money from the Russian government

Peak at Breitbart If You Dare - Lot of Stories About "Dishonest Media"...

Defeat from the jaws of victory: How could AG Luther Strange be this dumb? (

Lynneice Washington steps into history as new district attorney in Bessemer Cutoff (

Star pin at the inauguration?

LMFAO Sean Sphincter

New Jefferson County prosecutors 'personally opposed' to death penalty (

Alabama lawmaker wants to repeal pistol permit requirement (

Alabama Attorney General asks Trump to walk back Endangered Species habitat rule (

Oompa Loompa is the new black folks!

Like clean, drinkable, municipal water? Tough. DT wants to hand it over

Jesus I've been drinking a lot since the election.

Trump White House ringed by swamp denizens despite pledge (AP)

Ethics Lawyers to Sue Trump Over Continuing Business Interests

Say what Sean?

Who will Mike Pence's veep choice when he becomes president ? (I'm guessing by July)

A Couple of Names You REALLY Should Know

Trump Could Be A Proven Russian Agent. GOP Would Be Ok With That.

*** January Photo Contest *** Preliminary round part 1 of 2

*** January Photo Contest *** Preliminary round part 2 of 2

Voting in the January contest prelims is now open!

Women's March Video: From Sacramento, with Love... This is Us

Daily Holidays - January 23

Should teachers be able to forcefully restrain violent students or those damaging school property?

1995 Bernie Sanders: We're Forming a Congressional Progressive Caucus to Fight GOP Extremists

Dear Mr. Putin, Let's Play Chess

Wikileaks' problem is, they refuse to admit that they are no better than Reddit and Facebook.

Women's March Angela Davis Video

Question about thermodynamics

On January 22nd 1977, "Doctor Who" warned about "alternative facts"

US Virgin Islands Joins U.S. And World In Women's March Protesting Trump Inauguration

Benoit Hamon - the 'French Bernie Sanders' - goes from underdog to Socialist favourite

Virgin Islands In Liquidity Crisis; $11M Shortfall Projected for month

Why Trumps Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era  but the End

Fitch Downgrades Virgin Islands Issuer Default Rating And Dedicated Tax Bonds

Here's a fun one...

Trump Nominee Pledges Bipartisan Solution to Puerto Rico Problems

With Trump, the right wing has become a cult

President Trump Keeps Silent on Puerto Rico

a request...

Aw shucks, Moaning Joe is upset by Trump's rocky start.

The Girl Grabbers

There wasn't room to march in Chicago! Tribune Video:

Sad. So Sad. - NOT!

Pope Francis warns against electing right-wing populists: Hitler did not steal power

RIP Maggie Roche

Flawless shade over the copycat cake fiasco

Bentley to Congress: Keep funding for Medicaid, hospitals; more state control over Medicaid

WSJ: Current Nat'l Security Advisor is under counterintelligence investigation for ties to Russia

Trump even lost out to "average weekday." Sad!

Federal Judges Strike Down 12 Alabama Legislative Districts

We are destroying rainforests so quickly they may be gone in 100 years

ABC's Good Morning America calls Spicer's and Trump's crowd size remarks "false"

Eric Trump: My law-abiding, honest, innocent daddy is a victim of "harassment for political gain"

No Pardon for Former Gov. Siegelman

Next mass demonstrations April 15

Why Trump didn't run in 2012

Jefferson County District Attorney indicted, suspended

People close to Trump say he must be insulated from news to prevent self destructive outbursts

Sen. Walsh calls RTW government overreach and bureaucratic meddling

House bill would allow up to 6 days of early voting in Alabama

We made Hillary smile...

Women's marchers donated $10,000 to food bank along route

Kellyanne Conway and Trump can't stop reporting by turning their backs on the press

To Christy on Facebook, who doesn't need the Women's March

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Says Hes an Atheist

Self-delete - Duplicate

JFKs Daughter Caroline Kennedy Just Made A Historical Career Announcement Get Ready

'Conservative, religious, nationalist bloc to dominate Turkeys future

"Instead, Mr. Trump chose to listen to other aides who shared his outrage and desire to punch back"

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools wants Bentley removed from all college boards

Read the CIA Transcript with live blog - Press missing scariest part - the man is crazy !

"The future is female...Trump is a butt"

A civil war over painkillers rips apart the medical community

Bernie Photo :)

Dateline looms in Bentley/Mason ethics investigation

Montgomery School Board will support State takeover

""Our adversary is of a choleric temper and easily provoked..." - " Sun Tzu

Dumb Question.

"Alternative facts" "We make our own reality"

Sundance: Sony Pictures Classics Nabs Religious Drama Novitiate

Spicer is our own Baghdad Bob ...

Americans Worried About Fascism

Carly Fiorina: "I rooted for (Obama's) success," so let's all root for Trump

Democrats see hope in women's marches - but wonder what comes next

Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Top Aides

Charles Blow-Charles Blow: We Are Dissidents; We Are Legion

TPP withdrawal Trump's first executive action Monday, sources say

Watch National Geographic to Understand Trump's Antics

Why BuzzFeed News Published the Dossier - by Ben Smoth

Donald Trump and a Sea of Empty Desks - by the NYT Editorial Board

We Are Dissidents; We Are Legion

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Unreality Show

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Yes, mam.

I made a list of all the things less popular among decent folk than Donald Trump-Click

Ukraine president to end his sweets deal in Russia

National Park Service: Cleanup going well after inauguration, Women's march

China's online population reaches 731 million

How Trump Grew Agitated After the Inauguration

Vanity Fair: Is Donald Trump's Insecurity A National Security Threat?

Great image from The Women's March:

Some thoughts on Trump trade policies.

Grrrrrrrr: Trump's "agency action plan" for the EPA - "absolute hammering."

In her defense, her arms were probably just tired after a long day of inauguratin'


Thousands parade through Birmingham streets for Alabama Women's March

Existential threat to America? The man-baby president vs the rest of the civilized world.

Twitter users accuse Sen. Cam Ward of 'fake news' after he tweeted about protesters (SFW)

After the inauguration, Kellyanne Conway returned to her other job...

Alabama state comptroller dies following brief illness

BLOODY BRILLIANT: "The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words"

The American people were on the street in millions

Politico: Put on Your Big-Boy Pants, Journos

Does he know that "regulations" are not JUST business impediments?

Charlotte Church wins my vote for best sign, at Saturday's Cardiff Women's March

Trump speaking at his meeting this morning.

CNN panel agrees Sean Spicer can't be trusted: He already 'has people comparing him to Baghdad Bob'

Trump to company executives: We think we can cut regulations by 75 percent

About those comparison photos between the Obama and Trump innauguration crowds....

Oklahoma Senator Puts Forth Most Discriminatory Bill In Recent History

Trump Administration Playing It by Ear

I Went to the Black Trump Inauguration Party so You Didnt Have To (Donnie ignores them)

A quote from Cloud Atlas.

Want to call a congressperson,call this clown, and tell him he's investigating the wrong person

Pictures from my first march in DC...

Registering their dissent: Nearly 1,000 attend Women's March in Jackson

Grover Norquist full Explosive interview with Maria Bartiromo. Tax Cut for Rich and Powerful video

MD residents, please sign petition asking Andy Harris to talk about ACA repeal

For anyone who thinks ACA repeal won't affect them. Maybe think again...

Supreme Court rejects Texas appeal over voter ID law

The dark horse at this year's OZ Open is Johanna Konta

Trump definitely won the votes of the poorly educated that he stated he loved.

Senate Democrat says he will oppose Tillerson for State Department

The difference between Pres Obama and Trump

Women's march signs from around the world

Supermarket operator Kroger to fill 10,000 permanent posts

Does opposition to Betsy DeVos mean Dems are going to stop supporting privatization of public ed?

Today's Google Doodle honors activist Ed Roberts:

What is it with self-important young men and libertarianism?

Monday morning humor


So, how did you like President Trump's first few days? Pretty awesome, right?

i was disturbed by all the applause during the cia speech but apparently they weren't applauding

I was reminded of Ron Ziegler

I Believe The GOP Is Going To Ignore Protesters And Blow Up Everything.

Promises, threats, and/or lies - a good summary

Tillerson will be approved.

Jesse Ferguson column: The resistance starts in Richmond

The liberal tea party movement has begun. What will become of it?

Ethics Lawyers Call Trump's Business Conflicts 'Nakedly Unconstitutional'

House Again Tries to Curb Democratic Attorney General's Powers

I am sorry about posting an alternative fact post

So do the Saturday marches translate to 2018 votes for Dems?

Justices reject appeal over Illinois concealed-carry rules

Photos: The Best Signs At The Women's March On NYC

The resistance starts in Richmond

In Bipartisan Nod, GOP-Led Mississippi Senate Commends Obama

My thought on Barron - being in that family is damaging enough. We should leave him alone

So when do the Right Wing Senators and US Reps get pissed about the trade wars coming?

"Alternative facts" clarified - (AKA: lies exposed)

Massive Women's March turnout shows Trump's opponents are done underestimating him

Rubio to vote for Tillerson

Wow...wonder who this is in reference to?

Conway manipulated media again with "Alternative Facts"

Reince Priebus: White House Will Fight Media Tooth And Nail Over Trump Coverage

'It's the Absolute Worst of Trump's Personality': Halperin Gives Grim Assessment of CIA Speech

More Budget Cuts Hitting State Services

Red State Gov's Say They Cannot Sustain Medicaid If Block Granted. Cannot Afford It.

Hillary's America Nominated For Multiple Razzie Awards Including Worst Picture And Worst Director

That special, super heart warming moment when.....

"Quiet," the wonderful "anthem" from the March. Here's the video.

Anyone have a White House source for them backing down on crowd size fiasco?

As Americans

The Obama Presidential Library

The NRA is showing their true colors...

Kellyanne Conway: "Alternative Facts"

On the third full day of the twump regime, Google Doodle honors a Disability Activist

Remembering DU during Bush

Bakery That Copied Obama's Inauguration Cake For Trump Donating Profits To Gay Rights Org

Pedophile rapists to act as own attorneys and to use Bible for defense in court.

Truck driver loses his marbles - all 38,000 pounds of them

29 years ago DOONESBURY predicted DT's Presidency, in cartoons.

Found on the dailykos a must read

I have a petition online to make congress use whatever health care they stick us with


What does cutting 75% of regulations do to the US?

TRUMP: We're going to 'cut regulations by 75%' and impose a 'very major border tax'

Barron should be off limits but the rest of the Drumpf (K)lan should be shunned.

Chelsea Clinton Defends Barron Trump From Online Trolls: 'Let Him Be a Kid'

My "WTF?" of the day, AIDS stupidity division...

When in the modern era did building walls and passing tariffs raise the living standard of anybody?

South Dakota lawmaker resigns over sex with interns

Nebraska senator faces criticism for women's march retweet

100 Days of ACTION - Post-Women's March - Starts Today!

Even if Trumpsky does release his tax returns now, I won't believe they're real.

Star Wars Episode 8 title revealed

Track Trump's Appointments for Various Positions

7.9 earthquake strikes near Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

Trump has already authorized two joint committees to raise funds for his 2020 presidential bid

The Koch Brothers Cannot Die Off Soon Enough.

"A house divided against itself can not stand." What happens next?

So Rubio's voting for Tillerson, eh?

Democratic Leader Says 85% of GOP Reps Are 'Freaked Out' About Trump

Sources say Trump's CIA visit made relations with intel community worse

White House press briefing today at high noon central time

"Let us hope for a Donald Trump disaster"

Why Trump's Family and Friends Are in for Heavy Financial Scrutiny

Team Trump Is Launching a Frontal Assault on the EPA

Nichols at The Nation: Blatant Lies

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

Jack Black wonders if Trump is on drugs: The president is on the same page as Charlie Sheen

Conway Walks Back Statement on Trump Not Releasing Tax Returns: He's Still Under Audit

Impeach Pence first !!

Mikey is signing everything he has never read!

The President hasn't lied about a single thing. Because the President cannot lie.

Fm. WH ethics czar Norm Eisen confirms to MSNBC his Emoluments lawsuit will seek Trump's tax returns

President Trump signs order to withdraw from TransPacific Partnership

Rubio caved on Tillerson. What a poor

donnie hands china a major unearned victory

HATED KELLYANNE CONWAY in a Supergirl suit, HERE IS the REAL Supergirl!!

The Joe & Mika Trump Facepalm: Color me "not convinced."

Sources say Trump's CIA visit made relations with intel community worse

Marine Le Pen hails patriotism as the policy of the future

Pic Of The Moment: How Trump Is Betraying His Voters Today

America, You Look Like an Arab Country Right Now. Welcome to the club.

Jeff Flake supports Jeff Sessions

Wow - what an interesting suit, re: The anti-trump lawsuit filed today re: emolument.

Trump freezes federal hiring

Sean Spicer will have a press briefing this afternoon.

Seems like we're going to need a forum: Today's WTF Drumpf Outrage

They even 'Plagiarized' the Cake!

Please don't attack Barron Trump. It's both immoral and stupid.

Women's Marchers, don't get taken in by the 89800 scam.

Department of Justice Guide to the Freedom of Information Act (2009 Edition) Online

a very interesting fb post from (hopefully) chicago's next mayor. amara enyia.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer waged a five-year Twitter feud against Dippin Dots

Sanders Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership

First Business Day of Presidential Work. So Far:


I confess....

Ted Nugent wants the Secret Service to investigate Madonna

Trump summons business leaders, lawmakers to White House

You do realize that Potus has outsourced to a foundation for all his plans and laws.

"Alternative facts"...this describes Trump supporters to a T

Here is what we are up against in 2018

It puzzles me a bit - Trump's first signing as president

drumph starts a trade war?

Thousands in Memphis rise in unity with Women's March

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually

New take on an old joke some will remember;.

Pittsburgh man's ear bitten off during argument over Trump

Donald Trump, nuclear weapons, and the ominous tick of the Doomsday Clock

Memphis lawmakers plan bill to protect aquifer

On the "Crowd Size Controversy": Let them die on this hill

Trump White House shuts down comments line

In other news, the Trump presidency has caused a global increase in the price of

The Dictionary Trolls Kellyanne Conway By Tweeting Out The Definition Of Fact

Has anyone tried calling the WH switchboard?

Sanders Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Are the taxpayers footing the bill for the traveling applause corps?

🐦 Bernie Sanders will give keynote address at #SisterGiant 2017 Washington DC Feb. 2-4

Bernie Sanders will give keynote address at #SisterGiant 2017

"Last Cab to Darwin". Great indie film.

Dutch PM tells immigrants: Act normal or go away


Trivial, but...

600 positions to fill. Does the United States have any Embassy workers in place?

Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing Monarchy in US!

Final national crowd estimate: 3.6 million- 4.5 million people marched across the country Saturday

Pence Calls His Wife 'Mother'

Trump Brought Campaign Supporters to CIA Speech

Revenge of the bureaucrats: With hiring freeze, Trump sets himself up for a messy clash

Scott Walker congratulates Trump/Pence/Walker on Twitter

Spicer's new conference starting at 1:30 est-watch with me?

State board will oppose counseling bill in Tennessee Senate

Hillary Clinton plots her next move

As Good As Obama Was He Made Some Strategic Errors.

Revolt Is the Only Barrier to a Fascist America

If Putin, Trump, and Flynn are in cahoots is it not all of our patriotic duty to oppose them?

NC State Sen. Dan Bishop to Seek Protection for Gov. McCrory from Rioters

Warren Shows Weakness In Massachusetts

Orwell Was Right Kellyanne Conway and Alternative Facts

3 Million Marched? No, it was over 5 Million! And still collecting data and photos!

The CDC just cancelled the Climate and Health Summit scheduled for next month in Atlanta.

The pushback from Cons re: Women's March

Joe Buck's haircut.

Has there been any progress on identifying the people who hacked DU

The VIEW discusses Kellyanne Conway's "ALTERNATE FACTS"

Reverse it on them. Say you are an unhappy trump/GOP supporter.

As long as drumpf has Kellyanne as one of his spokespeople, he will never have

Massachusetts Poll Shows GOP Governor Charlie Baker In Better Shape Than Democratic Senator Elizabet

Sean Spicers Inauguration Whopper Makes Him Latest Hot Meme - need a laugh?


Haslam plan calls for 7-cent gas tax hike and 12-cent diesel tax hike, cuts to grocery sales tax

Tammy Baldwin on Trump's trade policies

Donald Trump Reinstates Ronald Reagans Abortion Global Gag Rule

Russian Defense Ministry claims it's now flying joint Syrian missions with USAF. Pentagon denies.


Someone Whistling in Press Room

Judge Blocks Aetnas $37 Billion Deal for Humana.

Time & Age About Only Thing Could Save Us From 8 Yrs Of Trump.

Why we marched

I see a lot of "Leave Barron Alone" posts. What I don't see are . . . .

15,000 attend Women's March on Nashville

A German view of what happened in America on January 20th

Can discussing Barron Trump be banned altogether?

Baghdad Spicer on now....

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer: Donald Trump will conform with the Constitution or we will remove him

Documents: No settlement in Fred Thompson estate dispute

9 Year Old Boy at Sacramento Women's March Suppporting Sister who has Down Syndrome-Facebook Post

Today's petitions

LIVE: Trump press secretary Sean Spicer is expected to take questions

How does one put "professional applauder" on one's resume?

Trump answers the question of ---

There's hope

Indiana state senator under fire for 'fat women' post

The Way Forward: Local, Vocal, and Don't Back Down

Rolling Stone's Jeff Goodell on Miami's 400 Million $ Maginot Line against Sea Level

First shots fired in

Somebody turned 60 today

Has Sean's lies from from Saturday been talked about yet?

Another reason for Trump to admire Putin

lol sean sphincter wants to be able to call a mulligan when they "accidentally" get a fact wrong!

Trump says and does everthing that's inappropriate

Trump to visit Philadelphia for GOP retreat Thursday

Good Luck to Atlanta in the Super Bowl-From a Cowboys Fan

President Trumps aides are worried about his behavior

Sean Spicer ...Credibility Gone


Sexism is alive and well to the Point that it's triggered a migraine

Coping with narcissistic personality disorder in the White House

Over 2,000 march in support of women's rights in Knoxville's Market Square

Calling this "press briefing" what it is --

Sevier County wildfire losses near $1 billion

Pentagon confirms weekend drone strikes under Trump

even in fundieville, the turnout for the women's march was amazing (over 7,000)

Flash Mob DC March "Quiet" w MILCK

Acoma Pueblo in NM signs contract with Bright Green to grow 40 mil marijuana plants a yr

Jeepers, look at all these executive orders.

Knoxville's 'Super Dave' nets 276th arrest in panhandling roundup

Trump proclaims his own inauguration date "National Day of Patriotic Devotion" -text just released

Room full of men screws women: Donald Trump Signs Anti-Abortion Executive Order Surrounded By Men

Donald Trumps Manufactured Laugh Track's Is Tricking America..

Officers disciplined, suspended for roles in Hobgood Elementary School arrests

Sacramento Women's March-9 year old boy marching for his little sister

The House Is About to Hand a Big Win to the Anti-Abortion Movement

Warning! Don't ever give any else your

The political situation has taken a turn for the worse.

Memphis Rep. Hardaway Proposes $15 Minimum Wage

So I'm back after over three years.

tRumps star on Hollywood walk may be removed.

Poll: Trumps opening weekend gets lowest approval of modern era

Trump Aide Just Revealed Trump Is Bored As President, Likes To Watch TV

What a fucking crybaby!

My name for Sean Spicer:

He was doing ok, now Spicer is all worked up.

Donald Trump's Profound Laziness Is Already on Full Display - GQ

Bill introduced to remove US from United Nations

Another day, another lie by Trump spokesman.

Is this the way Trump is going to unify Iraq? By threatening to take their oil?

You work hard to become a US Senator

President Obama's warning about automation.

Flint MI is trying to rally people against a DeVos appointment

Jason Schultz proposes bill to allow Iowans to purchase machine guns

Bakery That Copied Obamas Inauguration Cake for Trump Donating Profits to Gay Rights Organization

Gallop Poll Will Make Trump SAD:Trump Speech Rated Least Positively of Last Four Inaugural Addresses

My Photos from Lexington Ky's Women's march

I'm back! Skinner helped me and I emailed him beseeching his help and he did!

Former NC Gov. Pat McCrory Chased and Cornered by Protesters Yelling Shame on You, Anti-Gay Bigot

One more thing I'd like to say regarding the Women's March in St Louis. Thank You Senator

So Drumpfy threw Israel and Netanyahu under the bus !!!

Jeff Flake supports Jeff Sessions

No question but a heartfelt thanks for helping me get back in!


Senators Warren and Carper order briefing from the GSA on Trump Hotel in DC

WH Spox Downplays Historic Women's Marches: It Wasn't 'Against Anything'

AP Breaking: US leading Russian war planes in attack in Syria (reported on CNN)

Colorado's colorful rising-star governor, the man some Davos elites say could lead Democrats in 2020

Lawsuit Says Trump Already In Violation Of Constitution, Days After Inauguration

The perfect pic that sums up the hypocrisy that is the right.

Why was an RT reporter arrested for rioting in DC?

Alternate truths:

Trumps federal hiring freeze draws immediate fire from union

For the 2,348,069 in swing states who voted 3rd party.

Do you think Russia is trying to use America to inflame Muslims and China ?

Seal Spicer's war on...Dippin' Dots?

FUNNY! I just spotted this video in a comment under an article on "Raw Story:

Anyone notice the kind of creepy exchange

FUNNY! I just spotted this video in a comment under an article on "Raw Story:

China (CIC), licking its chops at misguided tRump infrastructure funding and more. Look out!

No one should be "delighted" to work with DT on any issue, no matter

Ahead of Trump, Cambodia edges further away from US

Trump Backs Out of TPP, Giving Leverage to China in the Region

Just came up with a new tRump slogan

Snort. DoD trolls POTUS on Twitter

Trump has no concept of open criticism.

Can Kevin and Brendan Boyle Save the Democratic Party?

Boys and girls, we're on our own.

Alec Baldwin Will Get an Entire Saturday Night Live Episode to Make Fun of Trump

Is it worth it to buy an extended warranty on my 2015 Nissan Versa?

Spicer: Trump is "taking extraordinary steps," and "Don and Eric are fully in charge of the company"

Real Reason Donald Trump Opposed TPP

Where is the Chamber of Commerce

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Trump intends to move forward with Dakota Access Pipeline

Just FYI, Bernie Sanders wants you to call him... IF

Looks like someone at the DOD is making a not-so-subtle hint about the new boss.

Brian Eno: 'We've been in decline for 40 years - Trump is a chance to rethink'

So, Indiana's own state Senator Jack Sandlin found this appropriate to share on his FB page

With all of our new challenges, none of them match Steve Bannon having to now bathe regularly

Nearly 1 Out Of Every 100 Americans Marched On Saturday For Equality

Wait, WHAT? Spicer is already frustrated at being treated unfairly???

Common Insecticide Increases Diabetes Risk, Tricks Melatonin Receptor

Some Democratic Candidates who are running for 2017 VA Delegate Seats

Some Democratic Candidates who are running for 2017 VA Delegate Seats

Julie Bowen gets attacked for gameboy joke

Trump's Press Secretary gets the better of ineffective ABC's Jonathan Karl over lies (VIDEO)

Russia Is a Terrible Ally Against Terrorism

Jed Bartlet has a question for all the marchers. (myself included)

Getting out of the TPP might not actually be good for America in the long run...

So about that "EVIL" thing

Pictures from the Women's March in Ann Arbor Michigan

Is Drumpfy setting up the unions to make everyone hate them when the cost of goods go up...

Best Case Scenario, Heavy pressure from Congress for Trump to step down

Betsy DeVos gets slammed over grammatically incorrect tweet.


Did any of you admins attend the March in Washington?

CNN's Jake Tapper kicks off his show ("The Lead"):

What's for Dinner, Mon., Jan. 23, 2017

Right Wing Network started Multi-Million Dollar Campaign to Target Vulnerable Democrat Senators

Turn on Tapper on CNN right fugging now

A woman's FB comment about the Women's March

I need people to adequately explain this to me:

Democrats To GSA: Trump Is Now In Violation Of His DC Hotel Lease

"The Ministry of Truth is the propaganda ministry."

Here's how the Trump administration is impacting global health

WH Spokesman: Flynn Had 2 Calls With Russian Ambassador

Trump is first prez ever to start with 50% approval in Gallup poll

Baghdad Sean: It's 'Demoralizing' For Trump To See Media Narrative About Him

Great report on the 'Wall of Meat' Bikers

"Patriotic Devotion"? - The Founding Fathers would gag

How can any American accept the idea of a possible betrayal of our Constitution...?

Check out this video of Trump and Melania

CDC abruptly cancels long-planned conference on climate change and health

Explanation for rise in autism diagnoses?

Sierra Nevada recalls 8 beers because a bottle flaw could hurt drinkers

In the interests of combating fake news....

Trump and Wyoming Fight Energy's Winds of Change

Paul Ryan wants to hear from US re: ACA - call info

GOP senators: Give states the option of keeping ObamaCare

Well what happen to that Cock and Bull abt,,,

Hackers Back Up US Climate Data So Trump Cant Delete It

"Trump Is Bringing Back Jobs With Threats" (w/Guest David Horowitz)

The Rhythm of Activism (w/guest Professor Bill Ayers)

MUST SEE! The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

Drumpf and Drumpfy are sticking

US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours

Trump admin backs off pledge of immediate immigration change

83% of manufacturing jobs this century have been lost to automation*

Democrats will try to delay vote on attorney general

A sad tell about Melania's relationship with Trump.

Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct...........

US official confirms Trident missile failure

You can put all your concerns to bed re Drumpf-Russian collaboration

Donny little hands has no problem with lying but plenty of problems with the truth -

where can I buy one of those pussy hats? I'd love to have one!

Donald Trump Just Declared His Inauguration A National Holiday

Trump's Big Lie imperils the republic: David Andelman

Women's March Protesters Did Dump Their Signs......But, Here's What Really Happened

Star Wars: Episode VIII has an official title: The Last Jedi

My favorite Trump GIF on Inauguration Day.

Jared Kushner to meet with Justin Trudeau about US-Canada relationship

Doing our part - contacting Congress

Millions of Americans live in Mexico. Can we continue to coexist?

This came across last night late. Posting it for the day people. Mr. Putin Lets Play Chess

Millions of Americans live in Mexico.

White House Will Take Skype Questions at Daily Briefing

Jailed Panama dictator moved to house arrest for brain surgery

Italian avalanche: hope for survivors after three puppies found alive in rubble

Anyone know the name of the CEO who spoke outside the WH kissing tRump ass...

No Shit...

Has the US become a toxic ally for Colombia?

Has the US become a toxic ally for Colombia?

Calls for more rallies on Sat April 15th to demand tax returns -- let Women's March

Contrary to What Sean Spicer Says, Taxpayer Dollars Dont Fund Abortions Overseas

Why is asking if Barron Trump has autism considered mockery? I find that WAY more insulting.


North Eastern DUers - are you ready for the bad weather

Mexico City Policy On Abortion Reinstated By President Donald Trump After Women's Rights Marches

More People Are Attending Womens Marches Than Attended All Tea Party Rallies Combined

Women's March on Washington: Historic Protest Three Times Larger Than Trump's Inaugural Crowd

Did anyone else catch this gesture?

Proof the New England Patriots installed Donald Trump as president!

Kansas man admits robbing Kansas bank to escape wife

Gayborhood racism is long-standing, Philadelphia report says

Metro: Women's March second highest day ever for ridership

Why the suspension of Katie Rich pisses me right the fuck off.

OSU president apologizes for student blackface incident

Philadelphia bans employers from asking salary history

White NYC officer awaits punishment in killing of black teen

The Avett Brothers Perform 'Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth'

Spicer said there were only two phone calls between Flynn and Russia

Falcons owner Arthur Blank is bringing every team employee to the Super Bowl

Remember this from a Tea Party Rally

Police accuse Oklahoma widow of inciting violence in video

I am confused about a 2018 Caroline Kennedy Senate Run:

Report: Police violated open-records law in bodycam case

Bush ready to leave intensive care; wife Barbara goes home

The Latest: Chief calls shooting 'horrible chain of events'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 24 January 2017

With alternative facts, Trump World swimming in a sea of dishonesty

US military is 'not coordinating airstrikes with Russia in Syria', Pentagon says

What happens when taxes are cut "massively"?

In Colombia, gourmet meals worth going to jail for

The first images from the new weather satellite just arrived, and they're absolutely incredible

Even rightwing sites call out Trump administration over 'alternative facts'

Perez endorsed by Hispanic caucus PAC for DNC chair

Trump moves to put his own stamp on Voice of America

Good coverage of marches on ABC news

The Sad Grave of Kate McCormick

The fact that DT resigned from his businesses means nothing. He still OWNS them,

U.S. Senate committee backs Tillerson as Trump's secretary of state

Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States, has said he doesn't believe that smoking kills

Twenty Years of Humanism in Nigeria

Stephen Colbert: With Mixed Feelings, Americans Make the Switch

Use this link to see how rich McConnell, Paul Ryan and John McCain are. They

I don't think Gretta is getting any betta (sic)

Flynn's shitty son comments on our March

Officials Beg Trump to Send Help After Storms Kill 20

Former Executive Director of Anti-Immigrant Hate Group FAIR Joins Trump Administration