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Head of agency overseeing Trump hotel has left her post

'Mawlana' film provokes outcry over religion and state

It's official. Trump has been sued (lawsuit will seek Trump's tax returns in discovery)

MS state senator blasts "unhappy liberal women" fueling social media firestorm

JANUARY 23: Keep the Russian hack of the election on the front pages! Click these links!

I can't keep quiet

Seen on Twitter......who does she think she is!

GOP Says Women Should Be Submissive With Legs Open. What The Hell Are Women Thinking Who Vote GOP.

You know how Trump was slamming Arnold about ratings

In honor of Trump's first Monday in office I would just like to say

You can tell a lot about a man...

I have a question about boycotting products of commercial sponsors on news networks like FOX

WTF- Putin wants a Yalta 2 from Drumpf

No, Trump was not applauded by the CIA he brought his own cheering squad

German populists to discipline member for Holocaust remarks

Revealing Video of Donald and Melania Trump at Inauguration: Was It Reversed?

Donald Trump: A Pillar of Ignorance and Certitude

In relation to this fake news thing

It was the smallest crowd to ever protest a president, PERIOD!

I think I know when Congress will act.

Ethics watchdog files lawsuit against Trump over foreign business dealings

ALTERNATIVE FACT: DT was not born in the US.

New York City reaches $75 million settlement over police summonses

Park Ridge misogynist resigns SCHOOL BOARD over hateful Tweets toward Women's March .

New York City reaches $75 million settlement over police summonses

Waiter, there's a hair - a lot of hair - in my glass

Reply from ryan's office

This video is very telling... Melania, is he worth it?

Maybe two dozen

It's not just us, Mr. Trump, it's the whole world.

Trump White House lowers expectations for quick embassy move in Israel

Former Executive Director of Anti-Immigrant Hate Group FAIR Joins Trump Administration

40 Years Ago To The Day, Doctor Who Predicted Alternative Facts

Oklahoma lawmaker accused of sexual harassment won't testify

Trump White House vows to stop China taking South China Sea islands

Trump White House vows to stop China taking South China Sea islands

Tax returns and audits

Concern trolls for Melania: Get back to politics. I register my objection to these posts.

Iraqi forces claim recapture of eastern Mosul after 100 days of fighting

Something mysterious is killing 11,000 nearby galaxies

NYT trolling Trump?

GOP Really Wants To Give Safety Net To Churches/Private Charities.

Trump Treasury nominee wants to loosen limits under Volcker rule: document

Do you believe that these posts --

Koterba toon: Consider a career in politics...

Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as CIA director

Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as CIA director

looking for Trump inauguration photo with a cutout

Trump comes across not as larger than life but as one of the smaller people on the world stage.

MSM seems to be serious about calling B.S. on GOP lies. Maybe a little too late....

Americans should be out of their minds with anger

Useless Salad Tosser - $45.99 at Amazon

Sci fi

If #alternativefacts are a thing, can we bring back the Golden Showers scandal?

Trumps latest hire alarms allies of Ryan and bolsters Bannon

2017 Horse Racing - Arrogate, California Chrome To Bookend Field In Pegasus World Cup

More people marched in NYC

Sanders Speaks on the Nomination of Mike Pompeo for CIA Director

I analyzed 2012 NY state presidential campaign contributions for my Data Science Visualization class

D.C. Trump Hotel Lost More Than $1 Million During Opening Months

White House Shuts Down Phone Comment Line, Tells Callers to Use Non-Existent Facebook Messenger Acct

Arctic melt ponds form when meltwater clogs ice pores: Pond formation mechanism previously unknown

Luckovich Toon - Trump: Sustained Applause

We should rescue Barron!

Spicer's claim today that "tens of millions" watched online is wrong. It was 4.6 million.

Trump's DC hotel has already lost over $1 million since opening: report

White House press corps fails at calling out Press Secretary Sean Spicers lies

Toon- "It was their final, most essential command"

Limbaugh says Soros, 'Democrat Party', Hillary paid "mindless twats" $$$ billions to protest.

The Bad Reporter is Soooo Bad!

Forests 'held their breath' during global warming hiatus, research shows

"Making Facts Debatable Again"

Dear Mr. Putin, Lets Play Chess

anyone else listening to npr? indivisible radio. live call in.

Melania Hates Donald: A Theory (with exhibits).

Dr. Ryan's Affordable Care Act Replacement (all too true!)

McCain proposes $7.5 billion of new U.S. military funding for Asia-Pacific

"What can a bunch of women in silly hats do?"

and here we have it....

Conservative men are fat, sweaty child-porn addicts who sexually fantasize about their mothers.

Progressives need a larger and stronger social media presence.

Father and son accused of rape want only law book that truly matters at their trial: The Bible

Trumps new EPA transition team draws from oil industry groups

Psychological 'vaccine' could help immunise public against 'fake news' on climate change -- study

Lots of people are wondering if Trump can pardon himself

"Day of Patriotic Devotion", though

If you didn't get to one of the marches, here's how it felt...

watching the dnc chair "debate". perez up now. DC insider. u watching?

U.S. judge finds that Aetna misled the public about its reasons for quitting Obamacare

Charlie Liteky, who received and later relinquished Medal of Honor, dies at 85

Former Supreme Court Justice Souter on The Danger of America's 'Pervasive Civic Ignorance'

Kellyanne Conway using the term "alternative facts."

Without evidence, Trump tells lawmakers 3-5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote

Judge blocks Aetna-Humana health insurance merger on antitrust grounds

Trump taps net neutrality critic to lead the FCC

U.S. judge finds that Aetna misled the public about its reasons for quitting Obamacare

(Fixed) Has this been posted? Trump repeats the lie about illegal ballots

Did anyone notice he had the red curtains changed to Golden Shower Yellow?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! America Held Hostage, Day 1! Live, Uncensored &

Adorable Terror: Wolf-Size Otter Hunted Ancient China

Did you notice that the first president to whine like a little baby ...

Message from Sen. Casey about drumpf's plan for Medicaid:

White House falsely claims recent dramatic expansion of the federal workforce

Republicans Will Replace Obamacare With A Return To "Junk Policies."

Ok, Spicers nickname must be, and only be

Senate confirms Pompeo as head of CIA

Name some living cast members of early tv shows

Dear Kellyanne & *even*/Sean - u krazy gun-4-hire-kids - Nobody CARES 'bout

When Voldemort is President...

Anti-abortion rally praises new Kentucky laws

U.S. judge finds that Aetna misled the public about its reasons for quitting Obamacare

In Monday evening meeting, Cheeto tells House and Senate leaders he would have won popular vote if


Woman faked cancer to defraud dad of $60k

How Are We Going To Stop GOP If They Continue Their Destructive Rampage?

Chimpanzees are forcing us to redefine what it means to be human

Two-thirds of Americans give priority to developing alternative energy over fossil fuels

Gov. Mark Dayton collapses in the middle of his State of the State address

TWITTER-ERS ain't no Dummys!!

IWW releases statement about UW protest shooting victim:

Dayton unveils plan to open MinnesotaCare to anyone

Seaweed to save the world from climate change & starvation?

Man charged with assaulting woman with frozen sausage

Nigeria: Babies used in suicide bombings, officials warn

Biden: Guess what the Secret Service told me

Have you noticed that the media...

What's your favorite line from "Hello, Dolly"? Serious question.

White House press conference: Sean Spicer suggests Donald Trump will push through Dakota Access Pipe

Tomomi Kahara: However

Slate - "Trump Sold America a Miracle Cure" - a very important, insightful article

Cheetoman still whining about inauguration size, claiming voter fraud

This National Day of Patriotic Devotion scares the hell out of me.

When are the next marches being planned for?

Madonna 'Ought To Be Arrested,' Says Newt Gingrich

Kotoba ni Dekinai -Kazumasa Oda

Hawaii's Lanai Island Dark After Windstorm Knocks out Power

Mike Pompeo

Trump's visit to the CIA

Former investment fund analyst arrested after skipping trial20

Seiko Matsuda - Anata ni Aitakute

Trump signs executive order to withdraw US from TransPacific Partnership

Kellyanne Conjob

Obama vs FDT's inaugural day declarations to compare

Seiko Matsuda - Anata ni Aitakute

US Supreme Court declines to hear polygamy case

"'Are we living in Nazi Germany?' Good question, Mr. President"

One of Trump's First Moves--The End Of "An Open Internet"

OK I've interruped snacking on chips for this: Laughing over high-art music

Melania Trump Defended on DU

Obama released $221M to Palestinians in final hours

Bookmark it: I'm calling Amendment 25 section 4 by November

I always find it interesting when the Atlanta paper criticize the Con.

Dallas Stars troll Trump on crowd size.

Senate committee approves Tillerson for secretary of state

Trump's 1st Capitol Hill meeting: 10 minute victory lap, blames "illegals," and more...

Just heard on MSNBC

How do I post a pic again?

Did anyone else do this upon waking?

Trump told Congessional leaders 'illegals' cost him popular vote

Sakura wa keshiki o utsukushī basho ni kaemasu

Sakura wa keshiki o utsukushi basho ni kaemasu

EPA Freezes Grants, Tells Employees Not To Talk About It, Sources Say

Now that TPP is dead...can we start talking about alternative policies on trade?

Son, we live in a world that has lies,

France's President in Colombia to show support for peace

Drone over Portland

The first days inside Trumps White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot

Sometimes, all it takes is a beautiful song...

Chile battles worst forest fires in its history

Chile battles worst forest fires in its history

Judge: AETNA lied about leaving the ACA -- it was not because of losing money.

Charlie Liteky, 85, Dies; Returned Medal of Honor in Protest

Sean Spicer's Stalinist apparition

'Alternative facts'? Journalists from Venezuela to Turkey have seen this movie before

Kentucky licenses now accepted at Fort Knox through June 6

U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy's health care plan: Let states keep Obamacare if they want

The lawsuit that was filed against tRump today

Reason #6,472

Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers. (NYT uses word LIE.)

LOL, New Wall Paper - Donald Dick!!

Charlie Liteky, ex-chaplain who gave back his Medal of Honor at the Wall, dies

Anti-Semitic Tweets Erupt After Rabbis Prayer At Trumps Inauguration

Must-Read from Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg: "Why Trump's Staff Is Lying"

Trump Declares His Inauguration 'National Day of Patriotic Devotion' in Proclamation ...

FARC Will Become Open, Democratic Political Party in May

Protester Holds Up A SPINE During Little Marco's Capitulation To Rex Tillerson Nomination.

FARC Will Become Open, Democratic Political Party in May

Got an idea.......Amy Klobuchar

White House says to have Supreme Court nominee in next couple of weeks

Kentucky banks on hemp as next cash crop

I'm tired of having to explain to men AND WOMEN why we marched.

No "local news" on LBN?

Heads up: One of the best replies ever to the "We suffered through Obama for 8 years" posts.

Things Can Only Get Worse

Two journalists covering inauguration protests face felony riot charges

"Obama is golden."

A glimpse inside a Trump cabinet meeting

Kentucky State University seeks accreditation for business school

Class in Session: Flag Burning 101

Lawrence O'D was live.

Trump's employment application revealed!

Petty Gripe: That fucking coat. I gotta believe that thing smells like cheap cologne.

It makes my head ache

University of Louisville Board Appoints New Interim School President

Trump ist kein Berliner

Senate Committee Indefinitely Delays Votes on Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke

Businessman pleads guilty in jail expansion kickback scheme

We Dems are so stupid (lame attempt at sarcasm)...

Newspaper problems

NYTimes: Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers

Women's March San Francisco KQED Arts

Women's March Tokyo, Japan January 2017

Frontline Recaps Trump Campaign With His Greatest Hits.

Trump Designates His Inauguration Day 'National Day Of Patriotic Devotion'

And Trump is already at blue when it comes to his Failure Level

Watch: Moving moment Bear the dog is freed after spending 15 years chained up outside

More than 1 in 100 Americans marched against Donald Trump Saturday,-also GRAPHIC...

Bill Kristol just called Trump 'the biggest snowflake' on Twitter.

No White House Leaks Like This ... Until Now

It's been nice not to be incinerated in nuclear holocaust so far.

Women's March in Tokyo in response to Trump's Inauguration

What's up with baby emperor's upper lip?

Women's March San Francisco KQED Arts

Trump Instability Particularly Dangerous In An International Crisis Effecting US.

Triumph Attends Trumps Inauguration - CONAN on TBS

Scott Walker insists parents receiving food stamps should work at least 80 hours a month

TCM Schedule for Thursday, January 26, 2017 -- Star of the Month - Jane Wyman

I Now Really Understand The Painting Named "The Scream". I Need To Get A Copy Of It.

Gina Prince-Bythewood To Direct Cloak & Dagger Pilot

The Trump administration just told a whopper about the size of the federal workforce.

Chuck Schumer on Newshour

South Dakota GOP Rushes To Repeal Ethics Reforms Passed By Voters

Indiana state senator deletes 'fat women' meme about Women's March

Genuine intellectuals and saavy people never interject "I'm like a really smart person"

Distaster Looming In Trump's Executive Orders

GD: Anti-Semitic Tweets Erupt After Rabbis Prayer At Trumps Inauguration

Jewish Group: Anti-Semitic Tweets Erupt After Rabbis Prayer At Trumps Inauguration

"Trump News" -- who is behind this shit?

TCM Schedule for Friday, January 27, 2017 -- TCM Memorial Tribute: Debbie Reynolds

Trump shuts down the public from calling the White House to protest or comment

My Parents Hid Me from Reagan

So Groper Don the Con latest rant is that illegal votes cost him

Bill Would Allow Texas Clerks to Opt Out of Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

President Obama must be chuckling..."Is it fun now bitch!"

Drainy swampy thing

Archaeologists shed new light on collapse of Mayan civilization

Archaeologists shed new light on collapse of Mayan civilization

Not sure if posted yet... Trump backers: We trust the President-elect

Looking for a good coconut/almond granola cereal recipe

Stupid People...

Wyoming Just Took Aim at LGBTs

Did Trump send FEMA to those states that suffered the

The Double Edged Sword

Did Neanderthals Like Pretty Rocks?

East Texas judge calls Saturday's marchers a million fat women on Facebook

ALTERNATIVE FACT: This was a good idea TingleAnne Conway

Scientists discover large extinct otter

Guardian dogs conserve ecology of Mongolian steppes

What Are All The Words Or Phrases That Describe Donald Trump?.

Watched "Jackie" tonight...

Scientist: 60% of primates could become extinct in our lifetime

Keith Olbermann's Plea

A Long-Lost Dark Age Kingdom Has Been Rediscovered In Scotland

Scientists find advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest

Underneath Chichen Itzas pyramid

Underneath Chichen Itzas pyramid


Do big corporate donors keep The Democratic Party from being a true "People's Party"?

I'm going to 'make Justin Trudeau's life absolute hell,' Kevin O'Leary of 'Shark Tank' says

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway allegedly punched a man in the face at President Trump's inaugural

Seth Meyers, A Closer Look: Trump, "Alternative Facts" and the Women's March.

The New National Debate: Is It Ever OK to Punch a Nazi?

Heat Miser Found!

Widespread Panic-"Lawyers, Guns, and Money" (Warren Zevon- songwriter)

FBI reviewed Flynns calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit

Widespread Panic-"Hatfield"

The Biggest Problem With Trump? He's A Weakling.

U.S. Vows to Stop Beijing Taking Over South China Sea Islands

Brexit: Supreme Court says Parliament must give Article 50 go-ahead

Donald Trump is the most popular President... since Obama. Period.

Video: Adam Jones tells cop 'I hope you die'

contenders for the 2020 GE election ?

Daily Holidays - January 24

Need a change:

Let's hear it for the NYT! They've breached the post-factual, alt-fact barrier

Can DU survive a "fast-lane/slow-lane" internet?

Inaccurate picture book biography on Trump removed from a Smithsonian shop

The Oval Office

Wallace Hall out as UT regent as Gov. Greg Abbott signals end of divided era in Texas higher ed

Union: Taxpayers are supporting welfare for state workers, who deserve a living wage

WTF: FBI Clears Flynn with Regards to Russian Phone calls?

Just saw an ad for Jefferson Sessions: "45committee" paid for it.

CIA folks are worried if they find dirt on Putin & tell Trump-Trump will blow up their source's spot

Johnny Manziel deletes account after offering Donald Trump Twitter advice

Predict future Trump lies here:

Supreme Court declines Texas appeal in voter ID case, but the fight isn't over yet

The final decision

There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Cat

Great...while in other news, trump is courting unions again.

Trump's patriotism & unity talk was such thin gruel

Texas Senate takes first step toward school finance overhaul

Corpus Christi mayor's race now has 5 candidates

Eugene Robinson: "Trump inspired a movement, all right"

This administration...

Texas Muslims Targeted by Freshman Republican Representative

YES! - Seeing the massive size of the Womens March on TV Saturday made Trump "visibly enraged."

After massive crowds at women's marches, what's next?

Researchers report new understanding of global warming (and its effect on storms)

My younger Sister passed over last night.

Rump's America First slogan was popularized by Nazi sympathizers

Your Daily F*****g Planner - Jan. 24, 2017

The recipe for American catastrophe: Narcissism, Dunning-Kruger and Dugin

The Klingon Empire weighs in on Trump...

Epileptic Mother of 5 Faces Jail Time for Smoking Marijuana While Breast-feeding

Looking for the post in answer to a woman who didn't "get the need" for the marches..

Miami was hit by a tornado early this morning

"Marches" toon

Trumpsky administration will reverse Net Neutrality.

Did Trump and republicans ensure VOA serves as a shill for his authoritarian regime?

Pat Summitt would have some succinct advice for Trump:

Silicon Valley Rich MAGA By Preparing Survivalist Hideouts W. Solar Panels, Lots Of Guns

UK PM loses Article 50 appeal, parliamentary approval required for Brexit

The Titanic vs the Trump administration:

1 Abandoned TX Water Well Has Cost $1 Million, Sunk Surrounding Land 3/4" Per Month

Gayle Manchin fires 4 employees as new department head

CDC Cancels February Climate Change/Disease Summit; Quacking About "Rescheduling"

Please remember that the said M$Greedia repeated all of Groper Don the COn's lies over and over

Serbian-Chinese Venture Invests $715 Million In Expanded Coal Production

Stuff invented by Hollywood: "torture works", Russian Roulette and leather-wearing gays

Nearly 3,000 march for women at WV Capitol

Dan Aykroyd writes a heartfelt tribute essay to his friend Carrie Fisher

POTUS doesn't read books, browse the Web, use email or apps. He watches TV & reads print newspapers

Parents Struggle to Find Affordable Childcare in West Virginia

Trumps early move on restricting abortions around the world

State Agency Says It's Cutting Use of State Vehicles

These Inspiring Cancer Patients Held a Women's March in the Hospital In the streets or down hospital

Pence claims 'over half' of women's march were Trump supporters

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Ex-legal aid clinic manager in Charleston guilty of $1.5M fraud

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Liar in Chief

An important message to white people

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

West Virginia business owner sentenced for bilking more than $31M from investors

Ethics 'czar' confirms emoluments lawsuit against Trump will seek his tax returns

Former Marietta College professor killed in prison

As we go forward in the Age of Bullshit, it's important to know who is bullshitting you

Church Parking Spot Road Rage.

Is Twittler on this yet?

Trump firing first salvo on trade wars...Too bad he lacks history knowledge

GM to lay off 1,000. Where is SuperDrumpf?

Is it possible

Alternate facts

Rep. Ted Lieu's Alternative Fact Free Zone

Nice toon

SHitler/GOP's "patient choice" plans will likely EXCLUDE most care - Case in Point . . .


Trump. To quote my mother: "I don't like to think about that."

Trump Is Said to Keep James Comey as F.B.I. Director


A new Trump symbol? "No White House Leaks Like This ... Until Now"

Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers

Guardian News Headline Compares Trump to Kim Jong-un for 'Day of Patriotic Devotion' Proclamation

The solution to Trump's endless lying is very, very simple: Media must simply move the goal-posts.

SCOOP from Bloomberg reporter -- Trump exec orders today will advance Keystone & Dakota pipelines

Pence claims 'over half' of women's march were Trump supporters

Yep...Trump had to can Obama's cut to the mortgage insurance rate just becuse....

Keystone and Dakota pipelines to be restarted with 11.00am Executive Order

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer: Donald Trump will conform with the Constitution or we will remove him

BLS Implements HTTPS-Only Standard on websites

And so - what we know. But... what is to be done?

The first days inside Trumps White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot

Debate Over Whether Networks Should Stop Interviewing Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway gets Secret Service protection

Donald Trump: The Art of the Tweet

Trump Blatantly Lies: Claims Record Inauguration Turnout of 1.5 Million

Gabapentin: States must track drugs prescriptions

Trump assembles a shadow Cabinet

Trump fan to Martina Navratilova-who fled Communist Czechoslovakia: "educate yourself on Communism"

Twitter Reacts to Image of Trump Leaving Melania Behind

Sorry....I was just missing President Obama.

Trump to sign executive orders today to advance Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

Is Trump ready for war in the South China Sea, or is his team just not being clear? By Simon Denyer

Today's action is easy! RE: Keystone Pipeline

Anti-Fake News Tool: UK University Researchers May Have Found Solution

Remember when Fuckie Todd said it was not the media's job to expose

Some good advice from Jelani Cobb about resisting desire to praise trump

Trumps Conflicts of Interest......toon

The Magic of Art Voka...

As Might be Expected, Trumps infrastructure plan is just a Windfall for Wall Street

Trump Reportedly plans to keep Comey as FBI Director

Trump kills TPP, giving China its first big win

What will happen when Trump attempts to misuse the military?

Conway Claims She Has Secret Service Protection Because Of Media Treatment

After Piers Morgan attacks Womens March, Ewan McGregor cancels appearance with him

Trump to advance Keystone, Dakota Access pipelines: report

Sessions: No plan to recuse from DOJ Trump probes

Israel approves construction of new settlement units, ignoring UN resolution

Report: Conway punched a man 3 times at inaugural ball

George Orwell Got the Year Wrong.

orrin hatch...still full of shit

Cordray: No change for consumer bureau under Trump

How to Spot a Liar Video

Donald Trump says that 'environmentalism is out of control'

Is Kellyanne Conway physically violent? This report indicates she might be.

A man who was about to address the Nation for the first time as our President had these thoughts--

CBO: Federal deficit to rise in 2019 for first time in decade

On April 15, join us in demanding that the president show the American people his tax returns.

What if Drumpfy attacks Mexico and/or Canada and tries to steal their oil?

Even if the Feds kill EPA protections

Pence can't credibly claim Women's March participants were Trump supporters

Representative Steve King said that private companies should

If GOP ends or at least kneecaps Obamacare, what stops CA from doing single payer?

So, when does FEMA show up in Mississippi

any word on Gov. Mark Dayton

Conway stops brawl, throws some punches.

Trumps lie about illegal votes will have dangerous consequences

Oh, who the f**k are you UPDATE: Chachi & Kellyanne throwin' punches around? who who who who!

If Drumpfy steals a nation's oil we will not get one vote in the UN.

Senate committee clears Carson nomination

"She made her bed, she can lie in it."

Why couldn't Sean Streicher equivocally say we wouldn't steal a nation's oil?

Donald Trump resigns from positions at hundreds of companies... but keeps ownerships and shares

NYT headline: "Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote"

Of all the Cabinet appointments, Gen. Mattis is the only one I actually support

Why Sanders' praise of Trump over TPP is so dangerous

Why wouldn't Sean Goebbels say what the unemployment rate is?


I hope the Veterans go back to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest

pResidential Portrait

The Origins of Totalitarianism

Bernie Sanders: 'If it's America First, then it's UK First, China First...' - BBC Newsnight

Bernie Sanders: 'If it's America First, then it's UK First, China First...' - BBC Newsnight

Doctor Who Quote About 'Alternative Facts' Sounds Awfully Relatable 40 Years Later

Inside The Private Chatrooms Trump Supporters Are Using To Manipulate French Voters

USDA Scientists Have Been Put On Lockdown Under Trump

I see DJT is keeping Comey as head of the FBI.

Liberal Israeli article on Kerry's principles from the Israel speech and the Paris conference

White House Insiders Say Donald Trump Is "Demoralized" That No One Thinks He's a Real President

Under cover of night, Syrian wounded seek help from enemy Israel

Here's Trump signing an executive order designed ...

Stephen Colbert predicted "alternative facts"...

Anderson Cooper Interviews Bernie Sanders (01/23/17)

Anderson Cooper Interviews Bernie Sanders (01/23/17)

Trump's Health Secretary Pick Tied to Fringe Medical Group That Defends Doctors Accused of Misconduc

Hold your burps inside, Cheeto voters

Do the Deplorables know the Federal Hiring Freeze screws the Veterans they claim to "love"?

Firebrand writer to become aide to Bannon

Would you use stolen oil?

I feel violated. We should all feel violated.

No sympathy for Melania Trump. She pushed the birtherism lie as well

Recidivism Watch: Trumps claim that millions of people voted illegally

we can't fall into the trap of acting as if donnie is an anomoly. he's not.

Democratic Senators To Propose $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Principal suspended after Trump skit

Something about this painting...

Donald Trump's watching a lot of television, and it's worrying his aides: reports

Trumps White House Cited a Nonexistent Reason for Freezing Federal Hiring

them republicans sure love 'em some executive orders when it benefits them

I'm naming my band "Alternative Truth"..... Gimmie some songs to play

ALTERNATIVE FACTS - Randy Rainbow Song Parody (ft. Kellyanne Conway)

"Take One, Leave One.' Marvelous Idea.

Dana Bash is in the tank for Drumpf. Time to change the channel.

Inside Malia and Sasha Obama relationship

I just called my senator, Clare Mccaskill from Missouri

Donald Trump is about to find out you cant run government like a business

GOP Reproductive Policies Meant To Make Women MORE RESPONSIBLE About Having Sex.

Another part of Idiocracy comes true

Andrew Cuomo: States, use your power to protect women's rights

I Do Not Think We Have Begun To See How Dangerous Cheeto Is Yet. It Is Like A Horror Show Already.

Key Claims in Trump Dossier Said to Come From Head of Russian-American Business Group

Remembering When Gerald Ford Seemed Like the Worst Problem We Could Have

Sen. Sanders Statement on the Executive Orders Advancing Pipeline Construction

Maybe Trump Already Has Alzheimers. He Keeps Repeating Himself.

Trump Signs Executive Orders Advancing Controversial Dakota Access, Keystone Pipelines

Donald Trumps Company Is Receiving Direct Payments From Foreign Agents Right Now

Obama Fills Out Lukewarm Glassdoor Review After Exiting Presidency

Whitehouse XL DAPL Rally - Tuesday, January 24 at 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST

This Modern World Toon: Breaking News

My damn senator...Lamar Alexander

This is better... They are discussing Drumpfy's oil theft and popular vote delusions on MSNBC.

Trump Hotels

A friend posted on FB:

Epic rant by Brit reporter on Trump Inauguration Day

The Madman brags about a photo that gives flattering view of inaugural crowd, ignores the date.

Trump is rattled.

Happy Birthday, Apple Macintosh


All American semi's Coco V and Venus W.

Resisting arrest in Louisiana is now a hate crime - against the police

Trump the Barbarian

No; I'm NOT being overly dramatic

Alt facts

I am really scared that Trump is trying to "tank the economy" on purpose

Big-Bank Executives Have Sold $100 Million in Shares Since Election

"Every American should have access to the highest level of coverage they can afford."

Jeff Sessions. He's A White Supremacist. Is He Also A Russian Asset? I Think It's True.

We broke the Panama Papers story. Here's how to investigate Donald Trump (Guardian US)

The Dylann Roof Faction (alt right) is the ideology of Adam Lanza and Jason Dalton

Germany has given up on Trump acting presidential.

The War On Truth

Pic Of The Moment: Resentful, Furious, Demoralized...

"march of the women"--shoulder to shoulder

Grant County Nebraska....whoa

"march of the women"--shoulder to shoulder

Europe concerned about Russian interference:

"march of the women"--shoulder to shoulder

women's rights suffrage song--"standing on the shoulders"--by earth mama

Trump Doesn't Realize That Every Time He Opens His Mouth, Tweets Or Takes An Action That He....

women's rights suffrage song-"standing on the shoulders"--by earth mama

Did anyone else hear Trumpsky get a whisper in his ear during the EO signings?

women's rights suffrage song--"standing on the shoulders" by earth mama

"White Women Elected Trump"

"made for these times"--the virginia ladies sewing and resistance society

"made for these times"--the virginia ladies sewing and resistance society

"made for these times"--virginia ladies sewing and resistance society

USDA and EPA placed on lockdown by Trump administration

Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court judge pick thinks gay people should be jailed for having sex

tRump's too lazy to walk up a flight of stairs!

KO: A Plea to Trump Fans: This Man is Dangerous The president is not just lying to you and menow h

KO: A Plea to Trump Fans: This Man is Dangerous The president is not just lying to you and menow h

BAWAWAWAWA- Drumpf is going to hang an Inauguration photo with the wrong date in the White House

Former Senator Bob Dole is greeted by President Trump and Former President Obama

How to deal with a Trumpian leader (from "The Prisoner" (1967))

Fuck your air, water, food, and medicine

Trump to announce Supreme Court pick next week

How Trump Is Reshaping Both Parties

NYC Columbus Circle Pipeline Protest Tuesday, January 24 at 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

ALTERNATIVE FACTS 😼 Randy Rainbow Song Parody (ft. Kellyanne Conway)

Rally at 5pm tonight to protest tRump's go-ahead on Dakota Access and XL Pipelines. Please join if

Coming to PBS in February

Rally tonight 5pm in DC to protest tRump's go-ahead on Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.

Julian Assange wants President Trump's Justice Department to cut him a deal before being extradited

Rally at 5pm tonight in DC to protest tRump's go-ahead on the Keystone & Dakota Access Pipelines!

Minnesota gov. diagnosed with prostate cancer

Eight Democratic senators propose 10-year trillion-dollar infrastructure plan

Trump spokesperson: 'I don't know' if LGBT executive order will stay

For the record, my hands are too valuable to punch a Nazi...

W's thoughts on President Trump

After Protesters Shout At McCrory, NC Lawmaker Wants To Make It A Crime

Spiceboy giving Lie of the Day Briefing Now

So about this unhinged president thing

Environment freeze-out: Trump administration imposes halt to EPA grants and contracts

Nova Scotia village hosts one of the smallest women's marches, but it's still mighty

Rep. Steve King: "I got out my calculator, ran the numbers and came to 2.4 million illegal votes"


IBM Touts Trump-Pleasing Hiring Plans While Firing Thousands - Bloomberg

I'm trying to alert on a spam post, but

What can we expect in healthcare illustrated by Ian Akin

My letter to NY senators Schumer and Gillibrand

I want chyrons during pressers identifying the media reps

Trump Press Conference, round 2

You will NEVER see in your lifetime - I would say -

Randy Rainbow with "Alternative Facts"

Trump HHS pick refuses to say if immigrants cause leprosy

Another Baghdad Sean major lie

Trump bans government scientists from sharing their work with the taxpayers who funded it

14 Signs From The Women's March To Honor Roe v. Wade's 44th Anniversary

"There's one First Lady, and she'll do remarkable things."

14 Signs From The Women's March To Honor Roe v. Wade's 44th Anniversary

Sean Spicer needs to be hooked up to a polygraph.

Pro-Trump NY lawmaker: Deport 'Mochelle' and her kids to Kenya if 'Muslim' Obama criticizes our guns

Trump Withdraws From TPP, Then Freezes The EPAs Budget

Compassionate Villagers Knit Giant Sweaters to Keep Rescue Elephants Warm

Study Finds Parrotfish are Critical to Coral Reef Health

The sorest winner of all time cannot stop whining

Trump PROUDLY shares photo of his January 21st Inauguration. It will hang in the WH Press Hall.

Link to today's WH press briefing:

Trump White House Is Reportedly Already Talking About Baghdad Sean's Replacement

Trump bans EPA employees from giving social media updates

Sean Streicher Lies Again-"He(Drumpf) got more Electoral Votes than any Republican since Reagan."

Mara Liasson to Spicer: If Trump Thinks Voter Fraud Was Widespread, Why Wouldnt He Investigate?

'I Dont Know': Baghdad Sean Says They Are 'Looking Into' Story About EPA Gag Order


Sanders: Trump ignored millions by moving forward with pipelines

Trump keeps saying there were 3,000,000 to 5,000,000

Trump gives OK to Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines...

Price refuses to promise no one will lose coverage under Trumps Obamacare order

It's been over two days from what appears to be the last genuine tweet directly from the Madman.

TPM - "Spicer Grasps For Evidence To Back Trumps Baseless Illegal Voting Claims"

Fuck it! Here's a sneak preview of the mystery/suspense novel I've been working on

John Lewis doesn't have to pay people to clap for him

Sean's just not very good with numbers

Foundation for new type of solar cell

"It is absurd for the president of the United States to continue this outrageous lying."

Trump Must Withdraw Price and Mulvaney Nominations

Spice boy versus Dippin Dots?

Just struck me...In 5 days time the trump people have made their communication

MSNBC's Katy Tur just had a flat tire on air


What's your favorite unrequited love song?

Newspeak Announcement: As of today, Transparency will be spelled "Trumparency."

F that guy

Someone needs to tweet SNL for this sketch idea

Paul Ryan: 'I've Seen No Evidence' of Trump's Claim of Voter Fraud

Men, control your sperm!

Trump's down to three in Supreme Court search

Trumps Supreme Court Choices Come Into Focus

Lindsey Graham Questions Mick Mulvaney on "Entitlement Programs", 1/24/17

FLINT Investigation Closed by Rs

Bernie just called Drumpf delusional for his illegal voting claims

Will Sean Streicher make it to the end of the month.

Lindsey Graham: 'I am Begging the President' to Stop Saying Millions of People Voted Illegally

BOOM: The man who denied the letimacy of our last POTUS based on lies is mad at people denying the

Repealing Obamacare Could Kill 43,000 People Per Year

White House Press Release: Trump Administration Official Slogan Finalized

Super rich Americans buying land in New Zealand as 'bolthole' from apocalypse

I am a Dylan fan, but sometimes the remakes just stun me

They're tearing him a new one re the illegal ballots

Trump Admin Removes Apology for 1950s Mass Government Discrimination Against Gay Employees

Shia LaBeouf shouts down white supremacist until he flees during anti-Trump livestream

Watch Cleric Snub Cheeto in Church Saturday..SPOILER: he is not white.

Rep Tom Price: It's true that Trump "SAID" he's working with him on ACA replacement

What is Orange Hitler trying to deflect from

Lead levels fall in Flint, Michigan, drinking water as work continues

Badlands National Park subversive tweet just now


When will the Trump Administration take down all federal agency websites?

Jerry Brown's State of the State

Lying about illegal voting is cover for election manipulation

Dan Rather's petition for press to shut down sham Trump and Co. interviews

In the spirit of "Trumparency" media representatives will no longer

Is it appropriate or inappropriate to refer to Donald Trump as Donald Drumpf?

can we please have john lewis as the head of the impeachment committee? please??

slate - "How Trump Will Change America" A list of good, bad, ugly, and terrifying predictions.

Trump Orders Press Secretary Spicer Not to Speak to The Media.

What we lose when the USDA and EPA cant talk to the public

NC woman body-shamed across America

Krugman says tRump mentally ill.

Women's March Sign: Shut the F*ck Up Donny!

Trumpcare - Can I pay for health care with "alternative money"?

Trump: 'I will make sure all Americans get the health care they deserve.'

Trump excuse for lying: He believes what he believes"

No alternative fact: Trump spokesman who yelled at media started in N.J.

Trump's continued claims of election fraud could be an impeachable offense.

The Inauguration of Trump: Pie Reacts

The Guardian: Here's how to investigate Donald Trump

Over/under as to whether Donald Trump gets 25-4'ed?

DIVERSION - TRAIL OF BREADCRUMBS for the msm to take focus off...

The National Park Services can tweet again and, well...(UPDATE)

I know that detecting satire can be difficult...

Does anyone know if Donald Trump ever goes to a plastic surgeon?

Well this should be interesting. 35 days until the State of the Union speech

Just a letter to Mr. Trump (Who is not my President)

Score One Political Victory For Chuck Schumer On The Third Day Of The Trump Administration.

Trump's emotional tailspin was predictable. He's already wilting under the pressure.

Get your Nat'l Patriotic Day Of Devotion Commemorative Plaque Right Here!

Mulvaney on Trump: "I'd like to think it's why he hired me" (to cut Medicare and SS)

Federal Workers Told To Halt External Communication In First Week Under Trump

Trump is Nixon without the polish

Greg Palast: Why Are The Kochs & Why Did They Want To Help Trump Steal The Election?

Feels a lot like the Watergate era.

The definition of restraint:

Embassy move to Jerulsalem destructive

State officials are begging Trump to send help after tornado deaths Sunday. He's doing NOTHING.

Bernie Sanders on Trump's "delusional statement that 3-5 million people voted illegally...

The investigation into Trump/and and his friends ties to Russia.. When?

Bernie Sanders on Trump's "delusional statement that 3-5 million people voted illegally...


The Demonstrations: Dispelling the bad air of hep-cat political neutrality...

Claqueurs, apparently still around in Russia and with Russian admirers

wow - check front page now -

Delusional Democrats Yearning to Prove They Can Work With Trump

Ed Rollins was fired from FOX. Now he is flacking for Drumpf on MSNBC

Trump did have one accomplishment this weekend!

Melania came bearing gifts

It's "possible" that Trump is telling the truth about massive voter fraud

What's for Dinner, Tues., Jan. 24, 2017

Trump Aides Keep Leaking Embarrassing Stories About How He Can't Handle Embarrassment

A woman wanted to march. Weeks later, many millions did. Let us learn...

Bernie Sanders questions OMB Director nominee Rep. Mick Mulvaney on Social Security and more

It's vital that the media stops treating this like a rational administration...

Bernie Sanders questions OMB Director nominee Rep. Mick Mulvaney on Social Security and more

White House sources say Trump was visibly enraged at the size of the Womens March: report

HUUGE! Trump Trolled By President of the State of Palestine!

D candidate for Omaha Mayor joined The Women's March on Omaha! (see photo)

We are falling for blotus BS again

So at what point does the Madman hold a press conference at his DC hotel....

BTRTN: A Call to Action: An Avalanche of Ways to Act, Right Now


Officials Beg Trump to Send Help After Storms Kill 20 Across South

BTRTN: A Call to Action: An Avalanche of Ways to Act, Right Now

Sanders Opening Statement at Mick Mulvaney Hearing

Trump Declares His Inauguration 'NATIONAL DAY of PATRIOTIC DEVOTION' rife with Xtian buzzwords

Sanders Opening Statement at Mick Mulvaney Hearing

DT gets away with outrageous lies & contradictions because mainstream media & the public let him

A suggestion re: 2020

Thought of the day from "Doctor Who"

how many "executive orders" has blotus signed so far? Wasn't that part of the gripe on President Ob

Revenge of PharmaTwerp

President Snowflake: Trump's personal fragility used to be just his problem

I know you'll join me in calling for an immediate ban on posting this unflattering photo of Trump

Learning to live with severe anthropogenic climate change

Cleveland Police Officer Killed in Hit-Skip on I-90, Suspect Taken Into Custody

'Time Magazine' Posts Note to Readers Over Erroneous Report on MLK Bust

NRL completes first flight of UAV with custom hydrogen fuel cell

Why we have to pound Comrade Trump.

One-Time Clevelander and Likely Labor Secretary Andrew Puzder: 'We Hire the Best of the Worst'

When will it sink in to RETHUGs that Groper Don the Con

Big Joe Video

NASA climate change data. Will it disappear?

Lies, evil, bullshit, alternative "truths," and Trump

There Is Debate Over Whether Networks Should Stop Interviewing Kellyanne Conway Altogether

What do we think Trump's hiding with the EPA media blackout?

So...if Trump snuck in by SOUNDING "real"...can't we win by actually BEING real?

Ran across this poll

Wow... this 2 minute clip says so much about.....

Trump's Lies vs Your Brain

Political Lies & Their Consequences

In Trump freeze, US agencies delay rules affecting farm towns

I know it's Chuck Todd, but he's starting out talking about Trump's vanity

Ohio ballot initiative, Marsy's Law, would guarantee rights for crime victims

Quote of the day.

What Must Be Done

Trump believes millions voted illegally, WH says -- but provides no proof

Can we see beginnings of state failure in the US and Europe?

From Facebook/Senator Burr reportedly wavering in support of DeVos

From Facebook/Senator Burr reportedly wavering in support of DeVos

A Humanists Perspective on What it means to be Human

Hey reporters: Is a more active Religious Left a sign of a growing Religious Left?

Help This Onion Half Get More Twitter Followers Than Donald Trump

Firm ends relationship with West Chester official after 'asylum' comments about Women's March

Apologies to Edward Hopper

Could this be the FULL story of Russia vs our elections?

Bevin to Congress: Kill Obamacare, let Kentucky regulate insurance

Court Finds Federal Immigration Officials Violated Constitution in Detaining US Citizen

That time Trump's attorneys said there was no evidence of voter fraud

We may have completely misconstrued the phrase "Drain the Swamp"

The EPA needs a Daniel or Danielle Ellsburg.

It was just "locker room" talk.

Shooter sent Facebook message to Breitbarts Milo Yiannopoulos before gunfire at UW protest

Using Sunlight to Activate the Flow of Electrical Current in a New Material

Drumpf is considering putting a man on SCOTUS who compared same sex relationships to bestiality...

Santos and ELN invite Uribe to take part in peace talks, former presidents party declines

What should be breaking news is that they are destroying Obamacare, the EPA, Public Education

Ricky Gray becomes 112th person executed in Virginia

Secret Service agent wrote she wouldn't take a bullet for Trump

Why Is It I Cannot Get A Call Answered At Schumer's Office

How Will Trump LIe Himself Out Of This Latest Controversy That He Created?.....

Man pardoned by Obama executed by masked men at halfway house

We The People Petition - Have you signed it?

The State Press stands against legislation that would disenfranchise student voters

Correa ally leads Ecuador election polls, but second round likely

My friend's wife works for the EPA.

Bogota eyes bullfighting ban after protests

Bogota eyes bullfighting ban after protests January 24 2017 10:26 PM Colombias highest court is

"If he does believe that, what does that mean for democracy?" Zeleny asked.

TIME magazine just called Trump on lying..

Chuck Schumer is making a big tactical mistake with this infrastructure plan he proposed.

On Energy, Trump Heads in the Opposite Direction from Public Opinion

Argentina's spy chief probed over alleged corruption links

Argentina's spy chief probed over alleged corruption links

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer waged a five-year Twitter feud against Dippin Dots

Oh mah gawd, it's voter fraud!!!!!!!

Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence? Asking for a friend..

Question about how long I can keep

Peter Thiel Gains New Zealand Citizenship as Tech Elites Prep for Doomsday

Tom Brady on his friendship with Trump: "Why does everybody make such a big deal?"

One good thing about Trump:

Is it just me, or is the Right Wing going to start regretting calling people snowflakes?

Covington man threatened nursing home employees, ran from police

Trying out the new Twitter connection: Trump Owns Stake in Oil Pipeline

Trump says there was a wave of illegal voters, but who won the election?

Heroin problem has methadone clinics fighting each other in Covington

okay, I know they exist, but.....

Hey illegal voters.

Kasich will limit school-funding increases to 1% a year

I voted in Texas and I think it was a legal vote

John Cornyn just said the GOP would eliminate the filibuster to approve a Drumpf SCOTUS pick

White House Protest "Keep it in the Soil, You Can't Drink Oil"

Newark officer placed in diversion program after disorderly conduct charge

Great analogy to explain why the official Dem response to GOP malfeasance currently falls short

do we need a countdown clock to trump going completely off the rails????

JANUARY 24: Keep the Russian hack of the US election on the front pages! Click these links!

Bob Evans sells restaurants; food division buys potato company

My ideal car. A CUV.

A long day.

Supreme Court Nominee

House hearing ends amid protest after bill cracking down on demonstrators moves forward

Toledo eyes ban on gender-conversion therapy

Wiretap on former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner leaked in "homegrown Watergate"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Maybe President Trump is Correct

20 Lessons from the 20th Century About How to Defend Democracy from Authoritarianism

10-year-old boy leads police on high-speed chase near Fostoria

The Most Sexist Responses To The Womens March From Male Politicians

Photos: NYC Columbus Circle Pipeline Protest 1/24/17

Republican plan is working

Anybody who says there is no difference between the two parties is an absolute idiot.

Sen. Jeff Merkley Trolls Budget Nominee Mulvaney with Inauguration Crowd Photos

The whole country should have a hand recount. trump says there were millions of illegal

Toon- The View From Trump Tower

Man pardoned by Obama executed by masked men at halfway house

USDA disavows gag-order emailed to scientific research unit

Wilberforce University looks to sell part of campus

Government Ethics Laws: SD Lawmakers Using Emergency Powers To Overturn An Anti-Corruption

Is he illiterate?

Spiral slicer pasta

"I think the Trump administration is smart enough to not upset the apple cart or the economy."

Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers

Wow Philip Mudd is on fire on CNN regarding Trump being unprofessional.

The George Costanza Rule Of Lying

Pope spurs Republicans to shift climate views

I am trying to post a link

*American Experience scientist and writer Rachel Carson

Kellyanne's standup comedy